Avoiding Social Mediocrity


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Photographer and Marketer Frederick Van Johnson's slide deck on how to best focus your social media efforts. Delivered at OpenCamp 2010 in Addison, Texas.

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  • Avoiding Social Mediocrity

    1. 1. Avoiding Social Mediocrity Surviving in the new “attention-based” economy. Frederick Van Johnson
    2. 2. What You Will Learn... Social Media Overview Defining your Audience Deconstruction of a Twitter Promotion Pandemic
    3. 3. Who is Frederick Van Johnson? @FrederickVan
    4. 4. Who is Frederick Van Johnson? US Air Force
    5. 5. Who is Frederick Van Johnson? US Air Force Apple
    6. 6. Who is Frederick Van Johnson? US Air Force Apple Adobe
    7. 7. Who is Frederick Van Johnson? US Air Force Apple Adobe This Week in Photo
    8. 8. follow @ArmyGK & @GKMikeTT
    9. 9. What is Social Media?
    10. 10. What is Social Media? Facebook Facebook - Over 500 million active users 250 million users log in every single day 700 BILLION minutes per month are spent on Facebook
    11. 11. What is Social Media? Twitter Over 75 million users visit Twitter.com per day Over 50 million Tweets sent per day Growing 1,400 % Yearly
    12. 12. Know Your Audience/Goals... ✤ What are your goals? ✤ End goal shapes the message ✤ Customers or Comrades? ✤ Customers? - Transparency donʼt be a phony ✤ Comrades? - Share pertinent information... youʼre NOT a company
    13. 13. Grow Your Audience Now, that you know ʻem... GROW ʻem!
    14. 14. How to Grow Your Audience ✤ Create & automate your email list ✤ Run Twitter promotions ✤ Create a Facebook Page ✤ Blog, Blog, Blog! ✤ Podcast ✤ YouTube - ScreenCasts ✤ AUTOMATE IT ALL!
    15. 15. Automate Your Email AWeber, MailChimp, etc.. Email Autoresponders, and Newsletter Build a schedule... automate that puppy, and walk away!
    16. 16. Your Email Frequency Schedule
    17. 17. Your Email Frequency Schedule http://www.frederickvan.com/opencamp/email.zip
    18. 18. Deconstruction of a Twitter PANDEMIC!
    19. 19. How to Create Your OWN Twitter Pandemic.. in 5 Easy Steps... 1.Contacted David duChemin, got eBook library code (http://www.craftandvision.com) 2.Set up affiliate agreement through eJunkie.com 3.Embedded the bit.ly shortened affiliate link in a blog post, users MUST be following to enter! 4.Tweet said “Iʼve entered to win an ENTIRE photo book library from @ThisWeekinPhoto [blog post link] - Pls RT!” 5.Everyone who clicks on the link is “cookied” and TWiP gets a percentage of each ebook sale
    20. 20. Infection Results... Objective: Grow followers, increase web traffic, generate sales 1.Re-tweets to date: 195 2.New visitors per day (to a single page): 500 3.New followers (in 6 days): 700 4.Sales: In progress—promotion ends next week
    21. 21. Stay in Touch! ✤ http://www.frederickvan.com ✤ http://www.thisweekinphoto.com ✤ @FrederickVan ✤ @ThisWeekinPhoto