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This is a copy of our twice a week, new job opportunity magazine for our local Job Club Chapter...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community from prison/jail...Employers who are interested in helping these Veterans and/or if you are an employer that can hire from this population of skilled Veterans that made life mistakes due to PTSD or poor judgement; you are welcome and encouraged to come and post job leads in this publication...please contact Project VETS at 602-223-4327 or

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Job Club New Job Opportunitie8dec2011a

  1. 1. JOB CLUB NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES 8 December 2011
  2. 2. Interviews for fun or practice, done with people who are passionate about the same thing you are; Interviews for information, done with information specialists, experts in the industry that interests you, or employees holding down the same job as you are exploring; and Interviews for hire, done with employers in general, and the person who has the power to hire you for the job you want, in particular.Tips about InterviewingThis is about this third kind of interview, the one for hire. Here are ten tips about thatkind of interview:TIP #1 An interview resembles dating, more than it does buying a used car (you). An interviewis analogous to two people trying to decide if they want “to go steady.” An interview isnot to be thought of as marketing yourself: i.e., selling you to a half-interested employer.Rather, an interview is part of your research, i.e., the data-collecting process that youhave been engaged in, or should have been engaged in, during your whole job hunt.While you are sitting there, with the employer, the question you are trying to find ananswer to is: “Do I want to work here, or not?” You use the interview to find out. Onlywhen you have concluded yes, do you then turn your energy toward selling yourself.An interview is not to be thought of as a test. It’s a data-collecting process for theemployer, too.They are trying to decide if you fit.They are using the interview to find out “Do I want him or her to work here?Do they have skills, knowledge, or experience that I really need?Do they have an attitude toward work that I am looking for?And, how will they fit in with my other employees?”
  3. 3. Tips about InterviewingTIP #2An interview should be prepared for, before you ever go in, by taking these three steps:1. Research the organization or company, before going in.Go to their website if they have one, and read everything there that is “About Us.” If yourtown has a public library, ask your local librarian for help in finding any news clippings orother information about the place. And, finally, ask all your friends if they know anyonewho ever worked there, or works there still, so you can take them to lunch or tea orStarbucks and find out any inside stories.All organizations love to be loved. If you’ve gone to the trouble of finding out as muchabout them as you can, they will be flattered and impressed, believe me—because mostjob hunters never go to this amount of trouble.Most just walk in the door, knowing nothing about the organization. I knew a man whoran a large organization in Virginia; he said to me, “I’m so tired of people coming in here,saying, uh, what you do here? That the next person who comes in here and has donesome prior research on us, I’m going to offer a job.” He called me a week later to say, “Ikept my word.”2. When it is you who is taking the initiative in setting up the interview, specify the timeyou are asking of them—unless they ask you to stay longer.Experts recommend you only ask for twenty minutes, and observe this commitmentreligiously. Watch your watch or timepiece like a hawk! Stay aware of the time, and don’tstay one minute longer than the twenty minutes, unless the employer begs you to—and Imean, begs.Always prepare to end it at the time you specified, with, “I said I would only take twentyminutes of your time, and I like to honor my agreements.” This will always make a bigimpression on an employer!3. As you go to the interview, keep in mind that if this is the person-who-actually-has-the-power-to-hire-you, then they are just as anxious as you are.Why? Because, the hiring-interview is not a very reliable way to choose an employee. In asurvey conducted some years back, among a dozen top United Kingdom employers, itwas discovered that the chances of an employer finding a good employee through thehiring-interview was only 3 percent better than if they had picked a name out of a hat.
  4. 4. Tips about InterviewingIn a further ironic finding, it was discovered that if the interview was conducted bysomeone who would be working directly with the candidate, the success rate dropped to2 percent below that of picking a name out of a hat. And if the interview was conductedBy a so-called human resources expert, the success rate dropped to 10 percent belowthat of picking a name out of a hat. No, I don’t know how they came up with these figures, and maybe they are flat wrong,but I don’t think so. They are totally consistent with what I have learned about the worldof hiring during the past forty years. I have watched so-called experts make wretchedlybad choices about hiring in their own office, and when they would morosely confess thisto me some months later, over lunch, I would playfully tease them with, “If you don’teven know how to hire well for your own office, how do you keep a straight face whenyou’re called in as a hiring consultant by another organization?” And they would ruefullyreply, “We act as though it were a science.” Well, let me tell you, dear reader, hiring isnot a science. It is a very, very hazy art, done ineptly by most of its employer-practitioners, in spite of their own past experience, their very best intentions, and theircarloads of good will. TIP #3 What this adds up to, is that the hiring- interview is not what it seems to be. It seems to be one individual (you) sitting there, scared to death, while the other individual (the employer) is sitting there, blasé and confident. But what it really is, is two individuals (you and the employer) sitting there supremely anxious. It’s just that employers have learned to hide their fears better than you have, because they’ve had more practice. But this employer is, after all, a human being just like you. In most cases, they were not hired to do this. It got thrown in with all their other duties. And they dread making the wrong decision.
  5. 5. Tips about InterviewingThe employer’s fears include any or all of the following: That you won’t be able to do the job: that you lack the necessary skills or experience, and the hiring-interview won’t uncover this. That if hired, you won’t put in a full working day, more often than not. That if hired, you’ll take frequent sick days, on one pretext or another. That if hired, you’ll only stay around for a few weeks or at most a few months, until you find a better job that you can go get. That it will take you too long to master the job, and thus it will be too long before you’re profitable to that organization. That you won’t get along with the other workers there, or that you will develop a personality conflict with the boss. That you will only do the minimum that you can get away with, rather than the maximum that the boss is hoping for. Since every boss these days is trying to keep their workforce smaller than it was before the Recession, they are hoping for the maximum productivity from each new hire. That you will always have to be told what to do next, rather than displaying initiative—that you will always be in a responding mode, rather than an initiating mode (and mood). That you will have a disastrous character flaw not evident in the interview, and turn out to be either dishonest, or irresponsible, a spreader of dissension at work, lazy, an embezzler, a gossip, a sexual harasser, a drunk, a drug-user or substance abuser, a liar, incompetent, or—in a word—an employer’s worst nightmare. J. (If this is a large organization, and your would-be boss is not the top person) that you will bring discredit upon them, and upon their department/section/division, etc., forever hiring you in the first place—making them lose face, possibly also costing them a raise or a promotion from the boss upstairs. That you will cost a lot of money, if they make a mistake by hiring you. Currently, in the U.S. the cost to an employer of a bad hire can far exceed $50,000, including relocation costs, lost pay for the period for work not done or aborted, and severance pay, if they are the ones who decide to let you go. (Put “cost of a bad hire” into a search engine like Google and you will see figures ranging from fifteen times the hire’s monthly salary to five times the hire’s annual salary.) No wonder the employer interviewing you is as anxious as you are. In your heart, be as compassionate toward them, as you hope they will be toward you. Forget the title—”employer” or “employee”—both of you are just persons.
  6. 6. Tips about InterviewingTIP #4During the interview, determine to observe “the 50-50 Rule.” Studies have revealed that,in general, the people who get hired are those who mix speaking and listening fifty-fifty inthe interview. That is, half the time they let the employer do the talking; half the time inthe interview they do the talking.1. People who didn’t follow that mix were the ones who didn’t get hired, according to thestudy. My hunch as to the reason why this is so, is that if you talk too much aboutyourself, you come across as one who would ignore the needs of the organization; if youtalk too little, you come across as trying to hide something about your background.2. This one was done by a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whosename has been lost in the mists of time.TIP #5In answering the employer’s questions, observe “the twenty-second to two-minute rule.”Studies have revealed that when it is your turn to speak or answer a question, you shouldplan not to speak any longer than two minutes at a time, if you want to make the bestimpression. In fact, a good answer to an employer’s question sometimes only takestwenty seconds to give. (But not less than that, else you will be assumed to be “agrunter,” without any communication skills.)
  7. 7. Tips about InterviewingTIP #6Determine to be seen as a part of the solution, not as a part of the problem. Everyorganization has two main preoccupations for its day-by-day work: the problems—theygenerally prefer “challenges”—they are facing, and what solutions to those challengestheir employees and management are coming up with.Therefore, the main thing the employer is trying to figure out during the hiring-interviewwith you is: will you be part of the solution there, or just another part of the problem.In trying to answer this concern, you should figure out prior to the interview how a bademployee would “screw up,” in the position you are asking for—such things as come inlate, take too much time off, follow his or her own agenda instead of the employer’s, etc.Then plan to emphasize to the employer during the interview how much you are the veryopposite: your sole goal “is to increase the organization’s effectiveness, service, andbottom line.”Be aware of the skills all employers are looking for, these days, regardless of the positionyou are seeking.
  8. 8. Tips about InterviewingThey are looking for employees:Who are punctual, arriving at work on time or better yet, earlyWho stay until quitting time, or even leave lateWho are dependable; who have a good attitudeWho have drive, energy, and enthusiasmWho want more than a paycheckWho are self-disciplined, well-organized, highly motivated, and good atmanaging their timeWho can handle people well; who can use language effectivelyWho can work on a computerWho are committed to teamworkWho are flexible, and can respond to novel situations, or adapt whencircumstances at work changeWho are trainable, and love to learnWho are project-oriented, and goal-orientedWho have creativity and are good at problem solvingWho have integrity; who are loyal to the organizationWho are able to identify opportunities, markets, and coming trendsAbove all, they want to hire people who can bring in more money than they are paid.
  9. 9. TIP #7Realize that the employer thinks the way you are doing your job hunt is the way youwill do the job. So, be sure that you illustrate throughout the interview what you want toclaim will be true of you, once hired. For example, if you plan on claiming that you arevery thorough in all your work, be sure to be thorough in the way you have researchedthe company or organization ahead of time. The manner in which you do your job huntand the manner in which you would do the job you are seeking, are not assumed by mostemployers to be two unrelated subjects, but one and the same. They can tell when youare doing a slipshod, half-hearted job hunt (“Uh, what do you guys do here?”), and this istaken as a clear warning that you will do a slipshod, half-hearted job, were they foolishenough to hire you. Most people job hunt the same way they live their lives, and do theirwork.TIP #8Try to think of some way to bring evidence of your skills, to the hiring-interview. Forexample, if you are an artist, a craftsperson, or anyone who produces a product, try tobring a sample of what you have made or produced—in scrapbook or portfolio form, withphotos, or even videos. (Just in case.) If you are a programmer, bring examples of yourscripts. And so on.
  10. 10. Tips about InterviewingTIP #9Do not bad-mouth your previous employer(s) during the interview, even if they wereterrible bosses. Employers sometimes feel as though they are a fraternity or sorority.During the interview you want to come across as one who displays courtesy toward allmembers of that fraternity or sorority.Bad-mouthing a previous employer only makes this employer who is interviewing you,worry about what you would say about them, after they hire you.I learned this in my own experience. I once spoke graciously about a previous employerduring a job-interview. Unbeknownst to me, the interviewer already knew that myprevious employer had badly mistreated me.He therefore thought very highly of me because I didn’t bring it up. In fact, he never forgotthis incident; talked about it for years afterward.) Plan on saying something nice aboutany previous employer, or if you are pretty sure that the fact you and they didn’t getalong will surely come out, then try to nullify this ahead of time, by saying somethingsimple like, “I usually get along with everybody; but for some reason, my past employerand I just didn’t get along. Don’t know why. It’s never happened to me before. Hope itnever happens again.”
  11. 11. Tips about InterviewingTIP #10Naturally, the employer is going to ask you questions, as a way of helping them figure outwhether or not they want to hire you. Books on interviewing, of which there are many,often publish long lists of these questions, with timeworn, semi-clever answerssuggested, and the recommendation that you memorize the answers to all thosequestions. Their lists include such questions as:• Tell me about yourself.• What do you know about this company?• Why are you applying for this job?• How would you describe yourself?• What are your major strengths?• What is your greatest weakness?• What type of work do you like to do best?• What are your interests outside of work?• What accomplishment gave you the greatest satisfaction?• Why did you leave your last job?• Why were you fired (if you were)?• Where do you see yourself five years from now?• What are your goals in life?• How much did you make at your last job?But really there are only five basic questions that you need pay attention to.The people-who-have-the-power-to-hire-you need to know the answers to these five,which they may ask directly or try to find out obliquely: 1. “Why are you here?” This means “Why are you knocking on my door, rather thansomeone else’s door?”2. “What can you do for us?” This means “If I were to hire you, would you be part of theproblems I already have, or would you be a part of the solution to those problems? Whatare your skills, and how much do you know about the subject or field that we are in?”3. “What kind of person are you?” This means “Will you fit in? Do you have the kind ofpersonality that makes it easy for people to work with you, and do you share the valuesthat we have at this place?”
  12. 12. Tips about Interviewing4. “What distinguishes you from nineteen or nine hundred other people who areapplying for this job?” This means “Do you have better work habits than the others, doyou show up earlier, stay later, work more thoroughly, work faster, maintain higherstandards, go the extra mile, or … what?”5. “Can I afford you?” This means “If we decide we want you here, how much will it taketo get you, and are we willing and able to pay that amount—governed, as we are, by ourbudget, and by our inability to pay you as much as the person who would be next aboveyou, on our organizational chart?”These are the five principal questions that employers need toknow the answers to. This is the case, even if the interviewbegins and ends with these five questions never once beingmentioned explicitly by the employer.The questions are still floating beneath the surface of the conversation, beneath all thethings being discussed.Anything you can do, during the interview, to help the employer answer these fivequestions; will make the interview more helpful to the employer.
  13. 13. Tips about InterviewingOf course, it’s not just the employer who has questions. You have some too—inevitably.And—surprise—they are basically the same questions (in only slightly different form) asthe employer’s. Your questions come out sounding like this: 1. “What does this job involve?” You want to understand exactly what tasks will beasked of you, so that you can determine if these are the kinds of tasks you would reallylike to do, and can do.2. “What are the skills a top employee in this job would have to have?” You want to findout if your skills match those that the employer thinks a top employee in this job has tohave, in order to do this job well; not just an average employee.3. “Are these the kinds of people I would like to work with, or not?” Do not ignore yourintuition if it tells you that you would not be comfortable working with these people!! Youwant to know if they have the kind of personalities that would enable you to accomplishyour best work. If these people aren’t it, keep looking! You don’t want to be miserable atwork. It pays to be picky here.4. “If we like each other, and both want to work together, can I persuade them there issomething unique about me, that makes me different from nineteen or nine hundredother people who are applying for this job?” You need to think out, way ahead of time,what does make you different from other people who can do the same job. For example, ifyou are good at analyzing problems, how do you do that? Painstakingly? Intuitively, in aflash? By consulting with greater authorities in the field? You see the point. You are tryingto put your finger on the “style” or “manner” in which you do your work, that is distinctiveand hopefully appealing, to this employer.5. “Can I persuade them to hire me at the salary I need or want?” This requires someknowledge on your part of how to conduct salary negotiation. (Key things to know: itshould always take place at the end of the interviews there, and whoever mentions asalary figure first, generally loses, in the negotiation.)You will probably want to ask questions one and two, above,out loud. You will observe quietly the answer to questionthree. You will be prepared to make the case for questionsfour and five, when the appropriate time in the interviewarises.
  14. 14. NEW JOB LEADS6020 N. 55th Ave. Phoenix, AZ. 85301 Phone: 623-939-5111 800-659-4060Fax: 800-695-8435 E-mail: sales@arizonacomplete.comWarehouse Order Picker/StockerOrder Picker - $7.75 to $10.00/Hr. DOEHighlightsMust enjoy a fast paced, independent work environment where you use your pickingaccuracy and attention to detail to deliver the difference to our customers. Responsiblefor filling customer orders and delivering them to the delivery platform in a manner thatmeets Company standards for safety, security, and productivity. Responsible for thecompleteness and correctness of all orders filled.Essential Duties & Responsibilities:Receives pick tickets from Warehouse Supervisor and reads order to ascertain catalognumber, size, color, and quantity of merchandise.Obtains merchandise from bins or shelves.Picks customer orders for shipment, ensuring that the correct number and type ofproduct is loaded and shippedCarries or transports orders to shipping locations or delivery platforms with materialshandling equipment, ensuring orders are staged in order of deliveryOperates any materials handling equipment safely and efficiently as requiredMay organize items of pallet by hospital unitRe-packs and weighs orders which require such handlingMaintains material handling equipment by noting and reporting any damage ormalfunction and connecting battery to recharging station at the end of shiftAssists in maintaining the security and safety of the warehouseChecks inventory code dates and reports any spoiled or damaged product to WarehouseSupervisorMust keep warehouse and work space neat and clean.
  15. 15. 3434 W. Greenway Road #108, Phoenix, AZ 85023 "I started in the inventory business over 25 years ago as an Inventory Manager. My career is proof of the opportunities we have to offer." Sean Davoren President and Chief Executive OfficerHave you been convicted of a felony or a serious misdemeanor within the past 7 years?(Serious misdemeanors include but are not limited to offenses involving violence, drugs,theft, fraud or sexual offenses. A conviction does not automatically disqualify anapplicant. Each case will be judged on its own merit.) If yes, please explain below:(include date of conviction, charge, disposition and any sentence).(Applicants in Hawaii need not respond to this question until a conditional offer ofemployment is made. California applicants need not disclose misdemeanor-marijuanapossession convictions that are more than two years old or dismissed as a result ofsuccessful completion of drug diversion programs. Massachusetts applicants are NOTrequired to report: arrests NOT resulting in a conviction, misdemeanors older than 5years, simple assault misdemeanors or sealed juvenile offenses. Massachusetts andPhiladelphia applicants do NOT have to answer this question until after being screened byWIS.)Inventory OverviewWIS International provides physical inventory counting services to all types ofbusinesses. You can rely on a skilled workforce and proprietary technology to efficientlyand accurately conduct financial or item level inventory counts for your business.With the single-handed operated WISard™ data collection terminal, experiencedinventory specialists have a free hand to move product, enabling a quicker and smootherinventory. WISards are now equipped with Radio Frequency (R.F.) technology that allowsfor continuous data flow between the terminal and inventory computer via a secure,encrypted frequency to provide you with inventory management information - fast!
  16. 16. In addition, customized reports can be created to meet your specific needs. Specializedconsulting is also available to assist your corporate and store management in improvingoperating results.Here’s how you’ll benefit from working with WISInternational: Experienced inventory personnel No need to hire and train staff to perform inventory Specially designed technology RF technology increases inventory efficiency Customized reporting capabilities Reports designed specifically for your businessWIS Retail Merchandising ServicesDay-to-day operations in today’s retail environment is challenging at best. New item cut-ins, promotional activity, out-of-stock management, and even product recalls continue ona regular basis. Retailers and manufacturers alike find navigating these roads muchsmoother when partnered with a reliable Retail Merchandising Service Provider such asWIS International, who can complete your projects quickly and effectively.Available Services: In-store Services: o Resets – Remodels – New Store Set-ups o Point of Sale Services o New Product Placement / Planogram Compliance and Maintenance o Fixture Installation / Maintenance o Product Recall Returns o Audits / Surveys o Mystery Shopping o Weekend Pull Up Programs o Marketing Intelligence
  17. 17. Count on WIS International for all your merchandising service needsWIS International ensures consistent execution by: Hiring, training, and deploying only W2 and T4 associates; no contractors or subcontracting... ever; allowing for full management control of your project Assigning a dedicated Project Manager as your single point of contact Being one of the few true National organizations of its type servicing the Continental US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada with dedicated employees Furnishing you a clearly defined strategic and tactical project plan…before we start; involving you in defining a projects success Providing quality planning, personnel, and training; as well as efficient scheduling and routing using our proprietary “Route Pro” scheduling technologyResets / Remodels / New Store Set-ups – With thousands of employees already online,WIS International has the bandwidth to provide hundreds of market specific personnel toreset entire stores or to assist opening from scratch. We can help you open on time andon budget! With over 220 North American offices, additional personnel for even thelargest of projects can be recruited, screened, on boarded, and trained as reliableadditions to our local force through our experienced recruiter and trainer networks.Point of Sale Services - WIS International understands the importance of point of salematerial. A shopper has just seconds to notice a product in the store, and the buyingdecision takes just a few seconds more. WIS International team members ensure properplacement of all POP material including: Specific product signage Brand equity signs Sale and promotional advertisements Hanging signs and overhead graphics Shelf talkers Floor signs Window signs and graphics Gas pump toppers End cap and checkout POP materialWIS International team members can also photograph conditions before and after theirvisit giving you the ability to view and verify placement.New Product Placement / Planogram Compliance and Maintenance - WIS Internationalremoves items no longer on planogram and replaces or repositions them, cutting-in andpromoting your new items on time. Project specific procedures are followed closely toensure the new product is on the shelf, in the right spot, properly labeled and ready for
  18. 18. your consumers. Photo verification of completion is just a click away with WISInternational’s integrated information and photo viewing system.Fixture Installations / Maintenance - A unique profile is kept of each WIS Internationalemployee to deploy qualified fixture installation personnel, who are certified to the taskand carry the proper tools required. When heavier-duty assignments arise, WISInternational knows who to send to tear down an end cap, move shelving, use a drill toinstall a permanent sign, etc. Look to WIS International to assist you with these heavier-duty needs.Product Recalls Returns - When a product recall occurs, manufacturers need a qualifiedpartner with a national workforce that can rapidly visit many sites over a short period oftime. WIS can assist in quickly removing recalled items from each site, package productfor shipment and documenting returns. WIS International has executed product recallsprojects ranging from a few hundred sites to thousands of locations. Count on WISInternational when a rapid response is required!Audits/Surveys - From a few simple questions to measurements, opinion, andphotographs, WIS International customizes audit and survey programs to YOUR specificneeds. WIS International team members can go to each individual location to checksignage, pricing, product placement, competitive activity and other user-defined criteria.Results presented as you need them, as you like them. Our employee capacity can getyou results... fast!Mystery Shopping - Mystery Shopping gives you a unique look at the service youremployees are providing every day. WIS International team members provide qualityfeedback and analysis of their shopping experience. Competitive information may also becollected to your specifications.Weekend Pull Up Programs - Certain times of the year require additional support aboveand beyond normal weekday operations. Schedule WIS International employees toreplenish high traffic items on-site while your DSD driver continues their route. Inaddition to normal weekend traffic, schedule WIS International for special eventreplenishment for the Super Bowl, Labor Day, Christmas, July 4th, etc.Marketing Intelligence - WIS International Retail Merchandising Services personnel canhelp determine the competitive activity at identified locations. We provide real timereporting in a discreet and professional manner. WIS International provides same daydata reporting using a secure Internet Interface.
  19. 19. Inventory Associates at WIS International(Entry Level Hourly)Our Inventory Associates are the backbone of our business. At this entry-level hourlyposition, you will be trained on our inventory procedures including the use of ourhandheld data collector, the Wisard.Inventory Associates travel to our customers locations each day to perform inventoryand other retail tasks. The position does involve early mornings and some weekend work.Many of our employees enjoy the flexibility of work hours as well as the teamcamaraderie that is present with each crew. When asked what they like about working atWIS International, we hear this answer very often, "Its the people; the team I work witheach day makes the work fun."Take a look at one of our teams in action by clicking on the video or slideshow linksbelow. If you would like to apply for an Inventory Associate position, click on one of theflag icons and apply today. We look forward to talking with you!Inventory Managers at WIS International (Entry Level Salary)Inventory Manager is the entry level management position here at WIS International.Many of our senior managers began their careers at WIS International as InventoryManagers!The initial training for Inventory Manager encompasses classroom and some onlinetraining, but the majority of your learning will come from on-the-job training.As your skills develop, so will your responsibility to provide organization and leadership tolarger teams of Associates. You will know the satisfaction of working with your team tomake a customers inventory experience a positive one!
  20. 20. DRIVERS WANTED!!! Earn $10 per hour while driving!!!Do YOU want an exciting and rewarding position working for a company that rewardsgreat performance, treats you with respect, and gives you the opportunity to advanceand offers great wages?WIS International is a data collection business that is GROWING and has openings forInventory Associates that can DRIVE for us NOW. NO experience necessary.Qualifications:Dependable early risersBasic math skillsan eagerness to learn.Available to work a varied schedule.Advantages:Team atmospherePaid TrainingFlexible SchedulesIAs are the backbone of our company. Our teams count stock in our customers storesand warehouses and we work in a different location every day. IAs work a variedschedule that includes working unusual hours of the day, split shifts, longer than normalworkdays, early start and/or late finish times and may be required to work overtime. Ifyou enjoy working in a team environment and love variety, we would like to talk to you.We are looking for individuals who are flexible with regards to scheduling and havestrong customer service skills and a positive attitude.We are particularly interested in people who can drive for us. All drivers will earn $10per hour while driving AND counting! Must be 25 years of age, have a clean drivingrecord for the past 2 years and have been driving for the past 5 years.
  21. 21. WIS is equipped with the latest technology to streamline inventory counts. Customsoftware, bar code scanning terminals, and professional fixed asset tracking software arejust a few of the services we offer.To learn more about WIS, please visit our Website at WIS thanks allapplicants in advance, but will only contact those we wish to interview.WIS International is proud to be a drug free work place. Applicants and employees maybe required to submit to drug testing before and after being hired. Additionally, youmay be required to submit consumer reports including but not limited to CriminalHistory and Motor Vehicle Reports.EOE/AATo all Staffing and Recruiting Agencies: Our Careers Site is only for individuals seeking ajob at WIS International. Staffing and recruiting agencies and individuals beingrepresented by an agency are not authorized to use this site or to submit profiles,applications or resumes, and any such submissions will be considered unsolicited. WISInternational does not accept unsolicited resumes or applications from agencies.APPLY ONLINE HERE: Inventory Associate and Driver Phoenix, AZ298 Inventory Associate Tucson, AZ389 Inventory Associate and Driver Phoenix, AZ528 Inventory Associate Phoenix, AZ883 Merchandising Representative Casa Grande, AZ884 Merchandising Representative Gilbert, AZ900 Merchandising Representative Tucson, AZ901 Merchandising Representative Yuma, AZ930 Inventory Associate Phoenix, AZ953 Traveling Inventory Manager Phoenix, AZ955 Traveling Inventory Manager Tucson, AZ957 Traveling Inventory Manager Yuma, AZ
  22. 22. Warehouse Inventory ServicesWIS International provides inventory services to help count the items inyour warehouse or distribution center without extended and costlyfacility closures. With more than 50 years of experience in the inventorybusiness, and a staff of 14,000 employees, WIS International can meetyour warehouse inventory needs. Leverage our skilled workforce to perform your nextinventory.Benefits to Your BusinessCost Savings – You’ll save valuable down-time by using WIS International to count duringoff-hours, such as on a Friday night through Sunday. Inventories can also be performedwhile rotating portions of your facility are still operational, eliminating the need forfacility closure.Independent Verification – Third party service providers act as an independent checkagainst your stated inventory value. As independent contractors, WIS International cansupply you with a true and unbiased picture of your physical inventory that is widelyaccepted by external auditors.Complete Geographic Coverage - WIS International offers coverage throughout the U.S.and Canada to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.Skilled Labor Force – Physical inventory services are WIS International’s specialty. Trainedemployees (not contractors) and managers perform inventories on a daily basis and areskilled in the techniques specific to warehouse and distribution center inventories.Accuracy – You can count on the accuracy of our inventories, which results fromexperienced managers and clerks, a customized process to your specifications, an audittrail, and a superior attention to detail.Experience – Performing more than 200,000 inventories a year gives WIS International awealth of experience that you can apply to your next warehouse or distribution centerinventory.PowerPartners™The PowerPartners™ option combines the benefit of using your employees to performinventory counts with WIS International equipment and an experienced InventoryManager to lead the process.
  23. 23. Let Integrity@Amazon help you...Destination: AmazonThe Integrity team is your personal navigation system that can lead you to a great job atan Amazon fulfillment center. As the world’s leading online retailer, Amazon needsthousands of dedicated people each year to work as pickers and packers, in shipping andreceiving, and other challenging positions. The environment is fun and fast-paced, thepositions offer great flexibility, and a can-do, team-spirited attitude is valued andrewarded.People from all walks of life--from experienced warehouse workers to accountants, fromMoms or Dads re-entering the workforce to customer service reps --have found that a jobat an Amazon warehouse was just what they needed, just when they needed it. Somehave found that it even jump-started a whole career as they moved from seasonal,temporary jobs to actually running some of Amazon’s largest facilities.A job at Amazon can be a valuable pit stop along your career path or it just might be adestination. Integrity will help you discover the possibilities. Search our job openingsbelow for the location nearest you and get started on your journey right now. If you don’tfind anything in today’s job listings, be sure to join our Talent Community to get up-to-the-minute notifications on new opportunities.
  24. 24. Position: Warehouse Associate--PIT Driver Job Location (Branch): Phoenix, AZ Available Shifts: Day, Night Available Pay Rates: $11.00--$11.75/hourWarehouse Associate: Pit Driver JobJob DescriptionPosition: Warehouse Associate--PIT DriverJob Location (Branch): Phoenix, AZAvailable Shifts: Day, NightAvailable Pay Rates: $11.00--$11.75/hourOffice Address: 7333 W Thomas, Ste. 82-84, Phoenix, Az 85043 (Located in Desert SkyPavilion) OR 9201 N. 29th Ave. Ste. 8 Phoenix AZ (Located in Metro Center)Office Hours: Walk in applicants welcome from 8:00 AM--5:00 PM Monday--FridayContact: Leigh Ann Williamson at 623-734-1491.Job is seeking bright, motivated, hardworking individuals to fill positions at ourfast paced fulfillment centers. The ideal candidate possesses a strong work ethic,attention to detail, the ability to meet deadlines, and a commitment to customer serviceas it relates to product fulfillment. Applicants must have a stable work history, hold a highschool diploma or GED equivalent, read and write English fluently, and must be 18 yearsof age or older.
  25. 25. Requirements of the PositionPit experience within the last 6 months Reach truck preferredEach employee must be able to perform all of the job duties and physical requirements inthe work environment as described below on a regular basis with or without reasonableaccommodation in order to meet the requirements of the job as a warehouse associate:Job Duties- Regular attendance and punctuality- Receive products using radio frequency scanners.- Relocate products using forklifts, pallet jacks and walkie-riders- Pick customer orders on all levels of a multi-level mezzanine- Pack and ship customer orders- Troubleshoot problems to resolution- Understand all aspects of production- Adhere to strict safety, quality, and production standards- Be willing to work on powered equipment (i.e. forklift or cherry picker)Job RequirementsPhysical Demands- Stand and/or walk during shifts between 8 and 12 hours long (flex and part-time shiftsmay vary)- Lift and move up to 60 pounds- Lift, bend, reach above the head, kneel, crouch, and/or stretch during shifts between 8and 12 hours long (flex and part-time shifts may vary)- Push and pull product up to 60 pounds during shift between 8 and 12 hours long (flexand part-time shifts may vary)- Engage in full manual dexterity in both hands and wristsWork Environment- Work with and/or around moving mechanical parts- Noise level varies and can be loud- Temperature in the warehouse varies between 60 and 95 degrees, and will occasionallyexceed 95 degrees- Working nights, weekends, and/or holidays may be required- Overtime is often required (sometimes on very short notice)Work Expectations
  26. 26. Candidates interested in a Warehouse Associate position should consider the following before accepting aposition with the company:- This position is not a typical 40-hour a week opportunity- It is necessary for our employees to be flexible in their work schedules- You may have to work a schedule that is not your first choice- You may have to work overtime when it is not convenient- Sometimes overtime will be mandated- Work schedules are subject to change without notice- Due to the nature of our business, we operate 24 hours 7 days a week. If a holiday fallson your scheduled workday you will be required to work that day and be compensatedwith holiday pay- Our ability to provide excellent customer service for our customers during the monthsof November and December is critical for the success of our company. We do nottypically allow any scheduled time off such as vacation or personal days to be takenduring these months- Overtime is often mandated during November and December and may be mandated atany time during the year.- You may experience the opportunity to work for several different managers. We movemanagers around to meet the business needs. Associates must adapt to changes inmanagement.- You may be required to work on powered equipment after training- You should expect to and will be required to cross train and work in different areas ofthe warehouse.Integrity Staffing Solutions is a national leader in matching talented people to some of thenation’s leading jobs. We offer a variety of openings across the US in the areas mostprestigious organizations. We offer excellent benefits after only one week of work. If youdo not see the opening you are looking for today, make sure to join our talent communityand stay connected to receive job tips and hear about job openings as they open
  27. 27. Let Integrity help...Chart Your Course to Amazon with Integrity Warehouse Positions in Phoenix, AZLooking for a new direction?Are you interested in working in a fun, fast-paced atmosphere earning up to $11.75 perhour?Let Integrity be your guide to a rewarding career with Amazon, the internet superstore!To apply online for one of our positions at Amazon, select a job from the list below.We are hiring full-time, part-time, and weekend warehouse associates. Positions includepicking, packing, shipping, receiving, gift wrap and more. Day, night, and weekend shiftsare available as well as plenty of opportunity for overtime.Amazon likes the slogan “Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History.” We’ve incorporated thatsame spirit into our focus on you! Integrity works hard to provide exceptional perks forour applicants and associates, including:• Quick and easy automated application process• Welcoming office environment with games and snacks• Professional, trained staff to help you at any time• Weekly Pay checks• Medical benefits after your first week• Incentive and recognition programsOver 500,000 people have cruised into new jobs with our help. Folks with backgroundsfrom customer service, administrative and retail to attorneys, accountants and othersfound satisfying work in this warehouse environment – just like you can.To apply online for one of these fun warehouse positions, select a job from the link belowand complete your online application.Once you have applied, you will receive instructions to come into our recruiting office tocomplete a skills test and your interview.
  28. 28. If you have questions or want more information about applying for these jobs, use ourlive chat feature below: ONE OF OUR TWO RECRUITING OFFICES AT:7333 W. Thomas Rd. Ste. 86 Phoenix AZ (Located in Desert Sky Pavilion)9201 N. 29th Ave. Ste. 8 Phoenix AZ (Located in Metro Center)FELONIES MUST BE AT LEAST 7 YEARS OLD…NOT ONPAROLE/PROBATION…CURRENT OPENINGS:IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Weekend Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Warehouse Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Third Shift Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Warehouse Picking Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Warehouse Packing Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Night Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Warehouse Logistics Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Hourly Job--Phoenix, AZIMMEDIATE PLACEMENT! Warehouse Associate: Holiday Job--Phoenix, AZ
  29. 29. Customer Service AgentAs a Customer Service Agent, youll receive inbound calls and make outbound calls onbehalf of our brand-name clients. Youll be responsible for answering product questionsand servicing accounts while handling a high volume of incoming calls in a fast-pacedenvironment. You should be tactful and have the ability to handle challenging situationsprofessionally and calmly. Basic Minimum Requirements: High School diploma orequivalent; two years previous experience in customer service or call center preferred;solid written and verbal communication skills; must be flexible and available to workvarying shifts; efficiency in Microsoft products and Windows environment.
  30. 30. Career FairMonday December 12, 2011 - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Employers who will be participating in the event Fry’s Food Department of Economic Security Boeing Shamrock Foods Company Creative Associates Stream Global Services Macayos Empire Southwest Circle K Sapphire Technology Orangutan Home Services Corestaff Services U.S Foods Dish Network Cox Communications Wells Fargo Kiewit Infrastructure West Co HDS Inc Discount Cab Comfort Keepers Mesa Employment Service Office163 N Dobson Road Mesa, Arizona 85201 (480) 962-7678
  31. 31. Where do I fit in?At Kiewit, we recognize and reward talent. Only the best wear the Kiewit hardhat. For125 years, Kiewit has earned a reputation built on honesty and integrity. Were lookingfor enthusiastic, driven individuals who have the ability to lead and the willingness toaccept new and challenging responsibilities.We often have openings for professionals with experience in specialized positions suchas: Estimator + Superintendent + Surveyor + Project Manager + Business Manager + Foreman + Safety ManagerNew Grad/Entry-LevelKiewits new graduate and entry-level employees are given invaluable opportunities toexcel. They work with experienced leaders dedicated to their success and are therecipients of some of the finest training in the industry. Our training and developmentprograms start from the first day of employment and continue throughout ouremployees careers.
  32. 32. Our districts hire for a number of entry-level positions including: Engineers + Field Engineers + Estimator/Engineers + Business Administrators Maintenance EngineersWe are looking for enthusiastic, driven individuals who have the ability to lead and thewillingness to accept new and challenging responsibilities. If you want to work for arecognized leader in the industry, we encourage you to explore a career path with us.Jobs Done WellThe Southwest District is well-respected for its heavy civil construction work acrossArizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. From traditional design-bid-build to design-build, our award-winning construction projects include highways, bridges, runways,terminals, transit systems, power plants, water treatment facilities, dams, canals,wastewater treatment plants and tunnels. Specializing in site development, grading,paving, trenching and railroad construction, we have the experienced people, in-depthlocal knowledge and a modern equipment fleet available to construct your next project.THE REAL JOB:Hiring Construction Carpenters @ $23.58 HourConstruction Laborers @ $15.19 HourAdditional Application Information: We hire thru the carpenters union local 408.The employer requests you call their office for an appointment. When calling you shouldidentify the position you are applying for by the job title listed above.Apply by calling 602-437-7786
  33. 33. "Just as a rock is not shaken by a strong or sudden gust of wind, neither shouldwe be affected by praise or success. We must not be satisfied with our pastaccomplishments and we should make every effort to improve and expand ouroperations – but only in an orderly and beneficial manner…a company cannotstand still for long – either it goes ahead or it slides back."Peter Kiewit, 1964GO TO WORK CAREER FAIRMonday December 12, 2011 - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.163 N Dobson Road Mesa, Arizona 85201(480) 962-7678===================================================================== APPLY IN PERSON AT JOB FAIR BEING HELD ON MONDAY DECEMBER 12, 2011 FROM 10AM-2PM LOCATED AT 163 N DOBSON RD MESA, AZ=======================================================================APPLY IN PERSON AT JOB FAIR BEING HELD ON MONDAY DECEMBER 12, 2011FROM 10AM-2PM LOCATED AT 163 N DOBSON RD MESA, AZ==============================================================
  34. 34. Woody and Victoria Johnson began Macayos in 1946 when they opened their first restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. That day, they established the commitment to quality ingredients served with a warm and friendly touch that continues today as Macayos celebrates its 65th anniversary! The Johnson family has 14 Arizona locations and four in Las Vegas. Still family-owned and locally-operated, the company is now run by the Johnsons daughter, Sharisse, and two sons, Gary and Stephen.For all Arizona server, busser, cook, dishwasher, and hostessinquiries, please visit your closest Macayos location to apply inperson between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday4001 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012Cross Streets: Central Ave- South of Indian School Rd.Telephone: 602-264-614112637 S. 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85044Cross Streets: 48th Street & WarnerTelephone: 480-598-51011909 W. Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85023Cross Streets: 19th Ave. & Thunderbird Rd.Telephone: 602-866-70347829 W. Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85033Cross Streets: 75th Ave. & Thomas Rd.Telephone: 623-873-0313300 S. Ash Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281Telephone: 480-966-6677
  35. 35. APPLY IN PERSON AT JOB FAIR BEING HELD ON MONDAY DECEMBER 12, 2011FROM 10AM-2PM LOCATED AT 163 N DOBSON RD MESA, AZBilingual Inbound Sales Representative 1550 W Deer Valley Phoenix Collecting ProfilesAccount Executive 20401 N. 29th Avenue Phoenix Collecting ProfilesInside Retention Representative 20401 N. 29th Avenue Phoenix Collecting Profiles I like working for Cox Communications because they are a company I can be proud of. I feel happy in knowing that I have job security with a great company. A company who believes in me, and cares about me and my family. Terri Harris, Customer Service Representative, E-Care “In my seven year career at Cox Communications, I’ve held four different positions, advancing in each one. Along the way Cox has provided technical and professional training that has allowed for these career opportunities as well as developed me personally and professionally.” Pete Wilson, Team Leader of Network DevelopmentHow does the on-line recruiting process work?Our site is designed to let you know of the available job openings matching your locationand interests, and to allow you to express interest in a particular job. The first step in theprocess is to complete an online file which simply allows us to build an inventory of yourskills, qualifications, and interests. This helps our hiring manager decide for whichpositions you would be best suited.
  36. 36. What are the remaining steps in the process?The specific steps vary from one position to another; one location to another; and caneven vary from one time to another, as our hiring needs change. Once youve identified aposition, you can check the "Job Details" link for any specific information we have on file.All positions begin with the online file found on our site. Some positions may scheduleyou directly to an appointment with one of our hiring managers, a telephone interviewwith one of our hiring managers, or simply send your profile to our hiring manager forreview. The next steps after that vary even more, so please ask your hiring manager, ifselected for an appointment, what the remaining steps would be.Ive already completed a file. How do I find out my status?If you havent received a call from one of our recruiters or a postcard in the mail within 2weeks, then please log-in to your existing file and make sure we have the correct contactinformation for you.I was scheduled to an appointment, but I need to get directions, cancel, or reschedulemy appointment.You can login to your existing file and review information or cancel/reschedule yourexisting appointment.Is this an official file for employment?No. Our on-line file is the first step in our recruitment process and lets us know youreinterested and some basic information about you and your experience. At some point inthe process, you may be asked to fill out and sign a paper application or offer letter,which will constitute your official application. “Cox has offered me the opportunity to grow with the company. I’m now in my fifth role in 15 years at Cox, and none of those positions existed before I took them. Where else can you have that kind of growth opportunity?” Julie Nelsen, Sales Manager - Cox Media One of the reasons I love and enjoy my work at Cox is because of how well the employees are treated here. Cox has created a healthy (mind and body) environment for the employees. Employees feel that decisions are being made with the employee’s welfare in mind. Employees are constantly encouraged to practice and participate in healthy activities. Employees are given the opportunity to develop themselves and to reach their goals. Rosa Moran, HR Generalist
  37. 37. Coalition of Job Creators Launches Statewide Media Calls for the Arizona Legislature to Stop Killing Jobs by Raiding the HURF(PHOENIX, AZ) We Build Arizona, a statewide coalition of jobcreators, launched a media campaign calling upon theArizona Legislature to stop killing job creation by raiding theHURF. Over 43,000 jobs in Arizona have been lost due to thelegislature’s raiding of these funds.“A good transportation system is needed to manage futureeconomic growth,” said Ryan Mackey of We Build Arizona.“The politicians in the Arizona Legislature have been raidingthe HURF for 11 years and it must stop so we can putArizonans back to work and keep Arizona families safe on our roads.”SUPERVISORS TELL LEGISLATURE TO STOP TAKING ROAD FUNDSAPACHE COUNTY – With the state sweeping millions of dollars from the Highway UserRevenue Fund (HURF) and Vehicle License Taxes (VLT) for this year, combined with similarsweeps in previous years, and all the other money swept from county and municipalgovernments, rural communities are saying they won’t be able to maintain roads letalone do any new projects.Saying enough is enough, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution at the Nov, 1meeting that spells out how they feel. The supervisors’ resolution “….urges the ArizonaLegislature to discontinue sweeps of HURF distributions to Apache County and otherWhite Mountain communities and to restore HURF funding to pre-sweep levels within areasonable period of time.” (Source: White Mountain Independent)=========================================================================
  38. 38. Some folks are in the transportation business, and so are we. But at Dunn Transportation,we’re also in the details business. From the gleaming brass rails and ringing bells of Olliethe Trolley to the punctuality and supreme cleanliness of a Dunn executive coach, wespecialize in paying attention to the little things that make a trip into an event.1680 N 74th Street, Scottsdale AZ 85257Tel: 480-970-8130 Fax: 480-970-1899 Email: info@olliethetrolley.comDownload an application package: hiring for the following positions: Fixed route bus operators.Route Operator provides safe, reliable and efficient public transportation for passengers.You need to have excellent oral and written communication, customer service anddecision-making skills. You must have the ability to operate a transit bus efficiently andadhere to a strict timetable.•Must have valid Arizona Class B Commercial Drivers License with passengerendorsement/air-brake•Minimum five (5) years passenger driving experience•Full Time positions only•Must be willing to work flexible schedule, nights, weekends•Benefits: Health/Dental insurance; AFLAC; Holiday/Birthday/Vacation pay/ LA FitnessmembershipPlease contact us at phone 480-970-8130/ fax application to 480-970-1899
  39. 39. Belly Dump Driver needed. CDL Required. Please fax resumeand MVR to 623-937-1271Pre-employment and random drug test required=========================================================================================================================Need Heavy Duty CDL tow truck operators andLight Duty tow truck operators.Clean MVR and Medical card. Required 2 years of experience.Need to live in/around central Phoenix.Must be able to park tow truck at home.No felonies in the past 5 years.Good attitude and mechanical skills a plus.Paid vacation. Medical and Dental offered after 6 months of employment.Paid Commission/Salary.Salary Depends on Experience.Phoenix Towing and RecoveryApply in person at 22020 N 21st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027=====================================================================Driver/Warehouse, 1 full time position availableApply in person, Monday 9-3Solar Industries 4645 w McDowell rd suite 106No CDL required, building materials, flatbed experience a plus.$9.00-$10.00 must have clean DMV report===================================================================== Tow Truck Driver (Military background 90% Guarantees you a job) You must have experience driving a FLAT BED…Able to pass a DPS background check…Able to pass a drug test…Moving violation and accident free for the past 5 years…Non- smoker…Follow direction and orders…No tattoos or piercings that show with a shirt on… Attach resume and in subject line on your email type either, "Appling for driver position" Reply to:
  40. 40. 2113 E. Adams St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 p – 602.455.6556 f – 602.455.6543 info@karberinsulation.comKarber Mechanical Insulation, Inc. is a commercial mechanical insulation contractor. Wespecialize in insulation of a full range of commercial and industrial applications. KMI’sprofessional dedication to our customers and project teams has been contributing tosuccessful projects since 2005.At KMI we are constantly striving to ensure that the next job that we do is better than thelast. As a customer of KMI you will receive our commitment, attention to detail, anddedication to do things right the first time. We respond quickly and efficiently to all ofyour mechanical insulation needs. Our staff has extensive experience in the commercialmechanical industry, so we are eager and ready to help you troubleshoot any difficultprojects.Seeking dependable driver to deliver construction material / supplies tojobsites throughout the valley and state.**Must have a clean background and driving record.**Must have knowledge of valley streets / area.**Must be able to pass a drug test.E-mail or fax work history to 602.455.6543.
  41. 41. Welcome to the Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association!The Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association (AriSEIA) is a non-profit tradeassociation representing local, national and international solar companies in the Arizonamarket. The groups focus is on education, professionalism and promotion of publicpolicies that support deployment of solar technologies in Arizona. AriSEIA is arecognized chapter of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). SEIA is the nationalsolar industry trade association and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.Solar Power International is North America’s largest, most comprehensive solar powerconference and exposition. The first of its kind in North America, Solar PowerInternational is the premier business-to-business event designed to serve and advancethe solar power industry. Interact with more than 23,000 professionals representing 128countries. Visit with more than 1,100 exhibiting companies in the solar value chainshowcasing residential, commercial and industrial solutions as well as business services.Companies with a reputation to establish or maintain in the solar industry know SPI is themust attend event of the year. W. Main Street, Mesa AZ, 85201 Office: (480) 827-1162looking for a solar career? Solar jobs in Arizona and "green collar jobs" across the countryare growing faster than nearly any other job market in a time of economic distress. Youcan help make a contribution in reducing energy usage and waste, and increasing savingsfor thousands of homeowners with solar power.As an Arizona solar company that prides itself on the caliber of its employees, Adair Solaris always looking for qualified individuals to hire as Communicators, Canvassers, and SalesRepresentatives in the Arizona residential solar energy industry. Our employees havehelped make us a trusted name in the industry over the past 30 years, and possess thepriorities and principles to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.Please fill out the contact information box. If possible, upload your resume and submit forreview.
  42. 42. At Paradise Bakery & Cafe, exceptional people are our main ingredient. For over 30 yearswe have maintained our Culture of Excellence by making people our top priority. Weknow when we combine amazing people, excellent food and great ambience; weve got arecipe for success. Come join our team and find out why were called Paradise!Avondale Arrowhead Towne Center9995 West McDowell Road, Ste. 101, 7700 W. Arrowhead Towne Center, SuiteAvondale, AZ 85392 2061, Glendale, AZ 85308Ocotillo Goodyear Centerpointe1075 W. Queen Creek Rd., Ste 1, 15479 W McDowell Road, Shops D,Chandler, AZ 85248 Goodyear, AZ 85338Raintree Ranch Center Superstition Gateway/Signal Butte2855 West Ray Road, Suite 4, Chandler, 1946 South Signal Butte Rd, Suite 109,AZ 85224 Mesa, AZ 85209Crossroads Towne Center Dana Park2970 E. Germann Road, Shops C, #3, 3426 East Baseline Road, Ste #113, Mesa,Chandler, AZ 85249 AZ 85204Chandler Fashion Center Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport3111 W. Chandler Blvd., Ste FF-236, 6033 S. Sossaman Rd., Mesa, AZ 85212Chandler, AZ 85226 Superstition Springs MallChandler Pavilions 6555 E. Southern Ave. #2014, Mesa, AZ940 N. 54th Street, Suite 100, Chandler, 85206AZ 85226 Lake Pleasant Towne CenterSan Tan Village 9918 W Happy Valley Rd, Suite 200,2156 E Willamsfield Rd. Bldg 12 Ste 101, Peoria, AZ 85383Gilbert, AZ 85296 Paradise Village GatewayCorte Freccia 10625 N Tatum Ste. 135, Phoenix, AZ20199 N 67th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308 85028
  43. 43. Village Shops Scottsdale 1011125 E Glendale Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014 7000 E Mayo Blvd., Bldg 8, Suite 1032,Desert Ridge Phoenix, AZ 8505421001 N. Tatum Blvd., Ste 48-1520, Queen Creek MarketplacePhoenix, AZ 85050 21202 S. Ellsworth Loop Road, Shops G,Shops at Norterra Suites G1-3, Queen Creek, AZ 852422370 W Happy Valley Rd, Shops D, Suite Raintree1069, Phoenix, AZ 85085 14884 N. Pima Road, Suite 101,Biltmore Fashion Park Scottsdale, AZ 852602502 E Camelback Road, Space #119, Scottsdale Fashion SquarePhoenix, AZ 85016 7014-565. E. Camelback Rd., Suite 565,Collier Center Scottsdale, AZ 852513 South 2nd St., Ste 205, Phoenix, AZ *New Opening: Scottsdale - Old Towne85004 7145 E. Indian School, Scottsdale, AZTerminal 2 850163200 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ Gainey Village85034 8777 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste 302,Terminal 3 Scottsdale, AZ 852533400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ Surprise85034 13959 West Bell Road, Surprise, AZBell Towne Center 85374375 E. Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85022 *New Opening: Tempe - McClintockTerminal 4 1825 E Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 852833800 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ Tempe Marketplace85034 2000 East Rio Salado Parkway, I Bldg,Paradise Valley Mall Suite 1143, Tempe, AZ 852814550-118 E. Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ Arizona Mills85032 5000 Arizona Mills Circle, #641, Tempe, AZ 85282APPLY NOW: visit and select"Join our Team" to submit your application.
  44. 44. OPEN INTERVIEWS WEDNESDAY December 7, 2011 1PM- 5 PMJersey Mikes Subs Chandler is now hiring for all positions.Looking for assistant managers, shift leaders, and part timecrew members.Looking for hard-working, energetic, motivated people. Hiring for day and night shiftsand part time. Only looking for full-time shift leaders or assistant managers.Must have food experience and management experience to apply for shift or asst.position.Great company to grow with and management opportunities.Looking for clean cut employees preferably with food service background but notrequired. No visible tattoos or large piercings.Tips every week and free food on days worked.Please come in and fill out an application.2780 West Chandler Boulevard Suite 3, Chandler, AZ 85224Ask for Kevin.Come in and fill out an application. Next to In N out Burger
  45. 45. FINGERPRINT CLEARANCE CARDSFrequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Fingerprint Clearance CardsWho is required to have a level one fingerprint clearance card?On July 1, 2009, the department began issuing two types of fingerprint clearance cards.This change was mandated by a change in state law. The cards are called the Level Onecard and the Regular card. Section 411758.07 was enacted which placed a highereligibility standard to receive a Level One card than what is needed for a regular card.Both cards are valid for six years and fees have not changed. The following programsrequire a Level One fingerprint clearance card: DES ADOPTION 8-105 DES FOSTER HOME LICENSURE 8-509 DES CPS WORKER 8-802 DES DDD WORKERS 36-594.01 DES DEVELOPMENTAL HOME LICENSURE 36-594.02 DES DAY CARE HOME PROVIDERS 41-1964 DES CHILD CARE HOME PROVIDERS 41-1967.01 DES CONTRACTORS 46-141 DES EMPLOYEES NON-CPS 41-1968 DES IT EMPLOYEES 41-1969 DHS CHILD CARE FACILITY LICENSEES 36-882 DHS CHILD CARE WORKERS 36-883.02 DHS CHLD CARE GROUP HOME LICENSEES 36-897.01 DHS CHILD CARE GROUP HOME EMPLOYEES 36-897.03 BOARD OF FINGERPRINTING MEMBERS AND STAFF 41- 619.5How can I obtain an application packet for an initial or renewal Fingerprint ClearanceCard?You may obtain an application packet from your employer or you may request a packetdirectly from DPS by either calling (602) 223-2279 or faxing your request to (602) 223-2947. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.If you will be working in the education field (public or charter) and you are required toobtain a Fingerprint Clearance Card or if you will be doing student teaching or tutoringyou will need to obtain an “Identity Verified Print” (IVP) Fingerprint Clearance Card, notthe regular Fingerprint Clearance Card. When requesting an application packet pleasemake sure you specify that you need the “IVP” application packet.
  46. 46. What is the fee to obtain a Fingerprint Clearance Card?The fee for volunteers is $65 and the fee for all others is $69.What forms of payment are accepted?DPS accepts Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders or a check drawn on a business account. Allforms of payment should be made payable to the AZ Department of Public Safety. Stateagencies may also elect to submit a State Companion Action Transfer formHow long will it take to get my Fingerprint Clearance Card?The average processing time is five to eight weeks depending on whether or not theperson has a criminal record. Please ensure you affix sufficient postage to the envelopeand place your return address in the top left corner of the envelope.How long is my Fingerprint Clearance Card good for?Cards are valid for six years.How long before my card expires should I send in a renewal application?Due to unforeseen processing delays that may occur from time to time, you should beginthe renewal process about six months before your current card expires.What will my fingerprints be used for?Your fingerprints will be used to obtain both a state and federal criminal records check.Does DPS take applicant fingerprints?No. An applicant can contact their local law enforcement agency to find out if they takeapplicant fingerprints or they may contact a private fingerprinting service.I lost my Fingerprint Clearance Card. How may I obtain a replacement?An application for a replacement card may be obtained by calling (602) 223-2279 orfaxing your request to (602) 223-2947. A $5.00 fee will be charged per replacement card.I am an employer. How may I check to see if a Fingerprint Clearance Card is valid?First, never accept a Xerox copy of a card from any employee. Always require the actuallaminated card. To verify if that card is valid, you may call (602) 223-2279 during normalbusiness hours. Provide the card number, the person’s name and if possible the person’sSocial Security Number.Where can I find out what would preclude me from obtaining a clearance card?Precluding offenses for a level one fingerprint clearance card can be found in A.R.S. 41-1758.07, subsection B and C, link below. Precluding offenses for the regular fingerprintclearance card can be found in A.R.S. 41-1758.03, link below. A.R.S. 41-1758.03 A.R.S. 41-1758.07Need Directions?The Fingerprint Clearance Card Unit is located at 2320 N. 20th Avenue in Phoenix. Accessto the parking area can only be made from West Lewis Ave. which is one block north ofEncanto Blvd and is accessible from either 19th Ave. or 21st Ave
  47. 47. What is an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card and who uses it?The State of Arizona allows a person seeking employment, professional license, oradmittance into an educational program to apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card(hereinafter referred to as the “Card”). The Card is a small laminated card, similar to adriver’s license, which verifies that said person is capable of legal and gainful employmentbased on his criminal background or lack thereof.Employers use the Card as a means of establishing a potential or current employee’sbackground. An employer may verify the validity of the Card by calling (602) 223-2279,and providing the card number, the potential or current employee’s name, and SocialSecurity Number. Under no circumstances should the employee attempt to use a Xeroxcopy of the card, while no employer should accept a Xerox copy of the card from anyemployee.Persons under eighteen or over ninety-nine years old are exempt from the fingerprintingclearance requirements, but he or she must be under the direct visual supervision ofpersonnel who have valid fingerprint clearance cards.Who issues the Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card?The Fingerprint Division of the Department of Public Safety issues the Cards (hereinafterreferred to as the “Division”). The Division conducts the fingerprint background checksfor applicants who are seeking various employment opportunities. Additionally, theDivision performs periodic state criminal history record checks for the purposes ofupdating the clearance status of current fingerprint clearance cardholders. The Board ofFingerprinting (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) and the agency employing theperson may be notified of the results of a record check.How do I obtain a Fingerprint Clearance Card?A person seeking a Card must submit a completed application to the Division. Someemployers have application packets, but applications may also be obtained by contactingthe Arizona Department of Public Safety by:1) Phone: (602) 223-22792) Fax: (602) 223-29473) Mail: Applicant Clearance Card TeamArizona Department Public SafetyP.O. Box 18390Phoenix, AZ 85005-83904) Visiting the office at its physical address:Arizona Department of Public Safety2320 North 20th AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85005
  48. 48. The fee to obtain a Card is $69 for a paid employees and teacher certification and $65 forvolunteers.For an applicant with no state or federal criminal record, the processing time isapproximately three to five weeks from the date the Division receives the applicationpacket. For those persons who have a criminal record, the process may take four to eightweeks. Cards issued prior to October 1, 2003, are valid for three years. Cards issued on orafter October 1, 2003, are valid for six years.The applicant must submit a full set of fingerprints to the Division, though the Divisiondoes not itself take applicant fingerprints. The applicant can obtain a set of fingerprintsfrom his local law enforcement agency or the applicant may use a private fingerprintingservice. The applicant must submit a new set of fingerprints to the division for afingerprint background check every six years.After the Division receives the applicant’s state and federal criminal history, it comparesit to the record with the list of criminal offenses (contained in A.R.S. § 41-1758.03(B) and(C)) that preclude an applicant from receiving the Card. The Division issues a Card, subjectto the resultsWhat offenses prevent me from obtaining the Card?A complete list of offenses that would prevent an applicant from receiving a Card iscontained in A.R.S. § 41-1758.03(B) and (C). By way of example, applicants precludedfrom receiving the Card are those applicants required to register as a sex offender, orwho have been convicted of or are awaiting trial for first or second degree murder, sexualassault, child abuse, molestation of a child, sexual abuse, assault, theft, robbery, crueltyto animals, kidnapping, arson, welfare fraud, possession or use of any controlledsubstances, etc. However, even if a person has been convicted of or is on trial for any ofthe listed offenses, he or she may petition the Board for a good cause exception.A person will be given a Card under the good cause exception if:1) An agency (meaning the supreme court, the department of economic security, thedepartment of education, the department of health services, the department of juvenilecorrections, the department of emergency and military affairs, or the board of examinersof a nursing care institution administrators and assisted living facility managers) granted agood cause exception before August 16, 1999, and no new precluding offense isidentified; or2) The Board granted a good cause exception and no new precluding offense is identified.Will clearing my record help?According to agents at the Fingerprint Division of the Arizona Department of Safety,having a conviction set aside can increase the chances of having the application for a cardbeing approved. Because having the conviction set aside demonstrates rehabilitation,
  49. 49. having a conviction set aside is especially helpful when using the good cause exception,which specifically looks for rehabilitation. An Arizona attorney can aid applicants withcriminal histories to obtain the Card and restore not only their rights, but also theirconfidence. It is highly recommended that record clearing be done at least one monthbefore applying for a card.What if my application is denied? May I appeal the denial?The Division will send a letter of denial if, after conducting a state and federal criminalhistory record check, the Division determines that the applicant is ineligible for a Card.After the applicant receives the letter of denial, he or she has 30 days to appeal. Theapplicant must request, complete, sign, and mail an appeal packet to the Department ofPublic Safety. The appeal packet can be obtained by calling the Board at (602) 223-2279or by fax at (602) 223-2947.Upon receipt of the applicant’s appeal packet, the Department of Public Safety conductsan extensive background check on the individual. Thereafter, the agency turns theapplicant’s information over to the Board. The Board is comprised of 5 individuals whomeet once every two weeks.After deliberation, the Board decides whether to 1) grant the applicant an automaticclearance based on the information provided in the appeal documents and thebackground check, or 2) grant the applicant a hearing. If the applicant is granted ahearing, he or she will be notified of the time and place of the hearing. At the hearing,the burden of proof falls on the applicant to present evidence that he or she has madepositive changes since the time of the conviction. The applicant may have an attorneypresent with him. Judgments that have been set aside or dismissed are looked uponfavorably, as they demonstrate the applicant’s rehabilitation and ability to be a law-abiding citizen. Applicants are therefore well advised to consult an attorney prior toinitially applying to obtain the Card.Denial or Suspension of a Fingerprint Clearance Card (Department of Public Safety)This section describes the process after a person applies for a fingerprint clearance card,especially when the fingerprint clearance card is denied or suspended.DenialIndividuals who apply for a fingerprint clearance card — whether a Level I fingerprintclearance card or a standard fingerprint clearance card (see below for an explanation ofthe difference) — submit this application to the Arizona Department of Public Safety(DPS), along with fingerprint imprints. DPS conducts a background check on your criminalhistory at both the state and national (i.e., FBI) levels. If there are any arrests on yourrecord, DPS compares the criminal offenses with a list of offenses that would cause thedenial or suspension of a fingerprint clearance card, such as assault, theft, drug offenses,
  50. 50. as well as many others. Offenses that appear in this list are referred to as "precludedoffenses."If a persons criminal record includes precluded offenses, DPS will see what thedisposition — that is, the final result of an offense, such as conviction, no contest plea,dismissal, etc. — of each offense is. If a conviction exists, DPS denies the card.Sometimes, though, the criminal record does not include disposition information. DPSconducts research with a variety of law enforcement agencies to try to find out thedisposition. If, after 30 business days, DPS still does not know the disposition of anoffense, it will deny the card.In most cases, individuals whose card is denied are able to apply for a good causeexception to the Board of Fingerprinting.SuspensionA suspension occurs when DPS discovers that a person who holds a fingerprint clearancecard has a new arrest for a precluded offense. For instance, a cardholder who is arrestedfor assault will have his or her card suspended. In most other respects, however, there islittle difference between a suspension and a denial for the purpose of the good-cause-exception application process.Difference between Level I and standard fingerprint clearance cardIn 2009, a new law went into effect that created two types of fingerprint clearance cardsrather than just one type. Beginning on July 1, 2009, DPS began issuing Level I fingerprintclearance cards, in addition to the standard fingerprint clearance cards. There are moretypes of criminal charges that can cause a Level I card to be denied or suspended, so theLevel I card is more restrictive and harder to get. Standard cards correspond, for the mostpart, with the fingerprint clearance card that existed prior to the legislative changes.Struggling with AZ fingerprint clearance cardBeen working on appeal process -"good exception cause"- since last Oct. with Az. Boardof Fingerprints. Sent in all court documents showing completion of sentencing terms,sent in completion of inpatient treatment and all supporting documents regarding myrecovery process. Received a letter from fingerprinting board today stating now I have togo to an "administrative hearing" in 20 days. Has any other nurse out there gone to anadministrative hearing for fingerprint clearance and wonder what should I expect? I havejumped through many hoops to get my LPN license reinstated and by the grace of God iwill make it through another hoop. But would like to hear of any similar experiences withthe fingerprint clearance card process in Az.Hello gr8fulnrs,RN from Tucson, Arizona. Been through that same process in Phoenix. No big deal, justsell yourself. You will be interviewed by a judge that records the whole interview. Mycontact was a female judge, she sat behind a desk, about 6 feet away and I sat in a chairacross from her where I was asked to sit. It was just her and me and of course, amicrophone. I had a DUI in my past and I just told her what was happening in my life then
  51. 51. and how my life is now. How I was promoted as a unit manager at the LTC facility that Iwas working at and etc. She even told me at this interview, (maybe 30 minutes) that shewould grant me the card and that I would expect to wait up till 6-8 weeks for here to typeup the report. I think it took about 3 months, but I finally got it. You can E-mail me, if youlike.Reasons for Applicant Card Denial (Rev 12/10)41-1758.03. Fingerprint clearance cards; issuance; immunityA. On receiving the state and federal criminal history record of a person, the divisionshall compare the record with the list of criminal offenses that preclude the person fromreceiving a fingerprint clearance card. If the persons criminal history record does notcontain any of the offenses listed in subsections B and C of this section, the division shallissue the person a fingerprint clearance card.B. A person who is subject to registration as a sex offender in this state or any otherjurisdiction or who is awaiting trial on or who has been convicted of committing orattempting, soliciting, facilitating or conspiring to commit one or more of the followingoffenses in this state or the same or similar offenses in another state or jurisdiction isprecluded from receiving a fingerprint clearance card:1. Sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult.2. Incest.3. First or second degree murder.4. Sexual assault.5. Sexual exploitation of a minor.6. Sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult.7. Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor.8. Commercial sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult.9. Child prostitution as prescribed in section 13-3212.10. Child abuse.11. Abuse of a vulnerable adult.12. Sexual conduct with a minor.13. Molestation of a child.14. Molestation of a vulnerable adult.15. A dangerous crime against children as defined in section 13-705.16. Exploitation of minors involving drug offenses.17. Taking a child for the purpose of prostitution as prescribed in section 13-3206.18. Neglect or abuse of a vulnerable adult.19. Sex trafficking.20. Sexual abuse.21. Production, publication, sale, possession and presentation of obscene items asprescribed in section 13-3502.
  52. 52. 22. Furnishing harmful items to minors as prescribed in section 13-3506.23. Furnishing harmful items to minors by internet activity as prescribed in section 13-3506.01.24. Obscene or indecent telephone communications to minors for commercial purposesas prescribed in section 13-3512.25. Luring a minor for sexual exploitation.26. Enticement of persons for purposes of prostitution.27. Procurement by false pretenses of person for purposes of prostitution.28. Procuring or placing persons in a house of prostitution.29. Receiving earnings of a prostitute.30. Causing ones spouse to become a prostitute.31. Detention of persons in a house of prostitution for debt.32. Keeping or residing in a house of prostitution or employment in prostitution.33. Pandering.34. Transporting persons for the purpose of prostitution, polygamy and concubinage.35. Portraying adult as a minor as prescribed in section 13-3555.36. Admitting minors to public displays of sexual conduct as prescribed in section 13-3558.37. Unlawful sale or purchase of children.38. Child bigamy.C. A person who is awaiting trial on or who has been convicted of committing orattempting, soliciting, facilitating or conspiring to commit one or more of the followingoffenses in this state or the same or similar offenses in another state or jurisdiction isprecluded from receiving a fingerprint clearance card, except that the person maypetition the board of fingerprinting for a good cause exception pursuant to section 41-619.55:1. Manslaughter.2. Endangerment.3. Threatening or intimidating.4. Assault.5. Unlawfully administering intoxicating liquors, narcotic drugs or dangerous drugs.6. Assault by vicious animals.7. Drive by shooting.8. Assaults on officers or fire fighters.9. Discharging a firearm at a structure.10. Indecent exposure.11. Public sexual indecency.12. Aggravated criminal damage.13. Theft.14. Theft by extortion.15. Shoplifting.
  53. 53. 16. Forgery.17. Criminal possession of a forgery device.18. Obtaining a signature by deception.19. Criminal impersonation.20. Theft of a credit card or obtaining a credit card by fraudulent means.21. Receipt of anything of value obtained by fraudulent use of a credit card.22. Forgery of a credit card.23. Fraudulent use of a credit card.24. Possession of any machinery, plate or other contrivance or incomplete credit card.25. False statement as to financial condition or identity to obtain a credit card.26. Fraud by persons authorized to provide goods or services.27. Credit card transaction record theft.28. Misconduct involving weapons.29. Misconduct involving explosives.30. Depositing explosives.31. Misconduct involving simulated explosive devices.32. Concealed weapon violation.33. Possession and sale of peyote.34. Possession and sale of a vapor-releasing substance containing a toxic substance.35. Sale of precursor chemicals.36. Possession, use or sale of marijuana, dangerous drugs or narcotic drugs.37. Manufacture or distribution of an imitation controlled substance.38. Manufacture or distribution of an imitation prescription-only drug.39. Manufacture or distribution of an imitation over-the-counter drug.40. Possession or possession with intent to use an imitation controlled substance.41. Possession or possession with intent to use an imitation prescription-only drug.42. Possession or possession with intent to use an imitation over-the-counter drug.43. Manufacture of certain substances and drugs by certain means.44. Adding poison or other harmful substance to food, drink or medicine.45. A criminal offense involving criminal trespass and burglary under title 13, chapter 15.46. A criminal offense under title 13, chapter 23.47. Child neglect.48. Misdemeanor offenses involving contributing to the delinquency of a minor.49. Offenses involving domestic violence.50. Arson.51. Kidnapping.52. Felony offenses involving sale, distribution or transportation of, offer to sell,transport or distribute or conspiracy to sell, transport or distribute marijuana,dangerous drugs or narcotic drugs.53. Robbery.54. Aggravated assault.
  54. 54. 55. Felony offenses involving contributing to the delinquency of a minor.56. Negligent homicide.57. Criminal damage.58. Misappropriation of charter school monies as prescribed in section 13-1818.59. Taking identity of another person or entity.60. Aggravated taking identity of another person or entity.61. Trafficking in the identity of another person or entity.62. Cruelty to animals.63. Prostitution.64. Sale or distribution of material harmful to minors through vending machines asprescribed in section 13-3513.65. Welfare fraud.D. A person who is awaiting trial on or who has been convicted of committing orattempting to commit a violation of section 28-1381, 28-1382 or 28-1383 in this state orthe same or similar offense in another state or jurisdiction within five years from thedate of applying for a fingerprint clearance card is precluded from driving any vehicle totransport employees or clients of the employing agency as part of the personsemployment. The division shall place a notation on the fingerprint clearance card thatindicates this driving restriction. This subsection does not preclude a person from drivinga vehicle alone as part of the persons employment.E. Notwithstanding subsection C of this section, on receiving written notice from theboard of fingerprinting that a good cause exception was granted pursuant to section 41-619.55, the division shall issue a fingerprint clearance card to the person.F. If the division denies a persons application for a fingerprint clearance card pursuantto subsection C of this section and a good cause exception is requested pursuant tosection 41-619.55, the division shall release, on request by the board of fingerprinting,the persons criminal history record to the board of fingerprinting.G. A person shall be granted a fingerprint clearance card if either of the followingapplies:1. An agency granted a good cause exception before August 16, 1999 and no newprecluding offense is identified. The fingerprint clearance card shall specify only theprogram that granted the good cause exception. On the request of the applicant, theagency that granted the prior good cause exception shall notify the division in writing ofthe date on which the prior good cause exception was granted and the date of theconviction and the name of the offense for which the good cause exception wasgranted.2. The board granted a good cause exception and no new precluding offense isidentified.H. The licensee or contract provider shall assume the costs of fingerprint checks andmay charge these costs to persons required to be fingerprinted.I. A person who is under eighteen years of age or who is at least ninety-nine years of age