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  • 1. HOME OF THE AMERICAN MADE JOB The Auntie Sue and Uncle Bob USED JOB SHACKNEW JOB BOOKS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY March 20th 2013------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------State Farm Career FairSheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel Tempe, 1600 South 52nd Street, Tempe, AZ 85281March 20 10:00 am - 8:00 pmLike the vibe of a fast-paced, structured team environment?Interested in sales, customer service, and claims orunderwriting?If so, take a closer look at State Farm!Hiring for Opportunities in Phoenix and Tempe AZ.START DATES BEGIN SUMMER 2013•Multi-language capabilities desired•Full-time and part-time opportunities available
  • 2. •Seeking candidates who are available to work weekends, holidays, andAM/PM shiftsFor job details and to apply online, visit andSearch Jobs in Arizona.Join us at the Career Fair to meet Hiring Management anddiscuss these opportunities in person. Please bring copies ofyour resume. Gateway Operations Center, 444 North 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008
  • 3. State Farm Career FairSheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel Tempe, 1600 South 52nd Street, Tempe, AZ 85281March 218:00 am - 3:00 pmLike the vibe of a fast-paced, structured team environment?Interested in sales, customer service, and claims orunderwriting?If so, take a closer look at State Farm!Hiring for Opportunities in Phoenix and Tempe AZ.START DATES BEGIN SUMMER 2013•Multi-language capabilities desired•Full-time and part-time opportunities available•Seeking candidates who are available to work weekends, holidays, andAM/PM shiftsFor job details and to apply online, visit andSearch Jobs in Arizona.Join us at the Career Fair to meet Hiring Management anddiscuss these opportunities in person. Please bring copies ofyour resume.
  • 4. The Insurance Support Center (ISC) consists of three departments across three locations(Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix*). Each department handles multiple functions designed to deliverquality service for our customers: Payment Center The Payment Center receives and processes premium payments and money received by the Bank, and updates policy records. Printing, Inserting, and Mailing (PIM) Printing, Inserting, and Mailing operations print and mail hundreds of thousands of policyholder premium notices and policy information daily. Support Center The Support Center functions as a technical solution center that provides support to more than 100,000 State Farm associates located in operations centers, claim offices, agents offices, agency field offices, CRCs, Corporate Headquarters, and the three ISC sites.===================================================================Mar 12, 2013, 12:51pm MSTState Farm to hire at least 500for Tempe, Phoenix officesState Farm may be keeping tight-lipped about its yet-to-be-inked plan to build amassive regional headquarters along Tempe Town Lake, but the insurance giant isopen about one thing: it’s hiring in metro Phoenix.Robert Villegas, a local company spokesman, emailed me today saying State Farmis looking to fill more than 500 customer service-related positions this year andwill begin recruiting next week at a career fair in Tempe.The Bloomington, Ill.-based insurance giant is hiring for a variety of positionsincluding claims handling, policyholder customer service and insurance sales,Villegas said. The career fair will take place 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. March 20 and 8 3 p.m. March 21 at the Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel, 1600 S. 52nd Street, inTempe.“The job openings include full-and part-time positions and some bilingualopportunities,” Villegas said in the email. “All positions provide competitivesalaries and benefits, paid job training, annual bonus potential and career growthopportunities.”I first broke the news of State Farm’s plans in Tempe on Feb. 19. I followed it upwith another story last week about how the Tempe campus is one of three newregional headquarters — the others being in Dallas and Atlanta — the insurer willuse to consolidate dozens of smaller offices nationwide. The insurer’s expansion
  • 5. plans in Atlanta and Dallas have also been covered by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Dallas Business Journal, both sister publications. As for the hiring taking place in metro Phoenix this year, Villegas said those positions will be situated in three facilities: one at the Papago Buttes Corporate Plaza, 1500 N. Priest Drive in Tempe; two at the Phoenix Gateway Center, 432 N. 44th Street and 444 N. 44th Street, both in Phoenix. Kristena Hansen - Reporter- Phoenix Business Journal Job seekers can find more information by calling 888-618-3483 and submit applications online at ================================================================== When we say TOTAL Rewards, we mean it. That’s what we call our benefits and pay package. It includes the cash and non-cash rewards offered in exchange for your contributions to the Company’s success. You can click on the Total Rewards Summary button for an overview or check out these links for more information: We want top-notch employees to stay here and grow here. How do we accomplish that? Competitive Starting Salaries above the Market Average Our pay package is designed to reward high performers and be flexible in meeting a variety of business needs. Salaries are reviewed regularly to ensure State Farm remains a pay leader relative to the external labor market. Pay For Performance Annual pay increases and incentive reward opportunities are based on measuring your results and competencies against specific goals. Growth Opportunities State Farm encourages growth from within and provides diverse career opportunities throughout the Company. You are also encouraged to grow and learn in your current job and prepare yourself for future opportunities----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Medical In most locations, employees can choose between the State Farm Group Medical Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). A variety of resources are provided to help you choose the health care option that best meets your needs.
  • 6. DentalThe plan provides coverage for preventive care, dental restorations, and orthodontia care.VisionThe plan provides comprehensive vision benefits, including routine eye exams and contactlenses or glasses.Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)You can choose to allocate before-tax dollars to pay eligible medical and/or dependent-careexpenses. Participating employees don’t pay federal or state income taxes (in most states) orSocial Security taxes on contributions to, or distributions from, these accounts.Life InsuranceProvides basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) protection, with acoverage amount that is two-times your salary. State Farm pays a portion of the premium.Additional voluntary AD&D coverage is also available.Long-Term DisabilityProvides income during prolonged disability due to an illness or injury.Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)Provides protection against the loss of life or certain bodily injuries resulting from coveredaccidents. This coverage provides financial protection for accidents sustained on or off the job,anywhere in the world, in which accidental death, loss of sight, loss of use, and/ordismemberment occurs. The plan offers coverage for you and your eligible dependents. Inaddition, the Voluntary AD&D Plan also covers you (the employee only) for permanent andtotal disability resulting from an accident.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…STATE FARMOffice Representative at State FarmInterview Details –After applying online I was emailed by the agent for a skillstest. I completed the test then was contacted by email again for a phoneinterview. The questions were why do you want to work here? What is a typicalday like for you? Would you have any problems obtaining licenses? Why do youwant to leave your current position? What is your work style- do you preferworking in teams or as an individual? Can you describe your work style? Whyshould I hire you? What salary range are you looking for? What other types ofpositions have you been applying for? When could you start? How do you definesuccess? I passed the phone screen and was told to come in for a face to faceinterview. I dont remember most of those questions but they were primarily
  • 7. sales related. Im still waiting to hear back from the agent to see if I made it to thenext round of interviews.Interview Questions Name an accomplishment that you are recently proud of? Could you mention a time in sales position when you acted inappropriately?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Claims Service Representative at State FarmInterview Details –Filled out an online application. Two weeks later received anemail from HR, so I could take 2 tests. Typical data entry (wpm) and filling ininformation while listening to a customer call. A week later received a call fromrecruiter to set up a phone interview. Set up interview for the next week.Recruiter called at the exact time I scheduled. It was a Quick phone interviewmost of the time she was explaining the position. Interview questions were Gothrough your resume, Why State Farm, Tell me about yourself, Tell me about atime you dealt with a unsatisfied customer, Tell me about a time you mad adifficult decision.....etc. Basic behavioral questions.Interview Question –None. All your typical behavioral questions. Just Googlebehavioral questions and have an example for each oneReason for Declining –Pay rate was lower than I expected-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Claims Representative at State FarmInterview Details –I applied online without uploading a resume. I received anemail with instructions to take an online test at my convenience but within aspecific timeframe (~72hours). You CANNOT use a Mac for this test, and you needheadphones or speakers. Since I only have a MacBook Pro, I had to go to someoneelses house. Online test include a short personality test, data entry as"customers" give you their orders out loud (easy), a few typing speed tests, andseveral timed logic problems.Then I had a phone interview which lasted about 20 minutes (but only 5-6questions) The HR rep asked questions like "tell me about a specific time whenyou had a difficult customer" and "tell me about a specific time when you had toadapt quickly". Others include "why do you want to work for State Farm?" and"Whats your greatest strength? Weakness?"Then I had an in-person interview a couple weeks later. There were two HR reps,a team manager, and a section manager present. They asked questions one byone, going counterclockwise. It lasted about 30 minutes and there were at least15 questions.Interview Question –I was asked to describe my best working relationship. Thiswas easy: I described how my office manager is a mentor to me, etc. Then they
  • 8. asked "what do you bring to this relationship?" I stumbled a bit on that one.Answer QuestionNegotiation Details –No negotiation. $35,000 w/ full benefits starting day one.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Customer-Care Supervisor at State FarmAccepted Offer – Interviewed in Tempe, AZ - Sep 2012– Reviewed Feb 17, 2013Interview Details –The hiring process was an extensive one, though I believe it isbecause it was for a management-level position. From first contact to a job offerwas approximately two months.The first contact was receiving an e-mail from a recruiter asking me basicqualifying questions, such as salary requirements; willingness to relocate, ifrequired; awareness of call-center environment, inclusive of hours of operation.After that, I was scheduled for a telephonic interview with the recruiter I wasdealing with. The questions were straightforward, centering principally onassociate interaction and coaching/feedback.The second interview was a panel interview with two operations manager. Thisinterview was conducted telephonically. The managers were friendly andwelcoming to any questions I had. They asked more targeted managementquestions.After a months wait, the company extended a job offer.Interview Question –One question in particular that I remember centered on whyI wanted to leave the position I was in at the time. The question wasntchallenging per sé; it was simply something I hadnt really thought about, otherthan the standard needs, such as more challenges, different culture, and betterpay.Negotiation Details –Although I expected to negotiate (like I did for any otherposition), State Farm not only met my salary expectations, it exceeded the topend of it by $3,000. I was very impressed. Not because I got more than expected,but because the company didnt do what other companies do: Try to offer thelowest possible in hopes that the candidate does not negotiate.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Customer Service Representative at State FarmAccepted Offer - Jan 2013– Reviewed Feb 7, 2013Interview Details –I interviewed mid-January and got offered the position twodays ago. I interviewed directly with the agent. She was very welcoming and wewere vining very well. The atmosphere was clean and there were actually twoagents in one office and each one had their own sales reps (about two each).Bring a copy of your résumé. She went through the entire thing with me andasked me about ten intense questions. These were the most questions Ive everanswered during an interview LOL. But typical questions...she offered me waterand I left really feeling like I got the job. However, she didnt contact me when she
  • 9. said she would so that threw me off. Especially since I sent her a thank you card. Iended up emailing her to see what was up, an she told me she had some more Iinterviews and would make a decision by the following Tuesday. She stuck to herword and offered me the position. I havent started yet, but I really hope it isnthard to reach the bonuses, because that will make this Job definitely worthwhile.I read that some of you had your background checks and credit checks prior to behired. She did mine afterwards, which I thought was kind of backwards, but Imready for this new challenge, just wish it came with health benefits or something.Then itd be perfect!Interview Question –Pretty regular questions, just every single question in thebook! So be prepared.Negotiation Details –She knew what I was expecting and made a compromisewith me offering commission and bonuses.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Great working environment filled with people who care.”Pros – I am always given an opportunity to learn. Every day is a challenge thatbrings new cases to life. From fires to simple car insurance, this field is alwaysinvigorating. Be prepared to learn every day and adapt to any changes that maytrip you up at times.Cons – Insurance can be hard to handle when the situation is saddening. Having astrong backbone is a must. =====================================================================================================================================Claims Processor Assistant at State FarmInterview Details –I applied online, a few hours later they asked me to fill outsome questionnaire. I filled that out and sent it back and then a few more hourslater they sent me links for tests. One was typing, and then there was customerservice/data entry and personality tests. After that a day or so later they called toset up a phone interview for the next day. Completed that and was told I wouldhear back the following week. 30 minutes later I got a call for an in personinterview. That was set up for 2 days later. I went to that and was told I wouldhear back in two weeks. Got the job offer less than an hour and half later. I wastold I impressed them is why I got a fast turnaround.
  • 10. FLAGSHIP FACILITY SVCS IS HIRING! CALL US RIGHT NOW: 602-437-8869 TO RSVP! JANITORIAL FLOOR CARE TECHS JANITORIAL LEADSWHEN: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 TIME: 10:00 am to 1:00pm and 4:00 pm to 7:00pmWHERE: 2650 South 46th Street Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Let us know you are coming. CALL US RIGHT NOW: 602-437-8869==================================================================OPEN INTERVIEWS WEDNESDAYS BETWEEN 10:00AM - 3:00PM @ CAVALRYSTAFFING - 50 CAR PREPS NEEDED - CALL JARRIT @ (602) 687-9439@ 3230 E. Broadway Rd #C-150, Phoenix, AZ 85040. Seeking part-time and full-time candidates to work at one of the top rental car agencies at Phoenix SkyHarbor Airport and/or Mesa Gateway Airport. Base pay is between $8 -$10/hour.If you have any additional questions, you are more than welcome to call Jarrit @(602) 687-9439 for more information. PLEASE leave a voicemail with your nameand number.-Minimum 18 years of age -Minimum 2 year driving history in the state of Arizona-Valid Arizona Driver License -No DUI/DWI in past 5 years-No more than one moving violation or at fault accident in the past 3 years-Flexible to work weekends/evenings/holidays=============================================================================Local Staffing Agency seeking reliable & professional staff! NEXT DAY PAY!We have landscaping positions available, starting tomorrow. Pipe-fittingexperience preferred, as well as golf course experience.Parking/Valet Attendants Needed! 3 Year clean driving record & ability to pass adrug screen required!!Call us @ 602-682-7855 or come fill out an application at 2340 Grand Avenue,Suite 2B Phoenix, AZ 85009===================================================================WE ARE LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED COMMERCIAL ELECTRICIANS.PLEASE CALL JOE AT 602-363-4086 TO DO A QUICK PHONE INTERVIEW=====================================================================================
  • 11. MAVERICK CONCRETE HIRING EXPERIENCED CONCRETE LABORERS TO STARTIMMEDIATELY.Basic Tools Needed. Dependable. Must have own Transportation.Please apply at Maverick Concrete Construction 75 W. Baseline Rd., Ste #15Gilbert, AZ 85233(located on the south side of Baseline Rd. West of Mesa Drive inthe Fiesta Business Center near MacDonald Drive.)============================================================== SEEKING A FORKLIFT OPERATOR (NIGHT SHIFT) With strong experience in receiving, warehousing, inventory control and material handling equipment. Prior paper experience is a plus. Mustbe knowledgeable in the operation of a fork lift, hand truck, electric pallet jack,roll clamps, shrink wrap machine and strapping machine.The position is located in Phoenix, AZ. Qualified and interested candidates shouldAPPLY IN PERSON at 105 s. 41st Ave. Suite 2 Phoenix, AZ 85009 or fax to (602)484-7388. Resumes must include salary requirements. Check them out before your interview.================================================================COME INTERVIEW WITH US! ALL HOURLY AND MANAGEMENT CANDIDATESWELCOME!Portillos is now hiring ALL restaurant positions including full and part time.Positions include Cashiers, Sandwich Makers, Dining Room Attendants, PrepCooks and Restaurant Managers. Attend our hiring events:WHEN: March 26th 10am - 7pmWHERE: Doubletree Suites by Hilton Phoenix, 320 North 44th St. Phoenix, AZ Positions pay $8 - $11 per hour!! Available Benefits for Hourly Employees: Meal Discounts - Free Uniforms - 401(k) - Working 20+ hours per week includes paid vacation - Additional Benefits Available for Employees Working 30+ Hours per Week - Health/Vision Insurance - Dental Insurance - Paid Vacation
  • 12. BARISTA (FULL-TIME & PART-TIME) - SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT SHOULD HAVERECENT EXPERIENCE WORKING AS A BARISTA ON A NON-AUTOMATEDESPRESSO MACHINEHave a passion and enthusiasm for coffee andfood and a sincere ability and desire toprovide top quality customer service.Exceptional applicants with a strong coffeeknowledge and interest may be consideredwithout recent barista experience however.Schedule flexibility including afternoons and reliable transportation is amust.Great working environment and pay.INTERESTED CANDIDATES SHOULD APPLY IN PERSON AT GIANT COFFEE–1437 N 1st Street, Phx - (1st Street & McDowell) between the hours of9am to 1pm - 3/19 through 3/21.=================================================================HIRING FOR EXPERIENCED FULL AND PART-TIME COOKS - $13-$16 PER HOURQualified applicants will be interviewed on the spot.This is NOT an entry-levelposition. Schedule flexibility is a must and the position requires a minimum of 2years’ experience cooking on the line in a high volume setting - breakfast and eggskills are preferred. Excellent pay available ($13-$16 PER HOUR).Interested candidates may apply in person Tuesday 3/19 through Thursday 3/21between the hours of 1-4pm at Matts Big Breakfast 825 N 1st Street (1st streetand Garfield).MENU: JOB SHACK INSIDE TIP: Always study the menu and their website before yougo…so you have something to talk about when they ask “What do you know aboutour company…?”===============================================================DID YA KNOW?
  • 13. YOU ARE SUBMITTING A NEW PROFILE FOR THE LINE COOKS - $100 SIGN ON BONUS* POSITION. ================================================================================ Well help create the flexible full-time or part-time schedule that makes sense for you. And well be sure to recognize your contributions to our success. Our candidate has a strong customer focus, initiative, and a can-do attitude. Were looking for real team players who can take and receive direction well and accomplish many tasks during one of our action-packed shifts. Whether youre wearing a headset and manning the drive-thru, greeting customers and running the register, preparing menu items, loading stock or keeping the restaurant clean and inviting, your accuracy and attention to detail are qualities that will make you a star player on the Wendys team. CREW MEMBER JOB IN PHOENIX, AZ Reference Number: 49900 Location: 24th & McDowell - 2346 E MCDOWELL Job/Phoenix-AZ/Xgjdp-cl0-jf0-ct0-jid10816450 CREW MEMBER JOB IN PHOENIX, AZ Reference Number: 50140 Location: 27th Ave & Indian School - 2737 W INDIAN SCHOOL MEMBER JOB IN PHOENIX, AZReference Number: 49940Location: 3rd & Indian School - 301 E INDIAN SCHOOL RD MEMBER JOB IN PHOENIX, AZReference Number: 49920Location: Camelback - 2024 CAMELBACK ROAD
  • 14. USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…WENDY’SCrew Member at WendysNo OfferInterview Details – Applied online, was called a couple of weeks later and asked if I was stillinterested in the position. An interview was scheduled and went smoothly enough. Mostquestions were about availability, school, schedule, transportation, and experience. However,there were a few questions with hypothetical situations, but they seemed pretty run-of-the-mill. Overall, nothing wild or unexpected.Interview Question –What would you do if a customer became very upset with you, to thepoint of becoming unruly?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at WendysAccepted Offer – Mar 4, 2013Interview Details – I turned in my application had an interview right on the spot with amanager. The guy liked me so he sent me to interview with the general manager a few dayslater. She liked me and hired me on the spot. Started working about a week later because I hadgotten into a car accident right after she offered me the job.Negotiation Details –No negotiation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cook at WendysAccepted Offer– Feb 20, 2013Interview Details –met with the assistant manager. He asked very standard questions which didnot surprise me. Comfortable conversation in the dining room and I got some fries after theinterview.Interview Question –No difficult questions were asked. I felt comfortable with each questionasked. Nice for my first interview.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at WendysAccepted Offer– Reviewed Feb 13, 2013Interview Details –You walk in, apply, and give application to one of the managers thats thereat the time. General Manager calls to set up an interview. At the interview he asks basicquestions and then he will offer you the job. Basically if you get a call, you have the job.Interview Question –What makes you a good candidate for this job----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Interview Details –Was hired right on spot with no real experience. I was glad about that…-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Interview Details –Took literally less than 15 minutes to get hired. I showed up clean shavenand had an attitude that I was a positive person…That was that!
  • 15. HILSTONE SERVER WAGES AVERAGE $75-100 AT LUNCH, $150-200 AT DINNER CONSISTENTLY. No experience necessary, though it is preferred. Servers, full time and part-time positions available- some weekday lunch and weekend availability is required. Full Health Benefits available upon hire. For Greeters, part time positions are available (average 20-25 hours/week). Apply in person Monday through Thursday 2-4pm. We are located at 2650 East Camelback Road (Next to Chase Bank on the north side of the road). Please dress in business attire and be prepared for an interview. If possible, we encourage you to fill out an application before arriving in order to expedite theinterview process. Please follow the link below to print the application and pleasebring your completed application with you. OUR WEBSITE: CALLING ALL ELECTRICIANS!! We are a local staffing agency seeking skilled electricians for contract work around the valley. Preferred to have own tools & reliable transportation, but call office for more details 602-682-7855. Jobs starting as early as tomorrow morning!=================================================================FT RECEIVER/STOCKER JOB ID # 491516BR - 2929 W. THUNDERBIRD ROADResponsible for safe, accurate and efficient receiving and stocking of in-boundfreight. Greet and acknowledge all customers in a friendly, professional mannerand provide quick, responsive customer service.^ZROsgdlbO4JFJ1SmxUubJZG1FlZ5PyTiTuolCqBPp1i/6gAMrJcjHA7sTcaUwfWa==============================================================GRAVEYARD SHIFT 25 PRODUCTION WORKERS ! (GOODYEAR)Now hiring Production workers! Shift times 6pm-6am every other weekend off.$9.50ph. We conduct background checks and drug screening. Physical
  • 16. requirements include, but are not limited to, standing for whole shift, bendingand lift up to 25 lbs. Temp to Hire. Please bring ID to prove to work in the U.S.APPLY @ ANY LOCATION. JOB OPENED UNTIL FILLED. SNOOZE YA LOOSE!BUCKEYE: 7707 Highway 85 4am-12TOLLESON: 9550 W. Van Buren#20 8am-11amPHOENIX: 6601 W. Indian School Road 12-3pm=================================================================NIGHT CREW CLERK # 136579 PHOENIX STORE NUMBER: 154The night crew clerk or non-checking clerk maintains and replenishes generaldepartment (grocery, frozen foods, liquor, non-foods and health and beautycare), merchandise.If called upon, night crew clerks may need to learn use of cashregisters. Min age 18. ACCESSORIES/KIDS SALES FLOOR - LAST CHANCE - PHOENIX-107587 1919 E. Camelback Road Suite 1 Camelback Colonnade PHX 85016 The ideal Last Chance sales floor associate is motivated, results oriented and committed to providing outstanding customer service every day. Ability to work a flexible schedule based on department and store needs. ROTATING SALES AND SUPPORT - THE SHOPS AT TOWN AND COUNTRY RACK-108558 2073 East Camelback Rd Phoenix 85016 Nordstrom Rack offers rotating sales and support positions that assist all departments within our stores. The ideal candidate is flexible and thrives in a changing environment. Ability to work a flexible schedule based on department and store needs. GENERAL PROCESSING - LAST CHANCE -PHOENIX- 106969 (WAREHOUSE) 1919 E. Camelback Rd Suite 1 Camelback Colonnade PHX 85016Receive and off-load inbound freight from our Distribution Centers and common carriers. Sortand deliver merchandise to our selling departments.
  • 17. RECEIVERHigh school diploma or equivalent and 1-2 years prior receiving experience; or anacceptable combination of education and experience.Receives all product for thestore, inspecting it for temperature (if perishable), shortages, overages, damage,and quality.Store 17- Phoenix 16th St - Phoenix, Arizona 850201625 E. Glendale Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85020-5521 (602) 385-2150Store 7 - Northern - Phoenix, Arizona 850218040 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 864-6130=============================================================CASHIER1-2 years recent cashiering experience and a high school diploma or GED.Requires strong attention to detail and proficiency with numbers; proficient incash handling and mathematical skills; ability to read, write and count.Store 17- Phoenix 16th St Phoenix, Arizona 850201625 E. Glendale Ave.Phoenix, AZ 85020-5521 (602) 385-2150Store 4 - Paradise Valley Phoenix, Arizona 8503212415 N. Tatum Blvd.Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-4177Store 8 - Indian School Phoenix, Arizona 850162824 E. Indian School Rd.Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 553-3131HOW TO APPLY: APPLY ONLINE THEN GO TOTHE STORE (10-11:30AM or 2-4PM…Best times) TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF.INSIDER TIP: Study the website…Even read the weekly specials before you go…WEBSITE: SPECIALS: ever store has the same look at the store where you applied.SPECIFICALLY READ: to answer that question...”what doyou know about us?” Recruiters see applicants who took the time, energy to readthe website as BETTER candidates because it goes to the core factor of yourinterest and your desire to work for the company. Common Sense says that themore you demonstrate that you are interested in the company the more they willdo for you…aka…hire you!==================================================================Sprouts is one of the larger grocers in the Western United States, with 2012 annual revenues approaching $2billion. Sprouts now operates 150 stores, with 17 more scheduled to open this year, and employs approximately11,000 people. Continuing with their aggressive growth plans, more new locations are planned for 2014.===================================================================
  • 18. AMERICAN VALET IS NOW HIRING SHUTTLE DRIVERS FOR DOWNTOWN HOSPITAL LOCATION. Please call 602-861-9182 or 1-800-419-2975. $10.50/HR. Must have and maintain a valid Driver-s license and a clean driving record. Forinsurance purposes, must be at least 21 years of age. DOT Physical is required.Must have CDL with Passenger endorsement. Must be clean cut and clean shaven.No visible tattoos or piercings. Schedules vary. Willing to work either earlymorning, afternoon, and evening. NO CRIMINAL HISTORY ACCEPTED.CHECK THEM OUT: season is here!!! Hard Rock Cafe is looking to staff for the season. Allpositions wanted. Linecook, host, servers, and street team. Experience ispreferred; a great smile is a must. PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON FROM 11-3PM.COME BE A PART OF THE TEAM THAT PROVIDES AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES THATROCK!!Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix - 3 South 2nd Street, Suite 117, Phoenix, AZ 85004===================================================================DANNYS TRUCK WASH AND SERVICE CENTERS IS LOOKING TO FILL DINERPOSITIONS IN A FAST PACED 24/7 OPERATIONThe position require a minimum of three years’ experience and must be able towork evenings and weekends. Please call 623-936-6600 to set up an interview.===================================================================
  • 19. Ovations Food Services is a food and beverage Management Company who iscurrently looking for Part-Time and Full-Time Cooks of all levels to work in itsoperations at Vee Quiva Casino, Lone Butte Casino and Wild Horse Pass Hotel &Casino. Benefits are available for the FT positions. THE POSITIONS BEING HIRED FOR ARE COOK 1, COOK 3 AND COOK 5.If interested, please respond to this posting with your resume or come and applyin person at the Ovations HR office of Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino.5040 W Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224=================================================================GILA RIVER CASINOS JOBSBingo Caller VQLaveen - Bingo Clerk VQLaveen - Bingo Clerk P/TChandlerBingo Manager VQLaveen - Executive HostLaveen – Executive Housekeeper VQLaveen - House AttendantChandler - Human Resource TrainerChandler, Laveen -Information Technology SpecialistChandler, Laveen - Inventory ManagementSupervisor (LBDC)Chandler - Inventory Management Technician (LBDC)Chandler- Landscape Groundskeeper IChandler - Players Club Representative(PT)Chandler - Players Club SupervisorChandler - Poker Dealer - P/TChandler -Pool AttendantChandler - Reservation AgentChandler - Room AttendantChandlerValet Parking Staff– VQLaveen American PreferenceWe offer hiring preference to qualified members of the Gila River Indian Community.Preference is given to qualified Native American candidates in accordance with the IndianPreference Act.NOTE: Must be able to obtain a gaming license… CHECK OUT…NO FELONIES…BUT…check out website to see the actual details…
  • 20. MENU: ONLY HAVE A FEW POSTIONS AVAILABLE FORSELECT INDIVIDUALS. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS.(BILTMORE FASHION PARK)APPLY IN PERSON ONLY PLEASEon this Tuesday thru Friday 2-4:30 pm, no phonecalls please. Location: 2502 E. Camelback Rd, Suite 148A Phoenix, AZ 85016 - (weare located within Biltmore Fashion Park in the UNION market near StingraySushi)RESTAURANT: DEL PIERO TRATTORIA BILTMORERESTAURANT Kitchen, Server & Food-Retail Workers WantedCOMPANY: QUEEN CREEK OLIVE MILL- REA FAMILY OF COMPANIESPositions:P/T ONLY: Cook, Server, Runner, Utility/Prep, Food-Sever / Retail, Cook-Previous kitchen experience necessary- Pay: $8-$11/hr. depending on previousexperience…Server, Runner, Utility/Prep, Retail positions- restaurant experiencepreferred but not a must, pays vary...Shifts: Flexible, varied shifts can be any daysbetween Sunday through Saturday and times between 9:30am - 8pmCREATIVE BISTRO/ ITALIAN TRATTORIA STYLE RESTAURANT & BARINDOOR/OUTDOOR atmosphere at the Mall. Great, fun working environment.Great company. Candidates should pose a positive attitude, be 100% reliable and be ready to work hard.=================================================================