Bachelor club


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Bachelor club

  1. 1. WINE, WOMEN & RAP MUSICInformation, data and drawings embodied in this business plan are strictly confidential and are supplied on the understanding that they will be held confidentially and not disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of Patrick Marrero & Cyril Neville, Jr.
  2. 2. A group of friends, who throw fake bachelor parties for each other, must overcome uninvited guests, armed robbers, and one jealous girlfriend as they try to throw the best fake bachelor party ever. Budget: $15 million We are requesting $15 MillionContact: Patrick Marrero504-606-7072
  3. 3. The StoryThe Bachelor Club is an R rated comedy about a group of friends who throwmonthly fake Bachelor Parties for each other even though none of them aregetting married. They call themselves The Bachelor Club.This month it’s Gary’s turn to host and he must do so with the fear that Dawn,his controlling , overbearing live in girlfriend, will find out. The rest of the clubthinks he’s whipped and Gary wants to prove he’s not and is still one of the boys.With Dawn leaving town for short trip over the weekend, he decides this is theperfect time to pull it off.While at work co-workers Paul and Andre overhear Gary discussing the partywith his best friend and fellow club member Marco. They beg to be invited, butare rejected, but they decide to crash the party by any means necessary.Meanwhile, Kevin, the limo driver for the party’s strippers, is paid a “visit” bytwo henchmen about his mounting gambling debts. Fearing for his life, hequickly hatches a plan to team up with the henchmen and rob the party, whichhe mistakenly thinks will have high rollers and plenty of cash.All the forces collide for a final comedic showdown between party crashers,robbers, strippers, club members, and the Wrath of Dawn.
  4. 4. Club MembersGARY - Short in stature and in guts, Gary is out to prove he’s hisown man and not controlled by his girlfriend Dawn.MARCO - Gary’s best fiend since High-school, Marco knows Dawnis all wrong for Gary and is not afraid to tell him about it.RONALD - Tall, handsome well spoken and well educated, Ronaldis also not afraid to speak his mind about Dawn, but he does sowith a large and unique vocabulary.LIONEL - Still stuck in his college years, Lionel likes wine, womenand rap music and not much else.UNCLE CHRIS - Ronald’s 60+ widower Uncle. His suit matches hishat which matches his alligator shoes.
  5. 5. RobbersKEVIN - Limo Driver with a gambling debt he can’t repay.LARRY - Collector for the local bookie. He‘s an average sizeman of average intelligence with aspirations of moving up inthe organization.WILL – Larry’s muscle. He has above average size and belowaverageintelligence. He’s really a gentle giant, but he blindlyfollows Larry, often into trouble.
  6. 6. Party CrashersDAWN - Beautiful well dressed woman dressed with flawlesshair and makeup. Her gorgeous looks are a direct contrast toher ugly attitude.PAUL & ANDRE - Two guys in their early 20’s. Paul is short.Andre is tall. Paul is the leader, Andre is the follower. They bothwant to go to the party, and will do almost anything to do so.
  7. 7. Actor Wish List GARY Jay BaruchelAldis Hodge Kevin Hart Michael CeraMARCO RONALD Michael Ealy Wilmer Valderrama MehcadBrooks OmariHardwick
  8. 8. Actor Wish List DAWN Dominique Mary Elizabeth Candice Coke KaleyCuoco DuVernay Winstead UNCLELIONEL CHRIS Han Soto Craig Robinson Harold Sylvester William H. Macy
  9. 9. Actor Wish List KEVIN Jason WeaverHan Soto LARRY WILL RicBarbera Ryan Gosling Craig Robinson Terry CrewsPAUL ANDRE James Roday Tyler James Williams Clark Duke Adam Herschman
  10. 10. Production TeamProducers:Ric Barbara &Cyril Neville,Jr.Director:Patrick MarreroWriters:Patrick Marrero & Cyril Neville, Jr.
  11. 11. Target Demographic 18 – 40 yr old male Comparable Films Budget Worldwide GrossBridesmaids 32.5 million 288 MillionThe Hangover 35 Million 467 MillionGrownups 80 Million 271 Million
  12. 12. Budget Breakdown 15 MillionAbove the Line 4 MillionBelow the Line 6 MillionPost Production 2 MillionContingency, Bond, 3 MillionInsurance, Legalfees, Publicity
  13. 13. Projected Distribution Strategy •Theatrical Release •Video on Demand/Pay per view •Premium Cable Channels •DVD/Blu-Ray •Digital Downloads •International Markets Projected Revenue Streams •Leverage of Louisiana Tax Credits •Box Office Receipts •Retail Sales and Rentals
  14. 14. Thank you for your time. WINE, WOMEN & RAP MUSIC