Making optimized thumbnails


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A short guide that shows you how to create perfect thumbnails for your online content using the awesome free tool

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Making optimized thumbnails

  1. 1. MAKING OPTIMIZEDTHUMBNAILSUsing the free drawing to make high qaulitythumbnails that are optimized forthe internet.
  2. 2. IntroductionWelcome to the Making Optimized Thumbnails guide. This will bea quick presentation that will show you have to make perfectthumbnails for your content. This guide was designed for contentsubmitters of but it can really be usedanywhere you need a nice thumbnail with size considerations inmind.We decided to use because it’s free! Plus we know noteveryone has Photoshop and we wanted to make a guide that’suseful to a more general audience. Also, is a really niceapplication that has a lot of the same features as Photoshop.
  3. 3. Requirements and does require windows, so if your on Mac OS or Unix likesystems this won’t work for you. It’s recommended that you haveWindows 7 but the software does work with vista and XP. Anothernotable requirement is 1024 X 768 minimum screen resolution, so somenetbooks and small devices may not work as expected. That’s basicallyit for requirements.To download the software click the link below, a some ads on the site that say download, so know that theactual download page link is located to the top right. Once you havedownloaded the software, open it and begin installing.
  4. 4. Capturing a Screenshot and pasting it in Find the content you want a After you have captured the screen, open and press thumbnail of and simply press the Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste. A screen will pop up asking to Print Screen key on your keyboard expand or keep the document size. Click Expand Canvas and your to capture the screenshot. The key soon to be screenshot should be visible. is usually located to the top right of keyboards and may be abbreviated as Prt Scr. You may want to press it a few times just for good measure.
  5. 5. Selecting the ThumbnailNow that you can see your screenshot, click the selection tool in the toolbar to the left.Now you can click and drag a box to select the general area you want. Remember to selectmore than you need as we will be cropping the image to our needs later. I need 100 x 100pixels for my thumbnail so I’ve selected 118 x 105. Use the bottom status bar to figure out how much you currently have selected. When you have enough of an area selected press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy.
  6. 6. Cropping the ThumbnailClick File > New in the top menu to open a new document. Once the new document dialog box opens youcan change the size to match your needs. In my case I have changed the width and height to 100 pixels.Click OK when finished. Press Ctrl+V on your keyboard again to paste our previously selected image into the new document. This time, when the paste dialog box opens, select keep canvas size.
  7. 7. Adjusting the ThumbnailNow that we’ve pasted an image into our new document the current tool will haveswitched to the move tool. Now use the move tool to drag the image into position. Tryto center the image and hide any unwanted areas outside of the canvas. Be careful not to deselect the image or select another tool, otherwise the image will get cropped and you wont have any extra area to work with.
  8. 8. Saving and OptimizingNow that the image looks good, it’s time to save and optimize. Click File > Save As in the top menu. The Save AsDialog box will pop up and you can choose a file name, file type, and a location to save the thumbnail. In my caseI will be saving as JPEG for Once finished click Save and the Save configuration dialog boxwill open.Now you can move the quality slider from right to left to optimize the image. For Free Game Action the limits are6 KB. By moving the slider from 100% to 85% I was able to shrink the size of my thumbnail from 9 KB to about 3KB with no noticeable difference in quality. Now click OK and your finished.
  9. 9. ConclusionNow you have a free program and the knowledge to makeperfect thumbnails for your online content. Take some time andplay around with as it have some good features thatmake it an impressive and lightweight drawing application. If youend up using often then I would highly suggest donatinga few dollars to support the developers in creating an even betterapplication. That’s all I got for this guide. Thank you.