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Big ideas

  1. 1. The Small Book of BIG Ideas! A List of Possible Markets You Could Develop Products For! See inside for a list of over 200 ideas to help you get started in your own direct mail business! By Michael Ross 1
  2. 2. Ideas − A list to get you started What follows is a list. A lists of ideas to help you get started in your direct mail business. You could take one of the ideas and expand it and turn it into an information product by using the skill you learn in 'The Insider's Guide To Making Money In Direct Mail − A Step by Step Guide That Guarantees Your Success' manual. You may think that some of the ideas are a little off key. But you must remember, you are selling to a select special interest group. And they don't think their interest is off key. Use the list as a guide of possible products. Having a market in mind before looking through the list could help you decide on a topic, otherwise you may end up like a child in a chocolate shop, too much to choose from so you choose nothing. However, by going through the list you may come up with a market to sell to. Look through the list whenever you want to come up with an idea, you'll find it extremely helpful. New careers Write your own resume Earn money tutoring Dance your way to stardom Careers in astronomy Make money from the stars Unlimited opportunities for commercial artists Have fun, be a ski instructor Can you manage apartments Writing for small newspapers Opportunities in advertising 2
  3. 3. Are you a born mechanic Is there a place in TV for you Show business opportunity guide Environmental careers Be a management consultant Guide to professional acting schools Become a recording artist Money Making Ideas How to make $500 a week with garage sales Making money with old comic books Start a shopping service How to start a trade paper Cash in on today's hobby market Investing in real estate 20 quickest ways to get rich Your town needs a secretarial service Open an art gallery How to start a courier business How to start a caravan park Start a bookkeeping service 3
  4. 4. Cash in on the nostalgia craze Form your own band Start a resume writing service Profit from old stuff Business ideas for university students Writing Writing mystery stories How to write poetry Writing gags for television How to write for newspapers Start a writers club Opportunities in ghost writing Can you write science fiction Writing for children Today's market for short stories How to plot a novel Selecting an agent How to write a book review How to review movies and plays What they never tell you in writing school 4
  5. 5. How to write for money Writing what sells Salesmanship Ten ways to close a sale Ten successful selling tips How to improve your sales technique Why people buy How to sell sporting goods How to get leads by telephone Entertaining at home How to throw a cocktail party 24 ideas for a birthday party Make your party a real success How to be a gracious host The office party guide Turn an ordinary meal into a feast How to make better cocktails 5
  6. 6. Beauty Glamour tips for teenagers Beauty tips for an expectant mother Every woman can be beautiful Apply make up like a professional Your personality makes a difference What colour is best for you How to achieve the natural look Choosing the right hairstyle for you Antiques Introduction to antiques Facts about antique auctions How to sell antiques How to become an antique dealer How to detect fake antiques How to restore antiques The money in antiques 6
  7. 7. Home Decorating Decorating tips for your bedroom Twelve ways to beautify your kitchen How to decorate your windows Decorate like a professional Patios can be beautiful Beginners guide to drapery Wallpaper makes the difference Glamorise your bathroom Selecting plants for your home Handcrafts Working with leather Pottery making for beginners Make your own jewellery How to make beautiful dolls How to make puppets Craft projects for pre−school children How to make stained glass windows Like working with beads Make your own Christmas cards 7
  8. 8. Directory of wholesale handcraft supplies How to build doll houses Christmas decorations you can make Knitting for beginners Candle making for beginners Weave your own rugs The art of shell craft Selling handcraft on consignment Decorating glass The art of paper mache An introduction to ceramics Create your own earrings 54 new quilt patterns Making gifts from throw−aways Astrology How to chart your horoscope Selecting a career through astrology Astrology and your partner Using astrology in your daily life Astrology made simple 8
  9. 9. Your future in the stars How to read the zodiacs Photography Repair your own camera Photo retouching for beginners Become a professional photographer How to make better home movies Selecting the right camera for you Build your own dark room Become a wedding photographer Where to sell what you photograph Gardening Build your own greenhouse Grow what you eat Secrets to great roses Beginners guide to landscaping Growing food indoors 9
  10. 10. Personal Protect yourself from muggers Protect your home from burglary How to handle obscene phone calls How to say no to a salesman Defend yourself from rape How to sell your home Investing in jewellery What credit agencies know about you What you should know about banking Automobiles How to tune your car Save money on auto parts Revitalise your transmission How to test your car before you buy Repair the brakes yourself What to look for when buying second hand 10
  11. 11. Pets How to raise your kitten Tricks your dog can learn Build your own aquarium Fashion tips for poodles How to operate a boarding kennel How to start a pet shop How to groom your pets Win at the next show Travel Overcome your fear of flight Holiday planning tips Travel tips for honeymooners Lets go camping Ghost towns you should see How to survive in the bush Holidaying in the desert Plan a hiking trip 11
  12. 12. Gambling Gambling secrets revealed How to play keno Roulette, self taught Handbook for blackjack players How to curve a compulsive gambler Art How to paint landscapes Make your own picture frames for profit Oil painting for beginners Working with acrylics Introduction to water colours How to exhibit your paintings How to sketch portraits Working with chalk How to sell your art Family Save money on clothing Guide to thrift shop buying 12
  13. 13. How to trace your family tree Get the family involved in everything Family outings Cooking healthy and tasty Sports How to enter professional football Improve your swimming strokes Can you handle racing cars How to play baseball Wrestling, an introduction Guide to ski resorts Amateur boxing guide Know your rifle Lets go trout fishing Tennis for beginners The thrill of salt water fishing How to lift weights Build your own gym Body building tips Play basketball 13
  14. 14. Occultism Witchcraft secrets revealed True mystical experiences Your handwriting reveals the real you ESP for beginners You can change your destiny An introduction to hypnotism Relax! Learn to meditate Marriage Plan your wedding now Plan your honeymoon Cooking tips for newly−weds Do you need a marriage counsellor Living on a budget Teach your man to cook How to be successful parents Marry a man with money Organise your housework 14
  15. 15. Family and children So, your expecting a baby Select the right name for your baby Inspire your child to learn Listen to your child Raising an only child Teach your child to read Keep your child busy Tell your child about sex Understanding teenagers Hobbies Collecting coins for fun and profit Boat building for beginners How to repair your bicycle How to repair your motorcycle Start your own chess club How to collect military medals Antique car collecting How to fossic for gems Model trains, an introduction 15
  16. 16. How to build model aeroplanes Perform magic tricks Guide to sea shell collecting Book collecting for beginners Health Ten old fashioned cold remedies Ten ways to cure insomnia Recipes for healthy diet sweets How to care for your skin The low down on alshymers Miscellaneous You can be a TV contestant Facts every inventor should know How to read blueprints How to play the stock market Effective lecturing for beginners How to pan for gold How to select the perfect gift Sewing tips, from a professional 16
  17. 17. Make your own cheese Build your own canoe How to be a ventriloquist 101 ways to decorate cake Facts about franchises How to meet celebrities How to conduct a political campaign Hold a fashion show Training a guard dog This list of ideas is to help you get started in your own direct mail business. Some of the ideas can be developed into their own products, whilst others can be combined to form products − the choice is yours. Whether you choose to expand on one idea or combine ideas, be sure that you write it for a particular market, and give that market as much information as possible − don't hold back. I hope that you use these ideas and start your own direct mail project because you really can make it. If none of these ideas seem to help, why not start your own ideas list. Every time you see a market of some kind, write it down. Soon you'll have a list of possible markets you could sell something to. Also, examine the normal day to day goings on around you − news, magazines, talk−back radio, overheard conversations etc. You may just pick up a market and product idea. All you have to do is pay attention to what's going on in the world around you and, always ask yourself 'what could I sell them?' Your answer may make you very rich, very quick! You'll be surprised how quickly and easily markets and product ideas will spring into your mind once you start 'looking' for opportunities. The hardest part will then be deciding which project to develop. So go on. Apply what you learn in the Insider's Guide To Making Money In Direct Mail − A Step by Step Guide That Guarantees Your Success manual. You'll be glad 17
  18. 18. you did! Just do it! 18