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April 10 April 10 Document Transcript

  • HOME OF THE AMERICAN MADE JOB The Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob USED JOB SHACKNEW JOB BOOKS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY April 10th2013------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “SO YOU COULDN’T GET TO THE JOB FAIR” HOME COMPANION GUIDE AND JOB SEEKER ADVISOR WHERE & HOW TO REALLY APPLY FOR THOSE JOB FAIR OPPORTUNITIES
  • Do great work and have a great life when you work for Southwest Network, one of the largest and most respected community behavioral health providers in Maricopa County, Arizona. At Southwest Network, youll work with a team of passionate and dedicated people to help change the lives of adults, adolescents, and children and provide compassionate support to their families. http://www.southwestnetwork.org/dnn/Careers/Ope nPositions/tabid/74/Default.aspx Family Mentor: Valley Wide High School Diploma / GED or equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience meeting OBHL standards of BHPP equivalent. Must have a family member that is or has received Maricopa County behavioral health services. MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR OF DIRECT INVOLVEMENT WITH RECIPIENT FAMILY MEMBER. Must have knowledge and exposure Maricopa County behavioral health system.Must maintain current CPR, First Aid, and CPI Certifications.Must be at least 21 years of age.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PEER MENTOR: PHXHigh School Diploma / GED or equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experiencemeeting OBHL standards of BHPP equivalent.Must be a current or prior recipient of Maricopa County behavioral health services.MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR IN RECOVERY IS REQUIRED.Peer Support Certificate preferred.Must be at least 21 years of age.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PEER SUPPORT SPECIALIST NON-TITLE XIX: VALLEY WIDEHigh School Diploma / GED or equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experienceMUST BE A CURRENT OR PRIOR RECIPIENT OF RELATABLE HEALTH SERVICES.Must maintain current CPR, First Aid, and CPI Certifications.Peer Support Certificate preferred.Must be at least 21 years of age.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OFFICE ASSISTANT: PHOENIXHigh School Diploma / GED or equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experiencemeeting OBHL standards of BHPP equivalent.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.ONE YEAR OF PRIOR OFFICE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.Prior medical office experience strongly preferred.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TEP FILE CLERK: CENTRAL PHOENIXHigh School Diploma / GED or equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experiencemeeting OBHL standards of BHPP equivalent.Must be at least 21 years of age.MUST BE RECEIVING SERVICES FROM SOUTHWEST NETWORK.Peer Support Certificate preferred.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OFFICE ASST: CHILD & ADO - CENTRAL PHOENIXRequires strong writing, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Knowledge and use ofgeneralMathematics is required. Strong organizational skills, 10-key, multi-line telephone and theability to type 40 – 50 wpm are required.Must have and maintain a valid Arizona driver license, have a registered and reliable vehiclethat meets Arizona state law standards, and meets the insurance standards of SouthwestNetwork. Position requires travel between Southwest Network sites as well as the community.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHECK THEM OUT AT: http://www.southwestnetwork.org/dnn/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx============================================================================ http://www.progressive.com/jobs/ INSIDE SALES REPRESENTATIVE - INBOUND CALL CENTER JOB NUMBER: 113952 Pay Rate: $12.75 - $15.00/hr. (non-commissioned sales) Already have a P&C license? Get a $500 bonus if you are hired! START DATES: JUNE 10, 2013 We provide paid training! Learn a new skill and start a new career by becoming a licensed insurance agent. Pick you own work schedule! You can select to work five 8hr days or four10hr days, its up to you.REQUIRED DAYS: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 7pmTRAINING SCHEDULE: 9 - 5:45pm M-F (approx. 4-6 weeks)ACADEMY SCHEDULE (taking live calls): 10:15 - 7pm M-F (approx. 8 weeks)EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFUL: 1 year of sales experience and an understanding of sales techniques (this experience could include direct sales, cross-selling and overcoming objections) 2 years’ work experience in a complex customer service environment or two years post- secondary education Proven job stability including 1 year with past employer Basic computer skills in windows-based programs and internet navigation High School diploma or equivalent-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Become a part of a company that was voted one of the 25 Top Workplaces for Women by AZMagazine and World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere magazine, and help us deliverexceptional service to our customers.
  • CLAIMS SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE JOB NUMBER: 113117SCHEDULE: Schedule flexibility is required for this role. Qualifiedcandidates will be expected to work 10am-7pm shift with futurepossible Saturday availability.EDUCATION, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: History of successful conflict-resolution in a face-to-face environment Minimum one year prior customer service experience Genuine desire to interact with people and feels invested in the outcome of the customer interaction Excellent communication and organizational skills High-energy, customer-oriented individual with ability to proficiently multitask and prioritize Effective team member supporting a positive team environment Keyboard and PC knowledge and proficiency High School Diploma or GED preferred-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BILINGUAL CONTACT CENTER SUPERVISOR This position supervises the activities and assists in the day to day operations of a contact call center. Develops and evaluates a team of phone representatives, processors, or coaches. LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ WORK SCHEDULE: 3:30 PM - 12:00AM Tuesday - Saturday PAY RANGE: $48,000 - $55,000 KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE:• Bachelors degree or equivalent work experience.• One year of leadership or coach experience.• Bilingual (Spanish) skills required• Solid understanding of the call center environment with three to five years of call centerexperience.• Excellent written and verbal communication skills===========================================================================USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…PROGRESSIVE…Customer Service Representative at Progressive CorporationAccepted OfferInterview Details –I submitted my resume and application on Progressives website andreceived a confirmation. The next day, via email, I was sent a pre-employment test andsubmitted it that the same day. I was sent my results the next day and a message to look out
  • for a phone call to schedule a phone interview. I got the call the next day. In the span of 96Hoursthe phone interview was the following week and took about an hour. They used the STARmethod; "Tell me about a time when you________" which you can read about on theProgressive website under "Hiring Process" on their Jobs page. Afterwards I asked a fewquestions: "What is Progressive looking for in a candidate for this position?", "What do you likeabout working for Progressive?” etc. I was contacted 2 days later informing me that I wasselected for an onsite interview (scheduled that) and was emailed a link to their EmployeeScreening Provider for a background check. In the span of 48 hours.The onsite interview was the following week and took about 2.5 hours. I interviewed with onesupervisor, listened in on a few calls with a seasoned Rep, and interviewed with anothersupervisor. They were all friendly and answered my questions. Even the security guard at theVisitors Center was friendly. I got an offer (pending background check) 2 days later. In the spanof 72 hours.The background check took a couple of weeks but I am former military and graduated from ahigh school with a very slow administrative staff. Within 24 hours of the completion of thebackground check I was given the formal offer and email.Including days and weekends leading up to each phase the process took just under a month. Imsure applicants whove moved around less can shave 1 to 1.5 weeks off that.I have to say this was one of the most challenging and detailed hiring processes Ive beenthrough as a Civilian but that attention to detail is something I appreciate. I highly recommendreading over Progressives history and direction, the Hiring Process, and writing/typing out atleast 2 different answers to the questions theyll ask. Again you can get this information ontheir website.Interview Questions "Explain a time when you were given negative feedback by your manager/supervisor. What was it and how you addressed it?" "Explain a time when you made a suggestion. Was it used and if so how was it implemented?"Negotiation Details –No salary negotiation for this position that I know of.Director Role at Progressive CorporationNo OfferInterview Details –The most detail oriented interview I ever went through. Even though itdidnt result in an offer, it exceeded all expectations in terms of communication, feedback, andstructure. Within a couple of days of applying, I was contacted by a recruiter and had a 45minute chat; about half of it was about me, my background, why Im looking, and why I wantedthat role. The other half was about the company, the compensation structure, the benefits, andthe company culture. Within a week I was contacted again to say I had moved to the nextround, which was a phone interview with the hiring manager. This was less of an "interview",and more of an hour of the hiring manager being very candid about the job, what was good,and what was not really good, just to make sure I was still interested. Very few questions wereasked of me at this stage where I could respond about my interest and why I felt it was a fit, so Iwas surprised when I was told I moved to the next step. I was asked to go through thebackground check before going any further. The company that ran the background check wasless than professional, but thats another review. I was then asked if I could come for a full day
  • of "assessments". Progressive was very aggressive with how quickly they wanted to schedule,which didnt fit into my plans, but they worked very hard to make this easy on me. On themorning of the assessment, I met with the hiring manager and was asked several behavioralquestions. I was then sent to another site that performed a lot of personality and cognitivetests. They had me sign an NDA so I cannot go into the methods, but I havent gone throughanything quite like it before. It was long and exhausting, and frankly, not a process I enjoyed.About a week later, I got a call saying I was in the final two, and the next step was another fullday of interviews, which we scheduled for about 3 weeks out. I met with a five other peoplewho would be my peers and/or business partners who all asked behavioral questions only.After a full day of this, the questions and the answers all start to sound the same. I began topick up on a hunch that some of the interviewers were just going through the motions duringsome of these sessions, as I had a really hard time holding the interest and eye contact. Myhunch was right as I did get the "we went in another direction" message within a couple ofdays. I did like how open everyone was in the process with what was happening and what thenext step would be. I have no hard feelings towards the company and would go through thisagain. My only regret is that it seems their minds had been made up prior to my coming in forthe final round of interviews, which left me in the position feeling like I wasting everyonestime, including my own.Interview Question –All behavioral based questions circling around past experience. Forexample: Describe a time when you were in the middle of a project and gained some newinformation that required you to change your course of action.===================================================================================Customer Service Representative at Progressive CorporationAccepted OfferInterview Details –Applied online and got declined within 2 days, resubmitted exact sameresume and got approved for the next steps.Step 1: Onsite Testing. Test consisted of IQ type questions (Bob is 5ft tall, Jill is 4ft tall, if Jim isshorter than Bob and taller than Jill how tall is he?). You are notified immediately if you passedor failed.Step 2: Over the phone interview consisting of STAR questions. Lasted roughly 45 minutes.Step 3: Onsite process: Start with an Interview with one supervisor, lasts roughly 30-45minutes. Followed by a side by side with a current employee to see if you think you would likethe job experience, roughly 30 minutes. Followed by yet another interview with a differentsupervisor, lasts roughly 30-45 minutes. The second interview consists of a lot of the samequestions from the first. Both interviews consist of STAR questions.Step 4: Received call next day with a job offer, offer consisted of schedule preference, salaryinformation and picking a day when youd like to start.Interview Question –What is a time where a policy or procedure changed at your formeremployer and what steps did you take to overcome that change?Negotiation Details –Negotiation is non-existent. If you do not accept on their terms, you aredenied employment.=========================================================================Bilingual Customer Service Representative Call Center at Progressive CorporationAccepted OfferInterview Details –I found this hiring process to be extensive, strenuous, and tedious however,is simply because they are looking for the "RIGHT FIT". I applied online and within 14 hrs. Ireceived an email with a link to take the online assessments e.g. pie charts, bar graphs, and IQand Personality Test. Within 24 hrs. I received another email advising that I had passed the test
  • and to wait for the call from a recruiter to follow. Next, I received a call within 24 hrs. To set upthe phone interview. A week later, I interviewed with one of the Hiring Manager from the EastCoast. The interview was about an hour exactly to include all behavioral questions andadditional ones.I was informed a week later by the recruiter from my area and through an email that I hadpassed to the next part of the hiring process and also, the on-site interview at this point wasscheduled for one week later.The Hiring Manager advised me that I will be receiving additional links and someone will be incontact with me in regards to this. Indeed, additional Taleo Staff called me to explain whatthese links were all about.Exactly within 24 hrs. I received another link to complete the second half of Progressives"Employment Application" and another link for "Background Check including Education,Employment history and Criminal from HIRERIGHT.I fully prepared myself by giving my previous employers a heads up that HIRERIGHT was goingto call and just to be prepared to return the phone call if they were not available. Also, I letthem know of the urgency and the importance of the CALL. The feedback I received from myprevious employers ranged from employment history e.g. dates, titles, commission, salary, andhourly wages, to would you recommend her to an employer? Tell us why? What were herresponsibilities? Why was the reason she left? Would you rehire her?A week later, I went to the on-site interview where I was interviewed by a young lady whohappens to be a supervisor and an older lady who happened to be a manager. These interviewswere back to back, 2 hrs. Long, where I was asked behavioral interviewing questions andconflict/ resolution questions to see how I would be approach and resolve any given altercationsituations. Moreover, I was paired up with one of their associates at the calling center and thatin itself was very interesting. Exactly, 30 minutes later, the young lady supervisor came andwalked me out. She advised me that they will be comparing notes and review my answers as ateam and make a decision accordingly. In addition, she said to expect a call from the recruiterearly in the week. Unfortunately, recruiter has called me twice and I have missed the calls. Ihave returned the call however; I am still waiting for a phone call back again. This is what hastranspired in the 48 hrs.Interview Questions What did you like most about this job? What did you like least about this job? How long would you say "is adequate time" to stay at the position you have applied for before you would try to move up positions within our organization? and what steps will you take to do it========================================================================== “Each day, I look forward to the camaraderie and friendly competition we develop on the collections floor. We frequently share our best practices and concentrate on expanding our combined knowledge base. I value working with our customers and am thankful for the strong, supportive relationship I have been able to develop with my managers. “-James, Contingency Collectionshttp://tbe.taleo.net/CH02/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?org=OCWEN&cws=4CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE - NCI NGThe Customer Service representative is responsible for handling inbound and outbound callswhile handling delinquent service accounts and assisting customers in eliminating the
  • delinquency of those accounts according to Public Service Commission and Public UtilitiesCommission guidelines.Must have effective call handling skills and high levels of professionalism are required. A strongfocus on exemplary shift attendance is required. One to two years’ experience working in a callcenter environment is preferred. The candidate has to be proficient with Microsoftapplications, and have the ability to learn software applications. A High School/GED graduate isrequired.CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE - NCI NGJob Code: 21134 - 8 openingsCUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE - NCI NGJob Code: 21492 - 10 openings----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.wm.com/careers/index.jsp Set Up Agent - SWSS 167241 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Set Up Agent - SWSS 169322 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Collector 164242 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Collector 166530 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Collector 168917 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Executive Assistant I 168090 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Inside Sales Representative - National Accounts 167832 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Collector - French Bilingual 169486 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Manager II - Revenue Management Center 165871 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-TimeSr Collections Manager - Revenue Management Center 161051 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Set Up Agent - SWSS 169487 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Project Specialist 165937 Phoenix AZ 85034 Now Hiring Full-Time Billing Clerk I 168094 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Billing Clerk II 168120 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Billing Clerk II 168121 Phoenix AZ 85023 Now Hiring Full-Time Commercial Driver 169633 Phoenix AZ 85040 Now Hiring Full-Time Commercial Driver 169634 Phoenix AZ 85040 Now Hiring Full-Time Port-o-Let Driver 169643 Phoenix AZ 85040 Now Hiring Full-Time Residential Driver 167266 Phoenix AZ 85027 Now Hiring Full-Time Commercial Driver 167186 Phoenix AZ 85027 Now Hiring Full-Time Sr Technician 168648 Phoenix AZ 85027 Now Hiring Full-TimePlant Maintenance Manager - Recycling - Surprise, AZ 166251 Surprise AZ 85387 Now Hiring Full-Time Payment Coordinator 163343 Tempe AZ 85281 Now Hiring Full-Time Territory Manager - General Sales 166752 Tempe AZ 85281 Now Hiring Full-Time As North America’s largest recycler, Waste Management managed more than 8 million tons of recyclable commodities . By the year 2020, we expect to increase the amount of material we manage to more than 20 million tons per year.
  • http://www.thingamajob.com/L-Us-Arizona-0.aspx New Arizona jobs are added to Thingamajob daily, so be sure to bookmark or check this page often for the latest career opportunities in Arizona. If you’d like to be automatically notified when jobs are added that match your criteria, log into your free Thingamajob account and create your own job alerts.RECEPTIONISTImmediate opening for a Receptionist in Phoenix. Qualified candidates must have at least 2-3years of recent experience with no major gaps in employment. Must be able to work Mondaythrough Friday. Contract position. Shift: M-F 8-5pm some weekends possibleAPPLY ONLINE: http://administrative.thingamajob.com/jobs/Arizona/Receptionist/2806231THEN CONTACT: Scott Okeson - sokeson@aerotek.comAerotek Professional Services - Phoenix West, AZ1850 N. 95th. Ave. Suite 180, Phoenix, AZ 85037--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WAREHOUSE EMPLOYEEAerotek is currently seeking Warehouse Associates for a Client in the West Valley. Pay -$11/hour. 1st....2nd....and 3rd shifts available. High School Diploma or GED required. Minimum2 years of warehouse experience.APPLY ONLINE: http://labor.thingamajob.com/jobs/Arizona/Warehouse-Employee/2805986THEN CONTACT: Nicholas Glaser Bowers - nbowers@aerotek.comAerotek Commercial Staffing - Phoenix West, AZ1850 N. 95th. Ave. Suite 180, Phoenix, AZ 85037----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------COLLECTIONS REPAs a Debt Collector, you will collect 3rd party accounts that are between 60 days - 2 years pastdue. You will locate and contact customers by telephone (auto and manual dialer), handlemoderately difficult skip-trace assignments, assess the individual circumstances and decideupon an appropriate course of action. This will include determining reasons for non-payment,negotiating payment arrangements, offering suggestions to customers on how to meet theirobligations and advising them as to the possible consequences of not meeting the obligations.You may also help develop plans to assist clients in resolving delinquency and avoidingrepossession of vehicle. THIS POSITION INCLUDES A BASE PAY AND UNLIMITED ANDUNCAPPED bonus potential!At least two years of collections or telephone customer contactexperience required. High school diploma or GED.APPLY ONLINE: http://customer-service.thingamajob.com/jobs/Arizona/Collections-Rep/2805791THEN CONTACT: Ryan Scott OToole - rotoole@aerotek.comAerotek Professional Services - Phoenix West, AZ
  • 1850 N. 95th. Ave. Suite 180, Phoenix, AZ 85037-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INBOUND CUSTOMER SERVICE REPWe are hiring full and part-time Reservation Agents for aninbound call center in North Phoenix. Individuals will betaking calls from customers regarding reservations,confirmations and cancellations. This position will berequiring customer service and data entry skills.REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS:-Minimum 6 months of recent Customer ServiceExperience - Must be able to type at least 35 words per minute- Must be computer literate and able to pass a computer competency test- Must be willing to submit to a drug test and background check- Must be able to work holidays and weekends if neededPay will range from $10 to $11 an hour depending on shift.Shifts: 8 hour shifts will fall between 9am-10pm or 2pm-2amMust be able to train for 2 weeks 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - FridayAPPLY ONLINE: http://customer-service.thingamajob.com/jobs/Arizona/Inbound-Customer-Service-Rep/2805098THEN CONTACT: Scott Okeson - sokeson@aerotek.comAerotek Professional Services - Phoenix West, AZ1850 N. 95th. Ave. Suite 180, Phoenix, AZ 85037-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CUSTOMER SERVICE/ SALES REPRESENTATIVE - NORTH PHOENIXPay: $9.00/hr. plus $1.50 attendance bonus plus bi-weekly commission bonuses. Totalcompensation can be as high as $16.00/hr. Handle inbound calls regarding customers Comcastaccounts. Help customers with billing issues and new customer accounts. Up sell Comcastproducts and services.APPLY ONLINE: http://customer-service.thingamajob.com/jobs/Arizona/Customer-Service-Rep-Inbound-Sales/2805096THEN CONTACT: Scott Okeson - sokeson@aerotek.comAerotek Professional Services - Phoenix West, AZ1850 N. 95th. Ave. Suite 180, Phoenix, AZ 85037------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CALL CENTER REP - NIGHTSWe are hiring full and part-time Reservation Agents for an inbound call center in North Phoenix.Individuals will be taking calls from customers regarding reservations, confirmations andcancellations. This position will be requiring customer service and data entry skills.REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS:-Minimum 6 months of recent Customer Service Experience - Must be able to type at least 35 words per minute- Must be computer literate and able to pass a computer competency test- Must be willing to submit to a drug test and background check- Must be able to work holidays and weekends if neededPay will range from $10 to $11 an hour depending on shift.Shifts: 8 hour shifts will fall between 9am-10pm or 2pm-2am
  • Must be able to train for 2 weeks 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - FridayAPPLY ONLINE: http://customer-service.thingamajob.com/jobs/Arizona/Call-Center-Rep---Nights/2804894 Phoenix PRO EM – Professional Event Management 1450 E. Grant St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 Office: 480.507.0999 Fax: 480.907.1854 http://www.proem.org/employment- opportunities.htmlEmployment Applicationif you are interested in applying for a position at PRO EM, please fill out this application onlineand a member of our Human Resources staff will contact you.http://www.proem.org/employment-application.htmlWHO ARE THEY…CHECK THEM OUT…http://www.proem.org/index.htmlPRO EM – THE FIRST NAME INPROFESSIONAL EVENT MANAGEMENTWhether your event requires security,valet, generators, tents, restrooms, or apoint of contact for site management,PRO EM offers full-service conveniencewith the experience of seasonedprofessionals and a massive inventory ofquality equipment.From concept to planning, installation to“GO” time, last call to that’s all, removal to final walk-thru… PRO EM has you covered.==================================================================Ours is a fast-paced, high-energy environment, where everyone on the team works hard — andworks together — to satisfy our customers. We truly enjoy what we do and gain inspirationfrom each others energy and spirit. WELL HELP CREATE THE FLEXIBLE FULL-TIME OR PART-
  • TIME SCHEDULE THAT MAKES SENSE FOR YOU. And well be sure to recognize yourcontributions to our success…http://www.wendys.com/careers/crew-positions/--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT OPENINGSCrew Member * 24th & McDowell, Phoenix AZ Job 2346 E MCDOWELL Phoenix AZCrew Member * 3rd & Indian School, Phoenix AZ Job 301 E INDIAN SCHOOL RD Phoenix AZCrew Member * Apache & Rural, Tempe AZ Job 1314 South Rural Rd. Tempe AZCrew Member * Baseline, Tempe AZ Job 1405 W. Baseline Road Tempe AZCrew Member * Camelback, Phoenix AZ Job 2024 CAMELBACK ROAD Phoenix AZCrew Member * North Country Club, Mesa, AZ Job 1205 N COUNTRY CLUB RD Mesa AZCrew Member * Southern, Tempe Job 2704 W SOUTHERN AVENUE Tempe AZCrew Member *90th Street & Via Linda, Scottsdale Job 9380 N 90th St. Scottsdale AZCrew Member *Bethany Home, Phoenix AZ Job 3330 W. Bethany Home Rd. Phoenix AZCrew Member *Broadway, Tempe, AZ Job 790 W BROADWAY LANE Tempe AZA large percentage of Wendys restaurants are independently owned and operated franchised Wendysrestaurants. Job descriptions, compensation, benefits and other employment terms and conditionsapplicable to positions at independent franchised Wendys Restaurants will vary and are determinedsolely by the Franchisee.http://www.wendys.com/careers/crew-positions/------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://careers.stream.com/1801 E. Camelback Road, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85016, Tel: (866) 740-2168 Fax: (480) 477-1279Stream Colonnade provides customer service, inbound sales and outbound sales for top-nameclients in the cellular phone, telecommunications, and satellite television industries.Our 700+ service professionals answer questions, provide advice and solve technical problemsfor nationwide customers regarding their hand-held cellular phone.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4611 E. Baseline Road, Phoenix, AZ 85042 Tel: (866) 325-3210 Fax: (800) 993-8390Stream South Mountain provides technical support, customer service and inbound sales for aleading wireless provider and desktop/laptop PC manufacturer.Our 500+ service professionals
  • answer questions, provide advice and solve technical problems for nationwide customersregarding their PCs.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To apply for a position, review the list of available positions created from your search criteria.Select a job opening of your interest. Read the description and determine if you are qualifiedfor and interested in that particular career opportunity. If so, click "Apply". You will thencomplete all the sections. The required fields are marked with an asterisk.A CV/RESUME IS NOT REQUIRED TO APPLY; YOU HAVE THE OPTIONOF ENTERING YOUR INFORMATION INTO THE SYSTEM MANUALLYTo maximize your chances of success, we encourage you to submit your profile directly to anadvertised open position. Click on the careers link on www.stream.com and select your countryand language of interest or Search & Apply from the homepage to begin your search. If you have always dreamed about having a job doing what you love to do, then come join the Stream Team!At Stream, our Technical Support Professionals are treated like the winners they are! As aTechnical Support Professional, youll be assisting people all over the country, providing adviceand solving problems. It can be challenging work, but youll be rewarded for helping peoplequickly, professionally while making them smile. You will answer calls from customers, helpingthem resolve issues while inputting their call information into the computer.Technical Support Professional I (Satellite Radio Provider) - 1801 E. CamelbackRoad, Suite 300, Phoenix, Arizona 85016(Job Number: 20998)https://stream.taleo.net/careersection/extspuscol/jobdetail.ftl--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Professional (Telesales) - 1801 East Camelback Road Suite 300, Phoenix,Arizona 85016(Job Number: 20997)High school diploma with a minimum of 1 year experience within an inside sales environmentand 6 months sales experience preferred.https://stream.taleo.net/careersection/extspuscol/jobdetail.ftl----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Professional (Retention) - 1801 East Camelback Road Suite 300, Phoenix,Arizona 85016(Job Number: 20995)High school diploma with a minimum of 1 year experience within an inside sales environmentand 6 months sales experience preferred. Receives calls with the objective of handlingcustomer inquiries, problem solving and promoting the sale of products and/or services whileproviding exceptional customer service.https://stream.taleo.net/careersection/extspuscol/jobdetail.ftl----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Customer Service Support Professional (Cellular Provider) - 1801 East CamelbackRoad Suite 300, Phoenix, Arizona 85016(Job Number: 20994) NON-SALES!Responsible for taking inbound calls for prospective customers, handling customer inquiries in acourteous and professional manner while providing the highest level of customer service.Provide responsive and competent telephone support to customers in the areas of problemsolving and handling customer inquiries.TYPICALLY WOULD NOT HAVE SALES GOALS/QUOTAS.https://stream.taleo.net/careersection/extspuscol/jobdetail.ftl------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Technical Support Professional I - 4611 E. Baseline Road Phoenix, AZ 85042(JobNumber: 20993)Support calls from customer acrossthe country that need assistance withtroubleshooting electronic devicessuch as mp3 players, tablet devices,and smartphones. You will provide anawesome customer experience onevery call. May be required to workunconventional hours or shifts,weekends, holidays, 2nd shift, or earlymornings. High school diploma with aminimum of 1 year relatedexperience. Equivalent education orexperience may be substituted for anyof the above.https://stream.taleo.net/careersection/extspussthm/jobdetail.ftl----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Customer Support Professional I - 4611 E. Baseline Road Phoenix, AZ 85042(JobNumber: 20990)Able to speak with customers in a calm, enthusiastic and friendly tone of voice. High schooldiploma or equivalent education.https://stream.taleo.net/careersection/extspussthm/jobdetail.ftl--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phoenix-based Neutron Industries is part of a corporate family that started with State Chemical Solutions, incorporated in Cleveland, Ohio in 1911 If you have a clear speaking voice, are self-motivated, enthusiastic and have a goal- focused attitude we want to talk to you!20 OPENINGS FOR NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE / SALES ACCOUNTMANAGERSInitial new customer contact to include sales product presentations too small to medium sizedbusinesses. You will be responsible to build an account book of repeat buying customers, not onlyservicing them with existing product needs but also building market share within the customer byintroducing new product solutions to them.In the business marketplace from our Phoenix Call Center
  • you will open, sell and service our product line nationwide. You will have full account managementresponsibility as you develop your account base with a 75% repeat account potential.Develop, build andretain customer account base through consistent achievement of monthly sales quotas and supportingaggressive marketing promotions to increase market share.http://www.neutronindustries.com/careers/CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS - Phone: (602) 714-2233 | Fax: (602) 504-15522411 West Rose Garden Lane, Suite 110, Phoenix, AZ 85027(East of I-17 and just North of the loop 101)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WATCH THEIR VIDEO…AS THEY WILL ASK YOU ABOUT IT AT THE INTERVIEW:http://www.ngcare.com/employment------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Employment Job Title: Department: Location: Type: Caregivers needed for Live In/Sun City - Per Diem Private Duty Phoenix, AZ $100 Sign-On Bonus CNA/HHA - $100 Sign-On Bonus Per Diem Private Duty Phoenix, AZ CNA/HHA - Weekend Warriors - $100 Per Diem Private Duty Phoenix, AZ Sign-On CNA/HHA for East Valley - $100 Sign-On Per Diem Private Duty Phoenix, AZ Bonus CNA/HHA for Fountain Hills/Rio Verde - Per Diem Private Duty Phoenix, AZ $100 Sign-On Bonus CNA/HHA for Home Health Dementia Per Diem Private Duty Phoenix, AZ Program - $100 Sign-On Bonus CNA/Med Caregivers for Continuous Care Per Diem Private Duty Phoenix, AZ Case/ Live In - $100 Sign-On Bonushttp://ngcare.iapplicants.com/searchjobs.php============================================================================ http://www.statefarm.com/careers/emp_so_many_careers.asp GATEWAY OPERATIONS CENTER 444 North 44th St.Phoenix, AZ 8500875 OPENINGS FOR CLAIM ASSOCIATE-ILR - PHX – 38154Initial Loss Reporting (ILR) Claim Associates are a dedicated, in-office workforce assigned to ourcentralized claim environment. These positions will be housed in our centralized operation inPhoenix, Arizona. This is a 24-hour operation, requiring employees to work various shifts,
  • nights, weekends, and holidays. Competitive candidates may participate in on-line testing andphone interviews. Location: 444 N. 44th Street; Phoenix, Arizona - Start Date: July 22, 2013https://online2.statefarm.com/apps/careers/psc/cgprdext/RECRUITING/HRMS/c/HRS_HRS.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_SCHJOB&Action=U&TargetFrameName=None=============================================================================Family Support Specialist (Intakes) in PhoenixThis position will be working primarily with Intakes for our program.http://jobs.devereux.org/phoenix-az/family-support-specialist-intakes/35686889/job/------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Family Support Specialist (Autism) in PhoenixThis position will be working primarily with our Autism Spectrum Disorder program.http://jobs.devereux.org/phoenix-az/family-support-specialist-autism/35170267/job/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parent Aide (Bilingual) in PhoenixThe Parent Aide provides a range of support services, instruction, and assistance to parents or caregivers toimprove their skills and ability to fulfill parenting roles and responsibilities for children involved with ChildProtective Services (CPS).http://jobs.devereux.org/phoenix-az/parent-aide-bilingual/34726087/job/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Direct Care Professional (Part-time Weekends) in ScottsdaleLooking for dedicated staff to be part of our fun, weekend Respite program working with youth!Our Respiteprogram serves males and females age 4-17 who are experiencing moderate emotional or behavioraldifficulties.http://jobs.devereux.org/scottsdale-az/direct-care-professional-part-time-weekends/35814388/job/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Direct Care Professional in ScottsdaleLooking to work with youth and make a difference in a childs life? We are recruiting a full-time Direct CareProfessional for ourScottsdaleResidentialTreatmentCenter. The RTCis a 48-bedfacility where children andadolescents experiencing emotional and behavioral disorders live, attend school, receive intense psychiatric,behavior management and social services. We have programs for children rangingfrom 5 to 17 years old. Theratio for our residential programs is no more than a 1:6ratio (one staff for every six clients). The RTC admitschildren and adolescents witha wide range of behavioral and emotional needs.http://jobs.devereux.org/scottsdale-az/direct-care-professional/35300941/job/---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WATCH THEIR VIDEO: http://jobs.devereux.org/scottsdale/arizona/usa/jobs/----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GET NEWEST JOB UPDATES & INTEL ONCOMPANY:http://www.linkedin.com/company/Devereux=========================================================================
  • In addition to competitive pay, Adecco provides free career advice, resume counseling, interviewing assistance and much more! http://www.adeccousa.com/JobSeekers/Pages/Job-Seekers.aspx =============================================================== http://www.adeccousa.com/JobSeekers/Pages/Job-Seekers.aspxPART TIME KIOSK REP - Tempe, AZ $10 - $10 HourlyAdecco is currently looking for someone with fantastic customer service to assist one of ourclients drive more business. This person will be working at a kiosk in a mall...Job Type:Temporary/Contract-to-Hire-----------------------------------------------------------------------EARLY STAGE COLLECTIONS - Phoenix, AZ $12.57 - $12.57 HourlyAdecco Staffing Services is seeking an Early Stage Collector for a client in central Phoenix. Jobduties: placing outbound calls and preforming collections and customer service...Job Type:Temporary/Contract-to-Hire-----------------------------------------------------------------------INSURANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP - Chandler, AZ $13 - $14 HourlyAdecco Staffing is searching for experienced call center reps for an insurance company inChandler. Job duties: Assists customers with questions or issues regarding their...Job Type:Temporary/Contract-to-Hire------------------------------------------------------------------------BILINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE REP - INSURANCE - Chandler, AZ $13 - $14 HourlyAdecco is seeking Bilingual (Spanish/English) candidates for a call center position in a largeinsurance company in Chandler Job duties: Assists customers with questions or...Job Type:Temporary/Contract-to-Hire-------------------------------------------------------------------------DISPATCHER - Phoenix, AZ $12 - $14 HourlyAdecco Staffing is currently looking for candidates looking to work in a call center. This is notyour typical call center, it is a dispatch center for a fast food chain. You...Job Type:Temporary/Contract-to-Hire-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Better Work, Better Life blog: Welcome to our blog, your hub for job search tips, HR trends,recruiting news and more.http://blog.adeccousa.com/=========================================================================== Employment Opportunities: Choose a rewarding career in senior living... Applications are accepted between the hours of 8:00AM to 4:00PM at:1616 West Glendale Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021 Beatitudes Campus http://jobs.beatitudescampus.org/ “I enjoy working at Beatitudes because the staff and fellow employees are so happy here. When I began
  • working here I could feel and see the kindness and support of everyone around me and the residents.This is the only company I have ever worked for that is supportive of your role in any department youwork in. The possibilities are endless!”-Leslie, Maintenancehttp://jobs.beatitudescampus.org/ CATERING SERVER Phoenix, Arizona CERTIFIED MEDICINE TECH / CAREGIVER Phoenix, Arizona DINING SERVICES SUPERVISOR ~ BUCKWALDS Phoenix, Arizona DINING SERVICES SUPERVISOR ~ BUCKWALDS Phoenix, Arizona FOOD SERVER / WAIT STAFF ~ PLAZA VIEW Phoenix, Arizona Maintenance Coordinator Phoenix, Arizona Medicare Biller (Accounts Receivable) - Home Health Phoenix, Arizona RN / LPN / CNA - Home Health Care Phoenix, Arizona=================================================================== www.caregiversofarizona.com caregiversofarizona.com ALL EMPLOYEES ARE FINGERPRINTED, CPR CERTIFIED, FIRST AIDE CERTIFIED, GIVEN A GOVERNMENT CLEARANCE CARD, VERIFIED WORK REFERENCES AND PERSONAL REFERENCESHome Health Assistant: Assists with ALL aspects of activities of daily living, range of motion,light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, transportation, companionship, taking of vitalsigns, monitors changes in clients condition and reports changes to supervising RN.Homemaker/Companion: Provides companionship, household cleaning, meal preparation andclean up, laundry, runs errands, and supervises basic hygiene.Live-In: This encompasses a Home Health Assistants responsibilities, but on a daily basis. Thislive-in arrangement is based on a 24-hour day, of which the Assistant works 8 hours, is on call 8hours, and sleeps 8 hours. This Assistant is required to stay with the client at all times unlessotherwise specified.==================================================================Contact information for Tempe Human Resources, Concentrix Corporation2005 West 14th Street, Suite 109, Tempe, AZ 85281
  • http://www.concentrix.com/careers/united-states================================================================== Frito-Lay is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of snack foods and is a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo. If at any time during this process you decide you do not wish to pursue employment with Frito-Lay, you may simply close your browser.Please be aware that this is an initial application for employment and that your answers will belogged and potentially verified. Please also be aware that you can only apply for one position ata time and that this application is only valid for that specific position.If you are interested in other job opportunities at PepsiCo, please visit the Careers site atwww.pepsico.com/careershttp://fritolayemployment.com/ho3/abw/questions.aspFULL-TIME PACKERThe Full-Time Packer position is responsible for constructing and packing boxes of product. Theaverage weekly work hours are between 40 and 50 hours per week. Hours are mainly in theevening, with many shifts involving working overnight. Weekend and Holiday work is required.Work is performed near heavy machinery in a loud warehouse environment with productivityclosely and constantly monitored.Responsibilities include: constructing and packing boxes manually or with the help ofautomated machines, conducting quality checks, maintaining a clean and safe work area,repetitively moving the arms and torso while continually standing for many hours.===============================================================Who We AreWe are a fast-paced, fast track, multiple award-winningSupermarket Retailer. One of our Accomplishments includesbeing named Arizona Retailer of the Year - Arizona FoodMarketing Alliance for 2012. And the only thing growingquicker than our acclaims is our expansion. Pros RanchMarkets is on track to grow even more stores in the comingyears.Pros Ranch Markets is celebrating the recent grand opening of its eleventh Supermarket. More storesmeans more opportunities and Pros Ranch Markets is looking for you to join our team. Our HRDepartment can be reached at: (602) 254-7201.
  • http://prosranch.com/employment.aspx==================================================================http://search0.smartsearchonline.com/nesco/jobs/index.asp1400 E SOUTHERN AVE.STE. 330TEMPE, AZ 85282(480) 898-9452=========================================================http://www.core-mark.com/careeropportunities/Careers-Drivers.aspx?CategoryID=6============================================================================Supply Chain Center: 5216 W. Mohave, Phoenix, AZ 85043Phone: 602-233-3030Warehouse Team Member - Production Team Member - MaintenanceTechnician - Maintenance Team Member- Customer Service Rephttp://www.dominosbiz.com/Biz-Public-EN/Site+Content/Secondary/Careers/Distribution/Locations-DC.html================================================================== https://careers.lowes.com/areas_store.aspx With more than 1,725 locations across North America, and new operations being added all the time, there’s more
  • opportunity than ever before in our stores.