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  • 1. HOME OF THE AMERICAN MADE JOB The Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob USED JOB SHACKNEW JOB BOOKS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY March 26th 2013------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JACK IN THE BOX IS HOSTING OPEN INTERVIEWS FOR CREW MEMBERS, TEAM LEADERS AND MANAGERS Tuesday March 26th - Wednesday March 27th Thursday March 28th 3:00pm -- 5:00pm GO TO ANY OF THE JACK-IN-THE-BOXSLISTED ON PAGE 2 AND TELL THEM JACK SENT YA!We are looking for friendly, motivated people. Previous leadership experience is a plus. Come and speak with one of our Managers about our open positions! IMMEDIATE INTERVIEWS…EXCELLENT CANDIDATES MAY BE HIRED ON THE SPOTAs the old man use to say: “BE PREPARED…AND GET THE JOB…”
  • 2. WE OFFER: Competitive salary - Fun environment - Discounted Meals - Opportunities for advancement- Personal time off, health/dental and 401k for salaried managers the open interviews will be held at the following locations:Jack in the Box #1139 13088 W Rancho Santa Fe Jack in the Box #1130 4950 E Ray Rd, PhoenixBlvd, Avondale 85392 85044Jack in the Box #1564 250 N Avondale, Jack in the Box #123 8951 N 19th Ave, PhoenixAvondale 85323 85021Jack in the Box #1547 1460 S Watson Rd, Jack in the Box #129 4313 W Thomas Rd,Buckeye 85326 Phoenix 85031Jack in the Box #1148 29815 N Tatum Blvd, Cave Jack in the Box #1102 2520 W Glendale,Creek 85331 Phoenix 85057Jack in the Box #1144 1790 W Chandler Blvd, Jack in the Box #1105 4741 E McDowell Rd,Chandler 85224 Phoenix 85008Jack in the Box #1518 2070 N Dobson Rd, Jack in the Box #1110 2440 W Thomas Rd,Chandler 85224 Phoenix 85015Jack in the Box #1548 4250 S Arizona Ave , Jack in the Box #1514 9920 W Indian School Rd,Chandler 85248 Phoenix 85037Jack in the Box #1549 4910 S Val Vista Dr , Jack in the Box #1522 9050 W Thomas Rd,Gilbert 85296 Phoenix 85037Jack in the Box #125 5447 W Glendale, Glendale Jack in the Box #108 3455 W McDowell Rd,85301 Phoenix 85009Jack in the Box #1135 13820 W Glendale Ave, Jack in the Box #1100 10621 N 43rd Ave,Glendale 85307 Phoenix 85029Jack in the Box #117 5145 N 59th Ave, Glendale Jack in the Box #1154 7510 W Indian School Rd,85301 Phoenix 85033Jack in the Box #1170 9021 N 59th Ave, Jack in the Box #1172 6001 W Thomas Rd,Glendale 85302 Phoenix 85033Jack in the Box #1184 4305 W Bethany Home Jack in the Box #1181 2701 W Camel back,Rd, Glendale 85301 Phoenix 85017Jack in the Box #1536 520 N Estrella Pkwy, Jack in the Box #1517 8225 W Camel back Rd,Goodyear 85338 Phoenix 85033Jack in the Box #1578 16900 W Yuma Rd, Jack in the Box #143 12223 N 32nd St, PhoenixGoodyear 85338 85032Jack in the Box #1541 5115 W Southern Ave, Jack in the Box #145 1802 W Bell Rd, PhoenixLaveen 85339 85023Jack in the Box #1544 20975 N John Wayne Jack in the Box #1141 19818 N 27th Ave,Pkwy, Maricopa 85139 Phoenix 85027Jack in the Box #1555 5207 S Power Rd, Mesa Jack in the Box #1147 4020 E Bell Rd, Phoenix85236 85032Jack in the Box #1103 7425 W Cactus Rd, Peoria Jack in the Box #1153 17017 N Cave Creek Rd,85381 Phoenix 85032Jack in the Box #1131 8225 W Bell Rd Peoria Jack in the Box #1525 2141 W Deer Valley Rd,85382 Phoenix 85027Jack in the Box #1145 9066 W Olive Ave, Peoria Jack in the Box #1553 2420 E Beardsley, Phoenix85345 85050Jack in the Box #1513 8236 W Deer Valley Rd, Jack in the Box #1560 2113 W Happy Valley Rd,Peoria 85042 Phoenix 85085 Jack in the Box #1576 2645 W Carefree Hwy,Jack in the Box #1572 9841 W Happy Valley Rd, Phoenix 85085Peoria 85383 Jack in the Box #101 1833 W Van Buren St,
  • 3. Phoenix 85007 Jack in the Box #115 7412 E McDowell Rd,Jack in the Box #102 1302 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale 85257Phoenix 85006 Jack in the Box #147 7116 E Shea Blvd,Jack in the Box #112 132 W McDowell Rd , Scottsdale 85254Phoenix 85003 Jack in the Box #1580 20385 N Hayden Rd,Jack in the Box #1114 1902 W Buckeye Rd, Scottsdale 85255Phoenix 85009 Jack in the Box #1566 9906 W Thunderbird Blvd,Jack in the Box #1180 5814 S Central Ave, Sun City 85351Phoenix 85040 Jack in the Box #1510 13738 W Bell Road,Jack in the Box #1192 3150 E Washington St, Surprise 85374Phoenix 85034 Jack in the Box #1563 16760 W Bell Rd, SurpriseJack in the Box #1520 3502 W Buckeye Rd, 85374Phoenix 85009 Jack in the Box #1579 15333 W Waddell Rd,Jack in the Box #1524 620 E Buckeye Rd, Surprise 85379Phoenix 85004 Jack in the Box #1120 850 E Guadalupe Rd,Jack in the Box #1529 1921 W Broadway Rd, Tempe 85283Phoenix 85041 Jack in the Box #1151 1817 E Baseline Rd,Jack in the Box #.1533 2330 E Basel i ne Rd, Tempe 85283Phoenix 85041 Jack in the Box #1108 8302 W Lynwood,Jack in the Box #1552 6120 S 35th Ave, Phoenix Tolleson 8535385041 Jack in the Box #1559 37770 N Vulture Mine Rd Ste A, Wickenburg 85390Jack in the Box #1561 9840 W Lower Buckeye, Jack in the Box #1546 11101 NW Grand Ave,Phoenix 85353 Youngtown 85363===============================================================================“WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT OUR COMPANY?”Founded in 1951, Jack in the Box Inc. is a restaurant company that operates and franchises Jackin the Box® restaurants and—through a wholly owned subsidiary—Qdoba Mexican Grill®restaurants in a combined 45 states plus the District of Columbia and Canada.Jack in the Box is among the nations leading fast-food hamburger chains, with more than2,200 quick-serve restaurants in 21 states. As the first major hamburger chain to develop andexpand the concept of drive-thru dining, Jack in the Box has always emphasized on-the-goconvenience, with approximately 85 percent of the half-billion guests served annually buyingfood at the drive-thru or for take-out. In addition to drive-thru windows, most restaurants haveindoor dining areas and are open 18-24 hours a day.
  • 4. Jack in the Box pioneered a number of firsts in the quick-serve industry, including menu itemsthat are now staples on most fast-food menu boards, like the breakfast sandwich and portablesalads. Today, Jack in the Box offers a selection of distinctive, innovative products targeted atthe fast-food consumer, including hamburgers, specialty sandwiches, salads and real ice creamshakes.Hamburgers represent the core of the menu, including the signature JumboJack®, Sourdough Jack®, Ultimate Cheeseburger and the 100% Sirloin Burger.And, because value is important to fast-food customers, the company also offersvalue-priced products on “Jack’s Value Menu,” including tacos, chicken nuggets,a chicken sandwich and the Breakfast Jack®.In addition to offering high-quality products, Jack in the Box recognizes that an increasingnumber of quick-serve customers also want the ability to customize their meals. Whether thatmeans forgoing the bun and sauce in favor of a low-carb burger, or substituting ingredients tocreate the exact mix of flavors to suit an individuals personal tastes, customers have thatflexibility at Jack in the Box.“We dont make it til you order it®.” So, regardless of the order, each meal isserved hot and fresh to customers.FIND OUT MORE: believe that each employee should have access to quality healthcare. Thatswhy—in addition to competitive wages and vacation pay—we offer affordablehealth benefits to our full-time and part-time restaurant employees.TEAM MEMBER BENEFITS: Medical/Dental/Vision •Vacation Pay •Service Awards•Meal Discount
  • 5. TEAM LEADER BENEFITS: Medical/Dental/Vision •Optional Life Insurance•Vacation Pay •Service Awards •Meal Discount •Health Advocate Program (ifenrolled in medical plan=============================================================== As a learning organization, Jack in the Box is committed to enhancing the professional development of our workforce by providing corporate and restaurant employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to help Jack in the Box achieve its business goals.=================================================================USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…Jack-n-the-box…CASHIER AT JACK IN THE BOXAccepted OfferInterview Details –I had a 1:1 interview, it took about 10 minutes, it was relatively simple, and Igot a call back a couple of days later. Why do you want to work here? Do you have cashierexperience? Do you like working with people? Can you cook?Interview Question –Can you cook? For me it was unexpected, because since it was my firstjob, I had no idea Id have to cook occasionally.Negotiation Details –I didnt do much negotiation. I negotiated the days, though, because Iwent to school.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TEAM MEMBER AT JACK IN THE BOXAccepted OfferInterview Details –Turned in my application, got a call back a few days later notifying me that Iwas going to get an interview as soon as they got hold of the supervisor. Took about 2 weeks,the interview was really short and asked about, maybe, 5-6 questions at most. Supervisor saidhe liked me and said that he was going to have the manager give me a call as soon as possible.Got a call back the next week to start the next day.Interview Question –How did you hear about this job?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CREW AT JACK IN THE BOXAccepted OfferInterview Details –it was great interview. Jack in the box is just a great company to work for.Interview Question –tell me about a time u helped a new person out?View AnswerNegotiation Details –no negotiation at all they just hire you at whatever wage they want…------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TEAM MEMBER AT JACK IN THE BOXAccepted Offer
  • 6. Interview Details –Very Straight forward interview. Asked about availability more than anythingelse. Pretty much had me come in and fill our paperwork. I did not like the job and couldnt waitto get out. I worked part time during college to support my education.Interview Question –When are you available?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CREW AT JACK IN THE BOXAccepted OfferInterview Details –The hiring and interview process was fairly simple. I had been referred by afriend working in one of the stores so she set the whole thing up. All I had to do was show up tothe interview in which the manager asked me a few questions such as why I was interested inworking there and how we could balance my work and school schedules.Interview Question –The questions that I was asked were really not difficult at all. The biggest(but really not the most difficult or unexpected) question was whether or not I could work onweekends. More often than not, being available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will definitelyimprove your chances of being hired.Negotiation Details –I wasnt really given a choice when it came down to the negotiation. I wastold that every starting position was paying $7.25 and that I had to be willing to work theweekends-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TEAM MEMBER AT JACK IN THE BOXNo OfferInterview Details –Interview process was simple. It took only 10 minutes. Sat down with theassistant manager was asked basic questions like: why do you want to work here? How wouldyou be a great fit for our company?Interview Question –Describe a time where you had to use customer service to resolve acomplaint?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STORE MANAGER AT JACK IN THE BOXAccepted OfferInterview Details –A District Manager had scouted and approached me while I was working foranother QSR. He took me to dinner and discussed the job he had available. I filled out formsand then had a phone interview with someone in HR. A few days later I had another phoneinterview involving several people on a panel. I then waited on my background check to comeback. I then had a written offer of employment that I had to sign. After this I was sent to amajor city and they paid for my hotel (over 2 months) while I attended their training school forhalf a day and then worked half a day in one of their restaurants. One of the best trainingprograms I have ever experienced.Interview Question –Typical interview questions related to how you would handle varioussituations involving guest service or employee issues.Negotiation Details –Since I was already in place at a competitor I stated the minimum salarythat I would except. They had no issues with it. They authorized it within 24 hours.=========================================================================
  • 7. BOWL OF GREENS RESTAURANT LOOKING TO HIRE RELIABLE, HARD WORKING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS. FULL AND PART TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE • Cook • Counter help • Cashiers • Prep cook • Dishwasher • Delivery persons for all shifts. Please apply in person only Mon-Fri 2-4PM at 555 N. Central Ave Downtown Phoenix.ALWAYS STUDY THE MENU: TO WHOM YOU ARE WANTING TO WORK: E Highland Ave #F-107, Phoenix AZ 85016602-274-0334DAILY DOSE IS NOW HIRING FULL TIME* Servers/hosts * dishwashers *prep cooks *line cooks. Front of house staff musthave full availability. Morning and evening shifts available for kitchen staff.Apply in person Tuesday 3/26 and Wednesday 3/27 after 1:00pm @ 1928 E.Highland Ave.Phoenix, AZ 85016ALWAYS STUDY THE MENU BEFORE YOU GO: SOMETHING ABOUT THEM: Experienced cooks wanted all shifts. Now serving dinner. APPLY IN PERSON - ask for Willy. Its Friday... so mark your calendar for our famous fish fry! Come join us from 5-8pm tonight and find out why were voted BEST FISH FRY in the valley. $10.99 all you can eat… PAINTERS START IMMEDIATELY - CALL STEVE 602-920-3016Must have reliable transportation.Jobs throughout the East Valleys and Phoenix.Full time Monday - Friday. Interior/Exterior.Please call Steve with Spence decorating 602-920-3016=====================================================================================
  • 8. East Valley TribuneMarch 25, 2013 | 08:14 amSan Francisco-based Union Bank to expand into TempeMarch 25, 2013 | 08:21 amSan Francisco-basedUnion Bank is opening amortgage operationscenter in the Phoenixsuburb of Tempe (TEHM-pee) and plans to eventually hire about 250 newemployees at the site.Bank officials said Thursday they will hire application processors,underwriters, managers and operations support personnel.Union Bank has leased 42,000 square feet in a 160,000 square foot officebuilding about a mile from Arizona State Universitys main campusArizona Gov. Jan Brewer joined bank officials in making theannouncement, the third involving large companies adding jobs in recentmonths. All three are benefiting from incentives from the ArizonaCommerce Authority.Union Bank will qualify for $3.5 million in job training and tax credits.The bank has no branches in Arizona. The center will support mortgageoperations in California, Washington and Oregon.SR. RESIDENTIAL LOAN PROCESSOR (PR) - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 24991SR RECRUITER- MORTGAGE RECRUITER - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25152RESIDENTIAL UNDERWRITING SUPERVISOR - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25028RESIDENTIAL UNDERWRITING MANAGER - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25033RESIDENTIAL LOAN PROCESSING SUPERVISOR - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25024RESIDENTIAL LOAN PROCESSING MANAGER - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25034RESIDENTIAL LOAN CLOSER/FUNDER - PR - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25013PR - UNDERWRITER III - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25005LOAN REVIEW/PROCESSING ASSISTANT - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25021LOAN CLOSING SUPERVISOR - ARIZONA-PHOENIX Requisition ID: 25035;jsessionid=07D6EFF818963EBDDB4227A874010429.JB_161851_161863?lang=en================================================================ APPLY IMMEDIATELY...EXPERIENCED DISHWASHERS - Especially With Your Own Car - NEEDED NOW!!! We have work for YOU at Various Valley Locations. Minimum 6 Months Experience.Apply in person M-F: 8AM-5PM at ESW on the southeast corner of 44th St/Osborn (Osborn isbetween Thomas and Indian School).3333 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018 602-778-6800
  • 9. APPLY IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUR PICK OF SHIFTS! 50 MORE EXPERIENCED SERVERS NEEDED TO WORK AT VALLEY RESORTS, HOTELS, PRIVATE CLUBS, CORPORATE ACCOUNTS AND THE PHOENIX CONVENTION CENTER.Work Various Events such as Passover, Easter, and more! 12 hrs. /Day Shiftsavailable! Work 40 - 40+ Hours!!!Apply in person M-F: 8AM-5PM at ESW on the southeast corner of 44thSt/Osborn (Osborn is between Thomas and Indian School).3333 N 44th St,Phoenix, AZ 85018 602-778-6800================================================================STOREKEEPER/DRIVER (JOB ID 1151)Location: PHOENIX - Employment Type: UNCOVERED FTSalary: $30,227.00Post Date: 03/22/2013 - Close Date: 03/27/2013DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or GED Equivalency. ValidArizona Drivers license. Fork Lift Certification.BENEFITS: We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes vacation, sickleave, and 10 holidays per year; health and dental insurance; short-termdisability; retirement plan; life insurance; and long-term disability insurance.Optional employee benefits include deferred compensation, flexible spendingaccount for medical/dependent care expenses and supplemental life insurance.Note: Elective benefits for new employees will be subject to a 90 day waitingperiod. INTERVIEWER (Job Id 961)Location: PHOENIX - Employment Type: UNCOVERED FTSalary: $25,844.00Post Date: 03/13/2013 - Close Date: 03/27/2013Minimum Qualifications and/or Experience: •One year of public contact orcustomer service work •High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma(GED) •Or, 30 semester hours applicable towards an Associates or Bachelorsdegree from an accredited college or university in behavioral, social science,psychology, business administration, or closely related field •Candidate must passcomputer-based skills test administered by AHCCCS
  • 10. PROGRAM SERVICE EVALUATOR 1 - Job Id 977Post Date 03/20/2013 - Close Date 03/27/2013.Division of Employment andRehabilitation Services @ 6010 N. 57th Dr., Glendale, AZ 85301. Interviewing,assessment, coaching and case planning; oral and written communications; use ofprogram processing systems and internet.Must have a high school diploma orGeneral Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D). NOTE: Applicants for this position will berequired to apply for and show proof of receipt of a valid Arizona FingerprintClearance Card that meets DES requirements for a Level One card. PEER SUPPORT PARTNER / RESPITE - POOLDepartment:Respite - Site: PSA - Behavioral Health AgencyLocation: Phoenix, AZEducation/Experience: Certification as a Peer or Recovery Support Specialist. A minimum of a high school diploma/GED certificate. At least six weeks of documented experience providing support and rehabilitation services to persons with a serious mental illness. Be able to qualify as a BHPP (Behavioral Health Paraprofessional) or BHT (Behavioral Health Technician) (Qualifications are dependent on education, experience, and skill/knowledge) Current certification in CPR and First-Aid. Valid driver’s license. Five-year MVD report that meets the agency’s auto insurance carrier’s coverage requirements. Fingerprint Clearance Card required for some locations Be a non-smoker Knowledge of Peer Support techniques such as active listening and motivational interviewing
  • 11. BUS STOP CLEANER$11 an hour to start. Currently hiring for the night shift in East Valley. Night shifts are Sundaythrough Thursday 6:30pm to 3:00am. If you use public transportation, buses do not run after12am so you must have other transportation. When available the day shift is M-F 7:00am to3:30pm. Applicant must be at least 21. Experience in pressure washing, or landscapingrequired. Must have your own cell phone and reliable transportation.Employment is contingent on successful completion of a background check, E-Verify and drugscreening. Contract requirements severely restrict persons with a felony record. Whenapplying, disclose whether or not you have a felony, when and what if applicable. A validArizona drivers license is required for those persons using company vehicles. A clean 36 monthMVR without DUI violations will be required at the interview.ShelterCLEAN of Arizona Inc. (Main Office & Maintenance Facility) 3640 East Washington Street,Phoenix, AZ 85034866.633.0066 toll free - 602.220.0687 local - 602.220.0689 faxDOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE ALL 3 FORMS then fax to 602.220.0689 with cover letter andresume.APPLICANT QUESTIONNAIRE - INFORMATION - APPLICATION - CALL 602-264-6800 TO SCHEDULE FOR AN INTERVIEWLOVETTS IS LOOKING TO ADD ANOTHER MEMBER TO TEAM. Currently hiring for afull time lot attendant position. MUST have good driving record. Pay is based onexperience.Lovetts was established in 1959 by Jack and Dorothie Lovett. We are still located in our originallocation 1/2 block south of Camelback on 14th place in the Central Corridor of Phoenix. Lovettsopened its doors when Camelback Road was still a road!==============================================================================LABOR READY CURRENTLY SEEKING GENERAL LABORERS TO FILL PT POSITIONSHiring for all positions including sweeping, heavy lifting, mowing lawns, trimming,pressure washing, event put-up and tear-down, and auction drivers. The pay forthis position is $7.80 per hour.Please apply in person at 2901 W. Thomas Rd #2,Phoenix, AZ 85017==================================================================
  • 12. EXPERIENCED PAINTERS START IMMEDIATELY.MUST HAVE OWN TRANSPORTATION. HAVE TO BE ABLE TO GET TO JOB SITES.OWN EQUIPMENT IS A PLUS. CALL 480.226.6089================================================================= FULL & PART TIME RAMP SERVICE CLERKS NEEDED Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), a world leader in ground services for airlines and airports, is looking for Ramp Service Clerks for our Williams Gateway Airport (IWA) location. WFS provides passenger, ramp and cargo handling services toairlines throughout the world. Ability to pass drug screen - Pass thorough criminalbackground check - Provide verifiable 10 year history with complete informationprovided for previous employer names, addresses & contact numbers.APPLY ONLINE @ (Click Careers, then USA) - Position listedunder Passenger Services.================================================================= NATIONAL GUARD PARTNERSHIPLabor Ready has partnered with the Army National Guard since June 2005 to offerflexible work opportunities to ARNG members and their families. Informationabout Labor Ready is posted at ARNG armories and recruiters refer soldiers andtheir families to local Labor Ready offices. In turn, ARNG recruiters visit LaborReady offices to speak with our Temporary Associates about opportunities withthe Guard.If you are a member of the National Guard and you and your family are interestedin learning more about Labor Ready, call 800-24-LABOR for an opportunity tostart working and getting paid today.=================================================================== NOT IN THE NATIONAL GUARD?If you are interested in our temporary employment opportunities, please call 800-24-LABOR or stop by our office. ================================================================
  • 13. MASONRY CONTRACTOR IS HIRING EXPERIENCED MASONS AND LABORERSNeed to be experienced with block, stone veneer, and brick. Must be legal towork in Arizona and able to pass a drug test. Long term positions available andcompetitive wages. Call Brad @ 480-600-1732.============================================================WE ARE IN NEED OF SOME HELP. LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH EXPERIENCEIN WOOD FRAMING OF CUSTOM HOMESForklift & cranes are supplied. We are a great company to work for with a lot ofwork to do. We need people who know what to do. Call Larry @ 602-387-0973==============================================================FINISH CARPENTER WANTED5 years minimum experience required. Must have reliable vehicle and cleandriving record.Call Zeb @ 480-745-0223=============================================================CALL JOHNNY CARROLL AT 623-225-9780Lead man needed for small fencing company(American Veteran Fencing). Musthave a working knowledge of finishing concrete, laying block, pavers, etc...Bi-Lingual a must. Have own personal tools. Transportation (truck). Ability to leadand get along with others... YOU A CONSTRUCTION LABORER? IF SO, CALL CHUCK TODAY @ 480-278-4231 & START TOMARROWPart time work $10hr. could turn into full time for the right person. You will needRELIABLE TRANSPORTATION=“must show up every day and not be late...”================================================================ NOW HIRING METAL STUD FRAMERS AND DRYWALL HANGERS. Apply in person at Pete King Construction 11040 N 19th Avenue - 6:30 am Monday - Friday.DOWNLOAD APPLICATION, FILL OUT AND TAKE WITH YOU: YOU ARE ALREADY WORKING…CALL:Contact WALT for Framers 602-818-9130, contact MIKE for Hangers - 602-818-9144. CALLS ONLY taken between 7 am and 3 pm Monday – Friday==================================================================SINGLE PLY ROOFERS WANTED – CALL 602-725-5471you must know how to operate a screw gun, cut insulation, build crickets, pipe flashings, wallflashings, know TPO and PVC details. Must have work boots, personal hand tools, hard hat, toolbag, and tape. Great pay and tons of work on the books==================================================================
  • 15. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - WILL TRAIN YOU TO BE A POOL MAINTENANCE TECHRequirements include a clean driving record (noDUIs), non-compete contract, and backgroundcheck. The position will be considered full-time(32-40 hours) Monday -- Friday and is paid by the hour. No experience necessary.Send your questions and/or resume to HEY WEST VALLEY! CIRCLE K HIRING EVENT AT PEORIA CAREER CENTER Mar 26, 2013 - 10 AM to 1 PM @ 6750 W Peoria Ave., Phoenix, AZON-SITE HIRING FOR: IN-STORE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPSPlease apply online prior to attending the event: WORKER21032BR General Warehouse Distribution Center, Warehouse125 S 67th Ave. Bldg. 1, Suite #105, Phoenix, AZResponsible for a variety of general warehouse and housekeeping duties. Must beat least 18 years of age and have ability to work overtime.^gb9EUJbBwDKVE8gGkTlmPUvZoV7FUMurH_slp_rhc_bux9fb1voh0AkSwiTAoEoqHie7OMJN==================================================================
  • 16. “…The warehouse team member is responsible for picking, packing, shipping andstocking functions in the distribution center. The primary responsibilities arepicking pick ticket items correctly, packing customer orders with care, meetingshipping deadlines, receiving and checking freight, stocking and rotating inventoryand other duties as assigned. ..”WAREHOUSE TEAM MEMBERJob Requisition ID: KH10317 position is very laborintensive. Must be able to passfelony background check andpre-employment drug test.===========================================================================================Dockworker Part-time - AZ-PhoenixThis is a part time position.Transport freight across dock area to/from trailers forloading to trailers. Perform freight handling using appropriate motorized andmanual equipment, including but not limited to: forklift, pallet jack and handtruck. High school diploma or equivalent, preferred. Must be at least 18 years ofage.No theft background or violent crimes. JOB SHACK INSIDER…FEDEX FREIGHT…Dock Worker at FedEx FreightAccepted OfferInterview Details –The hiring process was pretty simple to get in.To get the interview, I was recommended by a friend who already works there (this is your bestchance to get in. FedEx hires mostly from internal recommendations... Though not always). Theterminal manager called and asked me if I was interested in the job, and if I was able to meetthese qualifications:
  • 17. 1) Able to lift 75 lbs.2) willing to work out in the heat or cold (the dock is like basically working outside, though youhave a covered roof).3) For my shift, be able to work nights.Those were the main things that they were interested in because all of the freight comes in atnight, so it is only a night shift job.After the mini phone session, we set up an interview in which I met with the Terminal Manager(very nice man). He asked a lot of "what if" questions because he was required to by corporate.This would be quite similar to one of those questions "Describe a time where a customer oremployee was angry with you because of something you did/caused. How did you react tohim/her? How did you resolve the situation?"Though not perfect, its very close to what they ask. Every question besides a little about mypersonal life (where I live, where I go to school, etc.) was that type of format. The good thing is,if you dont have a situation that actually happened to you, it is allowed to make one up (andtell how you would handle it) or even describe situations that happened to friends or family(and then how you wouldve handled it).The company is organized when it comes to getting all your stuff together. However, a littleslow on the actually hiring. After my interview, it took 3 weeks for corporate to approve me fortraining/work. So have a cash reserve if you plan on quitting your other job (if you have one).The office and people in it are generally nice. Some people arent interested in you, but thats aminority. Generally everybody is easy to get along with (especially if you work hard and dowell).The one thing you need to be prepared for if you become a dock worker, is be ready to getdirty. In the summer, you will sweat tons (I lost ten pounds in less than a month just workingthere). Also, theres dust and other stuff floating in the air, thatll stick to your stick (though itsounds worse than it is).Have clothes that you dont care about getting dirty, bring gloves, and black steel toe boots (noother color accepted)Interview Question –This is a paraphrase of the question: "Describe, if hired, how much timeyou would allow yourself to get to work on time." (Something like that)Theres nothing thats really negotiable otherwise, but they dont leave anything out that youshould know…=========================================================================PASSION AND PERFECTION TO JOIN OURBILTMORE FASHION PARK TEAM months’ work experiencepreferred. Ability to work positivelyin a fast-paced environment.
  • 18. LINE COOKThe Line Cook is responsible for all aspects of their assigned cooking station – setsup and stocks product, cooks and presents dishes according to The CheesecakeFactory recipes, and cleans, sanitizes and maintains equipment, utensils and tools.REQUIREMENTS AND WORKING CONDITIONS:One year experience as a LineCook preferred. Ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment.PREP COOKThe Prep Cook is responsible for all aspects of their assigned station – completesall items on the daily preparation list; keeps the Line Cooks stocked with basic,critical items throughout the shift; and cleans, sanitizes, and maintainsequipment, utensils and tools.REQUIREMENTS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: 6 months restaurant experiencepreferred.STEWARDThe Steward is responsible for communication with outside vendors, placingorders for food, beverage and dry stock items, and maintaining all storage areasin the restaurant.REQUIREMENTS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: 6 months experience in a full-service restaurant preferred.BUSSERREQUIREMENTS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: 6 months experience as a Busserin a full-service restaurant preferred. Must be able to assist guests and possessgreat guest relations skills.CASHIER6 months customer service or guest service experience preferred. Must beupbeat, outgoing and positive. Must be able to assist guests and possess greatguest relations skills.TO APPLY FOR ANY OF THESE POSITIONS AT THE BILTMORE LOCATION:2402 East Camelback, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 778-6501 AT THE MENU: SOMETHING ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR:
  • 19. CAREER MINDED INDIVIDUAL FOR GOURMET BAKERYPart time position leading to full time. Must be available 3 or 4 mornings a week.We are looking for a quick learner who is reliable, follows direction and workswell with others. Experience baking cakes from scratch and decorating helpful.Apply in person to 21 Cakes, 7001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale 85253 (in theSeville Plaza across from McCormick Railroad Park)Made from scratch by owner, Linda Schneider Thursday through Saturday at 21 Cakes.CHECK THEM OUT @ - 4290 E. Indian School Rd. 117 Phoenix, AZ 85018Cashier/Customer Service Breadhead – Dishwasher - Line Cook - Prep CookGo to and click on "Join Our Team". Enter your Zip Code and Select thelocations you are interested in. Select the position or positions you are interested in and follow theprompts to complete the application! Our Hiring Managers review applications daily.IMPORTANT INFO: Open Availability required: AM Shifts start as early as 5am andend as late as 3pm; PM Shifts start as late as 4pm and end as late as 10:30pm,MONDAY -- SUNDAY; must be able to work SundaysWHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? They need you be able to work these hours and/or acombination of some of these hours/days. If you don’t have or are notavailable…please do NOT wait by the phone to be called. Who wants to workSunday? No one…get it! That’s why as the new person you will until they hire thenext bunch of new people…EMPLOYMENT 101.SOLUTION: DO NOT apply for FT jobs in the service industry. Apply for PT jobswere you can be more selective in your availability and still have a chance ofgetting hired. Otherwise if you do not want to work nights or weekends…becomean office worker or go back to school to get a professional job…
  • 20. INTERVIEWING CANIDATES WITH HOTEL EXPERIENCE Currently looking for experience housekeepers, breakfast attendants and laundry attendants. Do you have front desk experience? If so and are available part time for all shifts come in and apply.Breakfast attendants must have a valid food handler’s card. Breakfast hours 5am-10am weekdays Weekends 6am-11am. Housekeeping starts at 9am. Front deskmust be available part time for all three shifts 7am-3pm,3pm-11pm, and 11pm-7am.COME IN AND APPLY @ LA QUINTA INNS & SUITES I-10 WEST 4929 W.MCDOWELL ROAD==================================================================Grainger’s typical operating hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 5p.m. The Warehouse Associate performs warehouse duties and functions tosupport inventory integrity, order processing – picking, packing, staging, andshipping, and general maintenance and housekeeping duties to ensure a safe,clean, and orderly work environment.Must be at least 18 years old -2 to 3 years of customer service experiencepreferred - 1 year warehouse / material handling experience preferred.Mustpass a pre-employment drug screen & background check.Employees must haveflexibility in their work schedule.APPLY ONLINE: on “career.” Ref Code: 51555995E===============================================================PT Day WarehouseNon- ProductionLocation: Phoenix, AZ 85009Requires completion of a highschool diploma generaleducation degree (GED) orequivalent combination of experience and education; normally requires less thanone (1) year of equivalent work experience. S 43rd Ave, #B, Phoenix, AZ 85009Cross Streets: Near the intersection of S 43rd Ave and W Mohave Neighborhoods: Estella, SouthPhoenix
  • 21. FULL TIME DELIVERY DRIVER/WAREHOUSE Required Experience o Previous experience driving a 5-ton truck o Experience in a warehouse/delivery environment an asset o Clean drivers abstract & valid driver’s license o 2 years in home delivery experienceAPPLY HERE: WELDERSJob ID: JHL2ZX6915X5DWZS4TBImmediate openings for TIG Welders at aninternational manufacturing company that specializes inautomotive and industrial components. Must be able to pass a drug screen andbackground check. Requires technical welding training. Basic knowledge ofmachines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair and maintenance. JobsNOW HIRING – PHOENIX area masonry jobs (Valley wide) Canyon State Masonry is NOW HIRING for masonry jobs valley wide, Also applications are now being accepted for large Prevailing Wage Project (Rates include fringes) **BACKGROUND CHECK MANDATORY FOR PREVAILING WAGE PROJECT***PREVAILING WAGESare:Masons-$29.19 - Tenders- $19.10 - Fork lift Operator-$17.36 - GeneralLabor- $16.04NON PREVAILING WAGES:Foreman – up to $25/Hr. Plus Vehicle or Allowance - Masons – up to$18/Hr. - Operators – up to $15.50/Hr. - Tenders – up to $13.50/Hr. - Rates DOE -** MUST E-VERIFY**5 years Commercial Masonry Experience RequiredFax Resumes and Application to 623-516-0478 or email pdf to dsalado@csm-az.comTO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENTFor further information please call:Dolores Salado, Human ResourcesOffice (623) 516-0406 Fax (623) 218-5800Email dsalado@csm-az.comCHECK THEM OUT FOR MORE DETAILS:
  • 22. U-Pull-&-Pay - Phoenix 2501 West Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85009 Phone: (602) 484-7278 Fax: (602) 233-3971U Pull-&-Pay (UPAP) is a dynamic company with a nationwide network of retail self-serve usedauto parts stores. As a customer focused organization, UPAP exists to provide low cost, usedauto parts to our customers. Our inventory and interchange information services enhance thecustomer experience.Customers bring their own tools into UPAP stores and remove valuable auto parts from anenvironmentally processed inventory of autos. These auto parts are purchased according to aspecific price list shared with our customers. UPAP’s inventory of autos is rotated continuously.We have an immediate opportunity for the following position:BASIC DUTIES:• Preparing autos for processing, such as trash removal, removing and disposing of designatedparts, etc.• Fluid removal and reclaiming• Operate industrial equipment as directed• Keep grounds clear of debris and maintain safety standardsBasic Requirements:• Able to take direction and work on a team• Physically able to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 50 lbs.• Comfortable working outdoors• Willing to work weekends and overtime as needed• Prior automotive experience a plus!• Pre-employment criminal background and drug screen required*10DB6E3D350355EE============================================================================GENERAL LABORER/DELIVERY DRIVERFrom: tim@azwholesalegrowers.comNorth Phoenix Nursery is seeking a full-time GeneralLaborer/Delivery Driver. This position will require workingoutdoors; general nursery laborer, capable of lifting up to 75lbs., loading/unloading plants and be able to drive/handle a20ft box truck (Isuzu/Hino) for local deliveries within the Cave Creek/Phoenixarea. Qualified individuals must provide a copy of a clean MVD driving record, CDLnot required, provide valid identification and E-Verify. This is an hourly positionplus benefits seasonal hours range from 5:00am to 4:00pm Monday throughFriday. Compensation: $9.00If you feel you are qualified for this position and have the proper documentationavailable please submit your resume and references via fax to: 623-581-0001 oremail THEM OUT:
  • 23. From: SOUTHWEST FASTENER-SERVICE SETS US APART We are currently looking for a fulltime driver with some warehouse experience in fasteners, who is also qualified to drive a company vehicle. This opening is for our main branch in central Phoenix. Requirements: Must have a valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and forklift driving experience, and ability to lift (+,-) 50 lbs. We will be taking applications via email: Customer Care Professional-Relationship Care®-Telephone Service Center-13003577 - $15.73 an hourIn this role, the successful candidate will ensure extraordinary service by promptly andaccurately responding to phone calls from existing customers, making it easy for themto do business with us, recognizing their value to us and solving their issues.You can earn $15.73 per hour or more based upon experience and also enjoy lucrativebonuses based upon your performance. Our employees enjoy a generous benefitspackage, retirement programs, along with comprehensive medical, dental and visionplans. Additionally, our career path planning and continuing education will help youachieve your professional goals. 2+ YEARS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE FLEXIBILITY ON BOTH DAY AND EVENING SCHEDULES: WEEKEND AVAILABILITY IS REQUIRED HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR EQUIVALENT REQUIRED SOME RESTRICTIONS FOR THOSE WITH FRAUD OR THEFTBACKGROUNDS…OTHERS VIEWED ON INDIVIDUAL BASIS…
  • 24. TRAVEL COUNSELOR 1 - PHOENIX, AZ-13000698Candidates must be available to work between the hours of 8:00am - 10:00pm,Sunday - Friday. Hours of operation may change due to business need. Minimumof 3 years recent experience selling domestic and international travel services.Strong international air booking experience is required; in combination with carand hotel highly preferred. Computer reservations experience required. Sabre ispreferred. Care Professional - Merchant Services Tier 1-13003145Position is located at 31st Ave & Beardsley, off of the 101 in the NW Valley.Individuals must be flexible to work an 8 hr. shift between 5am -6pm Mon - Fri.No weekends.* 2+ plus years of customer service experience.* Work in a fast-paced, structured service center environment PSSS! Hey did ya know? THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK JOB BOARD IS NOW ONLINE AT LINKEDIN.COM (You do not need to join to use BUT, it is a really good place to showcase your skills – as this is the Employer’s and Recruiter’s version of Facebook…and it’sFREE!!!!) SEARCH (if you are not a LINKEDIN Member) to see all the jobs from thenewest job postings to all those golden oldies (maybe the first person didn’t workout or they have another opening…Might be worth a phone call to see???) A PLACE THEY ARE NEVER OUT OF NEW JOB BOOKS? NEED TO FIND A JOB FROM YESTERDAY…THE DAY BEFORE OR LAST WEEK? REALLY TIRED OF TYPING 50 BILLION CHARACTERS TO GET TO A WEBSITE…?