Publishing 2.0. What Would Apple Do?
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Publishing 2.0. What Would Apple Do?






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  • @Pascal (zo kom je elkaar nog eens tegen ;-))
    Agree. Why subscribe to a newsletter with >50% content that you don't read? In my presentation I refer to Genius (the Apple recommendation engine). Based on your profile and behaviour you will get recommendations. But you take it one step further: people can subscribe to 'smart feeds' with relevant content and pay for that. Would be very nice indeed. But I also think this content will come from more then one publisher, that could make pricing more difficult from a single publisher perspective.
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  • Hi Freek, Great presentation. This makes me think about a lot of other related business models that are also under pressure like eg. the distribution of TV-content.
    @John, I like your idea for the opt-in and you can even take this one step further. Because content in articles is nowadays very good interpretable mainly thanks to Google, so that the the distributor (the newsstand shop) can supply me pro-actively with relevant content that I like. Subsequently, the shop can offer a subscription for this service. Articles then come to me via a profile in stead of the traditional pull mechanism where I must first search and then choose. In time, the shop understands my needs more and more and offers me articles with increasing relevancy and solves my search-problem whereas the shop builds the relationship.
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  • @John I totally agree with you here. I think publishers will be free to set the price for a subscription. Just as for the App Store for iPhone. Apple Inc. will just get a small %, but that's enough if you're the keyholder to the big castle.
    In my presentation I also mention 'in article payments' (similar to the in app purchages). I think here's a hugh potential for the impulse purchages you mention. Publishers can sell there own stuff (content) or stuff from others.
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  • @John. When you say ..'Publishers have told me that they must control the customer relationship in a way that Apple (or Amazon, for that matter) currently does not permit'.. do you mean acces to customer data or customer behavior? That could be a problem.

    Regarding your comments on the advertisers interest for rich formats. To enhance readability and usablity Apple will have restrictions to the UI (just as on the iPhone). But if they're smart they will have a couple of different options for advertisements including a rich one.
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  • I think it is called Kindle and Amazon is way in front of that... now Sony is joining with a new device, but Amazon is leading with its relationships with publishers. Time will tell who wins...
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Publishing 2.0. What Would Apple Do? Publishing 2.0. What Would Apple Do? Presentation Transcript

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