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Vita journal v0109

  1. 1. VITASAVE 50% on TriVita’sTwo-Step Energy SystemSEE PAgE 13 FOR dETAIlSJAnuARy 2009 TRIVITA.COMGODWINISTHEREFER&WINCELEBRATIONHAWAII GRANDPRIZE WINNER!CHANGEYOUR WEIGHT– and changeyour life!SUPERSUBLINGUALB-12offers your bodysuper supportONE MEMBER’SREFERRAL SUCCESSearns her free productsCHANGEYOUR WEIGHT– and changeyour life!SUPERSUBLINGUALB-12offers your bodysuper supportONE MEMBER’SREFERRAL SUCCESSearns her free products
  2. 2. 10 Essentialsfor health and wellnessThe 10 Essentials were created to suitevery Wellness Seeker. Taking even smallsteps in each one will improve your life andwellness in wonderful ways.PHYSICAL1. Breathe DeeplyDeep breathing expels body toxinsfaster than any other means.2. Drink WaterGetting enough water provides an instantenergy boost – and you may even eat less.3. Sleep PeacefullyEstablishing a bedtime routine will helpyou sleep longer and more soundly.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoosing healthy, whole foods minimizesblood sugar swings.5. Enjoy ActivityAn active lifestyle enables everysystem in your body to work better.EMOTIONAL6. Give and Receive LoveHeart-focused, sincere and positivefeelings boost the immune system.7. Be ForgivingAs you let go of negative feelings towardothers, you will find greater peace and optimism.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings instant joy, buildsphysical defenses and reduces stress.9. Develop AcceptancePracticing acceptance clears your mind ofneedless anxiety, freeing you to enjoy life.SPIRITUAL10. Develop a Relationship with GodAs your relationship grows, you will enjoyall the blessings of unconditional love.Enjoy abundance in uncertain timesby Michael R. Ellison, CEO & Founder of TriVita, Inc.Each new year brings the opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions. Butperhaps 2009 presents us with a different opportunity. I would like to offeran idea for consideration: How about taking the opportunity this year toRE-PRIORITIZE our lives based on what is meaningful and important?To look at our resources and determine how we could best use them.While finances are certainly a part of our resources, they are only a part.Here’s a question: Do we see our world as lacking in resources, or as havingan abundance of them?When we look at our world, there are many people who lack love – but there is ample love to go around.How do we tap into it and share it? As Mother Theresa said, “Many more people are starving for lovethan for food in our world.” This is a very astute observation from a woman who spent her life with theneediest people in the world.There is a lack of security, but there is an abundance of faith in our world. How do we find it and applyit to our lives?There is a sense of financial lack in our world, yet there is an unlimited universe of ideas that will createfuture financial prosperity. What are those ideas that will unleash financial prosperity?There seems to be many lonely people but there are plenty of communities that desire people to getinvolved and embrace their ideals and causes. I personally invite you to join me in my mission ofinspiring people to experience wellness! In fact, I will be traveling to 25 cities with our Chief ScienceOfficer, Brazos Minshew, to introduce new products and to explain our referral program, which allowsMembers to share TriVita products with others. I hope to meet you at one of those events!Those are just a few of my observations on what seems to be a paradox. How could there be such lackand such bounty at the same time? And yet, that is the way it is. Is there something for us to plug intothat opens up the abundance in our lives? I truly believe there is a secret to this paradox. Here is myinsight: Abundance is not measured best by what we have or don’t have; IT IS BEST MEASURED INWHAT WE ENJOY.Please at least give consideration to this thought; it is not intended to be disrespectful in any way topeople who are hurting financially or may be suffering in some other way. It is offered to give hope anddirection for creating abundance in your life.So, the secret that can help all of us enjoy more abundance is to embrace and practice those thingswe enjoy most in our lives – the things that are most meaningful to us. Again, it is not measured inthe things we have or don’t have. There are many examples of people in the most difficult circumstanceswho found an inner quality of life that cannot be replaced by material things. They were surroundedby abundance!Since we are a wellness company, let’s use wellness as our example. Certainly I have never met anyonewho did not want more wellness. But I have met many people who were not well. (In fact, it was my ownArticle from Michael Ellison continued on page will be traveling to 25 cities with our Chief Science OfficerBrazos Minshew, to introduce new products and to explain ourreferral program, which allows Members to share TriVita productswith others. I hope to meet you at one of those events!2 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  3. 3. 10 FoundationalValuesOurnaturalproductsarefoodbased.Ifyouhaveanyfoodbasedallergies,pleasereadthelabels.StatementsorclaimsinthispublicationhavenotbeenevaluatedbytheFoodandDrugAdministration.Theseproductsarenotintendedtodiagnose,treat,cureorpreventanydisease.4 Jump-start your2009 Energy BatteryGreat ways to recharge, refreshand power past the winter “blues.”6 The Science BehindTriVita’s Sublingual B-12This powerful vitamin boostswellness in so many ways.9 Change your Ways,Change your WeightForget fads and focus onhealthy behaviors.12 Read This Beforeyou Take a RiskFour smart questions to guidedecision-making.16 Meet the Refer & Wingrand Prize WinnerGodwin’s tropical dreamhas come true.In thisissue21 Strong Foundationfor your Renewed healthWhy TriVita products arethe ones you can count on.24 good Calories =good health, good WeightIt’s the quality of yourcalories that counts.27 This nurse knowsWhat MattersPrecious is focused on health,TriVita and helping others.STAYSHARPTrythiswordjumble.2910 FoundationalValues1. physician-Approved formulasOur medical board uses their extensive health andnutrition knowledge to approve proprietary TriVitasupplements based on the latest scientific research andthe health and wellness concerns of our Members.2. unique Delivery SystemsUnlike other supplements that can be difficult toabsorb, TriVita supplements are developed formaximum absorption and effect.3. controlled laboratory StudiesSignature products from TriVita undergo medicalstudies and trials at accredited universities andmedical centers to ensure their effectiveness.4. purest natural IngredientsTriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrientsavailable to create effective, body-friendly formulaswithout mood altering stimulantsor harmful chemicals.5. pharmaceutical-grade QualityWe voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturingguidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).6. third-party testing and certificationIn addition to our own quality control, wecommission third-party testing and research toguarantee that our products are full potency andmeet all regulatory standards.7. Quality-controlledpackaging and productionSafety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing;we inspect each product at least 10 times and use twosafety seals per package on all ingestible products toguarantee safety, freshness and product potency.8. Dedicated to product InnovationTriVita’s commitment to science is a driving forcebehind our superior quality products, from formulationto production. Led by our Chief Science Officer andrenowned nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmostcare into creating products that deliver positive andlifelong wellness experiences for our Members.9. Medical Advisory BoardTriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physiciansprovide us with the latest information on scientificdevelopments and testing methods.10. complete customerSatisfaction guaranteeWe promise to provide the best customer experiencepossible and offer a 60-Day Money BackGuarantee on all of our products.Haveahealthy,energeticNewYear.21PreciousD. Bloomington,INJanuary 2009 l 3
  4. 4. trivita.com4 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessVegetablesLeanProteinHealthyCarbohydratesJUMP-STARTCome January many of usare in a post-holiday funk.With temperatures dippingand snowdrifts piling up in manyparts of North America, it’s onlynatural to want to put another logon the fire and curl up on yourcomfy couch. If your only heavylifting this time of year is pickingup the TV remote control, then youcould be going through your ownpersonal energy crisis.We can all be energetic – even in the dead ofwinter. That’s because being energetic doesn’tnecessarily mean being constantly “on the go.”Having energy means feeling a real zest forlife. It’s having the drive and initiative toaccomplish whatever you want – to make yourdreams come true, or even to accomplish thesmall tasks of the day. When you’re energetic,you feel happier... more hopeful... moreoptimistic and have better self-esteem.Real energy and how you create itReal energy is created by a complex series ofphysical processes. To feel energetic, your bodymust carry out a long series of interactions,almost like a line of dominos falling over inthe right sequence. Every transaction requiresenergy from the previous domino and donatesenergy to the next domino in line. The endresult determines your level of energy and justhow good you feel.Energy production relies on metabolismof protein, carbohydrates and fats.Carbohydrates give short bursts of energy;proteins burn more slowly and evenly. Healthyfats contain the most energy of all. They oftenprovide five times more energy thanproteins and eight times more energythan carbohydrates. So, for staminathat lasts all day and into the eveninghours select foods high in “good” fats.Problems with obesity and energymetabolism begin when cells fail toconvert stored energy into usable energy.This failure is usually due to nutrientdepletion, as nutrients are required tostoke the furnace of energy metabolism.For optimum conversion of proteins,carbohydrates and fats into energy, focuson getting the nutrients you need every day.See page 8 for more on weight managementwith TriVita’s Leanology® Weight Loss System.eating for energy:the importance of balanceTo create and sustain an energetic feelingwe should balance our diet every day withthe following foods:• 7 to 9 servings of fruit and vegetables• 30+ grams of high quality protein• 20 to 35 grams of fiber daily.A good rule of thumb to enhance energyis to fill your plate half-full with non-starchyCarbohydrates giveshort bursts of energy;proteins burn moreslowly and evenly.Healthy fats contain themost energy of all.Greatwaystorecharge,refreshand
  5. 5. 1-800-991-7116TJanuary 2009 l 5vegetables, a quarter ofthe plate with lean proteinand the last quarter withhealthy carbohydrates.Don’t forget the liquidsMost of us don’t think ofincluding liquids on our listof high-energy foods, but fruitjuices and water are tops forgiving you an energy kick.Every time you exercise,you sweat and lose valuablesalts, minerals and glucose.Drinking natural fruit juicesand water doesn’t just rehydrateyou; it also replenishes all thesugars and minerals you burnup. This in turn will keep youon your toes and will give youan energy rush that will lasta long time.What can you do about that mid-afternoonslump that affects so many of us? Many peoplereach for a sugary treat or a high-caffeinecoffee. Instead, why not try having an appleor a couple of orange slices. This might behard to do at first, especially if you are aconfirmed coffee drinker, but you’ll startnoticing that you feel much lighter andrefreshed after your fruit and veggie snack.Not only that, but you won’t have thesluggish feeling that usually occurs whenyour coffee kick wears off. Nutritiondeficiencies can also cause fatigue, soit may be helpful to take supplements.what you can do to avoidthe “spike and crash” cycleMany of us feel an immediate energy surgewhen we eat sugary sweets. This is oftenfollowed by a dramatic energy drop andan overwhelming urge to take a nap.The problem isn’t all sugars, but certaintypes of sugars. Sugars like table sugar andlactose (milk sugar) burn at different ratesinside your cells. The sugar fructose foundin foods burns very slowly. Thatmeans you don’t get the samespike-crash feeling as you dowith sucrose.A common-senseapproach to low energyIf you often feel tired, youshould start out with a medicalexam to rule out any identifiablemedical conditions such ashyperthyroidism, depression,fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome,chronic viral hepatitis and anemia. Problemssuch as these need to be addressed with yourhealthcare provider.If you don’t have any identifiable illness,then it’s time to look at some common-senseprinciples. If you have low energy then youshould get more sleep, exercise daily if possibleand reduce bad habits, including cigarettesmoking and excessive alcohol consumption.Don’t forget to consider basics like enjoyablework, healthy relationships and adequaterecreation. If you’re doing what you want withyour life, you’re likely to have more energy.So, find out what charges up your physicaland mental energy. Jump-start your new lifein the new year with healthy eating, exercise,a powerful outlook and the high-qualitysupplements that can keep you going strong.See page 13 for more on natural energy withTriVita’s Two-Step Energy System.Drinking natural fruitjuices and water doesn’tjust rehydrate you; it alsoreplenishes all the sugarsand minerals you burn up.yourenergy batterypowerpastthewinter“blues”
  6. 6. trivita.comScott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthDoes your resolution forwellness in 2009 includesupplementing your healthylifestyle with Vitamin B-12? If itdoesn’t, you should be aware ofmounting clinical evidence showingthe connection between good healthand this powerhouse vitamin. If youalready supplement with B-12, thisresearch gives you more reason tostay on track with your health habits.Here’s a review of some of the B-12 studiesthat have recently made headlines. I thinkyou’ll agree that it’s an impressive bodyof research.Vitamin B-12 eases symptomsof congestive heart failureWhile doctors prescribe various medicationsfor congestive heart failure (CHF), VitaminB-12 has been shown to be another effectiveway to lessen symptoms.Vitamin B-12 helps create taurine, an aminoacid which studies suggest may be useful intreating CHF symptoms. Participants in astudy showed significant improvement in theirability to breathe, with a reduction in heartpalpitations and fluid buildup.Impressive relief forseasonal allergiesSeveral studies have suggested that VitaminB-12 could help reduce seasonal allergies. Inone clinical study, a group of seasonal allergysufferers spent up to six weeks taking massiveamounts of B-12 through sublingual delivery, justlike TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid.Many of the worst symptoms – sneezing,congestion and itchy, runny nose – were half assevere in the B-12 group as in the placebo group.Mental function, vitamins and ADHDStrong clinical evidence supports the linkbetween essential nutrients and vitamins –particularly Vitamin B-12 – and mentalfunction, including attention deficithyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Studies haveshown that a B-12 deficiency may decreaselevels of substances needed to transmit nervesignals. This reduced ability to transmit nervesignals has shown up in brain tests conductedon children with ADHD.In people of any age, this problem with nervesignals can lessen or damage mental functioning.Reverse memory loss with B-12?One of the premier medical authorities inthe field, Harvard Medical School, endorsesthe use of B-12 to treat memory loss caused bya deficiency of this invaluable vitamin. Theprestigious school supports findings that B-12deficiency is among the reversible causes ofmemory loss, and that correcting this deficiencyearly on may help restore lost memory.Younger people at risk forB-12 deficiencyThere is clinical evidence that B-12 deficiencyaffects a much broader age range than manyhave thought. A study published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked atB-12 blood levels among participants in threeB-12 updateby Dr. Scott ConardA growing body of research shows Vitamin B-12’s value in overall healthThe science behind TriVita’s Sublingual B-126 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  7. 7. 1-800-991-7116Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comfaster acting, longer-lasting andmore potent than ever beforeTriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulness.Plus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brainand nerves the essential nutrients they need tohelp replenish brain fuel and help repair damaged nerves.And all this is yours with a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feel betterevery day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libby developed thisunique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It was known to give similarmental energy results as B-12 shots, but without the shots’ added pain and expense. Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITAage groups: 65 and over, 50-64 and 26-49.They all had approximately the same levelsof B-12 deficiency. That’s right: People asyoung as 26 turned out to be as B-12 deficientas some people over 65.Brain erosion linked to lowVitamin B-12 levelsPeople with lower levels of Vitamin B-12 weresix times more likely to have brain volumeloss (also called brain erosion) than thosewith higher B-12 levels, according to a studypublished in the journal Neurology.Researchers studied 107 adults ages 61 to 87for five years. All the participants had B-12levels within the normal range; however, thedifferences in brain volume were significantbetween those in the normal-low range andthose in the normal-high range.Quality matters: choose triVitaRemember: not just any B-12 tablet can giveyou optimum health results. TriVita’s original,patented Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acidmelts under your tongue, allowing B vitaminsto be absorbed quickly and directly into yourbloodstream. What’s more, the nutrients inTriVita Sublingual B-12 are perfectly balanced,so they help each other create more energy.As an early advocate of the value of B-12, I’mpleased to see my research colleagues pursuing thisimportant area. I hope these findings give you newreason to start – or stay with – TriVita’s qualityB-12 supplements.TriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsTriVita SuperSPECIALPRICESUCCESS STORIES“I can really tell a difference in mymental energy, stamina and focus.”“I have been taking TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 sinceJuly of 2008. Shortly after ordering the SublingualB-12, I heard about the new Super B. I decided totry the Super B-12 to see if there was a difference.As soon as I began taking it, I could feel theincreased mental energy and alertness. I was verypleased with the Super B-12 results!! Now, I getby with only one a day of the Super B-12, insteadof using two or three of the regular B-12. I reallylike taking the Sublingual Super B-12 with theAdaptogen 10 Plus and feel that I get great resultsfrom the two together. I can really tell a differencein my mental energy, stamina and focus on thedays that I don’t take my Super B-12. Earlierthis year, I had a very bad accident which putme down for a while. I was forced to have a hipreplacement and I have to say that I truly believethat TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 helped so much inmy recovery. Thank you TriVita!”– laura B. College statioN, tXFor maximumsustained mentalenergy takeTriVita’s SuperSublingual B-12For maximumsustained mentalenergy takeTriVita’s SuperSublingual B-12
  8. 8. trivita.comLose the Weight YouWant – in 3 Easy Steps!STEP 1:Fat burning capsulesfor “losing the bulge”Leanology® WeightLoss Capsules (180ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews forsnack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakesfor low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shakes(15 shakes per 2 lb bag)Flavors: Creamy Vanilla, DutchChocolate and Mixed BerryNon-Member $56.99Member $44.99Redeem with 450 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:•WeightLossCapsules(1bottle)•NutritionalShakes(1bag)•AppetiteControlChews(2bags)onefReeBag ofchewsBuYonegetone50%OFFon2ndbottleofLeanologyCapsulesOffergoodthrough1-31-09“I have been taking TriVita products since2003 and I love them all. At one time, in myearly 30s, I was overweight and was able tolose 120 pounds and it was great! Over thepast few years I have wanted to lose an extra25 pounds, but I was stuck in that ‘zone’where you just can’t seem to lose those lastfew pounds! I decided to try the LeanologySystem by TriVita; I was really impressed howeasy it was. At first, I did not have time to makethe shakes, so I took the Leanology Capsules.I began taking three Leanology capsules withmy breakfast and three with my lunch. I felt sogood! It really helped curb my appetite. I lost25 pounds in three months, and I did it safelyand in a very healthy manner. Leanology’sexclusive Converta™ blend is amazing – itallows your body to convert fat into energyand this truly makes the product work.Now, I do things a little different than manypeople. Our bodies love balance and requireit! If you keep your body expecting the thingsit needs, everything seems to work better andyou feel great. I tell people, ‘Have a systemof when you eat your meals and take yourproducts and stick to it. Your body will thankyou!’ This is true, especially if you want to loseweight. I apply this to my daily meals, as wellas my nutritional supplements that I take fromTriVita. I eat my meals at the same time eachday and take the same supplements with eachof those meals. It works so wonderfully, and Ifeel fantastic all the time.the wonderful thing about leanology isthat it is natural, which makes it safe for somany people who are unable to try otherproducts due to the amount of stimulants.I tell people... always take the capsules.If you have time to make a shake, it’s a greatmeal replacement and it’s satisfying. I haveseveral people that I have referred Leanologyto, and they have lost weight and are happywith the system.So, if you are looking to lose weight – giveLeanology a try! It’s easy and it works! I amso in love with TriVita and you can tell by howmany people I have referred! It is all a blessing!”– sHaroN W. MoBile, al”Give Leanology® a try!It’s easy and it works!”Sharon lost25pounds in3 months!SUCCESS STORIESLeanology® 3-Step Value PackMember $129.99Redeem with 1300 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!
  9. 9. 1-800-991-7116Is losing weight on your list ofNew Year’s resolutions? This year,try a different approach. Forgetthe fad diets and expensive exercisemachines of yesteryear. Instead,focus on changing your habits andbehaviors – this will help you reachand maintain your weight loss goals.Set achievable goalsThe National Heart, Lung and Blood Instituterecommends setting two to three goals at a timeand making them:• Specific• Realistic• Forgiving.Make your weight loss goals specific andmeasureable. For instance, setting a goal oflosing one to two pounds per week is not onlyspecific, it is realistic – and healthy. But, you’llneed to break it down even more. How will youlose the weight? Will you exercise five times aweek? Cut 500 calories from your diet?Write down your goals and be specific, realistic– and forgiving. We’re all human and fall shortof our own expectations. If you don’t reach yourgoal one week, don’t give up!Reward yourselfAs you reach daily, weekly and monthly goals,reward yourself. This doesn’t mean you shouldindulge in your favorite dessert. Reward yourselfwith a massage, a new haircut or even a newoutfit – in a smaller size, of course.Monitor your progressKeeping track of your progress is a good wayto stay on track and gain encouragement. Youcan monitor what you eat, how much you eat,how often you exercise and how much weightyou’ve lost. If you’re having trouble reachingyour goals, your records will help you determinewhat may be jeopardizing your weight loss, suchas eating too many snacks.Review your eating habitsFood is associated with so many aspects ofour lives. We watch a movie, we munch onbuttery popcorn. We meet a friend for coffee,we get a baked treat to go with it. Pay carefulattention to your eating habits so you’ll be ableto identify what changes you need to make.Get full, not stuffedIt takes your brain 15 minutes or more to recog-nize that you are full. So changing the way youeat can dramatically affect how much you eat.• Eat slowly; put your fork downbetween bites and swallow beforepicking it up again• Eat plenty of high water-contentfruits and vegetables; they will makeyou feel fuller• Drink lots of water each day; itwill help you feel full, and offersa wealth of other health benefitsGet started today. Change your ways, changeyour weight – change your life!Learn more...Exercise is a critical component of weightloss. Plus, it’s great for your overall health.Find out how much you need and the bestway to get started on page 10.Healthy eating is one of the best waysto help you reach your weight loss goals.Our nutrition expert shares how you caneat healthfully; not just decreasing calories,but eating correctly (see page 24). Pay carefulattention to your eatinghabits so you’ll be ableto identify what changesyou need to make.Change your ways, change your weightJanuary 2009 l 9
  10. 10. trivita.comGet abigboostfrom a little activityJust 2.5 hours of weekly fun pays off!Experts agree: Exercise is one of the bestthings you can do for your health! It can helplower your risk of everything from cardiovas-cular disease and diabetes to depression andcertain types of cancer. Plus, it can help:• Give you energy• Enhance your mood• Improve your sleep• Strengthen your heart and lungs• Restore your libido• Put zest in your life – because itcan be fun!Big benefits from justa little timeAdults gain “substantial health benefits”from 2.5 hours a week of moderate-intensityphysical activity or 1.25 hours of vigorousphysical activity, according to the 2008Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans,released by the U.S. Department of Healthand Human Services.Examples include:Moderate• Brisk walking• Water aerobics• Ballroom dancing• Gardening• Slow bikingVigorous• Race walking• Running• Jogging• Swimming laps• Jumping rope• Martial arts• Tennis (singles).For even more health benefits, try to getfive hours of moderate-intensity exerciseor 2.5 hours of vigorous exercise a week.Try to include strength training in yourexercise regimen at least twice a week. If youhave a medical condition or disability, talk toyour healthcare provider before beginning anexercise program. But everyone can benefitfrom exercise!Keeping out of the coldIs the winter chill keeping you indoors?Try any of these fun (and warm!) activities:Dance – Dancing is a great way to stayactive during the winter months. Communitycenters, municipal recreation departments andcommunity colleges offer low-cost danceclasses to suit any preference. Whether youwant to waltz, swing or cha cha, there’s sureto be an option you’ll enjoy.Walk the mall – Check with your local mallto see if they have a mall walkers program.Gradually increase your laps around the mallso that your body is constantly challenged.Work out at the gym – Many health clubsoffer reasonably priced memberships. You canuse cardio machines such as treadmills andelliptical trainers, lift weights, take wateraerobics, swim laps, or even drop in on a yogaor Pilates class. Staying Safe andAvoiding InjuryThese tips can help you stay safe whileyou are active:• If you haven’t been active ina while, start slowly and build up• Learn which types and amountsof activity are right for you• Choose activities that areappropriate for your fitness level• Build up the time you spendon one activity before switchingto a more strenuous one• Use proper safety gear andsports equipment• Choose a safe place to exercise• Do a warm-up before beginningyour activity.10 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  11. 11. 1-800-991-7116Converta™: the key to fat lossLeanology’s proprietary blend of nutrients burns fat – and only fatBy Brazos MinshewTriVita’s Chief Science OfficerAren’t TV ads for weight losssupplements amazing? One ad toutsthe benefits of a particular productand boasts that “over 50%” of the weightlost with a particular supplement is fromfat. Another ups the ante by saying that“nearly 75%” of the weight lost with theirsupplement is from fat. Yet another adin the battle of percentages claims that“over 80%” of the weight lost with theirsupplement comes from fat.Maybe you have asked as I have: “Where doesthe rest of the weight loss come from?” Theanswer is that the rest of the weight loss comesfrom your heart, your brain, your bones, andthe many vital organs and systems you rely onfor life and health. Much of the weight loss alsocomes from the collagen that supports yourskin. So, while you might lose pounds, you canage by years!Converta to the rescueLeanology® is TriVita’s Smart Weight LossSystem®. Fully 100% of the weight you lose willcome from fat with Leanology. This is not just aclaim – it’s a fact! An Arizona State Universitystudy on Leanology capsules proves thatabsolutely all of the weight lost is fat. What’smore, your heart, brain, bones and collagen areprotected because of the unique way Leanologycapsules burn fat.Leanology capsules contain a proprietary blendof nutrients called Converta which work toburn fat – and only fat – in a four-step system:1 Converta liberates fat from the fat cell2 Then it releases it in the bloodstream3 Converta makes your cells receptiveto this fat4 It then escorts the fat into the mito-chondria (the energy producing part ofthe cell) where fat is burned as fuel.Stored fat is stored energyWhen we eat more calories than we can burn,food is converted to fat. This also occurs if weare under extreme stress and experience the“fight or flight” response. Fat is stored in a fatcell while we sleep. Think of this stored fat asstored energy. Fat contains many hours ofenergy in every pound.Fat is easy to get into the fat cell and verydifficult to get out. The fat cell itself seems tobe programmed for survival: It’s easy to makemore fat cells, tough to shed even one.Releasing stored fatConverta uses enzymes extracted from plants –rare as well as common plants – to help processfat into energy.Nutrients such as L-theanine move fat from thefat cell into the bloodstream.An enzyme from cinnamon called cinnaminicacid cuts the strings that bind fats togetherin a triglyceride.Messengers from an herb called gymnema herbopen the “energy ports” on your muscle andorgan cells.Nutrients including molybdenum escort the fatinto the mitochondria.The mitochondria burn the fat as fuel andcompletes the conversion process. Now,metabolism is working in your favor. Fat, whichis physically difficult to lose, can now be lostwith ease.The total solution to weight lossLeanology works in four ways:1 Controls your appetite (you can’t loseweight if you’re always hungry)2 Reduces the impact of stress, whichcan lead to weight gain3 Balances your blood sugar, which canreduce carb cravings4 Converta fuels your metabolismby converting stored fat into energy.The next time you hear a weight loss adthat promises to shed fat, remember wherethe other weight loss occurs. Then, thinkof Leanology, and proudly share the newsabout the Smart Weight Loss System. WithLeanology and Converta, 100% of the weightlost comes from pure, ugly fat!To find out how to lose weight the safe,easy way, see page 8. STRESSMAKESTHEBODY STOREEXCESSFATBODY’SGETTINGBIGGER, NOTSMALLERBLOOD SUGARIMBALANCEENCOURAGESOVEREATINGCURRENT STATEINTRODUCINGLEANOLOGYwithCONVERTA™WEIGHT LOSSBEGINSWHENFAT CELLS GETSMALLERFAT BECOMESLIBERATEDFROM CELLS2 - 4 WEEKSFAT IS RELEASEDINTOTHEBLOODSTREAMFUEL ISCONVERTEDTOENERGYRELEASED FATBECOMES FUEL4 - 8 WEEKSNUTRIENTSHELP AVOIDSTORING CARBSAS FATDESIREDWEIGHT LOSSIS ACHIEVEDLEANOLOGYBURNSFATWHILEPROMOTINGLEANBODY MASS8+ WEEKSLEANOLOGY SMART WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEMJanuary 2009 l 11
  12. 12. trivita.comFor most of us, making adecision boils down to justtwo questions: What do I standto gain? What do I stand to lose?If you think back on the last few decisions youmade, you’ll probably realize that those are justthe issues you considered.Should I take a vacation to see family?(I’d be with loved ones, but I’m not sure I canafford it right now.)Is it time to start a new exercise routine?(I’ll be healthier, but I might fall and hurt myself.)Do I want to devote more time to thatbusiness venture? (The potential is great, butI might waste time that could have gone intosomething else.)This “risk-and-reward” thinking is a classicmodel of human psychology, and one that’s beenat the center of our survival. Research continuesinto how our brains are “wired” to assess risk. Infact, just this fall researchers identified the brainregions involved in risk-taking. They found twoseparate centers for the “fear of risk and the lureof reward,” said the co-author, a professor ofpsychology at the University of SouthernCalifornia. The study appeared online in thejournal Cerebral Cortex.Now, though, there’s a new model for the waywe make decisions based on risk and reward.It’s proposed by a celebrated brain surgeon andhead of a prestigious medical center – andpeople are paying attention.Four smart questionsto ask yourself first!Ben Carson, M.D., has already publishedthree best-selling books, and his latest isa call to action: “Take the Risk: Learning toIdentify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk.”Drawing on his own life choices, and miraculousexperiences with “risky” surgeries, Dr. Carson hasproduced a different way to think about risk. Hecalls it “Best/Worst Analysis (B/WA) formula,”and it’s expressed in these four simple questions:What is the best thing thatcan happen if I do this?What is the worst thing thatcan happen if I do this?What is the best thing thatcan happen if I don’t do this?What is the worst thing thatcan happen if I don’t do this?According to Dr. Carson, who is directorof pediatric neurosurgery at Johns HopkinsMedical Institutions in Maryland, answeringthese four questions can produce a decisionto take appropriate, or acceptable risks.As he notes in the book, “We buy every kindof insurance to provide us with the security wethink we need. We purchase safety seats to keepour children secure... our nation spends billionsto keep air travel as safe as possible. What we’rebuying and what everyone is selling us is thepromise of ‘security.’ And yet the only thingwe can be sure of is that someday every oneof us will die.”Dr. Carson’s message is strong in his personalfaith. In fact, he describes faith itself as a risk,adding that it’s “a lot more acceptable whenI realize that my personal relationship withGod came at great risk to Him as well.” Godtook a risk in creating humans with free willto choose to believe and obey, or not, he notes.“Then he took an even bigger risk in sendinghis own Son to earth to live and die.”Accepting risks isn’t foolhardy, contends theinternationally-famous surgeon. It’s necessaryso that we can take part in “the great adventureof living our lives to their full potential.”Will 2009 be the year of your “great adventure”in making life choices? Whether you’recontemplating a change in a relationship,a career move or a health decision, askyourself Dr. Carson’s four questions – and riska great result! Decision time?A different way to analyze risk – and find purpose123412 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  13. 13. 1-800-991-7116Stay energized and enjoybig New Year’s savingsSublingual B-12The B vitamins in TriVita Sublingual B-12,B-6 & Folic Acid provide nutrients essentialto a healthy brain and nervous system, whichproduce “feel-good” energy. SublingualB-12’s original, patented sublingual deliverysystem ensures maximum absorption of thehighest quality natural ingredients that helpproduce lasting now!®The nutrients in scientifically-formulatedEnergy Now! help your body generate a burstof natural, non-jittery energy within minutes.Note: If you have PKU or are taking MAO inhibitors, do not take Energy Now.TRY IT TODAY!Call 1-800-991-7116or visit trivita.comSAVE$16.99over non-memberpricesTwo-StepEnergy SystemEnergy Now! (1 box) and Sublingual B-12 (1 box)Non-Member $56.98Member $39.99Redeem with 400 VitaPointsSubstitute Original B-12 withSuper B-12 and add $3.00 #32943Non-Member $60.98Member $42.99Redeem with 430 VitaPointsSubstitute Original B-12 withHCY Guard® and add $4.00 #32690.02Non-Member $61.98Member $43.99Redeem with 440 VitaPointsEscape the winter chill withthese fun and affordableactivities. You won’t shiverfrom the cold – or from the cost!get wRAppeD up In ReADIngNothing’s cozier than reading a book whiletucked under your warmest quilt – with a cupof hot tea or cocoa nearby. Visit your locallibrary to try a book from a different genre eachweek. For more social interaction, check withyour library or community center to see aboutjoining a book club. It’s a great opportunity tomeet new people as well as discuss what you’vejust read. Or call a few of your friends and startyour own club.HoSt A gAMe nIgHtInvite friends over for a potluck dinner andgame night. This keeps everyone’s food costsdown and introduces you to new dishes. You caneven make your potluck themed: Have an Italiannight, for example, or ask everyone to bring ahealthy topping for a baked potato bar. Then,dust off your board games and have a great time.A little competition never hurt anybody!get cRAftYGuilty of starting craft projects and notfinishing them? Winter days are the perfecttime to pick up where you left off... sewing,embroidery, knitting, crocheting and crossstitch are just a few examples. Make it a goalto finish your project before the snow melts!(Want to double your fun? Listen to bookson tape or CD while crafting; you can checkthem out from your library.)leARn A new lAnguAgeAlways wanted to be bi- or multi-lingual?Learning a new language is a great way to keepyour mind active. Check out language CDsfrom your local library; not only will you getyour mind working, you’ll be able to say, “Baby,it’s cold outside!” in more than one language.VISIt tHe MuSeuMLearn about history, art or natural wonderswithout paying full price. Visit museum websitesand call around to find out if they have free orreduced admission days.get In toucHMake someone’s day by writing them a letteror card. In this digital age of email and textmessages, getting something in the mail isa real treat. Or, call a friend you haven’t seenin a while and have a nice long chat.So MAnY otHeR optIonS!• Put together a jigsaw puzzle• Reorganize a room• Build your vocabulary:Learn five new words a week• Finish a scrapbook• Do crossword puzzles or Sudoku• Organize family photos• Plan your spring garden• Invite a friend over for a rousinggame of chess• Start a new hobby• Step out of your music comfort zone:Listen to a different radio station each day.For a real cold-weather diversion, why notget away to a dream destination? The economyhas put a chill on cruises, hotel rates and more,so this could be a great time to warm upto travel.Winter Funwith few funds,and without the frost!BuYonegetone50% OFFon2ndTwo-StepEnergySystemOffergoodthrough1-31-09
  14. 14. Get More Fruits and VegetablesEach Day with NutraFruits™Simply mix NutraFruits with water, juice, Leanology®Nutritional Shakes or your favorite beverage. Try it today!This delicious powdered drink provides nutrients from over30 fruits and vegetables, including these antioxidant-rich foods:• Mangosteen • Goji Berries • Acai Berries • Pomegranates*ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a method we can use to measure the overallantioxidant power of foods and supplements. NutraFruits has an ORAC value of 4,954 units persingle serving – that’s like having eight servings of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.4,954ORAC valueper serving*Nutritional Shakes or your favorite beverage. Try it today!NutraFruits™#31250Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsNow that the cheer of holidaycelebrations is quieting down, afresh, exciting new year is uponus. Many of you have decided to set goalsor make resolutions to welcome the newyear. Maybe this year you’re determinedto lose some weight, rev up your physicalactivity or reduce some stress. Whateveryour goal, the key to success is to setrealistic expectations of yourself.Otherwise, your resolutions will be longgone, and you’ll be back to your old habits.Here are six ways to help you stick toyour guns on your newly-set goals:1 Have a plan. By now you’ve already madeyour resolutions, but have you plannedspecifically how you’ll succeed? If yourresolution is to lose weight, firm up yourcommitment by joining an exercise class.Or, decide what you will do when you’retempted to break your resolution. The plancould include calling a friend to staymotivated or balancing your checkbookbefore you spend more money.2 find support. Finding support can becrucial for attaining your goal. Share yourgoal with family and friends. Ask them totry to keep you on track if you start to losesight of what you want to achieve. Maybesomeone you know has the same resolu-tion, and you can support each other withany potential challenges.3 create smaller goals along the way.Big goals are hard to accomplish, and canseem unrealistic when looking at the bigpicture. For example, wanting to get ridof all your debt in one year may not beachievable. But, this doesn’t mean yourresolution is hopeless. Set a smaller goalfor debt payoff, like eliminating one creditcard balance. A single, smaller balancewill be easier to tackle than a long listof bills. Accomplish smaller, related goals,and you’ll be well on your way.4 Reward yourself. Let’s face it – makinga change and sticking to it is difficult! Ifyou’re working hard, you should rewardyourself for your efforts. But be smartabout it: Don’t eat a giant bowl of icecream if you’ve lost those first few pounds.Try to pick a reward that doesn’t coun-teract your resolution. For example, if youlove going to the movies, and you’ve beenwalking five days a week, treat yourselfto a night out with a friend to see thelatest new release.5 Accept that mistakes happen.Often, when you are stressed or havereached a weak moment, you may findyourself breaking your own promise.Remember, it’s okay to slip, as long as youget back on track. If you’ve resolved to eatbetter, and you find yourself returning toold food habits, don’t give up.6 Keep a journal. Writing down yourprogress is a proven way to help reachyour goal. You can express the difficultiesyou are having, or the great stridesyou’ve made. Writing it out can helpkeep you focused and motivatedthroughout the year.So, are you ready to pursue your goals andface your challenges? Imagine how great you’llfeel when you succeed. Just remember – berealistic about what you want to accomplish,have faith in yourself and welcome changeinto your new year.Bringing in the New Yearwith realistic resolutionsSix ways to pursue your goals and succeed
  15. 15. 1-800-991-71161-800-991-7116Many people will pause onJanuary 21 to observe MartinLuther King Day, honoring theBaptist minister who championed socialand civil equality. A major force behindthe United States’ Civil Rights Act of l964,Dr. King (he held a Ph.D. in theology)delivered innumerable impassionedspeeches. One, of course, made history:his “I Have a Dream” address during apeaceful march on Washington, D.C.Dr. King spoke of his dream, looking forward toa future of racial freedom and equality in a timewhen segregation was legal in some states andcommonplace. In fact, he used the phrase “Ihave a dream” no fewer than eight times duringhis landmark address, underlining his personaldream... his life purpose. While some may notknow that Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize,was named Man of the Year by Time magazineand was assassinated in 1968, his monumentaldream lives on.Dr. King’s dream echoes right through to todayas the U.S. has elected its first African-AmericanPresident. But of all the ways Dr. King mighthave expressed his convictions and faith, whywas the idea of a dream so powerful? Becausedreams – both the sleeping visions and thewaking hopes – are common to us all.The universal “stories” in our sleepWhile we may not remember our dreams, sciencetells us that all human beings dream, often formore than two hours each night. Exactly howor why we dream is still unknown, though.Before the 1950s, sleep was thought of as quietresting, with not much happening in our brainsand bodies. But in 1953, researchers studyingsleeping babies first described a stage of sleepcalled REM (rapid eye movement). During REM,our eyes dart around rapidly, our heart rategoes up, our arms and legs become temporarilyparalyzed – and we dream.One of the first discoveries made was thatdreams almost always take place during REMsleep. People awakened during REM sleepoften relate the odd, illogical stories or sceneswe call dreams.Once science woke up to REM, studiesof sleep and dreaming began. Today,we know that sleep and the dreamsit brings are essential to normal,healthy life.What happenswhen we dreamDuring REM sleep, the partsof the brain used in learningare stimulated. This mayexplain why infants spendmuch more time in REMsleep than adults. Whenwe don’t get REM sleep,we have trouble learning.In one study, two groupsof people were taught askill. One group was thendeprived of REM sleep;and the other group wasdeprived of non-REMsleep. The peopledeprived of REM sleepcould not later recall whatthey had learned; theother group was able toremember their new skill.When we’re awake, it’sbelieved that everythingwe experience is storedsomewhere in the brain, likedata in a computer. Then,during REM sleep, our brainmay be trying to interpret insome organized way all the information bouncingaround in our heads. Dreams may be the strange,confusing, beautiful or scary stories that result.Our waking dreams:hopes for the year aheadIn this new year just beginning, have youthought about your personal dreams for 2009?There has never been a better time to followyour own passion and life purpose, to discoverthe blessings of wellness in all its forms. Asthe events of 2008 demonstrated, anythingis possible, if you follow your dreams.How appropriate this time is, too,to revisit the 10 Essentials, and committo your own physical, mental and spiritualwellness. On Martin Luther King Day andthroughout 2009, we at TriVita continue tosupport you in your dreams of health, wealthand wellness, and a life lived with purpose. Life purpose expressed in afamous dream: Martin Luther KingA special look at a powerful dream, and the place of dreams in our livesJanuary 2009 l 15
  16. 16. Godwin’s referral success paid off big time – he and hiswife are jetting to Hawaii for a luxurious tropical vacationDreams can come true!Nearly 15 years ago Godwinhad a vision that he wouldbe visiting an island in theSouth Pacific. He told his wife aboutthe dream and thought to himself,“How will I ever get there? It’s so farfrom where I live in Africa.” For manyyears he held on to this dream, notsure if it would ever come true – butnow it has.As the Grand Prize Winner of TriVita’s Refer& Win Celebration, Godwin, who now lives inOntario, Canada, has won an all-expenses-paidHawaiian vacation for two. No wonder he saysthat joining TriVita is “the best decision I evermade.” In less than a year, he has achieved thepinnacle of referral success.Both Godwin and his wife were thrilled beyondwords when they found out that they were theGrand Prize winners. Like everything else hedoes, he always thinks strategically. That’s whyGodwin has wisely planned the Hawaiian trip forJanuary – to escape the frigid Canadian winter.So, how did Godwin get to this amazing placein his life? Born and raised in Africa, hediscov­ered that his life purpose is answeringthe call of God to preach the gospel around theworld. Godwin is also a practical businessmanand was immediately drawn to the vast income-earning potential that TriVita offers. He askedGod to deliver to him a business that would notonly allow him to prosper, but also help othersfind health and wellness.Health, wellness and a differentkind of direct salesHis dreams were answered when he receiveda call “out of the blue” from a TriVita BusinessAffiliate. Godwin had been disappointed by hiswork with other direct sales companies, but hesoon discovered that TriVita was different.“TriVita is a godsend because it’s a companythat offers integrity and helps people who areless privileged,” he says. “I was truly impressedby the quality of the management and theirvisionary quest for health and wellness. I knewthat TriVita wasn’t a ‘flash in the pan’ – buta company that will be there for a long time.I have finally found an opportunity that helpsme fulfill my life’s purpose – and that fills myheart with joy.”trivita.comMeet TriVita’sRefer & Win CelebrationGrand Prize Winner16 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  17. 17. Godwin says his purpose as a minister is toanswer the call of God to develop new churchesand travel the world preaching the gospel.“TriVita gives me the freedom to do all that,”he comments. “This isn’t just a business for me;I consider TriVita an important part of myministry. They have a clear mission and goalto help people; this fits in perfectly with myown life’s purpose.”He also found tremendous inspiration in TriVitaCEO Michael Ellison’s book, 10 Keys to CreateWealth and Wellness. Reading this book was oneof Godwin’s defining experiences becauseit articulated many of his own beliefs. “Michael’sbook really touched my life,” he recalls.“Whether you are pursuing wealth or wellness,Michael Ellison considers this part of a lifelongquest, a way of thinking that becomes a wayof living that involves your entire being. That’swhy I constantly ask myself what I can do tobetter fulfill my own life purpose.”Godwin believes that TriVita is a “hiddensecret” that he wants to share with others.“This company is geared towards helpingpeople,” he says, “and it has exceeded myexpectations in every way.” He’s also a verygenerous person and that’s why he wants toshare some referring tips that propelled himto become Grand Prize Winner.TriVita’s products “can’t be matchedfor quality, purity and effectiveness”First and foremost, Godwin is a big believerin TriVita’s products. He says, “They can’t bematched for quality, purity and effectiveness.”He’s seen tremendous health benefits fromTriVita Sublingual B-12, Dr. Libby’s Vital CPowdered Crystals and TriVita Daily Men™.Godwin’s wife also enjoys TriVita DailyWomen™. His referral income allows him to tryout other products that he thinks may help him.So, when Godwin approaches a potentialreferral, he isn’t just selling a product; hisenthusiasm is very real. According to Godwin,“Once people experience the health benefitsof these products firsthand, there is no questionabout them getting signed up and on board.”He also never forgets to create an element oftrust. “I let people know that I’m interested inhelping people, not taking advantage of them,”he states. “I try to gently find out about theirneeds and concerns. Most people will open upif they feel that you are conversing with themand not just trying to sell them a product.“I try to find out something about their life andtheir general health condition and generallyrecommend one to two products that can helpthem,” Godwin continues. “I also freely sharemy story and let people know how TriVita hashelped me in my own life’s journey.”Not all of Godwin’s encounters result in a“sale” and he’s fine with that. He has met severalpeople who are homeless and not even surewhere their next meal will be coming from.Nutritional supplements may be the last thingon their mind. He never forgets his real purposein life; to reach out to help people in every waypossible – and that may mean helping them findfood, shelter and a place to worship if they wish.Helping people get back on their feet givesGodwin a tremendous sense of satisfaction.That’s what he likes most about TriVita – he’spart of a community where giving is a major partof the corporate culture. “I’m determined to touchthe lives of many people who need help,” Godwinresolves. “I thank TriVita – and Michael Ellison –for answering my prayers and allowing me to helppeople find their own life’s purpose.” “TriVita is a godsend because it’s a company that offersintegrity and helps people who are less privileged.I was truly impressed by the quality of the managementand their visionary quest for health and wellness.”1-800-991-7116Godwinwithhiswife,Blessingandchildren,SarahandPaul.January 2009 l 17“This company is geared towards helping people, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.” –Godwin
  18. 18. trivita.comObese women have more mental roadblocks to weight lossPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaA survey of 288 women showed that overweight and obese women had more perceived roadblocks to weightloss than normal and underweight women.Researchers at the Center for Obesity Research and Temple University in Philadelphia found that overweightand obese women were more likely to report these barriers to losing weight: feeling too self-conscious or overweightto exercise, aches and pains, fear of failure and a perceived lack of self-discipline. At a 12-month follow-up, womenwho reported these problems were found less likely to be physically active.“Silent” strokes may occur in middle ageBoston, MassachusettsWhile studying routine brain scans of 2,040 people (average age 62) in the Framingham Offspring Study,researchers found that 10% of them had experienced a silent cerebral infarction (stroke) without being awareof it – and without showing any symptoms.The researchers reviewed medical records and found that those with atrial fibrillation – a common type ofirregular heartbeat in people over 65 – had more than double the rate of these silent strokes.There was also an association with other cardiovascular risk factors including high homocysteine, carotid arterydisease and high blood pressure. The study group says this reinforces the need for prevention, early detection andtreatment of such risk factors in mid-life.B vitamin deficiency/high homocysteine levels linked to hip fracturesFramingham, MassachusettsResearchers found that elderly men and women who were deficient in B vitamins or had high levels ofhomocysteine were at higher risk for hip fracture.The study, which appeared in the June 2008 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism followed 1,002people in the Framingham Study for over four years.Those who were deficient in Vitamin B-12 were 60% more likely to have a hip fracture than those whose B-12levels were normal. People with high homocysteine levels were 50 – 70% more likely to experience a hip fracture.Vigorous exercise may cut breast cancer riskBethesda, MarylandPostmenopausal, normal-weight women who engage in vigorous exercise may have a reduced risk of breast cancer,according to a study published in Breast Cancer Research.The 11-year study followed 32,269 postmenopausal women to examine the relation between physical activityand postmenopausal breast cancer risk. Researchers found that normal-weight women who engaged inThe latest Scientific research that affects you, your health and your lifeResearch and focus18 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  19. 19. Article from Michael Ellison continued from page 2...lack of wellness that brought the transformation in my lifeand the desire to found TriVita so that others might experiencegreater wellness.) When wellness is missing, there is a lackof enjoyment in following the 10 Essentials. In this case,re-prioritizing is simply establishing that our joy is found morein the wellness experience than in the things which erode ourwellness. For example, our enjoyment would be in taking a daily,30-minute walk rather than sitting and watching 30 minutesof television.Does the uncertainty of 2009 offer an opportunity forre-prioritizing our lives around the things we enjoy, ratherthan the things we have or don’t have? I know this muchabout life after 62 years of both tough times and good times:it is the simple things we enjoy that create the abundance inour lives. One proverb says that a man’s gift will bring himbefore kings. What is the gift you have that you enjoy so muchit will create abundance? For Mother Theresa, it was her giftof love that brought her not only to the poorest and neediestin the world, but also before the kings and presidents of theworld. Her abundance was not in the things she had, but inthe profusion of love she had to give.There is abundance all around you, waiting to be tappedinto, but it comes from what you enjoy and practice consistently.There is plenty of wellness to draw from if one will practicethose things that create wellness. Yes, we are geneticallydifferent, but thankfully two-thirds of our wellness comesfrom the things we do to create wellness in our lives.As our government and corporations take time to re-prioritizegoals and initiatives, may we also join in RE-PRIORITIZINGour lives in 2009. I hope you will find in this New Year thosethings that will produce abundance in your life. Thoughthere seems to be a world living in lack, we may find thereis a newfound abundance of the things which are mostmeaningful and important in our lives.May you have a blessed New Year!1-800-991-7116vigorous exercise had a 30% reduction in the risk of breast cancer.Overweight and obese women who engaged in vigorous activityshowed no reduction in breast cancer risk.“Vigorous” exercise was defined as: housework such as scrubbingfloors and demanding yard work, and strenuous sports and exercise,such as running, aerobics and competitive tennis.Soothing sonatas and sounds of the sea mayhelp lower blood pressureSeattle, WashingtonListening to relaxation tapes or Mozart sonatas may help reduceblood pressure, according to a study at Seattle University.Researchers conducted a four-month study that measured theeffects of relaxation tapes and classical music on the blood pressureof 41 mentally competent adults in retirement facilities.Participants were divided into two groups: Group one listenedto a 12-minute relaxation CD three days a week while grouptwo listened to a 12-minute classical music CD three days a week.On the relaxation CD, a man’s voice guided participants throughdeep breathing and relaxation exercises, with ocean sounds in thebackground. The music CD featured Mozart sonatas.In the first month of the study, blood pressure and heart rate weretaken after each intervention. Participants were then asked tocontinue with the CDs on their own: three days a week for threemonths, with follow-up blood pressure readings scheduled for theend of month two and month four.After the first month, systolic (top number) blood pressure fell anaverage of 6.4% in the relaxation CD group and about 5% in theMozart group. There was not a statistically significant change indiastolic (bottom number) blood pressure for either group.At the end of the study, it was found that only about half theseniors had continued with the therapy. Only those who hadconsistently listened to their CDs maintained their reducedblood pressure.Although researchers could not tell if the reduction in bloodpressure positively affected the participants’ health, they did saythat in prior studies, reductions of 3% to 5% had been estimatedto reduce the risk of coronary heart disease-related death andstroke-related death. They suggested that guided relaxationtraining could provide a “supplemental” method for loweringblood pressure.The findings were presented at the American Heart Association’sCouncil for High Blood Pressure Research conference inSeptember 2008. There is abundance all around you,waiting to be tapped into, but it comesfrom what you enjoy and practiceconsistently. There is plenty of wellnessto draw from if one will practice thosethings that create wellness.January 2009 l 19
  20. 20. Lifestyle choices may largely determine the length and qualityof our lives. Of course, eating a diet that has plenty of nutritiousfruits, vegetables, whole grains, bone-building dairy productsand lean protein will help you remain healthy. You must alsostay within a healthy weight range. Nurturing your body withexercise helps promote longevity and reduce obesity. All thesefactors combined may influence our health and longevity byas much as 70-80%.custom-created for your needs:triVita’s Healthy Aging pack™The Healthy Aging Pack was created by TriVita’s Chief ScienceOfficer, Brazos Minshew, to provide nutrients that complementand strengthen a healthy lifestyle. Included in this pack arefour products which all work together to promote longevityand superb quality of life: Sublingual B-12, VitaDaily™ AM/PM,OmegaPrime® and Dr. Libby’s Vital C.Sublingual B-12dr. libby’s original patented sublingualdelivery system maximizes absorption• Enables the body to absorb B vitamins directly intothe bloodstream by dissolving under the tongue• Nutrient-based with no stimulants• Pharmaceutical-grade quality• Clinically tested for purity and effectivenessSublingual B-12 helps you:• Stay upbeat and maintain a balanced mood• Maintain steady energy levels all day• Reduce brain fog and stay mentally sharp• Avoid forgetfulness and improve memory.VitaDaily AM/pM• A complete multi-nutrient supplement• Helps promote natural energy and vitality forthe day – including seven B vitamins and 25whole food concentrates – in the AM formula• Helps promote repair and rejuvenation for thenight – with nourishing nutrients like calcium,magnesium, chromium and essential fattyacids – in the PM formula• Sevenessentialnutrientclassescomposedofvitamins,macroandtraceminerals,phytonutrients,enzymes,aminoacidsandessentialfattyacids• 25 whole food concentrates, including broccoli,alfalfa, spinach, carrots and many others (forantioxidant power and to aid in the absorptionof nutrients)• Scientifically-formulated and physician-approvedomegaprime is the pRIMeessential fatty acid complexP remier essential fatty acids (EFAs): fish,flaxseed, evening primrose, perilla seedR ight balance of Omega 3s and Omega 6sI nflammation-fighting and healthy-aging formulaM ercury/contaminant-free fish oil. Exclusive10-stage processing ensures purity and potencyof this high quality Omega 3 fish oil – a higher levelof Vitamin E to maximize the fish oil potencyE vening primrose and perilla seed oils – the mostpotent EFAs for inflammationDr. libby’s Vital c• The most absorbable form of Vitamin C –sodium ascorbate• Maximum potency through its six-sidedcrystalline structure• Fast action that is easy to digest and gentleon the body (non-acidic/neutral pH)• Help for your body in so many ways includingthe immune system, detoxification process,wound recovery, cardiovascular health and more• High level dose with the crystals andtime-released protection with the tabletsTo have a healthy, energetic New Year,make TriVita products an important partof your daily regimen.Healthy Aging Pack™Convenient one-month supply!Non-Member $104.96Member $72.99Redeem with 730 VitaPointsSubstitute Original B-12 withSuper B-12 and add $3.00 #32278Non-Member $108.96Member $75.99Redeem with 760 VitaPointsSubstitute Original B-12 withHCY Guard® and add $4.00 #32273Non-Member $109.96Member $76.99Redeem with 770 VitaPointstrivita.comHealthy aging means making smart lifestyle choices20 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  21. 21. 1-800-991-7116By Brazos MinshewTriVita’s Chief Science OfficerAre you planning to make 2009the new beginning of your healthand wellness journey? Many ofus are (especially if we’ve recently over-indulged). If so, take an important first stepand join the millions of Members whohave experienced greater health throughscientifically validated TriVita products.What does it mean when we say “scientificallyvalidated?” This is something you should insiston for all your nutritional supplements. Therehave been many media reports about thequality of vitamins and nutritional supplementsand whether they contain the actual ingredi-ents listed on the label. You can rest assuredthat the ingredients on TriVita’s product labelsare guaranteed to be in our products.That’s important for you to know because thenutritional supplement industry is largely self-regulated. This means that each company isresponsible for setting and overseeing its ownregulatory standards. Many of the negativemedia reports spotlighted companies thatmanufactured vitamins without ensuring thatthey had the proper ingredients. That is nothow we do things at TriVita.Superior ingredientsand clinical testingWe use the best pharmaceuteutical-gradeingredients and the purest whole foods andherbs. What’s more, we also have a verythorough process to guarantee that you receivea superior product with the ingredients thatare listed on the label. We hire independentanalysts to test our products during every stepof the manufacturing process. Then we haveseveral prestigious universities manage theclinical tests on our products to ensure theywork the way they’re supposed to.Stringent quality control processWe research and formulate every newproduct, then all the data is scrutinized byTriVita’s Product Team. This process helpsus create new, better formulas based on thelatest scientific research.So, by the time you receive your product,it has gone through repeated tests for quality,purity, safety and product integrity. In short,that means the product works the way we sayit will. In fact, we are so confident that you’llbe satisfied with our products that we offer a60 day “no questions asked” guarantee. If youare not fully satisfied with your purchase youwill receive a full refund, less shipping andhandling, within 60 days of the order date. Start your yearwith a strong nutritionalfoundationYou can trust TriVita products to helpyou reach your 2009 health goalsTriVitaproductsusethepurestherbsandwholefoods.BrazosMinshew–andourentireProductTeam–helpsensurethehighestnutritionalstandardsforourproducts.January 2009 l 21
  22. 22. trivita.comThe beginning ofa new year bringswith it thoughtsof change, rejuvenation andresolutions. By the time theball drops in Times Squarein New York City andfireworks fill the night skyacross Canada and theUnited States, most of us have created a longlist of resolutions.One item on just about everyone’s list:getting organized. Not only is it the perfecttime of year to remove the clutter from yourclosets and garage, but it is also a perfect timeto remove emotional debris. This is a goodtime to think about making a positive changein your relationship with yourself, and withother people in your life.If you desire to have renewal in the year ahead,you have to look inside and see the thingsthat need to be let go. It’s time to get rid ofemotional toxins such as behavior patterns,beliefs and attitudes that interfere with healthyrelationships and living life to its fullest.How we conduct ourselves in life and howwe work within our relationships have a fargreater impact on our happiness than whetherwe have lost that stubborn 10 pounds, triedsomething new or managed to get organized.Resolutions that are the most meaningfulare those that help us grow in our emotionalwell-being.Life offers fresh starts, but wedon’t always follow throughResearch has found that less than 20% ofNew Year’s resolutions are realized. Manytimes you hear people say they are tryingto lose weight, quit smoking or improve theirrelationships. There’s a vast difference betweentrying to change and actually doing it. Thevery use of the word “trying” creates defeatbefore you get started. Making the choiceto “do it” no matter how long it takes willmake your resolution a reality. Change andemotional rejuvenation are a process.Getting on track with theright processRecently I was attending a seminar and thespeaker said, “You are the sum of the fivepeople you spend the most time with.” Takea moment and think of the five individualsthat you are around the most and ask yourselfthese questions: “Am I nourished and renewedby the time spent with these friends?” “CanI relax, laugh and talk freely with them?”Your answers might surprise you.Surround yourself with positiveand loving relationshipsThe most powerful source of positive renewalcomes from the positive relationships we havein our lives. A strong relationship is a balanceof giving and taking, talking and listening,valuing the other person and feeling valuedin return. If we perceive that we do most of thegiving and get very little in return, we willsense a deficit from the energy expenditure.Watch with care who you spend time with.Surround yourself with positive and lovingrelationships that make you feel relaxedand rejuvenated. When you do, you will beliving a more healthy and anti-aging lifestyleby taking care of your emotional well-beingat the start of this new year. EmotionalRejuvenationKey to a HealthyWell-Beingby Dr. Judy“The quality of your life is the qualityof your relationships.” – Anthony RobbinsJudy Ellison, Ph.D., is a success coach, author,motivational speaker and psychologist. She has inspiredpeople around the world to reach within and find theirpassionate purpose to live a more meaningful life.There’s a vastdifference betweentrying to change andactually doing it.22 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  23. 23. 1-800-991-7116Are you waiting forGod’s promisesto be manifestedin your life – or expectingthem? There is a difference,and it lies in the natureof our faith.When we pray for God’s intervening handand then sit back, passively, it can be easy totell ourselves we’ve done all we can. God willget around to it in His own time, and meanwhilewe get on with our lives. But when we expectGod’s promises to be demonstrated, our faithbecomes active. We no longer merely wait forGod’s answer, we are hopeful for it and believeit will come in His way and time.Scripture gives us a glorious example of thisactive faith, or expectation, compared to passivewaiting. In Acts 15, we read the story of Pauland Silas. Attacked by an angry mob, beatenand thrown into a dungeon, the two men faceda situation that might have defied the sturdiestconviction of God’s loving will.Bleeding, imprisoned and yet joyfulBleeding and friendless, with their feet lockedin wooden stocks, Paul and Silas didn’t weep,sink into despair or simply wait. Instead, theyrejoiced. Yes, they rejoiced in their faith, callingout in worship, singing God’s praises. Theybelieved that God’s perfect plan would soonbe evident in their lives; they affirmed it withevery song and every prayer.Paul and Silas expected God to show themsomething, and He did. Verses 25 and 26tell us, “But about midnight, as Paul and Silaswere praying and singing hymns of praise to God,and the (other) prisoners were listening to them,suddenly there was a great earthquake, so thatthe very foundations of the prison were shaken;and at once all the doors were opened andeveryone’s shackles were unfastened.”God responds to our prayers in His way, in Histime; there simply is no other, because only Heis in control. As we begin this new year, why notresolve to put your faith into action? Don’t justyour body, His Temple1 Cor. 6:19-20“My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.” – Psalm 62:5Expecting the unexpected in the new yearby Chaplain Gene Hendersonwait for the Almighty to send an earthquake...expect that He will and act as though Healready has!When you think about it, it’s this spirit ofexpectation that greets every new life. Whena woman is pregnant, we don’t say that she’swaiting for a baby. We say that she’s expectinga baby. She doesn’t sit back and wait for the babyclothes to somehow appear, or for the crib tobe set up, or for birth to just happen, somewhere,somehow. She takes the active steps neededto prepare for the arrival of her child.Don’t wait for the answer, expect it!Maybe you’ve been waiting for your own kindof arrival, praying for a solution that just hasn’tcome. If we live with God’s Word as the bottomline of our beliefs, expecting that what Godhas promised will come to pass in His timing,we will see the purpose and destiny He has forus fulfilled.God has never worked on our timetable. Pauland Silas had no idea of how long they wouldhave to “wait” for Divine Intervention, maybebecause what they were doing wasn’t waitingat all. They were expecting the unexpected,confident in their faith, believing in God’s will.It was Paul himself, in a letter to the Romans,who expressed this expectation well in Romans8:19: “The creation waits in eager expectationfor the sons of God to be revealed...” I wouldemphasize the aspect of “eager expectation”in this passage, which goes on to describethe joyful anticipation of God’s ultimate plan.Make this the year that you stop waiting, too.Live expectantly with positive affirmation of themanifestation of God’s promises in your life.“The creation waits in eager expectationfor the sons of God to be revealed...”Romans 8:19As we begin this new year,why not resolve to put yourfaith into action?January 2009 l 23
  24. 24. Balance your mealsthe healthy wayBy Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health CounselorWith all the attention on weight loss in ourworld, it’s important to remember that thereis more to losing weight than simply countingcalories. Caloric quality is a more importantfocus than quantity. The idea is to focus onhealth; balanced weight is the natural byproduct.Eating for balanced health and weight involvesan appropriate amount of protein, qualitycarbohydrates, healthy fats, oils and snacks.pRoteIn: Protein builds and repairs muscle,allows optimal immunological function andstimulates the body to release a necessaryhormone called glucagons. Hard-boiled orpoached eggs, 2% organic unsweetened yogurt,chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon and other cold-water fish are all exceptional examples; palmsize is the perfect amount for each meal.cARBoHYDRAteS: With diabetes on the rise,people are increasingly aware that the wrongtype of carbohydrates (white stuff) causesan overproduction of insulin leading to toxicside effects. Favorable carbohydrates includevegetables (except corn and carrots), fruits(except bananas, raisins and dates) and wholegrains like brown rice, oats or rye.gooD fAtS: Remember, it takes fat to burn fat– but all fats are not equal. Two types of fats fallinto the “good fat” category: monounsaturatedfats and omega-3 fats. Monounsaturated fats arefrom olive oil, nuts like almonds and cashewsand avocados. Omega-3 fats come from fish, fishoils, hemp seeds, walnuts, flax seeds and oil.SnAcKIng IS neceSSARY!Snacking helps to regulate and boostmetabolism, balances blood glucose levelsand reduces levels of triglycerides in thebloodstream. High-fiber, healthy fat snacks willhelp you stay energized until your next meal.Here are two days’ worth of menus forbalanced health and weight:DAY 1:Breakfast: TriVita Leanology® Shake1 cup frozen blueberries1/2 banana5 almonds (or 1 teaspoon almond butter)8 ounces low-fat milk or water2 scoops Leanology Shake MixSnack: 1 hard-boiled egg (with hummusin place of yolk if desired)Lunch: Turkey Burger (with small green salad)3 ounces cooked lean ground turkey1 tablespoon light mayo1 sprouted grain roll or tortillaTomato slice, lettuce leaf and dill pickleSnack: apple with 1 tablespoon almond butter,1/3 cup raw almondsDinner: Ginger Chicken Stir-fry1 tablespoon olive oil⁄ cup chicken (antibiotic, hormone free),sautéed with onions and oil1 1/2 cups yellow onions chopped2 cups broccoli florets2 cups mushrooms (shitake for extraimmune support), thinly sliced1 teaspoon flax oil on top (when finished)1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger (optional)DAY 2:Breakfast: Old-fashioned Oatmeal⁄ cup steel cut oats⁄ cup unsweetened apple sauce¼ cup 2% unsweetened yogurt1 tablespoon slivered almondsSprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)1 tablespoon vanilla Leanology shakemix (for added protein)Snack: 2-4 Leanology chewsLunch: Tuna Salad with Brown Rice3 ounces wild-caught albacore tunapacked in water¼ cup celery1 tablespoon olive oil and apple cidervinegar dressing2 large romaine lettuce leaves1/2 cup cooked brown rice with a pinch of sea salt⁄ of avocado on topSnack: ½ baked sweet potato/yam withcinnamon and agave nectarDinner: Broiled Flounder with Green Beans4.5 ounces broiled flounder or otherwhite flaky fish2 tablespoons yellow onion choppedParmesan cheese¼ teaspoon ground pepperSquirt of lemon juice1 1/2 cups fresh green beansBroil for 6-8 minutes with chopped onionssprinkled on top and around the fish. Garnishwith parmesan, one tablespoon slivered,toasted almonds and a squirt of lemon juice.christa orecchiotrivita.comGinger Chicken Stir-fry24 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  25. 25. Help avoid fractures from weakenedbones with TriVita Bone Builder• Clinically-proven to rebuild bone• Physician-approved formula• Highly absorbable calciumSimply put: Female study participants gained an average of 6%bone mass after taking TriVita Bone Builder for three to six months.If you are concerned about bone loss or have a family historyof bone fragility, get TriVita Bone Builder!TRY IT TODAY! CALL 1-800-991-7116 or visit us at trivita.comTriVita BoneBuilder#30600Non-Member $43.99Member $34.99Redeem with 350 VitaPointsPractically every dayanother benefit of Vitamin D isrevealed. Vitamin D is createdwhen our skin is exposed tosunshine. It is also present inour diet, mainly in cold-waterfish and dark green vegetables.A recent newspaper headline read, “Vitamin DLinked to Parkinson’s disease.” At first glance,it may not be clear if Vitamin D is a culprit or an“illness-fighter.” Well, in fact, just as Vitamin Dhelps build bones, Vitamin D plays a role inbuilding our brains – it is an “illness-fighter.”Vitamin D and parkinson’sPrevious studies have shown that the partof the brain affected most by Parkinson’s, thesubstantia nigra, has high levels of the VitaminD receptor, which suggests Vitamin D may beimportant for normal functions of these cells.If we look at other Vitamin D research, lowlevels of Vitamin D have been found to beassociated with:• Many neurological diseases such asParkinson’s and Alzheimer’s• Autoimmune disorders such asmultiple sclerosis• Metabolic disorders such as diabetes.Vitamin D is formed when sunlight strikes theskin and interacts with cholesterol. Its mainpurpose is to shuttle calcium and other mineralsto the bones.Vitamin D – a messengerInformation is carried by a number of messengersinside your body, including proteins and fats.Vitamin D can also act like a messenger, tellingthe cells how much work to do.Think of this like building a house. Proteinsgive specific instructions in the same waya carpenter may decide how best to connectwalls and windows and doors. Fats may serveas the building materials for the entire house.Vitamin D serves as the general contractor todetermine how much building should be doneat any specific time.We certainly need proteins and proteincomplexes of Vitamin B-12 to create thestructures making up our brain. We also needthe fats found in such products as OmegaPrime®to serve as raw materials and general informationon brain repair. We need Vitamin D to tell ushow much brain to build when we are youngand how much repair work to do as we age.why winter is the time formore Vitamin DWe get Vitamin D from sunlight, foodsand supplements. Because we are exposedto less sunshine in the winter than in thesummer, we need to be more vigilant aboutsupplementing with Vitamin D and exposingour skin to sunshine whenever practical. Mostdoctors who recommend Vitamin D explainthat winter cold and flu outbreaks are directlyrelated to Vitamin D deficiency.If you take supplements to ensure you’regetting enough Vitamin D, make sure they’rethe type that your body can really use. It’s bestto take supplements formulated for maximumabsorption, such as TriVita’s VitaCal-Mag D™or TriVita Bone Builder. This way, you canhelp ensure that you’re getting the full benefitsof Vitamin D to meet the serious challengesof daily life.Why Vitamin D standsfor “illness-fighter”By Dr. Tammy PonTammy Pon, M.D, a functional medicine physician, receivedher medical degree from the University of Texas in Houston.She completed specialty training in Healthy Aging.DID You Know?Growing evidence links low Vitamin D levels to stroke,congestive heart failure and common heart disease riskfactors such as hypertension (high blood pressure), obesityand diabetes. Patients with Vitamin D levels below 15ng/ml double their chances of heart attack or stroke withinthe next five years. Researchers strongly recommendscreening for and treating low Vitamin D levels, especiallyin patients who are at risk for heart disease or diabetes.Make sure you get an adequate supply of Vitamin D. Calla Wellness Consultant at 1-800-991-7116 to find out moreabout VitaCal-Mag D and Bone Builder.
  26. 26.“I have lost a lot of body fat andfeel more energetic.”“I decided to try Leanologyafter attempting other dietswhich didn’t work for me. I wasn’tfocused enough to follow anyone diet. I found that Leanologyshakes keep me fully satisfiedfor 3 1/2 to 4 hours. I also like thetaste of the Leanology shakes and spice them upwith frozen strawberries and other fruits. I take theLeanology capsules along with my meal or snack.My body shape is more defined and my clothes fitbetter. I have lost a lot of body fat and feel moreenergetic. My wife has also had a lot of successwith Leanology.”– Norf F.  Pointe Claire, QC“It makes a big difference in keepingme more serene and in control.”“When my supply of Super Sublingual B-12ran out I felt an immediate change in both myenergy and stamina. Then I went back on SuperSublingual B-12 and it was great to have it backin my life. I notice that Super Sublingual B-12evens out my temperament and gives me muchmore stamina, focus and mental clarity. I also havea stronger sense of calmness and well-being andjust feel a whole lot better. Super Sublingual B-12is something I don’t want to lose and be without.It makes a big difference in keeping me moreserene and in control.”– Neal H. Fruitland Park, FL“When you find a good product youshould tell people about it!”“I started using the Sublingual B-12 in 2003.It makes me feel so great – I used to carry it inevery pocketbook! I really appreciate how muchbetter I feel. Due to certain circumstances I did nottake my TriVita Sublingual B-12 for a short time. Well, remembering how great I felt on the B-12, Idecided to reorder!! That lasting memory of howmuch better I felt on the B-12 always stuck withme. TriVita Sublingual B-12 is just wonderful. I feela difference in my body – I feel more vitality, moreenergy, and it’s easier to go up and down stairs. Ithelps with my daily life.I also just tried the Adaptogen 10 Plus and reallyliked it. I added it to my monthly Autoship so I canmake it a part of my daily regimen with the B-12.I’ve told my sisters all about TriVita – they saidthey can see a difference in me. When you finda good product you should tell people about it!”– Roslyn S. Philadelphia, PA“...I can rest assured that I am gettingmy daily nutrients.”“Recently, I began takingTriVita NutraFruits powder. Every morning I mix it withhalf pure cranberry juice andhalf orange juice. Not only doesit taste great, but it makes mefeel healthier. I love knowing thatdespite a day ‘on the go’ I can stillget all the fruits and vegetables my body requires.My body feels leaner, and I can rest assured that Iam getting my daily nutrients.”– Tiffany H. Los Angeles, CAReal Stories from real peopleSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita products!“Your ingredients are better and more potent thanother products.”“I first heard about Sublingual B-12 from an info-mercial and thought I could use some more energy. Istarted taking three B-12s a day, one in the morning,one at noon and another in the afternoon. My staminaimmediately improved. Then I started taking twoEnergy Now! capsules before golfing and then a B-12tablet at the turn. Before, I used to have to take a napafter 18 holes, but now I just keep going.I do a lot of reading and a lot of comparison shopping with my supplements.I even take the TriVita bottle to the health food store with me. Your ingredientsare better and more potent than other products.This is a picture of a very satisfied couple. As you can see we are happy, healthyand wise. We take pride in announcing that neither of us is on any prescriptiondrugs. Thank you TriVita for helping us achieve our goal of being the best wecan be.” – Joyce K. Las Vegas, NV“I keep taking it because I feel much better when I’m on it.”“Eight years ago my husband and I were in a badcar accident. A year into the healing process I sawthe Sublingual B-12 on TV and decided to try it.I thought, ‘I have nothing to lose. I can send it backif it doesn’t work!’ So I started taking the B-12 andwithin a couple of days I noticed a difference. Afterawhile I added the Vital C Crystals. I had a painin my shoulder for a long time. One day, after takingthe C for awhile, I realized that the pain was gone.If I stopped taking the C, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling as well. Now I’m on the Healthy Aging Pack, which includes both of those products,plus the VitaDaily AM/PM and OmegaPrime. I started taking it because it’shard to know what you should take, but the Pack was introduced and it hadeverything I needed. I keep taking it because I feel much better when I’m onit. I sleep well at night. I have minimal aches and pains. I have steady energythroughout the day. Plus it’s convenient and there’s a slight cost savings.I love TriVita!” – Kathy G. Jenks, OKYou should consult with a healthcare provider beforestarting any diet, exercise or supplementation program,before taking any medication, or if you suspect youmight have a heart problem. You should not stoptaking any medication without first consulting yourhealthcare provider.26 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  27. 27. Some people inspire others with their zest forlife – that’s Precious! Her workday as a LicensedPractical Nurse (LPN) often starts as early as4 a.m. and can stretch well into the evening.She is a master at multi-tasking, managingto juggle many different chores at once.Now studying to become a Registered Nurse(RN), Precious stays busy with her own agencycalled Nurse Angels, where she works with privateclients. She also has another position in a long-term care facility. Her ultimate goal is to helpher patients become as independent as’s lifestyles worry thishealth professionalBecause she works directly with so manypeople with numerous health issues, Preciouscan clearly see some disturbing trends. “Welive in a fast-paced society where few people eathome-cooked meals,” she observes. “Too manyof us eat processed or fast food, are always in arush and don’t stop to enjoy life.” Her response?To recommend TriVita products to anyone whomight benefit from them. “My patients are veryopen to trying new products,” she says.You can see that Precious has a lot going onin her life. So, it’s no wonder that when askedwhat she does in her sparetime, she responds with a heartylaugh and a quick, “What sparetime?” She needs lots of energyto get through her busy day and dependson TriVita products tokeep her healthy and balanced.precious gets her B-12 boost...without going to the doctorLike so many people, Precious firstfound out about TriVita through alate-night infomercial about fiveyears ago. She had just undergonegastric bypass surgery and her doctorrecommended B-12 shots to replacethe vitamins that she couldn’t absorb becauseof the surgery. However, it becametoo difficult and expensive to go to the doctorevery time she needed a shot.Precious decided to try TriVita Sublingual B-12and hasn’t looked back since... she’s just thrilledwith the results. “Sublingual B-12 workedextremely well from the very beginning. I feltan immediate boost and my doctor has beenpleased to see that my B-12 levels continueto stay within the normal range.”Now she’s happily moved on to Super SublingualB-12 and she describes the enhanced effectas “fantastic – I get a bigger boost and I lovethe added ginseng. I’ve also added TriVita’sGingko Biloba.”precious is quick to helpfamily and friends enjoybetter health, tooFor example, her sister had anemia andcomplained about being tired. Preciousrecommended Sublingual B-12, whichhelped her sister’s energy. Her daughter,Ebonee, is an opera singer and takes bothSublingual B-12 and Adaptogen 10 Plus®to help cope with her stressful life. SaysPrecious, “It works wonders, and sheloves both products.”She also recommended VisionGuard™toher dear friend, Debra, who was havingglaucoma problems. The doctor startedDebra on medication which causeddark circles under her eyes. Preciousthen suggested VisionGuard. After only onemonth, her doctor noticed a big improvement inher eyes. Debra continues to take VisionGuardand is absolutely thrilled with the results.How precious gets free productsAlthough Precious’ main referral goal is tohelp other people get well, she also enjoys thefinancial rewards. She has earned as much as$150 in monthly gift cards and compensationchecks and that allows her to buy all her favoriteTriVita products and try new ones. Preciousis currently on autoship, which she describesas a “breeze, because I never have to rememberto place my order.”She says the personal satisfaction of helpingother people in their wellness journey is“absolutely indescribable. If you know aboutsomething good, you want to pass it along.My referral success has earned me fantasticrewards, and it gives me great pleasure tomake a difference in people’s lives.”precious is the pictureof joyful healthher nursing work helps her spread the goodnews about TriVita productsAffiliate Member Spotlight“Ifyouknowaboutsomethinggood,youwanttopassitalong.” –Preciousto get through her busy day and dependsprecious gets her B-12 boost...the vitamins that she couldn’t absorb because“Ifyouknowaboutsomethinggood,what she does in her spare B-12 and she describes the enhanced effectas “fantastic – I get a bigger boost and I lovethe added ginseng. I’ve also added TriVita’sGingko Biloba.”precious is quick to helpfamily and friends enjoybetter health, tooFor example, her sister had anemia andcomplained about being tired. Preciousrecommended Sublingual B-12, whichhelped her sister’s energy. Her daughter,Ebonee, is an opera singer and takes bothSublingual B-12 and Adaptogen 10 Plusto help cope with her stressful life. SaysPrecious, “It works wonders, and sheloves both products.”She also recommended VisionGuard“My referral success hasearned me fantasticrewards, and it gives megreat pleasure to make adifference in people’s lives.”Preciousandherdaughter,EboneeJanuary 2009 l 27
  28. 28. 1. SHARE YOUR PRODUCT EXPERIENCEWhen you’ve had a positive experience with a product, it feels good to share it.Let others know how they too, may benefit from similar products and experiencegreater wellness. When they place their first product order, they’ll receive 10% offjust for being referred by you!2. EARN REWARDSYou’ll start receiving a $25 TriVita Gift Card for each referral’s first purchase.Then, you’ll receive 21% CASH REWARDS for the remainder of eachreferral’s purchases… FOR LIFE!3. SIGN UP TODAY!It’s free to sign up for an Affiliate Membership. Simply go to trivita.comand click on the Affiliate Members tab on the home page to sign up onlineor callPlus, when you sign up, you’ll receive a free copy ofMichael Ellison’s book, 10 Keys to Create Wealth and Wellness.Thousands of Members have already referred theirfriends and family to quality TriVita products andare earning rewards for doing so. It’s so easy...“I have referred over16 people already...”“I just love getting my TriVita checks.I deposit them into a special ‘vitaminfund’ and then use the money from thefund to buy products I haven’t tried yet.I have referred over 16 people alreadyand love being able to give them a 10%discount on their first purchase. I workas a flight attendant and people alwaysinquire about my cheerfulness andenergy. I’m quick to tell them aboutTriVita’s Sublingual B-12 and Adaptogen10 Plus. My husband takes theseproducts too and loves them. Leading ahealthy lifestyle really makes me feelgood about myself, and TriVita allowsme to do that.”– LYNN H. CLEAR LAKES, TXSHARE your product experience and EARN rewardsSHARe and eARn your way to greaterwealth and wellness.trivita.com28 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness1-800-991-7116.