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28a may 2012

  2. 2. FINDING YOURWAY HOMEAFTER PRISONOver the years, we have worked withmany job seeking consumers that aretrying to find a way to come homeand to start their life over.It is a hard process because we live ina society that fears your return andout of that blind fear; society seeks tocontrol or banish you.Society has forgotten that you aretheir next door neighbor, theircousins; their own children or thatyou are someone else’s children fromhere in our community.Society has successfully turned youinto stereotype, not a real people.This is society’s way of mitigating itslack of concern for you and/or itsunwillingness to give you a secondchance.One of the hardest parts of youreffort to return to a normal lifecenters upon your need ofemployment and towardsyour abilityto earn a decent living in order tosupport your family and build abetter future.Many of your former careers andmany professions are now closed toyou without any concern to thequestion if you pose any danger tosociety or our community or not.The employment path is slow andfraught with frustration, setbacks andminimum wage jobs.THE CHANGING JOBMARKETAs we move down the road to theeconomy and jobs returning, the jobmarket is changing and so areemployers’ attitudes towards you.Many employers are finding a needto be more concerned with you arenow, what skills you bring to thetable and that is because there arealready shortages (here in Phoenix) inseveral industries like construction.CONSTRUCTION:The lack of skilled workers inconstruction is leading employers tobecome more liberal in who theyaccept than they needed to be beforethe industry improved.These days you are more likely not toget hired in construction because ofthe lack of transportation, tools andyour ability to pass a drug test thanyou are because you were in prison.Now granted…you are not gonnawork at the new INTEL Plant or forthe Mesa School District but, youwould be hard pressed to get thosejobs even if you had a cleanbackground. There is no shortage ofapplicants that want to make $25-30/HR.If you have transportation and sometools, it is easy to get a buildingtrades’ job from entry to journeylevel. Journey level applicants (5 ormore years in a trade) are now beingoffered signing bonus from $500-$2,000 - we run them in the Use JobShack almost daily.
  3. 3. RESTAURANT & SERVICEThe Restaurant and Service Industryis having its biggest boom in ageneration with new venues openingevery week. This is driven by the factthat we lost so many venues whenthe economy went south and astimes get better there is a bigdemand for dining.Also, has the economy improves,people travel, business people traveland this can be seen in the vastnumbers of ads posted every week bythe hotels and resorts here in thevalley.Even in bad times, these industrieswelcomed you if you were able to sellthem upon your skill(s) and/or yourability to answer the question “Whyshould we hire you?” correctly.The resorts have always welcomedyou (with a few exceptions basedupon your crime – which comesdown to whether or not your crimerelated to the job you applied for…carthieves are unlike to become valetparkers or burglars to become roomattendants).Resorts love you because they arevery aware of all those governmentgive-a-ways to FREE MONEY if theyhire you. This is why they ask you allof those very pointed questionsabout you and/or your family’sbackground.Why would the Hilton Corporation, abillion dollar company, care aboutyou and your little tax credit? That’seasy if you think about how manypeople the Hilton hired (nationwide)just last week.Say they hired 1,000 people. Now dothe math. $2,400+ per new hire.That is $240,000 for just one week.Remember these are tax credits sothe $240K is really like $500K. That isa half-of-a-million dollars per week.We are all in the wrong business!RETAILAs the economy improves, people arereturning to the stores and this isanother opportunity for you. Thestoresare not opening new stores asmuch as they are increasing theirsupport staff to assist the sales staff.GROCERY – RETAIL STORES:The only grocery store that WILL NOThire you because of your past isWinCo.Every other grocery store does abackground check but, if yourcrime(s) do not related to the job youare applying for…it is not a concern.The stores will look at the nature ofthe crime, the age of the crime andnow they are starting to ask aboutthe circumstances about the crime.Circumstances of the crime?Yes!As the economy improves and peoplestart to be harder to find, employersneed to distinguish between a peoplewho killed someone and someonewho killed someone to protect theirfamily.As the economy gets better,employers have to move away fromblanket “no hire” policies in order toget enough people on the worksite.With the grocery stores, you need touse common sense to realize that if Ihave theft, fraud or ID Theft
  4. 4. background, I will not get that job asa cashier but, I could have been astocker, I could have been a receiver(warehouse) or even been a courtesyclerk.Getting hired at a store comes downto availability (you need openavailability or have the illusion ofopen availability to work FT), yourdesire to do the job and yourdependability.In each of their job openings,dependability and desire are muchmore important that actualexperience. They are looking for youto having enough basic skills (mathskills, money handling, customerservice skills…ETC…) needed to teachyou to do the job.DISCLAIMER: If you have violentcrimes, domestic violence and/or sexoffences you need to look into otherindustries because of the insuranceliability of hiring you…you greatlyincrease their rates).Many times charges like shoplifting,theft and related will roadblock youfrom many jobs UNLESS you canmake a strong case for “…that wasthen and this is now…” Or if you canmake a compiling case based uponthe circumstances, you have a goodchance. Here is an example:(THIS DOESN’T WORK)“I was convicted of shoplifting thatbig screen TV.”(THIS DOES WORK)“Several years ago, I was in a verybad situation and I stole that food tofeed my babies. I knew it was wrongand to this day I live with theconsequences of that baddecision…but, in many ways it wastruly a Godsend in that it made mestop and see who and what I wasbecoming and I didn’t want this formyself nor for my babies. Since then,I had so radically changed my life andI am proud of how far I come fromthat trouble young girl…”THIS IS WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES OFTHE CRIME MEANS. See thedifference?WHAT HASN’T CHANGED?Some industries have not come tothe point where they need to bemore liberal in considering you.CLEANING JOBS: Most cleaningcompanies will NOT hire because ofthe nature of their business or theircontracts. But, you can work at ahotel or resort…Makes nosense…right?SOCIAL SERVICE/PEER SUPPORT:Here the key is the age of youroffence and if you can get an AZFingerprint Clearance Card. If you canget the clearance card, you aregolden and can work in this industry.MANUFACTURING: Your skill set ismuch more important and dependingupon how much the company needsa person with your skill set, willdetermine how liberal they arewilling to be. With companies withgovernment contracts, the age ofyour crime (being at least 7-10 yearsold), the nature of your crime (if theywant you…) and they may cut cornersand say that a Felony DWI issomething that they can work with.Get it?
  5. 5. THE MYTH OFBACKGROUND CHECKSOne of the largest barriers to yougetting a job is your own belief in themyth of background checks.This is barrier because when you seeit…you stop and walk away. Sadly,you have walked away from manyjobs that you could have gotten if youhad just applied.Background checks is a term thatmeans something different to eachemployer.Every company will run a backgroundcheck on you for different reasonsand result in totally differentoutcome.Aramark, a billion dollar corporation,does a background check. They runthis check to prove how honest youare. They demand total disclosureand will work with you if you do. Ifyou forget or don’t list an offence;they cannot hire you EVER!They do this because they are moreconcerned with who you are insteadof what you did back then. They aremore concerned with the skills thatyou bring to the table. But, if you arelying to them before they hire you,they know that they can never trustyou and thus, they don’t hire ya!Take a chance and as the old man useto say…”the worst thing that they cando is hire ya!”APPLICATION TIPSThere are a few things that you needto keep in mind about doingapplications and in dealing with thisas an issue.Always remember what Bill Clintonuse to say: “Ya only answer the partof the question that they asked ya!”There are three varieties of how thisquestion gets asked:1. Have you been convicted in thepast five years?This is conviction date not releasedate or off of parole date.2. Have you been convicted in thepast seven years?3. Have you ever been convicted?So, if I was just released after tenyears, I would answer “NO” to bothone and two. I would have to answeryes to number three.If I need to discuss this issue, checkout the below technique(s) tosuccessfully address the issue ofCIRCUMSTANCES OF THE CRIME.HOW TO DEAL WITHTHE ISSUEAs a part of years of working withVeterans who have yet to be releasedand with a general population ofreturnees, we have developedinroads into how to deal with theissue of “where have I been for thepast years?”We have developed a series oftechniques as a means to notrationalize, defend or denyresponsible for what has happened(in fact to embrace it) but to bumpemployers from their preconceiveassumptions about you as a returneeand to successfully move you (in theireyes) from the stereotype image tothe human being that you are.
  6. 6. This is critical because once you areseen as a human being instead of acartoon stereotype; it is easier forpeople to offer you help, support andforgiveness because:1. It is commonly accepted that therehas never been a perfect humanbeing…we all know people who thinkthat they are but…2. If you agree with the abovestatement. Then you must acceptthat we all have make mistakes.3. If you accept this, then it is not agreat leap to say that everyonedeserves second or even thirdchances.Our working title for this technique isthe Humanization of my crime. It is atechnique that makes a strong casefor putting a human face on whathappened to you and strongly makesthe case that that was then and I ama very different person than I wasthen. It is a three step process thataddresses the past, the present andthe plan for the future.Here is an example of howthis was created…STEP ONEA young man came into my office oneday and he was very upset, mad andsad all at the same time. I asked himwhat the problem was. He said thathe has put in hundreds ofapplications and no one will give hima chance.I asked why and he told me straightup that he had just recently got outof prison for murder and no onewould give him a chance.I asked him what he was tellingpeople and he told me that he wasupfront with them like he was withme.He was tired and thought that goingback to prison was a more agreeablething because he understood theyard and could navigate through thatbetter than he could in this worldwith its entire mean people who willnever let him get back to the life heonce had.He was dead serious about this andhe was only days away fromwhooping that old woman over thehead at Circle K and he had it soplanned out that he would make itback to the yard in time for dinner.We started talking about his chargesand it turns out that the full story(that he had edited out) was thatseveral years ago, someone brokeinto his home. He thought that hewas defending his family and a jurydisagreed with him.I said “why don’t we start theconversation with this instead of Ijust got out of jail for murder...”Think about it. If I come in and tellyou that I am a murderer, you wouldprobably be scared and would nothave anything to do with me. Right?Now, say that I come in and tell youthat several years ago, someonebroke into my home and I thoughtthat I was defending my family, youwould be thinking if you would havedone otherwise, yourself.
  7. 7. Importantly, I would have bumpedyou off of looking at me as astereotype ex-killer and moved youcloser to looking at me as a humanbeing that made a mistake.Start to see the difference?STEP TWOWe live in a vindictive society thatbelieves in punishment without endand sometimes, I believe that if couldfigure out a way to punish peopleafter their death we would andkeeping with that, we added to theconversation a summary of what hehas lost.This young man has lost everything.He lost his career, his home, hisfamily, friends…anything that hetreasured and love is gone.If I have you already bumped off ofyour stereotype image of me; then,this adds to the conversation that Ihave lost greatly and may have beenoverly punished for a mistake that Imade years ago.STEP THREETo re-enforce the concept of “thatwas then and this is now” part of theequation, this is where we putforward a plan to going forward,bring into play what efforts havebeen made to learn and move onwith his life.Here he explains that his goal goingforward is to restore as much of hisprevious life that he can. He wants tohave a career, get another home but,most importantly goal was to againhave his family and friends to beproud of him, again.This is why he is here today, this iswhy he WANTS this job and heapplied for this job because… {Inserttalking points on skills and abilities}.This become a complete, powerfulmessage and has been successfullymixed with positive employer triggerwords like “WANT” instead of “Need”and “plan going forward” instead of“help.”Then throw in his talking points on hisskills and abilities and he is bringing alot to the table that he offers in beingfocused, dedicated and implies thathe would be a productive,dependable and has the possibility togo places within the company.All this was wrapped together in aneat little script, practiced till it flowswith the right delivery and thentested on a local employer whoagreed and hired him.This same employer would not havecrossed the road to help a murdererother than to the door makes it hispersonal mission to offer this youngman a fresh start and the opportunityto rebuild his life. It is now up to theyoung man to restore his life or notbut, now, he has the chance to try.I called the employer and asked himwhy he hired the young man. Did heknow that he had been in prison formurder? The employer scolded andcorrected me by retelling me theyoung man’s story and how it was aninjustice that this young man wouldlose everything for trying to defendhis family.Once you move people off of theirstereotype perceptions and they see
  8. 8. the returnee as a human being; thebetter angels of our nature are calledout…Abraham Lincoln said that.Interestingly I see more employersstarting to be concerned with whothe applicant is instead of who theywere in the past. I see more andmore employers concerned withwhat skills and abilities that theybring to the table.This is especially true if you introducethe returnee by means of a skillbased resume where you front loadthe conversation with the skills andabilities that they have to offer.The concept is to hook them on skillsand after they want the returnee;then you say: “Oh by the way…thereis something that I need to discusswith you…”This has been an increasingproductive methodology due to aslight rebound in the economy andespecially with returnees withspecific industrial skills or abilities.The “Humanization of my crime”works with other offences with aslight rewriting of the script to theparticulars of what happened to theperson.I had a young lady who had 5-6felonies that was having a hard timefinding anyone to hire her. Anemployer would only hear 5-6felonies and that would end theinterview.Her story was that several years ago,she got mad at her bonehead,abusive husband and took a tire ironto the headlight of his truck and killedthem headlight very good, thank you!Next thing she knows is that thepolice show up and everything wentsouth…very quickly and she ended upwith 5-6 charges (felonyflight…endangerment, resisting arrestand assault on a police officer amongthem).She had a public defender who toldher that her children would havegrandchildren the next time shewould be free but, she could do adeal.She pleaded guilty and served only acouple years.When we started the story with thebelow script, she got hired!“several years ago, I got mad at myabuse husband and I killed theheadlights on his truck, the policeshowed up, I panicked and everythingwent terribly wrong afterwards but,now I am trying to build a new life formy children and that is why I am hereand I am applying for this jobbecause… {Insert talking points onskills and abilities}...”Another young man was arrested forbeing involved in wholesale, curbsidepharmaceutical sales and wedeveloped a script for him thatinvolved a very strong connectionwith “that was then and this is now.”“When I was much younger I gotcaught up in what I thought was acool, fast and furious lifestyle of fastmoney, rock and roll. How I got sodeeply involved in it…I am still tryingto figure out but the bottom line isthat I did do what I did and I stoodtall and accepted my punishment. Ihave since grown up a lot and have
  9. 9. discovered that what I really want is a normal lifeand a job that I can make into a career.This is why I appreciate this opportunity to talk withyou and demonstrate why I would be a goodcandidate for this opening because… {Insert TalkingPoints]…”The possibilities are endless and employers arestarting to respond by asking for not only what youdid but for the story behind what you did and if youtake responsibility for your actions, have grownfrom the experience and if you have an action plangoing forward; many are starting to considersecond chances.==================================================================NOW HIRING….http://www.shamrockfoodservice.com/index.php?page=employmentCHECK THIS OUT…FOUR FULL PAGES OF NEW JOBS!Many times…for many of a position…your background (unlessrelated to the job you want to do) is less important than the skillsthat you bring to the table. Always start the conversation withyour skill talking points. PLEASE NOTE. Do not expect to get hiredon the spot!!!! This can take a while. But know, they do that onpurpose to see how serious you are about the job.===========================================================================APAC Customer Services, Inc.They are an EGS Company, is a global leader of Customer Care business process outsourcing(BPO) services and solutions including sales, customer care, technical support, and back-officeservices. APAC Customer Services clients include some of the most recognized brands in the
  10. 10. world across all major market verticals. APAC operates via a world-class technology andoperational delivery platform that spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.APAC provides end-to-end, multi-channel customer lifecycle support across the world.CHECK THEM OUT AT: www.apacjob.comNO FRAUDS, THEFT, VIOLENT CRIMES NOR SO’s. Others will bereviewed based upon the age, nature of the crime and if it related tothe job applied for.=================================================================CURRENT OPENINGS:Restaurant Team Member (16th & Glendale) 7040 N 16th St - Part-timeRestaurant Team Member (19th & Northern) 1810 W Northern Ave -Part-timeRestaurant Team Member (35th & Northern) 3449 W Northern Ave -Part-timeRestaurant Team Member (3rd & Thomas) 231 W Thomas Rd -Part-timeRestaurant Team Member (40th & Thunderbird) 4030 E Thunderbird Rd -PTRestaurant Team Member (44th & Thomas) 4501 E Thomas Rd -Part-timeRestaurant Team Member (48th & Broadway) 4645 Broadway Rd -Part-timeAPPLY ONLINE: https://career.papajohns.com/joblist.htmlSCREENING REQUIREMENTS: We reserve the right to conductbackground checks when appropriate.- If they think they need too.GET IT? Backgrounds will be reviewed based upon the age, natureof the crime and if it related to the job applied for.==================================================================
  11. 11. Taco Bell Team Member - Cashier & Food PrepYou enjoy people and providing friendly, accurate service to customers as well asyour teammates and managers. Key responsibilities include greeting customers inthe restaurant or drive-thru, taking and ringing up orders, handling payment andthanking customers. You’ll also prepare and store food ingredients, assemblefood and beverage orders, check to make sure they’re correct, package products,and maintain a clean, safe work and dining environment.TEAM MEMBER BEHAVIORS INCLUDE:Being friendly and helpful to customers and co-workers.Meeting customer needs and taking steps to solve food or serviceissues.Working well with teammates and accepting coaching frommanagement team. Having a clean and tidy appearance and workhabits. Communicating with customers, teammates and managers in apositive mannerhttp://www.tacobell.com/careers/workhereSCREENING REQUIREMENTS: We reserve the right to conductbackground checks when appropriate.- If they think they need too. GETIT? Backgrounds will be reviewed based upon the age, nature of thecrime and if it related to the job applied for.=================================================================IMMEDIATE INTERVIEWSFOR ALL APPLICANTS!APPLY IN PERSONMONDAY – FRIDAY9:00AM – 4PMSSP AMERICA COMMISSARY/WAREHOUSE1710 E. Grant St., Suite 150, (North of Buckeye Road/East of 16th Street)Phoenix, AZ 85034SCREENING REQUIREMENTS: For the airport you must be able to getbadged (this is never clear cut…but normally must be over 7 to 10years). Background checks for the commissary will be reviewed basedupon the age, nature of the crime and if it related to the job appliedfor.===================================================================
  12. 12. Younger Brothers offers not just a job … but a career!We take pride in being ranked by the Phoenix Business Journal as one of Arizonas top 100privately-owned businesses.•As big as we are, we still operate as a family business with a strong family culture and values.•Begin as an Apprentice, earn money while you learn, continue on your road to success.•Receive on-the-job training tailored to your experience to help you grow successfully.•We recognize and acknowledge good performance, good attitude and team play.•We offer above-average industry benefits.http://www.youngerbrothers.com/careersCHECK THIS OUT…NEW JOBS AND HOW TO APPLY IF NOTPOSTED…ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SKILLED WORKERS!Many times…for many of a position…your background (unless relatedto the job you want to do) is less important than the skills that youbring to the table. Always start the conversation with your skill talkingpoints.===============================================================TEN BRANDS.90 COUNTRIES.3,900 HOTELS.650,000ROOMS.COUNTLESS OPPORTUNITIES TODELIGHT.http://www.hiltonworldwide.com/An open door.A welcoming smile.Anexceptional experience. Thats what we offerthe millions of travelers who stay with usevery year. And we never forget the reasonwere here: to delight our guests, team members, and owners alike.LIMITED OPENS FOR FRAUDS, THEFT BUT, NO VIOLENT CRIMESNOR SO’s. Others will be reviewed based upon the age, nature of the crime andif it related to the job applied for.
  13. 13. Full Time and Part Time Positions - We pay up to $11.00 perhour!! No prior experience required!The Portillo Restaurant Group is the largestprivately owned restaurant company in theMidwest and we are opening locations inArizona! We are currently acceptingapplications for all positions! Watch ourcareer video.APPLICATION INFO @ www.portillos.comLIMITED OPENS FOR FRAUDS, THEFT BUT, NO VIOLENT CRIMESNOR SO’s. Others will be reviewed based upon the age, nature of thecrime and if it related to the job applied for.==============================================================Careers atCircle KWe cant succeed without youBecause our approximately 580 stores in Arizona andNevada are open 24/7, 365 days a year, we can accommodate a variety ofschedules and hours. Plus provide a workplace in proximity to where you need tobe. Circle K pays competitive wages and offers many benefits.http://www.circlekaz.com/careers.aspxNO FRAUDS, THEFT, NO VIOLENT CRIMES NOR SO’s. Others will bereviewed based upon the age, nature of the crime and if it related tothe job applied for.=========================================================At Waste Management, each eligible employee receives a competitivetotal compensation package including Medical, Dental, Vision, LifeInsurance and Short Term Disability. As well as Stock Purchase Plan,Company match on 401k plan, and morehttp://www.wm.com/careers/index.jspNO FRAUDS, THEFT BUT, NO VIOLENT CRIMES NOR SO’s. Others will bereviewed based upon the age, nature of the crime and if it related to the jobapplied for.===================================================================
  14. 14. By working with an employment agency, you can also build your network ofconnections and increase the number and variety of jobs you qualify forthrough Aerotek. Our service is completely free and you receive the addedbenefit of working with a recruiter that specializes in your industry. Ourrecruiters will identify available positions that fit your skills, personality andcareer goals and guide you through the hiring process, from interview toplacement.http://www.aerotek.com/employment-agency/NO FRAUDS, THEFT BUT, NO VIOLENT CRIMES NOR SO’s. Others willbe reviewed based upon the age, nature of the crime and if it relatedto the job applied for. HIRING IS DEPENDENT UPON THEIRCLIENT’S PREFERENCE(S) NOT AEROTEK’S.http://www.thingamajob.com/L-Us-Arizona-0.aspxOVER 163 CURRENT AZ LISTINGS================================================================THE POTBELLY EXPERIENCE...FOR EMPLOYEES! WHAT SETS POTBELLY APART?At Potbelly Sandwich Shop we take pride in our awesomeproducts, people and place. We serve only the highest qualityproducts from the freshest ingredients, and our warm, homeyenvironment is adorned with eclectic antiques and hand-paintedsigns. Our live music adds a fun feeling and neighborhood vibeto all of our stores – each is a unique place our customers love tovisit.http://www.potbelly.com/swf/flvExperience.swfWATCHING THIS VIDEO IS A MUST IF YOU WANT TO DOWELL AT THE INTERVIEW!http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportunities.aspxLIMITED OPENINGS FOR FRAUDS, THEFT BUT, NO VIOLENTCRIMES NOR SO’s. Others will be reviewed based upon the age,nature of the crime and if it related to the job applied for.==================================================================
  15. 15. HUNDREDS OF LOCAL JOBS…http://www.searsholdings.com/careers/Must be able to pass a criminal background check (see * belowmessage on this) Must pass a drug test and have a High schooldiploma or GED.*No Fraud/Theft/Violent Crime History. Others are considered upon thenature of the crime, how it related to the job applied for and the age of theoffence.=======================================================2223 W. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015Must be at least 18 years old - High School Diploma or GED- One year vehicle-servicing experience - An impressivework-ethic - Neat, clean, and professional appearance -Unrestricted drivers license and clean driving record - Canoperate a standard-transmission vehicle.NOTE FROM APPLICATION: Have you ever been convicted of,pled guilty to or pled no contest to, a crime, excluding misdemeanorsand traffic violations? (A CONVICTION WILL NOT NECESSARILY BARYOU FROM EMPLOYMENT) Yes/No - Are you or have you ever been registered as a sexoffender with any federal, state or local government agency, including any listing on a publicweb site?YES/NO?APPLY ONLINE HERE:https://camelbackteam.hyrell.com/welcome.aspx?PID=84==================================================================http://www.frysfood.com/company_information/careers/Pages/default.aspx
  16. 16. Kroger, one of the worlds largest retailers, employs morethan 339,000 associates who serve customers in 2,422supermarkets and multi-department stores in 31 statesunder two dozen local banner names including Kroger, CityMarket, Dillon’s, Jay C, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Frys,King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs and Smiths. The company also operates 790convenience stores, 344 fine jewelry stores, 1,141 supermarket fuel centers and 37food processing plants in the U.S.http://www.frysfood.com/company_information/careers/Pages/default.aspx----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Note - The existence of a criminal history will notautomatically disqualify you from the job you areapplying for.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LOCAL STORES…FRY`S 135 - 4505 E. THOMAS RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85018 (602) 952-1288FRY`S 002 - 3036 EAST THOMAS, PHOENIX, AZ 85016 (602) 468-9155FRY`S 081 - 2250 EAST BASELINE ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85040 (602) 305-4420FRY`S 039 - 1625 WEST CAMELBACK, PHOENIX, AZ 85015 (602) 277-9664FRY`S 128 - 744 W. CAMELBACK ROAD, PHOENIX, AZ 85013 (602) 279-9001===========================================================================Were looking for employees that are hardworking and have a passion for food.To apply, print out the application below and bring it in to the store.http://www.elranchomarketiga.com/downloads/IGA_job_application.pdfEl Rancho Market IGA8901 North 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021Phone: 602-870-3600Hours: 6 am - 11 pm, dailyNOTE: Have you been convicted of a felony in the last 7 years?Yes/NoIf yes, please explain fully…(Note: A conviction does not necessarily prohibit employment.)===================================================================
  17. 17. Trader Joes Phoenix - Town & Country (90)4821 N 20th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016 602-912-9022Trader Joes Paradise Valley (282)4726 East Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028 602-485-7788Do you possess a sense of adventure? Do you like to make peoplesmile? Do you love great food? Would you rather wear a Hawaiian shirtto work than a suit? If the answer is, "yes!" then we have managementopportunities that will challenge and excite you. Who are we? TraderJoes, your favorite neighborhood grocery store that originated inSouthern California and now operates more than 350 stores from coastto coast. And we are still growing, so we need fun, passionate leaders likeyou to guarantee our continued success.http://www.traderjoes.com/pdf/employment_application.pdf(Note: A conviction does not necessarily prohibit employment.)===================================================================PROS RANCH MARKETS IS CELEBRATING THE RECENTGRAND OPENING OF ITS ELEVENTH SUPERMARKET.More stores means more opportunities andPros Ranch Markets is looking for you tojoin our team. Our HR Department can bereached at:(602) 254-7201.We are a fast-paced, fast track, multiple award-winning Supermarket Retailer.One of our Accomplishments includes being named Arizona Retailer of the Year -Arizona Food Marketing Alliance for 2012Phoenix #1 5833 South Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85040Phoenix #2 5802 West Thomas Road, Phoenix AZ 85033Phoenix #3 1602 Roosevelt Street, Phoenix AZ 85006Phoenix #4 6730 West Camelback Road, Glendale AZ 85303Phoenix #5 3223 W. Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85017Phoenix #6 3415 West Glendale Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85051Phoenix #7 1118 E. Southern Ave, Mesa AZ 85204CALL OUR HR DEPARTMENT AT (602) 254-7201 FOR ACTUAL OPENINGS OR GO TOTHE STORE TO APPLY DIRECTLY.*Note - The existence of a criminal history will notautomatically disqualify you from the job you are applying for.======================================================
  18. 18. Your Career with BashasSTARTS HERE…Enjoy shopping in one of the Bashas Family of Food Stores, including Bashas,Food City, AJs Fine Foods, Bashas Diné Markets and Eddies Country Store? Thenwhy not start a career with us?We are always seeking friendly, talented and energetic people who want to joinour team; recognizing that our success is based upon hiring people with the samepassion for service and excellence we have.Whether you desire a position in one of our stores, our distribution center,corporate offices, or pharmacies, we offer careers certain to develop both yourabilities and your potential.https://www.hrapply.com/bashas/AppIndex.jsp----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Note - The existence of a criminal history will notautomatically disqualify you from the job you areapplying for.==================================================================11040 NORTH 19TH AVE, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85029PHONE: (602) 944-4441CONTACT WALT FOR FRAMERS 602-818-9130,CONTACT MIKE FOR HANGERS - 602-818-9144.CALLS ONLY TAKEN BETWEEN 7 AM AND 3 PMMONDAY – FRIDAYPETE KING now hiring Metal Stud Framers and Drywall Hangers.Apply in person at Pete King Construction 11040 N 19th Avenue -6:30 am Monday - Friday. Hip tools, transportation and e-Verifycertification required. Competitive pay with plenty of workavailable. Medical and Dental Benefits offered after 90 daysDOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE:http://www.petekingaz.com/assets/pdf/employee-application.pdfMany times…for many of a position…your background (unless relatedto the job you want to do) is less important than the skills that youbring to the table. Always start the conversation with your skill talkingpoints.===================================================================
  19. 19. RETAIL ASSOCIATE PHOENIX AZAssociate greets and responds to all customersin a friendly manner, ensures propermerchandise presentation, operates the cashregister in accordance with policies andprocedures, maintains a clean work area at alltimes and treats fellow associates with respect.2040 E BASELINE ROAD PHOENIX1036 E SOUTHERN AVE #1147333 W. THOMAS ROAD SUITE 304029 N 33RD AVENUE SUITE 3510625 N 43RD AVE4509 E THOMAS RD PHOENIX220 E BELL RD PHOENIX10835 N TATUM BLVD PHOENIX4811 EAST RAY ROAD PHOENIX5000 S ARIZONA MILLS CIR STE 207 TEMPE1751 WEST BETHANY HOME ROAD PHOENIX2040 E BASELINE ROAD PHOENIX217 E DUNLAP AVE PHOENIXAND MORE…APPLY FOR THESE HERE:http://www.rossstores.com/job_search.aspxNO FRAUDS, THEFT, NO VIOLENT CRIMES NOR SO’s. Others willbe reviewed based upon the age, nature of the crime and if itrelated to the job applied for.=======================================================================There are so many ways to grow your career with Peter Piper Pizza,especially since we promote from within. In fact, over 70% of ourSalaried Managers were promoted from within!PETER PIPER PIZZAHOURLY RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBERAPPLICATION HERE:http://www.peterpiperjobs.com/Application.aspx?jobid=1033NOTE: Have you ever been convicted of a felony that has not beensealed, expunged, or statutorily eradicated? (Conviction will notnecessarily disqualify an applicant from employment)
  20. 20. Job Title Department Location City StateHourly Job OpportunitiesHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 245 E. Bell Rd, #55 Phoenix AZHourly Restaurant TeamMemberHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 245 E. Bell Rd, #55 Phoenix AZHourly Restaurant TeamMemberHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 4024 N. 67th Ave - IndianSchoolPhoenix AZHourly Restaurant TeamMemberHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 3403 N. 7th Ave - Osborn Phoenix AZHourly Restaurant TeamMemberHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 2611 W. Carefree Hwy Phoenix AZHourly Restaurant TeamMemberHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 4105 N. 51st Ave, Suite111 - MaryvalePhoenix AZHourly Restaurant TeamMemberHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 9620 N. Metro PkwyWest, Suite 130Phoenix AZHourly Restaurant TeamMemberHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 3945 E. Thomas Rd -Tower PlazaPhoenix AZHourly Shift ManagerHourly RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 2611 W. Carefree Hwy Phoenix AZStaff Accountant AccountingPhoenix - Restaurant SupportCenter (Corporate)Phoenix AZTechnical ManagerManagement RestaurantOperationsPhoenix - 3945 E. Thomas Rd -Tower PlazaPhoenix AZhttp://www.peterpipercareers.com/opportunity.htmlWHAT IS IN THE CHICAGO CLASSIC? http://www.peterpiperpizza.com/menu/DID YA KNOW?Peter Piper Pizza opened its doors in 1973 when founder TonyCavolo debut its flagship restaurant in Glendale, Arizona, which remains inoperation to this day. According to Pizza Magazines “Pizza Power Report 2009,”Peter Piper Pizza ranked #3 in the Top 50 U.S. Pizzerias in sales per unit…CHECK THIS OUT: http://www.peterpiperpizza.com/about/=========================================================================
  21. 21. INTERESTED, PLEASE FILL OUT THEAPPLICATION BELOW AND PRINT IT ORDOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE.http://dannysfamily.com/DannysFamilyApplication.pdfOnce completed, bring it to your NearestLocation and submit it to the Manager on duty.We will contact you within a few days.CAR WASH AND CONVENIENTSTORE CASHIERSThis is a fast paced, multi-tasking, customerfocused position that encourages you to exhibitan outgoing and friendly personality. Greetingall customers in a positive, enthusiastic, professional manner while ensuring thateach customer is educated on the products and services that Danny’s offers.Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to, customer service,transacting customer purchases, maintaining proper cash handling and followingall position specific procedures. Previous cashiering experience required. Day andNight Shifts available.GREETERSCar Wash Greeters are responsible for greeting and acknowledging all customersin a friendly, professional manner and providing quick, responsive customerservice. Provide visitors with a positive shopping experience by ensuring customerservice standards are met or exceeded. Communicate to managers any customerissues/concerns that cannot be resolved. Direct visitors to the proper areas onproperty. Be aware of all current promotions and discounts available. Must beable to stand for long periods and endure changing climatesassigned.
  22. 22. LUBE TECHSThis is an entry-level,customer focused, hands-on position that entailsperforming automotive oil changes and service repairs to customer vehicles in ourlube shops. Lube techs should be able to perform these services as well as greetcustomers in a positive, enthusiastic, professional manner while ensuring thateach customer is educated on the products and services that we offer. The mostimportant responsibility is achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring Danny’sstandards of quality.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------==================================================================STILL MORE LOCATIONS: http://dannysfamily.com/new/locations==================================================================http://careers.7-eleven.com/careers/SalesAssociateJobs.htmlSALES ASSOCIATE: High school diploma or equivalent preferred •Must be able tocommunicate clearly and effectively with customers and coworkers •Desire to bepart of a performance-driven team.7-Eleven Franchisees are Independent Contractors who are solelyresponsible to control the manner and means of the day to day
  23. 23. operation of their stores. As such, each Franchisee solely controls allaspects of his or her employment practices.LOCATE STORES NEAR YOU:http://corp.7-eleven.com/LinkClick.aspx?link=259&tabid=142This process will take approximately 15 minutes. Please have your workhistory, education, and reference information available===================================================================NO FRAUDS, THEFT, NO VIOLENT CRIMES NOR SO’s. Otherswill be reviewed based upon the age, nature of the crime and ifit related to the job applied for.STORES ACCEPTING APPLICATIONSStore Address Phone Distance7-ELEVEN(#19650)4748 EAST MCDOWELL RD , PHOENIX , AZ85008-4510(602) 275-84520.39 mi.7-ELEVEN(#27401)4748 E VAN BUREN , PHOENIX , AZ 85008-6928(602) 275-23260.90 mi.7-ELEVEN(#23215)3948 EAST THOMAS , PHOENIX , AZ 85018-7512(602) 952-98441.38 mi.7-ELEVEN(#21040)5135 E. THOMAS RD. , PHOENIX , AZ 85018-7914(602) 840-76331.41 mi.7-ELEVEN(#26062)2401 EAST MCDOWELL RD , PHOENIX , AZ85008-3528(602) 275-67082.59 mi.7-ELEVEN(#19668)2843 N. 24TH ST. , PHOENIX , AZ 85008-1048(602) 957-25092.82 mi.7-ELEVEN(#22886)3912 EAST CAMELBACK , PHOENIX , AZ 85018-2611(602) 955-32713.33 mi.7-ELEVEN(#25078)1405 N. SCOTTSDALE , TEMPE , AZ 85281-1714(480) 949-76143.64 mi.7-ELEVEN(#13026)4511 NORTH 24TH ST , PHOENIX , AZ 85016-5201(602) 954-89973.75 mi.7-ELEVEN(#20212)1950 E. INDIAN SCHOOL RD. , PHOENIX , AZ85016-6017(602) 274-10663.84 mi.7-ELEVEN(#25845)8402 E. MCDOWELL RD , SCOTTSDALE , AZ85257-3904(480) 949-95344.90 mi.7-ELEVEN(#32281)1795 E. UNIVERSITY DRIVE , TEMPE , AZ 85281-8497(480) 736-29405.22 mi.7-ELEVEN(#13017)1006 S. MCCLINTOCK DR , TEMPE , AZ 85281-4504(480) 967-73125.36 mi.7-ELEVEN(#27370)1310 E. BROADWAY #101 SUITE 101 , TEMPE ,AZ 85282-1606(480) 966-55105.48 mi.
  24. 24. Together We Make A Difference…”http://www.macayo.com/menu/menu.php?l=ALWAYS STUDY THEIR MENU BEFORE YOU APPLY!http://www.macayo.com/AS THE OLD MAN USE TO SAY: “…ALWAYS READTHEIR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU GO…BE INFORMED &KNOW WHO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR…”- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…TIP #1NO FRAUDS, THEFT, NO VIOLENT CRIMES NOR SO’s.Others will be reviewed based upon the age, nature of thecrime and if it related to the job applied for.===================================================================http://www.dennys.com/MENUS:http://www.dennys.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=denny%20restaurant&utm_campaign=%28B%29+Denny%27s+Terms+E-&utm_content=YcPMaFAO|pcrid|1322310972|pkw|denny%20restaurant|pmt|e#/menu=================================================================Chase Field Localized Food Svc Job SearchNO FRAUDS, THEFT, NO VIOLENT CRIMES NORSO’s. Others will be reviewed based upon the age,nature of the crime and if it related to the job appliedfor.401 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85004Within walking distance of Chase Field there arehundreds of businesses (both large and small); youpass by them, every day, without ever a thought thatthis is a treasure chest of awaiting jobs andopportunities. In almost every career field there areemployers that need a person with your skills and thesad disconnect is that they do not know you either.
  25. 25. CALL OR VISIT?SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS PUT MUCH VALUE ON FACE-TO-FACEMEETINGS AND PUT EVEN MORE VALUE UPON IN A PERSON WHOWAS INTERESTED ENOUGH TO PRESENT THEMSELVES IN PERSON.The go in person approach shows that you are motivated and that you are reallyinterested in working for them. Calling is less time consuming; you can screenmany more companies and it is easier but…you must realize that without theproper script; you might be wasting time and energy.Remember it is very easy to say no over the phone than it is to say no in person.USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…WHAT DO I NEED TO TAKE WITH ME???Well…a resume is always your “must” have document BUT…how about businesscards? Why would I need business cards? Aren’t business cards expensive?We live in a business world where business cards are considered vital pieces ofinformation…where they are collected and saved where other types of info arecommonly lost…Resumes given out at a localized job search might…may…be setaside…put into a filing cabinet…Business cards are not…they are collected and are put directly on a person’sdesk…many people in business put them in special books of reference.Business cards do not need to be expensive…All you need is MS Word, paper anda printer. MS Word has several templates for business cards…Go to newdocument…select a template…you get 3 lines…Put your name on the first…on thesecond; do NOT put your address –but some cute/lame saying like “Best WorkerEver!” and on the third; put your contact number. Print this on normal paper andhand cut your business cards…So, next week when someone quits and they are trying to remember the personthat they were talking to last week…they will not need to guess or try to find youin a stack of other resumes…your card is on their desk…SEE?===============================================================Lexus ClubDowntown-American, International401 E Jefferson StArizona Baseball ClubDowntown-American, Buffet401 E Jefferson St 0.0miFridays Front Row Sports...Downtown-American, Burgers401 E Jefferson St 0.0miStrike Zone Lounge at Bank...Downtown401 E Jefferson St
  26. 26. Sliders American GrillDowntown-American201 S 4th StKarims Cobbler Shop & DeliDowntown-Southern/Soul, American, Desserts/Ice Cream333 E Jefferson StJefferson Street Bar & GrillDowntown-American333 E Jefferson St 0.1miKincaid’s Classic American...Downtown-Seafood, Steakhouse, American2 S 3rd StPalazzettoDowntown-Italian211 E Jefferson StWhataburgerDowntown-Burgers, Fast Food201 E Jefferson StStarbucksDowntown-Coffee201 E Jefferson StPizza HutDowntown-Pizza201 E Jefferson StFrozen Fusion Fruit...Downtown201 E Jefferson StRoc ChocDowntown700 E Jefferson StCrust Italian American...Downtown-Pizza, Italian100 N 3rd STCoach & WilliesDowntown-American, Burgers, Pub Food412 S 3rd StLegends Sports Bar &...Downtown-American412 S 3rd StHard Rock CafeDowntown-American, Burgers3 S 2nd StBrothers Pizza ExpressDowntown-Pizza3 S 2nd StParadise Bakery & CafeDowntown-Bakery, Sandwiches/Subs, American3 S 2nd StMarias Mexican GrilDowntown-Mexican3 S 2nd StBrooklyn NYC PizzaDowntown-Pizza201 E Washington StLos Hermanos Cafe$Downtown106 St 3rd StPizzeria BiancoDowntown-Pizza, Italian, Organic623 E Adams St
  27. 27. Bar BiancoDowntown-Italian623 E Adams StMajerles Sports GrillDowntown-American, Burgers24 N 2nd StRose and CrownDowntown-English/Irish, Pub Food628 E Adams StNobuo at Teeter HouseDowntown-Japanese, Tea622 E. Adams StAlice CoopersTownDowntown-American, Pub Food, Burgers101 E Jackson StSilver Wine & Martini BarDowntown-Wine Bar136 E Washington StSports City GrillDowntown-American132 E Washington StBar SmithDowntown-Modern American130 E Washington StMrs. Whites Golden Rule...Downtown-Southern/Soul, Chicken808 E Jefferson StBurger KingDowntown-Burgers, Fast Food1 N 1st StCartel KitchenDowntown-Coffee, Breakfast/Brunch, Bakery1 N. 1st Street Suite 107Cartel Coffee LabDowntown-Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee1 N. 1st StTee Pee Tap RoomDowntown-Mexican602 E Lincoln StCopper BluesDowntown-Modern American, Tapas50 E. Jefferson St.Terrace Café at Hyatt...Downtown-American, Southwestern, Breakfast/Brunch122 N 2nd StNetworks Bar & Grill at...Downtown-American, Burgers, Sushi122 N. 2nd StSteves Greenhouse GrillDowntown-American, Breakfast/Brunch, Burgers139 E Adams StHannysDowntown-Pizza, Sandwiches/Subs, Italian40 N 1st StYogurtini Self-ServeDowntown-Desserts/Ice Cream1 E. Washington St.Compass Arizona GrillDowntown-Southwestern, American122 N 2nd St
  28. 28. The Arrogant ButcherDowntown-Modern American2 E. Jefferson #150Tilted Kilt Pub & EateryDowntown-Pub Food, Burgers, Sandwiches/Subs2 E. Jefferson #22-217The Strand Urban ItalianDowntown-Italian2 E. Jefferson StStarbucksDowntown-Coffee100 N 1st StCrave Sandwich Cafe$Downtown-Soups, Sandwiches/Subs, Coffee541 E Van Buren StDistrict American Kitchen..$$$Downtown-American, Breakfast/Brunch, Wine Bar320 N 3rd StTHIS IS SCARY! WHAT DO I SAY?By the mere fact that you are coming in the employer’s door…already beingdressed to go to work (AZ Casual for most jobs – especially if you are on the bus –as sweat = stink and stink = No job offer) and you have already made animpression on the employer.Walking in the door you look the part and now you need to start yourconversation with the employer with something like the following:“I thought that I would come down directly to introduce myself because I just livedown the street and I have been seriously waiting for this opportunity to open upso close to home; because…I have…{Insert your talking points)…”APPLICATION TIME: ONLY BETWEEN THE GOLDEN HOURS OF 2-4PM M-F…DO NOT GO ANY OTHER TIME IF YOU WANT A JOB!=================================================================HIRING CARPENTERS - COMMERCIAL CONCRETEWORKERSPossess your own personal tools. Have reliable transportationto and from jobsites. Must have verifiable references andpossess a valid ID.BENEFITS: Dental plan -Vision plan -Health insurance -Prescription drug plan -Life insurance -401(k) profit-sharingsavings planAPPLY IN PERSON 9AM-3PMSuntec Concrete, 2221 W. Shangri-La Rd, Phoenix, AZ85029 (23rd Ave 2 Blocks North of Peoria)Many times…for many of a position…your background (unlessrelated to the job you want to do) is less important than the skillsthat you bring to the table. Always start the conversation with yourskill talking points.