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  1. 1. ReadpowerfulNopaleaWellnessStoriesInsideonpages16-17August 2010  trivita.comHCY Awareness Month – greatsavings on heart healthy productsBuy oneget second samefeatured product at50%OFFgood through 8-31-10homocysteine:how to curb thedeadly destroyerIs glutenmaking you sick?Nopalea™keepsthis11-year-oldonhisgame
  2. 2. 2  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com10Essentialsfor health and wellnessGood health is a gift to be treasured andnurtured every day. TriVita joyfully sharesthese keys to helping you experiencewellness™: the 10 Essentials of physical,emotional and spiritual health. Physical 1. Breathe DeeplyLet your lungs fill deep down, hold,then exhale toxins and stress. 2. Drink WaterNature’s best beverage not only quenchesthirst, but also enhances energy. 3. Sleep PeacefullyEvery body needs the rest and repairthat comes with a regular sleep routine. 4. Eat NutritiouslyFeed both body and mind withhealthy, nourishing food for life. 5. Enjoy ActivityLet an active lifestyle move you toimproved health and wellness in all ways.Emotional 6. Give and Receive LoveOffer and accept the greatest gift, and youcan enhance your immune system. 7. Be ForgivingWhen you let go of old grudges, your handsare open to accept feelings of peace. 8. Practice GratitudeA thankful heart releases stress, makingroom for greater happiness and health. 9. Develop AcceptanceIf you can’t change it, accept it and moveon. Worry will shrink, serenity will grow.Spiritual10. Develop a Relationship with GodNurture the spiritual aspect of your lifeto achieve complete well-being.Article from Michael Ellison continued on page 21...Have you ever considered that your beliefs could be a major determiningfactor for your health and wellness? I am not referring to religious beliefsbut to the beliefs we hold about lifestyle, genetics and even fate as itrelates to our wellness. Have you ever seriously questioned how youarrived at the beliefs you have about living with health and wellness?What if there was a whole new level of well-being you could enjoy bysimply altering your beliefs about this wonderful way of living? Obviouslythis article will not be of much interest to anyone looking for a magicpotion, but I invite everyone on a wellness journey with me to probe this most interesting subject: theconnection between our beliefs/behaviors and the degree of wellness we enjoy.I was sharing these ideas with someone I greatly respect and they offered a challenge to my simpletheory: People believe in the fact that if they eat fewer calories they will lose weight, and yet manyNorth Americans are seriously overweight. As we discussed this further, we both agreed that mostpeople also believe they cannot eat fewer calories because food offers many emotional benefits.They do not believe they can change their long-term behavior to sustain a healthy weight.For example, stressful or anxious people will eat food to comfort their feelings. Others find thatsocial events influence their food intake. How do you attend a social function and not show yourenthusiastic participation by overeating? Television watching also causes many people to overeat:Chips, dips, sodas and buttered popcorn make the occasion even more enjoyable.By simply observing human behavior, we can conclude that our beliefs will dictate our actions andattitude in life. For example, before Columbus sailed west and discovered the North Americancontinent, the populace believed the world was flat. That’s why so much sailing was done northand south following land bearings. This belief had its advantages in that it created the great tradingopportunities between Europe and the mid-eastern countries as they sailed the land bearings northand south. But to sail west across the Atlantic meant dropping off a cliff into the dark abysssomewhere at the end of the flat earth. The simple belief in the false idea of the world being flatdetermined the actions of an entire group of courageous sailors and traders for centuries.Our beliefs are so powerful that we seek to align our actions to our beliefs. This is true as it relates tohealth and wellness as well as other important things in our lives, such as acquiring wealth. We are notrobots or machines that can be set on a permanent course, but we are individuals given the freedom tochoose the beliefs that dictate the behaviors we act out in what we call lifestyle.Have you considered who (or what) has influenced your beliefs about health and wellness? Parentsand grandparents obviously have a significant impact on our beliefs, but so do spiritual leaders suchas pastors, priests or rabbis. What about friends, social clubs… and our medical professionals? It isan interesting question to pose, as most self-imposed limitations on our ability to enhance ourhealth and wellness will generally be found in our beliefs, which have been shaped by someoneother than ourselves.North Americans have a disdain towards hypocrisy as was recently demonstrated by the reactions to TigerWoods when his behavior was exposed. His behavior was not in alignment with the image of not only agreat golfer, but a great husband, father, businessman and an endorser of the all American life. Not tobe presumptuous about advice for Tiger Woods, but it was because he embraced the belief that he couldhave whatever he wanted (as he admitted), that certain behaviors were allowed to follow.Another serious question to ask ourselves: How often do we allow our beliefs to change to fit ourbehaviors so that we don’t feel like hypocrites? Remember, we as North Americans have significantsocietal influence to disdain hypocrisy! For example, someone is struggling with their weight even toBelieving your way tohealth and wellnessby Michael R. Ellison, CEO & Founder“If we desire to live with optimal wellness to live out our life purposes,we must challenge our beliefs and our behaviors, and bring them intoalignment with wellness principles.”
  3. 3. ON MY MINDEDITOR’s NOTEIn this August issue of theVitaJournal, TriVita’s Chief ScienceOfficer, Brazos Minshew, expands on theoften misunderstood topic of homocysteine.If you’re concerned about a family history ofdegenerative type illnesses, you’ll want to findout more on this subject and what you can doto help protect yourself. You’ll also enjoy readingabout young Max, age 11, featured on our cover.This young golf prodigy is telling everyone abouthis Nopalea experience.Recently I was reflecting on my own healthand how being at TriVita these past 11 yearshas positively influenced the way I take care ofmyself. Losing my father and brother to heartdisease is something that has made me aware ofpotential risks, so I make a conscious effort totake care of my whole self the best I can. Beingpart of the TriVita family certainly has givenme the right tools. Being mindful of the 10Essentials for Health and Wellness and havingaccess to life-changing products has not onlychanged my outlook, but perhaps put me on ahealthier path for my life physically, emotionallyand spiritually.Also this month, Chaplain Gene Hendersonshares his thoughts on Optimal Spirituality.I like what he says about internal values andexternal forces and how they relate to choiceswe make. I was reminded of something thathappened a few weeks ago. On my morningwalk, I cut through the area behind a localgrocery store. Many people in the area oftenleave shopping carts around the propertywithout taking the time to return them tothe store. This particular morning, as I passeda stranded basket, I felt compelled to turnaround, get the basket and push it back tothe store. I actually had a struggle internallyfor a few seconds on whether or not to obeythis prompting. I rationalized that there werepeople who were paid to do this, so why shouldI bother? But then I felt like God was saying,“Wow – if you can’t even recognize that I’mspeaking to you and obey me on this little item,how will you ever obey me on the big stuff?”23 The Blissful Balance of“Optimal Spirituality”Dwelling where body, mindand spirit converge. 25 Nopalea Helps MaxShoot For Success“This stuff really works and Idon’t have any pain at all.” 28 Unlocking theGluten MysteryWhy this common proteinsometimes causes misery.August2010Inside1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  3Grocery shopping tips to enhance yourweight loss success. 20Its never too late to learn. 14The information in this VitaJournal may containerrors or inaccuracies. We reserve the right tochange prices, selections, update informationand limit quantities without prior notice. 4 Getting To the Heartof HomocysteineLower homocysteine helpsdecrease disease risk. 9 Smart Eating for Backto SchoolStart the school year off right withthese tasty, healthy foods. 11 How Nopalea™ Aids inthe Healing ProcessBetalain antioxidants play avital role.12 The Cholesterol/HeartAttack ConnectionSeparating the myths from factsabout cholesterol. 16 It Has Worked WondersNopalea Wellness Challengeparticipants share theirremarkable stories.Whats making me tired? 8Editor’s Note continued on page 21...
  4. 4. 4  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comGettingtotheheartofhomocysteineLowerhomocysteinehelpsdecreasediseaseriskThe economy of NorthAmerica is amazinglycomplex. Can you imaginehow short-sighted it would be totake a single element of the economyand focus intently on that singletransaction to the exclusion of allother factors? For example, the saleof “widgets” may be important toour comfort and convenience. Wecould spend all of our time focusedon the sale of widgets without anyconsideration for manufacturing,import/export, farming, banking,real estate, etc.Any attempt to fix the entire economy wouldhave to consider all of the important elementsinvolved, right? Every element of the economyis important and interconnected.With homocysteine metabolism, it is much thesame. One important element in solving theproblem of elevated homocysteine (HCY) isgetting enough folate from our diet and folicacid from our supplements. Folates turn on anenzyme that neutralizes some homocysteine.Can you imagine how short-sighted it wouldbe to focus only on one enzyme to theexclusion of all other factors? Homocysteinemetabolism is incredibly complex! Everyfacet is important and many nutrients areinterconnected in getting rid of excessivelevels of HCY.A tale of two studiesHomocysteine (HCY) has been studied inmedicine behind the scenes for more than40 years now. Here is what we have found:Excessive levels of HCY have definitelybeen linked to many serious conditions fromheart attacks to stroke, from osteoporosis toAlzheimer’s Disease.We know that a low homocysteine numberequals a low risk of these diseases.Stroke occurs when there is a problem withblood flow to the brain, or if there is bleedingwithin the brain. Strokes may cause reversibleor irreversible paralysis, visual changes, coma,and problems with speech or dementia. Moststrokes are not fatal, though death is a possibleoutcome. People with diabetes, high cholester-ol, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis),and hypertension have increased risk of stroke.Homocysteine was first linked to stroke in1966. Pioneering medical researcher KilmerMcCully discovered that young people withhigh levels of homocysteine had heart attacksand strokes more often than people of the sameage with lower levels of homocysteine. Todaythere is no dispute: A high level of homocyste-ine is a strong predictor of stroke at any age.We also know that a balance of dietary folates,HCY supplements and antioxidants may helpreduce the level of homocysteine as well asreduce risk for disability from HCY-relatedconditions. Recently, two studies (theNORVIT study and the HOPE-2 study)used a generic supplement to treat people withadvanced cardiovascular disease, either a heartattack or stroke. What did they find and howdoes this affect you?Our wellness journeyBefore I answer this I want you to think of theTitanic and how even the name “Titanic” isassociated with disaster. Imagine what wouldhave happened if the captain of that shipchanged his course the day before the icebergsappeared in their path. Would the outcomehave been different? Imagine if he had changedhis course two days before the disaster. Wouldthe outcome have been even better? My pointis this: The earlier you change your coursewith respect to your health, the better are yourchances for a healthy outcome! The people inthe NORVIT and HOPE-2 trials had alreadystruck the iceberg, so to speak. They hadalready experienced a heart attack or stroke.They already had advanced artery disease.By Brazos Minshew,TriVita Chief Science Officer
  5. 5. 1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  5Changing course at this time was not reallyexpected to cause much improvement inoutcome – but it did!The people taking a B-complex reduced theirhomocysteine by 25% and reduced their rateof death and disability from strokes by 25%!So, even at this critical time in their life,many people experienced the benefits ofhomocysteine reduction.Sadly, those with advanced heart disease were“too close to the iceberg” to benefit much fromlowering their homocysteine. For them, it wasjust “too little, too late.” Their rate of heartattacks did not change and many of them died.However, 40 years of medical research still tellsus that changing the course of our wellnessjourney earlier, before a serious health crisis,will result in a healthier life.Supplements aren’t enoughUsing high levels of folic acid may reduce somehomocysteine but it will not give us the healthbenefits we desire.A comprehensive approach to HCY reductionmust include dietary folates and antioxidants.Our first step, then, is to eat the appropriatenumber of servings of fruit and vegetables: 5servings for children, 7 servings for womenand 9 servings for men. Also, our supplementsshould include all of the B vitamins and othernutrients known to facilitate HCY metabolismand reduce homocysteine.When all factors are included – diet, supple-ments and lifestyle – then homocysteineis reduced and health is improved.Intense nutrition neededThe HOPE-2 trial started at the turn ofthis century and the NORVIT trial shortlyafterward. Both showed encouraging results.In 2004 another trial started for a new, moreaggressive product for reducing homocysteine.The study was conducted by Mark Mattie,MD, PhD of Yale University and BridgeportUniversity. The result of the study demonstratedthat the complete ingredients found in TriVita’sHCY Guard®added to the effectiveness of Bvitamins and reduced homocysteine anincredible 35%! Imagine what this meansfor your health.How do I prevent a stroke?Stroke is the third leading cause of death in both the United States and Canada.However, experts estimate that 80% of strokes can be prevented. Help reduce yourstroke risk with these tips from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:• Know your blood pressure.• Dont smoke.• Get tested for diabetes.• Get your cholesterol and triglyceride levels tested.• Maintain a healthy weight.• If you drink alcohol, limit it to no more than one drink a day.• Find healthy ways to cope with stress.As captain of your ship, you simply cannotafford to wait until you “see icebergs” tochange the course of your health. Have yourhomocysteine level tested frequently. (You mayhave to ask your healthcare provider for thistest as it is not routine.) If it is too high, reduceit by eating high-folate, antioxidant-rich fruitsand vegetables and by taking HCY Guard, theonly supplement proven in university studiesto reduce HCY by 35%!But remember, HCY Guard is protection,not treatment. We must make a significantcommitment if we are to fully experiencehealth benefits. This includes a healthy dietand lifestyle – all of the 10 Essentials forHealth and Wellness.For more information on HCY Guard,see page 13.High HCY and inflammation – key causes of cardiac diseaseHigh homocysteine levels can lead to dangerous inflammation. Arteries carry oxygen-rich bloodto your heart and other parts of your body. Over time, plaque build-up hardens and narrows yourarteries. The flow of oxygen-rich blood to your organs and other parts of your body is reduced.This can lead to serious problems, including heart attack, stroke or even death.Narrowing of arteryAbnormalblood flowPlaqueNarrowed arteryPlaqueNormal artery ArterywallNormal blood flowArtery cross-section
  6. 6. Is someone in your lifestruggling with attentionproblems? Does he or shetend to be over-active or tooimpulsive? Such behaviors arerecognized more and more aslegitimate mental health issues,and the role played by VitaminB-12 is also gaining recognition.First, let’s look at just whatthese health issues are.Attention and focus problems can show upas a range of behavioral issues, sometimes acombination of inattentiveness, over-activityand impulsivity. While most research into thisarea has focused on children, studies havesuggested that the symptoms continue intoadulthood in up to 50% of adults who hadthe condition in childhood.Of course, some of the behaviors we’re talkingabout are to be expected in children, but whenseveral symptoms occur that exceed the normalrange for a child’s age, a clinical diagnosismay be made. If you’re a concerned parent orgrandparent, you should be aware of the signsand symptoms. Attention disorders aren’trestricted to children. While these issues arelong-term, adults can often better control theirbehavior, and disguise their symptoms.Symptoms to watch forThe symptoms that make up attention andfocus disorders can be broken down into threespecific areas: inattentiveness, hyperactivityand impulsivity.Inattentiveness1. Doesn’t pay attention to details, or makescareless errors in work or school assignments2. Has trouble maintaining attention inwork or play3. Doesn’t seem to listen when spoken to4. Doesn’t follow through, fails to finishschoolwork, chores or workplace duties5. Has trouble organizing tasks and activities6. Resists activities such as schoolwork thatrequire sustained mental focus7. Tends to lose items needed for tasks oractivities, such as toys, pencils or books8. Is easily distracted9. Is often forgetfulHyperactivity1. Has restless hands or feet, or squirmsin a seat2. Leaves a seat when staying seated is expected3. Runs around or climbs in inappropriatesituations4. Has trouble playing quietly5. Is often excessively active or talkativeImpulsivity1. Blurts out answers before questionsare finished2. Has difficulty waiting his or her turn3. Interrupts or breaks into others’conversations or gamesWhile the cause of attention disorders isn’tyet pinpointed we do know this: it’s oneof the most commonly-diagnosed behavioralproblems. As much as 5% of school-agedchildren have this disorder.B-12: proven brain-boosting power, vitalto mental wellnessThere are prescription drugs available to treatproblems with attention and focus. But as youmay know, these powerful drugs can haveserious side effects.6  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comVitamin B-12, attention and focus: how they’re linkedScott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthB-12 Updateby Dr. Scott ConardCorrecting a deficiency could help mental function
  7. 7. There is strong clinical evidence to support thelink between essential nutrients and vitamins –particularly Vitamin B-12 – and mentalfunction. Studies have shown that a B-12deficiency may decrease levels of substancesneeded to transmit nerve signals. This reducedability to transmit nerve signals has shown upin brain tests conducted on children withattention disorders. In people of any age,this problem with nerve signals can lessenor damage mental functioning.So, in addition to a healthy diet andregular exercise, I recommend that everyoneget enough essential vitamins like B-12. Oneof the best ways to make sure that you or aloved one get enough B-12 is to take TriVitaSublingual B-12, B-6 Folic Acid.1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  7“Thank you TriVita for providing thismother with such tremendous joy inseeing her family happy and healthy!” “Dr. Libby’s Sublingual B-12 has been agodsend for my son. He was diagnosed sixyears ago with attention and focus disorder.At that time he was frustrated, inattentive,uncooperative, despondent and suicidal.We had no alternative but to put him on aprescription medication. After two years andseveral dosage increases I decided to look fora more natural approach.We started him on an herbal stimulant withlittle success. Then, I had him take two tabletsper day of TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 and he’sdoing beautifully. He is calm, happy, focusedand as cooperative as a teenager can be. I’mvery confident that he’ll be able to handlehigh school with ease – thanks to TriVita!Secondly, my husband is also on SublingualB-12 for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).We moved to New Hampshire 11 years agoand ever since, my husband has experiencedprolonged sadness every winter from the lackof sunlight. Last winter Paul started taking twoSublingual B-12 tablets every day. That did thetrick! He felt better than he had in years andhe won’t go anywhere without it. Thank youTriVita for providing this mother with suchtremendous joy in seeing her family happyand healthy!”*Marge P., Member – Merrimack, NHsuccess storiesFaster-acting, longer-lasting and more potentthan ever before with three times the Vitamin B-12TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulnessPlus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brain and nervesthe essential nutrients they need to help replenish brainfuel and help repair damaged nerves. And all this is yourswith a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feelbetter every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libbydeveloped this unique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It wasknown to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but without theshots’ added pain and expense.Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITAFor maximum sustainedmental energy takeTriVita SuperSublingual B-12Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comTriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsSPECIALPRICE* You should not stop taking any medication withoutfirst consulting with your healthcare provider.
  8. 8. 8  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comDo you collapse on the couchwhen you get home? Perhapsyou lack the energy – or desire– to do the things you usually enjoy.Why are you just so tired all thetime? Most likely, you’re sufferingfrom fatigue.What’s in a name?Many of us use the words tired, sleepy andfatigued interchangeably, but though fatiguecan result from a lack of sleep, it’s actually quitedifferent from sleepiness. Sound confusing?Let’s break it down.FatigueFatigue is generally described as a lack of energyand motivation – with a wide variety of possiblecauses: lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, sleepdisorders, depression or grief, stress, overwork,poor diet, medical conditions, underactive oroveractive thyroid gland, certain medications.SleepinessAt one point or another, everyone experiencessleepiness. However, when sleepiness interfereswith daily routines and activities, it can becomeproblem sleepiness. It may be caused by yourbody’s natural sleep cycles, lack of sleep, sleepdisorders or certain drugs. The National Heart,Lung and Blood Institute lists the following assymptoms of problem sleepiness:• Consistently do not get enough sleep, or getpoor quality sleep• Fall asleep while driving• Struggle to stay awake when inactive, suchas when watching TV or reading• Have difficulty paying attention orconcentrating at work, school or home• Have performance problems at work or school• Have difficulty remembering• Have slowed responses• Have difficulty controlling your emotions• Must take naps on most daysIf you think you’re getting enough sleep but stillexperience problem sleepiness, consult yourhealthcare provider.Wake up!Although the very nature of fatigue makes itdifficult for us to even want to fight it, we haveto combat it to live a life of optimal wellness.Try the at-home strategies below to fight fatigueand problem sleepiness.Get out of debt… sleep debt, that isWhen you don’t get enough sleep, you start tobuild a sleep “debt.” Just like a credit card withhigh interest, once you charge too much, itbecomes more and more of a burden to pay off.Get your sleep finances back in order with thesetips for better sleep.• Get the right amount of sleep each night.Although it varies from person to person, theaverage adult needs about 8 to 8.5 hours ofshuteye each night.• Get up and go to bed at the same times everyday, even weekends.• Sleep in a cool, dark room.• Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohollate in the day.Exercise regularlyStudies show that exercise can increase yourenergy levels. In one study, 20 minutes oflow-intensity aerobic activity three times a weekincreased energy levels by 20% and decreasedfatigue by 65%! Not only that, but exercise canhelp you fall asleep and have a better qualityof sleep. Be sure to avoid exercising 2-3 hoursbefore bedtime.Eat a balanced dietFood is your body’s fuel; if you’re using cheapfuel, your “motor” may be chugging. Upgradeto premium with healthy balanced meals andsnacks. Include plenty of vegetables as well asproteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates and wholegrains. Also be sure to drink plenty of waterthroughout the day, as dehydration is a notoriousenergy thief. You may also want to supplementyour diet with a high-quality multivitamin.Putting these fatigue-fighting steps into actioncan help restore your energy and motivation– and bring you back to life! However, if yourfatigue is not relieved by adequate sleep,healthy diet and stress reduction, consultyour healthcare provider.Call 1-800-991-7116 and ask a WellnessConsultant which TriVita products may helpyou fight fatigue.WhyamIsotiredallthetime?Fight back against fatigue
  9. 9. 1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  9Morning, noon and night,it’s important thatchildren heading backto school (and adults at any stage)get the healthy foods that helpthem function. Here, some smartchoices to start the school yearoff with high marks.By Christa Orecchio,Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Health CounselorBreakfastOur grandmothers were right when they saidthat breakfast was the most important meal of theday. The first thing kids put in their bodies iscertainly key, and will set the stage for theentire day, dramatically affecting their energylevels as well as their ability and desire tofocus and learn.Protein and healthy fat are the two key ingredientsto a healthy, sustainable breakfast.Try one of the following:1. Protein smoothie: 1 scoop of high quality(hormone- and antibiotic-free) whey or eggwhite protein powder, a cup of frozen berries,a cup of unsweetened almond or coconut milk, apinch of greens powder or juice (or ¼ cup ofspinach) and 1T ground flaxseeds. You can adda teaspoon of raw honey if a sweeter taste isdesired.2. Oatmeal (or leftover brown rice) with groundflaxseeds or hemp seeds mixed in with someprotein powder. Or, serve a hard-cooked eggon the side.3. Sprouted whole grain toast with unsweetenedpeanut butter or almond butter and raw honey,plus a pinch of cinnamon.What should you send with your child to schooland what should you feed them afterward? Havea look at my healthy snack list to see which itemsmight best excite your child’s taste buds. These arehealthy choices that you can feel good about.SnacksFor that satisfying “crunch,” try thesegood-for-you options:• Rice cakes, rice crackers or raw flax crackers• Light popcorn or plain popcorn: use coconut oilto pop in a covered pan• Spelt or kamut pretzels, or kamutgraham crackers• Carrots: particularly the super sweet, organicbaby carrots• Crunchy raw veggies and dip (hummus,tabouleh, vinaigrette or a favorite dressing)• Celery and peanut butter or almond butter (usenon-hydrogenated peanut butter)• Hummus with sprouted whole grain toast/tortillas, baby carrots, flax or rice crackers• Raw cashews or almonds – or make your owntrail mix!Who doesn’t like something sweet? Here aretasty choices:• Fresh, whole fruit or frozen grapes or berries• Organic plain yogurt and ripe fruit with steviaor raw honey• Apples and almond butter with a touchof cinnamon• Sprouted date bread with naturally-sweetened jam• Frozen yogurt or kefir: freeze your own!• Dried fruit mix and raw cacao nibsMore sweet ideas:• Use leftover brown rice to make sweet porridge:drizzle maple syrup, sprinkle with cinnamon,add almond milk and serve.• Smoothies: mix whatever you have in thekitchen, such as fruit, ice, almond/rice milk,plain yogurt, carob or cacao powder, bee pollen,greens mix, etc.• Fruit “ice cream”: peel a banana, freeze, blend ina food processor with nuts, berries or raisins andserve. For a creamier consistency, put throughthe screen of a juicer.• Freshly-squeezed fruit juices: make your own andtry different combos.• Sweet vegetables: yams, sweet potatoes, squashes(acorn or butternut). Cut into chunks; sprinklewith cinnamon and bake or add maple syrup toa baked sweet potato.For that satisfying salty taste without excesssodium, snack on these:• Olives or unpasteurized pickles• Raw French feta or raw goat cheese• Tabouleh, or tzaziki hummus (with chickpeas orblack beans)• Steamed vegetables with tamari (wheat-free soysauce)• Baked blue corn tortilla chips and salsa or guaca-mole: try whole grain chips and freshly made salsa• Roasted nuts• Raw flax chips, raw corn chips, rawkale chipsSmarteatingforbacktoschool
  10. 10. Like so many people, TriVitaemployees have experiencedremarkable results with Nopalea.This month, Jeani Stoeckel inAffiliate Member Services sharesthe story of her wellness challenges,and how Nopalea has helpedher thrive.What would your life be like if everybreath produced sharp pain? If sleepwas shattered, driving a car was aneffort, and it even hurt to talk? That’s been theburden that Jeani Stoeckel carried for years –until she tried Nopalea.As an Affiliate Member Consultant, Jeanispeaks with Affiliate Members daily aboutTriVita and its products. Ever since Nopaleawas introduced, she’s been hearing testimonialsabout the remarkable results Nopalea hasbrought to so many. “I thought, ‘I should trythis for myself,’” she recalls. “I was desperateto get back to a healthy life!”A case of pneumonia 18 years ago triggeredepisodes of lung inflammation that wouldstrike Jeani several times a year. “Every timeI started a new exercise regimen, about a weeklater the inflammation would set in. It wasvery, very painful. When it would flare up,I could hardly do anything: walk, talk, bendover, just any kind of movement.” She couldn’teven get relief from sleep, because it hurtto lie down.“Even being on the phone for my job waspainful: You have to breathe to talk”What’s more, the lung inflammation wouldbring with it flu-like symptoms, which added toher pain and discomfort. Achy all over, Jeanicould barely drive, and housework was out ofthe question. She consulted a doctor, who toldher she had a breathing problem brought on byexercise. “The only way to get the pain to goaway was to take high doses of over-the-counterpain relievers. I couldn’t do laundry, washdishes, go on hikes or even walk around theneighborhood. I was able to work, but evenbeing on the phone for my job was painful.”The listening part of her job, hearing othersrave about their Nopalea results, spurred Jeanito take action. “Every workday, I was hearingso many people talk about the relief Nopaleagave them from allergies, breathing problemsand other issues related to inflammation.I was very hopeful that it could help me, too.I started myself on 6 ounces of Nopalea daily,and at the same time started exercising again.”The results for Jeani? “I didn’t have asingle problem with lung inflammation!It was amazing!”When she stoppedtaking Nopalea, hersymptoms returnedShortly after she felt theastonishing change in herwellness with Nopalea, a familysituation caused her to stop takingit. “My son has really bad breathing problemsand when his symptoms flared up recently, Istopped taking my Nopalea and gave it to him.He got tremendous relief from his symptoms…but after about a week I noticed I was havingtrouble taking a deep breath. Needless tosay, I got myself back on Nopalea, andback on track.”Now, when Jeani shares the great news aboutNopalea with others, she speaks from her owndramatic experience. “I promote Nopalea allthe time, whether I’m talking with AffiliateMembers or friends and family. I urge people tostart off with the LoadingPhase: 3-6 ounces per dayfor 30 days.”Jeani admits to one regretabout her Nopalea well-ness experience. “I justwish I had started on itsooner. I would have hadthat much more time toenjoy life without pain.”Experiencing Wellness within TriVitaNopalea™ is Jeanis breath of fresh airNowshecanwork,playandlivewithoutpainJeani StoeckelAffiliate Member ConsultantWith TriVita since 200310  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com
  11. 11. Do you ever wonder how it is that a cutor a bruise heals after a certain amountof time? Think about it for a moment.You get a paper cut on your finger and youbleed. You wrap a bandage around the cut, andwithin a few days, the cut is gone. Amazingly,your body is able to heal itself. Sometimes ittakes extra help to heal, though, and that’swhere Nopalea comes in. If you’ve beenreading about (or experiencing for yourself)the astonishing benefits of this breakthroughwellness drink, journey right down to thecellular level to find out more.The human body’s miraculous power to healitself is due in part to a force called homeostasis,which activates the immune system, hormones,nerves and other important systems to start thehealing process. Homeostasis arranges the cellsin your body to maintain balance under evensevere conditions. It uses inflammation to rebuildyour cells after an injury, illness or even extremeemotional stress. Once the healing process iscomplete, homeostasis returns your body to astate of vibrant and essential balance – withoutthe damaging effects of excess inflammation.Sometimes, the body can’theal itselfThere are times, however, when yourbody cannot heal itself, because runawayinflammation prevents homeostasis fromrebuilding your cells. Runaway inflammationand free radicals (unstable molecules whichare also damaging to cells) are the resultof the body’s exposure to toxins, directtrauma, nutrient deficiencies and stress. Acell overwhelmed by inflammation may bedamaged beyond repair, causing the cell toprematurely die. Damaged, dead cells must be1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  1111  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comNopalea,abreakthroughinwellnessdrinksNopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.994-Pack SavingsNopalea™4-Pack#33400Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99Try this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blendof rare antioxidants called Betalains and other healthfulnutrients. Taking Nopalea daily can help your body:• Lessen inflammation • Promote optimal healthwhich causes pain right down to your cells• Cleanse itself • Protect againstof daily toxins premature agingDrink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.removed from the body or they will becomethe focus of infection and illness. So how canwe remove these dead cells, and protect ourhealthy cells against excess inflammation?Betalains to the “rescue”There’s a group of special nutrients designed tobalance inflammation. If you’ve taken Nopalea,you’ve probably heard of its main ingredient,Betalains. These are a class of antioxidants thathelp rescue cells by helping your body put outthe fire of free radicals. Toxins are then drainedaway from the cell, and Betalains seep into thecell, reinforcing and returning it to good health.Betalains also help a special immune systemcell called a macrophage (meaning “big eater”)to engulf any dead or diseased cells in the bodythat cannot be repaired. The macrophages helpeliminate the dead cells from your body.Daily servings of Nopalea will provide you withthe Betalains that help relieve inflammationand rescue cells under attack by free radicals.Further, Betalains act to clean up the dead cellsand help protect against them becoming a targetfor illness or sickness. Betalains help you thriveas they help your body control inflammation andsupport the wonder of homeostasis.The more we can protect our body from assaultand help detoxify and rebuild our cells, thehealthier we can live, and the more gracefullywe may age. We now know that the body’sexposure to toxins, direct trauma, nutrientdeficiencies and stress can cause runawayinflammation and free radical damage. TheBetalains in Nopalea can help protect your bodyagainst toxicity and reduce inflammation thatcan lead to grave illnesses. Read the amazing stories on pages 16-17 abouthow Nopalea is changing lives.What is the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?TheNopaleaWellnessChallengewascreatedtoshowthepowerofNopaleainhelpingthebodyreducechronicinflammationquickly.CompletingaNopaleaLoadingPhasecanhelpeasethe“fire”raginginourbodies.PutyourselftotheChallengetoday!• Drink3to6ouncesofchilledNopaleaeachdayfor30days.• FillouttheNopaleaChallengeForm,whichwillbeincludedinyourfirstNopaleaorder,totrackyourprogressduringtheChallenge.• ReadTheSecretKillerHealthAlert,alsoincludedinyourfirstNopaleaorder.• Experienceincrediblewellness.Shareyourstorywithusbyemailingto:story@trivita.com.Why a Nopalea Loading Phase?WhentakingNopaleaforthefirsttime,drink3to6ounceseachday,for30days.ThisLoadingPhaseissuggestedtohelpyourbodycontainandcontroltheinflammationithasaccrued.Afterall,yourbody’sstateofinflammationdidnothappenovernight.Imaginethatexcessinflammationisspreadinglikeaforestfireinyourbody,andit’soutofcontrol.BycompletingaLoadingPhaseofNopalea,youcanhelpeasethefireofinflammationmorequicklybyacceleratingthecleansinganddetoxificationprocess,thereforehelpingtocontaintheinflammation.Formaintenance,drink1to3ounceseachday,butagain,thisdependsuponyourbody’sinflammation-fightingneeds.Nopaleaisfoodbased,sotakingmorecanbebeneficialtoyou,asyouarefeedingyourbodythenutrientsitneedstohelpreducerunawayinflammation.Betalain antioxidants play a vital role in rebuilding vitalityHowNopalea™aidsinthehealingprocess
  12. 12. Cholesterol and Heart Attacks“Good” cholesterol?We use the relative values ofLDL (“bad”) cholesterol andHDL (“good”) cholesterolto determine where we stand in termsof disease risk. Unfortunately, thesenumbers are misleading in half of thecases, leading to a false sense of alarmor security.Cholesterol serves as the raw material fromwhich your body makes many hormones.Vitamin D is made from cholesterol andmany life-ending diseases are associatedwith a deficiency of Vitamin D.In truth, all cholesterol is good in the properbalance – even LDL! Cholesterol-rich tissuessuch as brain cells rely on the fats deliveredby LDL in order to function at their best. LDLbrings the cholesterol from the liver to theplace where it is needed; HDL carries unusedcholesterol back to the liver for storage, recyclingor excretion.Why cholesterol levels rise• Increased demandThe most common reason why cholesterollevels rise is to supply an increased demand.Once your needs have been met, your bodyshould reduce cholesterol production.However, with unrelenting stress andunyielding demands on our limited resources,the message to stop producing cholesterolmay never get through.• StressStress is one common reason why cholesterollevels rise.• Low-fiber dietAnother reason cholesterol levels rise is thatwe eat a low-fiber diet. Cholesterol is recycledfrom the liver through the bile into theintestines and back to the liver. In a diet withminimum fiber levels the excess levels ofcholesterol will be absorbed and eliminated.In low-fiber diets the cholesterol is reabsorbedand recycled. The system becomes “closed”and levels rise.• HypercholesterolemiaA third, less common reason for elevatedcholesterol levels is fatal familial hypercholes-terolemia – a rare genetic condition thatcauses cholesterol levels to rise uncontrollably.Statin medications were designed to combatthis condition.Determining your riskAs mentioned at the outset, cholesterol levelsalone do not serve us very well as determinantsof heart attack risk. Homocysteine (HCY) levelsare much more accurate in predicting who is atrisk, and C-Reactive protein (CRP) is the bestpredictor for heart attack (as well as many otherreally bad conditions!).Learn more about these and other wellness topics by dialing in to the Wellness Talksand signing up for Weekly Wellness Reports. Call 1-800-991-7116 today!Learn how to take control of your health and stay on top of criticalhealth issues with the Weekly Wellness Report and Wellness Talks.Below is just one example of what you might read or hear. Sign up forthe email today and call in every week!Brazos MinshewTriVita Chief Science Officer12  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comTriVita is a communityTwo ways to enjoy FREE Member Exclusives that help
  13. 13. Call toll-free to order1-800-991-7116.• HCY Guard has been clinicallyproven to lower dangeroushomocysteine levels 30-40%in just 42 days.• Taken daily, HCY Guard ensuresthat you continue to maintainhealthy homocysteine levels.• HCY Guard has an exclusive blendof nutrients, specifically chosenfor their ability to protect againsthomocysteine escaping intoyour bloodstream.HCY Guard®#30460Non-Member $29.99Member $23.99Redeem with 240 VitaPointsBuy oneHCY Guardget second one50% OFFgood through 8-31-10HelpreducetheriskofdegenerativediseasesbytakingHCYGuarddailyJust dial in for potentialtopics that include:• Cholesterol – How it rises• Product questions• Healthy blood pressure• Healthy heart• 10 Essentials – how they affectyour quality of life• And much more!Join the live call…it’s easy and FREE…just dial in!Look for your emailedreport on vital healthtopics.Brazos Minshew has created aWeekly Wellness Report filledwith critical health information.His interesting, easy-to-understandarticles are written exclusively forthe Weekly Wellness Report andemailed to TriVita Members whohave a valid email address on file.Weekly Wellness topicsinclude:• Successful weight loss• Natural ways to helpimprove vision• Effective stress reduction• Healthy aging• And more!Call 1-800-991-7116 today to receiveyour FREE info-packed, email report!Days: Tuesdays – SaturdaysStart time: 7 a.m. PST/ 10 a.m. ESTLength of call: Approximately 15 min.Phone number: 1-866-739-2952Call passcode: 219192#Get dialed in to good health!Email your product-related questions towellnesstalks@trivita.com and BrazosMinshew may address them in futureWellness Talks.Want to stay updated and informed ona range of vital health topics? It’s easy,either by phone or email, with weeklyreports from Brazos Minshew, TriVita’s Chief ScienceOfficer. You’ll also learn about the science behindvarious TriVita products and how they can help youand people you know.1. Weekly Wellness Talks 2. Weekly Wellness Reports1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  13of Wellness Seekers!youonyourjourneytowellness–byPhoneandEmail
  14. 14. 14  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comIf the idea of going back to schoolappeals to you, some other ideasmay come up that aren’t soappealing. Maybe you think you’re“too old,” or don’t have the money, ordon’t have transportation to a campus.In any of those cases, think fresh:today there are options for students ofany age, senior discounts (sometimeseven free tuition), and online classesyou can attend in your pajamas.Today, education is for everyone. The U.S.Department of Education estimates that 90million people take part in some form of adulteducation each year, including training andbasic education offered outside traditional highereducation. To serve this immense market, mostcolleges have structured programs and servicesspecifically for adult learners. Forty percent ofAmerican college students, or almost six millionpeople, are 25 years of age or older.Reading, writing and reduced (or no) feesAbout 60% of accredited, degree-granting schoolsoffer tuition waivers for older adults, according toa November 2008 survey by the AmericanCouncil on Education. Yet fewer than 50 studentsat each school that runs such a program tookadvantage of it around the time of the survey.The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,for example, had 21 seniors enrolled in its tuitionwaiver program, and 30 participated at theUniversity of Virginia.Why don’t more people take advantage of thefree tuition? The requirements can be an obstacle.The waivers often depend on space availabilityand sometimes require permission from theinstructor. And at some colleges, tuition waiversare restricted to credit-bearing courses, while atothers only noncredit courses qualify. Some statesalso have an income cap for eligible participantsand require proof of state residency,documentation of retirement and a highschool diploma. Colleges that don’t offertuition waivers sometimes providetuition discounts to seniors.It may or may not matter to you whetherthe school you’re interested in isaccredited, which means that it’s beenevaluated against standard measurementsof quality by a recognized organization.To find a searchable database of schoolsthat are accredited by recognized U.S.organizations, visit the web site for theCouncil for Higher Education at:chea.org/search/default.asp.Online courses: 24/7 learningIf you’re not able to attend classes inperson, or just prefer not to, onlinecourses are a practical option. Somewell-known universities such as Stanfordand Yale allow anyone to audit courses (you sit inon the course without earning a grade) online,free of charge. Other colleges waive online coursefees just for state residents above a certain age.While there are often costs for books and lab fees,the savings in tuition costs alone can beenormous. And there’s an added plus for the shy:you get to think about your comments andquestions in the privacy of your home insteadof risking looking silly in public.So however you choose to keep on learning, lettoday’s options make your choice an easier one,whatever your age, income or personal situation.At any age, school can be an optionTry a “just-for-fun” classYou don’t need to be a “serious” student to take up atopic or activity you’ve always wanted to try. Whetherit’s a short course in pottery-making, a weekly sessionof swing dancing or an introduction to conversationalFrench, you’ll probably find lots of options locally.Check with your community college or groups likethe YMCA and community centers.Community colleges are an especially good resourcefor mature adults. According to the AmericanCouncil on Education, about half of college-goingadults age 50 and older attend community colleges,primarily for fun, to connect with other people, andto retrain for a new career. What’s more, 84% ofcommunity colleges offer courses specifically forstudents age 50+, according to a recent survey of 204community colleges by the American Association ofCommunity Colleges (AACC).Be kind to your mind: learn!
  15. 15. 1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  15Imagine yourself waking up every day without worrying about gettingready for work, commuting long hours or answering to a boss. Thisdream has already become a reality to millions of people who havetheir direct sales or home-based business.Because of his success as an Affiliate Member, Mike Riedmiller recentlyresigned his corporate position. “TriVita isn’t just a side business for me,” hesays. “I have a multi-million dollar business in my hands that I can build asbig as I choose.”Why are so many people giving up the so-called security of the “9 to 5”life and profiting from their own initiative? There are a number of reasons.Many people are tired of dead-end jobs or feel that they’re not being fairlycompensated for their work. Others don’t want to have to answer to theirboss every day and some prefer to spend more time with their family. Addin long commutes, the high cost of gas, diminishing job security and amultitude of other reasons, and it’s no wonder that people are deciding tobecome their own bosses.Make sure to consider these important factors when searching for alegitimate direct sales business opportunity. The company must:• Have very good products or services to promote• Be in good standing with business regulatory agencies• Send paychecks out at least once per month on time• Have been successfully in business for at least three years• Offer great support, training and leadershipThey’re thrilled to leave the corporate rat race and enjoy more freedomWhysomanypeoplearegivingupthe “9to5”lifeTriVita Affiliate Members, Mike and Carisa Riedmiller and family.Affiliate Members explain the advantages of theirdirect sales businesses“I lost a job that I had held for over 25 years in corporate America with acommercial insurance company. I made a very good salary and I wasthe bread winner for our family, so that was pretty devastating. Now thatI’m a TriVita Affiliate Member Im really looking forward to a prosperousfuture where I’m my own boss.”– Denise W., Affiliate Member – Oldsmar, FL“Although I enjoyed solid financial success as a business owner, I paid theprice. The downside was grueling work days, lots of financial uncertaintyand over five years without a vacation. Becoming a TriVita AffiliateMember is one of the best business moves I’ve ever made. I can finallyenjoy life on my own terms.”– Michael B., Affiliate Member – Birmingham, AL“With my TriVita business I am my own boss. There’s no one hovering overme, no unrealistic sales quotas and I have the flexibility to grow my busi-ness at my own speed.” – Sara W., Affiliate Member – Hunnewell, MO“TriVita has freed me from the ‘9 to 5’ grind. I was wary of companies thatoverpromised and under-delivered. My husband and I are already enjoyingour second income, and we plan on becoming financially independentwithin several years.” – Tula S., Affiliate Member – Revelstoke, BC“Our TriVita business isn’t work – it’s fun. It’s the best business anyonecould be in, and it allows us to help people find health and wealth.”– Cody Marty R., Affiliate Members – Prescott Valley, AZ“I had worked in the corporate world for 18 years in a very high-stress job.Now I enjoy a short commute from the bedroom to my office and I candictate my own schedule.”– Bryan W., Affiliate Member – Colorado Springs, COIf you’d like to find out about becoming a TriVita Affiliate, see page30 or call 1-800-TRIVITA (874-8482). It’s easy and FREE.There are no guarantees regarding income. Like any other business, success or failure dependson participants’ own skills and effort.success stories
  16. 16. 16  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comThe Nopalea Wellness ChallengeLook what Nopalea™ has done forRemarkable stories (and wellnessbenefits) worth sharing!What is the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?The Nopalea Wellness Challenge was createdto show the power of Nopalea in helping thebody reduce chronic inflammation quickly.Completing a Nopalea Loading Phase canhelp ease the “fire” raging in our bodies. Putyourself to the Challenge today!• Drink 3 to 6 ounces of chilled Nopaleaeach day for 30 days.• Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form,which will be included in your firstNopalea order, to track your progressduring the Challenge.• Read The Secret Killer Health Alert, alsoincluded in your first Nopalea order.• Experience incredible wellness. Call andshare your story with us by emailing to:story@trivita.com.Jessica B. – El Paso, TX Cody and Marty R. – Prescott, AZ“Nopalea is like a miracle in a bottle.”“Nopalea has given me my life back. At the ageof 15, I was diagnosed with inflammation of thepancreas and a disorder which causes mucusaccumulation and breathing problems. It hasbeen a very difficult and long road with theseconditions, because they are not curable,just treatable. I have been on a variety ofmedications with serious side effects. Theyrobbed me of energy, caused me to look badand made me very sick.Before Nopalea I was always tired and never ableto keep up with my own two-year-old son. Thatalso made me depressed. Now I feel great, look atlife in a different way and wish everybody couldfeel the same way that I do! If you havent triedthis wonderful, natural, ‘life-enhancer’ I recom-mend Nopalea to everybody, because even if youdo not suffer from any pain it replenishes yourbody and mind. Since being on Nopalea, my hair,skin and nails are beautiful again which isamazing because the pain medications robbed mybody of nutrients. My body feels 110% better andto me Nopalea is like a miracle in a bottle.*”Jessica B., Member – El Paso, TXBetter wellness, better healthand just plain better lives:that’s the bottom line forthe people whose Nopalea storiespour into TriVita every day. Whatwill your story be? Take theNopalea Wellness Challengeand see for yourself.“We are doing everything we can do todayto avoid major health problems tomorrow.”“Nopalea isn’t just another fad product. It’s thereal deal and we are one hundred percent sold onit. This product appeals to people of all ages andif you are alive, you are going to see a significanthealth benefit from Nopalea. We both take itdaily and know that it’s helping us neutralizedangerous toxins and lower inflammation, whichcan lead to a host of serious conditions. We’veseen firsthand how debilitating chronic pain canbe, and we are doing everything we can do todayto avoid major health problems tomorrow.”We get a special pleasure from recommendingNopalea to friends and family. For example, weknow a young lady who suffers from a serious skincondition. Nothing seemed to work, but after shetried Nopalea, her skin showed dramatic improve-ment. Our next-door neighbor has chronicallystiff, swollen and painful joints, and after takingNopalea every day for a short period he was ableto flex his knuckles, something he couldn’t do fora long time.One of our relatives had a double hip replace-ment. We sent him a case of Nopalea. Afterone week, he told us that he didn’t havenearly as much pain in his hip and could nowwalk normally.”Cody and Marty R., Affiliate Members –Prescott, AZ
  17. 17. them – how about you too? Ed M. – Goldendale, WA Frank H. – Houston, TX Linda Z. – Winkler, MB“You have turned a skeptic into atrue believer.”“I recently became a TriVita Member afterfinding that I am just not comfortable withoutits products. I have suffered for many years withsevere, constant shoulder pain. I have gonethrough months of physical therapy and painmedications, none of which helped the situationmuch. Last summer my sister sent me a NopaleaGift of Health. I have to say I was a seriousnon-believer, but at this point I was not sleeping,and willing to take a shot at trying anything thatmight help. I tried Nopalea and it seemed to behelping, but I didn’t notice anything spectacular.At the end of 30 days I felt okay and it seemed asthough I was starting to sleep a little easier. Butonce the Nopalea ran out I just stopped taking it.That’s when I realized what it had done for me.After not being on it for two weeks, the pain(that I hadn’t noticed was gone before) was back,and I headed into the sleep deprivation spiral.Needless to say I ordered another bottle.Now I am on the autoship plan and spreading theword to others about what Nopalea has done forme. I still have times when I forget to take itregularly; however, after just a few days I start tofeel my shoulder pain again and I get right backon Nopalea. I would hate to think how I wouldstill feel had I not tried it. You have turned askeptic into a true believer.*”Ed M., Affiliate Member – Goldendale, WA“The people I have given Nopalea to areoverjoyed with the product, its taste andeffectiveness.” “It took me 10 years and much wasted time withother companies before I discovered TriVita. Itsproducts are in high demand and I’ve found thecompany itself and its services very dependable.When I received my first shipment of Nopalea Irealized the huge potential this product has withanyone who suffers from pain and inflammation.The presentation of this product is itself a master-piece of marketing which serves to herald theexquisite taste of the rich flavoured nopal nectarwithin. I look forward to each delivery.The people I have given Nopalea to are overjoyedwith the product, its taste and effectiveness. Likeme, they love Nopalea. The success of SonoranBloom Nopalea is amazing. If you haven’t consid-ered taking the Challenge, I urge you and yourfriends to do so. Thank you TriVita!”Frank H., Affiliate Member – Houston, TX“I was elated to see that the numbers hadgone down substantially.”“I was diagnosed with a condition that causedinflammation of the liver. I was told then that myblood work had been out of whack for five years.That is when I decided to try Nopalea for thisinflammation problem, as well as painful arches.I love to walk so I had to do something. Aftertaking Nopalea, the arches in my feet became lesspainful, so that was good. Then I had to find outabout the liver. The enzyme numbers had gonefrom 150 to 449 in one year. I decided to take theNopalea and see what my blood tests showed nexttime around. After two months more lab workwas done and I was elated to see that the numbershad gone down substantially. I know that I’m onthe right track.I also had a severe coughing problem. I havetried many things with little success, butNopalea helped reduce the coughing. I justhave to be patient, as my body didn’t get towhere it is overnight. Since I have only beenon this wellness journey for a short time I amvery hopeful that my health is going to geteven better.”Linda Z., Affiliate Member – Winkler, MB*You should not stop taking any medication without firstconsulting your healthcare provider.1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  17
  18. 18. 18  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comTheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellnessA purposeful life decreases the risk of Alzheimer’sChicago, IllinoisHaving a purpose in life is associated with a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease, mild cognitive(mental) impairment, and a slower rate of cognitive decline, it was reported in Archives of General Psychiatry.In the study, over 900 people in senior housing facilities and residences – who did not have dementia at the outsetof the study – were followed for 4-7 years. At the beginning of the study, they were given a survey to measure theirsense of purpose, and received annual clinical evaluations. Overall, 16.3% of participants developed Alzheimer’s.Researchers found that greater purpose in life substantially reduced the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, in additionto a reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment and a slower rate of cognitive decline.Too much overtime can hurt your heartLondon, EnglandOvertime work adversely affects coronary health, according to a recent study in the European Heart Journal.Researchers followed 6,014 British civil servants for an average of 11 years and found that 3-4 hours of overtimework per day was associated with a 60% higher risk of heart problems. The risk was independent of other heartdisease risk factors such as smoking and obesity.Spending time with friends – not family – makes for a happier retirementStratford-upon-Avon, EnglandSpending time with friends contributes more to a happy retirement than spending time with family, it wasreported at the 2010 British Psychological Society Annual Conference.Researchers from the University of Greenwich recruited 249 retirees through a retirement website andonline newsletter. Volunteers answered questions regarding marital status, children, friends and overallsatisfaction with life.“Our most surprising finding was that retirees who had children and grandchildren were no more satisfied withlife than the retirees without them. Being active in social groups was strongly correlated with higher levels oflife satisfaction, however,” said study leader Dr. Oliver Robinson from the University of Greenwich’s School ofHealth Social Care.Higher levels of life satisfaction were also reported by retirees who were married or in long-term relationships,and by those whose partners were also retired.Yoga may help you watch what you eatSeattle, WashingtonYoga increases mindful eating, which can lead to less weight gain over time, say researchers at the FredHutchinson Cancer Research Center.“In…[an]… earlier study, we found that middle-age people who practice yoga gained less weight over a 10-yearperiod than those who did not. This was independent of physical activity and dietary patterns. We hypothesizedthat mindfulness – a skill learned either directly or indirectly through yoga – could affect eating behavior,” saidAlan Kristal, Dr.P.H., associate head of the Cancer Prevention Program at the Hutchinson Center.To test their theory, researchers developed a Mindful Eating Questionnaire which measured when and howpeople ate: when they were full, in response to environmental cues, as an emotional response, etc. More than300 people from yoga studios, weight loss programs and similar venues answered the questionnaire; higherscores on the questionnaire were associated with a lower BMI (body mass index).  
  19. 19. 1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  19YourTriVitaproductsuccesscouldbringyouupto $125inTriVitaGiftCards!*1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  19Which TriVita products have helped you enjoy greater wellness?Perhaps now you’re living healthier, with more energy, less pain,increased vitality… in short, living better. Tell us about it, and helpothers enjoy greater wellness, too! Share your success story about anyof TriVitas quality products and you could receive a $25 TriVita Gift Card.*Beginning August 15, 2010, just email your product success story to:story@trivita.com, or mail to: TriVita Inc., Attn: Story, 16100 N. GreenwayHayden Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Once we get your signedrelease, well send you a $25 TriVita Gift Card as a thank you.As a double bonus - If we feature your newly submitted story in oneof our upcoming publications, youll receive an additional one-time$100 in TriVita Gift Cards. Thats $125 in TriVita Gift Cards!Dont miss out on this limited time opportunity!TriVita Gift Cards are good for any TriVita products. Gift Cards are non-refundable andnot redeemable for cash. The value of the card will not be replaced if the card is lost or stolen.Gift Cards are subject to local, governmental and TriVita current terms.I shouldve thought of that! Inventions that have changed the worldTest your knowledge ofinventions and inven-tors with the quizbelow. Maybe it willinspire you to createthe next big thing!1 Rene TheophileHyacinthe Laennec hasbeen called the father of thoracic medicine anddeveloped an early version of this medical devicethat makes it easier to listen to a patient’s heart.2 This invention for keeping papers togetherreceived a patent in 1841; the paper clip waspatented 58 years later.3 The British and Americans beganworking on this technology near the end ofWorld War I and were able to use it effectivelyin World War II:a. Radarb. Sonar4 This system of reading and writing forthe blind was first published in book form in1829, but wasn’t widely taught until almost40 years later.5 Greatly interested in making concentratedfood products, Gail Borden, Jr. received a patentin 1853 for the process of evaporating milk byvacuum. The resulting product was a commercialsuccess and is still available on grocery storeshelves today. What did he invent?6 Originally called a “clasp locker,”this device, patented in 1893, needed somerefinements before showing up on clothing,footwear and carrying cases. (Hint: Its currentname comes from the sound it makes.)7 Before the Model T ever hit the streets,Mary Anderson patented a device for makingdriving more convenient. She was awardeda patent in 1905 for this handy invention:a. Rearview mirrorb. Windshield wiperc. Glove compartmentd. Headlight8 This toy was launched in 1958, and over25 million units sold within two months. Whatis this toy, named after a Hawaiian dance and theshape of the toy itself?9 This French deep-sea explorer co-inventedthe aqua-lung, which is now an integral partof SCUBA gear. He wrote multiple books, hada documentary television show and received40 Emmy nominations and three Oscars forhis documentaries.10 In 1900, Bayer was awarded a U.S. patent forthis medicine derived from willow trees. However,after World War I, Bayer was stripped of thepatent rights as part of the Treaty of Versailles.Today, millions of these popular pain-relief tabletsare sold each year.Answers:1.Stethoscope2.Stapler3.B4.Braille5.Condensedmilk6.Zipper7.B8.Hulahoop9.JacquesCousteau10.AspirinLimited time offer!
  20. 20. Leanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!OneFREEBag ofChews20  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comMix‘n’MatchSpecial!BuyanyLeanologyitem,getanysecondLeanologyitemat50%OFF!*STEP 1:Fat burning capsules for“losing the bulge”Leanology®WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews for snack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakes for low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shake(2 lbs – 30 servings)Flavors: Chocolate and VanillaNon-Member $68.99Member $54.99Redeem with 550 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:• 1bottleofWeightLossCapsules• 1container(30servings)ofNutritionalShake(chooseflavor)• 2bags(1FREE)ofAppetiteControlChewsLimited Timeonly!*Good on single Leanology products only (3-Step ValuePack excluded). Second item at 50% savings must be ofequal or lesser value.The process of shedding extra poundsdoesn’t only happen at the diningtable. By planning ahead and makingsmart choices at the grocery store, you cansuccessfully reach your goals. Follow thesesimple tips to find healthier foods that canhelp you lose weight.Don’t go when you’re hungryOutside stimuli such as smells and sights cantrigger your brain to “turn on” hunger cravings.So, shop only after a good, balanced meal.Plan your mealsChoose several times during the week to sitand plan your grocery list, shop and prepareyour food. By deciding what you will eat aheadof time, you can avoid impulse purchases.Shop the perimetersIt’s no secret that many grocery stores stockthe least healthy foods in the most heavily-trafficked center aisles. That’s where you’llfind processed foods loaded with preservatives,sodium, sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.You can avoid this “danger zone” by shoppingfor foods around the perimeter of the store,where you’ll find healthy protein, eggs,vegetables and fruit.Pick produceSpend the most time in the produce section,generally the first area you encounter in mostgrocery stores – and usually the largest. Choosea rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables.These colors reflect the different vitamin,mineral and nutritional content of eachfruit or vegetable.Choose the least processed foods that aremade from whole grainsFor example, regular oatmeal is better thaninstant oatmeal. When choosing whole graincereals, look for at least four grams of fiber perserving, and with minimal sugar.Use the factsThe Nutrition Facts panel on the food labelis a helpful guide to making healthy choices.Using the Nutrition Facts is important whenshopping to compare foods and find the actualnutritional content of foods. When reading theNutrition Facts panel, remember to:Keep these low:• Saturated fats• Trans fats• Cholesterol• SodiumLook for more of these:• Fiber• Vitamins A, C E• Calcium, potassium, magnesiumand ironWatch your budgetStay within your budget by going online orchecking out newspaper ads to see who hasthe healthiest foods on sale. Also, look forlocal farmers markets and farms that sell directto the public.Remember, by strongly exercising your power tomake healthy, good shopping choices, you’ll betaking the all-important first step toward awell-balanced diet.  Inthemarketto loseweight?Plan ahead for weightloss success whengrocery shopping“Ive already lost53 pounds...”I had been trying to loseweight for 10 years, butI kept gaining it back.Last summer I decided togive Leanology a try. It is the easiest thingIve ever done. Ive already lost 53 poundsand the weight is coming off at a verysteady pace.”John M., Affiliate Member – Machias, NY
  21. 21. On My Mind continued from page 3...TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have partneredto provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water.• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas.• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life.• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of life.Your tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last year,we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!Want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy to takeyour tax-deductible donation along with your order.You can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSuite 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260You can make alasting differenceYour contribution will touch countless lives1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  21We value your feedback.Please send your comments to: editor@vitajournal.comor mail to Editor, c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. GreenwayHayden Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260Pam Knox, Editor of PublicationsArticle from Michael Ellisoncontinued from page 2...I turned around to go back to the basket only to see two baskets rather than just one. I struggled to get each of them out of the dirt and onto the sidewalkwhere I could line them up, and then proceeded to parade them across the back of the building and in through the front door of the store. I wanted toditch them along the way, but God kept prompting me to take them all the way. I’ll have to admit I felt a little embarrassed as I was struggling to keepthem together and hoped no one was watching. However, once I completed the task, I felt confident that I had obeyed God in something so small andwhat seemed trivial.I’m not saying this to brag as there are probably more times than not that I let external forces prevent me from making the right choices to reflect myinternal values. The good news is that God still talks to me, and for that I’m grateful not to be a lost cause!the point of obesity. If they believe they should lose weight and makesome effort but the weight returns, they will find an adjustment totheir belief. They work too hard and too long and don’t have thetime to exercise. Then, the added weight becomes acceptable. NowI know I have entered the land where even angels fear to tread! Butplease know, I ask myself these same questions as a wellness seeker.What thoughts and beliefs do I embrace that hold me back fromliving with optimal wellness?If we desire to live with optimal wellness to live out our life purposes,we must challenge our beliefs and our behaviors, and bring theminto alignment with wellness principles. We must seek out morethan a treatment for our ailments; we must embrace the idea andconcept of optimal wellness rather than just disease treatment andprevention. By adjusting our beliefs about the possibilities for livingwith optimal wellness we will find our behaviors aligning towardsthose beliefs, and the practice of the 10 Essentials for Health andWellness to be our daily inspirational guide.I love the VitaJournal as it offers opportunities for us to explorenew ideas to enhance the wellness seekers’ experience, as well asinspirational tips for daily healthy living. In this August issue weexplore homocysteine. I urge you to read the article on pages 4-5and be aware of homocysteine as another important marker thatindicates certain health risks. Additional markers such as yourC-reactive protein, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol andothers can also help determine your state of health. At your nextcheck-up, talk to your healthcare provider about getting theseimportant markers tested.May you pursue health and wellness with passion and purpose!Michael Ellison, CEO FounderP.S. Check out my blog at blog.sonoranbloom.com as I featureamazing stories of Affiliates who are sharing the wellness benefitsof Nopalea with others.
  22. 22. Life is a daring adventure…or nothing. – Helen KellerJudy Ellison, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author andmotivational speaker. She has inspired people aroundthe world to reach within and find their passionatepurpose to live a more meaningful life.22  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comNot long agoone of mybest friendsand confidantewent on a vacationto Italy for 10 days.Mo and I confidein each other about everythingin our lives. After she returnedhome, we went out for dinnerand sat for hours pouring outour souls. I can’t imagine mylife without her in it.It was that night that I realized Iam a wealthy woman. Not inmoney, possessions or property, butI am rich in friends. Over the years,I’ve collected friends for manydifferent reasons – for advice, forcompanionship, for stimulatingconversation, for fun, for laughter,for understanding, for arguing, forbalance and for feedback.However, there is a caveat – to have best friendsrequires a significant investment of time, effort,care, unconditional love and acceptance. Ineconomic terms that is why true friendship isa rare commodity. Very few people are willingto make that kind of an investment.Although most people can make you a “list”of their friends, when it comes right down to it,most of us will admit that we have only one ortwo best friends.Friends key to a longer, healthier lifeMaybe you need proof that friends are worth theinvestment of your time and energy. Fortunately,there have been numerous research studiesconducted on the subject that prove friends area necessity and not a luxury.The New York Times published an article last yearthat asked the question “What are friends for?”The answer may surprise you. Many of us are veryconcerned about our health and well-being. Welook to allopathic (traditional) and naturopathicdoctors, self-help books and supplements to helpus have a better quality of life. But did you knowthat your most powerful ally for fighting illnessand depression, slowing the aging process andprolonging life may be your friends?The following studies listed in the article provedthe value of having close friends. In 2006, a studyconducted with 3,000 nurses who had breastcancer found that the women without closefriends were four times as likely to die from thedisease as women with 10 or more friends. In asix-year study of 736 middle-aged Swedish men,attachment to a single person didn’t seem toaffect the risk of heart attack or fatal coronaryheart disease, but having friendships did. Anda 10-year-old Australian study found that olderpeople with a large circle of friends were 22% lesslikely to die during the study period than thosewith fewer friends. It appears equally importantfor men as well as women to have best friends.The value of friendshipIf you are fortunate to have people in your lifethat you consider to be your best friends, taketime to let them know how valuable theirfriendship is to you. Call, write, email or textand let them know how much you appreciatethem. Never overlook the value we gain fromour friendships. Your friends may add yearsonto your life.Judy Ellison, Ph.D.by Dr. JudyBest friends:good for your health,good for your lifeMany people will walk in and outof your life, but only true friendswill leave footprints in your heart.- Anonymous
  23. 23. your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20By Chaplain Gene HendersonThe blissful balance of“Optimal Spirituality”Gene HendersonI was inspired, as so manywere, by Michael Ellison’sthoughts on “OptimalWellness” in last month’sVitaJournal. TriVita’s CEOwrote about taking well-being to a whole new level,where we disregard the ideaof wellness as a destination.Instead, he wrote, OptimalWellness means elevating the state we’re in, sothat our ongoing state of being embraces the bestwe can be physically, emotionally and spiritually.This started me thinking about “OptimalSpirituality.” What might this be, and how couldwe enter this state of being? Acknowledging thatit might be different things for different people,I’d like to explore this idea in some detail.The “sweet spot” of God’s graceThink of the three aspects of life as circles. Labelthem “Body,” “Mind (emotion)” and “Spirit.”Now let them overlap each other, so that inthe center, they share a space. That space isstrong, anchoring the three aspects. The morewe operate in that “sweet spot,” the more we’refully balanced, and the more we live in a state ofgrace. In this spot, we’re operating optimallyas God’s temple.To understand how we might dwell in that sweetspot, we need to look first at all three aspectsof life separately.The body: God gives us all the things we needfor our physical health: vegetables, fruits, meats,grains, water and nutrients to fuel the body andhelp it do its amazing work. When we get enoughsleep and exercise, we improve our body (temple),therefore honoring God.The mind: This includes our emotions, ourintellect and our process of thinking. A keyaspect here is self-talk – the messages we giveourselves day in and day out. Are we utteringto ourselves God-thoughts of a blessed futureand full life, or talking ourselves down in defeatand victimhood? Self-talk can be a powerfulforce: are you sending yourself positive ornegative messages?The spirit: This is “the God factor” in our being.To honor the God factor in ourselves, we need tobe in the Word, and to read the Word, on aregular basis. Most importantly, we need tobelieve. When the intellect says, “No way,you’ve never done that before,” a person strongin the Word will believe that the plans Godhas for him are all good – even if circumstancessay the opposite.When we balance these aspects, we can live inand through that wonderful sweet spot.Internal values, external forcesAnother point that Michael made in his explora-tion of Optimal Wellness also applies to OptimalSpirituality: the idea of being internally- andexternally-driven. “Optimal Wellness… does notdepend on external conditions or feelings in theway you live your life…” he wrote. In many ways,the same notion applies to Optimal Spirituality.In my work as a chaplain, I counsel peoplestruggling with addiction who wrestle with thisinternal/external question. I tell them that ifyou’re externally-driven, when someone offersyou a drug or a drink, you may crave theirapproval so much that you deny your ownwell-being, and accept. You’re putting yourself atthe mercy of circumstance. On the other hand,if you’re internally-driven, you walk away.What will you choose, when it’s time to take abrisk walk but a good TV show is on? When youcould pack yourself a healthy lunch but insteadgrab some drive-through fast food? When youdislike tasteless jokes, but everyone else islaughing? It’s all our choice, every day.Just as with Optimal Wellness, OptimalSpirituality is not a destination, but a journey.It is a state of being connected to God andHis purpose for your life. May your journeybe blessed.   August 2010  l  23“Do you not know that your bodyis a temple… received from God?You are not your own; you werebought at a price. Thereforehonor God with your body.”– 1 Corinthians 6:19-20Dwelling where body, mind and spirit convergeJust as with Optimal Wellness, Optimal Spiritualityis not a destination, but a journey.
  24. 24. 24  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com“I personally feel that Adaptogen 10Plus helped me stop smoking.”“I am generally a pretty stressed out person. If Iam even two minutes late, I can feel my face gethot. I am also an ex-smoker. I quit smoking aboutthe time I tried Adaptogen 10 Plus for the firsttime. I really liked the taste. I personally feel thatAdaptogen 10 Plus helped me stop smoking, orat least helped my body deal with the stress ofwithdrawal. I still take Adaptogen 10 Plus two tothree times a week, and feel great (my lungs aredoing a lot better too)! Now I am suggesting theproduct to my friends.”Jonathan C., Member – East York, ON“I truly love life!I give much of thecredit for this toTriVita’s HCY Guard.”“I started taking HCYGuard after hearing aboutthe harmful side effects ofhigh homocysteine levels.In the early months of 2003, I was diagnosed witha condition which causes an erratic, irregularheartbeat. For the next six months, my heart raceduncontrollably from early morning until long afterI had fallen asleep each night. It felt as if my heartwas going to jump right out of my chest – all daylong! I could barely work up the energy to walkdown the hall to the bathroom. I tried acupunctureand alternative treatments as well, but to no avail.I work full-time and am on my feet eight hours aday. I’ve been told many times that I’m one of themost energetic, positive and upbeat people and Itruly love life! I give much of the credit for this toTriVita’s HCY Guard.”Tiffany T., Affiliate Member – San Jose, CA“For the past4 years I have beenpain free.”“I’m a machine operatorand a deep sea fishermanwho was having seriousback problems.My joints were in so much pain that I didntknow what to do. Then after I received the TriVitacatalog in the mail I decided to order TriVita’sOmegaPrime. After taking the entire bottle Inoticed that I could do things that before posedproblems. For the past four years I have beenpain free. I have recommended TriVita productsto friends and family and they’ve worked for all ofthem. Many thanks to TriVita for their wonderfulselection of products.”Oswald C., Member – Scarborough, ON“Sublingual B-12is a godsend –the answer tomy prayers.”“TriVita Sublingual B-12saved my marriage. Myhusband had becomedepressed and angry. He was a different man fromthe one I married. He lost focus, was tired andmoping all the time and had unnatural fears. Hewas often angry or frustrated because he wouldmiss small, but important words and misunder-stand what others were saying. After he startedtaking TriVita Sublingual B-12, I noticed quite adifference. He began paying attention to what Ihad to say and we began to enjoy the weekendstogether and with the family. Our family is muchhappier now. Sublingual B-12 is a godsend – theanswer to my prayers.”Ginny A., Member – Picayne, MSSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita® products!Real Stories from real people*You should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication or if you suspect you might have a heartproblem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your healthcare provider.“By the end of the first week, I had nomore pain in my foot and fewer achesand pains.”“I was introduced to Nopalea several months ago butwas very skeptical about its claimed benefits. I injuredmy shoulder but had not gotten medical attention. Ialso had inflammation in the joints of the bottom of myright foot. The pain would become unbearable, especially when I walked for longperiods of time. I started with the Nopalea Loading Phase for the first two weeks.I immediately noticed how delicious this drink was. By the end of the first week,I had no more pain in my foot and fewer aches and pains elsewhere. After threeweeks of drinking Nopalea, I noticed that the pain in my shoulder from my injuryhad disappeared, too! I attribute this to Nopalea. I am so glad I was introduced tothis wonderful product.”Priscilla T., Member – West Island, QC“I had a perfect score; I never lost my focus.”“I was diagnosed about 17 years ago with a debilitatingcondition which causes paralysis and muscle tremors.Over the past couple of years my neurologist had metake a cognitive test which measures my ability to focusand have clarity of mind.During the past couple of months I have been takingTriVita Super Sublingual B-12. I went to my neurologist yesterday and he hadme take the test again. This time, I had a perfect score; I never lost my focus. Thewoman who administered the test was amazed and very impressed; they don’tnormally see a perfect score from someone with my condition.”Angelyn F., Affiliate Member – Largo, FL
  25. 25. 1-800-991-7116 August 2010  l  25Maxwell (Max) R. is an11-year-old boy fromProspect Heights, IL whoat a young age has aimed very highin life. He is on his way to becominga golf prodigy and recently placedfirst in an Illinois Junior GolfAssociation Tournament. Last spring,accompanied by a caddy, Max wasgiven the opportunity to showcase histalent at the Tournament Players Clubin Scottsdale, following the PhoenixOpen. “With his passion for the sportwe foresee him going pro,” says hismother, Anne.Max just loves golfing; however, he often paysthe price with a sore back and assorted achesand pains. Last winter he fell hard whilesnowboarding and this provided the perfectopportunity for Nopalea to show its stuff. Afterthe fall, Max’s entire body hurt, especially hisjaw, torso and leg.Anne, always the resourceful mom, suggestedthat he try Nopalea, and the next morning Maxwoke up feeling great. “I can’t believe it,” Maxsaid, “This stuff really works and I don’t haveany pain at all.” Anne adds, “Max tells everyonehe knows about his experience with Nopalea.It really works. Now, anytime he feels anyaches and pains from golfing, he drinkssome Nopalea.”Nopalea helps the entire familyexperience wellnessIn fact, everyone in the family is sold onNopalea. Max’s sisters, Symantha and Adrienne,are both very active and just love Nopalea’snaturally fruity taste. Anne recently putNopalea to the test when she had a bad sinusheadache. “I try to avoid aspirin and I alwaysprefer a naturalsolution,” she remarks.“Within 10 minutes oftaking Nopalea, mysevere headache paincompletely went away.”Max’s father, Craig, had ascary incident on the golfcourse when his leg washanging off the golf cart.After he pushed the gaspedal, his knee twisted and his entire leg wasthrobbing with pain. Craig was especiallyconcerned because he had to walk 18 holes thenext day to accompany Max at a golf tourna-ment. After taking several ounces of Nopalea,Craig’s pain was reduced 50% by the nextmorning. Knowing he was on to a good thing,Craig repeated the same amount the followingday and the rest of the pain soon disappeared.“It sure is nice to know that both Max and myhusband are out there, feeling good becauseof Nopalea,” Anne enthuses.Just the start of their product successThe family’s success with Nopalea isn’t asurprise, because they’ve been satisfied TriVitaMembers since 2001. Anne was originallyintroduced to the company when she saw theSublingual B-12 TV infomercial hosted by Jamesand Betty Robison. “I became very loyal to thisexcellent product,” says Anne, “and the kidslove it, too. From that point on, I felt verycomfortable trying other TriVita products.”When Anne’s mother was told by her doctorthat she might have a serious eye condition thatcould cause vision loss, Anne bought her someVisionGuard™. Shortly after Anne’s mom startedusing it, her vision in both eyes improved somuch that she asked Anne to order an addi-tional supply. Bottom line: both eyes improveddramatically. Family members have addedTriVita’s CoQ-10 and Vital C Crystals andTablets to their nutritional regimen.Ann also realizes that good health depends onmore than quality supplements. She is a verynutrition-minded parent who serves lots offruits and vegetables and makes sure that thefamily’s diet includes the best from every foodgroup. “Nutrition is so important,” she says.“Eating healthy foods is essential for the mind,body and spirit.”However, Nopalea will always be thefamily’s trusty tool to help them feel goodand stay healthy.  “This stuff really works andI don’t have any pain at all.”“Ibecameveryloyaltothisexcellentproduct,andthekidsloveit,too.Fromthatpointon,IfeltverycomfortabletryingotherTriVitaproducts.– AnneMember SpotlightHave you taken the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?See page 11.Nopalea™ helpsMax shoot forsuccessMax and his sisters, Symantha and Adrienne.
  26. 26. 26  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com1 Get startedYour retirement plan is just a starting point. It should berealistic, but doesn’t need to be perfect. Don’t worry aboutwhen or where you’ll retire or how much you will spend.As you get closer to retirement you can continue to refinethe plan.2 Use a retirement calculatorYou’ll want to measure your progress toward retirement byusing a Retirement Assessment tool. These are readilyavailable online through a variety of private investmentfirms. In addition, the Social Security Administration andCanadian government offer retirement calculators atssa.gov/retire2/ and servicecanada.gc.ca. These tools projectexpected income from your investments, as well as fromsources such as Social Security to see your potentialretirement resources.3 Save moreMost people need to increase their savings rate to reach theirretirement goal. No one can anticipate stock market perfor-mance, but we can control our spending and savings habits.Track your expenses and look for areas where you can cutback and save more for retirement. Consider increasingcontributions to your retirement account.4 Make full use of tax-advantaged accountsOne way to increase retirement savings is to maximizecontributions to your tax-advantaged retirement accounts.With traditional IRAs and 401(k) plans, you pay no taxes oncontributions – and they grow tax free while they stay inyour account. Also, if you have a 401(k) plan through youremployer and they offer a company match, contribute atleast enough to get the full match.5 Allocate your assetsChoose the right combination of stocks, bonds and cash thatmatches your tolerance for risk and your need to develop aretirement nest egg. Stocks offer greater potential return– and exposure to risk. Bonds and cash can help balancesome of the volatility of stocks.6 Review your plan each yearReview your retirement plan at least once a year andfollowing any major life event, including marriage, divorceor death of a spouse.7 Consolidate your retirement accountsIf you have similar retirement accounts, then it’s a good ideato consolidate them to get a better idea of your totalretirement savings. A rollover IRA will let you combinesimilar assets into a single account that will be easier toreview and manage. If you roll over account balances directlyfrom your old 401(k) to your new rollover IRA, you mayavoid early withdrawal penalties and protect the tax-advantaged status of your savings.8 Act now and don’t waitMany times, people take the right steps to create a soundretirement strategy and then fail to put it in motion. Butif you think you’ll do better by waiting until the next“perfect” time to start planning, then you could end upwaiting too long.9 Don’t count on inheritanceA recent report by the American Association of RetiredPeople (AARP) found that only one-fifth of baby-boomershad received an inheritance by the end of 2004, and themedian amount was only $64,000. Therefore, most peopleshouldn’t count on an inheritance to bail them out.10 Do your own reality checkManage your expectations and stay flexible. There’s no onemagical formula for retirement. And no matter how well youplan, nothing is certain. By planning now you will be in amuch better position to enjoy a comfortable retirement.Adaptogen 10 PlusYour Everyday Stress SolutionTriVita’s powerful, stress relieving formula:• Helps counteract damage caused byvarious types of stress: mental, physical,emotional, environmental• Contains all 10 adaptogens that have beenproven to help the body “adapt” to stress• Fights free radical damage and helps boostyour immune systemAdaptogen 10 Plus’ unique three-partformula includes:• Adaptogens – herbal extracts chosenspecifically for their natural ability to helpthe body cope with stress• Antioxidants – immune boosters that helpfight the damage caused by stress• Aloe Vera – helps improve digestionand nutrient absorptionTRY IT TODAY!1-800-991-7116or visit trivita.comDiscover theamazing effectsof Adaptogen10 Plus®Adaptogen10 Plus®#30660Non-Member $62.99Member $49.99Redeem with 500 VitaPointsDeliciousBerryFlavorImportant steps you can take – regardless ofage – to be better prepared for your future10tipsforretirementplanning