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Going Old School in the Great Job Search at PV Mall...The Forgotten Mall for Job Seeking
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Going Old School in the Great Job Search at PV Mall...The Forgotten Mall for Job Seeking


Going Old School in the Great Job Search at PV Mall... …

Going Old School in the Great Job Search at PV Mall...
This is a strange, old school Mall that takes the need to go Old School in your job search to even find the jobs...It is not easy with the exception of a few of the usual, big dog players to even stumble up on actual openings. So get out you AZ CASUALS, take our directory...sellect your targets, do your research so you have the INTEL you need to start conversations instead of trying to do a West Texas, BS two step when you get there...At least ya will be out of the sun and it's got AC...Right up the road...easy ride north and because it is old know what ya got? Ya got very few other squids running with ya from store to store...

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  • 1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW JOB BOOKS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY 9 OCTOBER 2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE GREAT JOB HUNT AT PARADISE VALLEY MALL THE CURRENT HOME TO 100S OF NEW JOBS AND CURRENT OPENINGS This is an old school mall in that there are a lot of stores and they do have openings but, they do not have applications posted online and (most stores) do not post their jobs even when they have a website. The Mall maintains a web job site: The jobs posted here are few and generally old. So it is of marginal benefit to you. This mall is turning into a hard nut to crack and it is definitely turning into an Old School Only Job Search. What is an Old School Job Search? This is where you get all dressed up like you are going to go to work, go to the mall and go store to store to introduce yourself. On the upside there are a ton of stores and since they are not on the web; you have a better chance of getting a job at one of the
  • 2. stores here. The downside is that you will not know about actual jobs before you go and that makes it harder to prepare. Here is a TIPSTER for you job seekers. Review the directory at Pre-identify the stores that you are interested in. Do your research about who they are, what they do and why they do what they do. This will give you something to start and/or carry a conversation with them at the store. Do not go store to store as this makes you look desperate and pathetic. Break them up and randomly hit stores back-n-forth. The great thing is that this is a mall and it is air conditioned. Good Hunting! 4568 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 996-8840
  • 3. Itinerary #1 - • Bus Bus Departs from VAN BUREN ST & 33rd ST at 08:18 AM • Board: Route 3 - Van Buren To Washington/Priest • Arrive: WASHINGTON ST & 44TH ST at 08:20 AM • Bus Bus Departs from 44TH ST & WASHINGTON ST at 08:43 AM • Board: Route 44 - 44th Street to Deer Valley • Arrive: PARADISE VALLEY TRANSIT CENTER at 09:20 AM • Walk S to PARADISE VALLEY MALL $ 4.00 Full Fare $ 2.00 Reduced Fare Total trip time: 1 hr 2 min For travel costing $4.00 or more, consider buying an All-Day pass. Save $2.00 off the onboard price of $6.00 when purchased at retail locations. ============================================================================== 5 & Diner Paradise Valley Mall: 1G Phone: (602) 996-0033 TIPSTER: THIS IS AN OLD SCHOOL MISSION…NO ONLINE JOB POSTS OR APPLICATIONS HERE…But, since you are gonna be there stop in and introduce yourself…educate yourself on their website…there is not a lot but, it is more than you had…and it is your talking points when you do go in and ask about “UPCOMING OPENINGS!” ========================================== Abercrombie & Fitch, Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Phone: (602) 494-6211 EACH STORE HIRES ON THEIR OWN! So...campers...Go Old School on them...look at our suggestions for the quickest way to employment for tips here...They occasionally run ads but...why
  • 4. wait? By the time you see an ad...its way too late and all you will achieve will be based upon Old Lady Luck instead of your skills, talent or even your dedication. Go Old School and beat the crowd! WOULDN'T YOU RATHER BE IN A LINE OF ONE INSTEAD OF A LINE OF 500? It's all on ya! Dudes! Make the effort and reap the job...layback and maybe you will get a free soda to drink as you walk down the street to look for another job. ============================================ Afsha Boutique | NEW Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Phone: (602) 299-9300 NO WEBSITE...SMALL COMPANY NO ADS...check for a help wanted sign or go in and just be chatty...AND then, ask if they are hiring! Definately REALLY Old School here... TIPSTER SUGGESTION: Never leave a place without their business card and the name of three other people who might be hiring...Here is how you do that..."Sorry you guys aren't hiring...this seems like a really nice place to work...Could I still fill out an application...? Do you know anyone else (here in the area) that might be interested a person with my background and skills? =============================================
  • 5. Aldo Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Phone: (602) 765-0106 The website handles recruitment for store managers or higher. If there’s a store near you that you think you’d be a great addition to, it would be best for you to go right in and speak with the manager. If you would like to apply online, you can do so by checking out the form below. As this is a speciality store…know fashion and know shoes before you go in to do an Old School Intro… ======================================== Allie Ollie The store is unlike any other women’s clothing store in Arizona. Our Stylists are trained to pick the perfect items for each body type, age, occasion and size. They will help you create a new look, incorporating popular jewelry, the latest women’s styles, and accessories that will show off your personal style. Our latest trends and classic collections compliment all sizes and ages. Sizes 0-3X available. Phone:(602) 971-2250 Location: Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Join an upbeat team with a company that is poised for growth in the boutique, catalog, web, & wholesale markets! At Allie Ollie we strive to be an uplifting, empowering experience for our customers & staff!
  • 6. :The career page is just an e-mail sender whereTIPSTER you can cut and paste your resume. THERE ARE NO JOBS POSTED...Our collective thought on this is that you are already at the Mall...Do a reverse Old School (start low tech and then go high tech). Go introduce yourself, showcase your fashion (brand knowledge) and your great people skills...then send your resume by stating that you were over at the store and you wanted to follow up with a resume. ==================================================== Chompie's Phone: (602) 710-2910 Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Bagel Baker (multiple openings) Bagel Baker must be able to work early morning shifts (START time is between 3am-4am), and must be available to work scheduled shifts each week until 11am-Noon. Bakers must be able to multi-task, adhere to product recipes and specifications and have good hand-eye coordination. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CANNOT START WORK BY 4AM AT LEAST 5 DAYS A WEEK. Apply in person at 4550 E. Cactus Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85032 (between Dillards and Sears) Ask for Gary! NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!!!!
  • 7. Dishwashers Candidates with at least 6 months relevant restaurant experience preferred. Maricopa County Food Handlers Card required within 10 days of hire. Apply in person at 4550 E. Cactus Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85032 (between Dillards and Sears) NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!!!! ======================================================= Host/Hostess Minimum 6 months of experience required Friendly and Personable demeanor. Excellent People Skills. Food Handler's Card required within 10 days of employment. Must have excellent record with attendance and puctuality. Apply in person at 4550 E. Cactus Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85032 (between Dillards and Sears) NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!!!! DID YA KNOW? THERE IS A LOT TO KNOW ABOUT THEM! ========================================================= Review the types of career opportunities currently available and click the "Learn More" button to fill out an application; don't' forget to also check out our videos to see what current Coco's Bakery Restaurant employees are saying about the company!
  • 8. Cook dex/737914/582214/CG57/833884/1/2 The Cooks are the heart of our restaurant. Our Cooks are motivated, result-oriented and committed to providing outstanding food items every day. They are responsible for delivering exceptional customer service by preparing food items consistently and adhering to all our company recipe standards. They also maintain a safe working environment by using proper food handling skills and following food safety guidelines and completing kitchen tasks such as line setup, food preparation, cleanup and breakdown. Baker: 9936/582214/CG57/null/1/2 Our Bakers are motivated, result-oriented and committed to providing outstanding baked goods to our guests every day. They are responsible for preparing, baking and packaging our signature pies, breads, muffins and pastries that are served daily in our restaurants. Bus Person/Dishwasher As a Bus Person/Dishwasher, your main role will be to ensure that our servers and kitchen staff have the equipment they need to effectively serve our guests. You must be able to lift and carry
  • 9. light loads, operate various equipment such as the dish machine and occasionally, perform dining room duties such as greeting, seating, and checking out our guests, taking drink orders, and communicating with our guests. You will need to know our menu items. Host/Hostess 582214/CG57/null/1/2 The first person our guests meet when they enter one of our restaurants. The Host (ess) is responsible for initiating contact and engaging our guests with a warm, friendly welcome. You will need to communicate in a friendly, professional manner as you guide guests to their tables. You may occasionally, perform dining room duties such as taking drink orders, relaying menu specials, and assisting with bussing tables and maintaining a clean restaurant environment. You will also cash out guests after their meal and will need to know of our menu items. Servers As an integral part of our Front of the House team, Servers are responsible for ensuring every guest's expectations are met in a positive, warm, welcoming manner. Your knowledge of our
  • 10. menu and outstanding people skills will help you interact with our guests as you make food and beverage suggestions to them. Servers will also assists and/or performs duties of hosts (ess) as needed, such as greeting, seating and cashing out guests after their meal; maintaining, stocking and cleaning the server food stations. ======================================================== - KNOW ABOUT THEIR Anniversary MENU SPECIALS…HOW OLD ARE THEY? ======================================================= Costco - Paradise Valley Mall: Anchor Forklift Driver - Receiving Clerk – Stocker - Cashier Location: PHOENIX, AZ (PARADISE VALLEY - 4570 E CACTUS ROAD) - Various internet sites may link to this page claiming this is an open position. While this position is representative of a job at Costco Wholesale, it does not represent an actual job opening. TIPSTER: The upside is that they pay really good money…up to $20/HR. The downside is that you are asked to spend 1-2 hours to fill out an application without knowing if there is a job or not. If the hope of $20/HR. floats in your head, then, spend the time to do the application.
  • 11. Here is what we would suggest. Go up to the store and do some investigating (snooping). Walk around and start conversations with the staff and then ask if they are hiring. Now go able online. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer – Feb 8, 2013 Interview Details –It is a 3 part interview process which they do in two sessions. They ask you questions such as “why do you think you are qualified to work here?” and “what projects have you done that could help you out for the company in the future?” They give you a drug test via mouth swab which they find out the results ASAP. Then they do a back- a-round check which takes about a week to process. Interview Question – • Why do you think you are qualified to work here? • What projects have you done that could help you out for the company in the future? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Produce Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer – Interview Details –Submit an application online, later talk to local management and get an interview setup, wear professional attire and be open about customer service. A second interview will be conducted by the manager of the department you are likely to work in. This interview will be essentially the same as the first. Orientation will take place and training will begin within a few days. Interview Question – • What are the 6 rights of merchandising and how do they apply to Costco? - These can be found in the Costco employee handbook. Negotiation Details –Offered a position in morning Merchandiser position which I turned down, then they offered a position on the front end, same pay, this one I accepted. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 12. Food Service Assist at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer Interview Details –The hiring process was fast and efficient. I applied for Costco end of May and they called me in June for an interview. They called me in for a "third" interview the next day. So in reality I only had to be interviewed twice. There are two managers who interview you. They will both ask you questions for a total of 14 questions. It's important that you maintain focus on the person asking you the questions. One of the managers will try and distract you and sometimes their walkies will go off, but continue to stay focused on the interview. I skipped the second interview because the managers felt comfortable with me. Just be yourself and you should be fine. Humor is important as well. I was able to make them smile and laugh. The third interview is just a detailed description of the job duties and what to expect and they will ask you if you accept the job. I took the drug test that day and signed papers. This process took only 2 days. Interview Question –There was no difficult or unexpected question because I went in prepared and practiced most of the answers at home. The questions are pretty much all listed on this website. Also if you know nothing about Costco, be sure to do your homework on it before the first interview. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashier Assistant at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer – Jun 17 Interview Details –Applied to Costco last April and it took them 1 month to call me back for an interview. Once they called me they scheduled me for an interview the next day and when I arrived I was sent to the break room to wait for the two supervisors. The interview went well, it was basically situational questions and how I would react. Then they said they would call me within a week, however i never received a call so I called them back a week and a half later and they explained how I was supposed to get an interview 2 days after my first, but the manager was too busy so they scheduled me for the second interview the day after.
  • 13. My next interview was before Costco opened so I had to go through the side and once I was there I met with 3 individuals one who was the general manager. This interview was really easy, they just want to get a feel for who you are and if you're fit for the job or not. Then they said I got the job and did the drug/alcohol test on the spot. Interview Questions • Why should we hire you? • Why Costco? • How do you demonstrate safety among your customers? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer – Mar 15, 2012 Interview Details –After applying online, you wait. Then if you qualify, you are called in for a first interview. 1ST INTERVIEW- They call and ask you to come in. You meet with 3 managers, all of which ask you the interview questions. The managers vary in ranking. They will be an assistant warehouse manager, and 2 managers from the department you're applying to. Questions were meant to analyze you're professionalism and how and what you know about the company, and why you are interested in working there. The interview lasted about half an hour. If they like you, they'll call you in 2-3 days asking you to come in a second interview. 2ND INTERVIEW- This interview is set up the same way as the first. The managers, which are different from the first set, ask you about your work ethic and how well you would perform in certain situations. Again, If they like you, they will call you in for a third interview. 3RD INTERVIEW – A new set of managers ask you about the same questions asked in interviews 1 and 2. Very short. They offer you a position and ask you to come in for orientation.
  • 14. Interview Questions • When did you encounter a difficult situation - how did you handle it? • What do you know about Costco? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer – Feb 9, 2011 Interview Details –I applied online but had a sibling who works for Costco talk to the hiring manager, and she called me within minutes of hearing I applied. Costco is definitely the place where you need to either: A. have an inside connection or a cousin or two to front for ya! B. Call or visit the store to talk directly to the manger in order to score an interview. I went in for my interview and they give everyone three different interviews but they decided to do 2 in 1. Basic questions of why pick Costco and the standard scenario questions were asked. They also ask to see if you're able to accept some of the hard physical labor involved with being employed there. ======================================================= (SW CORNER OF TATUM & CACTUS – ACROSS FOR PV MALL) At Wal-Mart, we provide training and development opportunities to help you advance as far as you want to go in your career. In fact, about three-fourths of management-level associates in our stores started as hourly associates. WATCH THE VIDEOS TO HEAR TWO OF OUR ASSOCIATE SUCCESS STORIES: VIDEO: "THINGS STARTED CHANGING IMMEDIATELY" HTTP://CAREERS.WALMART.COM/HOURLY-OPPORTUNITIES/# APPLY ONLINE HERE:
  • 15. Sales Associate Job Reference Code:904-A Come join the Dillard’s team and become a Fashion Sales Consultant. We will educate you on the best practices of our business. We offer exciting career path opportunities and a comprehensive benefit package. You will learn about the Dillard’s culture and various positions in the store by spending time in different areas your first month. Month two you will be introduced to our Selling program “Excels” and also learn how to build client relationships. 115175907.aspx ======================================================= Gymboree - Paradise Valley Mall: 1B The Gymboree Corporation is the leading specialty children’s retailer with over 1,200 stores domestically and internationally and generating over 1 billion in sales yearly. The Gymboree Corporation continues to grow and expand at a rapid pace without sacrificing our commitment to quality. Most of all, we pride ourselves in hiring great people with the talent it takes to keep up with our growth. PT Sales Associates Sales Associates are vital members of our team. We are seeking Sales Associates who are passionate about our brands and selling our products. But most importantly, we are seeking dynamic individuals to provide legendary service to our customers. Candidates must be team players with the ability to properly service customer transactions. You will help keep store clean,
  • 16. maintain visual standards and aid in preventing loss by securing cash, product and company assets. Candidates must be available to work a minimum of 12 hours per week/3 shifts weekly. Previous sales experience preferred but not required. AssociatesPhoenix-AZ Assistant Managers: Part-Time Candidates must be skilled and experienced retail associates who have a passion to deliver unparalleled customer service and sales results. Candidates must have exceptional oral and written communication skills and possess the ability to inspire and lead diverse groups of people. Assistant Managers must be available to work nights and weekends. Part-time Assistant Managers must have a minimum of 31 hours availability per week. 1-2 years of retail experience is required, specialty retail experience is preferred. Managers-Part-TimePhoenix-AZ ========================================================
  • 17. In 1996 Industrial Rideshop opened its first store in a small strip center. The 1,000 square foot retail space opened with just 4 shoes and 15 boards on the wall. Today our stores have approximately 350 shoes and over 200 skateboards to choose from. As of 2008 we have 17 stores in 6 western states. We are looking for friendly, dedicated, outgoing, employees with a knowledge of the skate/snow industry. Sales Associate & Sales Managers Management applicants are required to have 1 year or more of retail management experience. Please forward your resume to ========================================================== Support Specialist Job The Support Specialist’s role is to handle all of the backroom and merchandise replenishment opportunities that occur in the store to ensure our store environment is America’s favorite place to shop! Replenishes and restocks the store – You’ve got your finger on the pulse of the customer; you know when merchandise is getting low and you know just where to get more to ensure all of our customers have the styles and sizes they need! 85001/2488461/
  • 18. Loss Prevention Specialist Job Are you interested in the Criminal Justice field, but not the least bit interested in riding around in a patrol car? Are you interested in learning how to run a business, but unsure as to how that might relate to Criminal Justice? Would you describe yourself as a confident, emotionally strong individual that can handle difficult customer situations with ease? Well…being a Loss Prevention Specialist in the new jcp might be the position for you! Come be a part of a team that is changing the face of retail forever. The LP Specialist’s role is to keep our store safe and profitable at all times by investigating any suspicious customer activities or behavior in the store, taking action when needed and by executing company programs. 85001/1880349/ ======================================================= Macy's - Paradise Valley Mall: Anchor Macy’s Paradise Valley, Phoenix, AZ: Holiday Hiring Event - Retail Sales Associate - Temporary Macy’s is now accepting and reviewing applications for an invitation to our Hiring Event for Holiday Retail Sales Associate! Previous retail sales experience preferred, but not required. Ability to work a flexible retail schedule including the day after Thanksgiving, special Big Event days, and the day after Christmas. Available to work a variety of hours, which may include early mornings, evenings, or weekends.
  • 19. 5 & Diner Paradise Valley Mall: 1G 7 Brothers Barber Shop Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Abercrombie & Fitch Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Afsha Boutique Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Aldo Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Aliza Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Allie Ollie Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Altered States Paradise Valley Mall: 1D American Eagle Outfitters Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Animal One Kingdom Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Arby's Paradise Valley Mall: 1F AT&T Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Aveda Paradise Valley Mall: 1C AZ Custom Tees Paradise Valley Mall: 1C AZ Flyboard Rentals Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Bank of America Paradise Valley Mall: 1G Bath & Body Works Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Beyond Baggage Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Bohemian Chic Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Brookstone Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Brow Art 23 Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Buckle Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Carousel Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Celah Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Cellairis Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Cellairis Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Cellcom Paradise Valley Mall: 1D CenturyLink Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Champs Sports Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Charley's Grilled Subs Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Chevron Paradise Valley Mall: 1E Children's Play Area Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Chili's Paradise Valley Mall: 1G Chipotle Paradise Valley Mall: 1F Chompie's Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Christopher & Banks Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Claire's Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Coco's Paradise Valley Mall: 1F Compass Bank Paradise Valley Mall: 1F Costco Paradise Valley Anchor Culver's Paradise Valley Mall: 1E Julius Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Danish Design Lamps Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Diamond Wireless Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Digitell Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Dillard's Paradise Valley Anchor Dominion Distribution Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Easy Relax Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Easy Relax 2 Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Euro Chic Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Everything But Water Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Express Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Eye Q Optical Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Famous Footwear Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Fast Fix Jewelry Repair Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Feng Shui Gardens Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Filiberto's Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Finish Line Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Forever Young Wigs Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Free Agent Sports Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Fuzziwigs Candy Factory Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Game Daze Paradise Valley Mall: 1B
  • 20. GameStop Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Glitter Paradise Valley Mall: 1A GNC Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Gold Touch Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Granite Transformations Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Green Smoke | NEW Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Guest Services Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Gymboree Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Hallmark Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Hat Club Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Helzberg Diamonds Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Hollister Co. Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Hollywood Photo Studios Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Home Mart Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Honest -1 Auto Care Paradise Valley Mall: 1E Hot Dog on a Stick Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Hot Rags Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Hot Topic Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Icing Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Indian Market Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Industrial RideShop Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Invisible Shield Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Jared The Galleria of Jewelry Paradise Valley Mall: 1G jcpenney Paradise Valley Anchor jcpenney Optical Paradise Valley Anchor jcpenney Portrait Studio Paradise Valley Anchor jcpenney Salon Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Journeys Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Just Sports (AZ) Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Justice Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Kay Jewelers Paradise Valley Mall: 1A LensCrafters Paradise Valley Mall: 1D M & I Bank Paradise Valley Mall: 1F Macy's Paradise Valley Anchor MasterCuts Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Maya Snacks Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Merle Norman Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Moga Crepes | NEW Paradise Valley Mall: 1B New York & Company Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Oregano's Pizza Bistro Paradise Valley Mall: 1F Osaka Japan Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars Paradise Valley Mall: 1B PacSun Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Panda Express Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Papaya Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Paradise Bakery & Cafe Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Paradise Car Spa | NEW Paradise Valley Mall: 1E Paradise Valley Express Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Payless ShoeSource Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Perfumania Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Perfume Gallery Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Phoenix Public Library - Mesquite Branch Paradise Valley Anchor Picture Show Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Piercing Pagoda Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Precision Time Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Proactiv Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Proactiv Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Puppies 'N Love Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Puro Gelato Paradise Valley Mall: 1B PV Gumballs Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Q Paradise Valley Mall: 1B RC Playground COMING Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Regis Salons Paradise Valley Mall: 1A RMG Mall Media Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Sears Paradise Valley Anchor Sears Auto - Tire Center Paradise Valley Mall: 1G Sears Optical Paradise Valley Anchor Security Office Paradise Valley Mall: 1C See's Candies Paradise Valley Mall: 1F
  • 21. Shiekh Shoes Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Shoe Dept. Encore Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Shoe Stop Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Silver Effects - Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Sleep Number by Select Comfort Paradise Valley Mall: 1B SolarX Eyewear Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Sona Beauty | NEW Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Sona Chaandi Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Spencer's Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Spirit Halloween | NEW Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Splendid Nails Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Sprint Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Starbucks Coffee Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Steel Shield Security Doors Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Stride Rite Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Sub Zero Ice Cream Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Subway Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Sunglass Hut Paradise Valley Mall: 1D Talk 'N Fix Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Test America Paradise Valley Mall: 1C The Body Shop Paradise Valley Mall: 1A The Children's Place Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Things Remembered Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Tilly's Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Tilt Arcade Paradise Valley Mall: 1B TLC4Gums | NEW Paradise Valley Mall: 1D T-Mobile Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Vans Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Victoria's Secret Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Victoria's Secret Beauty Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Vine Vera Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Visionworks Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Watch Out Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Wave Paradise Valley Mall: 1A Wendy's Paradise Valley Mall: 1F Wet Seal Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Wetzel's Pretzels Paradise Valley Mall: 1B Zales Paradise Valley Mall: 1C Zumiez Paradise Valley Mall: 1C 4568 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 996-8840
  • 22. Oregano's Pizza Bistro (602) 482-0054 Paradise Valley Mall: 1F THIS PLACE HAS QUITE A HISTORY AND WHAT A STORY…READ IT…PUT IT TO MEMORY…GO OLD SCHOOL ON THEM AND CONNECT YOUR STORY TO THEIR’S…IF YOU ARE GOOD, THEN, YOU MAY LEAVE WITH A JOB OR AT LEAST A FREE PIECE OF PIZZA! ========================================================= Paradise Valley Mall: 1B
  • 23. Paradise Valley Mall: 1B For the Job titles below, we ask that you view a brief video to help you decide if a career with Payless is right for you. At the conclusion, you will be able to view related job listings. •Group Leader •Store Leader •Full-Time Sales Associate •Part-Time Sales Associate Job Title: Full-Time Sales Associate Job ID: 3750 Associates must be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or GED. Previous retail experience is desired, but not a requirement. Flexible work schedule, approximate number of hours- 32-40 hours/week. AM.HRS_CE.GBL AM.HRS_CE.GBL ================================================================== Most associates start in part-time or full-time positions in our stores. Your training will include multi-media learning as well as practice on the sales floor. The next step is our comprehensive Store Manager training program. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to lead your own store team to great sales results and personal rewards…
  • 24. PV MALL ANCHOR STORE Sales Associate (Base + Comm)(241703BR) Jobs in this category are responsible for: selling and servicing customers within one or more departments, including Hardware, Lawn & Garden, Electronics, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Footwear and Fine Jewelry; maintaining knowledge of products and using this knowledge to assist and educate customers on options available; providing customer assistance; and delivering. Phoenix Backroom Associate(241716BR) Jobs in the category are responsible for the execution of all receiving activities including unloading merchandise, merchandise preparation and staging, outbound shipments, and daily stockroom activities. Assist in maintaining the stockroom in a neat, orderly and safe manner. Other duties include promptly serving the customer at merchandise pick-up, properly sorting. Merchandising and Pricing Associate(224501BR) Responsible for providing excellent customer service, and executing marketing-related requirements, such as ad set-up and takedown, promotional set-up, and replenishment of
  • 25. promotional merchandise. As applicable, this position will assist in executing visual programs and creating visually compelling merchandise displays, fixtures and store layouts. • Takes ownership for enhancing the customer. Az-Phoenix Merchandising and Pricing Associate(224500BR) Az-Phoenix Merchandising and Pricing Associate(237937BR) Az-Phoenix Merchandising and Pricing Associate(238568BR) Az-Phoenix Backroom Associate(227312BR) Backroom Associate(227313BR) ================================================================ ELSEWHERE….IN THE VALLEY! EASIER PICKINGS! Roofing company in Tempe has IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for LABORERS CALL 480-968-3420 Experienced in dry-ins, torch, concrete & 2-pc tile. Tools & transportation req'd ----------------------------------------
  • 26. VISIT THE HOTEL IN PERSON TO COMPLETE AN APPLICATION. Experience with, mechanical tasks, HVAC, locks, garden duties, irrigation, pool maintenance, and deep cleaning. General repairs, painting, plumbing, construction, attention to detail and organization. BEST WESTERN PLUS SUNDIAL, 7320 E CAMELBACK ROAD, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251 ---------------------------------------- 50 ELECTRICIANS NEEDED WORKING 3 SHIFTS AROUND THE CLOCK - $12 -$36/HR. LOTS OF OVERTIME MUST BE TOP PRODUCERS, CSI IS A DRUG FREE WORK PLACE RANDOM DRUG TESTS ENFORCED - JOURNEYMAN AND APPRENTICES (Laborers) NEEDED NOW WEEKLY PAY $12.00-$36.00 Construction Strategies, Inc. 2121 S 48th St, Suite 105-106, Tempe, AZ 85281 Hiring Office (480) 839-0388 - Fax Resume (480) 839-1399 -----------------------------------------
  • 27. $1,500 Sign On Bonus For Experienced Cable Technicians! Call Kelly Talbott at 623-581-3851 ----------------------------------------- DRYWALL HANGERS WHO CAN Tape/texture and PAINT. $16-20/HR. call Kenny to set up interview. (480)430-9978 ------------------------------------------ ZPIZZA hiring cashiers Hours are flexible but include mornings, nights and weekends. A food handler's card is required. We prefer someone with prior restaurant experience and who has open flexibility, as open availability is more likely to result in full time work. Apply in person at 53 W. Thomas Road (West on Thomas about 2 blocks off of Central Ave on the south side) or at 111 W. Monroe Street (1st Ave & Monroe in downtown Phoenix) ------------------------------------------
  • 28. COOK JOB FAIR TOMORROW OCT 9th 9AM-2PM IMMEDIATE OPENINGS (Sky Harbor Airport) Terminal 3 Level 2 west-end behind Sbarro's (look for signs) Immediate openings, interviews and hiring on the spot full-time + benefits available. $9.25-$12.00/HR. HMSHost has immediate openings for Line Cooks Production cooks and Prep Cooks to join our team at our restaurants and production commissary, featuring the best cuisine the city has to offer to Sky Harbor Airport! We are looking for experienced restaurant line cooks and prep cooks that are familiar with recipe execution and a fast paced work environment. APPLY ONLINE BEFORE YOU COME: