How to build your network marketing business the right way


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How to build your network marketing business the right way

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How to build your network marketing business the right way

  1. 1. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way1 | P a g eHow to Build yourNetwork MarketingBusiness the Right WayBy Adam AsarHealth and Wellness CoachInternet and attraction marketerTrainer and social entrepreneur
  2. 2. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way2 | P a g eCOPYRIGHT NOTICE©. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way. All rights reserved. No part of this publicationmay be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical. Any unauthorized use,sharing, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited. You may NOT distribute How to Build your NetworkMarketing Business the Right Way in any form. It does NOT come with resell rights. Stealing information is a crime.If you got this product from anywhere other than Susan Rutherford, you have an illegal copy. Please emailfrugaltimesinc@gmail.comLEGAL NOTICEWhile attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the author northe publisher assumes any responsibilities for errors, omissions, or contradictory information contained in.How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way. The author and publisher make no representationor warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness or completeness of the contents of How to Buildyour Network Marketing Business the Right Way. The information contained in this report is strictly for educationalpurposes. The author and publisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any siteslisted orlinked to in How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way.All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content accuracy or any other impliedor explicit purpose. You should read and understand any policy of any affiliate program contained with inHow to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way. There is no guarantee of any income or earnings.The purchaser or reader of How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way assumes all responsibilityfor the use of these materials and information. Susan Rutherford and How To Build Your Online MLM Businessassume no responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials.
  3. 3. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way3 | P a g eCongratulations on taking the first step to setting up youronline MLM business.There is money to be made on the Internet as you know, but it is a competitive worldand certain things need to be in place for you to optimize your chances of success.In fact, it can be rather daunting at first, particularly if you are a true beginner. However,do not let that stop you from following your dream. This daunting world is also a veryexciting world with endless possibilities for you. Think of it as a jet taking off – most ofthe power, the energy, the force is in the take off. Once it has climbed, cruise controltakes over.So be prepared to put in the work at the beginning. This is not to say you can then donothing later on, but you will be in a passive income-earning situation.A passive or residual income is true wealth and the only way you will have freedom todo, to pursue whatever you desire. It is the type of income wealthy people of the worldearn and it is the goal of all network marketers.In fact, that is the beauty of the network marketing or the MLM system – it gives anyoneno matter what their status, their background, their education, the ability to create apassive or residual income with a very low capital outlay.
  4. 4. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way4 | P a g eInternet EthicsThere is a different skill set for marketing online. It’s all about ‘Attraction Marketing’.Your main aim is to capture leads – people who are looking for what you have to offer.But before you offer anything, it is essential to first give people value lots of value andfor free. You need to ‘attract’ them before you can even think of talking to them aboutyour primary business.This is expected and is essential etiquette on the Internet and particularly with the socialmedia sites. People are only going to follow you, learn from you, do business with you ifthey like and trust you. They need to build a relationship with you. So you have to knowhow to be attractive to them. If you want to know more about this very important aspectof an online business, I have a list of resources for you at the end of this report.In the meantime, congratulations again on taking this very important step towardsbuilding your online business to the level your desire. I shall see you at the other end.Enjoy!Adam Asar
  5. 5. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way5 | P a g eWhat you will learn in this report1. How to get started with you online MLM business2. How to achieve fast results3. Why you would align with a proven system4. How to use the training offered by the system5. How to make money from the system6. The tools you need7. Your website8. How to brand yourself9. How to incorporate and use social media10. Coaching or not?1.How to get started with your online MLM businessFirst of all, you need to partner with a company.You may have done this already. If not, research carefully before you decide.Make sure you choose something you are interested in, something you perhaps have a passionfor.Many people belong to health and wellness companies because they can invest in their healthas well as their wealth. There is a great demand for wellness. Educated and informed peopleknow the benefits of investing in their health.In fact Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned economist, author, entrepreneur and college professorstates that the ‘fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the wellness industry.’
  6. 6. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way6 | P a g eI certainly like what my partnership with my health and wellness company has done for me. Butlike anything, there are essential things you need to look for and know before selecting awellness company. I shall refer to more information on this at the end of the report.On a totally different note, there are also companies which deal in Gold and silver coins Cosmetics Cards Websites Legal services Travel Cooking Financial servicesThe list goes on and on.Up and coming in the Network marketing IndustryGiven that our world today is one of technology, companies offering a business in this area arevery popular.They can run alongside another type of business to be used for promotion and advertising. Theycan actually enhance your primary business.
  7. 7. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way7 | P a g eWell worth looking at as they can give you incredible working tools e.g. Super browsers Interface for Smart Phones Banners Branding Advertising Affiliate program Non member earnings MLM income programA word of caution. There are some companies which do not allow you to be part of any otherprogram. It can mean instant termination.2. How to Achieve fast resultsTo achieve your end result in the fastest, simplest time and cost efficient way, followthe steps of the experienced.Being a successful online marketer in any business requires knowledge and skills.It can be absolutely overwhelming at first listening to a webinar or training, on whatpeople do, what they use, what they know. But, you do not need to know everything to besuccessful.
  8. 8. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way8 | P a g eThe shortcut to success for MLM online is to join a systemI am going to talk about this in detail because my personal experience is it makes a difference.Why? Because it is essential to tap into what the experts are successfully doing - the provensystems, the training from the top Internet specialists and the top Network Marketers.3.Why would you align with an MLM system?Because they know what they are doing and they get results!They have teams of experts in all areas for you to use. You may want to branch out later, but toget started, I highly recommend being part of a system.The top earners of the MLM world belong to a system. In fact, if you listen to their trainings,they will tell you they only realized their success once they became part of a system.4. How to use the training offered by the system?Once you have taken out a membership to a system you will have access to the members areaof the website. This is very extensive. It will provide you with: Training Library Webinars past and present Formatted web pages Formatted landing and capture pages Affiliate programs Support You account section Auto responderThere is everything you need inside a good MLM system.5.How to make money from the systemAll good systems have an affiliate program.This allows members to promote the system, training and educational products within thesystem. It is a win win for all. You as an affiliate can earn sometimes up to 50% of thesale.
  9. 9. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way9 | P a g eThe capture pages are set up for the products – all you have to do is put the link in your website or add etc. It is very simple.Avoiding financial disaster!You need these affiliate programs to cover your costs, particularly when getting started. AnMLM business does not bring you immediate income.It is designed to grow over time. If you think you can just focus on building you MLM businessonline, you will very quickly blow your budget. You need the income from the affiliate programsto support you. If you already have a mature business and you are earning substantial income,you may then want to look at investing more into your online business so you can achievefaster results. There are many affiliate programs you can link with.6. The tools you needYou will need a website which brands you – not your company.Remember you have to give something of value to your searchers. To jump in and immediatelypush your company is an absolute no no. Your leads have to be absolutely qualified beforeyou even mention it [unless they ask you]. You are not doing a hard sell – you are providingvaluable information for them. Your website brands you, creates a profile, a personality whichis specifically you.I am Adam Asar, Internet marketer, MLM and network marketing expert, trainer and socialentrepreneur. You might be your own self or you might be a system e.g. ‘onlinenetwork marketing champion’ You need more than one ‘fishing line’ to work with. The systemis part of it and a support, but your own website is YOU.Can you get help with you website?Yes, there are people who will set your website up for you, write your content, optimize yoursite for the search engines. The extent of this will depend on your budget, your current skillsand knowledge and what you want to do.
  10. 10. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way10 | P a g e7. Your websiteI am not going into all the details of setting up your website in this report .But know that you will need to:• Buy a domain name based on the key words that suit your profile and what you want topromote Host your site Select a publishing platform – something you use to write you content on the website.Word press is the most popular.If you already have some knowledge of websites, you could set up your site by yourself.If you prefer, you can hire someone to do this.Many Internet marketers outsource to people who bid for the projects via an outsourcingcompany e.g. ODesk or Elance. This can be very cost effective particularly as you becomeestablished.What will the website do?It is your anchor and will provide:• Relevant unique content• Connect to your social media sites• Act as a lead capture tool• Educate• Provide value to leadHow long will it take to earn income from the website?This depends on how quickly your site matures which depends on• Content – how consistently you add it• How relevant your content is to your key words• Your competition
  11. 11. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way11 | P a g e• The number of back links• How effective the site is e.g. have you given value• How well your site converts your leadsImportant CaveatThis is where your alignment with the system comes in. It does take knowledge and skill toknow how to convert leads to a ‘YES’.The system provides education and training. It is much easier to get people to buy this than it isto have them buy into a business.The websites are specifically and professionally designed to help people make a decision andfeel comfortable and confident with that decision.This means you maintain a high retention rate and your integrity. Once they become familiarand confident with the industry, they are happy to buy into a business. You can end up makingas much money from the affiliate marketing of the system as you can from your primarybusiness.8. How to brand yourselfYou may already have a profile, which you can extend to the Internet.If not, think of your Why, your Purpose, your Passion and follow it. If you have a lot ofknowledge, use it and share it. It is in the giving that you will receive. This will become yourbrand and how you are known.
  12. 12. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way12 | P a g e9. How to incorporate and use social mediaSocial media is dominating the Internet and changing the way business is conducted.Google is now ‘family friendly’Filters are changing the dynamics. Relationships have to be built,confidence and trust gained before anyone will consider joining you.The social media sites are the perfect avenue for this. They also encourage social proof. This isthe biggest driver of sales on the Internet.FacebookFacebook Pages can be used for sales and advertising with a commercial intent. You do need tobuild up your following, your ‘groups’, as it is a social media site.• PPC ads• Your Facebook site can work as a website• You can use it to brand yourself.• Statistics show that people spend 5% of their time on Google search engines and 95% onFacebook.I have learnt to use Facebook and YouTube to my advantage. For MLM and networking, it canbring amazing rewards. But you do need to follow the guidelines set up by FB and YouTubeadministration.There is some excellent training available from the MLM system I use.VideoVideo is a good way for people to get to know you. They can see you, hear you – there issomeone real behind that website – a personality.Video converts much better than text. I do very well with YouTube. The social media sites allowfor video as well as• Facebook• You Tube
  13. 13. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way13 | P a g e• Viddler• Your own website.Links to and from your website• You can have links to and from your website with the social media sites.• Plugins, which allow people to like you, to follow you.• This all contributes to your success as on online marketer.10. Coaching or notDo you pay for personal or group coaching or do you go it alone?Much of this depends on your budget, how fast you want to see a return and how serious youare about achieving results.There are many group classes, which are not expensive. They also add value from theknowledge and dynamics of the group.I am personally in a group class and I have learnt as much from listening to the needs andquestions from the others as I have from my own wants and needs.It does make a difference if you can ‘get it right’ the first time. It can be a bit daunting andfrustrating if you are not quite sure or confident to do some things.Here again it can depend you your current skill level.If you are not going to have coaching, I would definitely suggest you sign up to become amember of a system as they offer so much training.Once you pay the monthly subscription [usually about $20 -$100 US per month] – the rest isfree – provided for you.Most also offer group coaching and classes along with an extensive library of videos and weeklywebinars.
  14. 14. How to Build your Network Marketing Business the Right Way14 | P a g eIn conclusionAsk all successful people and they will tell you that following three points are essential1. A daily /weekly schedule2. A budget3. Commitment, patience, persistenceYou too can do this and live the life you so deserve!This is your time to make a difference to you and your life.Visit my website for more tips, strategies and resources.You have the whole world in your hands starting today!Enjoy your journeyGET PAID TO GET WELL AND WEALTHYEmpowering Health and WealthIndependent Trivita Business OwnersAdam Asar # 15012509Bahar Asar # 15014500+1-630-550-0948+1-224-653-9595