“It’s a Dog’s Life” RETAIL & FOOD


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NOV 12, 2013 – “It’s a Dog’s Life” RETAIL & FOOD
- From the desk of Duke Pat-Menot PhD. ...
WHERE TO START? THE ON-LINE JOB APPLICATION..Many things have changed in recent years about getting a job, and now companies and businesses are using online job applications instead of a paper one. While it has streamlined the process a lot, it has also taken away from the more personal satisfaction with seeing someone face to face. While some of the procedures are the same, there are many other differences.

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“It’s a Dog’s Life” RETAIL & FOOD

  1. 1. NOV 12, 2013 – “It’s a Dog’s Life” RETAIL & FOOD
  2. 2. From the desk of Duke Pat-Menot PhD. WHERE TO START? THE ON-LINE JOB APPLICATION Many things have changed in recent years about getting a job, and now companies and businesses are using online job applications instead of a paper one. While it has streamlined the process a lot, it has also taken away from the more personal satisfaction with seeing someone face to face. While some of the procedures are the same, there are many other differences. A really big tip when filling out a job detail, if they really want to hire you application is not to put “any” where they will. Being honest right away will you are asked what position you are get you a lot farther than lying. looking for. While applications online makes it easier If you are looking for a job online, for people who tend to scribble when companies will post what positions are they write, you still have to have the available, including corporate jobs, correct spelling, and make sure you get internships, and distribution, not just the name of the company right! their retail store positions. If you put Even if you are filling out many “any,” they don’t have the time to find applications at a time, take your time a place for you and your application will and make sure there are no mistakes, be rejected right away. employers don’t tolerate poor spelling Whatever you do, be honest when filling and grammar. out an online application. A potential Even if you are just getting started in employer can find out almost anything the work force, you can still put down they want about you with a simple work experience. If you ever had a good internet search. babysitting job, or mowed the neighbor’s They can find out about any criminal yard, you can use these people as not record you may have, and even your only an employment reference but also credit score. If you have a criminal as a personal reference. Parents make record, you don’t have to go into great good personal contacts as well.
  3. 3. with the names and telephone Even though you are not seeing someone numbers of your references and in person you still have to conduct past employers. yourself in a professional manner. Be • quick and to the point filling out information from other jobs, and again, Fill out the form neatly and accurately. • Apply for a specific position, make sure that their contact rather than entering "anything," information is accurate. or "open" for the desired position. HOW TO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION: • It is important that you read the • Leave no blanks. • Write "Does Not Apply" (or "N/A" for Not Applicable) in the space if entire application form before you start filling it out. Read the instructions carefully and follow the question does not apply to you. • history, for example, "attending them exactly. Completing the application properly is very important, because the application school." • • Employers review the information on job applications when deciding who to schedule for job interviews. Remember that employers often judge the appearance of an application as a clue to how much importance you put on the quality of your work. • Here are some helpful tips to follow when completing applications: • Be honest in your answers. • Have all the information on hand that you might need to fill out an application, such as a fact sheet Read and check the application for completeness before turning it in is your first chance to present your skills to the employer. Explain lengthy gaps in your work to the employer. PERSONAL DATA Employment applications request a wide variety of personal information ranging from your social security number for employment tax purposes to questions about your personal hobbies and interests. The following list provides examples of how to complete the most typical information requested on job applications: • In the name field, be sure to note in what order the employer wants your first and last names. Print neatly. If you have previously applied for a job with an employer, make sure that any
  4. 4. name change on the application is noted. Use an address where you can If possible, avoid entering birth dates or school graduation dates on an asked how long you've lived at application. your current address. Some applications request information Provide your telephone number about prior misdemeanor or felony with an area code. If you use a • special class driver's license. receive mail. You may also be • cosmetologist, dental hygienist, or have a convictions. message number, make sure that everyone at that number knows WORK DATA • "Position Desired." Never write what to say for you or that the "any" or "will do anything!" A message on a message machine is vague answer makes it difficult for appropriate. For a business the employer to visualize how your number, include an extension special skills will meet their number if one is available. • company needs. It is acceptable to Be sure that you meet the health list more than one position, but do requirements for the job. If a some research first so you know physical examination is a condition of employment, the employer must pay for it and can only job titles used at the company. • putting in a salary figure that All applications ask for information might be too high or too low. The about the schools you've attended. employer will look at the salaries Usually you will need to list the city and state where the school was located and any degrees earned. List your education, detailing any special courses. Be prepared to provide transcripts, if requested. If you have any professional certification, licenses, or registrations, list them. For example, you may be a licensed In the salary desired field write "open" or "negotiable" rather than request it after you are hired. • Always fill in the space for the paid previously. • In the availability field write "immediately," if you are available to start right away. If you are currently employed, indicate that you are available to start after giving two weeks’ notice. Giving two weeks’ notice makes it more likely that you will get a good reference from the employer. Be
  5. 5. knowledgeable about the hours which are applying. Have all appropriate required for the job. New forms available, such as certificates. employees rarely have a choice Always talk to your references before about the hours and shift available. beginning your work search, to ask JOB EXPERIENCE Under work experience, the application form usually asks for your job title and dates of employment; the name, address, and phone number of the employer; and a description of your duties. Some applications also ask for your salary and your supervisor's name. permission to use their names, addresses, and phone numbers on your application(s). Former employers, business acquaintances, teachers, and the clergy are all acceptable references. Be sure to keep your reference list updated and let them know when you find a job. MISTAKES TO AVOID Include part‐time and full‐time jobs. Some of the most common mistakes Make sure that the dates of employment that job seekers make on applications don't overlap or conflict. are: If asked for the reason you left a job, use • Not following directions positive phrases like: "to take a job with • Misspelled words more responsibility," "moved," "seasonal," • Incomplete information or unanswered questions "business closed," "job or contract ended," "temporary work," " laid off," " • Not applying for a specific position reorganization," "returned to school," " • Incomplete work history, or large unexplained gaps in work history or "career change." Avoid negative words like "fired," "quit," "absenteeism," or • Overlapping or conflicting "tardiness." employment dates with no List any special skills, abilities, experience explanation and/or training that relate to the • deadline position you want. If you were in the military service, emphasize the duties you performed that relate to the job for Application not turned in by the • Use of troublesome words, such as "quit" or "fired"
  6. 6. FILLING OUT ONLINE APPLICATIONS http://careers.staples.com/ At the bottom of the page you will see “Jobs” listed under “Corporate Information”. Click on the links to “Jobs”. There you will find the famous “easy button” but don’t press it! Click instead on “Search Jobs” on the bottom right of the screen. This page provides links to any information you might want on jobs with Staples. If you are looking for an hourly job, follow the link to “Hourly Store Jobs”. If you are interested in management there is a link for those jobs as well. Right now, I’m going to take you through the basic Staples hourly employment application. The application is set up to gather all the information necessary about your work interests, experience and qualifications for jobs available at Staples stores. You will need: • Social Security Number • Driver’s License Number and Expiration Date • Employment History • Personal References • Professional References The good thing about the Staples online application is that Staples store managers within a 50 mile radius can look at your application to see if you qualify for a job opening they might have.
  7. 7. So, you only have to fill out one application for multiple job opportunities. The application is held on file, so be sure not to bother filling out a second one if it has been less than six months. It will simply fall to the bottom of the pile anyway. The first step in the process is to search the jobs available through their search venue. You can enter your zip code and a mile radius you are willing to travel, or simply enter the city and state to find job openings. Your search will produce area Staples stores that have job openings. Follow the link “jobs at this location” to find the actual job openings. You can then view the details of the job before applying. Once you have selected a position you are interested in, you can then begin to fill out the online application by clicking on “apply now”. Follow the instructions on the application. Depending on the position for which you are applying, the application will take from 10 to 50 minutes to complete. You can create a user name and password so you can exit the application and return to it later if you do not have time to finish it in one sitting. The application is typical at this point. You will need to enter your name, address, phone number and how you would like to be contacted. You will then add your Social Security Number, Driver’s License information and employment history. It is really helpful to have all of this gathered ahead of time. Once you have completed the application, just hit done and you’re finished! Filling out a job application online for Staples is easy to do and very self‐explanatory. Online applications are available in English or Spanish. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://careers.staples.com/key-hiring-areas/veterans-program/ We’re grateful for our nation’s heroes and their service and commitment to our country. We truly value the skills and knowledge that veterans bring to Staples, and we support hiring qualified veterans.
  8. 8. USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Cashier at Staples - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied online and was contacted ~5-7 days after to schedule an in-person interview. I spoke to the store manager and he seemed friendly -- the interview was fairly relaxed and casual. Afterwards, I was called back for a second interview. Interview Question –Why do you want to work at Staples? ------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Staples - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied online and went in to the store after 3-5 days and asked to talk to the hiring manager he was very nice but extremely busy I told him I applied and wanted to know the status of my application he called me within 3 days and set up an interview the interview was held in two parts the first was personal and just asking why I wanted a job and such then the other manager interviewed me in another part of the store about 5 days after the interview they called me and ask if I was still interested in a job with staples Interview Question –why do you want to work at staples? -----------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Staples - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Here is my experience at staples. I turned in a paper application and waited for a call. I received one from the assistant manager in charge of hiring asking if I could come in for an interview which I did. I arrived on time and waited about 20 minutes. She was nice and friendly apologized for the wait and the interview began. It wasn't much of an interview she asked basic questions such as "tell me about yourself, why do you want to work at staples"?, why were you unemployed for a few months'? After that she told me all about staples and the position talked about pay which was $7.35 since I had a little experience. I got the job easy and it was an enjoyable place to work. The tests were given after I got the job and was doing orientation. If you missed one you could go back and redo it. Interview Question –There were no difficult question. They were all run of the mill. -----------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Staples - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It was a fairly straightforward experience. I walked in, saw they were hiring. I was asked to submit a resume online. They called a couple of weeks later. Interview Question –They used a lot of hypothetical interview questions, like "what would you do if you saw a customer stealing?". That kind of thing. ------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at Staples - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It was one interview with the GM of the location I applied to. Very basic questions, tell me about you, what experience, why Staples?
  9. 9. WAL‐MART APPLICATION ‐ ONLINE WAL‐MART JOBS Fill out a Wal‐Mart application online and work for the world's largest public corporation by revenue, according to the 208 Fortune Global 500. Founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Wal‐Mart online application for part time jobs are easy to fill out and you submit it electronically to immediate job openings online in your zip code! Jobs at Wal‐Mart are in abundance as they are the largest private employer in the U.S. and also the largest grocery retailer in the United States, with an estimated 20% of the retail grocery and consumables business. It also owns and operates the North American company, Sam's Club. Benefits of filling out a Wal‐Mart job application. Wal‐Mart saves Americans thousands of dollars a year. And their associates get even more. EVERY WAL‐MART ASSOCIATE RECEIVES: • 10 percent off regularly priced general merchandise in Wal‐Mart stores or on their website with the associate discount card. • 10 percent off of fresh fruits and vegetables
  10. 10. • An additional 10 percent off eyewear at Wal‐Mart Vision Centers • Over 100 discounts on walmartbenefits.com—our associate‐only website—for Grow Your Future ‐ they believe in their associates’ futures. Last year, they put $870 everything from new cars to movie tickets. million into associates’ Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plan accounts. They do this whether or not an associate chooses to contribute. They also make it easy for associates to have an ownership in the company. The Associate Stock Purchase Program allows associates to purchase stock without most brokerage fees. Plus, they match a portion of their purchases. Wal‐Mart Success = Your Success Every associate is eligible to receive performance bonuses based on the performance of their store. They also offer a long‐term service award, which rewards hourly associates and assistant managers who have been with the company for 20 years or more with an extra week of pay. JOBSITE: http://walmartstores.com/Careers/7745.aspx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… NOTE: When called, you will be interviewed two-three times that day by an hourly supervisor and then a manager. These questions are based on your answers form the data you gave Wal-Mart when you applied. If both of these go well then you are sent for a drug test if this is clean then you will be called for your orientation date. ===================================================== Photo Center Technician at Wal-Mart Stores - Accepted Offer Interview Details –When applying to the Wal-Mart Stores, I recommend following up with phone calls to check on your application and to show them you're interested. I'm assuming a lot of people already apply to work at Wal-Mart so it also doesn't when it comes to an applicant reaching out to them. The interview I went through was
  11. 11. behavior based. All the questions were related to "a time when." So be prepared to showcase circumstances or times you showed leadership, conflict resolution, multitasking, supervisor relationship, etc. Interview Question –For me that is the supervisor relationship question, like the boss is wrong and you're right, how did you handle that situation. Mostly difficult because I don't really run into trouble or circumstances like that. -------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at Wal-Mart Stores - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Take a common sense test. If you happen to be called back, you see the standard interview questions that ask you to provide examples of certain situations and how you reacted in said situations. Drug screening afterwards. Interview Question –None. They were 100% common sense to the common working man/woman. -------------------------------------------------------------------Any Positions at Wal-Mart Stores - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Managers look through applicants that are both internal and external as well as transfer associates. Through these they look at experience as well as previous jobs. If you have experience in a specific area put this on your application. If called for an interview you will be interview by the Department Lead first. Answer questions with as much information as possible, to little information you will not pass the first step. If you pass the first step you then go to a 3 panel interview. To save time some stores only use the Assistant Manager for the interview. You will get the same basic set of questions just worded differently. Again use as much information as possible and be detailed. Interview Question –Most questions ask about specific situations, like customer complaints, problem with a rule. It can be complicated because the wording that is used depends on how they read them. The more detailed the better. -------------------------------------------------------------------Area Manager at Wal-Mart Stores - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Arrived at DC, met with 2 Ops managers, both were very cool and laid back. They both ask you questions. After them, you have one with the General Manager, AGM, and Human Resource Manager, all in the same room. Same questions pretty much. Everyone was cool and jolly. • Tell me about yourself • Why do you want to work for Wal-Mart? • Tell me about a time that you participated in a team, what was your role? • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a co-worker who wasn't doing his/her fair share of the work. What did you do and what was the outcome? • Give me an example of a time when you took the time to share a co-worker's or supervisor's achievements with other? • Tell me about a time that you didn't work well with a supervisor. What was the outcome and how would you have changed the outcome?
  12. 12. • Have you worked with someone you didn't like? If so, how did you handle it? • Tell me about a time that you helped someone. • Tell me about a time that you misjudged a person. • How do you get along with older (younger) co-workers? • Under which situation you need to motivate other members? Interview Question –Tell me about yourself. It sets the stage for the rest of the interview Negotiation Details –Just starting out its $45000, I'm content with that. You'll also get free stocks given to you after a year and you'll get a yearly bonus also. Bonus is around $5000, and stocks are $8000 (you can't cash in the stock until 5 years later though) ------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Wal-Mart Stores - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I had to attend 2 interview sessions one with the assistant manager and one with the store manager. The one with the assistant manager was fairly standard stuff getting information on my availability and such. They wanted to know about my past retail and customer service experience. Mine was a little scare so I had to take from my marching band days as well as examples. The second with the store manager was a bit intimidating but he was easy going enough he just showed me what I was gonna get paid ($7.80/hr). Interview Question –They wanted to know how I handled being part of a team. But since my retail experience didn't really give me that I had to take from my high school marching band. ------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Wal-Mart Stores - Accepted Offer Interview Details –After Appling and passing the question and answer session I was called by the HR manager at one of the local stores for an interview. I was interviewed by the HR manager, a store manager, and my specific manager and asked questions about previous experiences and how I handled it and what I would do in a given situation. Interview Question –What would I do if a customer came in and wanted to return an item they say they purchased just a week ago but it clear that it was highly used and they had just cleaned it up some? -------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. 13. Target Job Application Online Target application online can be filled out here and can get your job career started at this great company. George Dayton founded this company after buying it from R.S Goodfellow. It started with the name Good fellow’s Department Store and in 1903, the store changed its name to the Dayton Dry Goods Company, and it changed its name again to the Dayton Company in 1911. Target job application can be submitted online. Target opened four discount stores in Minneapolis in 1965. The name "Target" originated from Dayton's publicity director, Stewart K. Widdess, and was intended to prevent consumers from associating the new discount store chain with the department store. Target now has 1,685 stores (as of October 2008). It has units in all states except for Vermont, operating under the mastheads of Target, Target Greatland, and SuperTarget. Target careers- Each general-merchandise store employs 150 to 250 team members and is about 128,000 square feet in size. Stores carry hardliners ("regular" products and goods), soft lines (clothing), and a limited amount of groceries, non-perishable and frozen. Many stores may also have Target Optical, a portrait studio, and a garden center and most all new locations build after 2004 include Target Photo, Target Pharmacy, Starbucks Coffee, and a Pizza Hut Express standard in addition to "Food Avenue." FILL OUT A TARGET APPLICATION TODAY! http://sites.target.com/site/en/company/page.jsp?contentId=WCMP04030796&ref=sr_shorturl_careers
  14. 14. LOCATION(S): http://sites.target.com/site/en/spot/page.jsp?title=store_locator_new USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I am going to post this in as much detail as possible, but it's really just summing up what a lot of other people have said. APPLYING I applied online on June 24th for a few different positions, basically whatever they had open. I got a call about a week later to set up a phone interview with a Team Leader. Interview Round 1 I had my phone interview with the Team Leader a few days later. It was more of a "get-to-know-you" than anything else. Questions were: -Why Target? -Tell me about a time you had to work in a team. -Tell me about a time when you had multiple projects due at the same time. I passed the phone interview and scheduled an in-person interview for the beginning of the next week. INTERVIEW ROUND 2 I arrived about 5 minutes early and took a very, very simple personality/math test. If you got through all of the application, you should have absolutely no trouble with this. Then, I was shown to the employee area for an interview. After being directed to wait in the break room for a little bit, an Executive Team Leader took me to their office and interviewed me. In addition to the questions above, I was also asked a lot of STAR questions, including: - A woman is looking for a shoe for her son, but the right size isn't on the shelf. What would you do? -You're ringing up a customer and an item rings up at $19.99 but the customer swears the price was $18.99, what would you do? After that, I was taken to wait in the break room once again. This time, a person from HR came to get me, took me to their office and offered me the job - conditional on passing a drug test at a lab and a background check.
  15. 15. (IMPORTANT: The drug test has to be done within 24 hours, so plan accordingly!) Signed the paperwork and I was hired! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It was overall very typical but very friendly. They ask about your previous jobs, school, goals, etc. They also will give you three scenarios they want you to answer/talk about. I remember one question they asked was "when was the last time you received amazing service and what made it amazing?" Interview Question –None of them were difficult, just be honest and keep your cool. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied in store and waited about two days before I called to check my application status. They transferred me to the HR lady and she scheduled for an interview while we were on the phone. I went it and met with someone (who was from a different store because the woman from this store was out for the day). Two interviews with two different women; expected/typical questions. Didn't hear anything for two weeks, then I got a call while I was in class saying come in because they wanted to offer me a position. Went in that day, discussed pay, and had to take a drug test within 24 hrs. Started work the next week. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online within a week got called in for an interview. Met with a GM who asked basic questions. Like: Tell us a time when you were working with someone difficult and how you handled it. With their questions they are looking for a problem a solution and then the outcome. Be detailed. They score you on each answer. They are always looking for Starbucks workers so if you say you are willing to train in that area or have experience then you'll most likely get it. Interview Question –No unexpected questions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I completed the online application and within a few (2-3) days. The interview was amazing - it was so laid back and more of a conversation than a formal interview. They do an excellent job of making sure you are comfortable Interview Question –Review and plan for all the questions on here - they use the exact same ones. • What is your biggest weakness/strength? • When have you gone out of your way to help somebody. • Why do you want to work at target? • What would you do if you rang an item up to be 20$ but a customer insisted it was 18? • Name a time when you made a mistake and how did you handle it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. 16. Cashier at Target - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied online and was called back within a couple of days. There are two parts to the target interview and if you are hired then you will most likely be told at the end of the second interview. If you don't get a second interview or if you are told that they would make a decision and call you back, you probably didn't get it. The first part of the interview was with a Team Leader and it was pretty much going over my application and common sense questions/answers. The second part was with what Target calls an Executive Team Leader (ETL) and the questions were mostly scenario and "tell me a time when.." type questions. After the interview with the ETL, a team member from HR came in and offered me the job (contingent upon a clean background check) and gave me instructions to take a drug test within a couple of hours. Interview Question –None really, basic common sense. =============================================== Costco Application Online Costco application online James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman opened the first Costco Warehouse in 1983. Located in Seattle Washington, the pair had come from a long line of wholesale and retail. Sinegal had worked in wholesale for both FedMart and Price Club, and while Brotman was a lawyer his family had been in retail for years. The company operates on a membership bases similar to that of Sam’s Club. Customers pay a yearly fee to shop there but get to take advantage of wholesale pricing. Today Costco is the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States with over 140,000 employees and 584 stores worldwide. They also have around 55 million members worldwide. JOB OPENINGS AT COSTCO: Because this is a warehouse setting there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to employment. You work in the store you can work as a
  17. 17. cashier, which means you’ll ring customers out. You may also have to assist customers in finding certain items. You will need to be meticulous so that you are certain that your drawer balances at the end of the day. Bakery workers are also required. Since they have a full service bakery they need bakers, wrappers, cake decorators and sanitation assistants. Deli servers and food court service assistants are also needed. Because they are a membership based business membership assistant, outside marketer, and membership refund cashier are all areas in which you can distinguish yourself. In most of these jobs you’ll be working with customers to begin, renew, or cancel memberships as well as solicit new memberships. As an employee at Costco you’ll be able to take advantage of many of their benefits. Full time employees are eligible for health, dental, pharmacy, vision, 401(k), dependent care, voluntary shorter disability, long term disability, life, stock purchase, and long term care insurance. Part time employees can take advantage of health, dental, pharmacy, and vision. Remember, with all things in life, you MUST take action! You MUST stay persistent in order to accomplish your goals in finding work. It's all about taking advantage of all your resource, and today you have the internet on your side! APPLY FOR JOBS ONLINE AND STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOALS! http://shop.costco.com/About/Costco-Employment LOCATION(S): http://www.costco.com/Warehouse/locator.aspx?cm_re=1_en-_-Top_Right_Nav1-_Top_locations&topnav=&whse=BC&lang=en-US ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It is a 3 part interview process which they do in two sessions. They ask you questions such as “why do you think you are qualified to work here?”
  18. 18. and “what projects have you done that could help you out for the company in the future?” They give you a drug test via mouth swab which they find out the results ASAP. Then they do a back- a-round check which takes about a week to process. Interview Question – • Why do you think you are qualified to work here? • What projects have you done that could help you out for the company in the future? Produce Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Submit an application online, later talk to local management and get an interview setup, wear professional attire and be open about customer service. A second interview will be conducted by the manager of the department you are likely to work in. This interview will be essentially the same as the first. Orientation will take place and training will begin within a few days. Interview Question – • What are the 6 rights of merchandising and how do they apply to Costco? These can be found in the Costco employee handbook. Negotiation Details –Offered a position in morning Merch which I turned down, then they offered a position on the front end, same pay, this one I accepted. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Food Service Assistant at Costco Wholesale Interview Details –The hiring process was fast and efficient. I applied for Costco end of May and they called me in June for an interview. They called me in for a "third" interview the next day. So in reality I only had to be interviewed twice. There are two managers who interview you. They w ill both ask you questions for a total of 14 questions. It's important that you maintain focus on the person asking you the questions. One of the managers will try and distract you and sometimes their walkies will go off, but continue to stay focused on the interview. I skipped the second interview because the managers felt comfortable with me. Just be yourself and you should be fine. Humor is important as well. I was able to make them smile and laugh. The third interview is just a detailed description of the job duties and what to expect and they will ask you if you accept the job. I took the drug test that day and signed papers. This process took only 2 days. Interview Question –There was no difficult or unexpected question because I went in prepared and practiced most of the answers at home. The questions are pretty much all listed on this website. Also if you know nothing about Costco, be sure to do your homework on it before the first interview. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. 19. Cashier Assistant (Front End Assistant) at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Interview Details –Applied to Costco last April and it took them 1 month to call me back for an interview. Once they called me they scheduled me for an interview the next day and when I arrived I was sent to the break room to wait for the two supervisors. The interview went well, it was basically situational questions and how I would react. Then they said they would call me within a week, however i never received a call so I called them back a week and a half later and they explained how I was supposed to get an interview 2 days after my first, but the manager was too busy so they scheduled me for the second interview the day after. My next interview was before Costco opened so I had to go through the side and once I was there I met with 3 individuals one who was the general manager. This interview was really easy, they just want to get a feel for who you are and if you're fit for the job or not. Then they said I got the job and did the drug/alcohol test on the spot. Interview Questions • Why should we hire you? • Why Costco? • How do you demonstrate safety among your customers? ----------------------------------------------------------------------Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer Interview Details –After applying online, you wait. Then if you qualify, you are called in for a first interview. 1ST INTERVIEWThey call and ask you to come in. You meet with 3 managers, all of which ask you the interview questions. The managers vary in ranking. They will be an assistant warehouse manager, and 2 managers from the department you're applying to. Questions were meant to analyze you're professionalism and how and what you know about the company, and why you are interested in working there. The interview lasted about half an hour. If they like you, they'll call you in 2-3 days asking you to come in a second interview. 2ND INTERVIEWThis interview is set up the same way as the first. A one on three interviews. The managers, which are different from the first set, ask you about your work ethic and how well you would perform in certain situations. Again, If they like you, they will call you in for a third interview. 3RD INTERVIEW – A new set of managers ask you about the same questions asked in interviews 1 and 2. Very short. They offer you a position and ask you to come in for orientation. Interview Questions • When did you encounter a difficult situation and how did you handle it? • What do you know about Costco? ----------------------------------------------------------------------Stocker at Costco Wholesale - Accepted Offer – Feb 9, 2011
  20. 20. Interview Details –I applied online but had a sibling who works for Costco talk to the hiring manager, and she called me within minutes of hearing I applied. Costco is definitely the place where you need to either: A. have an inside connection or B. Call or visit the store to talk directly to the manger in order to score an interview. I went in for my interview and they give everyone three different interviews but they decided to do 2 in 1. Basic questions of why pick Costco and the standard scenario questions were asked. They also ask to see if you're able to accept some of the hard physical labor involved with being employed there. PS. They are big on customer service, even when the customer is dead wrong. My third interview was good, they asked the same questions essentially, and it literally took 5 minutes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kohl’s Application Online Kohl’s Jobs Kohl’s careers and Kohl’s jobs are perfect for those looking for work that can turn into a long career at a well-respected brand. Kohl's has been around since 1962 and has become one of the nation’s largest department stores. They have roughly 1,000 department stores nationwide and employ over 120,000 associates (as of 2007, so these numbers should be much higher now.
  21. 21. They've also teamed up with such brand names like celebrity chef and author Rachel Ray for a line of cookware, fashion designer Very Wang, and ELLE magazine to create exclusive clothing and accessories lines for the younger segment of their customer base. KOHL'S JOB APPLICATION BENEFITS INCLUDE: Medical Plans *Dental Plan *Vision Insurance *Life Insurance *Long Term Disability Coverage *Kohl’s 401(k) Plan *Adoption Assistance *Tuition Reimbursement *Group Home & Auto Discounts *Group Pre-Paid Legal Plan *Perks/Working Advantage Discounts *Vacation Days *Kohl’s Associate Discount *Vision Discount Program *Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) *Employee Assistance Program (EAP) FILL OUT KOHL’S APPLICATION ONLINE AND JOIN THE ENORMOUS GROWTH OF KOHL’S DEPARTMENT STORES. www.kohlscareers.com/applyonline LOCATION(S): http://www.kohlscorporation.com/maps/html/store_locator.htm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Sales Associate/Cashier at Kohl's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I had only one interview and it was a group interview. We each went around and answered the same question, each time starting with a different person. The questions were very predictable. I was called back less than a week later and received an offer. Interview Question –No question was difficult or unexpected. Pretty basic-Is the customer always right! -------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate/Cashier at Kohl's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online. Got a call to setup an interview two weeks later. The interview was simple. Just a one on one. Other people say they had a group interview but that isn't always the case. So easy! Interview Question –None. It was simple. Few situational questions and why you want to work there. --------------------------------------------------------
  22. 22. Sales Associate/Cashier at Kohl's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied to kohl's on snag a job, I was called in for an interview about a week later. The interview was fairly straightforward, most of the questions were " tell me about a time when..." and I was hired on the spot, but had to wait a couple of days while they do a background check. Interview Question –All the questions were What you would expect of a retail interview. --------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate/Cashier at Kohl's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It was a group interview, asked if you were okay with pushing credit cards, how would you help a customer with a question you weren't sure of, a time you have been late for an appointment and how you handled it, how would you react to having to change your duty quickly? Interview Question –Nothing was unexpected • Describe a time where you have went beyond the expectations for a customer. • Describe a time where you have had to sell a certain item for a company you worked for. • What was it and how well did it go? • Why do you think Kohl's offers Kohl's credit cards? • What does it do for the company and for the customer? --------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate/Cashier at Kohl's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online at snagajob.com and within a few days was called for a interview. It was a group interview with about 10-12 of us. We sat in a circle and one of the managers and the secretary asked us about six questions and we went around the circle one by one answering the questions. Some of the questions included: 1. Tell me your name. A: Give your name and a very brief history of work experience/ why Kohl's interest you/ at least one strength you have that relates to the job (ex: I enjoy giving customers a rewarding shopping experience or I love solving a customers, or persons, problem so they are completely satisfied). Make sure to keep the answer brief though. 2. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. A: I did not have experience in retail (first job) but I did explain how I went above and beyond for the people I volunteered for. Not having experience is alright as long as you give compelling answers that relate to the job. 3. What does good team work mean? A: Explain the positive attributes that make a good team (great communication, positive attitudes, willing to work with one another to accomplish a common goal for the customer, building one another up). 4. What if you had to help a customer but they were out of your department? A: Explain that you would do the best you could, however, you may need to consult someone from the department to help. Make sure you say that you would do whatever
  23. 23. necessary to make the customer extremely satisfied (extremely satisfied is their tagline so they would probably love it if you mentioned that). The interview was around twenty minutes and we were informed that they would call us within the next few hours to see if they wanted us for a second interview. I was called back soon and came for a second interview. I met with the head manager and the manager that was there for the first interview. I was asked four questions, one of the questions included: 1. How do you feel selling a Kohl's credit card? A: My answer was that I loved giving customers something would add value to their lives. Explain why you think the card is beneficial to customers and that you are determined to sell that card (TIP: IF HIRED, YOUR JOB *IS* TO SELL THE KOHL'S CARD AND COLLECT EMAILS, THEY DO VALUE CUSTOMER SERVICE BUT SELLING THE CARD AND EMAILS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT). TIPSTER: This was not so much an interview as it was me being told more information about the company and being told you are hired. I would make sure to do research on the company, the card and good answers to interview questions, though I worked the holiday season and they almost hired anyone really good interview answers make you stand out and become an instant hit among the managers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- J.C. Penney Job Application Online
  24. 24. JC Penny application online- J.C. Penney has been a household name since James Cash Penney opened his first Golden Rule store back in 1902. Since then the name has changed to JCPenney and is one of the largest companies in the United States. Today JCPenney employs 150,000 people made up from in store, call center, and corporate associates. J.C. PENNEY JOB APPLICATION ONLINE IS EASY TO FILL OUT. REGISTER FREE, CREATE YOUR PROFILE AND WORK EXPERIENCE, THEN SEARCH FOR ALL AVAILABLE JOBS (IN ALL INDUSTRIES) IN YOUR ZIP CODE, THEN APPLY INSTANTLY TO ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME! In store associates include store managers and assistant managers, department managers, loss prevention managers, training supervisors, hourly sales associates and salon stylists. Call centers include managers and hourly employees to assist customers in billing, gift registry setup, merchandise questions or assist in placing orders. JCPenney online application is worthwhile to fill out since they offer their full time employees a wide variety of benefits. These benefits include medical, dental and vision, paid time off, paid holidays and a 401K savings plan. Penney’s is one of the few companies that also offer medical, dental, vision and Term Life coverage to their part-time associates. http://jobs.jcp.com/ LOCATIONS: http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/StoreLocatorMenu.aspx?cmResetCat=True&CmCatId=homepage --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Sales Associate at J. C. Penney - Accepted Offer – Interview Details –I had put in an application online and was called for an interview not too long after. I went in on a one-on-one interview and was hired in about 15 minutes.
  25. 25. The manager didn't even ask me any questions besides why I would like to work at JCPenney. She talk to me more about the company. She seem she had it made up in her mind before I came in that I was hired. I'm happy to be hired so easily but I had practiced all the answers to questions I might be asked and the fact that I wasn't asked anything made it seem like they were desperately looking for someone, although their well-staffed. I would have felt better if I was hired because I answered questions correctly. I guess I got hired because of my experience and I was friendly and well-dressed. The manager told me specifically they were looking for happy people. I have to say when I was waiting to be interviewed in the waiting room the workers there were friendly and asked if I've been helped, so I felt a warmth there that I never felt at Macy's. Interview Question – • Why J.C.Penney's? Negotiation Details –Well, I was offered 35 cent more then Macy's and since I just needed a part-time job and not looking to stay with the company forever, I accepted. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at J. C. Penney - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It took forever to meet with the manager. Left me alone to do a very long and confusing computer process. Videos were extremely long. Had to watch all at one time so that was hours in the chair watching videos. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at J. C. Penney - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online, got a call back within a couple of weeks at a different location. They asked me to come in for an interview. I showed up and the questions were VERY basic and easy. Mainly having to do with being a team player and working with customers.I had to meet the store manager after the first interview the supervisor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at J. C. Penney - Accepted Offer Interview Details –interview were group interview of about 8 to 10 people you really gotta make yourself known for something so were something really really nice like a suit. Interview Question – • What was something you did that impacted someone's life? -------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at J. C. Penney - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied online and was called with in twenty four hours. The interview was set up for the very next day, and lasted only thirty minutes. Very basic questions, what you would expect. It was strange to have as many interviewers as I had (four) sitting in on the same interview. I was offered the job on the spot and started two weeks later.
  26. 26. Interview Question – • Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? -------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at J. C. Penney - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Firstly, I put up the application online and took the questionaire which is about 50. After 3 days, I gave them a call just to draw their attention to my application. the lady i spoke with said they would review qualified apps and call for interview. I was contacted the next day to come for a group interview 2 days later. I got to the interview exactly 15mins early and we was directed to the interviewing room. the questions was very very easy and basic. Just make sure you stand out from the rest of the candidates, answer all the questions, even if you dont have to. they called me back two days later that i got the job. Interview Question – • How would you deal with an angry customer? -------------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at J. C. Penney - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Got interviewed by the manager and asked me about previous jobs and relative experience on the specific department. Then he asked me why I want this job and what are my goals, whether I want it just as a temporary job or willing to work full time and maybe become a manager. Interview Question – • How I would treat another coworker if I had a problem with him and whether I would inform my manager? ================================================= N ordstrom Application Online Nordstrom application online- The original Nordstrom store opened its doors in 1901 as Wallin and Nordstrom, by founders Carl F Wallin and John W Nordstrom. Nordstrom had been looking for a new business venture, after his recent good fortune, and settled on a shoe store. His cofounder Wallin, owned the adjacent shoe repair shop. It took twenty-two years before a second store was opened, and by this time Nordstrom’s second son, Elmer, was able to run the store. A few years later John Nordstrom retired from the business selling his shares to his two eldest sons; Wallin retired shortly after also selling his shares to the boys. The boys
  27. 27. continued selling shoes for an additional 35 years when they added the Best Apparel of Seattle Company which is when the store changed to Nordstrom Best. Nordstrom Application- Today Nordstrom operates 116 Nordstrom stores and 95 Nordstrom Rack stores. Job openings at Nordstrom: At Nordstrom you’ll find a lot of things to do. If you are good at sales you might consider becoming one of their commissioned sales people http://about.nordstrom.com/careers/ Nordstrom careers: http://about.nordstrom.com/careers/ You’ll work with Nordstrom’s customers to help them find the right piece. Remember it’s all about the sales, since you will work on commission but there is no reason to be pushy or rude. The best sales people sale the customer without them even realizing it. If you’re not great at sales, don’t worry you don’t have to be the hard seller. Nordstrom locations also are in need of tailors to assist with alterations, merchants to help make sure that the latest trends are available, and even support staff. If you do hair that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place here. Several Nordstrom locations have the Nordstrom Spa to help their clientele feel even more beautiful. Many of their locations also have a restaurant and they are in need of helpful wait staff, cooks, and other restaurant positions. Remember, with all things in life, you MUST take action! You MUST stay persistent in order to accomplish your goals in finding work. It's all about taking advantage of all your resource, and today you have the internet on your side! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER…
  28. 28. Sales Associate at Nordstrom - Accepted Offer Interview Details –There is a 3-step process. First, there is phone interview with the HR manager or assistant. Then you'll be invited in for a 2 part second interview with the HR manager and the department manager. Once you pass these two, you will be called back for a final interview with the store manager. During the interview with the department manager, you will be asked to demonstrate your selling abilities by choosing a product and "selling" it to the manager. This is a major part of the interview. Interview Question –I wasn't expecting to have to sell to the manager. I had to pull items and explain why I did and why the customer would need them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at Nordstrom - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I felt like I had the job just by applying. Nordstrom loves to hire within the Nordstrom family, and I'd worked part time at the Espresso Bar at a different store for two years before moving to a different city. I applied online at about 1AM, and received a phone call at 10AM the following morning. And the HR rep that phone "interviewed" me, basically just seemed to be making sure that I wasn't a crazy person. I was interviewed in person a couple days later, and again, it seemed to be just a formality and that going through all the official questions and role playing was more to evaluate my level of starting competence, and that I was already hired. At the end of the interview, I was immediately hired and asked to start as soon as possible. Since I'd had a vacation planned I would miss the new employee orientation, but my boss said she'd have HR waive the requirement for me. Basically, I got the job just by having had a good reputation with Nordstrom previously. They actually seemed pretty desperate for new employees, which I found out later was due to my manager's control freak ways. I don't mind it though, and it all turned out nicely for me. Quick and easy!!! Interview Question –I was asked to role play selling to a customer (my boss) who was looking for a date night outfit. Negotiation Details –My schedule was super complicated. I was finishing my last semester of school, still had a week to go on a summer internship, and was planning a vacation for the week after. I also said I would need the week before Christmas off. (In retail, that is usually not even an option.) I originally wanted around 20 hours a week, and 25 at the most for the big holiday weeks. She talked me up to 25 hours and 30 hours maximum, but did allow me my vacation times. But in reality, once I did start working that 25 hours crept up to 30, and the 3o hour maximum from before ended up at around 36 scheduled hours. Then I got pressured to stay late a lot. So basically, the big negotiation about my hours was entire ignored for my first few months. Eventually, I had to threaten to quit entirely reducing my hours and keeping my Xmas vacation. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  29. 29. Retail Sales Associate at Nordstrom - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I filled out the application online for multiple part time openings. I then received a phone call the following day from the HR manager. I happened to be in an interview at the time at Nordstrom Rack, but the voicemail was very nice and she explained how excited she was to talk to me and set up an interview. I returned her call thinking it would be short and just scheduling an interview...turned out to be a phone interview. Nothing to stress, it was probably 5 questions such as tell me about yourself, your work experience, why do you want to work at Nordstrom’s, etc. It helped that I had just come from an interview at the rack because they both asked me the exact same questions for that phone interview/in person interview. Everyone at Nordstrom's is very nice and they really make you feel comfortable and at ease during the interview whether the rack or full line store. I was interviewed by three different people and they were all down to earth and very nice doing anything they could to make me less nervous about being interviewed which was amazing since other employers can really take advantage of the already stressful process. They read from a paper and have to write it down which I was surprised about but it also helped since it gives you some time to think/more relaxed than being drilled with questions. There were a lot of "how would you" situational questions such as "if you were organizing a rack of clothing and a customer needed help, what would you do?" well of course help the customer since that is their #1 mission...even if they can tell you are nervous/not sure how to answer and mess up a little bit they respond with positive feedback. At both the rack and the full line store all my answers were responded with a "perfect" or "great". Overall the interview took less than 20 minutes even though they say plan for an hour. It ended with her explaining they are conducting more interviews but she will call me either way on Friday (2 days after my interview) about their decision. She called like she said she would and offered me the position. Interview Question –I wouldn't say any of them were too difficult as long as you can think of examples for the situational questions. Examples of questions were What do you know about Nordstrom? Why do you want to work here? Explain a time you went above and beyond for a customer Explain a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer, how did you handle it? • What do you think is great customer service and how would you supply it? • How do you prioritize? • How do you feel about this job being commission based? • Have you ever been in a job that is commission based? -----------------------------------------------------------------------• • • •
  30. 30. Retail Sales Associate at Nordstrom - Accepted Offer – Jun 14, 2013 Interview Details –Submitted resume online. A few days later I was called by a man in human resources and asked questions on the phone. He then invited me to an interview in the store. He asked me basic customer service questions ("What would you do with a customer who...."), and at the end invited me back for an interview the next day with the manager of the department I was applying for. We met the next day, and it seemed to help that she recognized me from shopping in the store. She asked me some of my favorite brands, and a few questions about customer service. She then took me out to the floor and did a mock shopping trip, where she acted as a customer and I had to help her shop for a "trip to Vegas". She called the next day and offered me the position! Overall stress free, and everyone was very nice. Interview Question – Name a time where you had to provide a customer with exceptional service. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Seasonal Cashier at Nordstrom - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online, received an offer for a phone interview a few days later (even though I did not receive one for several other positions I applied for). Scheduled the phone interview for a few days later, which was quick and mostly behavior/personality questions. It lasted about 10 minutes, and at the end they asked me to come in for an in-person interview. I was called the next day and scheduled the in-person interview for a week later. Had an in-person interview with the HR manager (same person as the phone interview) and was asked basically the same questions. Then directly after I met with the department manager and assistant manager, with very similar questions. I was offered the position 2 days later. Interview Question – • When is a time that you went above and beyond what was expected of you? =====================================================
  31. 31. AFTER-SCHOOL APPLICATIONS… Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Job Application Online KFC application online is extremely popular. It is the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and mostly famous for the founders "original recipe." Every day, nearly eight million customers are served around the world. KFC online application is easy to fill out. They are hiring nationwide. Fill out a KFC job application because KFC jobs are in abundance and has more than 11,000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world. KFC is part of Yum! Brands, Inc., which is the world's largest restaurant system with over 32,500 KFC, A&W All-American Food™, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's and Pizza Hut restaurants in more than 100 countries and territories. http://www.jobswithkfc.com/ FREE COUPONS: http://www.kfc.com/coupons/ LOCATION(S): http://www.kfc.com/storelocator/Default.aspx?address=Enter address USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Cook at KFC - Accepted Offer Interview Details –The hiring process was different in my area, but that could be because our stores are owned by the Harmon Company. From what I understand, the Harmon Company is the only company to do this (meaning other KFC's) type of hiring. During the first interview, I was talked to by the hiring manager. Once that was over, like any other interview, I was called in for a second. The second interview, however, was recorded on a tape recorded. Same lady interviewed me, same questions, but the answers would be listened to by somebody hire up. From what Orientation told me, there are right ways and wrong ways to answer those questions. They are looking for a specific type of employee and based of those answer, you are either that type of person or not. Again, this is only with the KFC I work at. Not sure if the other ones record the second interview as well.
  32. 32. Interview Question –When they asked me if I ever used my feelings/emotions to take advantage of a situation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Member at KFC - Accepted Offer Interview Details –They ask you questions. They are not very hard, just the basic questions you would accept. The interview is not hard at all. However, the manager told me that they only hire people who smile during the interview. So just smile like the world is a happy place. Interview Question –There is no hard question. -------------------------------------------------------------Team Member at KFC - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Open interviews every Saturday. Just walk in and get an interview. After my first interview, I did not get a call back until 6 months later which then I was interviewed again. This time with a tape recorder. Got called a week later saying I got the job. Interview Question –I can't remember the questions exactly but a lot of them were situational questions! -------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at KFC - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Interview was short no real personal questions. Did not ask why I wanted to work. No real personal connection to anything. There was also so much going on once hired no one was actually doing hands on training to teach how to do things by code. I got a book and was told that it would teach me everything that i needed to know. Interview Question –I was not really asked any questions besides how I found out about the job. ---------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at KFC - Accepted Offer Interview Details –If your application or resume is chosen you will be called in for an interview with either the manager or the co-manager. The interview consists of a series of basic questions about yourself and your personality and customer skills. If the person interviewing you likes your answer you will then be hired. Interview Question –All the questions were typical interview questions. Nothing difficult or unexpected.
  33. 33. It is important to smile and seem happy! ---------------------------------------------------------------Team Member at KFC - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I applied via the usual online procedure, i got a call next day , I went to the interview , store owner took my interview, they put an big emphasis at my appearance, make sure you go there with properly dressed up, no matter which company your applying for you should be formal at interviews, that give an extra impression, Then with couple of questions , I got hired on that day. Interview Question –All questions was typical questions , tell me about yourself, background and whether you would be able to do late. They wanted to make everything straight regarding whether you would continue or not stating the fact that you have to inform them a bit earlier once you want to leave. -------------------------------------------------------------- Online Del Taco Part Time Job Application Del Taco job application is highly recommend as it is a chain of North American fast-food restaurants specializing in Mexican-style offerings, as well as American foods such as burgers, fries, and shakes. Del Taco is led by President Shirlene Lopez, and is headquartered in the city of Lake Forest, California. Their primary rival is Taco Bell. Originally named Casa Del Taco (House of the Taco), the first Del Taco restaurant was founded in Yermo, California in 1964 by Ed Hackbarth. On the restaurant’s first official day of business, Del Taco made $169. In 1964, Hackbarth partnered with real estate broker David Jameson. Success of the first restaurant led to three in Barstow and a fourth restaurant in Corona (the first Del Taco with a drive-thru window). Dick Naugle, who installed the kitchen equipment in the Corona store, was impressed by the design and joined Hackbarth and Jameson in the fledgling business. In 1966, the trio founded Red-E-Food Systems, Inc.
  34. 34. with the idea of franchising the Casa Del Taco brand. That same year, the original Del Taco sun logo was created and in 1967, Del Taco introduced their famous bean and cheese burrito with green or red sauce to their menu. Before long, the restaurants were being founded throughout Southern California. http://deltaco.com/page42.html LOCATION(S): http://www.deltaco.com/locations.html USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Cashier at Del Taco - Accepted Offer Interview Details –i was lucky enough that my manager hires a lot of people that i could just walk in and get an interview, which is now why i am only getting 4 hours a week... Interview Question –Describe yourself in one word. ------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Del Taco - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Basically go in for the interview. He will ask you to fill out a form and then proceed to provide the company ethics, values, etc. Afterwards, he will give you options of where to train and the logistics. He will call you with when to start. Interview Question –None. Chances are they will talk more than you ------------------------------------------------------------General Occupation at Del Taco - Accepted Offer Interview Details –i put an application in online and i got a call back the next day and went to put in an application in person and talked to Danna in person then got a call the next day with the job offer and i took it cause i was in need of a job. Interview Question –when i was asked if i was a cartoon character which one would i be? ---------------------------------------------------------------Any Open at Del Taco - Accepted Offer Interview Details –i walked into Del taco actually to get breakfast. I had dropped off an application a few months earlier. So i was at the counter and talking to the GM. i asked him if they were hiring. He stated we always take applications. I said well i already put one in he said to put in another application, so i did. He called me the next day for an interview and had a questionnaire he used during the interview. Within
  35. 35. minutes i was very relaxed as he was very easy to talk to. I was called the day after the interview and hired. Interview Questions • What would my previous boss say about me? • How did you handle a customer complaint on a previous job? Negotiation Details –there really was no negotiation i had been without work for 6 months and was just happy to have a chance to prove myself. I was offered a shift leader position within a month of getting hired. I work hard. I go the extra mile because i love my job. I swore 25 years ago that i would never go back to fast food but here i am and i couldn’t be happier. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Arby’s Job Application Online Arby's job application- Arby's was founded in Ohio in 1964 by Forrest and Leroy Raffel, who believed there was a market opportunity for a fast food franchise based on a food other than hamburgers. The brothers wanted to call their restaurants "Big Tex," but that name was being used by an Akron business. Instead, they chose the name "Arby's," based on R.B., the initials of Raffel Brothers (and the initials for "Roast Beef"). In 1993 Arby's was acquired by Triarc companies. This resulted in further changes with the market fresh lineup being introduced in 2001 that included deli style sandwiches and salads. A further expansion of the line occurred with wraps introduced in 2003. This was further expanded in 2007 with the toasted sub line. Arby's part time job applications, they're always looking for dedicated men and women to join their team. Take a look at the current job opportunities to see if working for their fast-paced and exciting restaurant company is right for you.
  36. 36. When you work a part time job for Arby's you will find they are a place where innovation is the order of the day, respect is a must, and teamwork is part of the fun. http://www.arbys.com/careers.html LOCATION(S): http://www.arbys.com/store-locator.html USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Crew Member at Arby's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I submitted a paper application in person. The Store Manager was there when I turned it in and they made an interview date right then. The interview was easy, no real tough questions were asked. The store manager (the interviewer) recognized that I had no prior experience in any job so instead of asking me situation-based questions they asked about my personality and my volunteer experience. I'd like to think I got the job on my own merit but it's important to note that at that time they needed new hires quickly because they had just fired a number of employees. The manager told me I got the job and asked me when I'd be ready to start, which was basically after I got myself some black pants and non-slip shoes. That day they scheduled my training for the following week. Interview Question – • Why Arby's and not another fast food restaurant? ---------------------------------------------------------------------Crew at Arby's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I was called in for an interview by the assistant manager. I was asked general questions about myself, why I wanted to work for the company. Overall I felt like the interview went well. I went home and a few hours later the assistant manager called to schedule a second interview with the general manager for the following week. I went in and gave it my all, I was asked the same questions but I felt more challenged. He asked me questions I hadn't thought of. This was one of the best interviews I had Interview Question – • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? ---------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Arby's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I handed in my application and had an interview on the spot. It was about 20 minutes long. The general manager said he normally doesn't do this but
  37. 37. I seem like a nice girl and I hold myself very poised, then offered me a job. The General Manager was very nice and considerate. Interview Question –Describing what I like to do in my free time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Sales Associate at Arby's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online for a sales associate, and within a week I received a call back. The interview was very quick and easy. Most of the questions were centered around being able to count money and if you have any thing going on which requires you to be on time. I was offered the job right after they interview ended. Good starter job, but would not recommend if you plan on being there for more than a year. Interview Question –No difficult questions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Server/Greeter at Arby's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I responded to a "Help Wanted" flier posted on the door of an Arby's restaurant and asked one of the employees for an application. After filling out the application and returning it to the manager in a prompt manner, I received a call for an interview. The interview took place at the restaurant and focused mostly on my previous work history. It was a very short, standard, low pressure interview. A day or two later, I received a call from the manager offering me a position. Interview Question –The most difficult questions centered on what I would do in the case of a difficult customer or my comfort level in preparing sandwiches in a prompt manner. I believe there was also a question about what I would consider to be my greatest strengths and weaknesses. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Backline Closer at Arby's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –They called me in and just gave me the job, I’m thinking because they were desperate. Which in my opinion is a terrible way to hire? Because of this I worked with many annoying people. The store manager was cold and had no personality, when I had asked about healthcare and/or sick time, she was rude. As if I was asking for something that would never be deserved, she said you’re not going to be full time...two weeks later I was working six days a week for a whopping 36 hrs. Interview Question –The applications have a personality test, very irritating. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Fast Food Worker at Arby's - Accepted Offer Interview Details –When I first applied for the job, I was required to fill out an application form like most other applications including my phone number so they could contact me if they wanted to give an interview. About 1 week later, they called my phone and asked me if I would be able to come in for an interview the next day and I said yes. Basic questions were asked including repeat questions from the application form as well as new questions involving computer skills and other things.
  38. 38. I recommend dressing up for the interview as well. If you are competing with other high school students looking for part time employment, then it can only help to get all the advantage that's possible. Jack in the Box Job Application Online In 1951, a businessman named Robert Peterson opened the first Jack in the Box restaurant in San Diego on the main east-west thoroughfare leading into city. Equipped with an intercom system and drive-thru window, the tiny restaurant served up hamburgers to passing motorists for just 18 cents, while a large jack-in-the-box clown kept watch from the roof. Jack in the Box jobs expanded outside of California with the opening of its first restaurants in Phoenix, Ariz. Three years later, Jack in the Box expanded into Texas, where it opened restaurants in the Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth areas. An investment group, including members of Foodmaker management, completed a leveraged buyout of the company from Ralston Purina in 1985. Foodmaker went public two years later before an investment group, again including members of Foodmaker management, converted the company to a privately owned corporation in 1988. In 1992, Foodmaker again went public, with an offering of 17.2 million shares priced at $15 per share.
  39. 39. Jack in the Box application online can be submitted online instantly for free! Jack in the Box will always be remembered by their spokesman, a clown with a head the shape of a ping pong ball wearing a yellow pointy hat. http://www.jackinthebox.com/corporate/careers/why-jack/ LOCATION(S): http://www.jackinthebox.com/ USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Cashier at Jack in the Box - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I had a 1:1 interview, it took about 10 minutes, it was relatively simple, and I got a call back a couple of days later. Why do you want to work here? Do you have cashier experience? Do you like working with people? Can you cook? Interview Question – Can you cook? For me it was unexpected, because since it was my first job, I had no idea I'd have to cook occasionally. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Team Member at Jack in the Box - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I had a 1:1 interview, it took about 10 minutes, and it was pretty simple. I received a call back to be interviewed by the district manager, lasted about 30 minutes. Some questions include: • Why do you want to work here? • What can Jack in the Box do for you? • What times are you available? Just be yourself, don't try to memorize what you are going to say. They want someone who can say what is in the heart not on the mind. Interview Question –Why should I hire you for this company? I tried memorizing this question before I went for the interview and then I choked up midway through my explanation. Just be yourself don't memorize your answers, it never works. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Jack in the Box - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I went in and applied then and there. Was asked why I wanted to work there. What are my strengths and weaknesses. I had to give an example of a
  40. 40. time where i had to bring my leadership skills out. Also given a scenario and what i would do when stuck in the situation -----------------------------------------------------------------------Team Member at Jack in the Box - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Turned in my application, got a call back a few days later notifying me that I was going to get an interview as soon as they got hold of the supervisor. Took about 2 weeks, the interview was really short and asked about, maybe, 5-6 ================================================= Pizza Hut Job Application Online Pizza Hut is a world famous brand and being employed there is fun whether you're looking for a great part time job or a long-term career --- They've got you covered! In 1958, two brothers from Kansas borrowed $600 from their mom and started a pizzeria. That pizzeria is now Pizza Hut, the biggest pizza company in the world which is why you should fill out a Pizza Hut online application. There are over 7,500 Pizza Huts system-wide in the United States and 4,000 more in other countries. Good food. Good people. Great opportunities to grow and succeed. That's what being a Restaurant Team Member at Pizza Hut® all is about. They offer a place where you can belong and a solid career path for those who want more from their jobs. They have a promote-from-within philosophy and a commitment to helping our people balance their work and life. Pizza Hut careers: Starting on your first day, their goal is to make you feel comfortable in your
  41. 41. new job and help you learn the skills you need to be successful and to make their customers happy. These skills will not only be used at work but will also give you skills for life - things like teamwork, accountability and how to recover from a mistake. They'll teach you how to put the customer first in everything you do. They'll teach you how to provide fast, fun and friendly service and how to "make it right" for those times when customer expectations fall short. Customer Mania gives you the tools you need to make our customers happy - and happy customers make your job fun. Pizza Hut part time jobs are all about serving great food, making people smile and having fun along the way. Pizza Hut® is also about having a job you love for all the right reasons - a great place to work and the chance to learn, grow and make a real impact. It's about finding the place where you belong - where you can be yourself and grow both professionally and personally. If there's one thing that really makes their company special, it's how they celebrate things big and small. Celebrating success happens every day and is fun, sincere and linked to their values. They don't just say "we believe in our people." They show it. How? By recognizing hard work with a "thank you" and a smile. By rewarding extra effort with a special recognition card or a "Big Cheese" award. And by making recognition part of how we do business. Remember, with all things in life, you MUST take action! You MUST stay persistent in order to accomplish your goals in finding work. It's all about taking advantage of all your resource, and today you have the internet on your side! APPLY FOR JOBS ONLINE AND STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOALS! http://www.realpizzahutjobs.com/?WT.mc_id=070209Yeti_Careers LOCATION(S): http://www.pizzahut.com/locations.html ------------------------------------------------------- USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Customer Service Representative at Pizza Hut Interview Details –I got called for an interview about 2 weeks after submitting my application. When I got to the store, there was another person having an interview (who was also hired), which was right out there in the
  42. 42. lobby. The general manager basically told me what the position was and asked me when I could start working. He didn't ask me any other questions and the entire interview process took about 3 minutes. Interview Question –I was not asked any questions other than when I could start working. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Team Member at Pizza Hut - Accepted Offer – May 4, 2013 Interview Details –I was called in about a few days after completing an application online & was hired on the spot. This is really not a hard job to get. ================================================= Online Subway Job Application Fred De Luca borrowed $1,000 from family friend Peter Buck to start his first sandwich shop in 1965, when he was only 17 years old. He was trying to raise money to pay for college. He chose a mediocre location for his shop, but by noon on the first day of the opening, customers were pouring in. On the radio advertisement they had promoted the name as "Pete's Submarines", which sounded like Pizza Marines, so they changed the name to "Pete's Subway"; eventually it was shortened to "Subway", as it is known to this day. SUBWAY application online- Jared Fogle, born December 1, 1977, lost over 240 pounds on the subway diet, the first 100 in just three months. He mainly thanks them for his extreme weight loss, appearing in a number of their television advertisements.
  43. 43. In joining SUBWAY® restaurants, you will be part of a winning team. You play and important role in helping other to live a long, healthy life by making informed nutritional decisions. What does it mean to be a member of the winning SUBWAY® restaurant team? At SUBWAY® restaurants you will find a very diverse working group. High School jobs, or College student’s jobs, Single Mom jobs, Senior Citizens jobs, Part-time or Full-time employees. SUBWAY® restaurants are a great place to work. There is always room for growth at SUBWAY® restaurants, turning what may start out as a part-time job into a career choice you can move from Sandwich Artist to Shift Manager, Manager, and General Manager. http://www.subway.com/subwayroot/careers/default.aspx LOCATION(S): http://www.subway.com/storelocator/default.aspx USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Subway Sandwich Artist at Subway - Accepted Offer Interview Details –A fast food joint like subway doesn't have the most stringent of hiring policies but there are hoops and it takes some skill and timing to jump through. The story of my hiring begins with an associate from high school that I just happen to re-meet when he was working at the store that happen to be hiring. I walk in say. "Hey I'd like a sandwich and didn't I go to school with you?" He says, "Yeah! How are you doing, John (for these purposes my name is John)!" I say, "Never better uh you!" The rest was him saying to his manager he knew me, me getting an interview after filling out an application with my lack luster work history, and me being myself( i.e. a slightly more charismatic, friendly nerd than similar non charismatic nerds) Interview Question –None. There were no difficult or unexpected questions because I had been looking for work for a long time and had interviews with all sorts of employers and they all pull from the same bucket. You get used to answering the same questions and preparing different answers for failed interviews. The most annoying parts of interviews, however, are when they say they can't use you because of your inconstant schedule. Subway didn't have a problem with this so here I am. PS To make it more clear the 'difficult' question was my availability. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. 44. Sandwich Artist at Subway - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Got called early at 6 in the morning, asking if I could come around 9.I came in, was about 5 other people and then me in total. Did interview, just asked standard questions. Said if I passed, he'll call me later. Got a call that same day around 1:30 asking me to come in at 3:00. I come in, and was offered a job. ------------------------------------------------------------------Sandwich Artist at Subway - Accepted Offer Interview Details –The lady I met with to interview me was interviewing me for another person. I thought that it was a little odd that someone was interviewing me for someone else. She seemed to really like me, so she sent me to have a second interview with the lady that she was hiring me for. She liked me too, and I got hired. I didn't get to work until about a month later though. Interview Question – • What was my biggest accomplishment in the work place? -------------------------------------------------------------------Sandwich Artist at Subway Interview Details –I applied online and was contacted a week later. While waiting for the interview, they make you fill out another application which has math questions and formulas for the food preparation. I was interviewed and asked common questions. Left and was called a week later for a second interview (to establish training and what Subway is like). Interview Question – • What do you expect when you walk into a restaurant? • What does down time mean and what should you do during it? • What do you do when you are stressed? -----------------------------------------------------------------------Sandwich Artist at Subway Interview Details –I applied online, and got a call about a week later asking me to come in for an interview at the headquarters in South San Francisco. This was my first job, so I didn't really know what to expect. I wore something pretty casual: black pants, white button-up and a gray cardigan with black flats. It was pretty standard and laid back. She asked me about my weaknesses and what I'd do in certain situations. It was mostly getting to know me. She also asked if I was comfortable with working in a fast-paced environment. She was basically asking me yes or no questions towards the end of the interview. By the time it was over, she told me to sign up online for the Subway University online training. I was hired on the spot. It was fairly chill and laid back. Interview Question – • What would you consider your weakness? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. 45. Sandwich Artist at Subway - Accepted Offer Interview Details –When I applied, the Subway was in a small town. I showed up and the manager asked me a few questions (why I wanted to work there, what my available schedule was, if I could get along with others, etc.). That was it. It wasn't a typical interview process because they had just opened and needed people quickly. Interview Question – • Why I wanted to work there? ------------------------------------------------------------------------Sandwich Artist at Subway - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I got a call for an interview after a couple of days of turning in the application. I answered a few simple customer service questions and that was it. Job was offered Interview Question – • What are your weaknesses? • Do you see yourself as a cool polar bear or a hot snake....? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dunkin Donuts Job Application Online Should be filled out by those looking for a great atmosphere and team oriented employment. In 1950, Bill Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin' Donuts shop in Quincy, Massachusetts. Today, Dunkin' Donuts is the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain, serving more than 3 million customers per day. Dunkin' Donuts sells 52 varieties of donuts and more than a dozen coffee beverages as well as an array of bagels, breakfast sandwiches and other baked goods. Just another reason to fill out a Dunkin Donuts job application online!
  46. 46. As mentioned on their website, If you are looking for a place where hard work and dedication result in success, where you're part of a team that promotes fun, passion, and opportunity, or where fulfillment is found in applying your creativity...this might be just the place for you. In December, 2006, the Boston Business Journal reported that Dunkin' Brands ranked # 2 in the 4th Annual Massachusetts Corporate Reputation Survey. Dunkin’ Brands had the best finish for a consumer products company in the survey’s four year history. Fill out a Dunking Donuts application online! When you are hired at Dunkin Donuts, you'll reap some seriously great benefits! The list of benefits they offer below are just part of their package for U.S. employees, which also includes competitive base salaries, incentive pay opportunities, retirement programs, and additional value-added benefits that allow their employees to enjoy a high quality of life and personal success. FILL OUT A DUNKIN DONUTS JOB APPLICATION TODAY! http://www.dunkinbrands.com/ LOCATION(S): http://www.dunkindonuts.com/content/dunkindonuts/en/stores.html USED JOB SHACK INSIDER… Cashier at Dunkin' Donuts - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Interview was simple, straight to the point and fun. District manager was very nice and I started the next day. Interview Question –The sandwich station was the most difficult but I'm still new so we will see how that goes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at Dunkin' Donuts - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied on snagajob.com, got a call a couple days later to come in for an interview. Manager was busy so I talked to a shift leader. I handed him a resume (even though this was my first job) and he was pretty impressed. He said my resume pretty much summed up the whole interview. But he did ask me "What are your top 3 traits that will make you a great employee at dunking donuts?" . After that, we discussed availability, and I start work next week :) Interview Question –standard interview questions.
  47. 47. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Cashier at Dunkin' Donuts - Accepted Offer Interview Details –Applied online ,called 1 week after for an interview. Asked about the interest, previous experiences. Even though i didn’t have much experience, but the recruiter gave me the job. He asked whether I have the driver’s license, since i don’t have at that time ,he asked is u planning to take license in the near future. Also asked about any previous exposure to customer service settings or any food services. Interview Question – • How much you expecting as salary? ---------------------------------------------------------------------Team Member at Dunkin' Donuts - Accepted Offer Interview Details –The interview process for me was very, very easy. I went in April 1st, 2013 and filled out an application, and then handed it to the store manager. The store manager asked me to sit in the dining room and he came out to speak to me. He asked me one question and hired me on the spot. The interview process was super easy for me and I start April 2nd, 2013 at noon. The store I work at is in Augusta, GA right up the road from the masters, so I know that next week will be busy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at Dunkin' Donuts - Accepted Offer Interview Details –It is best when you know someone like the manager or the crew member, in my own case, i knew a crew member who put in word with the manager for me. But you must have your green card if you are a non-us citizen, your social security number. The interview process is basically questions on your background etc… ---------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at Dunkin' Donuts - Accepted Offer Interview Details –I went in Dunkin Donuts to get a dozen donuts, there I saw an ad for wanted help for after school I'm currently in High School, so it was perfect for me! The Ad also said that "All applications without Cover Letter will not be considered." So then, I asked for an application, and went straight home, filled it out, and created a Cover Letter, which included my qualifications, experience, extracurricular activity, why I wanted to work there, volunteer and work experience, accomplishments, and contact info. (Note that I'm only 16, and a senior, so I don't have that much work experience, but believe me, it's all about your wording, and how you advertise yourself through that paper). I asked for the manager later that day, but she wasn't there so I just turned the papers in to the guy I got it from. 6 days later, I called in to check up on my application. The manager said that she hasn't called for interviews with anybody yet, she asked my available hours, and she also said that she'd note that I called.
  48. 48. Then 5 days later, I called again to check up on my application, she basically said the same thing, and that she'll note that I called a second time. (You got to show them that you're really interested in that job). A couple days later, she called me, asked me about my work experience, available hours again, and asked my age. I'm 16, and they usually hire 17 or older, but she said that she'll ask her boss to see what she can do. About an hour later, she called me again, this time she said to meet her at the dining section of Bashas' at 2:30 p.m. since she doesn't work at that time, she also told me to bring a copy of my State ID, and Social Security. So that's how I got my interview. The next day, I started getting ready at 1:30, I put on a Shirt and Tie, Slacks, and Dress shoes, and a little bit of cologne to make sure I looked presentable. I paper clipped the copies of my State ID and Social Security (DON'T STAPLE!!). I arrived at Bashas' at approximately 2:20 because in Interviews, 10 minutes early is what's considered "on time." When she came through the door, I greeted her with a warm smile, and a firm handshake. We both greeted each other, then I gave her the copies of my documents, and then she said: "I'm really impressed with your cover letter, you sound like a wonderful young man. So I'm gonna tell you, I'm already going to give you the job, it's yours." I was so surprised that she told me this in the very beginning of the interview, so then after that I filled out a bunch of paperwork, and chatted about the work environment, and that's that. She already had me on schedule, I start in 3 days. So my best tip is: Make an awesome Cover Letter to go with your application even if you're not required to, and call them once a week to check up on your application to show your persistence. Good Luck!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------Crew Member at Dunkin' Donuts - Accepted Offer Interview Details –the store i was applying for was not open yet it was a franchise location (bp gas station and dunkin donuts) , i filled out the application on snag a job, and ten minutes later i received an email saying to give them a call to set up interview. So i called the manger the next day and she told me to come in the next day for interview at 12pm,!!! when i got to my interview the store was a mess lol, so we went in the middle of the floor and there was a big box right there and that’s where i had the interview we were standing up the whole time lol, the interview was really easy, i promise you . I hate interviews and i suck at them too. But this one was GREAT, she never asked stupid situational question. we mostly was just having a regular conversation about the store opening, how many people she hired or was going to hire, her other stores she have open...also she showed me around the store which was REALLY small, but very nice. She then said she liked me and had a good feeling about