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Welcome to WWWG Production's Showcase where we are dedicated to the production of original art, video, event documentations (Job Fairs, Trade Shows/Specialty events both public or private) and interactive cd/dvd magazines or creations to match all price ranges and budgets.
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  • 3. THE CLOWN APOCALYPSE: 10 Years later...Back to the cities… It has been ten years now. Ten years of the CLOWN APOCALYPSE. Ten years since that day in Ohio where I came to ground zero and everything went to hell. First the police went down trying to do crowd control and then, the National Guard broke and ran home to protect their families. After that, it was too late and the army was hit and the rest of us fled the cities. We spirited ourselves away to underground bunkers, to caves and safe zones after the army broke and turned into stage three, ragging clowns. The virus was by then airborne and even the CDC fled Atlanta after the breach of their main labs and research facilities. It spread at almost 78% infection rate and it traveled the globe as one major city after another fell to this disease.
  • 4. Who did it, the how’s of its birth were lost in the panic and we may never live long enough to understand the whys. The questions of the virus, if it had been weaponized by some rouge government or if by some group of mad scientists who sought to bring civilization down or maybe, it was it just some freak, nature event? As I said, we may never know. For ten years, we have only sought to merely survive. We have barricaded the remaining survivors into large reservation sized safe zones, where we have been able to beat back the zombie clown attacks.
  • 5. For ten years now, we have lived out here in the remote regions and valleys of the American West. It has been ten years since we left the cities and I am not alone in thinking that it is time to take the cities back. It is now time to recover what is rightfully ours and wrestle back control to re-establish civilization and put an end to the shame of leaving our neighbors behind to face this plague alone. The conversation in the safe zones has never been about a cure but, rather to the extermination of the zombie clowns and after ten years, we are organized and strong enough to try. This is not to say that there were not small groups that have fought on within the Clownlands and each of them has become a hero to the scattered and battered remains of humanity.
  • 6. From the reorganized CDC in what used to be Denver International Airport, comes breaking news on a vaccine to fight the disease. While this is very hopeful, it will not return the plague victims back to normal or protect any of us who have been exposed to the disease. It works ONLY on newborns when their mothers are injected with the vaccine before birth. It was explained that we all carry the virus in our systems but, for reasons yet not fully understood, the vaccine mixes with the disease to create immunity for the newborns. A generation from now we will be free but, it has been decided at the highest political and military levels that the only way to restore civilization will be to remove all of the zombie clowns in the Clownlands.
  • 7. The collective Presidents of the safe zones will announce by wireless communication to every Free Community (on the 4th of July) that we are declaring war on the zombie clowns. For what I heard from my friend within the government, each Free Community will be asked to supply a militia of 20% of all young men between the age of 14 and 45. They will be trained in the newest generation of war tactics that have served us so well in recent years and that has beaten back the zombie clown expansion. Each militia will have a core of the surviving members of our once grand army, medical personnel and a few of the CDC staffers that will come from the Denver Free Zone.
  • 8. DAY TRIP TOURS: CHAING MAI...IN AND ABOUT WITH EMIL WEST… This was to be my first trip to Chaing Mai and I was curious as to what I would find. I spent the night before in a seedy little parrot bar with Emil and Siene Lagone listening to them weave tale after tale about a cool, laid backed provincial town with a whisper of cool breeze up on the air due to it being nested in the high teak forests o...f Northern Thailand - where elephants and tigers still roamed free. I looked forward to good food, nice people and being able to walk the town in half-an-hour or with the aid of a trusty rickshaw, taxi driver...A guy who could and would get you caught up in the high drama of passion, politics or crime...which ever was to your fancy or to your liking.
  • 9. What they had failed to enlighten me with was the fact that their stories came from almost 40 years or more ago. This was obvious as our overnight train steamed into (not really...they are all diesel these days) a vast industrial city with pollution and traffic second only to Bangkok. As I always do...I am well known for my ability to complain...that I was lied to, duped and at best, mislead as to what would be awaiting us upon our arrival. I had even packed a parka upon the prompting of Mr. Lagone. "Stupid adventure" I cursed at them all. I further expressed my displeasure with comments about the fact "if I wanted air pollution and traffic...I could have saved a day trip...!"
  • 10. At the end of our day tour...I was ashamed...as that first impression was so wrong! The city that Emil and Siene had talked about was still there in plain sight but, you had to know where to look for it...Emil was a grand tour guide who took us up long forgotten Soi's and Alleyways to discover all of the laid back people, great food that all of the grand tales they had so waxed on about the previous night...and, although, I did not see tigers roaming free...I was told that they were all now interned into the Famous Chaing Mai Zoo...living right down the block from the Panda Bears.
  • 11. SEINE AND THE LOST TEMPLE IN FRENCH INDO-CHINA The stone tunnel turned into a courtyard of scattered and ruined temples, Seine paused so we could stand where no one had for 400 years. The wonders of man had been ravaged by the power of the jungle and we stood still for the longest time.... Seine then ordered us to move forward, always with a careful eye for the giant tigers that protected the lost temple. - From Seine and the Lost Temple, in the Jungles of French Indo-China 1954
  • 14. The flight had been long and there was little to do but to remember the beach house and all of those long nights along the beach, of sea monsters and deferred dreams to be… A truly long remembered Phuket Day Dream…
  • 15. In Memory of Democracy and Freedom...Sadness at Dawn... Sadness comes with the deal...life always sucks! Sadness is the price that we pay for being human and as our great guru James used to teach us, it is this sadness that proves we are. I thought about what I just wrote and it seems fake or like a greeting card slogan rather a real thought but, sadness is a part of who we are and for the most part...
  • 16. ...and it does suck - anyone who says otherwise is in a sense of denial. Maybe, I am just tired and wasted for the ravages of the past weeks but, there is a deep, inner core that wants to just leave it all behind and start anew... Even at 60...? As Jimmy Buffett used to sing about “disappearing without a trace.” That would be me, just an old grease stain along the highway of life… Just an unheard cry or a faded, distant memory…
  • 17. Then, later, strolling and talking up on the levy of the river that followed quietly through the town...Japan....Inspired by a friend... I saw freedom in her eyes...
  • 18. https:// www.facebook.com/EMIL.WEST.Artist/media_set?set=a.642763535798228.1073741843
  • 19. EMIL WEST Day Trip Tours is proud to offer your this small catalog for the Spring of 2014. If you are interested in seeing more of Emil’s Work, please follow the below links: facebook.com/EMIL.WEST.Artist TO PURCHASE SELECTIONS: emil.west.artist@facebook.com VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/group/DAYTRIP_T OURS#video=x167wwg http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999 BOOKS: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_ athr_dp_sr_1? _encoding=UTF8&field- author=Emil%20West&search- alias=digital- text&sort=relevancerank