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Vita journal v0609


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  • 2. Discover the Wellness Benefitsof Sonoran Desert Plantsby michael r. ellison, ceo & founder of triVita, Inc.The stories coming from our Members participating in theSonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™ pre-launch meetings are incredible!I just have to relate a couple of these so you can hear for yourselfthe outstanding anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits peopleare getting from Nopalea. It is our belief that when the body has theright nutrients, it has an amazing ability to help heal itself, as that isa function of the body’s immune system.One story about allergies and asthma is special to me as I suffered with these symptoms as achild. I know how much a person suffers when normal breathing seems impaired.“I attended the pre-launch meeting of Nopalea in Phoenix, Arizona. The words of Brazos Minshew,TriVita’s Chief Science Officer, hit home with me. If inflammation is the problem, Nopalea is thesolution. I have had allergies and been diagnosed with asthma which are inflammatory-related. I begantaking three ounces of Nopalea in the morning and one ounce in the evening before bedtime. It has beentwo weeks now and I am symptom-free.”The next testimonial about pain relief is remarkable but again, we know that when the bodygets the right nutrients, there is a natural improvement in one’s health.“Her knee was bothering her so much that walking down our sloped driveway to get the mail hadbecome so bothersome, she began driving to the mailbox. Now with her being on Nopalea for a coupleof weeks, she is back to walking the driveway to the mailbox and almost pain free. She is so excited.”I am thrilled to share these testimonials with you because this is exactly why we founded TriVita:so people could experience greater wellness. Every time a testimonial comes in for us to read andshare with others, it says TriVita is fulfilling its mission. Thirteen years ago I lost my health andwas told by my physicians that I had to change the way I thought about health. If not, I wouldhave no quality of life and die a premature death. While it was one of the most overwhelmingdiscussions I have ever had, it took me on a wellness journey that has not stopped. And everyday we are inviting others to go on that journey with us. We are always in pursuit of productsand information that will help us improve the wellness experience of TriVita Members.In fact, it was while I was in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico on a wilderness wellness adventurethat I was exposed to the healing plants of the Sonoran Desert. One evening I was sittingaround a campfire with the natives of the Sonoran Desert when a native guide went out in thedesert and returned with some brush-looking material. Placing a pot of water on the fire, wewatched the flames bring it to a boil and then some of the leaves from the brush were placedin the water to steep. He poured me a cup of the brew and told me to drink it as it would begood for me. That night I listened to the people of the Sonoran Desert talk about the desertas if it were an oasis of wellness. I had always thought of it as a place of rocks, cactus, thorns,rattlesnakes and scorpions – but never did I think of it as an oasis of wellness.Article from Michael Ellison continued on page 21...I am thrilled to share these testimonials with you because this is exactlywhy we founded TriVita: so people could experience greater wellness.trivita.com10 essentialsfor health and wellnessthe 10 essentials were created to suitevery wellness seeker. taking even smallsteps in each one will improve your life andwellness in wonderful ways.PHYSICAL1. Breathe DeeplyDeep breathing expels body toxinsfaster than any other means.2. Drink WaterGetting enough water provides an instantenergy boost – and you may even eat less.3. Sleep PeacefullyEstablishing a bedtime routine will helpyou sleep longer and more soundly.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoosing healthy, whole foods minimizesblood sugar swings.5. Enjoy ActivityAn active lifestyle enables everysystem in your body to work better.EMOTIONAL6. Give and Receive LoveHeart-focused, sincere and positivefeelings boost the immune system.7. Be ForgivingAs you let go of negative feelings towardothers, you will find greater peace and optimism.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings instant joy, buildsphysical defenses and reduces stress.9. Develop AcceptancePracticing acceptance clears your mind ofneedless anxiety, freeing you to enjoy life.SPIRITUAL10. Develop a Relationship with GodAs your relationship grows, you will enjoyall the blessings of unconditional love.2 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  • 3. 4 The Secret’s Out:Nopalea™ is Here!Now everyone can share thebenefits of TriVita’s deliciousnew wellness drink.9 Don’t Worry, “B” HappyBeat the economy blues withVitamin B-12 and the 10 Essentials.10 Inflammation:Health’s Hidden FoeWhat it can do, how youcan fight back.14 Bounty in the DesertDiscover the healing plantsflourishing in the Sonoran Desert.16 Michael and His Family’sIncredible Nopalea ExperienceIt’s worked wonders at easingaches and pains.Learn how you canreduce inflammation.10June 2009 l 3ON MY MINDEDITOR’S NOTEJUNE2009Inside25 Dr. Eva’sAmazing ComebackThanks to Super SublingualB-12, this professor/wife/mother has it all – again.26 Medical Update: ProstateCancer and ScreeningTreatments and tests for thiskey men’s health issue.30 Safe Summer FunTips to keep the goodtimes rolling this season.Uncap thiswellnessinnovation.4Discover an oasis of help and healing.141-800-991-7116Growing up in the desert of west Texas,I was never accustomed to green, lushsurroundings, so I’ll have to admitthat moving to the desert of Phoenix in 1993just meant seeing different kinds of cactus andplants here. It still seemed very dry and desolate.Recently, that all changed for me when TriVitatook a wellness outing to tour the nearby DesertBotanical Gardens.Read about this surprisingly abundant “Oasisof Help and Healing” on pages 14-15. Now Iunderstand why I’ve heard the word “reverence”used regarding the Sonoran Desert. You’ll beamazed at the healing properties that flow fromsticky thorns and plants that one might consideras simply cactus or weeds. As I walked throughthis desert wonderland, I was in awe at the thoughtof how God created not only mankind for lifepurposes, but He also did the same for every singleplant with multiple purposes in mind – food,housing and even medicinal purposes.The Sonoran Desert’s Nopal cactus is thesource of our new Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea –a life-changing wellness drink that I can honestlysay has created the most excitement I’ve ever seenat TriVita. You’ll definitely want to try Nopalea; notonly does it taste delicious, but it’s also creating quitethe buzz with many who have already experiencedphenomenal results. Check it out on pages 4-5.We hope you enjoy this month’s issue as wecover the important topics of inflammation,men’s health and stories from our own Membersand Affiliate Members.Pam Knox, Editor of PublicationsAs Editor of Publications, I am very excited to begin this newmonthly “Letter from the Editor.” It is our hope that we canestablish another way to connect with our readers and createa publication that truly makes a difference in your life. Wewant to hear from you – what you like and even what youdon’t like. Send your comments to: editor@vitajournal.comor mail to Editor, c/o TriVita, Inc. 16100 N. Greenway HaydenLoop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.
  • 4. Discover the secret of Nopalea: UHave you experienced thebiggest innovation in thehistory of TriVita®? It’sNopalea™, the delicious wellness drinknow available to help everyone thrive.Nopalea (“No-pah lay’ uh”) is a tasty superfruitdrink sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus(Opuntia Ficus Indica). This remarkable healingplant thrives in the Sonoran Desert of thesouthwestern U.S. and Mexico. The healingproperties of the Nopal cactus have been reliedon for centuries by native peoples, and they’renow available in Nopalea, the first product inTriVita’s exclusive Sonoran Bloom™ line.Each 32 ounce bottle of Nopalea brims withthe health benefits of the Nopal fruit, in aproprietary blend delivering the rare, potentBetalain antioxidants (for more, see page 12).Experience Nopalea, the deliciousdrink that can help your body:• relieve all types of pain• normalize blood pressure• Improve breathing difficultiescaused by allergies or asthma• support cardiovascular health• energize your lifeDetoxification is key to healthy living, becauseeating smart and exercising still leaves yourbody vulnerable to toxins. Pollution, parasites,pesticides, viruses, germs... if you stop to thinkabout it, toxins are everywhere! These invaderslive in the air we breathe, the food we eat, eventhe water we drink. Toxins can create illness-causing inflammation and put you at risk forchronic disease.Nopalea helps to fight off harmful toxinssurrounding your body’s cells. So, it helps yourbody reduce inflammation and bring optimalcellular health. When your cells are healthyand free of toxins, your whole body canfunction at its best. After all, when you feelgreat, you look great, you are great!A landmark journey towards wellnessWhen TriVita CEO Michael Ellison journeyedinto the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, he didn’texpect to bring back a realization that wouldchange his vision for the future. Michael foundthat even in the harshest desert in NorthAmerica, with searing summer heat and lessthan 10 inches of rainfall a year, amazing plantscan and do flourish. Among the trees andsucculent cactus plants thrives the Nopal cactus,bearing one of the only fruits on the planetcontaining Betalains. This is what promptedscientists to declare it a superfruit.Brazos Minshew, TriVita’s Chief Science Officer,discovered that the Nopal fruit offers incrediblehealth benefits for the human body. He foundover 100 scientific studies supporting its effec-tiveness in helping the body do what it does sowell: heal itself.4 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness trivita.comDelicious new wellness drink brings a
  • 5. : Uncap a wellness innovation!Anti-inflammation, anti-prematureaging and moreBrazos discovered that the Nopal cactus fruithas been shown to help your body reduce illness-causing inflammation, help detoxify the body andpromote optimal cellular health. All these potentqualities combined in the Betalain antioxidantsare what protect against premature aging.Confident that Nopal fruit could be a powerfulally in everyone’s wellness experience, Michael’sproduct development team began to track downsources for harvesting. TriVita found a localcompany that had been processing Nopal fruitfor over 30 years out of Phoenix, Arizona, andimporting the fruit from Mexico as well. Thiscompany knew just how to harvest the cactusfruit, making sure it was perfectly ripe. Fromharvest, they were able to aseptically (withoutoxygen) package the fruit puree, and ship it offto one of the industry’s premier aseptic bottlingand packaging firms.You can be assured that, like all TriVita products,Nopalea is manufactured to pharmaceutical-grade standards in facilities that exceed qualitybenchmarks for the industry.Experience and share this wellnessdiscovery: more good-news detailsat sonoranbloom.comWhen Michael Ellison and his team createdNopalea, they realized it was a product thatpeople would want to share. In fact, they wereso confident that Nopalea would create apositive health experience that they createda new business model, called the Share andEarn Program. Through this program, AffiliateMembers can share Nopalea with others andearn generous compensation when otherspurchase the product.Now is the time to thrive with the remarkablehealth benefits of Nopalea. Only throughTriVita can you obtain Nopalea, which is poisedto start making headlines throughout NorthAmerica and beyond.For more details about how and why Nopalea issuch an innovation in wellness, visit the websiteat Michael states, his vision with Nopaleaand Sonoran Bloom is strong and simple: “Tohave people experience wellness and sharetheir wellness experience with others, andbe reciprocated with money and what moneycannot buy.”So many astonishing benefits in a bottleNopalea, the latest breakthrough in wellness drinksTry this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blendof rare antioxidants called Betalains and other healthfulnutrients. A daily dose of Nopalea can help your body:Nopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.99Nopalea™4 bottle pack#33400Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99Special – 4 Pack Savings!Nopalea is a tasty superfruit drinksourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus.Drink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.• Fight illness-causinginflammation• Cleanse your bodyof daily toxins• Promote optimal healthright down to your cells• Protect againstpremature agingamazing health benefitsRave ReviewsWhat people are saying about Nopalea“Since taking Nopalea, my legs don’thurt anymore.”denise W. – taMPa, Fl“It’s been two weeks since I startedtaking Nopalea for my asthma andI am symptom-free.”daVe C. – iMPeRial BeaCH, Ca“I have had chronic eczema for a coupleof years now. After two days of a oneounce serving of Nopalea, my eczemacleared up.”PeGGy a. – ReGina, sK“Since I started taking Nopalea, thewhole body pain I’ve had for a yearand a half is gone.”PatHReCy B. – FlaGstaFF, aZ“Nopalea tastes good. It has a deliciousfruity flavor.”eVa W. – Blandon, Pa“The six months of pain in my wristsis gone... I can now lift weights again.”tina G. – CHaRlotte, nC
  • 6. As we introduce our new Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™When you attend this short 90-minute event, you’ll receive:• a free 32 oz bottle of sonoran Bloom nopalea™, TriVita’s delicious new wellness drink –now available!• a free DVD: “the healing plants of the sonoran Desert.” Learn about the desert plantsused by native peoples for centuries – that are now available in Sonoran Bloom Nopalea.get a FREE gift package for attending!If you want greaterwellness, you will wantto experience SonoranBloom at this excitingevening event!Joinusforoneexcitingnight...Attend an event in a city near you!You’ll meet TriVita CEO Michael Ellison and hear the compelling story that led to the discovery of Sonoran Bloom.Plus, talk with Chief Science Officer Brazos Minshew as he shares the history of the healing plants of the Sonoran Desert.trivita.com6 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessRave reviews from Members like you“Nopalea tastes so great! There’s no bite to it, no’s amazing stuff!” laURen a. – GilBeRt, aZ“If you care about yourself and you care about others, you cannot miss theSonoran Bloom Tour when it comes to your area.” JaCKie M. – st. loUis, Mo“The Sonoran Bloom event gave me the knowledge to share the Nopaleastory with others. Now, I’m going to tell everyone I know that they simplymust try this product.” sUsan W. – seBastian, Fl“The taste is incredible. More important, my wife is very finicky and shelikes it – it passed the ‘wife test.’” MiKe t. – HaMPton, VaTriVita CEO Michael Ellison and Chief Science Officer BrazosMinshew are traveling around the U.S. and Canada to introduceTriVita’s new wellness drink and the new Share and Earn incomeopportunity. Learn how you can earn extra income whilehelping to bring this exciting new product to market!TriVita CEO Michael Ellison and Chief Science Officer Brazos
  • 7. And, if you want extra income,you will want to share sonoran Bloom™nopalea™Join us as we launch this exciting new product throughoutNorth America!With TriVita’s Share and Earn Program, you can earn the incomeyou desire. It is simple and easy. No selling – only sharing thefascinating Sonoran Bloom DVD with others.Plus, with TriVita’s ShareandEarn Program, you get:• The satisfaction of knowing you’re helping othersexperience wellness• Generous compensation• Step-by-step training• Tools to make sharing easy• Support from TriVita’s Affiliate Member networkregistration for this exciting 90-minuteevent is free – bring a guest!with others!1-800-991-7116 June 2009 l 7SPACE IS LIMITED!REGISTER TODAY!trivitatour.comOR CALL 1-800-TRIVITARSVP to get aFREE BOTTLEAND DVDat the event for youand your guest!City Event DateVancouver, BC June 16Portland, OR June 17Seattle, WA June 18The Sonoran Bloom Tour is coming to these cities:To follow the tour excitement,visit Michael Ellison’s blog:
  • 8. trivita.comFaster-acting, longer-lastingand more potent than ever beforewith three times the Vitamin B-12TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulnessPlus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brainand nerves the essential nutrients they need tohelp replenish brain fuel and help repair damaged nerves.And all this is yours with a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feel betterevery day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libby developed thisunique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It was known to give similarmental energy results as B-12 shots, but without the shots’ added pain and expense. Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITATriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsTriVita SuperSPECIALPRICESUCCESS STORIES“The Super B-12 gives me energyI need to get through my day.”“I first began taking TriVita’s Sublingual B-12in 2006. Recently, my wife was introduced tothe Super Sublingual B-12 and I started takingit right away.I own a small engine repair shop in upperWisconsin. The weather can be harsh up here,and keeping healthy is important as a businessowner. The Super B-12 gives me energy I needto get through my day. It helps reduce stressand gives me what I need most. I also takeAdaptogen 10 Plus, OmegaPrime, Vital C andJoint Complex. Thank you TriVita for goodquality products that work – I never get sick.”JeFF F. – WatoUMa, WiFor maximum sustainedmental energy takeTriVita SuperSublingual B-12Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at“I no longer have the brain fogand fatigue and I feel the boost...”“I found TriVita througha very good friend whohas known me for over25 years. I was tired andworn out all the time andconstantly feeling likeI was dragging myselfthrough the day.I tried the Super B-12 and was amazedat the results – it gave me an additionalboost to help me get through my day.When I really need an extra boost, I addEnergy Now! and WOW... the added energyboost from the two products togetheris amazing. I no longer have the brain fogand fatigue, and I feel the boost in energyand mental alertness. I am able to do more,go longer and I am more alert and focusedthan I have been for many, many years.Thank you TriVita for another great product.”Connie l. – Ft. WRiGHt, Ky“... I’m more calm and focused.”“As a 41-year-old fatherof a very active two-year-old, I need all the energyI can get. Before tryingTriVita’s Super SublingualB-12, I’d come home fromthe office and head straightto the couch. Now I comehome, spend an hour with my boy in mybackyard on the in-ground trampoline. Mywife has also noticed that I’m more calm andfocused. And I attribute that to the powerful,Super Sublingual B-12 formula.”Max s. – PHoenix, aZ
  • 9. 1-800-991-7116 June 2009 l 9Scott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthAre you feeling anxious ormoody? Do you worry a lotabout your finances, yourfuture or just life in general thesedays? With all the bad news aboutthe economy, it’s easy to dwell onnegatives, but you don’t have to stay“stuck” there.It could be that financial troubles aren’t theonly reason for feeling down. Maybe you don’thave enough of the powerhouse vitamin provento promote balanced moods, steady energylevels and mental sharpness: Vitamin B-12.And maybe you need to focus on the 10Essentials for Health and Wellness that are thebackbone of the TriVita mission (see page 2).Tough economy can harm healthFirst, let me be clear: Struggling with a tougheconomy can take a real toll on health. In fact,earlier this year the U.S. Department of Healthand Human Services published guidelines tohelp people cope.The guidelines state: “Economic turmoil (e.g.,increased unemployment, foreclosures, lossof investments and other financial distress)can result in a whole host of negative healtheffects – both physical and mental. It can beparticularly devastating to your emotional andmental well-being.” Some of the health risksinvolved include depression, anxiety, overeatingand substance abuse.Years of clinical data demonstrate why takinga quality B-12 supplement may help easeemotional and mental problems. It’s well knownthat B-12 deficiency can lead to decreasedmental and nerve functioning, including mentalconfusion and forgetfulness, mood swings andlow energy.What’s more, because aging reduces our bodies’ability to absorb B vitamins, we may be eatinghealthy foods, but still be lacking in thesecrucial vitamins.Look to the 10 Essentials for helpI’d also like to stress the importance of takingcare of our own physical, emotional andspiritual needs through TriVita’s 10 Essentials forHealth and Wellness. As many TriVita Membersknow, these Essentials cover the three mainparts of a complete wellness experience.Are you breathing deeply, drinking lots ofwater, sleeping and eating well and gettingexercise? Good; those are the physicalcomponents. On an emotional level, it’s vitalto give and receive love, be forgiving, practicegratitude and develop acceptance. These aspectswill not only help you feel calm and balanced,but also have benefits to physical health. Andfinally, nourishing your spiritual life will bringyou “all the blessings of unconditional love,”to quote from the 10th Essential.Coping with the economic “meltdown” is a realstruggle for many people around the world, butit doesn’t have to be the controlling factor inour happiness. If you or someone you care aboutis having financial trouble, stay focused onhealth to feel better. Let TriVita’s quality B-12products, and the 10 Essentials, be your key tobeating the economy “blues.”B-12 updateby Dr. Scott Conardstay positive with triVita’s Vitamin B-12 and the 10 essentialsBeat the economy “blues”Essential #2Essential #1Essential #3 Essential #4
  • 10. trivita.comInflammation. It seems like you hear about it every dayon the news. Scientists are now linking inflammationwith a wide variety of conditions including:• All types of pain• Heart disease• Diabetes• Cancer• Alzheimer’s disease• Gum diseaseAlthough inflammation hasn’t been pinpointedas the cause of all these conditions, it has beenwell-documented as playing a part in them – oftenintensifying the symptoms and effects.So what exactly is inflammation, how can it affect youand how can you help reduce it?First things first: What is inflammation?Inflammation is your immune system’s response to damage. This damagecan arise from trauma, bacterial, viral or parasitic infection, stress,genetic abnormalities, metabolic disorders and a host of other sources.Certain lifestyle choices can also contribute to inflammation: poor diet,stress, overweight, a sedentary lifestyle and smoking. Inflammation cancause redness, swelling, heat, pain and loss of function.When you’re injured, the inflammatory response immediately moves intoaction. White blood cells rush to the scene of the damage and begin todestroy the damaged cells, while sending out chemical signals that callfor more help. That’s when unstable molecules called free radicals arereleased. Free radicals, now considered key players in many diseases, startto attack the damaged area, destroying some healthy cells in the process.This new damage leads to yet another round of inflammation. And sothe cycle of inflammation continues: what’s called chronic inflammation.And that’s when the trouble begins!Inflammationand Your BodyIt could be causing damage right now!10 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  • 11. 1-800-991-7116 June 2009 l 11How inflammationaffects your bodyThough you may not see or even feelinflammation, it may be silently burningwithin your body right now. Over time, thiscollective damage can spell trouble for theimmediate area of inflammation as well asyour overall health.• Heart Inflammation is believed to contributeto the formation of plaque in bloodvessels, as well as the formation ofblood clots. When these blood clotsbreak free into the blood, they canblock blood flow to the brain or heart,resulting in a heart attack or stroke.• Brain Inflammation plays a role inAlzheimer’s disease, yet scientistsare still uncertain what that roleis. However, one theory is thatinflammation kicks into gear becauseof the plaques and tangles in the brainsof Alzheimer’s patients. In trying tosolve the problem, inflammation justmakes matters worse.• Joints Long-term inflammation of the jointscan result in destroyed ligaments andtendons, damage to joint cartilage andbone and even bone erosion. This leadsto pain, deformity and an inabilityto perform daily tasks – drasticallyaffecting quality of life.• Mouth and gums Although dental researchers oncethought bacterial infections causedgum disease, it is now thought thatsome of the more severe symptomsof gum disease are attributable toinflammation. The National Instituteof Dental and Craniofacial Research,part of the National Institutes ofHealth, reports that inflammation caneven break down bone and connectivetissue that keep the teeth in place.• Emotional health Inflammation may even play a rolein your emotions! Scientists atthe University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign discovered that an enzymesecreted by the immune system causedinflammation-related, depression-like symptoms in mice. Becauseinflammation is linked with conditionsoften accompanied by depression –such as diabetes, cancer and heartdisease – researchers expect that thisstudy will provide insight into chronicinflammation’s role in depression.• Cancer cell growth Although researchers haven’tdiscovered the exact mechanism ofinflammation’s role in cancer, theybelieve it encourages cancer growth.According to the American CancerSociety, inflammation creates justthe right conditions for cancer cellsto grow and multiply. Inflammation is linked to a wide variety of conditions, including all types of pain,heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and gum disease.Reducing inflammationBy making healthy lifestyle changes andmodifications, you can help reduce inflam-mation in your body. And simultaneouslyimprove your overall health!1. If you smoke, quit.2. Practice stress managementtechniques such as deep breathingto help manage your stress load.3. Simply being overweight can increaseinflammation. Start a sensible dietand exercise plan – it will help withinflammation and your overall senseof health and well-being.4. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day,three to five days per week.5. Cut out unhealthy food choices –some of which can actually contributeto inflammation: trans fats, refinedcarbohydrates, processed foods.6. Make anti-inflammatoryfoods a staple in your diet(see page 19).7. Practice good oral hygiene:brush after every meal andfloss once a day.8. Take Sonoran Bloom™Nopalea™ (see page 4).
  • 12. trivita.com12 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessThe word “science”comes from a Greekword meaning “toknow.” Yet it seems that themore we learn about nature,the more it defines theboundaries of what we donot know! It is like sciencein reverse: the more welearn, the more we realizehow little we know.A relatively new discovery has mergedingredients in nature in a way that sciencedid not know was possible. These nutrientsare called Betalains. Betalains were originallythought to be just a pigment – an inert colorthat made a plant pretty, but imparted noreal health benefit.As time progressed, science discovered thatthe protein structure of Betalains is notonly beneficial – it is vital for life! Soon, theantioxidant value of Betalains opened the doorof discovery: Betalains exist in a wide variety(there are 24 Betalains), and each one completesa specific need in human health by supplyingstructure and function to every human cell.Important functions of BetalainsA cell distressed by external toxins andinternal deficiencies will eventually wither,collapse and die. If more cells die than can bereplaced, we slip into a kind of “deficit spending”and our lean body mass withers. This is calledsarcopenia or premature aging. Betalains canbe used to shore up or strengthen the cell wall.This leads to rehydration of the cell and repairof sarcopenia, premature aging.A cell in the human body is very much like awater balloon; tremendous internal pressureheld in place by a thin membrane. Your bodymaintains this pressure by keeping a perfectbalance of minerals inside and outside thecell wall. If this balance of minerals shifts, themembrane becomes unstable and the “water”pours out; the cell dies.The mineral balancing effects of Betalainsrelentlessly work to maintain a 2:1 ratio ofminerals: potassium inside the cell, sodiumoutside the cell; magnesium inside the cell,calcium outside the cell and so on. This main-tains the integrity of the cell wall and keepsthe cell from “popping” – dying prematurely.Speaking of “popping” a cell, nothing pops acell like a toxin! We are exposed to toxins fromthe air we breathe, the water we drink and thefood we eat. We are also exposed to toxins fromwithin our own body: allergies, bacteria, virusesand metabolism.Betalains support the structure and function ofthe cell as mentioned before. They also workto neutralize toxins by supporting your naturaldetoxification processes as well as draining awayaccumulations of toxic waste.If toxins accumulate or trauma injures a cell,if stress creates tension or if nutrient deficiencyweakens a cell, then chronic inflammation iscertain to appear. Chronic inflammation is at theheart of the most feared diseases we face: heartattack, cancer, stroke, asthma, diabetes and others.Betalains serve as anti-inflammatory nutrientsto help quench the fire of chronic inflammation.Regardless of where inflammation begins orwhat process it affects, Betalains help reducethe activity of the enzymes known to cause allinflammation. This explains why people withvery diverse health concerns find benefits fromBetalains: they help reduce inflammation nomatter where it exists!Concentrated BetalainsAs mentioned before, science has discovered24 Betalains, each with a different structureand different function. Some vegetables (beetsand rainbow chard) contain a few Betalains;some desert plants contain a few more. Only theNopal cactus of the Sonoran Desert containsall 24 Betalains. This is because the SonoranDesert is the most extreme desert in the worldand the Nopal plant needs all 24 Betalains tosurvive in this intense environment.How about you? Is your environment sointense that you are threatened by chronicinflammation? Are you exposed to toxins fromoutside and inside your body? Do you feel thatyou are aging a bit quicker than you would like?If so, perhaps the emerging science of Betalains– the anti-inflammatory protein/antioxidantcomplex from the Sonoran Desert – can helpyou live a longer, happier life!See page 4 to find out more about SonoranBloom Nopalea.Brazos MinshewTriVita ChiefScience OfficerOnly the Nopal cactus of the SonoranDesert contains all 24 Betalains.Theamazingantioxidantpower ofBetalainssonoran Bloom™ nopalea™ offers an abundance of these inflammation-busting nutrientsBy Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science Officer
  • 13. 1-800-991-7116Lose the Weight YouWant – in 3 Easy Steps!STEP 1:Fat burning capsulesfor “losing the bulge”Leanology®WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews forsnack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakesfor low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shake(2 lbs – 30 servings)Flavors: Chocolate and VanillaNon-Member $68.99Member $54.99Redeem with 550 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:•1bottleofWeightLossCapsules•1container(30servings)ofNutritionalShake(chooseflavor)•2bags(1FREE)ofAppetiteControlChewsLeanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!New reasons to try Leanology®Have you been wanting to lose weightfor a while? Then the latest researchinto overweight and obesity may giveyou that extra nudge to try Leanology, theSmart Weight Loss System™.Science has told us for some time abouthow excess weight harms our health, contrib-uting to heart disease, diabetes and many moreserious conditions. New findings like these offereven more reason to maintain a healthy weight:Lose weight to live longerWant to live longer? Get leaner. That’s themessage of a study published this spring inThe Lancet, a British medical journal,concluding that “moderate obesity typicallyshortens life span by about three years.”“Moderate obesity,” according to researcherGary Whitlock, means being about 50-60pounds overweight for most people. He saidthat more than one-third of middle-agedAmericans are now in this category. For thosemore seriously obese – weighing twice theirideal weight – Whitlock says the effect on lifespan is just like that of smoking: it cuts thespan by about 10 years.The conclusion came from data collected onalmost 900,000 men and women, mostly fromEurope and North America.Neck fat may signal a troubled heartToo much fat around the middle has longbeen used to estimate the risk of heartproblems, but now the neck has emergedas another indicator.Researchers with the famed FraminghamHeart Study found that neck fat can signalhigher risk for heart disease. After studying3,320 people, the researchers found that aperson’s neck circumference was closelylinked with cholesterol levels and diabetes,which are two known factors for heart trouble.The basic message, said one professor ofmedicine, is that no matter where excessfat resides, it isn’t good for the heart.Brain health threatenedby unhealthy weightTo reduce your risk of developing brain illssuch as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease,reduce your weight. That recommendationcomes from a series of papers published inthe journal Neurology this spring.Researchers found that brain problems candevelop faster when obesity and its commoncompanions, diabetes and heart disease, arepresent. Experts summarize that people cantake active steps to reduce their risk of brainimpairment by maintaining a healthy weight.In one report on almost 4,900 women, averageage 66, a professor found these results: Obesity,high blood pressure and a low level of HDL,the “good” cholesterol, were each associatedwith a 23% increase in risk forimpaired mental function.SUCCESS STORIESLeanology is “... the easiest thing I’ve ever done.”John lost 55 pounds... now he’s aiming for 86 pounds!As a former drag-racing champion, John knew that winners never quit.So when he wanted to lose weight, he tried and tried, but with little lastingsuccess. He tried a packaged food diet, a low-carb diet and plenty of otherplans. While he lost weight short-term, “as soon as I was back to real food,the weight came back.”Finally, last summer John gave Leanology a try. Leanology’s Weight Loss Capsuleswere perfect because they’re stimulant-free. Plus, they contain the exclusiveingredient blend Converta™, The Fat-Burning Accelerator™. John says, “Converta isamazing. It made Leanology the easiest thing I’ve ever done. If you are determined tolose weight and be healthy, you CAN do it.” John’s weight loss is noticeable to others,too – many are complimenting him on his new, leaner look. With capsules and shakes,Leanology continues to help John be a winner at losing weight.OneFREEBag ofChewsstudies show more hazards of excess weightIMPROVEDFormula!
  • 14. trivita.com14 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessToday, more people are discov-ering the healing bounty ofthe Sonoran Desert – justas TriVita leadership did to producethe breakthrough wellness drink,Nopalea™ (see page 4). Since thecompany is headquartered in theSonoran Desert, it was fitting that this“oasis of wellness” be the source ofTriVita’s most exciting new venture.Not a Sahara,but lush and full of wonders“People come here expecting to see sand dunesand a couple of camels, like the Sahara,” saysDave Morris of Pueblo Grande Museum inPhoenix ( “TheSonoran Desert is really lush and full of plantsthat can be used for healing and for food. I callit a drugstore and a grocery store!”Dave is an ethnobotanist (a scientist of howplants and people interact), a Choctaw NativeAmerican, and one of the first to give insightsabout the Sonoran Desert to TriVita CEOMichael Ellison and Chief Science OfficerBrazos Minshew.Many TriVita staffers have had the chance tolearn about the Sonoran Desert courtesy ofanother Phoenix highlight, the Desert BotanicalGarden ( Thanks to the expertiseof tour leader Gloria Eklund, a semi-retiredregistered nurse/diabetes nurse educator, andDave Morris, the VitaJournal is pleased to sharesome insights about just a few of the plants thatabound in the Sonoran Desert.The desert spreads throughout the south-western U.S. and Mexico. Yesterday and today,its wondrous gifts have been used for help andhealing. For thousands of years, native peoplesrelied on the plant life there to eat, house andclothe themselves, ease pain, treat disease andmuch more.Sometimes, Sonoran Desert plants have beenused in ways that seem unlikely at first. Forexample, the desert is the common elementin these three items:1. Latex-free surgical gloves.2. The red coats worn by British soldiersduring the Revolutionary War.3. Cosmetics.Here’s how, along with more fascinatingSonoran plant facts:Guayule. Healthcare professionals withlatex allergies love this shrub. Why? It containsrubber, and has been approved by the Foodand Drug Administration (FDA) as a substitutefor latex.Nopal cactus. Red dye comes from a tinybug that loves the Nopal – its natural hue gaveBritain’s “Redcoats” their name, and today it’sthe only natural red food dye approved by theFDA. The vivid fruit of the Nopal cactus is akey ingredient in Nopalea, TriVita’s phenomenalnew wellness drink; see page 4.The SonoranDesert’s bounty:an oasis of helpand healingsurprising abundance in triVita’s own backyard
  • 15. 1-800-991-7116 June 2009 l 15Jojoba. The oil from this plant’s seed “savedthe sperm whale,” says Gloria, when it wasdiscovered that jojoba oil was a great substitutein cosmetics, and as a lubricant. It’s also thoughtto be an appetite suppressant and burn remedy.Agave. Make tea from this succulent’s fleshyleaves to help relieve pain, then sweeten withits nectar: it’s six times sweeter than sugar.Creosote. Dave uses this abundant desertshrub to treat his high blood pressure; it alsohas spiritual meaning as a purifying aid tonative peoples.Mesquite. Called the “tree of life,” this hardytree offers pods used for jelly and gluten-freemeal, black pitch used as paint and hair dye, andbark so absorbent it was used as baby diapers.Yerba mansa. The dried root was usedto treat mouth sores, sore throat and gumdisease. Bonus: It has a refreshing menthol/eucalyptus taste.“Scientists will say that plant for plant, thereare as many useful plants in the desert as thereare in the rainforest,” Dave notes. He regularlywalks into big auditoriums at his museum, readyto give a talk on desert plants and wondering,“Will anyone be there?” These days, the hallsare packed with people who want “more naturalremedies, things that are better for our bodies.”For those interested in plant remedies, he urgesvisiting natural food stores, with one caution:“If the person can’t tell you the scientific name,you’d better go to another store.”Every single plant has its storyEven though Gloria grew up in Phoenix, “Itwasn’t until I started taking classes at DesertBotanical Garden that I realized I knewnothing. Every single plant has its story,” sheadds, and the stories keep unfolding. Justrecently, she heard that some cactus needlesmade music. They were used as occasionalneedle substitutes in the old-fashioned hornedVictrola phonographs in the early 20th century.Obviously, the bounty of this desert is nomirage. The Sonoran Desert is truly an oasis ofhelp and healing.“... plant for plant, as many useful plants as in the rainforest.”123456DESERT DISCOVERY TOUR1. TriVita CEO Michael Ellison (left) andChief Science Officer Brazos Minshew.2. Source of soothing and sweetness:the agave.3. Brazos Minshew (right) points out adesert wonder.4. Tour Guide Gloria Eklund (in hat) withTriVita group.5. Ethnobotanist Dave Morris (right) withMichael Ellison.6. A health-giving gift of nature:the Nopal cactus.1. TriVita CEO Michael Ellison (left) and12. Source of soothing and sweetness:23. Brazos Minshew (right) points out a34. Tour Guide Gloria Eklund (in hat) with45. Ethnobotanist Dave Morris (right) with56. A health-giving gift of nature:6
  • 16. Michael and his wifeDiane have a prettycharmed life with plentyof time to enjoy their favoriteactivities. He retired seven yearsago at age 54 from his job as alogistics manager for a wholesaleplumbing company. Since thenMichael and Diane have been ableto spend more time with childrenand grandchildren. They currentlyhave homes in Bend, OR and PalmSprings, CA and Michael enjoysgolfing, long walks and raisingllamas on his Oregon property.Like so many of us, Michael and Diane arecommitted to maintaining their good health...and they didn’t hesitate to experience SonoranBloom Nopalea’s astonishing benefits whenthey got their first bottles.At first, Michael suggested that Diane trya small serving of Nopalea to see if shenoticed a difference. “At the time I had asore left hip,” she recalls. “This had beengoing on for a few months and was irritatedby a canyon hike with my granddaughter. Ifound it very painful to cross and uncross mylegs. After taking Nopalea for several daysthis pain seemed to disappear.” In addition,her red and inflamed gums quickly clearedup. Diane also noticed a big improvementin the stiffness and soreness in her feet. “Noone likes to feel like they are getting old,”Diane continues, “but I was glad to let myhusband know how much more youthfulI felt after taking Nopalea.”How they help othersexperience wellnessMichael has also had great results withNopalea and notices that he now feels great.He was thoroughly inspired and motivatedafter attending the Sonoran Bloom Nopaleakick-off event this spring in Phoenix. “I nowhand out Nopalea wherever I go,” he says. “Iwill talk to people anywhere, anytime aboutthis fantastic product.”Michael and Diane are very enthusiasticparticipants in TriVita’s new Share and EarnProgram. “This wonderful program allows usto share our own personal health experienceand hopefully influence others to try Nopaleathemselves,” says Michael. “The financialrewards are pretty nice, too. Being part ofthis tremendous program allows us to achievegreater health and wealth.”Michael and the other Affiliate Membersin his group aggressively promote Nopaleaand TriVita’s wealth of other high-qualityproducts through:• Word of mouth• Wellness clinics• Newspaper flyers and inserts• Meetings with small business owners• Charity work• Community outreachtrivita.com16 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellnessthey feel great because of sonoran Bloom™ nopalea™ and many other triVita productsMichael and familyare thrivingon TriVita products
  • 17. Other TriVitaproducts helpwith many otherhealth issuesMichael’s activelifestyle includeslots of golf andwalking. Hesometimes pays theprice with achesand pains. “JointComplex really helpswith pain stiffnessand inflammation,”he remarks. “Golf ismy passion and this greatproduct helps me get back intomy game much more quickly. Irecently had shoulder painsand they went away after takingthis amazing product.”Michael’s positive product experiencedoesn’t end there. He uses Sublingual B-12to maintain steady energy levels, eliminatebrain fog and stay mentally sharp. “VitalC Powdered Crystals also help my body inso many ways,” Michael notes. “It keepsmy immune system strong, helps withcardiovascular health and is real easy on mydigestive system.”Michael knows how important essential fattyacids are for all adults in all stages of life.“OmegaPrime® supports my wellness andthe ingredients are of the highest quality,”he says. “It lessens joint and respiratoryinflammation, helps nourish my brain andprotects circulation.”Another big favorite with Michael isAdaptogen 10 Plus®. He enjoys combiningit with Nopalea to create a delicious andnutrition-packed cocktail.Michael’sgroup alsopromoteswellnessAs an AffiliateMember, Michaelhas recruitedmany otherpeople who arejust as passionateas he is aboutwellness. Healso finds uniqueways to promoteboth wellness andeducation. One exampleis a TV program entitled“High Five Challenge” that willbe aired over a nationwide networkof television stations. This TV programchallenges high school student teams with awide variety of questions. The program hasaudience exposure of 40 million individualsand Nopalea will be prominently featured.Many members of his central OregonAffiliate Member team spread the wordabout wellness to fitness centers, golf clubsand various community groups throughoutCentral Oregon. “This is an especiallyexciting time for this group,” Michael says,“as they are striving to live healthier livesand improve lives through TriVita products.Central Oregon is a great area for TriVita andNopalea, since this is one of the most healthconscious areas in the region.”Our congratulations to Michael, Diane andall the Affiliate Members in their group whoare introducing TriVita products to a veryreceptive audience.1-800-991-7116 June 2009 l 17“Central Oregon is a greatarea for TriVita and Nopalea,since this is one of the mosthealth conscious areas inthe region.”“I will talk topeople anywhere,anytime aboutNopalea.”Michael enjoysraising llamas on hisOregon property.Michael enjoys combiningAdaptogen 10 Plus with Nopaleato create a delicious andnutrition-packed cocktail.
  • 18. trivita.com18 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessLucille M. Brodeur,member“My favorite memory as achild was when I got to goto my aunt and uncle’s farmfor two months. I was raisedin an orphanage because mymother became mentally sickwhen I was five years old and my father was inthe Canadian Air Force. So it was nice to havegood home-cooking, fresh bread, vegetables anddesserts when I got to visit them.We didn’t have much food in the orphanage, soI really enjoyed my summer holiday on the farmwith four or five girl cousins. I got to play and wewent to the lake sometimes to swim. I had twosisters and a brother and going to our relatives’house for those two months was a real good timefor the four of us. I am now 79 and my sisters are76 and 77. Our brother passed away many yearsago. I really appreciated those summer days. Wewere happy with the simple things of life.”Lois C. Gnegy,affiliate member“Life as a child on a farmwith many siblings wasmost often joyful. Days werefilled with hard work andlaughter, and the hope youwouldn’t get caught by awayward hayfork. Another joyful memory wastaking the old truck down the country road tothe store. So was swimming in the cold waterof Puget Sound (often in the rain). As kids,we were fearless. How does one choose onlyone experience above all when life is made upof common sense, adventure and hope? Onememory? Impossible to do!Leaning my head against the warm belly of acow as I milked her, is another warm-heartedmemory. Ah, the taste of warm, fresh milk atbreakfast. Walking up a hill was easier whilesinging a song, and I learned that singing helpswhen climbing the hills of life, as well. A richheritage is a joy to have and remember. Thankyou for giving me a reason to recollect thoseprecious days.”Joseph Howard,triVita employee“I can remember in thesummer of ‘84 that I wasa troubled little boy. I hadnever really known whatreal love was until I metmy second grade teacherand his family. As a young boy I had notknown that you could receive this kind oflove. My biological parents were not the bestof people, so my siblings and I did not growup surrounded by love. I was invited to myteacher’s house/farm for one summer. I wasvery wary of showing any affection to peoplebecause of how I was treated as a child.Having this chance to be around a lovingfamily taught me that I could give loveand receive it back without being hurt orshunned. There was a bond built there thatsummer with that family. I can proudly saythat the love they showed me not only taughtme how to do unto others, but to actuallywant to.The following summer I was adopted by theHoward family, making my 11th birthday thehappiest and most loved day in my life.”Each month a Member,Affiliate Member andTriVita employee sharetheir insights on health,wellness and moreThis monthly feature creates anopen forum for Members, AffiliateMembers and TriVita staff to respondto a variety of provocative questionsabout a wide range of subjects. Join thediscussion! Your response could earnyou a $25 TriVitaGift Card; seedetails at the endof this article.Summer means warmweather, outdoor activities, vacationsand a break from routine. For many,this season brings us back to child-hood, when life seemed simpler.Here are some well-rememberedsights, sounds and feelings fromsummers past.What is your favorite memory of summer?GiftCard$25We invite you to answerour upcoming question:“Whatdoyoudotofeelandstayyoungerthanyouryears?”Yourresponsecouldearnyoua$25TriVitaGiftCard!Just email your response to, orwrite to: VitaJournal, 16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop,Ste. 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Please include yourMember ID, your address and daytime phone number(along with email address, if you have one).Note:Whenyousubmitaletteroremail,youarealsogivingTriVitafullrightstoit,includingtherighttopublishitinfuturepublicationsandtoedititasneeded.this month’s question:EmbracingWELLNESS
  • 19. 1-800-991-7116The Acid-AlkalineBalanceA New Approachto InflammationBy Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist,Holistic Health CounselorMy favorite partabout beinga holisticnutritionist is when Isee the light of hopeand empowerment inmy clients’ eyes. It’s thatmoment when theyrealize that they really do have controlover their own health and how they feelon a daily basis.When someone walks into my office with thedebilitating pain of arthritis as his or her chiefcomplaint, my first line of defense is pH balance,or acid-alkaline balance. The pH of our bloodat any given moment is 7.25-7.45. This rangeis so important because if our pH goes out ofrange even .15 percent, we could die. Therefore,I immediately have clients test the pH of theirsaliva and urine consecutively for six days to seehow hard the body is working just to keep themalive, let alone allowing for vibrant health.The standard American diet is an overlyprocessed diet full of acid-forming foods suchas meat, dairy, wheat, chemicalized junk foods,artificial sweeteners and sugar. Stress is alsoa huge contributing factor to an over-acidcondition. Nine out of 10 times, my clientsare acidic. They need to incorporate morealkaline-forming foods (and stress-relievingactivities such as breathing deeply) into theirdiet and lives to gain the results they desire,namely freedom of movement and decreasedinflammation. However, those are not the onlybenefits they receive from tending to their pHbalance. Moving toward alkalinity promotesbetter overall organ function, allows for therelease of toxins, improves mental clarity andaffords natural weight loss. It also profoundlyimproves digestion and heartburn and is avaluable safeguard against cancer.There are so many small changes that canmake a profound difference in our health. Thesechanges do not have to be considered a sacrifice,but instead can be viewed as an “upgrade.”For example, apple cider vinegar (acv) is veryalkalizing, while all other vinegars are acidic.Consider upgrading to acv as your staplevinegar. Lime is more alkalizing than lemon souse that in the water you drink throughout theday or in your cooking when possible. Brownrice has less acid than white rice; raspberriesare highly alkalizing while cranberries are veryacidic. Garlic, too, has a profound effect onacid-alkaline balance and is an easy additionto many dishes.Far and away, green leafy vegetables are the mostalkalizing foods. Coincidentally they happen tobe the single most missing foods in the modernAmerican diet. By green “leafies,” I mean kale,collard greens, dandelion greens, bok choy,arugula, spinach, mixed field greens, etc. Simplyby incorporating two servings of leafy greenvegetables in your diet on a daily basis, you willbe well on your way to finding pH balance.Try these simple, yet absolutely deliciousrecipes to decrease inflammation and increasewell-being.Christa OrecchioThere are so many smallchanges that can make a profounddifference in our health.DIrectIonsHeat oil over medium heat, add shallots andsauté until dark brown and caramelized, about 20minutes. Stir in curry powder, agave and lemonjuice. Add kale, tamari and water. Cover andsteam for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally untilkale is still chewy but tender. Do not overcook.IngreDIents3 Shallots, thinly sliced1 Tbs. Coconut Oil1 Tbs. Curry Powder1 Tbs. Agave Nectar1 tsp. fresh lemon juice2 Tbs. water½ bunch Kale(about 4 oz) stemsremoved and choppedinto large pieces2 Tbs. Tamari(wheat-free soy sauce)Curried Kale w/Caramelized Shallots & AgaveJune 2009 l 19Christa’s Favorite Salad DressingIngreDIents2 parts raw AppleCider Vinegar1 part Flax Oil1 clove garlic, minced1 tsp. Agave NectarJuice of half a limeSea salt, dried basil andoregano to tasteDIrectIonsShake well and serve cold.... by incorporating two servings of leafy greenvegetables... on a daily basis, you will be well onyour way to finding pH balance.June 2009 l 19
  • 20. trivita.com20 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessInflammation marker may signal cancer riskCopenhagen, DenmarkPeople with high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) – a measurement of inflammation and predictor ofheart disease risk – have a 30% greater risk of developing cancer than those with low CRP levels, accordingto a study in the March 2009 Journal of Clinical Oncology.Researchers analyzed the CRP levels of 10,408 people who were part of the Copenhagen City Heart Study;high CRP levels were associated with a 30% increase in cancer risk. Among participants who developedcancer, those with high CRP levels were 80% more likely to die sooner than those with lower levels.“While future research will need to confirm our findings, our study suggests that testing patients’ C-reactiveprotein levels provides a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s health than we previously thought.In addition to predicting heart disease risk, this simple test could help us assess a patient’s future cancerrisk and eventual cancer prognosis,” said lead author Kristine Allin, M.D., a physician at CopenhagenUniversity Hospital.Breathe easier... with broccoli sproutsLos Angeles, CaliforniaBroccoli sprouts may help fight inflammation in the upper airways, according to a study in the March 2009journal Clinical Immunology.Researchers discovered that a compound in broccoli sprouts called sulforaphane – also found in othercruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and Brussels sprouts – triggers inflammation-fighting enzymesin the upper airways.In the three-day study, 65 adults were given daily oral doses of either broccoli sprouts or alfalfa sprouts,which served as a placebo. After three days, participants’ nasal fluids were tested for the antioxidant enzymes.Those who received the broccoli doses had two to three times more antioxidant enzymes in their nasalairway cells.It is not yet known if broccoli sprouts can actually ease allergy and asthma symptoms.Low Vitamin D levels linked to mental declineExeter, United KingdomResearchers at the Peninsula Medical School, the University of Cambridge and the University of Michiganhave reported a link between low Vitamin D levels and mental decline, or “cognitive impairment.”Researchers assessed the Vitamin D levels and cognitive function of 1,766 people over age 65 who werepart of the Healthy Survey for England 2000. They found that as Vitamin D levels decreased, cognitiveimpairment increased. Those with the lowest levels of Vitamin D were more than twice as likely to havecognitive impairment.TheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellness
  • 21. 1-800-991-7116These results are significant because those with impairedcognition are more likely to develop dementia.Dr. Iain Lang from the Peninsula Medical School, who workedon the study, commented: “This is the first large-scale studyto identify a relationship between Vitamin D and cognitiveimpairment in later life. Dementia is a growing problem forhealth services everywhere, and people who have cognitiveimpairment are at higher risk of going on to develop dementia.That means identifying ways in which we can reduce levels ofdementia is a key challenge for health services.”Further research will be needed to determine if VitaminD supplementation is a way to help reduce people’s risk ofcognitive impairment and dementia.Article from Michael Ellison continued from page 2...What I did not know at the time was the history of the peoplewho had lived in the harsh desert for hundreds of years; theyknew that every plant had a purpose. That night around thecampfire, the men spoke almost reverently about the SonoranDesert plants which offered such bountiful wellness benefits.Upon arriving home, I spoke about what I had discoveredin Mexico with my son Marcus, who chairs the productdevelopment team, and with our Chief Science Officer, BrazosMinshew. This discussion led to research at two Arizonauniversities regarding the potential health benefits of SonoranDesert plants. It took about two years to bring this productto market, but we now have an amazing product with over200 studies concerning the inflammatory and detoxificationbenefits of the Nopal cactus. It took time to plan the process forharvesting, processing and bringing to market a fruit that growsamong millions of cactus needles. But the team was up for thechallenge, and today the product is ready for its launch into theworld where pollutants, pesticides and other toxins are in theair, water and food – creating a spiraling effect of inflammation-related health issues.Nopalea will become our greatest product in helpingpeople address inflammation and toxic health challenges,which medical science has now determined as their biggestchallenge. Just recently, Dr. Rosenthal on Fox News saidthat inflammation is now recognized as a greater risk tocardiovascular disease than cholesterol.We know the immune system is very sensitive to any invaderin the body and will attack with a normal response ofinflammation: containing the damage and allowing the healingprocess to begin. Acute inflammation is a desirable and normalresponse. However, when chronic inflammation occurs over along period of time, it begins to weaken the cells and sets thestage for cell damage and even disease manifestation. Nopalea isa product that can help reduce chronic inflammation as well ashelp detoxify the body, helping to optimize cellular health.If you can be at one of our Nopalea city tour meetings listed onpage 7, I would love the opportunity to meet you and any guestsyou would like to bring. We are sharing the wellness benefitsof the product, as well as giving a free bottle to each attendee.The meeting also explains the Affiliate Member opportunity;you can help take Nopalea to our world while earning income.This is not a selling program – it is a sharing program – so theevening is in a share format as well. I hope you will join us inthis wonderful ground floor opportunity.Pursue health and wellness with passion.Share the Sonoran Bloom Nopalea Tour excitement onMichael’s blog: visit http://blog.sonoranbloom.comJune 2009 l 21TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have part-nered to provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of lifeYour tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Lastyear, we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!Want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy totake your tax-deductible donation along with your order.You can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSte. 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260You can make aLASTING DIFFERENCEYour contribution will touch countless lives
  • 22. Effectivetraditionspromote asense of identity anda feeling of belonging.Recently, I was standing infront of the magazine rack atone of our local bookstores,and the June magazines were being placed onthe shelves. I began to notice a theme emergingas I gazed at the front covers: all the women’smagazines featured articles on weddings.Just a few nights before, my daughter hadstopped by my house for a visit and was tellingme about renting a booth for her business at thePhoenix Bridal Show and Wedding Expo takingplace in June.With all this talk about weddings in June,my curiosity got the best of me and I went tomy computer and looked on the Web to find outwhy June had become the most popular monthfor weddings.You will chuckle when you read the answerthat I found. Many of our contemporarywedding traditions come out of the traditionsfrom the 14th and 15th century. June signifiedthe arrival of warmer weather. That meant itwas time to remove winter clothing and partakein one’s annual bath.Yes, back then people were only able to bathethoroughly once each year. Since the overallpopulation smelled fairly fresh in June, it was agood time to hold a special event like a wedding!The significance of traditionsAs a research psychologist, I became intriguedwith the significance of celebrating traditions inour families and communities. As it turns out,social scientists have discovered that traditionsare a fundamental need of our psyche. Traditionsare a key to making lasting memories andenriching our lives. They become the glue thatbinds us together.Important rituals and transitionsIn its most basic form, rituals mark ends andbeginnings; in other words, transitions. Thepresence of the community in ritual bringsabout an experience of support and unity.Some examples of western rituals are graduations,award ceremonies and secular holidays. These,together with the traditions of weddings,anniversaries, birthdays and funerals all formpart of our collective need for recognizing certainevents. Rituals bring a community together.The benefits of family traditionsand ritualsSometimes, family traditions are associatedwith practices and beliefs, which are handedover from one generation to the next generation.They promote a feeling of safety and securitywithin the family by providing a predictableand familiar experience.While growing up, children love to participatein simple family traditions. Whether it’sdecorating the holiday tree, helping to bake abirthday cake, dyeing Easter eggs or shoppingwith mom when she goes out to buy yet anothernecktie for dad on Father’s Day, it is often amemorable routine.Regular and consistent family traditions/ritualscan provide both adults and children withthe following:• A sense of belonging• Identity and identification• Role models• Connections• Stability and continuity inan ever-changing worldTraditions and rituals give family memberssomething to look forward to, which gives thema sense of assurance in a fast-paced and hecticworld. As family bonds tend to be weakenedby busy lifestyles, families can stay connectedby intentionally maintaining important ritualsand traditions. CelebratingLife throughTraditionsand Ritualsby Dr. JudyJudy Ellison, Ph.D., is a success coach, author,motivational speaker and psychologist. She has inspiredpeople around the world to reach within and find theirpassionate purpose to live a more meaningful life.Judy Ellison, Ph.D.trivita.com22 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness... traditions of weddings,anniversaries, birthdays and funeralsall form part of our collective need forrecognizing certain events.
  • 23. “Honor your fatherand your mother,that your days may belong upon the landwhich the Lord yourGod is giving you.”– Exodus 20:12This month, Father’s Day will bringa flurry of greeting cards, ties, gadgetsand phone calls across NorthAmerica. However, not everyonegreets this day with gladness. I knowfrom personal experience and yearsof counseling others that a troubledrelationship with the father figure inyour life can harden your heart.Whether you regard your father with lovinggratitude or not, I’d like to explore how youcan still honor him – and therefore honor Godthe Father – without ignoring your personalfeelings. When Scripture tells us to “Honor yourfather...,” that isn’t a command to endorse orignore behavior that might have been neglectfulor harsh (and certainly not in cases of bodilyabuse). Rather, I think the Bible is telling us torecognize the good things we got from ourfathers, to focus on the positive memories.This helps us relate to God the Father, andto appreciate His blessings.Honor your father asyou’d like to be honoredConsider this: How you honor your father is anexample to your children of how you’d like to behonored. If you let difficulties from the past keepyou estranged from your father (in memory or inlife), then that’s how you’re teaching yourchildren to treat you.Do you remember your father as too strict? Youcould choose to also remember that he was theone who brought you a puppy when you werelittle. Do you hang on to resentment that herarely showed affection or approval? Maybe nowyou realize that in working to provide the basics,he was expressing love in his way. The point is,your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20Honoring fathers, honoring Himby Chaplain Gene Hendersonwhen you focus on the good qualities of yourfather you do two important things: you pass ona powerful example of remembrance to your ownfamily, and you help empower yourself to have abetter relationship with God.When you think about it, it makes sense: If allyour connections with your earthly father seemnegative, how can you relate to the heavenlyFather with love and appreciation? It’s never toolate to reach out and re-connect with the goodmemories from your past. I re-connected withmy own father after a 20-year separation, and I’mso thankful that I did. Each Father’s Day I calledhim to keep in touch, and after he passed on, Ishared with my family a letter about all the goodhe brought to my life.Remember the good and pass it onI’m not saying it’s always easy to forgive, but I amsaying that it’s worth it – to you and those wholook to you as a father. Perhaps you could startby making a list of positive memories: Whatgood things did your father do with you, give toyou, teach you that you remember fondly? Whatdid he talk about from his own childhood thathelped you see what his upbringing was like?That list of memories could turn into a letteryou write, whether to him in person or to hisspirit, and share with your family. Or maybeyou could tape record those memories so yourchildren and grandchildren share your history,hearing your voice.In your own life, you may know now that goodparenting can be a very tough job. I wonder if,when we disappoint Him, God the Father feelsthe same way? This Father’s Day, I urge you toremember... reach out... and honor your fatherto honor Him.It’s never too late to reach out and re-connectwith the good memories from your past.1-800-991-7116 June 2009 l 23
  • 24. trivita.com24 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness“My quality of life has greatly improved.”“Up until approximately 2 ½ months ago, I wasfeeling tired, had no energy, was listless andoften felt irritable. I did not care whether I livedor died. As a man of almost 80 years who hada five-artery coronary bypass surgery over twoyears ago, I thought I was supposed to feel thisway. However, this horrible feeling soon changedbecause approximately two months ago, a verydear friend of mine introduced me to TriVita’sSublingual B-12.I could not believe the quick transition that tookplace in my life by placing just one small tabletunder my tongue every day. I soon began feelingso much better. My doctors were impressed withthe great progress I was making and continue tomake to this day.Before taking the Sublingual B-12, I did notwant to exercise or walk short distances as mydoctor ordered. Instead, I chose to ride my powerscooter everywhere. However, in a very shortperiod of time, I began exercising and walkingwith my walker half a mile, two or three timesdaily without feeling any tiredness. I feel calmand at peace. My attitude drastically changed toone where I am truly enjoying life. I have moreenergy and I think with greater clarity. To sum itup, my quality of life has greatly improved.”Hal R. – Mesa, AZ“I personally take the Energy Now!and really like it a lot.”“I work in a manufacturing plant and last nightone of our management team guys was reallylooking sick. He felt so bad he was about to gohome. So I told him about the Energy Now!product and gave him a sample. After takingthe product, the results he got were astonishing.He said he was sold on the product. In fact, hewas so impressed he wanted info so he couldget some more. He also said that this productwas something that he could sell so I had thechance to talk to him about becoming anAffiliate Member.I also had the chance to share the product withtwo other associates at work who both got thesame results. This product is GREAT!! It will sellitself. People just need to try it once. I personallytake the Energy Now! and really like it a lot.”Shane M. – Boaz, AL“I can really feel and see the differencesince taking the OmegaPrime...”“Before TriVita, I was havingmany health issues and I hadbeen looking for a goodOmega product. I have beena vegetarian most of my lifeand have deficiencies andother issues that come withbeing a vegetarian that have produced differenthealth problems. I was impressed with the highquality of Trivita’s products and their pure, naturalingredients. I can really feel and see the differencesince taking the OmegaPrime and I’ll continueto take it and share this product with everyone.I know if people gave this a try they would feelthe difference. I also take TriVita’s SublingualB-12 and it works great in conjunction with theOmegaPrime, giving me optimal health.”Glendia M. – Fairfax, VAYoushouldconsultwithahealthcareproviderbeforestartinganydiet,exerciseorsupplementationprogram,beforetakinganymedication,orifyoususpectyoumighthaveaheartproblem.Youshouldnotstoptakinganymedicationwithoutfirstconsultingyourhealthcareprovider.Real Stories from real peopleSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita®products!“I’m very grateful for how quickly it helped reduceinflammation from the injury.”“I want to let everyone know about my amazingexperience with Sonoran Bloom Nopalea. I twistedmy ankle and fell down in a parking garage. I felt somepain but thought it was just a sprain, so I didn’t seekany medical attention. That night I could not sleepbecause my foot was very swollen and the pain wasexcruciating. The first thing I did the next morningwas open a bottle of Nopalea and drink about threeounces. I thought I’d better get an X-ray, so I went to the emergency roomat a nearby hospital. Sure enough, I had a broken bone in my foot! Thedoctor gave me a prescription for a very strong pain killer, but I wasn’t ableto get it filled that day. Instead, I had another serving of Nopalea and to myamazement the swelling and pain went down and disappeared that evening!Because of the Nopalea I had no need for a pain killer! I have been usingNopalea every day and have had no discomfort at all since that first night.Thank goodness for Nopalea – I’m very grateful for how quickly it helpedreduce inflammation from the injury.”* Cheryl F. – Pointe-Claire, QC“Within one week I lost five pounds; I’m very excited.”“I am a type 1 diabetic and a former college basketballand baseball player. I do a pretty good job of takingcare of my diabetes. I watch my diet and get someexercise each day. Recently, my weight slowlyincreased until I was at 240 pounds. I started theLeanology program using six capsules a day andsubstituting one meal with a shake each day. Withinone week I lost five pounds and am very excited.This is really an outstanding program. By keeping my blood sugar levels closerto normal, using less insulin and getting back to my ideal weight, my overallhealth will be greatly improved and I will have a much improved chance ofavoiding complications from diabetes. Thank you for such a great program thatcan be so beneficial for people with not only weight issues, but people withblood sugar issues as well!”Tommy R. – Magnolia, TX*You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.
  • 25. 1-800-991-7116 June 2009 l 25Eva’s busy life finally caughtup with her. So, it’s no surprisethat about a year ago, she gotdiagnosed with an anxiety disorder.Her time was spent simultaneouslyworking as a professor at differentuniversities, writing several books,being a mom to two kids and a wife,all while going through some toughpersonal issues. To say the least, Evawas dealing with constant stress andneeded help. “I just felt so tired!My mental and physical energy werecompletely disappearing and I feltlike I was dragging all the time,”Eva recalls.While watching TV, she happened to seeJames and Betty Robison talking aboutTriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid.“I had been praying to find a solution to myanxiety, stress and fatigue. I called right awaywhen I heard about the B-12.” When the B-12arrived, Eva took one tablet a day, but wantedstronger results. “I actually did feel better, butwas still not where I needed to be in order tomaintain my demanding schedule.” Shortlythereafter, a friend and colleague, Sue, calledEva and suggested that she try taking threetablets at a time to see if that would help. “Iwas ready to go for the B-12 injections by thatpoint, but I definitely didn’t want to resort topainful shots! I took Sue’s advice andstarted taking three tablets in the morning,and three more at night. I could tell adifference right away.”Eva continued her routine, and thenreceived another call from Sue about abrand new product (at the time) that TriVitawas launching, called Super Sublingual B-12.It was perfect for Eva, since the SuperB-12 had three times the B-12 as in theoriginal. “I ordered it right away and wasable to just take one tablet of the Super B-12,instead of three. I felt like another person!”Since taking Super Sublingual B-12, Eva cantell that her mood is much more stable andshe is back to her bubbly, energetic self. “I’mso pleased with taking TriVita products. I wantto reach out to more women like me, whohave a lot on their plates. We’re so prone tothinking it’s just in our heads and that nothingis wrong. But I’m here to say that it’s not alwayspsychological. Being stressed, being fatiguedand lacking energy is REAL. It is somethingso many of us deal with, and there’s a greatsolution out there – TriVita’s B-12!”Along with getting her mental and physicalenergy back for her day-to-day routine, Evabegan walking again. “I completely believe inthe importance of taking care of oneself. Forthree years I wasn’t able to work out. I didn’teven have the energy to walk,” Eva explains.“But after taking the Super Sublingual B-12, Iam exercising and losing weight. My staminais better, and my clarity of mind is back!”“I think one of the greatest things aboutSublingual B-12, or the Super B-12 is thatthey don’t have to be swallowed. I happen todeal with a health condition called gastritis[inflammation of the stomach], which makesit hard for me to absorb vitamins or nutrientsfrom my food. The Sublingual B-12 just goesdirectly to my bloodstream and skips thedigestive process altogether, so I getmore nutrients.”Eva can’t wait to tell more people aboutSublingual B-12. “TriVita has helped me inso many areas. When I don’t take my B-12,people who know me can tell. I don’t knowwhat I’d do without it. I now sleep soundlyand don’t feel stressed. Thank you, TriVita formaking such wonderful products!”* You should not use the information in thispublication for diagnosis or treatment of anyhealth problem or for prescription of anymedication or other treatment.Thanks to Sublingual B-12Dr. Eva is back to her bubbly selfthis professor, writer, wife and motherof two keeps forging aheadMember Spotlightbrand new product (at the time) that TriVitawas launching, called Super Sublingual B-12.“...aftertakingtheSuperSublingualB-12,Iamexercisingandlosingweight.Mystaminaisbetter,andmyclarityofmindisback!” – Eva“Ihadbeenprayingtofindasolutiontomyanxiety,stressandfatigue.IcalledrightawaywhenIheardabouttheB-12.”“TriVitahashelpedmeinsomanyareas.WhenIdon’ttakemyB-12,peoplewhoknowmecantell.Idon’tknowwhatI’ddowithoutit.”
  • 26. trivita.com26 l VITAJOURNAL Cele- brating 10 YearsMany men areunsure ofwhat to doabout their prostateand rely on physiciansand other healthcareproviders to guide themaccordingly. Should aman get screened for prostate cancer?What is the best screening method?What are the pros and cons of prostatecancer screening?First, prostate cancer is not your typical cancer.It tends to spread slowly in the overwhelmingmajority of men afflicted. The insidious natureof prostate cancer means that if a man isdiagnosed at age 60, it is very likely the diseasewill not progress for many years before causingany serious complications or risk to one’s life.Treatment options for prostate cancer arenumerous and range from targeted chemo-therapy or radiation to surgery to oral hormonetherapy. Which treatment is best is dependenton whether the cancer has spread outside of theprostate and the extent of the spread.Symptoms can start at age 40 or earlierLately, medical authorities are revisiting thetwo-decades-old question of prostate specificantigen (PSA) screening. Physicians routinelydiscuss PSA testing with men ages 40 and overas this is the age when men typically begin tonotice symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Somephysicians recommend PSA screening at aneven earlier age, so don’t wait until you havesymptoms. These symptoms may include morefrequent urination, decreased urinary stream,trouble fully emptying the bladder, and/ornighttime awakening to urinate. Examinationof the prostate entails a digital rectal examto assess for the prostate’s size, contour, shapeand to detect any nodular growths thatmay indicate an underlying cancer. Becausedigital rectal exam can assess only the surfaceof the prostate gland, PSA testing is oftenrecommended by medical practitioners tocomplement the screening for cancer.Long-term scientific trials have been under-taken to determine the benefits of PSA testing.The outcomes are mixed.PSA testing: no consensusOne recently completed study done in theUnited States confirmed that PSA testing didnot lessen the overall death rate due toprostate cancer. Another European studyinvolving 18,000 men had a slightly differentoutcome. This study concluded that there wassome benefit in reducing overall death due toprostate cancer in men who were screenedusing PSA testing, compared to men whowere not screened.Unfortunately, prostate cancer is rathercommon. Many men will have this diseaseand be blissfully unaware, regardless of whetheror not they took a PSA test. The decision toscreen with the PSA test should be discussedwith a trusted healthcare practitioner.Lowering the risk of prostate cancer and prostateproblems can be accomplished by eating a lowsaturated-fat diet, consuming fresh fruits andvegetables with plenty of antioxidants andappropriate supplemental products designed tofacilitate proper prostate function.SamuelN.GriefiscurrentlytheMedicalDirectorattheUniversityofIllinois.Dr.GriefreceivedhismedicaldegreefromMcGillUniversityinMontreal,Quebec,andisaCMEInstructor.Samuel N. Grief,M.D., CCFP, FCFPProstate Cancerand PSA Screening:A must readBy Dr. Samuel N. GriefNational Men’s Health Week – June 15-21, 2009Help reduce the risk of futureprostate problemstry natural prostate health formula to maintain your active lifeThis formula contains natural and proven prostate-supporting nutrientslike saw palmetto, stinging nettle and lycopene. Other ingredientsinclude beta sitosterol, pollen extract and select amino acids.Prostate HealthFormula™#30400Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsCall toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.
  • 27. The superior multi-vitamin for men• Whole food concentrates contain seven classes of nutrients• Formulated with men’s unique needs in mind• Includes high levels of B, C and E vitamins for cardiovascular health• Safeguard prostate and urinary tract health withSaw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle and Beta Sitosterol• Scientifically-formulated and physician-approvedCall toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.Daily Men™#30530Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsHow Much Do You Know About Men’s Health?test your knowledge with this quiz from the centers for Disease control and prevention1. A man’s exposure to substancesin the workplace can affect hisability to have healthy children.2. Adults should get at least onehour of physical activity a week.3. Males are more likely thanfemales to die from injury inthe workplace.4. People do not need to getvaccinations after age 21.5. Men are more likely thanwomen to attempt suicide.6. More men die from prostatecancer than from any othertype of cancer.7. Cancer is the leading causeof death in men.8. Males are more likely thanfemales to sustain a traumaticbrain injury.TRUE or FALSE?1. True: A man’s exposure to certain substances in the workplace can affect his ability tohave healthy children by affecting sperm and sexual performance. Also, certain substancesunintentionally brought home by a worker may affect a woman’s reproductive system or thehealth of an unborn child.2. False: Adults should get at least 2 ½ hours of physical activity a week, including aerobic andmuscle-strengthening activities.3. True: Of the U.S. workers that died from injury at work in 2005, males accounted for 93% ofall deaths and had a work-related fatality rate about 12 times the rate for females.4. False: Vaccinations aren’t just for kids. Far too many adults become ill, are disabled and dieeach year from diseases that could easily have been prevented by vaccines. Keep track of yourvaccinations, and make sure you keep them up-to-date.5. False: Women are three times more likely to report attempting suicide than men. However,men are four times more likely to actually die from suicide. In 2004, 80% of suicide deathswere among men. If you or someone you know is in a suicidal crisis, contact the NationalSuicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.6. False: More men and women die from lung cancer than from any other type of cancer.Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke to lower your risk for lung cancer, heart disease,and other diseases and conditions. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancerdeaths in men.7. False: Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the UnitedStates. To lower your risk for heart disease, get regular blood cholesterol and blood pressurescreenings, prevent and control diabetes, avoid smoking and secondhand smoke, limit alcoholuse, keep a healthy weight, eat healthy and get regular physical activity.8. True: Males are about twice as likely as females to sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI).A TBI is caused by a blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts thenormal function of the brain. To help prevent TBI, wear a seatbelt every time you drive orride in a motor vehicle, wear a helmet when riding a bike and playing contact sports andmake living areas safer for seniors and children.Answers:12345678Buy OneDaily Men™get the second one50% OFFgood through 6-30-09
  • 28. trivita.com28 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessAre you mixing medications? You could be in danger, according to astudy in the December 2008 Journal of the American Medical Association.About 2.2 million Americans take medications in potentially dangerouscombinations, according to the study. And sometimes those combinationsinclude non-prescription medications and supplements.The study involved 3,005 people aged 57 to 85. The older the person was,the more likely they were to take at least one medication. Sixty-eightpercent of those who took prescription drugs also took non-prescriptionmedications or supplements.Researchers identified the most dangerous combinations reported bythe participants:If you’re taking any of these combinations, contact your healthcare providerto discuss other options. Even if you’re not taking the medications listedabove, it’s still important to pay close attention to those that you are taking.Avoiding dangerous interactions• Let your doctor know which medications and supplements you’recurrently taking.• Take medications as directed.• Try filling all your prescriptions at the same pharmacy.• Carefully read package inserts for possible interactions.• Carry a list of all medications and supplements you’re taking; thatway you’ll have it readily available if you get prescribed a newmedication or need to buy an over-the-counter drug.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends asking yourdoctor or pharmacist these questions before taking a new drug:• Can I take it with other drugs?• Should I avoid certain foods, beverages or other products?• What are possible drug interaction signs I should know about?• How will the drug work in my body?• Is there more information available about the drug or my condition(on the Internet or in health and medical literature)?Medication errorsAnother area of concern is drug name errors. These can occur in thepharmacy or in the doctor’s office. Often, many drugs sound alike or arespelled alike. But according to the FDA, mistakes can also occur becauseof abbreviations, acronyms and dose designations used on prescriptions.Poor handwriting, new products, similar packaging and unfamiliaritywith drug names can make the situation worse.Regardless, mistakes of any kind are dangerous. The FDA suggeststhe following tips for making sure you’re getting exactly what thedoctor ordered:• Know the name and strength of prescribed drugs before leavingthe doctor’s office.• Insist that the doctor include the purpose of the medication onthe prescription.• Ensure that a refill is what it should be.• Tell your doctor of any medical history changes.When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful; if youhave questions about your current prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and/or supplements, don’t hesitate to ask yourhealthcare provider. Combinations Medications RisksPrescriptionwith anotherprescriptionLisinopril with prescriptionpotassiumElevated blood-potassium levels whichcan disrupt heart rhythmWarfarin with simvastatin BleedingPrescription with anon-prescriptionWarfarin with aspirin BleedingAtorvastatin with niacin Muscle weakness andmuscle breakdownSimvastatin with niacin Muscle weakness andmuscle breakdownNon-prescriptionwith anothernon-prescriptionGinkgo with aspirin BleedingAlcohol and medicationsAs people age, they often become more sensitive to alcohol’s effects.Of particular concern is the mixing of medications and alcohol. This canhave many ill effects including dizziness, drowsiness, changes in bloodpressure, increased risk for overdose, changes in blood sugar, fainting,memory loss and more.If you are taking any medications, talk with your healthcare providerabout them and how they may interact with alcohol. Also, be sure tocarefully read labels on all medications and follow the directions.The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, part of theNational Institutes of Health, recommends that people over age 65who choose to drink have no more than one drink per day.Beware ofDangerousDrug CombosSimilar drug names another potential hazard
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  • 30. Energy for all your summer activities!Energy Now!®can help jump-start your day. It contains:• CoQ-10 and Vitamins B-1, B-2 and B-3, which enhanceyour body’s ability to produce more energy• Antioxidant polyphenols, green tea and cocoa,which promote energy and nourish endurance• Amino acids which help feed your body’s energyproduction cycleCall 1-800-991-7116 or visit Note:IfyouhavePKUoraretakingMAOinhibitors,donotusethisproduct.Energy Now!®#30420Non-Member $31.99Member $24.99Redeem with 250 VitaPointsSummer is the time to play! For many, itmeans outdoor activities such as swimming,hiking, camping, boating and more. Thissummer, make safety your top priority as youpursue your outdoor adventures. Review thesesafety tips and let common sense be your guideas you enjoy the summer season.Staying safe around waterSplashing around in pools, swimming in lakes,enjoying the beach and boating are all great waysto cool off in the hot summer months. However,carelessness can result in injuries – even death. Bykeeping these water-safety tips in mind, you canenjoy one of summer’s most refreshing pastimes:• Always supervise children around water• Wear life vests and outfit your childrenwith them as well• Fence in your backyard pool if you havechildren or grandchildren• Learn CPR• Wear foot protection when swimmingin lakes, ponds and at the beach• Immediately get out of the water in theevent of bad weather• Apply sunscreen throughout the day toavoid sunburn• Avoid alcohol when swimming or boating• Don’t swim alone• Teach your children or grandchildrento swim• Check water depth before divingCamping health and safety tipsLoad up the tent and lantern, it’s time to gocamping. But in addition to your sleeping bag,pack these health and safety tips from theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention:• Practice fire safety:o Use a campfire pit away fromoverhanging tree branches. Makesure it has a metal fire ring or isencircled with rocks.o Never leave a campfire unattended.o Before you leave, be sure you putout your campfire completely.• Protect against carbon monoxidepoisoning: Never use fuel-burningequipment such as gas stoves, heaters,lanterns and charcoal grills inside atent, camper or other enclosed shelter.• Avoid wild animals and protect family pets.• Pack food in tight, waterproof bagsor containers.Hiking safetyWhether you’re going for a gentle urban stroll ora rugged overnight trip, review these basic safetytips before lacing up your hiking boots:• Check the forecast before you leave home• Let someone know where you’re going,and what time you expect to return• Bring a compass, map and a fully chargedcell phone• Bring more water than you think you need• Don’t hike alone• Don’t attempt a hike that you’re not readyfor physically• Wear appropriate shoes and clothing• Protect yourself from the sun: hat,sunglasses and sunscreen• Bring a first aid kit for emergencies• Stick to designated trails• Bring the proper supplies: extra clothing,food, water, first aid kit, pocket knife,whistle and waterproof matches.Depending on where you hike, insectrepellant may come in handy.In the event of an emergency or if you getlost, remember to S.T.O.P.: stop, think, observeand plan.All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)ATV riding can be a very fun yet very dangeroussport. Observe these safety tips from the U.S.Consumer Product Safety Commission:• Get trained• Wear a helmet• No children on adult ATVs• Don’t ride tandem• Don’t ride on pavement• Don’t ride under the influencePlay It Safe!national safety month tips for a fun andinjury-free summer
  • 31. nathan s. Bryan, ph.D.Dr. Bryan joined the faculty of the Institute of MolecularMedicine, University of Texas-Houston, in June 2006, andwas honored as one of the University’s AccomplishedYoung Investigators in 2007. Dr. Bryan has publishedover 20 peer-reviewed papers.samuel n. grief, m.D., ccfp, fcfpCurrently the Medical Director at the Universityof Illinois, Dr. Grief received his medical degreefrom McGill University in Montreal, Quebec,and is a CME Instructor.tammy pon, m.D.A functional medicine physician, Dr. Pon receivedher medical degree from the University of Texasin Houston. She completed specialty trainingin Healthy Aging.Scott Conard, M.D. is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention. TienaHealthalso conducts clinical trials.Brazos Minshew is TriVita’s Chief Science Officer,in charge of formulating the best new supplementspossible. He is dedicated to bringing greater healthand wellness to TriVita Members. He combines anextensive background in medical science, naturopathyand alternative treatments to create lifestyle andnutritional solutions to prevalent health challenges.In addition to our dedicated healthcare profes-sionals, TriVita created a Medical Advisory Board toassist our efforts in staying abreast of current scientificdevelopments and provide input on the latest, mosteffective testing methods.Medical Advisory BoardTriVita’s Healthcare ProfessionalsDirector of Creative Services • John MetselaarEditor of Publications • Pam Knox Production Manager • Roger BargerProduction Coordinator • Aimee Silver Graphic Designers • Carly Miner; Cheryl Earl; David KnoxEditorial Assistant • Ginny Schoonaert; Kelly Hickman Contributing Writers • Scott Conard, M.D.; Brazos Minshew;Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist; Judy Ellison, Ph.D.; Samuel Grief, M.D., CCFP, FCFP; Steve Solomon;Cheryl Romano; Heather Austin; Dana Maxwell; Greg CaytenThe VitaJournal is published by TriVita, Inc. • 16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Ste 950 • Scottsdale, AZ 85260 • Printed in the U.S.A. • © 2009 TriVita, Inc. All rights reserved. The VitaJournal welcomes Member questions, photographsand testimonials. All submitted materials become the property of TriVita, Inc. and may be edited for publication. Submissions should be directed to the Publications Specialist (Marketing Department) at Subscription to the monthly VitaJournal is FREE to active TriVita Members. Subscription to TriVita’s Weekly Wellness Report (delivered to your email address) is also FREE to TriVita Members. If you would liketo receive this informative Weekly Wellnes Report, call 1-800-991-7116 and give a Wellness Consultant a valid email address.The VitaJournal is distributed for information purposes only and does not constitute professional or medical advice. Prices in this publication arecurrent as of the date of printing. Opinions expressed by authors are not necessarily those of the publisher. The VitaJournal may be reproducedonly by TriVita Members. Other reproductions, in whole or in part, are prohibited without the express permission of the publisher.For Questions: 1-877-850-2968 Monday – Friday; 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Mountain Standard Timeto order call toll-free 1-800-991-71165:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M., M–F • 7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M., Saturday, (Mountain Standard Time)TMVITA1. Physician-Approved FormulasOur medical board uses their extensive health and nutrition knowledge to approveproprietary TriVita supplements based on the latest scientific research and the healthand wellness concerns of our Members.2. Unique Delivery SystemsUnlike other supplements that can be difficult to absorb, TriVita supplements aredeveloped for maximum absorption and effect.3. Controlled Laboratory StudiesSignature products from TriVita undergo medical studies and trials at accrediteduniversities and medical centers to ensure their effectiveness.4. Purest Natural IngredientsTriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrients available to create effective,body-friendly formulas without mood altering stimulants or harmful chemicals.5. Pharmaceutical-Grade QualityWe voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturing guidelines of the Good ManufacturingPractices (GMP).6. Third-Party Testing and CertificationIn addition to our own quality control, we commission third-party testing and researchto guarantee that our products are full potency and meet all regulatory standards.7. Quality-Controlled Packaging and ProductionSafety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing; we inspect each productat least 10 times and use two safety seals per package on all ingestible products toguarantee safety, freshness and product potency.8. Dedicated to Product InnovationTriVita’s commitment to science is a driving force behind our superior quality products,from formulation to production. Led by our Chief Science Officer and renownednutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmost care into creating products that deliverpositive and lifelong wellness experiences for our Members.9. Medical Advisory BoardTriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physicians provide us with the latestinformation on scientific developments and testing methods.10. Complete Customer Satisfaction GuaranteeWe promise to provide the best customer experience possible and offer a 60-DayMoney Back Guarantee on all of our products.Ournaturalproductsarefoodbased.Ifyouhaveanyfoodbasedallergies,pleasereadthelabels.StatementsorclaimsinthispublicationhavenotbeenevaluatedbytheFoodandDrugAdministration.Theseproductsarenotintendedtodiagnose,treat,cureorpreventanydisease.10 foundational Values
  • 32. Faster-acting, longer-lasting, greater energytriVita members have bought over 11 million boxesof the Original sublingual B-12 for one simple reason –it works. now there’s an even better version which hasthree times the Vitamin B-12.Super Sublingual B-12:• Helps improve your energy, memory, focus and mood• Uses Dr. Libby’s same exclusive patented processfor maximum absorption• Now it’s faster-acting, longer-lasting and morepotent than ever before• Also contains ginseng for an extra energy boostFor more information, see pages 8 & 9SPECIALPRICESUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITAAlfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patientsfeel better every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate),Dr. Libby developed this unique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients.It was known to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but withoutthe shots’ added pain and expense.“I feel that TriVita – and especially Super Sublingual B-12– has become a very important part of my health andwellness plan.” CoCo B. – atlanta, Ga Alfred Libby, M.D.Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 #33356Mixed Berry FlavorNon-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsOmegaPrime: Your Prime Source for Essential Fatty AcidsMEMBER ID16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260Buy OneOmegaPrime®get the second one50% OFFgood through 6-30-09Essential Fatty Acids support the body by:•Helping reduce cardiovascularinflammation•Lessening joint inflammation•Relieving respiratory inflammation•Helping the brain•Protecting circulation•Supporting hormone productionGive your body the vital supportit needs with OmegaPrime... order today!OmegaPrime®#30520Non-Member $22.99Member $17.99Redeem with 180 VitaPoints