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6 Dec Job Club New Job Opportunities
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6 Dec Job Club New Job Opportunities


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This is our twice a week new job opportunity magazine of job leads for our local Job Club Chapter...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community...Employers who are …

This is our twice a week new job opportunity magazine of job leads for our local Job Club Chapter...for Veterans attempting to integrate back into the Phoenix Metro Community...Employers who are interested or can hire this population are welcome and encouraged to post job leads in this Bob West of AWEE Project VETS at

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  • 2. JOBHUNTING METHODS WERE NOT CREATED EQUALThere are 18 alternative ways of looking for work, as we have seen; but unfortunately, thesealternatives were not all created equal. Some methods of hunting for jobs have a pretty goodtrack record, and therefore will repay you for time spent pursuing them.But other methods have a pretty poor track record, and you can waste a lot of time, andenergy, on them, with no results, if you’re not careful.So, this is all about conservation of energy…your energy.The lesson from all this is: don’t waste your time or energy on the least effective job huntingmethods, unless you’re one of these people who like to bet against the odds, the bigger thebetter.You will notice that some of our country’s favorite jobs hunting strategies are on the list ofleast effective. I was as surprised as you.THE FIVE WORST WAYS TO LOOK FOR A JOBOnly a 4 to 10% Success RateLooking for employers’ job-postings on the Internet.Yeah, I know, you’re somewhere between surprised and shocked at this finding. I was too. Fornow, we are talking about the Internet in just one of its capacities: as a place wherejobhunters can find jobs, whether through posting their resume, or looking for employers’ jobpostings, working through social media, websites, Twitter, or blogs.The question is how helpful is this use of the Internet, and this use only?The answer is: well, that depends.
  • 3. THE FIVE WORST WAYS TO LOOK FOR A JOBYou will hear stories of jobhunters who have successfully used the Internet to find a job. Thestories are very impressive. Here are some examples.A jobseeker, a systems administrator in Taos, New Mexico, who wanted to move to SanFrancisco, posted his resume at 10 p.m. on a Monday night, on a San Francisco online bulletinboard ( By Wednesday morning he had over seventy responses from employers.Again, a marketing professional developed her resume following guidance she found on theInternet, posted it to two advertised positions she found there, and within seventy-two hoursof posting her electronic resume, both firms contacted her, and she is now working for one ofthem.I get letters about this, too. “In May I was very unexpectedly laid off from a company I waswith for five years. I did 100 percent of my job search and research via the Internet. I found allmy leads online, sent all my resumes via e-mail, and had about a 25 percent response rate thatactually led to a phone interview or a face-to-face interview.It was a software company that laid me off, and I am [now] going to work for a publishingcompany, a position I found online.” And: “Thanks to the Internet, I found what I believe to bethe ideal job in [just] eight weeks—a great job with a great company and greatopportunities.…”So we see the Internet can do a marvelous job of making it possible for an employer and ajobhunter to get together, in a way that was rarely possible even fifteen years ago. Internetsites devoted to jobhunting—some experts say there are over 100,000 “job-boards” now—make it possible for jobhunter and employer to get together faster than ever before in history.So, you’ll want to try it. Of course, it doesn’t always work.Aye, and there’s the rub! It turns out, despite all the hype that it actually doesn’t work for ahuge percentage of those who try it.Researchers have turned up the fact that out of every 100 jobhunters who use theInternet as their search method for finding jobs, 4 of them will get lucky and find ajob thereby, while 96 jobhunters out of the 100 will not—if they use only theInternet to search for a job.Disclaimer: If you are seeking a technical or computer-related job, IT jobs, or a job in engineering, finances,or healthcare, the success rate rises, to somewhere around 10 percent. But for the other 20,000 job-titlesthat are out there in the job-market, the success rate reportedly remains at about 4 percent.
  • 4. THE FIVE WORST WAYS TO LOOK FOR A JOBIn better times, economically, it was common for jobhunters to believe that jobsearch on theInternet worked for most everybody, so when they found that it didn’t work for them, theyobsessed over the question: “What’s wrong with me?” Result: lowered self-esteem, or evenmammoth depression. Yuck!In hard times, we expect that jobsearch on the Internet won’t work well for just abouteverybody. Why? Because we think there just are no jobs out there.Okay and why do we think that?The answer: Mythology.The common myth among jobhunters is that if an employer has a vacancy, they will post it onthe Internet—on their own site, if nowhere else.Not true.Employers will only post their vacancies on the Internet, or anywhere else, if they are havingtrouble finding the kind of hire that they are looking for.Otherwise, they fall back to their default position: filling it without advertising it. This createswhat we might call an underground job-market, which historically has been called the “hiddenjob market.”Because of this mythology, jobhunters think that if there are no postings, there are no jobsavailable. Not true. The vacancies have just gone underground.Only a 7% Success Rate----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posting or mailing out your resume to employers.This jobsearch method apparently has about a 7 percent success rate. That is, out of every 100jobhunters who use only this search method, 7 will get lucky, and find a job thereby; 93jobhunters out of 100 will not—if they use only resumes searching for those vacancies that areout there.This comes as a shock to most jobhunters. Everyone and his brother tell us: a good resume willget you a job. It’s virtually an article of faith among the unemployed.Why does everyone keep telling us this, if it’s not true?Oh, why did everyone entrust their money to Bernie Madoff? Or why did so many people buythose incredibly risky financial instruments that led to the Recession? You tell me.
  • 5. Posting or mailing out your resume to employers.Resumes make you feel like they’re out there, working for you. They make you feel as thoughyou’re really doing something about your jobhunt.But in fact they may be moribund or comatose. That is, they may not be getting read, at all,even when posted on an employer’s own website.As for posting on general sites, well, they won’t tell you their success rate, but back before thiscurtain of silence fell, Pete Weddle, an expert on recruiting, got some resume sites on theInternet to tell him how many employers actually looked at the resumes on their sites at thattime.Sit down while I tell you the news from back then: A site that had 85,000 resumes posted; only850 employers looked at any of those resumes in the previous three months before thesurvey.Another site with 59,283 resumes posted, only 1,366 employers looked at any, inthe previous three months. Another site with 40,000 resumes, only 400 employersin three months. A site with 30,000 resumes, only 15 employers looked in, duringthe previous three months.So, you post your resume on the Internet, confident that employers are reading them, when—in a depressing number of cases—nobody is. Some employers, in fact, hate resumes (I kid younot).So many lies, on so many resumes. Or at least exaggeration and distortion of jobhunters’actual experience and knowledge. As much as 82 percent of the time, according to someexperts.Anyway, the success rate is sad. And actually I’m being generous here with my reportedpercentage. One study suggested that outside the Internet only 1 out of 1,470 resumesactually resulted in a job.Another study said the figure was even worse: one job offer for every 1,700 resumes floatingaround out there. We do not know what the odds are if you post your resume on the Internet.We do know that once you post your resume on the Internet, it gets copied quickly by“spiders” from other sites, and you can never remove it completely from the Internet.There are reportedly at least 40,000,000 resumes floating around out there in the ether, likelost ships on the Sargasso Sea. No one’s bothered to try to count how many of those40,000,000 actually turned up a job for the jobhunter. Only a 7% Success Rate
  • 6. Answering ads in professional or trade journals, appropriate to your fieldThis search method, like the one above, apparently has about a 7 percent success rate. That is,out of every 100 jobhunters who use only this search method, 7 will get lucky and find a jobthereby; 93 job hunters out of 100 will not—if they use only this method to search for thevacancies that are out there.Only a 5 to 24% Success Rate---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answering local newspaper adsThis search method apparently has about a 5 to 24 percent success rate. That is, out of every100 jobhunters who use only this search method, between 5 and 24 will get lucky and find ajob thereby; 76 to 95 jobhunters out of 100 will not—if they use only this method to search forthe vacancies that are out there.The fluctuation between 5 percent and 24 percent is due to the level of salary that is beingsought; the higher the salary being sought, the fewer jobhunters who are able to find a jobusing only this search method.) Only a 5 to 28% Success Rate----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Going to private employment agencies or search firms for help.This method apparently has about a 5 to 28 percent success rate—again depending on thelevel of salary that is being sought.Which is to say, out of every 100 jobhunters who use only this method, between 5 and 28 willget lucky and find a job thereby; 72 to 95 job hunters out of 100 will not—if they use onlythis method to search for those vacancies that are out there?The range is for the same reason as noted in #4. It is of interest that the success rate of thismethod apparently has raised slightly in recent years, in the case of women but not of men:before the recession, 27.8 percent of female jobhunters found a job within two months, bygoing to private employment agencies.)Other JobHunting Methods in the Least Effective Category:For the sake of completeness we should note that there are at least four other methods fortrying to find jobs, that technically fall into this category of Worst Ways.
  • 7. Other Job Hunting Methods in the Least Effective Category:Those four are:Going to places where employers pick out workers, such as union hallsThis apparently has about an 8 percent success rate. (Only 11.9 percent of U.S. workers areunion members,3 but it is claimed that those who do have access to a union hiring hall, have a22 percent success rate. What is not stated, however, is how long it takes to get a job at thehall, and how short-lived such a job may be; in the trades it’s often just a few days.)Taking a civil service examinationThis apparently has about a 12 percent success rate.Asking a former teacher or professor for job-leads.This also has about a 12 percent success rate.Going to the state or federal employment service office.This apparently has about a 14 percent success rate.THE FIVE BEST WAYS TO HUNT FOR A JOBOkay, so much for the apparently least effective ways to hunt for the vacancies that are outthere. But now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. What are the jobhunting methods thathave a better payoff, for the time and energy you invest in them?Here are some educated guesses about the five best:33% Success RateAsking for job-leads from: family members, friends, people in the community, and staff atcareer centers— especially at your local community college or the high school or collegewhere you graduated.You ask them one simple question: do you know of any job vacancies at the place where youwork—or elsewhere? This search method apparently has about a 33 percent success rate.That is, out of every 100 people who use this search method, 33 will get lucky, and find a jobthereby; 67 jobhunters will not—if they use only this method to search for those vacanciesthat are out there.
  • 8. THE FIVE BEST WAYS TO HUNT FOR A JOBWhoa! This is one of the five best ways to look for a job? Well, yes; it’s all relative. But to putthings in perspective, do note that this method’s success rate is almost five times higher thanthe success rate for resumes. In other words, by asking for job-leads from your family andfriends, you have an almost five times better chance of finding a job, than if you had just sentout your resume. 47% Success RateKnocking on the door of any employer, factory, or office that interests you, whether they areknown to have a vacancy or not. (LOCALIZED JOB SEARCH)This search method apparently has anywhere up to a 47 percent success rate. That is, out ofevery 100 people who use only this search method, 47 will get lucky, and find a job thereby; 53jobhunters out of 100 will not—if they use only this one method to search for work.But again, for perspective, note that by going face-to-face you have an almost seven timesbetter chance of finding a job, than if you had just sent out your resume.65% Success RateBy yourself, using the index to your phone book’s Yellow Pages to identify subjects or fieldsof interest to you in the town or city where you want to work, and then calling up or visitingthe employers listed in that field, to ask if they are hiring for the type of position you can do,and do well.This method apparently has about a 65 percent success rate. That is, out of every 100jobhunters or career-changers that use only this search method, 65 will get lucky and find ajob thereby; 35 jobhunters out of 100 will not—if they use only this one method to search forthem.For perspective, however, note that by doing targeted phone calls by yourself, you have a ninetimes better chance of finding a job, than if you had just sent out your resume.70% SuccessRate In a group with other jobhunters, a kind of “job-club” or “job support group,” using thephone book’s Yellow Pages to identify subjects or fields of interest to you in the town or citywhere you are, and then calling up or visiting the employers listed in that field, to ask if theyare hiring for the type of position you can do, and do well.This method is the same as the previous method, except here you work in a group and youchoose a partner to work with in identifying job-leads.Moreover, you share with the rest of the group what kind of job you are looking for. Thismethod apparently has at best a 70 percent success rate. That is, out of every 100 jobhuntersor career-changers that use only this search method, 70 will get lucky and find a job thereby;30 jobhunters out of 100 will not—if they use only this one method to search for them.
  • 9. THE FIVE BEST WAYS TO HUNT FOR A JOBFor perspective, however, note that by doing targeted phone calls with a group to supportyou, you have an almost ten times better chance of finding a job, than if you had just sent outyour resume. Why does this method work better than doing it alone?Well, let’s say you’re in a job-club that has 48 other members. Once you tell them what you’relooking for, you get an extra 48 pairs of eyes looking on your behalf, and an extra 48 pairs ofears listening on your behalf—all the time that they are out there looking for job-leadsthemselves.Note: the success rate for this approach has declined precipitously. Nathan Azrininvented this method back in 1973. It had an 84 to 92 percent success rate; butthere are virtually no “job-clubs” today that follow his model, and there’s theproblem.Azrin’s job-club was all about action, calling for the job-club to meet every single weekday, allday, doing phoning with partners in the morning, and going out and calling upon employersevery afternoon.Most groups that call themselves “job-clubs” today are only shadows of the Azrin model, andmay more accurately be described as “job support groups.” They tend to meet once weekly atbest, for just two or three hours at a time, and devote their meetings to inspiration, pep talks,and exchanging job-leads; but the actual jobhunt occurs outside the group meeting. As aresult, the success rate is as low as 10 percent.His detailed manual describing exactly how to do this has been out of print for years; but thedesperate (and well-off) can find it for about $100 at It’s called The Job ClubCounselor’s Manual: A Behavioral Approach to Vocational Counseling. Nathan Azrin is theauthor.Job support groups do have one sterling virtue, however, and that is, they provide communityto the otherwise lonely jobhunter. This is very, very valuable. No one should have to job huntby themselves.86% Success RateDoing an Inventory of Yourself.This doesn’t sound like a jobhunting method, but it is. It was invented by the late BernardHaldane, polished by the late John Crystal, and organized by Daniel Porot.It involves doing extensive homework on yourself before you go out there pounding thepavement. This method has an apparent 86 percent success rate, the highest by far of any job
  • 10. THE FIVE BEST WAYS TO HUNT FOR A JOBHunting method. You know by now that this means out of every 100 jobhunters or career-changers who use this method, 86 will get lucky and find a job thereby; 14 jobhunters out of100 will not—if they use only this method to search for vacancies. Such an effectiveness rate isastronomically higher than virtually every other jobhunting method there is.For example, doing homework on yourself works twelve times better than resumes, whenyou’re looking for work. This means, that by doing the hard thinking this method requires, youhave a 1,200 percent better chance of finding a job than if you just send out resumes!This method revolves around three simple words: you do aninventory of your answers to What, Where, and How.WHAT. This has to do with your skills, specifically your transferable skills. You need toinventory and identify what skills you have that you most enjoy using. I didn’t say: that you arebest at, or that are the most marketable. No, these are the ones you enjoy using the most.They are called your transferable skills, because they are transferable to any field/career thatyou choose, regardless of where you first picked them up. These are usually verbs—the gerundform of verbs, actually—like: analyzing, organizing, researching, communicating, etc.WHERE. This has to do with job environments. Think of yourself as a flower. You know that aflower that blooms in the desert will not do well at 10,000 feet up—and vice versa. Everyflower has an environment where it does best. In that sense, you are like a flower. You need todecide where you would most enjoy using your skills, because that is where you will do yourmost effective work. Experts call these your “fields of fascination,” or just “fields.” These areusually nouns, like technology, finance, the arts, chemistry, automobiles, criminal justice,nursing, hospitality, etc.HOW. You need to decide how to get where you want to go. This has to do with finding outthe names of the jobs you would be most interested in, and the names of organizations (inyour preferred geographical area) that have such jobs to offer, and the names of the people orperson there who actually has the power to hire you. And, how you can best approach thatperson to show them how your skills can help them with their goals or challenges. How, if youwere hired there, you would not be part of the problem, but part of the solution.Why does this self-inventory work well as a jobhunting method?If you do this self-inventory, you can then more accurately define to yourself just exactly whatyou’re looking for, beneath the shifting shape of job-titles. In a brutal economy, job-titles like“accountant” just aren’t detailed enough. New thinking is called for: as we saw earlier, you are
  • 11. THE FIVE BEST WAYS TO HUNT FOR A JOBNot “an accountant” or “a construction worker” or whatever. You are a person, who … You area person who has these skills and these experiences. You are a person who can describeyourself in alternative ways.If you do this self-inventory, you can then more accurately describe to your family, friends, andnetworks just exactly what you’re looking for, in detail. Not just “Uh, I’m out of work; let meknow if you hear of anything,” but exactly what kind of “thing,” and in what work setting.c. Lastly, when you are facing, let us say, nineteen other competitors for a job you want—whosuperficially look equal to you in skills and experience—if you did this self-inventory, then youcan accurately describe to employers exactly what is unique about you, and what you bring tothe table that the others don’t. These will usually turn out to involve adjectives or adverbs,what we normally call traits.There is one problem with this method, which we should note: It involves work. “Thinking”kind of work. Most jobhunters therefore avoid it. Takes too much time. Demands too muchthinking. It certainly is not for the lazy, nor for those looking for the easy way out of theirunemployment situation. (Reality check, however: it actually can be done in a full weekend, oron six successive Monday nights, or whatever.)
  • 12. NEW JOB LEADS New Dunkin Donuts is opening up at 1342 W. WARNER RD, TEMPE ARIZONA Looking for: SHIFT – MANAGERS + CREW MEMBERS + BAKERS OPEN INTERVIEWS 12/6 TUESDAY 11AM-2PM APPLY IN PERSON! WE WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU AND TALK TO YOU.==========================================================================
  • 13. EACH STORE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED…Visit your closeststore for an application and a chance to visit with the management…Popeye’s:6540 W Thomas Rd Phoenix, AZ 85033 US (623)845-59393426 W. Greenway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85053 US 602-843-91006904 Dysart North Glendale, AZ 85307 US (623)535-16688327 Thunderbird Blvd Peoria, AZ 85381 US (623)412-9111457 W Broadway Rd Tempe, AZ 85282 US (480)237-08961619 W. Baseline Road Guadalupe, AZ 85283 US (480)839-15777071 N 138th Dr.Bldg. 1540 Luke AFB, AZ 85307 US (623)935-40292005 South Broadway Mesa, AZ 85202 US (480)733-8160
  • 14. We are opening our 12th Location in Phoenix at 1935 East Camelback Rd.Hiring for all positions-- Line Servers, Catering Staff, Kitchen Staff, etc.They have both Full and Part Time positions available. If you are interested in applying, emailyour resume to newlocation@cafezupas.comAt Café Zupas, our Line Servers are extremely important. With their amazing personalities,they can provide exceptional guest service while serving the best food on the planet! Becauseour Line Servers are well-trained, they are able to make salads, sandwiches, soups, and canalso work our cash register. In other words, as a Line Server, you would be able to work anystation on our line at any time!=========================================================================== Hawaiian BBQ is dedicated to bringing customer the best Hawaiian dining experience byserving a delicious selection of "plate lunch" foods and American cuisine, with exceptionalservice in a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. Currently, we have 38 locationsthroughout California & Arizona.And we are seeking for candidates to fulfill below positions at Avondale, AZ:1) Front Crew 2) Kitchen Crew 3) Shift Manager 4) Unit ManagerAn Open House Interview will be held on:Saturday December 10, 2011 from 11:00AM - 4:00PMInterview Address:Ono Hawaiian BBQ, 13070 W. Rancho Santa Fe Blvd, # C-7, Avondale, AZIf you are interested in applying for any above positions:1. Print & fill-out an application by visiting our website, click on"Opportunity".2. Bring your application and/or resume on the date of the Open HouseInterview mentioned above.3. Application forms are also available at the Open HouseInterview.4. DO NOT SEND APPLICATION VIA EMAIL.
  • 15. 3001 W. Indian School, Phoenix, AZ 85017 (602) 266-3989Pan American Charter School is in need of a Head Cook ImmediatelyRequirements:Food handlers card, Experience in cooking for a school Cafeteria, Experience onNational School Lunch Program and a Fingerprint clearance card.Please call 602-266-3989or fax resume at 602-266-3979========================================================================= Phoenix Country Club 2901 N 7th Street Phoenix Arizona 85014 Phoenix Country Club is always eager to talk to people who are sincerely interested in providing top-drawer service to the Club, its Members and Guests. We are a private membership Club and seek employees who are comfortable in that environment.Kitchen Help -Baker/Pastry Cook - Must have two years experience. Must know how to make cakes, torts,pies, cookies and breakfast pastries.Line Cook - Must have two years experience.Good benefits, vacationDining Room Help - POS experience a plus. Must be available nights and weekends.Certified Tree Worker - 85% of this person’s work time will be in the trees. If you do not wantto be “in the trees”, please do not respond to this.Full time, year round. Rate of pay isdependent on experience. Full benefits package, including 401K.DOWNLOAD APPLICATIONHERE: MORE INFORMATIONPLEASE CONTACT PEGGY HART602-636-9821 or
  • 16. Valet Attendant - Throughout the valley of the sun(Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa and many otherlocations)American Valet Company is a full-service valet, shuttle, andgarage management organization based out of Arizonaserving the Southwest since 1980.Our clientele includes restaurants, hospitals, shoppingmalls, hotels, sporting events, and casinos. American Valetis looking for team members with great customer serviceand time management experience.Varied Hours and Locations$4.35 an hour plus tips average is $8.00-$12.00 an hour UPDATE:American Valet does not accept applicants withfelony convictions or misdemeanor convictions.Clean driving record is required (no more than two movingviolations in a 39 month period). Above Average physicalfitness is necessary for a valet position. Due to insurance purposes you are required to be at least20 years of age.
  • 17. St. Francis is an urban gathering place set in the heart of Phoenix. We are a neighborhood restaurant like no other: a modern, family- 111 e. camelback rd. - phoenix owned establishment that aims to nourish the community with exceptional cuisine in an 602.200.8111 - inspired setting at good value. info@stfrancisaz.comHIRING LINE COOKSPlease apply in person at the restaurant, Monday - Thursday from 2pm - 4pmor email resume to East Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona602.200.8111============================================================================ New store opening in Phoenix at 7th Ave & McDowell. Jersey Mikes is looking for highly motivated team members, hourly and salaried Managers, to join our fast paced and growing team for our new store… To apply now", go to,
  • 18. Need someone who has experience with drywall, painting and tile, has generalknowledge of construction business.Someone willing to learn more and takes direction well. Must have own vehicleand general tools.If interested call Scott to set up appointment at 602-923-7894.================================================================= 1417 S. 59th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043-7905 Phone (602) 233-1700 Fax (602) 272-8776 Email info@masseysdiesel.comBusy diesel Truck and trailer repair facility that is hiring for aParts Room Assistant / Counter Person to join our team!To be considered for this position you must possess the following:- Valid Arizona driver’s license with a clean driving record.- Extensive knowledge of diesel truck and trailer parts, with a minimum of 2 years priorexperience in a trucking industry parts department.- General computer skills; prior experience with parts inventory computer programspreferred).- Must be able to pass a pre-employment exam and drug screen.- Must be able to work with little supervisionPlease apply by emailing or faxing your resume to 602-272-8776.===========================================================================
  • 19. Welcome to RGISRGIS is the market leader in supply chain, inventory, insights, and merchandising andoptimization solutions. Our services include but are not limited to: inventories, supply chain,compliance audits, store mapping, merchandising, resets, staffing solutions and storeoptimization. We deploy employees in more than 40 countries, offering our customersunsurpassed geographic coverage and unique tools and processes to ensure accuracy,reliability and efficiency…Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (An answer of yes to this question willnot automatically disqualify you from consideration for employment. Factorssuch as date and seriousness of the offense, and the relationship between theconviction and job duties/responsibilities of the position will be considered.) AVAILABLE POSITIONSInventory Taker Auditor - US - Dist. 275 - Phoenix, AZ - including North / West Phoenix,Glendale, Scottsdale, with occasional travel to Mesa / Tempe - *Job Number: INV00189DescriptionRGIS Inventory Takers are members of a team (called Team Members) that work together tophysically count inventory for our clients and enter information into RGIS equipment.Inventory to be counted varies depending on the client and location to be audited.Items may be located on the floor, tables, or shelves at various heights. Items are generallycounted on the shelves, but may be moved if required. Inventories take approximately 4-6hours to complete; however, it may take longer depending on the size of the location and thelevel of inventory to be counted.All Inventory Takers receive comprehensive training on RGIS inventory practices andprocedures prior to being assigned to an inventory event.
  • 20. Requirements/Duties· Proficient with the RGIS hand held computer and other inventory equipment.· Achieve established average per hour (APH) counting goals while ensuring accuracy andintegrity of the data collected in all inventories worked.· Adhere to all company policies and procedures.· Ability to work assigned shifts and adhere to a flexible schedule with varying hours to includeworking an extreme schedule, resulting in long hours on occasion.· Ability to work in various work environments, such as stores, warehouses, outside industries,etc., with potential exposure to cold and heat.· Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality in all duties.· Access to reliable transportation.· Ability to complete other duties as assigned by Management.· Places community before self, engages and works effectively with and assists other TeamMembers.· Ability to relate information clearly and accurately, verbally and in written form, in a positivemanner that yields cooperation.· Creates partnerships and instills trust and confidence in ones abilities, based upondemonstrated expertise.· Takes initiative to explore and suggest new approaches that can impact quality and/orquantity of job performance and organizational effectiveness, innovative.· Demonstrates a positive presence and energy. Is optimistic, maintains a positive view of life.Is respectful and honest with others.· Maintains a can do attitude, attacks job with passion, demonstrates a sense of urgency anddelivers excellent output.Physical Requirements· Prolonged standing with occasional walking (frequent)· Repetitive motions requiring use of wrists and hands as well as fingers (frequent)· Able to work for extended periods of time (frequent)· Low level positions: squatting, kneeling, and crouching (frequent)· Use of ladders and step stools up to 8 steps high. (Frequent)· Balancing when counting stock from ladder (frequent)· Conveying detailed or important instructions or ideas accurately and quickly (frequent)· Able to lift and carry items up to 25 pounds (occasional)· Able to travel by car and plane (occasional)· Able to travel including overnight stays (occasional)
  • 21. & DevelopmentEach RGIS auditor completes a paid comprehensive training program on the techniques andhow to use the proprietary equipment, prior to being assigned to work an inventory event.In addition, as new clients are added, client-specific training is also provided to familiarize theRGIS auditor with the nuances of that customer.Finally, RGIS provides Continuous ASET Advancement Process (CAAP) training for experiencedauditors. CAAP focuses on improving the accuracy and counting speed of selected Specialistand Expert-ranked Team Members. As these CAAP trainees achieve higher on-the-jobperformance results, they become eligible for promotion to the next ASET ranking andcorresponding pay increases.The CAAP process consists of training sessions that focus on building sight counting ability,ten-key-by-touch skills, and effective counting techniques. CAAP trainees transfer the coursecontent during on-the-job skill applications in approximately 24 live events to build accuracy,speed, and confidence.QualificationsQualificationsAge RequirementsMinimum of 18 years of ageExperience or Knowledge Requirements· Prior teamwork experience in a customer service setting preferred.· Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure with whole numbers,common fractions and decimals using a calculator or 10-key audit.Pre-Employment Testing· As a committed equal opportunity employer who maintains a drug free workplace, RGISconducts pre-employment criminal, drug and social security screening.Inventory Taker Auditor - US - Dist. 296 - Tempe, AZ - including Eastern Phoenix Metro, areasSouth of I-10, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction - *Job Number: INV00279Inventory Taker Auditor - US - Dist. 275 - Phoenix, AZ - including North / West Phoenix,Glendale, Scottsdale, with occasional travel to Mesa / Tempe - *Job Number: INV00189Inventory Taker Travel Team - US - Dist. 259 - Phoenix, AZ* USA-AZ-Phoenix, USA-AZ-Scottsdale, USA-AZ-Mesa
  • 22. C & D Painting & Decorating(480) 641-7974 2361 E Robin Ln, Gilbert, AZ 85296 Experienced painter needed for work in the East Valley. Candidate must have own hand tools and transportation and pass a drug test. The work to be done is for residential exterior repaints- brush, roll and spray. * We are a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. If you meet the qualifications, call Denis at 480- 641-7974 8:00am-6:00pm. Calls will be accepted Tuesday and Thursday only.============================================================================Gunsight Construction Corp(623) 931-7700 - (623) 931-7700 · 5959 N 55th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301Experienced Heavy Equipment Operators & AsphaltPaving Crews Needed ASAPFinish Blade. Scraper…Loader…Skip loader…Blew Knox…Lee BoyPaver…Screed…Roller…Asphalt Racers…Laborers…Grade CheckersDust Control Certification preferred and drug testing is mandatory prior to hire.Please email resume to, fax to (623) 931-7500,Or call for directions to apply in person (623) 931-7700.========================================================================== APPLY IN PERSON AT JOB FAIR BEING HELD ON MONDAY DECEMBER 12, 2011 FROM 10AM-2PM LOCATED AT 163 N DOBSON RD MESA,AZ
  • 23. APPLY IN PERSON AT JOB FAIR BEING HELD ON MONDAY DECEMBER 12, 2011 FROM 10AM-2PM LOCATED AT 163 N DOBSON RD MESA,AZThe locations listed below are now accepting applications on line. Please select one of the sitesbelow and complete the questions that follow. The entire process will take approximately 10-50 minutes, and your completed application will be automatically sent to the selectedlocation. If the site for which you wish to apply is not listed below, please apply in person.`S 6104230 WEST MCDOWELL ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85009 (602) 415-5700FRY`S 07839508 N. DAISEY MOUNTAIN DR. ANTHEM, AZ 85086 (623) 551-7220FRY`S 128744 W. CAMELBACK ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85013 (602) 279-9001FRY`S 0391625 WEST CAMELBACK, PHOENIX, AZ 85015 (602) 277-9664FRY`S 6231815 WEST GLENDALE AVENUE, PHOENIX, AZ 85015 (602) 335-2240FRY`S 0023036 EAST THOMAS, PHOENIX, AZ 85016 (602) 468-9155FRY`S 1294724 NORTH 20TH ST., PHOENIX, AZ 85016 (602) 263-0766FRY`S 046520 EAST BASELINE, PHOENIX, AZ 85040 (602) 243-3012FRY`S 0812250 EAST BASELINE ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85040 (602) 305-4420FRY`S 1354505 E. THOMAS RD., PHOENIX, AZ 85018 (602) 952-1288FRY`S 0792626 S. 83RD AVENUE, PHOENIX, AZ 85043 (623) 907-2434FRY`S 8835305 W BUCKEYE RD, PHOENIX, AZ 85043 (602) 442-9000FRY`S 609850 EAST HATCHER ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85020 (602) 216-1440
  • 24.`S 0875140 W. BASELINE, LAVEEN, AZ 85339 (602) 237-7000FRY`S 0104353 W. BETHANY HOME RD., GLENDALE, AZ 85301 (623) 934-5324FRY`S 1364329 W. NORTHERN AVE., GLENDALE, AZ 85301 (623) 931-8445FRY`S 1266601 W. INDIAN SCHOOL RD, PHOENIX, AZ 85033 (623) 846-0622FRY`S 0116710 W. BETHANY HOME RD., GLENDALE, AZ 85303 (623) 934-0348FRY`S 0057770 E. MCDOWELL, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85257 (480) 941-4088FRY`S 1013232 SOUTH MILL AVE., TEMPE, AZ 85282 (480) 858-9096FRY`S 1243255 SOUTH RURAL ROAD, TEMPE, AZ 85282 (480) 829-7799FRY`S 6075100 SOUTH MCCLINTOCK DRIVE, TEMPE, AZ 85282 (480) 752-9700FRY`S 0265116 WEST OLIVE, GLENDALE, AZ 85302(623) 934-1862FRY`S 0273616 EAST RAY ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85044(480) 706-0601FRY`S 6283949 EAST CHANDLER BOULEV, PHOENIX, AZ 85044(480) 706-7340FRY`S 0257628-A E INDIAN SCHOOL RD, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251 (480) 994-0145FRY`S 1346080 E. THOMAS RD., SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251(480) 425-0528FRY`S 6124707 EAST SHEA BOULEVARD, PHOENIX, AZ 85028 (480) 367-3940FRY`S 1274204 W. CACTUS ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85029(602) 439-9034
  • 25. rs/Pages/default.aspxFRY`S 6413511 WEST PEORIA AVENUE, PHOENIX, AZ 85029(602) 866-5420FRY`S 6198325 W. INDIAN SCHOOL RD., PHOENIX, AZ 85037(623) 245-7320 FRY`SFRY`S 0432700 WEST BASELINE, TEMPE, AZ 85283(602) 438-1756FRY`S 0221835 EAST GUADALUPE, TEMPE, AZ 85283(480) 838-7023FRY`S 6279900 SOUTH RURAL ROAD, TEMPE, AZ 85284(480) 783-6200FRY`S 038731 EAST BELL ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85022(602) 375-0475FRY`S 0457455 WEST CACTUS ROAD, PEORIA, AZ 85345(623) 486-0120FRY`S 0569043 WEST OLIVE AVE., PEORIA, AZ 85345(623) 979-8880FRY`S 01218420 NORTH 19TH AVENUE, PHOENIX, AZ 85023(602) 993-5960FRY`S 0403421 WEST THUNDERBIRD, PHOENIX, AZ 85053(602) 375-0186FRY`S 6172727 WEST BELL ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85053(602) 896-2500FRY`S 0244949 WEST RAY ROAD, CHANDLER, AZ 85226(480) 940-7488FRY`S 1214025 E. THUNDERBIRD RD., PHOENIX, AZ 85032(602) 953-1615FRY`S 6183246 EAST BELL ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85032(602) 765-4600FRY`S 041825 W. UNIVERSITY DR., MESA, AZ 85201(480) 844-7195FRY`S 1131245 W. MAIN ST., MESA, AZ 85201(480) 833-8879
  • 26.`S 0065771 W. THUNDERBIRD RD., GLENDALE, AZ 85306 (602) 978-9488FRY`S 12510450 N. 90TH ST., SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85258(480) 661-0001FRY`S 6218900 E. VIA LINDA, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85258(480) 657-6400FRY`S 0544842 EAST BELL ROAD, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85254(602) 867-0353FRY`S 1206321 E. GREENWAY, PHOENIX, AZ 85254(480) 368-8930The locations listed above are now accepting applications on line. Please select one of the sitesbelow and complete the questions that follow. The entire process will take approximately 10-50 minutes, and your completed application will be automatically sent to the selectedlocation. If the site for which you wish to apply is not listed below, please apply in person.
  • 27. The identifying information in this section will be used later in the applicationprocess when we perform a Criminal Background Check prior to finalizing an offerof employment.*Note - The existence of a criminal history will not automaticallydisqualify you from the job you are applying for.Have you been convicted of a crime?Do not answer "Yes" if your conviction record has been annulled, expunged, sealed, pardoned,erased or impounded. *Note - The existence of a criminal history will not automaticallydisqualify you from the job you are applying for.Omit minor traffic citations (only job related convictions are considered by Fry`s).Have you been convicted of any other crimes?Do not answer "Yes" if your conviction record has been annulled, expunged, sealed, pardoned,erased or impounded. *Note - The existence of a criminal history will not automaticallydisqualify you from the job you are applying for.Omit minor traffic citations (only job relatedconvictions are considered by Fry`s).Have you been convicted of any other crimes?Do not answer "Yes" if your conviction record has been annulled, expunged, sealed, pardoned,erased or impounded. *Note - The existence of a criminal history will not automaticallydisqualify you from the job you are applying for.Omit minor traffic citations (only job related convictions are considered by Fry`s).Have you, or has anyone under your supervision, been found to have violated a prohibition onselling tobacco to minors?If you answer yes to any of the below questions, please provide an explanation of the factsand circumstances in the space provided.Answers to these questions will be considered only if the applicant is applyingfor a pharmacy position or is later transferred or promoted into a pharmacyposition.
  • 28. Have you ever been: 1. Excluded or debarred from Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care, or any other federal/state healthcare program(s)? Yes No2. Subject to a debarment, suspension or exclusion proceeding related to Medicare, Medicaid,Tri-Care or any other federal/state health care program?Yes No3. Charged with any offense related to the delivery of health care services? Yes No4. Subject to any type of license suspension, revocation, termination, and/or probationarystatus for any health care related license (not limited to the position for which you arecurrently applying, for example, Pharmacy Technician, LPN, RN, nursing assistant)?Yes No5. Default on any Federal Student Loans? Yes NoI understand that a criminal background check, a previous employment verification check,and/or an education verification check will be obtained for employment purposes at Fry`s.Fry`s will make inquiries to General Information Services, Inc.and/or Validex, ConsumerReporting Agencies, concerning your employment suitability and qualificationYou may contact General Information Services, Inc.:By Phone: 866-265-4917by Mail: General Information Services, Inc., 917 Chapin Road, PO Box353 Chapin, SC 29036Orfind contact information on General Information Services, Inc. using any computerconnected with the World Wide Web at: may contact Validex, LLC:By Phone: 800-652-1005 by Mail: Validex, LLC, 324 W. Ninth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202OrFind contact information on Validex, LLC. Using any computer connected with the WorldWide Web at:
  • 29. There’s variety everywhere you look at Lowe’s – from the 40,000 products we stock in storeand the 500,000 products available by special order, to the amazing diversity of career pathswe offer employees. Even within specialty sales, there are 18 unique products categories. So,no matter what your particular expertise may be, opportunities for driven, personable andcustomer-minded sales professionals are plentiful here at Lowe’s.Sales Specialist positions within our stores areavailable in the following areas:Project Specialist - Exteriors In this new role at Lowes, youll have the opportunity to guide the customer experience inexterior project areas such as Siding, Decking, Fencing, Roofing and Gutters. Youll be engagedwith customers during the entire exterior project cycle (from lead generation to post projectfollow-up) and drive project decisions to ensure customer expectations are met. Youll alsodrive collaboration across a team of store sales associates and specialists in millwork,hardware, lumber/building materials & commercial sales.
  • 30. Installed Sales Help take Lowe’s dedication to customer service beyond our store walls, ensuring thatcustomers are knowledgeable about, and satisfied with their installed purchases. Provide vitaltraining to associates to maintain service consistency and quality. Ensure the accuratecompletion of paperwork related to installed sales purchases and delivery.Building MaterialsProvide exceptional customer service, greeting the customer in a friendly and professionalmanner. Offer expert advice in response to customer inquiries, demonstrating specificknowledge of building materials, and related tools. Contribute to overall corporate success bydriving sales through the installed and Special Order Sales programs of Roofing, Siding,Decking, Fencing, Storage Buildings and Playsets.Commercial SalesConcentrate on building and strengthening relationships with Lowe’s commercial customers,providing the same level of quality service our in-store customers receive. Achieve CommercialSales unit budget goals by expertly servicing existing commercial customers, while activelypursuing and soliciting new accounts. Also performs other duties as necessary.NurseryProvide exceptional customer service, greeting the customer in a friendly and professionalmanner. Offer expert advice in response to customer inquiries, demonstrating specificknowledge of live nursery products. Contribute to overall corporate success through theefficient ordering, merchandising, selling and maintenance of live nursery products andassociated items. Also performs other duties as necessary.Outdoor Power Equipment Offer expert advice in response to customer inquiries, demonstrating specific knowledge ofoutdoor power equipment, such as heating and cooling units, and grills. Provide exceptionalcustomer service, greeting them in a friendly and professional manner. Contribute to overallcorporate success by achieving weekly sales and margin goals related to outdoor powerequipment sales. Also performs other duties as necessary.
  • 31. Sales FloorEmbody Lowe’s dedication to exceptional customer service, offering expert advice tocustomers on products in a variety of categories. Serve as the friendly, knowledgeable face ofthe Lowe’s sales force, exceeding customers’ expectations with every interaction. Guide andmentor fellow associates by example, by meeting and transcending Lowe’s high servicestandards.Other Sales Specialist Positions Add your talents to the growing team of professionals whose specialized expertise in theindustry is unparalleled. Become the resident specialty sales expert at your local Lowe’s storein areas as varied as Electrical, Kitchen, Plumbing, Appliances, Flooring, Windows & Walls,Millwork and more.
  • 32. CURRENT OPENINGS:Cashier I 264518BR AZ-Phoenix - Happy Valley, AZCashier Part Time 263807BR AZ-Phoenix - N. Phoenix, AZCustomer Service Associate II 264292BR AZ-Phoenix - S. Phoenix, AZCustomer Service Associate IV 263914BR AZ-Phoenix - W. Phoenix, AZCustomer Service Associate IIInside Lawn & Garden Full TimeBilingual Preferred 263533BR AZ-Mesa - E. Mesa, AZCashier II 264084BR AZ-Chandler E. Chandler, AZCashier II 264081BR AZ-Chandler E. Chandler, AZCustomer Service Associate IIBilingual Preferred 261077BR AZ-Chandler E. Chandler, AZ
  • 33. Cleaner PainterLocation: Gilbert, AZSalary Range: DOEExempt/Non-Exempt: Non-ExemptBenefits: Comprehensive Benefits PackageEmployment Type: Full TimeDivision: Schuff Steel - ArizonaDescription: To provide the labor, skill and knowledge in performing surface preparation andcoating applications per contract documents. Preparation and applications of coatings per jobspecifications.Duties: Operation and maintenance of all applicable equipment. Evaluate surface preparationto assure accuracy and compliance to SP-Codes. Able to apply coatings to wet mils necessaryto achieve the dry mils required by the job specifications. Knowledge of different types ofcoatings and application methods. Use of grinders, sanders, forklifts and overhead cranes asneeded.Qualifications: High school diploma or general education degree (GED), and/or 12 monthsexperience. Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating andmaintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. Ability to add, subtracts, multiply anddivides in all units of measure. Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry outinstructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form. Ability to deal with problems involvingseveral concrete variables in standardized situations. HelperLocation: Gilbert, AZSalary Range: DOEExempt/Non-Exempt: Non-ExemptBenefits: Comprehensive benefits packageEmployment Type: Full TimeDivision: Schuff Steel - ArizonaDescription: Participates in the operation of steel fabrication by providing assistance to shoppersonnel as needed and required. Provide assistance in the areas of loading and unloadingmaterial, expediting material, sandblasting material, setting up operative equipment,
  • 34. Preparing material for fitters/welders, and operating shop equipment such as forklift, manlifts,overhead cranes, another required tooling.Qualifications: High school diploma or general education degree (GED), and/or 12 months oftraining; or equivalent combination of education and experience.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shop FitterLocation: Phoenix, AZExempt/Non-Exempt: Non-ExemptBenefits: Comprehensive Benefits PackageEmployment Type: Full TimeDivision: Schuff Steel - ArizonaDescription: Assembles and fits to drawing dimensions all kinds of structural, plate, andmechanical materials into all types of assemblies. Must be proficient in the full skills of thetrade. Receives instructions, prints, sketches, and work orders. Reads and interprets blueprintsand plans the fitting operation. Directs and assists in handling and spreading of material,assembling material into required relationships according to detail drawings; handling andplacing detail material in assembly, placing bolts, drift pins and other fastening devices inproper location. Does minor layout.Qualifications: High school diploma or general education degree (GED), and/or 12 months oftraining; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Ability to calculate figuresand amounts such as proportions, percentages, area, circumference, and volume. Ability toapply concepts of basic algebra and geometry. All applications necessary to adequatelyperform required tasks.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 35. WelderLocation: Phoenix, AZExempt/Non-Exempt: Non-ExemptBenefits: Comprehensive benefits packageEmployment Type: Full TimeDivision: Schuff Steel - ArizonaDescription: Welds a large variety of materials by shield, submerged, gas, filler arc, etc. Weldsin all positions with a high degree of proficiency utilizing full skills of the trade includingknowledge of common heat reactions of structural metals and is certifiable. Receives workinginstructions and follows welding procedures. Moves material to and from the work area.Moves welding equipment to material when necessary. Position component parts on a tableheld by a fixture or jib, tacking when required. Welds on ground level, above ground, andbelow ground, in any require position.Qualifications: High school diploma or general education degree (GED), and/or 12 months oftraining; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Ability to add, subtracts,multiply and divides in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, anddecimals. Ability to compute rate, ratio and percent. Ability to draw and interpret bar graphs.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yard HandLocation: Phoenix, AZSalary Range: DOEExempt/Non-Exempt: Non-ExemptBenefits: Comprehensive Benefits PackageEmployment Type: Full TimeDivision: Schuff Steel - ArizonaDescription: Process and repair broken and/or damaged tools for the field operations.Maintain a clean and organized workflow to ensure a safe and efficient environment. Processand repair broken and/or damaged tools such electrical cords, welding lead, air hoses,hammers, ladders and other small hand tools. Utilize forklift to stage materials and tools forfuture use. Utilize forklift to load and unload trucks with tools and materials. Operate shoptools to include but not limited to a cable winder.Maintain proper documentation and record keeping as it pertains to incoming tools/materialsand tools/materials that are ready to be used by the field.Pull orders created by the field and prepare the orders for shipping.
  • 36. Qualifications: High School Diploma or Equivalent. At least two (2) years of experience inconstruction, tool repair or general labor environment. Valid driver license with an acceptabledriving record per company policy.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Schuff Steel Company420 S. 19th Avenue, P.O. Box 39670, Phoenix, Arizona 85069U.S.A.(602) 252-7787Fax: (602) 251-0315Web site: Public Company Incorporated: 1976Employees: 645Sales: $138.2 million (1997)Stock Exchanges: NASDAQTicker Symbol: SHUFSICs: 1791 Structural Steel Erection; 3441 Fabricated Structural MetalSchuff Steel Company is one of the largest construction companies in the southwesternUnited States. The company is a rapidly growing, fully integrated fabricator and erector ofstructural steel for commercial and industrial construction projects such as high- and low-risebuildings and office complexes, hotels and casinos, convention centers, sports arenas,shopping malls, hospitals, dams, bridges, mines, and power plants.The company also specializes in the fabrication and erection of heavy steel plate, includinglarge-diameter water pipe, water storage tanks, pollution control scrubbers, tunnel liners,pressure vessels, and a variety of customized projects. Other services offered includecomplete, turnkey steel construction, featuring engineering, detailing, shop fabrication, andfield erection, which enables the company to pursue a fast track, design-as-they-go operatingstrategy. The company operates primarily in the southwestern United States, with aconcentration in Arizona, Nevada, and southern California, as well as in South America andMexico.
  • 37. Have you ever pled guilty, or no contest to, or been convicted of, a misdemeanor or felony in the last seven (7) years? Yes No If Yes, please give the date(s) and details: NOTE: Answering "Yes" to this question does not constitute an automatic bar to employment. Factors such as age and time of the offense, seriousness and nature of the violation, and rehabilitation will be taken into account. (Do not include minor traffic infractions, and convictions for which the record has been sealed or expunged, any conviction for which probation has been successfully completed or otherwise discharged and the case has been judicially dismissed, referrals to and participation in any pre-trial or post-trial diversion programs in answering these questions.) Have you ever been in the Military Service? Yes No If Yes, give type of discharge: NOTE: A dishonorable or general discharge is not an absolute bar to employment. Other factors will affect a final decision to hire or not to hire.=============================================================================
  • 38. TJ MAX – MARSHALPT Merchandise AssociateResponsible for assisting in the daily operations of the store. Must be able to work in the areasof merchandise presentation, processing, markdowns, cashier, customer service, fitting roomand layaway. Greets, interacts with and thanks customers on a regular basis. Maintainhousekeeping standards of area, including ongoing recovery. Perform other duties as assigned.The employer requests you apply in person. Always be appropriately attired when visiting anemployers office. Also have a current cover letter and your resume/statement ofqualifications ready to present to the employer. Click on the button to get the employersaddress information.APPLY AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS ONLY:10220 N. 90th St. SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85258 US21001 N Tatum Blvd S-56, PHOENIX, AZ 85050 US1801 East Camelback Ste 101, PHOENIX, AZ 85016 US15464 N FRANK LLOYD BLVD, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85260 US4370 N MILLER RD, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85252 US4511 E Cactus Road, PHOENIX, AZ 85032 US
  • 39. Behind every bargain Our customers love a great deal. That makes our mission simple: to provide exciting bargains, every day, in every store. It takes an incredible team of individuals to make that possible. Whether you’re new to the workforce or an experienced professional, there’s an opportunity for you. We’re passionate, committed, collaborative, and hands-on—from our Corporate and Buying Offices to our checkouts. So if you’re ready to be part of a Fortune 500 company that’s growing —you’re ready for a brand new opportunity at Ross Stores, Inc. OPENINGS:0577 - 1751 W BETHANY HOME RD PHOENIX, Arizona 85015-2510Retail Associate (Division: Ross)5134- 4035 N. 33rd Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85017-0000Retail Associate (Division: dads)0837 - 2040 E BASELINE RD, PHOENIX, Arizona 85042-6906Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0338 - 4509 E THOMAS RD, PHOENIX, Arizona 85018-7614Retail Associate (Division: Ross)1419 - 2020 North 75th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85035-3246Retail Associate1331 - 119 E DUNLAP AVE, PHOENIX, Arizona 85020-0000Retail Associate1041 - 5707 W NORTHERN AVE STE 9, GLENDALE, Arizona 85301-1334Retail Associate (Division: Ross)1325 - 3159 S. McClintock Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85282-0000Retail Associate
  • 40. 0364 - 10835 N TATUM BLVD, PHOENIX, Arizona 85028-3054Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0369 - 4811 E RAY RD, PHOENIX, Arizona 85044-6403Retail Associate (Division: Ross)5056 - 5802 W OLIVE AVE, GLENDALE, Arizona 85302-3100Retail Associate (Division: dads)0045 - 10625 N 43RD AVE, PHOENIX, Arizona 85029-3944Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0766 - 2821 W PEORIA AVE, PHOENIX, Arizona 85029-5203Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0168 - 8970 E INDIAN BEND RD, SCOTTSDALE, Arizona 85250-8501Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0617 - 9460 W NORTHERN AVE, GLENDALE, Arizona 85305-1104Retail Associate (Division: Ross)1005 - 9820 W LOWER BUCKEYE RD STE 110, TOLLESON, Arizona 85353-1406Retail Associate (Division: Ross)
  • 41. 0340 - 220 E BELL RD, PHOENIX, Arizona 85022-2305Retail Associate (Division: Ross)5116- 7333 W. Thomas Road Suite 30, Phoenix, Arizona 85033-0000Retail Associate (Division: dads)0986 - 55 N MCCLINTOCK DR STE 145, TEMPE, Arizona 85281-2253Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0392 - 5000 ARIZONA MILLS CIR STE 207, TEMPE, Arizona 85282-6419Retail Associate (Division: Ross)1075 - 4120 S ARIZONA AVE, CHANDLER, Arizona 85248-4592Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0526 - 1475 E WARNER RD, GILBERT, Arizona 85296-3142Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0844 - 13715 W BELL RD, SURPRISE, Arizona 85374-3871Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0238 - 6341 E SOUTHERN AVE, MESA, Arizona 85206-3713Retail Associate (Division: Ross)1398 - 2501 W. Happy Valley Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85085-3701Retail Associate
  • 42. 0694 - 16835 E SHEA BLVD STE 103, FOUNTAIN HILLS, Arizona 85268-6670Retail Associate (Division: Ross)0780 - 3831 S GILBERT RD, GILBERT, Arizona 85297-2001Retail Associate (Division: Ross)1058 - 1818 S SIGNAL BUTTE RD, MESA, Arizona 85209-2227Retail Associate (Division: Ross) Retail Associate is responsible for ensuring our customers have a positive shoppingexperience. The Associate must actively strive to create a customer-focused shoppingenvironment. The Associate greets and responds to all customers in a friendly manner,ensures proper merchandise presentation, operates the cash register in accordance withpolicies and procedures, maintains a clean work area at all times and treats fellow associateswith respect. The Associate also provides customer service according to all Ross customerservice guidelines. The Associate may be required to assist in specialized areas or functions inthe store including but not limited to Cash Office, Front End, Fitting Room, Stock Room, FineJewelry, Customer Service, Markdowns, Recovery/Sizing, Cashiering etc. The Retail Associate isexpected to be engaged in these tasks as assigned during all working hours, and will beexpected to perform a range of functions in all areas of the store as business needs require.The Associate may be requested to perform additional tasks in specific situations, ifperformance of these tasks will help achieve our customer service and operational goals.
  • 43. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:Customer Service (60% of Time)• Demonstrates respect, friendliness, and professionalism at all times.• Provides prompt and efficient responses to customers at all times. Understands CustomerService as a number one priority and responds to Customer Service calls immediately. Handlesall customer issues in a friendly and helpful way, calling a member of the Supervisory Staffwhen needed.• Takes accurate markdowns, counts and inventories as scheduled.• Cross-performs in all assigned areas to ensure that merchandise sizing, ticketing andpresentation are to company standards. This includes bringing new receipts to the sales floorwith a sense of urgency, merchandising all items to the monthly In-Store Marketing book andmaintaining merchandise/brand name familiarity within department assist customers.• Performs daily recovery to ensure a neat, clean and organized store.• Assists customers in any way necessary by cashiering, helping with merchandise andanswering questions in a polite and knowledgeable manner. Greets all customers with a smileand “hello” throughout the store as well as saying “thank you” with every register transaction.Processes register transactions with a sense of urgency.• Executes all operational best practices supporting the Ross Focus areas of Great People,Driving Great Contribution, Neat, Clean & Organized, Delivering the Treasure and Fast &Friendly Service.Loss Prevention (Protection of Company Assets and Safety) (40% of Time) • As a representative of Ross, demonstrates integrity and honesty in all interactions withassociates and customers. Safeguards confidential information, cash and credit cardinformation, and merchandise. • Maintains a high level of awareness and customer contact on the sales floor to create a safeand secure shopping environment for everyone. • Understands the Loss Prevention Awareness program, the Shortage Highway and the SPSposition. • Maintains a safe working and shopping environment for Associates and customers. Reportsany unsafe conditions or practices to store management. • Understands and can implement all emergency procedures for power failure, fire, robberyetc.• Follows all Mark-Out-of-Stock policies, including the identification of MOS merchandise,proper processing of each piece and the notification of store management to review andapprove all disposals.
  • 44. • Understands all policies and procedures concerning cash, check, charge card and refundtransactions, voids and offline procedures. Maintains a high level of awareness and accuracywhen handling bankable tenders. • Follows all policies related to associate purchases.COMPETENCIES:• Customer Service Focus • Values Diversity and Respect• Adaptability • Teamwork• Communication SkillsQUALIFICATIONS AND SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED: • Effectively communicate with customers, associates and Supervisory Staff in a friendly,respectful, cooperative and pleasant manner. • Ability to use all store equipment, including PDTs, registers and PC as required. • Ability to spend up to 100% of working time standing, walking, and moving around thestore.• Ability to regularly bend at the waist, squat, kneel, climb, carry, reach, and stoop.• Ability to occasionally push, pull and lift more than 20 pounds. • Ability to use janitorial equipment, rolling racks ladders and other assigned supplies. • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations commonly used in retail environments. • Certain assignments may require other qualifications and skills.• Associates who work stockroom shifts: Ability to regularly push, pull and lift more than 20pounds.
  • 45. Hiring for Private Party Valets, Regular Account Valets & Valet Account managersfor several valley locations as well as Valets Parking Attendants for the upcoming Phoenix Suns2011/2012 Basketball Season.We are having an OPEN HOUSE HIRING EVENT! On the spot interviews will be done from 1-3pm on Friday December 9, 2011 at 8902 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020Come prepared to be EMPLOYED!For all of our positions, we have strict appearance guidelines. For Gentleman, you must beclean cut, short haircut, and clean shaven with no tattoos or piercings. For Ladies, conservativestud earrings are allowed.American Valet does not accept applicants with felony convictions or misdemeanorconvictions. Clean driving record is required (no more than two moving violations in a 39month period). Above Average physical fitness is necessary for a valet position. Due toinsurance purposes you are required to be at least 20 years of age.===========================================================================HOW TO APPLY:Apply in person, Tuesday or Wednesday from 2-4pm, at 15205 North Kierland Blvd., #100Scottsdale, AZ 85254. No phone calls please.
  • 46. Is it the tropical sunset or the gentle island breeze that defines a visit to one of TommyBahamas Restaurants? Maybe it is the soft, happy sounds of the steel drummer or thefabulous, but eclectic, island inspired cuisines. Maybe it is the casual relaxed elegance ofTommy Bahamas house or the warm, genuine hospitality that is abundant there. We think its"all the above" and we are committed to having "all the above" always be a part of our guestsexperience.Aloha~Tommy Bahama the purveyor of island lifestyles has evolved their successful mens andwomens upscale casual sportswear, golf wear, accessory and home furnishings collectionsinto a well-respected restaurant and retail operation that serves up island-inspired fare andlots of tropical fun.Tommy Bahama is looking to fill the following positions in our Scottsdale location:Servers - prior restaurant experience preferredHOW TO APPLY:Apply in person, Tuesday or Wednesday from 2-4pm, at 15205 North Kierland Blvd., #100Scottsdale, AZ 85254. No phone calls please.Find out more about Tommy Bahama on our website: TommyBahama is an Equal Opportunity Employer.We look forward to hearing from you!Mahalo (thank you)!
  • 47. ****NOW HIRING KITCHEN STAFF**** Requirements and Working Conditions: * Excellent Training Programs. * Flexible schedule - must be available nights & weekend. * No experience required. * Candidates should be responsible and reliable. * Team player. * Must have all work documents. * Hiring immediately. *** NO EMAIL, PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON*** Monday - Friday From 2.00pm to 5.00pm Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana 6166 North Scottsdale Road. #701, Scottsdale , AZ 85253 NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE=============================================================================Grand Avenue Produce, in the 35th Avenue & McDowell area is looking to hire a reliablebilingual customer service rep. Unfortunately the company does not hire anyone with afelony but the position pays $8-10/hr depending on experience. If you have anyone withreliable transportation who lives on the West side of town, it could be a good opportunity forthem.Please send resume stating referred from AWEE to;Kieta
  • 48. CrewHours: Flexible Pay: 7.25 - 9.50In addition to following McDonalds policies and procedures, principal accountabilities include,but are not limited to: * Must be at least 16 years old. * Must like to work in a fast pacedenvironment. * Demonstrate enthusiasm and friendliness. * Maintain standards for quality,speed, hospitality, cleanliness and sanitation. *Be flexible in work assignments * Cook andprepare food * Stock food deliveries * Clean lot and lobby * Operate cash registers *thisemployer supports a drug-free work environment the PerksWe offer career opportunities with advancements, good pay and benefits, excellent training program and flexiblework schedule.This position is also available at the following location(s) 650 E. Bell Rd. 20227 N 67th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85022 Glendale, AZ 85308 7th St. & Bell Road 67th Ave & Beardsley 626 W. Union Hills Dr. 1825 West Bell Road Phoenix, AZ 85027 Phoenix, AZ 85023 7th Ave. & Union Hills 1851 W. Bell Phoenix, AZ 85023 5060 W. Cactus Road 19th Ave. & Bell Phoenix, AZ 85306 51st Ave. & Cactus 719 E. Thunderbird Phoenix, AZ 85022 2845 W. Thunderbird 7th St. & Thunderbird Phoenix, AZ 85053 28th Ave. & Thunderbird 3218 S MCCLINTOCK RD TEMPE AZ 85282-5630 (480)839-5775 6535 W.Happy Valley Glendale, AZ 85310 65th Ave & Happy Valley Rd
  • 49. MEAT CUTTING CERTIFICATES APPRENTICE MEAT CUTTER Certificate #1720-11B As an Apprentice Meat Cutter you will safely use and maintain hand tools and all power equipment utilized in the meat cutting industry, including a variety of knives, meat saws, meat grinders, a meat tenderizer, and meat slicers. You will identify, cut, wrap, weigh, and display all retail cuts of meat for sale in a retail environment. You will maintain and merchandise a retail meat case, manage inventory. During your program, you will also gain experience filling customer orders, and during game season, you will break down and process a variety of meats like elk, deer, antelope, and javelina. You may also process whole cattle, hogs, and lamb. All tasks are performed while maintaining industry safety and sanitation standards. JOB ROLES: Retail Meat Cutter; Retail Meat Wrapper; Wholesale Meat Cutter; Meat and Deli Counterperson. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Must be 17.5 years oldMaricopa Skill Center | 1245 to enroll and 18 to work in industry.East Buckeye Road | Phoenix,AZ 85034 | 602.238.4300 SALARY OUTLOOK $8.41 - $16.34 - $24.00 COMPLETION TIME
  • 50. Teamwork is the Key IngredientFrom our warehouse and customer service team members to our commercial delivery andservice drivers to our management team, Dominos Pizza Supply Chain provides thefoundation of support for our franchisees. This cooperation and teamwork is a proven systemthat has made Dominos Pizza the world leader in pizza delivery.5216 W. Mohave, Phoenix, AZ 85043 Phone: 602-233-3030 Fax: 602-272-8763 Production Team Member - Supply Chain Center - Arizona USA-AZ-Phoenix -Requisition IDD-PROD-AZ Maintenance Technician - Arizona Supply Chain Center USA-AZ-Phoenix -Requisition IDD-MAINT-AZ Maintenance Team Member - Arizona Supply Chain Center USA-AZ-Phoenix -Requisition IDD-MAINT-TM-AZ Customer Service Representative - Supply Chain Center - Arizona USA-AZ-Phoenix -Requisition IDD-CSR-AZ Warehouse Team Member - Supply Chain Center - Arizona USA-AZ-Phoenix - Requisition ID D-WRHSE-AZ
  • 51. Warehouse Team Member - Supply Chain Center - Arizona(Job Number:D-WRHSE-AZ)DescriptionThe Warehouse Team Member performs the loading and unloading of delivery trucks andmoves and stores materials/products. Assists the Production Department as needed. Ensureteam members are working safe.RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES(20%) Receives incoming product shipments and compares vendor inventory sheet ordistribution purchase order to product received for accuracy and inventory control Updates inventory through data entry of product information Stamps product casing with delivery receipt date Alerts Warehouse Team Leader to any discrepancies in product amounts received(20%) Using safe work procedures, opens bales, crates and other containers to unloadproduct Using safe work procedures, moves product from staging area to truck using warehouse equipment, such as forklift or two-wheeled cart Uses "First In, First Out" (FIFO) procedure to ensure proper rotation of existing stock(20%) Removes trays and returns product from truck Updates inventory to reflect received product and sorts and stores usable product Thoroughly cleans cargo area of truck to ensure sanitary storage area for product during transport Pre-cools cargo area of truck to company specifications prior to loading product(20%) Reviews load worksheets and verifies accuracy of assembled loads Updates inventory through inventory check-off of products to be shipped Stages each customer order with load worksheet in preparation of loading onto delivery truck Assists drivers where needed with pre-departure checks(20%) Loads truck according to company specifications for maximum delivery accuracy Secures load within cargo area of truck through the use of load bars or straps Maintains safe work area through general housekeeping and performs sanitation functions as requiredQUALIFICATIONS One - two years previous experience in warehouse, manufacturing or production environment High School Diploma or GED Basic computer skills for order processing and inventory maintenance Company certification to operate warehouse equipment such as forklift or pallet jack
  • 52. Ability to stand, climb and walk on a continual basis throughout shift. Ability to lift from floor to above the head, 50 lbs. frequently, and 75 lbs. occasionally, throughout work shift Must be available to work during a shift which may be scheduled anytime during a 24 hour day, over any 7 day period Ability to work in warehouse environment with constant exposure to loud machinery Ability to work in extreme temperatures, both indoor and outdoor ONE BRAND. ONE SYSTEM. ONE TEAM. Exceptional franchisees and team members on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the World!APPLY ONLINE HERE: Chain Training ProgramsThe Supply Chain Centers responsible for dough production, warehouse and store deliveryprovides numerous training programs to acquire the skills necessary to be proficient includingdough certification classes to ensure product quality, forklift certification, and numeroussafety and defensive driving classes. Training provided in the following areas: Facility Safety Organization (IPP) * Physical Hazards associated with job * Chemical Hazards * Safety guards built into machines equipment * Administrative controls in effect * Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) * Emergency Action Plans * Accident Investigation process * Blood borne pathogen safety training * Electrical safety training Personal protective equipment training * Back injury prevention training * Safety
  • 53. Can one person make a real impact?At ARAMARK, we believe that each of our employees can play an important role in creatingthe great experiences that become lasting memories. And we’re looking for more outstandingpeople to build our team. Take a look around our career site, and you’ll discover that whenyou join us here at ARAMARK, you’re in great company…On the spot interviewsJust bring a copy of your resume!Prep Cooks, Grill Cooks, Servers, Cashiers, Catering and UtilityWhen: Monday December 5, 2011Time: 10 AM - 6 PMWhere: Doubletree Suites by Hilton, 320 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008All positions require a minimum:A proven background of top restaurant or food service experience.Restaurant background is a key requisite for this position.Prior experience with high quality and service organizations is preferred.(Background & Drug Screenings will be performed post -offer) EEO
  • 54. At Cafe Zupas, is obsessed with serving food made the right way-- from scratch, using fresh,high-quality ingredients. Opening our 12th Location in Phoenix at 1935 East Camelback.We will be hiring for all positions-- Line Servers, Catering Staff, Kitchen Staff, etc.Both Full and Part Time positions available. If you are interested in applying, email yourresume to newlocation@cafezupas.comJOIN OUR TEAM! At Café Zupas, we only hire the best! We are always looking for great people with AMAZINGpersonalities. We know they are hard to find! Are you are highly-motivated, energetic,positive, and hard working? If so, Café Zupas is the place for you! Below are the positions weare hiring for:Line ServerAt Café Zupas, our Line Servers are extremely important. With their amazing personalities, they can provideexceptional guest service while serving the best food on the planet! Because our Line Servers are well-trained,they are able to make salads, sandwiches, soups, and can also work our cash register. In other words, as a LineServer, you would be able to work any station on our line at any time!For more information or to apply for a line server position, please visit one of our locations and speak with aManager.If interested please apply at our Camelback location:1935 EastCamelback, Phoenix, AZ 85016PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON!========================================================================
  • 55. LOCAL JOB SEARCHLocal job search is critical to your job search because many employers WILL REJECTapplications from most of the people who live over ten miles away for the job…fivemiles if you tell them you have no/limited transportation or more than 30 minutesaway from the job site by bus.This is due to the fact that 80% of a decision to hire or not hire is based upon thefactor(s) of dependability and flexibility. If you live within this range and you start youconversation with the phrase: “You know, I just live down the street…” you haveovercome 80% and if you are excited about the job; you have a handle on the other20%...That usually means: “YOU ARE HIRED!”Consider that when you see an advertisement; you are one of 500+ people whosee that advertisement. At that point the footrace is on and your odds of getting thisjob are running at 500 to 1. Not good odds…right?Consider that 97% of all companies in Arizona employ less than ten employees.Consider that many of these companies cannot afford to $250-300advertisements or the 500 resumes that they will get from the cheap Craig List’sAdvertisement.So this means that there are many companies who will run anadvertisement ONLY as a last resort and ONLY if they cannot find someoneby letting their current employees refer people, from the sign in thewindow or other cheaper means of searching.So this means that there are many companies that have currentunadvertised openings and that very few (if any of those 500 people fromabove) job seekers know anything about these jobs or companies.WHAT IF we could show you a way to find these companies and to find all ofthese companies that are within that 5-10 mile range, broken down by occupation orindustry?WHAT WOULD access to this great source of information give to you in termsof an advantage over those 500 other job seekers…?WHAT IF you had an actual script to help you start a conversation with any ofthese employers?
  • 56. WHAT WOULD THIS MEAN TO YOUR JOB SEARCH?INTERESTED?If you want to learn more about how to tap into this SECRET SOURCE ofcompanies and jobs; then talk with an AWEE Job Development TeamMember… FOR ADDITIONAL JOBS…Check with the Job Development Team…