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  • Explaining the spiral that can go up or downwards. The way you look at a spiral, you can make it go up or down, depending on how you think about your environment. Even our own spine, is bending down when we look downwards. Physically show this behavior.
  • Let’s talk about the wonderful things in life Let’s talk about our great future Let’s talk about the potential in our business
  • Hotel manager challenge keynote thailand hotel association

    1. 1. Follow us on: Or on social media: Twitter @fredhaentjens
    2. 2. The 2 shoe salesmenFirst a little story for you:Back in the 19th century, two successful shoe salesmen fromcompeting companies in Manchester, were sent to Africa tosee of there were any opportunities on that new continent.
    3. 3. The 2 shoe salesmen The second shoe salesman arrived in Africa and also began his assessment. He quickly became thrilled at what he observed His telegram to London: “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, - STOP- Everyone is barefoot over here! - STOP- Send me as much stock as youThe first shoe salesman arrived in can spare, we are going to make aAfrica and immediately began his killing!”assessment of this new market.His telegram to London:“I can’t sell shoes here! –STOP-Nobody wears them – STOP -everyone is barefoot!”
    4. 4. The spirals of our spineLike the shoe salesmen, we have 2 options towalk through life, we can go: Downwards…. Or……… Upwards
    5. 5. The McKinsey Quarterly: The figuresThe economic slump offers business leaders a chance to moreeffectively reward talented employees by emphasizing nonfinancialmotivators rather than bonuses.
    6. 6. But we are not modelists! You know why mostconsultants do it with models? Because there’s no shortage of supply For the curves that they like to reproduce.
    7. 7. Let’s talk about something else Let’s not talk about the hotel statistics Let’s not talk about the crumbling European markets Let’s not talk about problems  Let’s talk about the wonderful things in life  Let’s talk about our great future on Koh Samui  Let’s talk about the potential in the Hotel business
    8. 8. Don’t focus to much on problemsWe tend to look at our current situations with a focuson it’s problems and forget to look at theopportunities it brings with it.Consequences of focusing only on the problems:  negativism among staff  stagnation or demotivation  long discussions, people leave  small and big frustrationsWe can develop solutions out of problems?Yes, sometimes ... but what is the chance wehave a win-win situation for all?
    9. 9. Game theory in real lifeThe probability that people choose for the win-win optionis low if they do not work in teams. Life is almost like theRock-paper-scissors game.Ever played the Rock-paper-scissors game?How many times you and the other won at the same time?
    10. 10. Win / win is managedNow think about in business, how many times you win, without intervention? Without managing the outcome?
    11. 11. Let’s go with the flow For win/win we need to manage properly,and therefore we a need to be skilled in managing people. Some of these key skills are solution orient: communication , conflict handling, Motivation, Planning and Situational Leadership So your team can Win / You Win
    12. 12. A second and last story An urban legend? Name: John Maybe… Nr of years in construction:12 years Motivation: I love to build hospitals Name: Marc Nr of years in construction:20 years Motivation: Interested in hospital design Name: Suzanne In construction:6 months Motivation: building hospitals“The Site Lead that will allow doctors to curemust be a great old people and poor littlemanager, to motivate children with terrible diseaseshis staff like this!”
    13. 13. A second and last storyUnfortunately they had to fire the site manager. His company is building hotels, not hospitalsIt is not only important to motivate people, but alsoto be able to align them all for the same objectives
    14. 14. What do we develop?In the hospitality business,like in any other business:some help in developing Others develop people the infrastructure
    15. 15. Personal immune system We help managers and business leaders to: Tim in t e wa po ap st ers dis Be a good leader Spend time Think win/win effectively Be proactive Be resilient Sharpen Stressproblems the saw Empower and serve others Begin with The end First things First Communicate with Empathically Pre ssu is re c ris
    16. 16. Sample of services
    17. 17. More information & material Follow us on: Or on social media: Twitter @fredhaentjens