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  2. 2. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Levy Restaurants at Chase JOB FAIR Tuesday, March 12th nowhiring for the upcoming Diamondback Season To Apply: Attend our Job Fair held at US Airways Center ON TUESDAY, MARCH 12TH FROM 1PM-7PM 201 East Jefferson Street -- Phoenix, AZ 85004 (Enter through the Blue Moon Club on the North side of the building)A whole new meaning to “step up to the plate”!We’re serving up ballpark favorites from the 58 luxury suites and 4 Legend suites to theseats and even at the infamous swimming pool in center field. Menu items range from sliders to our unique twist on the quesadilla. Get up close to the action at the AudiQuattro Lounge, or take a walk around the concourse and feast on signatures such as the Taste of the Majors, Extreme Nachos, Big Dawgs, Ribbies and more!
  3. 3. Signature Recipes http://www.levyrestaurants.com/recipes/fish-tacos http://www.levyrestaurants.com/catering-and-private-events/at-chase-field/ http://www.levyrestaurants.com/docs/chase-field-menus/breakfast.pdf http://www.levyrestaurants.com/docs/chase-field-menus/anytime-anywhere.pdf ================================================================================ USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…Server at Levy RestaurantsInterview Details –Do not show up in jeans, or any casual clothes, this should be obvious, butyou would be surprised at how many people do, even if you are just there to fill out anapplication, the interview might happen on the spot, Dress professional, act professional,answer what you can, be honest. All of these things will go a long way.Dont wait for them to call you after 5 days, be persistent, but polite.Call them back several times if you have not heard anything.Interview Question –What is your wine knowledge?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suite Attendant at Levy RestaurantsAccepted Offer – Interviewed in Atlanta, GA– Reviewed Dec 17, 2012Interview Details –Not really hard. You come in for one interview and they ask you generalquestions. Why are interested in Levy? What your values are? The most surprising was "Whatare your hobbies?" Just be aware of the company values and youre good to go. I got a call in acouple of days with an offer.Interview Question –What are your hobbies?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Warehouse Supervisor at Levy RestaurantsInterview Details –Hiring process was simple, fill out application, request position that is open,attach resume. Background check went through, no issues; my resume went to the wrongplace. Key word "warehouse" was on resume, despite application to restaurant management.Took the job anyway, interview was simple, almost non-existent. Interview was open endedrequest, "Tell me about your work history." Nothing else. Five minute interview, I was told tocome in two days later for training.Interview Question –No difficult or unexpected questions. The unexpected was simply nothaving an actual interview. No real expectations exist for warehouse supervision or warehousemanagement.Negotiation Details –I was recommended for supervision at $12 an hour, offered regular workat $9. This is a duh, take the higher paid position for the same amount of work.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. Suite Attendant at Levy RestaurantsInterview Details –The HR hiring people really focused on people that were nice, smiling andhad experience upselling items. Whether it be wines from a previous employing restaurant oreven sales in general. It definitely helps to know someone within Levy to refer you. They arealso impressed if you bring some sort of "letter of recommendation" from previous exceptionalservice you may have provided.Interview Question –Just dont be typical and average. Make sure you express the important oftreating guests as though they were your family with the intention of creating a "memorableexperience".Negotiation Details –There was no negotiation. This was ultimately a server (Food andBeverage) position for the duration of the baseball season.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Levy RestaurantsInterview Details –Applied online, received a call back 4 months later for an interview, theinterview was very easy and straight forward.Interview Question –Where do you see yourself in 10 years?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suite Runner at Levy RestaurantsInterview Details –The interview consisted of three individuals asking what if questionspertaining to customer service and how would I go out of my way to make customers feelwelcomed and glad with their stay. Also, offer guest to please come back. They were trying tosee if we looked guests in eyes, smiled, spoke clearly and overall appearance. I went for theposition of Guest Service Rep and they recommend me for Suite Runner and a second part twoof the interviewing process.Interview Question –There were no questions difficult or unexpected.View AnswerNegotiation Details –I think a lot of interviews are long and draw out today. It costs already outof work potential employees funds and time they really dont have. If you just want to get in onthe ground floor again, then maybe youll have a chance it just might not be the job you want...just hang in there.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bartender at Levy RestaurantsInterview Details –Basic Interview, Described Position and what was expected, InformedAverage Pay with tips, gave tour, went over benefit package, discussed Orientation process,discussed promotion possibilitiesInterview Question –Do you have your Bartending License?Negotiation Details –No Negotiation -- informed of pay rate----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Steward at Levy RestaurantsInterview Details –The arena floor was laid out with contracted companies hiring at least athousand employees. You would sit down with the mangers and have about an 8 - 15 minuteinterview. Two weeks later you would receive a call for a second interview. After that youattend orientation.Interview Questions are you good with knivesAnswer Question Why do you want to work with the Diamondbacks?
  5. 5. CAREERS AT US FOODSAs one of America’s top 10 largest private companies, we offer talented professionalsoutstanding opportunities for personal and professional development. We maintain a strongfocus on growth in a high-performance environment. That means your work will be challengingand rewarding. We conduct business in a highly ethical manner and maintain an unwaveringcommitment to operational excellence, safety, and environmental responsibility. As important,we encourage collaboration and value each member of our diverse and talented team.http://www.usfoods.com/USFCareers.html====================================================================================SELECTOR NIGHT PART-TIME PIR-1300141The part-time (15 — 30 hours per week) selector position is a material handling, labor intensivejob which processes work orders in the warehouse by manually selecting the correct productsfrom the racks, palletizing them and delivering the merchandise to the dock secured and shrinkwrapped for delivery in a safe and efficient manner Considerable strength and endurance isrequired to safely and successfully perform the job. The work takes place in normal warehouseenvironments as well as in cooler and freezer areas where the temperatures may be as low as -5 degrees. This is a night shift position; Sunday through Thursday (including holidays) andpossibly Friday. Finish time is when work is completed and might require overtime with orwithout notice.APPLY HERE: https://usfood.taleo.net/careersection/usf_external/jobdetail.ftl-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INVENTORY CONTROL CLERK - INT-13001052Under general supervision, helps maintain inventory levels and product quality by performingessential clerical functions, including records compilation and retention, computer updates andrequisition preparation. This provides the division with up to date inventory records to ensureefficient shipping and a high confidence in customer product.A minimum one year experience withinventory control.APPLY HERE: https://usfood.taleo.net/careersection/usf_external/jobdetail.ftl==============================================================================
  6. 6. ASSISTANT STORE MANAGER, MILITARY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTPROGRAM, JUNE 2013 -UPCOMING CLASS: JUNE 17 - 21, 2013this position will located within the greater Phoenix, Arizona area; candidates must remainopen on location within this geography.Safeway is one of the most successful food and drug retailers in North America and isheadquartered in Pleasanton, California. From our first store in 1915, our employees are thedriving force behind our incredible success as their professionalism, passion, and ambition havehelped us become a Fortune 100 company with over 1,700 locations across the United Statesand Canada.Leadership Development Program:Our Leadership Development Program prepares non-commissioned officers to become FirstAssistant Store Managers in our dynamic retail environment. Each program participant (FirstAssistant Store Manager-In-Training) is paired with a training store manager as their mentorand assigned a training store location in their division. Our development program includes acombination of on-the-job training, interacting with coworkers and customers on the salesfloor, classroom seminars, job shadowing with various retail and backstage employees, andindependent study, as well as participating in numerous department and divisional meetings.Interview and Selection Process:Each applicant undergoes an extensive structured recruiting process which begins with a phoneinterview with one of Safeway’s senior recruiters.Application:We aspire to be the best in all that we do and we need you to achieve that goal. If you arelooking to join another world-class team, we invite you to build your career with Safeway andhelp pave the way to our future. For more information, please visitwww.careersatsafeway.com/military=============================================================== Sprouts is a neighborhood grocery store with the feel of an old-fashioned farmers market. Regulars love us for staples like farm-fresh produce, natural meats and nuts, grains and sweets in bulk. Most of all, folks love our prices — theyre often surprisingly low, particularly for organic and specialty products that would command a premium elsewhere. Wereconstantly adding new stores and expanding our business so you neverknow when we may "sprout" in your neighborhood. But one thing is for sure:working at Sprouts is a lot of fun!APPLY ONLINE…THEN GO TO THE STORE!http://sprouts.com/about/careers================================================================098 - AZ WAREHOUSE - GLENDALE, ARIZONA 85301Warehouse - Quality Control ClerkWarehouse - Warehouse Worker (Selector)https://www1.apply2jobs.com/Sprouts/HVExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mhvExternal.showPickPositions
  7. 7. AZ WAREHOUSE - PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85043Transportation - Transportation Supervisor•Bachelor’s degree in business, logistics, supply chain or related field.•Three years’ experience in managing transportation, In/Out bound logistics, andwarehousing•Knowledge of DOT rules and regulationshttps://www1.apply2jobs.com/Sprouts/HVExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mHvexternal.showPositionDetails&pid=93&lid=350Transportation - Transportation Coordinator•Transportation, supply chain and warehouse experience required. Preferably 2-3years of performing required duties and responsibilities.•Experience working in a fast paced transportation warehouse environment.•Strong Transportation Management Systems experience (TMW, I2, Manugistics,Lean Logistics) required.https://www1.apply2jobs.com/Sprouts/HVExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mHvexternal.showPositionDetails&pid=101&lid=350--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STORE 8 - INDIAN SCHOOL - PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85016Accounting -Back-Up Scan/BookkeeperAccounting -BookkeeperBakery - Bakery ManagerBakery - Bakery ClerkHigh school diploma or equivalent with 1-2 years Bakery experience or an acceptablecombination of education and experience. Ability to work varied hours/days as businessdictatesCashier - Cashier1-2 years recent cashiering experience and a high school diploma or GED. Requires strongattention to detail and proficiency with numbers; proficient in cash handling and mathematicalskills; ability to read, write and count.Cashier - Head CashierCust Svc - BaggerMust be at least 16 years of age.Reliable and dependableCust Svc - Utility ClerkJANITORIAL. Respond to all calls quickly – such as clean ups, and service calls. Clean andmaintain the condition of the store, floor, backroom, and restrooms in an appropriate mannerutilizing authorized cleaning methods, products and equipment.Dairy - Dairy ManagerDeli - Deli ManagerDeli - Senior Deli ClerkDeli - Assistant Deli Manager
  8. 8. Deli - Deli ClerkHigh school diploma or equivalent and experience working in grocery, restaurant, or relatedfield; or an acceptable combination of education and experience. Must be at least 18 years ofage. Able to work a flexible schedule, including nights, holidays, and weekends.Grocery - Bulk ManagerGrocery - Assistant Grocery ManagerGrocery - Grocery ManagerGrocery - Bulk ClerkReliable and dependable; ability to follow direction. Ability to provide and receive constructivefeedback.Grocery - Grocery ClerkHigh school diploma or equivalent; or one to three months related experience and/or training;or acceptable combination of education and experience. Reliable and dependable; ability tofollow direction.Management -Store 4th ManagerManagement -Store 3rd ManagerManagement -Store ManagerManagement -Assistant Store ManagerMeat - Senior Meat ClerkMeat - Meat ManagerMeat - Assistant Meat ManagerMeat - Meat ClerkMust be at least 18 years of age. Reliable and dependable; ability to follow direction.Produce - Produce ClerkHigh school diploma or equivalent. Previous Produce experience in a natural foods industryhelpful, but not required.Produce - Senior Produce ClerkProduce - Assistant Produce ManagerProduce - Produce ManagerStore Sup - ReceiverHigh school diploma or equivalent and 1-2 years prior receiving experience; or an acceptablecombination of education and experience. Ability to prioritize and multi-task.Store Sup - Scan CoordinatorVitamin - Vitamin ClerkReliable and dependable; ability to follow direction. Ability to provide and receive constructivefeedback==========================================================USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…SPROUTSA personal word from Uncle Bob…Sprouts is, with no doubt, one of the best companies to workfor and where management understands that it is their duty to be a good steward of theemployees that work for them…as they understand the lowest cart pusher is as important to thecompany’s success as are corporate management…and they treat their staff as such…If you gottime…I do HAVE stories on how this is reflected in REAL LIFE…or take my word and read below…
  9. 9. Deli Clerk at SproutsInterview Details –I called the store many times to find out which departmentwas hiring. The online application seemed to get no feedback. Once I finallyconvinced the Deli Manager to interview me, she just asked where I workedbefore. We shared similar work histories and ended up just talking about oldcoworkers. She had me meet with the store manager and it took him a really longtime to find my online app to get the paperwork going.Interview Questions How much are you hoping to be paid? Why do you think youll be a good Sprouts employee?--------------------------------------------------------------------Vitamin Department Intern at Sprouts Farmers MarketsInterview Details –The called for an interview and asked some questions like tellme about yourself, how many store location they have and what do you seeyourself in 5 years. They also provide detail information of the position and theprocess of how you will get contact after the interview.Interview Question –Nothing really difficult but better do some research of thecompany before you go for an interview so you can answer all the generalquestions.------------------------------------------------------------------------“Ive been there for a little over a year and so far it is pretty solid.”Current Bulk Clerk - Feb 11, 2013Pros –Great people. Fun location. Cool customers. Offers a great selection ofproduce and healthy foods. Generally sells smaller own business products. Seemsto offer opportunities to move up. A lot of people have been with the companyfor a while now.
  10. 10. FRIDAY, MARCH 15TH FROM 10AM-2PM @ VILLAGE INN 4040 E. BELL ROAD,PHOENIXNOW HIRING FOR ALL POSITIONS COOKS * SERVERS * BUSSERS * DISHWASHERS.Full/Part- time • Day & Night Shifts • Benefits Available: Paid Vacation, HeathBenefits, 401k • Meal and Whole Pie Discount • Flexible schedules...tell us whatworks for you…=================================================================QUALIFIED APPLICANTS WILL BE INTERVIEWED ON THE SPOTApply in person Tuesday 3/12 and Wednesday 3/13 between the hours of 1-4pmat 825 N 1st Street (1st street and Garfield). Popular downtown breakfastrestaurant is now hiring for experienced full and part-time cooks.LINE COOK - Schedule flexibility is a must and the position requires a minimum of2 years’ experience cooking on the line in a high volume setting - breakfast andegg skills are preferred. Excellent pay available ($12-$15 per hour). This is NOT anentry-level position.PREP COOK - Schedule flexibility is a must. Must have good knife skills, ability towork at a fast pace, and at least one year previous experience working in a highvolume kitchen. Pay is $10-$11 per hour.==================================================================WE ARE INTERVIEWING: Thursday, March 14th, 8am-12pm & 1:30pm-3:30pmParadise Bakery Support Center, 8541 E Anderson Drive Ste 105, Scottsdale, AZ85255 - (Near 101 & E Bell Road)PANERA BREAD IS NOW HIRING FOR SHIFT LEADERPOSITIONS THROUGHOUT PHOENIX & SCOTTSDALE!USED JOB SHACK TIP #1: Go to the website and read about the company…takenotes… and use them in the interview…Recruiters always are impressed by yourknowledge and that shows to your interest…Need to know where the Phoenixlocation is? HINT: It’s on the website…Good Hunting!!!================================================================
  11. 11. ASK FOR DOUG STEVENS, GENERAL MANAGER, VILLA ENTERPRISES Villa enterprises is looking to filling multiple positions and would like to speak with you about a possible opportunity with us. MULTI CONCEPT LOCATION AT ARIZONA MILLS MALL: PIZZA ITALIA, CACTUS WRAPS AND GREENS AND MESA BURGER. Must be at least 18 and be able to get a food handlers card.Please come by our location to fill out an application and ask for Doug.================================================================= CORPORATE RECOMMENDS CONTACTING EACH LOCATION ABOUT CURRENT OPENINGS (NO CORPORATE APPLICATION) Normally, we would say go over and introduce yourself…and that is STILL the BEST, QUICKEST and EASIEST WAY TO GETHIRED…BUT, in this case call over to each store (between 2-4PM ONLY) and usethe following script…The script will assist you in getting an appointment to goover, fill out an application, get interviewed and to get hired.CALL OVER AND SAY IF YOU LIVE WITHIN 5 OR SO MILES: “Just moved into theneighborhood, I have ___ years of food industry experience(aka…cooking…prep…cashiering…waitering…etc.) and I wanted to see if I coulddrop by later to talk to someone about “UPCOMING” openings…”CALL OVER AND SAY IF YOU DO NOTLIVE WITHIN 5 OR SO MILES: I have ___years of food industry experience(aka…cooking…prep…cashiering…waitering…etc.) and I wanted to see if I coulddrop by later to talk to someone about “UPCOMING” openings...------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Villa Pizza - Paradise Valley Mall @ 4550-103 East Cactus Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032 - About 9 miles from you. Phone: (602) 923- 1452 Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen @ Metrocente, 9617N Metro Pkwy. W, # MM-2, Phoenix, AZ 85051 - About 11 miles from you. Phone: (602) 943-5012
  12. 12. Stop by our location at 3395 W Chandler Blvd (Chandler Blvd and 101) this Thursday March 14 between 4pm and 6pm and apply and be interviewed on the spot!!JIMMY JOHNS GOURMET SANDWICHES IS GROWING FAST! WE WILL BE HIRINGFOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS:IN-SHOPPERS/SANDWICH MAKERS: In-shoppers are responsible for greetingcustomers when they enter and exit the restaurant, providing world-classcustomer service, and executing fast and accurate sandwiches while maintainingan extremely clean restaurant. Starting pay for this position is $8/hour to$8.50/hour once fully trained.MORNING FOOD PREP/OPENING MANAGER: Simple food prep. For fast detailoriented person with high standards for quality. Bake bread, slice veggies, slicemeats, clean up then work through lunch quickly making the tastiest sandwichesin town. 6am-2pm shifts available. Great food, fun fast paced work environment,and Excellent Advancement Opportunities! Must be 18 years or older and have asqueaky clean background check.Starting pay for this position is $9/hour.===================================================================WANT TO WORK AT LO-LOS? We are currently looking to hire servers and a manager. If you are interested in joining the Lo-Los Chicken and Waffles team, please email us at info@loloschickenandwaffles.com or stop in either Lo-Los location and fill out an application PHOENIX LOCATION - 1220 S. Central Ave - Phoenix, AZ 85003 - Phone: 602-340-1304 SCOTTSDALE LOCATION - 2765 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85257 - Phone: 480-945-1920 STUDY MENU THEN GO… http://loloschickenandwaffles.com/menu/2013menu. pdf
  13. 13. LULUS CAFE IS LOOKING FOR BOTH DAY & EVENING POSITIONS TO FILLFast paced cafe that serves coffee drinks, sandwiches, salads & soups. Allpositions are behind the counter, there are no waiting tables. Open from 5:30am -9:00pm. Register skills &/or barista knowledge is a plus but not required.Must beable to work weekends.APPLY IN PERSON BETWEEN 2-4 PM ONLY @ 12th St. & McDowell, inside BannerGood Samaritan Hospital.=================================================================LINE COOKS NEEDED NOW - ASK FOR CHEF PETERSONPay $10-$15 per hour based on experience.Busy lunch and dinner restaurantneeds 2 cooks - Need prep and salad/sandwich preparation bare minimum. Sautéand grill skills preferred. We will cross-train in all stations. Qualified and reliablecooks with 40 hour availability get priority interviews. AM/PM available. DrugTesting. Background check.PLEASE VISIT US AT 2603 N CENTRAL AVENUE (Just South of Thomas) between 2-5pm daily ONLY. For more info on the restaurant go to www.switchofarizona.comSTUDY MENU @ http://www.switchofarizona.com/menu/==================================================================CHELSEAS KITCHEN IS SEEKING PREP COOKS AND LINE COOKSApplicants must have at least 1 year of experience working in a high volume midto fine dining establishment. Cooks must have a dedication to high quality foodproduction in a scratch kitchen. We dont have microwaves and we butcher ourmeats in-house. We offer competitive compensation ($13-20 per hr) forcandidates with a high level of skill and drive.WHERE: Chelseas Kitchen located at 5040 N. 40th StreetHOW: Apply for this position in person Monday-Thursday between 1-5 PM atChelseas Kitchen located at 5040 N. 40th Street with your resume. Be preparedto interview with one of our managers.==================================================================SEASONS 52 NEEDS BARTENDER - HOST/HOSTESS - LINE COOK - PREP COOKS -SERVER – STEWARDS2502 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016 – APPLY ONLINE AT:https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/searchresults.aspx?partnerid=25377&siteid=5168&AgentID=14662492&Function=runquery&Codes=CB
  14. 14. ARIZONAS BEST HOME CARE NOW HAS FULL AND PART TIME POSITIONS IN ALLLOCAL AREAS FOR EXPERIENCED CNAS, CERTIFIED CAREGIVERS ANDCAREGIVERS.While on shift you may take care of 1 to 2 people in the comfort of their ownhome. We also have PRN work available in some of the local facilities throughoutthe valley for those who are interested.MUST BE ATLEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE *MUST BE RELIABLE *MUST BE ABLE TOPASS A BACKGROUND CHECK *MUST HAVE RELIABLE TRANSPORTATIONIf you feel you have the above qualifications then please call Dee to schedule anopen interview 623-518-2280 (Office Hours 9A-5P) Corporate Office (West Valley) Arizonas Best Home Care, 12630 N. 103rd Ave Suite 244, Sun City, AZ 85351 (Office Hours 9A-4P Monday thru Friday for Applications) El Dorado Square (East Valley Office) 6619 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 (Office Hours 8A-5P Monday thru Friday for Applications)==================================================================LIVE-IN CAREGIVER - TO SET-UP AN INTERVIEW CALL (602) 952-9062Looking for a caring person for a Live-in Caregiver position to work in an assistedliving home environment. Experience and Certification a plus but not required.We can assist you with getting your caregiver certification, CPR/first aid,fingerprinting and TB test. Position is for 5 days a week with 2 days off. Rate ofpay starts at $1500 a month plus room and board. Opportunity for growth withcompany as a manager with an immediate increase in pay with license.To set-up an interview or for more information please call (602) 952-9062================================================================== GIORGIO ARMANI NEW STORE OPEN HOUSE - TUESDAY, MARCH 12th, 2013 We invite passionate retail professionals to explore the world of Armani during our open house on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. In advance of the open house, please fill out an application on our Armani Position Board athttp://careers.giorgioarmani.com GIORGIO ARMANI OPEN HOUSE Date: Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm Location: Radisson Hotel Phoenix Chandler, 7475 W. Chandler Boulevard, Chandler, AZ 85226=================================================================
  15. 15. VCA MCCORMICK RANCH ANIMAL HOSPITAL AND PET CARE CENTER IS LOOKING FOR A PET STYLIST WITH AT LEAST 3 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE. Candidate must be dedicated, reliable and have a positive attitude. We are looking for a team player that is motivated and possesses outstanding client communication skills. Groomer will work on commission and be eligible for health benefits and 401k. Saturdays are a must! Fax resume to 480-948-1985. Seasonal bather will also be considered.================================================================= THESE ARE PERFECT OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS AGE 16 AND OVER, RETIREES, OR FOR SOMEONE THAT LOVES HORSE RACING Start working this weekend in one of the areas described below. We average 2-3 special events per month. CONCESSIONS:Work our hot dog stands or BBQ tent. Fun work and good tips. Must have cash handling experience.ADMISSIONS / GIVE-AWAY TABLES: Must have a friendly, outgoing personality.You will greet and direct our guests as they enter through the Admission Gates.Hand out our free gifts to eligible patrons.Qualified applicants must be able tostand for prolonged periods of time, and must have a clean, professionalappearance.Apply at 1501 West Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85023.================================================================CURRENTLY, OPENINGS FOR AN AM DISHWASHER/PREP-COOKS FOR OURCAMELBACK LOCATION IN PHOENIX! Our dishwasher/prep cook must be available to work Mornings and Weekends and kitchen experience is preferred. IF INTERESTED IN CAMELBACK, PLEASE STOP BYAND ASK FOR NOE: 1935 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85016================================================================
  16. 16. WE PROVIDE STEADY WORK; COMPETITIVE WAGES & SAFE WORKINGCONDITIONS FOR CONCRETE FINISHERSApply in person Tuesday - Thursday this week 9AM-3PM @ Suntec Concrete, 2221W. Shangri-La Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85029 - (23rd Ave 2 Blocks North of Peoria)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR GENERAL LABOR POSITIONS. LOTS OF WORK, DOE!Please come to the office at 5 a.m. to fill out an application. The address is 2811 EJones Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85040. See Matt or Mark.============================================================CALL DAVID TANNER AT 505-681-3436Graceland now hiring framers and roofer to build sheds for new plant location inAvondale, Arizona. Experienced framers and roofer experience for metal roofingfor constructing custom sheds.=============================================================================NOW HIRING METAL STUD FRAMERS AND DRYWALL HANGERS WITH 2 ORMORE YEARS’ EXPERIENCE. NOW HIRING METAL STUD FRAMERS AND DRYWALL HANGERS WITH 2 OR MORE YEARS EXPERIENCE.Apply in person at Pete King Construction 11040N 19th Avenue - 6:30 am Monday - Friday. Tools, Transportation required. CONTACT WALT FOR FRAMERS 602-818-9130 CONTACT MIKE FOR HANGERS - 602-818-9144 CALLS ONLY taken between 7 am and 3 pm Monday – Friday APPLICATION AVAILABLE HERE:http://petekingaz.com/assets/pdf/employee-application.pdf====================================http://petekingaz.com/assets/docs/Arizona-AFL-CIO-denounces-pickethttp://petekingaz.com/assets/docs/Arizona-AFL-CIO-support-letter.jpghttp://petekingaz.com/assets/docs/IUPAT-support-local-86-signed-by-Masavi-Perea.pdf
  17. 17. Pete King Construction (PKCC) is proud to be signatory to collective bargaining agreements with the InternationalUnion of Painters and Allied Trades (I.U.P.A.T.) District Council #15, Local Union #86-Painters and Painting andDecorating Contractors of America (PDCA), Central Arizona Chapter No. 1-Tapers from its inception as a company.==================================================================================
  18. 18. CALL MEGAN OR REBECCA AT 602-265-3017 TO GET REGISTERED TODAY!!SEVERAL projects that are in need of Journeyman Electricians, ApprenticeElectricians and Helpers. Tempe, Buckeye, North Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale andCentral Phoenix. We will place you on the project as close to home as possiblematching your skill level and needs at that particular project. Must have tools andreliable transportation (8-5pm M-F Please)CALL 602-265-3017--- Office Located near 16th St. and Camelback=============================================================
  19. 19. NEED 200 ELECTRICIANS FOR SOLAR PROJECT IN HYDER AZ START IN MARCH 60 HOURS A WEEK PAY WEEKLY.APPLY ONLINE AThttps://www.constructionstrategiesinc.com/apply_for_electrician_jobs.htmCONSTRUCTION STRATEGIES, INC.2121 S 48th Street, Suite 105, Tempe, AZ 85282 - Toll Free 888-639-0388Fax 480-839-1399 - Website http://www.constructionstrategiesinc.comNormally requires 7 year clean background BUT… it wouldn’t hurt to call 1-888-639-0388 and start you conversation with your “Talking Points” (skills andabilities) and toward the end of your conversation say: “several (many) years ago,I got myself into trouble…is that something that you can work with?”AT BEST…your skills and abilities will override much of the negativity of an oldoffence and will get you a shot at 60 HRS/WK…AT WORST…they will say “NO” and think for a minute as to why you would wantto work for such closed-mind people as that!===================================================================ELECTRICIANS NEEDED FOR INTEL TOOL INSTALL (CHANDLER AZ)Construction Strategies, Inc. is taking applications for 300+ Commercial /Industrial apprentices, journeymen electricians, leadmen, general foremen,project manager, and certified safety personnel for Intel project and other largecommercial projects located in the Phoenix, AZ Valley area as well as otherlocations nationwide.PLEASE CALL 480-839-0388 OR COME INTO THE OFFICE @ 2121 S 48th St, Suite105-106, Tempe, AZ 85281 Check out their Website:www.constructionstrategiesinc.comAPPLICATION DOWNLAD AT: http://www.formstack.com/landing/6376===============================================================
  20. 20. VENDING ROUTE SERVICE - APPLY IN PERSON AT: 1510 EAST RIVERVIEW DRCanteen Vending Services, a dynamic division of Compass Group, due tosignificant growth in our Phoenix market, seeks dependable service-orientedindividuals to join our team to service vending machines on established routes inthe Phoenix area.Position consists of fillingvending machines, collectingthe money and loadingproduct onto the route truck. Valid Driver’s license required. Salarycommensurate with experience plus an excellent benefits packageAPPLY IN PERSON AT: 1510 East Riverview Dr. Phoenix –Employment contingent on successful background check and drug test.================================================================FRONT OFFICE - BELLPERSON (PART-TIME) #3111 The bellperson is responsible for representing the resort at the main entrance. They should enthusiastically greet arriving and departing guests according to resort standards. They escort guests to their suites, providing guests with a full orientation ofthe resort and the suite itself. They also assist departing guests with transport andstorage of luggage.Education: High School Diploma or equivalent preferredCertificates or Licenses: Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record. Licensechecks will be conducted periodicallyhttps://sj.tbe.taleo.net/CH14/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?org=CLASSICHOTELSANDRESORTS&cws=1GOLF - RANGER (PART-TIME) #3089The Ranger is responsible for ensuring that our golf guests have a memorable golfexperience by maintaining a steady pace of play, giving hints on playing thecourse and providing general information about the resort.Education: High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.Experience: Golf experience preferred.Certificates or Licenses: State Driver’s License requiredhttps://sj.tbe.taleo.net/CH14/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?org=CLASSICHOTELSANDRESORTS&cws=1=================================================================34 OTHER OPENINGS @ AZ GRAND RESORT…CHECK THEM OUT @https://sj.tbe.taleo.net/CH14/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?org=CLASSICHOTELSANDRESORTS&cws=1NOTE: If your offence(s) do not relate to the job you are applying for…you are OK!
  21. 21. JANITORIAL SUPERVISOR I - I.R.S. MAILROOM (THIS IS A FULLTIME SALARYPOSITION)$13.50 – $14.00 DOE. Goodwill of Central Arizona’s Commercial Servicesdepartment currently has an opening for a Janitorial Supervisor. This Supervisorwill spend three hours daily overlooking the I.R.S Mailroom and five hours a dayat the WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) location. Will superviseemployees with documented disabilities.What does the job entail?The Janitorial Supervisor will supervise, train and oversee the janitorial and floorcare staff at assigned facilities. They will ensure standards for quality of servicesare met and conduct quality assurance checks. They will develop strategies forimprovement and build a strong working relationship with the customers.Occasionally, fill in for staff and perform Janitorial duties.Compensation:SKILLS & ABILITIES: 1 year experience in janitorial services, 1 year supervisoryexperience, preferably in janitorial or related field. 3 years’ experience inmanaging janitorial services or 5 years of operations management experience.Mailroom experience helpful.Certificates & Licenses: Valid driver’s license & Clean MVR.Computer Skills: Excellent computer and navigation skills. Working knowledge ofMS Office Suite.https://jobapp.goodwillaz.org/?jobid=21454=================================================================JOIN ICE (INTERNATIONAL CRUISE & EXCURSION, INC) ON THURSDAY, MARCH14, 2013 FROM 4PM - 6PM FOR SEARS RETAIL PROMOTIONAL REPS PART TIMEJOB FAIR!! JOIN US FOR AN ON THE SPOT INTERVEIW!!Come see why we were voted one of the Best Places to Work in 2010,2011 and2012. Check us out at www.iceenterprise.com.WALK INS WELCOME!!Who: ICE (International Cruise & Excursions, INC) one of the worlds leading cruiseproviders!Where: 15501 N. Dial Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 On the spot interviewing!!When: Thursday, March 14, 2013 from 4pm - 6pm.Please come dressed for success (business attire) and ready to interview!Due to the popularity of this position, please allow a minimum of 2 hours forcompletion of application process (this can vary based upon event attendance).================================================================== The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 Phone 480.948.5000 - http://scottsdaleplaza.arizonajobs.com/==========================================================
  22. 22. Scottsdale Plaza Resort Jobs: Overview Take a look at the job listings we have posted and you will notice the diversity of work available! From landscapers and service personnel to our sales and management staff, we offer many employment options and room to grow within the company. http://scottsdaleplaza.arizonajobs.com/NIGHT AUDITOR-FULL TIMEAre you a night owl who likes to deal with people? Do you like to provide the bestin customer service? Are you a take charge kind of individual? Are you a creativeproblem solver and a team player?Night Audit handles all Front Desk operations from 10:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Inaddition, the Night Audit staff verifies and balances all daily financial transactionsand produces reports for hotel personnel that detail the previous days financialactivity.Night audit or front desk experience is required. A basic understanding ofaccounting principles and knowledge of Front Desk operations is helpful.http://scottsdaleplaza.arizonajobs.com/night-auditor-full-time/job/3706186---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PAINTERThis person is responsible for all inside painting of guest rooms, common areas,office areas, painting outside when directed, maintaining physical condition ofpaint inventory area and maintain painting equipment as necessary.Qualifications: Must have commercial or professional residential experience.Must have a working knowledge of different paint types and properapplication.Important Personal Characteristics: Must have clean and neat workhabits, able to work without supervision, be a self-starter, personable, quicklearner and adaptable.http://scottsdaleplaza.arizonajobs.com/painter/job/3706532---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REMINGTONS LINE COOKPrevious experience as a line cook is highly recommended. Must have anunderstanding of kitchen operation. Must be willing to work weekends andholidays.http://scottsdaleplaza.arizonajobs.com/remington-s-line-cook/job/3706446===============================================================