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5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology. …

5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology.
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  • 2. WHAT IS 5S ?5S is the name of a workplaceorganization methodology that uses a listof five Japanese words which are seiri,seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke.The list describes how to organize a workspace for efficiency and effectiveness.5S was developed by Hiroyuki Hirano inJapan.
  • 3.  There are 5 primary phases of 5S:1) sorting2) straightening3) systematic cleaning / shining4) standardizing5) sustaining Additionally, there are three other phasessometimes included:1) safety2) security3) satisfaction
  • 4. SORTING(Seiri)Eliminate all unnecessary tools, parts, andinstructions.Keep only essential / standardized itemsand eliminate what is not required,prioritizing things per requirements andkeeping them in easily-accessible places.
  • 5. STRAIGHTEN(Seiton) Setting in order / stabilize There should be a place for everything andeverything should be in its place. The place for each item should be clearly labeledor demarcated. Items should be arranged in a manner thatpromotes efficient work flow, with equipment usedmost often being the most easily accessible. Each tool, part, supply, or piece of equipmentshould be kept close to where it will be used – inother words, straightening the flow path.
  • 6. SHINING(Seiso)Sweeping / cleanliness / systematic cleaningAt the end of each shift ,clean the workspaceand all equipment, and be sure everything isrestored to its place.This makes it easy to know what goes whereand ensures that everything is where itbelongs.A key point is that maintaining cleanlinessshould be part of the daily work – not anoccasional activity initiated when things gettoo messy.
  • 7. STANDARDIZING(Seiketsu)Work practices should be consistent andstandardized.All work stations for a particular job should beidentical.All employees doing the same job should beable to work in any station with the sametools that are in the same location in everystation.Everyone should know exactly what his orher responsibilities are for adhering to thefirst 3 Ss.
  • 8. SUSTAIN(Shitsuke) Sustaining the discipline or self-discipline Maintain and review standards. Once the previous 4 Ss have beenestablished, they become the new way tooperate. Maintain focus on this new way anddo not allow a gradual decline back to the oldways. While thinking about the new way, also bethinking about yet better ways. When an issue arises such as a suggestedimprovement, a new way of working, a new toolor a new output requirement, review the first 4
  • 9. ACHIVING 5S5S can be achieved very easily by everyemployee, by having a close look at hiswork place. He is to ensure that:1.No rejected / unwanted items are lying at hiswork place.2. All items are kept in proper locations/order.3. Everybody should co-operate with each other inkeeping his and others areas and the machinesclean.4. All follow rules and regulations and maintainrequired standards.
  • 10. ADVANTAGES OF 5S Operations can be performed without error,proceeding in a well-regulated fashion,resulting in fewer defective items therebyincreasing the overall quality of product. Operations can be performed safely andcomfortably, reducing the chances ofaccidents. Machinery and equipment can be carefullymaintained, reducing the number ofbreakdowns. Operations can be performed efficiently,eliminating waste thereby increasing theefficiency and productivity.
  • 11. DRAWBACKS OF 5S 5S get flopped, if the company lacks thecourage to promptly resolve questions. Radically changing practices can beunsetting to people, who live their liveswith in daily routines. The results of 5s fade away withoutmanagement support to maintain theinitiative.It may not be apply in finance andaccounts.
  • 12. CONCLUTION Many successful organizations found that ,bydeveloping a high quality work environment andinstilling discipline in the form of procedures andwork instructions, the employees devoted moreenergy and time to achieve results. Companies embracing 5S often use posters andsigns as a way of educating employees andmaintaining standards. 5S promotes higher productivity & employeemotivation. It enables green mode ofmanufacturing(clean place) & a good feeling towork comfortably. It makes complex job to simple ,fat to fit, sluggishto flexible & do it with total employee involvement. Shortly 5S is the absolute foundation of anything.
  • 13. Prepared by,FREDARIC BIBIN DEVASIAMS 6