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GATHER AROUND CAMPERS! Got over 500 new and improved jobs fresh off the truck and ready for you to go get hired. Hurry! the selection is limited to the stock on hand and for the best you need to act …

GATHER AROUND CAMPERS! Got over 500 new and improved jobs fresh off the truck and ready for you to go get hired. Hurry! the selection is limited to the stock on hand and for the best you need to act now. Delay means a smaller variety of choice and rewards. Better to be first in line than the 100th.

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  • 1. WAL-MART IS OPENING A NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET STORE IN THE SUNNYSLOPE AREA OF PHOENIX. Angela Gonzales -Senior Reporter- Phoenix Business Journal Wal-Mart is opening a Neighborhood Market store in the Sunnyslope area, and is looking to hire up to 95 people to staff it. Both full and part-time positions are available, said T.J. Arthur, store manager. 30 APRIL 2014 – THE DAY YOU GOT HIRED!
  • 2. “Good jobs are good news for Sunnyslope,” he said. “We’re thrilled because this is an opportunity both to better serve existing Wal-Mart customers in the Sunnyslope community and provide up to 95 quality jobs to area residents.” Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart also has a program called the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment that offers a job to any qualified veteran who has been honorably discharged within the past 12 months. The new neighborhood market store is slated to open this summer at 115 E. Dunlap Ave., Phoenix, in a former Food City store that is being redeveloped. Walmart has opened a temporary hiring center in the same shopping center at 17 E. Dunlap Ave., Suite 1. The neighborhood market stores are usually about 38,000 square feet and employ no more than 100 people, while typical Wal-Mart stores are about 106,000 square feet and employ roughly 200 people. The Wal-Mart Supercenters are about 182,000 square feet and employ about 300 people. Michael Hayes, owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing, said this is good news for the Sunnyslope area. “Wal-Mart gets a bad rap as an employer,” Hayes said. “These are great positions for someone starting out and there are few opportunities available for young folks.” Hayes has seen his share of people who are clueless when it comes to job hunting. “I bet they will have to process hundreds of applications because people will show up with inappropriate clothes, no IDs or work history to copy down and present to the interviewer,” he said. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU! READ THE USED JOB SHACK EVERY DAY! 4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v
  • 3. WARNING!!! OK CAMPERS…IF NOT A NEW STORE OPENING… IT IS DIFFICULT TO APPLY OFF THE WEBSITE… Wal-Mart is a hard store to crack. There just are no shortcuts for the unconnected applicant(s). The New Store Opening is direct but, they will get thousands of applicants for the 100-150 openings. You get lost in the swell of the crowd and only luck or divine intervention seems to help…in other words, light a candle and say a prayer. Online is a long process without knowing beforehand if there is an actual job. The application (to get past the gatekeeper will need ONET ONLINE). Then, you have the skill assessment to do and even if you pass it, there is no guarantee or promise that they will call you. Some people claim success and that it wasn’t hard while others claim to have just walked in the door and got hired on-the-spot. Here at Wal-Mart, there just doesn’t seem to be a short cut… They suggest that you research their facebook page: Application page: ONET ONLINE: USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…WALMART Cashier Interview - I applied online and the process took a day Interview Details – The interview process was very easy. Just answer the question to the best of your ability. They asked question like what would you do in this scenario. They made me go to the free clinic and take a drug test the same day. The hiring process was really quick I waited a day then called them back and was told to come in to start orientation. ============================================================== Cashier Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 weeks Interview Details – Very simple interview, asked basic questions. I talked to a hiring manager and the store managers in one go. All together the interview was 30 minutes long.
  • 4. Interview Question – • Explain a time where you had to deal with a difficult customer. =============================================================== Cashier Interview - I applied online and the process took 1 week Interview Details – They asked questions that were hard to answer, because you were never in certain positions, so there was really no way to answer fully. The people doing the interview should have never been giving the interview because they were not qualified to hire anyone. Interview Question – • Describe a bad situation you were in and how you handled it. =============================================================== Cashier Interview -I applied through an employee referral -process took 2 wk Interview Details – I got hired quickly because I had a friend that worked there , but the interview questions were read from a piece of paper , 3 different people will interview BUT ask the same questions just worded differently . Interview Question – • Describe a difficult time in the work place when you and associate didn't get along .. this was only hard for me be I never really have problems with associates. =============================================================== Cashier Interview - I applied in-person and the process took 3 days Interview Details – Takes forever to get hired. You submit an e-application IN the store. They only call you back to let you know you have been hired. Takes up to 2 months before you hear back. They no longer have a sliding scale. Everyone now gets hired at the same rate for the position offered. Interview Question – • How would you handle an employee you knew was stealing? =============================================================== Cashier Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 days - Interview Details – Super fast friendly and very supportive interview process. Had two levels of interviews, back to back, then they verified references, sent me for a standard screening and they are currently doing a background check. Should have an offer and orientation this week. Very quick. Interview Question – • What's been your most difficult project?
  • 5. Cashier Interview - I applied in-person Interview Details – Normal questions and if you need help they will help. Interview Question – There were no difficult questions. =============================================================== Cashier Interview - I applied online and the process took 3 days Interview Details – I applied for the position during night, and the following day I was contacted by one of the managers to schedule a interview that same day. I spoke to three different managers throughout the entire process; the first asked me scenario questions, the second asked experience questions, and the third did paperwork with me. The total Q & A process took about an hour. I was then informed I had to take a drug test within 24 hours, and two days after the interview I would have job orientation. Interview Question – • Please describe a time when you were assigned multiple assignments due at the same time and how you decided to complete the assignments =============================================================== HIRING FOR SERVERS AND BARISTA'S! 1 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 - Cross Streets: Between N 1st St/S 1st St and W Washington St/N Central Ave/S Central Ave… Hiring for servers and barista's! This is a fast paced environment and enjoyable to work at! If interested please come fill an application out Monday-Friday at 1:30pm. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE MENU AS A CHEAT SHEET: ================================================================================= 4233 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona CARMELS BREAKFAST IS HIRING BARISTA/SERVERS FOR ITS COFFEE HOUSE STOP BY ASK FOR Patrick BETWEEN 2-4 PM. IMPRESS HIM WITH HOW MUCH YOU KNOW AND THEN, SMILE. WHO IS CHEF MIGUEL PLIEGO? YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW TO WORK HERE…
  • 6. -OPEN INTERVIEWS- Friday, 5/2 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday, 5/3 & Sunday, 5/4 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 4, Level 3 Gates and Shops, Across from Chelsea's Kitchen Please apply online prior to showing up for interview. Apply immediately - You are applying for the position of Barista Breadhead at Sky Harbor Airport 400a-9d04-a2e50075386d You are applying for the position of Cashier/Customer Service Breadhead at Sky Harbor Airport 43e8-a733-a23e00ec8601 You are applying for the position of Line Cook at Sky Harbor Airport 4287-976e-a23e00ec8601 You are applying for the position of Dishwasher at Sky Harbor Airport 49f9-ba68-a23e00ec8601
  • 7. Rainforest Café - 5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle, #573 - Tempe, AZ 85282 LINE COOKS & SERVERS *Weekends and holidays are required *Must be available for one week of training. TIPSTER: OK Campers! If you actually believe that you can get this job just because you have a High School or GED, well campers, we will leave our thoughts here. If you (REALLY DO) want this job, you will need to get past the gatekeeper and you can easily do that with a quick visit to ONET… 35-2014.00 Cooks, Restaurant 35-3021.00 Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers, Fast Food ======================================================================= LAST GUY DIDN’T WORK OUT…! Begin your Subway career today while working at our location inside of Chase Field during Diamondback games. This is not just a seasonal job; you will have the option to transfer to another Subway after the season ends. Apply in person at: 455 N 3rd St Suite 1035, Phoenix AZ 85004
  • 8. Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 4, Level 1, Door 7 Phoenix, AZ 85034 480-968-8300 TIPSTER: A job as a janitor, cashier, security officer or building engineer is available right around the corner from where you live. TO INQUIRE ABOUT GREAT CLEANING JOBS NEAR YOU, APPLY IN PERSON IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND WANT TO FAST TRACK GOING TO WORK… OTHERWISE, APPLY ONLINE AND WAIT FOR A CALL that might be a while in coming as “apply in-person” applications get processed first for most entry level openings). WHY? Like it or not, the “apply in-person” candidates tend to be more motivated and the company takes them more serious…REAL! SPEED PROCESS UP BY APPLYING ONLINE… MUST USE ONET TO DO THE APPLICATION ABM delivers facilities maintenance to more than four billion square feet of facilities of all sizes across America, including 60% of the buildings of the Fortune 500. Let us show you how we can build value for your facilities as well! HERE ARE THE OTHER PHOENIX AREA OFFICES…SELLECT THE ONE CLOSEST TO YOU…DONOT APPLY AT MULTIPLE OFFICES UNLESS YOU WANT TO REMAIN UNEMPLOYED! * Tempe ABM Office 2632 W Medtronic Way, Tempe, AZ 85281 - Distance: 3.6 miles Phoenix ABM Office 642B N. 17th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007 - Distance: 3.6 miles
  • 9. Phoenix ABM Office 2320 E. Jones Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85040 - Distance: 4.4 miles Phoenix ABM Office 4745 N. 7th Street, Suite. 102, Phoenix, AZ 85014 - Distance: 4.9 miles Phoenix ABM Office 4000 N. Central Ave. Suite. 1750, Phoenix, AZ 85012 - Distance: 4.9 miles Phoenix ABM Office 3602 E Southern Ave. Suite 1 & 2, Phoenix, AZ 85040 - Distance: 5.1 miles *Apply to the closest office and if they can’t help, they will refer you to one of the other offices. Do not apply for multiple positions. Read the job descriptions, look at the actual work location and then apply for the one that best suits you. Again, let the company refer you to other positions if you are not selected on the initial application. Applying for multiple positions or applying with office’s far away from where you live will cause them to trash your application or worse. 40418 AMZN Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85043 40290 UPS Sales Office -Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85044 40294 Dysart School District - Day Porter Phoenix AZ US 85013 40297 Phoenix Community College - Lead Phoenix AZ US 85035 40324 Assistant Chief Engineer Phoenix AZ US 85036 40222 Parking Attendant for Parking Garage Phoenix AZ US 85004 40223 Parking Attendant for Parking Garage Phoenix AZ US 85004 40224 Driver/Parking Attendant for Parking Garage Phoenix AZ US 85004
  • 10. 40225 Attendant - Parking Garage Phoenix AZ US 85004 40227 Maintenance - Parking Garage Phoenix AZ US 85004 40163 HVAC Technician Phoenix AZ US 85043 40103 OneSource Landscape Crew Lead Phoenix AZ US 85007 39730 School District Rover Custodian Phoenix AZ US 85001 39732 Utility Rover Custodian Phoenix AZ US 85035 39733 Rover Custodian Phoenix AZ US 85035 39757 Kyrene District - Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85048 39761 Discover Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85027 39583 Phoenix College - Day Porter Phoenix AZ US 85013 39437 SAKS - Lead Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85018 39438 Discover Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85027 39468 AMZN Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85043 39471 Kyrene School District - Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85048 39385 Edward Jones - Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85001 39355 Phoenix College Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85062 38970 OneSource Landscape Laborer Phoenix AZ US 85007 38943 AMZN PHX3 Cleaner Phoenix AZ US 85043 33055 Manufacturing Maintenance Mechanic Phoenix AZ US 85009 38518 Wessex - Day Porter Phoenix AZ US 85004 38519 Phoenix College Maintenance Helper Phoenix AZ US 85062
  • 11. 25027 Shipping /Distribution Clerk Phoenix AZ US 85009 25373 BAKERY Warehouse Shipping - Apply in person, no phone calls Phoenix AZ US 85009 29185 BAKERY Warehouse Distribution On-Call Position-Please apply in person Phoenix AZ US 85009 29217 BAKERY Warehouse Sanitation/Shipping/Production On-Call Positions - Apply in person Phoenix AZ US 85009 38283 Utility Engineer Phoenix AZ US 85085 38011 Building Engineer Phoenix AZ US 85016 37835 Bakery Distribution 2AM Shift Standby Starts ASAP Phoenix AZ US 85009 36611 OneSource Landscape Area Manager Phoenix AZ US 85007 36507 OneSource Mechanic Phoenix AZ US 85007 35474 Attendant - Parking Garage Phoenix AZ US 85004 34100 Security Officer - Rover Phoenix AZ US 85012 Chandler AZ US 85224 33977 AMZN FORKLIFT/UTILITY Phoenix AZ US 85035 30614 HVAC Project Sales Rep Phoenix AZ US 85040 30615 HVAC Commercial Service Technician Phoenix AZ US 85040 25405 Cash application candidate Phoenix AZ US 85009 2322 w. lincoln street 25183 Accounting Assistant Phoenix AZ US 85009 2322 W lincoln Street 24307 Administrative Assistant for Controller Phoenix AZ US 85009 13965 HVAC Project Sales Rep Tucson AZ US 85701 Phoenix AZ US 85040 FOR MESA, CHANDLER, GLENDALE & ECT. GO SEARCH CAREER PAGE ===================================================================== KNOW WHO THEY ARE: =====================================================================
  • 12. NOW HIRING! INSIDE SALES - WESTAR (326684BR) TEMPE, Arizona (AZ) GENERAL SUMMARY: The Inside Sales position is responsible for selling products in company showrooms to customers by showing selections offered and working with customer to identify all brands and colors desired. SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: Sell appliance and/or plumbing product to customers utilizing showroom environment. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES • Displays and/or demonstrates... /286538/Inside-Sales- Westar-Arizona-Az-Tempe ======================== BACKROOM ASSOCIATE (326814BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Jobs in the category are responsible for the execution of all receiving activities including unloading merchandise, merchandise preparation and staging, outbound shipments, and daily stockroom activities. Assist in maintaining the stockroom in a neat, orderly and safe manner. Other duties include promptly serving the customer at merchandise pick-up, properly sorting... Phoenix
  • 13. CASHIER (326299BR) MESA, Arizona (AZ) Responsible for providing excellent customer service, efficiently and accurately completing sales and service transactions at the cash wraps, as well as handle customer issues that may arise on the sales floor. 238/Cashier-Arizona-Az-Mesa ==================================================== Preventative Maintenance Technician (Mesa, AZ) (325590BR) MESA, Arizona (AZ) Responsible for basic technical service on all Home Appliance products, including Refrigeration (non-sealed systems), Cooking, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Disposers, Laundry, Water Heaters and Lawn and Garden. The Preventative Maintenance Technician is responsible for providing technical service on Preventative Maintenance calls, rework and inspection calls, shuttling necessary parts and supplies for service... Mesa-Az-Arizona-Az-Mesa ===================================================== Residential Refrigeration Repair Technician (Phoenix, AZ) (325602BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) This position is responsible for the repair of products in the customer’s home. Products repaired include the following home appliances: Refrigerators (sealed systems), Freezers and Window Air Conditioners. CFC certification is required for this opening. This position provides timely and quality repairs of customers’ products while maintaining high customer service.... Technician-Phoenix-Az-Arizona-Az-Phoenix ===================================================== MUST USE ONET TO DO THE APPLICATION
  • 14. Merchandising and Pricing Associate (326529BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Responsible for providing excellent customer service, and executing marketing- related requirements, such as ad set-up and takedown, promotional set-up, and replenishment of promotional merchandise. As applicable, this position will assist in executing visual programs and creating visually compelling merchandise displays, fixtures and store layouts. • Takes ownership for enhancing the customer... Arizona-Az-Phoenix ============================================================= Hardlines Merchandiser (287595BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Provides "World Class" Member Service by surprising and delighting our members every day. Creates feature displays that maximize gross margin dollars. Uses visual merchandising presentation to drive sales. Maintains unit integrity and pricing accuracy to prevent waste. Maintains ordering for maximum sales potential. Trains and coaches direct reports. Phoenix
  • 15. MUST USE ONET TO DO THE APPLICATION Cashier (287599BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Responsible for providing excellent customer service, efficiently and accurately completing sales and service transactions at the cash wraps, as well as handle customer issues that may arise on the sales floor. ====================================================== Cashier (302904BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) =======================================================
  • 16. Cashier (302908BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Responsible for providing excellent customer service, efficiently and accurately completing sales and service transactions at the cash wraps, as well as handle customer issues that may arise on the sales floor. ============================================================= SOFTLINES MERCHANDISER (302922BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Provides “World Class” Member Service by surprising and delighting our members every day. Ensures basic and seasonal replenishment and merchandising and operational programs are established and maintained to improve sales and profitability in one or more department(s). Works in conjunction with the Department Lead in maintaining merchandise assortments and pricing... Phoenix ====================================================================== Softlines Merchandiser (302926BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Phoenix ===================================================================== Office Associate (320049BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) Jobs in this category are responsible for the processing of daily sales and register detail as needed, and provide essential support to the mail and supply function. In addition this position supports operations by assisting in coordinating all Human Resource activities in the store including hourly recruiting, on boarding, training... ====================================================================== Office Associate (320051BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) ========================================================================
  • 17. Cashier (319192BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) ======================================================================== MUST USE ONET TO DO THE APPLICATION ========================================================================= Loss Prevention Associate (318522BR) GLENDALE, Arizona (AZ) Glendale ====================================================================== Backroom Lead (318726BR) GLENDALE, Arizona (AZ) ======================================================================= Loss Prevention Manager (Hrly) (319161BR) PHOENIX, Arizona (AZ) The Loss Prevention Manager (LPM) is responsible for providing disciplined leadership, including setting clear expectations and holding the team and self- accountable for results. This position executes company programs concerning
  • 18. shortage control, internal dishonesty, shoplifting detection and detention and safety. The LPM is accountable for managing the training, detection, investigation... Az-Phoenix ==================================================================== Cashier (315763BR) GLENDALE, Arizona (AZ) ==================================================================== Merchandising and Pricing Associate (315766BR) GLENDALE, Arizona (AZ) Az-Glendale ==================================================================== Backroom Associate (315767BR) GLENDALE, Arizona (AZ) ===================================================================== NEW VENUE OPENING SOON! BE THE FIRST! Apply for a position at Southern Rail Today until Saturday 
11am - 4pm at our sister restaurant. . . Beckett's Table Restaurant 3717 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018 A focus on local products inspired by flavors from the American south will be our signature style. Our warm and welcoming service standards will echo the comforts of southern hospitality. 7-10 days of training during the day will be required. Southern Rail will serve lunch and dinner, and will be open daily. Multiple positions for EXPERIENCED staff members are available. HIRING SOUS CHEF, LINE COOKS, PREP COOKS, PASTRY, DISHWASHERS, MANAGER, SERVERS, BARTENDERS, BAR BACKS, EXPO, FOOD RUNNERS, HOSTS AND HOSTESSES. Venue location will be: Southern Rail, 300 w. Camelback Rd. Phoenix AZ 85013
  • 19. So Many Careers You may know State Farm® is a top insurance company. We hire strong employees to help us lead the pack in insurance and financial services. NOW HIRING FOR CAREERS Employment Process Summary To apply for any job opening at State Farm, you need to complete an online application. The first step is to register. From there, just complete the required fields on the application. Everything you need to know is on our How to Apply page. HR Interview If you're contacted by Human Resources for an interview, this may be a phone or face-to-face conversation. Be prepared for the recruiter to ask you questions with regard to your skills and experience. It's also an opportunity for you to discover more about State Farm and the position you applied for. Testing For some positions, general testing may also be part of the HR Screening process. If applicable, your Human Resources contact will provide all the information you need to help you feel informed and prepared throughout the process. Pre- employment assessments you may be required to complete are the State Farm screening batteries (SFsb) and SkilTrak batteries or Language Proficiency Assessment. Hiring Manager Interview If selected, an interview with the hiring manager comes next. This is a face-to- face, competency-based interview designed to gauge how well your skills and
  • 20. experience fit the job opportunity. You’ll also learn more about specific job responsibilities and the actual working environment. Additional Interviews The hiring manager may include other management in your initial interview, or you may be invited back to meet with others from the business function. Contingent Job Offer If selected, you’ll receive a contingent job offer. Pending successful results from a background check and drug test, your offer will be confirmed in writing. Confirmed Job Offer Your job offer will confirm the position, location, salary, start date, and reporting manager. Welcome to State Farm Website Once your job offer is confirmed and accepted, you’ll be given access to a special website just for new employees. It’s designed to provide the information new employees want to know, and to help take the stress out of your first day on the job. The Welcome website is a place where new employees can: •Find out what to wear, what to bring, and all that first day kind of stuff. •Learn more about benefits, pay, time off, and other employee programs. •Check out videos featuring State Farm employees and Company CEO Ed Rust Jr. ======================================================== Gateway Operations Center 444 North 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008 Papago Buttes Operations Center 1500 North Priest Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281 Tempe Operations Center 2700 South Sunland Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281 =========================================================================
  • 21. CUSTOMER RESPONSE CENTER (CRC) 3:39 As an extension of the agent's office, CRC is staffed 24/7 with professional, well-trained employees who provide a personal touch with things like initiating newly reported claims, taking premium payments and resetting® passwords. /emp-customer-service.asp There’s no such thing as “normal” business hours. Customer Response Center Representative A Peek at What Employees or Associates Do Talk on the phone to customers, agents, and State Farm employees using scripted responses: • Answer insurance-related questions from callers • Explain processes for claims and provide emergency assistance • Take detailed messages for agents/claims personnel • Provide emergency customer assistance While on the phone, you will utilize computer technology: •Use an online job aid • Use the State Farm intranet to locate information • Send detailed messages to agents and claims personnel • File claim reports using a computer Apply State Farm policies and procedures to unique situations.
  • 22. Other Things to Know •Work non-standard shifts, including weekends, holidays, and evenings •Complete an extensive, paid training program to learn policies and procedures •Manage a variety of customer service situations •Receive additional on-the-job coaching and training Here’s What Employees or Associates Say About the Job “It is an exciting and ever-changing environment where you are always getting trained on how to do things better.” “Every day at the CRC is fun because it never actually feels like you’re coming to work. The people are great and the atmosphere is so inviting.” “Every customer that you work with is unique and sometimes challenging. You must meet their needs in a way that satisfies both the customer and State Farm policies.” “We alternate between very busy times and very slow times; the continual change of work levels can be challenging.” “You feel important when you have been called upon to help out in a crisis
  • 23. situation, such as a hurricane, Sept. 11th, or an earthquake; however, this can be stressful.” “The CRC is a structured environment, you always know exactly when to be at work, have meetings, and take breaks.” “I enjoy talking to policyholders from all over the country and assisting them when they need us the most. It makes me feel good knowing that I am able to helpthem when their agent is unavailable.” =========================================================================== Claim Associate-ILR Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Phoenix Loan Services Representative Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Phoenix Loan Processor Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Phoenix Consumer Loan Credit Anlst Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Phoenix Claim Associate-Express Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Phoenix Customer Service Rep- Bank Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Tempe Mortgage Loan Processor Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Tempe Mortgage Consultant Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Tempe Quote & Bind Sales Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe Quote & Bind Sales Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe Sys Anlyst-Web Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix CRC - Customer Service Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe
  • 24. CRC - Customer Service Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe Tech Anlyst-Operating System Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix Tech Anlyst-Operating System Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix Tech Anlyst-Operating System Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix Sys Anlyst-Web Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix Data Specialist - Data Design Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix ======================================================== NOTE: People with previous fraud or theft convictions may be hard to place but, it will depend upon the age, circumstances and the application’s post history to turn their life around. Other types of offences are less of a barrier to employment. Employer will conduct a background check to determine the truthfulness and transparence of the applicant. KEY HERE IS FULL DISCLOSURE WITH AN EMPHASIS UPON THE CIRCUMSTANCES The employer understands that there is a big difference between “I stole to feed my babies” versus “”I didn’t really steal that big screen TV…It was the Super Bowl and I borrowed it…If my truck hadn’t broke down, I would have brought it back…!” Also, the employer is more concerned in who you are instead of who you were. They want to know that you learned more from the experience than just not get caught again. They are interested and weigh heavily what you have done, what you have achieved and how far you are removed from the person who was in trouble. This is your mission, your job and the better you showcase your transformation, the easier it will be for them to hire you. If you have not turned your life around or feel uncomfortable discussing this, these jobs are not for you and save yourself some grief and don’t apply. It’s on you! They do not owe you. You owe it to yourself but, that is a difference conversation...