The secrets learn how to becoming a professional fashion designer shorts course from home


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The secrets learn how to becoming a professional fashion designer shorts course from home

  1. 1. The SECRETS Learn How toBecoming a ProfessionalFashion Designer-ShortsCourse from Home! Learn How I Got Paid $1,000 p/week to Travel the World as a Professional Fashion Designer. Learn How You Can Start your own Fashion Label from Home. Do you Want to Become a Professional Fashion Designer? We make it really Easy!Within minutes you could end years offrustration!
  2. 2. The words cannot or impossible do notexist because if I can, you can- and thisfashion course will show you how!It took me quite a few years to collate everything I have learnedfrom the Fashion Industry- from trend research to product design-through to production....then getting your designs on the shopfloor.I have now put all of that information, into a very easy to followsteps. (I just wish that a detailed course like this was availablewhen i first started out!- It would have saved me 3 years of fulltime study!)The Professional Fashion Designer CourseManual:Because I am dedicated to you learning the things thatyou need to know to be successful in the fashion industry , Ihave set this course content to be the BEST of the BEST. Hereare the topics that the manual covers:INTRODUCTION TO FASHION
  3. 3. 1. Introduction to the World of Fashion2. Wholesale and Retail fashion: Whats the Difference?3. The Evolution of Fashion: The Fashion Cycle: Why some trends disappear faster thanothers4. Where Trends Come From: and How to Predict the Trends5. The History of Fashion: Why does History Repeat in Fashion?6. Careers on Fashion- How to get the Job you Want!FASHION DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN7. Clothing Design vs. Product Development: You need to know the difference!8. Couture vs. Ready to Wear: Which one is for you?9. Leading Designers: and how to learn from their successful ways...10. Range Building: how to build a successful range of clothing that sells!11. Designing clothes for Boutiques vs. Large Retail Stores12. The Design Phase: Design Considerations : what MUST you know when designing yourrange?13. Fashion Forecasting: How to be in style at the right moment!14. The Fashion Calender: what trade shows are on and where?15. Garment Production and Supply Chain: how the clothes are actually made and get tothe stores16. Target Market Research: how to find your successful money making niche!17. The Youth MarketFASHION BUSINESS18. How to start your own Fashion Label- Successfully!19. 8 STEPS to Starting a Business20. Raising Start Up Capital- How to get the loan for starting your range..21. Government Grants22. Tips For Success23. What you need to know before you go into business!24. Trade Shows: where can you sell your clothes to buyers?25. How to Write a Business Plan
  4. 4. Here are some more reasons to studyfashion... There is a job out there that you can get paid to design Clothes. And yes you don’thave to go to College or university for it. Actually most fashion designers haven’teven studied fashion, or have a degree! What makes us unique is that this course is written by a REAL fashion designerwho successful had her designs in Department stores around the country. Real Fashion Industry Secrets that the professionals don’t want you to know about! the MUST KNOW know things that a fashion designer needs to be successful How to design a Successful Range. What magazines you MUST read for the latest fashion goss and trends! You can learn how to be a fashion designer from your own home! No boringclasses to attend. You can fit in your study at your own pace. No assignments to hand in. Only relevant information. No high college fees, or College dept to pay off! Tax deductable STUDY at HOME in Your own time. There are no physical classes to attend.