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  • 1. 14 November 2013 SPECIAL THURSDAY NIGHT EDITION… “…See all the jobs here tonight that everyone else will see tomorrow…” GOVERNMENT STOPPAGE EFFECTS DEFENSE CONTRACTORS ALREADY WORKING? Don’t really like what you are doing? Need a way out of a bad job? Can’t take time off to look for a new job? If you answered any or all of these questions with a “yes” then, we have help for you! Remember, don’t just quit! The Labor Department says that it 6 times harder to a find a job if you are not currently working…Look inside for tips and suggestions…
  • 2. TRIED OF YOUR JOB? So you are stuck in another deadend, meningless job where you hate what you do and the boss makes it unbearable to stay. You really want…naw…you need a new job! Man…that sounds so good. A new job. Maybe a job with more money? Maybe a job with a future? Is that possible? Right now, you can’t see it and the only thing that you are thinking (strongly) is to just up and leave. Don’t! As we said before, it is far more difficult to get a new job if you do that. The easy way out is the worst thing you could do to yourself. By just leaving you hurt yourself and your family without hurting that boss or even the company. Better solution is to find a new job. A better job! “Right!” you say. To you this is not a choice as you have no time to look for a job or to go on interviews because you are working and you can’t take time off without getting fired…right? Not necessarily true my friend. Here let us show you several means of doing an off-hours job search and how to arrange evening interviews. While this is not the easiest way to get a new job, it can be made to work for you because your trump card is that you are already working. That is your key. You can use the fact that you are currently employed as a leverage to get an employer to meet you outside of normal office hours.
  • 3. The fact that you are working gives you the advantage over the unemployed job seeker and allows you a lot of wiggle room in the application process. You can learn to successfully utilize this to give yourself many privileges and advantages not open to an unemployed job seeker. Most ads say apply in person…do not call…do not send a resume. As an employed job seeker, you can get away with all this and more. Look closer at the ads and they usually say do not call unless you are working elsewhere (otherwise stated as “…if you have a question call…”). Since you are working elsewhere, then, you can call; you can send a resume and/or (even) ask the employer to set an interview time outside of your working hours. The reason why you can do these things is that the employer is a business person who can appreciate your unwillingness to leave your current employer shorthand to go to an interview and they will (if you have the skill set that they are seeking) gladly accommodate your request not so much for you but rather out of respect for your current employer (shoe on the other foot thing). If any employer is unwilling to do this, you might do well to reconsider working for them as they may end up being worse than what you now suffer with. A new job does not mean automatically a better job. Remember out of the frying pan and into the fire?
  • 4. From the desk of Alowishus I. Hadajob, PhD. “MIXING TRADITIONAL AND UNTRADITIONAL WORK SEARCH TO SECURE EMPLOYMENT…” Dr. Alowishus I. Hadajob is a leading expert in the field of employment research and is the author of over 6 important research studies into the area(s) of untraditional job search methodologies. He is also the guest speaker at a recent Employment Training Camp where he laid out a new, bold methodology of seeking employment while still currently employed (without the utilization of Linkedin). Dr. Hadajob explained that current employment of any sorts (real or volunteer) is critical to going back to work as swiftly as possible. He further explained that this was do to the risk factor that an employer assumes in hiring anyone. For a person who is currently unemployed the risk factor becomes a real issue because at what point were they unemployed due to the economy or because of real barriers or other employment related issues. So the key is to always have the illusion of employment because if you are currently employed, your current employer has already assumed this risk (and since you are still employed, it probably was due to the economy). With the utilization of modern techologies like smart phones (with internet access), I-Pads and android tablets, you can conducta better job search than you could by beating the hot pavement and due to the employer’s willingness to acomidate you as a professional courtsey to a fellow employer (the desire to not disrupt another employer’s work force); you can actual get a higher level of personalized access (non-work hours) that your fellow, unemployed, job seeker would never be given. Further to this point Dr. Hadajob was a job seeker’s access to Free Job Boards like the Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob Use Job Board : http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-Bobs-USED-4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v Dr. Hadajob explained that this was the prefect tool for any currently employed job seeker to utilize to look for and apply for new employment. Dr. Hadajob further illustrated that direct access to that board’s real jobs for real working people, it wealth of Insider INTEL and how it educated the pro-active job seeker to acquire the knowledge needed to gain employment make any job seeker (who learned how to tap into it’s powerful INTEL) a mighty force in gaining employment. (THIS IS A FREE BOARD TO UMOM CAMPERS) Dr. Hadajob worked the ETW Campers through the process of traditional applications mixed with calls to each employer to expain that you are currently working and are requesting a reasonable acomadtion of interview hours outside of normal working hours.
  • 5. UHAUL LOVES MOONLIGHTERS! LOOK INSIDE TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE HIRING FOR… moon-light-er (noun): One who holds a second job in addition to a regular job. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Are you interested in becoming a moonlighter? Are you looking for another job to supplement your income? If so, U-Haul is the right place for you! Moonlighters are important and valued members of the U-Haul Team because they help us meet our customers’ needs - which are
  • 6. significantly greater on evenings, weekends and holidays - with skilled, talented people who will provide excellent customer service. Whether your “regular” job is a full-time or part-time position at another company, being in the military, going to school or being a stay-at-home parent, the flexible schedules available at U-Haul will make it possible for you to join our team. We have a variety of positions available for moonlighters and the flexible schedules we offer provide many options. =================================== Invoice Processing Clerk (10 key clerk) U-Haul Corporate Headquarters, 2727 N Central Ave, PHOENIX Responsible for preparing, processing, and/or coding various accounts payable transactions including data entry of vendor invoices and employee expense reports. This position also requires minimal research on past due accounts to accurately process payment to a vendor. High school diploma or equivalent and 1-2 years of general office experience. Mon - 8am to 5pm - Tue - 8am to 5pm - Wed - 8am to 5pm - Thu - 8am to 5pm - Fri - 8am to 5pm - http://jobs.uhaul.com/job_detail.aspx?aval_job_id=124046&mode= ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deli/Prep Person - U-Haul Corporate Café U-Haul Corporate Headquarters, 2727 N Central Ave, PHOENIX Looking for eager to learn individuals with friendly, outgoing personalities and excellent customer service skills to work part-time in our Café and Catering Department serving lunch, prepping food, and washing dishes. If you are a hard working and responsible person who can take initiative, we offer excellent part-time hours for Team Members: Monday-Friday, with shifts ranging between the hours of 5am-6pm. No Nights, No Weekends, No Holidays! This is a great opportunity for students or anyone looking for a second job, or flexible moonlighter (part-time) income. FREE Shift Meal. Partial uniform provided. http://jobs.uhaul.com/job_detail.aspx?aval_job_id=110794&mode= -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-Hotline Agent (Roadside Assistance) U-Haul Corporate Headquarters, 2727 N Central Ave, PHOENIX Offer 24 hour Emergency Road Service 7 days a week. Exemplary attendance, written and verbal communication is expected. Flexible schedules are available, with paid training and part
  • 7. time employment. Availability to work weekends is required for consideration. Must be availability to work weekends and Holidays. Applicant must be able to type 25 wpm. Basic knowledge of PC applications. http://jobs.uhaul.com/job_detail.aspx?aval_job_id=122668&mode= -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-Sales & Reservations Representative (Go U-Haul) This is a work from home (WFH) position, when you telecommute from home you MUST have: A minimum up load and down load speed: 2 Mbps or greater is REQUIRED to work from home. Run a speed test NOW to check your system, click www.speedtest.net and click on “Begin Test”, you will be required to provide speed test results for interview. Your own computer with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 or 8 operating system (not compatible with MAC operating systems) - A reliable cable or DSL broadband internet connection and you must purchase your own USB headset - You must be able to download software, a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is used, and a landline or cell phone is NOT needed for this position. Broadband or High Speed Internet is required. (A wired connection is required.) Cricket, Air card, satellite or other non-wired ISP connections are not allowed - This is a part time position, must be available to work at least 32 plus hours a week. Ideal candidates will have an open availability. (32 hour availability does not mean you will work 32 hours a week). Applicant must be able to type 25 wpm. Basic knowledge of PC applications. http://jobs.uhaul.com/job_detail.aspx?aval_job_id=122670&mode= Hitch Call Counselor U-Haul Corporate Headquarters, 2727 N Central Ave. PHOENIX, AZ Availability has limited flexibility between 5am and 8pm MondaySunday. Applicants must have good communications skills, and good grasp of United States geography. The necessary training will be provided. No prior experience with hitches is necessary. Moonlighter (part time) position. http://jobs.uhaul.com/job_detail.aspx?aval_job_id=118247&mode= =============================================================================
  • 8. Coffee Cart Worker - Maricopa Medical Center Req #: 15497. $9.97-$14.96 per hour. Requires a High school diploma or GED. Must have previous cashier in food service, food serving experience. Past work in a Coffee Cart/Coffee Kiosk. Prefer one to two (1-2) years working in a Coffee Cart/Coffee Kiosk environment dealing with customer service in a fast paced setting. Requires Food Handler Certification. https://www.healthcaresource.com/maricopa/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.jobDetails&templ ate=dsp_job_details.cfm&cJobId=352346 ================================================================== Distribution Specialist - Maricopa Medical Center Req #: 15519. $11.52-$17.28 per hour. Provides safe and efficient delivery of medical supplies, lab specimens, and mail to customers on main campus as well as health system facilities and other designated locations throughout Maricopa County. Requires a High School Diploma or GED. Must have at least two (2) years past professional driving experience indicating skill in the safe operation of a motor vehicle and efficiently following a route to ensure timely delivery. Must have and maintain a Valid Arizona Class "D" Driver's License. https://www.healthcaresource.com/maricopa/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.jobDetails&templ ate=dsp_job_details.cfm&cJobId=392619 ======================================================================== Electrician - Maricopa Medical Center Req #: 15328. $18.62-$27.93 per hour. Requires a High school diploma or GED certificate. Must have a minimum of five (5) years experience as a journeyman electrician preferably in an industrial or hospital setting. Completion of electrical apprenticeship required. Must posses a valid Arizona Drivers License. https://www.healthcaresource.com/maricopa/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.jobDetails&templ ate=dsp_job_details.cfm&cJobId=650128 ========================================================================= Evs Associate - Maricopa Medical Center Req #: 15265. $8.63-$12.94 per hour. Prefer a High school diploma or GED certificate. Requires a minimum of zero to one (0-1) year experience in housekeeping preferably in a healthcare environment. Must be able to perform all work in a timely, through manner. Must be able to work weekends or holidays as needed. https://www.healthcaresource.com/maricopa/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.jobDetails&templ ate=dsp_job_details.cfm&cJobId=767849 ==========================================================================
  • 9. Job Title: ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL ASSISTANT (OA) Department: Department Of Homeland Security Agency: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Job Announcement Number: LAG-ERO-990744-LMA-414-PN SALARY RANGE: $43,938.00 to $57,115.00 / Per Year OPEN PERIOD: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 to Tuesday, November 19, 2013 SERIES & GRADE: GS-1802-08 POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time - Permanent PROMOTION POTENTIAL: 8 DUTY LOCATIONS: 10 vacancies in the following location: Mesa, AZ KEY REQUIREMENTS • U.S. Citizenship • Ability to pass background investigation and drug screen for fed employment • Relevant Experience (see Qualifications and Evaluations Tab) • Complete Application Package (see How to Apply Tab) • Typing Proficiency (40wpm) https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/354816000 ==================================================================== https://www.hirefuelapp.com/companies/1033/job_postings Warehouse Handler/Professional Unloader Pay $350 - $550 per week production opportunity. Required Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent. Product is secured by a number of methods to prevent the product from shifting and being damaged in transit. Therefore, you may be required to cut, remove and discard these various materials so that you can perform the necessary work to the load. These materials include plastic wrapping, corner cardboard bands, metal bands, netting and dunnage bags. https://www.hirefuelapp.com/companies/1033/divisions/1138/job_postings/3377816 ======================================================================== NICE, FRIENDLY PEOPLE WANTED Grocery Clerk Job Address: 004-12415 North Tatum Blvd. (PV MALL) High school diploma or equivalent; or one to three months related experience and/or training; or acceptable combination of education and experience. Reliable and dependable; ability to follow direction. Ability to provide and receive constructive feedback. Apply on-line at www.sprouts.com/careers
  • 10. Career Opportunities: Product Handler - (23521) Unloads carts, distributes and stacks newspapers, inserts, other products including supplies and samples onto tables or provides to contractors. Counts product to ensure each contractor receives the appropriate number of assigned products. Assists with the handling and completion of paperwork as needed. May deliver product to subscribers and other locations as necessary. https://career4.successfactors.com/career?career_ns=job_listing&company=Gannett&navB arLevel=JOB_SEARCH&rcm_site_locale=en_US&career_job_req_id=23521&selected_lang=en _US&jobAlertController_jobAlertId=&jobAlertController_jobAlertName=&_s.crb=6wTxTBC7 %2foHD3u6sJkahdcJn8pw%3d ========================================================================== Job Fair We invite you to apply to join our growing team of hospitality professionals at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Our exciting portfolio of restaurants will include; Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, Four Peaks Brewing Company, Lola Coffee, Delux Burger, Humble Pie, Nocawich, Matt's Big Breakfast, MidCity Kitchen, Sweet Republic, Joe's Real BBQ, Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles, Los Taquitos, Cheuvront Restaurant & Wine Bar and Zinc Bistro to name just a few. IMMEDIATE INTERVIEWS FOR ALL APPLICANTS! APPLY IN PERSON MONDAY – FRIDAY 9:00AM – 4PM SSP America Commissary/Warehouse 1710 E. Grant St., Suite 150 (North of Buckeye Road/East of 16th Street) Phoenix, AZ 85034
  • 11. Positions available: Prep Cook -Line cook Cashier -Food Service Worker -Utility (Janitorial) -Busser Host -Server –Manager COOKS FOR SKY HARBOUR THESE WILL BE WORKING DIRECTLY AT THE AIRPORT SO YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PASS THE AIRPORT SECURITY BADGING CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK At least six months experience working in a line, grill, and sauté cook position is highly preferred. One year experience working in food service environment is essential. High school diploma preferred. Verbal and written communication is essential. Able to read, speak, and understand the English language in order to communicate with guests and take orders. Food handlers permit as required by law. FOOD SERVICE CASHIER FOR SKY HARBOR 6 months' experience working in retail or food service environment is essential. High school diploma preferred. Verbal and written communication is essential. Able to read, speak, and understand the English language in order to communicate with guests and take orders. Experience in dealing with problems involving customer service. Basic mathematical skills necessary to operate a cash register make change, total guest checks, count total bank, prepare cash drops, and total all other charges. Food handler’s permit as required by law. Ability to remember, recite and promote the variety of menu items. Ability to operate a keyboard & point of sale procedures to pre-check an order & close out a check. Ability to stand and work in confined spaces for long periods of time. APPLY IN PERSON: Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm 1710 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Cross Streets: Between E Sky Harbor Cir N and S 16th Pl Neighborhoods: Downtown, Central City, South Phoenix
  • 12. STUDY THE BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY AND BE PREPARED TO GIVEN AN EXTENDED ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS: “What do you know about our company?” “Why do you want to work for us at the Airport?” REMEMBER THE TRADITIONAL OF “I NEED A JOB!” JUST DOES NOT HACK IT! http://www.foodtravelexperts.com/international/page/about/ CHECK THEM OUT AND FIND OUT WHY THEY ARE THE FOOD TRAVEL EXPERTS. ================================================================ USED JOB SHACK SSP STUDY GUIDE: If you really want a career with this company it is to your benefit to know who they are, what they do, how well they do it and what is their future. Why should you put in all this extra effort for another interview at another cooking facility? If you don’t already know the answer to this…you are in the wrong spot, reading the wrong thing. To humor you…let’s go through this again: A. They have just received an 11 year contract with Sky Harbor. B. Since they have been here less than 6 months…they are not going anywhere for a long time and that gives you STABILITY! C. They are young here in the valley but, already, have a rep for promoting from within. Many of the people who went to the initial rounds of interviews (several months back) have already been promoted to leads or supervisors. D. They offer benefits from day one. E. They are ONLY one-third full on their staffing. WHO ARE THEY? • How long have they been in business? • How many countries are they in? • What are their two “catch phrases?” (What two things are their passions?) • How do they see themselves? They are _________ of the ________ Food Industry. • How strongly do they believe in TEAM WORK and how does that work for them? WHO ARE YOU? • Do you share their passions? In what way(s)? Be able to explain how that has an effect upon the quality of your effort at work? • Do you have direct, prior experience in the industry? Related industry? • DEPENDING UPON POSITION. COOKING: Do you have 6months to a year of work experience? Do you have a specialty? Do you know what restaurants that they are cooking for? How and why would you be good at a specific restaurant or better still in all around cooking? • DEPENDING UPON POSITION.CASHIERING/HOST/RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE: Can you operate a POS (point-of-sales) cash register? Do you have good cash handling skills? How good are you on handling/dealing with complaints? • Would the airport be an exciting place to work? If so, please explain why.
  • 13. • Are you a people person? Do you enjoy and work will in a constantly changing setting? Can you work under pressure? Please be able to have an example or two that demonstrated this. • What does customer service mean to you and how do you make that a part of how you do your job? • What is your concept of team work and how does this affect your daily work? • Have an example in how team work made the difference at being successful. SECURITY: • Are you able to pass a Homeland Security Background Test? Drug Test? • Do you have or can assemble a list of places that you have lived and worked for the past ten years? • Do you already have an AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card? Do you have an AZDPS Security Guard License? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DRESS TO APPLY? Please remember that they are a very large company and that these positions are NOT at their commissary but, at the airport. How well you present yourself is a factor in the decision making to hire you or not. Dress should be AZ Casual or above. This needs to be “going to work” clothes not “going to the club” or “hanging out at the park” style of fashion. ================================================================== We are truly the Food Travel Experts, skilled in combining global reach with a distinctive local touch. Drawing on our years of global operational insight and experience we can consistently deliver high quality food and beverage services to travelling customers, in often demanding and challenging operational conditions. http://www.foodtravelexperts.com/international/page/about/ =================================================================== EXPERIENCED LINE COOKS & SERVERS * Weekends and holidays are required. * Must be available for one week of training. Don't miss these great opportunities! Apply in person daily: Rainforest Cafe 5000 South Arizona Mills Circle, #573 Tempe, AZ 85282
  • 14. The Job Fair is located at The Henry Restaurant 4455 E Camelback Road Suite B-100, Phoenix, AZ 85018 Dishwasher - The Henry Dishwasher - Blanco Biltmore Food Runner - The Henry Prep Cook - The Henry Prep Cook - Blanco Biltmore Line Cook - The Henry Barista - The Henry ================================================================ NOW HIRING PT HOST/ESSES Positions are part-time, open availability and require 1 year experience. Come prepared, click here to download our application http://www.foxrc.com/frcwp/wpcontent/uploads/2013/04/FRC-Application-revised-March-2013.pdf APPLY IN PERSON 2-4 PM ONLY @ Cityscape, Downtown Phoenix, 2 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Study what little they have online...know the menu so that you have something to talk about at the interview. Take a clue from the photos on how to dress and the place's image. http://foxrc.com/company/careers/ ========================================================================= CHEF MATT SAYZ PIZZA KNOWLEDGE A PLUS BUT NOT NECESSARY Hiring Cooks for Pizza People Pub. 1 year professional kitchen experience required or culinary arts. 1 reference required. Need experienced cooks with lots of energy and creativity. Restaurant hours are 11-11 daily. $10-14/HR. - wages will be based on skill and ability. Drug testing. Must have own knives and be a true kitchen professional. Part of the Fez and Switch restaurant group. Food truck shifts available as well. APPLY IN PERSON ONLY @ 1326 N Central Ave this week 2pm-6pm. Ask for Chef Matt for application and interview. ===========================================================================
  • 15. 15+ OPENINGS CNAS/CAREGIVERS/HHAS/DIRECT CARE A growing senior home care agency has locations throughout the greater PhoenixScottsdale area and is hiring CNAs, Caregivers, HHAs, and Direct Care Workers. Openings are available providing care to clients in a home setting, assisted living communities, and hospitals. Competitive live-in and hourly pay rates (Earn $11+/hour). Flexible schedules (Part-time, full-time, and live-in currently available). Experience is a huge plus! Must be able to pass a criminal background check and drug screen. CNA or HHA certification is a huge plus (required for certain positions. All candidates must be reliable and able to be on time. Access to reliable transportation is preferred. http://www.mycnajobs.com/job-listings/212141/15-openings-cnas-caregivers-hhas-directcare.html?searchId=1384420823.8266&page=2 ======================================================================== JFHC WILL PAY A ONE TIME $100 PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE Personal Care Attendant/Caregiver - Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. JFHC will pay a onetime $100 Performance Incentive after completing 50 service hours. Mileage Reimbursement for transporting clients. JFHC will pay for Drug Screening/TB Test/CPR/First Aid Training and Fingerprint Card. Must be 18 years or older. Valid AZ Driver's License with Reliable Transportation and Proof of Auto Insurance. Must be able to pass a 50 State Background Check. https://careers-jfcs.icims.com/jobs/1789/personal-care-attendent-%28caregiver%29/job ====================================================================== 10+ CNAS & CAREGIVERS NEEDED ASAP - COMPETITIVE PAY Seeking 2-3 people each week to supplement our growing home care. team. This team provides assistance throughout the area to elderly and disabled clients who need assistance in their homes to improve their quality of life while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. Current openings are based throughout the Scottsdale area working full-time, live-in, and part-time schedules. CNA certification is a plus (required for certain positions) •Caregiver-companions must be caring and reliable •Prior experience is a huge plus •Must be a caring and genuine person •Access to reliable transportation is highly preferred •Excellent communication skills •Ability to pass a drug screen and background check * * CONTACT TO SEE WHAT “PASS” MEANS – DO NOT ASSUME YA KNOW! YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISE HOW EACH EMPLOYER MIGHT DEFINE… http://www.mycnajobs.com/job-listings/205714/10-cnas-caregivers-needed-asapcompetitive-pay.html?searchId=1384420823.8266&page=2 ======================================================================
  • 16. HIRING 2 CAREGIVERS AND 2 CNAS-START ASAP - PHX Experience is a plus but will train. A fast-growing Senior Home Care Agency is hiring 2 caregivers and 2 CNAs to start immediately! No experience is required for caregiver positions. We have an immediate need to fill both live-in and hourly positions providing in home care to elderly clients. CNA required (for CNA positions) • Ability to work well with people • Passion for providing excellent care • CPR Certification a plus • Reliable http://www.mycnajobs.com/job-listings/3332/hiring-2-caregivers-and-2-cnas-startasap.html?searchId=1384420823.8266&page=3 ===================================================================== PREVIOUS LOT ATTENDANT EXPERIENCE A PLUS, BUT NOT NECESSARY We will provide training for the right person. Must be a team player. Must have a valid Arizona driver's license with a good driving record. Must have reliable transportation to and from work. You MUST bring your resume and apply in person between the hours of 11 am and 5pm at Phoenix Car Rental, 2934 E. McDowell Rd. Phoenix AZ 85008 TIPSTER: ONLY EMPLOYERS WHO WANT YOU TO APPLY IN PERSON CAN HIRE YOU ON THE SPOT…CAN’T GET THAT BY APPLYING OFF THE INTERNET…So, if you are serious about wanting to work…remember, in person = chance to get a job now…online + maybe never… ====================================================================== CALL 602-252-4000 AND COME IN TODAY! ASU SUN DEVIL STADIUM JANITORS FOR THIS WEEKEND - ALLEGIANCE STAFFING IS NOW HIRING ALLEGIANCE STAFFING, 323 E. McDOWELL ROAD. PHOENIX, AZ 85004 602-252-4000 ======================================================= http://www.apple.com/jobs/us/reta il.html
  • 17. We’re always looking for exceptionally talented people who embrace the same values we do. With a network of 250 stores in North America, we have ongoing needs for entry-level sales associates and assistant-managers in most major cities. If you have what it takes to deliver superior customer service, please send your résumé to careers@lstrna.com. LOCATION SKY HARBOR As we are close to arriving at our final destination, we are seeking SALES ASSOCIATES, who are passionate about sales and customer service, for our various store locations at the Sky Harbor International Airport. You Have....A passion for retail ....your finger is on the pulse for emerging trends •Strong service orientation with a strong commitment to providing an exceptional customer service experience •Demonstrated creativity in problem solving with a desire to meet deadlines •Strong organizational and time-management skills •A minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in a retail or merchandising or sales position •Scheduling flexibility to meet the needs of our dynamic work environment including days, evenings, and a minimum of 1 weekend a month All Aboard Sales Associates! Next Stop – Mesa Gateway Airport! So buckle up, get on board, the Journey starts here! Email your resumes to careers@lstrna.com today! ========================================================================== LIVE AT ROOSEVELT LAKE DUDE! Roosevelt Lake Marina is looking for a night security guard to live on-site $10 - $13 per hour. Work a few days per week providing security guard duties. The position will be 30-40 hours per week. You must bring your own trailer/camper to stay in, site will be provided for free. Must have 1-2 years’ experience as a security guard -Must have general boating knowledge -Must be available to work various shifts when needed, including weekends and holidays. FOR CONSIDERATION, PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON. PLEASE NOTE: This position is located at Roosevelt Lake, about 2 hours east of Phoenix. 28085 N AZ Hwy 188, Roosevelt, AZ 85545 ========================================================================= PLEASE CALL THE SECURITY CELL PHONE IF YOU NEED GET IN TOUCH WITH MARINA STAFF. 602-317-0341 CHECK THEM OUT @ https://www.facebook.com/Roosevelt.Lake.Marina.AZ
  • 18. PHX - CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE Cutter Aviation is currently searching for energetic and knowledgeable customer service professional. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will function as the primary face of Cutter Aviation and must be an exceptional relationship builder with the drive to provide world-class customer service. The CSR is effectively the Company’s “store-front” at the facility. He/she is the internal representative of our company to our A/C owners, operators, business partners, and to the business aviation community. Must have High School Diploma or GED - At least 1-3 years of Customer Service experience, preferably in General Aviation, working at an FBO (YA! LIKE WHO HAS THIS AND IS NOT ALREADY WORKING? So, if you have receptionist, dispatching or office experience, you should be in the mix). Ability to pass a drug screening test -Able to pass a background check -Clean driving record. * https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/at-appviewjob.php?clientkey=07768A6F315EB113DA521CC9061093DF&jobcode=2747&jpt= * CONTACT TO SEE WHAT “PASS” MEANS – DO NOT ASSUME YA KNOW! YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISE HOW EACH EMPLOYER MIGHT DEFINE… Here it will be “No Fraud/Theft/Violent Crime History”. Others are considered upon the nature of the crime, how it related to the job applied for and the age of the offence. Always Call an employer and ask them what they mean by "pass" - you might be surprised as to the differences you will see...take the chip off the shoulder...How many jobs did you not apply for because you assumed that you knew what "pass" means or if it even applied to your circumstances...You lose nothing by calling... "WAY TO CALL" SCRIPT...TIPSTER #45: Don't start with "ya hire felons?" Start with "I am _______(JOB TITLES) with ____years of experience, I can do____(*insert your talking points on your skills and abilities... Then say "Oh, by the way...what does "pass a background check mean?" Get it...Get them wanting to hire you and then drop the "F" Word on them...
  • 19. Career Coaching - http://www.tsa.gov/careers/career-coaching TSA Career Coaching's Short Video Series is online! These two-minute videos discuss key career-related topics, and are narrated by our own TSA Career Coaches. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/coaching-series-2010.cfm TSA Career Planning Guide http://www.tsa.gov/careers/tsa-career-planning-guide MBTI (MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR) The MBTI® is perhaps the most widely used personality inventory in the world. It is often used in career planning and organizational team building. The MBTI® focuses on strengths rather than deficits. It can: provide you with a better understanding of your personality type; Help you understand and communicate more effectively with your coworkers; identify careers that attract people with a similar personality type. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/mbti/ SKILLSCAN ONLINE This is an interactive tool that will help you identify your natural strengths and key transferable skills for use in your career development. Use the results to: Evaluate the compatibility of your skills to your current career •Identify new options that capitalize on your talents •Prepare development steps to move your career in a more relevant direction •Gain a rich “skill” language for promoting your strengths in resumes and interviews. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/skillscan/ =========================================================== FEDERAL JOB SEARCH Many TSA employees are unfamiliar with the TSA application process. To be sure, there are no guarantees that the information provided here will secure a promotion for you. There are many factors that go into hiring decisions. This four-part, step-by-step guide, however, will help you create an application package that showcases your qualifications and maximizes your potential for career advancement. First, be aware of the Resources available to help you with the Federal job search, and then follow the stepby-step guide. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/federal-job-search/
  • 20. SUCCESSFULLY NAVIGATING THE COMPETENCY-BASED INTERVIEW By Fred J. Hecklinger, Ph.D., TSA Career Coach This article is a follow-up to last month’s guidelines on preparing for a competency-based interview. Because these interviews can be intimidating, it is important to plan how you will present yourself during the interview itself. Your accomplishments, your enthusiasm, and your potential for contributing to TSA at an increased level of responsibility can shine when you successfully navigate the interview. Navigating a structured, competency-based employment interview: 1. You should not assume that the evaluators are familiar with your education and work history. Therefore, you should use the interview as an opportunity to communicate your experience and any other information that relates to the position. Since you have prepared extensively for this, go into the interview with a strategy. It should be your goal to show the panel members or the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. 2. Respond to questions thoroughly using specific examples that demonstrate your qualifications. Use the Situation - Task – Action – Result technique: a. Situation or Task: Describe the situation that you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish. You must describe a specific event or situation, not a generalized description of what you have done in the past. Be sure to give enough detail for the interviewer to understand. This situation can be from a previous job, from a volunteer experience, or any relevant event. b. Action you took: Describe the action you took and be sure to keep the focus on you. Even if you are discussing a group project or effort, describe what you did, not the efforts of the team. Don’t tell what you might do. Tell what you did. c. Results you achieved: What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn? 3. Make a positive impression. Look directly at the interviewer or panel members and smile. If possible, shake hands with the panel members or the interviewer. Keep an open posture (i.e., don’t cross your arms). Be attentive when the interviewer or each panel member speaks. Even though the panel members or interviewer may be taking notes, try to direct your responses first to the person who asked you the question and make eye contact whenever possible.
  • 21. 4. Show your enthusiasm for the position. In addition to answering the questions effectively, it should be your goal to demonstrate to the interviewer or panel members that you would be an effective team member, that you can be counted on to help out in dealing with special needs, and that you will be willing to take on additional responsibilities as needed to achieve the TSA’s goals. Try to avoid passively responding to questions or giving very brief answers (i.e., don’t just say “Yes, I can do that.” Give examples). 5. Show pride in your past performance. Be positive in sharing your skills and accomplishments. Remember your list of top priority accomplishments and experiences that are most relevant to the position and include them in your responses. 6. Listen carefully to each question and make sure you know what is being asked. If you are not certain, ask for clarification. Some questions may have several parts. You may want to make notes to remind yourself of the different parts of the question before you begin to answer the question. Note: The interview process for some positions may not permit the interviewees to take notes. Try to find out ahead of time whether you can take a pad of paper and a pen into the interview. After you have answered, you may wish to clarify with the interviewer or panel members that you have answered the question, especially if the question has several parts. A possible question would be: “Would you like me to expand on or clarify my answers to any of the sections of the question?” 7. Use positive language. Avoid can’t, don’t, and won’t. Do not bring up anything negative about your current or past jobs and employers. 8. Show a sincere interest in the needs of TSA and a willingness to meet those needs. If you have the opportunity to ask questions, demonstrate your interest by asking questions about TSA’s future needs, challenges, and goals. Even if the interviewer or panel members choose not to answer your question(s), you will still have expressed your interest in what you can do for the organization. Avoid asking self-serving questions about topics such as opportunities for promotion or when the hiring process might be completed. Do not bring up questions regarding pay, vacations, and benefits. You can find out that information later. 9. Be prepared to make a final statement if the interviewer(s) ask if you have anything that you would like to say or if they ask if you wish to make a statement. This is a golden opportunity for you to share your enthusiasm for the position, your readiness to make a contribution at the next level, your readiness for supervising and mentoring others, your commitment to the organization’s goals, your pride in your past performance, and your readiness to be a member of the team. Don’t miss this opportunity. Be prepared! Walk out of the interview with as much confidence as you entered the room. Close with a sincere thank you, a firm handshake and continue to smile as you exit. Last impressions are as important as first ones. Your preparation before the interview, combined with your STAR answers and enthusiasm, will make you feel like you successfully navigated the competency-based interview. BOOK RESOURCES: Competency-Based Interviews: Master the Tough New Interview Style and Give Them the Answers That Will Win You the Job by Robin Kessler, Career Press, 2006 =======================================================================
  • 22. General Job Search Resume Writing •Resume Writing – Tips and tactics for getting started and keeping your resume up-to-date. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/resume-writing/ Interviewing •An Introduction to Job Interviewing – The keys to successful job interviewing include information, preparation, and relaxation. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/introinterviewing/ •Behavioral Interviewing – One of the most common interviewing techniques. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/behavioralinterviewing/ •Preparing for an Interview – Read how to prepare for an employment interview, answer different types of questions, and practice other techniques for successful employment interviewing. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/preparing-for-an-interview/ •Sample Questions to Practice Before Your Interview – A list of questions to practice with a colleague, friend, family member, or on home video before an interview. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/sample-questions/ •Thank You Letters – Sending a written note after the interview is an important part of the job interviewing process. Learn more about thank you letters in this article and review online samples. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/thank-you-letters/ •Successful Job Interviewing Videos – A video presentation by the Career Development Alliance for TSA employees. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/successful-job-interviewing-video/
  • 23. Networking •The Three “R’s” of Networking – Learn what networking really is and how and when to do it. http://tsacareercoaching.tsa.dhs.gov/index.php/networking/ Online Job Search Resources THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB BOARD - Real jobs for Real Working People...FREE TO UMOM CAMPERS! E-Book Job Books, Tipster & Used Job Shack Insider INTEL and more... http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-Bobs-USED-4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v CAREERJOURNAL- The excellent career advice and online job search service of the Wall Street Journal. http://www.careerjournal.com/ MONSTER.COM- Allows you to search jobs and provides thousands of pages of career information and advice. Their interview exercises are very good. http://www.monster.com/ OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK- A nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations. From the Bureau of Labor Statistic and the US Department of Labor. http://www.bls.gov/ooh/ THE RESUME TUTOR – an online program that walks you through the steps of formatting your resume. http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/careerdev/resources/resume/index.html THE RILEY GUIDE - One of the best sources of job search information and resources. http://www.rileyguide.com/ Have additional questions? Call the TSA Help Desk (877) 872-7990/ (877) TSA-7992 (TTY), or send an e-mail to HelpDesk@TSA-HRAccess. https://www.usajobs.gov/Search?Keyword=TSA&Location=&search=Search&AutoCompleteSelected=False KEEP AN EYE POSTED AND CHECK EVERY WEEK SO YOU DON’T MISS AN OPENING…ESPECIALLY UMOM LADIES – AS PHX SKY HARBOR HAS FOR THE PAST YEAR BEEN VERY ACTIVE RECRUITING WOMEN IN TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR A SHORTAGE OF WOMEN TSA AGENTS. ==================================================== IF YOU DON’T SEE ANY POSTING… Call the TSA Help Desk (877) 872-7990
  • 24. Sochu House - 2801 N. Central Ave. 85004 http://sochuhouse.com/menu.html Come join the team! We are hiring more servers to become part of one of the best restaurants in Phoenix. Part restaurant and part lounge, we are a unique find. COME PREPARED BETWEEN 2-4 PM. BRING YOUR “A” GAME AND BE DRESSED TO IMPRESS (WORK PROFESSIONAL…NOT “I’M GOING TO THE CLUB MYSELF” STYLE) AS WE ARE NOT THE TWO HIPPIE BURGERS…WE ARE THE SOCHU HOUSE! TIPSTER: Being prepared means that you have studied their website and took notes…know their menu so you have something to talk about at the interview. INSIDER TIPSTER: Never been there? Pull up YELP Reviews and the New Times Reviews – so you know what the customers say (good talking points) and what the critics say. IS ALL THIS NECESSARY? MAYBE NOT? - DEPENDS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO WORK HERE. IF YOU DO…you just impressed the manager/owner that you REALLY want to work there and that since you already know the menus, you are ready to go to work NOW (with little or no additional training). IF YOU DON’T really care about working here, then, WHY DID YOU APPLY? THINK YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THESE KINDS OF THINGS? Then, how do think you will be able to compete with the other applicants who did? This is NOT 1997…There is no shortage of people needing a job… ====================================================================== FREE JOB BOARD! REAL WORKING JOBS FOR REAL WORKING PEOPLE! • ARE YOU WORKING BUT, NEED A BETTER JOB? • NEVER CAN FIND THE DAILY JOB BOOK? • WANT TO SEARCH & APPLY FOR JOBS REAL-TIME FROM ANY WHERE? • WANT TO JOB BOOKS IN E-BOOK FORMAT OR DOWNLOAD? http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-Bobs-USED-4550443?trk=my_groups-bgrp-v GREAT NEWS! The Used Job Shack is online and you can do all this and more…Better yet, you DO NOT have to sign up with LinkedIn…If you are not a member, Please click on “SEARCH” to access all the jobs…tips…insider Intel and even more we can’t put in the job book. FREE TO ALL UMOM CAMPERS!