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Html5 and-ebook

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XHTML is dead. Let's move EPUB to HTML5. Presented at COSCUP/GNOME.Asia 2010.

XHTML is dead. Let's move EPUB to HTML5. Presented at COSCUP/GNOME.Asia 2010.

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  • WebKit
    external/webkit/WebCore/platform/graphics/MediaPlayer.cpp (just an interface)
    frameworks/base/core/java/android/webkit/HTML5VideoViewProxy.java  (Create a VideoView, an then switch to this VideoView)
    Media Framework
    external/opencore/android/playerdriver.cpp (PV player)


  • 1. eBooks and HTML5 Koan-Sin Tan freedom@computer.org COSCUP/GNOME.Asia , Aug 14, 2010
  • 2. Outline • The Real Raising of eBooks • Ebook standards and Functions/Features? • What HTML5 can help? • iBooks.app: reader supports HTML5 • UIWebView and WebView • Summary
  • 3. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/12/business/media/12bookstore.html
  • 4. eBook Standards • Text file: Project Gutenberg started in 1971! • HTML • CHM • PDF • Kindle: azw (mobipocket’s XHTML-based format, .mobi, .prc) • ePUB: from International Digital Publishing Forum (IPDF), XHTML
  • 5. eBook Features • Search, carry-around, variable font size, instantaneous delivery, reflowable • Annotation and highlight • Dictionary • Social networking: twitter and facebook • Embedded Audio/Video • DRM(?)
  • 6. EPUB format • A zip file with .epub suffix • XML to describe metadata • toc.ncx, content.opf • XHTML 1.1+CSS to describe real contents • Current EPUB specs: 2.0 (2006/2007), 2.0.1 (2010)
  • 7. What are lacking? • IPDF chartered a working group to work on EPUB 2.1this April. 13 main problems are identified 1. Rich media and interactive 2. CJK: no, not just UTF-8. Some still prefer vertical writing. Somebody wanna have <ruby> 3. Article as atomic unit for magazines (previously, EPUB is more book-centric) 4. .... • As we can see, many of the problems can be mitigated by HTML5 • http://www.idpf.org/idpf_groups/IDPF-EPUB-WG- Charter-4-6-2010.html
  • 8. • Vertical writing, only supported by IE • <ruby>
  • 9. <ruby> on iOS4 and Froyo
  • 10. What Else? • “HTML5 ~= HTML+CSS+JS APIs” • Rich media and interactivity • <audio>, <video>, and other JS APIs, such as <canvas> • Cloud Computing? • Put large amount of data to datacenter and do lots of computation in datacenter • Always on, always connected? • That’s not always true. Even that’s true. You may wanna read stuff offline sometimes • Things such as Web Storage and Web SQL can help offline operations • JS engines are improving their performance: HTML5-based ebook reader? • WebKit everywhere: Android, iPad, Kindle 3, etc.
  • 11. iBooks.app • The best EPUB reader that “supports” HTML5 now • no, not UIWebView-based. Surely, it’s WebKit-based • XHTML5: <audio>, <video>, <canvas>, <svg>, geolocation, etc. Even contenteditable works a bit in iBooks • JavaScript • Many CSS3 features • .epub books are deflated in iTunes on your Mac/Windows, then sync to your iPhone/iPad • Limitations: XTHML5, iTunes
  • 12. <video>, <canvas>, and Geolocation in iBooks
  • 13. XHTML5 • Draconian
  • 14. .epub on iPad/iPhone • .epub files are located in ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/ • Since Jailbreak is legal now, why don’t ssh into your iPhone
  • 15. UIWebView and WebView • Some open source guys just don’t like closed platforms, such iPhone/iPad. • Well, thanks Google and other guys, you have Android and other platforms • On iPhone you got UIWebView, if you add a UIWebView to your application , you got almost everything you want: <video>, <canvas>, etc. • On Android, it’s a bit trick. • JavaScript is not enabled by default • <video> doesn’t work • <svg> is not enabled/compiled before GingerBread
  • 16. Aldiko and JavaScript Enabled
  • 17. How <video> works in Eclair/Froyo Application Framework WebView VideoView WebKit Media Framework Libraries OpenCORE figure from herbage@gmail.com 22 video and audio
  • 18. Summary • XHTML is kinda dead. eBooks should move to HTML5 • WebKit is everywhere (on embedded devices) • JS engines, such as V8, are getting more and and acceptable • JS APIs, such as Web Storage, can help create cross- platform eBook readers • Of course, when necessary, you can use Java/ Objective-C
  • 19. 24