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How to build a business using freelancers
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How to build a business using freelancers

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In this slide, we explore not just ideas and concepts on how to build a business using freelancers, we also take a look at the many ways how this has already been applied. ...

In this slide, we explore not just ideas and concepts on how to build a business using freelancers, we also take a look at the many ways how this has already been applied.

This short presentation is a brief summation of all the ideas that I've put forward in the freelancer contest.

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  • 1. How to Build a Business Using Freelancers Presented by: Daniel Andrei R. Garcia http://www.howtobuildabusinessusingfreelancers.com
  • 2. Can you really build a business using freelancers??
  • 3. Content servicesHigh traffic websites like More and more bloggersEzineArticles.com is one are increasingly finding it of many content to be lucrative as well ascompanies that made a easy to hire ghost fortune through bloggers who could freelancers write in their stead “Nowadays, even big media websites are increasingly using article marketing, freelancers and ghost bloggers to drive more traffic to their websites.”
  • 4. The business of blogging Blogs are not just Freelancers can blogs. They are help you scalecommodities that through content,can be sold, resold design, and and monetized promotion “You can sell these blogs for a very high price, some have even reached a price of $900,000 Cold Hard US Dollars. But it all depends on what kind of blog you sell and how you sell it.”
  • 5. The New Fashion Business Paradigm Hire freelanceHire freelance fashion Hold fashion designers photography trendsetters contests “Very few could actually glean these trends and see their commercial potential. More so are the ones who could not only see the potential but more importantly, make a genuine connection between the possibility and actuality.””
  • 6. Freelance Actors For Hire“If theres American Idol, Britains Got Talent and a host of other mainstream media talent competitions, there has got to be a huge market for this to be successfully and feasibly transplanted online.”
  • 7. Build an Online Tutoring Business“The online tutoring business will always be indemand as people seek to upgrade their knowledgeand skills in this very competitive job market.” Freelance tutors are in huge demand
  • 8. Turning pictures into cash“Everything that has distinct characteristics that can be captured in a moment by a camera should be snapped, catalogued and yes, eventually monetized. And Im not just talking about stock photography either, Im talking about the fusion between objects, their representations with content that can be monetized.”
  • 9. Use Contests in Building a Business“ From web design down to the content, you can build your business using online contests where freelancers will crawl up and down your website and boost its traffic like little Chipmunks drinking Latte.”
  • 10. In your journey on the Internet,freelancers are the crew that canpower your online armada