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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Today’s Media Industry
  • 3. Why Is The Internet Disruptive?
  • 4. Power To The People To us, this appears to be one of the great constants of the web. It is taking power away from existing large institutions and pushing it out to smaller entities and often all the way to individuals. In the process it is building up new institutions (such as Google), but the net result appears to be a distinct shift of “power to the people.”
  • 5. Capital Efficiency It takes about 1/10th the hardware, software, bandwidth, storage, and other expenses to build a web service compared to what it took in the 1999/2000 time period. That was before services like Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, 10Gen, and other "cloud computing" platforms emerged as real options. It's gotten even less expensive now.
  • 6. Lower/Eliminate Transaction Costs
  • 7. One To Many Two Way Communication
  • 8. Global, social, open, mobile, playful, intelligent Six Words To Live By On The Internet
  • 9. So What Industries Are Next?
  • 10. “ End To End Digital”
  • 11. A Suggested List
    • Consumer Finance
    • Education
    • Energy
    • Health Care
  • 12. Money Is Just Bits
  • 13. The “Unbank”
  • 14. Mobile Payments
  • 15. Peer Produced Mutual/Hedge Funds
  • 16. Virtual Currencies
  • 17. Hacking Education
  • 18. Un-schooling &Homeschooling
  • 19. The End Of The Diploma
  • 20. Let The Students Teach
  • 21. Call Of Duty
  • 22. The Web As A Textbook
  • 23. Your Profile Is Your Transcript
  • 24. Electrons vs Bits
  • 25. The Smart Grid Smart Grid infrastructure consists of electronic meters at each residence and business, an information network to carry data from the meters to the utilities in near real-time AND to bring information on the instantaneous price of electricity back to consumers; gadgets which help us automatically adjust our electrical use to prices in whatever way we want to do that; and lots of electronics and other devices in the electrical grid itself, which let the grid use the information on usage to adjust transmission and supply and accommodate the varying output from alternative energy sources.
  • 26. Energy and Carbon Trading
  • 27. The New Gas Station
  • 28. Health Care Is Not End To End Digital
  • 29. Prevention vs Remediation
  • 30. Games Can Change Behaviors
  • 31. Questions?