15may14 Thursday Night Special
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15may14 Thursday Night Special

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Yet another Thursday Night Special...everywhere ya look there are new jobs. Down on the corner, they are hanging out. All the way down the block, they are lined upped seeking quality, serious......

Yet another Thursday Night Special...everywhere ya look there are new jobs. Down on the corner, they are hanging out. All the way down the block, they are lined upped seeking quality, serious applicants who are not ashamed to say that they did their homework and who will look the employer in the eye and say until retirement do we start...THEN, I WOKE UP...burped and finished the job book for this Thursday Night - still got some good stuff - check them out...ADO!

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  • 1. THE SECRET TO BEING THE ‘RIGHT FIT’ FOR A JOB MAY 1, 2014 BY JENNY YERRICK MARTIN The very first blog post I wrote for my entertainment career site, Your Industry Insider, was called “The Art of Getting the Part.” It was about looking right for the job when you went on interviews, comparing that in-person experience to acting auditions. “When actors go to casting sessions,” I wrote, “everything they do is geared toward convincing the casting director that they are perfect for the part. If they’re going in to play a street tough on one of those countless crime dramas on the air these days, they dress down, in leather jacket and jeans maybe, and slump and scowl in the waiting area outside the audition room. For the part of the town slut, the actress struts in wearing a micro-mini and halter top and gives a suggestive sidelong glance at the casting intern with the clipboard.” 15 MAY 2014 THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL
  • 2. LOOK THE PARTI suggested that candidates for jobs think about their attire and behavior in job interviews the same way. The casting analogy might sound a little entertainment industry-centric to some of you, but stick with me. Though I have worked in the entertainment industry my entire career, and both hire for the industry and give advice to others on how to get hired in it, my advice applies to any job hunt and actually goes beyond your outward appearance and behavior once you land the interview. When you are looking for a job, every aspect of every contact you have with a potential employer communicates who you are as a candidate and whether you are right for the opening. Yes, there could be educational requirements for the position, but sometimes they are very broad and, beyond that, there is always the question of “fit.” As a hiring executive, I always want to choose someone who is “right” for the job. So, what does that mean for you as the job candidate? If you are looking for a receptionist job, think about what the ideal receptionist would be for the places where you are applying. Beyond tailoring your resume to highlight experience the duties of the job, such retail and server jobs, use your cover letter to actually tell a story about you that makes you seem like the perfect candidate. In your letter, mention that you were voted “most likely to start a conversation with a total stranger” in high school, or that your college debate team coach told you repeatedly that even though you made good arguments for your side in matches, smiling throughout those arguments was effecting the team’s ranking. Tell me that you were always chosen to check VIP alumni in for events at your school because the organizers knew that no matter what the situation, you would handle it tactfully. Even when you had to turn people away, they walked away smiling. And then, once you are going in for an interview (of course, I’m going to want to have you in for an interview after hearing about your alumni event experience), dress professionally and conscientiously, be friendly and confident, make eye contact, smile, convey ease… You want me picturing you at my company’s receptionist desk, in this case, or in a cubicle in the finance department, or sitting outside the marketing executive’s office. As I concluded that first blog post on my site back at the beginning, I’m not saying you have to wear glasses to get the job as the librarian… but it can’t hurt. ========================================================================
  • 3. TIPSTER: Anyone with a clean MVR, who can drive a stick shift and doesn’t mind being nice to people is qualified for this job. But, will you be selected? Will you get the call? Enhance your chances by looking up Valet on ONET ONLINE (http://www.onetonline.org/) to see what actual skills and abilities are really needed. This is important if you are not (currently or have been) a valet parker. Look through the skills (mostly customer service kind of stuff) and talk about that aspect of your previous jobs – This is important to show the employer that you have these skills as they do not (personally) know you! Now, does the online application with the help of ONET then go over to their main office to introduce yourself as a person with a “CLEAN” MVR who is over 25 years-old and who can drive a stick shift (and ask them to pull your application). REALLY WANT THE JOB: CUT THROUGH ALL THE APPLICATIONS, DRESS YOURSELF UP LIKE YOU WERE GOING TO WORK (Polo Shirt and Khakis) and go over and do the same introduction and keep talking until you are hired or they threaten you with a restraining order.
  • 4. NOW HIRING @ CITYSCAPE (DOWNTOWN PHX.) ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN… Potbelly Sandwich Shop got its start as a small antique store that turned into a lines-out-the-door neighborhood sandwich shop. Before you knew it, word got out about our craveable toasty sandwiches, and we couldn’t contain the irresistible Potbelly vibe and food to simply one location. Today, there are more than 270 Potbelly Sandwich Shops serving neighborhoods in 18 states, plus Washington DC. The unique Potbelly experience is created by simple, fresh and tasty food, live local music, eclectic décor and friendly employees whose mission is to make people really happy. Associate 20th & Camelback, 2131 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (6 Locations) A Potbelly Associates job is to make our customers really happy. Since they are the primary point of customer contact, it is up to them to provide our customers an excellent experience by providing fast, friendly and efficient service and by delivering a quality and consistent product every time, ... http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportunities.aspx
  • 5. Associate- Backline Coordinator 20th & Camelback, 2131 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (4 Locations) Apply The Backline Coordinator manages and organizes backline business while monitoring shop trends with a focus on People, Customers, Sales and Profit. When not focused on Backline Coordinator responsibilities, he or she may also be assigned to other Associate duties within the shop. http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportuniti es.aspx Associate- Food Prep 20th & Camelback, 2131 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (5 Locations) An Associate in charge of Food Prep will be in charge of just that slicing and prepping meats, cheeses, and vegetables so we are ready to make sandwiches and salads for our customers. When not focused on Food Prep, he or she may also be assigned to other Associate duties within the shop. http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportuniti es.aspx Delivery Driver 20th & Camelback, 2131 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (5 Locations) Potbelly Sandwich Shop is looking for Delivery Drivers who can make our customers really happy by delivering our great Potbelly product quickly, safely and with excellent customer service. When not focused on Delivery Driver responsibilities, he or she may also be assigned to other Associate duties ... http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportuniti es.aspx http://cdn.potbelly.com/compan y/images/careers_video.png
  • 6. Musician 20th & Camelback, 2131 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (4 Locations) Music has been an important part of the Potbelly experience since we first opened in 1977, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our musicians’ positive energy and great song selection make our customers really happy. We love popular tunes of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and today performed with an upbeat vibe... http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportunities.aspx Associate 7th and McDowell, 534 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85003 (6 Locations) A Potbelly Associates job is to make our customers really happy. Since they are the primary point of customer contact, it is up to them to provide our customers an excellent experience by providing fast, friendly and efficient service and by delivering a quality and consistent product every time... http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportunities.aspx MENU: http://www.potbelly.com/Food/OurMenu.aspx?s ubPage=Sandwiches Associate- Food Prep 7th and McDowell, 534 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85003 (5 Locations) An Associate in charge of Food Prep will be in charge of just that slicing and prepping meats, cheeses, and vegetables so we are ready to make sandwiches and salads for our customers. When not focused on Food Prep, he or she may also be assigned to other Associate duties within the shop. Essential... http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportunities.aspx Associate CityScape, 1 East Washington Street, Suite 170, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (6 Locations) A Potbelly Associates job is to make our customers really happy. Since they are the primary point of customer contact, it is up to them to provide our customers an excellent experience by providing fast, friendly and efficient service and by delivering a quality and consistent product every time... http://www.potbelly.com/Company/CareerOpportunities.aspx
  • 7. USED JOB SHACK…POTBELLY… Pot Belly Associate Interview - I applied online and the process took a day Details – I'll post this by steps I was hired for the new potbelly crew and since I know they are opening 2-3 more potbelly stores this year in this should help everyone 1- Fill out the application online 2- there was a job fair for potbelly from 8am-9pm (GO AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE) 3-in the job fair there was a paper application (only fill it out if you did not do the online application) 3- Go with a smile and dress to impress (yes there was actual people in jeans and sneakers) 4- there were three people interviewing (main owners, and 2 general managers) 5- the potbelly interview was very easy people these are the nicest people you'll ever meet, it felt like a conversation and not an interview OK NOW QUESTIONS 1- They'll look at you resume(BRING YOUR RESUME/COVER LETTER) and ask for you to give a quick explanation on your past jobs, school…etc.… 2- Potbelly sometimes have stressful situations, explain a stressful situation that you had to overcome? 3- Sometimes in potbelly something’s are not finished, explain a situation where you were not able to finish an assignment/duty? 4- Explain a situation where a former employee complained about you? 5- Explain a situation where you had a disagreement with another employee/employer? 6- Explain a situation you had to overcome? 7- Explain a time where you reached a goal? 8- Explain a situation where you pleased a costumer? 9- Explain a situation where you received great costumer service? 10- Will there be any changing situations with you for the next few months? 11- What days are you available?
  • 8. 12- Why are you interested in potbelly? Don't be nervous in this interview, they are not looking for robots, and this is not an office job. They can care less on how many jobs you had in the past if you can't explain the job. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON POTBELLY, if you go like" uh..........uh" when they ask you why you want to work at potbelly then you are not getting the job. ====================================================== Associate Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 days Interview Details – • Why do you want to work at Potbelly? • What do you believe to be the Potbelly Advantage? • What is your opinion of great customer service? • What do you think makes Potbelly different from other fast-casual restaurants? • What do you think diversity is? NOTE: EASY ANSWER IF YOU DID YOUR HOMEWORK! ================================================== Store Associate Interview - I applied through other source and the process took 2 days Interview Details – The hiring process was quite simple, casual, and relaxed. Once hired, the training was thorough and extremely helpful. This is a new store and upon opening, Potbelly has a 'dream team' crew of existing employees from other stores that stay with the new employees for a couple weeks for training. They instruct the orientation, provide hands-on practice, and stay at the store for 1-2 weeks after opening to assist with operations. Interview Question – Nothing I can think of. ================================================= Team Member Interview - Applied online and the process took 2 weeks Interview Details – The establishment was quick to get back to me; however, the interview was long and seemed like a repetitive barrage of storytelling type-questions. They make you reference a dozen different
  • 9. references to things like "the time you displayed leadership." Otherwise, the contact was very, very nice. Interview Question – • Why do you want to work here? - This is often the most difficult question at fat-food type restaurants like this. What should you say? I LOVE MAKING FOOD FOR MEAN PEOPLE? ================================================= Sandwich Artist Interview - Applied online and the process took 5 days Interview Details – It was very casual, they asked me some basic questions. Interview Question – • Tell me a time you worked in a group. ================================================= Associate Interview - I applied through an employee referral and the process took a day Interview Details – I luckily knew someone on the inside to give me a high recommendation. Sadly I had applied multiple times despite being told by said employee I was basically promised the job for I had previous work experience. My application was lost twice by the management but finally I got the chance to sit down with the General Manager. He briefly looked over my application only to see my availability and school completed. He wanted to know more about me and what I could bring to the company and their store more than anything else. I told him how dedicated I was to working and doing my best to help out the team. He was impressed on my abilities at my previous job and hired me on the spot. I took a $.10 pay cut for the hiring rate of $8.00 for non-previous food related jobs and I know they give +$.50 for any employees who have worked the food industry before. They are more interested in you and your work ethic than they are about where you have worked and contacting your employers. Interview Question – • What can you bring to our team, and are you a team player?
  • 10. So Many CareersYou may know State Farm® is a top insurance company. We hire strong employees to help us lead the pack in insurance and financial services. NOW HIRING FOR CAREERS Employment Process Summary To apply for any job opening at State Farm, you need to complete an online application. The first step is to register. From there, just complete the required fields on the application. Everything you need to know is on our How to Apply page. https://careers.statefarm.com/employee/emp-how-to-apply.asp HR Interview If you're contacted by Human Resources for an interview, this may be a phone or face-to-face conversation. Be prepared for the recruiter to ask you questions with regard to your skills and experience. It's also an opportunity for you to discover more about State Farm and the position you applied for. Testing For some positions, general testing may also be part of the HR Screening process. If applicable, your Human Resources contact will provide all the information you need to help you feel informed and prepared throughout the process. Pre-employment assessments you may be required to complete are the State Farm screening batteries (SFsb) and SkilTrak batteries or Language Proficiency Assessment. https://careers.statefarm.com/pdf/SFsb-SkilTrak.pdf https://careers.statefarm.com/pdf/LPA.pdf
  • 11. Hiring Manager Interview If selected, an interview with the hiring manager comes next. This is a face-to-face, competency-based interview designed to gauge how well your skills and experience fit the job opportunity. You’ll also learn more about specific job responsibilities and the actual working environment. Additional Interviews The hiring manager may include other management in your initial interview, or you may be invited back to meet with others from the business function. Contingent Job Offer If selected, you’ll receive a contingent job offer. Pending successful results from a background check and drug test, your offer will be confirmed in writing. Confirmed Job Offer Your job offer will confirm the position, location, salary, start date, and reporting manager. Welcome to State Farm Website Once your job offer is confirmed and accepted, you’ll be given access to a special website just for new employees. It’s designed to provide the information new employees want to know, and to help take the stress out of your first day on the job. The Welcome website is a place where new employees can: •Find out what to wear, what to bring, and all that first day kind of stuff. •Learn more about benefits, pay, time off, and other employee programs. •Check out videos featuring State Farm employees and Company CEO Ed Rust Jr. ======================================================== Gateway Operations Center 444 North 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008 Papago Buttes Operations Center 1500 North Priest Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281 Tempe Operations Center 2700 South Sunland Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281 =========================================================================
  • 12. CUSTOMER RESPONSE CENTER (CRC) 3:39 As an extension of the agent's office, CRC is staffed 24/7 with professional, well-trained employees who provide a personal touch with things like initiating newly reported claims, taking premium payments and resetting statefarm.com® passwords. https://careers.statefarm.com/employee/emp- customer-service.asp There’s no such thing as “normal” business hours. https://careers.statefarm.com/employee/emp- customer-service.asp Customer Response Center Representative A Peek at What Employees or Associates Do Talk on the phone to customers, agents, and State Farm employees using scripted responses: • Answer insurance-related questions from callers • Explain processes for claims and provide emergency assistance • Take detailed messages for agents/claims personnel • Provide emergency customer assistance While on the phone, you will utilize computer technology: •Use an online job aid • Use the State Farm intranet to locate information • Send detailed messages to agents and claims personnel • File claim reports using a computer Apply State Farm policies and procedures to unique situations. Other Things to Know •Work non-standard shifts, including weekends, holidays, and evenings •Complete an extensive, paid training program to learn policies and procedures •Manage a variety of customer service situations •Receive additional on-the-job coaching and training
  • 13. Here’s What Employees or Associates Say About the Job “It is an exciting and ever-changing environment where you are always getting trained on how to do things better.” “Every day at the CRC is fun because it never actually feels like you’re coming to work. The people are great and the atmosphere is so inviting.” “Every customer that you work with is unique and sometimes challenging. You must meet their needs in a way that satisfies both the customer and State Farm policies.” “We alternate between very busy times and very slow times; the continual change of work levels can be challenging.” “You feel important when you have been called upon to help out in a crisis situation, such as a hurricane, Sept. 11th, or an earthquake; however, this can be stressful.” “The CRC is a structured environment, you always know exactly when to be at work, have meetings, and take breaks.” “I enjoy talking to policyholders from all over the country and assisting them when they need us the most. It makes me feel good knowing that I am able to helpthem when their agent is unavailable.”
  • 14. CURRENT OPENINGS – CHANGES DAILY! Claim Associate-ILR Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Phoenix Loan Services Representative Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Phoenix Loan Processor Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Phoenix Consumer Loan Credit Anlst Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Phoenix Claim Associate-Express Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Phoenix Customer Service Rep- Bank Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Tempe Mortgage Loan Processor Financial Oper/Acctng/Banking AZ, Tempe Quote & Bind Sales Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe Quote & Bind Sales Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe CRC - Customer Service Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe CRC - Customer Service Rep Claims/Underwriting/Insurance AZ, Tempe Tech Anlyst-Operating System Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix Data Specialist - Data Design Information Technology/Systems AZ, Phoenix https://careers.statefarm.com/employee/emp-customer-service.asp NOTE: People with previous fraud or theft convictions may be hard to place but, it will depend upon the age, circumstances and the application’s post history to turn their life around. Other types of offences are less of a barrier to employment. Employer will conduct a background check to determine the truthfulness and transparence of the applicant.
  • 15. KEY HERE IS FULL DISCLOSURE WITH AN EMPHASIS UPON THE CIRCUMSTANCES The employer understands that there is a big difference between “I stole to feed my babies” versus “”I didn’t really steal that big screen TV…It was the Super Bowl and I borrowed it…If my truck hadn’t broke down, I would have brought it back…!” Also, the employer is more concerned in who you are instead of who you were. They want to know that you learned more from the experience than just not get caught again. They are interested and weigh heavily what you have done, what you have achieved and how far you are removed from the person who was in trouble. This is your mission, your job and the better you showcase your transformation, the easier it will be for them to hire you. If you have not turned your life around or feel uncomfortable discussing this, these jobs are not for you and save yourself some grief and don’t apply. It’s on you! They do not owe you. You owe it to yourself but, that is a difference conversation... ============================================================================= USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…STATE FARM… Claims Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 weeks Interview Details – Applied via their website. Within 3 days, I received an e-mail asking me to complete assessments. These tests included data entry, typing, personality, and logic testing. If you pass those, you are called by a recruiter to schedule a phone interview. The phone interview is prompt, and took an hour. They ask scenario based questions... Tell me a time when, how you handled it and the result. If you do well in the interview process, they will propose an offer on the spot. There is no 1:1 interview that is face to face. Then they use a company called Hire Right to perform back ground checks, drug screening, etc. Start date is 2 months after phone interview (in my case). The also expect you to be able to handle a very strict schedule (they plan out your day from beginning to end) and you need to be flexible with times of the day for work schedule as it varies. If you miss any tasks requested by hire right
  • 16. through email and don’t respond or do what they ask, your offer is voided. I haven't started yet to provide office info. It is a cubical setting. Interview Question – None of the questions were really difficult. you just have to have scenarios ready and be ready to give the situation, how you handled it and the result. Some questions were: • Tell me a time you disagreed with a boss and how you handled it. • Tell me a time you worked as part of a team and they weren't pulling their weight and how you handled it, etc. ================================================ CRC Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 weeks Interview Details – 1. Filled out app online 2. Signed disclosure 3. Received testing material 4. Received competitive score email. 5. HR rep Called to schedule phone interview. Had interview and received job offer the same day. I am currently in the drug screen/drug test part of it now. Interview Question – Name a time you and an employee had a difference of opinion and what came of it. ================================================ Intern Interview - I applied through college or university and the process took 2 months Interview Details – Simple interview with two - three people at the facility. Questions about my projects, previous work experience, why I chose to work here, and also when I would be ready to start if I were offered. The most important thing I would say is be ready to support what you've worked on and how you were able to solve the problems that you did Interview Question – • What was the most difficult thing you've had to make in recent years? ================================================ Interview Questions • Tell me a little more about yourself • Give a time where you had to persuade a peer or a coworker to have something go your way. What was the situation and how was the outcome? • Tell me about a time you had to multitask between tasks in a pressure environment. What was the situation and how did you overcome it? • Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. What was the situation and what was the outcome? • Give me a time when you and your coworkers couldn't agree on a project. What was the situation and how did you overcome it?
  • 17. Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 1 week Interview Details – Well I'm just gone start from the Beginning my first step was a phone interview which was scheduled at 11:30 am but I my interviewer called me late. The guy who interviewed me was pretty straight forward and told me at the beginning of the phone interview to tell him a little about me, but he only wanted to hear stuff that would help me get a job. The questions were pretty typical interview questions, I think the only thing at scared him was when i was said something about going back to school. So if you get an interview with this company please don't mention going back to school unless your more specific on why, because most companies feel that if you go back to further your education your not going to be with the company long. Interview Question – Pretty Standard questions nothing surprising or hard. ================================================= SOUNDS CRAZY? A 20 PAGE STUDY GUIDE FOR A JOB THAT REQUIRES NO EXPERIENCE? CHIPOTLE IS THE BEST CAREER OPTION IN THE USA! FIND OUT WHY AND HOW TO GET HIRED…FREE OFFER! http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/chipotle- study-guide-2014 This is the 2014 UPDATED ISSUE… FROM $0 - $129K (with car) BASED UPON YOUR ABILITY, YOUR WILLINGNESS TO LEARN NEW THINGS AND BEING FLEXIBLE - WHERE ELSE COULD YOU ACHIEVE THAT? =================================================================== 810 North 2nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 http://angelstrumpetalehouse.blogspot.com/ If you are going to work here, read the blog before you go. NEEDED POSITIONS ARE LINE COOKS, PREP, AND DISHWASHER.
  • 18. LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN PHOENIX IN THE ROOSEVELT ROW ART DISTRICT: An ale house with a passion for great craft beer and fresh food! Weekend availability including Sundays is a must. Angels Trumpet Ale House is currently looking for culinary professionals to join our team. We are looking for people with high-volume cooking and prep experience. Show off your friendly and energetic personality by stopping in to impress them with why a local kid like yourself wants to work here. See! Read the blog and the customer reviews would help you answer that question better…YELP seems to be the best customer reviews…look for trends not just a disgruntled patron or ex- employee(s). Hit them with your “A” Game between 2-4 PM… ============================================================================== WARNING: BEING HIRED DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL WORK! MANY FACTORS TIE INTO YOU GETTING HOURS WITH THEM…ALSO, KNOW THAT THEY REQUIRE AN EXPENSIVE UNIFORM REQUIREMENT FOR BANQUET SERVICES – TUXEDO PANTS AND ECT… SOME PEOPLE WITH OPEN AVAILABILITY AND THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION CAN DO GOOD BY THEM… IF YOU RIDE THE BUS, CAN’T WORK CERTAIN HOURS OR HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT END OF SHIFT, STAY HOME AND DO NOT GO APPLY, THEY WILL HIRE YOU BUT, YOU MAY NEVER WORK! IF YOU MATCH WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, THEN CHECK THEM OUT AS THEY DO HAVE A TON OF SHORT TERM EMPLOYMENT. THE MORE DEPENDABLE YOU ARE, THE HARDER YOU WORK…THE MORE THEY WILL OVER YA! 100’S OF CURRENT OPENINGS… http://www.executempssw.com/ UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS: http://www.executempssw.com/employment/uniform-requirements ================================================================= WARNING: BEING HIRED DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL WORK! =================================================================
  • 19. https://www.hrapply.com/bashas/AppIndex.jsp “LOCALIZE YOUR JOB SEARCH AND YOU CAN ENHANCE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING HIRED…” - A TIP FROM FOOD CITY STAY WITHIN 5 MILES OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TIPSTER: If you have not already been to ONET to properly pad your killer resume with key words, phrases and to insure that you are showing ALL of the skills and abilities you have…then REALLY do it and reform your resume to include all this…Unless, you got Old Lady Luck riding with you today… If she is…buy some lotto tickets coming back. http://www.onetonline.org/ 35-2014.00 COOKS, RESTAURANT http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/2/35-2014.00?s=cook 35-3021.00 COMBINED FOOD PREPARATION AND SERVING WORKERS & FAST FOOD http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/9/35-3021.00?s=cook 35-2011.00 COOKS, FAST FOOD http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/1/35-2011.00?s=cook 35-2015.00 COOKS, SHORT ORDER http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/5/35-2015.00?s=cook 35-3022.00 COUNTER ATTENDANTS, CAFETERIA, FOOD CONCESSION, AND COFFEE SHOP http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/12/35-3022.00?s=cook 35-9021.00 DISHWASHERS http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/11/35-9021.00?s=cook 41-2011.00 CASHIERS http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/3/41-2011.00?s=cashier%20fast%20food 35-9031.00 HOSTS AND HOSTESSES, RESTAURANT, LOUNGE, AND COFFEE SHOP http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/16/35-9031.00?s=cashier%20fast%20food ===========================================================================
  • 20. THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY Kierland Commons Cooks Dishwashers Servers Please apply online by visiting: cakecareers.com ======================================================================================== WENDY’S TERMINAL 3 SKY HARBOR AIRPORT HIRING https://jmj.workatw.com/Position_Details.aspx?PID=451 CREW MEMBERBe punctual, attentive to detail, friendly, willing to learn, reliable, and above all – honest And maintain a neat and clean appearance. REQUIREMENTS: Math proficiency - Must be at least 16 years old - Prior restaurant, cashier, and/or food preparation experience desired - Able to lift 35 pounds to waist level - Neat, clean, and professional appearance. During the past 5 years, have you ever been convicted of, plead guilty to, or plead no contest to, a crime, excluding misdemeanors and traffic violations?
  • 21. 12 STEP PROGRAM TO EMPLOYMENT WITH WENDY’S! This works with other Wendy’s locations… QUESTION #1 of 12 Question Background: We highly value previous experience with Wendy’s, or other food-service companies. Question: Do you have previous experience in the restaurant industry with Wendy’s or any other companies? QUESTION #2 of 12 Question Background: Our Crew Members share some common attributes. First and foremost, they genuinely like to interact with our guests. They understand that our guests patronize our restaurants because of the quality of food and beverages, the cleanliness of our restaurants, and the pleasant/professional attitudes of our staff. Question: Please tell us why you believe that you are the best fit for this important position. Highlight your skills and abilities that match those qualities we seek in a Wendy’s Crew Member. QUESTION #3 of 12 Question Background: At Wendy’s, we believe in providing a positive and professional work-environment for our employees, an environment in which everyone feels as though they are treated courteously, equally, and with respect. Question: How would you describe your relationship with your present or most recent supervisor? Response Tip: Have you maintained a professional and courteous relationship? Is this individual someone that you would feel comfortable listing as a reference on this job application? Why or why not? If you do not have previous work experience, write N/A. QUESTION #4 of 12 Question Background: As a Crew Member at Wendy’s, you will consistently receive feedback regarding your on-the-job performance, and will also receive periodic performance reviews conducted by your supervisor. Question: What was your rating on your most recent performance review given by your present or previous employer?
  • 22. Response Tip: What were your strengths? Did you have any weaknesses, or areas that needed improvement? What actions did you take to continue utilize and build on your strengths, and what steps did you take to improve on your weaknesses? If you do not have previous work experience, write N/A. QUESTION #5 of 12 Question Background: At Wendy's, we believe in personal customer service. Every member of our team should feel comfortable working with customers and should have the ability to easily interact with them. Question: What is the most important impression that a Crew Member should leave with a customer? Response Tip: Tell us what is most important to you as a customer when you go to a fast food restaurant and how can you make sure that you are providing outstanding customer service each time. QUESTION #6 of 12 Question Background: You will work with many different customers throughout the day and it is your job to make sure each customer feels comfortable and satisfied after their visit. Question: How would you react if a conflict arose between you and a customer? Response Tip: Provide an example, if possible, of how you have worked through a conflict with a customer in your past work experience. If you do not have previous work experience, please describe how you would respond if a conflict arose between you and a customer while working as a Crew Member at Wendy's. QUESTION #7 of 12 Question Background: Handling money along with different forms of payments will be part of your everyday routine. You should be comfortable making change, performing credit card transactions, balancing a cash drawer, etc. Question: What money-handling tasks have you performed? I.E. Balancing a cash drawer, cash register usage, bank deposits, credit card transaction, etc. Response Tip: Please provide what companies you worked with money previous in and the roles you were in at the time. Also, please tell us the amount of money you have worked with daily if you have an estimated figure. QUESTION #8 of 12 Question Background: Wendy's promotes a culture of achievement, success and well-being among co-workers. If conflict arises, we work to settle it right away. Question: How should an employee react to conflict with their supervisor? Response Tip: Please provide examples as to how you would resolve conflict in your Wendy's workplace.
  • 23. QUESTION #9 of 12 Question Background: It is important for management to understand your availability with regard to work scheduling. Question: What is your work schedule availability in terms of days and hours (throughout a seven-day week)? QUESTION #10 of 12 Question Background: We would love to know more about you. Here is your opportunity to tell us a little more about yourself! Question: Feel free to tell anything that may highlight your skills, talents, and/or interests. Response Tip: Consider your hobbies, interests, or other points you would like us to know QUESTION #11 of 12 Question Background: Do NOT call the location you are applying for. After you submit this application, we will communicate with you through e-mail. It is important that you check your e-mail and do not treat any e-mails from Wendy's or WyckWyre as spam. Question: Will you check your e-mail frequently to ensure that you do not miss any communication with the location you are applying for? QUESTION #12 of 12 Question: What do you know about my company? ======================================================= REALLY WANT TO GET HIRED HERE? OK…you are it straight (THIS LOCATION) does not want you doing a standard call…But, this says that you need to spend a great deal of time getting good answers to this questions (they are from the application form)…Treat these like “KSAs” from the government. Treat each question serious as your answer will be read and the people with “THE MOST INTERESTING” answers will be on the “A” List when they call for a live interviews. This process could take you forever to do unless you know the trick. Want to know the trick? The trick is that you are not to first person to get asked these specific questions. Got it?
  • 24. WHAT IS NOT TO UNDERSTAND? If you are not the first to answer these then, someone has surly posted their answers either to brag or to help others cheat the Wendy’s System? Goggle the questions, read through the answers and cut-n-paste a great answer and let need to re-invent the wheel! THIS WILL WORK AT OTHER WENDY’S LOCATIONS... =========================== UPDATE: 100,000 VIEWS CAN'T BE WRONG! This is the site where we post the E-Book editions to our daily job books not to include our job board... http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999 ============================================================================= NEW 2014 EDITION AVAILABLE HERE FOR FREE: http://www.slideshare.ne t/fredgwest1999/go- home22014 All new updated and expanded editions with new suggestions, techniques and employers who are more concerned with who are instead of who you were! 140 Plus Pages…
  • 25. SALES ASSOCIATE JOBS We believe that to be effective leaders at 7-Eleven, we must think about the needs of our customers and our teams before we tend to our own needs. We call this Servant Leadership, and it's the foundation of everything we do here. As Servant Leaders, we are guided by core values that we live by every day. These values help us serve our customers, our teams and our communities. They are the heart of 7-Eleven and what makes us who we are. (BELOW VIDEO IS A MUST WATCH – THEY ASK YOU ABOUT THIS) http://youtu.be/cVQVQxD-Xaw - THIS IS ON THE TEST (INTERVIEW) Stores Accepting Applications 4748 E. MCDOWELL RD, PHOENIX, AZ 85008-4510 4748 E. VAN BUREN, PHOENIX, AZ 85008-6928 3948 EAST THOMAS, PHOENIX, AZ 85018-7512 5135 E. THOMAS RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85018-7914 2401 E. MCDOWELL PHOENIX, AZ 85008-3528 2843 N. 24TH ST. PHOENIX, AZ 85008-1048 3912 E. CAMELBACK PHOENIX, AZ 85018-2611 4511 N. 24TH ST, PHOENIX, AZ 85016-5201 1950 E. INDIAN SCHOOL RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85016-6017 7-Eleven Franchisees are Independent Contractors who are solely responsible to control the manner and means of the day to day operation of their stores. As such, each Franchisee solely controls all aspects of his or her employment practices.
  • 26. JOHNNY ROCKETS Mon-Sat 10a-9p, Sun 11a-6p AZ MILLS Entry/Parking Lot #2, Located right at Entry #2 on the East side of the mall in suite L 235 IF YOU ARE, YOU HAVE THE GOTTA DANCE ATTITUDE THAT JOHNNY ROCKETS NEEDS. A Gotta Dance attitude is more than the physical act of dancing; it’s a smile, a level of energy and a quality of service! It is our Guest Promise. Guest Promise •Say “Hello” and offer a smile to every Guest we see. •Serve the freshest, highest quality, simple all-American fare. •Cheerfully serve Guests promptly in a sparkling clean restaurant. •Dance, twirl straws and serve ketchup with a smile. Handle Guests needs right here and now. GO HERE TO START: http://www.johnnyrockets.com/rocketeer-careers.html TIPSTER: They had me dancing over to their site and I was cool. But, then, all the hip hop jivister turned sinister, corporate and they wanted me to do an application before I know if they are hiring…Sounds bogus, diversity recruitment trickery. Shame because the frontend of this beauty rocked and connect and them like BAM! If I were even a poser, I would boogie over and visit the rockets to see if they were really hiring before I commit like 45 minutes to nothing…Sputnik them and their corporate masters! Dude!
  • 27. COMING SOON TO CENTRAL PHOENIX 300 W Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85013 TIPSTER: Here is the Holy Grail of Homework (Interview) Cheat sheets in the form of their media kit. Download this and commit it to your memory. This gives you everything that you need to impress them with how serious you are. http://southernrailaz.com/images/southern_rail_media_kit.pdf HIRING SOUS CHEF, LINE COOKS, PREP COOKS, PASTRY, DISHWASHERS, SERVERS, BAR BACKS, EXPO, FOOD RUNNERS, HOSTS AND HOSTESSES. Apply for a position at Southern Rail - Tuesday-Saturday: 11am - 4pm At our sister restaurant. . .Beckett's Table Restaurant, 3717 E Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018 http://southernrailaz.com/ 16 W. ADAMS – DOWN TOWN PHOENIX…. PREP COOK, CASHIER, DISH WASHER Now hiring for part time flexible shifts. Please bring in resume to schedule an interview. Interviews will be scheduled after resume is dropped off in person. Same day interview available between 2:00-3:00 p.m. Please call ahead for availability Tyler @ 915-373-0332 (This is a test…you not to call during lunch, right?) "We DON'T sell fast food, we serve fresh food as fast as possible!! Look up their reviews on Yelp as the website as that will many times give you a big advantage. If the review talk about customer service then, I will to go out of my way to demonstrate my commitment to my focus on making the customer happy…Get it?
  • 28. HIRINGFOR OUR GROWING SALES AT • 7TH AVE/PHOENIX • CAMELBACK/PHOENIX OPEN INTERVIEWS BEING HELD NOW! Experience preferred but not required WHEN: Wednesday – Friday TIME: 2:00pm - 4:00pm WHERE: NYPD PIZZA 556 W. McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85003 (NE Corner 7th Ave/McDowell Rd.) 949 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85016 (Camelback/20th St., Next to Fry's) LOOKING FOR SERVERS, COUNTER, DELIVERY DRIVERS & KITCHEN TEAM MEMBERS (COOK, SAUTE, PREP) • Only serious applications will be considered * * HOW DO I BECOME A SERIOUS APPLICANT? They define a serious candidate as a person who shows up looking like they were ready to start work, a person who can impress them with what they know about the company and that has studied the menu. A serious candidate will know what position that they are applying for and can explain why they would be a good fit based upon their skills, abilities and availability…
  • 29. Location: Tempe, AZ (200 E. Rio Salado Pkwy.) Barista• Experience in retail / specialty store or food establishment preferred. • Excellent verbal and written skills. • Well organized and detail oriented. • Register and cash handling experience. • Minimum high school diploma or equivalent. APPLY ONLINE HERE: http://www.coffeebean.com/Careers HOMEWORK: Better know their history, what makes them special and know something about their products. http://www.coffeebean.com/about_us.html?ICID=cfbn_about_us_fall13 MENU: http://www.coffeebean.com/view-all/coffee/l/100 ========================================================================== $100 SIGNING BONUS! LINE COOK 7000 E. Mayo Blvd. NOTE: Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense (felony or serious misdemeanor)? A conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from employment. APPLY HERE: http://www.redrobin.jobs/
  • 30. 606 -- 2346 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006 BETTER WATCH THESE VIDEOS https://www.wendys.com/en-us/careers NOW HIRING! Marife Bio: I am a wife and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. I am very hard working person and reliable. I love working at Wendy's restaurant and enjoy meeting people every day. Favorite Wendy's Item: Spicy Chicken! I love Spicy Chicken, It is my favorite on the Wendy's menu and I usually order it with mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese and bacon. Growing a Career: "I could not believe I could start with nothing and grow into such an important position as a General Manager. When I started working at Wendy's back 1997, I just wanted to make enough money to pay my bills. I was pleasantly surprised that Wendy's would give me an opportunity to grow and be successful in my field." My Team: "They are very hard working people, easy to get along with, eager to learn, friendly, have sense of humor and they always work as a team." A Meaningful Moment: "The most meaningful recognition I ever had was when I was awarded the Wendy's Operations Excellence Award in 2012 and achieving and maintaining A-Level Operations status in my restaurant." Learning from My Team: "What I have learned from my team is no matter what you do, if your team is not there to work as one, you will not achieve your goals. The restaurant will never be successful without a committed team." Working-Hard: "People always say, 'I worked hard today', but to me, it's really about weighing the outcome of what I achieved when the day is over." HOW TO APPLY: This job opportunity is with one of our many franchisees. Independently owned and operated, Wendy's franchise organizations determine their own compensation, benefits and career programs which may vary from company-owned locations. TO APPLY IN PERSON GO TO: You can apply directly to the store. Ask for a manager when applying.
  • 31. NOW HIRING: Pizza Artists “It is our goal to only hire individuals with a passion for serving quality food with genuine guest hospitality. “ APPLY IN PERSON: Monday - Saturday, 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. @ CityScape, 11 West Washington Street in Phoenix MENU: http://pizzastudio.com/menu.html HOMEWORK: http://pizzastudio.com/concept.html =================================================================== Stockroom - 2nd Shift $11.00/hr. - South Phoenix Advert ID: USA_144556 $11/HR. Manpower is currently recruiting a Stockroom Associate for 2nd shift at a large client in Phoenix. This 6 month temporary position requires 2+ years of experience, the ability to frequently lift 35 lb., computer literacy, math skills and high attention to detail. High School diploma or equivalent e.g. GED required. Minimum of 2 years directly related experience; good reading & math skills; effectively communicate and interact with others, handle multiple tasks at the same time, access & use computer systems (e.g. email, work instructions, attendance). Steel toed shoes are required on start date (at contractors own expense). APPLY ONLINE: www.manpower.com ==================================================== PT BARISTA WANTED FOR COFFEE STANDS – START ASAP! $9/HR. Work inside convention centers in downtown Phoenix. Seeking hardworking, reliable, clean, friendly individual. MUST have previous barista experience. Open/flexible availability a plus. Starts ASAP. 15-30 hours wkly. E-mail Mike @ matwell188@yahoo.com. (3rd Street at Monroe) Attach a quick line or two about yourself in the e-mail.
  • 32. DAYTIME REGISTER PERSON w/ COFFEE EXPERIENCE PREFERRED Part-time or Full-Time. Includes early mornings and afternoon and weekend shifts. Experience Preferred. This is a fast-paced environment with a drive-thru, be ready to hustle! Your duties will include: Running the registers - Opening and Closing Duties - Food running - Great customer service skills, must be a happy morning person. STOP IN AND IMPRESS THEM WITH WHAT YOU KNOW...KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THEM - THEY HAVE A WEBITE: www.32shea.com. APPLY IN PERSON: 10626 N. 32nd St at 32nd St + Shea ========================================================================================= PT BARISTA WANTED FOR COFFEE STANDS – START ASAP! $9/HR. Work inside convention centers in downtown Phoenix. Seeking hardworking, reliable, clean, friendly individual. MUST have previous barista experience. Open/flexible availability a plus. Starts ASAP. 15-30 hours wkly. E-mail Mike @ matwell188@yahoo.com. (3rd Street at Monroe) Attach a quick line or two about yourself in the e-mail. ========================================================================================== EXPERIENCED BARISTA (5AM - 11AM) Availability must also include weekends and holidays. All positions will be part time (2-4 days per week). TIPSTER: A classically trained barista has a really good shoot here! Availability will be the biggest factor in this hire. GO IN AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Really want the insider staff...Don't go to the HR FIRST! Go to the Food & Beverage Department to introduce yourself and show them your certificated! If you make a good impression and they will walk you down to the HR Office. The Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport, 4300 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034
  • 33. Barista - We want to meet you in person! Please apply between 2-4 PM. Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines? Are you ready to jump in and help create something exciting, unique and spectacularly successful? Then we want to talk to you. After all, we’re creating more than restaurants – we’re building lifelong careers. APPLICATION: http://www.foxrc.com/frcwp/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/FRC-Application-revised-March-2013.pdf Download the job application - Print the application - Completely fill out the application (DO NOT LEAVE BLANK SPACES) -Bring the completed application – STUDY THE MENU! http://www.foxrc.com/frcwp/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/HEN_Full_Breakfast_Menu.pdf BRING APPLICATION TO: The Henry - Breakfast Restaurant. 4455 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 - Cross Streets: Between N Village Dr./N 45th St and N 44th St - Neighborhoods: Camelback Corridor, Camelback East, Central Phoenix. TIPSTER: THEY WANT YOU TO IMPRESS THEM WITH HOW MUCH YOU WANT THE JOB. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! BRING COPIES OF YOUR CERTIFICATES, ID and related in case they want to hire you. TIPSTER: FOCUS ON HAVING GOOD ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS WITH EXAMPLE(s) OF WHAT EACH MEANS TO YOU AND/OR HOW YOU HAVE PUT THAT INTO YOUR WORK: What is your definition of hospitality? What is your concept of a first impression? What sets you apart from other Barista candidates?
  • 34. Food Service Opportunities Grand Canyon University Must have 1-2 years’ experience related to position - Ability to work with all levels of team members and vendors - Understanding of food and proper sanitation practices - Must have experience working in a fast-paced environment - Must be willing to work on weekends when needed - All applicants must possess the Maricopa food handler's card - Sodexo will require a background check and may require a drug screen for these positions. Sodexo at Grand Canyon University is now hiring highly motivated, dedicated individuals for the following Front-of-House and Back-of-House positions: Student Union: Cook - Server - Utility Retail: Qdoba Cooks and Servers - Subway Cooks and Servers - Starbucks Barista - Store Clerk - Chick-fil-A Cooks - Receiving - Utility Personnel Catering: Banquet Server All applicants are to complete and submit via email the assessment form to the direct contact of each concept. Once received, you will be given directions on how to login into the system. Only those applicants who pass the assessment will be contacted for the next step in the hiring process. Please email your resume along with the completed assessment form (click link here) to: http://www.sodexo.jobs/downloads/LHmydocs2014_assessment.docx Student Union: Amy.Azarias@gcu.edu Retail: Laura.hall@gcu.edu Catering: Tim.kavalec@gcu.edu At Sodexo, we believe that Quality of Daily Life contributes to the progress of individuals and the performance of organizations. As a strategic partner for more than 8,000 client sites, including corporations, healthcare, long-term care and retirement centers, schools, college campuses, military and remote sites in North America, we offer comprehensive service solutions that include managing food service, housekeeping, grounds keeping, plant operations and maintenance, asset management and laundry services.
  • 35. LET’S SEE WHAT ONET SAYS? http://www.onetonline.org When the employer’s job description doesn’t help you get your application pass the gatekeeper. When you can’t find the key phrases and words to fill-in- the-spaces you need to get your application recognized, then ONET ONLINE will be your BFF for this job search. Take the time to do the research, take the time to do the application correctly and you stand a chance of leaving unemployment behind. It all starts with you going to ONET ONLINE and remembering that you only have unemployment to loose! 35-2011.00 Cooks, Fast Food http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/1/35-2011.00?s=fast%20food 35-3021.00 Combined Food Preparation and Serving - Including Fast Food http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/2/35-3021.00?s=fast%20food Barista @ Phoenix Children's Hospital EDUCATION: High school diploma or GED or equivalent experience preferred. A current Maricopa County Food Handler’s Card is required. SKILLS: Ability to use food services tools and equipment appropriate for the position - Ability to speak, read, write, and comprehend Basic English is required - 0-1 year of equivalent customer service related experience preferred - Ability to do basic math & calculate numbers. Sodexo will require a background check and drug screen for this position. HOW TO APPLY: Resumes may be emailed to sodexo@phoenixchildrens.com
  • 36. TIPSTER: Know someone who works there? Take them to lunch and let them introduce you to everyone. Otherwise, Use ONET ONLINE to do a correct application, email it and then go over in the PM (2-4PM), ask where the Sodexo Office is and go in to introduce yourself. ============================================================================ Security Guard - Crowne Plaza Reference ID:GPPPMJAZ7W985 http://ihg.jobs.net/job/Security- Guard/J3J5N6774T0F69K07T6/ REQUIRED EXPERIENCE: At least 1 year(s). We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Security Guard to join our team! High school diploma or GED equivalent. Valid driver’s license. 33-9032.00 Security Guards http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/6/33-9032.00?s=security The Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport, 4300 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 =========================================================================== 5013 N 44th St Suite B2025B, Phoenix, AZ 85018 Flower Child is a farm-fresh, ridiculously healthy fast-casual restaurant serving happy food for a healthy world. It's a food revolution and it's happening now. Come be a Flower Child! MENU: http://iamaflowerchild.com/wp- content/uploads/2014/03/FC_Online_Menu.pdf APPLICATION: http://www.foxrc.com/frcwp/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/FRC- Application-revised-March-2013.pdf Download the job application - Print the application - Completely fill out the application (DO NOT LEAVE BLANK SPACES) - Bring the completed application – TIPSTER: THEY WANT YOU TO IMPRESS THEM WITH HOW MUCH YOU WANT THE JOB. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! BRING COPIES OF YOUR CERTIFICATES, ID and related in case they want to hire you. TIPSTER: FOCUS ON HAVING GOOD ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS WITH EXAMPLE(s) OF WHAT EACH MEANS TO YOU AND/OR HOW YOU HAVE PUT THAT INTO YOUR WORK: What is your definition of hospitality? What is your concept of a first impression? What sets you apart from other Barista candidates?
  • 37. 401 W Clarendon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013 http://galloblancocafe.com/#news FULL-TIME PREP COOKS, PANTRY COOKS (AM, Mid and PM shifts available) with at least two years of experience. We do background checks. 35-2021.00 Food Preparation Workers http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/5/35-2021.00?s=prep%20cook Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers- Fast Food http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/6/35-3021.00?s=prep%20cook FEEL FREE TO COME BY AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION: Gallo Blanco is located in the Clarendon Hotel, 401 West Clarendon Ave, Just south of Indian School Road and 4th Avenue. ========================================================================= Warehouse Clerk - SW PHX Job Number: 30905. Base Pay: $9/HR. General warehouse positions such as sorting, scanning/receiving, and processing bulk return items. Schedule 6am-2:30 Monday through Friday Fast paced work environment. Attention to detail required. Must be able to stand and walk for 8-10 hour shift. Bend, stoop, and lift up to 50lbs consistently through the day. Basic RF scanning experience required. Minimum 6 months experience in a warehouse environment. http://www.prologistix.com/jobs/job-posting.aspx?id=30905 Contact: Jenny Dagnino AFTER YOU APPLIED TO SET APPOINTMENT @ 602-442-9255 ===================================================== MUST USE ONET TO DO THE APPLICATION http://www.onetonline.org ======================================================
  • 38. FORKLIFT TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION Every ProLogistix branch has a certified forklift instructor who must pass an annual audit and review by our Risk Services Department. Our instructors conduct the OSHA-compliant portion of the certification in our branches, and we conduct the visual evaluation of each worker's proficiency at operating the material- handling equipment at our clients' worksites. Since 1999, ProLogistix has certified more than 47,000 forklift operators across the country in accordance with OSHA guidelines, and every ProLogistix forklift operator must complete our certification program prior to be being placed at a client worksite. ProLogistix maintains all training records and we make them available in the event of an audit by an OSHA compliance inspector. This short video explains more about our Forklift Certification Program: http://www.prologistix.com/employees/forklift-certification.aspx ============================================================================= Security Guard- Day shift SW PHX Job Number: 29755 Base Pay: $10/HR. Security guard needed for morning shift: 5:30am- 2pm Monday through Friday. Overtime will be required. Duties include: Monitoring indoor and outdoor facilities by camera system or on foot. Check in visitors Inspect packages and handbags, boxes, purses, etc. Respond to fire/security alarms during the work day Experience interacting with large numbers of people Prior security guard experience Ability to stand/walk for 2+ hours per shift Able to use Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word) Valid AZ Driver's license Must be able to lift 20-50 lb. boxes Must be able to sit in a chair 2-4 hours at a time http://www.prologistix.com/jobs/job-posting.aspx?id=29755 Contact: Jenny Dagnino AFTER YOU APPLIED TO SET APPOINTMENT @ 602-442-9255
  • 39. Order Selector 2nd shift - Cold Storage - Glendale Job Number: 30397 - Base Pay: $12 Order selecting cases of produce with RF scanner and operating electric pallet rider. Environment is a 35 degree cooler, must be able to work in cold temperature Prior picking experience in a cold storage or work with produce preferred. 1 year experience with electric pallet rider preferred Hours 2pm-12am and must be able to work weekends as part of a regular schedule as well as overtime Steel toe boots Must be able to work in cold temperatures Must have open availability Must be able to work overtime as needed Must have at least 6 months prior picking experience with RF scanner Must have 1 year experience using electric pallet rider http://www.prologistix.com/jobs/job-posting.aspx?id=30397&z= Contact: Jenny Dagnino AFTER YOU APPLIED TO SET APPOINTMENT @ 602-442-9255 =========================================================================== KATE SWANN CEO, SSP I have recently joined SSP as CEO. I joined the company because travel retail is a fascinatingly dynamic business and the potential in the sector is enormous. As a leading player in this arena SSP is well placed, and our long and successful heritage, our world-leading portfolio of brands, and the expertise of our people make the company a formidable force SSP AMERICA HAS A NEW CEO THAT PUTS FOOD FIRST…CREATES A MORE WOMEN (EMPLOYEE) FRIENDLY WORK ENVIRONMENT… http://foodtravelupdate.com/
  • 40. BREAKING NEWS!!! SSP AMERICA NEW VENUE @ SKY HARBOR Brand new restaurant, we have immediate openings for all levels of employment. Interviews are being held on a daily basis, so apply today for consideration! We have needs for all hourly employees, front and back of house: CASHIER –HOST –UTILITY –BUSSER -COOK SIX MONTHS EXPERIENCE WITH food service environment PREFERRED. High school diploma preferred. TIPSTER: WALK-IN INTERVIEWS ARE BACK! 1710 E. Grant Street #150. Best time is about 10 AM and it is a real interview – so go prepared! 100 OPENINGS! SSP AMERICA – COMPANY CHANGES WITH NEW CEO http://www.foodtravelexperts.com/international/ SSP AMERICA HAS A NEW CEO THAT PUTS FOOD FIRST…CREATES A MORE WOMEN (EMPLOYEE) FRIENDLY WORK ENVIRONMENT… http://foodtravelupdate.com/ SSP AMERICA TO OPEN NEW VENUE @ SKY HARBOR Brand new restaurant, we have immediate openings for all levels of employment. Interviews are being held on a daily basis, so apply today for consideration! We have needs for all hourly employees, front and back of house:
  • 41. Cashier –Host –Utility –Busser -Cook One year experience working in food service environment is essential. High school diploma preferred. 100 OPENINGS! TIPSTER: WALK-IN INTERVIEWS ARE BACK! 1710 E. Grant Street #150. Best time is about 10 AM and it is a real interview – so go prepared! 41-2011.00 Cashiers http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/1/41-2011.00?s=cashier 35-3021.00 Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers, Fast Food http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/7/35-3021.00?s=cashier 35-3022.00 Counter Attendants, Cafeteria, Food Concession, and Coffee Shop http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/8/35-3022.00?s=cashier 35-9031.00 Hosts and Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, and Coffee Shop http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/1/35-9031.00?s=host 35-9021.00 Dishwashers http://www.onetonline.org/find/match/1/35-9021.00?s=dishwasher IS SSP AMERICA TRULY? Here in Phoenix, SSP America has two separate operations. One is at Sky Harbor Airport and there is the Homeland Security Badging process. The badging process is complicated. Some things are acceptable after “X” number of years while other things are never. Many times, even the employers are not sure. DON’T ASSUME THAT THE ANSWER IS NO. If the employer is not certain how you can be? Contact the Sky Harbor Badging Office and make sure. Better to ask and be surprised than to just walk away from a great opportunity to only find out you were wrong.
  • 42. http://skyharbor.com/about/securitybadging.html SSP AMERICA also has a 48,000 sq. ft. cooking facility off the airport at 16th St. and Grant. Since this is not at the airport, different rules and measures are in place. At the Grant Facility, your skills, abilities are the first consideration. If you have done your job to show them how well you match the skills that they need, you will find that they are much more willing to talk about your past. They are concerned with who you are and what you bring to the table. They look at the age, IMPORTANTLY they want to know the circumstances as to what happened, do you have remorse and what have you done to put your life back together. You need to reassure them that you are NO LONG that person and illustrate by what you have done to make yourself different. Repentant people are unlikely to repeat past mistakes. They look at how old the offence(s) are (with age and lack of additional charges a good indicator of truth on your part). BEST ADVISE “BE HONEST…BEING HUMAN!” If people see you as a human being, then mistakes are expected as is help and assistance. ======================================== APPLY IN PERSON: Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm 1710 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Cross Streets: Between E Sky Harbor Cir N and S. 16th Pl. Neighborhoods: Downtown, Central City, and South Phoenix
  • 43. STUDY THE BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY AND BE PREPARED TO GIVEN AN EXTENSTED ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS: • “What do you know about our company?” • “Why do you want to work for us at the Airport?” REMEMBER THE TRADITIONAL OF “I NEED A JOB!” JUST DOES NOT HACK IT! http://www.foodtravelexperts.com/international/page/about/ CHECK THEM OUT AND FIND OUT WHY THEY ARE THE FOOD TRAVEL EXPERTS. ================================================================ USED JOB SHACK SSP STUDY GUIDE: If you really want a career with this company it is to your benefit to know who they are, what they do, how well they do it and what is their future. Why should you put in all this extra effort for another interview at another cooking facility? If you don’t already know the answer to this…you are in the wrong spot, reading the wrong thing. To humor you…let’s go through this again: A. They have just received an 11 year contract with Sky Harbor. B. Since they have been here less than 6 months…they are not going anywhere for a long time and that gives you STABILITY! C. They are young here in the valley but, already, have a rep for promoting from within. Many of the people who went to the initial rounds of interviews (several months back) have already been promoted to leads or supervisors. D. They offer benefits from day one. E. They are ONLY one-third full on their staffing. WHO ARE THEY? • How long have they been in business? • How many countries are they in? • What are their two “catch phrases?” (What two things are their passions?)
  • 44. • How do they see themselves? They are _________ of the ________ Food Industry. • How strongly do they believe in TEAM WORK and how does that work for them? WHO ARE YOU? • Do you share their passions? In what way(s)? Be able to explain how that has an effect upon the quality of your effort at work? • Do you have direct, prior experience in the industry? Related industry? DEPENDING UPON POSITION: COOKING: • Do you have 6 months to a year of work experience? • Do you have a specialty? • Do you know what restaurants that they are cooking for? • How and why would you be good at a specific restaurant or better still in all around cooking? DEPENDING UPON POSITION: CASHIERING/HOST/RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE: • Can you operate a POS (point-of-sales) cash register? • Do you have good cash handling skills? • How good are you on handling/dealing with complaints? • Would the airport be an exciting place to work? If so, please explain why. • Are you a people person? Do you enjoy and work will in a constantly changing setting? Can you work under pressure? Please be able to have an example or two that demonstrated this. • What does customer service mean to you and how do you make that a part of how you do your job? • What is your concept of team work and how does this affect your daily work? • Have an example in how team work made the difference at being successful. SECURITY: • Are you able to pass a Homeland Security Background Test? Drug Test? • Do you have or can assemble a list of places that you have lived and worked for the past ten years?
  • 45. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DRESS TO APPLY? Please remember that they are a very large company and that these positions are NOT at their commissary but, at the airport. How well you present yourself is a factor in the decision making to hire you or not. Dress should be AZ Casual or above. This needs to be “going to work” clothes not “going to the club” or “hanging out at the park” style of fashion. ============================================================================ Comerica Theatre, 400 W. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85004 NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR PREP COOKS http://workatlevy.com/job-detail/27697/2014-05-01 ============================================================================= Banquet Servers Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Bartenders Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Catering Bartenders Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Catering Servers Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Concessions Cashiers Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Concessions Clerks Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Dessert Cart Attendants Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Dishwashers Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Food Runners Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Line Cook Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Mobile Cart Driver/AttendantsComerica TheatrePhoenixAZ
  • 46. http://workatlevy.com/jobs TIPSTER: In order to save thousands of phone calls per week to ask about the status of an application, they merely say that they are collecting. This was so that everyone would leave them alone and they will have the time to cherry pick the best-of-the-best… How do you become the “best-of-the-best?” Grab up your old friend (ONET ONLINE) to give you the tools you need to demonstrate to their gatekeeper that you are very qualified for the job you apply for. The next step is to TAKE YOUR TIME and DO THE APPLICATION CORRECTLY!!! You get no reward for being the first done here as they are looking for those selected by the gatekeeper as the best (and if you know how this REALLY works it is easy like pie!). POSITIONS @ JOBING.COM ARENA Banquet Servers Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Bartenders Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Catering Leads Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Catering Servers Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Cocktail Servers Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Concessions Cashiers Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Concessions Stand LeadsJobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Concessions Supervisor Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Culinary Supervisors Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Dessert Cart Attendants Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Dishwashers Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Food Expeditors Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Food Runners Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Line Cook Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ
  • 47. Prep Cooks Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Server Assistant Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Servers Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Suite Attendants Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Suite Runners Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ Warehouse Staff Jobing.com ArenaGlendaleAZ http://workatlevy.com/jobs ============================================================================= Prep Cooks Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Servers Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Suite AttendantsComerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Suite Runners Comerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Warehouse StaffComerica TheatrePhoenixAZ Working at Pizza Hut® is about making hungry people happy. It’s about being independent and having fun, making new friends and earning extra cash. As a Pizza Hut team member, you can be the smiling face that greets and serves the customers or a cook who make things happen in the kitchen. Working with us will give you the financial rewards and flexibility to suit your lifestyle.
  • 48. You’ll learn new things, get recognized for your efforts and learn skills that last a lifetime. What are we looking for? The good news is that your training will teach you everything you need to know to succeed on the job. But there are a few skills you should have from the get-go: You’re a fun and friendly person who values customers and takes absolute pride in everything you do. Communication skills are key – you’re not going to be able to text message customers back and forth. In other words, you should be comfortable talking to strangers. You’ve got attitude - the right kind of course - and understand the need to be on time, all the time. With loads of energy, you understand that work is easier – and more fun – with some teamwork. And you’re at least 16 years old – 18 if you want to be a driver. Keep in mind, this is just basic information. You’ll find out more after you apply. And independently-owned franchised or licensed locations may have different requirements. We’ve got great jobs for people just starting out in the workforce, looking for a flexible second job or staying in the workforce after retirement. If you want a fun, flexible job with an innovative company, look no further than Pizza Hut. Apply today! Pizza Hut Restaurant General Manager Phoenix, Arizona 702 N 1st St Pizza Hut Assistant Restaurant Manager Phoenix, Arizona 702 N 1st St Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Phoenix, Arizona 702 N 1st St Pizza Hut Shift Manager Phoenix, Arizona 702 N 1st St Pizza Hut Team Member Phoenix, Arizona 702 N 1st St ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SELECT THE STORE CLOSEST TO YOU…DO NOT APPLY OUTSIDE YOUR AREA! Pizza Hut Assistant Restaurant Manager 3602 E Thomas Rd Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Phoenix, Arizona 3602 E Thomas Rd Pizza Hut Shift Manager Phoenix, Arizona 3602 E Thomas Rd Pizza Hut Server Phoenix, Arizona 3602 E Thomas Rd Pizza Hut Team Member Phoenix, Arizona 3602 E Thomas Rd http://jobs.pizzahut.com/ ================================================================ USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…PIZZA HUT!
  • 49. ====================================================== Do you have reliable transportation? Since I lived in the neighborhood, I said "Yes Sir! I do...they are called my feet as I just live down the street!" =========================================================================== Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied in-person and the process took a day Interview Details – I was walking into stores around my neighborhood looking for jobs one Sunday afternoon. I walked into Pizza Hut since they had a Now Hiring sign. The manager was there and he handed me an application to fill out. Afterward he interviewed me on the spot. It's been so long so I can't actually remember the questions, but I'm pretty sure they were your run-of-the-mill honesty questions. In my case the manager was a pretty cool, laid-back guy in his early 20's so he wasn't too harsh. No drug test. I was luckily hired on the spot. Interview Question – • Has there ever been a time you were tempted to steal? ========================================================================== Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied in-person and the process took a day Interview Details – The interview was basically short and sweet. I got an interview from employee referral. The interview lasted at most 1/2 hour because of the explanation of the general job as well as the hours available and some information regarding the store. I was asked what days I would be available, if i had the reliable transportation, generally basic questions. I was hired on the spot, as anyone could've been hired. The interview process is definitely not competitive and there are little to no standards in hiring employees. Interview Question – • What days are you available during the week? • How many hours would you like to work? • Do you have reliable transportation? ===================================================================== Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 1 week Interview Details – Applied and got called in for an interview the next day. Interviewed with the assistant manager, then met with the manager 2 days later. Came back in for training 3 days later. Simple process. Interview Question – • Explain how you would handle a difficult customer? ======================================================================= Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 weeks Interview Details – Dress nicely, be polite, ask questions about the company that shows your interest in working for pizza hut, and just be yourself. There is also a test online that asks questions but they are simple and are just common sense. Make sure once you have filled out the application online that you give pizza hut a call to touch base on job opportunities and to get your name in their minds.
  • 50. Interview Question – Honestly there were no difficult or unexpected question. it was a simple process. ======================================================================== Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 days Interview Details – Not too bad for a highschool graduate first time interview. Very quick, very comfortable. Interview Question – • What would you say in this situation? ========================================================================= Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 2 weeks Interview Details – I got called for an interview about 2 weeks after submitting my application. When I got to the store, there was another person having an interview (who was also hired), which was right out there in the lobby. The general manager basically told me what the position was and asked me when I could start working. He didn't ask me any other questions and the entire interview process took about 3 minutes. Interview Question – I was not asked any questions other than when I could start working. =========================================================================== Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took 3 days Interview Details – Interview was simple; an inexperienced manager who had never given an interview before sat down with me, asked me about what job I wanted, then said I seemed nice and told the hiring manager to hire me; I was hired within two days. This was the simplest interview I have ever experienced. Interview Question – • Are you good with computers? The register system is simple, but I don't want you to blow it up or something. ============================================================================= Customer Service Representative Interview - I applied online and the process took a day Interview Details – it was a very easy interview . The hiring manager pretty much just told me the company policies and dress code. The only questions he asked me was about my availability then had me fill out some paper work after that told me to come back 2 days later so I could start training which only took like 2 hours then i got to start the next day. Interview Question – • What days are you available? ========================================================================== ===================================================================
  • 51. http://www.arizonagrand.org/index.html 4602 North 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85016 DISHWASHER - ON THE JOB TRAINING PROVIDED ID=9437380497 Operation of the dish machine to include, scraping, soaking, stacking and racking of soiled dishes, glasses, utensils and other service wares. Return services wares to appropriate areas of storage once cleaned and sanitized. Keep all equipment (including racks, bus tubs and rack dollies clean, sanitized and organized). ============================================================================= Annual Appreciation Picnic Hunter Contracting hosts an annual Employee Appreciation picnic. This day is set aside as a Thank You to employees and their families. The picnic includes music, games, prizes, food and lots of fun. It is a big hit every year. You must have an email account to continue with the application process. If you do not have an email account, go to www.yahoo.com, www.gmail.com or www.hotmail.com and follow the directions for creating a free email account. Be sure to write down your new email address and password. You will need these to receive correspondence from Hunter regarding your applications. https://www.infinityhr.com/extranet/recruiting.aspx?id=61133dd5-eef1-44bf-8a07- a760cc9fa0ea
  • 52. FIRST TIME USERS: Click on the job for which you'd like to apply, then click on the "Apply for this Job" button. You will then begin to build your Applicant Profile. The Applicant Profile consists of a series of tabs that allow you to tell us about yourself, your skills and your work experience. You will set up your own User ID and Password. (Be sure to write down your new user ID and password for future visits.) Concrete Finisher - Phoenix Metro Phoenix Field Concrete Laborer - Phoenix Metro Phoenix Field Construction Shop Mechanic – Gilbert Formsetting Carpenter - Phoenix Metro General Laborer - Phoenix Metro Phoenix Field Heavy Equipment Operator - Phoenix Metro Phoenix Field Pipe Laborer - Phoenix Metro Pipe Layer - Phoenix Metro Transport Driver – Arizona Shop Water Truck Driver - Phoenix Metro Phoenix Field ======================================================================== EACH STORE IS A FRANCHISE…EACH STORE HIRES ON THEIR OWN… USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! GETTING HIRED HERE! Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2085 2921 N 32nd St. Phoenix , AZ 85018-6801 US 602-956-5742 - 2.08 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2269 2702 E Indian School Rd. Phoenix , AZ 85016-6854 US 602-957-4549 - 3.13 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #1860 2727 N SCOTTSDALE RD. SCOTTSDALE , AZ 85257-1348 US 480-947-7705 - 3.58 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2094 7610 E McDowell Rd. Scottsdale , AZ 85257-3608 US 480-941-4291 - 3.87 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #1665 2014 S RURAL RD. TEMPE , AZ 85282-1408 US 480-921-9695 - 5.17 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2098 5040 N 7th St. Phoenix , AZ 85014-3101 US 602-265-5023 - 5.67 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #1658 250 W GUADALUPE RD. TEMPE , AZ 85283-5609 US 480-730-8001 - 7.27 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2088
  • 53. 1202 E Northern Ave. Phoenix , AZ 85020-4217 US 602-997-4150 - 7.50 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #1914 1960 N COUNTRY CLUB DR # 101F MESA , AZ 85201-1704 US 480-898-0348 - 8.41 miles Jiffy Lube® Service Center #2087 2702 W Bethany Home Rd. Phoenix , AZ 85017-1704 US 602-242-6642 8.78 miles TIPSTER: Don’t need tools…but, it helps to know some basics aboutcars, simple drive-a-bility uses on cars. Dress for Success = clean clothes, combed hair and a recent bath helps! Do some homework on how they do things. Show up earily 9AM – Noon on any weekday…Late afternoons won’t work as everyone is too tired to talk to you and they are trying to get caught up. If you are offered a position and what salary they quote you is TOTALLY based upon how well you present yourself and how much they like you! So go with your “A” Game! Ask to fill out an application (correctly – no blanks) with a phone number where you will (can) pick up the phone directly and/or be able to return a call within 30 minutes (you have a window of 1 hour before the employer calls the next applicant on their list). Get the name of who you talked to and call them (at least) once every three days until they hire you or get a restraining order again you! Really impress them by showing up instead of calling! An apprentice is a worker who learns a craft through planned, supervised On-the-Job-Learning (OJL) in conjunction with receiving planned, related technical instruction in a classroom setting. They are taught the proper use, care and safe handling of tools and equipment used in their work. Apprentices are a full-time, paid part of the workforce. Apprentices are required to pursue a course of study or enroll in classroom instruction in subjects related to the trade to compliment their on-the-job learning. Apprenticeship is no snap!! If someone is looking for a soft touch, apprenticeship isn’t it. It demands hard work and has tough competition. AN APPRENTICE MUST HAVE THE WILL TO SEE THE PROGRAM THROUGH. • It takes ambition. • It takes drive. • It takes courage. • It takes patience. Are apprentices paid? Yes. Apprentices must be full-time employees of the employer who is sponsoring the training program. However, in the event of a School-to-Registered Apprenticeship program, apprentices may be employed part-time. Typically, the wage of an apprentice starts at 40-50% of a skilled worker's wage. Wages increase progressively with satisfactory completion of work assignments and Related Technical Instruction.
  • 54. ADVANTAGES OF REGISTERED APPRENTICESHIP • A paycheck - from day one, you will earn a paycheck guaranteed to increase over time as you learn new skills. • Hands-on career training - as an apprentice, you will receive practical on-the-job training in a wide selection of programs, such as health care, construction, information technology and geospatial careers. • An education - You’ll receive hands-on training and have the potential to earn college credit, even an associate or bachelor’s degree, in many cases paid for by your employer. • A career - once you complete your apprenticeship, you will be on your way to a successful long-term career with a competitive salary, and little or no educational debt. • National industry certification - when you graduate from a career training program, you’ll be certified and can take your certification anywhere in the U.S. • Recognizable partners - many of the nation’s most recognizable companies have Registered Apprenticeship programs HOW TO APPLY TO AN APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM • Call and ask when applications are taken. Some programs take applications any time their office is open, others are only available at certain times. Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity-get all this information first. • Find out what documents you need to bring with you. The programs are required by the Federal Government to keep copies of certain documents. They will return your originals to you. They will not allow you to apply without all documentation. • Ask if they can send you any materials about their programs. If after reading those materials, you still have questions, then call the program office and ask for clarification. Ask if they have a website. Many programs provide excellent information regarding their programs via the internet. • Dress appropriately when you go in for the interview. For most apprenticeships, the rules are changed. Don’t wear a power suit, tie or other “office” attire. Your best bet is a pair of pants and a shirt with a collar. You want to look neat and clean. Shoes should be low heel. Keep jewelry, hair and makeup low key. This is not a time to make a personal statement with your clothing or hair. If you are not sure find out what current employees wear. • Make sure you take a pen (one that you know writes!) a sharp pencil, and a list of addresses and phone numbers (from past employers or references) you may need to fill out your application. Be sure to have the proper documentation that the program requires. Ask any references in advance for permission to use their names.
  • 55. • In your interview emphasize your jobs and hobbies that indicate an interest in the outdoors, fixing or working on your home on your own or helping with alterations or repairs. • Don’t take your children with you. They will get bored and cause problems both during the interview and the selection process. It may not be fair, but it is how it is. Look at this as your first test of how well your child care system works for you. https://www.azdes.gov/landing.aspx?id=10528 =========================================================================== http://www.slideshare.net/fredgwest1999/13may14a-new-job-book GO HERE TO READ, PRINT OR DOWNLOAD E-BOOK BACK ISSUES… ==================================== COME TO EARN MONEY…TO LEARN A TRADE… STAY FOR A CAREER! Suntec Concrete offers an extremely competitive Carpenter and Cement Mason Apprenticeship Program, designed to successfully train individuals to become highly-skilled concrete practitioners. While much of the training is done on the jobsites while working at Suntec Concrete, more formal, foundational education is provided in a classroom setting. Each employee enrolled in the Apprentice Program is required to complete four years (8,000 hours) to become a journeyman carpenter or a three-year program (6,000 hours) to become a cement mason. This is a State Certified Apprenticeship Program. http://www.suntecconcrete.com/apprenticeship.php ============================================================================
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