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We have surveyed the job searching advise available to you and we found that 90% of all the advice, suggestions or tips start by assuming that you are a Corporate Room Warrior, an Educator, maybe, the Iron Chef or was writing ten years ago and is so far removed from your current need for good advice that we decided to this collection of new stuff for real people looking for real jobs…

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Special insert.31dec

  1. 1. SPECIAL INSERT THIS AIN’T YOUR DADDY’S JOB MARKET! We have surveyed the job searching advise available to you and we found that 90% of all the advice, suggestions or tips start by assuming that you are a Corporate Room Warrior, an Educator, maybe, the Iron Chef or was writen ten years ago and is so far removed from your current need for good advice that we decided to this collection of new stuff for real people looking for real jobs…
  2. 2. From the desk of Duke “Pat” Menot PhD. WHERE TO START? Well, this insert is not for you if you are a Corporate or Board Room Warrior as that 90% of stuff of stuff we found out there on the internet still works (more or less) for you although (even) that advise is getting long in tooth and needs to be updated or revised. If you are a high-end and skilled person this guide is not for you as this book is designed to help real people who need a real job. This insert is to help people who are reentering the job market for any number of reasons. The real problem that we found is that the vast majority of the advice and tips do not work for these real people because it is designed for educated and skilled people seeking high-end corporate and/or skilled professional jobs. These job seekers live in a very different job market that the job seekers that we are trying to help. It is a different process with very different rules of operation and more traditional methodology because the hiring process is controlled by a conservative and older generation of hiring managers. Understand that there is Google and some forward thinking companies but, the hiring practices in this high-end of the market has never moved much further than dress for success (From IBM’s coded standard of a shiny blue suits, with white shirts and skinny black ties) and “Killer Resumes” that can magically open any door or that will soften the heart of even the most foul hiring manager without the applicant needing to do anything other than send that resume and show up in your blue suit.. For the vast majority of people that utilize the Used Job Shack this is…how can I be nice? Well Campers! This is not Kansas Anymore TITO (Michael Jackson’s brother?) But, seriously, most of our readers read and believe the urban legends (that are presented to them as the way to do successful get a job) because no one has ever stood up and said that this does not make sense or doesn’t work for real people needing a real job. We have tried hard (here at the Used Job Shack) to break our readers free of worn out job searching techniques, urban legends and just bad advice that actually prevented them (8 out of 10 job applications) from going to getting a job(s) that
  3. 3. they were more than qualified for but, didn’t get because their job search was an assemblage of these worn out tips and urban employment myths. Sadly, all year, we see that people who didn’t need, who could not or should not have used that one size fits all resume as their main marketing tool. NOT NEED A RESUME? OH MY GOD! WHAT A HERESY! (A heresy is a noun meaning, 'any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position) To the traditionalists, the job seeking workshop and training merchants and/or to the gurus who peddle thread-worn techniques or recycle advice designed for high-end professionals because they didn’t understand or were too lazy to find out what the low-end, entry level of real people jobs were all about; yes, we seem like the Anti-Christ! What this guide will try to do is show you why their way didn’t help you go to work and will explain why it won’t help you going forward. The advice that we give is tailor-made to the audience that we serve and if you are not in any of these groups then, this ain’t your job search program either! We know that the job market at the end of the market that we work in has drastically, dynamically and radically morphed into a new process that has a new set of rules and that needs new approaches for you to successfully get a job. This is why we are here and this is the role that we play and so far, we have a very good track record. Everything that I learned, that I taught or that I had developed over 20 years about job seeking went out the window like yesterday’s trash. In the past year as a way to deal with all of the changes, we had to re-invent the way we did business, we had to questioning and start rejecting many of the still accepted norms taught by the big dogs in the workforce industry. The bottom line will always be if it works for our consumer and as long as it does we will live on the cutting edge of rejecting “killer,” “one-size-fits-all” and in some cases, question if a resume doesn’t do more harm than good to many of our consumers because they truly still believe in the mythology (that workforce teaches them) of it’s magical, mystical powers to create job seeking wonders and they will use it as such – and in their inexperienced hands it will become a secret, weapon of mass destruction of their job seeking opportunities. This inset is not a final work, but rather, is a work in progress and a means of starting off the New Year with some new ideas or suggestions that will actually help you go to work. – ADO!
  4. 4. From the desk of Walt U. Thinkimeant Ph.D. I NEED TO GET A JOB TODAY! DEC 26th, 2013 In about two weeks, your ability to go out and get a job that pays a descent wage will be inidated by the sea of displaced, seasonal workers who will roll over your job search like the Great Asia Tsamani of 2005. You will be sweep up and cast to the bottom of the employer barrow – as they all have an advantage over you…there were currently employed. Current employment makes them six times more hireable than you according the US Department of Labor and from the MIT Study (last summer) which showed that employers would much rather hire before than are or who have left a job only a matter of weeks ago. These workers have current work history and current work history ,mean “NO RISK.” Employment Hiring has always been a matter of risk to an emplomer in that the employer does not know you, does not know if your unemployment was/is due to the economy or was it due to you and your work style…it’s not like they are your cousin and that can call Auntie Sue to find out. Like a modern day, Employment Noah, I have been warning you about the coming flood (and to those brave souls who have bit the bullet and got a job in the past weeks…Congratuations! ) and many have turned a deaf ear like the old fable of the “Grasshopper and the Ant.” Now that it is starting to rain newly laid of workers and as jobs start to dry up (as employers are now awaiting for the flood and with it,their ability to cherry pick the best applicatants at newly reduced, lower wages…because these displaced workers and their families have gotten use to a regular pay check and will do anything…anything…to keep it coming in) what are you going to do? YOU STILL HAVE A VERY SMALL WINDOW…But, you must now become a dyamo and step up your effort to your “A” Game. If you are seriously wanting to get a job
  5. 5. without having tens of thousands of people (500 per job posted) trying to take it away from you, then, you will need to spruce yourself up, put on your walking shoes and start knocking on doors to talk you way into having an educated conversation with a manager or owner of local companies. You do this by tracking down job leads that say “APPLY IN PERSON” or “CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT.” These are the only jobs other than LOCALIZED JOB SEARCHING (better known as Old Schooling it) that you want to do right now – if you REALLY need (no, want) a job. “APPLY IN PERSON” at this stage means that the employer understands that in a couple of weeks they can get you for a fraction of what they will pay today because of supply and demand but, they so need someone that they are going to bite the bullet and hire a serious person* now. They don’t want to see a resume! They want…they need to see you and know that you are serious enough in wanting “THEIR” job that you can in person and sat in their lobby for an hour to talk with them. In fact, anyone who wants a resume now is waiting for the flood and you just wasted a lot of the little bit of time you have to get a job in the next couple of weeks. The only exception to this would be companies like HMS HOST. HMS HOST tells you to apply online and if that is all you do, then, you will never get an interview with them. THEY NEVER PULL APPLICATIONS FROM THEIR WEBSITE UNLESS YOU
  6. 6. ARE THE IRON CHEF AND ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE; doesn’t mean that they will hire you then…they may just want to see what is wrong with you. With them, you need to bite the bullet on this if you want this job and really “GO OLD SCHOOL” after you apply online, look up their HR Office over at TERMINAL THREE at Sky Harbour Airport, and get yourself spruced up in your best AZ Casual Clothes (Trim any facial hair or shave…they are nice people but, they are old school too) and go over and introduce yourself while asking them to pull your application. If you impress them with your personality, availability and your motivation, they will. * SERIOUS MEANS: YOU KNOW THE MENU, YOU KNOW THE COMPANY, THAT YOU COME DRESSED READY FOR WORK & IMPRESS UPON THEM WHY YOU WOULD BE A GREAT EMPLOYEE... By showing up uneducated, you are insulting the employer and they will know that you didn’t really want THIS JOB from the very start of the interview…they needed you to want THIS JOB not any job…these interviews usually end with “Thank you very much…we will let you know…” TIPSTER: KNOW AND TALK ABOUT THE COMPANY AND EXPLAIN HOW YOU FIT INTO WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DO...If your biggest selling point is that you need a job because Burger King didn't hire you; you are in trouble and it would be better not go embarrass yourself and insult the employer...they told you to be serious or not come over. Are you serious? Are you willing to invest 10-15 minutes to get a job? If so...employers will want to talk to you! TIPSTER: “OLD SCHOOL” = Fill out the application completely. Do your homework: Who are they? What do they do? Why do they do it? Spruce yourself up and go over between 2-4PM to drop of the application and impress them with your “A” Game. TIPSTER: It will be tempting to take the lazy way out. Call and ask “Are you Hiring?” Problem is…did the person who answered the phone know? The usual answer is “NO!” The smart way is to go over there and talk to the manager, impress them with you “A” Game (What you know and how you look). If you don’t get hired, get their card and make a courtesy call once per week (2-4 PM Wed/Thurs) to let
  7. 7. them know you are still interested… Betcha, they will remember you when you call and when the first person quits? From the desk of Walt U. Thinkimeant Ph.D. LOOKING FOR JOBS IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES…TEN NEW RULES TO USE TO ADJUST YOU JOB SEARCH… Dr. Thinkimeant is a world leading authority in the seeking employment in the current job market and is well known and respected down at the local Unemployment Office. The current labor market is a mine field of bad advice; outdated information and a sea full people who are willing to share their own formula on how to get a job. At the library, you will find 5000 book on the perfect resume. Can they all be right? Is your Uncle Herman’s advice solid and worth following even though he has been on
  8. 8. disability since 1972? Is your dad’s advice on “…getting off your duff, putting on your walking shoes and start knocking on doors!” a good suggestion? Actually, you dad has it partially right but, for all the wrong reasons. He thinks you need to be more pro-active, to get out there and meet people and to make the process of getting a job, your number one priority. That part of what your dad said is correct and right on the mark. When people come to see me about getting a job, I can quick determine how successful or how difficult their job search will be; by asking a short series of direct question(s) that involve the whys, the where’s and the how’s of the actual search that they have already done. If a person tells me that they are serious about work but, (when pressed to go beyond the pat answer of “a lot!”) have only a few companies that they have applied for, don’t remember what the requirements were for the jobs they applied for, that they did an online application with no further follow up; and if the answers that they gave me fills up less than a page, there is very little that I can do to help them. RULE # ONE (The Right Attitude): You need to be dead serious about getting a job. You need to have total committed to doing everything that you need to do, spending ever how long you need to achieve success. If you are not, then, you will never do any of these things and you will have an extremely hard time finding work. You need to care about yourself and be doing this for yourself. If you are not willing to give yourself a 1000% commitment, then, how can you expect anyone else to do more? RULE # TWO (URBAN MYTH 1): I need a resume to apply for jobs and I since I don’t have one, then I can’t start looking for work! OK…Who told you that you need a resume? Depending upon what type of job, what industry you are applying for will determine if you even need a resume. In some industries, applying for certain kind of (entry level) jobs, a resume (or worse yet…a good resume) is a kiss of death. Don’t believe that? Then, you have bought into one of the biggest urban myths that there is. Remember, a resume does not hire you; a person hires you after they meet with you and are impressed by your knowledge of the job, your knowledge about their company and (after) you have demonstrated your commitment to getting that job.
  9. 9. RULE # THREE (URBAN MYTH 2): I don’t need to custom make a new application for each job because that is a lot of work and/or I have a very good resume already. The reality is that eight out of ten applications (made by people with a killer resumes) never showed the required skills that the employer needed. Why is this? Each of those eight people decided that it was too much effort to custom design their application to show the employer that they did have the required skills. Or worse yet, they felt that the employer would be able to dig through their resume/application to discover all of those skills. The one excuse that I love is “Don’t you know that is what a _____ does?” The real world answer to that is “NO.” The key to remember here is that all that an employer knows about you is what you put on the application. The employer does not know you; you are not their cousin and they will not have the time to find out about all the skills and abilities that you left out of your application or your one-size-fits-all resume. The other problem with that one-size-fit-all resume is that you believe in its magical powers to open any door, soften any employer’s heart and get you any job; so you send it out to over 400 companies. Sending out massive amounts of generic applications that are wrong (one-size-fits-all) or that doesn’t match what the company was hiring for is the surest way to turn your job search into a failed mission…a disaster that could result in your shutting yourself off from future consideration of getting hired. Remember once the incorrect information is out there you can’t take it back. Sadly now you have 400 places that you can’t apply at in the future. (END OF PART ONE)
  10. 10. From the desk of Walt U. Thinkimeant Ph.D. LOOKING FOR JOBS IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES… (PART 2) In part one we talked about some things that eight out of ten job seekers get wrong. As I said it is a mine field with ancient believes and notions that linger on even though the labor (job seeking) market has drastically changed in the past year or so. Much of the misinformation comes from it being out of date or that the person who is giving you the secrets of success have not been out looking for work in the year or so. Don’t blame them but, do not trust your employment future on what they tell you. We talked about the myth of the one-size-fits-all, killer resume and that its once might power to move heaven and earth to get you a job has waned to the point that it costs eight out of ten people a job. This myth was always over stated and promoted by people who usually made a living at making them or from people who spent a fortune in purchasing one. As the old man said, “you can’t ride a dead horse into town and the one-size-fitsall resume can’t get you hired anymore. OK! If you are the Iron Chef or some corporate type…yea…you still need this mighty beast…as it still welds magical powers in boardrooms across the world. But, then again, if you are reading this then we can assume you ain’t a corporate warrior. Most entry level jobs require an application and many times these are filled out after you have been interviewed and/or hired. Here a resume is a loss leader and can (if you have a killer resume) work against you to the point of you not getting a job. In many occupations a killer resume leads to comment like “you are over qualified for this job”…”you wouldn’t like this job!”…or the worse “…and you applied for this job why?” This is due to the snob factor and/or the related issue of the intimidation factor. If your killer resume is better than the person interviewing you has or worse yet, the person interviewing you doesn’t have a resume; you are not connecting on the peer level and more importantly, it just cost you that job.
  11. 11. GETTING A JOB HERE IS NOT FOR THE LAZY APPLICANT… Most people who apply at Costco will NEVER hear from the regarding their application. In fact 8 out of 10 will not get an interview and from there 1 person MAY get an offer. WOW! That’s tuff! It is impossible to get a job there right? It is impossible ONLY if you don’t know the secret(s) to getting your application seen and thus becoming one of the two that actually get considered. This is not for the faint hearted, those who have (be nice) lazy job seeking skills or those who totally believe that their “KILLER RESUME” is magical and it is soooo good that it can open any door or get them any job…these will be some of those 8 out of ten applicants who don’t get interviewed and the surely won’t be the one hired. Is it that hard? No…but, you must be willing to set-a-side that killer resume and start from scratch. First thing you need to know is… RULE # FOUR (EXPERIENCE VS. SKILLS): WITH MANY LARGE COMPANIES…it is important that you know that for the first two levels of review a real person does not see your application because the company’s computer system scans your application. The computer is a very bright 6 year old…very smart but, not a lick of logic. Getting selected for an interview is very difficult when the company screens your application with the computer and you do not have the cheat sheet (full job description). OK…YEA! We are talking (in general) about positions that require little or no experience…So why is it difficult? Why should you be worried? Because you just confused experience with skills. You are correct that the positions do not require experience but they do (many times) require a lot of skills. (See the job below): “Previous experience preferred but not required…” SKILLS ARE HIGHLIGHTED…SEE IF YOU SEE A PATTERN? CASHIER… Job Overview: Location: PHOENIX, AZ (THOMAS ROAD - 4502 EAST OAK STREET) Job Description VARIOUS INTERNET SITES MAY LINK TO THIS PAGE CLAIMING THIS IS AN OPEN POSITION. WHILE THIS POSITION IS REPRESENTATIVE OF A JOB AT COSTCO WHOLESALE, IT DOES NOT REPRESENT AN ACTUAL JOB OPENING. Department: Front End Job Status: Refer to Job Posting
  12. 12. FLSA Status: Non-Exempt Reports To: Front End Supervisor Grade/Level: Service Clerk Amount of Travel Required: No travel required Work Schedule: Varies POSITION SUMMARY Efficiently and accurately processes member orders by ensuring the transfer and accurate scanning of merchandise, enters transactions into the register, collects payment, and makes change when necessary. Performs the Front End opening and closing tasks as necessary. Follows proper safety procedures and standards. Maintains courteous member service at all times while monitoring a smooth flow of members through the registers. DAILY RESPONSIBILITIES Provides prompt and courteous member service by greeting members, obtaining membership cards, determining member packing preferences, answering questions, relaying information on permanent/special promotions, and thanking members. Records the sale of items to the register by moving merchandise across the scan window, using a hand-held scanning gun or, if necessary, the 10-key pad. Transfers or ensures the transfer of each item as the item’s barcode is scanned while adhering to all safety and security procedures. Promotes accurate merchandise inventory by monitoring the accurate scanning of all merchandise passing through the register. Requests Supervisor verification for high-ticket, BOB, or non-transfer items. Counts register at sign on. Ensures the register’s cleanliness. Orders change, cash increases/loans when needed. Makes witnessed drops/deposits of excess funds to the vault, orders cash increases, and counts own register at shift end to maintain accurate register funds. Receives accurate payment for merchandise; makes change; processes checks, credit and debit charges according to proper departmental procedures for paperwork and the performance of duties. Assists in the opening and closing duties of the Front End department; placing returned or moved product back to their allotted spots in the warehouse, collecting register paperwork, stocking registers, cleaning the Front End area, and retrieving carts.
  13. 13. Stays updated with company and regional Front End productivity guidelines. Follows proper Front End and general safety procedures and standards. Assists in other departments of the warehouse as necessary. Provides prompt and courteous customer service to members, employees, and suppliers. Requirements POSITION REQUIREMENTS - Competency Statement(s) Communication - Articulates information, both verbally and in writing, in a way that can be easily understood by employees, members, and suppliers. Actively listens to employees, members, and managers, and takes appropriate action as necessary. Member Service - Exhibits a professional demeanor toward others. Unselfishly serves others and assists members, employees, and suppliers in a prompt and effective manner while following company procedures. Is proactive and reacts quickly and appropriately in identifying problems, finding solutions, and making sound decisions that reflect Costco’s Code of Ethics. Self Motivated - Well-organized and able to prioritize, multi-task, and adhere to deadlines while working independently with minimal supervision. Maintains a commitment to honesty, integrity, and high levels of efficiency and accuracy at all times. Accepts responsibility for his/her choices and decisions. Team Player - Cooperates well with a variety of personalities and individuals and participates in a professional manner to accomplish the business goal. Willingness to perform tasks as assigned by supervisors and to assist others as needed. Flexibility - Adjusts positively to change in direction or assignment. Ability to do more than one task during a work shift. Proven ability to comply with new programs, methods, practices, and procedures. Record of Satisfactory Job Performance - Demonstrates satisfactory job performance as indicated on the most recent review through positive demonstration of Costco’s Success Behaviours, and by a file free from counselling notices related to job performance.
  14. 14. Experience Customer service or comparable experience Licenses and Certifications Hazardous Materials Training - Module 1 (within 30 days) ABILITIES AND TALENTS RECOMMENDED FOR JOB SUCCESS Education High School Diploma or GED Other Skills and Abilities 10-key (must pass test) and basic math skills
  15. 15. BREAKDOWN : QUESTION: Have you ever done any of these things while working at your jobs? (1) EXPERIENCE: Customer service or comparable experience (1) EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED (19) CASHIER SKILLS: enters transactions into the register - transfer and accurate scanning of merchandise - collects payment, and makes change when necessary - Front End opening and closing tasks as necessary - Records the sale of items to the register - the 10-key pad - barcode is scanned - monitoring the accurate scanning of all merchandise - Requests Supervisor verification for highticket, BOB, or non-transfer items - Orders change, cash increases/loans witnessed drops/deposits of excess funds - orders cash increases - counts own register at shift end - maintain accurate register funds - Receives accurate payment - makes change - processes checks,- credit and debit charges - Assists in the opening and closing duties - collecting register paperwork (22) CUSTOMER SERVICE (EXTERNAL/INTERNAL): Efficiently and accurately processes member orders - Maintains courteous member service at all times - Provides prompt and courteous member service - obtaining membership cards - determining member packing preferences - answering questions relaying information on permanent/special promotions - thanking members Provides prompt and courteous customer service to members - Articulates information, both verbally and in writing - Actively listens to employees, members, and managers - takes appropriate action as necessary - Exhibits a professional demeanour toward others - Unselfishly serves others and assists members, employees - proactive and reacts quickly and appropriately in identifying problems, finding solutions, and making sound decisions - Maintains a commitment to honesty, integrity, and high levels of efficiency and accuracy Well-organized and able to prioritize - adhere to deadlines - working independently with minimal supervision - Accepts responsibility for his/her choices and decisions - Cooperates well with a variety of personalities and individuals - Adjusts positively to change in direction or assignment - Ability to do more than one task during a work shift. - Proven ability to comply with new
  16. 16. programs, methods, practices, and procedures – Willingness to perform tasks as assigned (4) CLEANING - SAFETY: Follows proper safety procedures and standards cleaning the Front End area - while adhering to all safety and security procedures - Follows proper Front End and general safety procedures and standards – Ensures the register’s cleanliness (9) STOCKING – WAREHOUSE: determining member packing preferences using a hand-held scanning gun - barcode is scanned - monitoring the accurate scanning of all merchandise - Well-organized and able to prioritize - adhere to deadlines - working independently with minimal supervision - Adjusts positively to change in direction or assignment - Ability to do more than one task during a work shift - Proven ability to comply with new programs, methods, practices, and procedures - retrieving carts - stocking registers (3) DEAL BREAKER(S): 10-key (must pass test) and basic math skills - High School Diploma or GED – (SOME) Customer service or comparable experience ============================================================ Let’s start with… Truthfully…  How many of you have all (most) of these skills and abilities?  How many of you have done all (or most) of these things in your every day jobs?  At some point in each of your jobs, did you EVER do any of these things? Didn’t EVERY job you EVER had required that you do many of these things?  How many of you have these skills and abilities encoded into your “KILLER RESUME?”  How many of you DO NOT have all of these things incorporated into your resume and/or (especially) your application because (guess what?) they didn’t get to see your “KILLER RESUME” and the computer didn’t accept it instead of the application?  How many of you cut-n-pasted your killer resume into the application because it is “sooo good?”  STILL WONDER WHY YOU DIDN’T GET CALLED FOR AN INTERVIEW?  WANT TO CHANGE THIS TREND?
  17. 17. ANALYSIS This job requires little experience but (as you can see) requires a ton of ability and/or skills. Seems impossible? Not really! Have you ever run a cash register (Point of sale or POS System) ever? Did I ask how many times? No! All registers operate in the small basic way but, every company develops their own custom system that will require what? TRAINING? Yes, every company will train you as long as you have the core (basic) skills. Can you count? Can you handle cash? So, are you qualified? Look through those customer service skills. Is there anything that you didn’t do (if you worked or were around people at all) or that isn’t part of every job? The only deal maker or breaker here is: Have/be obtaining a HS/GED and do Ten Key. Ten Key for those who don’t know what that is. It is using a calculator, a computer or a ledger to enter numbers? TIPSTER: Did I ask you how many times that you did these things? Did I ask if that was the primary focus of the job? Did I ask for a breakdown of how much of your day was spent doing these? THE ANSWER TO EACH IS NO. The computer will be scanning your application for these words. The more times that the computer finds these words/phrases, the better your chances of getting an interview. So are these words in your job description(s)? SO ALWAYS USE THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTIONS. READ THEM SEVERAL TIMES…TEAR THEM APART. PULL OUT ALL OF THE REQUIRED SKILLS AND THEN, GO THROUGH EACH OF YOUR JOBS AND MATCH UP WHAT THEY NEED AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE… THAT’S ONLY IF YOU REALLY WANT THIS JOB? EXAMPLE: Here is the same person, the same job but, one used their “KILLER RESUME” to fill in the blanks and the other one used our system applying for the position listed above. RESUME # 1 “I KNOW BETTER!” Teacher, ____Unified School District, ____, AZ Assigned to teach a full range of daily classes (with an average class size of 46+ students) that ranged from 8th grade Geography to 11th grade Business English. Each subject required a great deal of planning, prep work and in record keeping and related paperwork to include reporting to the School District and to the
  18. 18. Federal Government in the way of the Student Free Lunch Program. Also ran the school’s concession stand at school events. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESUME # 2 “I USED THE USED JOB SHACK FORMULA!” Teacher & Concession Stand Operator As a teacher at ______ School, I was trained to successfully operate the school’s concession stand and it required the ability to efficiently and accurately processing of all food orders for school members. Maintained courteous school member service at all times. Operating the concession stand meant that there be an unwavering commitment to providing prompt and courteous service while obtaining student membership cards or in determining the student member’s packing preferences. From both training and experience, was able to provide prompt and articulated information, both verbally and/or in writing receipts. Developed an excellent ability to actively listen to customers, employees, school members, and managers and have a proven recognition for being able to take appropriate action(s) as were necessary. Always, exhibited a professional demeanour toward others and was well praised (by the school) for unselfishly service to others, assisting members or employees in a proactive means of reacting quickly and appropriately to identifying problems, find solutions, and make sound decisions to resolve the situation. Maintained a solid commitment to personal, professional honesty, integrity, and was always able to maintain a high level of efficiency and accuracy. Always strived to remain well-organized and be able to prioritize while adhering to deadlines but, working independently with minimal supervision from the school. Accepts responsibility for choices and decisions made in regards to the daily operation of the concession stand. Cooperated with a variety of local personalities and/or individuals from the school and parent support groups while adjusted positively to any required change in direction or assignment by the school. Continually made an effort to demonstrate a daily commitment to do more than one task during a work shift. Strived to expand upon the proven ability to comply with new programs, methods, practices, and procedures to enhance sales volume and the operations of the concession stand. Trained to operate a commercial point of sale (POS) cash register to enter transactions into the register. Received accurate payment - made change processes checks, credit and debit charges. Transferred and accurately scanned merchandise - collected payment and made change when necessary. Handled all
  19. 19. front end opening and closing tasks. Recorded the sale of items to the register with the option 10-key pad (10 Key SKILL 5,000 KPM) or more commonly with a barcode scanner. Monitored the accurate scanning of all merchandise. Requested Supervisor (Principal) verification for high-ticket, BOB, or non-transfer items. Maintain accurate register funds, handled inventory orders changes, secured cash increases/loans by means of daily bank runs and maintained money drops/deposits of excess funds back to the bank after the event. Required to order cash increases for large events or playoff games. Personally responsible for conducted a final count of the register in the either opening and closing duties while maintaining and collecting or registering transactional paperwork… Required to follow proper safety procedures, standards and responsible for cleaning the Front End area while adhering to all (OSHA) safety and security procedures. SEE THE DIFFERENCE…SAME PERSON…SAME SKILLS…ONE APPLICATION WILL BE TOLD THEY DO NOT QUALIFY…ONE APPLICATION WILL GET THE JOB…DO YOU SEE WHY? ============================================================= TIPSTER: The reason you need to do this is because a computer will scan your application to see if you have the required skills. The computer does not reason nor does it understand that what you did was the same thing – unless you tell it. The computer is like a six year old (bright but stupid in using logic). You need to be using the company’s key words and even the way they phrased the requirements. Only people who have done this will be selected by the computer to be reviewed by a real person. Don’t be like the computer, use common sense in filling out the application correctly. APPLICATION COMMON SENSE:  Most required skills will be general in nature.  Do not over complicate this! Customer Service is Customer Service if I am in retail or if I am an auto mechanic. REALLY! What is Customer Service? Isn’t it making sure that you customer has what they need and that they are happy with that? SEEZ!  Operating a cash register at the repair shop is no different than at any other store. Realize that if you have the basic operation down pat then you are
  20. 20. good to go – as every store has a different system on which they will need to train you…if you have the basics.  They are looking for skills and your ability to perform certain duties. They are not asking you how many times you actually did something but, rather, do you have the ability to do the task. If the job is riding a bicycle, do they really care where you learned to ride the bicycle or do they care if you know how to? SEE!  They are not asking you how many times you do an actual task. Only the government will ask you to do that kind of breakdown to what fraction of time per day did you perform each task.  REPEAT RULE #2.  Do not assume that the computer (or for that fact an employer) will understand every aspect of your job and realize that they will not connect the dots for you. That is not their job, it is yours! If you really want the job connect the dots (match up your skills with their requirements).  Understand that this is required to get the job and that the more time you spend to do a quality application the better you chances are of getting called for an interview. Volume does not count especially if they are done incorrectly. There is no such thing as close in applications…this is not a game of horseshoes, it is your future, your ability to get a job and return your life to normal. Many ads do not post a job description or only a fraction of one. This is why it is hard to get selected here (online). You have no way of knowing what their computer is scanning your application for. If you do not match up the words and phrases that the computer is searching for, you do not get selected to have a real person look at your application (that is why their job fairs are critical and so much easier to get hired at). THE SOLUTION IS SEVERAL FOLDS: The HR Department maintains a "FULL" job description (normal several pages long) that they have to compile with the Department of Labor and their Federal Contracts. If you ask nice, they will e-mail, fax you or you can pick up at their HR Office. This is a public record due to their Federal Contracts. Get that and splice, dice and tear it apart...keep all of their phrases and their actual words (this is what the computer was scanning for)...apply liberally to each of YOUR job descriptions...you will see a big difference in your call-back ratio.
  21. 21. Short of not having the courage to do this or that you got off on the wrong foot with some HR Staffer having a bad day (it happens!), you need another source. A less effective but, still workable source would be the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (published by the US Dept. of Labor and now online). Look up the job title and you will get many of the same key words but, it will lack some of the helpful phraseology. TIPSTER: (RESTAURANTS/RETAIL) This is a hard one, as there is (many times) no real job description other than you need to “go old school” (apply in person) on them but, you better be well prepped to talk about their menu and what their market niche is (study their reviews on YELP and in the New Times to have something else to talk about @ the interview other than just yourself…if all you got is to talk about is yourself when they ask “why do you want to work for us?” You gonna have the wrong answer and (guess?) you might as well have stayed home and saved a wasted trip because the person who beat you…they did spend 10 minutes to do the research and impressed the employer with how much they wanted to work there. RULE # FIVE (Preferred): Preferred means just that…it is on their Santa List…even then, did the say that they prefer professional experience? Didn’t think so…So say for a dishwasher job…if you grew up poor and have raised a family; the correction answer is: “Yes Sir, I do have experience, in fact, I have been cleaning dishes all my life…” It is important to put this out there…it plants an image…that you can do the job. They want you to have the ability to do this. They are NOT looking for a seasoned professional; they are going to make a decision for this position based upon motivation (why do you want to work for us?) and equally, on your availability to work the days/hours that they need you. If you are a pro…walk up the street one more light and apply at the AZ Biltmore…they will be impressed by your pro experience. (END OF PART TWO)
  22. 22. From the desk of Walt U. Thinkimeant Ph.D. LOOKING FOR JOBS IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES…(PART 3) RULE # SIX: Research…Do your homework: This is the greatest change in the job seeking market. Employers are (especially on entry level jobs) looking for skills and most importantly, they are looking for your motivation in wanting this particular job and/or working for this company. If you answer to either question is “Burger king didn’t hire me…” you are in serious trouble. The employer figures if you are not willing to take 10-15 minutes of your own time to get on the internet to discover “who they are…what they do and why they do it…” then, they probably don’t need you. The reasoning is that if you are not willing to do that for yourself and your future…how can they expect you to care about their company and the work that they need you to do. By showing up uneducated, you are insulting the employer and they will know that you didn’t really want THIS JOB from the very start of the interview…they needed you to want THIS JOB not any job…these interviews usually end with “Thank you very much…we will let you know…” RULE # SEVEN (Reliable Transportation): “Reliable transportation” does not mean “do you have a car?” If you needed a car they would have asked you directly…they want to know you can get to work without calling in because you missed a bus…they do not care if you can get home…that’s on you (if it’s a concern of yours) for picking a job so far away from home or school. RULE # EIGHT (It is easier to get a job if you have a job): Remember what Dr. Hadajob explained that current employment of any sorts (real or volunteer) is critical to going back to work as swiftly as possible.
  23. 23. He further explained that this was due to the risk factor that an employer assumes in hiring anyone. For a person who is currently unemployed the risk factor becomes a real issue because at what point where they unemployed due to the economy or because of real barriers or other employment related issues. So the key is to always have the illusion of employment because if you are currently employed, your current employer has already assumed this risk (and since you are still employed, it probably was due to the economy). With the utilization of modern technologies like smart phones (with internet access), I-Pads and android tablets, you can conduct a better job search than you could by beating the hot pavement and due to the employer’s willingness to accommodate you as a professional courtesy to a fellow employer (the desire to not disrupt another employer’s work force); you can actual get a higher level of personalized access (non-work hours) that your fellow, unemployed, job seeker would never be given. Further to this point Dr. Hadajob was a job seeker’s access to Free Job Boards like the Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob Use Job Board: ======================================================== I’M ONE HIP KITTY! I FOUND MY NEW JOB ONLINE AT THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK’S NEW WEBSITE! http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-BobsUSED-4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v USE “SEARCH” TO SEE ALL THE JOBS IF NOT A MEMBER. =========================================================================== Dr. Hadajob explained that this was the prefect tool for any currently employed job seeker to utilize to look for and apply for new employment. Dr. Hadajob further illustrated that direct access to that board’s real jobs for real working people, it wealth of Insider INTEL and how it educated the pro-active job seeker to acquire the knowledge needed to gain employment make any job seeker (who learned how to tap into its powerful INTEL) a mighty force in gaining employment. (THIS IS A FREE BOARD TO UMOM CAMPERS) Dr. Hadajob worked the UMOM Campers through the process of traditional applications mixed with calls to each employer to explain that you are currently working and are requesting a reasonable accommodation of interview hours outside of normal working hours.
  24. 24. RULE # NINE (I’ll just quit and look for a better job): Not happy with your current job? The better solution is to find a new job. A better job! “Right!” you say. To you this is not a choice as you have no time to look for a job or to go on interviews because you are working and you can’t take time off without getting fired…right? Not necessarily true my friend. Here let us show you several means of doing an off-hours job search and how to arrange evening interviews. While this is not the easiest way to get a new job, it can be made to work for you because your trump card is that you are already working. That is your key. You can use the fact that you are currently employed as leverage to get an employer to meet you outside of normal office hours. The fact that you are working gives you the advantage over the unemployed job seeker and allows you a lot of wiggle room in the application process. You can learn to successfully utilize this to give yourself many privileges and advantages not open to an unemployed job seeker. Most ads say apply in person…do not call…do not send a resume. As an employed job seeker, you can get away with all this and more. Look closer at the ads and they usually say do not call unless you are working elsewhere (otherwise stated as “…if you have a question call…”). Since you are working elsewhere, then, you can call; you can send a resume and/or (even) ask the employer to set an interview time outside of your working hours. The reason why you can do these things is that the employer is a business person who can appreciate your unwillingness to leave your current employer shorthand to go to an interview and they will (if you have the skill set that they are seeking) gladly accommodate your request not so much for you but rather out of respect for your current employer (shoe on the other foot sort of thing). If any employer is unwilling to do this, you might do well to reconsider working for them as they may end up being worse than what you now suffer with. REMEMBER, a new job does not mean automatically a better job. Remember out of the frying pan and into the fire? -------------------------------------------------------
  25. 25. From the desk of Walt U. Thinkimeant Ph.D. “…ASKING ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS…” Remember yet another Urban Employment Myth, “you must always ask a question to show the employer that you are interested in the job…” and how entire classes where devoted to making you seem deep, engaging and maybe a bit witty to boot? It was a cottage industry. It played upon your paranoia and fear that that an employer would assume that you no longer wanted the job unless you were able to ask insightful, challenging and detailed questions based upon the information given by the employer. The whole industry came to be based upon a “what if question” given to a Workforce Guru and being the guru that they were, they saw the potential of making a dime by feeding off the fears of uneducated job seekers. Next came the thesis, then the workshops and this led to the book/workbooks and became so success in its marketing that even employers bought into it (Yea! There was a class to teach employers how to interview…told ya that there was big bucks to be made here!). The REAL truth is that it was a stupid question that has become NUMBER TWO on our list of “GREATEST URBAN EMPLOYMENT MYTHS.” This myth ranks up there with the other classical myth of the mystic, magical powers of the killer resume. If you took the time to think this question through you would realize that wouldn’t it be easier to say to the employer: “Hey I am still interested in this job!” What doesn’t make sense about that? Please allow me to badly misquote, the Greatest Workforce Guru, Ms. Christa Cicinelli, to you as a means of showing you how a simple question could become an industry…“Simple, workable solutions will not work in workforce…because they are!” Job seeking campers…STOP…don’t spend those hard earned dollars (that are now in short supply) to get a book or to take a class to be able to say “I am interested in the job.” Just practice with me: “Yes, I am interested in this job.”
  26. 26. FINDING YOUR WAY HOME AFTER PRISON - UPDATE ISSUE Over the years, we have worked with many job seeking consumers that were trying to find a way to come back home and to start their life over. It is a hard process because we live in a society that fears their return and out of that blind fear; society seeks to control or banish you. Society has forgotten that they are your next door neighbor, your cousins; your own children or those they are someone else’s child from here in our community. SPECIAL ISSUE LISTING EMPLOYERS, TIPS AND SOLUTIONS TO GETTING HIRED EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE THE "F" WORD TATTOOED ON YOUR FOREHEAD. BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/go-home2-3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “IT’S A DOG’S LIFE” RETAIL & FOOD APPLICATIONS - From the desk of Duke Pat-Menot PhD WHERE TO START? TRY WITH THE ONLINE JOB APPLICATION… Many things have changed in recent years about getting a job, and now companies and businesses are using online job applications instead of a paper one. While it has streamlined the process a lot, it has also taken away from the more personal satisfaction with seeing someone face to face. While some of the procedures are the same, there are many other differences. SPECIFIC DETAILS ON HOW TO APPLY FOR BIG BOX RETAIL WITH SPECIAL INSIDER INTEL FROM ALL BIG STORES AND FAST FOOD DOWNLOAD OR VIEW HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/12-nov-13
  27. 27. - From the Desk of Nurse Idagivva U. Abigshot CAREERS IN MEDICAL SUPPORT Welcome to the Healthcare Hiring Season here in Arizona. Yes, there is a hiring season. The season ties into the arrival of and/or the departure of our lovely snowbird visitors. As they arrive for the winter, the hospitals, clinic and related segments of the industry start hiring to fill the need for extra workers. SPECIAL EDITION: JOB ISSUE FROM PEER SUPPORT, CARE GIVING AND NURSING TO DISHWASHERS, KITCHEN STAFF JOB POSTINGS AND TIPS ON GETTING EMPLOYED HERE IN THE PHX METRO MARKET…. BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/21a-nov-13
  28. 28. (WITH NOW MORE THAN 3,000 VIEWS) SPECIAL JOB BOOK EDITION: AZ MILLS MALL JOB SEARCH GUIDE 185 STORES TO FIND A JOB Welcome to Arizona Mills, it is Arizona’s largest indoor, climate controlled outlet, value and entertainment mall! THERE ARE OVER 20,000 PEOPLE WHO WORK AT AZ MILLS’ STORES At any given time there, 10-15% of these jobs are unfilled or the stores are trying to fill. “…That means that there are 200-300 openings available on any given time…” Tracking down these jobs is very time consuming and luck plays a large part of your AZ Mills Job search. NO NEED TO…WE DID IT FOR YOU! BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/26-sept-2013 =============================================================== FREE JOB BOARD OF REAL JOBS FOR REAL WORKING PEOPLE… http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-Bobs-USED-4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v Click on “SEARCH” if you are not already a member of LinkedIn to see all the jobs in their proper order. Job Books E-book capable…NEW JOBS POSTED DAILY…INSIDE INTEL…FREE!
  29. 29. THE HOME SHOPPING COMPANION GUIDE TO WORKING IN DOWNTOWN PHOENIX & CITYSCAPE BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/25-septa =============================================================== HOME SHOPPING GUIDE TO WORKING NEAR ARCADIA CROSSING (44th Street – Thomas) ANOTHER LOCAL JOB SEARCH GUIDE TO FINDING WORK UP ON EAST THOMAS ROAD BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/24sept-2013-2 ================================================================ BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest199 9/back-to-school-spec
  30. 30. A JOB SEEKER’S SHOPPING GUIDE TO WORKING IN THE PHOENIXMETRO FAST FOOD INDUSTRY BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/final-edition-job-seekers-guide-tothe-fast-food-industry ================================================================ LOOKING FOR WORK ON EAST CAMELBACK ROAD LOCAL JOB SEEKING GUIDE TO FINDING WORK BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/26a-june-2013-23512892 ================================================================ I’M ONE HIP KITTY! I FOUND MY NEW JOB ONLINE AT THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK’S NEW WEBSITE! http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-BobsUSED-4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v USE “SEARCH” TO SEE ALL THE JOBS IF NOT A MEMBER.