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  1. 1. YOUTHFUL SKIN NOW! PG16Why You NeedFolate PG8IN THE NEWS...Recent medicalstudiesThe latest medical, health,and wellness news that canimpact your life from sourcesyou can trust. PG 6SPECIAL FEATUREDoctors Secrets IIEver wonder how doctors stayhealthy… or if they do? Parttwo in a three-part series. PG 20PG 4March/April 2006 feel better today, healthier tomorrowVITAJOURNALLIVINGAnxiety OverloadIf you are anxious, nervous, orworried, find out how to calmyour mind and protect yourhealth. PG 12W W W . T R I V I T A . C O MAllergy AlertIf you’re one of the millions who suffer withallergies every year, read Dr. Minshew’s adviceon reducing or eliminating irritating andpainful symptoms.
  2. 2. letter from theceo&co-founder2 I March/April 2006One of the Ten Essentials for Healthand Wellness is to enjoy activity!If there is one time of year when activity seems to be everywhere,it’s during the spring. It is such an invigorating time of year.For those of us who are wellness seekers, it is a time when wecan enjoy the activities that mean so much to us. At our home,the windows open up and we begin the ritual of spring housecleaning. It is also the time to bring the fly rod out and preparefor beautiful days on the river.I know from your letters that you love spring, too, as it is a timefor gardening, fishing, hiking, boating, bicycling, and other greatoutdoor activities. These activities contribute to your health,helping the lymphatic system cleanse your body of deadly toxins.Just think – 80% of your body’s toxins are removed through theworking of your lungs and lymph system! When you are raking leaves left over from fall, embrace thehealth benefits you are getting from enjoying activity. Spring is a time to not only enjoy your good healthand wellness, but to continue enhancing it.Part of wellness, then, is having the vitality and energy to do the things you love to do during the spring.Yet not everyone associates spring with wellness and activity. I know people who dread springtime morethan any other time of year because they associate it with allergy season. They have severe symptoms andare almost debilitated during one of the greatest times to enjoy life outdoors. If that is your situation, Iwould encourage you to read Dr. Minshew’s informative article on allergies in this VitaJournal. Read aboutwhy you may have allergies and what you can do to help relieve them. As much as possible, we want tohelp you alleviate those dreaded spring-time symptoms.The VitaJournal is our way of communicating the joys of health and wellness to a community of wellnessseekers. Throughout the year, we plan to bring you more special health articles written by our healthprofessionals. They know that nutrients and nurturing are the two main contributors to health and wellness,and they want to share their insights with you. As you apply the understanding of nutrients and nurturingto your own body, I know your own health and wellness will increase. Pursue your wellness with passion!10 essentialsfor health andwellnessThe 10 Essentials are lifestyle changes you can make rightnow to live a healthier life physically, emotionally, andspiritually. By taking small steps in each one, you’ll findyourself becoming happier and healthier than ever before.1. Unique, doctor-created formulasInternationally respected experts in specific nutritional areas, our physicians develop formulas based on theirextensive knowledge of health and nutrition.2. Patented body absorption systemsMany vitamin supplements aren’t easily absorbed by the body, robbing them of effectiveness. But eachTriVita formula is developed with an eye toward maximum absorption and effect.3. Pharmaceutical-quality productionCarefully monitored for cleanliness and accuracy, our facilities are continuously inspected and certified like apharmaceutical facility.4. Third party testing & certificationIn addition to our own rigorous quality control procedures, we also commission third party laboratories to testand certify our products to ensure compliance with our doctors’ unique formulas.5. Quality-controlled packagingInspected at least 10 times during production and packing, each TriVita product is packaged to meetconsumer desires for both safety and convenience. Each has two safety seals for your protection.1. Breathe DeeplyDeep breathing releases bodytoxins faster than any othermeans.2. Drink WaterGetting enough water provides aninstant energy boost – and youmay even eat less.3. Sleep PeacefullyEstablishing a bedtime routinewill help you sleep longer andmore soundly.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoosing healthy, whole foodsminimizes blood sugar swings.5. Enjoy ActivityAn active lifestyle enables everysystem in your body to workbetter.6. Give and Receive LoveHeart-focused, sincere, andpositive feelings boost theimmune system.7. Be ForgivingAs you let go of negative feelingstoward others, you will findgreater peace and optimism.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings instant joy,builds your body’s physicaldefenses, and reduces stress.9. Develop AcceptancePracticing acceptance clears yourmind of needless anxiety, freeingyou to enjoy life.Develop a Relationshipwith GodAs your relationship grows, youwill enjoy all the blessings ofunconditional love.Michael R. Ellison • CEO & Co-Founder5 cornerstones of QUALITY10.
  3. 3. Allergies 4Dr. Brazos Minshew, TriVita’s Chief ScienceOfficer, explains what allergies are, and whatyou can do to reduce their effect on you.Getting an A for B’s 8Dr. Scott Conard talks about the newest studyon Vitamin B and what it means for you.Telling them they need help 14Is there someone in your life who’s making amess of their health? Here’s how you can help.Doctor roundtable 20Part two of a three-part series in which TriVitadoctors describe their own health successesand challenges.Season’s pick: celery 26Think celery is just for rabbits? Think again!These crispy, crunchy veggies are packed withhidden nutrition.Healthy meals on the go 30Here are some hints from a short-order cookthat will change how you look at healthycooking.p16p26 p4VITAJOURNAL I 3in thisissueMarch/April 2006the trivita DIFFERENCEHow to Get to Your Dream LifeLife today places big demands upon us. We areoften bombarded by difficult choices, some ofwhich literally make us sick. Find out howTriVita Health and Wellness Coaching can makea difference in your life. p14Patented Delivery Systemsfor the Maximum Absorptionof Our NutrientsEssential B vitamins are not easily absorbed inthe digestive tract. Learn how Dr. Alfred Libbydiscovered a unique way to deliver B vitamins intoyour body without using painful injections. p8Consultative &Knowledgeable SupportWhen you call TriVita to place an order, youwill encounter a knowledgeable consultant whois specially trained to answer your questions aboutyour wellness needs and find the nutritionalsupplements that are right for you. p28Cutting-Edge SolutionsAt TriVita, we have invested in developing new,breakthrough products that provide creative solu-tions to serious health and wellness concerns. Ourpledge to you is to continue our commitment –to provide high-quality, cutting-edge nutritionalsupplements. p25p12
  4. 4. allergies:ATTACKINGTHE ROOT OF THEPROBLEMo you suffer from seasonal allergies? Haveyou always had allergies, or does this seemlike a new phenomenon? How manypeople – younger and older – do you know whosuffer from allergies? Let’s talk about what allergiesare, why they are so prevalent these days, and whatyou can do to prevent the misery they bring.Before we begin to answer these questions, weneed to know our enemy if we are to form aneffective battle plan to combat allergies. Wespeak of allergies by the tissues they attack. Forinstance, most allergies are airborne and attackthe mucous membranes of the upper respiratorysystem. The most common medical diagnosticterm is Allergic Rhinitis, also called “hay fever.”This term describes the allergies that affect theeyes, ears, nose, and throat. Allergic rhinitisincludes symptoms such as a runny or itchy nose,watery eyes, and sneezing. These symptoms arecaused by irritation to the mucous membranes inthe head. At first, these symptoms may just seemlike an annoyance. However, over time this irri-tation may turn to infection. People that sufferfrom allergies increase their tendency to have earinfections, sinus infections, frequent sore throats,lung infections, and bronchitis. Additionally,people with allergies suffer from increasedheadaches, fatigue and irritability. Allergiesoccur when a plant or animal protein contactsyour mucous membrane and your immunesystem reacts to reject this irritant. These irri-tants may be mold, pollen, dust, animal dander,or other irritants. A normal, healthy immunesystem may react very little when these irritantsare inhaled. There are small hair-like structurescalled cilia which line the membrane of your4 I March/April 2006Dby Dr. Brazos MinshewChief Science OfficerA healthy immune system will leadto more allergy-free days.Do you recognize any of these common allergens?Pet danderMold Fruit Grass DustOak TreePollen
  5. 5. VITAJOURNAL I 5respiratory system and move the irritant awayfrom the contact area. Imagine tall stalks ofwheat blowing in the wind. This gives you amental picture of the gentle way your bodyshould deal with irritants. Allergy problemsbegin when this ciliary action fails; now theirritant requires a more persuasive approach toleave the area.A poor immune systemoverreacts to irritantsWhy do some people get symptoms of allergiesand some do not? We all breathe the sameirritants, right? That’s true! The reason somepeople have symptoms and some seem to have noproblems – even during the worst months forpollen – has little to do with what is in the air.Allergic reactions are caused by your immunesystem, not by the proteins that trigger allergies.We all breathe the same proteins. If yourimmune system is working correctly, the cilia inyour respiratory system will remove the proteins(from pets, pollen, etc.), and you will never havea symptom. If your immune system is imbal-anced, the cilia will fail to remove the irritantsand your body will fall back on a secondary reac-tion that is really quite excessive – histamines.Allergens are specific proteins. Ragweed is onekind of protein, cat dander is another, andAspergillus mold is another type of protein. Yourcilia are designed to remove these proteins. Ifthey are not removed, your immune system willbe alerted. When your immune system sensesone of these proteins, it creates a protein anti-body to identify this invader as a health threat.This is the case with these “normal” proteinseven though they are not unhealthy for you undernormal circumstances. The antibody protein isrushed to the site of irritation by your bloodstream and lymph system. It immediately “pops”a balloon-like cell in the region of this irritation.That cell is called a mast cell. Mast cells containhistamines that cause your body to flood thearea with liquid. This excessive liquid, caused byhistamine, attempts to wash the irritant from thearea in a way that the cilia could not. This is whyyou get watery eyes and a runny nose: your bodyis attempting to wash away an irritant. Theproblem is, your immune system has completelyover-reacted to the situation when it triggers mastcells to relieve an allergy.Now, your mast cells have a clear warning labelthat says, “Emergency use only!” Yet yourimmune system (if it is not healthy and bal-anced) reacts all out of proportion to the irrita-tion caused by the allergen when it activates themast cell. When histamines are released, theycause the symptoms that you feel locally (eyes,ears, nose, and throat), but they also cause symp-toms in other areas as well. For instance, when amast cell activates in your nose, the reactioncauses histamine release in your lungs, your skin,your joints, and your intestines. This may triggerfurther immune reactions in your liver, kidneys,heart, and circulatory system – and even yourbrain! Histamines are very powerful.Many medications exist to block histamines andthe irritation, discomfort, and damage theycause. But think about this: Is it the histaminesthat need to be corrected or your immunesystem? Put another way, the histamines arelike poisonous berries on a bush or tree. Youwill never get rid of the tree by simply pickingthe berries. You must attack the tree at theroots if you are to rid yourself of the fruit. In thesame way, you must address allergies at the levelof the immune system if you are to be successfulin resolving the problem of seasonal allergies.continued on page 28Coughing, wheezing, sneezing – how many ill-nesses have the same symptoms as allergies?North Americans have a tendency to chalk upany respiratory irritation to allergies, but onlyyour doctor can tell you for sure. Here’s a quicksample of the tests that might be done to testyou for allergies – the results of which can helpyou determine what can be done to reduce oreliminate symptoms.Skin Prick TestA tiny bit of an allergen is placed under the skinwith a needle. Then the doctor watches to see ifthe skin in that area becomes raised or irritated.This can be done for multiple allergens at thesame time.RAST TestingA small sample of blood is taken and tested fora few or dozens of different allergens.Provocation TestingYou breathe in air containing an allergen, andthe doctor watches to see if you have an allergicreaction, such as wheezing or trouble breathing.Member Price $19.99800.991.7116Are you happy,or just...“okay?”TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acidcan change your life. It’s that simple. B vita-mins are nature’s pick-me-ups. And TriVita’ssublingual delivery system – a great berry-tasting tablet that melts under your tongue –is the first of its kind, and still the best wayto get B vitamins into your bloodstream.Dr. Alfred Libby patented this system yearsago, and it’s been changing lives every since.If you’re ready to see what all the hype isabout, call now and speak to one of ourWellness Consultants, who are here to helpyou on every step of your wellness journey.is it allergies, orsomething else?Only a physician candiagnose real allergies.With Sublingual B-12, you can:• Boost energy – get the physical and mentalenergy you need to feel energized and alive• Restore focus – build concentration,memory, and long-term brain function• Lift mood – replace irritability with apositive outlookHealth only comes from healthyhabits. A healthy immune system isbuilt moment by moment from thechoices we make.
  6. 6. VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY INCREASES CANCER RISKSAN DIEGO – According to a report published recently in the American Journal of Public Health, correcting VitaminD deficiencies can lower the risk of some types of cancer. A process called angiogenesis, in which new blood vesselsgrow and allow cancer to thrive, is curtailed by proper amounts of Vitamin D. The cancers studied included coloncancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer. Researchers concluded with a recommendation ofsupplementing diets with 800 to 1000 IU per day. Source: American Journal of Public Health, February 2006.FOLATE LEVEL PREDICTS RISK OF FRACTURE IN ELDERLYBOLOGNA, Italy – A study published in the Journal of Gerontology reports that levels of folate (Folic Acid), ratherthan levels of homocysteine (HCY), are what predicts the risk of fractures arising from osteoporosis in elderlypeople. The researchers concluded that “Low serum folate is responsible for the association between homocysteineand risk of osteoporotic fracture in elderly persons.” In other words, when it comes to osteoporosis and fractures inthe elderly, the link between HCY and osteoporosis is determined by the level of Folic Acid in the blood. Higherlevels of Folic Acid can lower dangerous levels of HCY, thus lowering the risk of fractures. Source: The Journals ofGerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, November 2005.FATTY ACID DHA MAY PROTECT AGAINST ALZHEIMER’SNEW ORLEANS – Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, may offer protection against Alzheimer’s Disease andcognitive decline, according to a number of recent reports collected and reported on by researchers in the Journalof Clinical Investigation. DHA is a fatty acid that is converted from other fatty acids that must be ingested becausethe body cannot manufacture them. Linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid can both be turned into DHA, butboth must be consumed in diet or supplementation. The mechanics of how DHA protects against cognitivedecline is still being investigated, but it may be associated with DHA’s ability to maintain the health of cellmembranes; or perhaps because fatty acids are needed for fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E, and K to be absorbed.Source: Journal of Clinical Investigation, October 2005.WEIGHT GAIN COMES WITH AGEPHILADELPHIA – Results of a 30-year study show that 9 out of 10 men and 7 out of 10 women in the U.S. arelikely to be or become overweight as they age. The study, published recently in the Annals of Internal Medicinefollowed more than 4,000 white adults and used Body Mass Index (weight relative to height) to determine whichwere overweight. Many men and women, aged 30 to 59 when the study began, went from a healthy BMI tounhealthy BMI in just four years. Being overweight or obese increases risks of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, andvarious cancers. Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, October 4, 2005.HCY LINKED TO STIFF ARTERIESPILSEN, Czech Republic – Researchers at Charles University (Department of Internal Medicine, Centre ofPreventive Cardiology) have reported a strong, independent relationship between total homocysteine (tHCY)and stiffness of central arteries. It was noted that the association remained high even after refiguring the data toallow for other cardiovascular risk factors, including age, gender, smoking, overweight, hypertension, and impairedglucose metabolism. In other words, HCY was at least partly responsible for aortic stiffness even in people withno pre-existing heart risks. tHCY was identified by researchers as “a strong and independent predictor of cardio-vascular events.” Source: Journal of Human Hypertension, January 26, 2006.OMEGA-3 WITH STATINS CAN REDUCE TRIGLYCERIDESPHILADELPHIA – A recent study concluded that the use of Omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, and fibrates canreduce triglycerides, increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or “good”) cholesterol, and reduce non-HDL choles-terol when combined with statin therapy. Benefits were greater in combined use than in statin therapy alone.All drug therapy must be cleared by a physican, especially before changing medications or supplements.Source: Current Atherosclerosis Reports, January 2006.6 I March/April 2006newsfor lifeThe latest research that affects you, your health, and your life.
  7. 7. VITAJOURNAL I 7member profile“I want to thank youfor the way I feel today!”Brandy Z. from Katy, TexasBrandy Z. is a smart woman. Amid the deluge of television, print,radio, and Internet ads bombarding her – and you – every day, ads thatproclaim near-miraculous health benefits from certain products,Brandy was struck by one in particular: TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6& Folic Acid. Being a wise consumer, Brandy didn’t just accept theevidence at face value; she studied other products and research, andcame to her own conclusion. Now, Brandy shares the result of herjourney with VitaJournal readers.“I want to thank you for theway I feel today! I saw theprogram on TV discussing theSublingual B-12, B-6 & FolicAcid, and watched it throughin its entirety. I am 28 yearsold, and I was a little skepticaldue to the ‘older’ people in theprogram. However, I found Icould definitely relate to whatthey were experiencing priorto taking this supplement.After the program, I wentonline instead of calling, anddid some research of my own before contacting your company. I saw that manyother B-12 products required taking or chewing nearly three to six tablets a day!I definitely chose to go with TriVita’s product. I am so very happy that I did!“I started taking the Sublingual B-12 the day I received them, and I feel superbtoday. I went from feeling very tired throughout the day to having wonderfulenergy all day long. Instead of slamming on the snooze button a few times in themorning, I get right out of bed and feel refreshed. I have two small children athome: a 7-year-old in school and a 2-year-old at home. I am happier with thepreparations in the mornings – getting my school-aged daughter ready for schooland keeping up with my two-year-old during the day!“I used to look forward to nap times, because I was so tired all the time, but notanymore! Nap times have been replaced with finishing my housework! The twoof us that are home all day together go on bike rides now. . . LONG rides! Wego for walks around the neighborhood instead of around the block. When theoldest is home from school, I have so much energy that I can even enjoyanother bike ride with her!“This has been such a life change for me! Along with the added energy I amexperiencing, I also feel more in tune with myself. I can concentrate better, Ican focus better, and I sleep so much more peacefully. I used to dread bedtimefor myself. I would lie in bed for nearly an hour, if not more, before falling asleep.Now, when it’s bedtime, I can lie down and fall asleep much more quickly, and Isleep so much better. I wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed and ready forthe day. I can’t believe how I feel now. This is incredible! Thank you! I’d loveto pass this on to my friends and family! I love what TriVita and SublingualB-12, B-6, & Folic Acid has done for me!”easy energyall day longLike Brandy, you already know about the life-changing benefitsof TriVita’s original, patented Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid.With TriVita’s 2-Step Energy System you can have the instantenergy and mental clarity you need now, and for life!Step 1TriVita’s Original, Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid• Boost baseline energy levels• Restore mental clarity and emotional balance• Lower dangerous homocysteine levelsStep 2TriVita’s Patent-Pending Energy Now!• A healthy, stimulant-free energy solution• Targeted nutrition for mental clarity• Quick energy without the jittersMember Price $39.99800.991.7116Note: If you have PKU, are pregnant ornursing, or are taking MAO inhibitors,do not use Energy Now!CompleteYour EnergyCycle
  8. 8. 8 I March/April 2006update onVITAMIN BIn January 1998, a Food and Drug Administration(FDA) mandate went into effect. This mandaterequired that all cereal-grain products in theUnited States become fortified with folate, a typeof B vitamin (known as folic acid when invitamin supplement form). This fortification wasintended to help reduce the number of neuraltube birth defects in the U.S., as most women ofchildbearing age were not getting enough folateto prevent these defects, which commonly lead todiseases including spina bifida.Since that FDA mandate, folate and the other Bvitamins have been researched extensively. Allthe current research points to B vitamins as beingcritical in the prevention of many diseasesbeyond birth defects, as the B’s are able to reducethe level of dangerous homocysteine (HCY) inyour body. High levels of HCY can lead to suchillnesses as Alzheimer’s Disease, osteoporosis,certain cancers, and more. So how has folatefortification been working?Sadly, fortification has not been as successful asdoctors hoped. The news is a mixed bag:• Folate fortification has indeed raised the levelof folate in the blood for most Americans,regardless of gender or age; folate measuredin the study increased two-fold in the studypopulation – a remarkable amount.• However, the amount of folate measured inthe blood has not been enough to mitigatehealth risks, including both neural tubedefects and homocysteine-related “aging”diseases.Despite fortification, Americans are still puttingtheir future mental and cognitive health at risk bynot getting enough folic acid. Onerecent study published in the AmericanJournal of Clinical Nutrition found:1) a direct link between folate level,and scores on mental health anddelayed recall tests; and2) the risks of cognitive impairmentand dementia went down as folatelevels increased.It’s a great thing that the FDA is stillenforcing the fortification of grainswith folate. But to truly reap the bene-fits that B vitamins offer, a supplementof some form is needed. As a physician, I recom-mend TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid.Dr. Libby’s original formula is simply the best wayto get folate (in the form of folic acid) into yourbloodstream and reduce your risk for so-called“age-related” disorders, including Alzheimer’sDisease and other cognitive impairments.Fortified cereals simply aren’t enough to get thefolate your body needs.Finally, even if you are a woman past the age ofchildbearing, pass this knowledge on to yourdaughters and granddaughters – folic acid supple-mentation is crucial in preventing traumaticneural tube defects. Ask your loved ones who areplanning on having children to speak to theirdoctors about the need for folic acid in their diets.by Dr. Scott ConardNew research shows that Americans need more folate, even though it’s been added to cereals.Despite fortification, Americansare still putting their future mentaland cognitive health at risk by notgetting enough folic acid.Essential B vitamins are not easily absorbed inthe digestive tract. It was this physiological reality,combined with the expensive, sometimes painfulB-12 injections he administered to patients, thatfirst got Alfred Libby, M.D., thinking that theremust be a better way. He began to research possi-ble options for getting B vitamins into the blood.His dedication and research paid off when he inventeda new, unique way of delivering B vitamins without aninjection. His invention was so innovative that he was awardeda U.S. patent for his new, sublingual delivery system.Sublingual literally means “under the tongue.” By placing a tiny cherryflavored tablet loaded with B vitamins under the tongue,Dr. Libby discovered a pleasant and efficient way to bypass thedigestive system while allowing the body to absorb the fullcomplement of nutrients through the blood vessels under thetongue.Patented Delivery Systems for the Maximum Absorption of Our Nutrientsthe trivita DIFFERENCEDr. Alfred LibbyInventor of Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Alfred Libby, an authority on therapeutic nutrition andassociate of Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling, explored anew delivery system for Vitamin B-12.
  9. 9. power of laughterlaughIt will give your immune system a boost.Think about something funny. Search your mind – it might be acomedy routine, a scene from a movie, or a moment from your lifethat gives you a chuckle. Guffawing is even better. Go ahead!Laugh right out loud! Now, don’t you feel better? You’ve justboosted your immune system, eased any pain you may be feeling,relaxed your body and reduced your stress levels. And, thetreatment was painless, fun, and most of all, free!The first studies regarding the effect of humor onthe body were conducted in the United Statesduring the 1930s. But it wasn’t until 1979 thathumor research got a real boost. That’s whenSaturday Review editor Norman Cousins fought adiagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis, a painful andpotentially crippling arthritis, with a combinationof mainstream medicine and large doses of humor.Cousins watched hours of funny videos includingCandid Camera, The Marx Brothers, and TheThree Stooges. Although his doctors gave himlittle chance of recovery, in a little over a week, hereturned to work.Cousins’ experience spawned a wealth of humorresearch. Some of the most intriguing findingsinvolve studies conducted at Loma LindaUniversity School of Medicine in California.Researchers found that laughter stimulates theimmune system. Students who watched funnyvideos had a significant increase in T cells andnatural killer cells – both fight off diseases.They also had lower levels of the stress hormonecortisol in their blood.A year-long study conducted at the OakhurstHealth Research Institute found that heartpatients who spent 30 minutes a day watchingcomedy videos lowered their risk of a second heartattack. In another study, 67 college students weremade to give speeches to their peers. Those whowatched an episode of Seinfeld before they wenton stage had lower heart rates during their per-formances.Other studies have found that laughter relaxes theskeletal muscles of your arms and legs, exercisesyour heart by raising your heart rate, releases pent-up feelings like frustration and anger, lessens pain,and aids breathing.a merry heartdoeth good like a medicine– Proverbs 17:22A year-long study conducted atthe Oakhurst Health ResearchInstitute found that heartpatients who spent 30 minutesa day watching comedy videoslowered their risk of a secondheart attack.laughOUTLOUD!VITAJOURNAL I 9
  10. 10. 10 I March/April 2006peace?howcan I findIn an increasingly chaotic world, cultivatinginner peace has become more important than ever.by Barbara Huning, M.A., L.S.A.C.Picking up a newspaper, or turning on the radio or television, reminds us that we live in troubledtimes. Tragedy, war, and catastrophe abound. Thousands grieve the loss of life, and fear theuncertainty of coming days.In today’s world, it is easy to feel out of control – to feel that thereis little we can do to take control of our lives and experienceinner peace. Ultimately, however, we are the only ones that candetermine what we will do and how we will feel.As Dr. Viktor Frankl, noted psychiatrist and World War IIconcentration camp survivor, reminds us: “The last of thehuman freedoms. . . (is) to choose one’s attitude in any given setof circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” But knowing wecontrol our attitude – that we determine our level of inner peace –isn’t enough. Realizing we are in control and taking control aretwo very different things.Peace – a feeling of serenity, the calm reassurance of hope and love – requires dedicated, energeticaction to achieve. Where can we turn for peace? To ourselves, to others, and to God. How do weachieve inner peace? Through dedicated daily action. Study these 10 techniques for bringing peaceinto your daily life, and see if your mind, body, and heart can feel the difference.1. be mindfulPerspective is all-important when it comes to establishingor strengthening inner peace. Be mindful of what isreally important in your life – family, friends, God –and then set your priorities. When you let your prior-ities rule your life, rather than letting your life deter-mine your priorities, you build inner peace.3. be wiseCultivate the ability to act instead of react. Practicewisdom by thinking before speaking or acting.Determine now how you will choose to respond to thechallenges in your life. Temper your responses to otherswith the wisdom of one who looks beyond what is saidor done to find the reason for the words or actions.Seek peace in the knowledge that you have taken theright action; that you’ve done the right thing.4. be content“Contentment” is a quality you don’t hearmuch about in today’s world. But finding joyand satisfaction in what you have and whatyou are, rather than constantly dwelling onwhat you don’t have, is an unending sourceof inner peace. True contentment brings thepeaceful recognition that you already havewhat is most important.2. be preparedBe prepared for challenges to your inner peace by consistently buildingyour Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual health. A strong body, mind, andspirit can withstand the anxiety, fear, and tragedy of the present, andeven look forward, with hope, to the future.10 ways to peaceHave courage forthe great sorrows oflife and patience forthe small ones; andwhen you have labo-riously accomplishedyour daily task, goto sleep in peace.God is awake.– Victor Hugo
  11. 11. VITAJOURNAL I 115. be lovingWhen inner peace seems lost – when anxiety, fear,and discouragement invade – you can be left feelinglike you have little to give and little comfort to offerothers. But one of the grand purposes of your life isto comfort and strengthen others. In this reachingout – this selfless act of service – you can and willdiscover lasting peace.9. be prayerfulWhen confronted with heart-breaking tragedy, surrounded by fear andanxiety, prayerful pleas for self control and the faith to live in hope canbring assurance, peace, and strength. There is com-fort and power in the words of holy scripture, “TheLord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will blesshis people with peace.” Psalm 29:11. True peace is aGod-given gift – one He wants to give you. We aresons and daughters of God. He loves us, He wantsus to be happy, and He will speak peace to our souls.6. be stillWebster’s dictionary defines peace as anundisturbed state of mind; as serenity.All too often, you may let the noise andconfusion of the outside world rob youof precious quiet hours. An hour or twoof silent reflection, of study and prayer,can bring peace to a troubled spirit andperspective to a troubled mind. Wheninner peace is threatened, guard yourquiet time. Cherish it – you need it.10. be peacefulEasy enough to say, right? But being peaceful – followingthe previous nine steps and now this one – really is assimple and difficult as making a choice. Your mind isa powerful tool. Use it to determine your reaction tocircumstances outside your control by telling yourselfto be at peace. Doing this with a few minutes of deepbreathing virtually guarantees it will be true.7. be gratefulTrue gratitude is more than a recognition ofyour blessings, it is a celebration of thoseblessings – the spontaneous outpouring of aheart too full to keep its joy inside. Seekopportunities to express gratitude to othersand to God. This one habit alone canbuild huge stores of inner peace as youcome to see how loved and blessed you are.8. be acceptingYou may sometimes wonder what it wouldbe like to be in total control of your world.In reality, many things that happen to youare out of your control. Recognizing thisfact is the first step in acceptance. Learningto differentiate between what you can andcannot change is the second. By acceptingwhat you cannot change, and enthusiasti-cally working to change what you can, youpreserve inner peace.Barbara HuningM.A., L.S.A.C.Barbara is TriVitas Director of Emotional WellnessServices, bringing 20 years of coaching experience towork in this department. Her Masters work is inPsychology, and she is a Licensed Substance AbuseCounselor. She is the author of the TriVita-exclusiveguidebook, Gratitude, and creates coaching programsand other publications for TriVita Members.
  12. 12. 12 I March/April 2006take AIM atanxietyYour hands are clammy and your stomach is turning flip-flops. Your heart isracing, your mouth is dry. Your limbs are shaking and you’re lightheaded. Whatis it? There’s a chance you’re experiencing acute anxiety. Medically speaking,anxiety is a state of fear or apprehension about a future event – real or perceived– that can impair physical and psychological function. In its basic form,anxiety can lead to poor sleep and frowning; or it can grow out of control,leading to hospitalization and even cardiovascular disease.How much do you know about anxiety, whether it’s in your life or the life of aloved one? Take our quick quiz to find out, then read on to learn more about whatyou can do to alleviate anxiety – both yours and another’s.Information overload, toxic relationships, poor time management, and lack of sleep arejust a few of the many things that can cause anxiety. You know best what causes anx-iety in your life; ruthlessly root out such causes and learn effective copingtechniques, whether it’s deep breathing, an exercise program, or combination ofseveral techniques. Remember, anxiety is a serious business that brings with it anincreased risk of heart disease, including an increased risk of stroke. Take care to loweryour anxiety now for a longer, healthier, and less anxious life ahead.1. False. Perfectionists tend to “should” themselves too much: should be able to work harder,faster, better, or cheaper; should have begun a project yesterday; and so on.Perfectionists are often never happy with themselves or their work, and generate alot of useless anxiety for themselves.2. True. Stimulants like caffeine and sugar can overload your system. Caffeine stimulatesregions of your body’s systems that are linked to stress-related responses, leavingyou in a state of chronic tension that can lead to anxiety and panic. Salt raisesyour blood pressure and lowers your potassium level, a key component in yournervous system.3. True. If you are generally kind to yourself, your anxiety level is probably low. If you arehard on yourself – using negative words and phrases in your self-talk – you almostsurely have a heightened level of anxiety. You do listen to what you tell yourself, sowatch your language!4. False. Absolutely not! Long, slow, deep breathing patterns will reduce stress and anxiety,but short and shallow breaths will only create more stress on your body.5. False. A study by the University of Missouri-Columbia showed that intense, high-energy exercise lowers stress and anxiety, and therefore lowers the risk of heartdisease as well.6. True. A study from Case Western Reserve University recently showed that anxiety is onthe rise. Is this due to terror attacks and the threat of the same? Of course, suchevents do raise anxiety levels; however, anxiety has been on the rise since the1950s. The study covered the years 1950 to 1993, ending almost a decade beforethe terrorist attacks in 2001.Quick QuizWhat Do You Know About Anxiety?1) T____ F____ Perfectionists are anxiety-free because they won’t “settle” for lessthan the best.2) T____ F____ Sugar, salt, and stimu-lants can all cause anxiety.3) T____ F____ Self-talk – what you tellyourself in your head – affects anxietylevels.4) T____ F____ Quick, shallow breaths willreduce anxiety.5) T____ F____ High-intensity exercisestresses the body, so it’s not useful incombating anxiety.6) T____ F____ Anxiety is on the rise inNorth America.Fear and apprehension canimpair your body and your mind.
  13. 13. TriVitaPeaceful SleepMember Price $16.99 800.991.7116VITAJOURNAL I 13What Can I Do Now ToRelieve Anxiety?The good news is that like most ailments,excessive anxiety can be prevented throughyour lifestyle choices. Try these suggestions tolower or prevent dangerous levels of anxiety:Get your vitamins. Vitamin B-1 (thi-amine) and the other B vitamins are oftencalled the “anti-stress vitamins.” You needto have regulated levels of B vitaminsin your blood. Try eating foods high inB vitamins, such as fruits, veggies, andwhole grain breads. Supplements such asSublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid speedVitamin B throughout your body by virtueof its sublingual nature. When stressed oranxious, B vitamins are the first to bedepleted, so keeping a consistent store ofthem is key to combating anxiety. Youshould also try Energy Now!, which worksin tandem with Sublingual B-12, B-6 &Folic Acid by improving the speed at whichnorepinephrine moves from one nerve toanother, which gives you extra mentalclarity and energy.You are what you eat. There is nodoubt about the relationship between dietand level of anxiety. High amounts ofcaffeine, nicotine (in cigarettes, cigars, andother forms of tobacco), and even salt areguilty of perpetuating anxiety. Preservativesfound in most packaged food can also play arole in anxiety. For these reasons, it is bestto stick to as many whole and natural foodsas you can, including five to nine servings offruits and vegetables each day, and replacingyour caffeinated drinks with caffeine-freedrinks – or better yet, with pure water.Change your interior monologue.Exchange negative self-talk for positivereinforcement. You have to live withyourself 24-hours a day for your whole life,so why not be someone you want to bearound? Be forgiving of yourself and acceptthe circumstances over which you have nocontrol; then remind yourself frequentlythat you are a special person with uniqueabilities, and that you are loved!Learn to relax. Relaxation helps negatethe cumulative stress that gathers in yourbody every day, week, and so on. Taking sev-eral slow, deep breaths several times a day willhelp clear your mind and relax your body, andreduce the likelihood of anxiety. It also keepsyour body healthy by feeding oxygen to allyour internal systems, thereby reducing thestress on your body. Reduce stress and youreduce anxiety.Exercise. You should already be getting aminimum of 30 minutes of moderateexercise every day, such as walking. With yourphysician’s help, design a higher-intensityworkout to combat stress and anxiety.Exercise pumps you full of endorphins thatelevate your mood and give you a sense ofwell-being; and of course, having an activelifestyle also keeps your body in tune, whichagain will reduce your level of stress.TriVita’s Peaceful Sleep can help you to get the hours of uninterruptedsleep you need every night, but it doesn’t put you to sleep. That’s whyat lower doses, Peaceful Sleep is an awesome stress-reliever andanti-anxiety supplement. It’s all-natural, so you’re not filling your bodywith synthetic chemicals, and it’s non-habit forming, safe for daily use.If you are currently on anti-anxiety medication, talk to yourdoctor about changing to an all-natural supplement like PeacefulSleep. And as with any medication, be sure you know how it willaffect you before driving or performing other risky tasks.Lower anxietywithout pharmaceuticals
  14. 14. 14 I March/April 2006Her name is Susan. She is about 50 years old,employed full-time and has two wonderful,grown children. Susan appears to be a happywoman, although is known to be depressed. Inher average day, Susan eats fast food – burgersand fries mostly – at least once, smokes betweenhalf a pack and a pack of cigarettes (dependingon her “stress level”), and watches four to fivehours of television each night in her favoriteeasy chair while snacking on cookies andcoffee. She is currently 50 pounds overweight,has high blood pressure, and gets no exerciseother than walking from her car to her frontdoor. Despite warnings from her doctor, Susan issure all that “health stuff” is for the birds.Susan is just an example, but there are millionsof men and women across North America justlike her. Add to her lifestyle any other medicalconditions – heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc. –and the result is a shortened, difficult life. Andlike Susan, most of these people have family. . .family that are concerned about Susan’s healthand for how much longer she’ll be around.Those of you who have already made a choice tolive a healthy, well-balanced life may knowsomeone who fits Susan’s description. You mayhave even spoken to her about her lifestylechoices and urged her to lead a more healthylifestyle, but without effect. What do you do now?The short answer is simple: Keep trying! If youlove someone enough to help them makechanges to their health, then persistence is key.Here are a few ideas to help you along the way;but remember, the choice is ultimately up tothem. As difficult as it may be, no one can makeanother person choose health. At the same time,make no mistake: this is a matter of life or death.InterventionAn intervention is normally used to confrontdrug or alcohol addicts, but its function is thesame when confronting someone about theirhealth choices: to lovingly but firmly confronta loved one about their detrimental behavior.Leading a sedentary lifestyle is in many waysequally as addicting as having a chemicaldependency. Exercising and making dietarychanges isn’t easy at the outset, and canbe intimidating. An intervention involvesgathering like-minded family and friends,people closest to the person whose choices areharming their health, and having everyoneexpress their concerns in turn. This approachcan have more impact because of strength innumbers. It will get the attention of the lovedone where one person may be more easilydismissed. In using this suggestion, be sureeveryone understands that the confrontation issupposed to be loving in nature, not aggressive –but to be firm nevertheless.how to getsomeone you love tochoosehealthPersistence is key in helping people help themselves.You are never too old orout of shape to begin makinghealthy changes.1TriVitas Personalized Health and WellnessCoaching is quite unlike wellness coachingfound elsewhere. First of all, our program istailored to you. We listen to whats going on inyour full life and develop a path that is individ-ualized to you.We start wherever you are and help move youforward by practicing small things that supportyour wellness needs.Everyone wants basically the same thing – to lead ahappy life and be well-protected from illness. But life todayplaces big demands upon us. We are often bombarded by difficult choices,some of which literally make us sick.Yet you can find your way back to living your dream life.Our state-of-the art, revolutionary coaching is a solutions-based approach.That means we help you identify the best next steps and set small, achievablegoals so that you experience steady progress with results you can see. Then,we help you fine-tune your plan as you go along. You will discover how to fig-ure out what helps you most and how to add more of what helpscomfortably so that you make steady progress that you will feel great about.All of us have our own dreams – bringing our bodies back intobalance, improving our relationships with our spouse or others, reducingstress, being able to forgive, finding more joy and vitality in our life – and wehave our own way of getting there. With the encouragement and support ofa well-trained coach, you can begin to lead a life-enhancing lifestyle bypracticing simple, doable acts. Start your wellness journey now.How to Get to Your Dream LifeCall 800-770-7013 for a free, 30-minute introductory consultation.the trivita DIFFERENCE
  15. 15. VITAJOURNAL I 15Sometimes all it takes is a kind word, a hug, a gestureof friendship and love to help someone on thepath to greater well-being. But without the energy,stamina, or positive attitude to begin, the personneeding your help may never get started. That’swhere Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid comesin. You probably already know what B vitaminshave done for your life – share that story and aB-12 Gift of Health with someone who needs it.It may literally be the gift of life!• Boost energy levels• Restore mental clarity and emotional balance• Lower dangerous homocysteine levels in theblood to help prevent heart attack and stroke• Combat depression and fatigue• Lessen the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease• Support restful sleep• Less painful, less expensive, than doctor-administered injectionsTurn a lifearoundwith B-12Member Price $19.99800.991.7116Lead by ExampleHow is your own path to health and well-being? Are you committed to your health?If your at-risk loved one is watching youeat poorly and not exercise, she won’t belikely to take any health advice you haveto offer. Not only will you get the benefitof paying close attention to how you aretreating your health and lifestyle, but thosearound you will be motivated to take careof themselves and enjoy the same benefitsof a life well-lived, just like you!Team UpAlong the same lines of leading byexample, maybe what your loved oneneeds is motivation with a buddy. You canoffer to take daily walks or join a gymtogether. Having someone to be account-able to will help you both keep your healthgoals on track, and will be more fun thanexercising alone. You can also makedinners for one another or together,healthy meals that include plenty of wholevegetables. You’ll be able to spend timeworking on your emotional health as wellby relaxing and enjoying the company.Make no mistake: This isa matter of life and death.Are you committed toyour health?2 3If someone you know and love is leading a life of unhealthy choices, it might be up to youto help them change. Many people are simply uninformed about healthy choices, or havewritten themselves off as “hopeless” or “too old.” Nonsense! You are never too old orout-of-shape to begin making healthy changes. And those changes might begin with you– a loved one who cares enough to tell them what they stand to gain: A longer, morefulfilled and joyful life!
  16. 16. 16 I March/April 2006Have you ever thought about why some people look olderthan others? Our estimate of someone’s age really hasmuch to do with the health and appearance of their skin.But, in spite of the saying, beauty is not only skin deep.Healthy skin is a good sign that your internal health isgood. Wrinkled, spotted, and fragile skin is a sign thatyou are aging too quickly. Yes, healthy skin is a reflectionof how healthy you are on the inside! Would you like toknow more about how to keep your skin – as well as yourentire body – young and healthy? Let’s start with adiscussion of why skin ages in the first place.The substances collagen and elastin give skin its firmnessand elasticity. With age, though, the collagen and elastincontent of the skin gradually decreases. As a result, theskin becomes looser, weaker, less elastic, and drier. Inaddition, the fat pads under the skin begin to disappear.Wrinkles form, and the skin begins to sag. As bad as thisis, remember that collagen is the foundation for all of yourorgans – even your bones! So, when collagen loss is makingyour skin look bad, it is also aging your entire body.This gradual loss of structure has several causes:• Disease, trauma, and scars that cause poor circulation,inflammation, and infection;• Genetic programming (a built-in “clock” that triggersaging);• Cumulative radiation and sun damage (photoaging);• Direct chemical effects from toxins such as cigarettesmoking, air pollution, water pollution and/or abrasivechemicals.A poor diet can cause collagen loss when you don’t haveenough nutrients to repair and rejuvenate every day. Sundamage additionally causes fine wrinkles that disappearon stretching the skin; surface roughness; mottledpigmentation (liver spots); and skin cancer. Finally, stresstriggers collagen loss and causes a person to age too quickly.Trauma, toxins, deficiency, and stress (as well as the ultra-violet light from the sun) creates free radicals. These arenaturally occurring substances that can overwhelm andharm many tissues of the body, including your skin. Inpeople who already have signs of aging skin and wish toreverse it, a number of treatments are available. Theseusually involve quenching the fire from free radicals withantioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that neutralizefree radicals. On this basis, various antioxidants havebeen investigated for their potential usefulness in treatingor preventing premature aging.Antioxidant vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C,and Vitamin E have been shown effective for reversingfine wrinkles, splotchy pigmentation, rough skin, and sundamage. Also, hormone balance helps restore normalskin tone in menopausal women. More aggressive treat-ments for aging skin include injections of botulin toxin,dermabrasion, chemical peels, soft tissue augmentation,laser resurfacing, and GORE-TEX®threads. (For detailedinformation on the relative merits and demerits of thesemethods, consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon). Ofcourse, these treatments only help the outside, not theinside of your body, so they are of limited benefit.Oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs) madefrom grape seed or pine bark are also used for theyouthful skinFROM THE INSIDE OUTAnother wrinkle. Another spot. Are you aging prematurely?Dr. Brazos MinshewChief Science OfficerAttractive skin is really a reflectionof inner health.The Journal of AmericanCollege of Nutrition (February2001) published an intrigu-ing article that suggests alink between food and skinwrinkles. In an abstract,researchers noted, “In par-ticular, a high intake ofvegetables, legumes andolive oil appeared to beprotective against [sun-based skin damage] . . . ahigh intake of meat, dairy,and butter appeared to beadverse” to the skin.Skin-smoothing foodsinclude:• Green leafy vegetables• Prunes • Apples• Tea • Olive oil• Nuts • Fish• BeansWhile the study did notspecify what amounts offood needed to be taken toexperience a benefit, meet-ing the daily guideline offive to nine servings of fruitand vegetables, and a weeklyserving of fish would be agreat start.
  17. 17. VITAJOURNAL I 17treatment of aging skin. These substances,closely related to bioflavonoids, have strongantioxidant properties. They also appear to pro-tect and strengthen collagen and elastin. Theseeffects provide theoretical reasons to believethat OPCs might be helpful for the treatment ofaging skin.Antioxidant substances have also been studiedas aids to preventing sun damage. Studies onlaboratory animals found that Vitamin C andVitamin E helped prevent burning on exposureto ultraviolet light. One small study found that2 grams of Vitamin C and 1,000 IU of VitaminE taken orally for eight days resulted in adecrease of “sunburn” induced by ultravioletlight. In addition, a 50-day, placebo-controlledstudy of 40 people found that higher doses ofthese vitamins provided a sun protection factorof about 2. (Compare this to the sun protectionfactor of 15 or higher in many sunscreens.) Itappears that these vitamins must be takentogether for best effect. How do they work?Apparently, antioxidant vitamins quench freeradical inflammation and help build a strongnetwork of collagen fibers.Green tea contains antioxidant substancescalled polyphenols (including the widelyacclaimed epicatechin gallate). Preliminarystudies suggest that green tea constituents mighthelp protect the skin from sun damage andsunburn. Additionally, green tea concentratesprotect and repair DNA damage from toxiclevels of radiation and other toxins. Our DNAdetermines how healthy we are – not just ourskin. Healthy DNA means that our whole bodyis healthy. Other substances with antioxidantactions that have shown some promise foraging skin include milk thistle, selenium, soyisoflavones, and zinc.The substance glucosamine is widely used forosteoarthritis in part because it helps collagenregenerate. For this reason, it has been advocatedas a treatment for aging skin. In one trial, 72women with symptoms of aging skin were dividedinto two unequal groups: a small group thatreceived no treatment, and a much larger onethat received a mixture of glucosamine, aminoacids, and minerals. The results indicated greaterimprovement in the treated group as compared tothe untreated group.Because these antioxidants work in an entirelydifferent manner from standard sunscreen, itappears reasonable to believe that they mightoffer a synergistic effect if taken with sunscreen.Attractive skin is really a reflection of innerhealth. Good health comes only from healthyhabits. This is a Natural Law. The best expres-sion of a balanced, healthy life that is reflectedin your entire being – including your skin – isseen in the Ten Essentials for Health andWellness. Learn the Ten Essentials and livethem. Take antioxidant nutrients, includinggreen tea and glucosamine, and you are on yourway to radiant health – inside and out!Quench the fire from freeradicals with antioxidants.Help reduce signs of agingFree radical damage is a major factor in“age-related” problems.Dr. Minshew points out several studies in which antioxidantsplayed a prominent role in reducing the effects of “aging” on yourskin. The choice is simple: Be content with the conditionyour skin is in (or will become in the future), or begina simple regimen of TriVita’s Super AntioxidantComplex. Our blend of grape seed, green tea, and otherpotent antioxidants gives you a strong foundation forhealthier skin, specially blended to work together. MostOTC antioxidants throw in everything they can think of,hoping something will work. TriVita’s Super AntioxidantComplex is meticulously formulated to give you theright ingredients at the right stage of absorption formaximum effectivenessTriVita Super Antioxidant ComplexMember Price $24.99800.991.7116
  18. 18. 18 I March/April 2006North America is a culture made up of manyother cultures, each with its own customs,clothing, and traditions. And fortunatelyfor everyone, they each have their ownhealthy, unique cuisine as well! Most of therecipes featured here are based on traditionalEuropean, Asian, African or other conti-nental delights imported to North Americaand changed gradually to accommodatenative North American foods. So what wenow call North American cuisine is actuallya blend of several different traditions fromall over the world.In this second of a six-part series, VitaJournaltakes a look at the various cuisines enjoyedby the southern United States. Influencedby African, French, Irish, Native American,and Spanish cuisine, southern cooking hasdeveloped a taste all its own over the lasttwo centuries. Unique spice flavors andcreative use of indigenous plants andanimals have become associated across thecontinent with words like Soul, Creole,Cajun, and Tex-Mex. Enjoy your journeythrough the south.Southern FoodThere are many wonderful qualities about Southerncooking that should appeal to wellness-seekingNorth Americans, one of which is the commonabsence of meat. Many traditional andmodern Southern dishes are flavored with meat,but do not use meat as an ingredient. Southern barbeque hasbecome a delectable export, with several barbeque contests heldthroughout the area all year long. One good thing about barbequingmeats – apart from the mouth-watering taste – is that it’s healthierthan frying. And there are other alternatives to keep your BBQhealthier, such as using onion and garlic powdersrather than onion and garlic salts; using other spices in place ofsalt, like oregano, basil, bay leaf, curry, or chili; trimming allfat from beef before cooking; choosing BBQ chicken or fishinstead of red meat; and using wine, fruit juice, or fat-freeproducts for basting.Many traditional Southern recipes call for frying, a technique usedby African descendents for cooking. This method of food prepa-ration was initially avoided by European descendents, but in justa few short generations, frying had become popular acrosscultural lines. Frying has since lost favor in the modernnutritional community, with most nutritionists advocatingbroiling, poaching, roasting, or barbequing.Traditional Southern foods include grits (maize porridge),biscuits and gravy, catfish, fritters (baked pastry similar to dough-nuts with filling), chicken-fried steak and fried chicken, cornbread,and okra.part II: Southern Foodeating acrossNorth America
  19. 19. VITAJOURNAL I 19RecipesMuch of Southern-style cooking can be made healthierthan their original recipes by making careful selectionsand making small substitutions. For example, if you aregoing to eat red meat, choose lean or extra-lean cuts. Abetter choice is cold-water fish or white meat, such aschicken or turkey breast. If you choose poultry, go witha skinless cut or remove the skin before cooking. If youuse a canned fish, opt for fish packed in water ratherthan in oil.Building a base for Southern cooking is easy to do, andyou may in fact already have the makings for a Southernmeal in your pantry or freezer. Rice, corn, beans, carrots,chicken, and fish are all popular in Southern cuisine.Beans and RiceMany people outside of Louisiana believered beans and rice are thoroughly Cajun.Traditional Cajun chefs might disagree.We won’t pick sides here – just enjoy avegetarian take on this delicious recipe.1 sweet onion, chopped2 bell peppers, chopped (red and/or green)4 cups vegetable stock14 oz. chopped tomatoes (or 14.5 oz. can)1/2 tsp. cumin1 bay leaf1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped2 cloves garlic, minced15 oz. red beans (drained & washed ifcanned)1 sprig thymeKosher salt or substitute1 tsp. Creole seasoninghot pepper sauce (to taste)ground black pepper (to taste)brown rice, steamedDirectionsIn Dutch oven, combine onion, garlic,bell pepper, and stock. Braise vegetablesuntil soft. Add beans, tomatoes, seasoning,cumin, ground pepper, hot sauce, thymeand bay leaf. Simmer for 15-20 minutes.Add more stock if beans become dry.After beans have simmered, season totaste with salt and add chopped parsley.Serve with fresh steamed brown rice andhot sauce. Serves 2-3.Stuffed Bell PepperThere are as many variations on thestuffed bell pepper as there are peopleliving in the south. Here’s just one amongmany.1 to 1 1/2 lb. ground turkey2 oz. pimentos (jar)1/8 cup Parmesan cheese1 to 2 stalks celery, chopped1/4 tsp. salt or substitute1/8 tsp. cayenne1/2 tsp. garlic powder1 bunch green onions1/3 cup mushroom sauce1/2 bell pepper, chopped1/8 tsp. black pepper1/2 cup uncooked rice (for cooking later)1 tbsp oil4 large bell peppers (to be stuffed)DirectionsCook rice according to directions. Brownturkey in non-stick pan, Set aside. Sautéonion, celery, and bell pepper. Combinemixture with turkey, then add remainingingredients except Parmesan cheese. Mixwell and cook for five minutes. Add rice,mix well. Cut the tops off the four bellpeppers to form “cups.” Parboil peppersfor 10 minutes. Remove from water andstuff peppers with turkey mix. Top withParmesan cheese. Preheat oven to 350degrees. Put stuffed peppers into casseroledish and add 1/4 inch water to dish. Cook15 minutes, then serve. Serves 4.Salt SubstitutesSalt and sodium are frequently near the topof doctor’s complaints about their patients’diets. But salt, whether as table salt in ashaker or as seasoning during cooking, isn’tyour only seasoning option. To reduce yoursalt intake, try substituting any recipescalling for it with one of these spices:• Ground black pepper• Ground red pepper• Garlic or onion powder• Basil• Bay leaf• Chili powder• Cumin• Curry powder• Dry mustard• Oregano• Paprika• Parsley• ThymeNext stop: The MidwestVitaJournal May/June 2006
  20. 20. 20 I March/April 2006how our doctors stay healthyBarbara HuningM.A., L.S.A.C.Dr. Scott ConardFounder TienaHealthDr. Brazos MinshewChief Science OfficerDr. Janet MaccaroNutritionist & Authorpart IIThey’re always telling you what to do. Do this, don’t do that; eat this, don’t eatthat. But have you ever wondered what your doctor does when he or she isn’ttreating patients? Is he getting the same daily exercise he’s telling you to get? Isshe eating all the fresh fruits and vegetables she’s telling you to? Or is there someother “fountain of youth” that doctors keep all to themselves?move from walking into something that gets my heartrate up a bit more so I can stay fit. Vigorous exerciseis not the easiest thing for me. Sometime in the nextsix months I hope to begin something a bit moreactive. See how vague I sound now? Ask me again insix months what I ended up choosing! I’ve written itdown in public, so now I have to do it. Maybe I’ll takeup racquetball or salsa dancing. When I walk,sometimes I break into a run for a while. Maybe thatwill take off. I’m working with a TriVita Health andWellness Coach, and coaching will help me step intoaction when I’m ready.Dr. Janet Maccaro: I am medically satisfied withmy current weight. I fall within the ranges that areconsidered normal; however, like most women . . . Iam always thinking about losing an extra 10 pounds!VJ: It sounds like you’re all happy with your weightbut have goals to continue toning your bodies. Why isa healthy weight important to your health – or thehealth of our readers?Minshew: Diabetes and pre-diabetes aresurfacing as the greatest threat to our health andlongevity. I want to be vibrant and active during myentire life. Science has proven beyond any doubt thatour longevity and vitality are linked to a normalweight – with disease, disability and early death directlylinked to obesity.Conard: I don’t think weight is important; I thinkbody fat percentage is. The human body, like a car, isonly meant to carry a limited load. Just as I would notgo fill my trunk with bricks, so too will I avoid carry-ing around extra weight on my body. In a car it ruinsgas mileage, strains the engine and drive train, andleads to premature wearing out of the shocks and othersupports. In people, extra weight bogs us down andmakes us feel lethargic, strains our heart and bloodvessels, and destroys our back, knees, and ankles,among other things. I view our bodies as a gift; I showmy appreciation by caring for it well.Huning: Being overweight just wouldn’t be goodfor me. My body wouldn’t be able to function the wayit needs to for me to be free from disease, and happy.VitaJournal rounded up our panel of doctors andprofessionals to find out the truth! How do thesedoctors stay healthy? Their answers may surprise –and even entertain – you, but one thing is clear: if it’sgood enough for your doctor, it’s good enough for you!In the last issue of VitaJournal, our panel answeredquestions about peaceful sleep and stress. In thisedition, our medical experts discuss weight, gratitude,and more.VitaJournal: Thank you again for taking the timeto answer another round of questions. Let’s get startedby asking about a sensitive issue – weight control. Areyou satisfied with your current weight? If not, are youattempting to lose weight and how are you planning todo so?Dr. Brazos Minshew: Medically, yes, I amsatisfied. But I have the desire to compete in anOlympic Triathlon in the Spring of this year. This willrequire me to lose an additional 10 pounds. Myfavorite technique for rapid fat loss (not muscle orwater loss) is to balance my blood sugar through theday with multiple small meals. During weight loss Iwill eat 100 calories per hour. Even though my dailycalories are about the same, the 100 calorie per hourroutine balances my blood sugar and helps me lose fat.I’d like to add that I learned this technique from myTriVita Health and Wellness Coach!Dr. Scott Conard: I am pretty much satisfied.Controlling weight is a part of life just like stress man-agement. Diets are not as productive as lifestyle andgood habits are. I weigh myself on a Tanita scale eachday and try to keep my body fat percentage below15%. I am a couple of points above that right now. AsI work out and become more muscular, my weight hasgone up while my body fat percentage has gone down.So to me, the real question is: am I satisfied with mycurrent body fat percentage – and if I am not, how amI changing my lifestyle to correct this issue?Barbara Huning: I am lucky to be congenitallylean, although I know part of that comes from healthyeating habits learned in my family. During the pastcouple of years, though, my metabolism started slow-ing down, and I’m a few pounds more than I used tobe. I’m not trying to lose weight, but I’m working to
  21. 21. Call 800.991.7116VITAJOURNAL I 21Combat disease –lower homocysteineClinically proven to lower HCYup to 40% in 45 daysDangerous levels of homocysteine (HCY) arelinked with all kinds of problems and diseases –Alzheimer’s, heart disease, stroke, cancer,osteoporosis… the list goes on. But you can helplower HCY with Vital4 – it has all the nutrients ofSublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid, plus eightamino acids and HCY Guard™, which helps lowerHCY. Studies show it only takes 45 days for manypeople to benefit.Vital4 is clinically proven to lowerdangerous HCY levels in as little as 45 days:• Get energy, mental clarity, and amood-boost• Fight diseases linked with HCY, such ascancer and Alzheimer’s Disease• Speed sublingual nutrients to thebloodstream• Combat disease risk from stress, aging,and environmental toxins• Boost healthy bones, reducingdestruction of bone material due to HCYGreat NewNaturalOrangeFlavor!Vital4™Member $23.99Maccaro: Maintaining a healthyweight is very important to my healthbecause there is a strong history of heartdisease and diabetes on both my mother’sand father’s sides of the family. Highcholesterol runs in my family as well. So,I do all that I can to monitor both myweight and my LDL [“bad” cholesterol]levels and keep them in check.VJ: How do you keep your hearthealthy? What tips can you share withour readers about heart smarts?Minshew: Exercise; stress manage-ment; healthy, happy family relation-ships; and TriVita’s OmegaPrime,Vital4, and Super Antioxidant Formula.Conard: I stay out of TROUBLE*. ITrain (am active); keep my Roundnessdown (keep my body in shape); monitorand treat my blood Oils (triglycerides,HDL and LDL); keep my Unacceptablesugar down; monitor my Blood pressure;avoid Lousy habits (like watching TVmore than 15 hours/week, smoking, andsleep deprivation); and finally, I get aheart scan (Viascan) in Las Colinaseach year to insure I don’t developExploding plaque!Huning: I eat a primarily vegetariandiet with an emphasis on whole grains,beans, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts,and seeds. I go easy on dairy, althoughI love cheese – but I drink only soy, riceor almond milks. On the whole it’s apretty low-fat diet. I avoid trans-fats. Ialso feel free to eat almost anything onoccasion, so I don’t fall into the “depri-vation-grasping” routine with foodsthat are tasty but not as healthy. Itworks pretty well. My cholesterol levelis about 140. Walking for an hour a dayalso helps. When I get caught up withwork, sometimes I end up going out forfast food – it’s a comfort thing, eventhough I regret it later. I’m working onthat with my Health Coach, too –scheduling in time to plan and makehealthy lunches to bring to work.Maccaro: I take many steps toprotect my heart health. Some areeasy, while others are a challenge. Itake CoQ-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid,Magnesium, Sytrinol, EFAs, andChromium Picolinate, as far as heartsupport goes. I try to walk for an hourevery night if possible. And, of course,managing stress and monitoring myemotional reactions to things I cannotchange is something I constantly haveto work on!In the next issue ofVitaJournal, our paneldiscusses giving andreceiving love, and hor-monal health.(*for more on Dr. Conard’s articles on heart TROUBLE,see VitaJournal issues May through December 2003,available online at www.trivita.com.)
  22. 22. Dear Friends,A few years ago I was part of a team which provided an enrichment program in which families,teachers, and school counselors spent an evening of fun and fellowship each week. For half an hourof that time, the parents spent a little quiet time in conversation with each other. There was onlyone rule to these conversations: Avoid asking “why.”We included this rule because “why” is too often the beginning of a complaint instead of a search forunderstanding. It tends to close down our feeling of warmth toward each other rather than openingit up, and it tends to “lock us in” to things we don’t want in our relationships. This rule offered theparents a “vacation” from questions like, “Why can’t we have more time together?” “Why am Ihaving such a hard time with this situation?” “Why don’t you do that more often?”Asking why things are not as we wish sends our mind, and theirs, on a mission to find the reasonswhy our hopes will not be fulfilled. Imagine that! How often do we undermine the fulfillment ofour hopes by asking problem-focused questions?“Why” is a perfectly good question, though – and it can be used to create more of what we want. Wecan make “Why” work for us instead of against us, by pointing it toward our hopes rather than ourfrustrations.When we point “Why” toward our hopes, we find ourselves asking questions like, “Why do I enjoyspending time with you?” “Why do I think that we really can make things better?” “Why do I loveyou so much?”When we ask questions which point us toward our hopes and dreams, we protect ourselves from thediscouragement of problem-focused thinking. We nurture what we love in our relationships. Wenotice the very good reasons for our hopes.When we focus on asking why our hopes are possible, and why we already have what we want – evena little bit of it – we send our mind, and theirs, on a mission to find the reasons why our hopes canbe fulfilled. We highlight and amplify what we love, helping us to protect, nurture, and increasewhat is most precious to us – the love between us.I invite you to take a few minutes to think about someone you care about. Make a list of what youhave loved about that person and your relationship with them. Include in your list the hopes youhave for your relationship as time goes on. Then, turn each item on your list into a solution-focused“Why” question. Build confidence and faith into the questions you create, assuming that your hopeshave been fulfilled, and you are asking why things are now as wonderful as they are.When your list of questions is complete, set it down for a while, and then come back and read yourquestions again. Notice how the questions awaken and expand your inspiration, your confidence,and your love for this person.It’s amazing how the words we use are the building blocks of our future. The direction we face is infact where we are going. When we turn to face the promise of love, we find ourselves fulfilling it.What a blessing this is for all of us!Barbara Huning, M.A., L.S.A.C.Director, Emotional Health Services22 I March/April 2006“WHY” IS OFTEN THE BEGINNING OF A COMPLAINT.Barbara Huning,M.A., L.S.A.C.Director ofEmotionalHealth ServicesBarbara Huning brings 20 years ofclinical, coaching, and team-buildingexperience to TriVita. As the Directorof Emotional Health Services, Barbaracreates coaching programs and pub-lications that inspire TriVita Membersto make choices that bring themgreater health and joy.Call our Health and WellnessCoaches today and see howCoaching can help you now,and in the future.800.770.7013whyask why?
  23. 23. VITAJOURNAL I 23size itsuper?Weight managementis a matter of healthyfood choice andportion control.You can benefit from TriVita’s new, doctor-formulated Daily nutritional supplement,with seven classes of nutrients and specialproprietary blends to meet the specialneeds of men and women.Just for WomenTargeted ingredients:• Support hormonal balance with DongQuai, Black Cohosh, and Red Clover• Increase energy levels withiron fortification• Protect bladder and kidney health• Improve sleep quality andreduce anxiety• Boost mood and fight “the blues”Just for MenTargeted ingredients:• Safeguard prostate and urinarytract health with Saw Palmetto andBeta Sitosterol• Build lung and respiratory systemhealth• Stimulate the immune system• Protect the heart andcirculatory system• Boost digestive system functionand healthDaily WomenMember Price $19.99Daily MenMember Price $19.99It used to be that fast food restaurants would ask,“Would you like fries with that?” Now, it’sassumed that fries go with an order. The newquestion is, “Super-size it?” and more often thannot, the answer is yes!Despite such cautionary tales as MorganSpurlock’s Academy Award®-nominated Super SizeMe documentary (2004), Americans are gettingbigger and bigger, and with that expansion comesa host of health problems such as diabetes, heartdisease, and risk of stroke. Fad diets never seemto take the weight off for good. What can peopledo to cut back all this extra weight?Perhaps the most overlooked skill in weightmanagement is portion control. Eating a faddiet that restricts all fats or all carbs (or whateverthe current fad is) won’t help if portions of your“allowed” foods remain high or go even higher.Your stomach is a pliable little organ. And yes,it is little. Your stomach, unfilled, is only aboutthe size of your fist. Your stomach is flexible, too. . . so flexible that it can hold up to a full gallonof food at one time! The stomach can expandto about 50 times its normal size – and will if youforce it. Doing so will quickly lead to obesity,which in turn leads to multiple health risks,including heart disease.Neither the Department of Agriculture nor foodmanufacturers have made portion control anyeasier for you to figure out. For example, onyour pasta box at home, a serving is probablylisted as one cup. But the Food Guide Pyramidlists a serving of pasta as only half a cup. Thendown the street at your local Italian eatery, aplate of pasta might easily have two or morecups of noodles.There is no one set measure of what a serving is,so you have to take your portion control into yourown hands – and mouth. For packaged productsthat you will cook (such as pasta), use the servingsize listed on the package. For all other foods, usethe Food Pyramid to determine a serving.Estimating, or “eyeballing,” portion sizes is avaluable skill that is integral to controlling yourportions. Learn to eyeball your portions toreduce your intake.• A serving of meat, fish, or poultry is aboutthree ounces. That’s about the size of adeck of playing cards.• A cup-sized serving is about the size of atennis ball.• An ounce of cheese is about the size ofyour thumb.• Half a cup of fruit or vegetables is about thesize of a small fist.To reduce your portions at home, avoid eatingout of the bag or carton. Take time some after-noon to measure out your favorite foods accordingto serving size, and put them in their usual dishes;use that measurement to eyeball approximateserving sizes from now on.At restaurants, eyeball your portions first, separatethe food, and doggy-bag the remainder right awayso it doesn’t tempt you. Try ordering an appetizeras your main dish instead of an entrée. If nothingelse, ask the server for a small portion when ordering.Remember, your empty stomach is only the sizeof your fist. There is simply no need to extendyour stomach any further, and the best way tocontrol that over eating is to serve yourselfsmaller portions.One final note to remember about portion con-trol has to do with your brain’s wiring. It takesthe stomach 10 to 20 minutes to let your brainknow it is full. A lot of primavera, pizza, andplum cake can be eaten in 10 minutes.Remember to eat slow and give your stomachtime to tell your brain it’s finished. And thenext time you’re asked if you want to super-sizeyour meal, just say “Pass!”Your stomach can stretch to holda gallon of food.An empty stomach is the size of a fist.800.991.7116Now it’s easy toget the rightnutrition you need
  24. 24. 24 I March/April 2006“I began sleepingbetter and feelingbetter.”I am a Pastor of achurch and my jobis not only fulfill-ing, but also verytime consuming.I’m always on thego. About a yearago, an acquain-tance gave me abox of TriVita’sSublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid. Ihad seen theinfomercials andwas curious, but Iwas very skeptical. I put the box on my deskand left it. It sat there for a couple of weeks andwhen I saw the infomercial again, I thought,“What do I really have to lose by giving it atry?” Thank goodness I did, because I loved it!I began sleeping better and feeling better. Iloved it so much, I tried other products fromTriVita. I now take the Vita Daily AM/PM,Co-Enzyme Q-10, and the Non-Acidic VitaminC Time Release Tablets. All of these vitaminstogether have worked to keep me healthy andenergized to deal with the daily tasks that I mustperform. I recommended TriVita to a lady atchurch and she can’t thank me enough. Mywife is also on the same program I am, andtogether we are living a healthier life. Thankyou, TriVita!Michael R. – Columbus, OH“I have a get-up-and-go feeling.”TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acidgives me energy that I wouldn’t have otherwise.I still work 4-5 hours a day at 82 years old, andso I need as much energy as I can muster. I havea get-up-and-go feeling when I take it. I amvery happy. Thanks, TriVita!Dorothy B. – San Angelo, TX“I feel so muchmore energy.”Before I began taking TriVita’s Sublingual B-12,B-6 & Folic Acid, I felt lousy. It was hard for meto cook or clean. I didn’t have the want to doanything. My doctor had ordered B-12 shotsfor me, but they were expensive and it was aninconvenience for me to travel to my doctor. Ibegan taking TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 and Ifeel so much more energy. I am up and about. Iam out buying groceries, cleaning my house andcooking. I feel so much better since I begantaking it. And I can take the Sublingual B-12in the comfort of my own home. I definitelyrecommend this product to everyone! I thankGod that I found TriVita!Martha S. – Freeport, PA“I am walking twomiles a day!”I am a 48-year-oldmother of a 16-year-old daughter. I havesevere osteoarthritisand Type 2 Diabetes.I knew I needed toexercise and eatright, but all of mymuscles and jointswould get terribly painful if I tried to do much ofany exercise at all, and I craved sweets all thetime. I’ve been taking TriVita’s Sublingual B-12,B-6 & Folic Acid tablets for three months, and Iam doing amazingly well. It gave me energy,which allowed me to start a low-aerobic workout.I found out it didn’t hurt me to exercise. Themore exercise I did, the better I felt. I now workout four days a week and am walking two miles aday! Subsequently, I’m losing weight and lower-ing my blood sugar! This is all definitely due toSublingual B-12. I also wanted to tell about mydaughter. Since the day she was born, she hasnever had any energy at all. She had dozens ofmedical tests done to determine why she is soweak and tired all the time, but nothing was everfound that could be causing her problems. I startedgiving her Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid,and she has become a changed person, praiseGod! Before the Sublingual B-12, she would getso innervated that she couldn’t make it throughan entire week of school, adversely affecting hergrades. Her first grading period just ended and shehas straight A’s! Now she is volunteering to joinextracurricular activities, allowing her to makefriends and enjoy life. I can’t even believe whatthe Sublingual B-12 has done for her and I both!Rebecca R. – Powell, OH“I was still goingstrong.”I received a sample of Energy Now! at atriathlon expo and couldn’t believe what Ifound. I tried the product at home after a heavyworkout that usually zaps my energy by mid-afternoon. But after taking Energy Now!, I wasstill going strong until evening. I was worriedthat this miracle product contained high dosesof caffeine, which I do not use; when I foundout that was not the case, I was even more soldon your product. Thank you for giving me myafternoons back and helping me maintain aheavy triathlon training schedule while stillhaving energy to play with four great kids.Lorie T. – Mesa, AZ“I have more energy.”My name is Gertrude and Iam 101 years old. I havebeen taking TriVita’sSublingual B-12, B-6 &Folic Acid for three years.My caregiver, Jean, hasbeen with me for five yearsand she can tell a big dif-ference in me. I have moreenergy to do all of myfavorite things. I read, belong to a knitting groupof 25 charming women, I manage my own check-book, and enjoy spending time with my wonder-ful family. I am truly blessed. Thank you for amarvelous product.Gertrude G. – Southfield, MIreal storiesfrom real peopleWhen it comes to TriVita products, don’t take our word for it – see what Members just like you have to say!
  25. 25. I moved to Arizona with my beautiful wife Maryin November 2005 from Pennsylvania. Iremember praying with my wife in our apart-ment and asking God for direction, because mynew commute was terribly long. That after-noon, I was searching for jobs and I ran acrossthe ad for the TriVita Member OrderingDepartment. I applied, and was hired not too longafter. I knew that it was God who had opened thedoor for me to work here, and every day I amreassured that I made the correct choice.Moving from another state, I left both family andfriends behind, which can be a little scary. Godhas blessed me with more meaningful relation-ships at TriVita than I could have ever imagined.The people that I work alongside have been mysupport system through good times and bad. I canhonestly say that I have made life-long friendshere. I have a great appreciation for the 10Essentials, and sharing them with others has beena blessing in my life. I would have never thoughtthat I could encourage people to develop a rela-tionship with God at work and not get in trouble!It is so awesome that a Member can share somehardship in their life with me, and I can turnaround and let them know that I will pray forthem and they are not alone. It makes me feellike I am really making a difference in people’slives rather than just taking orders from them.There is one person I remember speaking withwho was having surgery a month later on herhip; she was very worried about the outcome.Having had a grandmother who went throughthe same surgery, I encouraged her by explaininghow well my grandmother came through it . . .but more importantly, I let her know I would bepraying for her. So I made a note of when hersurgery was and sent her a letter along with acopy of our 10 Essentials about two weeks afterthe surgery. Amazingly, she called back andhappened to get me, and was amazed that I hadremembered her after all that time. Shethought that I was just following a script thatsomeone wrote for me. I can honestly say thatjust by taking the time to write a small letter ofencouragement, I made an impact on her life.That is what TriVita and the 10 Essentials havetaught me, and I am a believer!Do you have a story?We would love to hear it!Send e-mail tostory@trivita.comor call toll free at800.693.4083God has blessed me with moremeaningful relationships atTriVita than I could have everimagined.from the desk of . . . Rory LessigWellness Consultant/Mentorfrom the home office• What if we found out that the majorityof North Americans cannot readily absorbvitamins and the nutrients found intheir food?• What if we learned that even thebest calcium on the market cannot stoposteoporosis?• What if we discovered that regardless of diet,stress alone makes people fat?At TriVita, we have created nutritional products that providecutting-edge solutions to these serious problems.• We developed a sublingual delivery system for Vitamin B-12and Vital4.• We bound calcium with collagen to increase bone density.• And our answer to stress is to nourish hormones thatcounteract the effects of stress; for example, nourishing thethyroid with Energy Now!Cutting-Edge Solutionsthe trivita DIFFERENCEVITAJOURNAL I 25
  26. 26. seasons pickfrom mere garnish tomain mealFor as common as celery is in various dishes, it sometimes gets a bad reputation as being“rabbit food” and the like. But it’s a bad idea to go dismissing this crisp vegetable altogether.In fact, it may be time to promote celery from garnish to main course!Celery is packed with nutrients that are good for you.Vitamin C. Your body can’t manufacture Vitamin C, youmust get it from food and supplements. Celery is a greatsource of this potent antioxidant. The leaves of celery havehigher concentrations of Vitamin C than the stalks.Pthalides. These active compounds may help lower choles-terol by relaxing arterial muscles.Coumarins. These compounds are antioxidants, fighting freeradicals and reducing cellular mutations caused by them.Celery as you know it today came from wild celery, whichwas originally used exclusively as a medicinal plant thatgrew in the Mediterranean and the Himalayas. The firstmention of celery as a medicinal plant dates to the 9thCentury B.C.! Ancient Greeks used the leaves as laurels fortheir athletic crowns, while the Romans used it as a spice.The raw vegetable being used as a food didn’t becomepopular until the 18th Century, and wasn’t introduced tothe United States until the 19th Century.Select celery that seems crisp, and that is in a tight bunch.Leaves ought to be bright green, with no brown or yellowspotting. Check for dark discoloration on the stalks (acondition called “blackheart,” caused by insects). Finally,celery should have small, tender stalks in the center of thebunch rather than a round stem (called a seedstem). Thepresence of seedstems can mean a bitter tasting celery stalk.Celery should be stored in a refrigerator in a sealed containeror perforated bag. Avoid freezing celery, as it will likely wilt.recipesOf course, Ants On A Log (celery with peanut butter andtopped with raisins) is always a refreshing and healthy treat,but there are other options for these crispy stalks. You canalways add celery leaves and/or sliced celery stalks to stews,soups, casseroles, and stir fries for an added crunch. Or, tryour tasty vegetarian recipe.26 I March/April 2006TriVita Celery Sweet Potato SoupIngredients:2 tbsp sunflower oil2 onions (sliced thin)1 tbsp mustard seeds1 tsp ground turmeric1 tsp ground coriander1 lb. sweet potatoes(peeled and chunked)1 bunch (6 sticks) celery (sliced)8 oz. carrots (peeled and sliced)1 green pepper (chopped)1 pint vegetable stock14 oz. butterbeansDirectionsFry onion in oil until lightlybrowned. Add mustard seeds,turmeric, and coriander and fry onemore minute. Add celery, sweetpotatoes, green pepper, andcarrots, cover and cook five moreminutes. Add vegetable stock andbutterbeans. Bring to boil, cover,and cook 30 minutes, or untilvegetables are tender. Serves 4.This recipe goes well with wild rice.
  27. 27. VITAJOURNAL I 27HEALTH &FITNESSinternet scamQUIZ1. Unsolicited e-mails are a greatway to learn about new healthdiscoveries and treatments.True or False2. There are governmental regula-tions controlling all health infor-mation that is available on theInternet.True or False3. Website addresses that end in“.gov” are safer than those end-ing in “.com” or “.org.”True or False4. Health claims supported by threeor more sources are probably trueor safe.True or False5. All companies trying to sell you aproduct should have an easilylocated physical address, tele-phone number, and other contactinformation.True or False1. False. Unsolicited e-mails – otherwise known as junkmail – serve one purpose, and that is to sell you some-thing. Daily, weekly, or monthly e-mails you sign up forare generally more reliable and safer.2. False. While it’s true that making false health claimsis illegal, there are still loopholes for con artists to jumpthrough. Furthermore, it’s virtually impossible to policethe millions of websites on the Internet. Reliable healthwebsites tend to police themselves, such as those whoadhere to “Health On the Net Foundation” guidelines.3. True and False. “Dot Govs” such as the NationalInstitutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration(FDA), or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) are regulated and maintained by the federalgovernment (hence the “.gov” ending in the address),who have the professional credentials and resources tobring you the best, most up-to-date health information.But there are plenty of other sites with solid, accuratehealth information; website addresses ending in .gov arenot the only credible sources.4. True. Beware of one company or group making ahealth claim that isn’t supported by several other sources.Trust only companies that can provide peer-reviewedevidence of their claims. For example, if you readsomething like, “What doctors don’t want you to know!”or “The secret to long life the media keeps quiet!” andsimilar tripe, it’s because these companies are workingwithout any oversight. Be careful.5. True. Always check for a physical address, phonenumber, and names of people running the company, andcheck these out before making any purchase. If you can’tlocate any of these things, take your business elsewhere.Remember: ANYTHING that asks forpersonal information via e-mail is a scam!Never give out passwords, pin numbers, oraccount numbers via e-mail.Our Membersspeak for usDon’t take our word for it; hear whatsome of our Members have to sayabout TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 &Folic Acid and Energy Now!:“I have lost 30 lbs. in the last four months andhave finally started an exercise program. Theproducts I used are Sublingual B-12, B-6 &Folic Acid and Energy Now!”Beverly W. – Mooresville, NC“I can’t even believe what the SublingualB-12 has done for my daughter and I both! Itis the first thing we both reach for in themorning!” Rebecca R. – Powell, OH“Before long, I was 100% better! Theimprovement is so amazing; I cannot expressit in words.”Judith B. – Wadena, MNThe Energy System comes with a month’ssupply of both TriVita products, provid-ing you with the daily, long-lasting energyyou need, and offering added protectionagainst heart disease, cancer and otherhealth issues.2-Step Energy SystemMember Price $39.99800.991.7116Note: If you have PKU, are pregnant or nursing, or are taking MAOinhibitors, do not use Energy Now!That’s a very good question to ask, and we inviteyou to find out! By all means, research the medicaljournals and studies; ask your doctor about theimportance of B-12, Vitamin C, and other nutrients;ask others who have taken the product for theiropinion. Make a fair and balanced judgment oncethe facts are in. But remember: TriVita doesn’tpromise to change your life – only you can do that.If you spend three hours a night watching TV whileeating bags of potato chips and drinking gallons ofsoda, all the B-12 in the world won’t help you much.If you’re ready to choose health, then TriVita canhelp. All the information about our manufacturingand testing processes, as well as the thorough med-ical basis for our claims, is available to you any time.“But aren’t TriVita’s claims toogood to be true?”QUIZLose 30 pounds in one week!Build muscle with this easy-to-use machine! Cure cancer byeating only cabbage!You’ve seen the ads; on TV, in magazinesand newspapers, and of course all over theInternet. But how can you separate mythfrom fact? Take this quick quiz to see ifyou’ve fallen victim to a health scam!