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And who told you that "no one is hiring until next year?" Not a ton but, here is another job book full of employers that need someone enough to stop whatever they are doing to talk to you about their opening(s)...Take your "A" Game," do your prep/research and impress them with how much you really want to work for them...Do all that...you might just have an early x-mas gift of a new job...Got anything to lose except unemployment?

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17 dec New Job Book

  1. 1. 17 DECEMBER 2013 CONGRATS TO ALL THE UMOM SUPER STARS HIRED AT THE ARAMARK HIRING FRENZY!!! WELL DONE GUYS!!! Here is a Used Job Shack BIG...BIG SHOUT OUT to all those UMOM Super Stars who were brave, bold and dedicated and made the trip out to ASU with the mission to getting hired by a great company, Aramark. Aramark, one of the nation's top, ethical companies, is a great match up with our UMOM Super Stars and the Used Job Shack is happy to be a small part of this great match up... CONGRATS ALL!!! WELL DONE!!! EIGHT OUT OF TEN OFERED JOBS!
  2. 2. BERTHA SAYZ YOU STILL HAVEN’T CALLED!!! 25 drivers and 25 car preps to work at the Sky Harbor or Gateway airports on the lot. The position starts immediately. $8 per hour - Paid training - Access to affordable healthcare benefits. Work at one of the largest rental car companies in the world on lot. WEEKLY PAY VIA A PAY CARD! NO PAPER CHECKS- NO CHECK CASHING SERVICE NEEDED! Full-time and Part-time positions are available! FT & PT shifts start at: 5:30 AM, 1PM, and 4PM - PT only one day is possible too! - FT = 40 hours/week and a 30 minute lunch REQUIREMENTS: Minimum of 18 years of age Must have a valid Arizona driver’s license Must not have more than one moving violation or chargeable accident in last three years Must not have a DUI/DWI within the last five years Must be able to speak and understand English Must be willing and satisfied to work outside and be on feet often Contact us: Call Jarrit or Bertha at 602-687-9439 REALLY WANT TO GO TO WORK: Walk-in! We conduct open interviews on Wednesdays from 8:30 to 4:30! 3230 E Broadway Road Suite C150, Phoenix, AZ 85040 – Bring your driving record and resume if you have them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HIRING VALLEYWIDE…PICK AN AREA…PICK A SHIFT…http://www.rgis.com/us_en/hr/ WE WILL TRAIN YOU!
  3. 3. CAFE ZUPAS IS LOOKING TO HIRE AM LINE SERVERS FOR OUR CAMELBACK STORE! At Cafe Zupas our Line Servers are extremely important. With their amazing personalities, they can provide exceptional guest service while serving the best food on the planet! Because our Line Servers are well-trained, they are able to make salads, sandwiches, soups, and can also work our cash register. In other words, as a Line Server, you would be able to work any station on our line at any time! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, VISIT OUR CAMELBACK LOCATION AND ASK FOR BRETT TODAY (2-4 PM) @ 1935 E. Camelback St. Phoenix, AZ 85016 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Levy Restaurants at Jobing.com Arena is looking for enthusiastic, PART-TIME DISHWASHERS to join our team! www.levyrestaurants.com http://levyrestaurants.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/jobs/apply.cfm?jobid=61540 TIPSTER: THEY CURRENTING DO NOT HAVE A SPECIFIC APPLICATION ONLINE…USE THIS LINK FOR THE US AIRWAYS LOCATION THEN…CALL THEM @ (623) 772-3200 TO LET THEM KNOW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dishwashers - US Airways Center - Phoenix Suns (Phoenix) Looking for dishwashers to work at US Airways Center during the Suns season. Positions are part time. Must be available to work nights, weekends and holidays. http://levyrestaurants.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/jobs/jobskey.cfm?s=US+Airways+Center#61540 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since 1978, Levy Restaurants has been providing premier dining experiences across the United States. The Levy family culture has nurtured our incredible growth from a single delicatessen in Chicago, to an industry-leading, food organization over 30 years later. Today, we create great dining experiences at restaurants throughout the country and many of the highest profile sporting and entertainment venues in the world.
  4. 4. HIRING EVENT FOR Dishwasher, Prep Cook, & Line Cook Upward Projects is bringing its newest concept, Joyride Taco House, to the Central side of town. Come in to our open interviews for your chance to join our team. Bring a resume* to 5210 N. Central Ave. to interview with us!! Tuesday December 17th - 2-5pm Wednesday December 18th - 2-5pm Thursday December 19th - 2-5pm TIPSTER: * NO RESUME? STILL GO AND TAKE YOUR MASTER APPLICATION AND/OR MAKE A WORK HISTORY LIST...NEVER TURN DOWN AN OPPORTUNITY TO TALK TO A LIVE PERSON. REMEMBER: A LIVE PEOPLE CAN HIRE YOU! TIPSTER: Do not expect to get hired on the spot...otherwise; they would not need to see a resume. Request for a resume tells me that they are in no hurry to hire and that they are looking for the perfect applicant. Still take your "A" Game and do your research @ www.joyridetacohouse.com - www.upwardprojects.com - www.upwardprojectsblog.com CONCEPT IS: If I impress you enough with how much I want to work for you by already knowing your menu, your company history and have read your reviews, you may not let me walk (because where else are you going to find a better candidate?) and offer me a job...on the spot...THIS IS WHY YOU STILL GO...ROLL de DICE! Take a chance - if you really want the job. CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS: http://www.yelp.com/biz/joyride-taco-house-gilbert ALSO HIRING: Host, Server Assistant, Bar Assistant, Server, & Bartender ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Only serious applications will be considered* Experience preferred but not required for Servers, Hosts (Counter) & Drivers OPEN INTERVIEWS BEING HELD TODAY THROUGH THIS FRIDAY (12/17 - 12/20) TIME: 2:00pm - 4:00pm WHERE: NYPD PIZZA @ 1949 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85016 (Camelback/20th St., Next to Fry's) * SERIOUS MEANS: YOU KNOW THE MENU, YOU KNOW THE COMPANY, YOU COME DRESSED READY FOR WORK & IMPRESS UPON THEM WHY YOU WOULD BE A GREAT EMPLOYEE...TIPSTER: KNOW AND TALK ABOUT NYPD AND EXPLAIN HOW YOU FIT INTO WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DO...If your biggest selling point is that you need a job because Burger King didn't hire you; you are in trouble and it would be better not go embarrass yourself and insult the employer...they told you to be serious not come over. Are you serious? Willing to invest 10-15 minutes to get a job? If so...this employer wants to talk!
  5. 5. The uninsured may obtain health insurance through the Marketplace, Medicaid (AHCCCS) or CHIP (KIDS HEALTH LINK).Come visit us today and GET you and your children COVERED.
  6. 6. New Restaurant Opening Hiring All Hourly Positions! RSVP NOW! METRO CENTRE LOCATION. Interviews start January 5th; apply online now for consideration! NO WALKING IN! RSVP NOW by applying online @ https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/searchresults.aspx?partnerid=25377&siteid=5164&Ag entID=16800243&Function=runquery&Codes=CB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested in joining our team go to our website www.HMSHost.com to apply
  7. 7. HMSHOST IS LOOKING FOR OUTGOING, FRIENDLY SMILING INDIVIDUALS FOR OPEN HOST AND HOSTESS POSITIONS Located at our Chelsea's Kitchen restaurant at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. These positions are full-time with set schedules and benefits. Ideal candidates will have prior restaurant experience or customer service related experience. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are interested in joining our team go to our website www.HMSHost.com to apply --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Critically Important tipster: Listen up! THEY NEVER PULL APPLICATIONS FROM THEIR WEBSITE UNLESS YOU ARE THE IRON CHEF AND ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR MIMINUM WAGE; doesn’t mean that they will hire you then…they may just want to see what is wrong with you. You need to bite the bullet on this if you want this job and really “GO OLD SCHOOL” after you apply online, look up their HR Office over at TERMINAL THREE at Sky Harbour Airport, get yourself spruced up in your best AZ Casual Clothes (Trim any facial hair or shave…they are nice people but, they are old school too) and go over and introduce yourself while asking them to pull your application. If you impress them with your personality, availability and your motivation, they will. One last thing, UMOM Campers already know this but, if they hire you, it is based upon how you answer one question (both in what you say but, also, in how you say it). The question ties into motivation for the prep cooks, cashiers, hosts and a combination of motivation tied into you skill set (experience here counts) for the productions cooks and Baristas. You need to go over there with you “A” Game or do not waste the trip! The reason why you may want to do this can be found at www.hmshost.com. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. 8. THE ROSE AND CROWN PUB 628 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 BARTENDERS/SERVERS/COOKS-SOME EXPERIENCE WANTED BUSSERS- MOTIVSTION, DEPENDABILITY & HARD WORK WANTEDBEING READY TO DO MULTIPLE TASKS ANY GIVEN NIGHT DROP BY WITH RESUME (2-4 PM) NOTE: Do not expect to get hired on the spot...otherwise; they would not need to see a resume. Request for a resume tells me that they are in no hurry to hire and that they are looking for the perfect applicant. Still take your "A" Game because if you do that, you might just impress them enough with how much you want to work for them by already knowing your menu, the company’s history and having read the reviews, they may not let you walk (because where else are they going to find a better candidate?) and offer you a job...on the spot...THIS IS WHY YOU STILL GO...ROLL de DICE! Take a chance - if you really want the job. http://www.theroseandcrownaz.com/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPERIENCE IS DESIRED BUT NOT REQUIRED IF YOU'RE AWESOME * The Vig is looking for some support staff. Our ideal candidates have personality, intelligence, a strong work ethic, and great sense of humor. For our food runner position you must be able to multi task and communicate well with your coworkers. For our host position you must smile! It should be your favorite. We are offering full and part time for both positions. Experience is desired but not required if you're awesome. Please no phone calls or pop ins during peak hours.https://www.facebook.com/viguptown (APPLY BETWEEN 2-4 PM ONLY!) The Vig Uptown, 16th St at Bethany Home Road * HOW TO BECOME AWESOME? READ OUR PREVIOUS TIPSTERS ABOUT HOW TO PREPARE AND TAKE YOUR "A" GAME...IT'S WORTH THE READ IF YOU WANT TO BE SEEN AS SERIOUS AND/OR AWESOME…
  9. 9. Go Green Valet has openings for Central Phoenix based restaurants and valley wide private events. Minimum requirements for the position are: Clean driving record. -Must be able to drive a manual transmission. -Minimum of 1 year valet experience. -Must be at least 18 years of age. -Preferred 1 year valet experience -Skill level to operate valet location whether it a restaurant or event without assistance. TIPSTER: First they require experience then, in the net breathe it’s like “PREFERRED?” WHAT? Here is how you approach this (IF YOU HAVE A CLEAN (NO TICKETS) MVR &YOU CAN DRIVE A MANUAL TRANSMISSION). DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u62bcqr07f7l3h4/Go%20Green%20Valet%20Application.zip FILL IT OUT & EMAIL IT TO gogreenvaletjobs@gmail.comTHEN call 602-341-5116 to advise them that you applied, request that they pull your application and ask when you can come over to talk to them about the position(s) (trick is to say it all in one breathe and not give them time to think about it…usually they respond without thinking…that works for ya!) TIPSTER: Start you conversation “I have a clean MVR, I am an expert in driving manual transmissions and there is not a car or truck that I cannot drive or park…” ONLY AFTER YOU TALK TO THEM, DO YOU SEND YOUR AZ MVR: Must submit 39 Month uncertified driving record. https://servicearizona.com/webapp/citizenMVR/ GOT A FELONY? MOST VALET COMPANIES HAVE RESTRICTIONS AGAINST PREVIOUS INCARCERATEDAPPLICANTS BUT, THEY DON’T ASSUME THAT THEY WON”T EITHER…TRICK IS TO NOT ASSUME YOU KNOW, DO NOT CALL JUST TO ASK THIS OR START YOU CONVERSATION WITH THIS QUESTION. WHY? YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE ANSWER YOU GET. BUT, IF YOU USE THE ABOVE TECHNIQUE AND THEN DROP THE “F” WORD ON THEM…GET THEM CHOMPING AT THE BITS TO HIRE SOME ONE WITH A CLEAN (NO TICKETS) MVR, DRIVES A STICK SHIFT AND (especially if you are 25+ years old – big break on their liability insurance costs if you are) YOU ARE 25+ YEARS OLD…YOU MIGHT WELL BE SURPRISED ON HOW MORE AGREEABLE THEY MIGHT BE – UNLESS YOU ARE A FORMER CAR THEIF…HAVE DUI/DWI’S OR NO LICENSE… (Really…we knew of an applicant all bent out of shape because he thought that the reason he wasn’t hire as a Valet Parker was because of his felony. In fact, the hotel said it was
  10. 10. because he didn’t have a driver’s license…NEVER ASSUME…ALWAYS ASK AT THE CORRECT TIME!) 1625 N. Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004-1685 Line cook/Prep cook needed for high volume lunch restaurant. $10-11/HR. Egg experience is a plus. No late nights. You need availability and are available Tuesday through Sunday from 9-5 and on Wednesday evenings until 9pm. This is a non-smoking position. Please apply in person, Sunday 12/15 10am-1pm at Palette @ Phoenix Art Museum 1625 N. Central Ave. Entrance is between Phoenix Theater and Museum, through the courtyard.Please bring a resume.(WILL NOT GET HIRED ON THE SPOT BUT, read our previous tipsters about to giving yourself the advantage none-theless)http://www.phxart.org/palette/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HIRING CASHIERS Flexibility around School Hours. No Late Night Hours. Open availability to work days, early nights and weekends. Have/obtain Food Handlers Card. zpizza is a small gourmet, organically focused pizza restaurant that uses fresh, premium ingredients, including organic wheat flour, organic marinara, and unique & fresh vegetables to create a gourmet experience on a quick casual level. We are not fast food pizza. We use a real oven; prep many of our items daily, including a few sauces, our dough and a variety of toppings. We have two stores in the downtown Phoenix area and are owned locally. APPLY IN PERSON WITH YOUR “A” GAME (2-4PM) 53 W. Thomas Road (West on Thomas about 2 blocks off of Central Ave on the south side) 111 W. Monroe Street (1st Ave & Monroe in downtown Phoenix) Are you experiencedas a 3rd-2nd key in retail or food? Interested in Assistant Manager Training? COME OVER AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF…IMPRESS US! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOW HIRING! https://www.amctheatres .com/careers BUSSERS
  11. 11. CASHIERS TICKET TAKERS Phoenix's Original 5 & Diner Now Hiring All Positions FOR OUR FUN CLASSIC DINER!! Must be available Nights, Weekends, Holidays- No ExceptionsWe are an 24 hour Classic Diner and started in 1988. If you are looking for a fun, fast paced job- then this is the job for you. Please apply in person only Monday through Thursday 9 am-11 am or 2pm- 4 pm 5220 N 16TH ST AT 16TH ST AND COLTER Call 602-264-5220 ONLY IF YOUR WORKING A DAY SHIFT ELSE WHERE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEED SOME X-MAS CASH? COULD YOU USE ACOUPLE OF DAYS OF $10-12 PER HOUR? We need an energetic, engaging person to hold our sign outside our retail store. Santa is coming to Arizona Florist and customers can get their picture taken with Santa for FREE! We need someone working the sidewalk near our shop to generate interest and increase foot traffic into the store. Position needed for Thursday, December 19th & Friday, December 20th from 11 a.m. until dusk.
  12. 12. Additional days may be added if things go well. Enthusiastic, reliable, fun-loving people should apply! We are located at 2050 S. 16th St. Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034 (south of Buckeye Rd, just before the I-17 overpass).HURRY TO APPLY! Trinity Property Consultants CAREER FAIR Dec 19th, 2013 10-5pm We will be interviewing on a first come first serve basis, so please bring a copy of your résumé and be prepared to interview on the spot. MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS AND GROUNDS KEEPERS (no experience required) Dec 19th, 2013 10-5pm @ Hyatt Place Tempe/Phoenix Airport, 1413 West Rio Salado Pkwy. Tempe, AZ 85281 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MERCEDES BENZ IS SEEKING A LONG TERM, HARDWORKING PERSON WITH AN EYE FOR DETAIL You must have integrity, a good attitude, a valid driver's license, dependable and a good driving record. This is a drug-free environment. FT position with benefits. PLEASE APPLY TO PHOENIX MOTOR CO., 225 W. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85013; See the receptionist for an application ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.aceuniforms.com FULL TIME SEAMSTRESS Must follow instructions and be able to read a ruler. Operate industrial sewing machines, straight stitch, overlock, and hemmer required. Congeniality a plus and English speaking. Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9-5:30pm & Sat 9-1pm. Come prepared to demonstrate skills (SEWING TEST). Must apply in person @ Ace Uniforms of Phoenix 1506 E. McDowell Rd., PHX AZ 85006 northeast corner of 15th St & McDowell Rd. CALL ONLY IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ELSEWHERE (During normal business hours) 602-258-7029
  13. 13. TIPSTER: DO YOU HAVE THE SKILLS AND/OR ABILITY TO USE THE NOTED EQUIPMENT? Nowhere in their ad did they say that you had to have PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE…did they? So, if you are a good seamstress or tailor and can operate the equipment…give it a shot…They are looking for skills and talent – so don’t confuse that with actual work experience. Go ask for a sewing test and see if you can impress them…If you do, you got a shot at this job. LOOKING FOR 20+ PLUMBERS TO HELP OUT ON OUR JOB SITES We need skilled journeymen for this commercial work. We have job-sites all across the valley, ( Queen Creek, Central Phoenix, Mesa, Avondale, Surprise, North Phoenix etc.). We do not hold back pay; you will get paid every week on Friday for that week! Pay depends on you, your skill level and experience. Come interview and then pay will be discussed. You must have your hand tools and power tools. You must have a car and the ability to work a full work week. Saturday and Overtime are an option.Pay DOE/Skill range from entry level to skilled $12/hr $18.5/hr. Apply in person Monday-Friday 8a-2pm @ OnCall Staffing at 4920 E. McDowell Suite 103 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you a Commercial Construction Plumber? Call Ryan at 480-652-5515 Now Hiring Commercial Construction Plumbers for large Commercial jobs. We have immediate positions available. We are a very busy company that services the entire valley. Must have Transportation - Own Tools - Reliable - Must Have Experience in all phases including: Underground-Top Out-Trim - 3 Years’ Experience Minimum - Current References Please contact Ryan at 480-652-5515 to schedule an interview ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SMALL HOT ROD SHOP SEEKING EXPERIENCED MECHANIC Mechanic and fabricator for full time employment.Must have knowledge of Chevy, Ford motors, carburetors and basic transmissions. Must know how to fabricate steel and understand electrical wiring. We restore and build 40-60's automobiles. CALL JASON @ 480-619-8353 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $500 sign up bonus after being hired – If interested call 480-217-3030
  14. 14. Get truck to drive home, uniforms and earn up to $1,000+ per week. Hiring qualified service plumbers. I need 4 full time qualified plumbers. Must have 3 years’ service plumbing experience; pass drug tests, clean background check, and good driving record. We are a drug free company. On average, we get around 30+ jobs per day, there will always be work. ====================================================================== FINDING YOUR WAY HOME AFTER PRISON - UPDATE ISSUE Over the years, we have worked with many job seeking consumers that were trying to find a way to come back home and to start their life over. It is a hard process because we live in a society that fears their return and out of that blind fear; society seeks to control or banish you. Society has forgotten that they are your next door neighbor, your cousins; your own children or those they are someone else’s child from here in our community. SPECIAL ISSUE LISTING EMPLOYERS, TIPS AND SOLUTIONS TO GETTING HIRED EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE THE "F" WORD TATTOOED ON YOUR FOREHEAD. BROUGHT TO YOU FOR FREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/go-home2-3 ========================================================================== “IT’S A DOG’S LIFE” RETAIL & FOOD APPLICATIONS - From the desk of Duke Pat-Menot PhD WHERE TO START? TRY WITH THE ONLINE JOB APPLICATION… Many things have changed in recent years about getting a job, and now companies and businesses are using online job applications instead of a paper one. While it has streamlined the process a lot, it has also taken away from the more personal satisfaction with seeing someone face to face. While some of the procedures are the same, there are many other differences. SPECIFIC DETAILS ON HOW TO APPLY FOR BIG BOX RETAIL WITH
  15. 15. SPECIAL INSIDER INTEL FROM ALL BIG STORES AND FAST FOOD DOWNLOAD OR VIEW HERE:http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/12-nov-13 - From the Desk of Nurse Idagivva U. Abigshot CAREERS IN MEDICAL SUPPORT Welcome to the Healthcare Hiring Season here in Arizona. Yes, there is a hiring season. The season ties into the arrival of and/or the departure of our lovely snowbird visitors. As they arrive for the winter, the hospitals, clinic and related segments of the industry start hiring to fill the need for extra workers.
  16. 16. SPECIAL EDITION: JOB ISSUE FROM PEER SUPPORT, CARE GIVING AND NURSING TO DISHWASHERS, KITCHEN STAFF JOB POSTINGS AND TIPS ON GETTING EMPLOYED HERE IN THE PHX METRO MARKET…. BROUGHT TO YOU FORFREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/21a-nov-13 SPECIAL JOB BOOK EDITION: AZ MILLS MALL JOB SEARCH GUIDE 185 STORES TO FIND A JOB Welcome to Arizona Mills, it is Arizona’s largest indoor, climate controlled outlet, value and entertainment mall! THERE ARE OVER 20,000 PEOPLE WHO WORK AT AZ MILLS’ STORES At any given time there, 10-15% of these jobs are unfilled or the stores are trying to fill. “…That means that there are 200-300 openings available on any given time…” Tracking down these jobs is very time consuming and luck plays a large part of your AZ Mills Job search. NO NEED TO…WE DID IT FOR YOU! BROUGHT TO YOU FORFREE BY THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK VIEW OR DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/26-sept-2013 (OVER 1400 VIEWS) ===============================================================
  17. 17. FREE JOB BOARD OF REAL JOBS FOR REAL WORKING PEOPLE… http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Auntie-Sue-Uncle-Bobs-USED-4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v Click on “SEARCH” if you are not already a member of LinkedIn to see all the jobs in their proper order. Job Books E-book capable…NEW JOBS POSTED DAILY…INSIDE INTEL…FREE!