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April 8a

  1. 1. HOME OF THE AMERICAN MADE JOB The Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob USED JOB SHACKNEW JOB BOOKS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY April 9th2013------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TARGET DISTRIBUTION CENTER OPENINGSPHOENIX AZ DC - 25 N 75TH AVE, PHOENIX, AZ 85043NO OPENINGS RIGHT NOW...Phoenix AZ FDC - 6111 W Washington St, Pheonix, AZ 85043WAREHOUSE WORKER: Safely and efficiently handle and move merchandiseusing power equipment as needed. Receive and unload cartons or pallets fromtrailers. Maintain carton count accuracy in the warehouse. Unload cartons fromelectric conveyor and stack onto trailer. - AVAILABLE - Dayshttps://nro01.target.com/ape/jobcatalog/tgtJobs.do=================================================================TARGET RETAIL CENTER OPENINGSArcadia Crossing - 4515 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018CASHIER TEAM MEMBER: Provide fast, fun and friendly checkout service. Resolveguest concerns in a positive, helpful manner.Work as part of a team. - Eveningsand Weekends or Days/Nights/Weekends.----------------------------------------------------------CART ATTENDANT TEAM MEMBER: Keep carts clean, dry and available. Keepstore and restrooms clean. Maintain clean, great-looking outside areas. Resolveguest concerns quickly and professionally. - Days/Nights/Weekends.----------------------------------------------------------SALES FLOOR TEAM MEMBER: Provide fast, fun and friendly service. Maintain aclean, great-looking store. Train new team members. Deliver accurate productplacement, pricing and labels. - Days/Nights/Weekends.
  2. 2. MERCHANDISE FLOW TEAM MEMBER: Deliver a great-looking, fully-stocked sales floor. Offer a fast, fun and friendly guest experience. Maintain a clean, clutter-free work area. - Early Mornings --------------------------------------------------- FOOD SERVICE TEAM MEMBER: Deliver a fast, fun and friendly Food Service experience. Prepare a fresh, quality product every day. Follow Food Safety standards and maintain a clean dining area. Offer guests great- looking food presentation. - Days/Nights/Weekendshttps://nro01.target.com/ape/jobcatalog/tgtJobs.do================================================================ KEEP IN TOUCH FOR NEWEST OPENINGS: http://twitter.com/#!/targetcareers http://www.linkedin.com/company/target http://pulse.target.com/================================================================USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…TARGET…Cashier at TargetNo Offer - Apr 7, 2013 NewInterview Details –I applied Tuesday, April 2, 2013, they called be back Wednesday to set upand interview that Thursday. I had both interviews that day.1ST INTERVIEW: He brought me into a room and sat me down and went over my application.He asked me general interview questions, not very hard, like why do you want to work forTarget? and questions as such. I knew he liked me because he introduced me to theCashier/Front End Manager.2ND INTERVIEW: After I spoke to the first manager he sat me in a room with a TV to watch a 10min video about the company. It was a simple video, but you might want to take notes becauseyour second interview is based on it. One question was a reference to the video so WATCH IT-
  3. 3. PAY ATTENTION, dont get on your phone and text look at the smallest details to the video sothey know you are serious. After the interview questions on the movie she said she would giveme a callInterview Question –There are no hard questions it’s just the way you word your answers. Thiswas my very first interview.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Floor Team Member at TargetAccepted Offer – Interviewed Mar 28, 2013 NewInterview Details –I applied on the computers in the store. I got a call 2 hours later for a phoneinterview set up. The phone interview was the part where they really decide it seems. Afterthat I had my 1 on 1 interview. This all happened in a matter of 4 days. I think they just reallyneeded people so this probably isnt a typical time frame. At the interview you take a miniassessment on the computer, not nearly as long as the one during the application. You watch a4-5 minute video. Its fairly simple but pay attention because they asked you what you learnedfrom it / what it showed. You get some scenario questions with one person. Its from a sheetjust like the phone interview but way easier. Then after that you have to take a drug test within24 hours. They do a background check and you just wait. I got a conditional yes, pending therest of it. Im excited about it. Good luck you all :)Interview Question –Name a time you had to complete a task quickly and realized you messedup afterwards.Negotiation Details –On the application I said negotiable. They gave me a quarter above theaverage. I would have liked more, but hey who wouldnt.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Senior Team Lead at TargetAccepted Offer – Interviewed Mar 25, 2013 NewInterview Details –I applied online from their store computer. I would suggest doing that as thecomputer there contains behavioral test and the result is then sent to the hiring manager. OnceI did that I got a call in about 4 days, they did not provide any further details but I had 2interviews on the same day. And they even offered me a job the same day. Usually if thesecond interviewer says we will get back to you, you are not going to get an offer unless you areapplying in busy months like Dec or Jan.Interview Question –Mostly behavioral questions, very straight forward. But be preparedbecause if you take time to think it’s not a good sign.Negotiation Details –Was able to negotiate a little bit, but not to my satisfaction. But I did nothave any prior retail work experience so I am guessing if you have a prior retail experience youmight be able to negotiate more…--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at TargetAccepted Offer – Interviewed Mar 25, 2013 NewInterview Details –Applied online via their site. Received a phonecall where I was asked if Iwould like an interview and was given an initial phone interview on the spot. The questionswere run of the mill-- stuff like "when was a time you made a mistake and how did you rectifyit", etc. They also asked about my good qualities were as well as my flaws.I was asked to schedule a second interview in person during that same week. Went in, sat downwith a GSTL and was given the second interview, where I was asked questions similar to that ofthe one Ill list in Unexpected Question below. It was a breeze as the GSTL was very friendly andshe gave me the papers to get a drug test and a date for Orientation.===========================================================================
  4. 4. At WALMART you wouldnt hear "no" very often. Youd hear "Try it and see." Andyoud end up with far more than you set out to. When you work at Walmart, youjoin incredible professionals doing the never-before-seen to save people money sothey can live better. Its all part of our unique career experience, and of how –across industries and the globe – were Making Better Possible.DISTRUBTION CENTER: BUCKEYE, AZ3 OPENINGS FOR R Loaders - BUCKEYEJob ID: 201348BR - Job ID: 201340BR - Job ID: 200040BR•Keep work area organized and maintain freight flow •Manage freight flowhttp://jobs.walmart.com/arizona/warehousing-hourly/jobid3499835-r-loader-jobshttp://jobs.walmart.com/arizona/warehousing-hourly/jobid3499837-r-loader-jobshttp://jobs.walmart.com/arizona/warehousing-hourly/jobid3478448-r-loader-jobs-------------------------------------R Maintenance Technician - BUCKEYEJob ID: 201342BR•2 years industrial maintenance experience working with electrical, electronics,and mechanical equipment (e.g., forklifts, conveyers, building equipment,automated equipment) •Experience working with blueprints, schematics, andequipment manuals AdditionalPreferred Qualifications: Course work or certification in welding, electrical,mechanical automation, or industrial electronics.http://jobs.walmart.com/arizona/warehousing-hourly/r-maintenance-technician-jobs-------------------------------------R Un-loader/Processor 2nd Shift - BUCKEYEJob ID: 200273BR•Provide basic maintenance to receiving equipment (e.g., cleaning, changinglabels and ribbons).http://jobs.walmart.com/arizona/warehousing-hourly/r-unloader_processor-jobs-------------------------------------RETAIL OPENINGS IN PHOENIX, AZ:https://hiringcenter.walmartstores.com/OnlineHiringCenter/initialPage.jsp================================================================
  5. 5. CAREGIVER JOB OPENINGS...CONTACT US BY PHONE @ 602 264 1444At Dependable Staffing, we provide private care for many individuals that arerecovering from catastrophic injuries (generally resulting in TBI or Spinal CordInjury). Dependable Staffing is actively recruiting Caregivers with experiencecaring for individuals with the following injuries: Stroke •Spinal Cord Injury•Trauma •Amputation•Orthopedic/spine •Neurological •Cerebral Palsy•Muscular Dystrophy •CancerCAREGIVER JOB REQUIREMENTS: CPR •First Aid •Completed Online Application•One Year of Recent Caregiver Experience•Minimum of Two Caregiver References •E-Verify (provided) •Drug Screening(provided) •Background Screening (provided) •Annual Training In-services(provided) •TB / MMR as ApplicableCONTACT US ABOUT THIS POSITION BY PHONE: 602 264 1444 or 1 888 888 1968http://dependablestaffing.com/contact.htmhttp://privatecare.dependablestaffing.com/caregiver.htm APPLY HERE: https://dependablestaffing.jobs/appForm.aspx?p=cg=================================================================== Companion Job Openings Are you a caring individual that wants to help someone improve their quality of life while allowing them to stayat home? If so, we are looking for you! Dependable Staffing is actively recruitingexperienced Companions statewide. Dependable Staffing looks for caring andpassionate individuals to allow people to stay comfortable by assisting them withthe following: Dementia -Bathing/Grooming (Personal Care) - Errands,Transportation and Shopping - Housekeeping and Meal Prep - MedicationReminders - Conversation/Companionship - Stand-by Assist, Transfer AssistanceCOMPANION JOB REQUIREMENTS: CPR - First Aid - Completed Online Application- One Year of Recent Companion Experience - Minimum of Two CompanionReferences - E-Verify (provided) - Drug Screening (provided) - BackgroundScreening (provided) - Annual Training In-services (provided) - TB / MMR asApplicable.APPLY HERE: https://dependablestaffing.jobs/appForm.aspx?p=cpCONTACT US ABOUT THIS POSITION BY PHONE: 602 264 1444or 1 888 888 1968==================================================================Dependable Staffing Contact InformationAddress: Dependable Staffing - 3507 North Central Avenue - First Floor - Phoenix, AZ 85012Phone: (602) 264-1444 - Long Distance 1-(888) 888-1968Fax: (602) 264-1443Email: Administrative Staffing: Clerical@Dependablestaffing.com
  6. 6. Allied Health Staffing: Allied@Dependablestaffing.com Ancillary Services Staffing: Commercial@Dependablestaffing.com Behavioral Health Staffing: Behavioral@Dependablestaffing.com Clinical Nurse Staffing: Staffing@Dependablestaffing.com Front Office Medical Staffing: Clerical@Dependablestaffing.com Hospital Nurse Staffing: Nursing@Dependablestaffing.com Pharmacy Staffing: Pharmacy@Dependablestaffing.com Private Care Staffing: PrivateCare@Dependablestaffing.com Radiology Staffing: Allied@Dependablestaffing.com Reference Verifications: Payroll@Dependablestaffing.com Replacement Id Badges: HR@Dependablestaffing.com================================================================= Demo Specialist Job Phoenix, AZ Are your kitchen drawers or cabinets filled with cookbooks? Is your smartphone loaded withrecipe apps? Is your DVR permanently set to record the Food Network or anyreality TV cooking show? Do you like experimenting with new ingredients orrecipes to impress your family and friends? Do you like teaching and being thecenter of attention? Well…being a Demo Specialist in our home neighborhood inthe new JCP might be the position for you! Come be a part of a team that ischanging the face of retail forever.PHOENIX, AZ---PARADISE VALLEY MALL, 01480 –http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Phoenix-Demo-Specialist-Job-AZ-85001/2533774/TEMPE, AZ---TEMPE MARKETPLACE, 02902http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Tempe-Demo-Specialist-Job-AZ-85280/2503139/PHOENIX, AZ---CHRISTOWN SPECTRUM, 02889http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Phoenix-Demo-Specialist-Job-AZ-85001/2531744/================================================================= DEFINE YOUR FUTURE BY HELPING DEFINE OURS A job at JCP will give you the opportunity to help create meaningful experiences for millions. We are rewriting the rule book of retail and were looking for motivated, talented individuals who can emerge as leaders in our organization. Together, we will re-create Americas favorite store and in the process, make JCP Americas favorite place to shop — and work. http://jobs.jcp.com/===========================================================================
  7. 7. Service Specialist Job The Service Specialist’s role is to always be on the lookout for customers that need assistance or merchandise that needs to be reset. You will make JCP America’s Favorite Store.PHOENIX, AZ---CHRISTOWN SPECTRUM, 02889http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Phoenix-Service-Specialist-Job-AZ-85001/1879296/PHOENIX, AZ---AHWATUKEE FOOTHILLS, 02846http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Phoenix-Service-Specialist-Job-AZ-85001/1880464/PHOENIX, AZ---PARADISE VALLEY MALL, 01480http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Phoenix-Service-Specialist-Job-AZ-85001/1879899/TEMPE, AZ---JCS 5 STAR OUTLET, 03030http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Tempe-Service-Specialist-Job-AZ-85280/2264704/GLENDALE, AZ---ARROWHEAD TOWNE CTR, 00251http://jobs.jcp.com/job/Glendale-Service-Specialist-Job-AZ-85301/1881303/“Passion for Retail – You love the retail environment. You love being on yourfeet, moving around, handling merchandise, and making people HAPPY!”================================================================ 2013-2612 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-TEMPE 2013-2611 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-TEMPE 2013-2609 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-PHOENIX 2013-2608 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-PHOENIX 2013-2607 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-PHOENIX 2013-2606 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-PHOENIX 2013-2602 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-PHOENIX 2013-2600 Retail Sales Teammate - PT US-AZ-PHOENIXREQUIREMENTS: At least 1 year of Retail Sales Experience. Valid driver’s licenserequired. Pre-employment drug test, physical exam and background check required.https://firestonecompleteautocare-bridgestone.icims.com/jobs/intro?hashed=0==================================================================http://www.sleepamerica.com/aboutus/careers.aspx
  8. 8. DID YA KNOW? Sleep America is Arizonas # 1 specialty mattress retailer with 45 stores. And it doesnt stop there! Our company includes the #1 mattress specialty retailer in Quebec, Dormez- vous - with 35 stores, and Sleep Country Canada, with 180 stores nationwide and growing.PICKER/LOADER/RECEIVER - PHOENIX, ARIZONA - PART TIMEPick and load customer orders and transfers safely and in proper stop sequence tomaximize efficiency - ensuring customer satisfaction on each and every purchase!You will show passion for great service, a positive attitude and have the supportof dynamic team from the moment the order is placed to the final delivery intothe customer home. You’ll need to be available days, evenings and weekends, aswe work 7 days a week providing the best possible service we can.APPLY ONLINE: http://www.sleepamerica.com/aboutus/careers.aspxFOR QUICKER CONSIDERATION: You may also apply in person at: 1202 N 54thAve, Suite 111, Phoenix, Arizona 85043===================================================================DELIVERY DRIVER/WAREHOUSE - PHOENIX, ARIZONA - FULL TIMERequired Experience: Previous experience driving a 5-ton truck - Experience in awarehouse/delivery environment an asset - Clean drivers’ abstract & valid driver’slicense - 2 Years in home delivery experience. You will show passion for greatservice, a positive attitude and have the support of dynamic team from themoment the order is placed to the final delivery into the customer home. You’llneed to be available days, evenings and weekends, as we work 7 days a weekproviding the best possible service we can.APPLY ONLINE: http://www.sleepamerica.com/aboutus/careers.aspxFOR QUICKER CONSIDERATION: You may also apply in person at: 1202 N 54thAve, Suite 111, Phoenix, Arizona 85043==================================================================http://valleycrest.com/vc/#/careers/- HAVE 20 OPENING(S) FOR GARDENER(S).
  9. 9. http://valleycrest.com/vc/#/divisions/landscape-maintenance/CURRENTLY HAVE 20 OPENING(S) FOR GARDENER(S)THE SALARY RANGE FOR THIS JOB OPENING(S) IS $8.00 TO $10.00 PER HOUR.Accepting applications for this position(s) between 4/4/2013 and 06/30/2013.Applicants should possess the following minimal qualifications:Gardeners are responsible for: Cutting lawns using various sized power mowers;Trimming and edging using a gas powered edger/trimmer; Operating a gaspowered blower; Trimming shrubs and low trees to shape and improve growth orto remove damaged leaves, branches, or twigs using shears, pruners, or gaspowered hedge trimmers; Pick up leaves, trash, and cut grass and placing themonto burlap and placing onto a truck or trailer VALLEYCREST EMPLOYEES ENJOY MEDICAL, DENTAL, AND VISION BENEFITSTO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION(S): applicants must apply in person at the addressnoted below and complete an employment application at ValleyCrest LandscapeMaintenance, 2902 E Illini Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040=================================================================
  10. 10. =================================================================KEEGANS GRILL ON CAMELBACK IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FORSERVERS, COOKS, & HOST/HOSTESSES.High volume experience required. Must have schedule flexibility and weekendavailability. Additional information is available at www.keegansgrill.com - Pleasedo not call the restaurant!APPLY IN PERSON 8 A.M. - 10AM OR 2:00PM-4PM. We are located on theNorthwest corner of 32st and Camelback RdSTUDY THE MENU: http://keegansgrill.com/locations/phoenix================================================================== JOB FAIR @ ST. FRANCIS RESTAURANT AND PHOENIX PUBLIC MARKET CAFE DATE & TIME: 4/13 8am-12pm - 4/20 8am-12pmLOCATION: Phoenix Public Farmers Market - 721 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ.SEEKING: Cashiers - Runners - Prep cooks - Pastry - Servers - Bartenders - Bussers -Line Cooks.
  11. 11. CHIPOTLE - NOW HIRING @ E. THOMAS RD. WATCH THEIR VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq3fp4riuHg One of the many reasons why Chipotle is unlike other fast food companies is the fact that nearly all of the leaders are promoted from our crew. Many restaurant companies hire "professional" managers to run their restaurants and almost never look to their crews for new leaders. But last year at Chipotle, 97% of our general managers were promoted from our crews and because our company is growing, theres plenty of opportunity. Countless people who came simply looking for ajob now find themselves leading dozens, or even thousands of people whileenjoying a career that is totally fulfilling, fun, and financially rewarding beyondanything they thought possible. Its pretty simple: If you work hard, youll getnoticed and before you know it, youll be on a roll.CHECK THEM OUT HERESEE WHY THEY PREFER NO EXPERIENCEhttp://careers.chipotle.com/en-us/careers/get_rolling/get_rolling.aspxSTUDY THEIR MENU:http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/menu/menu.aspxTHEY HAVE A GIFT SHOP:http://store.chipotle.com/ SERVICE MANAGER Phoenix, Metro Center-(00253) 3039 W. Peoria Ave. #C 105 Arizona #C 105 Phoenix 85029 GERENTE DE SERVICIO Phoenix, Metro Center-(00253) 3039 W. Peoria Ave. #C 105 (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona #C 105 Phoenix 85029 APPRENTICE PHOENIX AREA Phoenix, Encanto-(01726) 1515 N 7th Ave Suite 120 A Suite Arizona 120 A Phoenix 85003
  12. 12. GENERAL MANAGER CENTRAL Phoenix, Encanto-(01726) 1515 N 7th Ave Suite 120 A Suite PHOENIX Arizona 120 A Phoenix 85003 FACILITIES SPECIALIST Phoenix, Encanto-(01726) 1515 N 7th Ave Suite 120 A Suite PHOENIX AREA Arizona 120 A Phoenix 85003 FIELD RECRUITER Phoenix, City Scape-(01684) 11 West Washington St. Suite Arizona 140 Phoenix 85003 MARKETING STRATEGIST Phoenix, City Scape-(01684) 11 West Washington St. Suite PHOENIX Arizona 140 Phoenix 85003RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Desert Sky-(01767) 7427 W Thomas Rd Suite 5 CREW Arizona Phoenix 85033RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Desert Sky-(01767) 7427 W Thomas Rd Suite 5CREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona Phoenix 85033RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Metro Center-(00253) 3039 W. Peoria Ave. #C 105 CREW Arizona #C 105 Phoenix 85029RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Nortera-(01119) 2470 West Happy Valley Road CREW Arizona Suite 1181 Suite 1181 Phoenix 85085RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, South Mountain-(01079) 2415 East Baseline Road CREW Arizona Phoenix 85042RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, South Mountain-(01079) 2415 East Baseline RoadCREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona Phoenix 85042RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, City Scape-(01684) 11 West Washington St. Suite CREW Arizona 140 Phoenix 85003RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, City Scape-(01684) 11 West Washington St. SuiteCREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona 140 Phoenix 85003RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Encanto-(01726) 1515 N 7th Ave Suite 120 A Suite CREW Arizona 120 A Phoenix 85003RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, 44th & Thomas-(00041) 4423 E. Thomas Road CREW Arizona (SEC) Suite B Suite B Phoenix 85018 Phoenix, 44th & Thomas-(00041) 4423 E. Thomas RoadRESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Arizona (SEC) Suite B Suite B Phoenix 85018CREW (EN ESPAÑOL)RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Encanto-(01726) 1515 N 7th Ave Suite 120 A Suite CREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona 120 A Phoenix 85003
  13. 13. RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, 7th St. & Bell Road-(01450) 425 E Bell Road Suite CREW Arizona 140 Bell Road Suite 140 Phoenix 85022 RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, 7th St. & Bell Road-(01450) 425 E Bell Road Suite CREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona 140 Bell Road Suite 140 Phoenix 85022 RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Camelback-(00543) 1660 E. Camelback Rd. Suite CREW Arizona 185 Suite 185 Phoenix 85014 RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Camelback-(00543) 1660 E. Camelback Rd. Suite CREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona 185 Suite 185 Phoenix 85014 RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Paradise Valley-(01595) 4622 E. Cactus Road CREW Arizona Phoenix 85032 RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Paradise Valley-(01595) 4622 E. Cactus Road CREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona Phoenix 85032 RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Metro Center-(00253) 3039 W. Peoria Ave. #C 105 CREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona #C 105 Phoenix 85029 RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER Phoenix, Nortera-(01119) 2470 West Happy Valley Road CREW (EN ESPAÑOL) Arizona Suite 1181 Suite 1181 Phoenix 85085================================================================= http://careers.chipotle.com/en- US/careers/real_stories/real_stories.aspx Chipotle is full of employees who have achieved more than they ever thought possible. Here are a few examples of Chipotle employees who have advanced to oversee one or more restaurants.
  14. 14. USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…ChipotleCrew Member at ChipotleAccepted Offer – Interviewed Apr 6, 2013 NewInterview Details –So I applied online at the beginning of April and got called for an interview atthe beginning of March. The place is like 2 blocks away from my house so thats awesome sinceI can walk. I met with the store manager, he was nice. He asked me why Chipotle, then askedwhat my personality was like. He then asked how my friends and family would describe me andhow I was doing in school. He asked what I wanted to be paid, I asked for .75 above minimumwage and he agreed. He then asked me to describe myself one last time; I think to see if I hadthe 13 characteristics. He said I did well and to come back tomorrow to meet with therestaurateur guy. The process lasted 5 minutes. The next morning I had to call and ask if thetime could be pushed back because I had a group project to do on campus and the groupmembers were very last minute. I got there 30 minutes after my requested time and thoughtfor sure I would not get the job. The restaurateur was awesome; he asked me about mypersonality then asked what I was studying in school. I told him my majors then explainedabout how I wanted to go to law school and eventually own a sneaker boutique. We talkedabout running a business and my previous work experience. He then asked how I liked myhometown and we talked about the scenery there and how rough its getting, Chiraq, as it isnow called. He then went to the back, talked to the store manager and I was hired. Processtook 30 minutes only because it was casual conversation. I did ask him what a restaurateuractually does, how much he made, how long he has been with the company and what did hestart as.Interview Question –what is your personality like? Literally I repeated myself 10 times, andthen told them I guess that was a part of my personality. I was kind of nervous about thatquestion…-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at ChipotleAccepted Offer– Apr 2, 2013 NewInterview Details –Easy Interviewing process went in for the interview got asked a couple ofquestions about me where I went to school, asked me about the company and if knew anythingand THIS is where you should do your research on! I did research on the founder andbackground of the company and it really did help me get the job! No second or third interview Iwas basically hired on the spot!Interview Question –Their Scenario Question was difficult because it seemed like that was thequestion where they paid the most attention. In my case the question was “You see one of thecrew members not performing up to spec what do you do?"
  15. 15. Crew Member at ChipotleNo Offer– Apr 1, 2013 NewInterview Details –I applied online and the next week, I saw on my account that I was selectedfor an interview and that a hiring manager would be in touch soon. About another week afterthat, I received a call from one of the managers. He told me the day and time of my interview. Iwould definitely suggest looking at the Chipotle website. It is actually amazing how muchintegrity Chipotle has for the food they provide to their consumers. Know who Steve Ells is andhow Chipotle started. The guy who interviewed my group was the restaurateur for Chipotle. Hereally gave us the whole story, most of which I knew already. Hearing his experiences with thecompany really opened my mind to what working at Chipotle really meant. It is a lot differentthan just reading it on the website. He was also very educated and personable, which puteveryone at ease. We laughed a lot and it really didnt feel like an interview but more of afriendly conversation. By the way, there were three other people in the interview and I was thefirst to arrive. They offered me a drink and I kindly declined. The restaurateur mentioned at theend that we would get a call in about 48 hours for a second interview. If not, dont bediscouraged. He said that out of the four of us, maybe one or two would be called. I believe it isbetween the other girl and me. At the end, he offered us all free food! I didnt want to acceptbut he insisted, so I got a burrito bowl- yum! I mean, who would decline free Chipotle. Illsubmit another review if I am called for a second interview. Good luck, everyone!Interview Question –None of the questions were unexpected. In fact, I actually practiced for allof them. The first was "Tell me about you?” The other one was, "Why do you want to work forChipotle?” At the end, he asked if we had any questions- always ask!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at ChipotleAccepted Offer – Interviewed Mar 7, 2013Interview Details –Applied online and was called in for an interview at a job fair approximately5 days prior to the date. A mini interview was conducted during the initial telephoneconversation. Arrive at location and approximately 10 other potential candidates were alsowaiting. Intermediate management team of 2 conducted the first step in the interview process.They were warm and welcoming and very vibrant. The second step was interviewing with theGM and RM, who also shared the same level of vibrancy and energy. The conversations flowedeasily and the interviewers provided a comfortable atmosphere for sharing.The question asked were as expected; tell me about your previous work history, why do youwant to work for Chipotle?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at ChipotleAccepted Offer – Interviewed Feb 14, 2013Interview Details –Applied online and a week later they call me to come the very next morningfor an interview. It was a new chipotle opening up and there were a bunch of people therewaiting outside which kind of made me nervous heh. It took about 45 minutes to start theinterview process because one of the other interviewers was running late. I did the interviewwith another person and we were interviewed by the new manager running the new chipotleand a restaurateur. They asked us fairly basic questions like tell me about you,strengths/weakness, etc. I thought I did fairly well and I was right since both of us got punchedin for a 2nd interview the next morning! The 2nd interview was done with a group of 4 andboth the same interviewers plus another restaurateur that owned 4 restaurants. You would
  16. 16. think it would be one intimidating interview but they were all nice and chill. The other 4 peoplebeing interviewed with me were all friendly and got great vibes off them, we also laughed quitea lot because the other restaurateur was cracking jokes ha-ha. It made the interview 10x morerelaxing and somewhat easier. The first part of the interview was pretty serious asking usquestions like where do you see yourself in 2 years, situational stuff, and why should I chooseyou over the other 4 here.They also asked a of lot questions regarding the videos on theirwebpage and YouTube acc. We were the last 4 that were interviewed that day and they told uswere the first 4 hired after it was done!!! The restaurateurs and general manager made this avery pleasant interview experience. I think Im going to love working here :)Interview Questions What are your strengths and weakness? Why should I choose you over the other 4 here? If you saw employee/manager doing something wrong the station next to you, what would you do?Negotiation Details –They didn’t talk about scheduling/wages but after I went online to fill outthe hiring application I found out I was going to be paid $9.00 an hour. Not too shabby============================================================================= ONLINE POSITION: Sylvias Fresh Mexican Foods Online Store Proficient with Online services/ internet/ telemarketing/ web site management/shopping carts/ customer service/Graphics/Printing/ Excel/ Publisher/Adobe/ Microsoft word/Microsoft front page/Departmental programming skills/ packaging, distribution. And inventory control. Must have at least 5 years field experience and be able to work flexible hours as well under pressure with multiple assignments. Fax resume and salary history to (602) 246-2791===================================================================SYLVIAS LA CANASTA RESTAURANT NOW HIRINGEXPERIENCED DRIVE THRU CASHIERS & EXPERIENCEDDISHOUTSLocated at 3824 WEST INDIAN SCHOOL ROAD.UNIFORMS PROVIDED PART TIME WORK AVAILABLE.NON-SMOKERS DRUG TEST REQUIRED BEFORE HIRING.RETIREES OK.APPLICATIONS TAKEN AT 5504 NORTH 7TH AVENUETUESDAY THRU THURSDAY-------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. 17. CATERING POSITION: Sylvias Fiesta Catering is looking for an experienced Catering Director/ Coordinator. Must be proficient in QuickBooks, Excel, Customer Service, Banquet Service and Presentation, staffing, Inventory control, Purchase ordering, Customer Receivables, Time Management, Valid Driver’s License, Internet communications, Web site Management. Must, be able to work under the pressure coordinating multiple events. All menus are pre-designed; no cooking or menu development will be required. Fax resume and salary history to (602) 246-2791================================================================FINISHERS, STEM SETTERS, FLATWORK AND LABORORSBell Concrete, Inc.WEST SIDE APPLY - 2130 W Williams Dr (19th Ave/ Deer Valley) M-F 6am-2pmEAST SIDE APPLY 735 W Commerce (Cooper/Guadalupe) M-F 5:30am - 7am=================================================================SERVICE TECHNICIAN NEEDED: EXPERIENCE WOULD BE GREAT, BUT NOTREQUIREDLooking for someone able to repair and install beverage equipment, such ascoffee, tea, juice, and espresso. Knowledge of electrical and troubleshooting is aplus. Must have a clean driving record. Must have strong work ethic and goodattitude. Full time position with overtime available and sometimes required.TO APPLY: Submit resume/application to stephanie@qwestoffice.netOr via fax: 602-243-1889.================================================ ARIZONA GRAND SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY IS LOOKING FOR FULL AND PART TIME DIETARY SERVERS AND DISHWASHERS Located in the Biltmore-area of Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona Grand Senior Living Community is a vibrant senior living campus that features 167 units of Independent and Assisted Living and Memory Care, and a 36-bedSkilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.PLEASE APPLY ONLINE AT: http://www.arizonagrand.org/careers.html.4602 North 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85016. Located in the PhoenixMetropolitan Area in Maricopa County - Phone 602.954.9178 ~ Fax 602.553.8344CHECK THEM OUT: http://www.arizonagrand.org/news.html
  18. 18. EXPERIENCE IS A PLUS, BUT NOTREQUIRED! WE OFFER PAID TRAINING!CONTACT NATALIE AT623-780-5690 X 415Angels Wings NEEDS Part-time HCBSproviders (caregivers) to work withadults and children with developmentaldisabilities in home and community based settings. Staff in this program may goto the home of a family or person needing services and provide respite care(companionship and care for an individual while relieving primary caregivers),habilitation (teaching daily living skills) and attendant care (assisting with cooking,cleaning or personal care). Hours include weekends, early afternoons, and/orevening shifts.CURRENT CERTIFICATIONS (CPR, FIRST AID, CIT I & II, AND ARTICLE 9) WELCOME,BUT NOT REQUIRED. WE WILL TRAIN.SKILLS/ REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18+ years old - Have High School Diploma orGED - Criminal Background and Fingerprint Clearance Check - Valid AZ driverslicense - Proof of auto insurance - Current Vehicle Registration - Reliabletransportation is vital.DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE:http://www.azonangelswings.com/application.pdfCHECK THEM OUT BEFORE YOU CALL: http://www.azonangelswings.com/================================================================ WAREHOUSE CLERK NEEDED IMMEDIATELY! CALL 602-278-2552 (ASK FOR DEAN) Some experience required (min 1 year). MUST be able to drive a fork lift, lift up to 50 lbs., and check in shipping/receiving, some filing and helping customers.APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE AND CAN BE FILLED OUT ATDRAKE EQUIPMENT,2235 S 19th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85009 (one block South of the I-17) M-F 730-530.DID YA KNOW?: In 1993, Drake Equipment opened a new store in Phoenix, AZwith 7 acres of land with 56,000 square foot building.CHECK THEM OUT: http://www.drakeequipment.com/history.html==================================================================IMMEDIATE OPENINGS AVAILABLE - CALL 480-507-7811Plasterers of Arizona, Inc. is in need of Experienced Lathers and Laborers. SteadyWork! Wage is Negotiable.
  19. 19. World Class Solutions Inc.ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CHANGE, A CHANCE? CALL IMMEDIATELY TOSCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW: 602-438-9262 Are you openminded and willing to learn a new business! Get your foot in the door this weekwith a growing company. ASSEMBLY & GENERAL HELP CUSTOMER SERVICEASSISTANTS POSITIONS AVAILABLE IN 5 DEPARTMENTS. Must be 18 years old and able to start immediately - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY- Company Training Provided.3242 s. Fair Ln, Tempe AZ 85282 - LOCATED IN THE FAIR LN INDUSTRIAL PLAZAJUST OFF 48TH STREET AND SOUTHERN.==================================================================ARE YOU A PAINTER WITH AT LEAST 2 YRS. EXP? CALL 720-313-3794 ERICRESPONSIBLE WITH A RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION & OWN PROPER TOOLS.================================================================JOB FAIR: TUESDAY, APRIL 9TH FROM 11AM TO 2PMMust have at minimum 1 year previous construction experience. Also, we requirepre-employment drug screening, must be able to pass a background check, andhave reliable transportation. Our office is in the main building of the ChineseCultural Center, immediately off the 202 Freeway at 44th St.668 N. 44th St., Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85008 (3rd floor of the main building)WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS IS A STAFFING COMPANY AND ISHIRING SOLAR INSTALLERS AND CONSTRUCTION LABORERSFOR PROJECTS IN THE WEST VALLEY.We will be hiring on a first come first serve basis! Please bring two forms ofidentification (or one) that meets the requirement for E-Verify purposes. Typicallythe new hire process will take between 1-2 hours.CHECK THEM OUT:http://www.workforce-solutions.us/#!__about==================================================================
  20. 20. 4010 S. 30th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040–2 Blocks North on 30th Street and BroadwayNEEDED LABORERS, ASPHALT RAKERS, LABORERS, ROLLER OPERATOR,LABORERS, CLASS A CDL DRIVER/LABORERMust pass drug test, and have up to date medical card.Must have 5 years’experience.APPLY IN PERSON - Email resume to info@abcasphalt.com - ONLY IF YOU AREALREADY WORKING TO SET UP AN INTERVIEW.BEFORE YOU GO STUDY THEIR WEBSITE: http://abcasphalt.com/index.html==================================================================CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOCIATE - PHOENIXRequisition Number: 13-1593Thursday - Monday 9:00 amto 6:00 pmREQUIREMENTS: Minimum one year experience in a high level customer serviceenvironment.The Customer Service Associate will maintain a professional and courteousattitude while taking the initiative to learn from the Community Manager all ofthe skills necessary to successfully execute the job duties well.https://www1.apply2jobs.com/allianceresidential/ProfExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.showJob&RID=1593&CurrentPage=1DID YA KNOW?Alliance Residential is one of the largest private apartment owners and the 15thlargest management company in the U.S. We have nearly 200 properties across 15 states and continueto grow! Wouldnt you like to be part of this growing and progressive company?================================================================
  21. 21. ALLIANCE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT JOB FAIRWe will be conducting walk-in interviews on Tuesday, April 16th from 9:00am-3:00pm at Maricopa Workforce Connections One-Stop Career Center, 735 N.Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234 All Positions Available at Multiple Locations Bring a Copy of your Resume PLEASE APPLY ONLINE ATwww.workatalliance.com Attempt the Wonderlic Assessment prior to the Job Fair …DID YA KNOW?Alliance Residential is one of the largest private apartment owners and the 15thlargest management company in the U.S. We have nearly 200 properties across 15 states and continueto grow! Wouldnt you like to be part of this growing and progressive company?http://www.allresco.com/#/_propertyManagement/==================================================================USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… THE WONDERLIC PERSONNEL TESTThe Wonderlic Personnel Test is a test that measures a prospective employeescognitive ability. The WPT is often administered by a human resourcesprofessional during the hiring process of new employees. The test itself tests apersons ability to perform several job related tasks. These tasks include theability to solve problems, the ability to learn the specific job that the person isapplying for, the ability to understand and follow instructions, and the ability totake learned knowledge and apply it to new situations on the job. The WonderlicPersonnel Test also tests a persons likelihood to be satisfied for a particular job,as well as their ability to benefit and learn from job training.SAMPLE TEST 1:1. A physical education class has three times as many girls as boys. During a class basketballgame, the girls average 18 points each and the class as a whole averages 17 points per person.How many points does each boy score on average?2. Randolph has 8 ties, 6 pairs of pants, and 4 dress shirts. How many days could he possibly gowithout wearing the same combination of these three items?3. John is a mechanic. He makes $8.50 an hour, plus $3 extra for every oil change he performs.Last week he worked 36 hours and performed 17 oil changes. How much money did he make?4. A box of staples has a length of 6 cm, a width of 7 cm, and a volume of 378 cm cubed. Whatis the height of the box?5. What is the average of all of the integers from 13 to 37?
  22. 22. 6. A basketball player averaged 20 points a game over the course of six games. His scores in fiveof those games were 23, 18, 16, 24, and 27. How many points did he score in the sixth game?7. Arnold is about to go on a 500-mile car trip. His mechanic recommends that he buy a specialhighway engine oil that will save him 50 cents in gas for every 25 miles of the trip. This new oil,however, will cost $20. Is it worthwhile for Arnold to buy the oil if he has a coupon for $4dollars off the price?ANSWER KEY:1. Answer: 14. Since the class has three times as many girls as boys, the class is composed of75% girls and 25% boys. To find the number of points each boy scores on average, we solve thefollowing equation: 0.75*18 + 0.25*X = 17, where X is the number of points each boy scores onaverage. Solving for X gives X = 14, so the boys average 14 points per game.2. Answer: 192 days. There are 48 different combinations of ties and shirts (8 different ties foreach of the 6 pairs of pants), and then four different shirts for each of these combinations. Innumerical form: 8 x 6 x 4 = 192.3. Answer: $357. Johns base wage can be figured by multiplying his pay per hour by thenumber of hours he worked: $8.50 x 36 = 306. His bonus for oil changes is calculated bymultiplying the payment per oil change by the number of oil changes performed: 17 x 3 = 51.These two products can then be added together.4. Answer: 9 cm. Volume is calculated as the product of length, width, and height, so if height isset as Y: 6 x 7 x Y = 378. This can be rearranged to 378 / 42 = Y = 9.5. Answer: 25. This kind of problem can be easily solved by simply finding the average of thetwo extremes in the range: (13 + 37) / 2 = 25.6. Answer: 12 points.7. Answer: No. Arnold will only save $10 by using the oil (.5 x (500 / 25)), and this is still $6 lessthan the cost of the oil.SAMPLE TEST 2:1. If three inches of rope cost 7 cents, how much would 2 feet of rope cost?2. What is the next number in the sequence: 5, 10, 20, 40,...?3. What is the next number in the sequence: 3, 8, 18, 38...?4. What is the next number in the sequence: 5, 9, 17,33,...?5. What is the next number in the sequence: 9, 3, 1, 1/3,...?6. What is the next number in the sequence: 24, 12, 6, 3...?7. Which of the following numbers represents the greatest amount: 6, 6.0, 0.600, 60?8. Which of the following numbers represents the smallest amount: 0.400, 0.04, 4.0, 40?9. Which of the following numbers represents the smallest amount: 3.26, 0.54, 89.00,0.09?10. Which of the following numbers represents the smallest amount: 3899, 629, 89001, 9867?ANSWER KEY1. Answer: 56 cents. First, divide the number of inches in 2 feet (24) by 3;then, multiply thisnumber (8) by the price of 3 inches of rope: 8 x 7 = 562. Answer: 80.The next number is found by multiplying the previous number by 2.3. Answer: 78.The next number is taken by adding one to each number and then multiplyingthis sum by 2.4. Answer: 65. The next number is found by multiplyingthe number by 2 and then subtractingone from theproduct.5. Answer: 1/9.6. Answer: 1.5. The next number is found by dividing each number by 2.7. Answer: 60.Be sure to identify the position of the decimal point.
  23. 23. 8. Answer: 0.04. Be sure to identify the position of the decimal point.9. Answer: 0.09. It may be helpful to say the numbers out loud: "9 hundredths" is clearlysmaller than "54 hundredths."10. Answer: 629. Make sure to note the number of place values rather than simply looking atthe value of the first digit in the number.TEST TIPS: LEARN WHAT TO EXPECT. The Wonderlic test consists of three types of questions, vocabulary-based questions, math questions that require the completion of simple calculations or the deriving of patterns and spacial reasoning questions which ask the test taker to consider the rotations of shapes. By learning what to expect before you take the test, you can better equip yourself to face the challenges it presents. WORK QUICKLY. When actually taking the Wonderlic assessment, you must move rapidly through the test as there are 50 questions and test takers are given 12 minutes to address them all. Be as accurate as possible, but move with haste through the exam to ensure you have time for all of the questions. SKIP OVER MORE CHALLENGING QUESTIONS AND MOVE ON TO EASIER ONES. Because time is not on your side when taking this assessment, it is advantageous to skip past overly challenging questions. If time remains, return to these queries that will require more attention. By skipping these challenging questions, you ensure that you have time to address all of the easy questions and earn as many points on the assessment as possible. ELIMINATE OBVIOUS INCORRECT ANSWERS. This assessment is multiple choice, so before you select an answer, narrow down your pool of choices by eliminating incorrect answers that are obvious. Cross off any answer that appears to you to be completely out of the realm of possibility before selecting your answer. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS WITH TIME REMAINING. If you finish ahead of time, take advantage of the spare seconds and move back through the test, checking your work. With a quick re-check you may uncover a correctable error.=======================================================================ENTRY LEVEL POSITION IN THE SIGN INDUSTRYMust have Arizona Driver’s License, be able to lift 50 lbs. or more.Please apply in person at SmithCraft Signs, 3643 S 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85040CHECK THEM OUT@ http://www.smithcraftsigns.com/company.html===========================================================================
  24. 24. WHOLESALE AUTO PARTS WAREHOUSE LOOKING FOR ORDER ENTRYPERSONNEL TO PROCESS INCOMING CALLS.Experience in automotive aftermarket a plus. Benefits include health, dental,401k, paid vacation and purchase discounts.Apply at 1911 N. 22nd Ave.================================================================ Interested in being an Assisting Hands Caregiver? Download our Employment Application Here http://www.assistinghands.com/docs/AHHC_Employment_Application_2.pdf Various shift and positions available, please call to inquire (480)767-3246, ask for Kristen or John. FAR NORTH PHOENIX – SCOTTSDALE LOCATION BONUS===========================================================================CULINARY DROPOUT AT THE YARD HAS AN IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR EXPERIENCEDDOORMAN FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS FROM 8:00 P.M. UNTIL 2:00 A.M. Duties include checking IDs, greeting guests, keeping accurate head count of guests, crowd control, and handling various situations with guests. Interested? Send us your resume via e-mail to employment@foxrc.net================================================================JACKRABBIT LOUNGE WILL BE HOLDING OPEN INTERVIEWS THIS THURSDAYAPRIL 11TH, FROM 12PM-4PMSecurity Staff for PART TIME. Must have prior Security experience in a Night Club.Must possessoutstanding customer service. Must be able to read people anddefuse a situation before it goes too far. MUST BE ON TIME TO WORK. Tardinesswill not be tolerated. Must be available to work Thurs,Fri and Saturday nights...Jackrabbit Lounge is located at 4280 N. Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251================================================================