HEART HEALTH NOW! PG15Boost yourEnergy! PG14IN THE NEWS...Bird Flu Alert!Avian flu is on the rise in Asiaand is predicted ...
10essentials1. breathe deeply 2. drink water 3. sleep peacefully4. eat nutritiously 5. enjoy activity 6. give and receive ...
J a n u a r yPhysical Health – Commit to three 10-minute walkseach day this month. If you are already doing so,increase yo...
Resolution idea #103:A serving of fruits or vegetables isonly about half a cup; so adding twoservings of fruits or vegetab...
new yearImprove yourEMOTIONAL WELLNESSA growing body ofevidence indicates thathappy people live longerand enjoy better hea...
new you!Improve yourSPIRITUAL WELLNESSCommit to praying for others 10 minutes each day. Before asking for something – whic...
Global Death Toll FromDiabetes RisingIt was once the seventh largest killer, but nowdiabetes has likely jumped two spots t...
HEALTHY LIVING members in action“I am convincedthat age is nota barrier to anactive life”Chuck K. lives in Canada, and ise...
10 I January/February 2006TO TAKE BACK YOUR TIME3. Ask for HelpIf you feel you have to do everything yourself, you can end...
VITAJOURNAL I 115. Put someone else in chargeDoes it seem like you are asked to run every show? Busypeople tend to be the ...
12 I January/February 2006According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), birdflu is an infection cause...
See page 20 for special savings onTriVita’s Non-Acidic Vitamin C.To order call1.800.991.7116VITAJOURNAL I 13What is bird f...
14 I January/February 2006DR. SCOTT CONARDDr. Scott Conard is President of TienaHealth, a community-basedfamily practice i...
Like the Tin Man, your heart is one of your most valuable possessions. If it were as simpleas going to the Wizard of Oz an...
You are taking drugsat least three times aday, probably more,whether you knowit or not. That’sright: You’re self-medicatin...
nutrition!Just for YOU!Daily Women™Member Price $19.99Daily Men™Member Price $19.991.800.991.7116YOUR complete daily nutri...
18 I January/February 2006& Bad FatSaturated fats – Saturated fat is bad fat. These fats are solid at roomtemperature and ...
HEALTHY LIVING I have a questionVITAJOURNAL I 19Dr. Brazos Minshew, Chief ScientistDr. Brazos Minshew joined TriVita follo...
slashyourfood budget!One of the biggest complaints about eatinghealthy is the expense of healthy foods versusprocessed foo...
HEALTHY LIVING seasons pickVITAJOURNAL I 21grapefruittart,tangy, and terrific!Ah, the Citrus paradisi! Even if you didn’t ...
22 I January/February 2006how your doctor stays healthyThey’re always telling you what to do. Do this, don’t do that; eat ...
VITAJOURNAL I 23In the next issue of VitaJournal,see how our doctors deal withweight issues, gratitude, and more!Stress ru...
22 I January/February 2006real storiesfrom real people“...Vital4 has beennothing short ofamazing.”My experience withTriVit...
The thing that makes me the happiest about myjob is that, it’s not just about talking with peo-ple and collecting a great ...
26 I January/February 2006North America is a culture made up of manyother cultures, each with its own customs,clothing and...
VITAJOURNAL I 27AmericaRecipesNot in the mood for boiled reindeer, fried woodchuck,roast polar bear or moose meat soup? Th...
28 I January/February 2006Dear Friends,The “New Year’s Resolution” is often associated with changes we don’t feel like mak...
VITAJOURNAL I 29HEALTHY LIVING find out nowdo you feel like you’re rushing through each daywithout a moment to catch your ...
Light up your life with bulb vegetables, and lower cholesterol at the same time!They may not offer enough light to read by...
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  1. 1. HEART HEALTH NOW! PG15Boost yourEnergy! PG14IN THE NEWS...Bird Flu Alert!Avian flu is on the rise in Asiaand is predicted to spreadaround the globe. Learn howto protect yourself from thisdeadly virus. PG 12SPECIAL FEATUREDoctors’ SecretsDiscover just how yourdoctor stays healthy asTriVita’s doctors share their“stay-well” secrets. PG 22PG 4JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2006 A PUBLICATION OF TRIVITA, INC.VITAJOURNALLIVING10 Time SaversTake back your time and yourlife with 10 top ways to putwhat’s really important at thetop of your “to do” list. PG 10W W W . T R I V I T A . C O Mnew yearnew you!PG 4Beyond ResolutionsEach year millions of people make resolutions,but only a few stick with them. Discover morethan 30 simple, real-life resolution solutions toguarantee your success.
  2. 2. 10essentials1. breathe deeply 2. drink water 3. sleep peacefully4. eat nutritiously 5. enjoy activity 6. give and receive love7. be forgiving 8. practice gratitude 9. develop acceptance10. develop a relationship with God1. breathe deeply 2. drink water 3. sleep peacefully4. eat nutritiously 5. enjoy activity 6. give and receive love7. be forgiving 8. practice gratitude 9. develop acceptance10. develop a relationship with Godletter from the ceo&co-founderThis year, I invite you to “Think Wellness.”When you have Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wellness you have reservoirs of vitality, peace, joy, love andfaith. Many think of wellness as freedom from disease or disability. But it is much more! Complete wellnessis a state of health with the highest resistance to sickness and disease and the vitality to live a fully productive,balanced life. It is the highest standard of living that no financial success or material thing can ever replace.Although very successful financially, when I lost my health 10 years ago, I had little to give to my family,friends, or colleagues. I struggled to do the things I felt God had purposed for my life. My pursuit of wellnesshas been an incredible journey. I now am fully engaged in God’s purpose for my life as well as giving to myfamily, friends and associates. And yes, I love to be with those grandkids rolling on the floor, running in thepark – doing the things they love to do. Wellness is wonderful!One of the reasons I founded TriVita is to challenge North America to think differently about health and well-ness. It is obvious that our lifestyle is creating major health issues all across the socioeconomic spectrum.“Think Wellness” was the advice of my medical team to me 10 years ago… “Michael, you must think differ-ently about yourself and your health.” In the last 10 years I have made amazing health discoveries. You willfind some of them in this VitaJournal.Why is it we have learned to “Think Cure” while continuing to eat nutritionally deficient, processed foods,fail to get the activity our bodies need and carry emotional baggage that contributes to disease? Why is it thatwe ignore God’s love and health advice while asking Him to cure our disease? I ask these questions to promptreflection on the idea that there might be a better way. It is sad to see the impact of the current lifestyle inNorth America on individuals who are suffering from the ravages of diseases caused by long term disease-caus-ing behaviors. Behaviors that continue while holding out for a cure for their disease. I am completely sup-portive of treatment programs but believe sickness and disease should be the abnormal, not normal way of life.Wellness is more desirable and it is achievable...If you are open to a new idea as I think most TriVita Members are, then “Think Wellness” is truly the secretweapon against disease. There is a fact the medical community agrees that when a body is deprived of nutri-ents and nurturing it is more susceptible to disease. Science today is discovering that providing cures withoutpartnering them with lifestyle changes cannot truly “cure” disease. “Think Wellness” is the true answer toNorth America’s health crisis.The VitaJournal brings you simple but profound ideas to inspire you to “Think Wellness.” Read about the newyou on pages 4 through 7 - call one of our lifestyle coaches here at TriVita for help. Our products and pro-grams are all designed to help you create a wellness-based lifestyle.As we begin 2006, I encourage you to “Think Wellness.” Learn as much as you can about your body and howto give it the nutrients and nurturing it needs to thrive. You will be amazed at the difference in your healthin just a short period of time.May 2006 be the time of enhancing your wellness journey and each day of the new year bring discoveries ofnew wellness ideas to contribute to the quality of your life.Michael R. Ellison2 I January/February 2006“Many think of wellnessas freedom fromdisease or disability.But it is much more!Complete wellness is astate of health with thehighest resistance tosickness and diseaseand the vitality to live afully productive,balanced life.
  3. 3. J a n u a r yPhysical Health – Commit to three 10-minute walkseach day this month. If you are already doing so,increase your time by five minutes per walk.Emotional Health – Celebrate National Hugging Dayevery day this month by hugging as many people as youcan. Hugs give you an instant emotional energy boost.Spiritual Health – Offer prayers of thanksgiving andpetition this month to prepare you for the year ahead.Take comfort in sharing your concerns with God.F e b r u a r yPhysical Health – Juice your own fruits and vegetablesfresh each morning for a delicious start to your day. Tryjuicing citrus, carrots, or apples.Emotional Health – Hand-write a letter to a friend orfamily member you haven’t seen in a while. Let themknow how much you miss them.Spiritual Health – Scripture is God’s Word to you.Begin each day reading a chapter from your favoritebook of the Bible. Try Proverbs or Psalms.VITAJOURNAL I 3Getting the mostfrom this issueNEW YEAR, NEW YOU 4Great suggestions for your Physical, Emotional andSpiritual Health resolutions – real-life, everydaysolutions to improve your overall wellness.TAKE BACK YOUR TIME 10Find the time to do what’s really important withour top 10 ways to take back your time.MEN’S & WOMEN’S DAILYNUTRITION 16Men and women are created equal, but not thesame. Here’s what you need to know about yourdaily nutritional needs.HEALTHY HEART SECRETS 1510 secrets you may not know about how toprotect and nourish your heart health.EATING ACROSS NORTHAMERICA 26VitaJournal takes a road trip into Canada for thefirst of a six-part series on healthy national foods.VITAJOURNALmonth 2 monthJanuary/February 2006HEALTHY LIVING1041526
  4. 4. DAILY, WEEKLY, AND MONTHLY. . .PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR YOURPHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH.It’s Resolution Season again –what are yours?Are they the same as last year . . . and the yearbefore that, and so on? What happens to manypeople this time of year is simple: They beginwith the best, most sincere intentions to takecharge of their lifestyle, but make too manyunrealistic demands on themselves. Within aweek or a month at most, all those promises tolose weight, sleep better, go jogging and so onhave fallen by the wayside.This year, whether you’ve made any resolutionsor not, try something a little different. VitaJournalhas collected a number of great suggestions foryou to try, suggestions that if you put them intopractice, will help you improve your Physical,Emotional and Spiritual health almost instantly.You can try every suggestion, or just take acouple from each page. What matters is thatyou try. Read through each suggestion and notewhich ones appeal to you, then get up and givethem a shot. If one doesn’t work, try another.The bottom line is that making healthy changesto your lifestyle depends entirely upon you andthe choices you make. Realize, too, that each ofthese aspects of health and well-being affectsthe other two. Improve your spiritual health,and your emotional and physical health willimprove as well! This is a new year – how abouta new you to enjoy it?new year4 I January/February 2006feel your best every day!with TriVita’s patented2-Step Energy SystemKeeping resolutions can be a challenge, but it’s a healthy challenge you canwin! For a natural, healthy way to speed energy into your body and mind,there’s no better choice than the 2-Step Energy System. The Systemincludes Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid and Energy Now!, both formu-lated by doctors to specifically prevent low energy levels. Don’t rely onstimulants that leave you jittery, which are loaded with caffeine and sugarsyour body doesn’t need! The 2-Step Energy System gives you the B vitaminsyou need to keep your energy up over the long term, and the nutrientsnature offers to give you energy within minutes.Member Price $39.99Call Today! 1.800.991.7116Buy theEnergy System,and get an additionalbox of Energy Now!for only $10!Thru 1.31.06
  5. 5. Resolution idea #103:A serving of fruits or vegetables isonly about half a cup; so adding twoservings of fruits or vegetables eachday isn’t hard. Build up to no lessthan seven servings every day.Improve yourPHYSICAL WELLNESSGo to bed 10 minutes earlier every night; then increase this amount by 10 minutes every weekuntil you are getting to sleep an hour earlier.Keep eight 8-ounce bottles of water chilled in your refrigerator, and drink all eight over the courseof a day. Try this for one month and see how you feel.Go for a ten minute walk every day. Then add 10 minutes every week until you are walking anhour each day.Take one Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid or Vital4 each day after breakfast.Lower your blood pressure by taking several slow, deep breaths several times a day.Commit to not taking in any caffeine for two hours before bed; then push that goal back 30minutes per week until you are free from the addiction to caffeine. (Don’t think you’re addicted?Stop all caffeine intake cold-turkey and see how your body responds.)Clear your bedroom of all distractions to allowyourself an easier time getting to sleep. Thisincludes moving the TV to another room (or get-ting rid of it entirely).Antioxidants deactivate the free radicals that liter-ally cause you to age. Slow the aging process byincluding Vitamin C, E, and other antioxidants inboth your diet and supplements.A serving of fruits or vegetables is only about half acup; so adding two servings of fruits or vegetableseach day isn’t hard. Build up to no less than sevenservings every day.What are your favorite fruits? Go shopping forthem once a week for eight weeks, and be sure youeat them all.Wash your hands. This is one of the best methodsof preventing colds and flu.Have a complete physical. Meet with your doctorand discuss the results, and what sorts of changes youcan make to improve your health.No matter what exercise you prefer, begin with 10minutes of stretching. Stretch every day.Clean your house. Not only will you get a cardiovas-cular workout, but you’ll be removing dangerousallergens and pollutants that can harm your health.new you!Daily walking can reduce the risk ofdeveloping diabetes by 80%. VITAJOURNAL I 5
  6. 6. new yearImprove yourEMOTIONAL WELLNESSA growing body ofevidence indicates thathappy people live longerand enjoy better healthalong the way. Express gratitude by sending hand-written thank-you cards to everyone on your Christmas list.Have a picnic with loved ones and express why this person or these people are important to you.Make eye contact – with your spouse, children, friends, people who bag your groceries… everyone! Andsmile when you do it, even if you don’t feel like it; you’ll lift your own mood and the mood of everyoneyou see.Laugh! Read a funny book, or listen to a favorite comedian or routine on tape or CD, and let yourselfgo. Do this at least once every day.If your mood is down more often than up, and this feeling persists for more than two weeks, contact yourdoctor for professional help. TriVita’s Emotional Health Coaches can help.Spend one afternoon assisting children or adults with special needs, or less fortunate people in yourtown. See how it affects your mood, then think about doing this at least once a month.Change your self-talk. Spend five minutes a day, one minute at a time, reminding yourself of yourbest qualities.Revisit a special place in your past beforesummertime, whether it’s around the corner oracross the country. Visit another place beforethe end of the year.Take it easy! Every day this month, give your-self 10 to 15 minutes to sit, relax, and justbreathe.Sing loud, shout it out! Burst into your favoritesong, and don’t worry who can hear you. Youare alive – celebrate that with a song! Yourmood will lift instantly.Clean out your home of things you don’t needor want and donate them; you get a doublebenefit of clearing clutter and helping others.Resolution idea #54:Take it easy! Every day this month,give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to sit,relax, and just breathe.6 I January/February 2006
  7. 7. new you!Improve yourSPIRITUAL WELLNESSCommit to praying for others 10 minutes each day. Before asking for something – which is neverwrong to do, by the way – verbally list off your blessings to God and give thanks for them. The thingsyou “need” might not be so important after all.Ask a friend or spiritual leader to honestly assess your spiritual life as they see it, and see what areasyou’d like to improve.Go without one luxury item this month and give the money to a worthy cause.Donate your time to the church nursery, or a caregiving home, or hospital, or anyplace that needs ahelping hand.If you are still nursing a grudge against someone, whether the slight occurred yesterday or 10 years ago,consciously and verbally forgive that person.Daily devotionals are available at churches and online. Pick one, and commit to doing a devotionalevery day for a week. See how your soul feels afterward.Vary your prayer places and stances for 30days. It’s great if you pray the same wayevery day – but this month, mix it up a lit-tle. Pray in the park, on a walk, hiking, inyour yard – anywhere. There’s no such thingas praying “too much.”Write your prayers down in a small journal.Keep track when one is answered. Reviewyour prayers the last day of each month, andsee how God is at work in your life.Resolution idea #23:Ask a friend or spiritual leader tohonestly assess your spiritual life asthey see it, and see what areas you’dlike to improve.VITAJOURNAL I 7TriVita’s Health Coaches canhelp you design a PersonalWellness Plan so you can getthe most out of life every day.Give them a call toll-free at thenumber below for more informa-tion or to get started today!Call toll-free1.888.222.9560Remember – small,simple changes have aprofound impact onyour life and health.
  8. 8. Global Death Toll FromDiabetes RisingIt was once the seventh largest killer, but nowdiabetes has likely jumped two spots to the fifthlargest cause of death in the world, according toa report from Diabetes Care. Dr. Gojka Roglic ofthe World Health Organization said, “Diabetes isa significant cause of death in adults of workingage, even in low-income countries.” Scientistsestimated that seven and a half million peoplewith diabetes died in 2000; 4.6 million of thosefatalities died from causes other than theirdiabetes, and 2.9 million died as a result of thedisease itself. The lowest proportion of deathsoccurred in poor African nations, with thehighest in the Americas.Strong Spiritual Life MaySlow Alzheimer’sAt a meeting of the American Academy ofNeurology, results of a study were announcedsaying that patients who include spirituality or“religiosity” in their lives show slower advance-ment of Alzheimer’s. Similar studies point to anoverall decrease in disease or outcome of diseasein people who are spiritual. The study showedthat Alzheimer’s patients showed slower cognitivedecline than in patients who did not have aspiritual aspect in their lives. The connectionwith other people common in religious practices ispartly credited with this trend, researchers said.Further studies are planned to see what physiolog-ical mechanisms may be at work.Three Weeks of Folic AcidDecreases Heart Disease RiskHomocysteine, increasingly blamed for in-creased risk of stroke, heart attack, high bloodpressure and other cardiovascular diseases, isbroken down by B-12, B-6 and folic acid.Recent research suggests that after only threeweeks of supplementing with folic acid, pulsepressure in study participants was lowered. Theparticipants, young men with normal or mildlyelevated pulse pressure, had no side effects.Pulse pressure is the difference between diastolicand systolic blood pressure readings, and isbelieved to be a reliable method of measuringthe inflammation of blood vessels. The report,published in the American Journal of ClinicalNutrition, concluded that the “data indicatedthat folic acid is a safe and effective supplementthat targets large artery stiffness and may reduceisolated systolic hypertension.”Glucosamine Better thanPainkillers for KneesA study released recently from the NationalInstitutes of Health reported that glucosamine, aderivative of shellfish, may be a better painkillerfor arthritis in the knees than regular painkillers.Used either alone or in conjunction with chon-droitin sulphate, glucosamine had at least asgood efficacy on osteoarthritic knee pain as aprescription painkiller, and a similar Europeanstudy suggests that glucosamine sulphate isbetter than acetaminophen for knee pain.Pomegranate Extract MayCombat Prostate CancerPomegranate juice has more antioxidant powerthan that of red wine or green tea, according toresearch published in the Proceedings of theNational Academy of Sciences Early Edition.Scientists using this information experimentedon the juice’s effectiveness against humanprostate cancer cells in lab rats; those treatedwith pomegranate extract experienced slowergrowth of prostate cancer cells than rats treatedwith ordinary water, indicating a possible usefor pomegranate juice and extract in prostatecancer treatment or prevention. Previousresearch into pomegranate extracts has shown ithas potential for treatments in skin cancer andbreast cancer as well.The latest findings from the world of science...and what they mean to youresearch in focus HEALTHY LIVING8 I January/February 2006
  9. 9. HEALTHY LIVING members in action“I am convincedthat age is nota barrier to anactive life”Chuck K. lives in Canada, and isendorsing TriVita’s 10 Essentials aspart of his means to accomplish hisgoals in a long-endurance bicyclerace. At 67 years old, Chuck is aninspiration for older people tocontinue or start a health journey.Read what Chuck has to say aboutthe race and the 10 Essentials.It had rained all the night before this year’sSqueezer Off Road Bike Race. When I awoke atsix it was still raining hard. I could only imaginewhat a muddy mess the trails would be in. I decidedif it was still raining at eight I would give it up –but panic set in when it stopped. I nervouslyloaded my bike and headed for Montebello Parkto register for the event. I brought my reluctantcheering section with me: Maureen, the light ofmy life, and my soon-to-be-wed granddaughter,Dara. They were certain that even if I didn’t getrained off the trails, they would get rained off thewaiting areas. It was exciting around the parkwith over 1,500 riders eagerly awaiting their starttimes. I was in the sixth group and had to waituntil noon for my turn.I had set two goals for this race. First, I wantedto finish the race; and second, I didn’t want tofinish last. I am thankful to say that I achievedboth those goals. My strategy was simple. I gotin the middle of my pack early on and prettywell stayed there until midway in the race. Atthat point, I was feeling very strong and couldsee that others were beginning to tire. I put thepressure on and began working my way pastother riders. I had to be careful as the trails weretreacherously slippery and it would have beeneasy to hurt someone or get hurt myself.Thankfully, I avoided both of those options.The finish of the race is always an emotionalhigh. Lots of people were lined up to cheer usalong the last half mile. It was especially grati-fying to me to see Dara and Maureen smilingand waving and taking pictures. Maureen wasimpressed by how proud my granddaughter was;telling all who would hear that the guy crossingthe finish line was her grandpa. This is my thirdtime to run the Off Road Squeezer. I love it. Ihave changed my strategy each race and runwith more confidence each time. Finishing ismy stated goal, but I have to admit finishingwell has become more of a priority.I placed 15 of 19 riders in the men-over-60groups. I was on the trail 2 hours, 24 minutes.The top rider in my age category came in at1:42. The last rider in my age group came in at3:02. Overall Placement: I came in 969 of 1149finishers. 180 riders finished after me. I think Icould have done better if I had pushed harder,but I stayed back, not wanting to endangermyself or others. I am happy with these results.I am happy with the experience. Next year Iwill do better.It is wonderful to be able to enjoy an event suchas this and feel confident that I am in better con-dition each year than the year before. I will be age68 when I enter next year. Barring some accidentor misfortune, I should be able to finish betternext year than this year. I am convinced that ageis not a barrier to an active life so long as you stayactive and healthy. Living TriVita’s 10 Essentialsof Healthy Living is a great blessing, and I amtruly thankful for them.VITAJOURNAL I 9“Living TriVita’s 10Essentials of HealthyLiving is a great blessing,and I am truly thankfulfor them.”Member Price $19.991.800.991.7116finishin first place…with Sublingual B-12, B-6& Folic Acid!Formulated by Dr. Alfred Libby tospeed nutrients into your bloodstream,TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & FolicAcid is packed with the vitamins yourheart needs to finish in first placeevery day. Whether it’s competing ina race or just having the energy tokeep up with your day, B-12 is theperfect vitamin for you.• Get a natural mental and emotionallift when you need it most• Enjoy better mental clarity• Increase your energy and feelyounger• Fight homocysteine, a toxic aminoacid that can cause heart diseaseAfter age 50, it becomes harder foryour body to absorb B vitamins.Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid,with a sweet berry flavor, melts underyour tongue to get into your bodyfaster than swallowed capsules.
  10. 10. 10 I January/February 2006TO TAKE BACK YOUR TIME3. Ask for HelpIf you feel you have to do everything yourself, you can end up tired and frustrated – while atthe same time denying others the opportunity to be of service. When you feel overwhelmedask for help. Seek out people who want and need to be involved. And when it comes tofamily life, don’t be shy about asking for help. After all, everyone in the family will benefitwhen you are less stressed and tired.4. Schedule some “down-time”Taking care of yourself is essential to ensuring you are able to get everything done. Unless youhave the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health and strength you need to tackle each day,even a short “to-do” list can seem endless. Give yourself 15 – 30 minutes of quiet time eachday to read, meditate, pray and enjoy the outdoors in silence.2. Give yourself permission to say “No”If you never seem to have enough day for everything youhave to do, you may not be using the word “No” oftenenough. Between family, church, career and community,requests and demands can pile up quickly, and it can behard to say no. Take a quiet hour with a valued friendor family member and talk about what people and activitiesare most important to you. Then, limit your active commit-ments to just these for the next six months. Give yourselfpermission to say “No” to other commitments – people willunderstand, and you will be able to give your special atten-tion where it is needed most.Does life seem to be rushing by in aseries of daily demands that leave youtired and frustrated with no energyleft to enjoy your family, friends andthings you love to do?If the answer to this question is a heartfelt “Yes!” it’stime to take back your time and start living a morejoyful, and less stressful life.1. Prioritize with people, not tasks,in mindYou’ve heard it before: If you want to be sure and geteverything done, make a list. But “To Do” lists often startwith things, not people. Start putting the people in yourlife at the top of your list. What can you do today or thisweek that will support your closest friend, or that will beof service to your family? And don’t forget to put yourselfon your list. Taking care of yourself and the people youlove before taking care of “things” will guarantee that themost important things get taken care of every time.10topways
  11. 11. VITAJOURNAL I 115. Put someone else in chargeDoes it seem like you are asked to run every show? Busypeople tend to be the “doers” – the ones who are alwaysasked to do the most. If this describes you, it’s time toresign as the boss and instead, become a mentor.Volunteer not to take charge, but to act as a counselor andmentor to someone who would like to learn how to serveor learn a particular skill you have perfected. While it willtake some dedication at first, soon your protégé will onlyneed occasional help. Whether it’s in a family, church, jobor community, your efforts will save you time and helpcreate new leadership and talents.6. Turn off “time-wasters”It’s happened to everyone – you run into the store to pickup a few things and run into someone you know, andbefore you know it, you have spent 15 minutes listeningto them gossip or ramble on with complaints and criti-cism. Unfortunately, we all know ‘time-wasters,’ thosenegative people who always leave you feeling upset anddrained. Turn off ‘time-wasters’ by explaining that youmust go, and then do so. Listening to those who need toexpress their fears and concerns is one thing – but youdon’t have time to listen to non-productive negativity.7. Give up worryA wise man once said that to worry is to borrow trouble. Worrying not only absorbs a lot of“thought” time – it can impact your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health, leaving youunable to cope with the daily tasks and people that need your attention. When you findyourself beginning to give in to worry, stop what you are doing and say a quick prayer of grat-itude for specific blessings in your life.8. Combine to conquerMake doing more than one thing at a time a game. Listen to books on tape while you exer-cise. Run errands for your family and church on the same day. Combine essential phone callswith the chance to catch up with the people in your life. Make family meal times a time todiscuss the schedule and challenges of the following day. Look for opportunities to combinethings you must do with things you love doing.9. Recognize and value peacePeace can come in small packages. Savor the moments in every day when you get a smallrespite from noise and demands. Take just five minutes to breathe deeply, listen to a soothingpiece of music, or just do nothing. Learn to look on these short minutes as a mini-vacationthat restores your mind and spirit.10. Look to God for helpGod understands the demands on your day, and is the only one who truly understands what ismost important for you right now, and throughout your day. Seek His wisdom and guidancein organizing your time and priorities. Ask Him for help to accomplish all those things youneed to, and to learn to accept you cannot do everything. By including God in your daily life,you will be assured of spending your time in the best ways possible.
  12. 12. 12 I January/February 2006According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), birdflu is an infection caused by avian influenza (“bird flu”) viruses. These fluviruses occur naturally among birds. Wild birds worldwide carry the viruses,but usually do not get sick from them. The current bird flu, called H5N1,is spreading throughout Asia and has reached Russia, Turkey and Romania.So far the infection has been confined to millions of birds, but has causedthe deaths of an estimated 65 people in Asia. Most experts believe that it isa matter of when, not if, another influenza pandemic strikes.There is no firm evidence H5N1 has acquired the ability to pass easily fromperson to person. However, the virus may develop this ability, or it may mixwith human flu viruses to create a new virus. One of the few things aboutinfluenza that is certain: There were three certified pandemics in the lastcentury – in 1918, 1957 and 1968. The next one could occur any time.In 1918, the emergence of a new strain of influenza virus – a pandemic ofSpanish flu that raged across the world – killed an estimated 40 million peopleworldwide, including more than 500,000 in the U.S. No one was immune.It took about seven days to sweep across America, and three months tosweep around the world. It killed more people in less time than all of thegreat plagues of history, even with the “modern” medical science of the day.Today, scientists are confident that sooner or later, we’re going to see anotherlarge pandemic.are you preparedfor theavian flu pandemic?
  13. 13. See page 20 for special savings onTriVita’s Non-Acidic Vitamin C.To order call1.800.991.7116VITAJOURNAL I 13What is bird flu?Avian influenza, or “bird flu,” is a highly conta-gious disease in birds, caused by influenza-Aviruses. In birds, the different viruses can have arange of symptoms from mild illness and lowmortality to a highly contagious disease with anear 100% fatality rate. The bird flu virus cur-rently affecting poultry and some people in Asiais the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain of thevirus. As the virus can remain alive in contam-inated droppings for long periods, it can bespread among birds, and from birds to otheranimals, through ingestion or inhalation.All bird species are believed to be susceptible toavian influenza. Migratory birds such as wildducks and geese can carry the viruses, oftenwithout any symptoms of illness, and show thegreatest resistance to infection. Domestic poul-try flocks, however, are particularly vulnerableto epidemics of a rapid, severe and fatal form ofthe disease.There are many different subtypes of influenza-Avirus. The most virulent are called highly patho-genic avian influenza (HPAI) and can reach epi-demic levels among birds. Of these, subtype H5,and more particularly subtype H5N1 currently,pose the greatest concern for human health. Twoother subtypes – H9 and H7 – have caused illnessin people but neither has caused outbreaks inpoultry as severe as H5N1-related ones.According to the World Health Organization(WHO), there is mounting evidence that theH5N1 strain has a unique capacity to jump thespecies barrier and cause severe disease, withhigh mortality, in people.What is a pandemic flu?A pandemic is caused by a new virus that catcheseveryone unexpectedly and our bodies unpre-pared. Flu viruses mutate constantly in what isknown as “antigenic drift,” usually in such nom-inal ways that last year’s flu or vaccine may offersome protection against this year’s. The killingpower of flu comes from the ability of the virus tomutate easily and rapidly. In other words, thereis not one strain of flu, but a multitude. The factthat you have flu one year does not stop youpicking up a different strain the next. To compli-cate matters further, there are three forms: A, Band C. The most severe is A, but B can also kill.Even in a mild year, flu kills between 3,000 and4,000 people. The elderly and the frail, such asthose with heart or lung disease, are its chief vic-tims. They die of secondary problems, such asbronchial pneumonia. Immuno-suppressed peo-ple and children with asthma are also vulnerable.How can I avoid getting the flu?Since the bird flu affects the lungs and causespneumonia, this gives us an idea of how we canbegin to build our immunity to protect ourselves.You need to start working on your immunitynow. As we mentioned in last month’sVitaJournal, a vaccination is not a substitute forgood health. The Avian Flu virus is projected toarrive in North America mid-November of2006, so there is still time to begin a healthyregimen to repair your immune system if it isn’talready in the best condition it can be. Here arethe health guidelines to follow starting nowand throughout next year for bolstering yourimmune system:Get plenty of rest. Make sure to get between7.5 and 9 hours of sleep. If your body is tiredand without enough quality sleep, you will nothave the strength to fight off any viruses.Avoid sugar. Sugar decreases the function ofyour immune system, which is an importantaspect to fighting off illness. If you feel like youare coming down with something, it is impera-tive to avoid sugar. This will do wonders foryour overall health and make your body strongerand less likely to be taken by a virus.Eat nutritiously. Strive to eat more immunesystem boosting foods like garlic, fresh vegeta-bles and fruits. Don’t forget that garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and containscysteine, an amino acid, which plays an impor-tant role in maintaining your health by keepingyour lungs healthy and helping prevent second-ary bacterial infections.Drink plenty of water. Toxicity is a hugeassault on our immune system, and water helpscleanse toxins out of your body.Have healthy relationships. Healthy personalrelationships at home, along with a strong rela-tionship with God, will have a tremendousimpact on your entire well-being and immunesystem.Take Vitamin C. Vitamin C also raises youranti-viral immunity, so make sure you are takingplenty of Vitamin C, preferably a non-acidic ifyou’re taking a “loading dose.”Take EFAs. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) areelemental in assisting the immune system torecognize the virus so that it can deal with iteffectively.Take B vitamins. Lung protection is based verystrictly on an amino acid called cysteine.Taking Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6 and folicacid creates passive immunity, which keeps thevirus from getting into our system.Exercise. Your circulation and blood flowthroughout your body will increase, which cre-ates a more efficient immune system to fight offviruses and diseases.Eliminate stress. Our passive immune systemis decimated by stress. It has been estimatedthat up to 90 percent of illness and disease isstress-related, so we need to practice good stress-management techniques, including deepbreathing. Deep breathing is one of TriVita’s 10Essentials. The 10 Essentials will be elementalin saving lives during the predicted pandemic.Supplement with antioxidants. We can addantioxidants to help resist stress and build upanti-stress hormones. Antioxidants occur natu-rally in fresh fruit and vegetables, but an antiox-idant supplement – in addition to fresh foods –is a good idea.Wash your hands often! Washing your handswill reduce your chance of spreading germs andviruses to your nose, mouth or other people.Avoid touching exposed surfaces like doorknobsor levers in public. Washing properly with plainsoap and water is the best means to remove bac-teria and germs from your fingernails and hands.Cover your mouth. Wear a gauze mask if in ahighly dense population where you feel you maycontract the avian virus. Since this virus can betransmitted through coughing, sneezing or talk-ing to someone, this is a good precautionaryaction to take.So this is your wake up call! This is your chanceto build up your immunity, starting now, byfollowing the 10 Essentials, including washingyour hands, avoiding sugary foods and juices, andtaking your vitamins regularly. In just fourmonths you could have a stronger functioningimmune system, which will guard and protect youfrom the possible future influenza pandemic.
  14. 14. 14 I January/February 2006DR. SCOTT CONARDDr. Scott Conard is President of TienaHealth, a community-basedfamily practice in Irving, Texas. Together with his team of 12providers and support staff, Dr. Conard serves more than 40,000patients annually. Dr. Conard is also a noted lecturer, speaking tophysician groups around the world about how to encourage theirpatients to live healthier lives.winterENERGIZERSEver hear the term “snowbird?” Here in theSouthwest, we get flocks of them – people wholeave the bitter, windy, freezing temperatures ofmany other states and spend their winters vaca-tioning in the temperate climate of the Westerndeserts. But for as many people who have themeans to do this, there are thousands more whocan’t – and you are probably one of them.Even if you do live in a city where winters aretemperate, sometimes it’s simply too cold to gooutside for exercise (or get out from beneathyour comforter!). But your health can’t take avacation. You can’t say, “I’ll get back to myexercise when it warms up.” Through snow,sleet, or hail, you need to be exercising every dayfor a minimum of 30 minutes just to keep yourbody operating normally and fend off the coldsand flu that are so prevalent this time of year.As you wait anxiously for spring, try some ofthese suggestions to keep yourself active. Yourbody will thank you!1. Cleaning. Believe it or not, cleaningyour home not only provides you with the emo-tional boost that comes with neatness, but italso can be a great way to get your daily exercise.Vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, pol-ishing – all of these, if done consistently andvigorously, can work your cardiovascular systemjust like a brisk walk. You should work hardenough to breathe more heavily than usual, butstill be able to speak easily. And keeping countersand tabletops clean, as well as doorknobs andhandles, helps to prevent the spread of viruses.2. Calisthenics. You have room in yourhome to do jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups.There’s a reason these staples of physical fitnessare still being used today – they work! Or pur-chase a good exercise video, one that stressescardiovascular exercise. You may wish to avoidvideos that require “props” such as inflatableballs or step units (although these can be usefulas well). If you are unable to perform jumpingjacks, sit-ups and push-ups, you can do leg andarm lifts while sitting, even while watching tele-vision (if you must). Your goal is to work outyour heart and build strength, which helps preventosteoporosis, heart disease, and other ailments.Don’t over-exert yourself, and see your doctorbefore beginning any exercise program.3. Exercise equipment. Buildingyour own home gym is an option. Look for sta-tionary bicycles or treadmills in particular,which most closely approximate the type ofexercise you could get outdoors. Search onlineor used sporting goods stores for used equip-ment. If you are willing to commit to the cost,then you should be willing to commit to a dailyregimen. Again, aim for at least 30 minutes aday, and always ask your doctor what exercisesyou can do safely.Remember: The best way to fight off virusesis to have a strong immune system. And yourimmune system is strengthened, in part, byregular exercise. Don’t let the weather out-doors prevent you from getting the half-hourdaily workout you need....all that and morein one tasty tabletthat melts effort-lessly under yourtongue!The nutrients inSublingualB-12, B-6 &Folic Acid werespecially formulatedby Dr. Alfred Libby tohelp protect your heart, restoreyour energy and provide mental clarity.All B vitamins have this effect, butregular supplements don’t digest well.You need the sublingual action ofDr. Libby’s formula, which speeds thesenutrients right into your bloodstream.Member Price $19.991.800.991.7116ENERGYCLARITYSTAMINA
  15. 15. Like the Tin Man, your heart is one of your most valuable possessions. If it were as simpleas going to the Wizard of Oz and asking for a new one, everyone would be doing it! But youget one heart, and it’s your job to make sure it works its best. Take a look at these 10 helpfulhints that will increase your chances of having a strong, healthy heart.healthy heartsecretsto aVITAJOURNAL I 15A simple blood test can help determine your risk for developinga fatal cardiovascular disease. The American HeartAssociation (AHA) has reported that testinglevels of an enzyme and antioxidant called GGT maypredict the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.High levels of GGT indicate an increased likelihood offuture cardiovascular disease. The risk is even higher,believe it or not, for people under 60. You should beable to request the test from your doctor.A healthy marriage reduces job-related stress,and lowers blood pressure, according to arecent report from the AHA. Keeping bloodpressure low is critical in the healthy functioning of yourheart. Doctors recommended that people with high jobstress and/or low marital satisfaction should be checkedfor high blood pressure.0102Even in children who are not over-weight or obese, excessive body fatat a young age is an indicator offuture cardiovascular problems. As a parent,grandparent, or caregiver for the young, besure you are supporting children’s hearthealth by encouraging exercise and a healthydiet whenever possible.03For adults, excessive body weight frequently leads to cardiovas-cular problems, including high blood pressure. High bloodpressure in turn increases an already risky situation for your heart.Even if you are not medically obese or overweight, check with your doctorto find your best weight range, and keep your weight at that level to avoidcomplications arising from high blood pressure.04Before visiting your doctor, you may find it helpful to take atest online to see what your risk factors are. The AHAoffers a free quiz at www.americanheart.org/cld. Remember,nothing replaces medical advice from a licensed physician.07Men, in particular, have a well-deserved reputation for“toughing it out” whenever something hurts. When itcomes to chest pain, there is no worse course of action.Particularly after age 40, all chest pains should be evaluated by yourdoctor. If chest pain persists more than two minutes, or includes afeeling of heaviness in your chest, call 911 immediately.08Know all the signs of heart attack and act immediately ifthey occur. Besides chest pain, symptoms can includeshortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness, cold sweats,and pain in the neck or arms. Heart attacks start slowly with mildsymptoms, leading to easy dismissal. Never ignore the signs!09The amino acid homocysteine – which normally is anessential and good chemical in your body – can build up totoxic levels, and requires B-12, B-6 and folic acid to bringback to safe levels. Eating whole foods such as citrus, tomatoes andother vegetables, and supplementing your diet with B vitamins is keyto lowering homocysteine and protecting your heart.010High cholesterol levels arenever healthy, but the AHAhas reported that men whokeep themselves physically fit can cuttheir risk of cardiovascular-relateddeath in half – even if they have highcholesterol.06Men and women both are at risk for high blood pressure. Forobese or overweight men and women, the risk of heart attack andstroke was twice as high when high blood pressure was also a factor.0510ss0000nCoQ-10 hasbeen shown toreduce heart diseaserisk. TriVita’s CoQ-10has 60mg in just onesoft gel.Vitamin Esupports heartand circulatorysystem health0000
  16. 16. You are taking drugsat least three times aday, probably more,whether you knowit or not. That’sright: You’re self-medicating everysingle day, and havebeen since the day you were born. How doesthat happen? Easy – food is a drug! All foodcontains chemicals, and all chemicals influenceyour body. This is where the phrase “You arewhat you eat” comes from, because if you’re“self-medicating” correctly, your body willrespond positively. Eat poorly, and your bodywill respond negatively.The problem is, even if you are eating healthierthan most of the country by getting a generoushelping of fruits and vegetables each day,chances are your food is causing your internalbodily systems to swing like a pendulum. Yourenergy dips and peaks several times each day,which exhausts you as time goes on.That’s why you need a daily supplementdesigned to give you the essential nutrients youneed each day (regardless of your diet). TheAmerican Medical Association has confirmedthat nutritional supplements are an importantpart of disease prevention. So the questionbecomes – what’s holding you back from takingcharge of your nutritional needs?The importance ofDaily NutritionSugars, like those found in sodas and processed,packaged foods, are part of the main threat againstyour body. Sugars raise your insulin level, whichultimately depresses your immune system, making iteasier for you to get sick. And when your body is outof whack internally, it drains your energy. Properdaily nutrition rebuilds your immune system andincreases your energy, which in turn elevates yourmood. Ask yourself: Could I feel better than I donow? If your answer is yes, you need to examine yourdaily nutritional habits.Broad-spectrumStrengthTriVita’s Daily Women and Daily Men aredesigned with the finest natural ingredients tobuild your daily foundation of health. Targetednutrients are blended together in exact ratios tooffer you the most bang for your buck. With abroad spectrum of nutrients in seven nutrientclasses, you will boost your metabolism, supportyour body’s ability to absorb nutrients, replaceessential nutrients depleted by stress and boostenergy production.Complete dailyBrazos MinshewChief Scientist16 I January/February 2006You need a daily supplement designed to giveyou the essential nutrients you need eachday regardless of your diet.Boost your metabolism, supportyour body’s ability to absorbnutrients, and replace essentialnutrients.Inadequate intake of several vitamins is associated with chronicdisease. The Journal of the American Medical Association advisesall adults to take at least one multivitamin pill daily.Save50%on yoursecond box!through 1.31.06TriVita’s Newest Formula!
  17. 17. nutrition!Just for YOU!Daily Women™Member Price $19.99Daily Men™Member Price $19.991.800.991.7116YOUR complete daily nutritionalfoundation with 7 classes of nutrients:• Vitamins for energy• Macro minerals for restful sleep• Trace minerals for essential body functions• Phytonutrients for whole food benefits• Enzymes for metabolism strength• Amino acids for energy production• Essential fatty acids for your heart & brainMen’s and Women’sNeedsMen and women were created equal, but theyweren’t created the same. It’s a physiological factthat there’s a difference in the nutritional needsbetween men and women. For her: targeted hor-monal balance, iron fortification, mood boost, andbladder and kidney protection. For him: healthyprostate and urinary tract, lung and respiratoryhealth, immune system boost and protection of theheart and circulatory system. Daily Men and DailyWomen addresses these unique needs naturally.Daily Men and DailyWomen has the perfectproportion of EFAs foryour daily needs.Macro minerals ensure peaceful sleep and provide building blocksfor muscle, bone and cardiovascular health. Daily Men and DailyWomen contains the right macro minerals just for you.As a special introduction, when you buy one box of Daily products, TriVita isoffering you a second box of Daily Men or Daily Women for 50% off. Act now!Offer expires January 31, 2006. VITAJOURNAL I 17
  18. 18. 18 I January/February 2006& Bad FatSaturated fats – Saturated fat is bad fat. These fats are solid at roomtemperature and do not turn rancid easily when exposed to air. Saturatedfat is guilty of raising blood cholesterol levels, which put you at greater riskfor stroke and heart disease.Food sources: Animal products.Ugly FatTrans-fats – Trans-fat is the biggest threat to your health, and asmany as 40% of foods in a grocery store include trans-fat. Trans-fat isfound in virtually every cookie, cracker, and pastry available, as well asbeing used heavily in restaurant and fast food cooking. You are mostlikely to find it on an ingredient label as a “partially hydrogenated”vegetable fat (e.g. soybean oil, etc.) To help foods stay fresh on groceryshelves, or to create a solid fat product such as margarine, foodmanufacturers hydrogenate – add hydrogen to – polyunsaturated oils.Fortunately, the Food and Drug Administration has ordered thatbeginning in January 2006, foods will have to be labeled with theirtrans-fat content so it will be easier to avoid.Trans-fatty acids raise “bad” cholesterol levels and lower “good”cholesterol levels, which raises the risk of heart disease.Food sources: Cookies, crackers, french fries, donuts, and commerciallyfried foods.Trimming the FatTo avoid the unhealthy fats, you should:• Severely restrict intake of packaged baked goods like cookies and pastries• Eliminate commercially fried foods (like french fries) as muchas possible• Reduce the amount of animal products you eat• Use 1% or skim milk instead of whole milkTo get more healthy fats into your diet:• Eat more fish, such as salmon and tuna• Use olive oil for cooking• Try a handful of nuts in place of a sweet snackRemember, too much fat of any kind can be unhealthy. Realize, too,that just because a product is labeled “low fat,” does not mean it islow in trans-fat. It is always better to go with unprocessed food, andshop for fresh produce instead.It’s not easy to get the skinny on fats. There is a lot ofinformation out there to sort through. Which fats aregood, bad or ugly? What foods contain these fats? Whatshould you be eating regularly, occasionally, or not at all?Use this guide to trim the fat off all you have heard.Good FatGood fats – fats that lower bad cholesterol or raise good choles-terol – are found in many forms. Unsaturated fats are the good fats.They are either monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. While unsatu-rated fats can lower your blood cholesterol level and offer otherhealth benefits, you should moderate your fat intake because all fatscontain more than double the calories of proteins or carbohydrates.Monounsaturated fats – Oils made from this fat are liquid atroom temperature, but begin to get solid when refrigerated.Monounsaturated fat lowers blood cholesterol when used in place ofsaturated fats.Food sources: Avocados, olives, and peanuts; and canola, almond,hazelnut, peanut, and olive oils.• Omega-9 is a monounsaturated fatty acid that converts to oleic acid.High consumption is linked to reduced incidence of breast cancer andheart disease.Food sources: Flax, olive, evening primrose, and borage oil.Polyunsaturated fats – Oils made from this fat are liquid at bothroom temperature and refrigerator temperatures. These fats turn rancidwhen combined with oxygen. Polyunsaturated fat also lowers bloodcholesterol when used in place of saturated fats.Two important polyunsaturated fats are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fattyacids, which come mostly from fish sources. Both are essential fattyacids (EFAs), which means the body does not naturally produce them;they must be derived from foods.• Omega-3 makes the blood less likely to form clots that cause heartattacks, protect against irregular heartbeats that can cause suddendeath, and lower blood pressure.Food sources: Salmon, lake trout, herring, sardines, mackerel, albacoretuna, nuts, green leafy vegetables; and safflower, flax, corn, canola andsunflower oils.• Omega-6 is also known as Linoleic acid, which is turned intogamma-linolenic acid (GLA) by the body. It reduces cholesterol,improves the effects of insulin, and improves effectiveness of theimmune system.Food sources: Evening primrose, borage and black currant oils.fats:the good, the bad,theugly
  19. 19. HEALTHY LIVING I have a questionVITAJOURNAL I 19Dr. Brazos Minshew, Chief ScientistDr. Brazos Minshew joined TriVita following 25 years of familypractice. His specialty is creating lifestyle and nutritional solutionsto health challenges.question:answer:In fact, in your job as patient you may be moreimportant than your doctor – after all, youare his boss! Your doctor is your employee – ahighly paid and skillful consultant who is thereto give you not just the treatment, but the infor-mation you need to make wise choices aboutyour health.One of the challenges to getting the most out ofa doctor’s visit is timing. When you go to thedoctor only when you’re sick, you cheat yourselfout of a conversation about your health care –your doctor is forced to give you illness careinstead. If you really want to get the most out ofa visit, schedule your annual physical… andthen prepare!Before the visit…• Formulate your questions, write them down,and fax or e-mail them to your doctor 24hours in advance – and remember, be asspecific as possible!• Have any paperwork mailed or faxed to youbeforehand so you know what you are signing– and yes, you do have the option of a line-item veto.During the visit…• Arrive on time.• Discuss the scope of your physical and thetests that will be run.• Tell your doctor that you want his help to cre-ate a One Year Health Maintenance Plan.• Make an appointment to review the results ofyour physical – in person. Most of the time,this visit is covered by insurance.• Make a second appointment to finalize yourOne Year Health Maintenance Plan – hereagain, this is usually covered by your insurance.It seems like every time I go to mydoctor, he is in a rush and the visit isover before I realize I didn’t get all myquestions answered. How can I getthe most out of my doctor visits?– Liz L. - Peoria, AZDear Liz: You’re not alone! Manypatients have the same experience –and most often for the same reason.They aren’t prepared! Now, pleasedon’t be offended by that statement –it probably isn’t your fault. It may bethat no one ever told you that thepatient’s job is just as important asthe doctor’s job.After the visit…• Send a thank you note – be specific in yourthanks.• Follow-up on your One Year HealthMaintenance Plan.• Forward any follow-up questions to your doc-tor by fax or e-mail and request a response.• Continue to educate yourself about yourbody, and what you can do to improve yourhealth.As you can see, getting the most out of your doc-tor’s visit is at least 50% up to you. Remember –your doctor works for you. By finding a doctorwho wants to give you true wellness care, andpreparing carefully for each appointment, youwill have more than a positive office visit – youwill have a true partner in healthy living.Doeshealthy fatexist?It does – and you need it! That’swhy Dr. Brazos Minshew developedTriVita’s OmegaPrime, with EveningPrimrose, Fish, Flaxseed and PerillaSeed oils. These make up all of theOmega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acidsyou need every day to build a healthybody, with benefits including:• Reduced risk of heart disease, heartattack, stroke and inflammation• Increased brain function, includ-ing memory and focus• Lowered triglycerides and LDL(bad) cholesterol• Stimulated immune functionOmegaPrime is manufactured understrict pharmaceutical-grade stan-dards. When your body asks youwhat’s wrong, answer it withOmegaPrime!OmegaPrime™Member Price $17.991.800.991.7116anotherheart healthsecret:Omega-3 and Omega-6 fattyacids are great for your heart.
  20. 20. slashyourfood budget!One of the biggest complaints about eatinghealthy is the expense of healthy foods versusprocessed foods. It’s true that fast-food restau-rants commonly have “dollar menus” or “valuemeals” designed to make eating on the go ascheap as possible, and that packaged foods likecrackers, sugar cereals or cookies are frequentlyon sale for good prices at the grocery store. Butsuch foods are rarely good for you. So you decideto buckle down and make your own salad forlunch – but the prices for fresh vegetables, not tomention organically grown vegetables, seemshigher than if you just grabbed a burger at a near-by restaurant. But consider this: The money you“save” on fast food will only end up being spenton medical bills in the future, as the fats, salts andsugars you’ve been ingesting take their toll onyour health. Value meals aren’t such a value inthe long run.Is there a way to eat well and save money? Theanswer is yes! Furthermore, doing so doesn’trequire a fistful of cash. With a little “planningand scanning,” you can slash your food budgetand enjoy healthy meals all the time!freezer fundsYour freezer can be your biggest asset when itcomes to saving money on food. Virtually any-thing can be frozen and thawed for use later, evenmilk! You can prepare a bigger meal than you orthe family would eat, and freeze half for later.Make sure you use air-tight containers, and labeleach food with the date. Try to use your frozenfoods within a month or so.bulk buysBuying food at bulk warehouses can be a big helpin easing your food budget, provided you are actu-ally getting your money’s worth. The trick tobuying bulk is research. Many “good buys” aren’tany different than grocery stores. Make sure youdo a price comparison on foods you normally buyin bulk.Also, not all foods are good buys in bulk. Thiswill depend on how much your family will actuallyeat of a given food. Some people are happy eat-ing oatmeal every morning for their entire lives;others only want a bowl a week, or less. Honestlyassessing your family’s eating habits is crucial tosmart shopping. Make a list of your most com-monly eaten items – the staples – and comparebulk store prices to your grocery store prices.Then figure out how long it might take you to useeach item. If your family can chow down a gallonof peanut butter every month, okay – but don’tbuy the gallon if they only eat a little each week.habit helpersBy altering your weekly schedule by just 15 to 30minutes, you’ll be able to save a lot on your foodbudget. Try shopping weekly instead of bi-weeklyor monthly. The day before your shopping trip,create a menu of breakfast, lunch and/or dinneroptions you’d like to eat the following week, thenshop for single items accordingly. Meal planning– and using common ingredients for several meals– focuses your attention while at the store, andallows you to buy only the items you need.Furthermore, buying groceries that only require abag or two to tote means you might be able to ridea bike or take the bus rather than spending gas onyour own vehicle.Combining your freezer with bulk purchases, andplanning ahead may take a few weeks to jugglecorrectly, but with a little practice and payingattention to your likes, dislikes, and willingness totry new things, you’ll find that your grocery budg-et will diminish quite a bit, and you’ll be able toresist the temptations of grease, fat and saltoffered at low prices.20 I January/February 2006Gas Guzzling? Plan Ahead!It makes sense to visit more than one store ifit will save you money on your purchases.On the other hand, if it costs you $3, $6, oreven $10 worth of gas to save $2, there’s nosavings at all! As you scan grocery ads, youmight want to keep track of the potentialsavings at each store, and compare that tothe extra gas you’ll have to spend gettingthere. If good deals can be had at multiplestores without stretching your gas tank, go forit! Check to see ahead of time which storesmatch competitor’s prices, too. Or better yet,see if there are any stores you can reach bywalking, biking, or taking the bus. Or car-pool with a friend to make the most of yourgrocery deals and gas expenses.Citrus Power...without thestomach upset!Buy 1 bottle, get your secondsame bottle for 50% off! Nowthrough January 31, 2006.itrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C,an essential antioxidant – but theycan burn your stomach. TriVita’spowerful Non-Acidic Vitamin CCrystals and Vitamin C Tablets arethe solution! Mix in a spoonful ofpH balanced Crystals in water for amorning boost, then take a VitaminC triple-coated tablet in the eveningto keep your reserves up all throughthe night. Fight colds, flu, heartdisease and more with one of nature’smost potent vitamins!Non-Acidic Vitamin C CrystalsMember $19.99Non-Acidic Vitamin C TabletsMember $14.99Order Today!1.800.991.7116C
  21. 21. HEALTHY LIVING seasons pickVITAJOURNAL I 21grapefruittart,tangy, and terrific!Ah, the Citrus paradisi! Even if you didn’t know that’s thescientific name for grapefruit, it certainly sounds delectable! Grapefruits areavailable all year round, but are best during the winter months. While usuallynot as sweet as an orange or tangerine, grapefruit – in either itswhite or pink varieties – ranks equally as high in bold flavorand health benefits as other citrus.Grapefruit is packed with the antioxidant VitaminC, which fights free radicals and free radicaldamage in your body. Drinking grapefruitjuice has been studied for its preventiveeffect on both lung and colon cancer, inpart by stimulating your liver to produceenzymes that fight a wide variety oftoxins. And while tomatoes take centerstage when it comes to lycopene content– a phytochemical with tumor-fightingqualities – grapefruit has a generousportion of lycopene, too.Other benefits touted by grapefruit andgrapefruit juice include: lower risk ofbreast cancer due to phytochemicals calledlimonoids; possible lowering of cholesterollevels and prevention of atherosclerosis;prevention of the formation of kidney stones; andprotection against macular degeneration. All this inone juicy fruit!Selection and Storage Damage to the rind of a grapefruit– in the form of slight discoloration, scratches, or scaling – do not impacttaste. Do look for overly soft skin by the stem-end of the fruit, ordiscoloration that resembles water stains, as these may indicate a bad fruit.Grapefruits should be firm, but have a “springy” quality in your hand. Rindswith rough or wrinkled appearances are safe, but may indicate a thicker rindand thus less flesh inside. Grapefruit should feel heavy for its size.Grapefruit can be stored openly if the rind is intact, and if you will consumethem within a week. If longer storage is needed, use the vegetable crisper inyour refrigerator. Storage there will keep grapefruit good for up to three weeks.Preparation Grapefruit can be enjoyed just like other citrus, bysimple peeling. They are traditionally sliced in half and eaten with aspoon, sometimes with a dash of favorite seasoning.Grapefruit can be used in virtually any recipe that alsouses other citrus fruits, including chicken and avariety of breads. But for a simple yet novelsalad mix, try the recipe below.Some pharmaceutical drugs aremore potent when combined withgrapefruit. If you are takingstatin drugs; immunosupressentssuch as Cyclosporine; calciumchannel blocker medicationsincluding Felodipine, Nifedipineand Verapamil; the antihistamineTerfenadine; the hormone Estradiol;or the anti-viral agent Saquinavir,then you must check with your doctoror pharmacist on if or how much grape-fruit is safe for you to eat.6TriVita’s Grapefruit-PlusMixed SaladIngredients:2-3 cups grapefruit sections2-3 avocados (seeded, peeled & sliced)1-2 cup fresh raspberriesbibb lettucewatercresssweet vinegar & oil dressing (or similar)Line salad plates with lettuce and watercress.Arrange grapefruit, avocado and raspberries over thelettuce, then sprinkle with dressing. Serves 2 to 4.Drinking grapefruit juice has been studiedfor its preventive effect on both lung andcolon cancer.
  22. 22. 22 I January/February 2006how your doctor stays healthyThey’re always telling you what to do. Do this, don’t do that; eat this, don’t eatthat. But have you ever wondered what your doctor does when he or she isn’ttreating patients? Is he getting the same daily exercise he’s telling you to get?Is she eating all the fresh fruits and vegetables she’s telling you to? Or is theresome other “fountain of youth” that doctors keep all to themselves?Barbara HuningM.A., L.S.A.C.Dr. Scott ConardFounder TienaHealthDr. Brazos MinshewChief ScientistDr. Janet MaccaroNutritionist & AuthorDr. Brazos Minshew: No TV after 9 p.m.Dr. Scott Conard: I go to bed within and get upwithin 15 minutes of the same time every day. Myusual schedule during the week is to bed at 10 p.m.and up at 5:18 a.m. On the weekends I usually get upcloser to 8 a.m., adding another three hours so thatmy total sleep each week is above 54 hours. Greathabits lead to a great life! Good sleep is absolutelyvital – perhaps foundational is a better word. WhenI become sleep-deprived my mood, vitality, andgeneral disposition all slide down dramatically.Barbara Huning: My sleep varies from fivehours to nine hours per night. I need nine hoursper night to feel really rested. Generally, I sleepwell by organizing my work so that I don’t have toworry about unfinished things at night. I tookcharge of eliminating resentment, bitterness, self-pity, and anxiety from my mind through spiritualstudy and practice. I’m still working on these, butthey no longer affect my ability to rest. Anythingstill bothering me at bedtime is scheduled in forconsideration at some later date. That way, it’scovered, and I can sleep peacefully. Finally, I walkfor half an hour twice a day – it de-stresses me,works out the kinks, and relaxes me. I think thishelps me sleep well. Good sleep is vital – each ofthe 10 Essentials is vital. Without any one ofthem, everything literally falls apart. This is seri-ously true. Before I realized this, I would bemoody, disorganized and aimless simply because Iwas tired and I didn’t realize how much it wasaffecting me. Sleep is as critical as drinking water.Try going without any liquids for a day see how itaffects your ability to function normally.Dr. Janet Maccaro: I find that I functionbest on about six to seven hours of sleep per night.My hard-driving personality demands a lot ofboth physical and mental energy during the day.If I do not make sure that I get enough sleep bymaking a conscious effort to do so, I feel theeffects rather quickly. To ensure that I get myquota, again, I make the choice to do just that. Itry to unwind and relax at least an hour beforebed. I have a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea, suchas Chamomile, I take magnesium, L-Theanine,and Passion Flower extract a half-hour before bed.About 30 minutes later, I am sound asleep.VJ: How about stress? How do you handlestress in your lives?Minshew: Exercise helps me burn off adren-aline accumulated during a stressful day. I alsodistract myself with activities that involve otherpeople, to avoid obsessing over my worries. Myhouse is always full of happy guests. I have e-mailpen-pals, friends and family who remind me why Iwork so hard: to be able to spend time with peo-ple I love. My third and most important stressmanagement tool is hope. I choose to believethat the future is bright and my hope is confirmedthrough daily prayer. When I have the hope of abright future, that hope puts a bad day in theproper perspective and encourages me to start thenext day fully recharged and renewed. Sleep ismy number one health improvement tool; stressmanagement is number two!Conard: I view stress as a good thing in gen-eral. The more capable I am of successfullydealing with the stress in my life the more I willbe able to do. Stress management is incorporatedin my day – deep breathing, exercise, water,watching out not to take in too many stimulants,and ensuring I get the proper rest.VitaJournal rounded up our panel of doctors and pro-fessionals to find out the truth! How do these doctorsstay healthy? Their answers may surprise – and evenentertain – you, but one thing is clear: if it’s goodenough for your doctor, it’s good enough for you! Overthe next two issues of VitaJournal, we’ll see what theyhave to say about sleep, stress and other lifestyle issues.VitaJournal: Thank you all for taking the time toanswer these questions. Let’s jump right in and talkabout peaceful sleep. It’s one of the 10 Essentials –how do you make sure you rest peacefully?“Each of the 10 Essentials is vital.Without any one of them, everythingliterally falls apart. This is seriously true.”–Barbara Huning, author of Gratitude
  23. 23. VITAJOURNAL I 23In the next issue of VitaJournal,see how our doctors deal withweight issues, gratitude, and more!Stress ruins your immune system…build it back up with Green Food Complex!TriVita’s Green Food Complex capsules and powder contain 80% Young BarleyGrass Juice and 20% Young Alfalfa Grass Juice, both packed with vitamins,minerals, essential fatty acids and more to help your immune system operate itsbest. Green Foods also offers:• a boost to your energy• support for your digestive and cardiovascular systems• cleansing for your entire digestive tractYou can help defeat illness before it starts with a strong and healthy immunesystem! Support it with Green Foods Complex.TriVita Green Food™CapsulesMember $29.99TriVita Green Food™PowderMember $34.99 Call 1.800.991.7116Buy 1 bottle, get your second same bottlefor 50% OFF! Now through January 31, 2006.Maccaro: Five ways I cope with stress areas follows: I walk for one hour every nightafter dinner. I pray unceasingly. Since cook-ing is a favorite pastime of mine that allowsme to be to be creative, I prepare a wonderfulgourmet meal. This not only helps me torelieve stress, but makes my family happy atthe same time! Lastly, I connect with an olddear friend to laugh and talk about happytimes we have shared, or I draw, sketch orpaint. Stress management is critical to myhealth now and for my future well-being. Inthe past, I have suffered from stress-relatedillnesses. I know the agony. I do not want togo there again! Keeping stress levels down isnot always possible, but learning how to actrather than to react is the key when it comesto dealing with daily stress in a positive way.Huning: To cope with stress, I immedi-ately turn whatever’s happening into a fun,useful, or meaningful situation in my mind.If the stress isn’t worth the bother, I work tochange the situation so it’s less stressful. If Ican’t change it and I can’t make sense of it,I put it into the “someday we’ll find theanswer” category and let it go for themoment. I laugh a lot. Tell jokes, laughwith family and friends; watch a funnymovie. Also, I create loving moments; dofavors for people. I do this with people inmy life, and I also do this in contemplation,by breathing and thinking about how every-thing good I’ve ever had has come from thekindness of others. No stressful situationcan stand in the face of that truth. I like toexercise, especially out in nature. I go foropen land, mountains, water, fresh air, and“quietude.” I watch the plants sway in thebreeze, and I marvel at the works of art innature – the spider’s web, the ant hill, thecrooked tree balanced on the edge of a cliff.This makes me feel that everything is allright with the world, and I am just a part ofit all. I dance, I draw pictures with watercolorpencils. I love to cook, and garden, and sew.Managing stress is critical. I have a prettystressful life. It’s not easy learning how to behappy all the time so that you can help othersget there too, with family communityinvolvements, my spiritual study and prac-tice, and on and on. It’s hard work! I amlaughing… and it’s true. If I didn’t have reallygreat stress-management techniques, I’d bein bad shape, emotionally and physically.The happier and more peaceful I become,the more I think I am able to be helpful, butI still have a long way to go. I intend towork diligently and make as much progressas I can before I die, so that I can be as helpfulas possible to others, to the world. MaybeI’ll always be working, and that’s okay, too.The journey is very rich and meaningful – it’sbeautiful to look for the wisdom in life. Ilove what I do, and I love life beyond words.Balancing work with family and friends andrest and play and relaxation and spiritualstudy and practice is a day-to-day learningexperience.Save50%on your secondsame bottlethrough 1.31.06
  24. 24. 22 I January/February 2006real storiesfrom real people“...Vital4 has beennothing short ofamazing.”My experience withTriVita’s Vital4 hasbeen nothing shortof amazing. I amnot diligent abouttaking my vitaminsdaily – however,given this opportu-nity to try a new Bvitamin that wouldgive me more energy was a great reason to beconsistent. I did not always take the Vital4 daily,but I can say for sure that it was obvious howmuch more I accomplished on the days I did takethe Vital4.Ann M. – Columbus, TXNote: If you have PKU, are pregnant or nursing, or are taking MAO inhibitors, do not use Energy Now!“TriVita’s Energy Now!sure helped me...”I was just exhausted. Family was intown and we had been running fromhere to there. I’d had only a couple ofhours of sleep when I had to get up andstart a new day. As the day went on, Iwas getting so sluggish I could hardly move. I tookone of TriVita’s Energy Now! capsules and BOOM! Iwas finishing every task I needed to do. I wasn’t jit-tery or nervous-feeling, just energized. TriVita’sEnergy Now! helped me get through a rough day!Jill S. – High Point, NC“I am sleeping so much better...”When I would lie down to go to sleep, I would feel as if electricity wereflying all through my body. This was not only uncomfortable, but I could notsleep. I would be up and down all night long. This left me tired and groggy thenext day. I found TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid and thought thismay help with my energy level. After taking it for three weeks, I found thefeeling of electricity was completely gone. I am sleeping so much better, and that tired, groggyfeeling is now gone. Thank you, TriVita! Isabelle B. – Bradgate, IA“I am sleeping somuch better...”The day I took TriVita’s EnergyNow! for the first time was sure tobe a grueling one.I knew the medi-ation I was doingwould be difficultand draining. Itook the Sublin-gual B-12, B-6 &Folic Acid alongwith the Energy Now! And whathappened was amazing. I actuallyworked seven hours in one sessionwith only one 15-minute break. Ihad all the energy and focus Ineeded to move eight peoplethrough a strenuous process. I’m sothankful for the Energy Now! and Iam still benefiting daily, which istruly remarkable. Thank you,TriVita!Laura M. – Lone Butte, BC“It has helped with myenergy level...”I used to take Nitroglycerin, so when I sawTriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid,I knew it was a perfect way to take vitaminB-12. I am very pleased. It has helped withmy energy level and cholesterol. Thank you, TriVita!Larry B. – Beaverton, OR“Thanks for such awonderful product.”My son just loves taking TriVita’s Green FoodComplex. He is 9 years old and takes fourcapsules a day. When he comes home fromschool in the afternoon, he tells me how muchmore energy he has and how much better he feelssince he began taking the Green Foods. Thanksfor such a wonderful product!Ingrid S. – Woodstock, GA
  25. 25. The thing that makes me the happiest about myjob is that, it’s not just about talking with peo-ple and collecting a great story about the prod-uct. That’s a good part of it, but it’s more aboutthe relationship that I build with people,because they’re telling me about some experi-ence in their life. Of course, I end up sharingsomething about my life, and we kind of justbuild, you could say, a friendship. I have at least50 people who call me throughout the year afterI’ve already taken testimonials from them, whocheck on me, and update me on their life. It’sreally nice! There are some of them that Ialmost feel like they’re a family member. Sothat’s really the best part about it. There’s asense of connection that I make with them. It’snot the same kind of relationship as with anEmotional Wellness Coach or Health Coach,but being there for them – they call me if some-thing’s going on. “Oh, guess what’s happenedwith my son!” That kind of thing. It’s really niceto know that I have people who care enoughabout me that they don’t just call to tell me aboutthemselves, but they ask about my family. It’sreally the best part about doing what I do.I feel it actually gives me a sense of purpose.People say, “You want to find a job that you’rehappy with.” Of course, if everybody in theworld could do what they wanted, they mightnot work 40 hours a week every week! But ifyou’re going to work, you want to be somewherehappy. When I hang up the phone after a reallygood testimony, and finding out what theTriVita products did for somebody, it makes mefeel that I don’t just come into a job – it actuallyshows that we have a purpose. We are chang-ing people’s lives. And it’s not just necessarilyin the sense of supplements or vitamins. We’reactually using those 10 Essentials that affectthose people’s lives. Sometimes, after talkingwith a person, they’ll call me back and say, “Youknow, if not for the conversation you and I had,this could have been a worse situation. Andinstead, it went a better way, because I decidedto use the 10 Essentials like you talked about.”The best TriVita product for me is the VitaDailyAM/PM Those are my favorite. I probably takeseven or eight different TriVita products, includingSublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid, but the one Ialways make sure I take is the VitaDaily AM/PM.I have been here two and half years. I actuallythought I was coming in to interview for areceptionist position. When I was hired forMember Services, I actually was a little antsy!I thought, “Gosh, I really wanted a receptionistposition.” But being in Member Services, evenfor two short months, really helped in switchingover to taking testimonials, because at leastI had some time to learn about the product.The company realized it needed someone wholiked talking with other people. This job wasabout having someone who could really make aconnection with people. They came to me –I didn’t even realize the position was open!I was told I was perfect for the job. The minuteI came over and interviewed, I thought, “Oh, Ireally want to do this!” Because I can sit andtalk on the phone for two hours! It’s all funnyto me how it just landed in my lap, because itseriously was perfect for me. It’s not that Icouldn’t do something else in this company, butwhen I look at other positions within thiscompany, I can’t see anywhere else where Iwould enjoy it as much – unless it still dealtwith the positive aspects of talking withMembers and other customers.All of the 10 Essentials to Feeling Your Besthave changed my life; learning how to drinkmore water, and eat healthier. But the thing Ilove the absolute most about being here atTriVita? It has built in me a stronger relation-ship with God, because I am able to be moreopen about it. Most other jobs, there’s no wayyou can have discussions about God. Here, wecan have round-table discussions about it. Oron the phone, I can talk with somebody andpray with them. It has built a stronger relation-ship between God and myself. Other places,you might go your whole day at work and notexperience your relationship with God. Youmight not talk to Him, or lean on Him. Buthere at TriVita, it’s encouraged! I am veryfortunate to have this job.VITAJOURNAL I 25Do you have a story?We would love tohear it!Send email tostory@trivita.comor call toll free at1.800.693.4083from the desk of . . .Jennifer BreedingProduct Satisfaction Consultant (Marketing Dept.)Jennifer Breeding moved from East Tennessee to Arizona in 1997 to be withher high school sweetheart (to whom she is now married), who had movedwest to go to school. Almost six years later, Jennifer applied for a job with ayoung company called TriVita. After spending only two months in MemberServices, Jennifer was put in charge of ensuring Member satisfaction andcollecting Member testimonials. Jennifer took a few minutes from her day toshare with readers some of the joys of her job.
  26. 26. 26 I January/February 2006North America is a culture made up of manyother cultures, each with its own customs,clothing and traditions. And fortunately foreveryone, they each have their own healthy,unique cuisine as well! Most of the recipesfeatured here are based on traditionalEuropean, Asian, African or other continen-tal delights imported to North America andchanged to accommodate native NorthAmerican foods. So what we now call NorthAmerican cuisine is actually a blend of sever-al different traditions from all over the world.In this first of a six-part series,VitaJournal takes a look at the variouscuisines enjoyed by America’s neighbor tothe north. Canada, like the U.S., has awide variety of cultures living and playingwithin its borders, each with its own recipesenjoyed all year-round. To change up yournormal dining habits, take a look at whatsome other cultures like to eat, and howthose foods are not only delicious, but goodfor you and your family.eating acrossCanadian Food“Canada has so many different ethnic backgrounds, each withtheir unique food diets,” say Peter and Stephanie Chimilar ofBritish Columbia. “We have major populations from China,Japan, India, Russia and almost everycountry from Europe.”Stephanie, a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years who is nowlaunching a nutritional health consulting practice, is uniquelyqualified to comment on Canadian health. “Nurses are very welltrained in the area of disease, drugs and technology, yet in myopinion, inadequately trained in the area of health principles and theprevention of disease,” she says. “I have come to realizethat our health is largely our own responsibility. I believethat health is a choice, regarding how we eat, exercise,sleep, respond to stress and manage our emotions.”To that end, the Chimilars have focused more on fruit and vegetablesin their diet, reducing sugar intake and replacing red meat. It’s easy to do in Canada,for it’s a country well known for its fish and shellfish(notably mussels, lobster, scallops, salmon, char andmore); offers a wonderful selection of fresh fruits (apples,berries, plums, peaches and pears); delectable vegetables(endive, shallots, salad greens, and seedless cucumbers andtomatoes); and finally, Canada isworld-renowned by chefs for its wildrice. Exquisite wines, ciders and cheeses roundout Canada’s most sought-after foods.partone౱౲౳౱౲౳౱౲౳
  27. 27. VITAJOURNAL I 27AmericaRecipesNot in the mood for boiled reindeer, fried woodchuck,roast polar bear or moose meat soup? That’s what nativepeoples were used to making for dinner. Try some of theseCanadian recipes instead! Substitutions are allowed ofcourse, but most if not all ingredients are available in thecontinental U.S. with a little looking around.Quebec and Ontario are famous for their maple syrup.Not the sugar-sweet table-top bottles most Americansmake due with, but the real article. Maple syrup containsmanganese, which is a cofactor of many enzymes that pro-duce energy and boost antioxidant defense; it also con-tains zinc, which is great for your heart. That makesmaple syrup sweet for your health as well as your tooth.Try this novel recipe for using maple syrup for somethingother than frozen waffles! Be sure the label reads puremaple syrup, not maple flavor.Ontario Apple CiderCashew Chicken1/4 cup clarified butter4 tbsp. shallots (scallion), minced4 oz. Calvados (brandy made from hardcider)2 tsp. fresh thyme, chopped1/2 cup cashews1 tbsp. honey1/2 cup unsalted butterground black pepper and salt or substi-tute, to taste2 chickens, quartered (about 4 lbs. total)flour for dredging, as needed1 1/2 cups chopped carrots, celery, onion2 cloves garlic, chopped2 cups apple cider1 tbsp. cider vinegar6 cups chicken stock2 bay leaves1 sprig thymeDirectionsTo make the cashew butter: Sauté shal-lots in 1 tablespoon clarified butter. Add1 ounce Calvados and chopped thymeand reduce by half. Remove from heatand allow to cool. Process cashews tomedium consistency in a food processor.Add shallots, honey and unsalted butter.Season with salt and pepper, and processwell. Chicken: Season chicken with saltand pepper, and dredge in flour. Brownchicken in remaining clarified butter,then remove chicken. Add chopped car-rots, celery, onion and garlic to the pan,and sauté for 1 minute. Add remainingCalvados, cider and vinegar; reduce byhalf. Return chicken to pan. Add chickenstock and herbs. Cover and braise untildone (usually 15 minutes). Removechicken from pan and reduce stock byone-half. Strain sauce, swirl in cashewbutter and season to taste. Ladle sauceover chicken and serve. Serves 8.Maple Squash Soup3 lbs. butternut squash2 onions2 tbsp. grated ginger6 tbsp. olive oil12 cups chicken stockpure maple syrup (to taste)fresh mint, choppedDirectionsPeel squash, remove seeds and toast seedsin hot oven. Dice squash and onion, then“sweat” the squash, onion and ginger in theoil. Add chicken stock and bring to boil,then simmer for 40 minutes. Purée thesoup and strain into clean pot. Seasonwith maple syrup to taste, and add toastedseeds and mint on top. Serves 8 to 10.Lake Nipigon GarlicFried Trout4 trout fillets1/2 cup clarified butter4 tbsp. whole butter8 cloves garlic, sliced thin1/2 cup fresh lemon juice1 tsp. parsley, choppedsalt or substitute, and pepper to tasteflour (for dredging)DirectionsSeason trout with salt and pepper, thendredge in flour. Pan-fry trout in clarifiedbutter until lightly browned. Cookthrough. Remove fillets and degreasepan. Add whole butter and cook until itbegins to brown, then add garlic and sautéuntil the garlic begins to brown. Addlemon juice and parsley. Swirl to com-bine with butter. Top fish with this sauceand serve. Serves 4.౱౲౳౱౲౳ Next stop: ChattanoogaVitaJournal March/April 2006North౱౲౳
  28. 28. 28 I January/February 2006Dear Friends,The “New Year’s Resolution” is often associated with changes we don’t feel like making. Thisyear, I invite you to use part of the method we use in our Solution-Focused Coaching. Turn theprocess inside-out, and focus on the results you want – using a creative approach that taps yourexcitement about the result. Did you know that one of the most powerful things you can do tochange your life is to imagine how you want things to be? What do you think would happen ifyou imagined yourself having already achieved your goal and enjoying the rich rewards? Whatdo you think might happen if you see yourself clearly, goal attained and life enriched, enjoyingan ordinary day?The reason this visioning process works is that our vision is the first step to bringing an idea intoreality. This is how all ideas come to pass – yet we often skip this crucial step, and find ourselveswith muddy results arising from a muddy vision. When we start with our excitement about thevision of the results, our path from here to there begins to form as well – and we move forwardwith the excitement of anticipation.Imagination adds the spark of creative energy which helps us to skip over “anticipated” obstaclesand step into our “Dream Picture.” How fast you get there depends on two things: an image ofwhere you are going, so vivid in your mind that you feel yourself really there; and action, whichmakes pieces of the picture happen in real life. One interesting fact is that often, putting smallpieces of your picture into action – the easy parts – helps the rest of it begin to happen as well.I’ll give you an example of how I used this to improve my own life. A while back I wanted todeepen my inter-family social relationships – create more family-to-family social times andstrong friendships between both parents and children. As I imagined this in detail, I paid closeattention to everything I saw in my “Dream Picture.” The image was a warm, homespun glow,my family sitting casually around my kitchen with another family, the parents talking togetherand the kids running through, laughing together. This feeling reminded me of simpler times,which brought an image of mason jars with homemade labels filled with dry goods. Blueberryjam and biscuits made from scratch . . . you get the picture. So, the first real-life change I madewas to buy a set of mason jars and put all of my whole grains in them, with cute little homemadelabels. Even my son noticed and felt the difference.Making that tiny part of my dream a reality felt thrilling. I felt I was pulling my dream out ofthin air and into reality. After finishing the labels, I spontaneously called a new friend andasked her family to dinner. During that dinner I pretended that we were already verylong-time friends. The next day she sent me a note telling me how deeply refreshing theevening was, and how grateful she is for our friendship. I did the same with two other friend-ships, and within a couple of weeks I had lifted my inter-family social life to a whole new level– beyond challenges I could have wrestled with for months. My “Dream Picture” came intoreality so quickly because I didn’t bother with the barriers – instead, I set about to put thepieces of the dream into place, bit by bit.I invite you to lavish yourself with the promise of a dream come true. Make it very real in yourmind, imagining so vividly that you feel you are really there. See everything in detail: what areyou wearing? How do you behave? How do others behave differently? What else is different?Then go about bringing that dream into reality in small ways. Start with the effortless pieces.Experiment with it. Imagine your dreams are already here, and put them into action, bit by bit.The truth is, we are always changing, moment to moment. We can choose the direction wewant to go in. When we do, minor miracles really do happen.Barbara Huning, M.A., L.S.A.C.Director, Emotional Health ServicesBarbara Huning brings 20 years ofclinical, coaching and team-buildingexperience to TriVita. As the Directorof Emotional Health Services, Barbaracreates coaching programs and publi-cations that inspire TriVita Members tomake choices that bring them greaterhealth and joy.dream come true this new yearCall our Health Coachestoday and see how HealthCoaching can help you now,and in the future.Barbara Huning,M.A., L.S.A.C.Director ofEmotionalHealth ServicesWith solution-focusedcoaching, you can survive,and even thrive:physically, emotionallyand spiritually.1.800.770.7013make a
  29. 29. VITAJOURNAL I 29HEALTHY LIVING find out nowdo you feel like you’re rushing through each daywithout a moment to catch your breath?toobusy?being too busy robs you of the joy of living.It also causes chronic stress,increases health risks and damages relationships.are you too busy? find out now!Read each of the following statementsthen choose the answer that describesyou best.Use this scale to answer each questionand keep track of your score.The statement is true of me:1 = Never2 = Sometimes3 = Often true4 = Always true___ I prefer to do most things myself.I’d rather not ask for help.___ I get very impatient when I have to wait orstand in long, slow-moving lines.___ I am in a hurry, racing against the clock.___ I get irritated when I am interrupted.___ I am busy and keep many "irons in the fire."___ I find myself doing two or three things atone time, such as eating lunch, writing amemo, and talking on the phone.___ I bite off more than I can chew.___ I feel guilty when I am not working onsomething.___ Things just never seem to get done fastenough for me.___ I lose my temper if things don’t go my way.___ I spend a lot of time mentally planning andthinking about future events.___ I find myself continuing to work after myco-workers have called it quits.___ I get frustrated when people don’t meet mystandards of perfection.___ I get upset when I am in situations where Icannot be in control.___ I tend to put myself under pressure withself-imposed deadlines.___ It is hard for me to relax when I’m notworking.___ I spend more time working thansocializing with friends or pursuinghobbies and leisure activities.Now add up the numbers you assigned tothe statements above to see your score.20-39 You enjoy a healthy balance betweengetting things done and taking time for your-self. Congratulations!40-59 You are mildly overdoing it. Youhave a tendency to become too busy.Remember to take time for family and thethings that are truly important to you, anddon’t be afraid to say "no."60-80 You are really overdoing it! It’s timeto make some changes! You’re too busy andyour life is not in balance. This extremelifestyle may be endangering your emotionalhealth and your physical well-being.Fightfree radicaldamage,diseaseand aging.TriVita Super Antioxidant Complex™contains the phytonutrients your bodyneeds to combat free radical damageand preserve vital health.• Combats fatigue and harmfuleffects of stress• Supports the immune system• Helps improve mood, mentalclarity and cognitive ability• Reduces risk of heart disease,stroke and cancerMember $24.991.800.991.7116Combatstress
  30. 30. Light up your life with bulb vegetables, and lower cholesterol at the same time!They may not offer enough light to read by, but bulbvegetables do offer you delicious choices for spicing up anenormous variety of meals – they can even be meals them-selves. Imagine your favorite Italian dishes without garlicor onion! And, as if being savory and mouth-wateringweren’t enough, these bulb veggies are among the mostpotent cholesterol fighters found in nature. So whetheryou’re looking for a new way to use these round, flavorfulvegetables or want to lower your triglycerides, take a lookat how “changing your bulbs” can accomplish both!Can you smell Mom’s spaghetti sauce cooking in thekitchen? The aroma of garlic in the air that makes yourmouth water in anticipation? Think about how good thatsauce tastes… and smile even wider, knowing that the gar-lic and onions in that meal are helping to improve yourheart and health!Bulb vegetables include garlic, leeks, onions, and fennel.These are all closely related vegetables – from the familyAllium – with similar healthy properties, even if their indi-vidual tastes vary. All Allium plants has been shown toreduce LDL – “bad” cholesterol. Better still, regularconsumption of these bulbs increases HDL… the goodcholesterol. Why is that important? Because this combi-nation of lowering the bad and raising the good helpsprevent plaque from building up in your arteries – build-upthat leads to atherosclerosis. If this plaque gets to be toolarge, it will lead to heart attack or stroke. Additionally,these vegetables can lower high blood pressure, anotherrisk factor for heart attack and stroke.The beneficial effects of the bulb veggies are due to sulphurcompounds, the same compounds that give the bulbs theirdistinctive odor and taste. Plus, each of the bulbs has itsown additional healthy properties:30 I January/February 2006Bulbonionleeksgarlic manganese,Vitamin B-6,Vitamin C,seleniumlowers free radicals,lowers homocys-teine, acts as ananti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory andanti-viral, may helpreduce pain ofosteoarthritis, mayhelp preventasthma attacksfennel Vitamin C,fiber, folate,potassiumacts as an anti-inflammatory andanti-microbial,reduces multiplecancer risks, helpsprevent ear infec-tions, decreasesrisk of nerve dam-age, lowers homo-cysteinemanganese,Vitamin B-6,Vitamin C,folate, ironreduces colon andprostate cancer risk,stabilizes bloodsugar, lowers freeradicalsallicin,chromium,Vitamin C,quercitinlowers high bloodsugar, reduces coloncancer risk, boostsbone health, acts asan anti-inflammatoryNutrients EffectRemember, these benefits are allin addition to the bulb’s naturalability to lower total triglyceridelevels and increase healthycholesterol. Change your bulbsdaily for an unmatched boost toyour heart health!thechanging bulbs