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    Aitiidiikiiwan priid.impress Aitiidiikiiwan priid.impress Presentation Transcript

    • LOVE
    • LOVE is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. In religious context, love is not just a virtue, but the basis for all being ("God is love"), and the foundation for all divine law (Golde n Rule ).
    • How Do We Know If It's Real Love? LOVE- to starry-eyed romantics it is a mysterious visitation that seizes you, once in a lifetime feeling of sheer ecstasy. Love, they believe, is strictly an affair of the heart, something that cannot be understood, just experience. It conquers everything. Falling in love can be a uniquely beautiful experience.
    • LOVE at First Sight? Is it the person you are in love with or just an image? Its physical attractiveness is usually what makes two people notice each other in the first place. As a young we can say: it is hard to see a person's personality with in few hours or day old. Really, you don't know much about that that person's thoughts, hopes, fears, plans, habits, skills, or abilities. You've met only the outer shell, not the secret person of the heart.
    • Is It LOVE or INFATUATION? LOVE: We really can't easily define if it is love or just an infatuation. Here's the differentiation between the two feelings:
    • LOVE : An unselfish caring about the interests of the other. Romance often starts slowly, perhaps taking months or years. You are attracted by the other person's total personality and spiritual qualities. The effect on you makes you a better person You want to give and share with the other person.
    • INFATUATION: Is selfish, restrictive. One thinks, What does this do for me? Romance starts fast, perhaps taking hours or day. You are deeply impressed with his/her physical appearance. A destructive disorganizing effect. The emphasis is on taking or getting, especially in satisfying sexual urges.
    • There are some feelings we have when infatuated that we don’t have when we’re feeling love. Some of the “symptoms” of infatuation are; feelings of panic, uncertainty, overpowering lust, feverish excitement, impatience, and/or jealously. When infatuated, we are thrilled, but not happy, wanting to trust, yet suspicious. There are lingering, nagging doubts about our partner in infatuation (M.U) and their love for us. We’re miserable when they’re away, almost like we’re not complete unless we’re with them. It’s a rush and it’s intense. It’s difficult to concentrate.
    • LOVE vs. INFATUATION Infatuation is blind and it likes to stay that way. It doesn't like to look a reality. When your infatuated with a person, you think that everything they do is just perfect. Its counterfeit love, self-centered, and have a tendency to say: I really feel important when I'm with him. I can't sleep. I can't believe how fantastic this is. He/She really makes me feel good.
    • Have you notice how many times either I or me is used? A relationship based on selfishness is bound to fail. While LOVE is not jealous, is a long suffering and kind, does not look for its own interests, and does not become provoked because when you really in love, you care just as much for the other person's welfare and happiness as you do for your own.
    • When there's love there's hate
    • Hate ? hate: Hatred (or hate ) is an intense feeling of dislike. It may occur in a wide variety of contexts, from hatred of inanimate objects or animals, to hatred of oneself or other people, entire groups of people, people in general, existence, or everything. Though not always, hatred is often associated with feelings of anger. Somehow it usually feel to one you love before.
    • When infatuation and love as one Has 4 kinds:
              • Selfless
              • Commitment
              • Unconditional
              • Pure
    • Selfless – thinking highly of the other person and less of yourself. (life is not all about me)
    • Commitment To pledge yourself to a certain purpose. It also means practicing your views consistently. (no matter what happen I’ll be there for you).
    • Unconditional To love someone regardless of what he/she is. (giving love with-out expecting in return).
    • Pure Involves both heart and acts, both motives and behavior. (to be spotless and stainless).