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You may think that personal branding is not for you? Why would you care about your own branding, you aren't an actor nor the singer of an international rock band, no? In those days where everyone has the power to stand out more easily, share more quickly, and grow their network like never before, it's more important than ever to think about yourself as a brand. Of course, it's not about going as far as your favorite soft drink brand, but we'll explore together the what, why, who, and how of personal branding.

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  • This presentation is about 1 hour with questionsSTART CamStudioHi, my name is Frédéric HarperI’m a Senior Technical Evangelist at Mozilla, the people behind the browser FirefoxI usually do presentation on technical topics, but I also like to share on other passionAnd one of them is the personal brandingFeel free to tweet during my presentation by adding my Twitter handle @fharperActually, tweet about my conference: the things you liked, you hate, quote me, ask me questions…You don’t have to take note on the things on the slides as I’ll put my slide deck on my personal blog afterSo the only link you need to write down is http://outofcomfortzone.netActually, a recording of the presentation should also be available if the quality is OK
  • I’m not an expert neither a personal branding guruThis talk is highly based on my own experience
  • Do you think that branding is important?I’m not talking here about personal brandingJust branding
  • Can you recognize this brand?Even without any name?It’s Pepsi, what does that mean for you?
  • Can you recognize this one?It’s not totally close of the real one.Yes, Harley DavidsonI’m not even an user or a moto fan, and I know this brand
  • What about this one?Also made only with circleNikon, it’s true!Why do we recognize it?Because of the color, and what it looks likeThe brand is strong in our mindThey made a good job!
  • This one is just for my own pleasureMay be harder if you are not in the IT industryYes, Firefox, my browser of choice, and the browser we are building at Mozilla
  • You saw what we did here?We recognize brand without text, just the logo.We also associate some words, some unique feeling to those brandsThe goal with personal branding is the sameYou want to be recognize for somethingYou want to be that person that people think about when they are talking about a specific topic
  • At the end, this is simpleIf we check Wikipedia definitionPersonal branding is, for some people, a description of the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands
  • So personal branding is all about yourself
  • It’s about who you areWhat’s make you uniqueNo matter how you are
  • Who you wants to beThat can goes from something like the girl who knows where the best shoes deal areTo the men who is the best head hunter for a specific industryBy passing to more crazy persona like being an astronaut
  • In today’s world, it’s also about how you wants to be seenand how people see youMost the time, it’s less about you, than about how people perceive you
  • It’s about what you knowWhat is your expertise
  • What you are doing, right now
  • But what you didWhat you achieveIs there anything that you did that can talk for you
  • And you know, it’s always about who you know, and who knows youSo often, getting a new job, as an example, is really about who you know compare to others
  • It’s also about what you likeAnd what you don’t likeAnd if you are vocal about those
  • It’s really about everything that defines youAs I said, it’s about youAnd personal branding is to take everything I just saidAnd put it to the next levelMake it happens
  • So now that we know a little more what is personal brandingDo you think it’s important for you?One of my secret goal for this presentation is that everybody raise their hands if I ask this question at the end of my talk
  • So for me, I think personal branding is important
  • Actually it’s not true, I think it’s criticalIt’s why I’m doing this talk, as I want each of you to get that point
  • But the word have different meaning for everyoneIt’s not necessary about being that rock starOr getting richYou need to define what success means to you
  • I also wants you to understand that it’s important for everybodyNot just Technical EvangelistNot just Rock StarIt’s critical if you are a developerA head hunterA secretaryA waitress is a greasy spoon
  • The fact is, you aren’t indispensableAnd personal branding is a way for you to make yourself indispensableLike Seth Godin said, be a linchpin
  • It’s also about new opportunities aheadYou may be successful in what you doYou may be kind of indispensable at your workBut what’s next for youGetting know for your brand, will help you define the new challenge, the new contracts, the new opportunities.
  • And you deserve to be successfulEverybody should be successful
  • Before I go further on how you can build your own personal brandLet me tell you a storyWe know now what is personal branding, and why it’s importantIt’s still theory, at that point you have to believe meSo I want to tell you a little storyMy story
  • I started my career as a developer 11 years agoI was this average developerDoing great job, nothing more, nothing lessBut I had an ambition, becoming an EvangelistUsing my social skills to share my passion with others
  • So I started to check what it takes to become oneI’m a doerSo I started to do stuff: an video podcast, an audio podcast, I started to blog, I created a Geek festival, create a fail camp, co-created an technical user group, and started to do presentations where the level of entry were lowA couple of months after, Microsoft approach me, and I got my first Technical Evangelist role
  • When I wanted to find new challengesI used my network, my brand to find a new jobResults? I’m now a Senior Technical Evangelist at Mozilla, and without any pretention, I had the choice of my new job as I got many offersI also took the risk to resign on my job before knowing what I was going to do next
  • I now have my personal brand, based on me, and who I amThose points aren’t from me, it’s from what I’ve hear from what people say about mePeople knows me as the Evangelist, as there isn’t a lot in the worldPeople define me as a good speaker (or at least, only those who think I’m good let me know)Who always wear jeans (or short) with cool Geek or funny t-shirtsWho make shit doneAnd who is authentic in everything he do, or say
  • It’s only the beginningI started to speak internationallyI was in the US this week for a conferenceAnd in Poland last weekI’m youngI want to continue to be an EvangelistI want to be betterDo more talksBe that guy that you want in your conferenceBecause he knows his stuffHe is a good speakerHe enter taint your attendeesAnd he is one of the reason you are selling ticketsNot because I want to be a starJust because I like to share my passion, and what is driven me day to dayIs the people, creating presentation, and sharing my ideas on stageSo I got job offers, my dream job, books writing offers…
  • So this presentation is not about meBut the goal was to let you know that at a low levelA little guy from Montreal can work on his personal brandingSo now, you need to start to define your brandIt won’t happen automagically
  • First, you’ll define your goalWhat do you want to achieve?In my case, I wanted to become an Evangelist, and be able to share my passion with othersWhat is your goal?
  • It’s also a good exercise to think about who you areThat will help you to make your brand
  • Because, you can also see who do you want to be
  • But this is super important to stay authenticIf you lieIf you are bullshiting usAt one point, we’ll know about itAnd your situation will be worst that before
  • At the end, it’s about how you want people to define youBecause it’s not always about who you areBut about how people sees youWhen I was a freelancer, I got many people in my network who refer me to potential clientsAll of them were telling their contacts that they should work with me because I’m really good at what I’m doingBut mostly all of them, had never work with me or never saw what I didThe thing is, everybody was seeing other stuff I was doing, and they were confident I was goodI may have been the worst developers in the worldAt that point, it didn’t matterThink about StarbucksThey failed at the beginning as they were using automatic coffee machineNow barista are doing your coffeeSo when you think Starbucks, you think quality, good coffee, make with love, and not cheap at all
  • I think the most important advice about personal branding isDO EPIC SHITCreate somethingThe thing is, people believe what they seeI told you I made a Geek festivalBecause I was the creator of this festivalMostly everybody was saying that I was THE Geek in MontrealIt wasn’t true, I know many more people way more Geek than meBut, I did something epic for the Geek cultureSame for user group lead or conference organizerThey should know their stuff, they are organizing something about it
  • Do what you loveIt’s all about the passionDon’t fake, again, we’ll know it at some point
  • Make it artDon’t be that average personAs an example, giving a presentation is really just about sharing your knowledge about a specific topic to attendeesWhen I go on stage, I want to entertain youI want to excite you about the topicI want you to go out from my talk with ideas on what’s next for youI want you to remember my talk, and not being just another speaker so see todayIt’s not a presentation, it’s a gift from me to you, it’s my art
  • I’m not an AnarchistBut, I firmly believe that you cannot always win with the statu quoI remember one presentation I did on social media a couple of years ago at the “L’ordre des ingénieurs du Québec”You know, that internal conference where everybody were dressAnd me, in jeans, with running shoes, speaking about something new for them, putting my hands in my pocketI made my own rules, I started under the level, and win the audience
  • Now there is a secret ingredient to make this happen
  • I know some people don’t like thisBut you need some visibility, don’t be anonymousYou may be the funniest person in the worldOr the more knowledgeable expert on a specific topicIf you stay in your basementOr only your mother knows about itThat won’t make it
  • So my first advice is to start a blogYou can do it for freeAnd it will give you a home on the WebA place to share your ideasTo share your passionTo show your expertiseTo build your credibilityI got some books offer because a publisher found my blog, and articles on a specific topic
  • Be on social mediaI mean others, as I consider the blog oneCreate a Twitter accountOpen a Facebook pagePublish videos onYouTubeCreate your online networkIt’s again, free, you just need timeChoose what make sense for your, for your goals, and jump on itFor me Twitter has always been the place of choice as it helped me to get contracts, as an example, when I was a freelancer
  • If you aren’t on GoogleIn 2013, you doesn’t existIf I can’t find you online, I don’t care about youSo doing those two, will help you create your online presence
  • You can also speak at conferencesStart smallGo to a user groupTry those speaker idol eventsParticipate in a camp style eventMake you known in your industryI highly encourage ANYBODY to start to speakYou can do itI know you can do itI myself went from super super shy, as I can dance on the table or speak in front of 1000 people without any problem
  • Create somethingWrite an ebookStart a conferenceBuild a community
  • Last but not least, networkYou can network or build your network online with social mediaBut I’m a big believer in offline, in person networkGo to conferencesGo to user groupsGo to networking eventsMeet people, talk to them, share with themIt’s really what will help you the most with your own brand
  • So you are the expertWeather the expert of Web developmentThe expert of saving moneyThe expert of the service in a restaurantYou have a brand, you need to take it to the next level
  • You need to leave your mark on EVERYTHING you doDon’t be that average personBe remarkable in what you doWhether it’s during a meeting, in a presentation, with a colleague, with a clientsBe awesomePeople will remember you
  • Start yesterdayNow it’s too lateSo panic!It’s not when you need a new job than it’s time to make your CV or build your networkIt’s not when you think your personal branding is important that you need to build it
  • Some must readI have no book about personal branding, because they afraid me: it’s like a sect speech from guruFunny enough I did this presentation, but hey, I have no money to make if you believe on what I saidMaybe just a way for me to help people be as awesome as they areSo the first one is Trust Agent by Chris Brogan, and our Montreal friend Julien SmithIt’s really about being that trust agent, that person that people know, and trustThe second one is one of the many books Seth Godin didIt’s about being a linchpin, how to be indispensableAnd it’s the goal behind the personal brandYou want to be indispensable to achieve another goal whether it’s money, a job…The last one is a free ebook you can get on Amazon, again, by Julien SmithIt’s really about going out of your comfort zoneAnd if you know me, or just check my blog url, it’s where the magic happensActually I should have put a slide just for this
  • So thanks for your timeI hope you enjoyed my talk, and that you understand how personal branding is importantI hope you’ll go out of this room, think about your brand, and start to work on itHere is my email or Twitter account, if you want to stay in touch or have any questionsAs I said, I’m not a personal branding guru, but I have my opinions on a lot of things!Last, but not least, my blog, out of comfort zone .net, where I’ll publish the slide, and the recording of my sessionSo, any questions, comments, or insults?Thanks
  • Personal Branding, more important than ever - Kongossa Web Series - 2013-09-21

    1. 1. personal branding Frédéric Harper @fharper Senior Technical Evangelist @ Mozilla Kongossa Web Series – 2013-09-
    2. 2. not a personal branding guru
    3. 3. is branding important?
    4. 4. can you recognize this brand?
    5. 5. can you recognize this brand?
    6. 6. can you recognize this brand?
    7. 7. what
    8. 8. the goal is the same
    9. 9. personal branding Personal branding is, for some people, a description of the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.
    10. 10. it’s about you
    11. 11. who you are
    12. 12. who you wants to be
    13. 13. how you wants to be seen
    14. 14. what you know
    15. 15. what you are doing
    16. 16. what you did
    17. 17. your tribe
    18. 18. what you like
    19. 19. it‘s about everything that defines you
    20. 20. why
    21. 21. is personal branding important?
    22. 22. it’s important
    23. 23. it’s critical
    24. 24. it‘s not about being that rock star
    25. 25. it‘s for everyone
    26. 26. you aren’t indispensable
    27. 27. new opportunities ahead
    28. 28. you deserve to be successful
    29. 29. a personal story
    30. 30. a personal story - to infinity and beyond
    31. 31. how
    32. 32. define your brand
    33. 33. define your goal
    34. 34. who are you
    35. 35. who do you want to be
    36. 36. be authentic
    37. 37. how you do want people to define you
    38. 38. do epic shit
    39. 39. do what you love
    40. 40. make it art
    41. 41. make your own rules
    42. 42. the secret ingredient
    43. 43. get visibility
    44. 44. start a blog
    45. 45. be on social media
    46. 46. if you aren’t on Google…
    47. 47. speak at conferences
    48. 48. create something
    49. 49. network
    50. 50. so...
    51. 51. you are the expert
    52. 52. leave your mark on everything you do
    53. 53. now is too late
    54. 54. must read The Flinch Julien Smith
    55. 55. Creative Commons images  Slide 2:  Slide 3:  Slide 4:  Slide 5:  Slide 6:  Slide 7:  Slide 8:  Slide 10:  Slide 11:  Slide 12:  Slide 13:  Slide 14:  Slide 15:  Slide 16:  Slide 17:  Slide 18:  Slide 19:  Slide 20:  Slide 21:  Slide 22:  Slide 23:  Slide 24:  Slide 25:  Slide 26:  Slide 27:  Slide 33:  Slide 34:  Slide 35:  Slide 36:  Slide 37:  Slide 38:  Slide 39:  Slide 40:  Slide 41:  Slide 42:  Slide 43:  Slide 44:  Slide 45:  Slide 46:  Slide 47:  Slide 48:  Slide 49:  Slide 50:  Slide 51:  Slide 52:  Slide 53:  Slide 54:
    56. 56. Frédéric Harper @fharper