Analysing magazine adverts


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Analysing magazine adverts

  1. 1. Analysing Magazine Adverts
  2. 2. There is clear relationship between this magazine advert and other The layout of the magazine material by this artist. The use of Serif font style is consistent for his advert is simple with the name. The colour scheme of the advert uses dark colours which is seen information about the artist and through out his work on albums. There is also an image of the the date of the concert aligned to artist, directly addressing the audience, which is also common of this the right separate to the centred artist. information at the bottom, so that most important details stand The choice of image of the artist- up close with out. The image takes up the half of his face showing is effective, suggesting to whole of the advert so there is no the audience that going to the concert they will see white space, which makes the the whole artist , a form of promoting . The font advert look professional. colours used contrast well against the image, for clear reading by the audience. The artist name is in large font to ensure that the audience dont missThe designer makes this advert his name. The font style for his name appears theeye catching through the use of a same in the artist other material creating a clearclose up of the artist , which brand identity. The image includes the artistinstantly drag the attention of the wearing a pricey watch showing genreaudience to the face of the artist. characteristics.The use of contrasting colours isalso essential in drawing attention There is suggestion of genre characteristic in thisof the audience, as the colours advert is restricted compared to other material ofclearly distinguish the information the artist. Wealth is shown through the expensivefrom the image. The information watch. But due to the close up of the image, theis short but detailed enough for designer has not included much genrethe audience to know what the characteristics of the artist as a way of getting theadvert is about, helping promote audience come and see him live.the artist effectively. The use ofblue on the advert stands outalone, so the audience instant look The star image is created through the On this advert there is no information about close up shot of the artist and his the music industry, it seems that this advertin that direction and realise its the consistent font style for his name, thesebrand identity of the artist, due to only promotes the place the concert of this two aspects appear over and over againthe consistent font style. artist will be held. in his material creating a brand identity.
  3. 3. The layout of this magazine There is relationship between the magazine advert and The choice of image for the advert isadvert , has the image other materials, as shown below. The colour scheme of abstract which doesnt really showcentred in the middle, with red, white and grey is consistent creating a house style. characteristics of the genre of musicthe name of the artist in bold the use of large font size for his name appears in all his the artist is from. This style ofSerif font style, isolated to material. There is a theme to his advert which seems imagery would appear with aemphasise the name of the quiet abstract for a rap artist. different genre of music, whichartist. Below the image is the maybe implicates that artist wants toname of the album and the be distinguished as his of release. This layoutmakes the information There is use of Serif font style whichclear, the visual appearance has a very masculine feel to it, and isof the advert is not in large writing to draw attention ofcluttered, there is good use of the audience.white space, which lets oflittle if nothing about the The use of colours, really helps thisartist, which intrigues the advert stand out as the colours areaudience to find out more. strongly contrasting against each other causing it to draw theAs this is a commercial audiences attention.product to promote therelease of the new album by This design does not The name of the artist is The choice of abstract image isthe artist it is clear that the resemble or link with consistent though his material effective in drawing and holding thedesigner has purposely used genre characteristics accept the magazine cover audiences attention as it questiona abstract image to attract of rap, such as which was obviously created the characteristics of rap music.attention of the wealth, baggy by the magazine team so isaudience, and then to see the clothing, females not relevant to the creation of There is information about theartists name in bold, makes portrayed in a certain a brand identity of Jay- z. record label the artist owns andthe audience question how way. This imagery However this magazine advert the website address, so thethe abstract image relates to consists of musical shows very little relevance to audience can get morethe artist, which holds the equipment which does creating a brand identity other information about the artist, thisaudiences attention long not define this artist in than the consistent colour is a form of further promotion ofenough to read the bold date a certain genre of scheme. the artist and his material.for the release of the album. music.