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April 1

  1. 1. HOME OF THE AMERICAN MADE JOB NEW JOB BOOKS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY April 2nd 2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Connectwith something bigger, have an impactevery day and work someplace truly great. The opportunity ishere – all you have to do is take it… STARBUCKS What’s it like to work at Starbucks? It’s a lot like working with friends. For one thing, the people who work here aren’t “employees” - we're “partners” because we passionately share common goals and mutual success. We’re dedicated to serving ethically sourced coffee, caring for the environment and giving back to the communities where we do business. SELLECT THE LOCATION THATYOUAREINTERESTED IN AND APPLY HERE: http://www.starbucks.com/career-center/retail-positions GET TO KNOWTHEM BY CHECKING THIS OUT: http://www.starbucks.com/ STUDY THE MENU...KNOW THE COFFEE(S): http://www.starbucks.com/menu The Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob USED JOB SHACK
  2. 2. SELLECT THE LOCATION THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AND APPLY HERE: http://www.starbucks.com/career-center/retail-positions -Phoenix, Arizona (2824 N. 44th Street) - 0 miles - Currently accepting applicationsfor the followingjobs: Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) --------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (4340 East Indian School Road) - 2.34 miles - Currently accepting applicationsfor the following jobs: Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) --------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (2425 East Camelback Road) - 3.15 miles Currently accepting applicationsfor the followingjobs: Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) --------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (1641 East Camelback Road) - 3.15 miles Currently accepting applicationsfor the followingjobs: Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) --------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (3165 E. Lincoln Dr.) - 3.15 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs: Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ---------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (1601 E. Bethany Home Road) - 3.15 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the following jobs:Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ---------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (3175 E. Thomas Road) - 3.15 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ----------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (2340 E. BaselineRoad) - 4.09 miles Currently acceptingapplications for the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ----------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (455 N. 3rd Street) - 4.17 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ----------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (5557 N. 7th Street) - 4.49 miles Currently accepting applicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ------------------------------------------------------ -Phoenix, Arizona (530 East McDowell Road) - 4.6 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) ------------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (50 W. Jefferson Street) - 4.6 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) ------------------------------------------------------- -Scottsdale,Arizona (2865 N. ScottsdaleRd) - 4.82 miles Currently acceptingapplications for the followingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) ------------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (3110 North Central) - 4.83 miles Currently accepting applicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) -------------------------------------------------------- -Scottsdale,Arizona (7014 E Camelback Road) - 5 miles Currently acceptingapplications for the followingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) -------------------------------------------------------- -Scottsdale,Arizona (4032 N. ScottsdaleRoad) - 5 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) -------------------------------------------------------- -Scottsdale,Arizona (3300 N. Hayden Road) - 5 miles Currently acceptingapplications for thefollowingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) -------------------------------------------------------- -Tempe, Arizona (871 W. University Drive) - 5.04 miles Currently acceptingapplications for thefollowingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) --------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3. -Tempe, Arizona (420 S. Mill Avenue) - 5.04 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) --------------------------------------------------------------- -Tempe, Arizona (1158 W. Washington Street) - 5.04 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) -Shift Supervisor (US) -------------------------------------------------------- -Tempe, Arizona (555 N. ScottsdaleRoad) - 5.04 miles Currently acceptingapplications for the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) --------------------------------------------------------- -Tempe, Arizona (1926 N. ScottsdaleRd.) - 5.04 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ---------------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (701 West McDowell Road) - 5.29 miles Currently acceptingapplicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ---------------------------------------------------------- -Scottsdale,Arizona (32421 N ScottsdaleRoad) - 5.57 miles Currently acceptingapplications for thefollowingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ----------------------------------------------------------- -Phoenix, Arizona (5344 N. 7th Avenue) - 5.61 miles Currently accepting applicationsfor the followingjobs Barista (US) - Shift Supervisor (US) ------------------------------------------------------------ FURTHER OUT LOCATIONS: -Scottsdale,Arizona (7001 North ScottsdaleRoad) - 5.97 miles -Tempe, Arizona (5000 Arizona Mills Circle) - 6.5 miles -Tempe, Arizona (4455 Lakeshore Drive) - 6.5 miles -Tempe, Arizona (5158 South Rural Road) - 6.5 miles -Tempe, Arizona (3223 S. McClintock Drive) - 6.5 miles --------------------------------------------------------------- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…STARBUCKS Barista at Starbucks Accepted Offer Interview Details –All applications are done online, and the manager will call if resume/app looks good. If you want the job, go into the store, meet the manager, and drop off a resume. One interview, very basic situational questions. What would you do if... Give an instance when... Come dressed professionally -- amazing how many kids I saw come into the store for interviews who were wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Don't be that guy. Interview process took about 30 minutes. Interview Question –At the end of a hard work day, how do you make it through the last hour? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. Cashier at Starbucks No Offer Interview Details –I went to my local Starbucks and got an interview form. I was then called for my interview and it was very laid back. I shortly received an answer about my job and I was hired. Interview Question –It was a tight squeeze and here were a lot of accidents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barista at Starbucks Accepted Offer Interview Details –You apply online and hope to get called. This doesn't always work. A lot of people call in after submitting their application and ask the manager to look up their profile. I got lucky and got called 2 weeks after I applied online without calling the manager. I got a call and set up an interview for the following week. The interview is fairly easy they ask you about work ethic past experiences with customers, a time you made a customer leave satisfied and a time a customer was very unsatisfied with you. After that you get set up for another interview in which the next manager which may be a manager from another store will ask you the same questions again (huh?). My number one advice for an interview is DON'T BE SHY. Being shy and closed up will not get you the interview. Talk to the manager about stuff you like to do. Get to know the person tell them something that will make them like you and make you stick out. Being a very happy person and telling them how much you love to put the customers first will probably nail you the job. DO NOT! Forget to smile constantly. Don't put a fake smile but show the manager you can smile. Be polite and say thank you after the interview it shows them you know how to say thank you to customers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Barista at Starbucks Accepted Offer Interview Details –I saw an advertisement they had on craigslist and immediately sent them my resume through email. About a week later I was contacted by the Store Manager to come in for an interview. When I got there, I was offered a free drink and waited for about 5 minutes. The manager then came up to me and took me to a table she was sitting at and we began the interview. All of the questions were reasonable but some I had to think about. After the interview she said she had some more coming up and would be choosing by Monday; it was Tuesday. She told me if I didn't hear from her by Monday it meant she chose other candidates. I thought I'd did pretty well until she said that. Saturday afternoon I got a call from her but I didn't catch it and she left a voicemail for me to call back but by the time I did she had clocked out. She called again Monday morning and told me on the voicemail that I had gotten the job. Interview Question –Explain a time where you had an issue at work and you weren't sure how to resolve it? What did you do? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Barista at Starbucks Accepted Offer Interview Details –I had to wait so she told me to get a free drink and sit down. After she asked me the basic questions. Why do you want to work at Starbucks? Why do you think employees where a uniform? What are your strengths and weaknesses? I had to go to two different interviews. The second one was just like the first. ===========================================================================
  5. 5. “We are not a fast food pizza restaurant…” STUDY THEIR MENU…WATCH THE VIDEO…FIND OUTWHO THEY AREBEFORE YA GO APPLY! ZPIZZA NEEDS A FULL TIME CASHIER WHO HAS THE ABILITY TO BE AN OPENER/CLOSER Help run shifts when the GM and Assistant Manager are off. Hours areflexible but include mornings, nights and weekends. An ability to direct staff, count money accurately, providesuperior quality customer serviceand maintain high standards is required. It's possibleit could turn into an AssistantManager position over time. We like to promotefrom within. We could provide between 30-38 hours a week. We have a great staff, most of who has been with us for many years. We are looking for a positive, upbeat personality who takes pride in their work and who has superior customer service. A food handler's card is required. We prefer someone with prior restaurantexperience and who has open flexibility, as open availability is more likely to resultin full time work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPEN AVAILABILITY COOK The position is primarily part time, but may turn into full time based on your ability, availability and willingness to work. Westrongly prefer someonewith open availability, including nights/weekends. Prior cook experience is required and prior pizza experience preferred. The work is fun and interesting, as we preparea lot of foods fromscratch, including dressings, sauces, and other items. We run a very clean establishment with no messy grease. Weuse a real NY brick oven, which requires someskill. We are not a fast food pizza restaurant… Apply in person at zpizza@ 53 W. Thomas Road (West on Thomas about 2 blocks off of Central Aveon the south side)… CHECK THEM OUT @ http://www.zpizza.com/about BE SURE TO WATCH THEIR VIDEO BEFOREYOUGO TO APPLY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T4NaSgYPpyA =================================================================================== JOURNEYMAN - $17-19. APPRENTICE- $12-16. HELPER - $9-11 - CALL TIM AT 765.409.1542 US Trades is seeking Journeyman, Apprentice and Helper Electricians for work at the IntelPlant. These are long term work, 50-60 hours per week. Thesepositions startas soon as possible. If interested and can startright away, please call Tim at 765.409.1542. BEABLETO PASS A 10 YEAR BACKGROUND CHECK http://ustradesllc.com/
  6. 6. ================================================================= DID YA KNOW? BBC TRAVEL RECENTLY FEATURED CARTEL AS ONE OF AMERICA'S BEST COFFEE BARS! BBC…. THEY NEED A BAKER/FULL TIME/PARTTIMEFOR A COFFEESHOP/CAFE. We are proud of our pastry program and are looking for a motivated, experienced baker! Opportunities for creativity, leadership in a hip, relaxed atmosphere. CHECK THEM OUT @ http://www.cartelcoffeelab.com/ MAKE SURE TO WATCH THEIR VIDEO BEFORE YOU GO: http://www.cartelcoffeelab.com/ INTERESTED? Please bring resume to 1 N 1st St, Phoenix AZ (PM HOURS WORK BETTER) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL QUALITY CLEANING SYSTEMS IS LOOKING TO HIRE FULL TIME JANITORIAL FLOOR TECHNICIANS We would provideall the equipment and transportation and you would be a full time employee. We can create a flexible schedule, but generally the right candidate will be able to work on call, 5 days per week, nights, and weekends. We are a private commercial janitorial business thathas operated in the Arizona for over 15 years. We need someone that really cares about quality, has relevant experience, and is able to self-supervisein a crew of two persons. PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON AT 2524 NORTH 24TH STREET, PHOENIX, AZ 85008 DID YA KNOW? Theyare a commercial cleaningservices company that has beenservingArizonacompaniesforover15 yearswhois a leaderingreencleaningand environmental stewardship.Theseare notjust buzzwordswe use whenmarketingoffice cleaning
  7. 7. services. CHECKIT OUT AT http://www.tqclean.com/default.aspx Hyundai & Kia Technicians Needed! $500 Sign On Bonus!
  8. 8. https://camelbackteam.hyrell.com/welcome.aspx?PID=79 WE HAVE LOTS OF WORK FOR ELECTRICIANS/CARPENTERS/SHEET METAL/LABORERS WITH FINGERPRINT CARDS If you are looking for long term projects and have passed a recent fingerprint clearance, apply with us. DAILY PAY AVAILABLE. APPLY IN PERSON ATEITHER LOCATION: 1621 E. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85034 (602)255-0073 4636 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 275-1356 info@laborsystems.com CHECK THEM OUT AND FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE @ http://www.laborsystems.com/ *These jobsadvertised here do require the fingerprintcard due to the actual employer and/or location. NOTALL of their job offeringsrequire this. Contact them for more details. Nothing too loose by asking…remember the worsethey can do is hire you! =================================================================== YOUR FRESH START STARTS HERE. $500 HIRING BONUS, START NOW M-F, NO WEEKENDS THE CLEANING AUTHORITYneeds cleaners for Phoenix/Scottsdale area. M-F Days (FullTime, 8AMto 5PM). Paid training. Come to the office, meet up with your partner and clean a few houses then return to the office. We pay hourly ($9-11+/hr after training) plus tips & bonuses. Wealso offer paid holidays and paid vacation. COMEBY THE OFFICEFOR AN APPLICATION AND INTERVIEW: M-F at8AM to 12 Noon. We are located near Loop 101 and Cave Creek Road. Our address is 21018 N. 22nd St. FromLoop 101 go north on Cave Creek Rd to firstlight at RoseGarden Lane, turn left, go 2 blocks to 22nd St., turn right to 2nd building on left. At The Cleaning Authority, our employees are “cleaning up!” When you do a great job, you will find the career opportunities you havebeen looking for.
  9. 9. In fact, over 95% of all FranchiseManagersstarted out as cleaners – read more @ http://www.thecleaningauthority.com/JobOpportunities.aspx ================================================================ ENJOY A 5-DAY WEEK WITH SUNDAYS ALWAYS OFF DRIVETIMELot Attendant –PHOENIX CHECK OUT THEIR VIDEO @ http://vimeo.com/20602564 MUST HAVE:  Valid driver's license.  Be able to operate manual and automatic transmission vehicle.  Must haveno more than 2 moving violations in the last 3 years, no reckless driving, or DUI. OR ANY EQUIVALENT COMBINATIONOF EDUCATION, TRAINING AND/OR EXPERIENCE THAT FULFILLS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE POSITIONWILL BE CONSIDERED. Outstanding medical, dental and vision plans (After just 60 days)!401K match too! Schedule: Expect a consistentschedule that allows everyoneto work with customers during peak times. http://www.drivetime.com/careers/OpenPositions =================================================================== MORE MEN CHOOSING NURSING AS A CAREER…INTERESTING READ…AND WHERE YOU CAN GO LOCALLY TO GET STARTED… Paul Fedorchak of Bedford was a plant manager for Morton Metal Craft. When the company was bought out and the plant was closed in 2009, he decided to switch careers. Fedorchak became a registered nurse. "I always wanted to go into themedical field," he said. "The plant closing was a blessing in disguise." He qualified for education assistance under the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance that helps trade-affected workers who have lost their jobs as a result of increased imports or shifts in production out of the United States. He was one of eight men in his nursing class. Fedorchak, 40, is now employed by Conemaugh Memorial Hospital in Johnstown and specializes in respiratory patient nursing care…. (READ MORE HERE) http://articles.dailyamerican.com/2013-03-28/news/38108214_1_male-nurses- licensed-practical-nurses-medical-field INTERESTED?
  10. 10. CHECK THESEPEOPLEOUT. THEIRPROGRAMIS ATCOMMUNITYCOLLEGERATES, PELL GRANTS MAKE ITFREE!!!! AND THEY ARE A NATIONALLYRANKED PROGRAM… http://www.phoenixcollege.edu/academics/departments/nursing ================================================================== DENNY'S IS NOWHIRING EXPERIENCED LINE COOKS Must be available on weekends and holidays. They offer competitive pay, flexible schedules, paid vacations, employee meal benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Please apply in person at 825 S. 48th St, Tempe 85281. (48th St/University) If you are already working elsewhere, call (480) 829-0907 toset anappointment time. STUDY THEIR MENU& BE ABLETO EXPLAIN BACONALIA: http://dennys.com/ ================================================================== USED JOB SHACK INSIDER TIP #37 Over the past severalweeks…going out to job fairs and recruitments, one question is being used to screen you. “Whatdo you know aboutour company?” If ya say “NOTHING” then you are kind of blown off. Before you go to an interviewer, you MUSTstudy the company’s websiteto be able to answer this question. Be prepared!Show the interviewer/recruiter that you wereinterested enough in the job to do some research. They will be impressed and you will jump the firstand biggesthurdle to getting that job. Say you find out that the company has been in business for 60 years, they are in 30 countries, their buzz phrases are“passion for cooking” and “a passion for serving”. Supposethey say that they are a pioneer in changing their industry. Here is how to incorporate this into your answer of “What do ya know about our company, kid?” I was reading your website the other day and I saw that you have been in business for…whatwas it? Something like 60 years…that’s impressive!And, you guys are in…if I remember…something like 30 countries…Butwhat struck me the most was whereyou weretalking abouta passion for cooking…apassion for serving…I said that’s ME! And that is when I know that I wanted to come down and talk to you about an opportunity with your company… Also, I could see that you guys are at the cutting edge of changing the food industry…pioneers…I really aminterested in being a part of being a game changer…I really do appreciate this opportunity to meet with you today…because… {INSERTYOUR TALKING POINTS} ONYOUSKILL SETS THATRELATE TO THIS JOBYOUARE APPLYING FOR…CONNECTTHEM DOTS MY FRIEND…AND YOUGOT A GREAT CHANCETO GET THIS OR ANY JOB!!! =================================================================
  11. 11. LOCAL MOVING COMPANY IS LOOKING TO FILL IMMEDIATEPOSITIONS FOR PACKERS/PACKING SERVICES Please do not apply if you have not had experience with a professionalcompany; all experience will be verified. If you have experienceas a packer, please bring a validID and apply in person@ 10640 N. 28thDr., C-102, Phoenix, AZ 85029 CURRENTLY HIRING PT ASSISTANTTEACHER TO WORK WITH CHILDREN AGES 0-5 20-30 hours per week. Centrally located at 52nd St. /McDowell. S.E.E.K. Arizona provides preschool, toddler, and infant careto children at our new Early Learning Center. We are looking for energetic team players that are innovativeand enthusiastic about young children to lead our classrooms. To fill out an online application please visit our website at: www.SEEKArizona.org ================================================================== IMMEDIATEOPENING FOR A PARTTIMEEXPERIENCED FLORAL DESIGNER Freshfloral designexperiencerequired. Musthave extensiveweddingandeventdesignexperience and have references.Mustbe able to workflexible hoursincluding weekends. Must be able tolifta minimumof 30 lbs.Must be able tomulti task ina fastpacedwork environment. Must have friendlyandpositive attitude.Candidatesmusthave validdriver’s license andhave references.FlowersbyJodi has beenanaward winningwedding floristsince 1995. INTERESTED CANDIDATES MAY APPLY IN PERSON AT400 W. CAMELBACKROAD, STE 115 PHOENIX, AZ 85013 LEARN ABOUT THEM BEFORE THEY GO:http://www.flowersbyjodi.com/ ================================================================================= NEED EXPERIENCD UPHOLSTERY PERSON WHO KNOWS HOW TO CUT AND SEW - CALL MIKE AT 480-966-5021 Work in a very busy upholstery shop in Tempe. Top pay Must be able to cut and sew. Call Mike at 480-966-5021. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMERCIAL PAINTERS, DRYWALL HANGERS AND TAPERS APPLY TODAY…WORKTOMORROW! CALL 602-258-3344 TO SETUP AN INTERVIEW
  12. 12. Apply today as soon as you see this ad. You musthave: Car - Hand Tools - Cell Phone - Desireto work Apply today 4920 E. McDowell Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85008 andwork tomorrowafternoon…If you arealready working elsewherecall 602-258-3344 to set up an interview time. ================================================================================= SUB-CONTRACTOR IN THEVALLEY LOOKING TO HIRELABORER, APPRENTICE, AND JOURNEYMANLEVELS - CALL 623-581-1249 The pay rangeis from$9.00 to $15.00 per hour (based on your experience). If you are interested please apply at; 23724 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85024. Applications will be acceptedMonday throughFriday betweenthe hours of 8:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.. ================================================================== CONCRETECONSTRUCTION COMPANY LOOKING FOR FORM SETTER/FINISHERS At least 4 years'experience in sidewalk, curb, in gutter. No Flat work Finishers & FormSetters please! Must havereliable transportation, job sites are valley wide. Apply with Temcon Concrete Construction Co. at 8989 S. Hardy Drive, Tempe, AZ 85284 - If you arealready working call (480) 893-1789 to setup an interview time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONCRETECONSTRUCTION COMPANY LOOKING FOR BLADEOPERATOR At least 4 years'experience in prepping and cutting gradefor sidewalk, curb and gutter. Musthave reliable transportation, job sites are valley wide. Apply with Temcon Concrete Construction Co. at 8989 S. Hardy Drive, Tempe, AZ 85284 - If you arealready working call (480) 893-1789 to setup an interview time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONCRETECONSTRUCTION COMPANY LOOKING FOR SHOTCRETENOZZLEMAN At least 2 years’ experience. No Flat work Finishers & FormSetters please! Must have reliable transportation, job sites are valley wide. Apply: Temcon Concrete Construction Co. 8989 S. Hardy Drive, Tempe, AZ 85284 If you are already working call (480) 893-1789to set up an interview time. =================================================================== FASTGROWING LANDSCAPECOMPANYLOOKING FOR A SKILLED MASON CALL 602-296-6255 We are Landscapecontractors and do new installs and remodel, we are not a maintenance company. Must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience. Must have knowledgeon building BBQ's, Fireplaces, etc.
  13. 13. ================================================================== HABITATFORHUMANITYCENTRAL ARIZONA IS HIRING A FULL-TIME DRIVER/WAREHOUSETO WORK MONDAYTHRUSATURDAYAT THE PEORIA RESTORE. Will assistin donation pickup and delivery, using a company vehicle, loading and unloading the contents. Also includes keeping the backroomin order and assisting customers with their purchases. Theideal candidate will need valid AZ driver's license, with good driving record and pass the ADOTMedical Exam. This job posting will close on Friday, April 5th, 2013 TO APPLY: www.habitatcaz.org =================================================================== SAFEWAY HAS MULTIPLEOPENINGS FOR All Purpose Clerks - Meat - Valley Wide Provides superior customer service. Stocks and rotates meat merchandisein accordancewith company guidelines on merchandisepresentation, safety, sanitation, customer serviceand suggestiveselling. Duties further include keeping the meat case organized, cleaning the glass, emptying cases and trays, relaying customer requests to the meat cutter, wrapping merchandiseand other duties as assigned. OPENING ATTHE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: Safeway 2676 (17) 9101 E BASELINE RD MESA, Arizona 85208 Safeway 3154 (17) 6817 W PEORIA, PEORIA, Arizona 85345 Safeway 1980 (17) 1334 E CHANDLER BLVD PHOENIX, Arizona 85048 Safeway 2651 (17) 340 E MCDOWELL PHOENIX, Arizona 85004 Safeway 1491 (17) 7920 E CHAPARRAL SCOTTSDALE, Arizona 85250 Safeway 1549 (17) 14696 N FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT BV SCTS, Arizona 85260 Safeway 1849 (17) 32551 N SCOTTSDALE RD SCOTTSDALE, Arizona 85262 2
  14. 14. Safeway 2032 (17) 10773 N SCOTTSDALE RD SCOTTSDALE, Arizona 85254 Safeway 1487 (17) 926 E BROADWAY TEMPE, Arizona 85282 https://www.safeway.apply2jobs.com/HVExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mhvExternal. showPositionDetails&PID=470 ================================================================= USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…SAFEWAY… No Offer Interview Details –I applied online and it was a very simple process. I did submit a resume, but it was almost not worth looking at. I missed a call from the interviewer and hurried to call her back, about 30 min after she left a message. She wanted to see me as soon as possible, so we arranged a meeting for the next day in the late morning. I went in there dressed in my nicest clothes* (dress shirt, khaki pants, black dress shoes) and sat down, somewhat nervous about the interview. As soon as I saw how simple the questions were and how friendly and laid back the lady was, it was a piece of cake. After I filled out the questionnaires** and answered the rest of her questions, she basically told me I got the job. She said there were three openings***, and asked which one I would want. Of course I had to choose the worst one. Next came the drug test, which I must admit was kind of scary for me. I had recently quit smoking bud**** (AKA marijuana) about a week before the interview, but I was worried it hadn't been long enough. It had definitely been long enough. It was just an oral swab test, so I had to suck on a foam cylinder, which tasted like sour apples, until it was fully saturated. Apparently you can pass this test even if you've done drugs a couple days prior. My old coworker said he had been smoking copious amounts of hash in the days leading up to his drug test. He only stopped the night before the interview, and obviously he passed the test. After the drug test I had to run home and grab my ID, social security number, and routing number (if you want to be paid via electronic deposit). Be sure to bring your ID and have your social security number memorized or on hand before the interview. If you got an interview, you will almost definitely be hired. Congrats! But not really, it's a horrible job. Almost every person I've seen walk in for an interview has started working here shortly after. Most of the interviewers have to drive to the store from another location, and they really hate doing that! The job is yours as long as you have a clean appearance and can answer their questions in English. Notes: * I wasn't sure what to wear, but decided that dressing as conservative as possible could
  15. 15. only help. ** Questions included, "What would your old teachers say about you as a student?"; "What would your previous employer say about you as an employee?" "What are the most important aspects of customer service?" *** I was offered a job as a courtesy clerk, helper clerk, or produce clerk. Definitely should've taken the job as produce clerk. I asked which one would give the most hours, and blindly went with that. Next best would've been helper clerk. Absolutely avoid being a courtesy clerk at all costs! The only benefit is that it makes you more sociable, and you get to meet just about everyone in the store. I am thankful for my time as a courtesy clerk because it's given me a better familiarity with the store as a whole and the employees who run it than I would've realized in any other position. Otherwise it's a horrible, horrible job. **** I must add that this was due to personal reasons (the drive to be more productive with my life) ...not in preparation for drug tests or anything. Interview Questions  What else might you suggest to someone who's buying a birthday cake? The answers seem so obvious after you hear them, but it's so easy to over think this one. Give examples of the qualities of good customer service… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cashier at Safeway Accepted Offer Interview Details –I had one interview. The hiring manager wanted me to work there because I had previous experience. Only had a few simple questions about my availability. No work related questions about customer service and such. Very easy interview. Even did cotton swab drug test on the spot. Interview Question –There was not a single hard question. Answer Question Negotiation Details –My previous job was for another grocery store, and I left there making journeyman wages, so I wanted to make sure I would be getting journeyman wages there as well. I was told I would be getting the top pay, but they hired me at entry level, and I had to stick it out making half of what I was making before for 2 months, (during my probation period.) After that, the union helped me get my deserved salary and everything was fine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Courtesy Clerk at Safeway Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online after my friend who worked there told me they were looking to hire. They called me about 4 days later and asked me to come in for a one on one interview. The interview was about 15 minutes long and most of the questions were very basic and expected. I was offered the job on the spot and accepted. Interview Question –Name a time where you were the leader of a group and had to problem solve to accomplish a task. There really were not any unexpected or odd questions. The interviewer had never done one before because the normal person was out that day. I think it would have been more in-depth if the normal interviewer was there. Negotiation Details –No negotiation. Courtesy clerks get minimum wage and it seemed like you had no say in how many hours you worked. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashier at Safeway Accepted Offer Interview Details –I had applied online and received a call from them within 2 weeks. The interview process was fairly slow. With me there were 3 other people in waiting. The
  16. 16. interviewer had 2 sets of 3 pages and he asked me questions like, why I was interested in working for Safeway and a situation where I had to go above and beyond. No questions were asked regarding wage. They asked how I’ve handled difficult customers in the past. they are basically looking for peppy individuals. Have a smile on your face. Be confident. Dress professionally (don’t overdo it) and prep your answers in advance. It went pretty well and I was hired. It’s been 2 weeks since the interview, background check and final paper work and I still I haven’t received a schedule. that’s the most annoying part… ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.careersatsafeway.com/ MOREOPENINGS…ACROSS THEVALLEY…For a more complete list or to apply…go to the above website to check them out… SAFEWAY 0174 (17) 520WOSBORN RD PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85013 10 OPENINGS Courtesy Clerk (11004) - Front End Service (SWY) 2 Deli Manager (11032) (SWY) 1 Donut Fryer (12864) Bakery (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Deli (SWY) 2 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Floral (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Front End Service (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail Night Crew (12864) Grocery (SWY) 1 Home Shopping Personal Shopper (12373) - dot com (SWY) 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- SAFEWAY 2651 (17) 340EMCDOWELL PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85004 6 OPENINGS Courtesy Clerk (11004) - Front End Service (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Coffee Kiosk (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Front End Service (SWY) 2 Pharmacy Tech Trainee (15491) (SWY) 1 Pharmacy Technician - B - Pharmacy (11637) (SWY) 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- SAFEWAY 2716 (17) 4750 EINDIAN SCHOOL RD PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85018 7 OPENINGS Courtesy Clerk (11004) - Front End Service (SWY) 2 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Coffee Kiosk (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Deli (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Front End Service (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Produce (SWY) 2 ------------------------------------------------------------- Safeway 2042 (17) 3132 ECAMELBACKRD PHOENIX, Arizona85016
  17. 17. 6 OPENINGS Courtesy Clerk (11004) - Front End Service (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Coffee Kiosk (SWY) 1 General Clerk-Retail (12864) Front End Service (SWY) 2 Pharmacy Tech Trainee (15491) (SWY) 1 Pharmacy Technician - B - Pharmacy (11637) (SWY) 1 ================================================================= GUARD EXPERIENCEIS A PLUS, BUT IS NOT A PRE-REQUISITE! WE WILL TRAIN YOU! SECURITY AT CELEBRITY THEATRE Security position at the Valley's Best Concert Venue with the best team in any security group. Position may include activities such as wanding at entrances, crowd control and control access to secured areas. Must be 21yrs or older. Have no felony convictions. Have no misdemeanor convictions withinthe last 5 years. Haveor be able to qualify for State-mandated Arizona Security Guard License. Musthave a valid AZ Driver's Licenseand a reliable automobile. Must be High SchoolGraduate or equivalent (GED). Mustbe willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays, between the hrs. of 06:00PM& 01:00 AM http://celebritytheatre.com/employ.php ================================================================= TAMMIECOECAKES IS EXPANDING INTO PHOENIXSKY HARBOR AIRPORT! NOWHIRING AM/PM FULL AND PART-TIMECASHIERS who areas excited as we are about whatTammie Coe has to offer. They are looking for people who take their jobs seriously and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Their ideal candidate will be a quick-thinking, hard-working individualwho has a senseof fun as well as professionalpolish. REQUIREMENTS: Open availability including nights and weekends •Past cashier experience •Accurate cash handling skills •Must be able to pass a federal background test •Able to stand for long periods •Reliable transportation BENEFITS AND MORE: Competitive wages & Dining discounts HOW TO APPLY: Please email your resumeto tammiecoe@aol.com with cashier as the subject. DID YA KNOW? Tammie Coe CakesandMJ Bread has arrivedat Phoenix SkyHarborSpring2013! We are thrilledtoannounce thatwe have a scheduleddate forthe openingof ournewestTammie Coe
  18. 18. Cakeslocation,USAirwaysTerminal 4at SkyHarbor International Airport! TheyopenedonFebruary 5th, 2013. The newlocationfeatureswonderful,fresh-bakedgrab-and-goTammie Coe Cakesgoodies such as our famousSourCreamSugar Cookies,OoeyGooeyCupcakesandahostof othersweettreats! We'll alsohave greatbreadsand rollsfromMJ Bread.So whetheryou're onyourwayto someplace fun and wantsomethingtastytohelpyoutake off,or on yourway back and wantsomethingthatreminds youof home,please come byandvisitournewestlocation. COMPLICATED MENU CHOICES (NAMES) STUDY THE MENU: http://www.tammiecoecakes.com/cakes/ =================================================================================== WALLY'S AMERICAN PUB N GRILLEIS CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR LINECOOKS STARTING RATEIS $11 AN HOUR. Guaranteed 30- 40 hours per week. We offer a competitive salary, fixed schedules and the ability for advancement with a growing company. Pleaseapply if you have at least 3 years of kitchen experience. Please apply in person at 5029 N 44th Street (N.E. corner Camelback Road & 44th Street) bring 2 forms of valid ID with you to your interview. Monday through Friday 9-11AMOR2-5PM. CHECK THEM OUT: http://wallyspub.com/ MENU: http://wallyspub.com/wallyspubarcadia/arcadiam enu.html =================================================================== IF YOU AREA CERTIFIED FLAGGERS (NEAR GILBERT, AZ) CALL 480-539-9675 Command Center in Gilbert has immediate openings for Certified Flaggers. Jobs are located valley wide! To apply, feel free to come by our office between 9:00am-12:00pmfor an interview. THE FOLLOWING QUALIFICATIONS AREREQUIRED: Reliable Transportation. *At least 2 prior work references. *Mustprovide flagging/breaking certification. *Two forms of I.D. *Mustpass a drug test. THE PHYSICAL ADDRESS IS: 1111 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 116 Gilbert, AZ 85234 between Baseline and Guadalupe. ================================================================== NOTCERTIFIED? DO YOU WANTTO BE? “Arizona Statute ARS 28-653 states thatany flagger in state highway work zone must havetraining that meets certain standards and be retrained every two years.” - http://azdot.gov/Inside_ADOT/Safety/PDF/Flagger.pdf ONLINECERTIFICATION: http://www.onlineflagger.com/index1.htm If you have questions regarding our online flagger training class, call 720-962- 8815. Hours aremountain time zone 8 AM to 5 PM. $75.00 USD. SEARCH FOR TRAINING: http://www.atssa.com/TrainingCertification/NationalFlaggerDatabase.aspx
  19. 19. Welcome to ATSSA's Flagger.comweb site. To begin your search for flaggers, classes, instructors or staterequirements, please click on your state of interest fromthe map NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL FLAGGER TRAINING Pricey…$455.00… http://www.acnsc.org/periodicals/classes/flagger-instructor.html WANTTO WORK ATLO-LO'S? WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING TO HIRE SERVERS AND A MANAGER If you are interested in joining the Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles team, please email us at info@loloschickenandwaffles.com or stop in either Lo-Lo’s location or fill out an application. Lo-Lo's Chicken& Waffles, 1220 South Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003 http://www.loloschickenandwaffles.com/employment.php CHECK THEM OUT AT: http://loloschickenandwaffles.com/menu.php ================================================================= JOURNEYMEN ONLY"COMMERCIAL PROJECTS LOCATED IN THE PHOENIX CALL 602-716-0632 (TROY) Hiring for immediate employment. We are requiring experienced, Metal Stud Framers and Drywallers only. Musthave own All Trade Tools and Transportation. Long-termcommercial projects. Salary/Wage: Depending on experience. ================================================================== IMMEDIATEOPENINGS FOR EXCAVATOR OPERATORS 3yrs exp operating fromMini Ex. to 345 on a commercial site. 613, 623, 627 Scraper Operators--minimum3yrsexp. operating (627 Operators musthaveexp in double/triple push/pullconfiguration.) on a commercial site. APPLICATIONS WILL BETAKEN IN PERSON ONLY at the MarkhamContracting Office, 22820 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85027 during thefollowing times: Mon 4/1-Weds 4/3-- 8am-11amand 1pm-3pmdaily. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMMEDIATEOPENINGS FOR GRADECHECKERS 3-5yrs exp. on commercial sites/roadways using conventionalmethods as well as GPS proficient.
  20. 20. APPLICATIONS WILL BETAKEN IN PERSON ONLY at the MarkhamContracting Office, 22820 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85027 during thefollowing times: Mon 4/1-Weds 4/3-- 8am-11amand 1pm-3pmdaily. *CALL ONLY IF YOUAREWORKING ELSEWHEREAND NEED TO SET AN APPOINTMENT… ================================================================== EXPERIENCED SHOTCRETE FINISHER WANTED. MUSTHAVESWIMMING POOL SHOTCRETE EXPERIENCE. CALL DWAINEAT 602-448-9399 ================================================================== NOWHIRING METAL STUD FRAMERS, DRYWALL HANGERS AND PERSONS INTERESTED IN LEARING THIS TRADE. Apply in person at Pete King Construction 11040 N19th Avenue - 6:30 am Monday - Friday. Hip tools, transportation and eVerify certification required. Competitive pay with plenty of work available including government-time pay. Medical and Dental Benefits offered after 90 days. Contact Walt for Framers 602-818-9130, contactMikefor Hangers - 602-818- 9144. CALLS ONLYtaken between 7 am and 3 pm Monday - Friday ================================================================ OFFERING A $100 SIGN-ON BONUS FOR THOSE ACCEPTING 24 HOUR ASSIGNMENTS. Homewatch Care Givers was recently recognized as "One of the best places to work in the Valley," and "One of the top 25 Workplaces for Women." Join our team to see why. Join an agency that truly cares about its caregivers. HomewatchCare Givers is a family owned and operated agency that treats its caregivers like family. We firmly believe in upholding "The 3 R's of Caregiving: Respect, Reward, and Recognition;" Respect for the incredible serviceof caregiving that our caregivers provide, Rewards including the best pay and array of benefits possible, and Recognition of your efforts throughoutour company and by our clients. HomewatchCare Givers serves theelderly and disabled throughoutall of Maricopa County assisting clients with their activities of daily living, including
  21. 21. personalcare (i.e., dressing, bathing, ambulation, toileting, oral hygiene) and Companion Care (i.e., companionship, meal prep, housekeeping, med reminders, transportation) as necessary. IF INTERESTED, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS NOTICE BY CALLING US AT 602-953-2872. =================================================================================== CONCRETEMANUFACTURING COMPANYIS CURRENTLY HIRING FOR A FULL-TIMELABORER Must be a reliable, hard worker. Reliable transportation a must. Apply in person between 9amand 2 pm Monday - Friday at 2818 EastIllini St. Phoenix, AZ 85040. Ask for Alma. CHECK THEM OUT: http://apdprecast.com/about.php =============================================== 4001 N. 15th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85015 We do not operate like a typical temp staffing company. Our customers are looking for employees that they can hire on after our contract period expires. We do not warehouse thousands of candidates that we call one by one for a particular assignment. Each position requires specific skills and we interview many applicants for an open position. Applicants that meet our standards are sent to our customer to interview. EVERY APPLICANT IS SUBJECT TO A BACKGROUND SCREEN AND DRUG TEST. We only interview for open positions and do not waste your time by advertising for positions that we do not have. If you are looking for long- term employment with exciting and growing companies, our organization may be your best place to start. MOMENTUM IS CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED ORDER SELECTORS FOR A TEMP-TO-HIREOPPORTUNITY WITH A SOUTH PHOENIXFOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTER. Job duties for the position will include the following: Hand pulling orders from racking system - Repetitively lifting up to 75 pounds - Palletizing merchandise- Staging productfor delivery -Other warehouseduties as directed Schedule: Sunday - Thursday, 4pmstarttime. (Youwill complete training onfirst shift) Skills /Requirements: 6 months of Order Selection Experience within last year Experience using an RF Scanner - Forkliftexperience - Reliable transportation Ability topass pre-employment drug screenandbackground investigation IMPORTANTNOTES:PLEASEAPPLYINPERSONAT Momentum Specialized Staffing, 4001 N. 15th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85015 - HOURS: Mon.-Thurs., 9amto 11:30amor 1pmto 3:30pm *Interviews arefirst-comefirst-serveand will be conducted until the position(s) fills so make sureyou come in ASAP! Please bring the following with you: Valid
  22. 22. Picture ID - Any information needed to complete application. If you would like, you can fill out our application before you come in at www.momentumtrans.com/apply.html *MUST COMETO THE OFFICEWITHIN 48 HRS OF COMPLETING ONLINEAPP ============================================================= CHECK THEM OUT…PLEASEREAD IN DETAIL: http://www.tch-az.com/ Position Location Pay Range Community Job Coach Tempe $10.50/hour + Benefits!!- Development Assistant Tempe $9.00-$9.00 Direct Support Provider - Float Tempe 8.33-12.12 Full-Time/Part-Time - Direct Support Provider - All Valley (Driver/Non-Driver) Tempe $8.33 an hour + BENEFITS!-$8.83 an hour + BENEFITS! Home Care Provider Tempe $10.73/hr --$12.55/hr + BENEFITS! Job Coach - Lead Tempe $10.50 + benefits!!-$10.50 + benefits!! Job Coach - Tempe Tempe $8.83/hr --$8.83/hr + Benefits!! =================================================================== HOMECAREPROVIDER -Mustbe 18 years or older -HS Diploma/GED -Able to pass a pre-employment drug screen. -Able topass a background check to obtaina Finger Print Clearance Card throughthe ArizonaDepartment of Public Safety ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOB COACH - TEMPE High Schooldiploma or equivalent - 21 years of age, clean driving record and currentAZ License - One year of experience working in the disability field - Good computer skills: MS Office2000, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Internet - This position may require occasionalextended and/or flexible working hours - Pass an extensive background check and pre-employment drug screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMMUNITY JOB COACH High Schooldiploma or equivalent - Associate's degree in a related field preferred. - One year experience working in the disability field - 21 years of age, clean driving record and currentArizona Driver's License - Pass an extensive background check and pre-employmentdrug screen. ================================================================= HIGHEST PAY IN THE VALLEY CALL ERIC @ 480-438-9356 MASONS, BLOCKCREWS, FOOTING CREWS, REBAR PLACERS, GENERAL LABOR NEEDED… =================================================================
  23. 23. https://smfbahr.wufoo.com/forms/tuesday-april-9th-driver-job-fair/ LOOKING FOR A FEW AWESOME DRIVERS! St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is having a Driver Job Fair, Tuesday, April9th from 9AMto 12 Noon! Our Transportation Team is looking for highly motivated, skilled, Class A & Class B Drivers to startimmediately.
  24. 24. If you are interested, and havea Commercial Driver’s License, a great driving record & able to pass a comprehensivepre-employmentbackground and drug screening, please attend the April 9th Job Fair beginning at 9AM. ST. MARY’S FOOD BANKALLIANCE 2831 North 31stAvenue(Del Webb Building) Phoenix, Arizona 85009 CHECK THEM OUT: www.firstfoodbank.org Watch their video: http://www.firstfoodbank.org/career-opportunities ====================================================================================== GENERAL MANUFACTURING Positions in available in our new factory include: Assembly, Machine Operators, Shipping, Powder Coating, and more! Full Time work available! Requirements are dependent on the job but may include: Metal or wood manufacturing experience -Ability learn quickly -Ability to accurately read a tape measurein mm -Able to work on a 4 on 4 of shift. -Safety boots required. To apply for these positions please email us at: phoenixcareers@dirtt.netor apply by fax to 403-723-6644 Pleasequotethe desired position title in your subjectline. DID YA KNOW? At DIRTTwe don’t makeproducts, webuild projects. Whileour components are best in class, it is the way you use them that makes them special. You tailor them to your needs and they are built quickly in a protected, clean factory ready for installing in your space. http://www.dirtt.net/public/solutions/index_2013.php ============================================================== WAREHOUSEWORKER - FLOORING COMPANY Scottsdale, AZ Job ID: 155762 Salary: 11.00 hr. Pull/fill/ship customer orders, maintain an organized and clean workspace, load and unload shipments/orders, maintain a safewarehouse working environment, work as a team, operate a forklift, sorting/storing/inventory of product. Ability to work flexible hours, including Saturdays {every other} - Shifts Monday-Friday 7am - 4pmOR Tuesday-Saturday 8-5/Sat. hours 9-3. http://www.pridestaff.com/job-details?j=155762 ================================================================== IMMEDIATEOPENING:DISPATCH/CUSTOMER SERVICEREPRESENTATIVE High SchoolDiploma/ GED - 2 years Minimum(IMMEDIATE) Dispatch Customer Service related experience - Able to pass Drug/Background screen - Able to work in South Chandler area (Kyrene/202 San Tan fwy) -Ableto work in a fast paced- team oriented environment. SALARY $11/HR. APPLY ON: http://www.staffmark.com/jobSearch/jobSearchView.asp?jobID=12981&catID=54
  25. 25. THEN CONTACTREP TO SET APPOINTMENT: stephanie.firth@staffmart.com ATTN: Job Posting Ref Number (2)5114CS-DISP ==================================================================