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Movie in the mind

  1. 1. "A Simple 'Movie In The Mind' Strategy That Will Make Your Customers Slobber On Their Keyboards Over Your Product" By Allen Says Editor, The War-Report Do you know what the most powerful movie in the world is? It's the movie that plays in your potential customers mind, it's all about him. It's always about him. And the good thing is - You have the power to control it. You can direct the movie any way you want to. Many people call this technique "Future Pacing". Whatever you wish to call it, future pacing or movies in the mind, it has the power to get your customer to open his wallet like nothing else. However, I've seen this technique used in such a way here lately that literally turns the stomach. The one thing we don't want is to be obvious that we are using future pacing. Let's be a little slicker than the next guy... Some ads have the words "Imagine this" in them like 15 times. Keep telling me to "imagine this" and I'm going to start resisting your efforts to sell me. Tell your sales message in more of a story.... Don't Sound Like You Are Trying To Convince Them - That Creates Resistance Instead, Tell It In An Exciting Story - Exciting Stories Decrease Resistance We read in pictures anyway so there is no use in telling someone over and over to "Imagine this". Let the customer do is own imagining because that's what he or she will do automatically by nature. Let's say I'm selling a book on being more attractive. The first bold sentence below is one of the normal benefits you would see in the letter. The next two sentences are future pacing, mini-movies... How to release energizing vibrations that stimulate everyone around you positively. You meet old friends and they are shocked at how different and attractive you seem. The atmosphere around you is irresistible and the one that used to ignore you can't seem to move away from your side. What's it going to be like when the customer gets your product in his hands? That's what you want him to see with future pacing. What if you're selling the easiest web page building software on earth?
  2. 2. Then you might tell him...."The Wizard web site builder makes creating sites as easy as water rolls of a ducks back. You wake up in the morning, place your text with a few keystrokes, click the 'create site' button and you've created a killer sales site before you got down your second cup of coffee. It's become so easy and the sites look so good everyone wants to hire you and your friends think you're a genius. No one knows about the secret weapon you have hidden on your computer". You can place these future pacing sentences all throughout your letter. A single sentence can be a powerful mini-movie. You run a quick scene through his or her mind of what they will be, have or do when they get your product. This can turn a sales letter into a hypnotist session. You're planting the scenes he wants to see in real life into his mind and connecting it to your product with an iron clamp. Figure out how you can place mini-movies throughout your letter. But be careful and in good taste, going overboard can turn a good sales letter into a cheesy one real quick. We don't want our customers to spew chunks on their computer screen. Allen Says The War-Report Copyright © 2001 by Internet Warriors.