Next Generation Libraries


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Next Generation Libraries

  1. 1. Next Generation Libraries A view from 60,000 feet
  2. 2. Future: Spaces make placesWhen we think about the next generation libraries we must think about the kinds of spaces to which people are drawn and the well-developed technology infrastructures withinThe Free Library is remaking its Library on 19th and Vine – what are the major considerations?The library brand is still books but what will the “book” look like in 10 years?How does the soaring use of varying technologies impact library decisions?
  3. 3. A glimpse ahead Ten years ago…
  4. 4. Ten years ago…..Newborn Google and smartphones?
  5. 5. Simply put:We need less space for booksand more space for peopleand programming.
  6. 6. While technologywill always change howwe deliver informationand services…
  7. 7. …the essential,central truth of our missionwill remain constant.
  8. 8. FLP Mission StatementAdvance Literacy Guide LearningInspire Curiosity
  9. 9. We are the gatewayto the Parkway Cultural District.
  10. 10. Seattle PL Main ReadingRoom
  11. 11. Salt Lake City – UrbanRoom
  12. 12. Minneapolis PL –Lobby/Atrium
  13. 13. Vancouver PL – Entrance
  14. 14. Grand Spaces - SingaporeThis library incorporated boththe National Library plus theSingapore Central Library. Thebuilding consists of two blockswhich house the librarycollections and provide space forother public activities, includinga 615-seat theatre. The site areais 122,000 square feet and thegross floor area is about 633,000square feet
  15. 15. National Library ofSingapore
  16. 16. Singapore – Green and Rooftop spaces
  17. 17. New Spaces – Aarhus, Denmark
  18. 18. Aarhus – General & Children’s Libraries
  19. 19. Aarhus – Meeting Space
  20. 20. Aarhus – Exterior – Lighting Design
  21. 21. Amsterdam Public Library
  22. 22. Amsterdam – Seating/Internet Access
  23. 23. Cerritos PL – The “Experience” Libraryfocuses on themed spaces, high quality art work, and inspirational architecture rather than being another library in the traditional sense
  24. 24. Teens Spaces - McMillan Memorial Library (WI) and, Lee RoadLibrary (Cleveland Heights-University Heights (OH) Cleveland Library Commons Gaming counters
  25. 25. YOUmedia: Chicago Public Library
  26. 26. Brooklyn Public Library: Information Commons
  27. 27. Brooklyn Public Library: Information Commons
  28. 28. Library /Book VendingAutomated book dispenser: a vending machine for books, or a biblio-ATMPatrons walk up to the dispenser, swipe their library card, and choose from 450 books/cds/DVDsMachine spits out the book, which is due back on the same schedule as other itemsReturn book to the dispenser or a branch.
  29. 29. Bokomaten – Library book vending
  30. 30. Free Library “Hot Spots”Why Where Philadelphians living in some  Audenried Charter High School neighborhoods that lack free and 3301 Tasker Street reliable connections to computer  Heavenly Hall Annex technology and high-speed internet 4015 Poplar Street now have access to resources and  Institute for the Development of services provided by five Free Library African-American Youth technology Hot Spots. These bring 2221 North Broad Street computer classes and access to the  Mercy Neighborhood Ministries latest software, technological 1939 W. Venango Street resources, and the internet to  The Village of Arts and community centers in Philadelphia. Humanities 2544 Germantown Avenue 
  31. 31. Hot Spot – South Philadelphia
  32. 32. Technologies Libraries use a myriad of technologies in order to deliver information – through m-Learning applicationsRFID (Radio Frequency Identification)QR CodesM-LearningSocial Networks
  33. 33. What is M-Learning?Essentially, m-learningrefers to the creationand consumption ofcontent by learnerswith mobile devices.Basically, it’s e-learning on a mobiledevice.
  34. 34. M-learning: mobile applications (2009) Blackberry PDA Nokia N-Gage Mobile phone Specialist Gizmondo Nintendo DS Sony PSP consoles e.g. Sudoku
  35. 35. M-Learning Applications (2012)
  36. 36. Social Networking
  37. 37. Renovated Philbrick Hall
  38. 38. Renovated Philbrick Hall
  39. 39. Historic BuildingPast, Present, Future