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  1. 1. 26 November 2013 AZTECA BAKERIES IS LOOKING FOR A PART TIME CASHIER We are a Breakfast/Lunch Mexican restaurant. The hours are 6am to 2pm, Wed-Saturday. MUST BE AVAILABLE EVERY SATURDAY. Must be Bilingual, have reliable transportation*, and have a current food handlers card. Must be quick on feet and capable of standing for the full 8 hour shift. The pay is $8.50 for training, then $9hr if we see that you are a good fit for the position. Come in Tuesday Morning from 8am-10pm for open interviews. Please bring in a copy of your resume to ZTECA Bakeries & Restaurant 416 N 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007 TIPSTER: STUDY MENU BEFORE YOU GO…REALLY WANT THE JOB GO TO THE NEW TIME AND TO YELP, READ THE REVIEWS SO YOU KNOW WHAT THE CRITICS AND THE CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT THE PLACE AND SO THAT YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK WITH THEM ABOUT AT THE INTERVIEW. * “reliable transportation” does not mean “do you have a car?” If you needed a car they would have asked you directly…they want to know you can get to work without calling in because you missed a bus…they do not care if you can get home…that’s on you (if it’s a concern of yours) for picking a job so far away from home or school. http://www.aztecabakeries.com/Azteca_Bakeries/Azteca_Bakeries_%26_Restaurant.html ============================================================================================ WE ARE SEEKING CULINARIANS (COOKS) OBSESSED ABOUT DETAILS TO WORK Hiring energetic, outgoing, driven Culinarians who will thrive in a positive, team based, high energy environment. Applicant is confident, yet eager to learn from others. Two to three years of hands on experience is preferable. Apply with your resume via e-mail to Chef Paul at paul@phxpublicmarket.com - Phoenix Public Market Cafe, 14 E. Pierce Street www.phoenixpublicmarketcafe.com
  2. 2. 2402 East Camelback – Phoenix – BILTMORE FASHION PARK - Line Cooks - Prep Cooks - Dishwashers Our Success comes from adding the right "ingredients," which are amazing people who foster an environment of collaboration and fun. (We stress the fun!) Come and see why people all over the world are drawn to The Cheesecake Factory. Did You Know? •Our sales have more than tripled from $540 million to approx. $1.8 billion over the last ten years. •We have more than 33,000 staff members and over 170 restaurant locations nationwide. •We are expanding globally with plans for 22 restaurants to open in the Middle East under a licensing agreement. More to come! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://ww3.cakecareers.com/cheesecakecc/ THIS IS A VIRTUAL WALK THROUGH BY STATION…STUDY THIS CLOSELY…TAKE NOTES! http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/restaurant/restaurant# restaurant SEE THE NEW MENUS HERE…BIG NEWS! http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/chefsCornerLanding/ch efscornerLanding
  3. 3. REMEMBER…THIS IS ALL IMPORTANT STUFF! KNOWING THIS STUFF MEANS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “YOU ARE HIRED!” AND “THANK YOU BUT, WE WILL LET YOU KNOW!”WHO IS BOB OKURA? To try a home-style version of one of Chef Bob's most popular Sunday Brunch recipes: http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/chefscorner/recipes/french_toast_napoleon Scheduling: We offer flexible schedules around your needs. The more open your availability is, the more hours we can give you! We are open year round and most holidays, so you will be needed weekends, Sunday brunches, holidays and/or other peak periods. Training: If you’re familiar with The Cheesecake Factory, you know about our extensive menu and service standards – and as a staff member, you will be trained and quizzed along the way! If you’re in a tipped position, it may take a couple of weeks before you earn you own station on the floor. But it will be worth it as you will be able to provide exceptional service to our guests. Pay Periods: Our pay periods are based on a two-week cycle. Certifications, Licenses and Permits: If the position you are applying for requires a certification, license or permit, we will need you to have one before you start working with us…AKA…Food handler’s card after hired but before you start training. Appearance and Grooming: We have very high grooming and appearance standards! If you’re in a guest-facing position, we don’t allow visible tattoos, nose, tongue or facial piercings, or extreme styles of jewelry, hair, makeup or clothing. In compliance with many jurisdictions (and for the health of others) many of our Cheesecake Factory restaurants are non-smoking environments. We hope that this information answers some of your questions and helps reinforce your enthusiasm about joining our team! A NEED TO WATCH VIDEO… YOU WILL BE ASKED IF YOU WATCHED THIS… THIS A MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU GO FOR AN INTERVIEW. SOME PEOPLE WHERE ASKED TO WATCH THESE AND THEN COME BACK. HERE YOU SEE WHERE KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO GETTING THESE JOBS! UNLESS YOUR UNCLE IS THE MANAGER…GET IT? http://www.thecheesecakefacto ry.com/careersLanding/careersL anding
  4. 4. THE APPLICATION STARTS HERE: http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/careers/careerOpportunities/restaurantHourly/restau rantHourlyCareers Online Application is not Mobile Device Compatible Phoenix - 2402 East Camelback, #101, Phoenix, AZ 85016 ========================================================================= TIPSTER: READ THE JOB DESCRIPTION, TEAR IT APART, PULL OUT THE REQUIREMENTS…AND THEN MATCH THOSE UP WITH WHAT YOU HAVE DONE…THAT BECOMES YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION. Look at each of these required skills…they are general in nature…Do think to remember is that the employer (here) is not asking how much time you spent per week doing each of these skill but, want to know if you did them…The job is riding a bicycle, do you care where I learned to ride a bicycle or that I can? See…the employer is the same…Only the Government will have you breakdown by percentages of time done per day/week. ========================================================================== The Dishwasher: Creates a welcoming environment for our guests by ensuring that all plateware, glassware and silverware are properly clean and sanitized. This person works within a team to ensure that these items are stocked throughout the shift. Additionally, the Dishwasher performs housekeeping duties such as sweeping and mopping floors, removing trash, and ensuring restrooms are clean, stocked and orderly. Requirements and Working Conditions: • 3 months’ work experience preferred. • Ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment. • Ability to be on your feet and alert for extended periods of time. • Ability to work effectively within a team. • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. as needed. • Ability to work in elevated temperatures and a wet environment. • Continuous use of hands and arms. • Continuous bending, reaching and twisting. ======================================================== USED JOB SHACK TIPSTER #1 Now you know who this company is. You know where they post their jobs. You also know what skills are needed for each opening. So far, 100%! The next step is where 8 out of 10 of you will fail and your application will be deleted. This is the application process. WHY WILL ONLY 2 OF 10 GET CALLED FOR AN INTERVIEW? WAS IT THAT ONLY 2 HAD THE EXPERIENCE NEEDED? • Yes and No. This is really simple to answer. All ten people tried very hard and did their best to fill out the application but, ONLY two used a “CHEAT SHEET.”
  5. 5. WHAT CHEAT SHEET? • The cheat sheet was the job description from the employer. It contains all of the information needed to “ace” the application. It has the skill set laid out in detail (DOESN’T IT?). It has the key words and phrases needed (RIGHT?). Everything that you need to get this job is laid out for you. When the employer asks you to explain what you did for a living, only 2 out of 10 applicants will start with the employer’s cheat sheet and use it to create the perfect answer that will show the employer that they have the skills that the employer was looking for. In other words, they connected the dots between what they did and what the employer was looking for. LETS SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Here are the Requirements and Working Conditions: • 3 months’ work experience preferred. Preferred means just that. If you have professional experiences, talk about that…even if you did not do that as a primary duty. They didn’t ask you that! Unless they say professional experience…have you ever washed a dish, a pot or a pan in your life? Unless you grew up with maids and the likes, the correct answer is “I have been doing this all my life.” FOR VETERANS, REMEMBER KP? That actually is professional experience in a high volume, fast pace commercial kitchen. The correct answer is “I did that in the Army.” How long were in the Army? 2-3-4-10 years? That is the level of your experience. • Ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment. Have you ever working in a fast pace, high volume setting? Did they ask if that was in a kitchen? Read the question carefully and answer it directly. • Ability to be on your feet and alert for extended periods of time. Did you ever stand up or walk around in your previous jobs? Thought so! • Ability to work effectively within a team. Ever work on a team? Thought so! Even when I am by myself, I am still part of a larger team. • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. as needed. Can you? Have you ever had to move anything in your previous jobs? • Ability to work in elevated temperatures and a wet environment. Can you? Did you? Did you work outside in the heat or cold? Ever work in an office without air condition? • Continuous use of hands and arms. Can you? Have you? Explain. • Continuous bending, reaching and twisting. Can you? Have you? Explain. You can now see that if you have lived a normal life, you qualify to be a dishwasher at the cheesecake Factory. You need to connect these dots. Do you expect the employer to see the connections? It is your job at this part of the process to do that. If you do, you get hired. If not, you will hear a lot of “Thanks very much…we will let you know.”
  6. 6. USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…CHEESECAKE FACTORY… Server at Cheesecake Factory - Accepted Offer 2013 Interview Details –The whole process of getting the interview is a lot more difficult than the actual interview. The Cheesecake Factory only hires new employees in groups -- usually around March and May. You apply online by taking a personality and a basic I.Q. test after getting through your tests, you then get to fill out basic information about yourself. The online application as a whole can take up to two hours, so be prepared to spend some time on the application. If they're interested, a manager will more than likely contact you within three days and have you come in for an interview the next day. If you get called back to get an interview, just remember to dress really professionally! The Cheesecake Factory focuses on how professional employees look, so just put on your business attire and walk in with a smile -- they love smiles. If you do end up applying, good luck! (: Interview Question –They ask basic questions like: • Why do you want to work at the Cheesecake Factory? (“PLEASE DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT MAKING A LOT OF MONEY, BECAUSE THAT WILL ALMOST GUARANTEE A NO-OFFER FROM THEM…”) • How would you respond to an unhappy guest? • How would you deal with an angry coworker? • Do you see yourself as a responsible person? Negotiation Details –There really is no negotiating while accepting a server position. You will get paid minimum wage, but will definitely make a decent amount of tips. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hostess at Cheesecake Factory - Accepted Offer 2013 Interview Details –I had two different interviews. The first was about twenty minutes with a manager who then scheduled another interview with him and the GM. The next interview lasted about an hour. IT WAS MOSTLY BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS SUCH AS: • What does being a leader mean to you? • Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a guest. • Describe a time when you had to handle a conflict/disagreement in a group work setting.
  7. 7. Food Server at Cheesecake Factory - Accepted Offer 2013 Interview Details –The online application process seriously took longer than all of my interviews put together! Not even 24 hours after I filled out an application online, I got a call from a manager and she asked me to come in later that day. I was shocked! I had filled out applications to a bunch of other places months ago and had never heard back. When I got there I met up with the same woman who had called me, and her interview was literally only five minutes long! After that, she called over the general manager and he sat down and talked to me for maybe 15 minutes and then hired me on the spot! Both the manager and the general manager were very kind and seemed to really want to get to know me as a person before they made their employment offer. Interview Question –All of the questions were simple ones like: • Why do you want to work at this Cheesecake Factory? • Why did you have to leave your prior employer? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Line Cook at Cheesecake Factory - Accepted Offer – 2013 Interview Details – The interview process was very quick. It was during a mass hire. I filled my application and didn't know there was a current interview process so I figured I might as well wait. i waited about an hour and I was called to speak with the Executive Kitchen Manager, at the time I didn't know what his position was, and he asked me some questions like what I expected at the cheesecake factory and whether I wanted to do pizzas (previous experience) . Eventually I got hired on the spot. Interview Questions • What type of dressings do you know? • What makes someone a great chef ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hostess at Cheesecake Factory - Accepted Offer – 2013 Interview Details –the interview was very relaxed and easygoing. I was asked the routine interview questions, and the managers we're very friendly, and made me feel comfortable during my interview. Interview Question – • WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY? ===================================================================== Server at Cheesecake Factory - Accepted Offer – Interview Details –3 interview process. First interview was a phone interview through which I had to convince the General Manager I was worth interviewing in person. Second interview was with a different manager. Questions such as "how positive are you" were asked. This is definitely importance as no one wants to work with a grumpy co-worker. Also, they seemed interested to really get to know you to see if you'd be a good match for the company. I don't want to give too much detail because then it'd be easy to fake your way into the door.
  8. 8. Personally, I only want to work with other people who are genuinely positive. Just be honest. If you're a great match, they will hire you. If you aren't a great match, then you're going to hate it here anyway because you can only act for so long. Interview Question – • What are the challenges you've had to face with your most recent serving job? They do want you to be as specific and detailed as possible. They want to know how much you've already had to put up with before getting to the Cheesecake Factory. Be honest. They know you've had to put up with a lot. =================================================================== HERE ARE THE OTHER JOB DESCRIPTIONS… The Prep Cook: Ensures the highest quality food is prepared per the exact recipe specifications at all times from our “scratch” kitchen. The Prep Cook is responsible for all aspects of their assigned station – completes all items on the daily preparation list; keeps the Line Cooks stocked with basic, critical items throughout the shift; and cleans, sanitizes, and maintains equipment, utensils and tools. Requirements and Working Conditions: • 6 months restaurant experience preferred. • Ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment. • Ability to work effectively within a team. • Must be able to work quickly in a confined area and stand for extended periods of time. • Basic English reading and communication skills. • Strong attention to detail. • Knowledge of weights, measurements, volume and cooking procedures. • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. as needed. • Ability to work in elevated temperatures. • Continuous use of hands and arms. • Continuous bending, reaching and twisting. The Line Cook: Ensures the highest quality food is served at all times from our “scratch” kitchen. The Line Cook is responsible for all aspects of their assigned cooking station – sets up and stocks product, cooks and presents dishes according to The Cheesecake Factory recipes, and cleans, sanitizes and maintains equipment, utensils and tools. Requirements and Working Conditions: • One year experience as a Line Cook preferred. • Ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment. • Ability to work effectively within a team. • Must be able to work quickly in a confined area and stand for extended periods of time. • Basic English reading and communication skills.
  9. 9. • Strong attention to detail. • Knowledge of weights, measurements, volume and cooking procedures. • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. as needed. • Ability to work in elevated temperatures. • Continuous use of hands and arms. • Continuous bending, reaching and twisting. FOR MORE OPENINGS CHECK OUT http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/careers/careerOpportunities/restaurantHourly/restau rantHourlyCareers Online Application is not Mobile Device Compatible --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scottsdale - 15230 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 11.57 miles / 18.64 km Chandler - 3111 West Chandler Boulevard, #2100, Chandler, AZ 85226 12.34 miles / 19.87 km Mesa - Superstition Springs Center – 6613 East Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85206 17.85 miles / 28.74 km Peoria - 16134 North 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85382 18.47 miles / 29.74 km ================================================================================== http://www.yelp.com/biz/feeneys-restaurant-and-bar-phoenix CHECK OUT WHAT YELP AND THE CUSTOMERS SAY…REMEMBER? TALKING POINTS ON WHY YOU WANT TO WORK THERE AND THAT YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE FAMOUUS FOR… IF INTERESTED COME DOWN AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION. ASK FOR GEORGE OR MARIA TO INTERVIEW YOU. Looking to hire a part time line cook. Needs to have reliable transportation (CAN YOU GET TO WORK?). The available days as for now are Tuesday 5pm - 8pm, Saturday 4pm - 9pm, Sunday 4pm - 8pm but that can always change with the business demands and full time schedule might be available within a month. Compensation is $10 an hour. The restaurant's name is Feeney's and is located on 12th Street and Maryland on the south side of the Circle K. Call ONLY IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKING AND NEED TO SEE US OUTSIDE OF NORMAL WORK HOURS @ 602-4035998 - COME DOWN BETWEEN 2-4 PM M-F….Closed Thanksgiving. ======================================================================== THE HENRY IS OPENING ON DECEMBER 17! The Job Fair is located at The Henry Restaurant…Don't be fooled by the construction.....just come on in. 4455 E. Camelback Road Suite B-100, Phoenix, AZ 85018 Can't make it to the job fair? Click on the link below to tell us what you've got. Or call 602.429.8020 to schedule an interview.
  10. 10. RESTAURANT TEAM MEMBER - CREW (12001740) Building the perfect burrito - and having fun doing it - is the first step to building your career at Chipotle. Sharpen your customer-service and teamwork skills, learn to make great food and get ready to grow. Our Crew members take pride in preparing and serving Chipotle’s delicious food. They know that in order to do this right, they need a clean and organized work area. By consistently following the proper recipes and procedures, and adhering to Chipotle’s high standards regarding food preparation, cleaning and sanitation, teamwork and customer service, they help to ensure that the Chipotle customer experience is always the best it can be. Crew members get to learn about and work at a variety of stations: Tortilla, Salsa, Prep, Grill, Expo, and Faxpeditor (what’s this?). In each area they’re greeting and interacting with Chipotle’s customers directly, making their meals, while portioning out the ingredients to our standards. Crew members’ responsibilities require them to be on their feet working while clocked in, unless on break. If they are not busy, they are expected to take on tasks they see that need to get done, and pitch in to help their teammates. In addition to following Chipotle’s policies and procedures, principal responsibilities include, but are not limited to: TIPSTER: THIS IS CRITICAL IF YOU WANT TO WORK HERE!!! WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS...TAKE NOTES - QUESTIONS @ INTERVIEW ARE TAKEN FROM THE VIDEOS ON THE WEBSITE: They tell you everything that you need to know...Study the menu...The more you know the less training you will need and the less training you need (to get actually working) the easier it becomes to hire you...Is that an advantage? Think? Food Prep • Completing hot and cold food preparation assignment accurately, neatly, and in a timely fashion • Following recipes accurately and maintaining food preparation processes such as marinating, seasoning, and grilling meats; chopping herbs; dicing, cutting, and slicing vegetables • Preparing food throughout the day as needed, anticipating and reacting to customer volume • Maintaining appropriate portion control and consistently monitoring food levels on the line • Maintaining proper food handling, safety, and sanitation standards while preparing food Customer Experience • Providing a friendly, quality customer experience to each Chipotle customer
  11. 11. • Working toward understanding and articulating Food With Integrity Miscellaneous • Consistently and accurately using prep sheets, Road Maps, cleanliness list, and station checklists • Following Chipotle sanitation standards including washing cookware and utensils throughout the day • Cleaning equipment, as assigned, thoroughly and in a timely fashion according to Chipotle sanitation guideline The ideal candidate will: • Have the ability to develop positive working relationships with all restaurant personnel and work as part of a team by helping others as needed or requested • Have the ability to speak clearly and listen attentively to guests and other employees • Have the ability to maintain a professional appearance at all times and display a positive and enthusiastic approach to all assignments • Be able to exhibit a cheerful and helpful attitude, and provide exceptional customer service • Be able to adapt to changing customer volume levels with a sense of urgency • Have the ability to demonstrate a complete understanding of the menu • Be able to follow instructions for recipes and sanitation guidelines • Have the ability to be cross-trained in all areas of the kitchen and line • Have the ability to communicate in the primary language(s) of the work location • Have a high school diploma HIRING AT THESE LOCATIONS TODAY…Check out all locations…pick the ones that are closest to you and (now the real work begins) go over and introduce yourself…We have found that it may take several visits to get on…but, by going back, you show the manager that you really are serious…serious candidates are hired first…Remember, there is no shortage of “kind of interested” applicants…put yourself in front of them…Can’t do this? Can’t get over there? Then…I can I ask you a stupid question? If you can’t go now…how are you going to go to work there, every day? If they are too far to go to visit? Then, it is too far to go to work. Might try a closer location… or go on to the next advertisement. • • • • • • • • • Chipotle-now hiring in Gilbert - (Gilbert & 202) Chipotle- Now hiring Desert Sky location - (Peoria) Chipotle Alma School - (Mesa) Chipotle-Happy Valley - (Peoria) Chipotle Las Sendas - (Mesa ) Chipotle ( Thompson Peak) - (Chipotle ( Thompson Peak)) Chipotle-16th street and Camelback Road - (Phoenix) Chipotle-Chandler Pavilions - (Chandler Pavilions) Chipotle-New Restaurant Opening - (Scottsdale Road and Thomas Road)
  13. 13. RIGHT ON THE LITE RAIL! 1125 E. Rio Salado Pkwy. Tempe, AZ 85281 Line Cook- Full Time and Part Time High School education or its equivalent. Must have local health and alcohol awareness certification. Basic cooking skills & Food handler's certification. Please apply in person at ASU Karsten Golf Course, 1125 E. Rio Salado Pkwy. Tempe, AZ STUDY THE MENU. KNOW WHO CHEF BLACK IS AND WHAT IS HE FAMOUS FOR…Again, by doing this you will impress them with how much you want to work there. http://asukarsten.com/food-drink/ ========================================================================= Hiring Servers, Bartenders and Bussers HEADS UP HERE: Must have previous professional serving experience and a current Maricopa County food handler’s card. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. Please apply in person at ASU Karsten Golf Course, 1125 E. Rio Salado Pkwy. Tempe, AZ STUDY THE MENU. KNOW WHO CHEF BLACK IS AND WHAT IS HE FAMOUS FOR…Again, by doing this you will impress them with how much you want to work there. http://asukarsten.com/food-drink/ ========================================================================== Open Interviews will take place onsite 4502 N. 40th St. at the corner of 40th St. and Campbell Ave. Come by Tuesday - Friday between 2 and 4! Closed Thanksgiving. The menu is simple and clean with a Wine/Beer Garden. All food is available to go. Open every day lunch & dinner. All food is available to go. Open every day lunch & dinner. BIG TIP: The name "Ingo's" is inspired by a German music teacher when one of the partner's studied violin and guitar at 7 years old. TIPSTER: Not a lot of INTEL about them but, I would know something about German food...it's called goggle it...Brush off your High School German (they still teach German?) and sprinkler a few words in here and there at the interview. Know some basic info on basic German beers and wines. See, the person who took this extra time, beat you before you even came to apply because they did. If you do the research, you got a chance…if you don’t want to, STAY HOME! ==========================================================================
  14. 14. BERTHA SAYZ YOU STILL HAVEN’T CALLED!!! 25 drivers and 25 car preps to work at the Sky Harbor or Gateway airports on the lot. The position starts immediately. $8 per hour - Paid training - Access to affordable healthcare benefits. Work at one of the largest rental car companies in the world on lot. WEEKLY PAY VIA A PAY CARD! NO PAPER CHECKS- NO CHECK CASHING SERVICE NEEDED! REQUIREMENTS: Full-time and Part-time positions are available! FT & PT shifts start at: 5:30 AM, 1PM, and 4PM - PT only one day is possible too! - FT = 40 hours/week and a 30 minute lunch • Minimum of 18 years of age • Must have a valid Arizona driver’s license • Must not have more than one moving violation or chargeable accident in last three years • Must not have a DUI/DWI within the last five years • Must be able to speak and understand English • Must be willing and satisfied to work outside and be on feet often Contact us: Call Jarrit or Bertha at 602-687-9439 REALLY WANT TO GO TO WORK: Walk-in! We conduct open interviews on Wednesdays from 8:30 to 4:30! 3230 E Broadway Road Suite C150, Phoenix, AZ 85040 – Bring your driving record and resume if you have them. ===================================================================== HIRING VALLEYWIDE…PICK AN AREA…PICK A SHIFT…http://www.rgis.com/us_en/hr/
  15. 15. WE WILL TRAIN YOU! Our jobs are not hard to learn, you only need a good eye for quality and be able to work at a steady pace. If you have experience working in fast paced environments you would be great! (example: manufacturing or production of ANY kind, fast food, military etc..) ASAP - Seasonal Help- Part Time Help NEEDED - 2 SHIFTS AVAILABLE - ASAP! Day shift schedule: 5:00 am until 5:30 pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday Mid shift schedule: 3:30 pm until 3:30 am Friday, Saturday & Sunday * You can work additional days during the week if you would like to!! Immediate interviews being conducted daily! Apply within Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm @ District Photo Inc., 3820 E Watkins St, Phoenix AZ 85034 ======================================================================== JOIN THE LIFE WIRELESS TEAM The ideal employer will have to have the following: Working Lap Top PC with Hot Spot Wireless capability - Dependable transportation - ID Card/SSN Card - Ability to past a 7 year background check / Disqualifiers are any convection of theft or arrears in child support This is a 1099 position so the employee will be an independent contractor and responsible for their own taxes. The employer will provide training and supply the employee with phones and locations to give out the phones. To learn about job opportunities please contact Mr. Randy Carter, Life Wireless, 1-702-419-6279
  16. 16. WE HIRE PEOPLE NOT BACKGROUNDS Whether you are young or old, if you have what it takes to be a champion, we’ll know. We have part time and full time positions available. NOW HIRING Going Green Solar, the fastest growing solar company in the Southwest, is looking for career minded professionals! We are currently hiring Energy Specialists in our renewable energy center. We hire people not backgrounds. Whether you are young or old, if you have what it takes to be a champion, we’ll know. Part time and full time positions available. Base pay plus bonuses, commissions, and daily spiffs. Come in for open interviews Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm 7310 N 16th St Suite 310 Phoenix, AZ 85020 or Call Kym at 602.741.8508 (CALL CENTER WORK) =========================================================================== CHALLENGING VETERANS TO SERVE AND LEAD IN COMMUNITIES ACROSS AMERICA Fellows receive a monthly stipend for their fellowship, based on their cost of living. The Mission Continues is the only national nonprofit challenging veterans to serve and lead in communities across America. A fellowship is an opportunity for a Fellow to utilize his/her military skills and leadership in a civilian setting. The Mission Continues does not offer charity; rather, it offers a challenge to veterans to inspire their communities through continued service and leadership. Fellowships are 26 weeks in length and require 520 hours of service (an average of 20 hours per week), during which the Fellow serves at a nonprofit organization in their community. Fellows work on issues ranging from education to the environment and from disaster preparedness to homelessness. Each fellowship is unique. Fellows are encouraged to choose a fellowship Host Organization based on their personal passions. If interested please visit www.missioncontinues.org or contact, Elizabeth Kempf: (314)571-6190 or visit us at 1141 S. 7th Street. ============================================================== FREE JOB BOARD… http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-Bobs-USED4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v