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WARNING: The reading of this job book could lead to employment.

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  2. 2. Over many years, people have consistently raved (in detail) about how nice Skymall's people are and how nice of a company they are to work for... THAT IS WHY, WE TAKE NOTICE (HERE AT THE USED JOB SHACK) WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE HIRING…. Job Status: Full and Part-Time Positions – Flexible scheduling options Job Type: Call Center Sales & Service Support Representatives 1520 E. Pima Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Pima Street is one block south of Buckeye off 16th Street, near the airport
  3. 3. SKYMALL IS HIRING… They are an interesting company by the very nature of what they market and sell. And do NOT have that many hiring events. Mark this in your was that day! If you like talking on the phone, if most people say that you have a nice personality, you go out of your way to help cats, dogs stuck in trees or people for that matter and you want a long term position where people will recognize/reward your skills, effort and ability; then why are you reading this... You’ve seen the SkyMall catalog in the seat back pocket of the airplane. Be a part of the cool team where Work = Fun! Our products are innovative, our call center is open, and we are looking for polished and professional representatives to WOW our deserving customers. This position is responsible for answering calls in an inbound call center environment. You will be required to address the needs of the caller by establishing rapport and building trust with professionalism and courtesy. In this position you will not only be required to provide accurate information about products and status of orders but you must also demonstrate the ability to recognize a sales opportunity by finding a need, recommending a solution and closing the sale. You must demonstrate enthusiasm for the position while maintaining productivity goals of the department and meeting quality, sales and customer service standards.
  4. 4. APPLY NOW BEFORE THEY GIVE YOUR JOB WAY!!!! ------------------------------------------- When you look at the requirements of 6 months experience dealing with people and type 20 wpm, you say piece of cake. But, why do 8 out of 10 people get turned away? Why do very qualified people not make the cut? Want to know? Do you want to be one of the 2 out of 10 that gets a second interview/hired? • 8 out of 10 applicants are cut because they didn’t know how to fill the application CORRECTLY and then how to transfer the application information back into their resume (so that they match) 8 out of 10 applicants confused experience with skills. They assumed that• because the position does not require experience that it didn’t require a lot of skills and abilities. • 8 out of 10 applicants never read the employer’s job description in any detail or actual took the time to highlight the skills that the employer wanted rather than what they had. • 1 out of 10 used our formula (Rule Number 4) to create an application and then transferred this information into their resume (which then mirrors the application) to show that they had all of the skills and abilities that the employer wanted. • 1 out of 10 applicants got there based upon Old Lady Luck. But, luck runs out by the time they get to the interview because they did not do their homework (research on the company).
  5. 5. WITH MANY LARGE COMPANIES…it is important that you know that for the first two levels of review a real person does not see your application because the company’s computer system scans your application. The computer is a very bright 6 year old…very smart but, not a lick of logic. Getting selected for an interview is very difficult when the company screens your application with the computer and you do not have the cheat sheet (full job description). The computer scans for key words and phrases, it does not read or understand the content. Your application is given a number score 0-100 (you can get over 100 but at 100 you are on the A List) and the closer you are to 100, the better you chances are in getting an interview. So, if you didn’t have the specific words or phrases that the computer was looking for, then, would you be selected? If you had all the key words and phrases worked into your application, then, what are your chances? Get it? We found the job description for you (STEP 1) and we have done the heavy lifting to do the breakdown of key words, phrases, skills and abilities. The highlighted word and phrases have been moved into a breakdown to see what they employer REALLY needs. : To start Step Three, you must understand that the ONLY thing(s) that the employer is interested in are on the breakdown. So, if it’s not on the list then why would I waste time/space talking about things that they employer is not interested in? You MUST switch your mind from “I did…I did…” to what the employer said they “I need…I need…” Your job is to show the employer that you have the ability to do the job that they need you to do (not what you are capible of doing). It’s time to start with the reading, slicing, dicing and tearing about this job description. We will pick you up on the backside of this exercise after you have seen how it is done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our products are innovative, our call center is open, and we are looking for polished and professional representatives to WOW our deserving customers This position is responsible for answering inbound calls for our Loyalty accounts. You will be required to address the needs of the caller by establishing rapport, building trust,
  6. 6. representing the partner’s brand and culture with professionalism and courtesy. In this position there is a need to make a personal connection while following a script, showing ability to convert questions into resolutions and redemptions. You must demonstrate enthusiasm for the position while maintaining productivity goals of the department and meeting quality and customer service standards ….. SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: • Proven sales or service experience in a service-oriented, or Contact Center environment. • Proven success in resolving a wide range of guest situations while working in a diverse yet structured environment. • The ability to follow through on commitments while maintaining flexibility with assignments and scheduling needs. • Proven ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, ability to provide product information, using sales skills to multiple Guests simultaneously and maintain productivity goals of department. • Proven ability to communicate in a conversational manner that promotes dialogue and establishes rapport. • Proven success working on a computer, navigating through multiple computer systems, professional e-mail etiquette, strong written (typing) and verbal communication skills to avoid poor grammar and misstatements, • Proven ability to maintain a high level of accuracy, attention to detail and handle multiple priorities. • The ability to consistently meet or exceed established performance goals KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: • High School diploma or equivalent • Requires 6 months of Customer Relations experience or a transferrable skills • Strong Communication skills, Written, Verbal, Listening • Typing and data entry skills of 20 WPM with 80% accuracy • Computer literacy in windows environment, Navigating Internet site via web browser software • Great attitude and must enjoy working with others PHYSICAL AND MENTAL DEMANDS: Able to respond to upset customers in a positive manner, Able to sit down for long periods, Able to handle constant call flow without rest between calls, Must be able to remain in a stationary position most of the time, Constantly operates a computer and other office productivity machinery, such as a calculator, copy machine, and computer printer, Flexibility, scheduling is based on business/seasonal need
  7. 7. Maintain a positive work atmosphere, act and behave in a manner that promotes a positive experience for customers, clients, co-workers and management, Be ready for work every day at prescribed time; punctuality a must. Health & Safety Concerns (Environment), Open cubicle environment Important Notes: Current Government Issued Photo I.D. required for consideration Please click on the link: This will direct you to the SkyMall career site. Choose the ‘Call Center’ option. Choose the appropriate position and complete the application before the day of the All schedules require weekend work. All offers contingent on satisfactory background checks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) DEAL MAKERS/KILLERS: High School diploma or equivalent - Requires 6 months of Customer Relations experience or a transferrable skills – Typing and data entry skills of 20 WPM with 80% accuracy – ready for work every day at prescribed time; punctuality a must – enthusiasm for the position. (51) SALES ABILITIES – CUSTOMER SERVICE {DEALING WITH PEOPLE} SKILLS : innovative – polished – professional – WOW – professionalism – courtesy – answering inbound calls – address the needs of the caller – establishing rapport – building trust – representing – make a personal connection – following a script – convert questions – resolutions – redemptions – enthusiasm for the position – maintain{ing} – productivity goals – meeting quality – customer service standards – sales or service experience – guest situations – follow through – commitments – flexibility – assignments – scheduling – multi-task – fast paced – provide product information – sales skills – multiple Guests simultaneously – productivity goals – communicate – promotes dialogue – conversational manner – establishes rapport – written – typing – verbal – communication skills – consistently meet or exceed – performance goals – Communication skills – Written, Verbal, Listening – Great attitude – enjoy working with others - respond to upset customers in a positive manner – handle constant call flow (17)COMPUTER SKILLS: working on a computer – navigating through multiple computer systems – multi-task – provide product information – e-mail etiquette – Typing and data entry skills of 20 WPM with 80% accuracy – high level of accuracy – attention to detail – operates a computer – handle multiple priorities – consistently meet or exceed – performance goals – Computer literacy in windows – office productivity machinery – copy machine – computer printer =========================================================================
  8. 8. STEP THREE (CONTINUED): How many of these key words or phrases from the job description did you have? Count them up and that is your core score. How far are you from 100? Do you now see how to get to 100? You re-write you job descriptions (talking only about the skills that you know the employer is looking for…everything else is wasting time) based upon the what the employer needs. No luck needed here! You know, it is in the breakdown. Ok, there are a few deal makers or killers here that you can not side step. • You must have a GED/HS (some people have used the fact that they were in a GED Class and that they expected to be graduating in a couple of months to get in…it works sometimes…sometimes no). • You must be able to past a typing test @ 20wpm (with at least a 80% accuracy rate). You know this up front and have a couple of days to practice. • ENTHUSIASM FOR THE POSITION – You must really want this job and take your “A” Game to this application and then, to the interview. Most of the sales skills are just customer service and dealing with people abilities. This employer is less concerned with the years of experience that you need and they are more interested in you ability to do this job. If they were concerned with experience they would have asked for 3-5 years (to cover their bases). They are looking for the above highlighted skills and abilities. It is your job to showcase those skills and abilities to the employer. • Ignore this formula and advice and have a 1 in 10 chance of getting this job. • Use the Rule Number Four Formula and have (up to) an 8 out 10 chance of getting an interview (depending upon how well you did your job). Use as many of these key word, phrases, abilities and skills as you can as you re- write each of your job descriptions. Write a new narriative (put the words into sentences instead of just adding them as a billet) for each job. Now recount your key words, phrases, skills and abilities in your new resume. How many do you have now? 100? If not, go back, re-write by adding more till you are saftely over 100.
  9. 9. “…Although the company, that I represented, utilized polished and professional scripts to answer inbound call dealing with sales or service issues because it was a fast pace, high volume center, we had the flexibility in our customer service standards to take extra time to address the needs of our caller by establishing a rapport based upon professionalism and courtsey to promote a dialogue of building trust that we would follow through and we were able to constantly meet or exceed our performance goals by being able to respond to our upset customers in a positive manner of using a great, friendly attitute to turn frowns into smiles…” HOW MANY OF THE KEY WORDS ARE IN HERE? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE???? ================================================================ The way that SkyMall explained it to us is that "...We sell Really Cool stuff to people who call to order out of our SkyMall Catalog. We are an inbound call center. We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic staff who love to work with other people. Customer Service & Sales experience a PLUS! But, we offer paid training..." =========================== This is an important part if you get hired or not is your availbility. If you can’t work certain hours or days (and you applied for full time) then you went from the “A” List to the “Don’t Bother to CALL” List. If you have restrictions then apply for part-time and remember, the more restrictions you have the less likely is that they are going to hire you. Open availability candidates are the first called and only if they can not fill the positions with this group will they call you. ==================================================================
  10. 10. TIPSTER: DIRECTLY CONTACT MEANS... means that they call and talk to you DIRECTLY without leaving a message or where you can return their call within 20 minutes. 30 minutes is your window before they call someone else... Over the past weeks, I have seen 10 people lose a direct hire because the employee could not reach them because the applicant gave a bogus number, a number for a phone with no minutes, a phone with the voice mail full or turned off, voice mail with 15 minutes of Toby Keith or where the applicant didn't return the employer's call till days later (the job by then had been filled by another applicant that answers their phone). Sad because this employer was calling to offer them the job...these same applicants are back (now) crying how they can't get a job, how much they need (want) to work...but when opportunity called them...they refused to pick up...go figure...I shed a tear...NOT!!! ================================================ You have created the PERFECT Application that you transferred into you resume and now you have the PERFECT Resume. Congrats on getting the interview! But, now the real work (homework = research about “who the company is, what they do and why do they do it the way that they do?”) The first (last question that you be asked seriously) question that they will ask you is “tell me what you know about my company?” This is a serious screening question to determine “HOW SERIOUS YOU ARE” as a candidate. The employer is only interested in SERIOUS CANDIDATES that want to do a specific (not anything) job for this specific employer. They are not interested in the person who “NEEDS A JOB” nor in the person who might want a job. They are busy people and actual resent the applicant who shows up without any knowledge about the job and about the company that they are applying. Had an employer explain “if the applicant is not willing to invest 10-15-20 minutes to learn who we are and what we do…if they are not willing to invest time in themselves (their own future) then, I don’t need them. If they are not willing to invest in themselves, that makes me wonder what would they invest in my company or even into what they would invest in doing this job for me…I feel
  11. 11. insulted when an applicant shows up and I have to explain to them what we do. These are not serious applicants who waste my time…that I resent!” That says it all, doesn’t it? Direct from the lips of an employer who was upset by the quality of applicants being sent. When you show up looking like you are ready to go to work, where you can have an intelligent conversation about the employer’s company (and/or the industry) and you have the availability that you need; you become a “A” List candidate. Combine this with your PERFECT Application (and/or your PERFECT Resume) and you are the PERFECT Candidate. If you are the PERFECT Applicant, why would the employer let you walk without making you an offer? If you have done your job correctly then, they wouldn’t. Would you let the PERFECT Candidate walk out of your office? I think not. HOMEWORK? Homework means that it is YOUR JOB to learn as much as you can about: • Who is this Company? • What do they do? • Why do they do what they do (why are they successful)? You must not look at this as a cost (of your time) but as an investment in you (near) future. It makes the difference in getting hired or having to get up tomorrow and having to try again. If you do not have the time to do this, if you are too busy to put in this extra effort or you have too many appointments; then, maybe you are too busy to work? The truth is something that is within you, if you have excuses for not doing something, the truth is that you don’t want to do that and this you must work out with yourself. We can’t help you with that!
  12. 12. CHECK THIS OUT…MAY BE A CONVERSATION AT INTERVIEW? THE CATALOG: IT IS WHAT THEY DO… Man…you need to check out the catalog(s) and all of the neat products that they sell (which they consider to be the coolist things on the planet). Pick out several items that you think are cool and how much they cost. They will ask you: • Have you seen our catalogs? • What are your favorite items? • Have you ever bought something from us? • If you did, how was the process? What could you do to improve or make it better? Spent a little time going through the catalogs. Pick out your items (that you liked) and scan the “NEW ARRIVAL” Sections so you have a few new items to mention. Personalized Owl Backpack Details backpack/343417.html Miles Kimball SKU: 343417 Price: $19.99 ============================ THEY HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE: ============================ NEW CATALOG HERE: app_121528334670554 ============================ SkyMall is a specialty publishing firm headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. SkyMall produces a quarterly in-flight publication, SkyMall, with an annual circulation of approximately 20 million copies distributed in airplane seat pockets. SkyMall is a multi-channel, direct marketer offering products through direct marketers and manufacturers through its SkyMall catalog and web site, The SkyMall catalog is seen by approximately 88% of all domestic air passengers in the United States, reaching more than 650 million air travelers annually. SkyMall also offers turn-key merchandise and fulfillment solutions for loyalty marketing programs.
  13. 13. In 2012, SkyMall was purchased by Najafi Companies, the largest private equity firm in Arizona. SkyMall, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Bob Worsley, Alan Lobock, Matthew Del Bianco, and Graham Alcock. It originally offered goods from other companies' catalogs for same-day delivery to customers arriving at select U.S. airports or, if the customer preferred, to their home or office via express shipment. To accomplish the same-day delivery promise, SkyMall operated its own warehouses located near the selected airports. Shortly after launching, the company purchased contracts from another company that allowed it to offer catalog merchandise to travelers flying many of the nation's air carriers. This move, which did not receive the support of all of the founders, required a significant shift in SkyMall's focus and operations, ultimately forcing the company to abandon its same-day delivery service and nearly bankrupting the company. The company now offers goods from other companies' catalogs for drop-ship to the customer via third-party transport firms. SkyMall is often parodied for selling sometimes unusual products. For instance, comedy troupe Kasper Hauser released the book "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy from a Plane" as an unauthorized parody of the Sky Mall catalogue. It features absurd products such as the Banana-ganizer, Self-Pepper Spray, Llamacycle, and Living-Room Beluga Aquarium. References in music and TV include: • "SkyMall" by Jonathan Coulton. • In the third Blue Collar Comedy Tour film, One for the Road, Bill Engvall jokes about the addictive nature the magazine has on him, calling the magazine, "my crack". • SkyMall was referenced on Weeds (Season 6); however, the episodes cast the company in a negative light. • It has also been parodied by Penny Arcade ( http://www.penny- • SkyMall was also referenced on the Breaking Bad episodes Negro y Azul, when a cartel member (Danny Trejo) is demanding a list of items from the magazine in turn for helping out the DEA, and Hermanos, when a DEA agent (Dean Norris) unveils a GPS tracking device purchased from SkyMall. • Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) was seen reading a SkyMall catalog on the plane in the movie "Get Smart."
  14. 14. • An article on, written by an official columnist, lists "The 7 Most Useless Skymall Products", which lists 7 comically, seemingly pointless, products previously sold through SkyMall. • Mitzi from Shin Chan has also referenced SkyMall in the show several times, (claiming she's read and owns every SkyMall magazine from 1987 and onward), in the episodes, "Hima Nohara in "The Creeping Terror" and in the episode, "The Girls of 34C". • It is also featured in a segment, called "Crap I found on SkyMall" on the show The Giz Wiz on the TWiT network. • In the television show How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris' character) claims that everything he owns in his office and apartment comes from SkyMall's catalogue. • In a Hanes t-shirt commercial touting the softness of their shirts, the one man not wearing a Hanes shirt is wearing a shirt made of live kittens. After being derided by the others, he says "But I got it off SkyMall!" =================================================================================== TAKEOFF Christine A. Aguilera of SkyMall says buyers are looking for laughs. NOT recession-proof: The Peeing Boy of Brussels Sculpture and Fountain. The Marshmallow Shooter. The Bunion Regulator. And yet, the Zombie of Montclaire Moors, at $89.95, a ghoulish, 13-pound lawn sculpture, is still a top seller in the SkyMall catalog, the advertiser of unusual gadgets and other products you never knew you needed.
  15. 15. The Pet Observation Porthole ($29.95), a clear plastic dome that can be mounted in a fence to “give an inquisitive canine a panoramic view of the world,” was so popular that it sold out. There also remains a huge demand for the cordless Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum ($49.95), which can suction up flies, bees and spiders from up to two feet away. The catalog’s annual circulation — via the seat pocket in front of you — is 20 million. Each year as many as 688 million bored and restless airline passengers can flip through its pages to ponder, in the latest edition, 2,000 products. “If there is any piece of writing that defines our culture, I submit it’s the SkyMall catalog,” the author Bill McKibben wrote in a 2006 essay in Orion magazine, a nature and culture magazine published every two months. “To browse its pages is to understand the essential secret of American consumer life: That we’ve officially run out not only of things we need, but even of things we might plausibly desire.” In its 19 years, the SkyMall catalog has served not only as a reflection of consumer behavior, but as a symbol of Americans’ love of shopping and curious delight with oddball items. SkyMall pulls together merchandise from hundreds of retailers, including Brookstone, Hammacher Schlemmer and Frontgate. With fewer people flying or spending money, the economic downturn may have tilted the catalog’s sales slightly more toward utilitarian items — the No. 1 best seller this year is a 10-by-22-foot square of polyvinyl floor covering for the garage ($359), and the first truly frivolous item, the Giant Cupcake Pan, comes in at No. 17. But last year, the Bunion Regulator, which costs $15.99 and straps onto the toe overnight to ease bunion pain, came in at No. 9 on the best-seller list, after the Breathe Fit Snoring Aid ($29.95) with the Marshmallow Shooter not far behind. Still, the recession does not appear to have diminished the catalog’s kitschy appeal. “Some may think that what we provide is just a good laugh,” Christine A. Aguilera, SkyMall’s president, said in an e-mail message after a phone interview. “There’s nothing wrong with that. But when you are standing eye to eye with a giant spider, you will be thankful you bought the Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum.” She added, “Even when times are tough, I think Americans are still optimistic about the future and interested in products that can make their lives a little easier.
  16. 16. There is no secret category or line of goods that are recession-proof. What is recession resistant is innovation.” In 2007, SkyMall embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign that drove up its Web sales. In January, SkyMall ventured into social networking territory, hiring an official corporate Twitterer. The tweets generated enough interest in the Wonder Woman Cuff bracelet ($24.95) that sales of the item more than doubled, Ms. Aguilera said. “Philosophically, Americans like to have products, they like to have new things, they like to have things the neighbors don’t have,” Ms. Aguilera said in the phone interview. “I know that some of the products people find a little entertaining, comical, whimsical, but I don’t think there’s anything bad about that.” Although there are plenty of practical items in the catalog, including suitcases and sneakers, it is the weird and wacky ones that tend to get the attention. Last year, one humor blog,, listed “The 5 most ridiculous SkyMall Products Money Can Buy,” putting at No. 4 “a baffling array of lawn ornaments” like the Zombie and the Peeing Boy of Brussels. “What it does: Makes your house look like it’s occupied by a complete lunatic,” the post said. Kit Yarrow, a professor of psychology and marketing at Golden Gate University, said that the SkyMall catalog could have a particular appeal in the recession. “Their audience is really looking for relief, not just something to alleviate boredom, but also a little bit of fantasy,” she said. “If you look at the products in there, they are lifestyle and gadget-oriented, both the sort of thing that transports you in a way. You can imagine a different lifestyle, imagining yourself out in the backyard barbecuing, with the kids shooting marshmallows, the birds chirping and life is good.” Technically, SkyMall is an advertising company. Retailers pay to have their products listed in the catalog, which is published four times a year and changes most of its product selection each time. SkyMall has a variety of financial arrangements with its retailers, Ms. Aguilera said, and sometimes gets a cut of sales in addition to charging for advertising.
  17. 17. Some top-selling items, like the Bug Vacuum and the Edge Baking Pan ($39.95), which is meant to prevent burnt edges and gooey centers in brownies, appear regularly in consecutive catalogs, or else remain available on The products are advertised in the catalog, which is distributed through 13 airlines and Amtrak and on SkyMall, which is privately held and based in Phoenix, would not release information on its profitability or total sales. Forty percent of SkyMall customers order merchandise through the company’s toll-free telephone number and the rest order through the SkyMall Web site; SkyMall said sales from the Web site alone were up last year, to $81.5 million from $75 million in 2007. The top-selling categories for SkyMall include housewares and pet products, such as gates, indoor dog restrooms, pet drinking fountains and feeders, and the Bark Free Pro ($89.95), which uses ultrasonic tones heard only by dogs to stop them from barking. It’s No. 4 on the list of the 60 top sellers on sale in the late spring 2009 catalog. Among Ms. Aguilera’s top five all-time favorite products in the SkyMall catalog: The Bug Vacuum, currently the No. 5 best seller. She uses it to rid her home of any desert insects that survive the exterminator. “I gave this to all my sisters one year at Christmas,” she said. “They are still sucking up scorpions. Now if they could only invent one that would suck up small snakes.” ================================================================= You have to present your qualifications through the whole application process (targeted resume and cover letter, well-prepared interview) to demonstrate your skills and qualifications. You should always highlight relevant skills, education background and work experience in preparing your Skymall job application, resume and interview when you are applying jobs at Skymall. These days, if you can find alumni, friends who work at Skymall that are willing to help you with the referral, it will greatly increase your chance to get a job at Skymall. You need to search and find connections at Skymall via your school alumni network, your professional and personal network. Networking is key these days to get a job at Skymall and for job search in general. It is better than a random job application. Besides, you can gain inside information to facilitate your job application for Skymall. That said, if you couldn't find a referral from Skymall,
  18. 18. you should still apply via SkyMall website, SkyMall recruiters, etc. These traditional ways still work some time. Majority of job applicants apply for jobs at Skymall this way. It is impossible for anyone to find connections at all the companies they are interested in. I applied for a job at Skymall. Other than the confirmation email, I haven't heard from them for several weeks now. I also found out that the job listing at Skymall company website is gone and a slightly different job was posted. Does that mean the job was filled? Who I should contact? What I need to do? Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated. ANSWER 1: Job posting vary a lot. It all depends on the company HR and hiring group or hiring manager at Skymall. I would suggest you follow up with your contact to inquire about your application status. Meantime, continue applying for jobs at other companies. Persistency, consistency and preparation are key for any job search, including for jobs at Skymall. ANSWER 2: Follow up! It is very important for Skymall job application and any job search. You can send them email or call them to ask them about your application status after about two weeks. IMPORTANT! Follow up after your interview at Skymall, thank the interviewer and HR for their time, and mention things you might have missed or forgot to emphasize in the interview. There is no typical day at Skymall. Every group is different at Skymall. Most of groups are decent while there will always be tough ones. Make sure you find out if they will work you to death or not because if you get in the wrong group, you could be dealing with a ton of abuse. You can always ask interviewer about performance review, turnover rates and the hours involved. Better ways to know is to find connections at Skymall, ask them. It all depends on groups and boss that you are going to work with at Skymall. If you get a good boss then life is good. Best/safe advice to start is to not too different from your colleagues in dress code, work and communication style. What are career development opportunities at Skymall? Companies like Skymall usually provide a clear career path for entry-level or junior- level employees. It all comes down to performance and track record since your
  19. 19. first day at Skymall. In Skymall, management level or executive level employees have different and better career choice and career path than junior-level ones. If you are working at Skymall already, I would think you can check your HR website, contact HR, or discuss with a career mentor with more experience. Also you can gain lots of knowledge and insights by sharing and discussing with your peer group. QUESTION NORMALLY ASKED I'd be very surprised if you haven't been asked this one at every interview. It's probably the most asked question because it sets the stage for the interview and it gets you talking. Be careful not to give the interviewer your life story here. You don't need to explain everything from birth to present day. Relevant facts about education, your career and your current life situation are fine. This should be a straightforward question to answer, but it can trip you up. Presumably you are looking for a new job (or any job) because you want to advance your career and get a position that allows you to grow as a person and an employee. It's not a good idea to mention money here; it can make you sound mercenary. And if you are in the unfortunate situation of having been downsized, stay positive and be as brief as possible about it. If you were fired, you'll need a good explanation. But once again, stay positive. Do your homework before you go to any interview. Whether it's being the VP of marketing or the mailroom clerk, you should know about the company or business you're going to work for. Has this company been in the news lately? Who are the people in the company you should know about? Do the background work, it will make you stand out as someone who comes prepared, and is genuinely interested in the company and the job. This should be directly related to the last question. Any research you've done on the company should have led you to the conclusion that you'd want to work there.
  20. 20. After all, you're at the interview, right? Put some thought into this answer before you have your interview, mention your career goals and highlight forward-thinking goals and career plans. Hopefully if you're applying for this position you have bags of related experience, and if that's the case you should mention it all. But if you're switching careers or trying something a little different, your experience may initially not look like it's matching up. That's when you need a little honest creativity to match the experiences required with the ones you have. People skills are people skills after all, you just need to show how customer service skills can apply to internal management positions, and so on. Ok, this is not the time for full disclosure. If some people from your past are going to say you're a boring A-hole, you don't need to bring that up. Stay positive, always, and maybe have a few specific quotes in mind. "They'd say I was a hard worker" or even better "John Doe has always said I was the most reliable, creative problem-solver he'd ever met." This could include anything from night classes to hobbies and sports. If it's related, it's worth mentioning. Obviously anything to do with further education is great, but maybe you're spending time on a home improvement project to work on skills such as self-sufficiency, time management and motivation. This is a good way to hint that you're in demand, without sounding like you're whoring yourself all over town. So, be honest and mention a few other companies but don't go into detail. The fact that you're seriously looking and keeping your options open is what the interviewer is driving at. Once again, there are a few ways to answer this but they should all be positive. You may work well under pressure, you may thrive under pressure, and you may actually PREFER working under pressure. If you say you crumble like aged blue cheese, this is not going to help you get your foot in the door.
  21. 21. The answer to this one is not money, even if it is. You should be motivated by life's noble pursuits. You want recognition for a job well done. You want to become better at your job. You want to help others or be a leader in your field. This is your chance to shine. You're being asked to explain why you are a great employee, so don't hold back and stay do stay positive. You could be someone who thrives under pressure, a great motivator, an amazing problem solver or someone with extraordinary attention to detail. If your greatest strength, however, is to drink anyone under the table or get a top score on Mario Kart, keep it to yourself. The interviewer is looking for work-related strengths. If you're completely honest, you may be kicking yourself in the butt. If you say you don't have one, you're obviously lying. This is a horrible question and one that politicians have become masters at answering. They say things like "I'm perhaps too committed to my work and don't spend enough time with my family." Oh, there's a fireable offense. I've even heard "I think I'm too good at my job, it can often make people jealous." Please, let's keep our feet on the ground. If you're asked this question, give a small, work-related flaw that you're working hard to improve. Example: "I've been told I occasionally focus on details and miss the bigger picture, so I've been spending time laying out the complete project every day to see my overall progress." Run for cover! This is one tricky game to play in an interview. Even if you know the salary range for the job, if you answer first you're already showing all your cards. You want as much as possible, the employer wants you for as little as you're willing to take. Before you apply, take a look at for a good idea of what someone with your specific experience should be paid. You may want to say, "Well, that's something I've thought long and hard about and I think someone with my experience should get between X & Y." Or, you could be sly and say, "right now, I'm more interested in talking more about what the position can offer my career." That could at least buy you a little time to scope out the situation. But if you do have a specific figure in mind and you are confident that you can get it, I'd say go for it. I have on many occasions, and every time I got very close to that figure (both below and sometimes above).
  22. 22. Unless you have the I.Q. of a houseplant, you'll always answer YES to this one. It's the only answer. How can anyone function inside an organization if they are a loner? You may want to mention what part you like to play in a team though; it's a great chance to explain that you're a natural leader. It's important here to focus on the word "implemented." There's nothing wrong with having a thousand great ideas, but if the only place they live is on your notepad what's the point? Better still, you need a good ending. If your previous company took your advice and ended up going bankrupt, that's not such a great example either. Be prepared with a story about an idea of yours that was taken from idea to implementation, and considered successful. 16. Has anything ever irritated you about people you've worked with? Of course, you have a list as long as your arm. But you can't say that, it shows you as being negative and difficult to work with. The best way to answer this one is to think for a while and then say something like "I've always got on just fine with my co-workers actually." No. Well, unless you're talking about murderers, racists, rapists, thieves or other dastardly characters, you can work with anyone. Otherwise you could be flagged as someone who's picky and difficult if you say, "I can't work with anyone who's a Bronco's fan. Sorry." Arrgh! If you fall for this one you shouldn't be hired anyway. The interviewer is testing you to see if you'll speak badly about your previous supervisor. Simply answer this question with extreme tact, diplomacy and if necessary, a big fat loss of memory. In short, you've never had any issues. It's not a very fair question is it? We'd all love to get paid a Trump-like salary doing a job we love but that's rare indeed. It's fine to say money is important, but remember that NOTHING is more important to you than the job. Otherwise, you're just someone looking for a bigger paycheck.
  23. 23. I have been asked this a lot, in various incarnations. The first time I just drew a blank and said, "I don't know." That went over badly, but it was right at the start of my career when I had little to no experience. Since then I've realized that my genuine answer is "Neither, I'd rather be respected." You don't want to be feared because fear is no way to motivate a team. You may got the job done but at what cost? Similarly, if you're everyone's best friend you'll find it difficult to make tough decisions or hit deadlines. But when you're respected, you don't have to be a complete bastard or a lame duck to get the job done. Again, another nasty question. If you say yes, you're a corporate whore who doesn't care about family. If you say no, you're disloyal to the company. I'm afraid that you'll probably have to say yes to this one though, because you're trying to be the perfect employee at this point, and perfect employees don't cut out early for Jimmy's baseball game. As I'm sure you know, "because I'm great" or "I really need a job" are not good answers here. This is a time to give the employer a laundry list of your greatest talents that just so happen to match the job description. It's also good to avoid taking potshots at other potential candidates here. Focus on yourself and your talents, not other people's flaws. I'll finish the way I started, with one of the most common questions asked in interviews. This directly relates to the research you've done on the company and also gives you a chance to show how eager and prepared you are. You'll probably want to ask about benefits if they haven't been covered already. A good generic one is "how soon could I start, if I were offered the job of course." You may also ask what you'd be working on. Specifically, in the role you're applying for and how that affects the rest of the company. ================================================================
  24. 24. SKYMALL THURSDAY: An Interview with SkyMall CEO Christine Aguilera Ms. Aguilera was kind enough to answer my questions. Even after learning that Ms. Aguilera was not the multiplatinum recording sensation, I was still eager to get her thoughts on the inner workings of SkyMall, its most popular products and who in their right mind would buy medical supplies from an airplane catalog. The Mosquito Magnet, an electronic device to attract and kill mosquitoes. It debuted in SkyMall and is our top seller to date. We've also sold a ton of nose hair trimmers. Top-selling products change from week to week. Some of the recent top sellers include: The Edge Baking Pan, the iPhone iPod battery, the upside-down tomato garden, and the spy pen. There are approximately 2,000 products in our in-flight catalog and 15,000 products online. We receive approximately 100 inquiries per week regarding featuring product in the SkyMall catalog and on We also have a team of merchandisers
  25. 25. that work directly manufacturers and attend trade shows to find new and interesting products. SkyMall does not warehouse any inventory; all merchandise is shipped directly by the product supplier. SkyMall is on 13 airlines and Amtrak. The title of the catalog on Amtrak is "TravelMall" but it features the same products as the SkyMall catalog. We have a team of merchandisers that review each product. We don't really have one official product tester but you are more than welcome to buy a bunch products and post reviews on We would LOVE that! SkyMall carries products that are innovative, unique, or solution oriented. If something doesn't fit that description, it won't be considered. We also make sure that products are appropriate for "family friendly" viewing. Most descriptions come directly from the catalog partner. Some are written by SkyMall staff. The inflight catalog is updated four times each year. We are constantly adding new product to
  26. 26. ABOUT 20 MILLION(REMEMBER THIS) The internet has been great for us. We've had a site since 1996. On we can feature more products, include product reviews, and interact with customers in new ways. 60% website, 40% catalog SkyMall has a mobile shopping site. Customers can view product and make purchases directly from their mobile devices. They can also SMS an item number to 49432 to make a purchase. The Slanket was very popular this past winter. We don't really have a way to gauge if its sales were impacted by competing products. =============================================================== POINT A: (STARTING HERE) Go to a computer and submit your application at Make sure you select “Call Center” POINT B: (THE HALF WAY POINT) Dress up...AZ Casual...don't need a's impressive but, it doesn't help that much. No tee-Shirts or flip-flops please! -POINT C: (YOU HAVE ARRIVED) Take a deep breath and go to the interview when called where you will be assessed and interviewed (NAW! it won't hurt...just be yourself!) conducted! SkyMall is Located at 1520 E. Pima Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034 that is Just off of 16th Street, 1 block south of Buckeye Rd. in Phoenix, next to the airport...
  28. 28. Department – Operations & Special Events Parking Attendant Part-time, hourly, seasonal (2 positions) ($9.00-10.00 per hour, DOE). Position requires experience in a position where cash handling is required. Need candidates with a desire to provide guests with excellent service. Part-time, hourly, seasonal (3 positions) ($8.00-9.00 per hour, DOE). Position requires ability to work outside; lift up to 50 pounds regularly; work as a team; and, follow directions well. Department – Attractions & Entertainment Attractions/Ride Attendant Part-time, hourly, seasonal (2 positions) ($8.25 - $9.00 per hour) Assists guests as they participate in various activities throughout Town at Rawhide. Must have excellent customer service skills and a welcoming attitude. Part-time, hourly, seasonal (2 positions) ($8.25 – $9.00 per hour). Assists guests in having a great experience at Rawhide through keeping the Town clean and looking great. This includes emptying trash bins, cleaning restrooms, sweeping, dusting and other basic janitorial work. Must have an interest in working with the public, and have good customer service skills. Full-time (1), part-time (2), hourly ($9.00-10.00 per hour). Provides general care and cleaning for all types of large and small animals, including: horses, mules, donkeys, chickens, sheep, etc. Must have experience working around large animals. Must be able to work outdoors, even in the heat, and must be able to lift 40 pounds on a regular basis.
  29. 29. Department – Food & Beverage (Hourly rates between $4.80 and $11.25 per hour, depending on position & level of experience) • BUSSERS – Restaurant & Banquet (2 positions) • COOKS – BROILER/GRILL, PREP & LINE (1 positions) • RESTAURANT & BANQUET BUSSERS, PT (2 positions) • RESTAURANT SERVER, part-time (2 positions) • RESTAURANT/SALOON BARTENDER & BANQUET, part-time (3 positions) • RESTAURANT GREETER, part-time (1 position) Department – Retail RAWHIDE MERCANTILE (CASHIER) Part or full-time (2 positions) ($8.50 - $10.00 per hour), commission available on certain pieces sold. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER Part-time (1 position) ($9.00 – 11.00 per hour, depending on experience) BANQUETS & GROUP EVENTS SALES MANAGER Full-time, exempt position. Develop and effectively solicit new sales prospects and former clientele for the purpose of selling catering services and banquet space in accordance with venue business objectives for profitability, sales volume and penetration of targeted market segments. Requires 3 years of prior, directly related experience in group sales/tourism. Prefer candidate with bachelor’s degree in business or marketing. BANQUET & EVENTS COORDINATOR: full-time ($12.00 - $15.00 per hour, DOE). Must have experience working in a detail-oriented, customer service position.
  30. 30. Requires basic knowledge of the hospitality, tourism, or large group events industry. Prefer candidate with high school diploma or GED and related course of study at an accredited college or university. NOTE: Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Indian candidates in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, US Code, Section 472 and 473). Preference is given to qualified members of the Gila River Indian Community. ==================================================== “A 100 RESUMES SENT OUT PER DAY… EIGHT HOURS ON THE COMPUTER FILLING OUT APPLICATIONS EVERY DAY BUT, YET NO JOB INTERVIEWS…” Every day we have people that give their job search 1000% and they seem to never achieve the end result of getting selected for an interview. Every day they pump out resumes and do online applications by the 100’s and STILL no interviews. What’s going on? What is the solution? Can we flip their job search and turn an unsuccessful job search into a successful hire? Dr. Gett A. Long is part of the original employment gang here at the Used Job Shack and a nationally known expert (her picture is posted in most post offices in America and most locations are offering big money to find her…I guess to utilize
  31. 31. her great talent and skills in the Workforce Community) and is here today with us to offer explanations and propose solutions. Gett told the Used Job Shack that any applicant that is sending out this volume of applications or resumes without (at least) a 30% success ratio may have well destroyed their opportunity to secure short term employment because they have saturated the local market with a bad or incorrectly done applications that they cannot (now) take back. Dr. Gett A. Long told us that the greatest cause of not getting called for interviews comes from the applicant not connecting the dots between what an employer needs and what skills that they have that related to those skills. 80% of all applications get tossed because the applicant did not connect the dots either because it was too much work to individually inform the employer that you have the required skills or that the applicant assumed that everyone knows all of the different aspects of their job. Applicants need to understand that they are not the employer’s cousin and all that the employer will ever know about them is what the applicant puts on the application – if you are not connecting the dots – that is what happened to 80% of your applications. Dr. Gett A. Long explained that problem lies in the fact that less than 1-in-4 applicants study the job description posted by the employer before they fill out the application and they are using old lady luck to open an employer’s eyes and heart to their application. Most applicants confuse or do not know the difference between skills and experience (skills are what you can do and experience is what you have done). They tend to underplay or not list skills and this is a big mistake because the employer is seeking skills over experience. Skills and experience occasional overlap but, I saw four people yesterday that would have been hired if they would have talked about their skills instead of their experience (or lack of). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIPSTER: The most important thing that you can do for your job search is get control of your anxiety and quit wasting time doing hundreds of applications for jobs you don’t really want or that are too far away or that you don’t have the skills to do. This job approach theory (regardless of what you have been told in countless urban legends or at Workforce Workshops …as we know because we
  32. 32. were those who taught such things…when we were younger, we didn’t care or worse didn’t know the truth)… does not work. This approach is the most destructive thing you can do…100 resumes/application sent out to employers for jobs you don’t want or can’t take are wasting your time and the employer’s time (this can come back to bite you…if later you need that job or they have a much better…dream job…you really want – as they will all too well remember you!) Sending out 100 resumes/applications for jobs you didn’t want prevents you from having the time to do (correctly) the two applications for the jobs you could have got if you had taken your time to build a specific application based upon what they employer wanted instead of mindlessly sending you one-size fit-all resume or cookie cutter application. This week alone, I saw seven people lose a job to someone less qualified than they were. WHY? Because the more qualified person didn’t take the time to customize their information to match what they employer needed. They assumed that the employer would comb through their resume and connect the dots for them…they assumed that the employer would know that an auto mechanic is very skilled in customer skills (if successful they are)…or they said that it was too much work to customize an application because they are doing 100. See the problem? If you have the ability to make yourself the perfect candidate, why wouldn't you? If this doesn't make sense, then, I hope old lady luck shines on you or start to like losing jobs to people that don’t have your skills or abilities…for the 100 resume- per-day applicants…that’s the price you are paying and it is one of the biggest reasons they are still unemployed…Sorry! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We didn't place more than a handful of these people. The likelihood that someone who sent a resume to us who was a perfect fit for a job we were trying to fill at the time was unlikely. If you’re not a perfect match on skills and experiences, your resume is unlikely to even be read. There is a lot of technology that
  33. 33. matches a person’s skills, experiences and job titles to what’s listed in the job posting. These resumes are automatically rank-ordered on a best fit basis. More important: recruiters spend no more than 10-15 seconds looking at a summary of each profile before deciding to read it. So even for those in the top of the stack, if the resume doesn’t stand out in some way, the person is unlikely to be considered. The big point is that you can’t rely on a lottery-like approach to job hunting by applying to as many jobs as possible with the hope you’ll be interviewed. Instead, you need to use a sophisticated marketing effort based on how recruiters find people to fill their open jobs. When it comes to your career, the worst thing you can do is mistake activity for progress and then complain about your lack of progress. - Lou Adler 2014 Remember you heard it here first as we keep showing you how to beat this system with our much heralded RULE # 4 and ONET Online. If these are alien words to you should read the Used Job shack on a more regular basis. =============================================================================================================================== NOW HIRING FILL OUT APPLCATION: Here is a link to our application. Just fill in the blanks, print it out, sign it and bring it in… 501_Employment_Application_Fillable.pdf Then APPLY IN PERSON!! Ask to talk Ron, at 4050 E. Indian School Rd. - Monday thru Friday from 8 to 4. Responsible for ensuring that equipment put on the rental ready line is ready to make a successful rental the next time it is sent out, by cleaning, servicing and testing each piece of equipment according to established service requirements. Excellent customer service skills - Mechanical aptitude - Basic engine servicing skills - Average math skills - Ability to learn =====================================================
  34. 34. American Valet is all about the people--the ones on staff as well as the clients and customers we're fortunate enough to serve. The moment you step in the door, you'll recognize our one-of-a-kind culture will also make you feel like a member of the family. Our company offers full and part time positions with schedule flexibility. MUST WATCH VIDEO: (They will ask you about this) NOTE: American Valet does not accept applicants with felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions. Clean driving record is required (no more than two moving violations in a 39 month period). Above Average physical fitness is necessary for a valet position. Due to insurance purposes you are required to be at least 20 years of age. Bi-Lingual Valet Parking Attendant Phoenix, AZ Cashier - Hotel Scottsdale, AZ Overnight Valet Parking Attendant Glendale, AZ Shuttle Driver - Phoenix, AZ Valet - Mesa/Chandler, AZ Valet - Phoenix, AZ ================================================ *Baker AZ - Phoenix - Phoenix Airport Full time Variable *Cook - Lead AZ - Phoenix - Phoenix Airport Full time Variable *Food Preparer AZ - Phoenix - Phoenix Airport Full time Evening Job *Kitchen Manager AZ - Phoenix - Phoenix Airport Full time Variable *Second Cook AZ - Phoenix - Phoenix Airport Full time Variable *Tournade Cook AZ - Phoenix - Phoenix Airport Full time Variable ================================================== * These require skills, abilities not listed in the job description. Better use ONET OLINE TO RESCUE YOUR APPLICATION….
  35. 35. 4502 N. 40TH STREET, PHOENIX AZ 85018 Follow us on Twitter @JobsatLGO for more openings! Follow us on Linkedin for more company updates! Looking for fun and energetic people! Please apply in person Monday-Friday between 2-4pm. Be ready to talk to a manager on the spot. (4502 N. 40th St. Phoenix AZ) Experience required, early mornings and weekends. Please apply in person Monday-Friday between 2-4pm. Be ready to talk to a manager on the spot. (4410 N. 40th St. Phoenix AZ) Experience required and a positive professional attitude! Please apply in person Monday-Friday between 2-4pm. Be ready to talk to a manager on the spot. (5040 N. 40th St. Phoenix AZ)
  36. 36. *La Grande Orange Grocery is hiring Market Staff Fun and energetic personalities. Please apply in person Monday-Friday between 2-4pm. Be ready to talk to a manager on the spot. (4410 N. 40th St. Phoenix AZ) MENU: TIPSTER: Really want to shine. Go up there today, look through the venue, grab menus and if you are there between 2-4 PM, you might be smart enough to start up a conversation with the staff and ask for a manager. In my years, I have seen sharp applicants talk their way into a job by doing this. Otherwise, you have valuable INTEL that you wouldn’t have had. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU DO THE APPLICATION CORRECTLY (USE RULE NUMBER FOUR & ONET). THIS WILL BE VITAL TO GETTING HIRED! If you do not know what Rule # 4 is then, campers you are in a bit-of-a-pickle aren’t ya? You can go to our websites and learn all about Rule # 4. You can download the job books (in e-book format) from December 2013 (and see several full examples) or you can go to the job board and search for the various posts for Rule # 4. JOB BOOK ACHIEVE: JOB BOARD: ========================================================== 4410 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85018 La Grande Orange Grocery NOW HIRING! We are currently seeking service minded staff that are passionate about food, pastries and fun!! Must love loud music and people, personality is key and a hardworking attitude. Come join a team that knows how to have fun at work and provide exceptional service. These staff positions will focus on cashiering and assisting customers with orders.
  37. 37. Currently seeking service minded staff that are passionate about food, pastries and fun! Must love loud music and people, personality is key and a hardworking attitude. Come join a team that knows how to have fun at work and provide exceptional service. These staff positions will focus on cashiering and assisting customers with orders. CHECK THEM OUT: BRING YOUR SMILE AND PERSONALITY; WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU! Apply to this position in person ANY DAY between 2-4 PM at LGO Grocery (4410 N. 40th Street). *LA GRANDE ORANGE GROCERY IS HIRING FOR RETAIL. Work with our Retail Buyer and assist with store displays and ringing up guests on the registers. Please apply in person for the position any day between the hours of 2-4pm and come ready to speak with a manager on the spot. Bring your smile! (4410 N. 40th St, Phoenix) *LA GRANDE ORANGE GROCERY IS HIRING OUTGOING AND ENERGETIC STAFF MEMBERS. We are currently seeking service minded staff with strong retail and/or service backgrounds that are passionate about food, pastries, and fun. Apply to this position in person ANY DAY between 2-4 PM and come prepared to interview with one of our managers. Bring your smile and personality. (4410 N. 40th St, Phoenix) BE PREPARED TO INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF OUR MANAGERS…
  38. 38. CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TIPSTER: THEY NEVER PULL APPLICATIONS FROM THEIR WEBSITE UNLESS YOU ARE THE IRON CHEF AND ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE; doesn’t mean that they will hire you then…they may just want to see what is wrong with you. You need to bite the bullet on this if you want this job and really “GO OLD SCHOOL” after you apply online, look up their HR Office over at TERMINAL THREE at Sky Harbour Airport, and get yourself spruced up in your best AZ Casual Clothes (Trim any facial hair or shave…they are nice people but, they are old school too) and go over and introduce yourself while asking them to pull your application. If you impress them with your personality, availability and your motivation, they will. One last thing, UMOM Campers already know this but, if they hire you, it is based upon how you answer one question (both in what you say but, also, in how you say it). The question ties into motivation for the prep cooks, cashiers, hosts and a combination of motivation tied into you skill set (experience here counts) for the productions cooks and Baristas. You need to go over there with you “A” Game or do not waste the trip! The reason why you may want to do this can be found at ============================================================ TIPSTER: You will not see the actual position posted on the website, apply to the closest one available THEN, when you go visit their HR OFFICE at terminal #3…(YOU ARE GOING OVER, RIGHT?) have a list of the positions that you applied for. Tell this way “I was interest in _____ position @ _______but, I am open to other opportunities that might be open or that you feel that I would be a better fit?”
  39. 39. THAT WILL TAKE YOU FROM A SERIOUS HERO TO ZERO WITH THEM. Remember if you do not come across as serious about doing a specific job, specifically for them, then they will not do anything for you. By using the above script, you show that you are serious but flexible…I know that it is playing games with words but it is important in how you say this. ============================================================================ TIPSTER: If you have not already been to ONET to properly pad your killer resume with key words, phrases and to insure that you are showing ALL of the skills and abilities you have…then REALLY do it and reform your resume to include all this…Unless, you got Old Lady Luck riding with you today… If she is…buy some lotto tickets coming back. If not, get over to 35-2014.00 COOKS, RESTAURANT 35-3021.00 COMBINED FOOD PREPARATION - SERVING WORKERS & FAST FOOD 35-2011.00 COOKS, FAST FOOD 35-2015.00 COOKS, SHORT ORDER 35-3022.00 COUNTER ATTENDANTS, CAFETERIA, CONCESSION -COFFEE SHOP 35-9021.00 DISHWASHERS 41-2011.00 CASHIERS NOTE: Must be able to pass a felony background check to get the required airport badge. Go here to see what they requirements are – DON'T ASSUME...KNOW! ============================================== Hiring FT Line Cooks & Pizza Cooks up to $12hr $10.00-$12.00/HR. HMSHost is looking for experienced line and prep Cooks at our LGO restaurant at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We have full- time shifts with set schedules and benefits available. Ideal candidates will have prior experience, good knife skills, and recipe execution in a high volume fast paced environment. Go to our website to apply --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. 40. LGO Morning Baristas Immediate Openings FT/PT HMSHost is looking for outgoing, friendly smiling individuals for a variety of shifts including early morning as Baristas at our LGO restaurant at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We have full-time shifts with set schedules and benefits available. Ideal candidates will have prior restaurant experience or customer service related experience. Go to our website to apply ---------------------------------------------------------------------- LGO Morning Cashiers Immediate Openings FT/PT HMSHost is looking for outgoing, friendly smiling individuals for a variety of shifts including early morning as Cashiers at our LGO restaurant at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We have full-time shifts with set schedules and benefits available. Ideal candidates will have prior restaurant experience or customer service related experience. Go to our website to apply ============================================ Boka Pizza @ Downtown AZ Center 455 North 3rd Street #1030, Phoenix, AZ 85004 PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS A STRONG PLUS BUT NOT REQUIRED, WE WILL TRAIN. We are looking to fill positions as soon as possible for the right candidates. We are looking for: Energetic - Customer Service Driven - Prompt and on time - Dependable and Reliable - Quick learners - Positive and Upbeat attitude who want to learn the business. IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, WE WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU! Must be flexible to work varying hours - Must be able to work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! =========================================================================== Inter-Rail Transport, 904 S. 12th St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 (One block north of Buckeye Rd. on 12th St.) Safely drive a vehicle off a ramp with varying degree of elevation. Safely drive a vehicle off a railcar with limited clearances. Work in all weather conditions. Heat, cold, rain, etc. Available to work any day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Available to work irregular hours. 18 Years of Age - Pass Drug Screen - Pass E-railsafe Background Check to Secure a Badge - Valid Driver’s License with Acceptable Motor Vehicle Record - Valid I-9 Documentation. To submit an application, please go to see us Monday-Friday between 8:00am-4:00pm.
  41. 41. BERTHA SAYZ CALL IF… Bertha at 602-687-9439 the position starts immediately 25 drivers and 25 car preps to work at the Sky Harbor. FT & PT shifts start at: 5:30 AM, 1 PM, and 4 PM. 24-32 hours minimum weekly schedules. Minimum of 18 years of age. Must have a valid Arizona driver’s license. Must not have more than one moving violation or chargeable accident in last three years. Must not have a DUI/DWI within the last five years. DRIVERS: Go to the return line and inspect car for damages - Drive car to the fuel pump - Look for lost and found items inside the car- take them to lost and found - Drive car through the car wash and dry off the car - Drive car to the return line - Repeat CAR PREPS: Stand at fuel pumps and gas cars until there are full - Clean the interior of the car - Drive car to the staging area for the Drivers to take through the car wash - Repeat WALK-IN IF YOU WANT TO GO TO WORK RIGHT AWAY – We conduct open interviews on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00 to 4:00! Our address is: 3230 E Broadway Road Suite C150, Phoenix, AZ 85040 - Bring your driving record and resume (master app or work history) if you have them. ============================================ This Cashier position is responsible for providing courteous, reliable and efficient cashier services in accordance with customer expectations and established performance standards. Must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Must submit to and pass a drug screen and criminal background check. Possess excellent customer service skills. Possess outgoing and enthusiastic personality... =ACEPARKING&cws=1&rid=104
  42. 42. This position is responsible for providing courteous, reliable, and efficient customer services in accordance with customer expectations and established performance standards while monitoring and maintaining cleanliness of parking areas. Must be able to work flexible shift hours (days, evenings, weekends, and holidays). Must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. background check. Possess excellent customer service skills. Possess outgoing and enthusiastic personality... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This position is responsible for providing a welcoming environment and efficient valet services in accordance with guest’s expectations and established performance standards. Must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Must submit to and pass a drug screen and criminal background check. Possess excellent customer service skills. Possess outgoing and enthusiastic personality...
  43. 43. This position is responsible for interacting with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about travel, ground transportation and to handle and resolve customer complaints. Airport CSRs work at the road way and have the primary face-to-face interaction with the traveling public. Must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent - Must submit to and pass a drug screen and criminal background check - Must be able to obtain a Secured Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge - Must meet all local airport requirements - Possess excellent customer service skills. =========================================================================== NOW HIRING SECURITY GUARDS WITH DPS LICENSE Please apply at =========================================================================== MOST EVERYONE IS OVER- QUALIFIED… MOST COMPANIES START HIRING AT 16 YEARS OLD MANY ENTRY-LEVEL RETAILS JOBS REQUIRE NO EXPERIENCE BUT REQUIRE GOOD PEOPLE SKILLS, PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE AND THAT HAVE AN INTEREST IN WHAT THE STORE SELLS. CASH HANDLING AND/OR GOOD MATH SKILLS ARE A PLUS – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A CASHIER. • AVAILABLE TO WORK MORNINGS AND/OR DAY SHIFTS – they do not need you later in the day, in the evenings nor many times on the weekends – as they have the teenagers and college kids to work those shifts.
  44. 44. Over the coming weeks, retail stores across the valley are set to lose a large percentage of their workers. WHY? Glad ya asked! Remember all those rude teenagers who ran the stores all summer long? Well, in the next couple of weeks they will be gone. History…disappeared! They are going back to schools and most local stores will be empty of sales associates and cashiers – especially in the mornings and for most of the day. Big stores need more people, they are going to hire more people but, everyone knows this and they are going to apply at them. Little stores are going to hire a smaller number of people, they are more difficult to find (they don’t run $100K ads) and hiring is more based upon you going in person and introducing yourself. The downside to big stores is an impersonal, hard to navigate online application, a vast ocean of applicants, no one to help you if you have a question and assembly line interviews. Little stores require that you come to them, introduce yourself and usually fill out an application. The downside at the small store is that everything is based upon how well you introduce yourself and if they take a liking to you. Friendly, bubbly and people with a lot of social skills do well in a little store setting while, people who are more information-based (remember a lot of facts) do well at the big stores – where there is much to learn and remember do to all the inventory that they have. Consider this…for every Super Target there are nine little stores….94% of all Arizona businesses employ ten people or less. So if you want to have a lot of choice and are a bubbly person, go little and if you are not so bubbly but have good memory skills…go big!
  45. 45. At entry level, there is not a lot of difference in salaries between big and little stores. The going rate is from minimum wage to about$8.50/9.00 per hour. Most companies have insurance in name only (high deductibles $5-10K) so don’t make a choice based upon insurance. If you don’t have $5-10K to pay your deductible…then you have no insurance…you still need to get better or die… Not a good idea. Companies are filling FT/PT positions right now because of back- to-school sales and that their work force is leaving. If you are hired now and if you are a real dependable, hard-working employee…why would they fire you at the end of Back-to-School only to rehire you for the holidays…THEY WOULDN’T! If you are still working at the end of the holidays…you are not going anywhere. So, the best time to secure a position that will become permanent in retail is right now… “But, I already applied several weeks…months ago!” The best thing to do is re- apply because your old application (if it still there) is buried at the bottom of all the newer applications and they are pulling from the top. They pull from the top because they know that these people are available now and that they are looking for work NOW…Not six months ago… Last month the Used Job Shack ran a special job book issue on Big Store Retail and Back-to-School. This is a good reference tool to use because of the “Used Job Shack Insider” Columns for each store. The Insider is a collect of people who have already gone to the interview, been hired and have selected to share the experience with you…aka…what questions were asked…what you need to know for the interview and/or just the structure of the hiring decision. The great thing about the Used Job Shack is that they are online and you can go read or download this issue for FREE! 4550443?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr
  46. 46. Most of the frequently asked questions are in last month’s edition but, here is something that Uncle Bob said to throw in…at no additional charge! In selecting a company to work for, review and consider the following: • I have an interest in the things that they sell. • They are nice, friendly people who treat me well. • They are flexible with my work hours or days. • This is a place I would enjoy working for a long time. • The store is easy to get to or to get home from. • Are there future opportunities to advance or not? DO NOT MAKE A DECISION BASED SOLELY UPON SALARY…YOU WILL BE SORRY IF YA DO! ============================================== Target application online can be filled out here and can get your job career started at this great company. George Dayton founded this company after buying it from R.S Goodfellow. It started with the name Good fellow’s Department Store and in 1903, the store changed its name to the Dayton Dry Goods Company, and it changed its name again to the Dayton Company in 1911. Target job application can be submitted online. Target opened four discount stores in Minneapolis in 1965. The name "Target" originated from Dayton's publicity director, Stewart K. Widdess, and was intended to prevent consumers from associating the new discount store chain with the department store. Target now has 1,685 stores (as of October 2008). It has units in all states except for Vermont, operating under the mastheads of Target, Target Greatland, and SuperTarget. Target careers- Each general-merchandise store employs 150 to 250 team members and is about 128,000 square feet in size. Stores carry hardliners ("regular" products and goods), soft lines (clothing), and a limited amount of groceries, non-perishable and frozen. Many stores may also have Target Optical, a portrait studio, and a garden center and most all new locations build after 2004 include Target Photo, Target Pharmacy, Starbucks Coffee, and a Pizza Hut Express standard in addition to "Food Avenue." FILL OUT A TARGET APPLICATION TODAY! 030796&ref=sr_shorturl_careers LOCATION(S):
  47. 47. USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I am going to post this in as much detail as possible, but it's really just summing up what a lot of other people have said. APPLYING I applied online on June 24th for a few different positions, basically whatever they had open. I got a call about a week later to set up a phone interview with a Team Leader. INTERVIEW ROUND 1 I had my phone interview with the Team Leader a few days later. It was more of a "get-to- know-you" than anything else. • Why Target? • Tell me about a time you had to work in a team. • Tell me about a time when you had multiple projects due at the same time. I passed the phone interview and scheduled an in-person interview for the beginning of the next week. I arrived about 5 minutes early and took a very, very simple personality/math test. If you got through all of the application, you should have absolutely no trouble with this. Then, I was shown to the employee area for an interview. After being directed to wait in the break room for a little bit, an Executive Team Leader took me to their office and interviewed me.
  48. 48. In addition to the questions above, I was also asked a lot of STAR questions, including: • A woman is looking for a shoe for her son, but the right size isn't on the shelf. What would you do? • You're ringing up a customer and an item rings up at $19.99 but the customer swears the price was $18.99, what would you do? After that, I was taken to wait in the break room once again. This time, a person from HR came to get me, took me to their office and offered me the job - conditional on passing a drug test at a lab and a background check. (IMPORTANT: The drug test has to be done within 24 hours, so plan accordingly!) Signed the paperwork and I was hired! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It was overall very typical but very friendly. They ask about your previous jobs, school, goals, etc. They also will give you three scenarios they want you to answer/talk about. I remember one question they asked was "when was the last time you received amazing service and what made it amazing?" Interview Question –None of them were difficult, just be honest and keep your cool. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied in store and waited about two days before I called to check my application status. They transferred me to the HR lady and she scheduled for an interview while we were on the phone. I went it and met with someone (who was from a different store
  49. 49. because the woman from this store was out for the day). There were two interviews with two different women; expected/typical questions. Didn't hear anything for two weeks, then I got a call while I was in class saying come in because they wanted to offer me a position. Went in that day, discussed pay, and had to take a drug test within 24 hrs. Started work the next week. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online within a week got called in for an interview. Met with a GM who asked basic questions. Like: Tell us a time when you were working with someone difficult and how you handled it. With their questions they are looking for a problem a solution and then the outcome. Be detailed. They score you on each answer. They are always looking for Starbucks workers so if you say you are willing to train in that area or have experience then you'll most likely get it. Interview Question –No unexpected questions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I completed the online application and within a few (2-3) days. The interview was amazing - it was so laid back and more of a conversation than a formal interview. They do an excellent job of making sure you are comfortable Interview Question –Review and plan for all the questions on here - they use the exact same ones. • What is your biggest weakness/strength? • When have you gone out of your way to help somebody? • Why do you want to work at target? • What would you do if you rang an item up to be 20$ but a customer insisted it was 18? • Name a time when you made a mistake and how did you handle it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied online and was called back within a couple of days. There are two parts to the target interview and if you are hired then you will most likely be told at the end of the second interview. If you don't get a second interview or if you are told that they would make a decision and call you back, you probably didn't get it.
  50. 50. The first part of the interview was with a Team Leader and it was pretty much going over my application and common sense questions/answers. The second part was with what Target calls an Executive Team Leader (ETL) and the questions were mostly scenario and "tell me a time when..." type questions. After the interview with the ETL, a team member from HR came in and offered me the job (contingent upon a clean background check) and gave me instructions to take a drug test within a couple of hours. Interview Question –None really, basic common sense. ============================================================================= Warehouse Lead $14/HR. - Tolleson Length: Long term. Must be flexible with 1st/2nd or 3rd shifts. This is an all-around warehouse position - could include forklift, general helper, pack load/off- load, etc. Looking for solid manufacturing skills with potential leadership skills APPLY ONLINE THEN CALL 480-824-7976 to set appointment. Branch Info: 1349 West Chandler Blvd, AZ Chandler, AZ 85224 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Forklift/Warehouse $13/HR. - Tolleson Length: Long Term. Shift: 1:00pm-9:00pm. Experience maneuvering 20 to 25 ft. wide loads with the lift. So anyone who would have worked in construction/ metal or tubing company using forklift would be a PLUS! Operate industrial forklift equipped to move materials around a warehouse, storage yard, factory, this position will also be responsible for GENERAL HELPER DUTIES! May not operate forklift as much on 2nd or 3rd shifts. APPLY ONLINE THEN CALL 480-824-7976 to set appointment. Branch Info: 1349 West Chandler Blvd, AZ Chandler, AZ 85224 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inventory Clerk $11.50/HR. - Scottsdale Length: 2 month contract. Hours: 7:00am3:30pm Monday- Friday. Inventory experience in serializing products/parts and able to lift 50lbs. Receive, store, and issue materials, equipment, and other items from stockroom, warehouse, or storage yard. Keep records and compile stock reports. APPLY ONLINE THEN CALL 480-824-7976 to set appointment. Branch Info: 1349 West Chandler Blvd, AZ Chandler, AZ 85224 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immediate Start. Heavy Industrial Forklift $13/HR. - Tolleson Length: Long Term Contract. Shift: 1:00pm-9:00pm. Required to go thru background and drug screen. Experience maneuvering 20 to 25 ft. wide loads with the lift. Operate industrial forklift equipped to move materials around a warehouse, storage yard, factory. This position will also be responsible for GENERAL HELPER DUTIES! Any experience working with forklifts in Lumber
  51. 51. Yard/Construction or Metal/Aluminum areas is a PLUS!!! APPLY ONLINE THEN CALL 480-824- 7976 to set appointment. Branch Info: 1349 West Chandler Blvd, AZ Chandler, AZ 85224 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maintenance Worker $15/HR. - Phoenix Schedule: Monday thru Friday - Day Shift. All mechanical, installation, and repair. Any Maintenance experience in Warehouse or Manufacturing environment is required. Able to troubleshoot - analyze and repair small parts and machinery, equipment, etc. (all large items such as HVAC, system electrical, etc. - will call those tasks out). Duties to include keeping area clean. Looking to start candidate right away. Background and Drug Screen required. APPLY ONLINE THEN CALL 480-824-7976 to set appointment. Branch Info: 1349 West Chandler Blvd, AZ Chandler, AZ 85224 ============================================================================ CALL DIANNE JOHNSON @ 602.220.0877 TO MAKE APPOINTMENT Job Number: 317603. Temporary Duration: 3 - 6 Months. High School diploma or GED. Minimum of 2 years’ experience in related field. Ability to read and understand manuals, procedures, diagrams, and blueprints. Ability to work as part of a team. Must be able to pass and maintain ATF Explosive Clearance. Ability to complete all training to obtain packing certifications. Strong work ethic. E-MAIL RESUME/WORK HISTOTY TO: THEN call Dianne Johnson ========================================================================== Job Number: 316774. Temporary Duration: 3 - 6 Months. The job requires reading and understanding detailed written Manufacturing Procedures (MP’s), performing delicate assembly operations by hand or using machines at various work centers to perform or assist in the assembly of products. High School diploma or GED Minimum of 2 years’ experience in related field. E-MAIL work history/resume to: THEN CALL 800-684-2418 to schedule an appointment. ========================================================================== Make a difference. Join SolarCity…
  52. 52. ID: 2013-1862. The Warehouse Stock Clerk will assist in the management of SolarCity site specific inventory. This will include receiving, issuing, and transferring material in Great Plains and organizing materials for maximum efficiency; and providing material needed to support site crews, including pulling material, restocking vans, and returning excess material, reducing warehouse time for crews. High school diploma required • Mechanical Aptitude to pre-assemble parts • Excellent written and verbal communication skills required • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office and Basic Excel • MUST be at least 21 years of age • Must have a clean driving record. (Example, no DUI in the last 5 years) • Must be able to successfully pass a pre-employment criminal, driving and drug screen • Must have a valid state driver’s license • Excellent written and verbal communication skills required • Excellent customer service skills required... ======================================================================= Junior Solar PV Installer - PHX ID : 2013-1. SolarCity is seeking applicants to install residential grid-tied PV systems. In this position, the Junior PV Installer will provide support to the crew lead of the installation team, communicate job status data to the operations management, and ensure the completion of installation of all solar arrays/systems. It is the responsibility of every Installer to ensure safe work practices for the SolarCity installation team. 1 year of roof work, general construction, or carpentry strongly preferred. •Must be able to lift 50lbs •Ability to work in extreme environments (example: hot sun, cold, crawl spaces, etc.) •Must be willing and able to climb ladders, stairs, work on rooftops and able to work on your feet for long periods of time •Basic computer skills including familiarity with Microsoft Office programs •High school diploma or GED required •Excellent written and verbal communication skills required •Excellent customer service skills required •Must be able to successfully pass a pre-employment criminal, driving and drug screen •Must have a clean driving record (example- no DUI in the last 5 years) •Must have a valid state driver’s license •Thrive in a team environment. ==========================================================================
  53. 53. HURRY LINITED TIME OFFER!!! Individuals who are interested in being considered for a Part-time Package Handler position are required to attend a sort observation before completing an employment application. During the sort observation, interested individuals will have the opportunity to view an actual sort in operation and obtain a realistic preview of the Package Handler job. What makes FedEx Ground one of the nation’s top workplaces? The answer is simple: The people behind our outstanding service. In fact, our “People First” philosophy is the guiding principle for every decision we make. As a result, FedEx consistently ranks among “the best places to work.” Package Handler Hiring Process: FedEx Ground is currently searching for package handlers in several facilities throughout our growing network. In order to be considered for one of these positions, you must successfully complete the following three steps: 1. Attend a Sort Observation – A sort observation is a brief tour of our facility. Please register for only one tour per location by searching here. Check back often, as new sort observations are added on a regular basis. 2. Apply for a Position – After your tour, you will receive an email with a link to apply. 3. Interview – You may be contacted for a brief onsite interview.^WjdoJ4K0hhmxmz9GhAvhc 4SSOaX2kn5IysXeXWrco_slp_rhc_FfexU1QQURh2y1InL8V3Xk 26407BR - Sort Observation for Package Handler - Phoenix - Arizona - 27-Aug-2014 - 3:00 P.M. 26409BR - Sort Observation for Package Handler - Phoenix - Arizona - 27-Aug-2014 - 3:00 P.M. 26410BR - Sort Observation for Package Handler - Phoenix - Arizona - 27-Aug-2014 - 3:00 P.M. 26423BR - Sort Observation for Package Handler - Phoenix - Arizona - 28-Aug-2014 - 6:00 A.M. 26425BR - Sort Observation for Package Handler - Phoenix - Arizona - 28-Aug-2014 - 6:00 A.M. 26428BR - Sort Observation for Package Handler - Phoenix - Arizona - 28-Aug-2014 - 6:00 A.M.
  54. 54. We will be interviewing for our Mesa location as well as our new Arcadia location that will be opening early October! We are privately owned "Mom and Pop Shop!" We proudly support local businesses and try our best to use Arizona craft beers! Thursday, August 21st from 2-4pm We are hosting a job fair for both kitchen and front of house positions (servers, bussers, and hosts) COME PREPARRED TO IMPRESS US WITH HOW MUCH YOU KNOW ABOUT US AND HOW WELL YOU WILL FIT IN WITH OUR FAMILY OF STAFF… 2502 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 Bartender, and Cook Positions require 2-3+ years’ experience. Host/ess and bartender Positions require night and weekend availability. PRINT OUT APPLY AND APPLY IN PERSON 2-4 PM DAILY revised-March-2013.pdf
  55. 55. 4925 N 40th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018 Line Cooks Position is full time, open availability, 1-2 years’ experience. Host/ess Position is part time, PM availability, 1 year experience. PRINT OUT APPLY AND APPLY IN PERSON 2-4 PM DAILY revised-March-2013.pdf ================================================================ Dishwashers, Prep/Salad & Sandwich, Pizza Line Cooks positions at our Central Phoenix Location. Please print an application off of our website: and bring it with you to the restaurant tomorrow, APPLY IN PERSON for an open interviews PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NOT REQUIRED. Must be able to work Nights and Weekends. Lifting may be required of up to 50 lbs. Washing dishes and other duties as assigned. Work environment is casual. Up to 28 hours/week, hours will vary…
  56. 56. Two hundred and twenty-two thousand viewers cannot be wrong! The Used Job Shack operates two websites that includes our daily job board and an archival website where we post e-book versions of our daily job book (daily Tuesday-Friday). Since January, our archival site as logged 222,000 views. We must be doing something right. Check it out and access real jobs for real people: WARNING:The reading of this job book could lead to employment.