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  2. 2. JOB FAIR HIRINGS…JOB 56134 - DISHOUT AT CHASE FIELD, PHOENIX, AZSalary: $9.00/HR. Prepares food needed based on customer counts, insuringprompt service and guest satisfaction. Assist with the duties of dish out / runneras needed to maintain service effectiveness and efficiency. Demonstrate apositive, helpful attitude as well as presenting professional conduct andappearance at all times. Adhering to company policies and procedures.JOB 56113 - CASHIER AT CHASE FIELD, PHOENIX, AZCash handling functions, operating a cash register. Greet guest and take foodorder in a timely manner. Ensures customers are waited on quickly, efficiently andin a pleasant manner. Assist with the duties of dish out / runner as needed tomaintain service effectiveness and efficiency. Demonstrate a positive, helpfulattitude as well as presenting professional conduct and appearance at all times.============================================================== OTHER RECRUITMENT(S) APPLY ONLINE…then go into the restaurant to introduce yourself and be prepared to answer the question “Why should we hire you over all the others…?” Go in M-F between 2-4 PM ONLY! 4001 N. CENTRAL AVE.JOB 52937 – PT DISHWASHER CENTRAL, PHOENIX, AZHigh School diploma or GED. Minimum of 1 year of experience in hospitalityand/or casual dining restaurant. Ability to handle multiple priorities. Ability tostand for long period so time, lift 25 lbs., and bend, climb or work in confinedspaces. Possess written and verbal skills for effective communication. You musthave organizational and time management skills and demonstrates goodjudgment, problem solving and decision making skillshttps://macayo.companycareersite.com/JobDetails.aspx?key=ln8c0wXxH3haRhRKMAACVA%3d%3dJOB 52935 – PT COOK CENTRAL, PHOENIX, AZHigh School diploma or equivalent. Minimum of 1 year of food preparationexperience required. Experience with quantity food preparation preferred.Demonstrate cooking skills and ability to follow established menus and recipesKnowledge of proper nutritional requirements. Must have a Food ServiceSanitation Certificate.https://macayo.companycareersite.com/JobDetails.aspx?key=CQNbLkLWyxhaRhRKMAACVA%3d%3d4001 N. CENTRAL AVE. PHOENIX, AZ 85012 - CROSS STREETS: CENTRAL AVE- SOUTH OF INDIAN SCHOOL RD.
  3. 3. 4001 N. CENTRAL AVE. PHOENIX, AZ 85012 - CROSS STREETS: CENTRAL AVE- SOUTH OF INDIAN SCHOOL RD.JOB 52722 – PT BUS PERSON CENTRAL, PHOENIX, AZSome high school education is preferred. Must be able to speak and understand the primarylanguage(s) of the work location. No previous food service experience is required. Must be ableto stand and walk at a fast pace for duration of scheduled shift (minimum of six hours) and torepeatedly lift, bend and stoop. Must be able to lift and carry bus tubs, trays and objectsweighing 25 pounds or more. Bus persons are required to know the dining room sections andtable numbers. A test covering the bus position general operating procedures and specificduties and priorities will be given at the end of the training period.https://macayo.companycareersite.com/JobDetails.aspx?key=dUEr%2flpzyQtaRhRKMAACVA%3d%3dJOB 52718 - FOOD SERVER CENTRAL, PHOENIX, AZHigh school diploma or equivalent preferred. Must be able to speak and understand theprimary language of the work location. To serve alcoholic beverages, must be a minimum age ofNineteen (19) to meet the State of Arizona’s minimum age requirement. Must possess basicmath skills and have the ability to handle money. Must be able to stand and exert fast-pacedmobility for duration of scheduled shift and to lift, bend and stoop. Must have the ability tofrequently lift and carry bus tubs, trays and objects weighing 25 pounds or more.https://macayo.companycareersite.com/JobDetails.aspx?key=fQewnial%2fkhaRhRKMAACVA%3d%3dAPPLY ONLINE…then go into the restaurant to introduce yourself andbe prepared to answer the question “Why should we hire you over allthe others…?” Go in M-F between 2-4 PM ONLY! 4001 N. CENTRAL AVE.==============================================================================STILL OTHER OPENINGS AT OTHER LOCATIONS…MACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Dishwasher - ThunderbirdMACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Cook - AhwatukeeMACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Cook - Desert SkyMACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Cook - ThunderbirdMACAYO ADMINISTRATION Restaurant Manager52916 MACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Bus Person - Desert Sky52915 MACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC bar Server - Desert Sky52913 MACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Host - Thunderbird52912 MACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Food Server - Thunderbird52911 MACAYO RESTAURANTS LLC Bus Person – ThunderbirdHTTPS://MACAYO.COMPANYCAREERSITE.COM/jOBlIST.ASPX
  4. 4. BILINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE REP FT DAYS, EVENINGS & WEEKENDS LOCATED IN TEMPE, AZ(Job Number: CRE00682) Bilingual Customer Service Representatives must be fluent in Englishand Spanish. They respond to inbound customer telephone calls regarding credit card billinginquiries, sales, service, and account maintenance issues. The salary range for this position is $12.00 - $14.40 an hour. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES: Effectively answer and resolve issues regarding credit card billing inquiries such as payments, returns, and sales using excellent customer service skills - Effectively answer and resolve issues regarding purchases and delivery of merchandise SKILLS SUMMARY: High school diploma or general education degree (GED) Fluency in English and Spanish - Excellentcustomer service, problem solving, analytical, decision-making, communication, follow-up, andorganizational skills. - Computer keyboarding and navigational skills required.APPLY ONLINE:https://macys.taleo.net/careersection/macys_retail_jsa_career_section/jobdetail.ftl===========================================================================Breakin’ NewsMacys New Flexible Scheduling Option!This Macys location utilizes an innovative way of planning work schedules. The My SchedulePlus system allows an associate to participate in the creation of his/her own work schedule bymanaging availability and setting preferences for work by selecting a scheduling “option.” Thisenables our associates to address the amount of flexibility needed to meet both personal andwork obligations. The Part Time “Option 5” schedule selection allows the maximum amount ofscheduling flexibility in a retail schedule.“Option 5” Sales Associates are: • Scheduled for one to two shifts per week, based on their availability - Able to pick up additional shifts each week using our self-select tool • Able to maintain work-life balance by designating three non-event selling days per month as “unavailable” to work - Eligible for paid time off and other benefits if minimum hour’s requirements are met • Typically available to work when our business needs are the greatest, including Friday nights, weekends, holidays, and big events
  5. 5. MACYS BILTMORE FASHION PARK, PHOENIX, AZ: RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE,PART TIME *NEW FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING OPTION!*(JOB NUMBER: 71418627)Previous retail sales experience preferred, but not required. Ability to work a flexible retailschedule including evening, weekend and key shopping events.===================================================================MACYS SCOTTSDALE FASHION SQUARE, SCOTTSDALE, AZ: RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE, PARTTIME *FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING OPTION!*(JOB NUMBER: 71418727)Previous retail sales experience preferred, but not required. Ability to work a flexible retailschedule including evening, weekend and key shopping events.=====================================================================MACYS ARROWHEAD TOWNE CENTER, GLENDALE, AZ: RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE, PART TIME*FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING OPTION!*(JOB NUMBER: 71418728)Previous retail sales experience preferred, but not required. Ability to work a flexible retailschedule including evening, weekend and key shopping events.====================================================================MACYS CHANDLER FASHION CENTER, CHANDLER, AZ: RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE, PART TIME*FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING OPTION!*(JOB NUMBER: 71418731)Previous retail sales experience preferred, but not required. Ability to work a flexible retailschedule including evening, weekend and key shopping events.====================================================================MACYS SUPERSTITION SPRINGS CENTER, MESA, AZ: RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE, PART TIME*FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING OPTION!*(JOB NUMBER: 71418736)Previous retail sales experience preferred, but not required. Ability to work a flexible retailschedule including evening, weekend and key shopping events.=====================================================================MACYS METRO CENTER, PHOENIX, AZ: RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE, PART TIME *FLEXIBLESCHEDULING OPTION!*(JOB NUMBER: 71418738)Previous retail sales experience preferred, but not required. Ability to work a flexible retailschedule including evening, weekend and key shopping events.=========================================================================MACYS PARADISE VALLEY, PHOENIX, AZ: RETAIL COSMETICS SALES - BEAUTY ADVISORLANCOME, PART TIME (JOB NUMBER: 71418778)Previous retail cosmetic sales experience a plus, but not required. Available to work a flexibleretail schedule, which may include mornings, evenings, weekends, and extended hours======================================================================
  6. 6. GOODYEAR, AZ - MACYS LOGISTICS: HUMAN RESOURCE ADMINISTRATOR I, FULL TIME (JOBNUMBER: LOG01396)Flexibility in work schedule; must be available to work weekends or overtime when necessary.Previous Human Resource experience preferred.======================================================================USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…SALES ASSOCIATE AT MACYSAccepted Offer –Interview Details –I went to Macys for an interview yesterday and got hired right on the spot. Iwaited about 10 minutes (but ALWAYS be at least 10-15 minutes early to any interview). Thelady who interviewed me was very friendly. Always greet the interviewer and shake their handbefore the interview and after. She sat me down and began to explain that she was going to askme a series of questions. I have never been in retail before but I came well-prepared for thequestions. She asked me around 9 questions.THE QUESTIONS AND MY ANSWERS ARE AS FOLLOWS:1. Q: Why Macys?A: Its a long-standing company with a good reputation. There are a lot of opportunities forupward mobility.Notes: Thats all you need. She said that answer was great.2. Q: Explain to me how you would go about selling a Macys Credit Card.A: Well, sometimes people are in a hurry when they are shopping, so I would be sure to tellthem that its a very quick process. They would get all of the discounts without having topresent a coupon. Its very convenient to check the balance online whenever internet isavailable. Also, there is no need for a receipt when you return an item, no matter how long agoit was to purchase the item.Notes: She said this answer was fabulous and explained a little more about the credit card.3. Q: Tell me about a time when someone you worked with did something you knew waswrong, how you handled it, and what was the outcome?Notes: I explained to her a story about my previous job as a hostess at Texas Roadhouse. I toldher that after we were finished with our shift we had to sweep the corral before we left to gohome. One girl didnt sweep and I notified the manager so she wouldnt do that again. He toldher that it wasnt right, and shes swept ever since. (The example doesnt have to be a greatimportant story)4. Q: Explain to me an example of when you were on a team, what was your role, and what wasthe outcome?Notes: I explained about my team I was a part of in BPA (Business Professionals of America).There were 4 of us and we had to present a PowerPoint Slideshow to 3 judges. If I didntcomplete my part of the PowerPoint then that would affect all of us. We ended up not passingState and going on to the next step, because our PowerPoint speech didnt reach 15 minutes.5. Q: Were you ever working in an area that was always constantly changing?
  7. 7. Notes: I said yes. Then proceeded to tell her about my previous job at Quiznos in a University.We were always getting new subs for the menu. We had to learn how to make every new sub.Also, I was the cashier there too. The student cards would change, and so would the sandwichprices.6. Q: Tell me how you would greet a customer and assist them.A: I would smile and be polite and ask them how they were doing. I would ask them what theywere looking for and how I could be a help.7. Q: If someone came in needing a pair of jeans, what kind of questions would you ask them?A: I would ask them what kind of brand they were looking for, what style, what length (pants,capris, shorts).8. Q: How would you upscale the jeans into a bigger purchase?A: I would say, Oh you know you need a shirt for those jeans to tie it all-together (interviewerloved that answer). I would then proceed to show them some accessories and shoes to go alongwith it.9. Q: How would you celebrate a purchase?A: I would tell them to "have a nice day" or "see you tomorrow!" Also, comment on how greatthat outfit will look on them.Notes: Something to flatter them.After the questions were over, she asked me my availability and what department I was lookingto work for. She found a spot in her own department and hired me right on the spot. She keptcommented throughout the interview about how great my answers were.So, study these and youll do just fine! Always have a smile on your face, DONT be late, be asfriendly as possible, and dont forget the handshake. And if they say youll have a secondinterview, you could maybe send them a Thank You card for their time. Just a little addedbonus. I didnt send one because I already received the job.Hope this helped, and GOOD LUCK! :)INTERVIEW QUESTION –Unexpected: The question about constant change at work.Difficult: How to celebrate a purchase------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SALES ASSOCIATE AT MACYSAccepted OfferInterview Details –Used one of the reviews here. Got offered a position. Thank you.The manager was very nice and I passed the interview, but the other manager for that exactdepartment was not working that day, so I will follow up the day after.But I am confident that Ill get a job.I have had a Macys interview before and was not offered a position. They told me "well callyou". The manager from this interview told me they tell that to everyone who didnt pass theinterview.I wore a black satin dress with some flowers, black tights, black pumps and a jacket. A simpleleather purse as well, very chick. I think it helped to; it showed that I have a sense of style andcan really fit in the clothing department. It also means that I can help other people dress nicelyas well. (As soon as I walked in, she complimented me and I knew that we had a connection.)Anyway, just be yourself and good luck!Oh and try to remember that personality questions from the online will be asked and checkedfor being truthful.Interview Question –How would you react if you did a great job and no one praised you?
  8. 8. WE CAN OFFER FLEXIBLE HOURS AND PROVIDE A FUN AND SAFE WORKPLACEENVIRONMENT - OAXACA MEXICAN RESTAURANTFor immediate consideration please call Tobias at 602.296.9054 or you can apply at the storewhich is located at 3800 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. (Sky Harbor Airport) Terminal 4 Level 3 food court.Between the hours of 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM====================================================================== THE NEW ZTEJAS SOUTHWESTERN GRILL IS HIRING! Must possess great attitude, strong work ethic and always able to offer guest indulgence! MUST have unexpired FOOD HANDLER CARD and proof of current LIQUOR TRAINING CERTIFICATION.APPLY IN PERSON ONLY MONDAY - FRIDAY 10am-6pm and Saturdays 10am - 4pm at theHIRING CENTER behind the restaurant: 1515 E. Bethany Home Rd, SUITE #156.=========================================================================== http://ztejas.com/CAREERShttp://ztejas.com/careers/You’re invited to apply at the Z’Tejas near you between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4p.m. If you have any questions about a specific location, please contact theGeneral Manager directly.16th St. & Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85014Paradise Village Gateway, 10625 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85028 Phone: (480) 948-9010Scottsdale Fashion Square, 7014 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251Phone: (480) 946-417120 W. 6th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: (480) 377-11707221 West Ray Road, (Ray & 54th St.) Chandler, AZ 85226 Phone: 480-893-7550STUDY THEIR MENU: http://ztejas.com/menus/============================================================COME MEET OUR DISTRICT MANAGERS AND CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER THURSDAYMARCH 7TH FROM 4:00 TO 6:00 P.M.HERE WE GROW AGAIN with OPENINGS IN Phoenix, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler,Gilbert, Deer Valley…Wildflower Bread Company - Shops at the Seville @ Indian Bend and Scottsdale Road (Acrossfrom McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park) 7001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85253
  9. 9. OHSO NANOBREWERY IS LOOKING FOR LINE COOKS THAT WANT TO WORKHARD AND HAVE FUNThis is a high volume, fast paced and fun place. Looking for full time and part time people fornights and weekend days and nights. Must have at least 1 to 2 years’ experience and be readyto go. Pay will be based on experience and will increase based on initial performance andcontinued performance.Please apply in person at OHSO nanoBrewery, 4900 East Indian School RoadPhoenix, AZ 85018 - ASK FOR THE CHEF!STUDY THEIR MENU: http://ohsobrewery.com/food-menu/startershttp://ohsobrewery.com/ ALWAYS READ THEIR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU GO…BE INFORMED &KNOW WHO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR…======================================================================== http://www.dennys.com/Dennys located at 43rd Ave/Peoria is now hiring experienced cooks to join our team.Candidates must be available on weekends and holidays. We offer competitive pay, paidvacations, employee meal benefits, and opportunities for advancement. PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON AT 10614 N. 43RD AVE, GLENDALE 85304. (602) 439-2337.MENUS:http://www.dennys.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=denny%20restaurant&utm_campaign=%28B%29+Denny%27s+Terms+E-&utm_content=YcPMaFAO|pcrid|1322310972|pkw|denny%20restaurant|pmt|e#/menu====================================================================== No prior experience required...On the spot interviews! Currently accepting applications for all positions. Apply in person at our new restaurant located at 10574 North 90th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona. WATCH OUR CAREER VIDEO AT: http://jobs.portillos.com/opportunities-crew MENU: http://www.portillos.com/
  10. 10. ATLASTA CATERING AND EVENT CONCEPTS IS ACHEF-OWNED, FULL-SERVICE EVENT PLANNINGCOMPANY ESTABLISHED LOCALLY IN 1979.Atlasta catering: Hiring decisions are based oncandidates intelligence, energy and integrity.BUSY, UPSCALE RESTAURANT ON CAMPUS ATASU NOW HIRING LUNCH SERVERS. Must be available to work Monday - Friday between 10am- 3pm, have relevant and recent restaurant serving experience, a current Maricopa County Food Service Worker Card and a positive attitude. EMAIL RESUME TO: heather@atlastacatering.com. WEBSITE: http: //www.atlastacatering.com/ MENU: http://www.atlastacatering.com/menus/========================================================================REMINDER FOR TOMORROW...Upward Projects will be hosting a job fair on Thursday, March 7th. Were hiring for ALLpositions in all of our restaurants!!! For more information about each concept, please visit theirrespective web-sites.http://postinowinecafe.com/ - http://federalpizzaphx.com/ - http://windsoraz.com/If youre dedicated, hard-working, and passionate about a great customer experience we wantto talk to YOU! Please come to Postino East with a resume this Thursday from 2-4pm for thishiring extravaganza!THIS JOB FAIR IS LOCATED AT THEIR NEW RESTAURANT (POSTINOWINE CAFE) 302 NORTHGILBERT ROAD IN GILBERT AZ. THE OTHER LOCATIONS CENTRAL PHX.======================================================================CAFE ZUPAS IS LOOKING TO HIRE A LOBBY PERSON FOR OUR DANA PARKLOCATION. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE STOP BY AND TALK WITH ANNIETODAY!!!!! CAFE ZUPAS @ 3420 E BASELINE DR.====================================================================DARRIN GRAY CORP. MASONRY DIVISION AT 4810 E. BASELINE IN MESA, AZ85206, IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR EXPERIENCED MASONS ANDMASON TENDERS.Masons pay rate: $14 -- $16 per hour DOE; Laborers pay rate $8.50 -- $10 per hour DOE.Please call the office at 480-924-0898 and leave a message, please speak clearly leaving yourname and a phone number to return your call. You will need transportation to the yard inMesa. Must be willing to work valley wide and in Tucson occasionally.http://darringraycorp.com/
  11. 11. LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE BASIC SKILL SETS, ARE EAGER TO LEARNA UNIQUE INDUSTRY TRADEGrow within the Fluoresco service department. Candidates must have a valid driver licensewithout any violations in the last 2 years.APPLY TODAY IN PERSON Mon-Fri, 8a-4p; Fluoresco Lighting & Signs, 3000 E. Fluorescosupports a drug-free workplace and candidates must pass drug and background screeningsprior to hire.WEBSITE: http://fluoresco.com/ - “…ALWAYS READ THEIR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU GO…BEINFORMED & KNOW WHO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR…”========================================================================LABEL COMPANY SEEKING ENTRY LEVEL POSITION FOR LABEL MANUFACTURINGExperience on Rewinder, Counts, Laminating, and UV Clear coat with Laser Contour Cutting aPlus. Company offers Insurance, Vacation/Sick, and 401K. Wage dependent on experience.Must be able to Pass Drug Screen. PLEASE CALL 602-233-1802 FOR AN INTERVIEW==========================================================================CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE - TEMPE, AZReference: US_EN_7_20754_35636360. Salary: $12-$13 Hourly. Our client in Tempe is lookingfor a DOZEN Customer Service Representatives to add to their company on a contract to hirebasis. The successful candidate will possess a keen attention to detail, prior experience (1 yearor more) in a customer service call center environment, as well as a friendly personality anddemeanor! The position is Full time hours, with awesome work life balance, as well as a positiveand energetic corporate culture.http://www.ajilon.com/jobs/customer-service/us_en_7_20754_35636360/customer-service-representative-tempe-az===========================================================================
  12. 12. FRONT OFFICE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT - TEMPE, AZ $12 - $13 HOURLYReference: US_EN_7_20754_35636344. Our client in Tempe is looking for a Front OfficeAdministrative Assistant to add to their company on a contract to hire basis. The successfulcandidate will possess a keen attention to detail; prior experience (2 years or more) is required,as well as excellent telephone demeanor and outgoing personality. The position requiresknowledge in Microsoft Office Suite Products, specifically Excel.? Interviews are being conducted immediately and they want to act quickly to start the rightcandidate.FORWARD YOUR RESUME TO CHRIS.COLLINS@AJILON.COM FOR IMMEDIATECONSIDERATION.==========================================================================FT JOB COACH - TEMPEPay Rate: $8.83/hr. Promote independence by supporting individuals with disabilities in a workenvironment. Provide creative alternatives to traditional techniques to meet the needs of theindividual to be successful in a job. Working with individuals with disabilities on a variety ofcontracts.JOB REQUIREMENTS:1. High School diploma or equivalent. 2. 21 years of age, clean driving record and current AZLicense. 3. One year of experience working in the disability field. 4. Good computer skills: MSOffice 2000, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Internet. 5. This position may requireoccasional extended and/or flexible working hours. 6. Pass an extensive background check andpre-employment drug screenAPPLY ONLINE HERE: http://tchws.tch-az.com/careersnew/==========================================================================IMMEDIATE INTERVIEWS NOW AVAILABLE FOR EXPERIENCED SERVERS & LINECOOKS WITH RAINFOREST CAFE - ARIZONA MILLS IN TEMPE!Applicants must have previous experience. Weekends and holidays are required. Must beavailable for one week of training. We offer competitive pay, excellent health and dentalbenefits, paid vacation and super employee discounts! Dont miss these great opportunities!Immediate Interviews Now Available!APPLY IN PERSON DAILY: Rainforest Café, 5000 South Arizona Mills Circle #573, Tempe, AZ85282 or SEND RESUME TO: ARMGM@LDRY.COM ONLY IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKINGELSEWHERE OR GOING TO SCHOOL.
  13. 13. LEGENDS SPORTS BAR AND RESTAURANT LOCATED ONE BLOCK FROM CHASEFIELD AND US AIRWAYS ARENA IS SEEKING SERVERS AND BUSSERS FOR THEUPCOMING DIAMONDBACKS SEASON.Looking for part time or full time availability must have the availability to work daysand evenings and weekends as well. Please stop in at the restaurant located at 412 S.3rd St. Phoenix AZ, 85004 to fill out an application and interview with the manageron duty, Monday -Saturday 2pm -close and all day Sunday.=======================================================Chase Field Localized Food Svc Job Search401 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85004Within walking distance of Chase Field there are hundreds of businesses (bothlarge and small); you pass by them, every day, without ever a thought that this isa treasure chest of awaiting jobs and opportunities. In almost every career fieldthere are employers that need a person with your skills and the sad disconnect isthat they do not know you either.CALL OR VISIT?SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS PUT MUCH VALUE ON FACE-TO-FACEMEETINGS AND PUT EVEN MORE VALUE UPON IN A PERSON WHOWAS INTERESTED ENOUGH TO PRESENT THEMSELVES IN PERSON.The go in person approach shows that you are motivated and that you are reallyinterested in working for them. Calling is less time consuming; you can screenmany more companies and it is easier but…you must realize that without theproper script; you might be wasting time and energy.Remember it is very easy to say no over the phone than it is to say no in person.USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…WHAT DO I NEED TO TAKE WITH ME???Well…a resume is always your “must” have document BUT…how about business cards? Whywould I need business cards? Aren’t business cards expensive?We live in a business world where business cards are considered vital pieces ofinformation…where they are collected and saved where other types of info are commonlylost…Resumes given out at a localized job search might…may…be set aside…put into a filingcabinet…Business cards are not…they are collected and are put directly on a person’s desk…many peoplein business put them in special books of reference.Business cards do not need to be expensive…All you need is MS Word, paper and a printer. MSWord has several templates for business cards…Go to new document…select a template…youget 3 lines…Put your name on the first…on the second; do NOT put your address –but somecute/lame saying like “Best Worker Ever!” and on the third; put your contact number. Print thison normal paper and hand cut your business cards…
  14. 14. So, next week when someone quits and they are trying to remember the person that they weretalking to last week…they will not need to guess or try to find you in a stack of otherresumes…your card is on their desk…SEE?=============================================================== • Lexus Club • Crust Italian American... $$Downtown-American, $Downtown-Pizza, Italian100 N 3rd International401 E Jefferson St ST 0.2mi 0.0mi • Coach & Willies80% • Arizona Baseball Club $$Downtown-American, Burgers, $$$Downtown-American, Buffet401 Pub Food412 S 3rd St 0.2mi E Jefferson St 0.0mi • Legends Sports Bar &... • Fridays Front Row Sports...75% $$Downtown-American412 S 3rd St $$Downtown-American, Burgers401 0.2mi E Jefferson St 0.0mi • Hard Rock Cafe70% • Strike Zone Lounge at Bank... $$Downtown-American, Burgers3 S Downtown401 E Jefferson St 2nd St 0.2mi 0.0mi • Brothers Pizza Express • Sliders American Grill63% Downtown-Pizza3 S 2nd St 0.2mi $Downtown-American201 S 4th St • Paradise Bakery & Cafe86% 0.0mi $Downtown-Bakery, • Karims Cobbler Shop & Deli88% Sandwiches/Subs, American3 S 2nd $Downtown-Southern/Soul, St 0.2mi American, Desserts/Ice Cream333 E • Marias Mexican Grill77% Jefferson St 0.1mi $Downtown-Mexican3 S 2nd St • Jefferson Street Bar & Grill 0.2mi $Downtown-American333 E • Brooklyn NYC Pizza71% Jefferson St 0.1mi $Downtown-Pizza201 E Washington • Kincaid’s Classic American...81% St 0.2mi $$$$Downtown-Seafood, • Los Hermanos Cafe Steakhouse, American2 S 3rd St $Downtown106 St 3rd St 0.2mi 0.2mi • Pizzeria Bianco84% • Palazzetto $$Downtown-Pizza, Italian, $$Downtown-Italian211 E Jefferson Organic623 E Adams St 0.2mi St 0.2mi • Bar Bianco • Whataburger $Downtown-Italian623 E Adams St $Downtown-Burgers, Fast Food201 0.2mi E Jefferson St 0.2mi • Majerles Sports Grill75% • Starbucks $Downtown-American, Burgers24 N $Downtown-Coffee201 E Jefferson 2nd St 0.3mi St 0.2mi • Rose and Crown83% • Pizza Hut $$Downtown-English/Irish, Pub $Downtown-Pizza201 E Jefferson St Food628 E Adams St 0.3mi • Frozen Fusion Fruit... • Nobuo at Teeter House91% Downtown201 E Jefferson St $$Downtown-Japanese, Tea622 E. 0.2mi Adams St 0.3mi • Roc Choc • Alice CoopersTown83% Downtown700 E Jefferson St $$Downtown-American, Pub Food, 0.2mi Burgers101 E Jackson St 0.3mi
  15. 15. • Silver Wine & Martini Bar • The Arrogant Butcher76% $Downtown-Wine Bar136 E $$$Downtown-Modern American2 Washington St 0.3mi E. Jefferson #150 0.3mi• Sports City Grill • Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery75% $$Downtown-American132 E $$Downtown-Pub Food, Burgers, Washington St 0.3mi Sandwiches/Subs2 E. Jefferson #22-• Bar Smith76% 217 (2nd Floor) 0.3mi $$Downtown-Modern American130 • The Strand Urban Italian66% E Washington St 0.3mi $$Downtown-Italian2 E. Jefferson St• Mrs. Whites Golden Rule...83% 0.3mi $$Downtown-Southern/Soul, • Starbucks Chicken808 E Jefferson St 0.3mi $Downtown-Coffee100 N 1st St• Burger King 0.4mi $Downtown-Burgers, Fast Food1 N • Crave Sandwich Cafe88% 1st St 0.3mi $Downtown-Soups,• Cartel Kitchen Sandwiches/Subs, Coffee541 E Van $Downtown-Coffee, Buren St 0.4mi Breakfast/Brunch, Bakery1 N. 1st • District American Kitchen...80% Street Suite 107 0.3mi $$$Downtown-American,• Cartel Coffee Lab91% Breakfast/Brunch, Wine Bar320 N $Downtown-Breakfast/Brunch, 3rd St 0.4mi Coffee1 N. 1st St 0.3mi THIS IS SCARY! WHAT DO I SAY?• Tee Pee Tap Room78% $Downtown-Mexican602 E Lincoln By the mere fact that you are coming St 0.3mi in the employer’s door…already being• Copper Blues95% dressed to go to work (AZ Casual for $$Downtown-Modern American, most jobs – especially if you are on Tapas50 E. Jefferson St.0.3mi• Terrace Café at Hyatt... the bus – as sweat = stink and stink = $$Downtown-American, No job offer) and you have already Southwestern, Breakfast/Brunch122 made an impression on the N 2nd St 0.3mi employer.• Networks Bar & Grill at...64% Walking in the door you look the part $$Downtown-American, Burgers, Sushi122 N. 2nd St 0.3mi and now you need to start your• Steves Greenhouse Grill66% conversation with the employer with $$Downtown-American, something like the following: Breakfast/Brunch, Burgers139 E “I thought that I would come down Adams St 0.3mi• Hannys83% directly to introduce myself because I $$Downtown-Pizza, just live down the street and I have Sandwiches/Subs, Italian40 N 1st St been seriously waiting for this 0.3mi opportunity to open up so close to• Yogurtini Self-Serve $Downtown-Desserts/Ice Cream1 E. home; because…I have… Washington St. 0.3mi {Insert your talking points)…”• Compass Arizona Grill84% APPLICATION TIME: ONLY BETWEEN THE $$$$Downtown-Southwestern, GOLDEN HOURS OF 2-4PM M-F…DO NOT American122 N 2nd St 0.3mi GO ANY OTHER TIME IF YOU WANT A JOB!
  16. 16. LEGENDS SPORTS BAR AND RESTAURANT LOCATED ONE BLOCK FROM CHASE FIELD AND US AIRWAYS ARENA IS SEEKING EXPERIENCED LINE COOKS AND PIZZA/PANTRY COOKS $11 to $12.50. Looking to fill two full time positions in the am and one part time position in the evening.Hourly compensation will be based on experience. Must have Saturday and Sunday availabilityto be considered for the position.PLEASE STOP BY THE RESTAURANT LOCATED AT 412 S. 3RD ST PHOENIX AZ,85004 AFTER 2 PM MONDAY-SATURDAY AND ANY TIME ON SUNDAY TO FILLOUT AN APPLICATION.You can also email your resume to legends@legendsarizona.com – ONLY IF YOU AREALREADY WORKING OR ARE IN SCHOOL!MENU:http://www.legendssportsbar.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Legends_Sports_Bar_Menu.pdfWEBSITE: www.legendsarizona.com============================================================================CAMELBACK SAHARA HOTEL - NOW HIRING, OPEN INTERVIEWS FOR ENTRYLEVEL HOUSEKEEPERAble to complete 16 to 18 rooms in 8 hours period is a MUST!!! High school diploma orequivalent preferred.APPLY IN PERSON @ CAMELBACK SAHARA HOTEL, 502 WEST CAMELBACKROAD, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85013============================================================================EDDIE BAUER SCOTTSDALE NEW STORE - ATTEND SALES HIRING SESSION 3/13OR 3/14 - JOB NUMBER: 3549887 SCOTTSDALE FASHION PARKRequired fields are marked with an *1. GENERAL INFORMATION – MUST RSVP TO ATTEND!You must upload a resume in order to express interest in this position. To uploada resume, click the Upload Resume button. A FULL RESUME IS REQUIRED FORCONSIDERATIONRSVP HERE:http://eddiebauer.hodesiq.com/apply_online_1.asp?jobid=3549887&emid=0023================================================================
  17. 17. HIRING CARPENTERS - COMMERCIAL CONCRETE WORKERSPossess your own personal tools. Have reliable transportation to and from jobsites. Must haveverifiable references and possess a valid ID.BENEFITS: Dental plan -Vision plan -Health insurance -Prescription drug plan -Life insurance -401(k) profit-sharing savings plan APPLY IN PERSON 9AM-3PM Suntec Concrete, 2221 W. Shangri-La Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85029 (23rd Ave 2 Blocks North of Peoria) APPRENTICESHIP & TRAINING Suntec Concrete offers a training program to allemployees to assist with career advancement and continued education within the ever-changing concrete industry. To accomplish this, all of the classes are taught by experts in theindustry, drawing from skilled professionals within Suntec Concrete, as well as outsideinstructors.JUST A FEW OF THE TOPICS COVERED IN THIS UNIQUE EDUCATIONALEXPERIENCE AT SUNTEC CONCRETE INCLUDES:Layout Training (6 month course) • Hand Built Wall Forms • Forklift & Boom Lift OperatorTraining Certification • Forming Decks with Truss Tables • Benches & Curb Forming • Ladder &Scaffold Safety • OSHA 30 Hour Training • First Aid/CPR • Form PressuresSuntec Concrete offers an extremely competitive Carpenter and Cement Mason ApprenticeshipProgram, designed to successfully train individuals to become highly-skilled concretepractitioners.While much of the training is done on the jobsites while working at Suntec Concrete, moreformal, foundational education is provided in a classroom setting. Each employee enrolled inthe Apprentice Program is required to complete four years (8,000 hours) to become ajourneyman carpenter or a three-year program (6,000 hours) to become a cementmason. This is a State Certified Apprenticeship Program.http://www.suntecconcrete.com/apprenticeship.php=========================================================================THIS WEEK ONLY! APPLY IN PERSON! 10 Full Time Positions AvailableFINISHER (Commercial Concrete)Must possess experience in the following: Elevated Decks -Flatwork -DecorativeStamp –Sidewalks -Experience with finishing machines. We provide steady work;competitive wages & safe working conditions. Have reliable transportation to andfrom jobsite.Apply in person 9AM-3PM @ Suntec Concrete,2221 W. Shangri-La Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85029(23rd Ave 2 Blocks North of Peoria)
  18. 18. SOUTH PHOENIX LOCATION: OUR CUSTOMER IS LOOKING IMMEDIATELY TO FILL2 OPENINGS IN THEIR WAREHOUSERF scanner and pallet jack or forklift experience required. Warehouse or order selectionbackground required. 1 year in the last 3 years. OPEN INTERVIEWS AT THE TIMES LISTEDBELOW ONLY. Bring ID and be able to list past 5 years employment.YOU CAN GO TO OUR WEBSITE AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION IN ADVANCE TO SAVE TIME.www.momentumtrans.com/apply.htmlWE ALSO REQUIRE: 1-reliable transportation 2-stable employment history 3-CLEANBACKGROUND AND CAN PASS CRIMINAL CHECK AND DRUG SCREENHours are Sunday through Thursday 4pm to 1am and 6am-2:30pmMOMENTUM SPECIALIZED STAFFING - 4001 N. 15TH AVE, PHOENIX, ARIZONAINTERVIEWS 9AM-11:30, 1-3:30PM WEDNESDAY ONLYCHECK THEM OUT @: www.momentumtrans.com==============================================================================PAINTER’S HELPER NEEDED FOR CENTRAL PHOENIX APARTMENT COMPLEXMust have previous masking experience. $11.00 an hour to start. This employment is for 2months only. PLEASE FAX RESUME TO 602-264-9670==============================================================================ALLEGIANCE STAFFING IS HIRING FOR A BUSY WEST VALLEY AUTO AUCTIONREQUIREMENTS: A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE * A CLEAN MVR * A CLEAN CRIMINALBACKGROUND CHECK * RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION * ABLE TO WORK AND DRIVE SAFELYCall us at 602-252-4000 or stop in today at... ALLEGIANCE STAFFING, 323 E. McDOWELL ROAD,PHOENIX, AZ 85004 (McDowell Road & 7th Street)====================================================================================ATTENDANT CARE PROVIDERS NEEDED UP TO $12/HR - EXPERIENCE IS A PLUS,BUT NOT REQUIRED! WE OFFER PAID TRAININGLooking for Part-time HCBS providers (caregivers) to work with adults and children withdevelopmental disabilities in home and community based settings. Staff in this program may goto the home of a family or person needing services and provide respite care (companionshipand care for an individual while relieving primary caregivers), habilitation (teaching daily livingskills) and attendant care (assisting with cooking, cleaning or personal care). Hours includeweekends, early afternoons, and/or evening shifts.Have High School Diploma or GED - CRIMINAL BACKGROUND AND FINGERPRINT CLEARANCECHECK - Valid AZ drivers license - Proof of auto insurance - Current Vehicle Registration -Reliable transportation is vitalCURRENT CERTIFICATIONS (CPR, FIRST AID, CIT I & II, AND ARTICLE 9) AREWELCOMED, BUT NOT REQUIRED. WE WILL TRAIN. EXPERIENCE IN GROUPHOMES, DTAS, OR HCBS IS PLUS.Please contact Natalie at 623-780-5690 x 415 to set up an interview=============================================================================
  19. 19. ATTENTION LADIES OF UMOM!DID YOU GET A JOB THIS WEEK?If you did…Congratulations...you qualify for a specialprogram brought to you by the partnership of UMOMand Dress for Success that will give you a week’s worthof business clothes, accessories and related to help youstart work with a real sense of fashion…STOP BY THEUMOM EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT OFFICEand get all the details about this program and a referralwhen you are working…so you can go over to Phoenix’sFamous, Dress for Success’s fashion Boutique… FREE BUSINESS CLOTHES I got a job! I was so happy. Then I was referred to Dress for Success. What a blessing. I was given interview clothes and clothes to wear to work, including matching jewelry. They even had shoes and foundation garments. I am so very thankful that I’ll have clothes to wear on the first day as opposed to waiting on my first paycheck. Dress for Success Phoenix made me job ready. Thank you!
  20. 20. THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK JOB BOARD IS NOW ONLINE AT LINKEDIN.COM (You do not need to join Linkedin.com to use BUT, it is a really good place to showcase your skills – as this is the Employers and Recruiter’s version of Facebook…and it’s FREE!!!!)http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4550443&trk=hb_side_gSELECT SEARCH (if you are not a LINKEDIN Member) to see all the jobsfrom the newest job postings to all those golden oldies (maybe the firstperson didn’t work out or they have another opening…Might be worth aphone call to see???)WERE THEY OUT OF NEW JOB BOOKS? • NEED TO FIND A JOB FROM YESTERDAY…THE DAY BEFORE OR LAST WEEK? • REALLY TIRED OF TYPING 50 BILLION CHARACTERS TO GET TO A WEBSITE…? BEST OF ALL…NO TYPING…EVERYTHING IS HOTLINKED FOR CLICK AND GO SPEED… “BE THERE OR BE UNEMPLOYERED” AS THE OLD MAN USE TO SAY!