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June 7

  1. 1. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Published Daily Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Some Fridays 7thJUNE 2013----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LOOKING TOHIRE 900AT THE PHOENIX CAREER FAIRThe career fair is set for June 11-12 at Doubletree Suites byHiltonPhoenixAirport, 320 N. 44th St., Phoenix.The job openingsinclude full and part-time positions, with some bilingualopportunities.Candidates can apply online and attend the careerfair to learn more about the job opportunities.APPLY HERE: http://www.statefarm.com/careers/landing.aspThis career fair follows an earlier one State Farm hosted in March,where it was looking to fill more than 500 customer-servicerelated positions.- from Angela Gonzales
  2. 2. PhoenixCallCenter Career FairSheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel Tempe, 1600 South 52nd Street, Tempe, AZ85281Doubletree Suites by Hilton Phoenix Airport,320 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008June 11 - 10:00 am - 8:00 pmNo pre-registrations is required, but we ask that all individuals apply onlineat www.statefarm.com/careers before attending. Please bring severalcopies of your resume to the Career Fair.Doubletree Suites by Hilton Phoenix Airport320 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008June 12 - 8:00 am - 3:00 pmNo pre-registrations is required, but we ask that all individuals apply onlineat www.statefarm.com/careers before attending. Please bring severalcopies of your resume to the Career Fair.Like the vibe of a fast-paced, structured teamenvironment? Interested in sales, customer service, andclaims or underwriting? If so, take a closer look at StateFarm!HIRING FOR OPPORTUNITIES IN PHOENIX AND TEMPE AZ.START DATES BEGIN SUMMER 2013•Multi-language capabilities desired•Full-time and part-time opportunities available•Seeking candidates who are available to work weekends, holidays, andAM/PM shiftsJoin us at the Career Fair to meet HiringManagement and discuss these opportunities inperson. Please bring copies of your resume.
  3. 3. ==================================================================================PapagoButtesOperationsCenter1500 North Priest Drive, Tempe, AZ85281===================================================================
  4. 4. Job seekers can find more information by calling 888-618-3483 andsubmit applications online at www.statefarm.com/careers==================================================================The Insurance Support Center (ISC) consists of three departments acrossthree locations (Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix). Each department handlesmultiple functions designed to deliver quality service for our customers:Payment CenterThe Payment Center receives and processes premium payments andmoney received by the Bank, and updates policy records.Printing, Inserting, and Mailing (PIM)Printing, Inserting, and Mailing operations print and mail hundreds ofthousands of policyholder premium notices and policy informationdaily.Support CenterThe Support Center functions as a technical solution center thatprovides support to more than 100,000 State Farm associates locatedin operations centers, claim offices, agents offices, agency fieldoffices, CRCs, Corporate Headquarters, and the three ISC sites.SPOILER ALERT: “Tell me what you knowabout my company?” If didn’t do yourresearch…the interview STOPS THERE!!!
  5. 5. 100 OPENINGS…PT CUSTOMER SERVICE REP #37391Location - Tempe, AZWHAT ARE THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THISPOSITION?Serves as first level contact for basic and routine customer service inquiriesand problemsUses multiple applications to gather the necessary information and notifybusiness partners regarding messages, inquiries and claim reportingWHAT KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS ARE NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFULIN THIS POSITION?Develops knowledge of company products and servicesEscalates problems or inquiries as neededUses established procedures, scripts and screensPromotes State Farm products and servicesITEMS OF NOTEMay work irregular work hours based on workload and job requirementsMust be willing to work flexible work shifts as operation dictatesADDITIONAL INFORMATIONThe office is located at 1500 N Priest Drive, Tempe Arizona 85281Spanish bilingual skills are desired, but not required.EMPLOYEES WILL ATTEND 7 WEEKS OF PAID TRAINING.CANDIDATES MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND ALL OF THE TRAININGSESSIONS.Once training is complete, new employees will workeither 4 or 5 days a week. Working a Saturday or aSunday, every week, is required for all employees.A 12-month incumbency period is required for selected employees.These jobs are eligible for benefits including: Medical, Dental, Vision, andLife insurance options, 401(K) participation, pension plan, paid time off,credit union membership, employee discounts, plus much more.https://online2.statefarm.com/apps/careers/psc/cgprdext/RECRUITING/HRMS/c/HRS_HRS.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_SCHJOB&Action=U&TargetFrameName=None=============================================
  6. 6. State Farm’s commitment to meeting the changing needs of our customersand employees began the minute we opened our doors for business in1922.Our ability to anticipate and embrace change has made us a leader in theinsurance industry and will serve us well on our journey to becoming aleader in financial services.Our commitment to the best interests of our associates and customersfosters loyalty and nurtures opportunity.=============================================Customer Response Center RepresentativeA Peek at What Employees or Associates Dohttp://www.statefarm.com/about/careers/pdf/rjp_crc.pdfTALK ON THE PHONE TO CUSTOMERS, AGENTS, AND STATE FARMEMPLOYEES USING SCRIPTED RESPONSES:• Answer insurance-related questions from callers• Explain processes for claims and provide emergency assistance• Take detailed messages for agents/claims personnel• Provide emergency customer assistanceWHILE ON THE PHONE, YOU WILL UTILIZE COMPUTERTECHNOLOGY:• Use an online job aid• Use the State Farm intranet to locate information• Send detailed messages to agents and claims personnel• File claim reports using a computer
  7. 7. APPLY STATE FARM POLICIES AND PROCEDURES TO UNIQUESITUATIONS.Other Things to Know:• Work non-standard shifts, including weekends, holidays, and evenings• Complete an extensive, paid training program to learn policies andprocedures• Manage a variety of customer service situations• Receive additional on-the-job coaching and trainingHERE’S WHAT EMPLOYEES OR ASSOCIATES SAY ABOUT THE JOB“It is an exciting and ever-changing environment where you are alwaysgetting trained on how to do things better.”“Every day at the CRC is fun because it never actually feels like you’recoming to work. The people are great and the atmosphere is so inviting.”“Every customer that you work with is unique and sometimes challenging.You must meet their needs in a way that satisfies both the customer andState Farm policies.”“We alternate between very busy times and very slow times; the continualchange of work levels can be challenging.”“You feel important when you have been called upon to help out in a crisissituation, such as a hurricane, Sept. 11th, or an earthquake; however, thiscan be stressful.”“The CRC is a structured environment, you always know exactly when tobe at work, have meetings, and take breaks.”“I enjoy talking to policyholders from all over the country and assistingthem when they need us the most.It makes me feel good knowing that I am able to help them when theiragent is unavailable.”http://www.statefarm.com/careers/emp_customer_service.aspWATCH THE VIDEO!!!!SPOILER ALERT: “Tell me what you know about my company?”If didn’t do your research…the interview STOPS THERE!!!
  8. 8. 85 OPENINGS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE REP -BANK # 37846 - TEMPE, AZThis same commitment to our work force is how we got here and how westay here. Our 90-year track record highlights State Farm as an employerof choice committed to providing career opportunities that last a lifetime.From diverse backgrounds and talent, to meaningful work andcomprehensive benefits, "Like a good neighbor..." isnt just a slogan. Itswho we are and how we do business.WHAT ARE THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THISPOSITION?Answers telephone and/or e-mail inquiries from customers andagentsInitiates, activates, and services accountsContacts customers and/or vendors to obtain information or resolveproblemsProcesses and/or routes transactions, requests, and inquiries usingestablished proceduresWHAT KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS ARE NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFULIN THIS POSITION?Knowledge of bank productsBasic understanding of response center or processing center dynamicsITEMS OF NOTEENTRY INTO THIS JOB FAMILY MAY REQUIRE PASSINGADDITIONAL BACKGROUND CHECKSMay work a non-traditional schedule including weekends, evenings,overnights, and/or holidaysMay be required to work overtimeMay be required to attain and retain state licensesADDITIONAL INFORMATION14 of the openings are Spanish Bilingual REQUIRED and 71 arenot bilingual requiredIncumbency period will be 18 monthsBENEFITS: TOTAL REWARDSOur Total Rewards benefits package includes:Competitive starting salaryAnnual merit reviewsAnnual bonus potentialYou may also be eligible to participate in Medical, Dental, Life and DisabilityInsurance, Vision, 401(k) Plan (Savings & Thrift in Canada), Credit Union, afully funded retirement pension plan, and more.
  9. 9. WHEN WE SAY TOTAL REWARDS, WE MEAN IT.That’s what we call our benefits and pay package. It includes the cash andnon-cash rewards offered in exchange for your contributions to theCompany’s success.You can click on the Total Rewards Summary button for an overview orcheck out these links for more information:We want top-notch employees to stay here and grow here. How do weaccomplish that?Competitive Starting Salaries above the Market AverageOur pay package is designed to reward high performers and beflexible in meeting a variety of business needs.Salaries are reviewed regularly to ensure State Farm remains a payleader relative to the external labor market.Pay For PerformanceAnnual pay increases and incentive reward opportunities are basedon measuring your results and competencies against specific goals.Growth OpportunitiesState Farm encourages growth from within and provides diversecareer opportunities throughout the Company.You are also encouraged to grow and learn in your current job andprepare yourself for future opportunities---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MedicalIn most locations, employees can choose between the State Farm GroupMedical Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a Health MaintenanceOrganization (HMO). A variety of resources are provided to help youchoose the health care option that best meets your needs.DentalThe plan provides coverage for preventive care, dental restorations, andorthodontia care.VisionThe plan provides comprehensive vision benefits, including routine eyeexams and contact lenses or glasses.
  10. 10. Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts(FSAs)You can choose to allocate before-tax dollars to pay eligible medical and/ordependent-care expenses. Participating employees don’t pay federal orstate income taxes (in most states) or Social Security taxes oncontributions to, or distributions from, these accounts.Life InsuranceProvides basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)protection, with a coverage amount that is two-times your salary. StateFarm pays a portion of the premium. Additional voluntary AD&D coverageis also available.Long-Term DisabilityProvides income during prolonged disability due to an illness or injury.Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)Provides protection against the loss of life or certain bodily injuriesresulting from covered accidents. This coverage provides financialprotection for accidents sustained on or off the job, anywhere in the world,in which accidental death, loss of sight, loss of use, and/or dismembermentoccurs. The plan offers coverage for you and your eligible dependents. Inaddition, the Voluntary AD&D Plan also covers you (the employee only) forpermanent and total disability resulting from an accident.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…STATE FARMOFFICE REPRESENTATIVE AT STATE FARMInterview Details –After applying online I was emailed by the agent fora skills test. I completed the test then was contacted by email again for aphone interview.THE QUESTIONS WERE:Why do you want to work here?What is a typical day like for you?Would you have any problems obtaining licenses?Why do you want to leave your current position?What is your work style- do you prefer working in teams or as anindividual?
  11. 11. Can you describe your work style?Why should I hire you?What salary range are you looking for?What other types of positions have you been applying for?When could you start?How do you define success?I passed the phone screen and was told to come in for a face to faceinterview.I dont remember most of those questions but they were primarily salesrelated. Im still waiting to hear back from the agent to see if I made it tothe next round of interviews.Interview QuestionsName an accomplishment that you are recently proud of?Could you mention a time in sales position when you actedinappropriately?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CLAIMS SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE AT STATE FARMInterview Details –Filled out an online application. Two weeks laterreceived an email from HR, so I could take 2 tests. Typical data entry(wpm) and filling in information while listening to a customer call. A weeklater received a call from recruiter to set up a phone interview. Set upinterview for the next week.Recruiter called at the exact time I scheduled. It was a Quick phoneinterview most of the time she was explaining the position.Interview questions were Go through your resume:Why State Farm?Tell me about yourself.Tell me about a time you dealt with a unsatisfied customer.Tell me about a time you mad a difficult decision.....etc. Basic behavioral questions.Interview Question –None.All your typical behavioral questions. JustGoogle behavioral questions and have an example for each one.Reason for Declining –Pay rate was lower than I expected--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CLAIMS REPRESENTATIVE AT STATE FARMInterview Details –I applied online without uploading a resume. Ireceived an email with instructions to take an online test at myconvenience but within a specific timeframe (72hours).YOU CANNOT USE A MAC FOR THIS TEST, AND YOU NEEDHEADPHONES OR SPEAKERS.
  12. 12. Since I only have a MacBook Pro, I had to go to someone elses house.Online test include a short personality test, data entry as "customers" giveyou their orders out loud (easy), a few typing speed tests, and severaltimed logic problems.Then I had a phone interview which lasted about 20 minutes (but only 5-6questions)The HR rep asked questions like:Tell me about a specific time when you had a difficult customer.Tell me about a specific time when you had to adapt quickly.Why do you want to work for State Farm?Whats your greatest strength?Weakness?Then I had an in-person interview a couple weeks later.There were two HR reps, a team manager, and a section manager present.They asked questions one by one, going counterclockwise. It lasted about30 minutes and there were at least 15 questions.Interview Question –I was asked to describe my best workingrelationship. This was easy: I described how my office manager is a mentorto me, etc. Then they asked "what do you bring to this relationship?" Istumbled a bit on that one.Negotiation Details –No negotiation. $35,000 w/ full benefits startingday one.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CUSTOMER-CARE SUPERVISOR AT STATE FARMAccepted Offer – Interviewed in Tempe, AZ - Sep 2012– Reviewed Feb 17Interview Details –The hiring process was an extensive one, though Ibelieve it is because it was for a management-level position. From firstcontact to a job offer was approximately two months.The first contact was receiving an e-mail from a recruiter asking me basicqualifying questions, such as salary requirements; willingness to relocate, ifrequired; awareness of call-center environment, inclusive of hours ofoperation.After that, I was scheduled for a telephonic interview with the recruiter Iwas dealing with. The questions were straightforward, centering principallyon associate interaction and coaching/feedback.The second interview was a panel interview with two operations manager.This interview was conducted telephonically. The managers were friendlyand welcoming to any questions I had.They asked more targeted management questions.After a months wait, the company extended a job offer.
  13. 13. Interview Question –One question in particular that I remembercentered on why I wanted to leave the position I was in at the time. Thequestion wasnt challenging per sé; it was simply something I hadnt reallythought about, other than the standard needs, such as more challenges,different culture, and better pay.Negotiation Details –Although I expected to negotiate (like I did for anyother position), State Farm not only met my salary expectations, itexceeded the top end of it by $3,000. I was very impressed. Not because Igot more than expected, but because the company didnt do what othercompanies do: Try to offer the lowest possible in hopes that the candidatedoes not negotiate.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE AT STATE FARM -ACCEPTED OFFER FEB 7Interview Details –I interviewed mid-January and got offered theposition two days ago. I interviewed directly with the agent. She was verywelcoming and we were vining very well. The atmosphere was clean andthere were actually two agents in one office and each one had their ownsales reps (about two each).Bring a copy of your résumé.She went through the entire thing with me and asked me about ten intensequestions.These were the most questions Ive ever answered during an interviewLOL. But typical questions...she offered me water and I left really feelinglike I got the job.However, she didnt contact me when she said she would so that threw meoff.Especially since I sent her a thank you card. I ended up emailingher to see what was up, an she told me she had some more Iinterviews and would make a decision by the following Tuesday.She stuck to her word and offered me the position. I havent started yet,but I really hope it isnt hard to reach the bonuses, because that will makethis Job definitely worthwhile.Interview Question –Pretty regular questions, just every single questionin the book! So be prepared.Negotiation Details –She knew what I was expecting and made acompromise with me offering commission and bonuses.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. 14. “Great working environment filled with people who care.”Pros – I am always given an opportunity to learn. Every day is a challengethat brings new cases to life. From fires to simple car insurance, this field isalways invigorating. Be prepared to learn every day and adapt to anychanges that may trip you up at times.===========================================================================================================CLAIMS PROCESSOR ASSISTANT AT STATE FARMInterview Details –I applied online, a few hours later they asked me tofill out some questionnaire. I filled that out and sent it back and then a fewmore hours later they sent me links for tests.One was typing, and then there was customer service/data entry andpersonality tests.After that a day or so later they called to set up a phone interview for thenext day. Completed that and was told I would hear back the followingweek.30 minutes later I got a call for an in person interview.That was set up for 2 days later. I went to that and was told I would hearback in two weeks.Got the job offer less than an hour and half later.I was told I impressed them is why I got a fast turnaround.==================================================================EMPLOYMENT PROCESS SUMMARY - WHAT TO EXPECTThere may be small differences in the employment process between careerareas and office locations, but the general process is the same all acrossState Farm.ONLINE APPLICATIONRegister and Complete Required FieldsTo apply for any job opening at State Farm, you need to complete anonline application. The first step is to register. From there, just completethe required fields on the application. Everything you need to know,including an application simulation, is on our How to Apply page.
  15. 15. SEARCH JOBS AND APPLYThere are two ways to stay on top of State Farm job openings:Set up a Job Search Manager alert in your online account. You’ll be notifiedby e-mail as soon as positions matching your criteria are posted.Visit the Search Jobs page and enter your desired search criteria.Select the job you want to apply for from your search results and click“Apply Now.”You will receive a confirmation that your application has been successfullysubmitted. It will immediately be made available to the recruiterresponsible for the posting.HR INTERVIEWIf youre contacted by a Human Resources recruiter for an interview, thismay be a phone or face-to-face conversation. Be prepared for the recruiterto ask you questions with regard to your skills and experience. Its also anopportunity for you to discover more about State Farm and the positionyou applied for.TESTINGFor some positions, general testing may also be part of the HR Interviewprocess. If applicable, your recruiter will provide all the information youneed to help you feel informed and prepared throughout the process.HIRING MANAGER INTERVIEWIf selected, an interview with the hiring manager comes next. This is aface-to-face, competency-based interview designed to gauge how well yourskills and experience fit the job opportunity. You’ll also learn more aboutspecific job responsibilities and the actual working environment.ADDITIONAL INTERVIEWSThe hiring manager may include other management in your initialinterview, or you may be invited back to meet with others from thebusiness function.JOB OFFERS - CONTINGENT JOB OFFERIf selected, you’ll receive a contingent job offer. Pending successful resultsfrom a background check and drug test, your offer will be confirmed inwriting.
  16. 16. CONFIRMED JOB OFFERYour job offer will confirm the position, location, salary, start date, andreporting manager.YOUR FIRST DAY - WELCOME TO STATE FARM WEBSITEOnce your job offer is confirmed and accepted, you’ll be given access to aspecial website just for new employees.It’s designed to provide the information new employees want to know, andto help take the stress out of your first day on the job.The Welcome website is a place where new employees can:Find out what to wear, what to bring, and all that first day kind of stuff.Learn more about benefits, pay, time off, and other employee programs.Check out videos featuring State Farm employees and CompanyCEO Ed Rust Jr.MORE HELPJoining a premier company with rich traditions and passionate associatesshould be an exciting time. To help ensure you feel prepared and confidentfor your first day, your Human Resources recruiter can lend a helping handwith any other questions or concerns you may have.==========================================================================JOB FAIR - WE ARE HIRING!!!!Aerotek Professional ServicesAEROTEK will be onsite at GARDEN GROVE APARTMENTS900 WEST GROVE PARKWAY, TEMPE, AZ 8528311AM- 1PM ON JUNE 10, 2013.We are exclusively recruiting for Full Time –TECHNICAL SUPPORT/CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVESStarting Wages at $11/hr with the potential to make $12/hr within 90 days.Established Career Path and Internal Upward Movement within 6months.24/7 Facility - Flexible Scheduling Available.REQUIREMENTS:* Working knowledge of Internet and Computer Applications* Exceptional Troubleshooting and Customer Service skills* Ability to work flexible work schedule, including holidays and weekends* Ability to succeed in a fast pace support center environment
  17. 17. DONT MISS OUT on your next JOB OPPORTUNITY!!!!!ON-THE-SPOT INTERVIEWS WILL BE CONDUCTEDIMMEDIATE OFFERS WILL BE MADECUSTOMER SERVICE-UNCATEGORIZEDAbout Aerotek Professional Services:Join Aerotek Professional Services®.Our customized employment solutions and personalized approach give jobseekers access to great opportunities with competitive salaries. Aerotekoffers comprehensive benefits that can include medical, dental, optical, andoptional 401k.Contact Information: Shatema Gresham, sgresham@aerotek.comAerotek Professional Services - PACE - Tempe, AZ=============================================FULL TIME METAL SCRAP PERSON WHO CAN DISMANTLERESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITIONERS.$9-12/HR. 1st Choice Recycling & Recovery, LLC is hiring for this is a verylabor intensive job, it is hard work and you will get very dirty and it is veryhot. You will be working inside anevap cooled warehouse. You must knowhow to use power tools. You will be working a 3 day work week Thursday-Saturday 12 hour days. We will train people who have desire and goodwork ethic. Our warehouse location is 32nd St/Broadway (in Phoenix rightoff Interstate 10). Serious inquiries only. Please fax resume and yourcontact info and we will call you back. FAX# 602-374-7724CHECK THEMOUT:https://www.facebook.com/1stChoiceRecyclingandRecoveryLlc=============================================$17 - $19/HR. FOR QUALIFIED HANGERS - CONTACT MIKE FORHANGERS - 602-818-9144Now hiring Metal Stud Framers and Drywall Hangers. Apply in person atPete King Construction 11040 N 19th Avenue - 6:30 am Monday - Friday.Hip tools, transportation and eVerify certification required.Contact Walt for Framers 602-818-9130, contact Mike for Hangers - 602-818-9144. CALLS ONLY taken between 7 am and 3 pm Monday – Friday.============================================EXPD PREP INDIVIDUAL WANTED FOR UPSCALE CAFE -ASK FOR PAULAMonday thru Friday hours 8 am - 3 pm. No nights weekends or holidays ...must have own transportation a plus must be a fast learner and multi-tasker position available now...
  18. 18. Taking applications from 7 am thru 11 am.or from 1:30 pm. thru 3 pmapply in person, bring resume, must have good work ethics and goodcustomer service skills a must ...Gateway Cafe @ 410 North 44thSt. suite#180 inside the Phoenix Gateway Center.===========================================COOKSzpizza is looking for cooks at both its midtown phoenix location. Theposition is primarily part time (25-30), but may turn into full time based onyour ability, availability and willingness to work. We strongly prefersomeone with open availability, including nights/weekends.Prior cook experience is required and prior pizza experience preferred.The work is fun and interesting, as we prepare a lot of foods from scratch,including dressings, sauces, and other items.We run a very clean establishment with no messy grease. We use a real NYbrick oven, which requires some skill.WE ARE NOT A FAST FOOD PIZZA RESTAURANT.SEE OUR MENU AT WWW.ZPIZZA.COM.REQUIREMENTS: Food Handlers Card * Open availability to work days,nights and weekends * Prior server/restaurant experience * Positive,outgoing personality * Responsible & self-motivatedBenefits: *No Late Hours *A Fun and Professional Work Environment*Great Earning Potential *Tips & Bonuses *Free Employee Meals whileWorking *A 50% Dining Discount at all other timesApply in person at 53 W. Thomas Rd (Central & Thomas)
  19. 19. GENERAL LABORER AND CREWLEADER UP TO $17 PER HOURCALL 480-772-1395Working on an asphalt repair crew. ForGeneral laborer, we will train necessaryskills as long as you have a good strongwork ethic. The job requires 40 plushours per week commencing immediately. Some constructionexperience is preferred for general laborer.For crew leader,experience is required. Position pays up to $17 per hour.Please email fusiontechasphalt@gmail.com or call 480 772-1395. 610 E.Bell Rd. Suite 2498 Phoenix, Arizona 85022.=============================================Substance Abuse: Central Parking provides a substance-free workplace.All candidates will undergo a drug test. All drug tests will be conducted inaccordance with applicable federal and state laws.Background Information: Central Parking and our affiliated entities willobtain a consumer report and/or investigative consumer report which mayinclude verification with Department of Motor Vehicles, criminal courts,state and court repositories. Falsification of information or failure to provideinformation can result in disqualification or termination if discovered afterhire.Reference Checks: Former employers and educational references may beverified prior to an offer of employment.Note: A valid email address will be required in order to be considered foremployment. If you do not have a valid email address, please stop and visitg-mail to create an email account.CASHIER - Part Time Position400 E Van Buren St - Suite 440, Phoenix, Arizona 85004The Cashier position requires the employee to provide customer servicewhile completing ticket/monetary transactions. The employee isresponsible for operating equipment to determine parking fees, collecting
  20. 20. customer payments and making change if needed. They are alsoresponsible for completing various reports and ensuring that transactionsare completed with a high level of accuracy.Qualifications:Customer service experience.• Cash handling experience.Good verbal communication/people skills.•Neat, professional appearance.•MUST PASS A DRUG AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK.• High School diploma/GED preferredhttps://pangea.geninfo.com/CentralParking/apply/selectposition.aspx===========================================ATTENDANT400 E Van Buren St - Suite 440, Phoenix, Arizona 85004Under supervision, oversees parking of vehicles, greets visitors andprovides information, enforces parking regulations, provides limitedsecurity, acts as entrance cashier as needed, and performs other relatedduties as assigned. Oversees the parking of vehicles at various locations.Repetitive standing and sitting in a cashier’s booth for approximately 5-6hours per day. Walk during shift (approximately 2-3 hours per day) toconduct car counts and complete lot maintenance-related tasks.Two part time positions available: Monday - Friday 1st Position: 6:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 2nd Position 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Rate of pay is: $8.25 perhour. Position requires prolonged standing.https://pangea.geninfo.com/CentralParking/apply/selectposition.aspx===========================================LOOKING FOR AN EXPERIENCED TILESETTER $15-17/HR.Call 480-656-6550The perfect candidate will have their own tools. Must be detail oriented andefficient.Must be able to pass a drug/background check.Must be ableto work 3rd shift.Apply at www.nationaltempservices.com orCall 480-656-6550============================================PAINTERS/PREPERS...neet and clean - Call 480.228.0351Interior/exterior repaint.Exp must and hand tools a plus.Valid Driver’slicense andhave phone.Drug Free...NO TWEEKERS.===========================================SEEKING EXPERIENCED STAFF TO WORK WITH CHILDREN IN AGROUP HOME SETTING - Childrens ages and gender vary. Experiencedpreferred. Full and part time positions available. Must have or be able toobtain fingerprint clearance and CPR/First Aide certification. Three shiftswith immediate positions available for weekends. Starting pay rate$9.00/hour.Fax resumes to: 480-649-3775.