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Job Club New Job Opportunitie15dec2011abb

Job Club New Job Opportunitie15dec2011abb



This is a new copy of our twice a week, new job opportunity magazine for our local Job Club Chapter...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community from ...

This is a new copy of our twice a week, new job opportunity magazine for our local Job Club Chapter...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community from prison/jail...Employers who are interested in helping these Veterans and/or if you are an employer that can hire from this population of skilled Veterans that made life mistakes due to PTSD or poor judgement; you are welcome and encouraged to come and post job leads in this publication...please contact Project VETS at 602-223-4327 or bobbywest@awee.org...TIA



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    Job Club New Job Opportunitie15dec2011abb Job Club New Job Opportunitie15dec2011abb Document Transcript

    • Dressing inappropriately and badmouthing former employers are well-known job interview no-nos. But many of us are still committing these basic mistakes – along with much more bizarre ones like hugging the interviewer. According to a recent survey of 2,482 hiring managers, the rebounding economy may be to blame. With high competition comes high pressure, which may be causing these costly job interviewing-mistakes. The most outrageous ones reported by hiring managers were: Provided a detailed listing of how previous employer made them mad. Hugged hiring manager at the end of the interview. Ate all the candy from the candy bowl while trying to answer questions. Constantly bad mouthed spouse. Blew her nose and lined up the used tissues on the table in front of her. Brought a copy of their college diploma that had obviously been white-ousted and their name added. Wore a hat that said “take this job and shove it.” Talked about how an affair cost him a previous job. Threw his beer can in the outside trashcan before coming into the reception office. Had a friend come in and ask “HOW MUCH LONGER?”The most common mistakes are a lot less amusing but are equally damning: Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview – reported by 71 percent of hiring managers Dressing inappropriately – 69 percent Appearing disinterested – 69 percent Appearing arrogant – 66 percent Speaking negatively about a current or previous employer – 63 percent Chewing gum – 59 percent Not providing specific answers – 35 percent Not asking good questions – 32 percent
    • The following tips for successful interviews in a competitive job market:Keep it upbeat: “Many job seekers may be experiencing tougher than usual job searchesin this economy. Even if your job search process has been frustrating, do what you can toremain positive and upbeat.”Prepare, prepare, and prepare: “Before the interview, research the company by lookingat the press room for recent announcements, the About Us section for company culture,and the list of products so you are familiar with their offerings. Having this knowledge willallow you to easily answer and ask questions during the interview.”Keep it professional, not personal: “Don’t let business decorum disappear even if theinterview is in a casual setting. Refrain from discussing over-the-top personal issues andfocus on the position and selling yourself.”Practice does make perfect: Nerves are likely to rear their head in an interview, so helpcalm them ahead of time by practicing. Go through common interview questions with afriend or family member and practice in front of a mirror so you can see your bodylanguage.Honesty is the best policy: “If questions come up that you don’t know how to answer,don’t lie or pretend you know. Admit that you may not know the answer, but thenexplain how you would go about finding a solution, proving your resourcefulness.”
    • Job Interview Preparation – 4 Tips to be SMARTCarrying out a job interview preparation is something of great essence if you are trulyserious about applying for a job you saw in the ads. Make sure that you browse throughthe countless of resources and reviews on job interview preparation available in theInternet so that you can be sure about getting the best tips ever. All you need to do istake on the preparations very smartly. Here are just five of the so many interviewpreparation tips that you will need in order to once and for all land the job you deserve:1. S – SmileSmile a lot the minute you enter the interview room. After all, to smile will not cost youanything, and it might even work to your gain in the end. Smile as you walk to your seatand simply charm your interviewer away. But then, you will also need to exude a genuineconfidence as you do so. Keep in mind that an interview is not all about smiling andshowing how look you good.2. M – MilestoneTalk about your accomplishments and achievements in your previous jobs, Make surethat the ones you are going to talk about are the ones worth mentioning and that theyare in one way or another, related to the job position you are trying to seize. Elaborate onhow you were able to achieve such milestones by enumerating the core values you haveused such as patience, persistence, commitment, dedication, determination competenceand skills. Then, make it a point that you also emphasize how such achievements can helpyou do better in this job you are applying for.
    • 3. A – AttitudeTalk about your strengths and weaknesses and how each has helped you becomesuccessful in your chosen career. Discuss in detail how you would do an extra milewithout expecting to get paid or rewarded for it; but simply for the reason that youwould want to accomplish what you need to accomplish. Translate your weaknesses intostrengths; such that your tendency to become workaholic can sometimes beuncontrollable. In other words, you are selling yourself that you are a persistent workerwhich of course, will be to their advantage.4. R – ReadinessWhat is more, send the message across to your prospective boss how ready and apt youare to take on the job. Explain how prepared you are in becoming a part of their companyand that you look forward to working with each one of them. Assure them that are ateam-player by all means. Elaborate as well on how you take on responsibilities andaccountability for everything you will do or say in work area.Did you know that your job interview counts for 95% of whether you will get thejob or not. How you answer the questions that will be thrown at you in theinterview holds the key to your future. The GOOD NEWS is that you can learnexactly how to answer even the toughest questions.
    • Are You Prepared For TrickyBehavioral Interview QuestionsLike These???Does the thought of going on a job interview cause your palms to sweat and your body tobreak out in hives? Stop itching; youre not alone.The vast majority of job seekers admit to emotions ranging from mild uneasiness todownright panic leading up to their interviews. The good news is there have been noreported cases of job seekers who died of nervousness during a job interview. So relaxand follow these simple tips for keeping your anxiety at bay before and during yourinterview.First, take the proper amount of time to prepare for your interview. Being well-preparedwill boost your confidence and lower your anxiety. Experts recommend that you spend atleast three hours preparing for each interview.You should draft answers to the most common interview questions and practice speakingthem out loud. You also should read up on the company with which you will beinterviewing and prepare some questions of your own. This lets the interviewer knowthat you are truly interested in the company and the position.
    • As a final step in your preparation, make sure you have good directions to the interviewsite. Some job seekers make a dry run to the interview site to ensure the directions arecorrect and to estimate the amount of time they will need to get to the interview ontime.Going into a job interview is often like entering the great unknown. Although everyinterviewer is different and questions vary from industry to industry, there are somequestions that are common across the board. Reading through the following questionsand developing your own answers is a good place to start in your preparation. Once youhave done that, remember practice makes perfect! Nothing impresses a potentialemployer like being ready for whatever is thrown your way.Why should we hire you?Heres the chance to really sell yourself. You need to briefly and succinctly lay out yourstrengths, qualifications and what you can bring to the table. Be careful not to answerthis question too generically, however. Nearly everyone says they are hardworking andmotivated. Set yourself apart by telling the interviewer about qualities that are unique toyou.Why do you want to work here?This is one tool interviewers use to see if you have done your homework. You shouldnever attend an interview unless you know about the company, its direction and theindustry in which it plays. If you have done your research, this question gives you anopportunity to show initiative and demonstrate how your experience and qualificationsmatch the companys needs.
    • What are your greatest weaknesses?The secret to answering this question is being honest about a weakness, butdemonstrating how you have turned it into strength. For example, if you had a problemwith organization in the past, demonstrate the steps you took to more effectively keepyourself on track. This will show that you have the ability to recognize aspects of yourselfthat need improvement, and the initiative to make yourself better.Why did you leave your last job?Even if your last job ended badly, be careful about being negative in answering thisquestion. Be as diplomatic as possible. If you do point out negative aspects of your lastjob, find some positives to mention as well. Complaining endlessly about your lastcompany will not say much for your attitude.Describe a problem situation and how you solved it.Sometimes it is hard to come up with a response to this request, particularly if you arecoming straight from college and do not have professional experience. Interviewers wantto see that you can think critically and develop solutions, regardless of what kind of issueyou faced. Even if your problem was not having enough time to study, describe the stepsyou took to prioritize your schedule. This will demonstrate that you are responsible andcan think through situations on your own.What accomplishment are youmost proud of?The secret to this question is beingspecific and selecting anaccomplishment that relates to theposition. Even if your greatestaccomplishment is being on achampionship high schoolbasketball team, opt for a moreprofessionally relevantaccomplishment. Think of thequalities the company is looking forand develop an example thatdemonstrates how you can meetthe companys needs.What are your salaryexpectations?This is one of the hardest questions, particularly for those with little experience. The firstthing to do before going to your interview is to research the salary range in your field toget an idea of what you should be making. Steer clear of discussing salary specifics before
    • receiving a job offer. Let the interviewer know that you will be open to discussing faircompensation when the time comes. If pressed for a more specific answer, always give arange, rather than a specific number. Tell me about yourself. While this query seems like a piece of cake, it is difficult to answer because it is so broad. The important thing to know is that the interviewer typically does not want to know about your hometown or what you do on the weekends. He or she is trying to figure you out professionally. Pick a couple of points about yourself, your professional experience and your career goals and stick to those points.Wrap up your answer by bringing up your desire to be a part of the company. If you havea solid response prepared for this question, it can lead your conversation in a directionthat allows you to elaborate on your qualifications… The Job Interview: Do You Have Any Questions? During a job interview, the interviewers last question is often the most important one. Thats when the interviewer invites you to ask questions to clear up any doubts or professional curiosities. "Now, do you have any questions for us?" is the question, the response to which can surprisingly seal your fate. Always remember that you are at an interview, and are not facing an interrogation. This is not a situation where one person asks all the questions and the other is obliged to give all the answers. An interview is a two-way conversation. It is a professional dialogue in which both sides ask and respond to questions.
    • For you as an aspiring employee, the interview provides two opportunities. One is to sellyourself to prove your suitability for the job, and secondly it enables you to evaluate theemployer, and get information regarding your future service. You may not otherwise beable to get some of this information until you accept the job, at which point it may be toolate. So, when you are given a chance to ask questions, the worst thing that you could dois to say that you have nothing to ask. Having no questions to ask indicates yourindifference, and creates an impression that perhaps you have not prepared for theinterview, and therefore, are not keen to get the job.Interviewers are often more impressed by the questions you ask than by the answers yougive to their questions. In a survey, of the several blunders that candidates make in jobinterviews (e.g. poor personal appearance, failure to make eye contact, being late for theinterview, etc.), the one that recruiters find most unforgivable is the failure to askquestions. By asking informed questions, you not only gain knowledge about yourpotential employer, but also make a good impression on him or her.Does it seem counter-intuitive to ask questionsat an interview? Many candidates think so. Theyare wrong. Recruiters do expect the candidatesto ask questions. From the questions asked,they assess and form an opinion on whether thecandidate is really serious about the job. If youdont ask enough questions, recruiters, whomay otherwise be prepared to make you anoffer, may not do so because they are not surethat you know what you would be getting into.Appropriate questions at the right timeunderscore the fact that you are taking aproactive role in the job selection process,rather than being just a passive participant. Anaction-oriented attitude, reinforcing yourinterest in the job, never fails to impressrecruiters.Asking the right questions is an excellentmethod to demonstrate your professional knowledge. The questions you choose indicateyour general level of intelligence and awareness, apart from your professional knowledgeof your field. An important point to note is that through your questions and answers, youcan control and steer the interview to the path you want it to take, toward your owncomfort zone. This also enables you to keep clear of the unknown, potentially disastroustopics that you would rather avoid.
    • For more senior positions in an organization, it is imperative to ask intelligent questionsto demonstrate and highlight your initiative and leadership qualities that senior levelpositions demand.It is of vital importance to anticipate, prepare and formulate your questions and answersbefore the interview. There are certain guidelines for formulating the appropriatequestions. The first and foremost step is to gather as much information as you can aboutyour future employers. Make sure that you learn all you can about the organization - themain focus of its business activities, who is who in the organization, its financial status,future plans, etc. You should concentrate particularly on the role and functioning of thedepartment and the position that you would be joining. You are expected to have fairlygood background knowledge about the company before walking in for the interview. Thisresearch about the organization can help you to formulate questions and prepare pre-conceived intelligent answers for critical questions like, "Why do you want to work forthis company?" or "Why do you think that you are suitable for this position?"
    • You must avoid asking questions that are already known facts or are available on theemployers website. Such questions would imply that you have not prepared for theinterview, or worse, that you have a casual attitude. Also, never ask about your salary andother benefits issues until the recruiter raises these subjects.One of the smartest questions you can ask, once your resume has been discussed, is"Now that we have talked about my qualifications and experience, do you have anyconcerns about my capabilities regarding this position?" This enables any latent lingeringdoubts in the minds of the interviewers to be brought out in the open, and it provides anopportunity to the candidate to defend himself satisfactorily against the objections, ifany.Another smart question could be: "What are the three top priority tasks you would firstlike to see me accomplish?" The question establishes your commitment to action.Remember, "Accomplish" is a term very dear to every hiring manager.
    • The golden guiding principle for your selection of questions should be to maximize yourchances of getting the job, and not to just get information. Here are 14 rules for askingbetter questions: 1. Ask open-ended questions. 2. Keep the questions short. 3. Dont interrupt. 4. Use inclusive language. 5. Ask questions that the interviewer can answer comfortably. 6. Avoid questions that have obvious answers. 7. Avoid "Why" questions. 8. Avoid asking questions that call for superlatives. 9. Avoid leading or loaded questions. 10.Avoid veiled threats. 11.Avoid questions that hint of desperation. 12.Avoid asking questions that focus on what the company can do for you. 13.Dont ask questions that are irrelevant to the job or the organization. 14.Relax and smile.Apart from these, remember that the employer is interested in hiring you, as he has aspecific need, and wants to benefit from your services. Logically, questions that convincehim of your loyalty, zeal and commitment, and an impression that you have theemployers interest at heart, should provide the ideal breakthrough. Some greatquestions to ask would be:
    • 1. Whats the organization and structure of my team? Am I going to be a mentor or will I be mentored? 2. What does the company value the most, and how can my work further these values? 3. What kinds of processes are in place to help me work collaboratively? 4. What can I do to homogenize and build team spirit? 5. Do team members usually eat lunch together, or do they eat at their desks? 6. Whats the most important thing I can do to help within the first 90 days of my employment? 7. Do you have any concerns about my ability to perform this job? 8. When top performers leave the company, why do they leave and where do they usually go? 9. In your opinion, what are my strongest assets and possible weaknesses? Do you have any concerns regarding my suitability that I need to clear up in order to be the top candidate?Never ever ask any of the following questions which, believe it or not, have actually beenasked by candidates at various interviews: 1. Is it possible for me to get a small loan? 2. What is it that your company does? 3. Can I see the break room? 4. What are the psychiatric benefits offered? 5. How many warnings does one get before one is fired? 6. Can you guarantee me that I will still have a job here a year from now? 7. Would anyone notice if I came in late and left early? 8. What does this company consider a good absenteeism record? 9. The job description mentions weekend work. Are you serious? 10.What is the zodiac sign of the company president?
    • NEW JOB LEADSFounded in 1997, OFFICIAL Fast Freight, LLC.Was created to fulfill a desperate need for LTLservices in the Phoenix Metro Area. Our servicesproved to be very successful and in 1999 webranched into Distribution Service and haveestablished ourselves as Phoenix’s premier PoolPoint and Distribution service Provider. Ourservices include Cartage, statewide LTL, RetailDistribution, Specialized & Dedicated services.Because of this extended service, OFFICIAL FastFreight, LLC. Is able to provide service into areasthat other carriers would normally interline orservice intermittently.General Labor Warehouse 1511 S. 47th AveWorker Wanted. #300 Phoenix, AZLoading & Unloading Trucks and sorting freight. 85043This is hard work and typically long hours.$9.00 HR Full Time Ph. 602-352-1000Sunday-Thursday 3am till Done. Fax 602-352-0551Need Immediately- Start Tomorrow! You mustbe able to read, write and speak English as wellas have 2 forms of Government Issue ID.You must be able to pass Drug Test andhave no felonies.Includes Benefits - Sick/Vacation/Holiday PayMedical Insurance available.Must be able to lift 50lbs.Position requires bending, stooping, standingfor long periods of time.To apply, bring two forms of ID Monday throughThursday from 8.00 am until noon...Ask for Adolpho.
    • ( 623) 209-8484 · 4919 W Colter St, Glendale, AZ 85301NEED TIRE CHANGER--- FULL TIME JOBMUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH LOW PROS, SENSORS, ETCWE HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPTMENT FOR THE JOB, JUST NEED A PRO HEREMUST HAVE GOOD DRIVING RECORD, WE WILL ASK FOR A 3 YEAR M.V.R.PLEASE COME IN TO FILL OUT APPLICATION…SALES EXPERIENCE WELCOME602-721-7436 8AM-5PM MON-FRI ONLY PLEASE---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Roadside Service from Apache Sands Service CenterThere are many times when your vehicle just needs roadside assistance. Apache SandsService Center can quickly dispatch one of our roadside assistance vehicles that canprovide the following help: Gas Delivery - Flat Tires - Locked out of Vehicle - Jump Start ofDead Battery…Apache Sands Service Center is a AAA Approved Roadside Assistanceprovider.Looking for Battery Assist Drivers. Great Pay and Benefits.Flexible schedule will train!Skills / Requirements: No experience needed, we will train. MVR with no more than 2moving violations. Must be prepared to drug test upon interview. Must be at least 21years of age. No Felony convictions in the last 5 years. No DUIs in the last 5 years.APPLY IN PERSONApache Sands Towing7602 E. Main, Mesa, AZ
    • Revo Burrito is now hiring outgoing, professional line cooks for our Biltmore location.This position must befilled immediately!Previous experience isa plus.Please apply in personMonday-Friday from2-4pm @ 3146 EastCamelback Road,Phoenix….--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14747 N. Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Performance Bicycle, the nations leading retailer of bicycling products, is actively seeking experienced, guest oriented Sales Associates who understand cycling to fill part-time positions at our Scottsdale store. Sales Associates provide detailed information, education, and support to ensure that guests have a great cycling experience. Looking for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join Americas #1 retailer of bicycles, parts, and accessories. Offers great working conditions and generous employee discounts. Apply in person at the Scottsdale store or email your resume to: retailhr@Performanceinc.com
    • Anderson Merchandisers has grown up a lot since Charlie Andersons grandfather ClydeAnderson Sr. started the business as a makeshift newspaper stand on an Alabamasidewalk in 1917. A key ingredient to the growth and success of Anderson Merchandisershas always been the team members who enjoy pushing the company forward andmeeting new challenges.We are currently seeking professionals who possess drive and initiative and enjoyworking in a fast-paced environment. Are you dedicated to meeting the needs ofconsumers across the United States and Canada? Are you looking for the chance to growas an individual and a professional? Are you committed to providing the best service andvalue to our customers available? If so, please take a moment to review our careeropenings and take the next step to becoming a part of our point-to-point dedication toconnecting shoppers with the brands they love.Merchandising Specialist - Phoenix, AZ-1102822 SCOTTSDALE, AZ - 1102962DescriptionSUMMARY STATEMENT:The Part Time Merchandising Specialist is responsible for stocking and zoning product,maintaining account aesthetics and may involve processing product returns. Dailycommunication and follow-up with the Sales Representative is expected.TYPE OF SUPERVISION RECEIVED:This Part Time position is under the supervision of the District Sales Manager and is givendirection from the Sales Representative.JOB REQUIREMENTS AND DUTIES: including but not limited to the following: Maintain account aesthetics (zoning, alphabetizing, maintain modular integrity). Responsible for setting product to plan-o-gram, perform resets, POP placement, inventory counts, and moving product from the stock room to the sales floor. Maintain excellent rapport with store personnel. Communicate to the Sales Representative on a daily basis as to all activities accomplished as well as any sales opportunities. Work flexible shifts (am or pm) based on store requirements and needs. Work a minimum of one 4-hour weekend shift based on store requirements.
    • QualificationsPHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: including, but not limited to the following: Must be able to lift objects and product up to a maximum of 50 lbs with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects/products up to 35 lbs. Work could be performed while sitting, standing or walking. Work performed will entail fine manipulation of hands and/or fingers, as well as repetitive had action. It will additionally entail bending, twisting, squatting and climbing, as well as upper and lower body mobility. Work is based on store requirements and could include flexible shifts (am or pm). A minimum of one 4-hour weekend shift as based on store requirements is expected to be worked. Valid drivers license is required as travel to additional locations may be necessary Automobile liability insurance is required to be maintained.COMPETENCIES: To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies to perform the essential functions of this position: Problem solving - the individual identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner, gathers and analyzes information skillfully and maintains confidentiality. Interpersonal skills - the individual maintains confidentiality, remains open to others ideas and exhibits willingness to try new things Oral Communication - the individual speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations. Written Communication - the individual edits work for spelling and grammar, presents numerical data effectively and is able to read and interpret written information. Quality Control - the individual demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness and monitors own work to ensure quality.
    • Planning/Organizing - the individual prioritizes and plans work activities and uses time efficiently. Adaptability - the individual adapts to changes in the work environment, manages competing demands and is able to deal with frequent change, delays or unexpected events. Dependability - the individual is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to management direction and solicits feedback to improve.JobSalesPrimary LocationAZ-Phoenixhttp://www.amerch.com/careers/part-timeBackground Check ConsentPlease read the background check statement presented below carefully and accept it ordecline it by selecting the relevant radio button at the bottom of the section. If youdecline the background check, your job submission might be automatically excluded fromconsideration for this position. HIRING RESTRICTION(S) BASED IN CRIME….Anderson’s success in connecting your brand to America’s shoppers is built on almost a century of experience inservicing retail accounts. Founded in 1917 in Florence, Alabama, Anderson started as a small newsstand in amakeshift shed. Within a year, the company began providing merchandising services to retail accounts in itshometown. By the 1920s, the work had spread across the region and Anderson established itself as only thesecond wholesale distributor in the Southeast.From a simple newsstand, we’ve expanded to more than 3,500 associates and seven state-of-the-art distributioncenters strategically located to help you reach customers quickly anywhere in the nation.Today, Anderson is recognized as a leading distributor and marketer of music, DVDs, movies, books, magazines,consumer brands, and promotional products in the United States. UNITED WAY Anderson Merchandisers associates get in the groove to help The United Way
    • Stealth Solar is the industry leader of energy products for homeowners in Phoenix andthroughout Arizona. The Stealth Solar System consists of distinct three eco-friendlyproducts. They are a Stealth Solar hot water heater, the KVAR system, and the AerosealCertified Duct Sealing System. These three energy saving products will maximize energyusage in your home, decrease your monthly energy bills, and make a positive impact onthe environment. Call Stealth Solar System today and make your Arizona home energyefficient with solar and energy saving products…Stealth Solar, 7 years in Business is expanding.Looking for 7-10 communicators with great attitude and personality.Must have some type of phone experience.Set appointments with homeowners no selling involved.Hourly with demo & sale bonus paid weekly, health insurance is offered.Not your typical call center!Easy Location 44th & Thomas on bus line!A happy place to work, thats why our attendance is awesome, Must be a reason?2 shifts available 10-2pm 4-9pmCall and Ask for Gail & Call between 11AM & 5PM(602) 578-0511HIRING RESTRICTIONS BASED UPON Background Crime…2600 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008
    • 6825 N 16th St, Squaw Peak Plaza, Phoenix, AZ 85014Rainbow Cleaners is family owned and operated proudly serving the Central Phoenix areasince 1978. We have been at the current location since 1992. Our employees arededicated to quality clothing care, personal service, and attention to every detail.Now hiring a Front Counter person/ Cashier to work at large dry cleaners in North CentralPhoenix.Must be friendly, honest, and detail oriented.Full time, 40 hours/week.Must be available to work anytime from 7am-7pm M-F and 8am-6pm on Sat.Please call 602-741-0424 and leave message or stop by Rainbow Cleaners to fill out anapplication at 6825 N. 16th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85016 (in the Bashas Center behind Moto)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------West Coast Amusements is a family-run business with an eye on exceptional customerservice in everything we do. Three generations of the Hauser family along with our stellarManagement Team can assist you throughout your event to make sure everything runssmoothly.http://www.westcoastamusements.com/about/our-people/
    • CARNIVAL AMUSEMENT & RECREATION ATTENDANTS wanted for Midway WestAmusements, Inc. 25 temporary positions open from 1-Apr-12 through 30-Nov-12. Jobinvolves: Perform variety of attending duties at amusement facility (traveling carnival).Set-up, tear-down, operate amusement rides, food concessions and/or games. Post-employment and random drug testing, background checks, and travel with the Carnival isrequired.No training or experience is required. Equal Opportunity, FLSA (13) (a) (3) exemptemployer not subject to Federal hourly wage, overtime or recordkeeping requirements.No overtime expected. Overtime, if any, calculated and paid as per applicable regulations.Work schedule varies widely, typically 40 Hrs. /Wk. Wed-Sun, 1:00PM to 10:00PM.The employer will pay the weekly salary for each week that the worker is employed.Employer will pay the applicable variable prevailing weekly wage for each location, asfollows: $319.20 Sun City, Phoenix, $309.60 White river, Winslow, $326.00 Page, AZ;$327.20 Cedar City, $326.00 Richfield, $330.00 Eagle Mt, Orem, $322.80 Salt Lake City,$322.00 Clinton, $330.00 Spanish Fork, $326.00 Heber City, $327.20 Parowan, UT;$309.60 St Johns, $323.20 Duncan, AZ; $316.80 Deming, NM; $318.80 Prescott Valley,Camp Verde, $319.20 Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City, Glendale, AZ: $321.06 AverageWeekly Wage.If there are changes in work locations or applicable prevailing wage, employer will obtainand pay applicable prevailing wage.Employer makes available mobile housing valued at $125.00 /week.Employer makes available transportation from venue to venue and scheduledtransportation to laundry, shopping valued at $25.00 / week.Send resume to Midway West Amusements, Inc., 13614 N. 99th Ave, Suite 809, SunCity, AZ 85351 or email to midwaywest@cox.net or fax to 480-497-6872. Please includecomplete contact information in your submission.
    • http://www.sodexo.com/en/careers/jobs/map.aspxSodexo strives to make every day a better day for the people and the communities weserve, and a better world for future generations. As a world leader in Quality of Daily LifeSolutions, we are committed to continuing to lead our industry in addressing thechallenges that are impacting our communities. Sodexo creates and offers services thatcontribute to a more pleasant way of life for people wherever and whenever they cometogether.Catering Assistant $13.00 HourCatering Assistant, assist with setup and teardown, food handling, cleaning, etc. Workvaried hours.The employer requests you apply in person. Always be appropriately attired when visitingan employers office. Also have a current cover letter and your resume/statement ofqualifications ready to present to the employer.Apply at 3300 W. Camelback road, PHOENIX, AZ 85017 US
    • http://www.sodexo.com/en/careers/jobs/map.aspxHere are some of our more frequently asked questions. If you dont find your questionhere, please contact us and ask.Is Sodexo hiring now?Yes. Sodexo is always looking for new talent to join our team. For a full listing of openpositions, visit our Job Search page.How do I search open positions and requirements?Visit our Job Search page or join our Talent Community to search jobs at Sodexo. You cansearch all of our open positions or search specific jobs by location.How do I apply for a position?To apply, youll need to create a profile or log in as a return user. Once you find a positionyoud like to apply for, can click the apply button.Is there opportunity for advancement withinSodexo?Yes. At Sodexo, you have the unique ability tocreate your own career. No matter what positionyou come in to, theres limitless opportunity toadvance. Because were focused on growing ourtalent from within, youll find support at every turnas your career develops.Do I need to create an account to browseopenings?No, you can search our job openings as a visitor,but youll need to create an account in order toapply.Do I need to create an account to apply for aposition?Youll be prompted to create an account when yousearch or apply. Fill out the simple form online and youre ready to apply for positionswith Sodexo.
    • http://www.sodexo.com/en/careers/jobs/map.aspx What is the Sodexo Talent Community? Our Talent Community is a personalized experience that will allow you to search jobs using an interactive map and keyword search before the application process. How do I join the Talent Community? You can join our Talent Community from our Network with us page by clicking on "Talent Community." You can also join our Talent Community by searching for open positions on our Job Search page. Why cant I log into the Talent Community? If you have misplaced your access id number you can click on the link provided and we will email you your assigned code.What if I do not have a resume?We have a resume builder feature that allows you to give us the pertinent informationyour resume would include even if you dont have a resume.Can I submit my resume without applying for a specific position? What happens then?If you have not found the right job for you immediately after setting up a profile in thecareer center, it is advisable to set up your Job Agent or to join our Talent Community.This will insure that you receive an automatic notification each time a job is created thatmatches the criteria that you established in your agent. You can create several agentsdepending on criteria that you set up.After I apply for a specific position,what happens?Youll receive notice that we havereceived your application. If youreselected as a potential candidate, HRwill be in touch with you shortly. Formore information, visit our HiringProcess page.
    • http://www.sodexo.com/en/careers/jobs/map.aspxHow can I meet a Sodexo recruiter?Once youve decided to create your career - a career that fits in with and enriches yourlife, champions diversity and inclusion, and affords you the opportunity to learn and growprofessionally - its time to apply! Visit our Job Search page and apply online to the job ofyour choice. Once resumes for an open requisition have been reviewed, a Sodexorecruiter will contact the best-qualified candidates for a phone interview as soon aspossible - ideally within two days of posting a resume. You can also meet a Sodexorepresentative by attending one of our upcoming recruiting events or by networking withthem through our social networks.Does Sodexo provide benefits for employees?Yes. Our employees are our biggest asset, so we strive to make Sodexo a great companyto work for. We offer benefits and programs that help our employees professional,personal and financial well-being. For more information, visit our Benefits page.What if I do not see an open position that interests me? How can I find out about futureopenings?
    • http://www.sodexo.com/en/careers/jobs/map.aspxHow can I find out about future openings? There are two answers to this question:When you join our Talent Community we will automatically email you every job in yourarea of interest and invite you to apply for future positions. You can create several searchagents depending on criteria that you set up. These agents can be changed or you canadd more at any time by logging into the Talent Community.Creating a Job Agent in the Career Center will also insure that you receive an automaticnotification each time a job is created that matches the criteria that you established inyour profile. You can create several agents depending on criteria that you set up withinthe Career Center.What is the difference between the Talent Community and the Career Center?The Talent Community is a personalized experience that will allow you to search jobsusing an interactive map and keyword search before the application process. When youapply for a job in our Talent Community, you will automatically enter our Career Centeron the Sodexo USA web site to complete the application process. The Career Center islinked to our applicant tracking system with data managed by our recruiters.How do I update/change my contact information, email address, resume and password?You can edit your profile, including contact information, password, and resume by loggingin to the Career Center. Click Submit to save your changes.Why cant I log into my Career Center account?If you have any difficulty, please contact Sodexos Talent Acquisitions Support Specialistat 1-800-763-3946 extension 44217 for assistance. A representative will be glad to assistyou with any technical difficulties that you may encounter.
    • Application for position: DISPATCHER/SCHEDULERJob description: Dispatcher/Scheduler coordinates transportation activityby scheduling and monitoring cab operations/trips.This position is at 4600 W Camelback RdEssential Functions/Duties and Responsibilities: Builds a rapport with independent contractor drivers through honesty and open communication. Responds to the questions and concerns of independent contractor drivers. Assists independent contractor drivers with locating addresses and solving problems. Investigates service problems and provides recommendations. Answers telephone calls in a courteous and timely manner. Ensures that customers are satisfied with transportation. Monitors trip cancellations and independent contractor driver “no shows” for accuracy. Schedules and routes service requests through the dispatch system. Monitors the pickup and drop-off times of scheduled trips.
    • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: Understanding of Phoenix geography Developed map-reading skills Positive and professional demeanor Excellent customer service skills Willingness to work flexible hours Proficiency with Windows-based computers Ability to work independently and self-motivate Strong problem-solving skills Good communication skills; ability to communicate in Spanish is desirable Ability to maintain a focus on the customer Understanding of all telephone functionshttp://www.fastrecruiting.net/career_portal/totaltransit_employmentcareerportal.aspx------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1431 West Harvard, Gilbert, AZ 85233 T: (480) 633-3392 F: (480) 545-8020 http://hotfootrecruiters.com/JobListing.aspxOne of the largest roofing companies in the Southwest are currently lookingfor a Roofing ForemanPosition: Service ForemanLocation: Phoenix, AZ (Valley Wide)Pay: $15-17/hr -- 90 day temp to hireSummary: Experience with various roofing systems. Must have VALID driver’s license andRELIABLE transportation. Special attention will be given to candidates with proven workhistory that shows growth and advancement.Skills/ Requirements: Need to have a strong work ethic, positive attitude; be a teamplayer and are motivated to succeed.Pay Rate $15.00 to $18.00/hour Pay Comments 90 day temp to hire ImportantCall 480.633.3392 ask for Charlie or Roy
    • Celebrating its 90th year of innovation, Pitney Bowes is a $5.6 billion company thatemploys 33,000 worldwide and provides software, hardware and services that integratephysical and digital communications channels.Long known for making its customers more productive, Pitney Bowes is increasinglyhelping other companies grow their business. Every connection is a new opportunity™.Heres an opportunity to earn while you learn, we employ 13,000 people in 1,200locations around the country, helping large companies such as law firms, financialinstitutions, and government agencies, create and distribute vital businesscommunicationsYour duties could include printing, copying, collating, inserting and mailing documents.Electronic imaging and archiving, and assuring the security of mail delivered togovernment offices and large companies. PBMS offers life-friendly work arrangements, abenefits package featuring a flexible medical plan, savings and retirement plans andtuition reimbursement for job-related courses.
    • http://www.pb.com/Careers/job-search.shtmlCustomer Service Associate-On Call (Switchboard/Mail/Shipping/Receiving)-FlexibleOpportunity, North PhoenixUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/14/11-Requisition ID 116722Product Marketing Manager (Customer Analytics & Interaction Line of Business)United States-MA-Boston, United StatesJob Posting:12/08/11-Requisition ID 114116Product Marketing Manager (Customer Analytics & Interaction Line of Business)United States-MA-Boston, United StatesJob Posting:12/08/11-Requisition ID 114094Customer Service Associate- On Call, Copy/Mail/Fax/Hospitality (Flexible Opportunity),Downtown Tucson AZUnited States-AZ-TucsonJob Posting:12/06/11-Requisition ID 116887Customer Service Associate-On Call (Mail/Shipping/Receiving/Copy/Fax)-FlexibleOpportunity, Phoenix and Chandler AZUnited States-AZ-ChandlerJob Posting:12/05/11-Requisition ID 116841
    • Customer Service Associate- On Call, Copy/Mail/Fax/Hospitality (Flexible Opportunity),Downtown Tucson AZUnited States-AZ-TucsonJob Posting:12/05/11-Requisition ID 116800Customer Service Associate-Mail/Floater (Backup Driver) Part-Time 20 hours (M-F 1:00p.m-5:00 p.m.), North PhoenixUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/05/11-Requisition ID 116850Customer Service Associate-Mail Operations 37.5 Hours M-F (8:30 am-5:00 pm), NorthPhoenixUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/05/11-Requisition ID 116618
    • Customer Service Associate-Digital Copy Operator -Legal Site (FT 40 Hours, M-F 10:30a.m.-7:30 p.m.), Downtown PhoenixUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/01/11-Requisition ID 114173Customer Service-Mailroom Operations (FT 40 hours M-F, 9:15 a.m.-6:15 p.m.)-LawFirm, Downtown PhoenixUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/01/11-Requisition ID 116619Customer Service Associate-On Call (Mail/Shipping/Receiving/Copy/Fax/Records)-Flexible Opportunity, Phoenix AZ and surrounding areasUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/01/11-Requisition ID 116749Customer Service Associate-On Call (Mail/Shipping/Receiving/Copy/Fax/Records)-Flexible Opportunity, Phoenix AZ and surrounding areasUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/01/11-Requisition ID 116748Partner Account Manager (VAR)United States-NY-Troy, United StatesJob Posting:12/01/11-Requisition ID 115138Geography Sales Executive III - Phoenix, ArizonaUnited States-AZ-PhoenixJob Posting:12/01/11-Requisition ID 115478Geography Sales Executive 3 - Tucson, ArizonaUnited States-AZ-TucsonJob Posting:11/30/11-Requisition ID 113550
    • How’s the pay?We believe there’s more tocompensation than a paycheck,including the flexibility to balancework with life, the ability to growprofessionally—perhaps get anadvanced degree, to get and stayhealthy, and to build a career with acompany of integrity.So, along with competitive, market-based pay, we offer a rich variety ofbenefit programs, including medicaland dental, financial counseling,retirement, life insurance, disabilityinsurance, and much more. ThePitney Bowes 401(k) Plan lets youbuild a diverse portfolio and after ayear of service contributes matchingfunds. Employees also have thechance to share in our successthrough a Stock Purchase Plan that allows them to buy Pitney Bowes common stock at adiscount.Can I focus on staying healthy?
    • We’ll do our part by offering you a broad array of health and wellness programs—including nutrition education, stress management and weight control. Our healthcareplans stress preventive care, chronic condition management and provide protectionagainst the potential costs of a major illness. We provide resources such as maternitymanagement, nurse hotlines, free financial advice and a strong employee assistanceprogram. Depending on location, you’ll have access to one of our seven award–winningon-site clinics, our on-site pharmacy, fitness centers and nutrition-focused cafeterias. Wewant you to take control of your health and we’ve come up with some pretty thoughtfulways to help.Will I still have a life?You have friends, family, and social commitments outside of work. We value and respectthat. Most employees have two to five weeks of vacation, depending on years of service,as well as 12 paid holidays a year. (Hourly employees of Pitney Bowes ManagementServices accrue time for planned and unplanned absences through the Choice Timeprogram.) Pitney Bowes also encourages flexible work arrangements such as part-timeschedules, telecommuting, and compressed workweeks that allow employees tointegrate their personal needs with the needs of the business.How do you define “grow”?
    • We encourage professional development and provide employees with access to a varietyof online learning, performance support tools and instructor-led courses through PitneyBowes University. We also sponsor a generous tuition reimbursement program so thatemployees may pursue advanced degrees (college and graduate degrees) fromaccredited institutions. Plus, our training and development professionals have designedprograms that identify, educate, and support future leaders. In fact, Pitney Bowes rankedamong the top 20 in leadership development among 300 major U.S. companies surveyedby CEO Magazine and Hewitt Associates.How diverse is the workforce?With more than 35,000 employees in 130 countries, we have long understood the valueof a diverse and inclusive workforce in creating a culture where “new,”“better”and“different are popular. In fact, inclusion is one of the metrics we use tomeasure our year-to-year success. And it’s been a core value for some time. Forexample, in 1942, our CEO, Walter Wheeler, boycotted a hotel when it refused toregister one of our African American sales people. In 1950, the National Urban Leaguerecognized Pitney Bowes for its leadership in providing job opportunities to AfricanAmericans. Most recently, Black Enterprise Magazine listed Pitney Bowes as one of the“40 Best Companies for Diversity”. We have undertaken innovative initiatives for womenin leadership, people who are early in their careers, and strive to be an employer ofchoice for older workers. We have not been timid in this area. View all diversity awards.
    • Is there a Pitney Bowes “green” movement?We began to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize our waste, and protect resourceslong before these became buzzwords. Our Board of Directors’ Corporate ResponsibilityCommittee was founded back in 1980. And today, our Energy Task Force is set toeliminate more than 380 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Our Go Green campaign inCanada reuses or recycles 100% of imaging equipment returned from leases. And 2007marked the ninth year in which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizedPitney Bowes for significant recycling and solid waste reduction with an induction intotheir Hall of Fame. Now, Pitney Bowes and four other companies have teamed with theWorld Business Council for Sustainable Development to create Eco-Patent Commons—an initiative that provides access to intellectual property before patent protectionexpires, so inventors can get new energy-saving ideas to market sooner. View allEnvironmental Health & Safety awards.Will I be proud to say I work for you?Too many times, market pressures tempt leaders to compromise the integrity of theirfirms—often creating a devastating impact on their organizations, workers, andcustomers. But as you’ll hear in the videos of our senior executives, “Pitney Bowes hasnever lost its soul.” That’s due to a number of factors, including the ability of ourmanagement teams to transmit the Pitney Bowes standards to succeeding generations.
    • It’s a culture that has always stressed ethical conduct in every business venue. And it’smanifest in our focus on employee development, advocacy for a diverse workforce, anda longstanding commitment to the environment and to the communities where we liveand work—particularly in the areas of literacy and education. Business Ethics Magazineputs us on their list of “100 Best Corporate Citizens”, but we hope you’ll do your ownresearch on this topic, too. We welcome your inquiries. View all leadership awards.What if the type of job I want isn’t featured on the site?Go to Search All Jobs and enter the job description, for example, “administrativeassistant” or “manufacturing” into the search window to see what’s available. Or you cansubmit your resume and we will respond promptly on how best to proceed.Here are some other categories that you can search under. Administration + Document processing + Executive + Facilities + General management + Legal + Logistics/distribution + Manufacturing + Postal relations + Procurement + Quality + Strategic planningFOR MOST POSITIONS; THE EMPLOYER REQUIRES A CLEAN BACKGROUND AND ABLE TOPASS FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECKS….IF IN QUESTION…CONTACT LOCAL OFFICE @602) 275-3300
    • Jiffy Lube® pioneered the fast oil change industry by establishing the first drive-throughservice in 1979. The mission of Jiffy Lube was to provide customers with fast,professional service for their vehicles. For more than thirty years, the brand has helpedredefine the vehicle preventive maintenance experience for drivers by upholding thevalues the company was founded upon: convenience, speed and quality service.To apply for any position within a Jiffy Lube Service Center, please visit thelocation nearest you…PHOENIX, AZ Jiffy Lube LocationsJiffy Lube® Service Center #1664 2005 E CACTUS RD, PHOENIX 602-482-2331jiffy Lube® Service Center #1668 4848 E WARNER RD, PHOENIX 480-592-9598Jiffy Lube® Service Center #1807 2630 W THUNDERBIRD PHOENIX 602-375-9040Jiffy Lube® Service Center #1882 4944 E Bell Road, Phoenix 602-787-8177Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2085 2921 N 32nd St, Phoenix 602-956-5742Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2087 2702 W Bethany Home Rd 602-242-6642jiffy Lube® Service Center #2088 1202 E Northern Ave 602-997-4150Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2093 13801 N 32nd St 602-482-1848Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2095 1414 W Bell Rd 602-375-9119
    • Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2096 6601 W Thomas Rd Ste 21 623-849-8020Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2098 5040 N 7th St 602-265-5023Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2100 2745 W Peoria Ave 602-943-7749Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2102 1645 N 51st Ave 602-269-9143Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2269 2702 E Indian School Rd602-957-4549Jiffy Lube® Service Center #3191 9010 W THOMAS RD 623-877-5600Jiffy Lube® Service Center #3230 7836 W LOWER BUCKEYE RD 623-936-8900Jiffy Lube® Service Center #3386 15422 S. MARKET PLACE 480-460-6268------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • 5537 N. 59TH AVENUE, GLENDALE, AZ PH: 623•247•9252 FAX: 623•435•8577Jim Brown & Sons Roofing Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated roofing company.Our business was started in 1982 when Ron Brown was issued a license as a partnershipalong with Jim Brown and Jerry Brown.Experienced Tile InstallersRoofersResidential Repairman-Customer Service Oriented-Presentable Appearance-Experience in Shingles, Tile, Coatings, Metal & Peel N StickALL employees must pass a drug and alcohol screening and e-verify before they can start.The drug test cost $40 and is at your expense, no exceptions. Once you pass the drugtest and work for 5 complete days we will reimburse you the $40.00FAX Resume to 623•435•8577
    • Let your career bloom at Sunflower Farmers Market Would you like to be a part of a fast growing healthy grocery retailer? Are you excited by the opportunity for rapid career advancement? We offer a friendly working environment, competitive wages, shopping discount, medical & dental insurance, paid benefit hours, direct deposit, flexible hours and more. Apply today to join the Sunflower team! http://www.sunflowermarkets.com/Employment.aspxCourtesy Clerk Location: Tempe - Southern Ave. - TEM06Courtesy ClerkThe Courtesy Clerk is responsible for the quick and efficient bagging of customergroceries at the checkout stands. They are required to assist customers as needed andmaintain a friendly, energetic demeanor. This position requires adhering to allprocedural guidelines set by the Front End Department.Essential Duties & Responsibilities• Ensures each customer who passes through their lane receives outstanding service bygreeting and acknowledging every customer, inquiring if any assistance is needed,maintaining solid product knowledge and thanking them for shopping at Sunflower.• Packs grocery items carefully in paper or plastic bags, arranging heavy and bulky itemsat the bottom and ensuring meat and cleaning products are separated from all otherproducts.• Carries grocery bags or uses cart to bring bags to customer’s vehicle if requested.• Verifies price of product against price of same items on stock shelf as requested.• Collects shopping carts from parking lot and surrounding areas and returns carts tostore.• Removes all trash and ads from carts when returning to the store.• Returns all unwanted items left at checkout counter to appropriate shelf locations.
    • Assists in maintaining an orderly appearance of checkout area; includes regular wipedown of food belt and scale.• Maintains adequate supply of bags at each register.• Communicates customer concerns and request to management.• Ensures cleanliness of front end department, storage area, and work area for safety;includes cleaning of shelves and products, keeping floors free of liquid spills or water,removing hazardous debris from floor and sweeping.• Responds positively to customer’s inquiries and assists customers with purchases,information and product selection.• Sustains a high level of product knowledge and product preparation.• Walks department regularly to ensure an organized, sanitary, and overall cleanappearance at all times.• Keeps front dining counter clean and wiped down.• Other duties as assigned.Education and Experience• High school diploma or equivalency degree.• Preferred 1 -2 years grocery retail experience in Front End department processes andprocedures. Previous experience in a natural foods industry is a plus.Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities• Must maintain the highest level of customer service at all times.• Ability to adapt to the ever changing high volume retail while working in a cross-functional team environment.• Must have the capacity to take initiative when problems arise.• Flexibility to adapt in a variety of situations.• Must have advanced attention to detail with the capability to prioritize and meetdeadlines.• Excellent written communication and documentation skills.• Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills for dealing cross functionallywith peers and senior management.• Must have knowledge with MS Office including Outlook, Word, and Excel.• Ability to multitask and have excellent organizational skills is essential.• Must be able to support and contribute to team goals.• Ability to work varied hours/days as business dictates.http://www.sunflowermarkets.com/Employment.aspx
    • Eviction or Mortgage Foreclosure AssistanceThe Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP) may assist families orindividuals retain existing rental housing or, if the families or individuals are homeless,may provide assistance to move into rental housing. To get more information on thisprogram, visit the HUD.gov website.The qualifying families or individuals are those who would be homeless but for thisassistance and earn below 50% of the Area Median Income.No mortgage assistance is available through this program and services provided may varyby service provider. Arizona Department of Housing does not administer any of the HPRPprograms in Maricopa and Pima Counties. To check service providers in your area, clickhere.If you rent, the Arizona Residential Landlord & Tenant Act applies to you. This lawexplains what rights and responsibilities landlords and tenants have. For example, itexplains what to do when a tenant needs a landlord to make repairs and what a landlordneeds to do to legally evict a tenant.Tenants and landlords both have responsibilities or obligations under the ArizonaResidential Landlord and Tenant Act. Free copies of the Act are available from theArizona Secretary of State at (602) 542-4086. Requests for alternate formats for thispublication may be made five days in advance by contacting the Secretary of State ADACoordinator at (602) 542-4285.Assistance in PhoenixIf you live in the City of Phoenix and need assistance, please call the Landlord/Tenantmessage line at (602) 262-7210 and a counselor will return your call as quickly aspossible.For emergency situations involving Landlord/Tenant issues, please walk in to:City Hall200 West Washington, 4th Floor8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday-FridayA counselor will assist you with the problem. The City of Phoenix Counseling Office holdsmonthly workshops on the third Thursday of each month. For reservations, please call(602) 256-3517.
    • FORECLOSURE ASSISTANCEForeclosure is the legal means your lender has to repossess your home. When thishappens, you must move out of your home. In some circumstances, if your property isworth less than the total amount you owe on your mortgage, your lender may be able toseek a deficiency judgment. You may wish to seek the advice of legal counsel about therisk of a deficiency judgment in your situation. Additionally, homeowners facingforeclosure can receive free counseling services;Arizona Foreclosure Help Line (877) 448-1211Do not ignore the letters from your lender. If you are having problems making yourpayments, contact your lender immediately. Explain your situation. Be prepared toprovide them with financial information, such as your monthly income and expenses.Arizona Department of Housing1110 W. Washington Street, Suite 310 Phoenix, AZ 85007PHONE: 602.771.1000 TTY: 602.771.1001 FAX: 602.771.1002Behind on your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure? FREE counseling service isavailable. Call 1-877-448-1211 (toll-free).Check the Quick Links and Document Links for the following documents and web sitesthat can assist you.For a list of participating counseling agencies, visit HUD.gov.Read these important tips about what to do if you believe you may face a foreclosure onyour home.What information will you need to talk to your mortgage servicer?
    • Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm16404 N. Black Canyon Hwy Suite 100. Phoenix, AZ or apply online anytime!Class starting 12/19TeleTech is now hiring. Join our team of upbeat, friendly Customer Service Associates.If this describes you ...Customer-service orientedOutgoing & KindPassionate & MotivatedStrong written & verbal communication skillsHigh level customer resolution skills... Then, APPLY TODAY!Being a TeleTech Customer Service Associate can be an exciting, fast-paced career whereyou can go as far as your ambitions will take you. TeleTech is looking for people whoLOVE making customers happy. We are a company filled with high energy people with awillingness to put the customers needs first.In this position, youll be fielding questions from customers of Fortune 500 brands. Youllbe assigned to an account and have full training on the product or service which youll beassisting customers with. As a Customer Service Associate, you get to hear thesatisfaction from your customer after youve been able to help them get the most out oftheir products or services.
    • Become a Member of the TeleTech TeamTeleTech has a 30-year history of hiring great people justlike you! In fact, our team includes more than 40,000employees in over 17 countries worldwide, handlingapproximately 3.5 million customer transactions daily. Itspeople just like YOU that make TeleTech a great place towork.And heres the important stuff... TeleTech provides our associates with:Competitive salary + bonusesAdvancement and Career OpportunitiesTuition Reimbursement & Retirement SavingsEmployee Rewards and discountsNew car discounts!What were looking for:Motivation, Passion, Integrity. Those are just some of the attributes valued at TeleTech.Of course, there are some other requirements too. These include:High School Diploma or equivalent6 months or more of customer service experienceCompetency using Microsoft WindowsExceptional Communication & Verbal skillsAbility and desire to excel in a fast-paced work environment.Are you ready to accept the challenge? Because TeleTech is ready for YOU!Click on the Apply Now button to let us know about you. Even better, apply now and tellyour friends to apply too.For more information on the world of opportunity that waits you at TeleTech visit ourcareer website at http://www.TeleTechJobs.com.OTHER OPENINGS:Bilingual Spanish Team Lead, Phoenix, Arizona, Operations Management / Business December 9,Service Delivery United States Support 2011Spanish Bilingual Customer Phoenix, Arizona, Customer Care / Customer Service December 9,Service Representative United States / CSR / Call Center 2011
    • Chandler to get 100 jobs aspackaging company expandsA major manufacturer of packaging has signed a lease for 104,000 square feet inChandler, creating 100 jobs.Phoenix Packaging Operations LLC, which is investing $6 million in Chandler, willmanufacture injection-molded plastic packaging and related products.The company is a subsidiary of Grupo Phoenix, based in Bogota, Colombia.Phoenix Packaging exports its products throughout the U.S. and to more than 30countries.It will be at 464 E. Chilton Drive in northeast Chandler, in the former RedRock Stamping facility."This is a significant announcement for our community," said Chandler Mayor JayTibshraeny. "This is in line with what were trying to do to fill vacant buildings, which wesee as a critical component of the economic recovery."Chandler had competed with Las Vegas for the facility.Landing it was a joint effort among Chandler, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, theArizona Commerce Authority and Colliers International."A lot of collaboration is occurring, and thats important," Tibshraeny said. "We can getmore by partnerships, and with limited resources, partnering on economic developmentprojects makes a lot of sense."Details of the activities to take place at the site were initially sketchy, but the mayor saidphase one would involve printing services, labeling and distribution, and phase twowould involve manufacturing. Phase two would bring 20 more jobs, he said.Barry Broome is president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council."Landing a company that exports products means new revenue into this region," he said."GPECs international prospects have increased 121 percent in the last five years. This isyet another example of our regions ability to attract global companies to help diversityour economy."The U.S. headquarters of Grupo Phoenix is in Hollywood, Fla., and the U.S. base ofPhoenix Packaging is in Dublin, Va.
    • TEAM FISHEL ON SITE RECRUITMENT Thursday - December 15, 2011 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Mesa Employment Services 163 N Dobson Rd - Mesa, Arizona 85201 Currently hiring for the following positions Equipment Operator Class A # 387961 Heavy Equipment Mechanic # 387971 Copper Wire Splicer # 387980 Foreman # 387981 Utility Construction Laborer # 387996Utility Construction Laborer Class A #387966
    • http://www.teamfishel.com/join-our-team.html In 1936, Ken Fishel founded The Fishel Company with strong values and a commitment to providing our Customers with Service Excellence. With 26 offices nationwide and 1,000 skilled Teammates, we have the technical expertise and financial muscle to take on any size project. Whether you are building a fibre to the home network or residential duct system for gas and electric distribution, Team Fishel delivers best value, on-time solutions to meet our Customers needs and project specifications. Let us show you why we are the best choice for utility construction and network installation services on your next projectTeam Fishel will provide on-the-job training in all areas of safety, includingflagging certification, tool operationand maintenance.Qualified candidatesshould apply online atwww.teamfishel.comfor immediateconsideration,Or apply at our office at:1819 S 27th AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85009
    • http://www.teamfishel.com/join-our-team.htmlVoice/Data/Fiber Installers and Technicians in Phoenix, AZFull time Team Fishel, the Best Choice for Utility Construction and NetworkInstallation, is hiring Voice/Data/Fiber Installers and Technicians for ourPhoenix, AZ office. Responsibilities: Install and Ter our Phoenix, AZ office.Responsibilities: Install and Terminate Cat5 and RG6 Analyzes andtroubleshoots basic technical problems or issues Reviews, interprets andworks with various...Supervisor in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility constructionbusiness, is looking to hire a Supervisor for their Phoenix, AZ location. Thepurpose of a Supervisor at Team Fishel is to sell projectsn. The purpose of aSupervisor at Team Fishel is to sell projects, communicate with customersand Teammates, set direction for the work and remove roadblocks so theTeammates will be successful, the custo...Laborer w Class A CDL - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility constructionbusiness, is looking to hire Utility Laborer with a Class A CDL for theirPhoenix, AZ location. A Utility Laborer at Team Fishel will handle pirPhoenix, AZ location. A Utility Laborer at Team Fishel will handle projects ofvarious complexities and perform site work. Responsibilities: Work as a partof a crew. Assist as required in al...Laborer in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility constructionbusiness, is looking to hire Utility Laborer for their Phoenix, AZ location. AUtility Laborer at Team Fishel will handle projects of various ... A UtilityLaborer at Team Fishel will handle projects of various complexity andperform site work. Responsibilities: Work as a part of a crew. Assist as
    • required in all manual labor aspe...Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel’s Phoenix, AZ office is looking for a skilled HeavyEquipment Mechanic. A heavy equipment mechanic at Team Fishel issomeone with someone with experience in gasoline and diesel engines, as ewith someone with experience in gasoline and diesel engines, as well as heavyequipment. You must be able to work as part of a team, or unsupervised asneeded. Responsibilities: Inspect vehicles ...Forman in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility constructionbusiness, is looking to hire Foreman for their Phoenix, AZ location. Thepurpose of a Foreman at Team Fishel is to manage the job site, the mainpurpose of a Foreman at Team Fishel is to manage the job site, maintain asafe working environment for our Teammates, customers, and general public,and be accountable for quality, productivity, and costs.�...
    • Equipment Operator with a Class A CDL in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility constructionbusiness, is looking to hire Equipment Operator with a Class A CDL for theirPhoenix, AZ location. A Utility Laborer at Team Fishel will hand theirPhoenix, AZ location. A Utility Laborer at Team Fishel will handle projects ofvarious complexities and perform site work. Responsibilities: OperatesCompany vehicle on a daily basis to deliver ...Copper Wire Splicer in Phoenix - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice for Utility Construction and NetworkInstallation, is hiring Copper Wire Splicers for our Phoenix, AZ office. Thepurpose of a Copper Wire Splicer is to perform functions including. Thepurpose of a Copper Wire Splicer is to perform functions including splicing,testing, pair continuity and count verification of all types, sizes and gauges ofexisting and newly constructed PIC and Paper ...Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Chandler, AZ - 85225Full time Team Fishel’s Chandler, AZ office is looking for a skilled HeavyEquipment Mechanic. A heavy equipment mechanic at Team Fishel issomeone with someone with experience in both gasoline and diesel engines,as with someone with experience in gasoline and diesel engines, as well asheavy equipment. You must be able to work as part of a team, orunsupervised as needed. Responsibilities: Inspect vehicles...
    • Voice/Data/Fiber Installers and Technicians in Chandler, AZ -85225Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice for Utility Construction and NetworkInstallation, is hiring Voice/Data/Fiber Installers and Technicians for ourChandler, AZ office. Responsibilities: Install and Te our Chandler, AZ office.Responsibilities: Install and Terminate Cat5 and RG6 Analyzes andtroubleshoots basic technical problems or issues Reviews, interprets andworks with various ma...Supervisor in Chandler, AZ - 85225Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility constructionbusiness, is looking to hire a Supervisor for their Chandler, AZ location. Thepurpose of a Supervisor at Team Fishel is to sell projections. The purpose of aSupervisor at Team Fishel is to sell projects, communicate with customersand Teammates, set direction for the work and remove roadblocks so theTeammates will be successful, the cust...
    • TOYS"R"US - OFF HOURS STOCK CREW JOBLocation: Phoenix, AZ, US - 245 East Bell RoadTOYS"R"US - OFF HOURS STOCK CREW(Job Number: 15615)**Please note that we recruit for this position on an on-going basis in order to build atalent pool of potential candidates. When a position becomes available, we will reviewapplicants at that time. Due to the volume of resumes that we receive, only thosecandidates selected for interviews will be contacted. Thank you for your interest inToys"R"Us, Inc.!DescriptionThe Off Hour Stock Clerk is responsible for maintaining a well-stocked appearance in thestore which helps ensure the best guest experience is achieved. This individual will workclosely with the Store Management team to ensure company standards are met duringthe stocking process. The hours for this shift are commonly early morning, however incertain locations or during holiday seasons, overnight shifts may be available.Responsibilities:• Replenish a shelf, bin or pegged area with stock and transporting merchandise byhand/pulling. This also includes picking up loose pieces of merchandise from the floor.• The physical removal of goods from a truck and putting empty pallets, security cages,and transfers back on the truck. Requires the use of various material-handlingequipment.• Re-merchandise any selling space, to regroup items, or to make space for newmerchandise.• To read both written and numerical verbiage, comprehend spatial relationships, andhave the ability to set merchandise according to the layout.• Take empty cardboard cases from the sales floor to the baling machine.• Safe operation of a blade-type instrument designed for opening cased merchandise, aswell as returning the blade to its non-operational position when not in use.• Returning merchandise to its proper location on the sales floor as designated by aislelayouts. This requires knowledge of sales floor locations and proper merchandisingtechniques, and can be accomplished either by hand or pushing a sales cart.• Manually placing price shelf labels on lip below merchandise or on scanner peg hooks.• Moving merchandise to and from the perimeter and gondola overstock areas andrequires climbing a ladder up to 12 feet.• May also be assigned other duties within the store at the direction of the storemanagement team.Qualifications• Knowledge of shipping and receiving process in a Retail environment• Ability to lift up to 25 pounds• Ability to climb ladders, up to 12 feet
    • Cintas designs, manufactures, and implements corporate identity uniform programs, andprovides entrance mats, restroom cleaning and supplies, promotional products, first aidand safety products, fire protection services, and document management services forover 800,000 businesses. Cintas is a publicly held company traded over the Nasdaq GlobalSelect Market under the symbol CTAS, and is a Nasdaq-100 company and component ofthe Standard & Poors 500 Index. The company operates over 390 facilities in the U.S. andCanada, including four manufacturing plants and eight distribution centersWarehouse Processor-10106076DescriptionCintas is currently looking for a Warehouse Processor tobecome a partner within our First Aid and Safety division.The job duties will include receiving and processing incoming and outgoing orders,maintaining the organization of the warehouse, tracking orders and backorders, pullingorders, and working with vendors and customers to maintain the highest level ofcustomer service.https://cintas.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobdetail.ftl?job=390037&src=JB-11100 Assistant Cleaning Specialist - Floor Cleaning US-AZ-Chandler, US-AZ-Chandler Employee Status: Regular Schedule: Full-time Shift: Floater Job Posting: Dec 5, 2011 Assistant Service Sales Representative - Uniform US-AZ-Chandler, US-AZ-Chandler Employee Status: Regular Schedule: Full-time Shift: First Job Posting: Dec 13, 2011
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