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  1. 1. NEW JOB BOOKS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY April 30th2013http://www.peiwei.com/careers/careervideo3.aspxIMPORTANT VIDEO TO WATCHBEFORE YOU APPLY!We are proud of our culture and know you willbe too. Hear how committed we are every day.From our commitment to food quality to ourfocus on teamwork and hospitality, listen as ourcurrent employees talk about what they valuemost about the culture at Pei Wei. Also, hearfirsthand the motto that every employeesstands by each and every day.Pei Wei Asian Diner is a specialty concept where you will find a team ofexceptional people intent on delighting all Guests who walk through ourdoors. We accomplish this together by striving for excellence in all aspects ofwhat we do; including the way we care for each other as teammates.CURRENT AREA OPENINGS:AZ - Phoenix (4340 E Indian School Rd.) (2 positions) - APPLY IN PERSONLINE, PREP & WOK COOKS - EARN $9 - $11 / HOURFULL TIME/PART TIME DISHWASHERSFOR OTHER STORE OPENINGS, CHECK THEM OUTHERE:http://hrjobcenter.com/peiwei/AZ - Tempe (2 positions)AZ - Chandler (1085 W Queen Creek Rd) (2 positions)AZ - Chandler (7131 W Ray Rd) (2 positions)AZ - Gilbert (2 positions)AZ - Mesa (2 positions)STUDY THE MENU BEFORE YOU GO:WHAT ARE THEIR SIGNATURE ITEMS?http://www.peiwei.com/Menu/menu.aspxThe Auntie Sue and Uncle BobUSED JOB SHACK
  2. 2. ON MAY 4, 2013 FROM 10AM TO 4PM, INTERVIEWS ANDJOB OFFERS WILL BE MADE ON THE SPOT!Ovations Food Services is hiring 75+ positions in the Food & Beverage Department for theNEW Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino. On May 4, 2013 from 10AM to 4PM, interviews and joboffers will be made on the spot! Those 19 and over bring your resume and photo ID to GilaRiver Boys & Girls Club - Komatke Branch at 5047 W Pecos Rd, Laveen, AZ.Positions to be hired: Experienced Beverage Servers, Bartenders, Barbacks,Host(ess)es, Food Servers, Cashiers, and Cooks of all levels,*Gaming Ordinance 22.510, A. B. & C will NOT allow the acceptance ofapplications for persons who have been convicted of the following:Shoplifting & Theft within the past 5 years, convicted sex offenders, orconvicted felons.THEY SERVE OTHER LOCATIONS HERE IN THE VALLEY, IF INTERESTED,CHECK THEM OUT HERE: http://ovationsfoodservices.com/careers==============================================Ling and Louies Kitchen: Currently seeking servers,bartenders, hosts, and dishwashers to join our amazingteamAttention all WOK-STARS! Ling and Louies Kitchen at Biltmore Fashion Parkis currently seeking servers, bartenders, hosts, and dishwashers to join ouramazing team. Please apply in person Monday- Thursday between 2-4pm.Please bring your resume, references, and your personality! We want to seewhat youve got.... SO BRING IT BETWEEN 2-4PM M-F: LING ANDLOUIES KITCHEN, 2502 E CAMELBACK RD, PHOENIX AZ 85032
  3. 3. Biltmore Fashion Park - 2502 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 602-955-5593Mon–Thurs: 11am – 10pm - Fri – Sat: 11am – 11pm - Sun: 11am – 9pmALWAYS STUDY THE MENU. KNOW THEIR SPECIALTIES, KNOW WHAT TOPUT TOGETHER TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION "I have limited funds and whatwould be a good combo?" http://www.lingandlouies.com/phoenix/menu/WHO ARE THEY...can you answer this question? "What do you know aboutmy company?" This is a critical screening question to test your seriousness."...Louie was a promising young baseball pitcher from Toledo, Ohio. Heenjoyed the comforts of Mom’s meatloaf and Kung Fu movies. Louie was 11when he and his family hosted Hao – a fierce short-stop from China. Louieand Hao became fast friends..."http://www.lingandlouies.com/about-2/===============================================
  4. 4. MCDONALDS FRANCHISE CURRENTLY HIRING FORSALARIED MANAGERS & HOURLY FT/PT OPENINGSAn independently owned and operated McDonalds franchise in CentralPhoenix currently has openings for salaried managers as well as hourly full-time/part-time positions.The starting salary range is from $27,000 per year to $34,000, dependingon what position a candidate may be hired for, previous managementexperience, and other considerations. Hourly manager positions are availableas well, $9.25 to $11.50 starting hourly rate, again depending on previousexperience and starting hiring position.Candidates with previous McDonalds experience are preferred.Howeverqualified applicants will be considered who have previous managerial
  5. 5. experience in a quick-service restaurant or retail environment.Our company policy is management candidates are interviewed by uppermanagement, not store personnel, so please apply online rather than at therestaurants. However, we will provide the cross-streets so you may make aninformed decision as to whether the location of our restaurants would be agood fit for you for commute/transportation considerations.Washington & 24th Street- apply online at www.mcstate.com/06410Baseline & 24th Street- apply online at www.mcstate.com/25250Broadway & 32nd Street- apply online at www.mcstate.com/26394Shea & 32nd Street- apply online at www.mcstate.com/02531==================================================================WHY CHOOSE A JOB AT MCDONALD’S?You were born a leader – and we’re ready to put thoseskills to work. McDonald’s provides you with the possibilityof a progressive career path that gives you the opportunityto perform at the top of your game no matter where youstart. Many of our Corporate Staff and Franchisees started their careers inthe restaurants.DID YOU KNOW?more than 50 percent of our Franchisees got their start in a restaurantmore than 75 percent of our Restaurant Managers started off behind thecounter===============================================
  6. 6. CURRENT OPENINGS ACROSS THEVALLEY – OVER 100!http://www.mcstate.com/careers/Crew - Miembro de equipo–9617 North Metro Pkwy West, Phoenix, AZMgmt - Department Manager–2611 N. 75th Ave., Phoenix, AZCrew - Crew - 2447 E. Bell Rd., Phoenix, AZCrew - Flexible Opportunities!–926 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZMgmt - Shift Manager–3434 W. Union Hills, Phoenix, AZMgmt - Department Manager–3434 W. Union Hills, Phoenix, AZMgmt - Department Manager–3455 W. Peoria, Phoenix, AZCrew - Crew - 1851 W. Bell, Phoenix, AZCrew - Crew - 719 E. Thunderbird, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager –650 E. Bell Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–8220 W. Indian School, Phoenix,Mgmt - Assistant Manager -1825 West Bell Road, PhoenixCrew - Crew–2427 W. Thomas Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–7575 W. Lower Buckeye,PhoenixCrew - Crew - 9617 NorthMetro Pkwy West, Phoenix, AZCrew - Flexible Opportunities -7575 W. Lower Buckeye, PhoenixMgmt - Management - 3140Carefree Highway, PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–4430 E Thomas, PhoenixCrew - Crew–3130 E. Broadway, PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–4550 E Cactus Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–7575 W. Lower Buckeye, PhoenixCrew - Flexible Opportunities -8220 W. Indian School, PhoenixMgmt - Flexible Opportunities! -223 N. 7th Ave., PhoenixMgmt - General Manager - 3400East Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZCrew - Crew –10230 N. 32nd St. PhoenixMgmt - Flexible Opportunities! -29555 N. Cave Creek Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–719 E. Thunderbird, PhoenixCrew - Flexible Opportunities -3455 W. Peoria, PhoenixCrew - Crew – 1607 W. BethanyHome Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew–1905 W. Northern Ave., PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager -20210 N. Cave Creek Rd. PhoenixMgmt - Management–223 N. 7th Ave., PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–4019 E. Chandler, Phoenix
  7. 7. Mgmt - Shift Manager–626 W. Union Hills Dr., PhoenixMgmt - Management–4750 E. Warner Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew Positions–4505 E. Cactus Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew –4019 E. Chandler, PhoenixCrew - Crew–1825 West Bell Road, Phoenix, AZMgmt - Shift Manager– 3400East Sky Harbor Blvd, PhoenixCrew - Crew Positions–4550 E Cactus Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew –4750 E. Warner Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Swing Manager–4505 E. Cactus Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Management –2427 W. Thomas Rd. PhoenixMgmt - General Manager–626 W. Union Hills Dr., PhoenixCrew - Crew –4430 E Thomas, PhoenixMgmt - Flexible Opportunities!4750 E. Warner Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew –125 N 24th St., PhoenixCrew - Crew Member-3434 W. Union Hills, PhoenixMgmt - Department Manager -7575 W. Lower Buckeye, PhoenixMgmt - Management –29555 N. Cave Creek Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew– 2305 W. BethanyHome Road, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–1851 W. Bell, PhoenixCrew - Crew–8849 N. 7th St., PhoenixMgmt - Management–3207 W. Indian School, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–719 E. Thunderbird, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–2611 N. 75th Ave., PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager -2501 W. Happy Valley Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew–4750 E. Warner Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew –650 E. Bell Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager - 2501 W.Happy Valley Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew–5060 W. Cactus Road, PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–5750 W. Thomas Road, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–8220 W. Indian School, PhoenixCrew - Crew–2911 S. 99th Ave, PhoenixCrew - Crew –29555 N. Cave Creek Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew –3207 W. Indian School, PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–3721 E.Thomas, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager –2845 W. Thunderbird, PhoenixCrew - Crew–29555 N. Cave Creek Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew –1635 E. Camelback, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–3455 W. Peoria, Phoenix
  8. 8. Mgmt - Shift Manager–5750 W. Thomas Road, PhoenixCrew - Crew –E. Indian School Road, PhoenixCrew - Crew –2430 E. Baseline Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–2225 W. Deer Valley, PhoenixCrew - Crew–1850 S. 7th St., PhoenixCrew - Crew –6005 S Central Ave., PhoenixMgmt - Flexible Opportunities! -3207 W. Indian School, PhoenixCrew - Crew–220 N. 35th Ave., PhoenixCrew - Crew–223 N. 7th Ave., PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–5060 W. Cactus Road, PhoenixCrew - Crew– 9617 North MetroPkwy West, PhoenixMgmt - Flexible Opportunities! -2427 W. Thomas Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew–3323 N. 24th St. PhoenixCrew - Crew Member –2611 N. 75th Ave. PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–650 E. Bell Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–1255 E. Chandler, PhoenixCrew - Flexible Opportunities! -1635 E. Camelback, PhoenixCrew - Crew –750 W. Camelback Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew –3701 N. Central Ave., PhoenixCrew - Crew –3721 E.Thomas, PhoenixMgmt - Department Manager -8220 W. Indian School, PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–626 W. Union Hills Dr. PhoenixCrew - Crew–2667 W. Camelback, PhoenixCrew - Crew– 3214 E. IndianSchool Road, PhoenixMgmt - General Manager–1851 W. Bell, PhoenixCrew - Crew –3212 E. Greenway, PhoenixCrew - Crew Member –2020 N. 75th Ave. PhoenixMgmt- Assistant Manager-5060 W. Cactus Road, PhoenixMgmt - Swing Manager –20210 N. Cave Creek Rd. PhoenixCrew - Crew Member –1850 S. 7th St., PhoenixCrew - Crew –1532 N. 51st. Ave., PhoenixCrew - Crew –545 E. McDowell, PhoenixCrew - Crew - 3400 East SkyHarbor Blvd, PhoenixCrew - Crew Member–3455 W. Peoria, PhoenixCrew - Flexible Opportunities-2611 N. 75th Ave., PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–9120 West Thomas Road, PhoenixCrew - Crew -2155 E. Chandler, PhoenixCrew - Crew –3207 W. Indian School, PhoenixCrew - Crew –3140 Carefree Highway, PhoenixCrew - Crew Positions–20210 N. Cave Creek Rd. PhoenixMgmt - Department Manager -5750 W. Thomas Road, PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–1851 W. Bell, Phoenix, AZCrew - Flexible Opportunities -2020 N. 75th Ave., Phoenix, AZ
  9. 9. Crew - Crew –223 N. 7th Ave. PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager -3400 East Sky Harbor Blvd,Phoenix, AZCrew - Flexible Opportunities -3434 W. Union Hills, Phoenix, AZCrew - Crew–2845 W. Thunderbird, PhoenixCrew - Flexible Opportunities -5750 W. Thomas Road, PhoenixMgmt - Swing Manager–4550 E Cactus Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew –5120 W Baseline Rd, PhoenixMgmt - General Manager–2501 W. Happy Valley Rd. PhoenixMgmt - General Manager–650 E. Bell Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–2845 W. Thunderbird, PhoenixMgmt - General Manager –2845 W. Thunderbird, PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager –2020 N. 75th Ave., PhoenixMgmt - General Manager–2225 W. Deer Valley, PhoenixCrew - Crew –2427 W. Thomas Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager –1825 West Bell Road, PhoenixMgmt - Department Manager -9120 West Thomas Road, PhoenixMgmt - General Manager–5060 W. Cactus Road, PhoenixMgmt - Assistant Manager–4505 E. Cactus Rd., PhoenixMgmt - Shift Manager–2225 W. Deer Valley, PhoenixCrew - Crew –626 W. Union Hills Dr., PhoenixMgmt - General Manager –1825 West Bell Road, PhoenixCrew - Crew –2501 W. Happy Valley Rd., PhoenixCrew - Crew –2225 W. Deer Valley, PhoenixCrew - Crew –1602 E. Glendale Ave. PhoenixMgmt - General Manager –719 E. Thunderbird, PhoenixMgmt - Department Manager -2020 N. 75th Ave. Phoenix================================================================USED JOB SHACK TIP:APPLY ONLINE: http://www.mcstate.com/careers/THEN, go to the selected stores (unless franchise) to introduce yourselfbetween 2-4PM in the afternoon or 9:00 -10:30AM.One reason for this is because they may have 500 people who applied onlineand no time to go through the list (unless you are at the top of thelist…Lucky day!)The manager will assume if you REALLY want the job, you will stop by andintroduce yourself.Online applicants can wait up to six weeks or longer to get a call.People who apply online and then come in, they can getinterviewed on the spot and thus, hired!=============================================
  10. 10. USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…McDonalds…Crew at McDonaldsAccepted Offer – Interviewed Apr 24, 2013Interview Details –The manager was late, but it was because of a "NoCall, No Show." That is when someone doesnt show up and doesnt call tosay why.Pretty easy interview. I wore some black slacks and a nice/pretty shirt that Iactually wear to school.She asked why I wanted to work there and my true answer was because ofdistance. My apartment complex was within walking distance of the store.I WAS HIRED ON THE SPOT!Interview Question –There werent any difficult questions.Negotiation Details –I was hired on the spot.==============================================Guest Services Department Manager at McDonaldsAccepted Offer – Apr 16, 2013Interview Details –The hiring process is fairly simple. Begins with anapplication. This is most easily done online at mcstate.com.After the application, there will be a basic aptitude/personality/decisionmaking quiz. This quiz asks how you would react in certain situations, like "Ifyou found out someone was stealing money, what would you do?" ThePeople Department Manager or Store Manager will print out a copy of yourapplication and test, and it labels you as "Green" or "Red" in certain areas,based on your answers to the questions. "Green" means the test thinks youwill be okay.If your availability meets the current requirements of the store, then you willbe called in for an interview. This is done in the lobby of my restaurant. Ifthis goes well, you will be called back (usually within 24 hours at my store)for your orientation. This is where you fill out your employment packet.You will then be told when to return for your first day of "work,"which is actually sitting in the crew room for 4-6 hours watchingvideos.Your second day will be the first day that you are on the floorworking.
  11. 11. Interview Question –Why do you want to work at McDonalds?They dont want to hear that you like the food.But put some thought into your answers.One of the best that Ive heard is, "I want to do everything I can tosupport my family financially, and am willing to work harder thananyone else here to earn more hours."==================================================================Cashier at McDonaldsAccepted Offer – Interviewed Mar 26, 2013Interview Details –I have applied online and had a call back from themanager within 5 days. The interview was fairly simple. I presented themanager with a copy of my resume.They asked about 3 questions:Why did I leave my last job?Why do I want to work at McDonald’s?Are you able to work well under pressure?I was explained the process as far as days i will be getting paid and thecompany standards (like the health department requirements)…theyexpressed that lunch was free. I was also told I would get a call back to letme know exactly when I will start.I got a call 5 hours after the interview and was told I could start the nextday (which is training) but overall, the interview was very simple.Interview Question –there were no "difficult" questions. All were verylogical.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at McDonaldsAccepted Offer – Interviewed Mar 19, 2013Interview Details –I submitted email online, and called the hiringmanager. She scheduled an interview and I came in. She offered me a smalldrink, and was very pleasant.She asked me a few behavioral questions:Have you been in a situation when...How would you react if…ECT… It wasvery calm, slightly casual, but still professional.Interview Question –The follow up questions for details, I remember I wastalking about an incident at school that was years prior, and I forgot some ofthe information--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at McDonaldsAccepted Offer – Interviewed in Mar 16, 2013Interview Details –The interview was not difficult at all. I was interviewedonce, but with two people the hiring manager and another manager. It wasactually very professional and asked simple questions. They asked most of
  12. 12. their questions from the resume I provided. The interview probably onlylasted 20 minutes max. I found out I was hired after a week.Interview Question –What would you do if there was an upset long line of customers?How would you help and provide faster service efficiently?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at McDonaldsAccepted Offer – Interviewed Feb 25, 2013Interview Details –Did the application online, received a call a few daysafter, and had only one interview with the hiring manager the next week.Fairly easy interview. Just questions such asWhat is your availability/can you work holidays?When is the earliest you can start?Interview QuestionsI dont think any of the questions were difficult, but I will list the otherquestions from the interview:What if you had bad customers and it was a long work day, and youwill be off of work in an hour, do you think you can keep that smile?What if it was every day?Why do you want to work in McDonalds?Define customer service.What makes you stand out from other candidates?==============================================NOTE: Please realize that as the new kid on the counter…you willwork weekends and holidays…This is true with any company –unless you applied for PT Work.If you DO NOT have open availability, then DO NOT apply for FTOpenings in the retail or service industries.=======================================IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FORDISHWASHERS AT SKY HARBORINTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.HMS HOST is currently hiring for hard workingindividuals who enjoy a fast pacedenvironment.All positions are full time andbenefits are available. Please apply online at ourwebsite for immediate consideration.If you are interested in a fast paced funenvironment with unlimited growth potentialAPPLY ONLINE ATwww.hmshost.com/careers
  13. 13. HMS HOST IS LOOKING FORCASHIERS & HOSTESSPOSITIONS ARE IN SOME OF OUR EXCITINGNEW RESTAURANTS AT PHOENIX SKY HARBORAIRPORT.These positions are full-time with set schedulesand benefits. Ideal candidates will have priorrestaurant experience or customer servicerelated experience.APPLY ONLINE ATwww.hmshost.com/careers==============================================HMSHost is looking for experiencedPrep Cooks, Line Cooks andProduction CooksJoin our team for our exciting new restaurantsfeaturing the best cuisine the city has to offer toSky Harbor Airport!We are looking for experienced restaurant linecooks and production cooks that are familiarwith recipe execution and have good knifeskills. Requires working with several differentrestaurants and doing large quantities of repetitive work with high efficiency.APPLY ONLINE ATwww.hmshost.com/careers===============================================CARPENTER? NEED TO WORK? CONTACT JORGE -602-722-6528Hiring carpenters, framers for new commercial buildings. Must have reliabletransportation. Contact Jorge -602-722-6528 Hablamos Espanol!Luis 602-354-1095===============================================EXPERIENCED ROOFERS: call David at 623-247-9252A long time Glendale, AZ roofing company is looking for:Experienced Single Ply Roofers - Experienced Metal Roofers -Experienced Coating Applicators - Roofing Laborers. YOUMUST BE ABLE TO TRAVEL TO DO OUT OF TOWN JOBS.We work all over the State of Arizona. You also need to be able to pass abackground check, as a lot of our work is at schools as well. Drivers Licensewith a good record is a plus. Salary is dependable on experience.Please come down to 5537 N 59th Avenue Glendale, AZ 85301 to fill out applicationor call David at 623-247-9252 to set appointment.DID YA KNOW?Jim Brown and Sons Roofing started in 1982 as a residential roofing company serving Glendale,AZ and the surrounding cities for roof installation, roof repair and replacements. We have sincegrown and added commercial roofing to our services. However, we have not forgotten our rootsas a residential roofing contractor! http://www.jimbrownandsonsroofing.com/
  14. 14. EXPERIENCED DRYWALL HANGERS FOR PROJECT INPHOENIX CALL BRANDON @ 806-477-8586You must have at least 4 years’ experience needed, have valid IDs andreliable transportation. You must be well tooled.=============================================CALL MIKE MCCRERY AT 602-689-0455 OR RUBENALTAMIRANO AT 602-639-0254 TO APPLY3-G Construction looking for rough framing carpenters and laborers. Hourly rate of pay basedon experience. Mandatory pre-employment drug testing and E-verify. Work starts immediately.Benefits include health insurance, 401k and bonus program. There is a full 40 hours’ work perweek plus overtime available.Call Mike McCrery at 602-689-0455 or Ruben Altamirano at 602-639-0254 to apply.Family Owned Business since 1974…http://www.3-gconstruction.com/=============================================================================JANITOR DAY PORTER POSITION AVAILABLE - PART TIME 11:00 TO 1:00 P.M.MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. MUST SPEAK ENGLISH…CALL 602-437-0368==================================================================LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO WOULD BERESPONSIBLE FOR WASHING CARS AND RUNNINGERRANDS.Previous Lot Attendantexperience a plus, but notnecessary. We will providetraining for the right person.Must be a team player. Musthave a valid Arizona driverslicense with a good drivingrecord. Must have reliabletransportation to and fromwork.YOU MUST BRING YOURRESUME AND APPLY IN PERSON between the hours of 11 am and 5pmat: Phoenix Car Rental, 2934 E. McDowell Rd, Phoenix AZ 85008.===============================================
  15. 15. Pita Jungle Downtown has immediate openings for experienced part-timeand full-time line cooks, prep cooks, food expeditors, bussers & dishwashers.Applicants must have previous restaurant experience to work in this fast-paced, high volume restaurant. We offer competitive pay, flexible hours,hands on training and dining discounts.This is a great opportunity to work with an award winning restaurant.Applications are also being accepted at the restaurant. 1001 N 3rd Ave. #4,Phoenix, AZ 85003. We are conveniently located within 20 minutes frommost parts of the valley.DOWNTOWN PHOENIX1001 N. 3rd Avenue • Ste 4 • Phoenix, AZ 85003 • 602-258-PITA (7482)Open: Mon-Sat 10:30am-10pm • Sun 10am-10pm (Brunch: 10am-1pm) • 1st Fridays: close at 11pmSTUDY THE MENU:http://www.pitajungle.com/menu/What is on the kids menu?How much are children’smeals?http://www.pitajungle.com/menu/kids/========================================CALL BERTHA 602-687-9439 FOR OPENINTERVIEWSTUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYSBETWEEN 10AM-3PM @ CAVALRY STAFFINGSeveral shifts available, weekly pay, part-time and full-time hours,weekends, evenings, and offer basic medical benefits for all employees.Minimum 18 years of age -Minimum 2 year driving history in the state ofArizona -Valid Arizona Driver License -No DUI/DWI in past 5 years -No morethan one moving violation or at fault accident in the past 3 years -Flexible towork weekends/evenings/holidaysOPEN INTERVIEWS TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS10:00am - 3:00pm @ Cavalry Staffing, 3230 E. Broadway Rd #C-150,Phoenix, AZ 8504============================================="I realized that I was a part ofsomething bigger than myself, biggerthan Tempe, bigger than the company. I realized that throughliving the purpose, guided by values, we are impacting everyonearound us." - SIDNEY, BREADHEAD
  16. 16. Breadheads (employees) create and sustain the Wildflower culture that isthe key to our success. We are purpose-based and guided by values that wepractice on a daily basis to achieve outstanding results for everyone — you,our customers and our Company.During your first four weeks at Wildflower, youwill be asked to complete a passport journeybased on our purpose, values and safe space(our communication tool set). At any time duringyour journey, both you and the Company canchoose whether or not to continue. Those thatcomplete the journey will receive a Purpose andValues pin symbolizing their understanding,commitment and passion for delivering the best experience — every time,every day.WATCH THIS VIDEO:http://www.wildflowerbread.com/careers/==============================================DISHWASHER(FT-AM & PM)Wildflower Bread Company-ArcadiaOpen Availability required: AM Shifts start as early as 8am and end as lateas 3pm; PM Shifts start as late as 5pm and end as late as 10:30pm,MONDAY -- SUNDAY. Reliable Transportation to and from work is requiredfor this position. Off of 44th Street and Indian School -- Northwest CornerComplete an application online at www.wildflowerbread.comCLICK ON "JOIN OUR TEAM" ENTER ZIP CODE 85018, CHECK ARCADIALOCATION, THEN CHECK DISHWASHER or LINE COOK------------------------------------------------------------------------------LINE COOKOpen Availability required: AM Shifts start as early as 8am and end as lateas 3pm; PM Shifts start as late as 5pm and end as late as 10:30pm,MONDAY - SUNDAY. Reliable Transportation to and from work isrequired for this position.==========================================
  17. 17. USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…WILDFLOWER…Server at Wildflower Bread CompanyAccepted Offer – Interviewed in ScottsdaleInterview Details –.Easy and quick and they are always friendly. Theysimply did a regular interview one on one with me. We sat down talkedabout my likes, dislikes, strong and weak qualities. They reviewed the days Icould work and they told me that they would love to give me an opportunityto grow with them.Interview QuestionsCan you work weekends?Can you perform the tasks we do on an everyday basis?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Employee at Wildflower Bread CompanyNo Offer – Interviewed in PhoenixInterview Details –Well I turned in my application online and received nocall back, so I went into the store to get an application. I filled out the appand was told I would be contacted.About a week went by and nothing, so I called and was told they had notreviewed any applications. A few days went by and I called again, I was toldto come in the following Wednesday for an interview.When I came in the guy who interviewed me took a while to come over andstart. Basically he asked me about my availability, my work history and if Ihad done any volunteer work. A week went by and I did not hear anythingfrom them so I called to be told they were looking for someone with moreexperience.Interview QuestionsWhen are you available to work most?What time of day?What volunteer work have you done/ have you heard of thisorganization?What do you see yourself doing in the future?What are your long term goals?=============================================
  18. 18. NEW RESTAURANT OPENING - HiringPM Line Cooks & PM Dishwasher(7th Street & Montebello, Phoenix)Located in the YardNow Hiring: - Line Cooks - DishwasherLine cook candidates must have 1-2+ years’ experience and eveningavailability. Dishwasher candidates, the position is entry level,evening availability.GET HIRED ON THE SPOTAPPLY IN PERSON TODAY* ANY WEEKDAY *The Yard, 5632 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE:http://www.foxrc.com/frcwp/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/FRC-Application-revised-March-2013.pdfWHO ARE THE? CHECK THEM OUT HERE:http://www.foxrc.com/restaurants/little-cleos-seafood-legend/=====================================================================================THESE POSITIONS ARE FULL TIME AND WE ARE LOOKING TO HIREIMMEDIATELY. HURRY THIS WILL NOT LAST!Allied Gate Co is hiring ornamental iron General helpers. Monday thru Friday8am to 4pm •Must have clean driver license •Some experience inornamental iron industry helpful •Knowledge of basic power and handtools.Position pays $10.00.Come in and apply. 4240 E Elwood St. Phoenix 85040===============================================PRN WORK FOR CNAS AND CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS AVAILABLE -623-518-2280 (OFFICE HOURS 9A-4P)Work in some of the local facilities throughout the valley for those who are interested. MUSTBE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE *MUST BE RELIABLE *MUST BE ABLE TO PASS ABACKGROUND CHECK *MUST HAVE RELIABLE TRANSPORTATIONIf you feel you have the above qualifications then please call to schedule an open interview!623-518-2280 (Office Hours 9A-4P)Corporate Office (West Valley) Arizonas Best Home Care, 12630 N. 103rd Ave Suite 244,Sun City, AZ 85351