ReadtheirpowerfulNopaleaWellnessStoriesInsideonpage16-17MAY 2010  trivita.comThey’rethrilledwithNopalea:Youcanbetoo!Women’...
10Essentialsfor health and wellnessGood health is a gift to be treasured andnurtured every day. TriVita joyfully sharesthe...
ON MY MINDEDITOR’s NOTEIn celebration of Mother’s Day earlier thismonth, I’d like to focus one last columnon paying tribut...
4  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comOnly a few years ago the lifeexpectancy for womenreached a peak in modernhistory with most w...
1-800-991-7116	 May 2010  l  5MAY 20101Dig in to fruits andveggies. The more youeat them daily (at leastfive), the more yo...
Drinking away your B vitamins?Why women are especially at riskby Dr. Scott ConardAs we pay special attention towomen’s hea...
“TriVita’s SuperB-12 is a great andnatural way to boostyour energy levels.”“A friend of mine referredTriVita’s Super Subli...
8  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comHis, hers andthe elderlyPain is “a more terrible lordof mankind than evendeath itself,” decr...
1-800-991-7116	 May 2010  l  9alternate strategies like exercise whenever possibleto ease pain in older adults.Different t...
TriVita had its own Nopalea™Wellness Challenge among itsemployees to demonstrate how aLoading Phase of Nopalea couldtruly ...
1-800-991-7116	 March 2010  l  11If you have yet to experience theincredible benefits Nopalea canhave on your health, you ...
What if you started eatingdinner and suddenly, your lipsstarted swelling up, or itbecame harder and harder to breathe?This...
1-800-991-7116	 May 2010  l  13“...Bone GrowthFactor was rightfor me.”“About a month and ahalf ago I started takingthe Bon...
14  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comHigh-fat diets could mean higher stroke risk for womenSan Antonio, TexasPost-menopausal wom...
1-800-991-7116	 May 2010  l  15CreatingtheenergyforlifeHow the miracle ofmetabolism worksThis special feature is Part 4 of...
16  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comThe Nopalea Wellness ChallengeAmazing stories from NopaleaWTake the Challenge and feel thed...
1-800-991-7116	 May 2010  l  17ellness Challenge participantsWhat is the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?The Nopalea Wellness C...
18  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comThe eyes may be the windowsto the soul, but they are alsoyour windows on the world.However,...
1-800-991-7116	 May 2010  l  19Nourish your heart, brain, skin, joints and glandswith Essential Fatty Acids!OmegaPrime®: Y...
Leanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!OneFREEBag ofChews20  l  VITAJOURNAL	 triv...
Article from Michael Ellisoncontinued from page 2...May is also Mother’s Day and a time when we pay tribute to howimportan...
Based on myprofessionalwork, andafter updatingmyself on thelatest research onthis month’s topic,I am personally convinced ...
your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20Becoming a confident woman:A discovery of truthBy Chaplain Gene HendersonGene Hender...
24  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita®products!Real Stories	 from real people...
1-800-991-7116	 May 2010  l  25It’s a glorious thing to overcomeweakening bones. It’s an amazingthing to triumph over brea...
26  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.com1: Heart HealthHeart health is a game ofgood fat, bad fat. Omega-3fatty acids are an essent...
V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too
V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too
V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too
V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too
V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too
V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too
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V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too


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V0510 they-re-trilled-with-nopalea-you-can-be-too

  1. 1. ReadtheirpowerfulNopaleaWellnessStoriesInsideonpage16-17MAY 2010  trivita.comThey’rethrilledwithNopalea:Youcanbetoo!Women’s HealthTips to take care,live longerPainHis & hers:how it’s differentWomen’sHealthSavings:BuyOne,GetOne50%Off
  2. 2. 10Essentialsfor health and wellnessGood health is a gift to be treasured andnurtured every day. TriVita joyfully sharesthese keys to helping you experiencewellness®: the 10 Essentials of physical,emotional and spiritual health. Physical 1. Breathe DeeplyLet your lungs fill deep down, hold,then exhale toxins and stress. 2. Drink WaterNature’s best beverage not only quenchesthirst, but also enhances energy. 3. Sleep PeacefullyEvery body needs the rest and repairthat comes with a regular sleep routine. 4. Eat NutritiouslyFeed both body and mind withhealthy, nourishing food for life. 5. Enjoy ActivityLet an active lifestyle move you toimproved health and wellness in all ways.Emotional 6. Give and Receive LoveOffer and accept the greatest gift, and youcan enhance your immune system. 7. Be ForgivingWhen you let go of old grudges, your handsare open to accept feelings of peace. 8. Practice GratitudeA thankful heart releases stress, makingroom for greater happiness and health. 9. Develop AcceptanceIf you can’t change it, accept it and moveon. Worry will shrink, serenity will grow.Spiritual10. Develop a Relationship with GodNurture the spiritual aspect of your lifeto achieve complete well-being.2  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comArticle from Michael Ellison continued on page 21...Wonderful stories are shared with me every day from people who havethese incredible wellness experiences from Nopalea. I recently went intoa restaurant to have lunch. The server looked at me rather curiously andasked if I was connected with TriVita. I acknowledged I was and thenintroduced myself. Bobby was the server’s name and he began sharingabout his experience with Nopalea. I guessed Bobby to be in his mid-twenties, but he had a serious inflammatory condition that resulted innodules on his vocal chords, as well as other areas in his throat. He said because he had heard Nopalealowered inflammation, he thought he would give it a try. However, Bobby didn’t have much hopefor this serious and painful condition. To his amazement, the nodules shrank, no longer affectinghim as they had done in the past. He told me he couldn’t believe it so he went off Nopalea, and sureenough the nodules came back. So “back on Nopalea for life” was his comment. He was so excited andappreciative of his new quality of life.I recently received a testimonial from a woman who has had an extremely painful condition in her feet— so much that she couldn’t wear her normal shoes when the inflammatory condition intensified atvarious times. She took six ounces a day for just a few days and experienced complete relief.If you or others you know are experiencing undesirable conditions caused by chronic inflammationand it is robbing you of quality of life, give Nopalea, our anti-inflammatory wellness drink, a chance.There are many other benefits you might not feel but are so important, such as lowering yourC-reactive protein level. Be sure to ask to have this checked at your next blood workup. It is animportant marker of your cardiovascular inflammation, and having a high number is dangerousto your health.I can also attest to the wonderful results that Nopalea has brought to my wife Susan. To see her nowin optimal wellness — doing her workouts on the treadmill without pain and enjoying life — wouldhave been worth all the effort and expense of bringing Nopalea to market just for her. Read her storyon page 25 because not only does she tell about the wonderful benefits of Nopalea, but Susan alsooffers the latest joyful report on the bone-building results she has received from Bone Growth Factor.Our mission at TriVita is to formulate highly absorbable and effective products, along with suggestingthe 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness (left), giving anyone the opportunity to optimize their healthand wellness. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself when given the proper nutrients andnurturing. That does not minimize the need for our medical professionals and their wonderful service.Wellness is best experienced when the body is cared for, which also includes prevention and treatmentmethods, but it is designed to function best with proper nutrients and nurturing practices.This month of May has been the month we feature products that best support women’s health. Youwill find special pricing this month on featured products on page 13 and the back cover. Feel freeto give our Wellness Consultants a call, and they may help you with your selection of products andspecial pricing. We are here to serve you in your wellness program.“Wellness is best experienced when the body is cared for, which also includesprevention and treatment methods, but it is designed to function best withproper nutrients and nurturing practices.”Nopalea™ is creatingprofound and astonishingwellness experiences!by Michael R. Ellison, CEO & Founder of TriVita®, Inc.
  3. 3. ON MY MINDEDITOR’s NOTEIn celebration of Mother’s Day earlier thismonth, I’d like to focus one last columnon paying tribute to my own mother, whorecently passed away. Many of you may haveread past articles where I have shared touchingstories about my mom and her amazing life ofwellness. She would have been 97 next month.As I wrote her obituary recently, I was astoundedas I recapped the fact that she had 5 children, 13grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and even 3great-great-grandchildren!My siblings and I were fortunate in that we wereable to say our goodbyes to Mother before shepassed. With her age being what it was, each timewe visited her these past few years, we wonderedif that would be the last time we would see her.Every day that passed would be a gift and Motherknew that.Last year for her birthday I created a memorybook where we gathered favorite stories ormemories from our family, and I bound ittogether with photos. At her 96th birthdayparty, each of us read aloud our favorite memory,and we all laughed and cried together as wereminisced about a lifetime of love, hardship,laughter and more love. It was an amazing time,and I am so thankful that we were able to honorher while she was alive.During the last few days Mother was alive andfighting hard to hold on, one of her nurses toldus that women, in particular mothers, often holdon the longest as it is in their nature to alwaysbe there for their families. She was a fighter herentire life, so why would we expect anything elsefrom her even in death?One by one, each of us “released” Mother bytelling her we were all together and ensuring herthat we would all be just fine. As the youngest, itwas probably one of the hardest things I’ve everhad to do – letting my mother go and telling herit was ok to stop fighting. Mother passed awaythe next day, and although we miss her terribly,she had a life worth celebrating, which is exactlywhat her family has done in her passing.On My Mind is continued on page 21...20 Are You Feeling TooMuch Love?Great ways to lose your “lovehandles.” 23 Becoming a ConfidentWomanPastor Judith Crist explains howto gain confidence through faithin everyday life. 26 Eat Your Way toGood HealthIt can help bolster women’shealth in so many ways.May2010Inside1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  3Get the right nutrients to beat stressand boost mood. 26Exercises to lose the bulk. 20The information in this VitaJournal may containerrors or inaccuracies. We reserve the right tochange prices, selections, update informationand limit quantities without prior notice. 4 Women, Make Health YourTop PriorityIt all starts with better self care. 8 The Different Faces of PainWhat everyone needs tounderstand about pain andits treatment. 12 The ABCs of Food AllergiesHow to protect yourself and yourloved ones.15 The Miracle of MetabolismIt creates the vital energy thatpowers life. 16 Amazing Stories fromNopalea WellnessChallenge ParticipantsScores of people are taking theChallenge and feelingthe difference.Keep your eyeson vision health. 18
  4. 4. 4  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comOnly a few years ago the lifeexpectancy for womenreached a peak in modernhistory with most women living to anaverage 79 years of age! What a changefrom 100 years ago when the averagelife expectancy for women was a mere47 years of age. However, these addedyears of life have created additionalhealth challenges that women from acentury ago simply didn’t have to face.I’d like to discuss a few of these issuesand the strategies needed to meet thisnew future of longevity and vitality.Heart diseaseHeart disease kills more women than any othercondition. With all we know about heart healththis shouldn’t be happening. North Americaoffers one of the best emergency medical systemsin the world. So, it would seem that a woman’schance of surviving a heart attack would be good.Unfortunately, this is not the reality. Womenhave a death rate from heart attacks that is 70%higher than men. There are two reasons for this:One is that a heart attack in a man does notlook like a heart attack in a woman. The secondis that women’s heart attack symptoms are oftenmisdiagnosed in the emergency room (ER).How women keep healthy heartsThe key to heart health is to recognize ourneed for nutrients and nurturing. Women ofaverage size should eat seven servings of fruitand vegetables every day and sleep from 7 ½ to9 hours every night. And women need exercise,too. This is not just for weight control – thoughit certainly helps. It is for cardiovascularhealth. Women should engage in purposefulactivity for a minimum of 30 minutes, mostdays of the week. Weight-bearing exercises areimportant, too.Bone healthAnother risk that comes with the blessing of alonger life is osteoporosis: thinning bones.Remember the saying: an ounce of preventionis worth a pound of cure. Get 20 minutes ofmorning or evening sunshine every day over mostof your body to get Vitamin D, an essential partof bone health. Be careful! Never get sunburnedbecause this increases the risk for skin cancer.Take a good absorbing calcium/Vitamin Dsupplement as well. Eat calcium-rich foods –especially fruits and vegetables.Weight-bearing exercise is also critical for bonehealth. The strain of the extra weight increasesbone metabolism and draws nutrients to theweakest areas of bone to strengthen them.Whereas you need aerobic exercise for 30 minuteson most days of the week, you only need weighttraining two to five days per week, depending onyour metabolism.Dealing with menopausal symptomsAt a certain age a woman ceases to be fertile andher periods stop. Menopause is a new experiencethis century for women in our culture. A hundredyears ago most women simply did not live longenough to experience menopause. Symptomsassociated with menopause should not beaccepted as “normal.” Find expert healthcareproviders who can guide you through thesechanges with a maximum focus on nutrients andnurturing and a minimum focus on medications.With proper care, heart health and bone healthcan be improved and menopausal symptomsmay be reduced or even eliminated. Gettingthe physical and emotional nourishment andnurturing we need will prevent much suffering.Taking the appropriate supplements can help usface our increased longevity with enthusiasmand vitality.Women,make health your top priorityTaking care of yourself is essential to living a longer, healthier lifeBy Dr. Tammy PonA functional medicine physician, Dr. Ponreceived her medical degree from theUniversity of Texas in Houston. She completedspecialty training in Age Management.Tammy Pon, M.D.
  5. 5. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  5MAY 20101Dig in to fruits andveggies. The more youeat them daily (at leastfive), the more youmay reduce the risk ofserious disease.2Count your blessings.Blessed with love, health,work, opportunity, life?Make a list; you’ll feel greatand reduce stress, too.3“Burden” your bones.Walk, work in the garden,dance… weight-bearingactivity helps promotebone strength.4Feed your soul.For complete well-being,nurture the spiritualaspect of your life.Spend time in prayerand meditation.5Look out for “low fat.”Food packages that say“low fat” often replace fatwith sugar and salt. Readthose nutrition labels!6Schedule screenings.Are you due for a physical,vision or dental exam?Make a date with healthand get examined.7Tune in to TV fitness.Get up to change the TVchannels. Even better:march in place or stretchduring commercials.8Hydrate and feel great.Quench your thirst, boostyour energy, even quietyour appetite: drink lots ofcool, clear water.9Remember Mom.Give back some love onMother’s Day: call or visityour mom or a specialmother in your life.10Use your “free” gymclub. Take the stairs, parkfarther from the store,walk around the officeinstead of emailing – itdoesn’t cost, it pays.11Sleep well. Kick the TVout of your bedroom,avoid exercise just beforebedtime, keep the roomcool and dark.12Take time for you.Soak in the tub, listen tomusic, read for pleasure –do something pleasantjust for you today.13Out with the bad air.Fight stress and fatiguewith deep breathing: fillyour lungs deep down,hold, then exhale.14Snack smart.Ditch sugary, processedsnacks and reach forraisins, apples, carrots,pumpkin seeds or plain,unsalted popcorn.15Clean up your act.Washing your hair or skinwith industrial solvents?Read the product labels tosee what’s really inside.16(For)give yourself abreak. Old grudgegnawing at you? Let it goand welcome a feelingof peace.17Dish up moderation.Avoid mealtime second-helpings by keeping foodbowls and platters offthe table.18Take your supplements.Make sure you get all thenutrients you need withquality TriVita products,every day.19Live your faith. Show akindness, do a favor,help the needy, makea difference.20Count your calories.Just for today, count up allthe calories you take in.Then look up your idealrange. Surprised?21Spend time withpositive people.Toxic people can beenergy-suckers, sosurround yourself withfriends who build, ratherthan tear down.22Someday is now.“Someday” you’ll take upyoga, volunteer at yourchurch, learn to play aninstrument. Make this theday you start.23Exercise your brain.Active minds make forhealthy brains: try puzzles,games like chess, newkinds of reading… anddon’t forget TriVitaSublingual B-12.24Take the pressure off.Processed foods(including many sweets)are loaded with salt thatcontributes to high bloodpressure. Choosesomething healthier.25Skip the soda. Mostcarbonated, sugarybeverages leach thestrength (calcium) rightout of your bones. Whypay for that?26Relax and trim down.Stress has been linkedwith obesity, so do whatyou can to manage stress(exercise helps!).27Take care.Children, partner, friends,family – you take care ofso many, don’t forget you:your health and well-being matter.28The right energy drink.Say no to massiveamounts of caffeine andsugar in so-called “energy”drinks. Water is the real,healthy thing.29Good health looks good.Nothing is more flatteringthan robust, energetichealth. What can you do tobuild yours today?30Forget fatty meat.Picture all the fat inbeef and other meatproducts building upin your arteries. Grilledfish, anyone?31Experience wellness®.Live the 10 Essentials (seepage 2) every day.Mother’s DayMemorial DayCinco de MayoMake a date with wellnessA month of tips for healthy livingEvery day is a great day to experience wellness®, so in celebration ofwomen’s health, the VitaJournal offers this calendar of tips to help womenthrive (men, you can benefit, too!).For every day in May, there’s a simple tip to enhance physical, emotionaland spiritual wellness. In any and every month of the year, you can usethese pointers to be your best.
  6. 6. Drinking away your B vitamins?Why women are especially at riskby Dr. Scott ConardAs we pay special attention towomen’s health this month,I’d like to focus on how myfavorite topic – B vitamins – can beaffected by women’s use of alcohol.B vitamins, as you may know, arecrucial to optimal health for everyone.Since alcohol depletes the body ofB vitamins, and alcohol affects womendifferently than men, this is an areaof particular concern.Research indicates that while men are morelikely to drink alcohol and in larger amounts,gender differences in body structure andchemistry cause women to absorb more alcohol.Women also take longer to break it down andremove it from their bodies (to metabolize it).So, although they might drink equal amounts,women have higher alcohol levels in their bloodthan men, and the immediate effects occurfaster and last longer. These differences alsomake women more vulnerable to alcohol’slong-term effects on their health.I’d like to note that in discussing the negativeeffects of alcohol, we’re talking about excessivedrinking. For women, this means more than onedrink per day, on average (a drink is 12 ouncesof beer, 5 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces ofdistilled liquor). For men, excessive drinking isdefined as more than two drinks per day. Whilethere is medical evidence that low to moderatealcohol intake may actually benefit health, thisis not a reason for non-drinkers to startusing alcohol.What alcohol can doThe health risks of excessive drinking aregreater for women than for men. According tothe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), these are the major risk areas:• Liver disease: The risk of cirrhosis andother alcohol-related liver diseases is higherfor women than for men.• Impact on the brain: Excessive drinkingmay result in memory loss and brainerosion. Research suggests that women aremore vulnerable than men to the brain-damaging effects of too much alcohol. Thismakes it especially important for women tomake sure they get enough Vitamin B-12,since it supports memory, mood and clearmental functioning.• Impact on the heart: Studies have shownthat women who drink excessively are athigher risk for damage to the heart musclethan men.• Tumors: Alcohol consumption increasesthe risk of tumors of the mouth, throat,esophagus, liver, colon and breastamong women.• Sexual assault: Binge drinking is a riskfactor for sexual assault, especially amongyoung women in college settings. Each year,about 1 in 20 college women are sexuallyassaulted. Research suggests that there is anincrease in the risk of sexual assault whenboth the attacker and victim have beenusing alcohol.Scott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthB-12 Update6  l  VITAJOURNAL
  7. 7. “TriVita’s SuperB-12 is a great andnatural way to boostyour energy levels.”“A friend of mine referredTriVita’s Super SublingualB-12 to me to try. I am 42 years old, very activeand have been involved in the health andfitness industry for about 19 years. I am notone of those people who drink coffee in themorning for a boost, so the possible boostfrom the B-12 was appealing to me.I have very long days, which tend to leave mefeeling lethargic and bottomed out. I neededsomething other than an ‘energy drink,’ andSublingual B-12 proved to be a great choice! Inoticed the increased energy the first day andthe days I don’t take it, I can feel a difference.When I run out, I want more – so, I’ll bestocking up!I deal with healthy and not-so-healthy peopleevery day. This is definitely a product thateveryone can benefit from and I have alreadystarted telling clients, friends and familyabout it. My 14-year-old son plays footballand was lacking in his energy levels. So, I gavehim the Super B-12 on a few occasions andhe loved it! TriVita’s Super B-12 is a great andnatural way to boost your energy levels andhelp you to stay focused on the tasks ahead!”Joe G., Affiliate Member – Milpitas, CAsuccess storiesFaster-acting, longer-lasting and more potentthan ever before with three times the Vitamin B-12TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulnessPlus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brain and nervesthe essential nutrients they need to help replenish brainfuel and help repair damaged nerves. And all this is yourswith a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feelbetter every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libbydeveloped this unique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It wasknown to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but without theshots’ added pain and expense.Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITAFor maximum sustainedmental energy takeTriVita SuperSublingual B-12Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comTriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsSPECIALPRICE• Reproductive issues. Drinking duringpregnancy increases the risk of birthdefects, miscarriage and Sudden InfantDeath Syndrome. Alcohol may disrupt themenstrual cycle, and increase the risk ofinfertility, stillbirth and premature delivery.Clearly, excessive alcohol use is a major healthissue for women. Women who use alcohol shouldbe especially careful to make sure they get allthe B-12 they need. This powerhouse vitaminhelps protect against brain erosion and memoryproblems, moodiness and fatigue, whileimproving mental energy, stamina and concen-tration. With the superior absorbability andquality of TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, it’s myrecommendation for both women and men. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  7
  8. 8. 8  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comHis, hers andthe elderlyPain is “a more terrible lordof mankind than evendeath itself,” decreedAlbert Schweitzer, the famedmedical missionary. It’s beencalled the universal disorder,but pain doesn’t seem to affecteveryone universally. Emergingresearch reports that there aregender and age differences inhow pain affects us.As noted in Part 1 of this VitaJournal specialfeature, pain can be broadly divided into twotypes: acute and chronic. Acute pain is mostlytriggered by disease, inflammation or injury. Itcomes on suddenly (after an accident or surgery,for example), and is usually limited to a certainperiod of time. Chronic pain persists after thecause has been removed, or because the causeis itself a chronic condition. Based on materialfrom the National Institute of NeurologicalDiseases and Stroke, this month’s issue looks atpain, gender, age and treatments.Hundreds of pain syndromes or disorders makeup the spectrum of pain. There are the quick,mostly harmless sensations of pain, such as apinprick. There is the pain of childbirth, thepain of a heart attack and the pain that some-times follows amputation of a limb. There is alsopain accompanying disease and the pain thatfollows severe injury.Gender factors inside and outside the bodyIt is important for us to understand why we hurt.For over a decade, medical science has knownthat pain has a gender gap: men and womenreceive its signals differently. While the sexhormones estrogen and testosterone do play arole in this difference, factors outside the body –culture and psychology – are also involved tosome extent.For example, young children may learn torespond to pain based on how they’re treatedwhen they cut a finger or scrape a knee. Whenan injury brings adult attention and sympathy, achild might dwell on every “boo-boo” (and whohasn’t seen a child react more strongly to astubbed toe when he knows someone iswatching?) On the other hand, children whoare encouraged to be “tough” and move pastthe pain may learn to dismiss it.On a strictly biological basis, though, researchershave landed on common ground when it comesto pain and gender. Women, they seem to agree,are less likely to let pain control their lives thanmen are: they recover from pain faster, and arealso quicker to seek help. Women are also morelikely than men to fight pain with coping skills,support and distraction. Men, however, mayhave a higher tolerance for pain, if research isan indicator. Animals injected with estrogen, afemale sex hormone, seemed to experience alowered tolerance for pain. When injected withtestosterone, a male sex hormone, animalsappeared to have a higher pain tolerance.When pain strikes the elderlyAccording to the National Institute ofNeurological Disorders and Stroke, the numberone complaint of older Americans is pain.What’s more, one in five older Americans takea painkilling product regularly. This can be aproblem, because stomach irritation and internalbleeding can result from the use of aspirin,ibuprofen and other NSAIDs (non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs).Because of these side effects, non-drug treatmentsfor pain have been investigated. The AmericanGeriatrics Society, for example, recommendsPart 2 of 2 / PainBy Brazos Minshew,TriVita Chief Science OfficerPainThedifferentfacesofBrazos Minshew
  9. 9. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  9alternate strategies like exercise whenever possibleto ease pain in older adults.Different treatments, a common goalPain is much more than a minor or occasionalhealth issue. According to the American PainFoundation, pain affects more Americans thandiabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Asmany know, the study and treatment of pain is afully-recognized medical specialty.While there are many approaches to managingpain, they all share one goal: finding relief. Hereare some of the commonly-used approachesthat are practiced today.Acupuncture – This ancient practice of applyingneedles to specific points on the body goes back2,500 years.Anti-depressant drugs – Anti-depressant andanti-anxiety drugs are sometimes used for pain,prescribed by doctors when analgesics (painkillerslike aspirin) haven’t been effective.Biofeedback – Common pain problems such asheadache and back pain are frequently addressedwith this method. Using a special electronicmachine, a person is trained to become aware ofand gain control over certain bodily functions,such as muscle tension and heart rate. Often usedin combination with relaxation techniques.Chiropractic care – Involves “hands-on” therapyto manipulate the spine and other areas. Usedmostly for back and neck pain, headaches, andmusculoskeletal conditions.Exercise – Since there is a connection betweentense, weak muscles and many types of chronicpain, some healthcare professionals now recom-mend even light to moderate exercise, such aswalking or swimming, for some people with pain.Hypnosis – First approved for medical use by theAmerican Medical Association in 1958, it is stillunknown exactly how hypnosis works on pain. Itmay bring relief by acting on chemicals in thenervous system.Opioids – Among the oldest drugs known tomankind, this class of painkillers includes codeineand morphine. They’re called narcotics because oftheir narcotic effect: they work as sedatives as wellas pain relievers, and can be addicting.Over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers – Mostare in a class of drugs called “analgesics” (fromthe Greek meaning to reduce or stop pain), andinclude aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.They work by lessening inflammation. Manyof these drugs irritate the stomach, and so areusually taken with food.Physical therapy – Since ancient times, peoplehave sought relief from pain using physicaltechniques and methods, such as heat, cold,exercise, massage and manipulation.R.I.C.E. – This acronym stands for “Rest, Ice,Compression and Elevation.” These are thefour elements of pain relief recommended fortemporary sprains or strains by orthopedists,coaches, nurses and other professionals.Surgery – Not always an option, but oftenused for back problems or serious musculo-skeletal injuries.Research is ongoing to achieve a betterunderstanding of pain and its treatment.For the “terrible lord of mankind,” the questfor relief continues.Source: National Institute of NeurologicalDiseases and Stroke.Have you taken the Nopalea WellnessChallenge? Find out how on page 11.
  10. 10. TriVita had its own Nopalea™Wellness Challenge among itsemployees to demonstrate how aLoading Phase of Nopalea couldtruly deliver benefits. Each partici-pant drank six ounces a day.The results our employees hadwere so incredible that we wantedto share them with you. ThisChallenge story comes fromDeborah Stec in Finance.When Deborah Stec took the Nopalea WellnessChallenge, she wasn’t in pain. She didn’t haveswollen joints or nagging pain or any of theailments that typically bring so many people toNopalea. But very much like people everywhere,she was a little tired at the end of the day.She had no idea, when the Employee Challengeoccurred just before the Christmas season lastyear, what a “gift” she was about to give herself.“I had been taking just one ounce a day ofNopalea for a while, and while I felt fine, by thetime I got home from work I wanted to relax.”Her demanding work as TriVita’s Controllerkeeps her going all day, especially toward year-end, and she took the Challenge just to see whateffect the Loading Phase would have.The effect was dramatic, to say the least. “Ihad such alertness and energy! Not that jitteryenergy you typically get with caffeine,” Deborahsays, “but a subtle, very relaxed alertness.”Suddenly, instead of ending her day when shegot home from work, she kept going. “I wasbuzzing around getting Christmas decorationsup, wrapping presents, baking cookies – all thethings I love to do to really embrace the joy ofthe season.”“Feeling a level of health that I didn’t know Ididn’t have.”“Before, I would be ready to sleep by 10 p.m., butI found myself going until midnight. And when Iwent to bed, I slept great. I woke up at 5 a.m.raring to go. It’s like having an extra half a dayin the same day!” (Brazos Minshew, TriVita’sChief Science Officer, notes that the alertnessand energy Deborah experiences likely comesfrom the detoxifying effects of Nopalea.) Aftercompleting the Challenge, Deborah went backto taking about two ounces of Nopalea daily, butshe hasn’t gone back to that end-of-day fatigue.“I’m feeling a level of health that I didn’t know Ididn’t have,” she reports.The benefits are shared by Deborah’s teenageddaughter, an honors student active in the cheer-ing squad who puts in 12-hour days betweenschool and practice. Last year, the high schooljunior missed over three weeks of school due toa chronic health issue. So Deborah started herdaughter on Nopalea while she herself wascompleting the Loading Phase. The results havetruly been something to cheer about.“This year, my daughter has missed just two daysof school; it’s a huge blessing for her to be able tobe so physically and mentally alert, and yet nothave the fatigue issues she’s had.”“Nopalea has been great for our family,” saysDeborah, and not just because of the results shecan experience in her daily life. Nopalea wasdeveloped to also protect against prematureaging, and Deborah affirms “I want to have thatassurance, that ‘insurance’ that I’m protectingmyself against aging and inflammation, anddoing all I can for my health, right down to thecellular level.”Deborah’s advice to otherswho haven’t yet enjoyedthe benefits of the NopaleaWellness Challenge? “As afinance person, I’d say‘Make that investmentin yourself.’”Experiencing Wellness within TriVitaThis financial pro banks on Nopalea™for boundless vitality“Likehavinganextrahalf-dayinthesameday”Deborah StecController, FinanceWith TriVita since 200610  l  VITAJOURNAL
  11. 11. 1-800-991-7116 March 2010  l  11If you have yet to experience theincredible benefits Nopalea canhave on your health, you may wantto step up to the Nopalea WellnessChallenge! We’ve received so manypowerful stories about people who havetaken the Challenge and experiencedamazing results.Nopalea, of course, is the astonishing wellnessdrink that has helped many people get relieffrom the damaging effects of chronic inflamma-tion. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider theseimportant questions:• Do you deal with pain on a constant basis?• Does anyone in your family or group of friendscomplain of chronic pain?• Do you, or anyone you know, have allergy-related breathing problems?• Are you concerned about premature aging?• Are daily toxins wreaking havoc on your body?These symptoms can all be linked to chronicinflammation – precisely the problem thatNopalea was developed to help address.Put out the “fire” of inflammationIf you haven’t yet tried Nopalea for yourself,there’s no time like the present. The NopaleaWellness Challenge was created to show thepower of Nopalea in helping the body reducechronic inflammation quickly. One of the mostexciting ingredients in Nopalea is Betalains, arare and potent class of natural antioxidants.They’re found in only a few of the world’s plants,including the Nopal cactus. The Nopal fruit,from which Nopalea is made, contains one of thehighest amounts of Betalains in all of nature.The “secret” damage of chronic inflammationWhen you start your Challenge, be sure to readThe Secret Killer Health Alert. You’ll find outabout chronic inflammation – what happenswhen our bodies get “stuck” in defense modeagainst injury or infection – and how this kindof inflammation is on the increase. The SecretKiller details the sad results: chronic pain,discomfort and poor health that may lead toserious conditions.One million lives pain-free?Take 4 easy steps and find outTriVita wants to help you and a million othersenjoy the benefits of greater wellness. That’s whywe encourage everyone to take the NopaleaWellness Challenge and tell others about it, too.Here’s how the Challenge works:1. Drink 3 to 6 ounces of chilledNopalea each day for 30 days.2. Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form,which will be included in your firstNopalea order, to track yourprogress during the Challenge.3. Read The Secret Killer Health Alert,also included in your first order.4. Share your Nopalea experienceby emailing to: the Nopalea™Wellness Challengeand thrive!Why a Nopalea Loading Phase?WhentakingNopaleaforthefirsttime,drink3to6ounceseachday,for30days.ThisLoadingPhaseissuggestedtohelpyourbodycontainandcontroltheinflammationithasaccrued.Afterall,yourbody’sstateofinflammationdidnothappenovernight.Imaginethatexcessinflammationisspreadinglikeaforestfireinyourbody,andit’soutofcontrol.BycompletingaLoadingPhaseofNopalea,youcanhelpeasethefireofinflammationmorequicklybyacceleratingthecleansinganddetoxificationprocess,thereforehelpingtocontaintheinflammation.Formaintenance,drink1to3ounceseachday,butagain,thisdependsuponyourbody’sinflammation-fightingneeds.Nopaleaisfoodbased,sotakingmorecanbebeneficialtoyou,asyouarefeedingyourbodythenutrientsitneedstohelpreducerunawayinflammation.Nopalea,abreakthroughinwellnessdrinksNopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.99Nopalea™4-Pack#33400Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99Try this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blendof rare antioxidants called Betalains and other healthfulnutrients. Taking Nopalea daily can help your body:• Lessen inflammation • Promote optimal healthwhich causes pain right down to your cells• Cleanse itself • Protect againstof daily toxins premature agingDrink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.
  12. 12. What if you started eatingdinner and suddenly, your lipsstarted swelling up, or itbecame harder and harder to breathe?This is what 3.7% of U.S. adults have toworry about when they eat. And theparents of 6-8% of U.S. children have tobe constantly vigilant about their chil-dren’s diets for the same reason:Accidental exposures to allergy-inducingfoods are the major causes ofallergic reactions to foods.What is a food allergy?Food allergy is an abnormalresponse to a food by your body’simmune system, according to theNational Institute of Allergy andInfectious Diseases (NIAID).Allergic reactions to food caninclude everything from itching toloss of consciousness.Some people experience the symp-toms of food allergy but have what iscalled “food intolerance.” Thesesymptoms are not caused by the immune system.However, it is important to work with yourhealthcare provider to determine if you havefood allergies, and which foods you’re allergic to.Common food allergiesThe foods that most commonly cause allergicreactions in adults include:Shellfish (lobster, shrimp, crab, etc.), peanuts,tree nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc.), fishand eggs.In children, the most common allergy-inducingfoods include:Eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.Adults are unlikely to lose their allergiesbut children can sometimes outgrow them,particularly milk, egg and soy allergies.Promising new studies have shown thatby slowly increasing peanut consumption,children may be able to build a tolerance,although more research is necessary andexperts advise against trying it without thesupervision of a healthcare provider.Signs and symptoms of afood allergyAccording to the U.S. Food andDrug Administration, symptomsof a food allergy usually occurwithin an hour of eating thefood and include:• Hives, itching or skin rash• Swelling of the lips, face,tongue and throat or otherparts of the body• Wheezing, nasal congestionor difficulty with breathing• Abdominal pain, diarrhea,nausea or vomiting• Dizziness, lightheadedness or faintingAn extreme allergic reaction, called anaphy-laxis, may result in increased intensity of thesymptoms above or may result in life-threat-ening signs and symptoms such as:• Swelling of the throat and air passages thatmakes it difficult to breathe• Shock, with a severe drop in blood pressure• Rapid, irregular pulse• Loss of consciousnessEach year in the United States, there areapproximately 30,000 episodes of food-inducedanaphylaxis, associated with 100 to 200 deaths.Peanuts and tree nuts are the foods most likelyto cause anaphylaxis.How to protect yourself and your childrenThe best ways to protect yourself and yourloved ones from an allergic reaction is to avoidthe foods you are allergic to and to be preparedfor an accidental exposure.• Carefully read food labels – The U.S.’s FoodAllergen Labeling and Consumer ProtectionAct (FALCPA) requires manufacturers toclearly state if the product contains a majorfood allergen or contains protein from amajor food allergen (identified as milk, eggs,fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts,wheat and soybeans). Also, if the allergen isa tree nut, fish, or Crustacean shellfish,manufacturers must declare the specific type(e.g., almonds, cod, lobster).• Avoid restaurant-prepared meals – Unlessthe menu specifies it, there is no way todetermine if their food contains allergens.• Be prepared – Follow these tips from theNIAID to protect yourself in the event of anunintentional exposure:• Wear a medical alert bracelet ornecklace stating that you have a foodallergy and are subject to severe reactions.• Carry an auto-injector device containingepinephrine (adrenaline), that you canget by prescription and give to yourselfif you think you are getting a foodallergic reaction.• Seek medical help immediately, evenif you have already given yourselfepinephrine, by either calling therescue squad or by getting transportedto an emergency room.Have you taken the Nopalea WellnessChallenge? — See page 11 for details.The ABCs offood allergies12  l  VITAJOURNAL
  13. 13. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  13“...Bone GrowthFactor was rightfor me.”“About a month and ahalf ago I started takingthe Bone Growth Factor. Iread about the differences between regularcalcium supplements and Bone GrowthFactor, and I decided that the Bone GrowthFactor was right for me. After just one triparound the grocery store, my hip used toreally hurt. Now I don’t have that pain! I’manxious to see what the next bone densitytest shows!Nancy B., Member – Lowell, MIsuccess stories“...within onemonth, my meno-pause symptomswent away!”“I was going throughmenopause and hadproblems with hot flashes and mood swings.My doctor put me on hormones, but I didn’treally like using them because of the bad sideeffects. Then I started taking Balanced Woman,and within just one month, my menopausesymptoms went away! Now I feel normal, Isleep better and my mood swings and hotflashes are gone!”*Angela S., Member – Ripley, TNsuccess storiesBuy one featured women’s product,get second same one 50% off• Unique formula: Bone Growth Factor contains aproprietary blend of nutrients that facilitateshealthy, new bone growth while strengtheningexisting bone, including a highly absorbable formof calcium.• Scientifically proven: In a 2005 university-controlledstudy, subjects who took Bone Growth Factor for6 months experienced an average 6% improvementin bone density.• Helps increase bonedensity: Bone GrowthFactor activates thecells responsible forbuilding new bone.Your bones’ rebuildingprocess should increasewith consistent use.• Helps decrease hormone imbalance symptoms,including: night sweats, hot flashes, andbreast tenderness.• Clinically proven: In a study of women age 43-68,those who took Balanced Woman experienceda significant decrease in hormone imbalancesymptoms. They also showed estrogen levels inthe healthy range, unlike the women who didn’ttake Balanced Woman.• Supports healthyhormones: BalancedWoman helps the bodymake, use and eliminateexcess hormones.Bone GrowthFactor™ #30600Non-Member $43.99Member $34.99Redeem with 350 VitaPointsBalancedWoman™ #30240Non-Member $31.99Member $24.99Redeem with 250 VitaPointsHelp increase bone density with Bone Growth Factor™And protect bones against getting weak, porous and brittleHelp get relief from hot flashes, night sweats and irritabilityBalanced Woman® is clinically proven to balance hormones naturally* You should not stop taking any medication withoutfirst consulting with your healthcare provider.
  14. 14. 14  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comHigh-fat diets could mean higher stroke risk for womenSan Antonio, TexasPost-menopausal women who reported eating the most daily dietary fat had a 40% higher incidence of strokecaused by blood clots than women who ate the least amount, according to research presented at the 2010American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference.Using data from the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study, sponsored by the National Institutes ofHealth and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, researchers analyzed food questionnaires from 87,230women who were followed for an average of 7.6 years.In addition to an increased incidence of stroke in those who consumed more dietary fat, it was found thatstroke incidence also increased in those who consumed the highest amount of trans fats (found in processedand fried foods).Exercise in midlife can lead to a healthier older ageBoston, MassachusettsThe more you exercise in midlife, the healthier you may be at an older age, according to a study in the January2010 Archives of Internal Medicine.Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed data from the Nurses’ Health Study (a long-term study funded by the National Institutes of Health) and found that higher levels of activity in midlife are“associated with exceptional health status among women who survive to older ages….”“Exceptional health status” was defined as having no history of 10 major chronic diseases or coronary bypass graftsurgery as well as no mental and physical impairments. Included in the analysis were a total of 13,535 women whowere free of major chronic diseases in 1986 and had lived to 70 years or older as of 1995-2001.Forget the small talk: deep conversations may make you happierTucson, ArizonaHappiness may stem from a social and conversationally deep life, rather than a solitary and superficial one,it was recently reported in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.Researchers from the University of Arizona and Washington University in St. Louis recruited volunteersto determine if happy and unhappy people differ in the types of conversations they have. Participantswore a recording device for four days as they went about their lives and completed personality andwell-being assessments.The device recorded 30 seconds of sounds every 12.5 minutes, resulting in a total of 20,000 recordings.Researchers listened to the recordings to determine which conversations were substantive and whichwere small talk.Based on the recordings and assessments, it was found that the happiest participants spent 25% less timealone and 70% more time talking than the unhappiest participants. Additionally, the happiest people hadtwice as many substantive conversations and one third as much small talk as the unhappy people.  TheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellness
  15. 15. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  15CreatingtheenergyforlifeHow the miracle ofmetabolism worksThis special feature is Part 4 of the VitaJournal’s5-part series on the major systems of the body.By Dr. Linda WrightBody Systems 101–Part4When weeat anddrink,breathe deeply,sleep peacefully,enjoy activity andeven share love,we’re using thebody system called “metabo-lism” to create the energy oflife. Metabolism is all aboutenergy, and the word itselfcomes from the Greek, meaning“to change.” So, metabolism isthe umbrella term for every-thing the body does to createthe energy that powers life.Every single cell in our body takespart in metabolism, because every cellproduces energy. Structures within thecells called “mitochondria” are likelittle factories churning out energy forthe cell so it can do its work. Somecells, such as muscle cells, have moremitochondria than others. That’s whyhealthy, strong muscles help us feelmore energetic: there are more mito-chondria pumping out more energy.Our multi-tasking hormonesGlands within our body govern the energyproduced from the cells. These include thethyroid, hypothalamus and pituitary glands.The hypothalamus takes our thoughts andfeelings and converts them into hormones.The pituitary uses these hormones to sendinstructions to the thyroid to produce energy.Once the thyroid signals that it has receivedthe instruction and has energy available, thepituitary then signals the rest of the body thatit can carry on its work. And what an amazingarray of work it is: the digestive tract digestsfood, the muscles and bones repair and build upnew tissue, the reproductive tract balances thehormones, the pancreas and liver balance bloodsugar, and the brain, spine and nerves balancebrain chemistry.When this complex interplay works well, youfeel vital and healthy. But when something islacking or out of balance, there can be trouble.For example, if you don’t get the nutrients youneed, or if you tend to think negative thoughts,your metabolism will reflect this imbalancewith a lack of vitality. Your body will prepare for“fight or flight:” Your adrenal glands will releaseadrenaline, cortisol and other “emergency”hormones. These hormones are supposed tokick in when we’re faced with a crisis; theygive us the energy we need to meet the crisisand survive.However, when our lifestyle is stressful, or wedon’t get all the nutrients we need, the adrenalglands take over too often, or for too long. Inorder to maintain a state of emergency prepared-ness, the adrenals will turn off the thyroid anddigestion, blood sugar control and hormonebalance. They rob sugar from the muscles andminerals from the bones. They take energy fromall of the other systems and focus it on whatappears to be a constant crisis. That’s whypeople under stress have such bad digestion andhigh cholesterol, problems with the reproductivesystem, depression and other health challenges.The 10 Essentials can helpAn over-stressed, over-worked metabolismcannot support vibrant, healthy living. That’swhy TriVita’s “10 Essentials for Health andWellness” (see page 2) focus on the keys tophysical, emotional and spiritual health.Remarkable though the metabolism is, it can’tfunction well unless its needs are met: the needsof the body (healthy food, sleep, exercise andmore), mind (giving and receiving love andpracticing gratitude) and spirit (nurturing thespiritual aspect of life). That’s why, by livingthe 10 Essentials and supplementing with theproper nutrients, TriVita urges everyone to“experience wellness™.”  Linda Wright, M.D. is board certified in Internal Medicine.She graduated from the University of Colorado, completedmedical school at University of Colorado Health SciencesCenter and internal medicine residency at Saint JosephHospital in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Wright has completedthousands of hours of training with internationallyrecognized leaders in the conventional and alternativemedical fields.Dr. Linda Wright
  16. 16. 16  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comThe Nopalea Wellness ChallengeAmazing stories from NopaleaWTake the Challenge and feel thedifference in your own health Tami S. – Lincoln, NE Curt M. – St. Paul, MNThese are just some of theinspiring testimonialsfrom Wellness Challengeparticipants. We invite you to takethe Challenge and start living apain-free life.“For the past five months I’ve hardly had anypain and inflammation when I run.”“Taking care of my family’s health is a toppriority. With TriVita this has been easier thanever! After the first month of taking Nopalea, Iwas amazed. My weekly migraines were gone! Inow hardly ever get a headache, instead of oneevery week. To be able to combat a headachenaturally has made me feel so much better. Also,before I started taking Nopalea I had pain andswelling in my knee due to running. My doctortold me to stop running and gave me an anti-inflammatory medication. The medication waslater recalled because of damaging side effects. Itried something else, but it was not effective. SoI simply stopped running. After taking Nopaleathe constant pain I had in my knee was gone. Idecided I would try running again to see how itwent. For the past five months, I’ve hardly hadany pain and inflammation after my daily run.Many of my family members, close friends andtheir family members have also found relief fromNopalea. My main goal in taking Nopalea, asidefrom pain relief, is protecting against long-termhealth problems. I want to be around and feelwell for my family for many years. I feel betternow than I ever have!”*Tami S., Affiliate Member – Lincoln, NE“Thanks to Nopalea I can now breathe andsleep easier, and have a lot more energy.”“This year for the first time in 35 years I was ableto give my wife a beautiful bouquet of red rosesfor Valentine’s Day. And I owe it all to Nopalea.I have suffered with chronic breathing problemsand allergies for so long that I can’t rememberthe last time that we had any flowers in ourhouse. I was allergic to all flowers, perfume,dogs and even cats.When I would have a severe sinus attack, my nosewould run, I would sneeze and cough and mywhole body would get cold. I would have to crawlinto bed to warm up to get relief from the attack.I used various inhalers, nasal sprays and over-the-counter medicines for years but received onlytemporary relief.Everything changed for the better once I startedtaking Nopalea!An Affiliate Member introduced me to TriVitaand its wonderful products. Last year, I started totake Nopalea. After taking this delicious wellnessdrink for about three weeks I noticed that mynose didn’t run and I hadn’t coughed or sneezedfor a week. I then realized that Nopalea wasproviding long-term help for my chronicbreathing condition and allergies. I even went toa floral shop and breathed in the scents directlyfrom the flowers. I had no reaction at all. This testproved that I’m free of my allergies. Thanks toNopalea I can now breathe and sleep easier, andhave a lot more energy.Now I want to tell everybody about TriVita’sNopalea and what it’s done for me.”Curt M., Affiliate Member – St. Paul, MN“Nopalea has given me back my life.”“I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a self-admitted ‘Nopaleaholic.’ I have had numeroussurgeries; one of the most severe was a tumorthat was removed from my spinal cord. Althoughthe surgery was a success, it had left me with anenormous amount of pain. I also have had twoknees and a hip replaced, and now I have beendiagnosed with a very painful bone diseasethat has no known cure. In the past I tried awide variety of prescription medications withpoor results.A dear friend of over 40 years suggested that myhusband and I attend the Nopalea tour inCalgary. The Nopalea tasted very delicious, butour bottle of Nopalea sat in our cupboard for aweek before we started using it. Well, soon after Istarted taking Nopalea I didn’t have to take evenone pain pill. Nopalea has given me back my life.Any time I feel pain I just reach for the bottle and
  17. 17. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  17ellness Challenge participantsWhat is the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?The Nopalea Wellness Challenge was createdto show the power of Nopalea in helping thebody reduce chronic inflammation quickly.Completing a Nopalea Loading Phase canhelp ease the “fire” raging in our bodies. Putyourself to the Challenge today!• Drink 3 to 6 ounces of chilled Nopaleaeach day for 30 days.• Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form,which will be included in your order, totrack your progress during the Challenge.• Read The Secret Killer Health Alert, alsoincluded in your first Nopalea order.• Experience incredible wellness. Call andshare your story with us by emailing W. – Sun City, AZ Jean O. – Orlando, FL Kimberly M. – Mechanicsville, VAhave a few ounces every day. Thank you TriVitafor bringing us Nopalea.”*Elaine W., Affiliate Member – Sun City, AZ“My energy is now about 200 times betterthan before!”“Three years ago I had triple bypass surgery (atage 55); and just last September, a stent wasplaced into my heart. Since that time, I havereally had to push myself to do daily tasks. Myenergy level was always real low.Approximately one month ago, my husbandbrought home two bottles of Nopalea. Hesuggested that we both try it. I loved it! The tasteis fantastic, and I find myself looking at the clockto see if it is time to enjoy another deliciousserving. After a couple of weeks on Nopalea, Inoticed that I had much more energy. In fact, myenergy is now about 200 times better than before!Just yesterday, I planted about 50 plants in myyard. I have not added any other items to mynutritional regimen, just Nopalea. Therefore,I know that Nopalea deserves all of the credit.Many thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Ihave so much energy now that my husband hasto remind me to sit down. I just ordered aNopalea 4-Pack and can’t wait until it arrives.”Jean O., Member – Orlando, FL“When I went skiing again after about sixweeks of taking Nopalea, there was no painat all in my ankles.”“I suffered from pain in my knees for about ninemonths and pain in my ankles for about sixmonths before I began the Nopalea WellnessChallenge. The pain was interfering with mywork and personal life. After starting theNopalea Loading Phase my pain was cut in half.By the time I was halfway through the secondbottle, the pain in my knees and ankles haddisappeared. Nopalea tastes so wonderful thatit was hard to go from the Loading Phase of3-6 ounces to the regular maintenance amountof 1-3 ounces.Before I started Nopalea, I went skiing andmy ankles hurt much of the time. But when Iwent skiing again after about six weeks of takingNopalea, there was no pain at all in my anklesand I had a wonderful ski experience. I haveencouraged my family and friends who sufferfrom joint pain and other inflammatory condi-tions to try Nopalea. Thank you again for thisamazing product!”Kimberly M., Member – Mechanicsville, VA*You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your healthcare provider.
  18. 18. 18  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comThe eyes may be the windowsto the soul, but they are alsoyour windows on the world.However, many of us take visionfor granted until we start to haveproblems. More than 11 millionAmericans have uncorrected refrac-tive errors (common, correctableconditions that include nearsighted-ness, farsightedness and astigmatism),and millions more suffer from eyediseases such as age-related maculardegeneration, glaucoma, diabeticretinopathy and cataract.Don’t wait for vision problems tooccur; keep your eyes healthy withthese tips from the NationalEye Institute:Have a comprehensive dilated eye examYou might think your vision is fine or your eyesare healthy, but visiting an eye care professionalfor a comprehensive exam is the only way to besure. Some people don’t realize they aren’t seeingas well as they could with glasses or contactlenses. Plus, many common eye diseases oftenhave no warning signs.Know your family’s eye health historyIt’s important to know if anyone has beendiagnosed with a disease or condition as manyare hereditary. This will help you determineif you are at higher risk for an eye diseaseor condition.Eat right to protect your sightEating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables,particularly dark leafy greens, is important forkeeping your eyes healthy. Research has alsoshown that there are eye health benefits fromeating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids.Maintain a healthy weightBeing overweight or obese increases your risk ofdeveloping diabetes and other systemic condi-tions which can lead to vision loss, such asdiabetic eye disease or glaucoma.Wear protective eyewearWear protective eyewear when playing sportsor doing activities around the home. Protectiveeyewear includes safety glasses and goggles,safety shields and eye guards speciallydesigned to provide the correct protectionfor a certain activity.Quit smoking or never startSmoking is as bad for your eyes as it is for therest of your body. Research has linked smokingto increased risk of developing age-relatedmacular degeneration, cataract and optic nervedamage, all of which can lead to blindness.Wear your shadesSunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’sultraviolet rays. When purchasing sunglasses,look for ones that block out 99-100% of bothUV-A and UV-B radiationGive your eyes a restIf you spend a lot of time at the computer orfocusing on any one thing, your eyes can getfatigued and you sometimes forget to blink. Trythe 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look awayabout 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds. Thiscan help reduce eyestrain.Take care of your eyes – they’re the only onesyou have!  Take action now to protect your eyesKeep your eyeson vision health
  19. 19. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  19Nourish your heart, brain, skin, joints and glandswith Essential Fatty Acids!OmegaPrime®: Your PRIME source for Essential Fatty AcidsPremier blend of Essential Fatty Acids from four sources –fish, flaxseed, evening primrose and perilla seed oilsRight balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6sInflammation-fighting formulaMercury/contaminant-free fish oilEvening primrose and perilla seed oils – the most potent EFAs for inflammationGive your body the support it needs with TriVita OmegaPrime!OmegaPrime®#30520Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsGood health habits and good genes help some people live longerWhen the oldest person in the worldrecently died at the age of 115,researchers discovered that shehad almost none of the physical or mentalailments associated with aging. Shesupported herself financially until she was105. Upon her death, she was more alert andengaged than people half her age. Also,when anatomists counted her neurons, theydiscovered she had the brain of a womanwho was 50 years younger. The secret of herlongevity may have had as much to do withthe woman’s genes as her healthy lifestyle.Based on animal experiments, medical experts onaging believe that a key to a healthy, longer lifespancan be found in a few master genes that affectcellular responses to a variety of survival stresses.The more active these genes are, the longer anorganism seems to survive. Some researchers are alsoconvinced that some genes protect us against therisks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia.Exciting research into longevityInstead of focusing on what goes wrong when weage, researchers are trying to understand whysome people live so long without getting very sick.If they succeed, scientists may be able to dramati-cally increase the normal life span and delayage-related diseases.Right now, a lot of work needs to be done to getmore people to live past the century mark. Evenfewer can do so without suffering a wide variety ofchronic ills. According to the Los AngelesGerontology Research Group, there are only 79men and women alive today who are 110 yearsor older.To pinpoint hereditary sources of longevity,researchers at the Scripps Research Institute inLa Jolla, California recruited 2,000 healthy peopleover 80. They compared the genetic makeup ofthese “wellderly” people to those who died ofcommon age-related illnesses before they reached80. Researchers discovered that many peoplecarry the genes that cause heart attacks, cancerand other diseases. Yet some people have“modifier” genes that cancel out their risk. Theyactually have an inborn protection from aging.Researchers concluded that nature has found asolution in certain individuals to combat certaindisease risks.Healthy habits are equally importantStill, there are wide disparities in longevity. Forexample, in the United States, Asian-Americanwomen in New Jersey live on average to be 91,while Native American men in South Dakotalive only to be 58, according to HarvardUniversity researchers.Most researchers and scientists agree that life-style, diet, education, exercise and healthcare arecritical to a long life.Researchers at the University of Cambridge inthe United Kingdom, reported that people whoexercise regularly, don’t smoke, limit their alcoholintake and eat at least five servings of fruit andvegetables a day live an average 14 years longerthan people who don’t. So, good genes are a plus,but healthy habits – especially nurturing yourbody with the proper nutrients – help even more. Unlocking thesecrets of the“Wellderly”
  20. 20. Leanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!OneFREEBag ofChews20  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comAre you feelingtoo much love?Losing your “love handles”At some point, it happens to justabout everyone: One day, younotice that your pants are a littletighter around the waist. Perhaps yourwaist even hangs over the top of yourclothes. Although whimsically called“love handles” or “muffin top,” no oneis smitten with this extra bulk.Calories in, calories outThe bad news is that no amount of abdominalexercises alone will “whittle” your middle. Layersof fat above the muscle will remain unless youburn more calories than you consume. So thegood news is that with proper exercise and diet,you can help reduce your waistline.According to the Dietary Guidelines forAmericans from the U.S. Department ofAgriculture, in order to manage body weightand prevent gradual weight gain, adultsshould engage in around 60 minutes ofmoderate-to vigorous-intensity activity onmost days of the week while not exceedingcaloric intake requirements.That being said, there are exercises whichcan help strengthen and tone the musclesunder your waistline (called the obliques).Try adding some of these exercises to yourregular workout routine.Bicycle1. Lie face-up on the floor and support your headwith your hands.2. Lifting the shoulder blades off the floor, bringyour knees in toward your chest.3. Straighten your left leg while bringing the leftelbow toward the right knee.4. Switch sides, straightening your right leg andbringing your right elbow to the left knee.5. Do 12-16 repetitions for each side.Side bends1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart witharms by sides.2. Put your right hand on your hip or behindyour head.3. Bending from the waist, bend to your left side,staying straight over your hips.4. Return to the starting position and bend toyour right; continue, moving from side to sidefor 15-20 repetitions.5. Change arm positions and bend from side toside for 15-20 repetitions.Spinal rotation1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointingforward, arms raised to shoulder level, elbowsbent, fists touching in front at elbow level.2. Without moving hips, turn upper body to theright as a unit, keeping bellybutton, hands andnose in a line.3. Return to starting position and repeat tothe left.4. Do 10-12 repetitions for each side.Weight Loss Fact or FictionTrue or False:1. About one-third of Americansare obese.2. Protein- and fiber-rich snacks will helpyou feel full longer.3. Salad is the best option when dining out.4. Exercise can reduce your risk ofchronic disease.1) True: An estimated 33% of Americans areobese, according to the The Journal of theAmerican Medical Association.2) True: Protein and fiber are digested slowly,so you feel fuller longer.3) False: Salads often contain hidden caloriesin toppings – especially dressing.4) True: The USDA’s Dietary Guidelines forAmericans suggests at least 30 minutes ofmoderate-intensity physical activity mostdays of the week to reduce the risk ofchronic disease in adulthood.Mix‘n’MatchSpecial!BuyanyLeanologyitem,getanysecondLeanologyitemat50%OFF!*STEP 1:Fat burning capsules for“losing the bulge”Leanology®WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#33325Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews for snack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakes for low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shake(2 lbs – 30 servings)Flavors: Chocolate and VanillaNon-Member $68.99Member $54.99Redeem with 550 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:• 1bottleofWeightLossCapsules• 1container(30servings)ofNutritionalShake(chooseflavor)• 2bags(1FREE)ofAppetiteControlChewsLimited Timeonly!*Good on single Leanology products only (3-Step ValuePack excluded). Second item at 50% savings must be ofequal or lesser value.Want your Leanology story to be featured in an upcoming publication?Here’s how: Email your story to: If we use you as a “feature” testimonial, you will beeligible to receive $250 in TriVita gift cards along with your own photo session!
  21. 21. Article from Michael Ellisoncontinued from page 2...May is also Mother’s Day and a time when we pay tribute to howimportant and special they are in our lives. For me, my mother hasalways offered encouragement; always sharing a belief she had formy life that God would use me to help people experience a greaterquality of life through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Ibelieve TriVita is the ultimate expression of that prayer and beliefshe has had since I was born.I would like to offer a poem in honor of mothers and the role theyplay in shaping the belief and destiny of a child’s life. This poem iswritten by Nancy Sims:Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is becausewe are different that each of us are special. Don’t set your goals by what otherpeople deem as important. Only do what is best for you.Don’t take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as youwould to your life. For without them life is meaningless.Don’t let life slip through your fingers by living in the past or in the future.By living one day at a time, you live all the days of your life.Don’t give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really overuntil the moment you stop trying.Don’t be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It is the fragile threadthat binds us to each other.Don’t be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn tobe brave.Don’t shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible. The fastest way tolose love is to hold to it tightly, and the best way to keep love is to give it wings.Don’t dismiss your dreams. To be without dreams is to be without hope, to bewithout hope is to be without purpose.Don’t run through life so fast that you forget not only where you have been butalso where you are going. Life is not a race but a journey to be savored eachstep of the way.I want to thank all the wonderful mothers who have offered similaradvice and inspiration to those special people in their lives.Pursue wellness with passion.Michael R. EllisonIf you’re fortunate enough to still have your mother in your life, let meencourage you to follow some of TriVita’s 10 Essentials for Health andWellness: (#8) Practice Gratitude: Thank God every day for her and tellher how much you appreciate all she’s done for you; (#6) Give and ReceiveLove: Go visit your mother or pick up the phone and tell her how much youlove her. If you’ve not been receptive to love that she has tried to extend,open up your heart and Be Forgiving (#7). If she’s passed, then (#9) DevelopAcceptance: Don’t live with regrets of what you did or didn’t do. Acceptthings, move on and try to live every day a better person, changing thethings you can.My mother’s legacy will live on through all of those left behind whowere fortunate enough to have been touched by her amazing life. I amtruly honored to be one of them and thank God that He chose her tobe my mother.I encourage each of you to celebrate the mother or “mother-figure” in yourlife. Wellness doesn’t always come easy for everyone, but doing your part tocreate optimal wellness will definitely pay off – it certainly did for my mom.TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have partneredto provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water.• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas.• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life.• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of life.Your tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last year,we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!Want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy to takeyour tax-deductible donation along with your order.You can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSuite 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260You can make alasting differenceYour contribution will touch countless livesON MY MIND continued from page 3...1-800-991-7116 April 2010  l  21We value your feedback.Please send your comments to: editor@vitajournal.comor mail to Editor, c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. GreenwayHayden Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  22. 22. Based on myprofessionalwork, andafter updatingmyself on thelatest research onthis month’s topic,I am personally convinced thata woman must “think of herselffirst” before she thinks ofanyone else.The majority of women are people pleasersLooking at the statistics, it is estimated that 57%of all women have obsessive “people pleasing”behavior. That is a staggering number of women.That’s in the millions, states Dr. Harriet Braikerin her book, The Disease to Please. This tellsme that more women than not are hurtingthemselves by neglecting their own healthand well-being.This condition causes stress, anxiety, worry,high blood pressure, low self-worth, depression,headaches, digestive disorders and more. It evenundermines and destroys relationships.Yet, in our culture, much of what a woman as awife and mother does is to please others. She hasan innate need to be concerned with the welfareand happiness of her children. With all a womandoes for her husband, her children, her relatives,and her friends, a woman can often overlook herown needs to her own harm.Assess if your need to please ishealthy or harmfulSo how do you determine if you have a healthyneed to please or have obsessive people-pleasingbehaviors? Dr. Annie Kaszina, an emotionalabuse coach, recommends asking yourself thefollowing questions: 1. Do you say “yes” when you really want tosay “no”? 2. Do you put the needs of others first, even atthe expense of your own wants and needs? 3. When you give 100% to others and getnothing in return, do you feel resentment?If you answered yes to even one of these questionsyou may have an obsessive or chronic need to“please others.”You can change, and it’s easier thanyou thinkYou can break out of this cycle, and it’s easierthan you think. Making even small changes willcause a dramatic, positive and long-lasting changein your life.First, practice saying “NO.” Practice saying “no”many times a day just to hear the word come outof your mouth. You have to stop saying “YES” toevery request. Take a pause or a breath beforeanswering, and if it’s more comfortable, you mightsay, “I need to think about this first,” or “Let mecheck my schedule and I’ll get back to you.” Useany phrase that gives you time before automati-cally answering “yes” under pressure.Often women who “need to please” feel guilty ifthey do something for themselves that theysimply just want to do. For example, you may liketo read a magazine with a cup of coffee, watch avideo of your choosing, go to a park, take aluxurious bubble bath or listen to music. Giveyourself the permission to take care of your needsfirst by doing those things and enjoying them.Be honest with yourself. It’s important for yourphysical and emotional health to be aware of howyou think and feel; they are a part of who you are.And then try saying what you think and feelmore often. You deserve to have “ME time,” to say“NO,” and take care of yourself without feelingguilty. Change is within your reach, taking onestep at a time.A woman’sneed topleaseby Dr. JudyGod grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change;courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference– Reinhold NiebuhrJudy Ellison, Ph.D.Judy Ellison, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author andmotivational speaker. She has inspired people aroundthe world to reach within and find their passionatepurpose to live a more meaningful life.22  l  VITAJOURNAL
  23. 23. your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20Becoming a confident woman:A discovery of truthBy Chaplain Gene HendersonGene Henderson“I want you woven into atapestry of love, in touch witheverything there is to know ofGod. Then you will haveminds confident and at rest,focused on Christ, God’s greatmystery.” – Colossians 2:2As we focus on women’shealth this month, I’m pleased to welcome backPastor Judith Crist to my column. Here sheshares a woman’s perspective on becoming aconfident woman, and how that confidence canmanifest itself in everyday life.Judith Crist has servedalongside her husband,Dr. Terry Crist, as one of theExecutive Pastors of City ofGrace Church in Arizonasince it was founded.Chaplain Gene: Let’s start with a definition.What does it mean to be a confident woman?Pastor Judith: Being a confident woman meansthat you know yourself — a woman who believesin her true God-given value and the power ofher contribution to make a difference. If youknow that you have core value and purpose,then what you know colors your perspective,both internally and externally. Confidencecomes from the discovery process of asking themost important questions in life: Who am I?What’s my purpose in life? Where will I bewhen this life is over? Answering these questionsopens us up to discover truth – the truth thatwe are created in the image of an amazing,loving God.Chaplain Gene: How can we spot a confidentwoman? What sets her apart?Pastor Judith: I believe a confident woman actsdifferently, carries herself differently. Womenhave so many beautiful personalities: the bold,spirited women and the quiet, demure womenwho all share inner core strength. A confidentwoman can be spotted by her contentmentdespite circumstances. She demonstratespatience through seasons and processes. She hasa boldness to stand up, speak up, and join inwhen her contribution can make a difference.A woman with confidence is comfortable givingrespect and deference to the leaders in her life.Whatever her personality, a confident womanknows how to give honor and affirmation toothers without strings attached. She is alsowilling to make needed changes in order toaccomplish greater purposes. A confidentwoman is more likely to make wise choicesbased on a positive outlook in life.A good example of a confident woman is foundin the New Testament. Priscilla developed hergifting, served God’s cause, respected andfollowed her husband’s leadership, and instructedthe apostles with confidence.It’s important to also note that a confidentwoman takes care of herself, looking after allaspects of her health: mental, physical, andrelational (this includes spirituality). An insecureperson, one who lacks confidence, might ignoresigns of a need to take care. A confident woman,though, doesn’t feel selfish about self-care. Sherealizes the need for being the best she can be,for herself, and for others, as well.Chaplain Gene: You’ve encouraged women to“live in confidence in our relationship withGod.” Is that the same thing as becoming aconfident woman?Pastor Judith: Living in confidence in ourrelationship with God will bring confidence inevery other area of our lives. Once we realizethat God made us on purpose, for a purpose, wecan have confidence rather than comparingourselves with others. If we think God justinitiated the process of Creation, and doesn’tvalue us as individuals, we won’t have a relation-ship with Him that is personal and that developsthe uniqueness of each one of us. When werealize that God is big enough to know us allindividually, then we can also know that ourpersonalities are gifts from God.Living in relationship with God is what gives usthe confidence to discover our worth and value,to navigate the stresses of life in which we mustgrow and change without losing our sense ofworth. God, our Creator, is the One who knowsthe most about us and only through relationshipwith Him can we truly understand ourselves.Chaplain Gene: Do women need to build uptheir confidence more than men might?Pastor Judith: Historically, yes. Buildingconfidence can be more of a challenge forwomen, but it depends on the society and familyenvironment in which they live. Of course, menalso struggle with insecurities on a deep level:It’s the human condition. In order to buildconfidence, we can’t compare ourselves withthe other gender. We must build on our uniquefeminine qualities to develop positive charactertraits, such as leadership.Scripture has several examples of unique womenwho demonstrate leadership, such as Deborah inthe Old Testament Book of Judges. During atime when Israel lacked central male leadership,Deborah served as a judge because she wasrecognized by all to have wisdom, discernmentand courage. When the men feared going intobattle with their enemy, they came to Deborah,who rallied them to victory.In my life, I’ve met many women who wishedthey weren’t women. They take on labels like“second-class citizens,” or accept the view thatthey’re more emotional and somehow “less than”men. This shows a misunderstanding of ourvalue: We matter, and we matter uniquely. It’snot accident that we are born as women in thistime in history, in which there are more oppor-tunities, but yet so many responsibilities. 1-800-991-7116 April 2010  l  23Judith Crist
  24. 24. 24  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita®products!Real Stories from real people*You should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication or if you suspect you might have a heartproblem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your healthcare provider.“I truly feel I have mylife back.”“I am surprised and alsovery excited about Nopaleabecause it works. I am 70years old and a retirednurse. I actually had toretire years early due toconstant fatigue and muscle pain. I had sufferedterribly to the point where it had taken over my life.I tried many prescriptions with little help, and one ofthem made me gain weight.I was reluctant to try Nopalea because I believedmore in the medical approach. My daughter-in-law convinced me to give it a try and I am so verythankful she did. I cannot express the differenceNopalea has made in my life. My pain is minimaland my energy level has increased greatly. I amalso sleeping through the night. I am once againable to do the things I love. I truly feel that I havemy life back. I love the taste of Nopalea and moreimportantly, the results have been excellent! I haveencouraged friends and family to give this fantasticproduct a try. I know they won’t be disappointed.”Pauline C., Affiliate Member – Glenburn, ME“…my x-rays showedI no longer havebrittle bones!”“I was in a lot of painwhen I was diagnosedwith brittle bones a fewyears ago. It was so severemy doctor wanted me toself-administer shots in my stomach every day. ButI always preferred natural products, so I startedtaking Bone Growth Factor instead. Six months later,I could bend, stoop and walk without pain. Andafter my last exam, my x-rays showed I no longerhave brittle bones! Thank you, TriVita, for BoneGrowth Factor.”*Teri A., Affiliate Member – Phoenix, AZ“I have switched to the stronger,Super Sublingual B-12 and I like iteven better.”“I am now 71 and at the age of 35 my family doctordiagnosed a painful condition as inflammation ofthe nervous system. She said, ’Norma, I can sendyou downstairs to see a neurologist but I happento know they are treating this with Vitamin Binjections and I can do that here in my office foryou.’ It started working right away. However, it leftme with a bad taste in my mouth. So finding TriVitaSublingual B-12 improved my life immeasurablybecause now I can control how much I need andwhen I take it. It works as well as the injectionsexcept I never have that bad taste in my mouth. Ihave switched to the stronger, Super SublingualB-12 and I like it even better. Thank you for helpingme stay healthy.”Norma H. – Member – Downey, CA“Thanks Sublingual B-12. You are mybest friend now.”“I purchased TriVita Sublingual B-12 and aftertaking it for a few days, I was excited to find that itreally helped me with my energy at work. BeforeI felt so sluggish and now I have all-day energy.Thank goodness for this product. It helps me keepup with the physical demands of my job. ThanksSublingual B-12, you are my best friend now.”Sheila S., Member – North Augusta, SC“It has really helpedwith my stress level,and I definitely feel adifference.”“Adaptogen 10 Plus is agreat product! At the earlyage of 40, I had a stresstest and upon comple-tion I went into cardiac arrest. I was lucky to havesurvived and the doctors were amazed. When Iwoke up several days later, I was informed that adefibrillator had been placed into my chest. I havebeen an athlete my entire life. Even now at 46, Iam a regular in the gym and continue to do boxingconditioning. At first, I had doctors prescribe anti-depressants to help me deal with some of the milddepression I was feeling because of my heart prob-lems. I am thankful for my health – my cardiologistgives me an A+ every time I see him.I am also thankful for the Adaptogen 10 Plus!It has really helped with my stress level and Idefinitely feel a difference. I also don’t need totake anti-depressants any more. Knowing thatAdaptogen is great to protect against the toxinsand harmful daily elements we expose ourbodies to is so important to me and my health. ILOVE Adaptogen 10 Plus with Nopalea and SuperSublingual B-12. If you have not tried this combina-tion, you are missing out. I highly recommend it.Thank you TriVita, for products that enhance myhealth, my lifestyle and my energy levels.”*Erik C., Affiliate Member – Chandler, AZ“TriVita’s LeanologyShakes meet myneeds and exceedmy expectations inall categories.”“The Leanology ChocolateShakes are phenomenal.I’ve never had such adelicious shake, and I’ve tried a great many ofthem. I like to drink these shakes after I work out.I learned a long time ago that there is a ‘windowof nutrient opportunity’ after physical activity. For10-15 minutes post workout, the body is ‘hungry’and open to receiving essential nutrients. So I’veventured on a product odyssey to find the mostaction-packed, nutrient-rich product, withoutall the unwanted fillers. I found that TriVita’sLeanology Shakes meet my needs and exceedmy expectations in all categories, especially taste,which makes it that much more of a pleasureto drink. I’m happily hooked on the ChocolateLeanology Shakes.”Philip D., Member – Crownsville, MD
  25. 25. 1-800-991-7116 May 2010  l  25It’s a glorious thing to overcomeweakening bones. It’s an amazingthing to triumph over breasttumors. Susan Ellison has done both,and for one of these victories, shecredits TriVita’s Bone Growth Factor.The two issues – bone health and breast health– are connected for many women, as they are forSusan, co-founder of TriVita and wife of TriVitaCEO Michael Ellison. “I’ve been on a hormone-blocker for nine years for the breast tumors,and this hormone reduction can contribute tohaving weak, brittle bones,” she relates. So,when she was first diagnosed at a world-renowned medical clinic in Arizona, herdoctors were concerned about possible lossof bone strength.“My doctors found that I was already in the earlystage of bone weakness, and they wanted me togo on a prescription medication,” Susan recalls.Instead, she began taking Bone Growth Factor,and rigorously kept up her healthy living habits.Just one year later, her bone scan showed someimprovement. Then, when Susan had a full bonedensity test performed in early 2010, the resultswere astounding.“I went from weakening bones tonormal bones”“My bone loss reversed!” she exclaims. “I wentfrom weakening bones to normal bones. All threeof my bone density scores, in the spine, hip andwrist, are now in the normal range. There is noloss of bone strength. What’s more, this happenedwhile I’m taking a hormone blocker.”Her doctor was impressed and curious. WhenSusan went to the clinic for her follow-upappointment, “Her very first words were,‘Concerning your bone density test, I don’t knowwhat you’ve been doing, but keep doing it.’” Thedoctor wanted to know all about Bone GrowthFactor, so Susan sent her a bottle, along with thescientific papers that backed upits development.“My doctor is thrilled for me, and forwhat Bone Growth Factor may meanto other women,” Susan says.Treatments for bone weakness canhave unwanted side effects for some, so thepossibility of an option without side effects issomething her doctor found very exciting. “Itreally is incredible: I reversed bone loss withoutprescription drugs. And it’s all thanks to BoneGrowth Factor,” Susan says.Well, almost all: Susan has always beenproactive about her health, and takes thesmart, everyday actions needed to protect herbones. She works out regularly on a treadmill,knowing that such weight-bearing exerciseis key to bone health. She eats wholesomefoods like calcium-rich spinach (a bag a week),enjoys the Arizona sun with its rays full ofVitamin D, and receives the physical andmental benefits of yoga.“I feel absolutely awesome,” she reports. “I’m ingood health, I have good energy, and I attributeso much of this to TriVita’s products.” She notesthat it’s important to take Bone Growth Factorjust as the label advises: two tablets, three timesper day. For her, that means at breakfast, lunchand dinner, though Bone Growth Factor can betaken on an empty stomach. “I never misstaking it; why would I?” she notes, adding thatthe product has calcium, so she doesn’t need totake an additional calcium supplement.“Bone Growth Factor and Nopalea™: Don’ttake those two away from me”As many in the TriVita family are aware, Susanwas an early adopter of another TriVita break-through: Nopalea. Before the product wasformally introduced last year, she began takingthe wellness drink to try to reduce cripplinginflammation and pain in her feet. Resisting theidea of surgery to fuse the troublesome joints inher left foot, she started on Nopalea. Withinjust weeks, the redness, swelling and painvirtually disappeared.“Before Nopalea I was hobbling with a cane likea little old lady. Now, I’m back on my treadmill,doing two and one-half miles a day. I toldMichael he could put me on the sidewalk with asign and I could sell Nopalea.” She sums up,“Bone Growth Factor and Nopalea: Don’t takethose two away from me.”Thanks to TriVita products and her ownhealthy lifestyle, Susan is living proof thatyou can, as the company slogan states,“experience wellness.™”  Reverse bone losswithout a prescription?That’s Susan’s experience – thanks tohealthy habits and Bone Growth Factor™Member Spotlight“Mydoctoristhrilledforme,andforwhatBoneGrowthFactormaymeantootherwomen.”– Susan
  26. 26. 26  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com1: Heart HealthHeart health is a game ofgood fat, bad fat. Omega-3fatty acids are an essentialsupplementation for anyheart-healthy diet.Molecularly distilled fish oil,cod liver oil and krill oil areall exceptional and necessarysupplements. It is alsoimportant to eat other foods high in Omega-3slike flaxseed, hemp seeds, chia seeds, walnuts andfatty, cold water fish like salmon, tuna, herringand mackerel. Avoid margarine, trans fats,hydrogenated oils and shortening at all costs.Instead, incorporate monounsaturated oils likeolive, canola, sesame and avocado.2: Breast HealthAntioxidants are most helpful to maximize breasthealth. There are direct and indirect antioxi-dants. Direct antioxidants come from Vitamin Eand Vitamin C. While these nutrients are helpful,they act much like a bee does, dying after itstings. Immediately after ingestion, C and E zapfree radicals and then wear off. Indirect antioxi-dants actually promote our body’s own productionof antioxidants for hours after they have beeneaten. They are found predominantly in organicberries (anthocyanins), curcumin found in theroot tumeric which is found in Indian curry andbroccoli sprouts (sulforane), found in the sproutsection of your health food store. Many vegetablesin the cabbage family (broccoli, cauliflower, kale,cabbage, bok choy) also contain these powerfulindirect antioxidants.3: Bone HealthWhen it comes to bone health, dairy products arenot the answer. As a nation, we consume anincredibly high amount of dairy products, yet westill have a 25% rate of weak, brittle bones. Thismeans that the calcium we are taking or drinkingis not reaching our bones, but is likely insteadgetting deposited in our soft tissue. Thatcombines with things that leach calcium frombones, like soda and carbonated beverages, sugar,white flour products, an excess of animal protein,and lack of vegetables and fruit. Alkalizing foodsand a low-stress life are the answer. The topalkalizing foods are dark leafy greens like kale,collard greens and broccoli. Lemon and lime havean alkalizing effect in the body, as do raspberries,mango, sea vegetables, daikon radishes, lentils,sweet potatoes and yams, garlic, onion and applecider vinegar.4: Prolonged SadnessSometimes the “feel good” neurotransmittercalled serotonin gets too low. When this happens,we may find it difficult to experience happinessand optimism. Instead, we may feel sad, hopelessand lethargic and we may begin to cravecarbohydrates and sweets. We may alsoexperience digestive disturbances. To improve ourserotonin, we must feed the body the foods itneeds to convert the amino acid tryptophan intoserotonin. Fantastic food-based sources oftryptophan are baked potatoes with the skin on,bananas, beans, eggs, fish, hazelnuts, hummus,lentils, kelp, animal meat, brown rice and roastedpumpkin seeds.5: Immune System HealthIn my experience, there’s often a direct parallelbetween immune system health and digestivehealth. Most of the time, those with immunesystem issues need to do some digestive systemrepair because they have a problem with a leakylining of the intestines. To support intestinallining naturally, first I use the amino acid l-glutamine combined with licorice and aloevera. The second step is to know and avoid foods,allergies and sensitivities. Then we add inpowerhouse foods to support the immune systemlike local bee pollen, medicinal mushrooms likeshitake and maitake, oregano and garlic. Foodshigh in zinc are necessary like lean red meat.Three ounces once a week is enough. If you arenot a red meat eater, you can get dietary zinc frompoultry, pork, yogurt and especially from oysters.By Christa Orecchio, Clinical Nutritionist andHolistic Health CounselorChrista OrecchioDirectionsHeat oil in a large pan over medium heat. Addturkey, salt, mustard, sea vegetable flakes, oreganoand black pepper. Combine well and stir frequently.Cook for 4-5 minutes. Add the onion and stir in themeat. You may add more oil if too dry. Cover andcook until turkey turns white, approximately10 minutes.In a separate pan, sauté a few sliced mushrooms(shitake, maitake and crimini) in grapeseed oil.Add oregano (dried or fresh), cayenne pepper, 2-3Tof red wine and a few pieces of garlic (thinly sliced).Add to basic turkey mixture and drizzle with extravirgin olive oil. Serve with your choice of grain orwhole grain pasta.Ingredients½ lb Ground turkey breast (free-range/organic)1 medium yellow onionSea salt2 T grapeseed oil3 T red wine10-12 mushrooms (shitake, maitake and crimini)1 tsp stone ground mustard or mustard powder½ tsp sea veggies flakes (any kind – kelp,dulse, nori)1 tsp dried or fresh oreganoBlack pepper (optional)Recipe of the monthMediterranean Turkey with Mushrooms and Red WineEatingforwomen’shealth:thefivemostcommonissuesfacingwomeninAmerica