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Job Club New Job Opportunitie13dec2011ab


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This is a new copy of our twice a week, new job opportunity magazine for our local Job Club Chapter...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community from …

This is a new copy of our twice a week, new job opportunity magazine for our local Job Club Chapter...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community from prison/jail...Employers who are interested in helping these Veterans and/or if you are an employer that can hire from this population of skilled Veterans that made life mistakes due to PTSD or poor judgement; you are welcome and encouraged to come and post job leads in this publication...please contact Project VETS at 602-223-4327 or

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  • 1. JOB CLUB NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES 13 December 2011
  • 2. 7 Group Interview Tips to Help You Get HiredThe most important thing to remember in a group interview is that you have to stand outfrom the crowd — and there are many group interview tips that can help you do justthat!Employers use group interviews to meet several potential employees at once, acomparative approach that helps to immediately filter out the okay candidates from theoutstanding ones.In addition to following the basic steps of how to prepare for a job interview, follow these7 group interview tips to help ensure that you are the candidate standing out from thecrowd and sticking in your future employer’s memory.1. Give unique personal details.One of the best ways to stand out in a group interview is to share personal details thatemphasize your capabilities and passions.Often in a group interview, everyone will be asked to give a brief introductory biography.Make sure you prepare this in advance so you can highlight relevant experiences andunique aspects that make you a great fit for the job. And, of course, be prepared toanswer other common job interview questions you’ll probably be asked.2. Let your voice be heard.It can be tough to stand out in group interviews where you aren’t given a lot of individualtime to talk. That’s why you need to speak up when you get the chance. For example, ifthey ask if anyone has questions, make sure you have some prepared! Asking insightfulquestions and letting your voice be heard will make you more memorable than if you justsit quietly.
  • 3. 3. Show off your social skills.Often there will be downtime before the interview starts while you’re waiting foreveryone to arrive. Rather than sitting quietly, get to know your fellow candidates. Yes, itcan feel like you’re fraternizing with the enemy, but chatting up your fellow intervieweescan actually make a good impression on interviewers who might be watching. Employerslove employers who communicate well with others – so don’t be shy!4. Dress to impress.Your qualifications and personality are more important to getting the job than yourappearance, but dressing for success for a job interview can make a difference, especiallyin group interviews. Basic tips aside (i.e. wear something appropriately professional, nochewing gum); it can help to wear something eye-catching to stand out from the dark-suitcrowd in a group interview. I definitely don’t mean that you have to show up looking likeLady Gaga! Try something like a red scarf, which is eye-catching in a subtle way.5. Bring your documents.Just like on any interview, it’s important to bring all necessary documents for groupinterviews. Bring a copy of your resume (and make sure your resume looks great!),reference letters, and any other papers they might ask for. You don’t want to be caughtoff guard, especially in a group interview where you have to work harder to make a greatimpression.
  • 4. 6. Arrive early.This group interview tip is also essential to making sure you don’t stand out from thecrowd in a bad way! You definitely do not want to get to an interview late and have toslink into the room after the interview is already under way – embarrassing andunprofessional! By showing up early, you also have the chance to compose yourself,show off your social skills (see tip #3!), and possibly even get some individual chat time inwith the interviewer.7. Don’t forget to send a thank you note!As with any job interview, sending a thank-you letter after the group interview is done isanother great tip to follow.
  • 5. How to answer the 7 hardest InterviewQuestions you’ll Be AskedWhen you’re looking for a job, don’t be caught off guard by what we considersome of the hardest interview questions.Avoid blunders with thorough preparation: By following basic interview tipsand anticipating some of the hardest interview questions in advance, you canavoid that heart-pounding, sweaty-palmed “uh-oh” moment of stumblingthrough an answer to a tricky question.
  • 6. 1. Why did you get fired from ajob?First of all, if you got fired, don’t bothertrying to hide it. Nine times out of ten,your employer will find out – there arecompanies that exist solely for thepurpose of checking the accuracy ofpeople’s resumes. (I know because myfriend worked for one — and caughtsome major resume lies.)Though this is one of the hardestinterview questions you’ll likely be asked,be upfront: did you miss too many daysor constantly show up late? Explain thatyou had scheduling problems but have since learned to manage your time better.Whatever the reason, own up to it and demonstrate how you’ve learned from — andwon’t repeat — former mistakes.2. How was your relationship with your supervisor/boss?Again, be honest but use diplomatic language. Never trash-talk a former supervisor/bossto a potential employer; this just makes you look immature and unprofessional. Highlightthe positive aspects of the relationship — you can have a boss you hated (don’t say that)but who still taught you a lot (say that!).3. As a professional, do you have any disappointments?This is one of the hardest interview questions, but it also provides a great opportunity tohighlight all sorts of positive traits — growth, maturity, motivation, ambition and more. Ifyou messed up a previous opportunity (for example, passing on a job in another city inorder to stay with a loved one) and regret it, now is the time to move forward: recognizeyour previous mistakes, explain how they changed you and point to the positive outcome(i.e., now you are at a point where you put your career before relationships).
  • 7. 4. What do you look for in a boss?The hardest interview questions, like this one, are asking you to be honest — butprofessional at the same time. Yes, a boss can be an inspiration or a mentor, but don’texpect your boss to be your best friend. The most valuable bosses can be the toughest:the ones who motivate and push you to do your best. Your boss doesn’t have to be sweetand friendly, but there’s no harm in saying you look for a boss who is fair and receptive toemployees’ needs.5. What do you know about this company?This will only be one of the hardest interview questions you get asked if you allow it tobe. The best way to prepare for your job interview — and this question — is simply to doyour research. Find out about the company’s history, who the key players are (and theirbackgrounds), what sort of work the company does (i.e., who some major clients are) andwhatever else might be relevant.If you really want to be prepared, memorize essential information about the company.Make flashcards and quiz yourself if you have to. It can only help you in the interview.6. Why do you want to work for this company?Again, getting this one right is all about doing your research. Pinpoint specific thingsabout the company that you like. From their corporate philosophy to the clients theywork with, there must be something that you can find about the company that appeals toyou and makes it stand out from other companies in the same field.7. What’s your greatest weakness as a professional? This one is hard because it’s so common, meaning that everyone prepares for this interview questionand tends to fall back on the clichéd responses thatsound good but is actually duds: “I’m a workaholic”and “I can be obsessive about details” are the types of faux “weaknesses” that will simply make seasoned HR professionals roll their eyes.Pick a legitimate weakness (for instance, yourdisorganization), but point to how you areimproving (you started setting aside 15 minutes atthe start of every work day just to clean your deskand schedule your day). This honest response willgo over better than a non-answer that every HR rephas heard hundreds of times before.
  • 8. What to Expect After a Job Interview After a job interview you probably feel like celebrating, as your pre-interview nerves are finally calming down. While you definitely deserve a treat, it’s important to realize that your work isn’t done. What you do after the interview is just as important as what you did to prepare for the job interview. To make a great impression on your potential employer, there are certain steps you should take after a job interview. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about what to do after a job interview. Should I send a thank you note after the job interview? Yes! Thank you notes are the final touch you can give after the job interview to impress your potential employer. Personal, unique, and thoughtful, a thank you note will helpyou land the job. Not sure of how to word it? You can have professionals at UniversityLanguage Services do it for you!Can I say thank you via email?While this is a rule that is becoming a bit more flexible, a thank you letter by post is stillconsidered ideal. It gives a personal touch and ensures that your note won’t just be leftunopened in the “low priority” folder of somebody’s email box.When will I hear from the potential employer?This varies a lot – you might hear back in a couple days, a few weeks or even as much as amonth later. This depends a lot on the company, the position, and how many people theyare interviewing for the job. At the end of the interview, it’s acceptable to ask when youcan expect to hear from them. Many interviewers will automatically give you a timeframe as to when they will let you know if they want to hire you.
  • 9. How will they get in touchwith me?Again, this depends on thecompany. Most likely, they will getin touch after a job interview viatelephone or email. Make a note ofwhich contact information yougave them (i.e. which emailaddress or telephone number ifyou have more than one) and besure to check all of those emailboxes and voicemails daily.Can I follow-up if I don’t hearfrom them?If it’s past the point that you weresupposed to hear back from thecompany, it’s acceptable to followup with a phone call or email –usually email is preferable. Astempting as it may be to keepcontacting the company until youget a concrete answer (you’ve putall that effort into dressingprofessionally, putting together aresume and sending a thank you note), don’t! You’ll just end up annoying the people inHR. It’s sort of like dating: if they’re still interested in you, they’ll get in touch.When can I relax?!If you’ve sent your thank-you notes out and followed up, you’ve done pretty much all youcan. Now it’s time to relax!Job interviews can be stressful, especially for students or recent graduates who don’thave a ton of interview experience. So after your job interview is over, be sure to treatyourself. Whether it’s splurging on a tasty meal or soaking in a hot bath, make sure youdo something after the job interview to reward yourself and get rid of any jitters thatremain!
  • 10. NEW JOB LEADSAt Paradise Bakery & Cafe, exceptional people are our main ingredient. For over 30 yearswe have maintained our Culture of Excellence by making people our top priority. Weknow when we combine amazing people, excellent food and great ambience; weve got arecipe for success. Come join our team and find out why were called Paradise!Avondale San Tan Village9995 West McDowell Road, Ste. 101, 2156 E Willamsfield Rd. Bldg 12 Ste 101,Avondale, AZ 85392 Gilbert, AZ 85296Ocotillo Corte Freccia1075 W. Queen Creek Rd., Ste 1, 20199 N 67th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308Chandler, AZ 85248 Arrowhead Towne CenterRaintree Ranch Center 7700 W. Arrowhead Towne Center, Suite2855 West Ray Road, Suite 4, Chandler, 2061, Glendale, AZ 85308AZ 85224 Goodyear CenterpointeCrossroads Towne Center 15479 W McDowell Road, Shops D,2970 E. Germann Road, Shops C, #3, Goodyear, AZ 85338Chandler, AZ 85249 Superstition Gateway/Signal ButteChandler Fashion Center 1946 South Signal Butte Rd, Suite 109,3111 W. Chandler Blvd., Ste FF-236, Mesa, AZ 85209Chandler, AZ 85226 Dana ParkChandler Pavilions 3426 East Baseline Road, Ste #113, Mesa,940 N. 54th Street, Suite 100, Chandler, AZ 85204AZ 85226 Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport 6033 S. Sossaman Rd., Mesa, AZ 85212
  • 11. Superstition Springs Mall Paradise Valley Mall6555 E. Southern Ave. #2014, Mesa, AZ 4550-118 E. Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ85206 85032Lake Pleasant Towne Center Scottsdale 1019918 W Happy Valley Rd, Suite 200, 7000 E Mayo Blvd., Bldg 8, Suite 1032,Peoria, AZ 85383 Phoenix, AZ 85054Paradise Village Gateway Queen Creek Marketplace10625 N Tatum Ste. 135, Phoenix, AZ 21202 S. Ellsworth Loop Road, Shops G,85028 Suites G1-3, Queen Creek, AZ 85242Village Shops Raintree1125 E Glendale Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014 14884 N. Pima Road, Suite 101,Desert Ridge Scottsdale, AZ 8526021001 N. Tatum Blvd., Ste 48-1520, Scottsdale Fashion SquarePhoenix, AZ 85050 7014-565. E. Camelback Rd., Suite 565,Shops at Norterra Scottsdale, AZ 852512370 W Happy Valley Rd, Shops D, Suite *New Opening: Scottsdale - Old Towne1069, Phoenix, AZ 85085 7145 E. Indian School, Scottsdale, AZBiltmore Fashion Park 850162502 E Camelback Road, Space #119, Gainey VillagePhoenix, AZ 85016 8777 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste 302,Collier Center Scottsdale, AZ 852533 South 2nd St., Ste 205, Phoenix, AZ Surprise85004 13959 West Bell Road, Surprise, AZTerminal 2 853743200 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ *New Opening: Tempe - McClintock85034 1825 E Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283Terminal 3 Tempe Marketplace3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 2000 East Rio Salado Parkway, I Bldg,85034 Suite 1143, Tempe, AZ 85281Bell Towne Center Arizona Mills375 E. Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85022 5000 Arizona Mills Circle, #641, Tempe,Terminal 4 AZ 852823800 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ85034APPLY NOW: visit and select"Join our Team" to submit your application.
  • 12. Paradise Valley, 12802 North DISHWASHER Tatum Blvd Part-time weekends 16 hours a week. Must have transportation, buses do not Must have transportation run late in this area. buses do not run late in this area.PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA12802 N. Tatum Boulevard (Cactus) Phoenix, AZ 85032Mon - Thurs 7am - 9pm Friday & Saturday 7am - 10pm Sunday 7am - 8:30pmTelephone: (602) 996-0033DROP BY FOR APPLICATIONEACH LOCATION IS A FRANCHISE; STOP BY YOUR LOCAL 5 & DINER TO APPLY…PHOENIX, ARIZONA5220 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016Telephone (602) 264-5220ARIZONA MILLS, ARIZONA5025 Arizona Mills Circle, Tempe, AZ 85282Telephone: (480) 752-1958DEER VALLEY, ARIZONA(27th Ave & Beardsley) 20216 N. 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZTelephone: (623) 869-9311PEORIA / GLENDALE, ARIZONA7541 W. Bell Road, Peoria, AZ 85382Telephone: (623) 979-3073MESA, ARIZONA6353 E. Southern Ave, (Superstition Springs Mall) Mesa, AZTelephone: (480) 641-1958SURPRISE, ARIZONA11340 W. Bell Road, Suite 125 Surprise, AZ 85374Telephone: (623) 583-4100
  • 13. Kona Grill is an emerging national restaurant group based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wecurrently operate 23 restaurants in 16 states and our expansion plans includeopenings in 2012 and beyond. The opportunities are endless and the time is now toget your career on the fast track!We are looking for talented people who share our passion to operate a professional,profitable, guest oriented business. In turn, we offer a great career with potential forincreasing opportunities as we expand our national presence.If you share our commitment to excellence and have the following experience, weinvite you to be a part of our award winning restaurant group:City North is hiring great servers and hosts/hostessesis currently looking forfriendly, service oriented people to join a highly energetic team. We areconsidering full time and part time applicants but you must have weekendavailability. Please apply in person Monday- Friday between 1:30 and 4PM at5310 E High St, PhoenixEACH STORE HIRES ON-SITE – ONLY MANAGEMENT IS HIRED BY CORPORTATEKona Grill - Fashion Square Mall7104 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Ph: 480-429-1100Kona Grill - Chandler Fashion Center3111 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226 Ph: 480-792-1711Kona Grill - City North5310 E High Street, Phoenix, AZ 85054 Ph: 480-289-5707Kona Grill - Santan Village2224 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295 Ph: 480-289-4500
  • 14. A conviction record does not necessarily disqualifyyou from employment. Factors such as the date of theoffense, seriousness and nature of the violation, andrehabilitation will be taken into account, as allowedby state law.If you are hired at an Applebees Neighborhood Grill &Bar, your employer will require you to provide a validsocial security number for payroll reporting and taxpurposes. Social security numbers provided may beverified. Failure to provide a valid social securitynumber may result in the termination of employment.The Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibitsdiscrimination on the basis of age with respect toindividuals who are at least 40 years of age.IMPORTANT DISCLOSURESALL APPLICANTS - In reference to the question above ifyou have ever been convicted of a felony, answer "No"to any criminal related questions if: (1) the record forthe conviction has been judicially ordered sealed,expunged, erased or statutorily eradicated; or (2) theconviction relates to an offense for which you werereferred to, and participated in, any pre-trial or post-trial diversion program. A "Yes" answer does notautomatically disqualify an applicant from furtherconsideration of employment.In addition, Applicants in California, Connecticut,District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois,Massachusetts, Nevada, New York and Washington -Read the following information before answering thecriminal conviction question.California: Do not disclose (by answering "No")convictions related to any marijuana offenses thatoccurred two or more years before the submission ofthis employment application and do not provide anyinformation regarding a referral to and participation inany pre-trial or post-trial diversion program.
  • 15. Connecticut: Do not disclose (by answering "No") theexistence of any arrest, criminal charge or conviction,which has been erased. Criminal records subject toerasure are records of a finding of delinquency orthat a child was in need of care, a juvenileadjudication, a criminal charge that has beendismissed or nullified, a criminal charge resulting in anot guilty finding or a conviction for which theperson received an absolute pardon.District of Columbia: Do not disclose (by answering"No") a conviction that is more than ten years old atthe time of making this application.Georgia: Do not disclose (by answering "No") anyconviction that is considered a first offender"discharge and exoneration".Hawaii: Do not answer this question at this time (byanswering "N/A"). You will only have to answer thisquestion if you receive a conditional offer ofemployment.Illinois: Do not disclose (by answering "No") sealed orexpunged records of conviction or arrest orexpunged juvenile records of conviction or arrest.Massachusetts: Do not answer this question at thistime (by answering "N/A"). You may be asked aboutany felony criminal convictions if you are selected foran in-person interview. You may answer "no record"if asked about prior arrests, criminal courtappearances, or convictions where there is a sealedrecord on file with the Commissioner of Probation.Nevada: Do not disclose (by answering "No") thedismissal of certain first time drug offenses, if youcompleted probation and any required treatment oreducational programs.New York: Do not disclose (by answering "No") anycriminal proceeding that terminated in your favor,any criminal proceeding that terminated in a"youthful offender adjudication," and any convictionfor a "violation" that already has been sealed by thecourt.Washington: Do not disclose (by answering "No") aconviction that is more than ten years old at the timeof completing this application.
  • 16. You have selected to apply at 2053 S Alma School Rd.Mesa, AZ 85210; who is now hiring full and part timepositions. Looking for qualified individuals who aremotivated to make $$$.Thank you for your interest in Applebees. If your skills,experience, and talents meet the requirements for theposition, we will be in touch to explore career options.Applebees is an equal opportunity employer.Neither the information contained on this web pagenor the application you submit as a result of this webpage guarantees either an interview for employment oremployment with the Company. East Camelback, Phoenix, (602) 266-33302547 N 44th Street, Phoenix, (602) 952-00332180 E. Baseline Road, Phoenix, (602) 323-56805210 W Baseline Rd, Laveen, (602) 605-8010909 E. Broadway, Tempe, (480) 736-11001655 W. Elliot, Tempe, (480) 893-28785880 W. Peoria Ave, Glendale, (623) 878-35004609 E. Chandler Blvd, Phoenix, (480) 705-49809330 W. Northern Ave, Glendale, (623) 877-48852720 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, (602) 789-94492053 S. Alma School Road, Mesa, (480) 831-75572032 East Baseline Road, Mesa, (480) 545-4299830 W. Warner Rd, Gilbert, (480) 892-52502501 W. Happy Valley Road, Phoenix, (623) 434-74692805 S. Alma School Road, Chandler, (480) 855-552810460 North 90th Street, Scottsdale, (480) 391-35358001 West Bell Road, Peoria, (623) 878-14101245 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, (480) 917-353513832 W. McDowell Road, Goodyear, (623) 536-8440
  • 17. It’s been over 50 years since the first sub wasmade with quality and care at the originalJersey Mike’s. Over the years, Jersey Mike’s hasfueled its growth and success by continuing itstradition of quality and commitment to making“the” best sub sandwich in the industry. With aJersey Mike’s franchise, you can own a businessthat capitalizes on this solid tradition andexcellent reputation for giving customers whatthey want – great food that is fresh, fast andaffordable.Sound good? Then come take a better look atJersey Mike’s. We’re making our way across theUnited States and beyond, and there are plentyof opportunities in new emerging marketsevery day. Be a part of the tradition.Experience the Tradition, Reap the Rewards.Jersey Mikes is looking for highly motivatedteam members, shift leaders, and AssistantManagers, to join our fast paced and growingteam for our new store opening in Phoenix at7th Ave & McDowell.Excellent compensation including tips, and freemeals on days you work and a fun workenvironment. Jersey Mikes offers excellentopportunities for growth, and careeradvancement. Must be customer oriented,outgoing, desire growth and learning and behighly motivated. Jersey Mikes valley subs, is agreat company to grow with and havemanagement opportunities to expand yourcareer. We are looking for clean cut employees,must be 18 or older no visible tattoos ordisruptive piercings.To apply now", go to, hiring for our Central & Camelbacklocation that is now open…
  • 18. GCA Services Group, one of the largest janitorial firms in the nation is seeking JANITORS,FLOOR TECHNICIANS & SUPERVISORS for ALL SHIFTS including part time, to work cleaningSky Harbor Airport, listed as one of the cleanest airports in the world. Promotionalopportunities.Seeking candidates with the following skills:* Must be dependable* Previous experience a plus but not necessary* Must speakcommunicable English* Must be flexibleand willing to perform your best* Must bringproper hiring documentation* Must pass drug and background screening (includingfingerprinting to obtain site badges)* Must be courteous, hardworking and enjoy workingin a great environment…CLEAN BACKGROUND…If you are seeking part time or full time work, especially during the holidays and beyond,Apply in person at2620 W. Broadway Rd. Suite 9, Mesa, AZ 85202480-784-4299(1 light East of the 101 on Broadway. NE Corner of El Dorado and Broadway)
  • 19. Screening and Hiring PracticesAs a trusted provider of facility services to numerous commercial clients, includingnuclear facilities and government-controlled entities—as well as education clients,including over 150 public and private school systems and over 50 higher educationinstitutions, GCA takes its screening and hiring practices seriously.We screen and hire upwards of 20,000 candidates a year, using a stringent, multi-stepbackground check process and employment verification procedure conducted inaccordance with local and federal law requirements, including the FBI, the Department ofDefense, and the Department of Homeland Security.Our history of incidents is one of the lowest in the industry, and our response time isimmediate. We consistently invest in training and monitoring to ensure the best possiblehiring practices.
  • 20. Encore Creative emerged from the 2006 merger of sister companies EncoreEntertainment and Creative Decorating & Display.For nearly three decades, the two independent and well-established Phoenix-basedcompanies worked hand-in-hand to deliver superior entertainment, design, decoratingand event planning services.In 2007, the company expanded its event staging capabilities through the acquisition ofcorporate staging firm Set Monsters. Encore Creative’s ongoing efforts to deliver thelatest in event planning and staging services led to a partnership with FogScreen, Inc., in2008. As FogScreen’s only Platinum Partner in Arizona, Encore Creative now canincorporate the use of this revolutionary walk-through projection screen technologymade using “dry” fog into virtually any meeting or event.The collective experience, enthusiasm and established reputation of EncoreEntertainment, Creative Decorating & Display, and Set Monsters coupled with a distinctpartnership with FogScreen, Inc., enable Encore Creative to deliver masterfully plannedand executed events of every size and scope.
  • 21. APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED IN PERSON ONLY. CANDIDATES ARE SUBJECT TO A DRUG TEST AND E- VERIFY BACKGROUND CHECKS. ASK FOR ERIC, TED or CHAD410 S. Madison Dr., Suite 4, Tempe, AZ 85281ENCORE CREATIVE IS LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN AND WOMEN-Encore Creative, the Valleys leading special event production company is seeking severalhighly motivated and talented individuals for warehouse operations and showinstallation. Crew and Crew Lead positions are available. We are looking for experienced,clean-cut and/or well-groomed individuals interested in working in a disciplined team-oriented environment, willing to take direction and interact pleasantly with co-workers,managers and customers.REQUIREMENTS Carpentry/Painting/Welding/Audio-Visual/Computer and other Trade Skills (sorry, no plumbing or electrical) a major plus-you should be very handy with tools, and able to problem solve on the job. Must have a flexible schedule, including nights, weekends, and holidays (this is when companies and people have special events!) Must have a VALID Driver’s License, good driving record, and be able to pass a road test in a 26 ft. box truck. After hire, a current medical DOT card will be required, along with a log book, etc. Must be able to lift and carry up to 75lbs. You must have your own dependable transportation. You should own basic tools including a screw gun, crescent wrenches, hammer and other small hand tools. These will be required upon hire if you do not already own them. Must be able to travel out of town on occasion (travel expenses and per diem are paid by the company). VETERANS OF THE U.S. ARMED FORCES ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR SEND A RESUME. APPLY IN PERSON ONLY BETWEEN 10AM and 4PM Monday December 12-Wed., December 14, 2011, at 410 S. MADISON DR. Go directly to the WEST SIDE OF THE BUILDING TO THE "WILL CALL" ENTRANCE. MADISON DRIVE IS TWO BLOCKS EAST OF STATE ROUTE 143, AND THE BUILDING. 410 S. MADISON IS NORTH OF UNIVERSITY DRIVE AT THE CORNER OF MADISON AND 5th STREET (NEXT TO RYDER TRUCKS)
  • 22. Employment 480-507-0999 PRO EM – Professional Event Management 1450 E. Grant St.Phoenix, AZ 85034Office: 480.507.0999 Fax: 480.907.1854================================================================Download an employmentapplication learn more about Global Spectrum/University of Phoenix Stadium job opportunities:By Phone: Call our job hotline at (623) 433-7104 to learn more about the variousopportunities at University of Phoenix Stadium!By Fax: You may fax your resume to (623) 433-7197. Please indicate the position you areapplying for.For more information and to apply for full-time positions with Global Spectrum, pleasevisit our HQ website at, and then choose theappropriate career field.
  • 23. Twelve Industry veterans have made Rojo Hospitality Group an overwhelming success atthe University of Phoenix Stadium. Although considered a "new" company, our executiveteam collectively has well over 180 years of Food and Beverage experience.Being the third NFL team to take food service in-house in 2010, we responded to focusgroups by maintaining pricing from the 2009 season while reducing prices for beer, hotdogs and nachos. We even implemented $1.00 refills on souvenir sodas and popcorn.Catering & Concessions Contact: Donald Beckham, Personnel ManagerPhone: (623) 433-7627Website: Email: don.beckham@rojohospitality.comApplication: interested candidates can either download our employment applicationand submit via fax, email, or U.S. mail or complete an application in person atthe stadium Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.All positions available are part-time, event driven and candidates must be 19 years ofage or older.====================================================================Stone Cold Masonry is looking for a foreman who is a hard worker and self-starter.Will be responsible for running crews on a various sizes of jobs. Must have previousexperience.FAX OR E-MAIL RESUME416 W. Lone Cactus Drive ♦ Phoenix, AZ 85027 ♦ 623-385-71101-877-385-7110 FAX 623-385-7120
  • 24. 1940 E Thunderbird Rd Ste 101, Phoenix, AZ 85022Commercial/Residential moving company looking to hire candidates immediately.Looking for employees who are in great physical shape and have great customer serviceskills.Pay would start at $10/hr and opportunities to make tips are available. This is a hard jobthat requires stamina, strength and a great attitude, however the benefits are great.You would need to be available to work 7am-5pm at least 3 days a week.IF YOU WANT TO BE CONSIDERED...GO TO THE WESBITE,,Click on "OUR TEAM",Click on "EMPLOYMENT",AND SUBMIT THE REQUESTED INFORMATION.IF YOU SEND A PHOTO, IT MAY HELP YOUR CHANCES OF BEING CONSIDERED.WE WILL CALL YOU BACK TO SET UP INTERVIEW.======================================================================
  • 25. SHIFT EMPLOYMENT SERVICES IS CURRENTLY HIRING LEAD ASSEMBLERS AND GENERALASSEMBLERS FOR TEMPORARY 6-8 WEEK Assignment (thru January)Conviction of a crime does not constitute an absolute bar to employment. Yourage at the time of the offense will be taken into account.Job Description: Candidates will perform full-cycle assembly of products. Responsibilities include assembly of electrical components, testing of products, soldering components, micrometers/measuring tools, and blueprint reading. Candidates must possess at least 1 year of assembling experience. Bilingual a plus but not necessary. Must be reliable, a quick learner and able to stand for long periods of time.SHIFT EMPLOYMENT SERVICES will be conducting interviews on Tuesday, December 13thfrom 9-2pm.Please send resume to and include contact information and a recruiterwill contact you to schedule an interview.SHIFT EMPLOYMENTSERVICES602-307-97331024 E. Buckeye RoadSte#155,Phoenix, AZ 85034
  • 26. NEED 2 EXPERIENCED WELDERS / RIGGERS $18-$21 per hour If you have worked in power plants and/or oil fields you are a good candidate Begins 12/17 in Tempe, AZ for 3 months Working min 50-60 hours per week. YOU MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING CERTS IN HAND TO WORKMust be certified in overhead E70 series stick all positions (i.e. 7014, 7018, etc.) Weneed copies of certsMust have aerial lift safety training (we need copies of certs).Must have own tools (we provide power tools).Experienced in working with floated beams, air tuggers and snatch blocksCall right now Mike 520-906-7929. ==============================================================Part-time and Temporary Customer Service and Sales Associate help needed at busycollege bookstore.The Bookstore @ Rio Salado College is currently seeking enthusiastic team members. Ourideal candidates will be friendly and energetic and have excellent customer service skills.In these roles you will greet and assist customers in person and on the telephone, ringsales, process mail orders, stock shelves and assist in keeping the store clean, neat andorderly. You must be highly organized, able to multi-task and have attention to detail.Previous retail & cash register experience a plus. Must be willing to work weekends
  • 27. The Road to Success Starts Here Finding the right job in the transportation industry isn’t always easy. But at Contracted Driver Services, we specialize in staffing for transportation. As a result, we work with hundreds of companies in the industry and know exactly where the best jobs are. In addition, we’ll treat you as the valued professional you are as soon as you walk through the door. We’ll work one-on-one with you, return phone calls promptly, and provide the personal attention you deserve. Best of all, when you work with CDS, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, including:Access to great jobsYou can meet with a CDS CareerManager to discuss your needs, goals,background, and experience. CDS canthen match you with an opportunitythat will benefit you, your family, andyour lifestyle.Stable work with leadingemployersCDS has more than 500 clientsnationwide, and we can give youaccess to job opportunities that areoftentimes not advertised elsewhere.A flexible scheduleWith CDS, you’ll have the opportunity to work on temporary assignments in the locationof your choosing, or in a full-time position. Work when you want – where you want.Competitive wagesAt CDS, we offer competitive wages and benefits, as well as weekly paychecks and anemployee referral program.
  • 28. Contracted Driver Services is a job placement service that has been in business for over10 years, with an established national customer base. No fees apply.We have immediate openings for full time warehouse personwith knowledge of the petroleum industry, bulk and package,must have forklift experience and possess a valid driver licenseto be considered.Please reply with a call for immediate consideration at 625-536-7438must not have any felony convictions in the past 10 yearsFrequently Asked Questions: How soon can I start working?Job availability changes on a daily basis. Once our application process is complete, youwill be considered based on your preferences and your skills and will be offeredappropriate positions.What is involved in the application process?You will need to complete an online application or come into our office to apply. Afterthe application is complete, you will be able to sit down with one of our CareerManagers, who can develop a profile on your job requirements. For instance, location orshift might be important to you, which will dictate which available position meets yourneeds.Once you have completed the interview, we will perform reference checks with previousemployers and other references, and will also conduct a background check and drug test.You will then go through basic safety training and, for office positions, may be asked todo some computer testing to determine skill levels.Once the process is successfully completed, you will be offered jobs based on all of thefactors of the hiring process.
  • 29. How often should I contact your office after an interview?We realize that it is not always convenient for you to check in on a daily basis, you aresimply encouraged to stay in touch with our office so we are aware of your availability.We have a group email for communication through or you can useour check-in line. You will be asked to leave your name, phone number, and what type ofwork you are interested in.What if I am not interested in a certain position when it is offered; is it all right to turn itdown?Not every job is going to meet the expectations you have. If you are not interested in aposition, you are free to decline. We will continue to offer positions to you based on yourskills and preferences.What if I am on an assignment and decide it is not for me?Our goal is to locate the best place of employment, and best fit company for your skills.We will work with you to prescreen and evaluate all of your job options before you areplaced on assignment.However, we realize that not every job is a good fit for you; sometimes you do not knowthat until you have tried the position. If you are on an assignment and find it is not goingto work for you, we will ask that you contact us immediately. You may be asked to stay atan assignment long enough for us to find a replacement, but we will attempt to remedythe situation as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, communication is the key.We expect open communication from our field employees and they can expect the samefrom the Contracted Driver Services office.What do I pay for your services?Our services are provided at no fee to applicants. As an applicant, you will not pay for anyof the services Contracted Driver Services provides.How can I stay informed about open positions?Most of our open positions will be posted on our website. At times, some positions maynot be posted to our website… applicants can communicate with our staff for detailedinformation about all positions available.
  • 30. To qualify with Contracted Driver Services, Inc., you must meet the following criteria: All applicants: o Must not have had a DWI, DUI, Drug Conviction or a positive drug or alcohol test in the past 10 years o Must not have any felony convictions in the past 10 years o Must be willing to transfer any out of state licenses within 10 days of approval of employment o Must not have more than 10 employers in the last 10 years o Must have a high school diploma or GED CDL Applicants Only o Must have a minimum 1 yr. verifiable CDL Exp. within last 24 months AZ and TX min. 2 years in last 36 months. o Must be at least 18 years old (21 years old for DOT Driving Positions) o Must have no more than 1 preventable accidents/incidents in the past 3 years o Must have no more than 2 moving violations in the past 3 years o Must have a medical that is valid for at a minimum of 1 year from date of application Hiring Decisions – When is the Right Time to Hire Let’s face it, in many businesses payroll is one the largest (if not the largest) line item on your monthly budgets. So, it can sometimes be a very difficult decision to add on more staff. BUT, in some cases adding staff strategically can help drive a lot of profit to your bottom line. So when do you know it’s time to hire? Here are a few warning signs: When bottlenecks are holding up production. If you find that a certain area of your business is continually a bottleneck, then it’s time to evaluate your talent needs. In many cases, adding one or two new skilled people can have a dramatic effect on production and profits.
  • 31. When you miss out on new business because you don’t have the needed help. You’ve probably had a lot of great ideas for new business ventures; however, you may not have the resources to implement those plans. But with temporary or contract workers, you can tap into the resources you need, when you need them, in order to take on new opportunities and grow your business – whether that means hiring a contract IT guru to improve information security, or taking on litigation specialists for a special case. When being a “do-it-yourselfer” is distracting you from your core job duties. Instead of taking the time to learn a new skill on your own, or spending hours trying to train your staff, bring in an experienced contract employee who can offer you the knowledge and capabilities you need on a temporary basis. There’s no learning curve and once the project is finished, you don’t have to worry about the cost of a full-time employee.If you’re faced with any of these challenges, Contracted Driver Services can help. Asthe leading transportation staffing firm, we can provide on-demand temporary staff tohelp eliminate bottlenecks, or recruit people with the specific skill sets you need.Call us today!Contracted Driver Services13817 W. Van Buren St, Goodyear, AZ 85338Toll Free: 866-847-6536 Phone: 625-536-7438
  • 32. Become a VolunteerVolunteers support Save the Family’s mission in a variety of ways. To begin theprocess of becoming a volunteer, please view the current opportunities listedbelow for more informationAfter-School K-8 TutorsAug 03, 2011 to Dec 14, 2011Mesa, AZ Homelessness is damaging to everyone it...After-School High School TutorAug 03, 2011 to Dec 14, 2011Mesa, AZHomelessness is damaging to everyone it touches. Save ...Great for 55+Throw a Baby Shower!Dec 01, 2011 to Jul 01, 2012Mesa, AZ Family homelessness is damaging to everyone ...Great for 55+, GroupsChildcare HelperDec 12, 2011 to Aug 01, 2012Mesa, AZ Family homelessness is damaging to everyone ...Great for 55+Mentors for Youth Enrichment CenterJan 02, 2012 to Jun 01, 2012Mesa, AZ Family homelessness is damaging to everyone...Become our Fan on Facebook and Follow us on TwitterVirtual Opportunity Family homelessness is damaging to everyone ...Great for Kids, Teens, 55+, Groups (any size)
  • 33. Eagle Scout Leadership Service ProjectsMesa, AZ Family homelessness is damaging to everyone ...Great for TeensFirst Impressions Clothing ClosetMesa, AZ Family homelessness is damaging to everyone...Job Club SponsorshipMesa, AZ Family homelessness is damaging to everyone...Organize a Donation Drive for Save the FamilyMesa, AZ Homelessness is damaging to everyone it ...Great for Teens, 55+, GroupsSack Meal ProgramMesa, AZFamily homelessness is damaging to everyone it touches. ...Great for Kids, Teens, 55+, GroupsWelcome Home~ Paint and Clean - Corporateand Group Volunteer OpportunityMesa, AZ Familyhomelessness is damaging to everyone ...Great for GroupsIf interested in volunteering, pleasecontact:Nikki HicksVolunteer Manager480-898-0228 x201NikkiH@savethefamily.org450 W. 4th Place, Mesa, AZ 85201
  • 34. Save the Family has been serving homeless families with children for morethan 20 years. Founded in 1988, Save the Family was created to help homelessfamilies become self-sufficient. In 1989, the agency acquired four housingunits and served the first four families, who were referred from a localdomestic violence shelter.Early on, Save the Family recognized the need for services beyond justhousing. The agency offered the first adult and children’s education classes in1991. Adult classes centered on parenting and personal growth anddevelopment, while children’s classes offered expressive art activities, aimedat assisting children with sharing their experience of homelessness. Due toincreasing demand for these supportive services, the agency’s programs wereexpanded to include a broader array of services and teen programming.Program services for adults and youth continue, and now include careerdevelopment, financial planning, education and support for domesticviolence, tutoring, after-school classes and tuition dollars for summer campsand extracurricular activities.SUMMARYThe Front Office Assistant is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the receptionarea and incoming phone lines. In addition to regular reception and office functions,the Assistant provides administrative support to the administrative departments withinSave the Family and ARM.SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: NONEROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES:• Greets and communicates with clients, visitors, donors, and volunteers by phone, email,or in person;• Maintains general office functions such as mail and office supplies ordering andinventorying;• Provides backup support to the administrative departments;• Plans and schedules donation pick-ups, coordinating with donors and the PropertyMaintenance staff• Use the internet and other resources to research information
  • 35. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCEHigh School Diploma or GED and Four (4) years secretarial/administrative experience;OR, Certificate in Secretarial Science and three (3) years of secretarial/administrativeexperience; OR, Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from whichcomparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved. (Some college courseworkis a plus) Experience with social services or nonprofit agency work is preferred.REQUIRED SKILLS & ATTRIBUTES:In addition to the experience listed above, the Front Office Assistant must also:• Possess excellent communication skills (verbal/public speaking/written)• Be a self-starter, possessing excellent time management and critical thinking skills• Highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and Outlook --PowerPoint, Publisher, and/or Visio a plus• Be capable of exercising discretion and confidentiality• Be professional in manner and appearance• Be consistently organized and flexible• Able to read and write the English language• Able to lift and carry 40lbs.A Demonstrated Understanding of and Commitment to the Mission, Vision, and Values ofSave the Family Foundation of Arizona is imperative.All employees of Save the Family and ARM of Save the Family must be able to obtain afingerprint clearance card through the State of Arizona.To apply for this position, please reply with a cover letter, resume, and three professionalreferences.
  • 36. ASAP MANAGED SERVICES Tier 2 Technical SupportJob Description:U Verse Technical Support Agent – Must be a critical thinker, superior communication skills and the ability to problem solve. Assisting customers with concerns that range from connectivity, usability, overall 2nd level technical support and troubleshooting of U- verse Services. Ability to identify and solve customer needs by asking questions, communicating effectively and establishing a positive rapport with each customer. Patience and empathy in handling customer stress. Greet customers in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner using agreed upon procedures. Must pass background check (no felonies) & drug screen Ability to work any shift including nights, weekend, holidays, etc. Need some call center and/or customer service experience on the phone. EMPLOYER ON SITE RECRUITMENT Tuesday – December 20, 2011 10:00 AM TO 2:00PM Mesa Employment Services 163 N Dobson Rd Mesa, Arizona 85201
  • 37. Retail may be constantly evolving, but one thing that never changes is Lowe’scommitment to our customers and employees. We make sure our employees have all thetools they need to grow and advance - like our innovative management developmentprograms, which are truly unique in the industry.With more than 1,725 locations across North America, and new operations being addedall the time, there’s more opportunity than ever before in our stores, including:Commercial Loader - Bilingual Preferred Job ID 266830BRJob Category Retail AssociateDepartment 0711 - Loaders (Commercial Sales)Location # 1850 STORE:S. Scottsdale, AZCity Scottsdale State AZJob DescriptionAssist customers in carrying and loading their purchases. Maintain outside appearance ofstore by returning carts to proper location and cleaning/organizing as necessary. Greetand acknowledge all customers in a friendly, professional manner and provide quick,responsive customer service.Job Requirements Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and knowledge of weights and measures. Understand and respond appropriately to basic customer and employee inquiries. Read, write and communicate using English language sufficient to perform job functions Ability to operate store equipment in assigned area (including but not limited to LRT, telephone, paging system, copiers, fax machines, computers, CCTV surveillance system, key cutting, panel saw, paint mixing computer, blind cutting, forklifts, pallet jacks, electric lifts, etc.).
  • 38. Satisfactorily complete all Lowes training requirements (including annual Hazardous Material, Forklift certification/departmental training, etc.). Ability to interpret price tag and UPC information. Able to wear all necessary personal protective equipment to perform job functions. Ability to work in both inside and outside environmental conditions. Physical ability to move large, bulky and/or heavy merchandise. Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing, sitting, and other activities necessary to perform job duties. Svc Assoc Outside Garden Part Time266642BRAZ-PhoenixN. Phoenix, AZ Dec 8, 2011Customer Service Associate I 267177BRAZ-PhoenixS. Phoenix, AZ Dec 9, 2011Customer Service Associate II 267049BRAZ-PhoenixW. Phoenix, AZ Dec 9, 2011Customer Service Associate II 267176BRAZ-PhoenixS. Phoenix, AZ Dec 9, 2011Customer Service Associate IV 266867BRAZ-PhoenixW. Phoenix, AZ Dec 9, 2011Head Cashier 267179BRAZ-PhoenixS. Phoenix, AZ Dec 9, 2011LTL Stocker Full Time 265933BRAZ-PhoenixN. Phoenix, AZ Dec 7, 2011Non-CDL DRIVER 267283BRAZ-PhoenixW. Phoenix, AZ Dec 10, 2011Sales Specialist Millwork 265697BRAZ-PhoenixHappy Valley, AZDec 11, 2011Unload Associate Part Time 267389BRAZ-PhoenixN. Phoenix, AZ Dec 10, 2011
  • 39. Non-CDL DRIVER Job ID 267283BR Job Category Driver Department 0605 - Delivery Employment Type I Regular Employment Type II Full-Time Location # 1042 Location Name W. Phoenix, AZ City Phoenix State AZ Position Description Pull, load, and deliver customer purchases in afriendly, timely, safe and efficient manner. Greet and acknowledge all customers in afriendly, professional manner and provide quick, responsive customer service.Responsible for all other duties as assigned.Job Requirements Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and knowledge of weights and measures. Understand and respond appropriately to basic customer and employee inquiries. Read, write and communicate using English language sufficient to perform job functions. Ability to operate store equipment in assigned area (including but not limited to LRT, telephone, paging system, copiers, fax machines, computers, CCTV surveillance system, key cutting, panel saw, paint mixing computer, blind cutting, forklifts, pallet jacks, electric lifts, etc.). Ability to move throughout all areas of the store; sales floor, receiving, register areas, lawn and garden, including the outside perimeter of the store. Move objects up to and exceeding 200 pounds with reasonable accommodations. Ability to read maps, follow specific delivery directions and instructions, determine cost efficient routes and time efficient scheduling of deliveries. Anticipates, recognizes and responds to change by innovative problem solving. Ability to move throughout all areas of the store; sales floor, receiving, register areas, lawn and garden, including the outside perimeter of the store. Meet physical qualifications for CDL or non-commercial drivers license as appropriate. Physical ability to move large, bulky and/or heavy merchandise. Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing, sitting, and other activities necessary to perform job duties. Appropriate Drivers License Required.
  • 40. Customer Service Associate IJob ID 267177BRJob Category Sales Department 0987 –Weekend Salesfloor teamEmployment Type I RegularEmployment Type IIPart-TimeLocation # 2421 Location Name S. Phoenix, AZCityPhoenix State AZPosition Description Responsible for providing quick, friendly customer service by answering customers questions, providing purchase assistance and keeping shelves stocked. Assigned primarily to one zone on the sales floor, but may be required to work in other areas.Job Requirements Requires morning, afternoon and evening availability any day of the week. Ability to operate, demonstrate and explain merchandise in assigned area. Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and knowledge of weights and measures. Understand and respond appropriately to basic customer and employee inquiries. Read, write and communicate using English language sufficient to perform job functions. Ability to operate store equipment in assigned area (including but not limited to LRT, telephone, paging system, copiers, fax machines, computers, CCTV surveillance system, key cutting, panel saw, paint mixing computer, blind cutting, forklifts, pallet jacks, electric lifts, etc.). Ability to interpret price tag and UPC information. Ability to move throughout all areas of the store; sales floor, receiving, register areas, lawn and garden, including the outside perimeter of the store. Ability to work in both inside and outside environmental conditions. Physical ability to move large, bulky and/or heavy merchandise. Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing, sitting, and other activities necessary to perform job duties.
  • 41. Northeast Corner of Oak St & Country Club Dr, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Scottsdale, AZ 85256Welcome to Agate. Our team brings over 38 years of experience to your next project. Ourtwo divisions perform separate functions, but the philosophy behind both is the same.Whether its Agate, Inc providing general contracting services, or Agate Steel, Incmanufacturing pre-engineered steel buildings, performing structural steel fabrication,and operating a fully-stocked Steel Service Center, we come to work everyday to serveour customers…$16.00 - $18.00 HourDOT TRUCK DIVERPERMANENT FULL TIME POSITION 40/HRs per week doing LOCALDELIVERY OF STRUCTURAL STEELREQUIRES:2 YEARS TRUCK DRIVING W/CDL + SUCCESSFUL PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG SCREENINGREQUIRED CDL AND CLEAN DRIVING RECORD A MUST ABILITY TO WORK OCCASIONALOVERTIME NEAT APPEARANCEThe employer requests you call their office for an appointment. When calling you shouldidentify the position you are applying for by the job title listed below.Apply to: 480-994-9455Additional Application Information: Apply in person, mail resume or e-mail…Agate Steel, Inc. P.O. Box 117 Scottsdale, AZ 85252 US Contact Name: Dean MundyPhone: 480-994-9455 Fax: 480-994-4296 Email:
  • 42. In 1936, Ken Fishel founded The Fishel Company with strong values and a commitment to providing our Customers with Service Excellence. With 26 offices nationwide and 1,000 skilled Teammates, we have the technical expertise and financial muscle to take on any size project. Whether you are building a fibre to the home network or residential duct system for gas and electric distribution, Team Fishel delivers best value, on-time solutions to meet our Customers needs and project specifications. Let us show you why we are the best choice for utility construction and network installation services on your next projectTeam Fishel will provide on-the-job training in all areas of safety, including flaggingcertification, tool operation and maintenance.Qualified candidates shouldapply online forimmediate consideration,Or apply at our office at:1819 S 27th Avenue Phoenix,AZ 85009
  • 43. Installers and Technicians in Phoenix, AZFull time Team Fishel, the Best Choice for Utility Construction and Network Installation,is hiring Voice/Data/Fiber Installers and Technicians for our Phoenix, AZ office.Responsibilities: Install and Ter our Phoenix, AZ office. Responsibilities: Install andTerminate Cat5 and RG6 Analyzes and troubleshoots basic technical problems or issuesReviews, interprets and works with various...Supervisor in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility construction business, islooking to hire a Supervisor for their Phoenix, AZ location. The purpose of a Supervisorat Team Fishel is to sell projectsn. The purpose of a Supervisor at Team Fishel is to sellprojects, communicate with customers and Teammates, set direction for the work andremove roadblocks so the Teammates will be successful, the custo...Laborer w Class A CDL - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility construction business, islooking to hire Utility Laborer with a Class A CDL for their Phoenix, AZ location. A UtilityLaborer at Team Fishel will handle pir Phoenix, AZ location. A Utility Laborer at TeamFishel will handle projects of various complexities and perform site work.Responsibilities: Work as a part of a crew. Assist as required in al...Laborer in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility construction business, islooking to hire Utility Laborer for their Phoenix, AZ location. A Utility Laborer at TeamFishel will handle projects of various ... A Utility Laborer at Team Fishel will handleprojects of various complexity and perform site work. Responsibilities: Work as a partof a crew. Assist as required in all manual labor aspe...
  • 44. Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel’s Phoenix, AZ office is looking for a skilled Heavy EquipmentMechanic. A heavy equipment mechanic at Team Fishel is someone with someone withexperience in both gasoline and diesel engines, as e with someone with experience inboth gasoline and diesel engines, as well as heavy equipment. You must be able towork as part of a team, or unsupervised as needed. Responsibilities: Inspect vehicles ...Forman in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility construction business, islooking to hire Foreman for their Phoenix, AZ location. The purpose of a Foreman atTeam Fishel is to manage the job site, the main purpose of a Foreman at Team Fishel isto manage the job site, maintain a safe working environment for our Teammates,customers, and general public, and be accountable for quality, productivity, andcosts.�...
  • 45. Equipment Operator with a Class A CDL in Phoenix, AZ - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility construction business, islooking to hire Equipment Operator with a Class A CDL for their Phoenix, AZ location. AUtility Laborer at Team Fishel will hand their Phoenix, AZ location. A Utility Laborer atTeam Fishel will handle projects of various complexities and perform site work.Responsibilities: Operates Company vehicle on a daily basis to deliver ...Copper Wire Splicer in Phoenix - 85009Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice for Utility Construction and Network Installation,is hiring Copper Wire Splicers for our Phoenix, AZ office. The purpose of a Copper WireSplicer is to perform functions including. The purpose of a Copper Wire Splicer is toperform functions including splicing, testing, pair continuity and count verification of alltypes, sizes and gauges of existing and newly constructed PIC and Paper ...Heavy Equipment Mechanic in Chandler, AZ - 85225Full time Team Fishel’s Chandler, AZ office is looking for a skilled Heavy EquipmentMechanic. A heavy equipment mechanic at Team Fishel is someone with someone withexperience in both gasoline and diesel engines, as with someone with experience ingasoline and diesel engines, as well as heavy equipment. You must be able to work aspart of a team, or unsupervised as needed. Responsibilities: Inspect vehicles...
  • 46. Voice/Data/Fiber Installers and Technicians in Chandler, AZ - 85225Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice for Utility Construction and Network Installation,is hiring Voice/Data/Fiber Installers and Technicians for our Chandler, AZ office.Responsibilities: Install and Te our Chandler, AZ office. Responsibilities: Install andTerminate Cat5 and RG6 Analyzes and troubleshoots basic technical problems or issuesReviews, interprets and works with various ma...Supervisor in Chandler, AZ - 85225Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility construction business, islooking to hire a Supervisor for their Chandler, AZ location. The purpose of a Supervisorat Team Fishel is to sell projections. The purpose of a Supervisor at Team Fishel is tosell projects, communicate with customers and Teammates, set direction for the workand remove roadblocks so the Teammates will be successful, the cust...Utility Laborer with a Class A CDL in Chandler, AZ - 85225Full time Team Fishel, the Best Choice Employer in the utility construction business, islooking to hire Utility Laborer with a Class A CDL for their Chandler, AZ location. AUtility Laborer at Team Fishel will be handled in Chandler, AZ location. A Utility Laborerat Team Fishel will handle projects of various complexities and perform site work.Responsibilities: Work as a part of a crew. Assist as required in a...
  • 47. SAFETY TRAINING Safety is priority #1 for Team Fishel. We treat safety as a profit centre and track every job damage, Teammate injury, and truck accident with the goal of being ACCIDENT FREE. We strongly believe that every accident can be prevented, which is why we spend so much time and energy on Teammate safety training and awareness. We have weekly tailgate meetings and monthly All-Hands meetings with the Safety Coordinators to share our best practices and keep our Teammates aware of the dangers in construction. Our training includes NUCA Certified Training and OSHA Certified Training as well as DOT, utility locating, forklift, Operators Qualification and leadership to name a few.LINEMANS APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Team Fishel operates Certified Electrical Linemen Apprenticeship Programs in Louisville, Kentucky and Tampa, Florida. The state-of-the-art training facilities, curriculum, and Certified Journeyman Instructors ensure that future Fishel Linemen are experts in overhead electrical distribution repair, maintenance and installation. Upon completion of the four-year program, Teammates receive a Certificate of Completion by the US Department of Labour Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. The Apprenticeship Programs allows a Teammate to learn the trade through a combination of on- the-job training and classroom instruction. These accredited programs require 576 hours of instruction and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. There is no cost to participate and the time commitment is the equivalent to a four-year college program…
  • 48. Nestled at the base of South Mountain, Arizona Grand Resort offers our guests anamazing retreat true to the Southwest. Our bright and airy guest suites with plush decors,amazing restaurants, relaxing spa, entertaining water park and championship golf coursebring the guests once but it takes fun, friendly talented associates to truly create theexperience and ensure the guest return. The Arizona Grand Resort is seeking individualswho enjoy working in a guest service environment. For career opportunities please selectfrom the criteria below to begin your exciting career in hospitality. Job Number Title1411 Room Service - Supervisor (full-time)1410 Lobby Grill - Hostperson (full-time)1399 Landscaping - Landscape Maintenance (full-time)1396 Front Office - Overnight Bellperson (full-time)1376 Lobby Grill - Line Cook 2 (full-time)1371 Sales - National Sales Manager (full-time)1365 Banquet Operations - Houseperson/Set-up (part-time)1356 Housekeeping - PM Office Clerk (English/Spanish bilingual)1317 Housekeeping - Male Lobby Porter (full-time)1316 Housekeeping - Houseperson (full-time) Housekeeping - Suite Attendant (full-time) Apply at Company Website1222 The employer requests you apply at the companys website. Please have available a copy of your resume/statement of qualifications to assist you with filling any forms. Apply to:
  • 49. We are a multi-platform media company that encompasses a variety of productsincluding The Arizona Republic, and 12 News-KPNX-TV. As the statespremier media company, our products reach over 1.8 million people each week.Our goal is to provide people with information they need, when they need it, and throughwhatever medium they choose to receive it. The Internet, specialty publications, andmarketing and advertising services, have expanded our business franchise far beyondnewsprint and television. We have a national reputation in our field as leaders ininnovation and customer service.Its an exciting time for us. The media industry is changing daily and we are changing withit. At all of our businesses, you will find challenging projects and smart people withpotential to transform the media industry. We want innovative, energetic and talentedpeople who can thrive in an environment of change, entrepreneurship and action.JANITOR I Req ID: 1772 Arizonas largest media organization, Republic Media, which includes The ArizonaRepublic, 12 News and has an immediate opening for a dependable Janitorto work at our downtown Phoenix facility. This position is responsible for cleaning andmaintaining an office environment. The ideal candidate will have previous experience,possess good verbal communication skills and be able to work independently.The position is third shift, and we need someone who is available any day of the week,including weekends and holidays.This is a full time position offering vacation time, health benefits, access to our 401(k)programRequirementsHS diploma or GED preferred.Must have minimum 1 year of experience in an office cleaning environment.Must be able to safely and effectively use ladders, lifts, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers,pressure washers and related equipment necessary to clean and maintain a large officeenvironment.Must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays. ASC
  • 50. Product Handler II Req ID: 1747Division: Arizona RepublicLocation: MESA, AZ USPosition Summary:The Arizona Republic is seeking Product Handlers inour Circulation Department. The Product Handlersresponsibilities include: counting and stackingnewspapers and other products for pick-up bycontractors; unloading carts; counting product(s);assisting with paperwork; also acting as a back-up anddelivering newspapers/products to subscribers andother locations as needed.RequirementsRequirements include basic math skills with the ability to accurately count product,legible handwriting and good spelling skills. Must be able to maintain an effectiveworking relationship with coworkers and contractors. Must be 18 years of age and haveaccess to a vehicle with the minimum required state liability insurance. Must have a validArizona drivers license and excellent driving record. JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN Req ID: 1758 Division: Arizona Republic Location: 22600 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027 An immediate opening for an experienced Journeyman Electrician. Seeking a qualified candidate with the training and experience to repair and maintain: Variable speed digital/analog AC and DC drives; Electro-mechanical/hydraulic/pneumatic automated machine controls; Electrical power distribution equipment; Lighting systems and controls; Fire alarm/security systems; Intercoms and building automation systems. The successful candidate will have: Completed apprenticeship - Journeyman certification required; Five years industrial experience at the journeyman level.
  • 51. Gannett Publishing Services is seekingoutstanding customer service / salesrepresentatives for part-time careeropportunities in our Consumer Solution Center(CSC) in Phoenix, AZ.Consumer Solutions Center Agents (customerservice representatives) are responsible foranswering inbound phones, in a call centerenvironment, as well as performing othercustomer-service duties. They providecourteous and professional customer service,promote and sell subscriptions, upsell productsand services and respond to delivery andpayment questions and issues.Qualified candidates will have: A minimum of one year customer service/call center experience. Strong interpersonal, sales, customer service, and telephone skills. They must be able to handle a high volume of calls in a fast paced telephone environment. Candidates must be familiar with Microsoft Office applications and have the ability to accurately and proficiently enter information into the computer system. Requires a high degree of accuracy and the ability to work in a high-volume call center environment. Ability to work flexible hours, including Sundays and holidays. Must be able to type at least 25 wpm (skills test will be administered). Bilingual (English/Spanish) helpful.Classroom training will take place during the first week. Following the initialweek, you will be scheduled to work various hours, during the following times:Monday, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM - Tuesday, Friday – 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM - Sunday,7:00 AM – 11:00 PMOur next training class begins soon, so dont delay! ASC
  • 52. US FOODSSelector, Night - 11003969Primary Location: AZ-PhoenixProcesses work orders in the warehouse by manually selecting the correct products fromthe racks, palletizing them and delivering the merchandise to the dock secured and shrinkwrapped for delivery in a safe and efficient manner.Selects customer orders from pick slots using pick lists of assorted items to build ordersaccording to customer stops. This involves riding a pallet jack, moving products fromracks to pallet, labeling the selected cases with the order labels and notifying re-stockerof empty or short slots for replenishment.Validates that correct product has been selected and is damage free. Delivers merchandise to correct dock area, stacks items on pallets according to driverstops (customer locations) for next day delivery and shrink wraps palletized orders.Performs various clean up duties: Clears aisle of all debris, returns pallet jack to chargingarea, and hook up jack for battery charging. Stack empty pallets from slots in aisle. Cleanup any spills and place damaged product in recoup area.Works in a safe and efficient manner, including a pre-trip examination all equipment.
  • 53. Qualified candidates who are selected will be hired on during their first 90 days as atemporary employee through our staffing agency.Once you have successfully completed your first 90 days of employment, you will beeligible to move into a permanent full time position with U.S. Foodservice.QualificationsEducation/Training: High School Education or GED preferred; must be at least 18 years ofage.Related Experience: Previous comparable warehouse experience preferred; experiencewith pallet jack or high lift preferred.Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Able to read and write legibly; basic mathematical skills (add,subtract, multiply, divide); good verbal communication skills; Must be team oriented andable to get along with others.
  • 54. Careers atRepublic ServicesAt Republic, you will work with theBEST in the business: 30,000exceptional employees in 40 statesand Puerto Rico. Republic is agrowing company, devoted tomeeting the needs of our customersevery day.Working as a team we want you to have the opportunity to achieve your personal andprofessional best. Throughout your career, we will encourage you, motivate you and trainyou to excel. You will have the opportunity to grow with us.This is what you can expect when you join the Republic Services team: A workplace where safety is a top priority A respectful work environment A workplace where the BEST people come to work, devoted to meeting the needs of our customers every dayRepublic Services has a solid reputation for delivering outstanding service. As wecontinue to grow, we are constantly seeking talented, ethical, loyal and driven teamplayers who want to work for a winning company. We accept applications online. Pleasefollow these simple steps to apply for a job at Republic Services:To Apply 1. Go to Search Jobs and Apply Online » 2. Search for open positions. All open positions are listed online. 3. Provide us with the information requested for the open position and submit the information online.Please note that Republic only accepts resumes in response to open positions posted onthe Careers Site. Do not send resumes if you are not responding to an open job posting.
  • 55. Republic is committed to equal employment opportunity for all qualified job seekers, including individuals with disabilities. If you are an individual with a disability and need an accommodation as part of the application process, please contact us at (855) 444-4079. INFORMATION ABOUT REPUBLIC SERVICES Republic Services provides environmental services including waste collection, recycling and disposal of waste from homes and businesses. We serve more than 13 million customers through a network of more than 800 local waste collection, recycling and disposal operating divisions throughout the United States. We offer a safe, respectful and rewardingworkplace for our employees and we are dedicated to excellence, environmentalresponsibility, ethical behavior and increasing shareholder value.Applicable law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility ofall persons hired to work in the United States.Republic Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For information regarding ourCompany’s equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination and other workplacepolicies and practices, click here.OVERVIEW OF BENEFITSWe strive to create a great place to work and understand that compensation andexcellent benefits are rewards for our team members hard work and dedication.We are proud of the benefits we offer our employees. This is just a brief summary, but itwill give you an idea of the many benefits of working at Republic Services. Comprehensive and flexible medical coverage Prescription drug coverage Comprehensive dental coverage Vision coverage Health care and dependent care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • 56. Short- and long-term disability Life insurance Accidental death & dismemberment insurance Employee and Family Assistance program (EAP) 401(k) plan with a generous company-match Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Competitive compensationDriver - Residential Republic Services, Inc.(Automated)DetailsLocation: AZ - MesaJob ID:ResiDriver_12072011 DescriptionPOSITION SUMMARY:Drives an automated / semi-automated residential truck to provide prompt, courteousand complete waste and / or recycle removal for residential customers.REPRESENTATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES:The following responsibilities are general duties that a particular employee in thisposition may or may not be required to perform. The actual duties required of thisposition will vary. Performs complete pre-trip inspection including, but not limited to, checking tire pressure, fluid levels, safety equipment, gauges and controls. Drives heavy diesel or alternative fuel truck(s) to and from customer locations and disposal area(s). Climbs into and out of truck at customer locations and disposal area(s). Loads residential waste into truck hopper if the toter dump/cart is unable to handle the load. Uses the toter dump/cart whenever possible. Operates hand hydraulic controls to lift/load refuse, operate compactor and dispose of collected material at the designated facility.
  • 57. Courteously interacts with customers, dispatcher(s) and supervisors. Writes labels and tags that identify unsatisfactory waste containers and/or refuse. Cleans up waste spills and overflows, including the area around containers. Cleans waste from the packer blade and truck body on each landfill or transfer station run. Reads route sheet, follows map and services each customer as identified on the route sheet or as assigned by dispatcher and/or supervisor. Immediately reports any safety or customer service issues of which the employee is made aware to supervisor or manager. Completes required route/productivity sheets, Vehicle Condition Reports (VCRs) and other forms. Ensures compliance with DOT and Company hours of service standards. Performs driver check-in procedures upon returning to the facility at the end of the day, including post-trip inspections. Follows all safety policies and procedures; participates in all required safety training and meetings. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.Interested candidates should submit resumes and salary requirements bygoing to: reference ResiDriver_12072011.
  • 58. Requirements EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION, CERTIFICATION: Required: Valid Class A or B CDL with air brakes endorsement. Must meet the requirements of 49 CFR 383.51 as well as any other local, state or federal requirements applicable. Preferred: Equivalent of high school diploma or G.E.D. certification. Two years commercial truck driving experience.OTHER KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and ABILITIES:The following key competencies represent qualities, traits and behaviors that a successfulemployee will exhibit. This list is not exhaustive, as other qualities, traits and behaviorsare also desired. Customer Service – Acts in a professional, courteous and cooperative manner toward customers and coworkers. Within reason, does what it takes to meet and exceed expectations of customers. Dependability – Follows through and does what he/she says he/she will do. Shows up for work on time and adheres to the established work schedule. Endurance – Sticks with the task until it is completed in the most productive and safe manner. Works through challenges. Ethics – Does the right thing. Adheres to the laws as well as Company policies and rules. Promptly reports concerns or potential violations in accordance with reporting procedures. Safety Orientation – Follows and promotes Company safety rules and procedures. Shows an appreciation and sets an example for safe work behavior. Does not take inappropriate risks.REPRESENTATIVE MACHINES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT AND/OR SOFTWARE USED:The following machines, tools, equipment and/or software are commonly, but notalways, associated with the performance of this position. Actual machines, tools,equipment and/or software used will vary.
  • 59. Side load or front load residential truck (automated, manual / automated, work bucket, curotto or quick disconnect). Personal protective equipment including, but not limited to, hard hat, boots, gloves and safety vest. Tools including, but not limited to, broom, pitch fork and shovel. Two-way radio or cellular phone.ENVIRONMENTAL/ATMOSPHERIC WORKING CONDITIONS: The followingenvironmental/atmospheric working conditions are commonly, but not always,associated with the performance of this position. The actual working conditions will vary. Exposure to extreme weather conditions. Exposure to residential and commercial waste. Exposure to moving traffic while collecting waste containers. On a regular basis, work entails visits to disposal sites in which employee would be exposed to loud noise, dust, and odor. Occasional lifting, pushing and pulling up to 50 pounds. Occasional climbing to enter/exit truck. Bending or squatting to perform pre-trip inspection and overhead reaching for controls. Occasional standing and walking. Constant sitting, waist to chest level reaching and sustained or repetitive neck rotation for vehicle and loader operation. reference ResiDriver_12072011
  • 60. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers - Line Cooks & Dishwashers
  • 61. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
  • 62. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Valley (623)581-86352501 W. Happy Valley RoadPhoenix, AZ 85085Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-MidnightPima/Shea (480)661-71148970 E. Shea Blvd.Scottsdale, AZ 85260Sun-Thu: 11a-10p, Fri-Sat: 11a-11pArrowhead (623)334-460016233 N. 83rd AvenuePeoria, AZ 85382Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-MidnightTempe Marketplace (480)894-065519 S McClintock DriveTempe, AZ 85281Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-MidnightSurprise (623)556-906614015 W. Bell Rd.Surprise, AZ 85374Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-MidnightGateway Pavilions (623)907-346010240 W. McDowell RoadAvondale, AZ 85323Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-MidnightTempe (480)940-99001375 W. ElliottTempe, AZ 85284Mon-Thu: 10:30a-10p Fri-Sat: 10:30a-11p, Sun: 11a-10pStapley Center (480)892-76261636 South StapleyMesa, AZ 85206Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-Midnight
  • 63. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Goodyear (623)547-2899 14551 W. McDowell Road Goodyear, AZ 85395 Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-Midnight Chandler (480)814-7766 3420 W. Chandler Blvd. Chandler, AZ 85226 Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-Midnight Superstition Springs (480)832-3444 6632 0E. Superstition Springs Blvd Mesa, AZ 85206 Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-Midnight Gilbert (480)899-4338 2235 S. SanTan Village Parkway Gilbert, AZ 85295 Sun-Thu: 11a-11p, Fri-Sat: 11a-Midnight======================================================================================= FOR ADDITIONAL JOBS…Check with the Job Development Team…