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Plague Victim (Australia 1901 1914)
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Plague Victim (Australia 1901 1914)

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A story about a Plague Victim which i have made up. It is based on the Plage Crisis during 1901-1914 in Australia.

A story about a Plague Victim which i have made up. It is based on the Plage Crisis during 1901-1914 in Australia.

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  • 1. The diary of David Smith (1891-1903) from Australia,1901-1914 period By Fred Koubersi 9.1/2
  • 2. 13 th of June 1903
    • It’s been a few Years since the Plague outbreak. The quarantine hasn’t done a lot of work on stopping the plague spreaders (rats) from entering Australia, from the boats.
    • David Smith
  • 3. 15 th of July 1903
    • My Father has gone out to catch some rats. He says it good money and he's saving people from a disease. I hope he doesn’t catch the plague while doing so.
    • David Smith
  • 4. 23 rd of July 1903
    • OH NO! My little brother has caught the plague! He was playing outside, then opened one of my father’s traps! The rat inside was infected.
    • David Smith
  • 5. 24 th of July 1903
    • My brother is locked up in his room. My mother goes in every now and then and tries different methods of ‘cures’ the doctors have suggested. I don’t think they are working.
    • David Smith
  • 6. 2 nd of August 1903
    • I’m feeling really sick. I have caught the Plague, I am very upset, so are my parents. On the bright side my brother is feeling better. I looked out my window, staring at the empty streets. The silent night of Australia is what I saw.
    • David Smith
  • 7. 8 th of August 1903
    • I have Black boils all over my body. They itch and hurt so much. Mother says my temperature is very high.
    • The Doctor just left. He says it’s too late for me to be cured. My mother is crying.
    • David Smith
  • 8. 11 th of August 1903
    • I’m getting worse and worse everyday. I don’t feel like writing much tonight.
    • David Smith
  • 9. 19 th of August 1903
    • Today I couldn’t even get out of bed, my family have went to church, I stayed, I didn't want to infect anybody. My friends are playing outside, I feel so lonely.
    • David Smith
  • 10. 27th of August 1903
    • I Don’t think I can stand this pain any longer, I feel as if my soul is leaving my body. My Mother has been crying this past week. I feel so tired and painful. I will take a nap, any day now might be my last…
    • David Smith
  • 11. 11 th of August 1913
    • John Smith
    This is David's smaller brother, he died later that night, I am still sad today. I pray for him everyday hoping that he is in heaven. I will bury this book, and if you are reading it now, you then have found the Diary of David Smith