HTML5mtl & MWNW hackathon - 2012-12-01 - The Windows Store opportunity


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  • This partnership has been designed to make developers some money…
  • Demonstrate the Windows store..
  • We are everywhere.Mention localization. You can capitalize on that and make a lot more money. NOTE: YOU MUST READ THIS BLOG POST FOR YOUR LOCAL DETAILS Buy from 231 markets.. 45 market-specific app catalog..sLocal pricing in 40 markets *** Developer payments in 51 markets.. Is not in slide, keep it relevant to locale **
  • This is big money .. Big money… Use an example of the math to make it stick… In the apple model, if you had $1M in sales, you would get $700K If on Windows, that would be $17.5K + 780K… == 87.K difference.. If you sold five 10 millions, the difference is $997500 … Making 10 M in revenue is not that hard given there is 500M users!!! At a price of $4.99, you would need to sell to less than 0.5% of the Windows customer base to make $10M..
  • THIS SLIDE DESERVES A LOT OF TIME… Discuss it by scenarios… Use examples:Existing commerce:Ebay can use their existing commerce system… from within their app and all the revenue of that transaction goes to Ebay.. A company like the Telegraph in the UK Ad supported is easy. Pick your favorite scenario.. Use Wordament if needed; they are in the store and they have a fake adTrials is easy.. In-App Purchases is very innovative.. You can get purchases that expire over time, for example “renting a book” for a week… or using the Premium subscription of animoto for a week and then going back to the basic subscription…
  • ** read the article in the link** Based on our lessons from Windows Phone, apps with trials get 70x more downloads.. And the conversion rate is pretty high (and quick, usually within hours a few hours ) … at 70x more downloads and a 10% conversion you end up with more revenue..
  • Emphasize strongly that their choice has to meet store policies and certification..
  • HTML5mtl & MWNW hackathon - 2012-12-01 - The Windows Store opportunity

    1. 1. demo
    2. 2. Windows Phone Developer blog, March 2011
    3. 3. // get current productvar currentProduct = Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.CurrentProduct;// get the license informationvar licenseInformation = currentProduct.licenseInformation;// check to see if the user has an active non-trial licenseif (licenseInformation.isTrial) { // user has trial version of the application // prompt them to purchase before so we can enable full functionalitycurrentProduct.requestProductPurchaseAsync().then( function () { // Purchase succeeded });}
    4. 4. // can’t do in-app purchase in trial mode, must convert firstif (!appLicensingInformation.isTrial) { //load the listings with all the products currentApp.loadListingInformationAsync().then( function (listing) { //lookup a specific product var product1 = listing.productListings.lookup("product1"); if (!product1.isActive) { // purchase currentApp.requestProductPurchaseAsync("product1").then( enableProduct1 ); } });
    5. 5. 1 2 3