Job Club New Job Opportunities 29 Nov 2011


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Job Club New Job Opportunities 29 Nov Twice Weekly Job Club new job opportunity magazine of job leads...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community...Employers who can hire this population are welcome to post job leads contact Bob West of AWEE Project VETS at

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Job Club New Job Opportunities 29 Nov 2011

  2. 2. How to Find Hope THE KEY TO FINDING HOPE 17 other ways of looking for jobsHow to Find HopeIf we had such a thing as a national bumper-sticker for our cars, the bumper-sticker of theyear would be: ―I‘m out of work, I can‘t find a job, and I‘ve tried everything.‖ Of coursenot everyone would display it; some 139,000,000 people in the U.S. have jobs, after all.But some 15,000,000 do not. And 6,000,000 of them would display it for longer thantwenty-seven months. That‘s how many have currently been out of work that long. Justhere in the U.S. Beyond these shores, well, tragically high unemployment is a worldwideproblem, as we have seen throughout the Middle East this year, and other restless nationsof the world.Everywhere we go, these days, we hear this cry: ―I‘ve been out of work forever, and Ican‘t find a job, no matter how hard I try.‖ And we do try hard. Often in vain. We arethrown out of work, we go looking for work the way we always used to, but this time wecome up empty. This is a brand new experience for many of us. And one that we didn‘t seecoming. Nothing works. Unemployment drags on. This shakes us emotionally to our core, and often leads to a plunge in our self-esteem.Those twins, depression and despair, frequently follow hard on its heels. Life feels like it isnever going to get any better. This feels like forever. (I know. Like any normal American,I‘ve been thrown out of work twice in my life. It was not fun.) What do we need?Well, we desperately need a job…of course.But more than that, while we are out of work we desperately, desperately, need Hope.THE KEY TO FINDING HOPE Experts have discovered, over the years, what is the key to Hope. And it is just this: Hoperequires that, in every situation, we have at least two alternatives. Not just one way to describe ourselves, but two ways, at least. Not just one way to hunt for a job, but two ways, at least. Not just one kind of job to hunt for, but two kinds of jobs, at least. Not just one size company to go after, but two sizes, at least. Not just one place we really would like to work at, but two places, at least. And so on. And so forth.
  3. 3. In order to have Hope while you are out of work, you have to make sure that in everysituation you find yourself, you‘re not putting all your eggs in just one basket. To have only one plan, one option, is a sure recipe for despair. I‘ll give you a simpleexample. In a study of 100 jobhunters who were using only one method to hunt for a job,typically 51 abandoned their search by the second month. That‘s more than half of them.They lost Hope. On the other hand, of 100 jobhunters who were using two or moredifferent ways of hunting for a job, typically only 31 of them abandoned their search bythe second month. That‘s less than one-third of them. The latter kept going because they had Hope. And so this truth should always be on yourmind: ―If you are to hold on to Hope you must determine to always have at leasttwo alternatives, in everything that you are doing while looking for work.”A LIST OF JOB-FINDING ALTERNATIVESJust to be sure we‘re ―choosing cards from a full deck,‖ let‘s rehearse what are thealternative options we have, when we‘re out of work. There are eighteen different ways oflooking for work. You probably know many of them, but just for the sake of completeness,let‘s list them all. They are:1. Self-Inventory. You do a thorough self-inventory of the transferable skills and knowledges that you most enjoy using, so you can define to yourself just exactly what it is you have to offer the world, and exactly what job(s) you would most like to find.2. The Internet. 82 percent of Americans now go online, for an average of nineteen hours per week apiece. If you‘re among them, and your goal is to work for someone else, you use the Internet to post your resume and/or to look for employers‘ ―job- postings‖ (vacancies) on the employer‘s own website or elsewhere (with omnibus jobsearch sites such as Indeed or SimplyHired, and of course specific ―job-boards‖ such as CareerBuilder, Yahoo/Hot Jobs, Monster, LinkUp, Hound, ―niche sites‖ for particular industries and non-job sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or the immensely popular Craigslist). If, on the contrary, you‘re considering working for yourself, you use the Internet to learn how to do this, how to establish your brand and how to get the word out to a wider audience as to just what you have to offer.[ for a directory]3. Networking. You ask friends, family, or people in the community for ―job-leads‖ (rhymes with ―Bob reads‖). There are two ways of doing this, one sort of blah, one really useful. In the first case, you use the lame ―I lost my job; if you hear of anything, let me know,‖ which leaves your network completely baffled as to what you‘re looking for, unless it‘s same old same old of what you‘ve always done. Far better way: after using method #1 above, you tell them in specific detail what you mean by ―anything.‖ And then see how close they can come to that.
  4. 4. A LIST OF JOB-FINDING ALTERNATIVES4. School. School means high school, trade schools, online schools, community colleges, four-year colleges, or universities. You ask a former professor or teacher or your career/alumni office at schools that you attended if they have any job-leads.5. The Feds. You go to your local federal/state unemployment service office, or to their OneStop career centers (directory at to get instruction on how to better jobhunt, and also to find job-leads.6. Private employment agencies. You go to the private analog to the federal/state agencies (directory of such agencies can be found at Civil Service. You take a civil service exam to compete for a government job ( Newspapers. You answer local ―want-ads‖ (in newspapers, assuming your city or town still has a newspaper, online or in print, or both). The Sunday editions usually prove most useful. There is also a site that lets you see current news about any industry that is of interest to you (where vacancies have just opened up??), at Journals. You look at professional journals in your profession or field, and answer any ads there that intrigue you (directory at Agencies. You go to temp agencies (agencies that get you short-term contracts in places that need your time and skills temporarily) and see if the agency/agencies can place you, in one place after another, until some place that you really like says, ―Could you stay on, permanently?‖ At the very least you‘ll pick up experience that you can later cite on your resume (directory of such agencies, and people‘s ratings of them, at Laborers. You go to places where employers pick up day workers: well-known street corners in your town (ask around), or union halls, etc., in order for you to get short-term work, for now, which may lead to more permanent work, eventually. It may initially be yard work, or work that requires you to use your hands; but no job should be ―beneath you‖ when you‘re desperate.
  5. 5. A LIST OF JOB-FINDING ALTERNATIVES12.Job Clubs. You join or form a ―support group‖ or ―job club,‖ where you meet weekly for job-leads and emotional support. Check with your local chamber of commerce, and local churches, mosques, or synagogues, to find out if such groups exist in your community. There is an excellent directory at Susan Joyce‘s You mail out resumes blindly to anyone and everyone, blanketing the area. Or you target particular places that interest you, and send them both digital and snail- mail copies of your resume, targeted specifically to them. Ah, but you already knew this method, didn‘t you?14.Choose Places That Interest You…LOCAL JOB SEARCH…You knock on doors of any employer, factory, store, organization, or office that interests you, whether they are known to have a vacancy or not. This works best, as you might have guessed, with smaller employers (those having 25 or fewer employees; then, if nothing turns up there, those places that have 50 or fewer employees; or, if nothing turns up there, then those with 100 or fewer employees, etc.).15.The Phone Book…LOCAL JOB SEARCH…You use the index to your phone book‘s Yellow Pages, to identify five to ten entries or categories (subjects, fields, or industries) that intrigue you—that are located in the city or town where you are, or want to be—and then phone or, better yet, visit the individual organizations listed under these headings (again, smaller is better) whether they are known to have a vacancy or not.NOTE: Incidentally, the Personnel Manager ( orHuman Resources office there—if they have one—is that employer‘s friend,not yours. Their basic function is to screen you out, so avoid them ifpossible. Sometimes, to be sure, you will stumble across an HR person wholikes you and is willing to become your advocate, there. If so, you‘re one luckyperson!16.Volunteering. If you‘re okay financially for a while, but can‘t find work, you volunteer to work for nothing, short-term, at a place that has a ―cause‖ or mission that interests you (directory of such places can be found at Your goal is not only to feel useful, even while you haven‘t yet found a job, but your hope is also that down the line maybe they‘ll want to actually hire you for pay. The odds of that happening in these hard times aren‘t great, so don‘t count on it and don‘t push it; but sometimes you‘ll be surprised that they ask you to stay, for pay.
  6. 6. 17.Work for Yourself. You start your own small business, trade, or service, after first carefully observing what service or product your community lacks but really needs (see; also, DAMN LIES, AND STATISTICSThat‘s how some wag once declined the word ―lies.‖ I mention this here, becauseAlternatives do give you Hope, but statistics can take that Hope away, if you give themundue weight.Much of it depends on what statistics you pay attention to. The media, the Internet, blogs,tweets, twenty-four-hour news channels on TV, newspapers, and magazines, and all lovestatistics. But they generally are in love with a very particular kind of statistics, namelythose that convey bad news. Discouraging news. Doom and gloom.Why is this so? I dunno. But it is.Example?With regard to the labor market in the U.S., there are always two sets of statistics floatingaround for each month. First set of statistics: let‘s take the month of February 2009, theheight of the recent Recession.As reported on a website called JOLT (Job Openings & Labor Turnover)1 4,360,000people in the U.S. found jobs that month. Yes, you read that correctly.And at the end of that month, 3,006,000 additional vacancies remained unfilled andavailable. Good news, right? 7,366,000 vacancies were available or filled, that monthalone. At the height of the Recession.1. Ah, but every month there is a second set of statistics, reportedon the first Friday of each month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, called the CurrentPopulation Survey.2 It is typically called The Unemployment Statistic, though it is moreaccurate to think of it as ―the monthly measure of the size of the work force in America.‖Anyway, the CPS said that during that same month, February 2009, the size of the totallabor force in the U.S. shrank by 726,000 jobs. And so, the unemployment rate rose from7.6 percent to 8.1. Bad news, to be sure.2. Okay, there you have it: two sets of statistics, one good newsand one bad news. Now, which of these two sets do you think the media pounced on? Yep,you guessed it: the bad news set. ―726,000 workers lose their jobs,‖ commentators andnews analysts shrieked. ―Unemployment rises to 8.1 percent.‖ Along with that, they threwin, ―There are six unemployed workers now for every vacancy.‖ All in all, it was enoughto take the heart out of even the most optimistic jobhunter that month. Or any month.
  7. 7. HELPFUL STATISTICSWe have to always watch which statistics we are paying the mostattention to.For, surely, statistics can sometimes help us, and notmerely depress us.Let’s post a few guideposts here about howstatistics can help you:Statistics can save you from wasting your energy. For example, when consideringjobhuntingmethods, it can be helpful to know what the odds are that a particular methodwill richly repay you for the time spent on it, or what the odds is that a particular methodwill likely be a complete waste of your time. We will see this, when we discuss the fivebest ways to hunt for work, and the five worst ways (comparatively speaking).Statistics can guide you toward particular targets. They can tell you when a particularcompany is having the kind of challenges you would love to help solve, and when acompany has more problems than you would ever want to deal with, because they‘re aboutto tank.Statistics can encourage you, if you know how to read them. Consider, for example, thisset of encouraging statistics just published, as I write (by CBS News): Laid-off workers thirty-four and under have a 36 percent chance of landing a job in a year Laid-off workers in their fifties have a 24 percent chance of landing a job in a year Laid-off workers over sixty-two years of age have an 18 percent chance of landing a job in a yearEncouraging? Sure. Look at it again. It says that if you‘re under 34 years of age, 36 out ofevery 100 are going to find a job this year; and even if you‘re over 62 years of age, 18 outof every 100 are going to find a job this year. So the only question is: why shouldn‘t yoube among them? After all, the above statistics summarize the experience of all jobhunters, most of whomtypically choose only one method of job search. You, however, know enough to choosetwo or more methods, and thus increase the odds that you will indeed find meaningfulwork.CONCLUSIONHope can give you wings, persistence, and energy. If you‘re out of work, and want to stayupbeat, then greet the sunrise, go for a walk, count your blessings, listen to beautifulmusic, drink more water than usual, eat simpler, exercise more, laugh with your family andfriends, watch cartoons, take naps in the daytime if you can‘t sleep well at night, but for
  8. 8. heaven‘s sakes, don‘t obsess about depressing statistics. Just determine to find alternativesfor everything you are doing about your jobhunt and your life.You want to be the exception to whatever the odds are, about anything. Hold on to Hope,and you can beat those odds.Jobhunter: Well, there may be all those vacancies out there that you claim, but I go onthe Internet every morning, and I can‘t find any of them in my area or specialty.Career-counselor: Searching the Internet is only one way of hunting for those jobs thatare out there. What‘s your second way of searching for jobs?Jobhunter: I only have the Internet.Career-counselor: Well, there are at least 17 other ways of looking for those jobs thatare out there. Read them, then choose and use three other alternatives to ―just the Internet.‖Jobhunter: I‘m a construction worker. I see there are lots of job vacancies, but none inconstruction that I can find.Career-counselor: How else would you describe yourself besides ―constructionworker‖?Jobhunter: I‘ve always been a construction worker.Career-counselor: Well, that‘s a ―job-title.‖ There are other ways to describe yourselfbesides a job-title.Jobhunter: Like what, for example?Career-counselor: Like: ―I am a person … who …‖Jobhunter: Who what?Career-counselor: ―I am a person … who has these skills, and these knowledges, andthis experience.‖ Take the job-title off yourself; find a more fundamental way to describeyourself to yourself…and to others.Once you have at least two alternative ways ofdescribing yourself, you increase the range of jobsyou can apply for, and thus keep Hope alive.
  9. 9. NEW JOB LEADSUPS Hiring 50,000 Temporary WorkersUPS expects to hire about 50,000 temporary workers for the holiday shipping season,about the same number the parcel carrier brought on last year, company officials saidFriday.The forecast fits in with forecasts from retailers that their hiring of seasonal workers,typically a boost to employment heading into the holidays, will grow only slightly overlast year."Based on current projections, UPS anticipates that its peak season hiring will be similar tolast year, with about 50,000 temporary workers added for the holiday surge in packages,"UPS spokesman Tyre Sperling said.Those workers typically sort packages at UPSs air and ground stations around the UnitedStates.The companys hiring projection comes as retailers are forecasting modest 2.3 percentgrowth in holiday sales this year and many stores are projecting seasonal hiring to increaseonly modestly from a year ago.UPS handled just under 14.9 million packages in its domestic air and ground network inthe fourth quarter a year ago, a 1.9 percent decline from the year before. Although UPSsfinancial returns have improved this year, domestic package volume has been almost flat.
  10. 10. UPS is hiring in a big way all across the U.S.A right now!Theres a link below where you can search and apply for Seasonal, Full-time & Part-timejobs available at UPS right now and if you have a couple of minutes we also invite you totake part in the UPSjobs Road Trip Challenge. Its fun, fast easy and free. If you haventalready viewed and voted on a video and then submitted your entry. Dont worry.Go to this UPS Link and it will take you right back where you can enter the sweepstakes towin up to $2,000 in Zappos Gift Cards. to come back to the UPSjobs Road Trip Challenge sweepstakes page eachweek to vote on a video and submit an entry for our nine weekly $100 Zappos Gift Cardawards.Tell your friends, too, as the more people who participate, the greater the Grand Prize. Andif the person you refer enters and is selected as the Grand Prize winner, youll win theBonus Prize of Zappos gift cards in an equal amount - up to $2,000!UPS Part-time Package Handler: Gateway to Many Potential CareerPathsUPS is hiring all across the US right now for seasonal, full-time &part-time positions. Click here to search for UPS jobs near you!Most employees begin their career at UPS as Part-time Package Handlers or as seasonalDriver Helpers in the Package Operations division. While others join UPS PackageOperations as Package Delivery Drivers, Tractor-trailer Drivers, and Fleet Mechanics.UPS actively promotes employees from within, and because of UPSs commitment tocontinuing education and training, the Part-time Package Handler position can be thegateway to many potential career paths within United Parcel Service.Long-standing company policies, such as employee ownership, equal opportunity, andpromotion from within, have helped to foster employee dedication, making UPS apreferred employer.UPS provides its permanent, Part-time Package Handlers with fully paid healthcarebenefits and many other employee benefits including great employee discounts on Verizon
  11. 11., as well as preferred pricing on Dell Computers and Panasonic products. And atcertain locations, tuition assistance up to $3,000 per year is also provided to permanent,Part-Time Package Handlers.Full-time Benefits for Part-time WorkThe Part-time Package Handler is a physical, fast-paced position that involves continuallifting, lowering, and sliding of packages that typically weigh 25 to 35 lbs. and may weighup to 70 lbs. Part-time employees usually work 3.5 to 4 hours each weekday (Mondaythrough Friday) and typically do not work on weekends or selected holidays. It is an idealjob for college students who need to work to pay their way through school, or for adultswho are looking for convenient, consistent part-time hours with employer-paid "full-time"benefits that fit within their busy lifestyles.Whether youre a college student who needs to pay for their own education, a single parentlooking for healthcare benefits, or youre just looking for a second income by working aconvenient, consistent shift, the permanent Part-time Package Handler position just mightbe the opportunity youve been hoping for. We also invite you to view some videos ofactual UPS Part-time Package Handlers that talk about the job, the full-time benefits UPSprovides for part-time work, and how they feel about it.UPS Calls Its 4 Shifts "Sorts": Most Openings at "Night" & "Sunrise".The "sorts" can range from 3.5 to 5 hours throughout the day and evening including a"Day Sort" (approx. 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.), "Twilight Sort" (approx. 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.), "NightSort" (approx. 11 p.m. - 3 a.m.), and "Sunrise/Preload Sort" (approx 4 a.m. - 8 a.m.).Once you choose your sort, if you are hired you will consistently work at that timetypically Monday through Friday with weekends off.UPS is an equal opportunity employer.Please click below to choose the nearest UPS location to you and begin your jobapplication. If you arent quite ready to begin your application, please fill in someinformation about your availability on the right of this page. We will send you informationabout what its like to work at UPS and on job opportunities available near you! LearnWhat Brown Can Do For You!
  12. 12. Handler Part Time - Job Location: Phoenix, AZ Position: Package Handler - Part-Time Job Group: Manual Operations Location: PHOENIX, AZ 85034 - PHOENIX AIR GATEWAY Sunrise (4:00 AM - 11:00 AM)JOB DESCRIPTION:UPS is hiring individuals to work as part-time Package Handlers. This is a physical, fast-pacedposition that involves continual lifting, lowering and sliding packages that typically weigh 25 - 35lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. Part-time employees usually work 3 ½ - 4 hours each weekday(Monday through Friday) and typically do not work on weekends or selected holidays.Package Handlers receive an hourly rate of $8.50 – $9.50. UPS part-time employees alsoreceive an attractive benefits package. Please note that these opportunities are part-time onlyworking approximately 17 1/2 – 20 hours per week. Employees can expect to take homebetween $110.00 and $150.00 each week after deductions have been taken for taxes, etc.Driver’s helpers Part Time - Job Location: Phoenix, AZ Position: Driver Helper Job Group: Helper Location: Phoenix, AZ 85027 - North Phoenix (Driver Helpers) Location: PHOENIX, AZ 85017 - PHOENIX HUB Location: Phoenix, AZ 85032 - Phoenix-Paradise Valley Mall Area (Driver Helpers) Location: PHOENIX, AZ 85043 - ESTRELLA CENTERJOB DESCRIPTION:UPS is hiring individuals to work as temporary, seasonal Driver Helpers. This is aphysical, fast-paced, outdoor position that involves continual lifting, lowering and carryingpackages that typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. It requires excellentcustomer contact skills and a lot of walking.As a Driver Helper you will not drive the delivery vehicle but assist the driver in thedelivery of packages.Driver Helpers usually meet the UPS driver at a mutually agreed upon time and locationeach weekday (Monday through Friday) and typically do not work on weekends orselected holidays. Hours vary but usually begin after 8:00 a.m. and end before 8:00 p.m.Driver Helpers must comply with UPS appearance guidelines.Driver Helper seasonal opportunities are typically between the Thanksgiving andChristmas holiday time period
  13. 13. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Applicants are not obligated to disclose sealed or expunged records of conviction or arrest. NOTE: Disclosure of convictions does not automatically disqualify you from employment consideration======================================================== At Zoës Kitchen, youre not just applying for a job. You are applying for an OPPORTUNITY to work for a rapidly growing company in an environment that is fast-paced, high-energy and fun! Our ideal candidates are outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic, highly motivated and positive. They also possess the following characteristics: A genuine desire to serve others with a warm smile A passion for food and the restaurant business Commitment to delivering an uncompromising food experience to our guests ALL Zoës Team Members can enjoy: Free meals while working • Flexible schedules • No late nights • Casual dress • Upbeat environmentIts an exciting time at Zoës! As we continue to grow as a company, the opportunities tojoin the Team Zoës grow, too.To apply, please follow these steps:Dont watch us grow...... Be a part of it!Zoës Kitchen, a rapidly growing, fast-casual restaurant concept with fresh and tastyMediterranean-inspired cuisine served in an environment of warm hospitality, continues toexpand throughout the South and were looking for talented leaders to join our team.They are seeking enthusiastic, energetic and highly driven Shift Leaders, Host-CashiersCooks and Catering Sales Representatives.Go to the following link and choose thelocation nearest you:
  14. 14. SKY ZONE, the company that invented the concept of indoor trampolineparks, is coming soon to Peoria!! Were looking for enthusiastic, energeticindividuals to join our team in delivering the highest quality Indoor TrampolinePark experience anywhere! We will be interviewing soon for:Part-Time EVENT HOSTSSky Zone hosts birthday parties, special events, groups, and corporate outings. The EventHosts specialize in taking care of these groups from the moment they enter the facility tothe moment they leave.Responsibilities include group reservations and check-ins, interfacing with the parents orgroup coordinators, setting up the birthday or event room, serving food and beverages,taking pictures of the event, and settling billing with the customer. Other duties includecourt monitoring, check-ins, cashiering, and prep/service in our Red Mango frozen yogurtshop as needed.Part-Time CUSTOMER SERVICE CASHIERSSky Zone offers open jump time, special events, aerobic fitness classes, dodge balltournaments, and more. Our Customer Service Cashiers specialize in taking care of ourcustomers . . . from the moment they call, or enter the facility, to the moment they leave.Responsibilities include taking care of customer check-ins, explaining policies andprocedures to our guests and ensuring that they have a great experience at our facility.Excellent communication skills, a positive attitude and an ability to work well with thepublic are desired attributes for the position. Past experience working in a fast-pacedenvironment and good computer skills are helpfulPart-Time Trampoline COURT MONITORSSky Zone has the most amazing trampoline courts around including; two large Dodge BallCourts, a huge Open Court, a Basketball Court, and a five-lane Foam Pit. The CourtMonitors specialize in keeping jumpers safe and having fun from the moment they entera court to the moment they leave by managing the safety and flow of jumpers on ourtrampoline playing courts. As Court Monitor, you must be able to project your voice andenforce rules and safety in a positive manner. You will be interacting with a broad rangeof people so you must be friendly, but firm when needed to ensure all our jumpers flysafe!
  15. 15. Full Time EVENT MANAGERThe position heads the Sky Zone experience in hosting birthday parties, special events,groups, and corporate outings. The Event Manager is responsible for working with thesegroups internally, as well as reaching out to prospective groups, teams, and companies tocontinue to attract new business.The Event Manager supervises, schedules, and works with a small staff of Event Hosts totake care of these groups from the moment they enter the facility to the time they leave.As part of the management team, this position will also on occasion assist with the day today operations of the customer service/cashiering area, Red Mango frozen yogurt outlet,and court monitors. Hours for the Event Manager position vary based on when thelargest portion of group and event business happens and the needs of the business. . .Weekends and some evenings are a part of the job.Personal Information ContinuedIf hired, can you present evidence of your U.S. Citizenship or proof of yourlegal right to live and work in thiscountry? [ ] Yes [ ] NoHave you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?(Felony or serious misdemeanor)? [ ] Yes [ ] No(Convictions for marijuana-related offenses that are more than two years oldneed not be listed)If yes, state the nature of the crime(s), when and where convicted anddisposition of the case(Note: No applicant will be denied employment solely on thegrounds of convictions of a criminal offense. The nature of theoffense, the date of the offense, the surrounding circumstancesand the relevance of the offense to the position(s) applied for may,however, be considered.)1. Fill out an online application at and click on"Contact Us" -- "Employment" link.2. Drop off the completed application at:Sky Zone, 9040 W Larkspur Dr. Peoria, AZ 85381Mondays through Fridays from 9am to 4pm.**Completed applications can also be emailed to: mryan@skyzonesports.comAnd dont forget to check out our website at http://phoenix.skyzonesports.comLIKE us on Facebook at (Fans of Sky ZonePhoenix-Peoria will also be invited out for a special pre-grand opening event on us!)
  16. 16. Phoenix Art Museum is looking for On-Call Gallery Attendants to ensure that all patronsare welcomed to the Museum by providing the highest standards of customer service, andprovide asafe, secure environment for the Museums collections, its members, visitors,volunteers andstaff.These positions will be scheduled approximately 15 hours per week, and may includeWeekend and evening hoursPhoenix Art Museum is looking for a responsible, polite and courteous On-Call VisitorServices Associate to work up to 15 hours a week greeting and helping Museum visitorswithutmost courtesy and respect. Responsibilities include explaining admissions policy tovisitors,collecting admission fees, verifying membership status, and answering visitorquestionsregarding the Museum‘s collections, exhibitions, events and facilities. Thisposition is alsoresponsible for ongoing promotion of Museum and Support Organizationmembership.Must be available to work both weekday and weekend hours.NOTE:No applicant will be denied employment solely on the grounds of convictions of acriminal offense. The nature of the offense, the date of the offense, the surroundingcircumstances and the relevance of the offense to the position(s) applied for may, however,be considered.) And…IMPORTANTLY…What you have done since your release…Submit cover letter, resume and salary history to job code PAM-OCGA:Email: Fax: (602) 257-2127Mail: Human Resources DepartmentPhoenix Art Museum1625 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004-1685Job Status: on-call, non-exempt, regularPay rate: $9.00/hourEOE================================================================The Phoenix Art Museum Cafe is currently accepting resumes forpositions of server and line cook.The restaurant is busy and only open Wednesday - Sunday serving lunch every day withthe addition of dinner on wed. These days are not negotiable, if you cant work one of themthen dont bother. Our menu consists of only the freshest local produce, meats, oils &cheeses. We are looking for people that can handle a fast paced environment. Please sendyour resume for consideration. CATERING EXPERIENCE ++SERIOUS INQUIRIESONLY!!!Reply to:
  17. 17. 1152 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014http://www.momoneypawn.comMo Money Pawn was established in 1988 by Rodney C. Sands. It is a family owned andoperated business that thrives on honesty and integrity. The unusual name was conjured upby his daughter Nichole.Mo Money Pawn has taken its time to establish itself as a community landmark. MoMoney Pawn turned a run down building into a great shopping experience, as well as acommunity asset. Mo Money Pawn is now recognized as Arizonas largest pawn shop.It is the only pawn shop in Arizona to have a night window operating until midnight hour.Mo Money Pawn Shop has an immediate opening for the right hard working individual.The position will include but is not limited to: Careful organization of items in the warehouse, and inventory maintenance. Must have good customer service skills as there is constant interaction with customers. Spanish speaker is a huge plus, but not required. Must be self motivated and take initiative, very detail oriented. Ability to regularly lift items up to 50lbs. Full time, salaried position. Central Phoenix location, close to all freeways. Off peak hours for easy commute.*Must be able to legally handle firearms. Please, no phone calls, apply in person.*Question: I was convicted of a felony in 1998. Can I legally possess a firearm?Answer: Since you didn‘t tell me where you lived, I will have to assume that you are inArizona. Unless you have had your felony conviction set aside, you cannot legally possessa firearm. Since it has been a very long time since you committed your felony, you may beable to petition the court to ‗set aside‘ your conviction, expunge your record and restoreyour civil rights, including your right to own a firearm. This is only possible if your felonywas a ‗non-violent‘ one. If the crime you committed involved either serious injury or deathor was sexual in nature (sexual assault, molestation, etc.) the court will generally notconsider a request to have the conviction set aside.It is also possible to petition the court directly, but you‘d probably need someone to helpyou with this. You could contact the Clerk of Court in the jurisdiction where you wereconvicted of your crime to find out how the process might work.
  18. 18. 624 West Broadway Suite 202 Mesa, Arizona 85210 Phone: 480-279-1734Searching for a seasoned motorcycle tech that has a backgroundin Harley Davidson and American made v-twins.Must have own tools, ability to problem solve, takes pride in every task, and is in thisbusiness because you love to ride. Ability to use a lathe and milling machine a plus. Theybuild custom motorcycles as well as manufacture parts and do service work. You must beable to work on your own with a general scope of direction. Looking for talent.Please fax your resume to 480-890-0722.================================================================ APPRENTICE PROGRAM Suntec offers an extremely competitive Carpenter and Cement Mason Apprenticeship Program, designed to successfully train individuals to become highly-skilled concrete practitioners. While much of the training is done on the jobsites while working at Suntec, more formal, foundational education is provided in a classroom setting. Suntec Concrete 2221 West Shangri-La Road, Phoenix ARIZONA 85029 PHONE (602) 997-0937 FAX (602) 331-4882 for a Block layer, stucco and concreteworker.Full or part time. If you have experience anddrivers license call 602-430-0806
  19. 19. Warehouse Workers - PhoenixPhoenix, AZ, is seeking bright, motivated, hardworking individuals to fillpositions at our fast paced fulfillment centers. The ideal candidatepossesses a strong work ethic, attention to detail, the ability to meetdeadlines, and a commitment to customer service as it relates to productfulfillment. Applicants must have a stable work history, hold a high schooldiploma or GED equivalent, read and write English fluently, and must be 18years of age or olderRequirements of the Position:Each employee must be able to perform all of the job duties and physicalrequirements in the work environment as described below on a regular basiswith or without reasonable accommodation in order to meet therequirements of the job as a warehouse associateJob Duties:• Regular attendance and punctuality• Receive products using radio frequency scanners.• Relocate products using forklifts, pallet jacks and walkie-riders• Pick customer orders on all levels of a multi-level mezzanine• Pack and ship customer orders• Troubleshoot problems to resolution• Understand all aspects of production• Adhere to strict safety, quality, and production standards• Be willing to work on powered equipment (i.e. forklift or cherry picker)Physical Demands:• Stand and/or walk during shifts between 8 and 12 hours long (flex and part-time shifts may vary)• Lift and move up to 60 pounds• Lift, bend, reach above the head, kneel, crouch, and/or stretch during shiftsbetween 8 and 12 hours long (flex and part-time shifts may vary)• Push and pull product up to 60 pounds during shift between 8 and 12hours long (flex and part-time shifts may vary)• Engage in full manual dexterity in both hands and wrists• Work on a secure mezzanine at a height of 30-40 feet (equivalent to a 3rd or4th story building)• Continuously climb and descend four stories of stairs safely WorkEnvironment:• Work with and/or around moving mechanical parts• Noise level varies and can be loud
  20. 20. Temperature in the warehouse varies between 60 and 95 degrees, and willoccasionally exceed 95 degrees• Working nights, weekends, and/or holidays may be required• Overtime is often required (sometimes on very short notice) WorkExpectations:Candidates interested in a Warehouse Associate position with Amazon.comshould consider the following before accepting a position with the company:• This position is not a typical 40-hour a week opportunity• It is necessary for our employees to be flexible in their work schedules• You may have to work a schedule that is not your first choice• You may have to work overtime when it is not convenient• Sometimes overtime will be mandated• Work schedules are subject to change without notice• Due to the nature of our business, we operate 24 hours 7 days a week. If aholiday falls on your scheduled workday you will be required to work thatday and be compensated with holiday pay• Our ability to provide excellent customer service for our customers duringthe months of November and December is critical for the success of ourcompany. We do not typically allow any scheduled time off such as vacationor personal days to be taken during these months• Overtime is often mandated during November and December and may bemandated at any time during the year.• You may experience the opportunity to work for several differentmanagers. We move managers around to meet the business needs.Associates must adapt to changes in management.• You may be required to work on powered equipment after training• You should expect to and will be required to cross train and work indifferent areas of the warehouse.NOTE: ANY FELONIES MUST BE OVER 7 YEARS OLDVISIT ONE OF OUR TWO RECRUITING OFFICES AT:7333 W. Thomas Rd. Ste. 86 Phoenix AZ (Located in Desert Sky Pavilion)9201 N. 29th Ave. Ste. 8 Phoenix AZ (Located in Metro Center)IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Pick, Pack, Ship, Receive JobAPPLY HERE:
  21. 21. A Motivated Team Spanning 20 States!Big O Tires is a great place to work and a great place to succeed. We have careeropportunities all over the map. From our more than 480 retail locations in 20 states andCanada, to our corporate headquarters in Centennial, Colorado; if youre looking for anopportunity to strive for excellence, Big O Tires is a great place to consider!Retail OpportunitiesEach Big O Tires store is individually owned and operated, and each franchisee makes thestaffing and hiring decisions for the individual location(s). However, the Big O franchiseesare always looking for new faces with experience and desire to serve Big O Tires storecustomers. Joining the team at a Big O Tires store is more than just taking a job, as manyemployees have worked their way up from the service bays or sales floors into storemanagement positions, partnerships and ultimately into store ownership.If youre interested in the fast-paced retail experience, the fastest way to jump-start your career and future with Big O Tires is to contact your local store tocomplete an employment application. Some of the positions that individualstores may have a need for today include: Lube Technician…Store Manager…Assistant Manager…Service Manager…Salesperson…Service Technician…Alignment Technician…Tire Technician
  22. 22. If youre interested in the fast-paced retail experience, the fastest way to jump-start your career and future with Big O Tires is to contact your local store tocomplete an employment application.Address:720 East Baseline Road, Phoenix, AZ 85042 (602) 243-62552020 South Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282 (480) 968-39952510 N 75Th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85035 (623) 846-01125115 West Peoria Glendale, AZ 85302 (623) 937-30422248 W. Bell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85023 (602) 866-7558=====================================================================================Here at Discount Tire/Americas Tire, we celebrate the spirit of our people withextraordinary pride and enthusiasm. Our business has been growing for more than 40years and now is the best time in our history to join us. We are opening more locationsper year than ever before and we are always looking for special individuals to join us inour growth. We are a company that promotes from within, both in our retail andcorporate operations. Take a look at some of our success stories and see if you want toknow more about Discount Tire and the careers we offer nationwide.
  23. 23. Tire TechnicianOne of the most important positions in our company, the tire technician performs theservice part of our business. Youll expertly perform the tire changing, balancing, flatrepairs and rotation service that must be done with safety and efficiency. It is a very goodplace to begin; more leaders within our company have begun at this part-time positionthan any other. Whether you are attending school and want to supplement your incomeor you are considering a full-time career with us, the tire technician experience will giveyou a foundation for success. Here is what you will learn: Working safely to maintain industry and company standards. Youll be trained in every aspect of machine operation and vehicle service to assure your safety and the safety of customers. Service efficiency is critical to customer satisfaction and youll learn how to perform tasks with an efficiency that is unparalleled in the industry. For technicians who excel, advancement to inventory management is the next level. Youll learn computer-based and physical inventory methods.Please read the following information if you are interested in applying for a career withDiscount Tire/Americas Tire.Part–time Store PositionTake the completed store application and resume (if available) to the store you areinterested in. When applying, ask to speak to the manager.Store Application: W Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ 85015 (602) 249-09801824 E Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 277-0039330 E Baseline Phoenix, AZ 85042 (602) 243-17967040 North 43rd Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301 (623) 937-66392301 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 (480) 994-53367231 W Indian School, Rd Phoenix, AZ 85033 (623) 846-380910058 N Metro Parkway W, Phoenix, AZ 85051 (602) 944-33453232 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 992-43505990 W Behrend Drive, Glendale, AZ 85308 (623) 572-77066825 West Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345 (623) 878-9487
  24. 24. Arizona Builders AllianceThe Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) offers the largest Apprenticeship programs inArizona and is accepting new students for next semester.Anyone wishing to register should call the ABAfor information at (602) 274-8222, please ask for Gary TownsleyDid you know that the largest employer in the United States is the constructionindustry? And its not the old industry you might be thinking of. There are newtechnologies, new techniques, and a kind of teamwork you dont find in many otherindustries.Millions of craft workers are secure in their jobs and making a good living becausethey have a skill that is needed every day in the construction industry. These men and women are advancing in their careers because they have hands-on experience in a skilled trade. They work as part of a team, building homes, schools, offices, bridges, and every type of public and private structure. They can move up to jobs as supervisors, engineers, and architects. At ABA, we understand the importance of building a future. We want to help you plan and realize your dreams. Like putting up a building, your future needs a blueprint. ABA offers you the tools to build a career in the construction industry. Apprenticeship is a proven way to make it to the top.What is Apprenticeship?Apprenticeship is a relationship between an employer and an employee duringwhich the worker--the apprentice--learns a craft. You "earn while you learn"through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. What does apprenticeship training involve? Apprenticeship training typically includes: Apprentice-level pay from the employer; Planned, on-the-job training under proper supervision; Related technical, classroom instruction; Training that lasts a specified length
  25. 25. Types of apprenticeship programsThere are two fundamental types of apprenticeship programs: Youth andStandard: Apprenticeship--Benefits With Apprenticeship Training youll have: On the Job Training Regular Pay Increases Health Insurance Benefits Improved Job Security Nationally Recognized Certification College Accredited Courses Leadership Development Career Advancement Higher Wages A Lifetime CareerTo receive more info about apprenticeship training with ABA, in thePhoenix area contact Gary Townsley by phone 602.274.8222or email,in Southern Arizona contact Larry Copenhaver at 520.881.7930or email payApprentices are employees. Generally, an apprentices pay starts out at about halfthat of the average journey-level worker employed by the same company andincreases regularly throughout apprenticeship. By the end of the formal trainingperiod, the apprentice will receive the wages of a skilled, journey-level craftworker.Planned, day-by-day training on the job under proper supervisionApprentices work and learn under experienced people know as journey workers.Apprentices will earn their own journey-level status when they successfullycomplete their apprenticeships. Under the guidance of journey workers,apprentices learn every aspect of the craft over time and perform the work underless and less supervision.Related technical, classroom instructionRelated instruction generally takes place in a classroom. The teaching coverstechniques of the craft and also the theory behind the techniques. It includes
  26. 26. detailed presentations of how typical tasks are performed, and especially thesafety precautions that must be taken. Experienced craft workers and other skilledprofessionals teach classes. Classes require study of craft manuals and educationalmaterials.Specified length of apprenticeshipApprenticeships usually last from two to four years. Opportunities begin as early asthe 10th or 11th grade and continue after high school graduation.Youth Apprenticeship programsYouth Apprenticeships offer students, beginning in the 10th or 11th grade, acourse of study that brings together academics, work-site learning, and paid workexperience--all before high school graduation, These apprenticeships are alsocalled School-to-Career programs. These programs are linked to post-high schooloptions and preparation for the world of work. After high school, you can enter aStandard Apprenticeship program at an advanced level or enter a communitycollege and apply Youth Apprenticeship credits toward a two year degree.Standard Apprenticeship programsFor high school graduates, construction apprenticeship programs will put you onthe payroll while you learn the skills and knowledge you need to earn top wages ina craft.While you are working, youll spend several hours each week in formal classeslearning related technical material and practical applications in your craft. Coursesare devoted to teaching the latest techniques and technology that will make you avaluable employee. Arizona Builders Alliance Contact information Phoenix Office Tucson Office 1825 W. Adams 1661 N. Swan, Suite 144 Phoenix, AZ 85007 Tucson, AZ 85712 Ph: 602.274.8222 Ph: 520.881.7930 Fx: 602.274.8999 Fx: 520.327.1686
  27. 27. Bricklaying & Tile Setting ApprenticeshipBricklaying and Tile Setting involves the installation of brick and tile on both interior andexterior building projects. Tasks often vary in complexity and can include building andrepairing walls, floors, partitions, chimneys, fireplaces and other similar structures.Workers often start out as Apprentices, working their way up to full Journeyman statuswith the eventual opportunity to become supervisors or business owners. Journeymen willoften specialize in a certain aspect of the trade and many are self-employed.Bricklayers and Tile Setters must be dependable, have a strong work ethic and possessbasic skills in math and drawing.Program Certificate & Degree Options Associate in Applied Science Degree in Bricklaying Certificate of Completion in BricklayingEmployment OutlookApprentices earn 50-55% of the Journeyman hourly wage, receiving wage increasesthroughout the training period, as coursework and training is completed. Apprentices moveup in status, earning the full Journeyman wage upon receiving the Journeyman card.Employment demand is high in bricklaying and tile setting, and expected to grow in thefuture. On average, Bricklayers and Tile Setters earn an hourly rate of $19.12, for anaverage annual salary of $39,770.Get StartedContact the Phoenix Bricklaying and Tile SettingJoint Apprenticeship Committee at (602) 286-9030for complete details.
  28. 28. HVAC ApprenticeshipPipefitting, steam-fitting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) involvesinstalling piping systems, environmental systems, package units and large tonnagerefrigeration units for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. These positions arepart of the largest and may account for many of the highest paid occupations in theconstruction industry.Workers in this industry often become specialists, working in a variety of commercial andindustrial settings. Advancement opportunities include becoming supervisors or, withmore education, certified plumbers. Employment outlook continues to look good,especially for those who add welding experience.Program Certificate & Degree OptionsAssociate of Applied Science Degree in Construction Trades - MechanicalTrades: Heating, Ventilating and Air ConditioningCertificate of Completion in Construction Trades - Mechanical Trades: Heating,Ventilating and Air ConditioningEmployment OutlookApprentices earn 50-55% of the Journeyman hourly wage, receiving wage increasesthroughout the training period, as coursework and training is completed. Apprentices moveup in status, earning the full Journeyman wage upon receiving the Journeyman card.Employment demand is high in HVAC, and expected to grow in the future. On average,workers earn an hourly rate of $18.67, for an average annual salary of $38,840.PartnersJohnson Controls InstituteJohnson Controls, Inc. (NYSE: JCI), is the global, multi-industrial leader in creating smartenvironments. JCI ranks 70th on the current Fortune 100 list and is one of the biggestcompanies in the world, providing solutions for operating buildings effectively andefficiently to increase energy efficiency and operational performance.
  29. 29. Products & ServicesJCI products and services include HVAC&R equipment and control systems, industrialand commercial refrigeration, fire and security systems and service for commercial,industrial and residential buildings.The JCI team of over 10,000 front-line service providers offers service capabilities thatextend beyond maintaining control systems and mechanical equipment. And for globalcorporations, JCI operates and manage entire facility portfolios to improve businessoperations, benefit people and lower costs.LocationThe Arizona desert landscape provides a unique environment for learning how to createindoor environments. Industry leaders and professionals have been taking advantage of ourenvironmental systems laboratory since its dedication on March 31, 1998.The JCI institute is conveniently located here on campus, about one mile north of thePhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.GateWay students become Air Conditioning Refrigeration Facilities Technicians utilizinghands-on training in a real-world setting, using real building equipment withoutcompromising the real indoor environment.. Much of the equipment students used intraining students has been donated to GateWay by Johnson Controls, Inc."This facility boasts the best teaching and learning environment available anywhere forstudents entering the HVAC field and for employers seeking to upgrade the skills of theirtechnicians," insists Dr. Clyde Perry, chair of GateWays Industrial Technology Division."GateWay is proud to take a leading role in providing quality training using the latesttechnology," said GateWay President Giovannini. "This is a perfect example of the kind ofpublic-private partnerships we seek to cultivate to foster good jobs for our graduates and awell-trained workforce for employers."Phoenix Pipefitting Trades Joint Apprenticeship andTraining CommitteePhone: (602) 269-8213
  30. 30. Bell Attendant | SCO001162DescriptionAt Hyatt, we believe our guests select Hyatt because of our caring and attentiveassociates who are focused on providing efficient service and meaningfulexperiences. Bell Attendants are in constant communication with the Front Officeand Valet to ensure guests are escorted and their luggage and personal items aretransported to and from the guest rooms efficiently. Its important to ensure thatguests are comfortable with accommodations and are familiar with room offeringsand features. This highly visible role gives opportunity for casual conversation andhotel or local recommendations.Hyatt associates work in an environment that demands exceptional performanceyet reaps great rewards. Whether its career opportunities, job enrichment or asupportive work environment, if you are ready for this challenge, then we areready for you.This is not your typical career opportunity. This is the Hyatt Touch.QualificationsA true desire to satisfy the needs of others in a fast paced environment.Must have excellent English language skills.Refined verbal communication skills.Must have physical stamina to lift 50 lbs.Ability to tolerate moderate amounts of walking.Primary Location: US-AZ-ScottsdaleOrganization: Hyatt Regency Scottsdale ResortPay Basis: 6.35 Hourly US Dollar (USD)Job Level: Hourly/Entry Level Employee | Full-time
  31. 31. Deli Attendant-Einsteins Bagels|PHO000932 Full-TimeDeli Attendant-Einsteins Bagels|PHO000936 Part-TimeDescriptionThe Deli Attendant is responsible primarily for assisting guests food and/or beverageorders within the Einsteins Bagel Outlet. This person must have exceptionalcommunication skills as well as superior guest service abilities. This is a fast pacedposition with constant customer interaction and cash handling.Qualifications Availability to work early mornings and afternoons. Good communication skills.Primary Location:US-AZ-PhoenixOrganization:Hyatt Regency PhoenixPay Basis:HourlyUS Dollar (USD)Job Level:Hourly/Entry Level Employee|Full-time===============================================================Food Server Assistant (Busser)-Terrace Cafe|PHO000924DescriptionThe Food Server Assistant is responsible primarily for assisting the Food Server in servingthe guest within our Terrace Cafe Outlet. This person must have good communicationskills as well as the ability to lift, pull and push moderate weight. This is a fast pacedposition with continual customer contact.Qualifications Previous customer service experience required. Good communication skills. Availability to work early mornings and afternoons.Primary Location:US-AZ-PhoenixOrganization:Hyatt Regency PhoenixPay Basis:HourlyUS Dollar (USD)Job Level:Hourly/Entry Level Employee|Full-time================================================================General Maintenance Engineer|PHO000946DescriptionA General Maintenance will be responsible primarily for general maintenance and repairsin guest rooms, meeting space, and front of the house areas. Guest room and public areaentry-level preventative maintenance are included. A General Maintenance Engineer willalso perform some repairs on mechanical, electrical, kitchen, and laundry equipment,requiring some skills and experience in these areas, as well as good communication skills.Qualifications A minimum of one year building maintenance experience is required, with hotel experience preferred. Good customer skills are also required.Primary Location:US-AZ-PhoenixOrganization:Hyatt Regency PhoenixPayBasis:HourlyUS Dollar (USD)Job Level:Hourly/Entry Level Employee|Full-time
  32. 32. Houseperson- Convention Services|PHO000920DescriptionAt Hyatt, we believe our guests select Hyatt because of our caring and attentive associateswho are focused on providing efficient service and meaningful experiences.The Convention Services Houseperson is responsible for setting up and breaking down allmeeting spaces with tables/chairs/water, etc. This person must have good communicationskills as well as the ability to lift moderate weight. This is a fast paced position.Hyatt associates work in an environment that demands exceptional performance yet reapsgreat rewards. Whether its career opportunities, job enrichment or a supportive workenvironment; if you are ready for this challenge, then we are ready for you.Primary Location:US-AZ-PhoenixOrganization:Hyatt Regency PhoenixPayBasis:HourlyUS Dollar (USD)Job Level:Hourly/Entry Level Employee|Full-time===============================================================HVAC Mechanic|SCO001153DescriptionThis position will respond to guest and house calls, Central Plant Operations, GeneralHVAC/ Kitchen Equipment/ Laundry repairs. Knowledge of pneumatics, DDC and BASoperations. Over-see and operate BAS system central cooling plant water chemistry. Mustbe able to life a minimum of 75 lbs. Basic boiler operation and chiller operating experiencerequired. Electrical troubleshooting experience to include 120V to 480V equipment. Thisshift is 3:30 PM - 12 AM Tuesday - Saturday.QualificationsThis person must possess strong trouble-shooting skills in all areas of maintenance in guestrooms, meeting space and front of the house areas, as well as back of house areasincluding kitchen, electrical, mechanical, HVAC systems and using a windows basedcomputer system. Ability to read blue prints and schematics is also required. A minimumof 2-years building maintenance experience is requested, with hotel experience preferred.A strong working knowledge of all major building systems and life-safety systems isrequired. Must have EPA Section 608 Universal Certification.Primary Location:US-AZ-ScottsdaleOrganization:Hyatt Regency Scottsdale ResortPay Basis:18HourlyUS Dollars (USD)Job Level:Hourly/Entry Level Employee|Full-time.================================================================Greeter-Compass Arizona Grill|PHO000943 Full-TimeGreeter-Terrace Cafe|PHO000933 Part-Time - Hyatt Regency PhoenixDescriptionAt Hyatt, we believe our guests select Hyatt because of our caring and attentive associateswho are focused on providing efficient service and meaningful experiences. Greeters areresponsible for welcoming and creating the first impression for guests. These individualshave the ability to influence the overall restaurant experience by their interactions thatinclude providing table accommodations and offering menu recommendations. Greetersmay be the final point of contact and have the ability to ensure guest satisfaction. If youhave worked as a restaurant host or restaurant hostess, your skills are invaluable to the
  33. 33. position of Greeter at Hyatt. Your restaurant job experience will give you the tools to besuccessful as a restaurant Greeter at Hyatt.Hyatt associates work in an environment that demands exceptional performance yetreaps great rewards. Whether its career opportunities, job enrichment or asupportive work environment, if you are ready for this challenge, then we are readyfor you.Qualifications A true desire to satisfy the needs of others in a fast paced environment. Refined verbal communication skills.This is a great opportunity to use your restaurant host or restaurant hostess job experienceto begin a career at Hyatt. For immediate consideration for this hostess job, Click ApplyNow and complete an application for the Greeter position on the Hyatt Careers Site!Primary Location:US-AZ-PhoenixOrganization:Hyatt Regency PhoenixPayBasis:HourlyUS Dollar (USD)Job Level:Hourly/Entry Level Employee|Part-time================================================================Singing Gondolier|SCO001155DescriptionThe Singing Gondolier is a classically trained opera singer with a minimum of six Italianarias. The Gondolier provides guests with a relaxing boat ride on the lake, providingentertainment during the ride. The ability to physically row an Italian Gondola withpassengers and excellent customer service skills are necessary. This position also requiresshifts as a Greeter at a rate of $11.50 per hour.This is not your typical career opportunity. This is the Hyatt Touch.QualificationsExcellent customer service skills.Ability to physically row a Gondola boat with passengers and lift a minimum of 25lbs.Must be classically trained singer with at least 6 Italian songs or arias.Primary Location:US-AZ-ScottsdaleOrganization:Hyatt Regency Scottsdale ResortPay Basis:7.35HourlyUS Dollar/TIPS (USD)Job Level:Hourly/Entry LevelEmployee|On-call/Casual================================================================Merry Maids is the leading home cleaning business in the nation! Join our team and seewhy for yourself. They offer paid holidays, paid vacation, 401K savings program, PAID TRAINING,reimburse for your gas while driving on the job, weekly paychecks on Friday and much more! NONIGHTS! Currently they are hiring for Monday-Friday as well as Tuesday-Saturday. Team membersreport to our office every morning at 8:15 am and work until their day is completed.*Valid drivers license *Current liability insurance on automobile *Ability to pass criminal backgroundcheck *Ability to pass motor vehicle records check *Ability to pass drug screeningPlease apply in person Tuesday-Friday from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm at the followingaddress:Merry Maids @ 4725 N. 43rd Ave. #1, Phoenix, AZ 85031========================================================================
  34. 34. Kiewit CorporationJobs Done Well"Just as a rock is not shaken by a strong or sudden gust of wind, neither should we be affected by praise orsuccess. We must not be satisfied with our past accomplishments and we should make every effort to improve andexpand our operations – but only in an orderly and beneficial manner…a company cannot stand still for long –either it goes ahead or it slides back."Peter Kiewit, 1964Notice to all potential job candidatesWe recently have become aware of individuals, unaffiliated with the KiewitCorporation, who have been sending out fake employment offers using a namesimilar to ours, in an apparent attempt to defraud would-be job candidates.Please be advised that Kiewit Corporation does not solicit candidates foremployment via email - nor do we require or ask for fees or payments during anyphase of the recruitment or hiring process. If any person solicits information, feesor payments from you as part of the "recruitment process" or as part of anemployment offer, you should assume that the communication is not from KiewitCorporation and is not sanctioned or approved by our Company.If you have received one these offers or believe you have been the victim offraudulent activity via the internet, we would appreciate you filing a complaint withthe following United States Government site: REAL JOB:Hiring Construction Carpenters @ $23.58 HourConstruction Laborers @ $15.19 HourAdditional Application Information: We hire thru the carpenters union local 408.The employer requests you call their office for an appointment. When calling youshould identify the position you are applying for by the job title listed above.Apply by calling 602-437-7786==============================================================
  35. 35. ARIZONA GRAND RESORT Nestled at the base of South Mountain, Arizona Grand Resort offers our guests an amazing retreat true to the Southwest. Our bright and airy guest suites with plush decors, amazing restaurants, relaxing spa, entertaining water park and championship golf course bring the guests once but it takes fun, friendly talented associates to truly create the experience and ensure the guest return. The Arizona 8000 S Arizona Grand Parkway Grand Resort is seeking individuals who Phoenix, AZ 85044 US enjoy working in a guest service HOW TO APPLY: IN PERSON AT environment. For career opportunities HR OFFICE, ONLINE AT please select from the criteria below to WEBSITE, NO CALLS begin your exciting career in hospitality.Front Office - Bellperson (full-time)Status: Open Position Type: Hourly PositionSalary: 4.35+ TIPS Category: Front DeskBonus Eligibility: No Duration: Full TimeRelocation Availablity: No Description The Arizona Grand Resort vows to be much more than a place to stay. It is a destination full of unique touches and stunning perspectives that make every Arizona visit feel naturally grand. As the only all-suite hotel nestled beside a mountain preserve in Phoenix, our guests do not simply see the beautiful scenery of one of the world‘s largest city parks. A stay at Arizona Grand allows all who come, the chance to experience Arizona‘s most naturally beautiful places via all five senses at once. The palm trees in our logo symbolize the refreshing oasis that Arizona Grand offers visitors to the Southwest. Independently owned and operated, the resort proudly boasts the friendliest staff in Arizona. We work hard to make sure we exceed guests‘ expectations on a daily basis. Whether they want to play golf on a challenging course or make waves at our water park, if they have a business event or need a respite from the everyday, they‘ll be warmly welcomed and leave feeling well cared for at the Arizona Grand.
  36. 36. SUMMARY OF POSITION:The Bellperson is responsible for representing the resort at the main entrance. They shouldenthusiastically greet arriving and departing guests according to resort standards. Theyescort guests to their suites, providing guests with a full orientation of the resort and thesuite itself. They also assist departing guests with transport and storage of luggage.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:• Meet and greet all arriving and departing guests with a friendly and sincere greeting,following resort standards as specified.• Grasping, lifting, and carrying packages from vehicles to designated transportation orsecure storage areas.• Escort guests to suites using resort service standards, visually inspecting rooms uponarrival and reporting deficiencies to the appropriate department for repair.• Issue luggage claim tickets at drop-off, read and match tickets at pick-up.• Develop a complete knowledge of all resort amenities and general information about theresort including outlet hours, resort services, local attractions, function spaces, car rentals• Answer guest inquiries politely using a clear speaking voice.• Other tasks as assigned including, but not limited to laundry pick-up/drop-off, newspaperdelivery, posting reader boards, polish carts, and answering bell desk telephone.QUALIFICATIONS:Education: N/ACertificates or Licenses: Valid and current driver‘s license with a clean driving record.License checks will be conducted periodicallyKnowledge, Skills, and Abilities:• Ability to operate a bell cart• Considerable knowledge of the city and surrounding areas• Ability to memorize and perform Resort Standards, AAA diamond standards, andMystery shopper standardsPersonal Characteristics:• Behaves ethically• Communicates effectively: Speaks and listens in a clear, thorough, and timely manner,effectively reading and writing, using the English language• Professional Appearance: Exhibits an appearance appropriate for a four diamond resort(Specific grooming standards are available for review)Experience: N/AWORKING CONDITIONS:• Attendance as scheduled is a critical element in all positions at the Arizona Grand Resort.
  37. 37. Landscaping - Landscape Maintenance (full-time)Status: Open Position Type: Hourly PositionSalary: 8.00 Category: EngineeringBonus Eligibility: No Duration: Full TimeRelocation Availablity: No DescriptionThe Arizona Grand Resort vows to be much more than a place to stay. It is a destinationfull of unique touches and stunning perspectives that make every Arizona visit feelnaturally grand. As the only all-suite hotel nestled beside a mountain preserve in Phoenix,our guests do not simply see the beautiful scenery of one of the world‘s largest city parks.A stay at Arizona Grand allows all who come, the chance to experience Arizona‘s mostnaturally beautiful places via all five senses at once. The palm trees in our logo symbolizethe refreshing oasis that Arizona Grand offers visitors to the Southwest.Independently owned and operated, the resort proudly boasts the friendliest staff inArizona. We work hard to make sure we exceed guests‘ expectations on a daily basis.Whether they want to play golf on a challenging course or make waves at our water park,if they have a business event or need a respite from the everyday, they‘ll be warmlywelcomed and leave feeling well cared for at the Arizona Grand.SUMMARY OF POSITION:Landscape Maintenance is responsible for maintaining landscaped Resort areas to providea pleasant environment for guests.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:• Safely operate equipment including mowers and trimmers and other implements.• Maintain overall property cleanliness• Clean up and trim trees, shrubs, and flowers• Hand water plants, as necessary• Adjust and repair sprinkler system• Plant trees, shrubs, and flowers• Maintain shop cleanliness• Maintain equipment• Other tasks as assigned by managers or supervisorsQUALIFICATIONS:Education: High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.Experience: 1 year landscaping experience preferred.Certificates or Licenses: None
  38. 38. Landscaping - Landscape Maintenance (full-time)continuedKnowledge, Skills, and Abilities:• Ability to work during adverse weather conditions.• Ability to understand and communicate repair challenges• Ability to lift, push and pull heavy items (10-90 lbs.)• Knowledge of equipment and tools used in landscaping including sprinkler systems• General knowledge of trees, shrubs, and flowers• Ability to operate equipment and tools used in landscaping• Ability to walk, stand, bend, and kneel for extended periods• Ability to tolerate different weather conditions (90% of time is spent outdoors.)Personal Characteristics:• Behaves ethically• Communicates effectively: Speaks and listens in a clear, thorough, and timely manner.• Professional Appearance: Exhibits an appearance appropriate for a four diamond resort(Specific grooming standards are available for review)Working Conditions:• Attendance as scheduled is a critical element in all positions at the Arizona Grand Resort.APPLY HERE: should I work for United Rentals?United Rentals is North Americas largest equipment rental company. We serve a diversecustomer base that includes construction and industrial companies, utilities, municipalities,homeowners and others. With more than 550 branches, we offer job seekers theopportunity for a rewarding career in their local area.What types of values are important to United Rentals?We are committed to helping our customers become more successful by offering them thewidest possible range of choices, including a modern, diverse and reliable fleet ofequipment for rent or purchase, quality supplies and superior service. To be our best – tomeet our goals and support our values, we look to our employees.
  39. 39. ASSOCIATE(S): SW12182, SW12328 & 12485 (EAST PHOENIX)United Rentals, the largest equipment rental company in the world, is offering anexcellent opportunity for an Equipment Associate ready to grow their career withthe leader in the industry. To continue our tremendous success and unparalleledgrowth, we are searching for qualified and ambitious individuals to perform avariety of manual tasks to ensure smooth branch operation. The primary objectiveof the Equipment Associate is to provide labor assistance to service technicians,sales staff, and other branch personal engaged in meeting the needs of customers.Responsibilities will include:• Assisting with deliveries and preparing equipment for rental• Performing routine checks on rental equipment to ensure it is safe and in goodworking order• Greet customers and assist with customer inquiries about equipment• Suggest equipment and supplies to meet customer needs• Loading and unloading rental equipmentJOB REQUIREMENTS:Superior customer service remains the backbone of United Rentals, therefore yourwillingness and ability to provide this to each customer makes you a top-notchcandidate. To be qualified for this position, the ideal candidate must have a highschool diploma and be eager to learn. We look for individuals with effectivecommunication and strong teamwork skills and the ability to multi-task. This roleinvolves lifting of equipment up to 50lbs and a valid driver’s license is required.APPLY HERE: Southwest Concrete Paving (623) 516-0013 2222 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, #190, Phoenix, AZ 85027 Cross Streets: Between N 20th Dr and N Black Canyon HwyFlaggerSalary $12.31 base & $3.96 fringe, total $16.27/hrDuties: Controlling flow of traffic on the roadway in the work area in cooperationwith project foreman. Job Location: Mariposa Rd (SR189)@ International Border toMilepost 1.0. Work Schedule: Temporary 6 months; full time position 40+Hr/weekCurrent 2-year flagger certification is required.Apply: Fax resume attn: Kerry Wild @623-516-8090 for appointment interview.
  40. 40. IMMEDIATE HIRING!!! Production workersAre needed for a precast concrete production facility. Job description is generalproduction work, pouring concrete in molds and stripping molds. Requires heavylifting, team work, pride in workmanship, attention to detail and flexibility in workhours/days. Concrete or carpentry experience preferred but not required. NOCallsPlease forward resume to or apply in person at 415S Price Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281=================================================================== St Joseph the Worker (602) 417-9854 1125 W Jackson St, Phoenix,AZ85007 St. Joseph the Workers primary focus is helping people to help themselves. We provide people with the tools necessary to conduct successful job searches and support them in their efforts to better their lives. St. Joseph the Worker is a small, privately funded 501(c)(3), non-profit organization located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona that has been operating since 1988
  41. 41. Job DeveloperInteracts with clients daily to assist them with a variety of employment issuesand long term planning and goals. Works closely with employers and socialservice agencies to provide the resources clients need.RESPONSIBILITIES:Arrive promptly at 7 a.m. to prepare office for business each day.Provide one-on-one job development, coaching individuals on issues such asdecision making, goal planning, judgment, employment planning and other lifeskills.Actively engage clients and express appropriate empathy and compassiontreating each individual with dignity and respectModel appropriate behavior in the areas of dress, professionalism and speechat all timesAdvocate for clients in order to get necessary services and supplies; run clientrelated errands as necessaryAssist clients with resources such as resumes, clothing, haircuts, work tools,uniforms and bus tickets.Collaborate with agency partners and community members. Connect clients toservices which will provide additional services for their needsCo-teach bi-weekly Job Readiness Workshops to inmates currentlyincarcerated at local detention facilitiesCoordinate with other team members for assessment and service to incomingclients, participate in client registration, intake appointments and one on onejob developmentParticipate in off-site programs, events and job fairs.Work with local employers and job boards to identify job leads andopportunities; maintain a working knowledge of local employers, newbusinesses, employers who will work with felons and employment trends.Maintain statistics and documentation regarding agency outcomes and clientsuccess.Meet weekly with staff to update and review client and office procedures,coordinate schedules; participate in office procedures, including dailymaintenance and weekly cleaning duties.Represent agency in employment networking groups, service providercollaborations and neighborhood and homeless advocacy organizations.QUALIFICATIONS: -Must possess excellent written and verbalcommunication skills and strong organization skills -Strong desire to empowerhomeless individuals -Ability to work with a diverse group of people andexperiences without judgment. The ideal candidate will understand and reflectthe population served. -BA/BS in a related field or combination education andrelevant experience -Professional and/or volunteer experience with directservice preferredApply to:
  42. 42. Allied Waste/Republic Services Apply in person at 4811 W. Lower Buckeye Rd - Phx, Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pmCustomer Service RepresentativeThe Customer Service Representative responds to and resolves customer serviceinquiries, requests or complaints. Handles all temporary business inquiries including describing services available, quoting price and selling services. Responds effectively and courteously to customer service inquiries, requests or complaints. Returns all customer calls in a timely manner. Notifies the appropriate personnel to respond to the customer’s problems and concerns. Researches and resolves issues in a timely manner. Utilizes weekly pricing sheets to price containers for live loads. Determines the appropriate disposal site, using division management guidance. Initiates contact with customers whose containers should be returned, or begin paying rent. Reviews daily reports with the Customer Service Supervisor/Manager, Office Supervisor/Manager, and/or Sales Manager. Enters service and route data into computer for billing and route scheduling purposes.At Republic, you will work with the BEST in the business: 30,000 exceptional employeesin 40 states and Puerto Rico. Republic is a growing company, devoted to meeting theneeds of our customers every day.Working as a team we want you to have the opportunity to achieve your personal andprofessional best. Throughout your career, we will encourage you, motivate you and trainyou to excel. You will have the opportunity to grow with us.This is what you can expect when you join the Republic Services team: A workplace where safety is a top priority A respectful work environment A workplace where the BEST people come to work, devoted to meeting the needs of our customers every day
  43. 43. LOCAL JOB SEARCHLocal job search is critical to your job search because many employers WILLREJECT applications from most of the people who live over ten miles away forthe job…five miles if you tell them you have no/limited transportation or morethan 30 minutes away from the job site by bus.This is due to the fact that 80% of a decision to hire or not hire is based upon thefactor(s) of dependability and flexibility. If you live within this range and you startyou conversation with the phrase: “You know, I just live down the street…” youhave overcome 80% and if you are excited about the job; you have a handle onthe other 20%...That usually means: “YOU ARE HIRED!”Consider that when you see an advertisement; you are one of 500+ peoplewho see that advertisement. At that point the footrace is on and your odds ofgetting this job are running at 500 to 1. Not good odds…right?Consider that 97% of all companies in Arizona employ less than tenemployees.Consider that many of these companies cannot afford to $250-300advertisements or the 500 resumes that they will get from the cheap Craig List’sAdvertisement.So this means that there are many companies who will run anadvertisement ONLY as a last resort and ONLY if they cannot findsomeone by letting their current employees refer people, from the signin the window or other cheaper means of searching.So this means that there are many companies that have currentunadvertised openings and that very few (if any of those 500 peoplefrom above) job seekers know anything about these jobs or companies.
  44. 44. WHAT IF we could show you a way to find these companies and to find all ofthese companies that are within that 5-10 mile range, broken down by occupationor industry?WHAT WOULD access to this great source of information give to you interms of an advantage over those 500 other job seekers…?WHAT IF you had an actual script to help you start a conversation with any ofthese employers?WHAT WOULD THIS MEAN TO YOUR JOB SEARCH?INTERESTED?If you want to learn more about how to tap into this SECRET SOURCE ofcompanies and jobs; then talk with an AWEE Job Development TeamMember… FOR ADDITIONAL JOBS…Check with the Job Development Team…